I am a woman who enjoys her BMs entirely too much, and to have the good fortune to find a woman friend to share with is even better,
My friend is a tall curvy size 7 as i am. we are both small breasted but she has the most delicious curvy rear! I dont think anyone could turn away from watching her have a movement.
It was mid week, our men were away again(as usual) and we decided we would have mexican dinner (a really great place) we had margaritas and ordered and she looked at me and and i caught her eye, I said "what are you thinking" she said with a small laugh " we should poo together in the morning" i nodded agreement thinking mmmm this will be great.
We both dove into the chips and salsa and ordered more, our dinners came and were too large as is normal here and we finished it all, topped off with another margarita.
We slept at my house that night finishing the evening with a couple glasses of wine and talking till quite late,
I was the first one up and started the coffee,,the aroma awakened her and we were both in the kitchen in just sleep Tees,
I could see by her ???? that it would not be long before she had to go, I was feeling the urge already (who would be the first to fart!!!). I started bringing out bread,butter and jam as we drank the first coffee, It was she that released a small fart and laughed-i did too.I said Uh-oh you must be ready. she said yes she was.i was ready too by then.
we decided to do it outside on the pool deck (easy to clean up)
we took our coffee out and she said im ready NOW!!!.I sat in a chair as she stood legs just a little apart lifted her Tee and started to pee a strong hissing stream that spashed noisily on the deck, she bent forward a little and i saw her poo begin. in a matter of a few seconds she produced three mustard colored banana sized poops woth her hole opening and closing for each one. each was perfectly shaped and shiny her hole was clean after she finished. Now it was my turn Uh-OH i had farted sitting in the chair and my poo hadmoved down to my hole and was trying to come out as i stood up. we changed places.
I released my bladder splashing as she did but i drip more. i released a popping fart as my hole opened to pass a thick brown chunk followe by a dark brown rope that almost reached to my knees before it broke off.
we had a double mound of shit and an ocean of pee on the deck EWWWWW!
but completey enjoyed the experience. we were still wearing our Tees
and cleaned up the mess laughing and teasing about how women can produce such piles of shit from such nice bodies, I hosed the deck off and we went in for a shower and breafast,


I just got back from a great week at our cousin's (Jess)
Jess and I had some great pooping fun this week.

I had nothing to do the other day and Jess asked if I wanted to stay the night, since her parents were away on holidays. Well a night soon turned into a week, with the fun we had on Saturday.

We were just watching a movie, in our panties, eating popcorn. If you remember from an old post, popcorn makes me fart and need to shit, I knew this, but ate heaps and heaps of popcorn anyway. I farted through the whole movie, so did Jess. When the movie finished, we were just bumming around when I felt those familiar urges. "Hey guess what. I gotta shit!" I said. "Yeah, well guess what else, me too." Jess replied.

Jess ran to the kitchen, sat on the tiles and ripped a fart that rebounded. She tore another fart and said "Uh-Oh, I really have to shit right now!" She quickly slipped her panties off, squatted over the tiles, and started peeing a little as she relaxed. I got up close for a good view. I squatted behind her as she spread her cheeks for me.
A nice fat turd crackled out of her clean asshole. It stretched her hole as far as it would go, but it still seemed to ooze out with ease. She moaned as it got to the end and thudded to the tiles. She gave a sigh of relief, after getting that thick load out. She farted loudly and said that she was done.

By this stage I had to go pretty badly. So I ripped my panties off and farted a few time while they came off. I wanted something more fun. So I sat right down on the tiles. They were a little cold. I started peeing, it went out in front of me and pooled around Jess' dump. I did some big farts and started pushing. I felt my butthole forcing it's way open. I could feel a turd pushing its way out, it was pressing against the floor and couldn't come out. It felt good to have my hole kept open for so long. Finally the pressure was too much, I lifted my ass off the tiles a little bit and the turd came out, it presses against the floor and came out the front of my crotch. It was quite soft, so it kept oozing out and made a pile in front of me. I had another turd that wanted to come out. It was too hard and fat to push out on the tiles, so lifted myself up off the floor with my hands. I pushed and I could feel it forcing its way out. It touched the floor and stopped. My asshole was held open; I put my head back in ecstasy. It felt so good I forgot to hold myself up and fell down on the turd, some went back in side me and the rest broke off. Jess and I were laughing so hard we were rolling on the floor. I was laughing, lying on my side with my knees tucked p against my chest, ass poking out. As I was laughing the rest of my poop just came out. I stopped laughing and then end of my turd was still in my asshole. I pushed and it landed on the floor. We started laughing again and we farted as we did.

We had a quite a mess to clean up, but it was worth it. We had a few more fun experiences throughout the week. If you'd like to hear about them, let me know.

