Hey. I have a terribly embarrassing story to tell. The only time since I was below the age of five that I have shit my pants was about two weeks ago. I am a college freshman, 19 years old, blonde hair, pretty thin. Anyway, I was on my way to class when I felt my guts cramp horribly. I buckled over, because it hurt so much. I knew right away, it was my breakfast. I had eaten scrambled eggs from the cafeteria and they had tasted funny. I tried to rush to get to the hall where my class is, hoping I'd make it to the bathroom, but I was clenching my buns together to try and hold it in, so I couldn't walk too fast. When I was in the middle of crossing the street to get to the building, I just couldn't hold it anymore. My buns gave way and I dumped a load of the grossest, mushiest, smelliest shit in my pants. It was like a series of bubbly farts and what felt like warm mud just spurting from between my buns. I stopped and stood still, afraid to move, hoping I could get it to stay in my underpants. It didn't take long to overflow and start ooving down the back of my legs, too. Luckily, it was cold and I was outside, so the stench didn't get too overpowering. But now I was standing with my underpants full of gloppy shit, several hundred yards from my dorm. What could I do? I just turned around and walked back to my dorm. I walked with my legs spread a little, trying not to be too obvious, but I'm sure a few people knew what I had done. The look of disgust on my face probably gave it away, too. I got back to my dorm in about ten minutes and carefully walked upstairs to my room. I went in and my roommate was just getting up. She said, "Oh my God, what's that smell?" I said, "I shit my pants and if you tell anyone I'll kick your ass." She said, "Oh, man, I'm sorry. That sucks." I grabbed a towel and went to the women's bathroom and took a shower. I threw my underpants away. I could not believe the amount of shit that was in them. I almost kept my pants, but I threw them away, too. I went back to my room in just my towel, carrying my shirt and my shoes and socks. I decided to just stay there the rest of the day. I guess it could have been much worse, like if it happened in the middle of class, but it was pretty bad experience anyway. Anyone else have something like that happen?

well I want to hear from all the girls about the first BM after thanksgiving dinner!!
My body signalled me that if i didn't get up and go i would have a pile in the bed with me NOOOOOOOO! i dont think so!.
I dutifully got up and perched on the commode and produced a long fat softie that would have scared godzilla-BUT OH god it felt good !! i got so excited that when i crawled back in bed and discoverd that hubby was awake ---well" you take it from there

My girlfriend and I went to a local singles bar last week, hoping for some action. We both danced with a few guys, and each had seversl drinks. After a couple of hours, we hadn't seen any really hot guys, and were both getting quite drunk. Then, Kim, my girlfriend, farted. I laughed, and in a few minutes returned the favor with a loud smelly blast of my own. Kin laughed hystericaly, and soon I heard her rio another loud one. In my drubkenstate, I wasn't going to let her outdo me, so I gathered myself and started to push out another good one. Bad move, this time I got a whole lot more than just gas. Yes, I totally pooped my panties. I jusy sat there, and must have had a surprised look on my face, because Kim said, "did you lust do what I thinh you did"? I looked at her and said "yes"She helped me to the ladies room so I could clean myself up, but there was a mile long line, so we just left. I had to walk the 5 blocks home with my pants full of poop. I was quite a ness by the time we got back to the apartment. I learned one big lesson, "don't get into a farting contest when you are drunk."

I had a fun morning. I got to sleep in and I woke up next to my boyfriend. I really had to pee, but I stayed in bed for awhile because it was cold. I decided that, rather than pee in the toilet, I would pee on the floor in the kitchen. So I took off my clothes and stood in the kitchen for a few minutes, waiting for him to come in. He came in and started talking to me, and I started to pee on the floor. It was fun, even though he made me clean it up afterwards.

Samantha C
Well, I was at work one day last year, and I couldn't sit in my chair anymore, the pressure was too much. It was literally hurting my ass to keep sitting on it, the turd wanted out so bad! I got up and barely made it down the line of cubicles before I could feel it pushing its way out. Luckily, nobody got a chance to grab me and talk about a bunch of nonsense or make me debug their crappy code or anything. If they had, I think I definitely would have had either a horrible accident or a rude and rapid end to a stupid conversation. But, I did make it to the restroom. Our company has really nice, clean restrooms. Very Ally McBeal and that. They're not unisex, but they are nice enough to be considered a perk of coming to work for my group. You get "really good amenities", and that literally includes the perfume and lotion and stuff they keep stocked in the vanity in that restroom of ours. It's pretty nice- and so very convenient sometimes!

So I got in there, and as soon as the door closed and I got maybe three steps across the tiles, it just burst out of me. For the first time since I was a kid, I had a true accident in my panties. Naturally, I stopped dead still in shock and tried to perceive if (a) I was alone in there and (b) if I was making a mess that I wouldn't be able to hide. I was wearing jeans like I always do, low-rise that day, pretty tight with nice flares. I had on low-cut bikini panties, so at least that was catching a lot of my problems. I managed to get to the closest stall by sort of shuffling forward and being real careful not to squish loose anything. By the time I got into the stall, it was clear that I was alone in the restroom--- and thank God. I'm sort of a manager of a little department in our group, and I can't imagine the thought of any of my people knowing I had a problem like that!

