Hey at the mall yesterday we were wallking around and the my mom decided to talk to her freind. i went to look around and my sister said i have to poop badly. my mom said dont interrupt she went over walking passed set down on a chair with her butt halfway off and crossed her arms lookng mad and could here her grunting a little so i went up to and she just kept going she i dont care and she grunted and crackling sound came up and the back of little panties were expanding she just got uped and pushed harder pooping and i came up to here and she said i feel better

Fishbone: Nice to meet a fellow Chamber-Pot-Fan. As for worrying about aim, don't. Find a deep bowl, take it somewhere where there is no carpet and let loose. Sounds like fun to me. You might even try putting paper towels or newpapers under the bowl. You could probably find a position that wouldn't cause any spills. Go for it.
Come to think of it, I may try that tonight. Might be more fun than a cup!!

K: Wow. Cool story about the girl on the bus having to pee. Great desperation story! Wish I could have been there.

Sorry, gotta run, but I'll be back with more replies, soon!

"the sea scallop explosion"
I looove scallops but have had too many bad experiences from eating them.
Well i got brave (or stupid) and tried again.
my girlfreind and i went to a really nice restaurant lingered at the bar after dinner and began the drive home. no sooner in the car and i knew it was going to happen again. i didn't want to say anythin at first but when i let a bubbly fart i coulnd avoid it. Andie asked if i was ok -i said uh-uh its the damn scallops.she ask if i will make it home -i said i think so.
she said goody i want to see this!!-i said ewwww this will be disgusting andie-she said i dont care i love to see you go.
we had about 8 miles to home anong a two lane orchard lined road and nearly home i said stop andi i have to go reaaly bad i am not going to make it
she spotted a dirt track and turned into it and turned off the lights
she came over to help me out of the car
I got my hose and panties down and in a semi sit position put my back against the car, i released a long wet fart as she squatted along side me i said dont watch andie this wil be awful -she said i wuldnt miss it for anything -as my ass exploded with a blast of gas and shit tha thudded against the lower part of her car door. she gasped oh my god Jeri as i let loose again i was spraying caramel pudding, a third wave was almost all fuid and almost as explosive.the liquid dripped from the bottom of my butt like drops of pee.
i was weak and asked her for a kleenex to wipe with she said ill take care of that hon and wiped me helped me put myself together and back into the car.
I took maalox and an antibiotic when we got to my house she stayed with me to make sure i was ok .
i felt up to a drink she made us a vodka and soda
after about 30 minuits-I got up quickly and said -I have to go again- and ran to the toilet i stripped off my hose and panties this time and sat and squirted only fluid as she squatted on the floor looking between my legs.
i said andie this is disgusting -she answered by wiping me again and kissing my cheek.
She put me to bed later that evening and i remember very little beyond that until she was standing there at my bedside in the morning with a cup of coffee and a gentle smile

Samantha C.
Hey, I see there's a Sam C. who posts here too. Hi Sam! I'm Samantha C., so I hope nobody gets confused.

Gin - I bet that was weird, seeing all those poop piles and pieces of clothes that people wiped with! I've pooped outdoors a few times, and I've used my panties to wipe but I've taken them with me usually. Sometimes I remember I didn't clean myself until later on.

Sally - Wow. I have read your post about ten times now. That was a gruesome night! You might have been miserable, but it sure made for an incredible story.

Ash.D - Your stories really make me hot! I love how you describe your asshole being so tight and getting stretched and stuff like that.

Toilet Hole - Get control of yourself -- you are "preaching to the choir"! What you ought to do is just start handing out this forum's URL on a little business card to all the WASPs that you must constantly come in contact with.

Alyssa - Your story really brought back some memories. I used to tickle this one girl I babysat. She was like nine when I started to watch her after school, and I was a freshman in high school. She was a really silly, funny kid, and I sort of fell in love with her in a twisted kind of way. Anyhow, it was a big turn-on for me to see her wet her pants. I used to chase her all over the house, get her down on the floor, and just go after her tickle spots until she whizzed. She never once got mad at me for it, either. I used to fantasize about her so bad after she got too old for a babysitter!

Amy - I agree with you completely about what you wrote to Noreen! And...

Noreen - Way to go! At least now you can empathize a little better with your daughter. Just be sure you look up the health risks of feces, since it looks like your daughter might have a good chance of catching hepatitis or amebiasis (for example), especially if she's with other girls who are pooping themselves and letting it stay on them for a while. Don't want to spoil her fun or make you worry, but she can still have her good times and you'll feel a lot better about it if you perhaps start thinking about getting her some shots now and then. Just some antibiotic boosts and stuff like that. I told my doctor that I had an aunt I had to care for who was vegetative and incontinent -- colostomy bag and all that -- and I was worried that my regular handling of poop, even with gloves on, might get me some kind of infection. The doctor believed me and now lets me come in for periodic booster shots, and I haven't gotten sick ever from exposure to poop.

Rick - Here's a peeing story, and it's because of Alyssa's post, actually. I got to thinking about tickling and wrestling and stuff, and I remembered this funny thing I saw when I was a teenager.

Anyway, my friend Julie was always getting drunk at her house after school. It turned out that she had alcoholic tendencies, and she eventually dropped out of school and moved out of town with an older guy. It was this big scandal because she had been smart and popular and nobody had known this side of her, except for me and a few of her other friends. Her mom was divorced and worked constantly, so Julie had all kinds of freedom to drink. Her mom was a heavy drinker, too, so she'd come home and crash, drink herself to sleep, that whole abuse cycle, right!

So Julie had a little brother named David. He was 13 when she was 16, so he was getting hard-ons a lot and had a body odor problem like every other boy his age. And he sort of was a pervert about Julie. He was always stealing her panties from the hamper and messing around with her when she got tipsy, like he would constantly sneak up and grab her boobs or lift her shirt. He even pantsed her once when I was there -- he just ran up and yanked her shorts and panties right down past her knees and then ran off laughing so hard. Julie said he'd come into her room at night with a flashlight and shine it on her and try to lift the covers and stuff, etc., you get the picture. He was like the ultimate annoying little brother. And since their mom was never around to do anything about it, Julie sort of had to deal with it her own way.

We would go to her house and get the vodka out of the freezer and make screwdrivers and talk on the phone and stuff, and one day Julie just freaked out when David came in from playing outside. He made a grab for her boobs while she was standing in the kitchen watching me talk on the phone to this other girl. Julie chased him into the living room and this time she actually dove and tackled him. She's bigger than him and stronger, so she gets on top of him and starts hitting him really hard and screaming "Stop it! Stop it!" over and over. It was ugly, really embarrassing for me to see, truly it was.