Love You All

Lucki Sportz Fanatic
Hope everyone had a nice one. We drove up to my parents place and had dinner there, they live in Virginia. It was a long drive, and on the way there we took the main highway. On the way back though, since we had nothing planned for that weekend, we searched the map and made an agreement to be adventurous and take different side roads through the mountains and woods. We left Friday morning, and got home about 3 hours ago. Today is Sunday by the way and I'm writing this story at 9:00pm so we got home around 6 or so. Anyway, after we stopped for a quick lunch on Friday, we hopped back on the road and started our journey home again. For that whole afternoon if you looked on both sides and in front, all you saw was the beautiful forests of Virginia. Neither of us had gone to the bathroom at the diner we had stopped at for our lunch, so you can guess what happened next. We had been driving for about an hour and a half or so, when Amy said, "Ohhh I have to pee." I was feeling a little need to as well, so I told her I did too. "Want me to pull over, there's no one else out here," I suggested, but she said that she wanted to find a bathroom. So I kept driving and another 20 minutes passed, with us still out in the mountains. She began to squirm in her seat a little and said to me, "Oh well lets just go outside." I stopped the car, and we walked a few yards into the woods and I unzipped my zipper and started to pee. She unbuttoned the buttons on her pants, pulled them and her black panties down to her ankles, but as she squatted, she said that it would be hard for her to pee without dribbling on her clothes. I suggested that she could take them off, and she took me up on the offer and took her pants and panties off completely. She then squatted and started peeing. Her pee splashed all over the leaves and grass below, and she just kept going and going. I was finished by now and said to her, "Wow hunny, I'm proud of you!" in a jokingly manner. She thanked me sarcastically, and then her pee started to slow down and she stopped. She got dressed again, and we went back to the car, and drove home again!! I know this was nothing special, but I wanted to share something and this is the most recent incident that occured so hope ya'll enjoyed!!

full bladder
I love the feeling of desperation in a controlled setting. When I know that I am pushing myself to the limit but can reach a bathroom if needed, it helps me relax. The feeling of a full bladder is something so exciting, often I fill up on large bottles of water to increase the feeling, quicker. Today, I didnt use the washroom during the school day, and after returning home, filled up on a water bottle and three boxes of juice. After about three hours, I was bursting for a pee, but decided to come here and read some posts instead. Stories of others testing their limits or leaking really increased my need, so much so I was scrolling down with one hand and holding my crotch with the other. I raced to my bedroom and layed down, only wearing underwear and a tee shirt. Placing the blanket between my legs, I pressed it upon my bladder, bringing tears of desperation to my eyes. You could only imagine how much I had to go now. I rolled slowly onto my stomach, but the pressure was a little more than I could bear! I began to leak, and clinched my muscles hard enough to pause the flow of pee. I ran to the bathroom, and was able to reach the toilet before the piss began gushing out. I peed for 91 seconds straight, forceful stream!

Punk Rock Girl. Glad to hear you enjoyed Thanksgiving. With all the food, especially the turkey, I think it's a custom that ought to be adopted on my side of the pond! No doubt all the feasting produced some spectacular results in terms of clogged loos on the basis that what goes in one end must eventually come out of the other.

Jenny. It sounds as though you were well ready for that dump. Walking around all day probably helped to stimulate the need. Interesting bit about the floaters and their resistance to flushing. I've come across those before myself - and even produced them occasionally. They do go down eventually though as a rule - after several determined attempts at flushing.

Once when I was nine, I was being babysitted by a stranger long after my mother had died and my dad had to go to work. The guy who watched me was very strict. From not letting me pee when I had to go to not letting me take off my sweater when I was too hot, he was strict in a lot of ways. One time i recall being there and having to pee so bad and only being a nine year old I ended up peeing my pants.
The guy's name was Nick. And once he was having a few people over so he locked me in a small room with only a bed and told me to go to sleep. I was still in my jeans and sweater and shoes but went to bed anyway. When I woke up a while after I realized that I had to pee. I thought to myself that my dad would be here soon so I could hold it, I was also too scared to asked Nick if he could let me go. When I went back to bed and woke up again from Nick and his friends being too loud I realized that my desire had grown pretty strong and decided to try and hold it again. Only this time I couldn't go to sleep. I laid on the bed feeling my desire becoming worst. I finally got up and began to bang on the door. After awhile, Nick opened the door angerly. I explain to him that I had to pee and he said no and told me to go straight to bed before I was to get in more trouble. By this time I had to pee extremely bad. I told him that I wasn't sure if I could hold it and he started to get seriously angery and made get into bed and put the covers over me and said to lay down. i did as he said but began to lightly cry. Going back to bed with a screaming bladder was not easy. Until all my muscles were all tensed and I was tighty squeezing my cock with my knees bent, I realized that I could not lay down and surely couldn't sit. I stood up and twisted my legs around and kept a tight grip on my penis. I had to go so badly that I couldn't stand it. I was too scared of what might happen if I tried to ask Nick again. So I held it to the point where I had to bent over in extreme pain. I was using both hands and trying anything possible to hold it in.
When my bladder was hurting and burning to let loose I knocked on the door again. Only no one came. I moved my legs lightly up and down. I couldn't hold it anymore and without realizing it from the pain being unbearable I started to feel warm gushing through my hands. I looked down and saw that I was peeing myself. I grabbed tighter and tried to stop from completely flooding my pants. I stopped it for a little while until I was crying from the pain and just let the rest out. The entire front of my pants was completely soaked.
My father came in soon with Nick behind him. My father saw my pants wet and began to yell at Nick. My father then picked my up not seeming to care that my pant were wet and took me away. I was told that I never had to go back there again.