Don't get me wrong- I do what I do for fun and in private and stuff, and when I've pooped in my pants other times it's been on purpose and sort of a controlled experiment and all that, right! But I don't want any of that to mess up my job. Especially not *literally*. It's because people just don't understand, you know. That's why I think this site rocks, because I can see that other people are really focused on their craps too, and I don't feel like such a freak. Anyway. You get that I was in a real-world type of problem, and I wasn't happy about it--- believe me, I was panicked and nowhere close to "excited" or whatever.

I spent maybe ten minutes peeling my pants and panties down, wiping as I went. Over and over I had to all-of-a-sudden stop little globs of turd from falling down onto the floor. I was a big, nasty mess. My shoes were back at my cubicle, and I was just in my socks. So pretty soon I had those off and was using them to wipe because the toilet paper was pissing me off. As nice as our bathrooms are, the toilet paper was still pretty mediocre, and against my messy skin it was constantly tearing and rolling against itself and stuff. The socks worked a lot better. I had to dip them into the toilet over and over to rinse them and get them moist so they could get the job done. It was like forever before I had those jeans all the way off, my ass and legs and everything cleaned, and my socks and panties doing that swirly thing in the toilet as I flushed like ten times over and over.

Of course it was at that point that a girl came in and got right in the stall next to me. I had no idea who it was, but I saw her shoes and took a guess. She was in another department, but I liked her OK. She was cool. I had stopped flushing and swirling my stuff around in the water as soon as the door had opened, so then I was just in there standing still wondering what to do next. My jeans were hanging on the peg thing on the back of the stall door, and I still needed to clean them off. Then the girl said this right when I was thinking it- she said "Are you barefoot?" and then "What's wrong?" The whole time her piss is whizzing out of her like a liquid snake. I'm like dying because I can tell she sees me standing and not sitting, and it's got to be plain as day that I'm sort of doing something weird. Toilet water had splashed on the tiles around me, and that was definitely abnormal for our restroom. Plus I'm sure it stank really bad.

I was pissed, right? What could I say? For real I was sick that my job was on the line if I didn't do this the right way with this girl. But now she was crapping her own turds on the other side, and I guess she just sort of had the idea that it was OK to be herself, because she sort of moaned a little and spurted pee over and over into the water inbetween the sounds of turds plopping. She was like "God, I had to go." Then she said something like "Really, are you OK?" And I heard her doing the toilet paper and wiping and stuff. I'm still in a panic and just standing there and all I'm doing is saying "Yeah, yeah" like a moron. My mind was totally void of any kind of idea. It was horrible!

At that point the door opens and these two people come in together, talking all about stupid work. I heard them coming before they even got there, so I jumped up on the toilet seat and said "F??K!" and I meant it. I was just so pissed, and I didn't want anybody else knowing I had a problem if I could avoid it. And who else were they talking about but me, right? They were girls in my group, and they were saying how they thought I liked the QC manager and I was a flirt and all that crap, but it was nothing new. It's not like managers don't get to where they are without knowing what's getting said, right! So big deal. They go over and do makeup and talk talk talk and then they're both heading for the stalls, like they suddenly remembered what they went in there for in the first place. Only two are empty, at the opposite end of the row from me, and of course they get in them because they're adjoining and they can keep on talking while they crap and stuff.

I get back down and just wipe like hell on the insides of my jeans with my wet socks that I had wrung out and then I had a bunch of toilet paper scraping around in there, too. I got turd stuff all over my hands again doing that, and ended up washing them in the toilet water but not being able to flush because of course that would give me away. The girl next to me is still sitting there, and she had to be finished wiping and all that. Her own jeans were still down, though, I could see them just barely and they were crumpled on top of her clogs. But those two girls from my group just blahblahblah and didn't stop the whole time, and thank God they got off the subject of me before I had to hear things like how I was bitch to the fat one the month before and all that garbage. Just one more reason why some rise and some don't is all I can say.

But then they flushed- same time of course, like f??king high school again- and they got out and washed their hands and then it was like they noticed the girl next to me. (I of course was back up squatting on the seat by then.) They asked *her* if she was all right, and she said yes and then the girls were gone and thank God, right! So I finally said "Yeah, I guess I do have a problem" to this girl as I got down off the seat again. The girl stands up and buttons her jeans and all that, and she comes out of her stall and just stands next to mine's door. "Can I do anything?" She's really a sweet girl, and she was being so nice to me! I was crying a little by then because I was totally pissed and freaked and needing a cigarette like I can't even tell you. I remember I smoked almost a whole pack in like an hour later that day and I ended up puking my guts out not long after that.