But then he was crying and she was still on top of him, just sitting on him. She was straddling his stomach. He had his hands over his face and was sobbing like crazy and apologizing, but Julie didn't back down one bit. She kept on cursing at him and pinching his arms and just making him bawl. Then she got real still and started laughing. David went all stiff and then suddenly was kicking and screaming and trying to push Julie off of him. She just smacked him even worse and yelled at him to lie still and take his punishment. Then I saw the piss that soaked into his shirt and the puddle of piss that was collected against Julie's crotch where she was sitting on him. It was running down his sides and her legs onto the carpet. He got still like she wanted, and she stopped hitting him. She got up on on her knees and pulled the leg of her shorts to one side and said "Ughhhh!" real loud. This heavy spray of urine just flooded out of her and drenched David's stomach and chest. He was crying like a three year-old and covering his face.

I remember standing there like I was on the highway and just drove past a wreck. It was awful, but I had to look. That family had a terrible life, and Julie and her brother never really spoke to each other much after that. Within like two more years she was gone from town forever, and I don't know if they ever patched things up. She eventually stood up and spit this big loogie on him, and he crawled away to his room. Julie then sat right back down on the wet carpet and sort of keeled over. I helped her get to her room and put her in bed, get her out her wet clothes and everything, and I just let her sleep. I knocked on David's door to see if he was OK, and screamed at me and called me a bitch, so I just left their house.

It was something Julie and me never talked about, and I'm not so sure she even remembered it really. But David did. I mean he hated her guts from then on. Really, though, I think he had it coming to him.

Heres a stall-less door story for y'all. I was on a road trip driving with a buddy of mine thru the northern states, Mich. Wisc. Minn and Ndak. On the way thru NDak we stopped off at a big new Target store to load up on junk food and other things. We were in an army town and I remembered that latrines are stall-less usually, so the guys are used to dumping beside each other. I figured they would carry this thru to the public toilets as well. So I tell my buddy to go ahead and get some stuff and that i need to take a dump, so i go and find the men's room. i walked in and there were 3 stalls, the 2 on the ends had doors and the one in the middle didn't. The end stall was taken so i decided to take the other doored stall and see if anybody came in. Not 2 seconds after I let out my first big fart a man and his son walk in and scope the place out. The father says, "Well use the empty one" and I guess the kid (he sounded to be in his teens) was not going to be seen by anybody taking a dump. So the father says, "fine I'll dump my load first and you can wait for one of the other ones to free up" well i guess the kid was having none of this cause he told his father he would wait until he got home. his dad let down his pants and sat on the pot exhaling loudly as he cracked his first fart. The kid obviously didn't want to watch his dad turn red in the face and push out a huge crap without any shame whatsoever, so he went to the door and started to leave. Well if the kid wasn't humiliated enough by his father's loud farting and grunting, right out there in the open his dad says, "Just don't shit your pants like you did last weekend" The guy in the end stall let out a load of loose stuff and the guy in the middle says, "Nice one" so now I clue in that this shameless shitter is a real talker. I push and grunt and feel my log start to come out letting it drop with a huge splash into the bowl. The guy in the doorless stall is just sitting there. I finish up and leave my stall looking into the mirror to see the guy sitting there, pants around his ankles, his legs spread wide open, his huge gut stickin' out and his face red and grmaced, trying to clean his gut out. He caught my eye and in between grunts says.."Just like the army" and lets another log drop into the water. I wash my hands slowly taking it all in and he rips a load of paper off of the roll and stands up. Unashamed of his ass cleaning needs he staretd talkingagain, commenting to me about the heat wave outside etc...poor crop yields, all the while he is standing with his ass pushed out behind him as he worked a wad of paper into his crack. He then-mid comment to me- looked at the browned paper and made the Pweuuuu sound, grabbing more paper and working it into his ass again. I grabbed a handtowel as he worked his third wad in between his legs from the front, lifting his dick and balls with his other hand to get a good go at his hole from the front. Again he checked the paper as I started to leave and wished me "a good one".

I thought about that today as i was wiping my arse. It has been itchy lately so I wanted to make a good job of it so I tried his technique -it really works.

Time to dump some fuel.


Trekkie, Thank you very much for remembering me. I follow this board religiously but rarely post.
Sam C, your story reminds me of when I was in my mid-teens (post-puberty) in a car trip with my parents (no siblings). My bladder filled up and no one else was calling for a stop so I spoke up and my Father stopped the car in the middle of nowhere - no trees, just open fields. I walked out a ways but when I tried to pee I gotten "a bit too firm" to get anything out. I had to return to the car and pretend that I had relieved my need but I was as full as before and hurting terribly. Somehow I lasted another half-hour or hour and was able to ask for another try and succeeded. What a tremendous relief.

Franco, great stories. I'd like to hear about your cousin pooing his pants.
Charlie, great story about buddy dumping and the sounds produced. I'm always interested in how other guys go to the bathroom, since everyone does it differently.
em dubya, you always have great stories. Was it hard to push your turds up as you lyied face down in the tub?
Justine your ictches are caused by the residue you leave on your cheeks when you don;t wipe enough.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi there !
Any of the old friends still around? We were so busy over the summer, cause we bought a house and have been renovating every spare minute. But now it's too cold and we all need a rest (to recover our sore backs and other body parts) so I was wondering what's going on over here. Were is everyone? I miss you all: Rizzo, Annie, Robbie and the girls, Steve and Louise, PV and Ephermal...Are you all ok?Would be great to hear from anybody again!!!
I guess, I try and start. So here is one my favourite adventures from the summer:

We were invited to a big Party of some friends, which took place in a barn in the countryside, about two hours drive from our home. We went without our kids. Everybody just brought sleeping bags and slept upstairs in the hay, so it was like an adult holiday camp. The hosts had hired a portable loo, but after it had been used for a while, it was not so tasty anymore- plus the light failed to function...End of story: All the guy just stood at the nearby corn field or bushes and whized into it and the ladies disappeared in little groups into the darkness. The food was fantastic and I admit I had more than one beer, so around midnight I needed to do something even a guy or a woman who knows the tricks needs to fully pull his or her pants down for. I lingered around for a while watching my friend and my wife throwing each other around on the ‚dance floor'. When they took a break, Sarah disappeared into the dark and Peter came over to me. He jokingly said to me that the dancing really started to move his bowels. I replied that I had been thinking about a good place for a shit for a while as well. We grinned at each other and agreed to do it like the women- Go potty together. We discreetly let some napkins disappear into the pockets of our jeans and wandered into the darkness as well. We headed towards the corn field and entered it a few meters away from the invisible urinal wall were two guys had a drunken philosophical talk while sending their streams into nature (not unlike us before and after). We walked for a while and Peter once nearly fell over, which made us laugh. This resulted in a scream from about five metres away and somebody shoputing at us not to come closer. We seemed to unknowingly have entered the ladies...LOL. We stumbled in another direction and finally decided that this must be our spot. So we pulled our pants down and after a little childish drunken comparisment, who coul piss a better arch, we quickly squatted. It was completely dark and for a moment we just could hear each other breathing heavily. My turd had started to slide out rather silently and I just remarked how great this moment of calm friendship was( as I said, I had a few glasses...). when Peter let out a booming fart and started to laugh. What followed was a great concerto between grunts, farts and laughter, which nearly made him choke. We both tried to laugh and shit at the same time and had just about been able to calm down again. In full- silent again- concentration, we squeezed out what was still there ...I just tried to concentrate on my finishing tinkle ( I never feel finished after a dump, before I haven't dribbled out the last drops) when suddenly somebody stood behind us: „ARE YOU POOPING INTO MY CORN FIELD?!" AAAH! Did we jump! !!We both just managed not to fall into our shit but stumbled forward into the direction where he had just watered the plants. Pants down we were fleeing- while I recognized a familiar laughter. Sarah! My beloved wife was having the time of her life, laughing like mad toghether with Peter's Partner. First we screamed at them like mad, but then we also had to laugh. They seemed to have heard our rather noisy „secret" buddy dump and could'nt resist the joke. Afterwards I found it quite funny, but I successfully played sulking for a while- so the next day I was allowed to watch my pretty wife, who had to use the woods for a similar task- But that's another story...Hope to reach one or two- miss you and hi to all the new posters as well!
Tim (and Sarah)