Hey Everyone.

Today I was home alone. I woke up at about 9am and lied in bed for a while. I was farting really bad and stuck my head under the covers a few times to smell, it was pretty bad, because I had to go for a shit.
I like to do something fun when I have to poop and am home alone. I was thinking of somewhere exciting to go.

I went in to the bathroom, got naked and checked myself out in the mirror. I turned around to look at my chubby little ass. I spread my cheeks to see my tight asshole. I did a tight fart and remembered I had to poop. And I had to pee pretty badly as well.

I felt like watching myself pee. So I got up onto the bathroom counter and squatted over the basin in front of the mirror. I let out a hissing stream and tried to aim it down the plughole so it wouldn't spray the mirror and me.

After I finished pissing I turned around so my ass was facing the mirror. I spread my ass and watched my asshole as I farted loudly; my hole opened up a little, and then closed again. I started to strain, I could see my asshole tensing, eventually it opened and a nice thick turd started moving out. It got about 4 inches out when it was too fat for me to keep pushing. So I stopped and had 4 inches of poop hanging out of my ass. It actually felt quite good having a big, thick poop stretching my asshole open.

I started to push again, I moaned as this fat piece of shit stretched my poor little hole even more. I moaned again, but in pleasure and relief this time as a big fat turd thudded into the basin.

I farted a few times when I was trying to push out more poop, but nothing came out. I hopped off the counter and looked at my painful and pleasurable poop. It was about 12" long (about as big as they get for me) and 2.5" wide. It was really dark and dry.

I picked up my log and dropped it in the toilet it broke in half. I wiped my ass and pussy and flushed the toilet. I ran turned the water on in the basin to wash away the piss and poop streaks.

It was a fun dump, I feel like doing it again. I wish I could poop whenever I wanted, it feels so good.

Love from Ash.D


BUZZY: Thanks for your great feedback! I love it:)

James why don't your parents stop you from crapping yourself? don't they care?

I remembered how much Lizz said she liked peeing stories so this is for her. I was at my grandma's house watching a movie when I realized I needed to pee. I was going to just go to the bathroom but I decided I'd try something interesting. I hadn't peed my pants since the pull up time so I decided to just go for it. I felt my bladder constrict and I felt the piss moving through my penis to the tip unitl I just let it out. I could feel the tip of my penis stretch open to allow for a 20 second long stream of pee. It felt so good and it was very warm in my pants, then I changed my underwear and pants and cleaned up it was a lot of fun. Maybe I'll try it again, I'm working on convincing my girlfriend to have a pissing contest with me, what a great story that will make.

Jason (pooping expert)
I love this site. I was reading some old posts from the 930's and I saw someone ask for wedding posts, so here goes. I was 11 and went with my parents to my cousins wedding and there were alot of kids there. After the wedding, we all ate(it was in the grooms parents backyard). While we were eating, I saw another kid telling his parents that he needed to poop, and his mom said, "so go then." So he did, right there. His dad took him by the hand and led him inside, and soon they were all gone, but everyone talked about it for the rest of the night. They were all shocked by what he did, especially since he was older. My mom said he was 10, only a year younger than I was, and everyone was appauled, but I wanted to thank him for doing it, and my mom and dad knew it, because they knew I was facinated with seeing other boys poop their pants.


My mom is a very proper woman. She does not like to fart aloud. But, when she gets in the bathroom, stand back. My mom and I were at a department store and we needed the toilet. I just had to pee. My mom had to make #2. We took separate stalls. I pulled down my corduroy pants and white panties and peed. I had to pee, bad. My mom hitched up her skirt, slip and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. She sat on the bowl and I heard a series of farts and plops and krackles. It was happening so fast as I peed. I took a long time to pee. Then, she peed. I wiped my pussy and flushed the bowl. My mom said that she would have been awhile longer. Then, I heard her make a buzzing fart like a door buzzer then more krackles, plops and farts. While I washed my hands, I heard her reel off lots of toilet paper and she wiped endlessly. She then pulled up her undies and let down her skirt. She flushed the bowl and joined me to wash her hands. She did not say word about her experience in that stall.