Anyway, I get the girl to go find the janitor's closet out in the main hall on the other side of our floor, and she comes back with the wet floor and out of order signs and puts them in front of the stall. At least three other women came in during all that time, but I was up on the seat naked from the waist down just waiting it out. It was like forty-five minutes by then, and I had the girl go round and tell the girls in my group that I'd had an emergency call about a break-in at my apartment, and I'd run out and had passed her on the way, etc., told her to let them know, etc., who know when I'll be back blahblahblah. And then f??k it but didn't my cell phone ring right away and the fat girl's trying to find out what's going on. I saw the number and killed the call immediately and shut the thing off. Then I got freaked that the girls would have heard my phone and put two and two together and come in there and busted me. But I got lucky and nobody heard it, I guess. I told the girl my pants size and stuff and said I'd pay her back if she could manage to go grab me some new clothes.

So she begged off with her manager to go down to the store and buy some cold medicine- faked sick for me basically- and promised to bring back lunch for him and whoever else, etc. So like another forty-five minutes later she comes back and brings in a pair of jeans just like mine, a three-pack of low-cut bikini panties, and a pair of new socks. All stuffed in a Subway bag. Hilarious! "They looked at me funny when I asked for an extra bag" she said "But the real hard part was rolling those jeans up tight enough!" I put all the soiled stuff into the bag once I was dressed, and then I came out and went straight for that soap and water. And the perfume! I realy had to love the corporate amenities that day, you know! The girl stayed there still looking worried, and I was like not able to make eye contact and all. But then she pulls my shoes out of another bag that she had, and I'm like bawling all of a sudden and I finally turned and hugged her real hard and said thanks and everything. Then she went out and made sure the coast was clear for me to get off our floor by the back stairs, and I went on home.

That girl never did take any money from me for the clothes she'd bought, and since we were different sizes I just kept them. We didn't start hanging out or anything right after, but we were more friendly and had this bond going on. It was pretty clear that the girl was a very decent person and just was trying to help out that day, etc. Like three months after that I requested a transfer/promotion for her to get her into my department, and she's gotten to be a really good friend of mine now that we talk every day at work so much. This past summer we even went on vacation together, since we're both between guys. I still can't believe how lucky I got having *her* find me in there instead of somebody else!

I apologize if this has been brought up before........but does anyone know if Eddie Kaye Thomas (Finch) really shit in the American Pie bathroom scene? If you listen to the commentary on the DVD under the bonus features, when the scene comes, Eddie himself said "Those arent sound effects you are hearing" and another person, I think the director said somthing about he didnt expect him to go that long. Eddie then said somthing about wearing a G-string. I dont know if they were just kidding around or what. But the comments they made were interesting. If he was wearing a G-string and really went, it would caused it to come slower and be longer.

Lizz: As my grandmother used to say, "Eat big. Shit big."

i was at a hell of a party today when all of a sudden i felt it i was in the middle of nowhere soi just let it go . it was soft and smooshy and actualy it felt good. so when i got home i decided to leave it alone because my parents dont com home till the morning. I sat down andfell asleep in it. so my alarm went off and Know i was late for work so i ran to the car and drove their. i had to work in it for five hours before i had a break.when it was time fori whent tol the bathroom and cleaned it out.boy did it stink it was all up in my croch and everywhere

I'm running out of stories, but here is one of my recent ones.
This happened about a year ago when I was 15. Me and my dad were driving back home from my grandparent where we spent christmas. My grandma made me drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee so i'd stay awake with my dad. Before we lefted I went pee and thought i'd be okay the rest of the way. As we were on the road awhile my dad stopped for gas and then asked me if I wanted to drive for awhile and explained that he wanted to see how good I was. I said ok and hopped in the passenger side and we began driving again.
It had been at least an hour or so and just like a slap in my face, I had to pee pretty bad. I knew it was the coffee. After a few mintues of my bladder being jumped around from the road and bumps I began to shifted around in my seat. I really had to pee. My dad looked over at me and asked me if I was okay. I told him that I had to go to the bathroom. He must of not known that i had go go as bad as I did, because he slowly told me that he didn't see a rest area and asked if I could hold it. I lied to him saying yeah. After an half hour my father must of forgot that I had to go because he didn't tell him if he saw a rest area. By then i had to go sooo bad I was frustrated. I tried to placed my legs together and my dad noticed, "Sam, you okay?" he asked again. I told him I had to pee really bad. He saw the desperation look on my face. He then told me that I was going to have to hold it becaue there was too many cars to pull over and go. My bladder was killing me and I told him i was afraid of wetting my pants. He told me to try and not do that because he had just cleaned the car. I asked him then, "So that means there is no bottles or anything I can pee in?" I was so embarrassed. He told me no. Soon after i could barely concentrate on the road. Suddenly the car in front of me stopped causing me to stomp on the brake. When I did this it cause a great jump in my bladder and i quickly grabbed my penis saying "Oh God!" But i hadn't peed myself yet. My dad saw this and asked me if i had peed. I told him no but was about to lose control pretty soon. As we were still stopped my dad told me to switch him places. As I did so it was very painful on my bladder but kept a very firm grip on my cock. As we drove again I told my dad he had to hurry and find a bathroom or it was in the car I was going. I sat up straight rocking back and forth with both hands on my crotch. I even tried crossing my legs over my hands. My dad kept asking me how i was doing. I kept tell him that i was in pain. I had been holding it for 2 hours now. I held it for a couple minutes more until I leaked very little in my pants. My dad had pulled onto a isolated road and drove a little further until we were surrounded by trees. My dad stopped but I was in so much pain and my desperation was very very trememdous that I just hopped out and quickly unzipped peeing right there in front of the car. One car did drive by but i didn't mind. My dad started to laughing as I stood still peeing for like 2 mintues now. He said that he had never seen anyone pee that long and hard.
I hate road trips because i always have to hold my pee in for a long time, but that was one of the time where i could barely stand it and had to pee so so badly.
Goodbye for now and hopefully you all enjoyed, i'll try digging up some more stories in my memory or i'll write about some other people being desperate or going in their pants. I keep a look out as well. I know more should come.