Fat Woman I enjoyed your post. I'd like the chance to discuss that, and size related issues as well, if you want to.


It's one thing to read about it here, butit's quite an experience when it happens to you. I often dream about being with a girl when she's about to have an accident, whether real or staged, but especially if it's a gal who enjoys doing it, perhaps for attention, or who knows why. Last Friday, I was in line at the bank and this attractive girl behind me kep telling her friend who was behind her that she had to go to the toilet. Her friend said, "Well just do it in your pants Terry.. you seem to enjoy that sort of thing anyway." Terry said that she would if she weren't in the bank where everybody could see her and she didn't want to make a big scene here if front of everybody. After about 5 minutes, her friend said, "Damn, you did it anyway!" Terry responded, "No. Just farted, but I can't hold it much longer and I gotta pee too." "So do I, but I'm not about to do a public either!"

It seemed to me that these two had been friends for a while and knew each other's habits pretty well. As soon as I finished, I walked out and waited outside the front door for them. When they came out, I said, "excuse me, but I couldn't help but overhear you in there. Did you do it or not?" They both looked a little embarrassed, and kept on walking then started laughing. Terry looked at me and said, "OK smarty pants, what are you going to do about this...." She stopped in her tracks and started pissing. Soaked her jeans all the way fron her crotch to her ankles and filled her tennis shoes. The she turned her rear towards me (boy weas it wet!) and started pooping her pants. They were tight so it didn't make much of a bulge, but I could see it pushing its way down into her crotch. Her friend said, "Well I might as well join the party." She peed until it met Terry's puddle on the ground and ran toward the gutter. Another person came out and looked at them real funny but didn't say anything. Then Terry said, "Happy now?" I said, "No way! We have a rule where I came from that says if you mess your pants in front of someone, you have to let them clean you up and bathe you." She said, "I never heard of that one, but if you insist...."
I became good friends with both girls, who by the way, were Lesbians and although we had a lot fo fun together, we never had sex. I still see them ocassionally. Mabye one day I can get them to try something more than each other....

Super Pooper
Welp I just had a weird experience with a bowel movement that I had to share. I was recently hospitalized for five days for some internal infections. The nurse I had was a very nice lady and she took ver good care of me. When I was there on the third day she gave me some medicine, but I guess she forgot to tell me it would have some strange effects on my poop. I went to the toilet and let a couple logs about 4 inches each and when I had gotten up to look they were WHITE! Not light brown or tan... they were light cream colored. Now I've had some weird colored doo, mostly green and red(to many twizzlers) But never before have they been white. I asked the nurse about it and she said taht was natural with the type of medication she gave me. I can't remember the name but that was one incredible experience.

Hey. Cool site.

I guess my most embarrassing toilet related experience was when I was ten years old at summer camp. The latrines were so gross and nasty that I would usually go into the woods to shit. One day, I found what seemed like a pretty private area. I pulled my jeans and underwear to my knees and squatted. I pushed out one log and was in the middle of another when I heard footsteps come up behind me and a group of boys and girls appeared from around the bushes. There were eight or nine of them, plus two counselers, and all of them not only saw my bare ass, but a piece of shit poking out of it. They all started laughing. I jumped up and pulled up my pants with a piece of shit halfway out my asshole. It got squashed between my butt cheeks. I quickly waddled my way back to camp and finished my business in the latrine. I was wiping my ass for about fifteen minutes and had to change my underpants. From then on, I always pooped in the latrine no matter how gross. That was a really bad day. Luckily, those kids were from another site, so I only saw them briefly here and there for the rest of the week, but they laughed and whispered everytime I was around. Funny story, huh? See ya!

We just returned from a trip to New England; enjoyed it very much, but no really interesting poop incidents. Standing at a urinal (in a bookstore) where I could look at the reflection behind the partition to a toilet, I did get a momentary dim (but definite) view of a young man pushing out a long ropy succession of soft turds. My own movements on the journey were large, long and healthy. The first one was at the motel. I sat, spread my legs wide apart, and looked down into the toilet as I let my movement commence. It felt large and very good, and it passed slowly down, entering the toilet water while still emerging from my anus. It continued some more, then broke off and fell with a soft splash, followed immediately another splash made by the remainder of what had obviously been at least a foot-long turd. It was medium brown, maybe 1.25" thick, solid.
Right now I need to poop. I spread a little Noxzema on my finger, which I insert into my rectum. At first I feel nothing, but then I relax; I feel the solid shape of a turd come down to touch my finger. I am now getting up to walk to the toilet. . . I am back. I decided to assume a stance between standing and squatting. Holding a mirror behind me, I pushed, farted, and slowly sent my poop on its way. It was originally about a 10"-12" turd, but it broke off in four roughly equal lengths, medium brown, an inch thick, which splashed loudly as they entered the water, one of them even slightly wetting my bottom (which, of course, was well above the bowl).
One irritating thing I noticed on the trip was that airport toilets now seem to be the automatic-flush type which don't even let me finish my poop before flushing it away; in one case it flushed three times as I was sitting still. Isn't this a frightful waste of water?

the big "D"
First off thanks for your experiences,

My desparate time was while working as a dump truck driver. I need to
shit bad I felt a huge knot forming in my stomach. tring to hold on, and being to far away from the head arrived to the cat walk where you put your tarp on whenyou haul asphalt I could save myself anymore it shot out so fast and hard. I immediately look around wondering some body would see me. I grabbed some paper towels and a square pointed shovel. I crawled beneath the cat walk and dropped may pants. I had quiet a mess I dugged a small hole and finished poopin I was pretty much done so I took out my knife and had to cut my undies off. I threw everytheing into the hole covered it right there.. that's my story and stuck to me . lol

Hello Posters and Readers.