Whats the closest you ever got to having a accident but didn't have one?
Mine was acturally in my own house. I was making lunch for my self but really had to poop. I wanted to finish lunch before i poop so I waited. Eventurally when i got to the toilet I was not only touching cloth I had it about halfway out. This still counts as a non-accident atleast to me cause I classify an accident as when the first whole piece is in your panties and you asshole is normal size again.

On a different note...Im currently potty training my 2 year old daughter. Now I told her how bad accidents are and all but I also want to give her kind of a casual aspect to it. What I mean is I don't want her to grow up and be in pain cause she has to poop so bad or something like that. Way i look at it is its only panties. I probaly have a accident 2-3 times a year. Its not that I have incostinece but like if Im shopping and really have to poop, instead of walking all the way across the store, wait in line for 15 minutes and still only have a chance of not having a accident I would rather do the first log in my panties and continue shopping. This i the type of attitude I want her to have, basically yeah try to get to a toilet but if its incovient or inprobable that you will make itdon't worry about it. How can I do this with out having her have ALOT of accidents?

hey, Im a 21 year old male college student. Ive been hanging around this site for awhile now, but this is the first time I had a story to tell.

My girlfriend , Kerri, and decided to drive home together for Thanksgiving break. (she lives near me, and she wanted to spend some time together). Well when we left I already knew I was going to have to pee soon. Well about an hour onto the road, i really had to go, but we were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, in the innermost lane on the highway, so there was no way that I could get out. I just decided to hold it. After another half hour, I was ready to piss myself. I told my girlfriend that I really had to pee. She looked at my face, and laughed at me because It was all red. I started laughing too which wasnt a good idea because I squirted a little pee into my boxers, then a little more.
I started shouting that I was peeing, and to get something for me to pee into. Kerri went scrambling for an empty water bottle. I had managed to stop the flow, but not for long. Kerri found a bottle but it was still a little full so she drank the rest of it. She handed it to me, and i unzipped and took my dick out - but the second I unzipped my fly, I just exploded, pee was everywhere. I tried to get it under control, but only managed to get about half of it into the bottle.
As this was all happening, kerri had to take over the wheel because both my hands were occupied.
When i was done, I looked at her, then at my pants (which were completely soaked) and started laughing. She started laughing too, and soon both of us were laughing so hard that we werent paying attention and traffic all of a sudden started moving.
So we were riding along for another half hour or so, still laughing a little at eachother, when Kerri announced that she was dying for a pee too. There was a rest stop ahead about 15 minutes or so, but of course, we hit traffic again. fortunately this time we were on the outermost lane. After 20 minutes, she was thighs clenched, hands over her crotch, eyes sqeezed shut. I asked her if she could wait until we got to the rest stop, and she said no. So I got off the highway, and wound up on this middle-of-nowhere road, and I pulled over for her.
She got out of the car, and I could see the wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. She pulled her pants down to her ankles and squatted, holding onto the car door for balance. She let out a strong stream of pee, sighing in relief. She just kept going, throwing her head back and moaning. And then, (as if I wasnt already extremely turned on by this) she let go of the car, took both hands and spread her vagina lips so the pee stream shot straight out and hissed rather loudly. (she had been peeing for at least 2 minutes now)
Finally she seemed to be slowing down, and the stream shrank until it was just a trickle. She stayed squatted until every drop dribbled out, and then she got up, pulled her pants and panties up and stepped back (over the humungous puddle) into the car. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek and I said "you are so doing that again for me when we get home".

To the person looking for Laxative stories...

I once took Milk of Magnesia to cure acid indigestion. It tasted so awful that I immediately drank 3 glasses of water to get rid of the residue in my mouth. Upon rereading the label on the bottle I realized that adding water to a dosage turns this gross stuff into a powerful laxative. Being a guy a shrugged my shoulders and thought "how bad could it be?"
Never underestimate the power of a laxative. I was in a meeting I could not leave the next day when all of sudden every little thing entered my colon and started knocking at the back door in a liquified mass. I clenched my ass togetehr so tight my eyes were watering. After the meeting I got up to find a can double quick and lost a bit of control sending a little squish of shit into my shorts. I made it finally and sat down on the bowl to have my asshole explode with the most violent of farts that sent a days worth of shit showring into the bowl. It was relief that I cannot describe! Another time I was not so lucky. I ate 3 little black licorice pipes...candies you can get at dime stores here in Canada. Well no one ever told me that licorice was a father did later as he laughed at my unfortunate experience. The next day after eating these candies I had a sudden and painfully urgent need to find a can. I was out with couple of buddies on a canoe trip for the weekend. We got to drinking some beer and my bowel control was not up to snuff when i got the call. There we are in the middle of lake where- if I sat on the edge of the canoe to dump my load I would have tipped us so I urged the two to paddle to shore asap. Fate was not with me that day. The waves made our progression slow and about fifty feet from shore the cramping in my gut was so bad I lost control and shit my pants. My buddies laughed and fanned the air trying to get upwind of my stench but they felt bad and once I did get to shore they let me dump for a while until I was empty. My shorts were a write off and I had to clean up and wear a bathing suit for the rest of the day as the seat of my jeans was also covered in the crap from my large-very large dump of soft shit that had squished out of my butt. Never eat black licorice.