Just thought I'd post a few things that have been bathroom related in the past couple of weeks or so.

About 2 weeks ago during 1st hour our class was working on this budget project and we were in groups or 3 or 4. I was in a group with 2 other guys. Well one day we're working on this and one of the guys says "I've gotta take a s**t guys" Seconds later he was kinda moaning because of a cramp and got up to ask to go to the bathroom. He left and was gone for about 10 minutes. I'm sure he felt a ton better after that.

Then I believe the next day I went into the boys bathroom during lunch and the whole bathroom smelled like someone took a serious dump cuz it stunk big time. Then some guy came out of the stall next to the wall of urinals. I don't know for sure whether it was him or not but usually when a guy comes out of a stall it means he was taking a dump.

Next incident happen 6th hour when during class someone let out a fart (silent) and the smell was absolutely horrible. No one really said anything but the people around my area were looking around and grinning, not at me but just because of the smell. I think it was the kid in front of me but I don't know. Then just yesterday (Monday) the same person did it again. It was even worse this time, and caused an uproar of everyone smelling it. Again I thought it was the guy in front of me and at first I thought he turned around and said he was crapping his pants but I was wrong, but then again it wouldn't surprise me if it was him who let one. Actually the smell filled the entire classroom. Then today before class started the guy sitting next to me said "Whoever farted yesterday please hold it, you can hold it an hour. Or go to the bathroom now, I'll shut my eyes so you can get up now and go and I won't see who you are." It was pretty funny.

Last incident happened today (and it was the most disgusting thing I witnessed). There's this girl who's kinda out there and she got huge sagging boobs and a huge butt, short, and really annoying. Actually she probably has the intelligence of a 2nd or 3rd grader. Anyhow as she's getting up to take her tray up she farts. Now it wasn't too loud but it was kinda long. At first I thought I was just hearing stuff cuz I couldn't believe she would actually do something like that in front of everyone. Then one of my friends was talking then said "…and **** just farted." Thank God it didn't smell at all but I didn't think she would do something so nasty in the open like that. It was no turn on at all either. Maybe if it was some good looking girl but this girl, it made me sick, lol.

Anyway I guess that'll do it for me. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

I'm not really sure WHY there is a website about bodily functions...I guess there is a website for everything. I would really like someone to explain all of this to me because I really have no grasp as to why this is so amusing. I admit that I'm entertained by the stories, but not in any sort of serious way. It's more of a "oh my god this is weird" sort of offense. So, respond and let me know what the deal is. Thanks!

One summer my cousins and myself decided to have an adventure. We had never camped out before alone, so we diecided we should. We were all in the ages of 13-11 so it wasn't unreasonable. Everyone got together and we brought just some necesities for one night. Tent,food,and lantern. Thats all we needed. We were around the fire we made that night and telling scary stories, when my cousin jason got up to get more wood. When he came back he snuck and literally scared the piss out of my cousin lindsey. We all noticed it too. Ashley decided that since lindsey was embarrased that we all should be a little embarrased too. So we would play truth or dare. The game started with lindsey asking jason the question of when was the last time he had peed his pants like lindsey did, and with some hesitation answered last year on thanksgiving night. Everyone laughed, then Ashley chose dare. Jason dared her to drink all the water we had with us except for one bottle. She did it but she complained about her stomach really hurting. Now it was my turn and i chose dare. Ashley is the craziest of us all and had some great dares. I had to pee in my underwear in front of everyone there. I whined for a bit and then finally gave in since no one else would hear about it. So as i did it the warm trickle ran down my leg and actually felt ok. Lindsey then had to show us the stain made in her panties from before. Jason chose truth again and had to tell everyone about his first girlfriend. Now it started to get good. Ashley was so full of water she was forced to pee in front of all of us with no cover. Wanting revenge she made me take my underwear filled with pee off and rub them all over me and to this day is still the most revolting thing i have done. Finally i got to chose a dare to get lindsey. I made her sit in front of the fire bottomless and poop, making it squeeze between her butt and the ground. Eventually every one had to poop in front of everyone else and it made a mess of us all. Like idiots not bringing anything to clean with we had to bathe in the pond near the field where we camped. We all went naked since we had only packed like 3 things, no extra clothes with us. We all just played around in the water for about an hour then let ourselves air dry as we told more stories. That is a day in my childhood i won't ever forget.

