Until I started coming to this site regularly, I didn't really think that I had many interesting stories or had seen many interesting things. Now that I visit regularly, I'm always remembering new stories, or noticing new things about the bathroom world. But today's story is the closest that I have ever come to seeing someone my age wet themselves. I've seen a lot of children wet themselves, after all I do have younger siblings, but to see a girl my age almost lose control.... Here's what happened:
Just like the little boy who wet himself the other day, this happened on the bus. I was sitting near the front, as I usually do, but I could still hear this girl, Alicia (I go to school with her, but have no classes with her this year), complain loudly that she really had to pee. It wasn't the first time that she had said this, so I didn't really think much about it, until we hit a speedbump or a pothole or something and she yelled at our bus driver to stop hitting bumps because she was about to pee in her pants. That got my attention. She was sitting closer to the back of the bus than I was (about 5-6 seats back and on the opposite side of the bus), but I could see her squirming and she kept pressing one hand against her forehead. A bunch of the little boys in the back kept making fun of her and they would try to make her laugh so that she would wet herself. Someone tried to tickle her and she yelled really really loudly. The driver slowed down to tell them to behave and Alicia whimpered and begged him to hurry up and get her home. She repeated that she was about to wet her pants. The bus driver didn't make any obvious effort to speed up. Anytime the bus would stop to let someone off she would beg them to hurry up. Most kids would walk really slowly down the ailse, taking as long as possible. Poor Alicia was stomping her feet on the floor. Impatience and agony. I remember at one point I looked back, and she had her hand clamped over her mouth as if she was going to be sick, but then she moved it and pressed it against her forehead again. The whole thing was very amusing to me and I found myself hoping that she would wet herself. As we neared her house it seemed to get worse for her. She stood up and tried to make her way to the front of the bus while we were still a quarter-mile from her house. She would manage to take a few steps, then gasp and cross her legs together. She would lean over slightly and press her hand to her crotch while she moaned about needing to pee. Then she would regain control and take a few more steps. She stopped right next to me, crossed her legs tightly, looked at me and said "I'm sorry, but... Oh God.. I have to PEE!!" I tried not to grin like an idiot. Her younger brother and 2 cousins (both girls.. they live with her), stood up in the ailse in front of her. As the bus slowed down at her house, she told them all to hurry and get off of the bus so that she could unlock the door. She hobbled down the aisle, panting, almost. One of her cousins grinned and tried to tickle Alicia, but Alicia yelled and doubled over and pressed her legs tighter together. She kept moaning about needing to pee and tears were running down her cheeks. As she was about to get off, the driver stopped her. She leaned down and he whipsered something to her (something about the things she had said about needing to pee weren't appropriate on the bus, I think), but it was obvious that she only had a few seconds left and he cut his scoling short. I figured that she'd have to hobble off the bus and across her lawn, but she certainly didn't hobble. She ran. I have never seen her run so fast. I saw her scramble at the door when she had difficulty with the key, and then she disappeared inside.
I only wish that our bus driver had been a few minutes slower. I wonder if she made it all the way to the bathroom or not. I'll have to ask her tomorrow. But wow, I've never gotten to witness many episodes like this. Little kids just aren't the same as people my age. Is it weird to be turned on by another girl's urgency? Because I kind of think that I was.

Today I had bad diarea. I was shopping at Target and i went to try something on. As I was putting my clothes back on, I filled my jeans with shit. It was dribbling everywhere. I tried to walk out unnoticably and this woman started laughing, i tried to ignore it. Then she yelled out, hunny, you've pooped your panties. Everyone started to laugh. I was practically crying as I ran towards the bathroom with dribbling diarea falling everywhere on the ground as I ran. I quickly got into a stall and pull down my pants right then a rush of diarea hit again onto the floor. After wiping up, i walked to the mirror. A girl my age saw the diarea on the floor and started laughing and pointing. She pissed herself because she was laughing so hard. Thats when i cried really hard in the bathroom and it was horrible cause as i sat on the couch in there, i cried and kept crapping, when i got up there were stains, it was horrible. Poopy is all over my car from my diarea.

Shitting on airplanes is brutal. As an adult I try never to have to do it, always making sure that I use a public place before boarding, even if its a long-haul flight. When I was a teenager I was just the opposite. If I was away on a trip I would literally hold it in for days and wait until i got to the privacy of an airplane washroom to dump it all out...until one dreadful afternoon in August 1979 somewhere over northern Pennsylvania. I was 13 and travelling back from visiting my cousins. I was with a friend of mine (a shameless shitter..he'd go anywhere, anytime, often right in his pants if he couldn't hold it-but thats another story) and my mom was there on the plane as well, not sitting with us 'cause that was uncool. The day that we were leaving I had the most uncomfortable feeling that I was holding in a shit bomb. We had been travelling about 6 days and I had managed to hold my shit the entire time, however it was about to show its ugly head in a big way. We got on the plane and my stomach was hurting so bad I was almost bent over. We sat down and I leaned forward breathing to relax my stomach but nothing worked. Once we were airborne the altitude change must have really moved things along in my gut cause there was no turing back now. One the belt sign was off I went back to the can, closed myself in and sat down to explode. It came out slowly, and painfully, inch after inch of hard shit ripping me apart. It was a DC-9 so the 2 engines at the back were droning to cover my groans. Once I was done I looked down and saw this tremendously huge...gigantic long, fat piece of shit. My ass was sore but I felt reborn and ready to get on with enjoying the rest of the flight. I pushed the button and to my surprise the blue toilet wash flowed by my product and left it there sittting, stinking in the commode. I tried again and again but every time it just rocked back and forth. Finally I gave up and went back to my seat. Before long I realzed that if anybody had seen me return from the Lav and then gone back there they would know it was my dump and maybe report me to the stewardess for not flushing. I unbuckled once again and went back, sure that no one had been back there in the time I had returned to my seat. Sure enough the great log was just sitting there, definatly as if to mock my bathroom shyness. I cloed the door and tried to flush again and again. Finally I lost my mind! I grabbed a dixie drinking cup from the wall unit and started scooping up the shit, throwing it into the garbage bin and covering it up with toilet paper. It was a stinky, dirty job but when I was done I flushed again to get rid of the skid marks in the bowl, washed up and opened the door to find a line of people all waiting to use the lav before landing.