thankfully right now I am at home and near a can cause the caffine has just kicked in.


Hi. Good posts everybody! To the person who wanted to know my age I am 21. Anything else you want to know just ask. Anyway I visited Texas A & M over the holiday because a friend of mine is there and also I got to see the big football game on Fri. in person at College Station, Texas. Had a lot of fun. Too bad they lost. To the topic at hand I will answer some survey questions, my longest poop! I think that had to be in the Phoenix airport last spring on the way home from my grandparents home. We had gone out to a steak house the night before I left and I ate like a pig! The next morning about 7:45 I felt like I got kicked by horse in my stomach. I made it to a bathroom and took a long slow enormous crap. I just took forever and I was in agony. Every log just got bigger and bigger and I felt like I was going to pop a vein in my forehead. I think I was scaring people too because no one wanted to enter the neighbooring stalls. I was alone and thankful for it, it stunk to high heaven. It took me 45 minutes and I was thankful that my flight out was not for another hour. I am 6 feet 4 and thin so I think I must have been channelling somebody elses dump!! It was unmerciful.

To answer Bryians second question, I know the dude saw me peeping over the stall wall but he did not care in the least, all he was interested in was getting that poop out. Actually most people I have come in contact with dont care at all that I can see them over the wall. In our locker room there are no doors on the stalls and after a game its wall to wall dumping. But thats a story for another day!!!

*Survey Girl
By the way, my real name is Alicia, but I like being called Leash hehe, and I'm 19 years old....!!
To Coyote -
I thought your survey was neat, so here are my answers:

1. When you sit on the toilet to pee, which most girls do, do you pee? B - i pee towards the front a little bit.

2. Does your pee stream come out in? A - Not really powerful, but steady.

3. Does your pee always splash into the water in the toilet? Yes, especially in the morning cause i usually pee alot then.

4. When the water level does not come all the way up to the front of the toilet bowl [ like in those older models with just a little water spot 4-6" round or oval toward the back]; do you prefer to? B - I'll lean forward a little more so my pee splashes in the water.

5. Is there usually foam when you pee in the toilet? Not always.

6. What does it sound like when a girl pees into the toilet? B - For me, it's a soft tinkle. It's very relaxing when I just sit down and I pee verryyy slowly.

8. If someone was standing outside the door, what would they hear? Ummm, they'd hear a soft tinkle into the toilet I guess.

9. When you wear a dress or skirt, how do you pee? how about in those evening gowns, is it harder? Whenever I'm at home and I'm wearing like a mini-skirt, I'll take my skirt off completely and pee. In the evening gowns, I just pull my panties down and pull the gown up a little at the sides and sit on the toilet and pee.

10. Do girls ever get " splashbacks" while peeing into the toilet bowl? When and why? Haha, yes I do sometimes. Usually in the morning cause that's when my stream is the hardest. They don't really bother me too much.

11. Do girls ever have to " aim" their pee? For the most part I don't, but sometimes I will just so I can try and have a little fun with it, hehe.

12. Do you ever pee outside? If so how easy or hard is it? I have peed outside before, and it's not hard all i do is just squat down and go. If I was wearing a skirt or a dress it might get on my nerves a little cause trying to hold it up and trying to balance myself might get a little hard, ya know? lol

13. What's your usual pee color? Mine's more of a really light yellow color.

14. Do you always wipe after peeing? Yes, because I hate wet panties afterwards!!

15. Have you ever peed in front of guys? other girls? I've peed in front of my guy friends before, not too often but I have. I've also peed in front of my friends who are girls, and they've peed in front of me too. Doesn't bother me, but I know it can really bother some people.

16. Has anyone ever complained about you peeing in front of them? Nope.

17. (BONUS QUESTION) HOW MANY GIRLS STAND TO PEE? where and why? Only in the shower I'll stand up and pee!! I never tried over the toilet, but when I'm in the shower and have to pee standing it's a piece of cake for me cause it doesn't matter if you dribble on your legs or anything, you're already wet.