Linda RS
Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted here, but well I figured why not. I hope everyone is okay and doing fine and had a good Thanksgiving. I'll post stuff later, but man it seems everytime I sit with my pampies around my ankles with my head reating in my hands having a nice poop, SOMEONE has to come in or want to talk to me. I sorta outgrew the being okay with soneome seeing me poop thing but well I recently started leaving the door open when we don't have company because well everyone comes in anyway.(Especially Lynda and Kendal, I swear they wait for me to have a seat and start going for them to pop in)OY!! Anyway later everyone

Plushy Al Logan
Is it me or is was there a toilet scene to the movie "Willard?" I remember seeing one in the previews, or I imagined.

Should I be concerned about a urinating problem I may have? During the day I'm fine and not bothered, but late at night, I have to piss apprx. every 10 minutes. Is there something wrong here?

Yesterday my poop log was all white not the usual blackish red -brownish black. It must be from the turkey, potatoes, rice.

my mom has been going to work really ewarly in the morning so she has to get me up and drops me off at a babysitters, it is a kids i go to school with mom. one morning mom was running late and forgot to get me up so when she woke me up she already picked my clothes out and had me hurry and pu them on. i didnt even go to the bathroom cause she said hurry we are leaving. so i figured i would go at the sitters house. we got there and this is a apartment, the bathroom is upstairs and the bedrooms are up there too, the kithcen and living room are downstairs. i go in and she is sitting in the bathroom fixing my friends sisters hair. she yelled down that i could watch tv till it was time for the bus. i waited and waitied, looking upstairs every minute, i really had to pee and i usually go poop too but the pee was hurting to come out now. i was holding myself and i felt emarrased to ask to go since they were sitting right in the door of the bathroom. i sat down and tried to watch tv. well basically i couldnt hold it and i started peeing as i sat there on the couch. i was able to stop halfway. my front had a big wet spot, i had on black sweats so it wasnt too bad but in the light you could tell. i looked up there again and they were still there, i really had to poop now and it was poking out now that the pee wasnt hurting so bad. i sat on my hands holding it in. i knew if i moved it would just come out. finally they came down and she sat next to me on the couch. she is like 8 i think she looked at my pants and said how come you are wet, i said i spilled water, she said ok. i had to get up and try to run upstairs without my poop coming out, so i got up real fast, the second my but left the couch it came out. i was running up the stairs and the whole thing came out, one big log. i wasnt even looking ahead of me as i got to the top the door was closed, the water was running, my friend was just taking a shower. the mom came out of the bedroom and said whats wrong. the light was on bright up there and she saw my wet spot. then she smelled the poop and said uh oh you had an accident, i explained the whole thing to her why i had the accidnt and she said she was sorry. we went to my friends room and tried to find clothes to fit, he is a fat kid and everything was way to big. we waited till he got out then i went in and dumped out my log, wasnt too bad, left some streaks in my undes but i was still wet, she said sorry the bus will be here in 10 min. we had to go out and wait for the bus and the other kids laughed at me. we got on the bus and the kids in the back saw me right away and told the whole bus i peed my pants. i was so embarrased. the bus driver said shut up to everybody and i sat up there by her, she was nice. my pants dried as the day began but the whole class knew what i did.

Dave form Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Sounds like a great after Thanksgiving time in the gym. I sure wish I could have a seat next to you. Keep the good stories coming from the gym.

Plushy Al Logan
To whoever you are (I honestly forgot your name):

I also saw that episode of Celebrities Uncensored with the drunk chick that pees on the street.

Anyway my question is, is there any rumors on who that may have been, or was it just a non-celebrity cuaght in the act?

A couple of questions, one just for the gals and one for everyone but especially the gals.

Gals, is there any difference in the way you sit on the toilet to pee and to take a dump? If so, what?

For everyone. It is common, at least for men, to have urinals into which you are only supposed to pee. However, a couple of times (both in places with no running water supply) I have seen notices in the mens toilets saying something like "Do NOT urinate in the toilets, please use the urinal". So the toilets were only to be used for taking a dump. Has anyone else ever seen toilets in which you are not supposed to pee, and a supplimentary question for the gals. If you have seen one of these, could you describe the facilities provided for you to pee?

moon shadows
One can never go home again; this I have learned from more years of
experience than I care to reveal. I was so in love with a girl next door that I could think of nothing else. I could not get the courage to tell her how I felt, because I despised who I was. This was from the ages of 11 to 18.