The Other Night I was at a party, it was late at night and i needed to take a huge dump,i was desperate and i had been farting all night.
I got up and went to the bathroom, my asshole was opening more and more with every step i took.When I got there, there was someone puking in the toilet.I stood there thinking what i was gunna do, i was about to shit my pants, so I went outside. I found some bushes and went behind them, squatted down and started pissing (I had a skirt with no panties on)I let out a booming fart and a turd started crackling out of my asshole, it was a good fat one, that i got alot of pleasure from, it dropped to the ground and i felt some relief, but i knew there was more to come.
I finished peeing, then farted some more.I was ready to let my hole relax, when i heard some rustling around and one of my friends started calling my name.It was my friend Jen.She said "Where are ya Mel?" I was reluctant to answer but eventually said "Over here." She found me and asked what i was doing, i told her i was taking a dump.She said she had to go aswell and the toilet was taken and asked if i minded if she joined me, i said go ahead and got a bit excited at seeing one of my hot friends drop a load.
She squatted right next to me, farted and started grunting, she said "Ooo, it's a big one" as her hole was crackling open, for a moment i got so distracted at the size of the turd coming out of her butthole, i forgot i had to dump.I had to do some grunting of my own to get this last log out.I starined and it started coming out, it was really wide and it hurt, it dropped out, i frted and was done.
I looked over at Jen and she was pushing out another fatty, that broke in half and fell, then the rest came out.She was done.
We stood up and looked at each other's piles.My pile consisted of a 9" log and a 11" one on top, both about 2" thick. Jens pile had a 12" log underneath another 12"er they were both about 3" thick.
Jen cocked her leg and farted and said "I feel much better now!" i said "Me too."

The End.

I thought i might do a little survey on you guys.

1.How often do you poop?

2.How many times a day do u fart?

3.Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? If, No would you like to be seen or see someone?

4.Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why?

5.Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet?

That's All

Love Mel.D

To Coolboy - I personally say "I gotta poop or I gotta take a crap." I don't know why, it comes natural I guess. A few of my friends say "I've gotta take a dump" and that sounds good too. For guys, it would be cool if they said "I gotta take a crap".

To Rick - Great story about your friend peeing on the shore. I've been to beaches before where there were no restrooms, and all i did was I peed in the ocean. I was with a bunch of my friends too so that calmed me down a little and made me more comfortable. Do you have any other peeing or pooping stories about your friend Maria? If you do, i'm sure everyone here wouldn't mind if you told them lol.....i love signing onto this site and seeing alot of new stories!! thanx

To Alyssa - Niiiice story, do you have any other experiences that would interest this site?? Thanx.

I don't really have any interesting stories today, sorry!!! Byeeee

Tonight I was watching a great hockey game on TV. I had to poop and did not want to miss the action so I lifted my butt about 2 inches of the seat of my chair pressed and pooped my pants. Unfortunately, my team only tied. Do other men do this at all??

When I was growing up my best friend constantly had a problem distinguishing a fart from a shit and more often then not usually ended up shitting his pants. No matter where he was, at Christmas Eve dinner, infront of the family friends, walking home from school. He'd usually joke about his stinky farts and let a few rip, then he'd go to far and stop suddenly as a wet fart signalled the filling of his briefs. This only amused me for a tiem and then it just became a hassle cause you'd have to stop whatever you were doing and wait until he cleaned up. I myself shit in my pants when I was a kid and it wasn't pleasant at the time (I think I told the story) but when I got older I found that I enjoyed dumping a load in my pants, especially if it was followed by a huge wave of relief. What I've also come to appreciate is watching strangers do it. There is a movie from the '80s called Pope of Greenwhich Village where the traffic cop has his drink spiked with horse laxative and ends up shitting in his pants on the street - its a great scene. Of course there is nothing like the real thing. About 5 years ago I was wandering thru the downtown of a large Canadian city and found I needed to dump some baggage so I headed for the nearest shitter. When I stepped thru the door I found 3 stalls, 1 out of order with the door taped closed, 1 already in use and one free one right on the end. It was lunchtime and the place was busy with guys coming in to piss, but no one seemed in any hurry to use the pot. I pushed out my shit with my usually grunting, the guy in the other stall was silent. A few minutes passed and a guy came in and tried all three stall doors, then sighed and leaned against the wall right outside of my stall. He was an older guy in a suit, probably 60 or so. At first he looked quite relaxed to wait it out but after a few minutes he was growing impatient. I watched him thru the crack in the door. He checked his face, and then moved away from the wall and out of my view. He sighed loudly to alert us of his presence, but neither myself or the other guy made any attempt to move out of our stalls. I wanted to see how long this guy could wait. He appeared and leaned against the wall again and this time I could see his face kind of screw up as his hand moved across his belly. I think I heard him fart just once and then he was silent. A few minutes later he grimaced again and rustled the newspaper in his hands, finally saying, "Come on fellas lets get a move on". This just pissed me off...who the hell did he think he was telling me to shit faster. He grimaced again and pushed himself away from the wall. "You guys gonna be all day, I've gotta do the big one." He farted again, just a hiss out of his back side and I could tell by the sound of it that there was probably a fairly ugly head of shit trying to poke out of his hole. "C'mon guys I'm in need of a toilet out here" he actually knocked on the door and now he was obviously panicking. He was grunting and breathing a bit heavier now outside of my door and I farted just to let him know my own load wasn't dropped yet. His feet paced back and forth near my door and he farted a cannon shot this time, then stood still..."Damn it" he uttered in a curse, then I heard the rest of his wet load crackle into his pants. He must've been wearing boxers just a heard a plop and saw a small pile of wet shit smeared on the side of his shoe. "Ahhhh...damn it" he grunted. I decided the poor guy had had enough. I wiped up and flushed and opened the door to find the guy standing, with his head down his face red with embarrassment, the ass end of his grey suit trousers filled and bulgin with his dump. At that time another few guys came into piss and watched as he walked with very stiff legs into the vacant stall to try and fix his would you clean up a mess like that. He tracked shit with him into the stall as his shoes were now covered. I washed up and watched his pants fall to his feet as he tried to clean up. I left with the other guys and listened to their comments "That man shit in his pants did you see that?"

I know I won't forget it...still feel kinda sorry for him though, often wondered how he made out for the rest of the day.

Hoseboy Loadsman
I've discovered the way to shit big.

Day 1
1. Have a full enema. 2 quarts ?
2. Expel it from deep within completely.
3. Shower
4. Eat a very large meal with no vegetables- like 2 cheeseburgers.
5. Continue eating as much as possible while avoiding fiber and fruits also.