Wow, I really liked taking that survey........I think alot of girls should give this survey their best shot!!

I dont know if I posted this before, but its funny and about farting and peeing so here goes.
I was in the 8th grade in school, we had about 25 students in class and Id say most were general cutups on occasion. The teacher was an older lady about 50 or so who taught english, but we used to like to get her
"off the track" so to speak talking about anything but english lessons. We would get her talking about shopping or vacations with her husband and kids and so on. All the students were talking and kept her going as long a possible with stories and some laughs.
Finally about half of the class hour gone, she realised that we got to get down go work on assignments and so on. Shhh, she says, stop, stop, ok lets get to work. After about 5 minutes and some talking, and laughs everyone shut up and the room got quiet. Real quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Suddenly this boy sitting along the row by the windows ripped a long fart, probably an accidental one he tried to slip out but it ripped anyhow.
Miss Saupp, the teacher, said, What was that? Thats all it took with the class already wound up, everyone started laughing, falling out of the seats, with tears. I bust up laughing so hard, all of a sudden I felt my pee start to let go in my pants, I was going to wet my pants!
Oh, I sobered up real

I sobered up real fast after the first squirt of pee into my underwear and down my leg. I sat up and grabbed my willie. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching and I saw some other sober faces too. I bet the same thing happened. After class going to the boys room I asked one friend if he almost pissed his pants, he said, ya, in his shorts.
He said Jack did too, and he thinks the girl sitting by him wet her pants laughing too.
From then on I always took note on no matter how funny something was, it was possible to have an accident if you went to far.
Just one little tale from school days,, anyone ever have this happen?

If you guys never want to be constipated, just eat lots nuts daily. I eat walnuts. They are rough and get to the intestinal walls. Today, I had three bowel movements.

Franco: My grandmother made a joke about when a grocery store owner pulled a gun on three hold-up men. He shot one and the other two ran home and they dropped their pants and said, "Man, we shit ourselves and did not know it."

sarah: Your co-worker has a problem. I tried to avoid using public toilets, but I had to get over it.

Mouse: In high school, bathrooms were closed for budgetary reasons. I was on the 5th floor. So, I would have to go to the lower floors. Well, I got keys to the classrooms because I was on the AV squad. The classroom keys fit the unused bathrooms. I did not want to share general population bathrooms. I wanted privacy sometimes. I would allow some of my friends in who wanted to have a bowel movement. That school had 16 student bathrooms.

Mel D: 1.How often do you poop? 2-3 times a day

2.How many times a day do u fart? once or twice. more, if I have lots of gas.

3.Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? Yes, many times.

4.Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why? I like the whole experience from disassembling my clothes, sitting on the bowl, the sights, sounds and smells of my bowels and bladder. I like to feel my muscles open and contract.

5.Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet? On a potty when I was a little girl.

*Survey Girl
1. Do you enjoy pooping? yes, always
2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.? sitting; I stand if the toilet is not clean.
3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop? sometimes
4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going? sometimes
5. About how many times a day do you poop? 2 or 3x
6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going? yes
7. Do you find pooping relaxing? yes
8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? yes, unless it is imminent.
9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? a fullness in my rectum.
10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? if I have diarreah or constipation.
11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards? yes, when I was a little girl.
12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible? as long as necessary, but I do not dawdle.
13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company? sometimes. When I was little, I wanted to be alone. That is why I did not move my bowels at school.
14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? yes.