One day I was in our bathroom alone with her, when my aunt banged on the door for us to come out right away or she would tell my father. I hated her until she died for that day. Well Betts decided we should come out, so that was that. She was peeing on the toilet and I was in the bathtub with my legs over the edge with clothes on.

I hoped that she would poop, so that I could smell her afterward but, of course, I could not brng myself to do it. No, now at age 76, it still haunts me. I have to force it out of my mind to stay healthy.

To the young, I have no advice because they have to learn for themselves
I hope they will have more courage than I had.

Best wishes,


Glad you liked the survey Louis and thanks for decribing how you guys milk the wee out.

Ok so I've got some more questions for all you guys:

1) Is you aim when you wee
(a) excellent, I always wee in the toilet
(b) Quite good I usually aim in the toilet, but occasionally miss. If so when do you usually miss, or can it be any time?
(c) Not so good, its usually a bit of a mess. If so why & when?
(d) Bad, always a mess. If so why?
(e) Good, but I like leaving a bit of a mess on the floor and the seat. If so why and where else do you wee to leave a mess?

2) If the following people can hear, I wee (a) directly into the water as hard as I can making as much noise as I can (b) onto the side of the toilet so there's no noise (c) sort of half way - a quite noise (d) Don't really care
- On my own
- My girlfriend
- My girlfriend's friends
- My girlfriend's mother
- My brother/s
- My sister/s
- My parents
- My (male) friends
- My (female) friends

3) If the following people can hear, I will (a) fart loudly while I wee (b) Fart softly (c) won't fart at all
- On my own
- My girlfriend
- My girlfriend's friends
- My girlfriend's mother
- My brother/s
- My sister/s
- My parents
- My (male) friends
- My (female) friends

4) Where is the most unusual place that you have ever wee'd?
5) What is the biggest group of people that you have ever been in that you all wee'd at the same together, and what happened?
6) have you ever thought about puttingan elastic band oor something like that in place to help you not to wee if you have ever had to go for a long time without weeing? Do you think this could work?

Althea. I never knew nuts were good for preventing constipation. Although I'm not particularly a 'nut' person I'll bear it in mind. My tendency is to snack a lot on dried fruit which tends to generate quite a lot of wind!

Jimmy R. Eggs certainly can result in some dire farts being passed.

Annie & Robby. Hi! I'm glad to hear that Robbie's making a good recovery. Interesting post about the emergency stop you had to make. I know from experience that the shortest of journeys seem to take an age when you've got to wee. It sounds to me as though there might be some wisdom in keeping a blanket and an empty coffee jar (with screw top) in the car for just such emergencies. Look forward to hearing about more of experiences in due course.

Best wishes


K: I'm no doctor, but a few people with bladder infections and other conditions have mentioned having to go desperately, even to the point of wetting a little, then getting to the toilet and not much happens. If it happens again I'd see a doc.

Unnamed poster with 2-year-old daughter: It's very refreshing to meet a parent like you after the all the horror stories I've read about "Bathroom Nazi" parents in the old posts. It's terribly sad when parents humiliate or punish or abuse their children when something uncontrollable happens. A lot of people have problems they can't help, and will continue to have them for life. And a lot of people who are physically normal will have situations that stand between them and the toilet. Traffic jams happen, locked doors happen, people already in the bathroom happen, lost keys happen, overestimation of hold-it ability happens, laughing happens, diarrhea happens, the infamous 'pee dream' happens, and for women, who have to sit down, filthy bathrooms happen and longer lines happen and you also can't just duck behind things like we can. I'll bet most people have had an accident or two, especially women. *coughsopostmoreof'emwillyacough* All this is a part of life and the only remedy is to take it in stride when it happens, to you or to your children. I'd suggest that you'd encourage her to try to hold it, though, because a lot of people don't have your attitude. As an adult living on one's own one can do what you do with minimal repercussions, but the world of childhood is less forgiving. Better for someone to hold it until uncomfortable a few times than to be in the very uncomfortable situation of being chronically abused and ostracized by one's peers. Though I'm not a parent so I don't know how you get the message to a child and when you should start trying, I'd let it be known that you should always try and make it to a toilet when you can *except...* and lay out the times when it's okay to do otherwise. And, since we all make our own choices, be prepared for her to pick another way than yours no matter how well you teach her.

Last near-accident was a few days ago. I was hopping but couldn't get my belt undone.