You now have something to block the flow.
Day 2 (3,4)
1. Eat small meals. Like sandwiches. Avoid fiber. Fill up on popcorn. Avoid fruits and vegetables. Avoid strenuous exercise.
After you've had enough waiting.
1. Eat another very large meal. As much as you can.
2. Wait for 30-60 minutes.
3. Try squatting with your knees pressed into your stomach.
Wait for not only a slight stomachache but eventually the urge to shit as the waste makes its way to your outer muscle rings.
Wait a few minutes after that.
The loaf you let loose may excite you enough to...
Take a picture.

I was at the swap meet yesterday and took a dump in the stall that has a shower curtain instead of a door. The doored stalls were all taken, probably because the curtain was badly torn and didn't reaaly cover the door opening. I fixed the curtain as best I could, pulled down my shorts and briefs, and sat down. I dropped alot of crap in that sitting. As I was dumping, someone pulls aside the curtain, sees me, and then backs out after apologizing. He doesn't fix the curtain again, though. So I am now sitting on the toilet with a shower curtain barely hanging up, basically exposed to everyone that walks by. It was the large handicapped stall and the way the toilets are positioned, most people have to walk right past my stall to use the other stalls or urinals. The restroom was very crowded and about 5 times there were guys standing directly in front of me, waiting to use the other stalls. I felt quite exposed, but I didn't really mind. I had my shirt pulled up and my clothes were all the way to the floor, so I did feel a bit naked. It was pretty cool though


Amy thanks for you nice comments. Actually my daughter has not been pooping her pants as often lately and the reason why is because she has a new boyfriend. He knows what she does but she doesn't soil her pants around him. She hasn't stopped completely, this past weekend her boyfriend was away for the weekend so Friday night she stayed home and we watched a movie. She pooped her pants right after dinner and sat in it while we watched the movie. It was obvious that she still enjoys it very much.

As for me, I wet my pants once since I first pooped and peed my pants as an experiment. I was doing my morning chores and needed to pee so I decided to do a little at a time in my pants. I would let out little squirts and within an hour I was soaked down to my knees. I then went and stood in the bathtub and completely soaked my jeans. I have to say it was a very enjoyable experience and I will do it again. Some day I may get the courage to do it in public.

Well, the first time I found this site (probably a couple of years ago, and raised the question, I was told that it would be a little inappropriate for me to post. But it seems things have changed just a little. I can relate now to some of you here, and I particularly like the Mom (referenced below) that does not get upset when her daughter poops her panties (wish my mom had been like that). Wish there was a way to chat with her directly.

I have accidents in my panties. Mine is not a matter of control, more a matter of missed-judgement: I never take the proper time to get to a bathroom.

Yes, I am a grown woman, and yes I might be able to do things better (maybe). Suffice it to say that I just take a little too long to get to the potty.

Yes, I was potty trained when I was little. I guess I outgrew it. There are several stories here that I can relate too. I'll be watching for more.

desperate to poop
did any one see distraction 2 weeks ago.a game show on CH4.

Anyway one of the rounds the 4 contestants 2 women 2 men had to sit on individual toilets with only little half doors protecting them. They had each been give 7 litres of water before the show and told not to pee. They had trickle a bit before being able to answer a question. Quite bizzare. I also one ages ago on the priory they got this girl to drink loads and then said if she could resist peeing all show she would win a trip to Niagra. She was sat right next to an inviting Portaloo. They got her to trampoline half way through and she was in agony. Near the end they showed her niagra falls which must have been murder. Finally she made it and they let her use the portaloo. She rushed in and apparently they said she's using it. not surprised

I had a big dump at work yesterday. I was dying to go but was on the phone dealing with a problem for a while. When I finally got in two of the three stalls were taken. The last one had a big log in it and diarroeh splatter on the sides. I couldn't wait though and quickly bolted the door, pulled my trousers down, whisked my knickers down to my ankles and unloaded with a big serving of ice cream poop. This went on for a while. The girl next to me was also pooping and I heard a small groan and a splatter. The other lady had left. I heard some click clacking of footsteps and that cucible was re-taken. She seemed in a hurry too. Her footsteps had been swift. She sat down just in time to unleash what sounded like a big long log.

I was still going but after soft serve was easing out a nice ten incher. The other girl next we was now wiping but she certainly had left a smell. I was almost finished as well. I dropped another 4 incher and then began to wipe. I didn't attempt to flush, just re-dressed and exited. I had been in about 15 minutes

The girl was still at the sink, we exachanged smiles and said how much better we felt. The other girl was still pooping and as we were at the sink, my Boss walked in and took my stall. I wondered if she would remain in there or take the middle stall. She decided for the latter and moved into the middle stall. I waited for a minute and heard her skirt being hitched up and her knickers coming down. She then did a big gusher.

At that point I left. The other girl was still pooping. She sounded a bit constipated.

I went back to work and my boss came in ten mins later so I guessed she had to poop as well.

Happy pooping all.Sheila/Audrey Hope you can post again soon

And Butt and Or
To Camp Counselor: What you say is true. Even cartoons made for an older demographic have never shown minors using the toilet

To Eric In Chicago: In addition to the chili, I drank watermelon Gatorade.

To Bryian: Do you have any weird friends like Tracey?