coyote:1. when you sit to pee on the toilet, which most girls do, do you pee? a)straight down
b) toward the front a little
c)toward the back of toilet bowl
d) to the sides
e) toward the front a lot
2. does your pee stream come out in?
a) a steady powerful stream?
b) on and off stream?
c)a wide spray?
d) a slow dribble?
e) hissy ribbon?
3. does your pee always splash into the toilet's water? why? or why not? yes, unless, it is a short amount and hits the front of the bowl.
4.when the water level does not come all the way up to the front of the toilet bowl[ like in those older models with just a little water spot 4-6" round or oval toward the back];do you prefer to?
a)sit straight up and just let your pee hit the dry part in front?
b)lean foward so your pee splashes into the water
c) or, even if the water spot is low, does it still splash into the water if you sit up straight on the seat?
d)if so, why? or why not?
4) how wide is your pee stream usually? and how wide when you really have to pee a lot?
a)about 1/8 inch wide?
b)1/4 inch wide?
c) wider than that? if so how much wider?
5) when you girls pee into the toilet's water, DO YOU USUALLY MAKE FOAM? [ OR BUBBLES?]
a)none at all?
b)about 1/4 of the water?
c)1/2 bowl's water?
d)3/4 of the bowl's water?
e)all the water's surface covered?
f)bubbles? how much and how big?
6)if/when you do make foam? why or why not? and when?
7)what does it sound like when a girl pees into the toilet?
a) loud "tinkle"[ like a guy standing]?
b)soft "tinkle"?
c)somewhat loud " tinkle"?
d) piddle?
e)soft hissing sound?
f) other sounds?
why? or why not?
8)if someone was standing outside the door, what would they hear?
if anything, please describe? it would sound like water pouring into water.
9)when you wear a dress or skirt, how do you pee? how about in those " evening gowns, is it harder? I do not wear evening gowns. I take off my dress and skirt or pull it up and stand over the toilet.
10) do girls ever get " splashback" while peeing into the toilet bowl? when and why? if the pee is forceful.
11) do girls ever have to " aim" their pee? yes or no? some do
12)do you ever pee outside? if so how easy or hard is it? rarely
13)what's your usual pee color? clear? bright yellow? dark yellow? clear or bright yellow
14)do you always wipe after peeing? why? or why not? yes, unless there is no toilet paper. I look for toilet paper before I sit. I carry toilet paper on hikes or trail runs.
15) have you ever peed in front of guys? other girls? both.
16) has anyone ever complained about you peeing in front of them? if so, who and why? no.
17) (BONUS QUESTION) HOW MANY GIRLS STAND TO PEE? where and why? If the toilet is not clean or I am in the woods.

Hey, all! I'll take the first stab at coyote's girl pissing survey.

1. When I sit to pee, I usually pee ... towards the front a little.

2. My pee usually comes out ... in a hissy ribbon. (Unless I am shitting as well, in which case it usually comes out in random dribbles.)

3. If I am out in public and don't want to mess around, my pee will usually splash directly into the water because I sit up straight. If I feel more playful (usually at home) I will try sitting with my back arched in different ways or with my legs spread further apart so it tends to deflect off the sides of the bowl.

4. If the water level is low, I don't mind letting my pee hit the sides of the bowl; I kind of like the noise it makes.

4. Hmm, actually I've never measured my pee stream. I would guess that it's half an inch wide normally and maybe 3/4 of an inch if I really have to pee, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe I will measure so I can come back and revise my answer. :)

5. I don't recall ever making foam unless the toilet has recently had a cleaning product added to it. (And let me tell you, it's fun to experience the yellow and blue make green effect for yourself lol.)

6. See above.

7. For me it's usually a hissing sound (the piss coming from my body) accompanied with a soft tinkling sound (the piss hitting bowl and/or water).

8. They would hear the tinkling sound for sure but maybe not the hissing.

9. If I am wearing a dress, I just hike it up and hold it up while I go. If I am wearing a skirt, I tend to push it down to my knees like I would with pants.

10. I have only gotten splashback from bad poop, like maybe diarrhea. Don't think I've ever gotten it from just peeing.

11. It's damn near impossible to aim! The only time I try to aim is if I am doing something playful like trying to pee in a specific spot or container or something.

12. I have excellent control so I don't think I've ever HAD to pee outside from desparation. As far as what I ENJOY doing, well that's a different story. :)

13. Wish we had a pee chart to use. It's a medium yellow - not very bright but not that dark.

14. I always wipe but sometimes not thoroughly because I like feeling slightly wet.

15. I've peed over the phone and Internet for guys but never in person. I'd really like to someday, though! As far as girls, I used to pee with my girlfriends all the time when I was little! (I won't go into details right now; maybe these can become stories later.) Now that I am older, I haven't done it in a while.

16. No.

17. I only pee standing up when I am being playful. Standing up actually makes it harder to aim!

I remember being outside of my grandparent's home, and
took a walk too far away from home; I ended up in the woods.
My stomach was bubbling, from too much soda and cheese doodles.
I started to fart long loud farts, and it made my butthole
wet. I felt a large turd press my butthole.
I knew I had to find someplace to take down my pants
to take a dump. Soon, the turd was easing its way out.
I couldn't do nothing but stand and push it out.
I was a 12 year old, going to the bathroom on myself.
I walked back to my grandparent's house, with a long fat
turd in my briefs.