Stan at
A survey for the guys:

1) Do you ever wee sitting down on the toilet? If so when? If I am shitting.
2) When you wee standing up in the toilet do you usually wee out of the pants fly, pull the pants down a bit and wee over the top, pull the pants down to my ankles, take my pants off? Why? all except pants to my ankles or taking them off.
3) How do you get rid of drips after you wee? I shake it if I am standing or if I am sitting on the toilet, I will let it drip or I will wipe the tip with toilet paper.
4) Do you ever wipe yourself after you wee to get rid of all drips? yes.
5) Do you usually make your underwear wet from drips after you wee - if so how wet? not much.
6) Have you ever left drip marks on your pants after you wee that have been seen by someone else? If so when, and who saw, and what did they say? sister said that there was a spot on my pants and she knew that I took a piss.
7) When you wee at a public urinal and someone wees next to you, do you (always - if so why, sometimes - if so say when, never - if so why)
(a) Look at the wee coming out of their bodies? yes, sometimes.
(b) Talk to them? sometimes
(c) Notice how often they look at the wee coming out of your body? maybe
(d) Stop weeing as fast as I can and leave? no, I just keep a straight face.
8) Have you ever weed in front of someone else? If so who? many, my parents, friends and my sis and strangers in public toilets.
9) Has anyone ever complained about you weeing in front of them when they didn't want you to wee. no.
10) Has anyone (doctor, nurse etc) ever asked you to wee and then you can't. Please describe. I had to for laboratory specimens.

To Jeri L.: That was an awesome post you had about you and your friend taking a poo on the pool deck. It must have been some pile you and your friend made after eating all that Mexican food the night before. I only wish I could have been there to see it;). I think it's great that you enjoy your "BM's". I truly wish there were more girls like you that were both interested in it as well as open with the subject. I look forward to your posts in the future.

To Mel D.: I really liked your post from the other day. I'll bet it was rather messy trying to clean all that up, but the relief and pleasure you feel while pooing makes it all worth it, right? I really like the fact that you get so much pleasure out of taking a poop. I've also read a few of your posts from earlier and enjoyed those too. Keep up the good "work" and I look forward to reading your next amazing post.

To Ash D.: That was some poop you had to push out. The fact that it was pleasureful as it stretched your hole was even more amazing. I also thought it was a cool idea watching yourself in the mirror as your poo came out. I so look forward to reading your next post.

I have some questions for girls regarding their BMs if you are willing to answer them:

1)If possible, could you give a physical description of yourself? (age, height, hair color, etc.)

2)What types of foods do you generally eat?

3)What foods usually make you produce large poos or big loads?

4)How often do you poop?

5)About how large are your poos on average? (length, width)

6)What texture are your poos usually? (mushy, hard,

7)How much do you enjoy taking a poop?

8)Are you comfortable with another person watching/listening to you poop?

9)Where do you like to poop? (home, public places, outdoors, etc.)

10)When do you usually poop?(first opportunity, hold it till convenient, etc.)

11)About how long does it take you to take a poop on average?

12) What types of poos do you usually make? (logs, snakes, chunks, etc.)

Thank you to those who respond to this survey. I look forward to your resonses.

Tim (and Sarah)
We are so glad to see Robbie is a bit better and hasn' t lost his cuspke (spl?), lol! What a funny story!
I have to go away on buisness for two weeks and don't know if I can keep in touch as my laptop is a bit weird at the moment...
Yesterday I was shopping with the kids and suddenly had to poop so bad. I was letting out silent stinkers that could have killed small animals. The kids were so slow, because they had to look at so many things....When I finally got home I planted my bum onto the bowl and let out long, really loudy crackling rope of endless poo. I couldn't stop moaning, it felt so good. I made a big, very stinky pile. Wow, nobody could enter the bathroom for about half an hour, lol.
Love to all of you and get better Robbie!!! Tim and Sarahxoxo

I had a huge hard poop today. I haven't crapped since Sunday so it was all lumpy and hard like a big stone in my bottom. I was farting something awful - mum said I had to stay outside all afternoon with grandad who was also farting. Eventually at 3 o'clock I went down to the woods and squatted under the big oak and strained out a massive black poo log.

Haven't written in a while. Very Busy. Anyway Hannah came up with an idea that we should all (me, Jessica, Maryann, Julie, and Hannah) put on a pair of her diapers and see who could make their diaper the wettest. Now for underwear descriptions before we put diapers on. I was wearing gren briefs. Hannah had on some neon pink panties. Jessica was wearing turquiose panties. Julie was wearing some really sexy black Panties and maryann had on a purple thong. Now moving on. we all slid the diapers up. Pretty soon eveyone had soaked their diapers. Hannah won. We all got our underwear on. When julie pulled her unders up she doubled over complaining of a cramp. She yelled for help. SInce we couldn't get her to the bathroom Hannah went and got an old pair of white panites and put them on her so she wouldn't ruin her good black ones. Me and hannah began massaging her stomach. A small buldge began to appear at the back of her panties. We lifted up the back of the unders and sure enough there was a gigantic turd coming out og her ass. We al knew that it wouldn't all fit in the panties. Before we cold get newspaper the turd pushed over the waistband when she finally stopped the turd measurd 20" long gosh
will write back soon. Matt

Some questions for the ladies:

1) How often do you get stomach aches and how bad are they/what are they like.

2)What kind of poop do you have when you have these stomah aches?

3)Do you grunt and groan, massage or hold your stomach?

4)How do you sit on the toilet when you have a stomach ache?