I'll tell you guys a little more of Tracey's crazy antics. I saw him take a shit again yesterday. We were at my house. He held his finger at me and said, "Pull my finger." Now, I knew what he was going to do, but there was something I wanted to do, that I couldn't resist doing. So after he asked me to pull his finger, I grabbed his finger, and bent it really hard. He screamed out in pain and then let out a really long stinky fart. I let go and he started holding his finger (which was kind of red now), he then looked up at me angrily. He then smiled and said, "Thanks, I needed that." I then said, "I'm sure you did, but it's bad for everyone else." We started listening to music then he immediately turned the music down and said, "Shhh! You hear that?" I said, "What?" Then he farted again. I said, "TRACEY! THAT REALLY STINKS!" He put his hand to my mouth and said, "Quiet! Listen." He farted four more times and said, "My stomach hurts. I gotta cut down on the pizza. (He ate a whole one in five minutes.)" Then he struggled to fart again and said, "Aw man! I gotta take a shit now!" I jokingly complained, "Aw come on! This house already stinks enough." He headed off to the bathroom holding his stomach. We left the door open, since my parents were going to be out for a long time. I did another complaint joke by saying, "Come on! You took a shit THE LAST time you pulled down your pants and sat on the toilet!" He said, "No I only did...something else." I sat by the wall across from him. He pulled down his pants just below his asscheeks squatted in my face, grunted, and made a long fart. I said, "Tracey, the toilet is that way. You know, the thing you're actually looking at while your ass is in my face. He then said, "Oh yeah, silly me." and then started farting in my face again. I said, "Eww, that's the grossest thing you could ever do! He then said, "No it's not. I would do the most disgusting thing I could ever do, but you'd get mad." He then turned his butt to the toilet and asked, "Should I pull my shorts down to my knees, or my ankles?" This question was kinda weird but I said, ankles. He then asked, "Should I sit or squat?" I said sit. He then asked, "Should I have my legs open or closed?" This really didn't matter to me, but I didn't really care to see his penis (even though I've seen it before) and said closed. He then said, "Should I lean forward or back?" I said, forward." He then leaned forward, and I asked, "Why are you asking me this?" Tracey said, "I don't know. I was thinking what it would be like if I was a toilet model or something. He then grunted, "UNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" You should've seen him. It was really funny watching him curled up with a strained look on his face, but I knew he was probably enjoying it. He then grunted some more and went, "UNNNNGGGGHHHHH!" Then he farted once and a small splash was heard." He then opened his legs and looked in and said, "That's it? I wanna drop a big load." I said, "You do that all the time. For a little guy you take pretty big dumps." He said in mock sadness, "Yeah, If I can't shit a lot, then I'm just another little guy who dresses weird, walks around naked in front of people, and sits on the toilet and takes "regular" dumps." He then strained again and then began making a lot of noisy farts that smelled really bad. I asked, "Are ya done yet?" He said, "No. That was just gas. Here comes some more." He began pushing some more and made like four big splashes. He said, "Oh man, I gotta let the big one out." I said, "I thought you just did!" He then started grunting a lot and we both heard a high pitched fart. He then grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes and said, "IT'S COMING! THERE'S NOTHING THAT CAN STOP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" He then started grunting some more and after a few seconds he said, "You gotta see this." He got off the toilet and showed me his butt. The poo was very wide, stretching his little anus and was already poking out two inches." I got on my knees and acted as though I was examining it and he pushed it out a little further. I said, "Quit playing around!" He sat back on the toilet and began straining some more. After a while it finally came out. He said, "Ahhhh, that felt awesome coming out of my ass." He then said, "Aw man, I thought I was finished, but I guess I'm not." He then let out a lot of mushy poop that smelled really sour. Tracey then said, "Now I'm done. Can you wipe my ass for me? I'm really tired from all that." He wiped my ass a few timeI got some toilet paper and went to wipe his ass, but then all of a sudden his ass ejected more of that sour smelling soft poop, and I pulled my hand back in the nick of time. Tracey then went, "Damn it! I missed!" He finished shitting his rancid mush, and then I wiped his ass for him without incident. He got up, pulled up his briefs and shorts, and we both looked in the toilet, which was filled with the logs and soft poop he dropped out, which was a little over the water. Tracey looked up at me and said, "You wish you could do that don't ya?" I said, "No." He looked at his load and said, "If we were in a public bathroom, I'd leave this here. And if we were at my house, I'd leave this here. But this is your house, and I have to respect your house, so I'll flush it. Wait!" Tracey then went to my room and got his camera, which was a self developing one. He then said, "Let's take some pictures." Tracey gave me the camera and I took a picture of his shit. He then made a mock stomach ache face and said, "Take my picture." I took a picture, then he pulled down his pants and sat back on the toilet, and made a mock constipated face, which I took a picture of, then a mock relieved face, then a goofy smile and put his thumbs up, and I took a picture of that. We put the photos on a posterboard with the stomachache picture first, then the relieved face picture, then the thumbs up picture, then the picture of his load and titled it "A Boy and His Load." Then Tracey took a picture of his bare ass, put it on the poster. Then he wrote under the picture of his crap "CREATED BY ME" and put the picture of his ass under the poop picture.

I swear I'm gonna keep on this....I'm dismayed at all the talk about incomplete BMs, itchy anuses. GET A FREAKIN BIDET. Mine is a Kohler....they make water fountains too....the thing will, at a comfortable temperature, blast every particle of feces from the anal area down the drain. You can even let a little water seep up yourself and then expel it, ensuring that all fecal matter is long gone. Only one wipe then, to blot off excess water. A roll of toilet paper in my house lasts for months. And hell, it feels good! No accidental poop on the fingers! GET A BIDET!

AJ :o)
Here's something funny I thought of a day or so ago.

At one time, my place (which I now live in 100%) was arranged like a double.

My retired aunt and uncle spent part of each year here after they retired.

Before then, it wasn't so much like a double in the sense of having its own kitchen, etc. but was still like a place where guests could have their own bedroom, bath, and living room.

From time to time, a couple of friends would come and stay in order to both visit my folks and me and to have a break from their cramped apartment in a blighted part of Indianapolis.

Since they're like family, they had their own key for those times when nobody was home but they needed a change of scenery.

Now, the husband (a very hearty eater) often didn't have a BM for three days--but made up for lost time when he finally did!!!

My folks and I had gone on a trip, so nobody was home either at my place or theirs.

We had told our friends to go ahead and come up for a stay, even though we wouldn't be there.

About a week later, we came back.

The guest toilet was stopped up and filled to the top with poop.

The toilet on my side was in similar condition.

Obviously, the husband had disabled the guest toilet with a monster crap.

They were able to use my toilet (as the wife was just your normal pooper) for a few days. Then, it was time for the husband to drop another big load.

Now, he didn't stop up the toilet everytime he took a crap, so I don't think he was expecting history to repeat itself.

However, my water pressure isn't the strongest, so neither toilet could handle him.

My late Uncle Don could also really stop up a toilet. However, he'd never stopped up either of mine, so my friend must have really filled my toilets up!!!

He'd told me that he'd been known to pass 'em three feet long (continuous piece), and I can believe it!!!

One time, he and his wife were up at my folks' place, and he called the two of us into the bathroom saying that he had something to show us.

He pointed at what he'd just done as if he had created a fine work of art, and his wife looked at me, rolled her eyes, and shook her head!

Anyway, the water rose up a little when he flushed it, but it all went down without any problems!