I drove Fay, one of my students, right across the state for Thanksgiving. I as staying with friends not that far away. Fay is a honey, about 16, open and giggly. I hadn't known her that well before. For several miles on a remote stretch I noticed she was quite inattentive and moved her position a bit. "Are you ok?" I asked. "I really have to pee." "Can you wait a bit and I'll find somewhere to pull over." "Not too long!" I parked by some trees and together we dashed to the shade. "We'd better face each other, so we can look over the other's shoulder." We sank down on our haunches and hissing began. Punctuated by a huge fart from Fay, cut short in a torrent of giggles. "I'm so sorry." "Don't be, let it all out." She gave another rip and carried on peeing. I screwed up my face and pushed with all my might. One small pitiful squeak! "You win." We finished up and I gave Fay a tiny bit of lace which my grandma had given me as a hankie. "Are you sure that's all right for wiping," she asked. "Sure, but I'd like it back." She mopped and rubbed herself and handed it back damp and moist and I did the same. Heaven! We went on with the journey, but somehow we were more cosy with each other. I don't know what Fay's feelings are, but she flirted with me gently. It was all I wanted. I love to watch girls' faces when they pee. Their expressions are so serious when you know what a great sensation the relief is bringing. Oh well, two females going to the bathroom, not such a big deal. But it was really sweet and I shan't forget it quickly.

love you all Anthea

1) Do you ever wee sitting down on the toilet? If so when?
a)when i poop
2) When you wee standing up in the toilet do you usually wee out of the pants fly, pull the pants down a bit and wee over the top, pull the pants down to my ankles, take my pants off? Why?
a) i take off my pants.always.even at a urinal.
3) How do you get rid of drips after you wee?
a)lick it
4) Do you ever wipe yourself after you wee to get rid of all drips?
5) Do you usually make your underwear wet from drips after you wee - if so how wet?
a)not usually but sometimes i do. if i do it would be like a quarter size.
6) Have you ever left drip marks on your pants after you wee that have been seen by someone else? If so when, and who saw, and what did they say?
7) When you wee at a public urinal and someone wees next to you, do you (always - if so why, sometimes - if so say when, never - if so why)
(a) Look at the wee coming out of their bodies?
always because i like to.
(b) Talk to them?
(c) Notice how often they look at the wee coming out of your body?
I'm usually looking at myself pee to make sure that the stream is going where I'm aiming.
(d) Stop weeing as fast as I can and leave?
yea then ill pee in the grass or something.
8) Have you ever weed in front of someone else? If so who?
yes my friends
9) Has anyone ever complained about you weeing in front of them when they didn't want you to wee.
10) Has anyone (doctor, nurse etc) ever asked you to wee and then you can't. Please describe.


Just had the most amazing buddy dump tonight. I was out at the mall and got the worst cramps and knew I needed to shit and fast. I found a can and walked in and there are 2 stalls, one is occupied and the other is free. I go into the one stall, and I hear the guy moan a bit and shift, and then he farts. I check under the stall and I can see his pants and underwear pulled down and he has obviously had an accident. So he's sitting there and now I'm getting really crampy so i decide to let go. At first i was a bit embarrassed by the liquid dump I took, real loud but then the guy next to me says in a quiet voice..."must be something going around" I said yeah back and then gave a grunt and a pushed and filled the bowl some more. He followed the same way and groaned. I finsihed upa nd went to open my door and as I did so his door came undone and swung open-it was a handicap stall and he had his head down so he didn't notice. i watched him in the mirror, he was panting a bit as stream after stream of liquid crap flew from his ass. He looked up and saw me watching and didn't seemed bothered. "You got it bad" I said and closed the door for him. I again noticed his filthy underwear, the poor guy was having it rough but it was kind of fun to shoot the hershey squirts together.

Hey guys.
I just went poo, and I was on the phone. My friend knew I was pooping too. Soon after I was done, she went to poo as well. Has anyone here ever had a conversation over the phone where both parties have pooped knowinst by the other?

*Survery Girl has posted a survey, so I will answer.
1. Do you enjoy pooping?

- Yes I do. I love the feeling before a poop, and I love the feeling of my butt opening up crackling to let out a good sized poo.
2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.?

- I mostly sit on the toilet.
3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop?

- Nope.
4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going?

- If my poo is really stubborn and big, yes.
5. About how many times a day do you poop?

- I poo every few days, so when I poo, I usually poo once a day.
6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going?

- Yes, I do. As stated earlier, I like going poo.
7. Do you find pooping relaxing?

- Kind of.
8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?

- Depends on how big my poo is.
9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)?

- Stinky farts, my butt opening up and a poo peaks out when I fart.
10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping?

- Nope.
11. Have you ever had sucha difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards?

- Nope.
12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible?

- Whenever I can. If I am at home with people around though, I am pretty shameful, so I take a shorter time.
13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company?

- Well, depends. If he or she (non family member) was open about poo, and saw humour in it, and is not harsh, ya, I would enjoy having company when I poo.
14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done?

- Yes. I once made a long poop, got up, flushed, went out, then a minute later was back on the toilet making another long poo.

Well, I hope that answers tor survey *Survey Girl. Sorry that I am not female like you prefered.

Well, that's it for now.

Take care guys.

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