5)Do you get cramps during your period and do cramps feel the same as stomachaches?


Friday, December 05, 2003

Hope you all had nice Thanksgivings. Night before Thanksgiving I was walking upstairs and my stomach started cramping something terrible. I rubbed it and figured I had just eaten too much (had been for ice cream and sandwiches) and hoped it would go away. I started feeling nauseous, so I knew that I was about to have diarrhea. I got my pants down and just managed to get my butt over the toilet when it plopped out. It wasn't watery, more pasty. Like a big glop of mud. I wiped and there was only a little smear and when I started to stand up, I suddenly went again, this time a tad bit mushier. After my third load, I decided to flush so it wouldn't clog, then I wiped, pooped again, and finally wiped a last time. You'd think I would feel better after cleaning myself out like that, but I felt to sick to even get off of the toilet. I picked up the trash can next to my toilet cause I was afraid I was about to throw up, but after a few minutes of controlled breathing, my nausea passed and I went back downstairs to take some anti-diarrhea and stomach meds. I felt nauseous off and on for about an hour and then it suddenly went away. I guess that was when the meds kicked in, cause then I was really groggy and had to go to to bed. Woke up again in the middle of the night, about to wet myself. That was a fun night. By morning, though, I was fine. Pigged out for Thanksgiving on Thursday, pigged out on leftovers that night and yesterday. And today, I'm still pigging out and eating everything in sight. But wouldn't you know, I haven't had another BM urge since Wednesday? None. I've just been having to pee more often than usual.

By the way, we're blaming my diarrhea episode on being lactose intolerant. Must have been the ice cream. Or a little bug or something.

I'm 13, and i had an accident the other day i was at my friends house the other day and there were 3 of us one was in the bathroom we just woke up i was wearing just undies and a shirt that didnt cover my panties anywaymy friend was in the bathroom taking a shower (she wet the bed that night shes 13 also and she was wearing pj pants) anyway thtwo of us were watching tv on the couch and i had t poop well i just couldnt hold it anymore all of the sudden my friend who was done in the shower came in and scared me and i took a crap in my nice white panties, i ran too the bathroom in a sneaky way and they never found out but my mom did and she yelled at me


Just found this site. Cool

Survey Girl, some answers to your questions…
1. Do you enjoy pooping?
Yes, a great relief sometimes
2. What position are you in when you're pooping? Sitting, standing, etc.?
3. Do you get stomach aches before you poop?
Not unless I'm ill
4. Do you make grunting noises when you're going?
5. About how many times a day do you poop?
Usually once, sometimes twice
6. Do you look forward to sitting on the toilet and going?
7. Do you find pooping relaxing?
8. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?
9. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)?
A feeling down under and a feeling down under
10. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping?
11. Have you ever had such a difficult time pooping, that you cried afterwards?
12. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the toilet, or do you get it done as fast as possible?
Long as necessary
13. How do you feel about having someone in the bathroom with you, like to keep you company?
Never while pooping
14. Have you ever got off the toilet, thinking you were finished pooping, but then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done?

Sumaya, interesting post.

I have also seen objects in the toilet, other than normal body waste. These have usually been pads tampons applicators diapers etc, but I've also seen panties hosiery hairbands and grips. Like you I normally flush until the item goes down, but I do find some toilets are not so willing to do their job.
I've seen lippie tubes, cans, wrappers and sometimes part eaten food (more on this later perhaps) and will usually try to flush anything I find in there (within reason, ie not cans or an AOL CD if ever I find one).
How do you get on flushing things like this ? I'm quite successful but I have encountered some awkward situations. Do you find toilets vary with their flushing and, if so, how do you get over the problems ? Thanks


Tonight was so weird. I was cleaning off my dresser and I must've bent over or something because I got one of my sudden urges to tinkle. I figured it was like most of my urges, if I just hold it off for a few seconds, then it would fade. Seems like everytime I put even the smallest bit of pressure on my bladder, I have to pee. Anyway, this time, it didn't go away. I actually had to cross my legs and as I stood there, afraid to separate my legs to walk down the hall to the bathroom, I realized that I hadn't been to pee almost all day. I just kept standing there for a few seconds, hoping that I wouldn't wet myself, and I suddenly realized that I was already peeing in my clothes!! I ran to the bathroom, but as I made a mad-dash down the hall, the peeing stopped and didn't start again until I leaned over to sit down on the toilet. I then released another stream into my panties before I could get them all the way down. What puzzles me is that I've been much more desperate than this and didn't wet. Also, once I got on the toilet, I hardly peed at all. Just a little trickle, almost... probably didn't last 10 seconds. Luckily, my leaks weren't major (although it certainly felt like it!), my panties got tad bit damp, and there was a small wet spot (about the size of a dime or a penny) on the front of my jeans, where they came in contact with the wet spot of my panties. Had I been the only one home, I may have just gone on the spot and not bothered with trying to make it to the bathroom, but everyone else was home.

Anyway, signing off...

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