Happy Pooping!!!
AJ :o)

this one is from back in october 2003

tonight at artwell, an art gallery and performing place in torrington CT where I was reading some of my adult poetry [ somewhat offensive] after it was over I figured I should go to the restroom one more time . in back they have a single bathroom which is both M/F and it has a sink and an older round front toilet where the water fills the entire bowl [ yeah, the " american standard" all right] and as usual , i wanted to satisfy my curiousity as to how a girl pees while sitting, like most do. I allready went twice and during intermission, this one woman about 40 something must've took like 3 mins and 30 secs to finish peeing , but I did not hear her tinkle. anyway, right before leaving, I walked in, locked the door of course, and since the seat was allready down, unzipped and dropped my jeans and undies and sat to pee; simulating how a woman would pee from her vulva/vagina [ straight down?] my first pee of the night was about 45 secs long, light yellow without any foam and the second was for 1 min and 30 secs and light yellow with some foam toward the left side of toilet's water.
but this last one , which was after an hour and 45 mins later, and another 20 oz diet vanilla coke and small coffee; was the real deal. anyway, so i walked in , locked the door, pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat to pee like a girl , aiming downward as usual . I peed in a slow to moderate easy stream and I could hear that distinct " tinkle" sound of women's urination into the middle of the toilet bowl's water for about almost a minute . then it stopped for about 3 secs , and soon I continued to pee some more , which came out in this slow dribbling " tinkle" for about 10 more secs, then two last sprinkles and I was finished. after the first 40 secs I could hear the " tinkle sound get softer as the pee foam obviously began to form ; especially during the last tinkle . I wiped as usual [ like a girl would] and got up to pull up my underwear and jeans,and as I did I looked to see what it looked like. the toilet's water had turned that distinct deep yellow color of pee and about 85% of the water's surface was covered with white foamy bubbles; some as large as 1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter . the foam had stayed for over a minute until I flushed and watched as the toilet paper and bubbly deep yellow pee swirled down and the bowl refilled with clear fresh water. I wish that I could meet another girl who would allow me to watch her piss as I think it's quite kewl .

Monday, November 17, 2003

Not much happened today, just a little distress during our school's Veterans Day program... I had to pee before it ever even started and it lasted about an hour and a half, towards the end of it I was afraid that my poor bladder would collapse or something, but I made it. And then again just a little while ago, I just gotten home and I needed a tinkle when the phone rang. It was my long-winded grandmother and it took forever, I was bouncing up and down with my legs crossed, practically doing a pee-pee dance before she hung up. I was tempted to take a leaf out of Lizz's book and grab a cup out of the kitchen cabinet and go in it. Anyway....

Lizz: I know what you mean about having bladder control problems!! (having a 'small bladder')

Gin: Yeah, I've been caught short like that a few times, not while doing dishes, though. (today definitely counts.. when I was on the phone...whew!)

Justine: That happens to me too, but usually when I get nervous and start sweating or something like that.

Does anyone of you like to pee or to poop at public / unusual places?

Please post some stories!

Hey Everyone im Jane im 14 years old, a freshman in high school, im about 5'4 155 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. today my mom came to my school for a parent- teacher conference after school. While I was sitting in the conference room i felt that i needed to take a huge dump i kept waiting and waiting and finally we were all finished. As my mom and I went out into the hall I told her I had to go to the bathroom, she asked if i had to poop, i said yeah, really bad and she said she actually had to poop pretty bad too. My mom is a rather plum lady and she tends to take pretty big dumps, as do I. So we went to the girls bathroom and took adjoining stalls, I pulled down my skirt, pantyhose, and panties, sat down and immediatly let out a long, loud fart and then began to push out a monster, which plopped into the bowl followed by four more huge turds about the same size, then a couple more smaller pieces, the a whole bunch of little pebbles. I could then hear my mother sit down and she let out several farts, which i immdeiatly began to smell, then i could hear the poop crackling out of her butt, she let out a very big load also, must have been about 6 loud plops into the toilet, i let out some more gas, which on top of the poop smelled awful. I grabed a wad of toilet paper, wipped, then went to wash my hands. As i did my mom was still in her stall farting, then came another load of poop, about 3 more loud plops, followed my more farts, I asked if she was ok she said yeah, she just ate alot. Between the two of us farting and pooping, the bathroom smelled pretty bad when we finally left. well se ya'll later

I came across something incredibly funny yesterday. There's a small park with a lot of woods near my school and I decided to go there between classes. There's only one restroom and I discovered when I went there to pee that it was locked for the season. Apparently a lot of people come here and have to take a dump because when I went in the trees behind the building, there were about 6-7 piles of poop in one area. The funny part is that it's amazing what people will do to not feel "dirty". There was a sweatshirt and quite a few socks that had been used and were just left there with butt stains on them. It was just funny.

Hey, this is my first accident and first post. Here goes. I went to this party, and I was drinking some beer. I was wearing a white shirt and some cute short shorts that were black that I got from american eagle. I thought they showed off my tan legs quite well. Well, after about a couple hours at being at the party, I started getting some major stomach cramps. It must've been the chili I ate that afternoon at my friend Kara's. Well I started walking towards the bathroom, and another wave hit me. I was stunned. I knew if I didn't get there soon I would completely shit myself. I was scared. I looked for the bathroom, finally found it through walls and walls of people. I walked in, Kara was having diarrhea and two others were puking in the bathtub. One girl was asleep in the bathtub and drunk girls didn't even see she was in it and they were still puking in it! Kara was crying, she goes "I feel horrible." I said "hurry up and get off, I'm gonna shit." she goes "i've been shitting like this for the past half-hour and i'm not done!" suddenly all hell broke loose, and people were screaming, cops! someone came in and yelled in Kara's face "get out of here, the cops are here!" Kara, in the middle of spraying out diarrhea, stopped, pulled her thong up and went outside with me. "I gotta shit kara!" I told her, and she said "this way!" We ran into a cop, who told us to come outside. We went outside, and everybody was sitting in the grass, drunk. The cop said "sit here." we did. My stomach was hurting horribly at this point. I said "officer, I have to-" then Kara goes "she has to go the bathroom you f??? head!" he goes "be quiet and sit there sweety and you won't go to jail tonight." all the way down the row, one cop was giving everyone breathalizers and writing them a ticket and sending them to a paddy wagon or whatever they are called. It would take an hour by the time they came to us! I said "excuse me, I have to go to the restroom." Then stupid Kara goes "you f???ing pigs, let her go." the policeman said "alright, thats enough out of you two." he came over, handcuffed us and took us back to his squad car. "we're doing you last and taking you in, I've had enough of your smartass mouth." We sat there and he shut the door. We were both immobile. I started crying. I said "it hurts so bad and I can't hold it!" Kara said "well if you let just a little of it go, it'll get better." I said "if i let a little, it all will come out." I tried to let just a little, but in a split second, watery, mushy shit flew into my black shorts covering my crotch. oh my god, it was so utterly disgusting. Kara said "damn", that reeks. I started crying and layed my head back, trying to relax while I continued filling my pants. I fell asleep, and me and Kara both woke up when the cops came back into the car. They go "damn, don't you girls have any manners?" cause of the smell. They stuck another girl in the car, who was half conscious and had been puking all over herself. she was covered in puke, and it made her hair stick together. Kara was on my left, I was in the middle, and the other girl was leaning on me, drooling. The cops drove with their windows down to the station, and the drunk girl ended up puking on my lap. They took us to the woman's holding cell, and we sat there. Everywhere I sat, shit oozed out of my soaked, filled shorts. I was wearing a thong too! I had shit so much that night, it was disgusting. The room was crowded as hell too, and I couldn't bring myself to use the toilet. It was disgusting! I shit a little bit more in my shorts, and around 5 in the morning, my parents came to get me. They took me home and they told me to sleep in the bathtub. I was sick enough so I did. I slept in the bathtub, shit a few more times until morning, threw my underwear and shorts away, cleaned the bathtub, took a shower and went to bed. it was the chili.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, y'all.

Learning to shower, pee and crap in a communal bathroom is a really big adjustment for many people who go to college for the first time. In fact, a girlfriend of mine went to a school where the bathrooms were all coed. People had to get used to showering and shitting with members of the opposiite sex in the stall next to you, or shaving or doing their hair just a few feet away! I wouldn't have had a problem with that, but I'm sure many people would.

I do remember once having to use the mens room in my dorm. I desperately had to take a dump, and I walked, butt cheeks clenched, to the girls room, which was out of order! I knew I'd never make it to another floor, so I just leaned into the men's room, said, "Hello, I'm a woman, and I'm about to crap my pants, can I come in?" A surprised voice said, "sure", and I went in and crapped. No big deal!

The first time I met my boyfriend was in college. He was hanging out with some friends of mine and they had been trying to set me up with him. I was in the bathroom taking a monster-sized dump when he showed up. My friends (all guys) had gotten used to me being "one of the boys", and I had a rep for announcing when I was going to dump a load, and often farted along with them. But I really wanted to make an impression on Colin. I did not know he was in the room, so I burst in and said, "I just took the biggest dump, and I feel ten pounds lighter!" Colin almost wet his pants laughing. My friend said, "Denise, this is Colin. Colin, this is Denise." I was so embarrassed, I just turned around and walked out. I went in the hall and laughed my ass off for a little while, then went back in and said, "Nice to meet you." Two weeks later, we were a couple.

How many people have a first date story like that?



Hey all!

Today I took a really big, satisfying, orgasmic dump.
I hadn't been for a poop in the last couple of days, evertime i felt an urge i ignored it and almost pooped in my panties last night.
So this morning, when i was home alone seemed like a great oppurtunity to unload my dump.
The toilet gets so boring, so i wanted somewhere else to release my poop.
Since I leave near a park i decided to go for a walk.I walked through the deserted park, no one was there and no one ever is there, so i felt pretty safe.
There is a creek that runs through the park which is surrounded by bushes and stuff.I went in the bushes and found a really nice place to go, it almost looked as if it was a place for people to go to the toilet.
I got naked and put my clothes aside.I lifted a leg a let out a ripper fart.I was pretty desperate for a piss at that stage and decided to pee standing up.I parted my legs a little, put my fingers on my pussy, spread the lips a bit and aimed(I've had a lot of practice in the shower, so it wasnt too hard)I pissed a nice,forceful arc for about 45 seconds.
I squatted down to do my pooping, as i squatted i let out some tight little farts and dribbled some more pee.I groaned as my asshole started to open up, the turd was a fat dry one, so it took so pushing and straining to get it moving.Eventually it got past my tight asshole and started easing its way out, i savored every moment this beautiful log of shit stretched my asshole open.It crackled its way out, touched the ground, broke off and made no sound when it hit the dirt.
I pushed and some dry farts came out.
Another turd started knocking on the exit door, so i let my hole re-open and a nice,fat,smooth,moist log started tickling my asshole, it felt sooooo good.I tried to hold it for a while, but my butthole couldnt stand the pressure and the poop came racing out, thudding onto the dry ground, my butthole felt great.
It was the best dump i ever had.There were no leaves to wipe with, so i left the best dump i ever did on the ground for someone to find.When i got home a wiped my butt, which wasn't too dirty.Then enjoyed the rest of my day.

The End.

Love Ash.D


I almost had one of the worst experiences on what was to be the happiest day of my life, all I can say, is I will always love my daddy, even in my worst situation my daddy saved the day. We (my father and I ) were on our way to the church for my wedding. I was a wreck my stomach and my nerves were shot, my mother was a wreck so she decided to meet up at the church, plus this gave me a chance to talk to daddy heart to heart. I was happy, I was sad, there were 1000 emotions running through me. To make matter worse there was an accident on the freeway and my stomach was curdling. I figured I can make it to the church and have my brides maids help me with my dress as I mad it to the bathroom to make a poo, but, I felt the need to go really bad RIGHT NOW. My daddy noticed a distressed look on my face and asked me what was wrong. I said "nothing, just worried we are going to be late for my own wedding." I was embarrassed to tell him what was really the problem. He looking at me an said, "Cindy, that is the same look you had when you were a little girl and really had to use the potty" I looked at him and said you can read me like a book. I broke down and told him I was so sacred that I really needed to poo, and I don't think I can make it to the church and we are stuck here in traffic with no place to stop. I started to cry knowing that any minute I was about to go in my dress which cost $7000.00. Then to my surprise daddy said everything will be all right and he will fix everything. First he told me to turn around and try to pick up my dress which was very difficult because it was so long, dad put up that partition to give my privacy and thank god the windows were tinted I bunched all the dress up in front of me facing the back window, I said to him am I just to poo on the floor? He took the bucket with the champagne and dumped up the ice in the wet bar and helped my lower my panties. All of my effort went into keeping that dress away from my bottom. Daddy pulled down my undies and placed the bucket under me and oooh was it cold. I was crying because I was so embarrassed with my bottom and privates all exposed in my wedding dress at that. Daddy gently patted my bottom and said to relax and relieve myself, he said Cindy isn't the first time I helped you in a distressing situation, and he reminded me the time we went bass fishing and nature called. I relaxed and my god my butt exploded in the bucket splattering everywhere I just hoped I didn't get him soiled. I sat in silence for about a minute when I felt him take the bucket away, I said NO, WAIT I am not done, I couldn't help it I had to pee, I tried to hold it back but I need go. I told daddy all done. I felt so vulnerable at this point, there I was holding my dress that's all I can do with my dirty bottom in the air and at this point we started moving. Daddy took his handkerchief wet it in the wet bar and proceeded to clean my bottom, he took some tissue padded my dry and helped me pull my underwear up and fix myself. He asked the driver to stop at a gas station where dad disposed of the bucket. I made it to the church on time and unsoiled. I gave daddy a big kiss as we walked down the isle I told him I loved him and he saved the day.

Hey everyone,

Its Friday and I'm worried. I'm keeping a busy schedule (still find time to write here tho) and as I was drying after the shower I realized I hadn't been to the pot in 2 days. I'm eating badly 'cause work is so hectic and I know come 3 o'clock this afternoon I'm going to be holding in a bomb and half. Can't wait to see what happens. Its gonna be a good one...I'll let you know. I just wish I could cut some farts to take the pressure off.


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