I told this story for the first time, while drinking with a bunch of my buddies...we laughed so hard we nearly threw up...where would we be without the humor shit brings us?


melvin: Glad to tell you that I am a black or African-American age 43. I do not take it racially.

Camp Counselor: I was a camp kid and a counselor. Things now and then are vastly different. In 6th grade, my friends and I used talk about our toilet habits. In 6th grade gym, I went to the bathroom only to urinate. I don't know if I told this story. I was in a playground about 10 years ago, when a large girl of about 12 needed toilet paper. There was none in the girls toilet. She got a roll from the attendant went to the stall closest to the door. From the side, I saw her loosen her overalls and let down her white panties to her ankles with her legs spread. I do not know the quantity of her bowel movement, but she was in there for almost 20 minutes. I saw her hand movements like she was wiping. Then, she stood up and pulled up her clothes and flushed. She washed her hands and rejoined her friends.

Hermione: See my earlier posts about my English cousins and how I went to the toilet with them in a department store. I was once constipated in college like you. It took Dulcolax to evacuate me.

justine: Are you a guy or a girl? I believe you are a girl. You have to wipe thoroughly. Dried stool will itch your anus. I take hot soapy baths or showers and work up a lather on my anus and rinse thoroughly.

Andrew: My kid cousin, a boy was shocked that girls had bowel movements. He is a year younger than me. I was at his house and I had to rest my bowels. I was sitting on the toilet. He was 8. I was 9. My dress and slip were bunched around my waist with my pink panties at my knees. He knocked on the door looking for me. I told him that I was sitting on the bowl. I opened the door and he asked me if I was peeing and I told him no and that I was making #2. It was murder because I was evacuating this huge monster-sized stool. He was shocked. When I wiped with toilet paper and stood up, he saw a long 12 inch log 2 inches thick. He was astonished.

A peeing story for a change:

This past summer, I was on the way down to the shore with my married lady friend Maria. Maria is the brazillian 40ish woman I had discussed in the earlier post who ownes the apartment building. Anyhow, we were on the way down to look at some realestate she was interested in buying. We both had the big gulp of coffee before we satrted the 1.5 hour drive, she always likes to drive. We arrived at the shore front sites and walked around for about an hour. Unfortunately, there were no restroom facilities anywhere in site. As we were walking back to get in her car, she said, "wew, I gotta pee real bad". I was thinking to my self, that's a good idea before hitting the road on the way back. She just opened her drivers side door, looked around and said,"doesn't look like anyone's around", and pulled her pants down to her knees. She then crouched down, both hands against the running board of the car to support herself, and releasted a long stream of pee. I was standing on the passenger side of the vehicle and I quickly walked around to her side to stand infront of her so there was no chance of comeone seeing her from a far. after she finished, I handed her a paper towel I had in my pocket, and she used that to wipe her self. Man, if she had dropped a log, I really would have gone off with a hard one. Afterwords, she said "you did not see me do that, ha ha". She then got in the drivers seat and at that moment, I ran over to a tree a few feet away and began to pee. This is the embarassing part: in my hast, I pulled my pants up too soon and I ended up peeing some more. That right, I peed my pants and there was a noticable wet mark about 4 inches around in the center of my pants. As I walked back to her car, she just laughed and said "you peed your self?" I told her I was not use to using the facilities out doors. She really laughed hard and said, "don't worry, it is hot and it will dry right up. She never talked about it on the way back to the city or since.

mystery holdster
Well,my story begins when i was little (8 yrs) i had this friend lol,she was a girl bout 6 yrs of age and we were in the bathroom ,i wuz about to take a bath and she was takin a shit.i talked to her and looked at her sitting down waiting for the supplies to be droppedoff at port when i all i saw around the watery areas of the toilet was water.suddenly she made a small mmmmeeeee noise and soft shiy poop came out her ass like butter, swirreld to the front end of the toilet (since she sat at the front end of the toilet)then slowly slided down to the water.if it wasent for the smell i would of had mistakened it for choc. ice cream. it cameout so perfect,she wiped careleesly and we went to play out side.her ass kinda stunk since she sweated a lot ,lol,thats my story.......

This question is for the guys (girls can answer too, just switch "girl" with "guy"). Is it just me or do you get arroused when a girl has to poop and says she has to take a "dump"? Even though girls use other words like poo, poop, s#!t, crap, etc., "dump" sounds the best and turns me on the most. Imagine a girl saying, "I gotta poo(p)", "I gotta take a crap", "I gotta take a dump", etc. What's your favorite word for a girl(guy) to use?

Traveling Guy
Hi to the oldies and newbies - so many of you - alike.

Last weekend, my wife and I went to a comedy put on by by college students, with a mostly student audience. The play had lots of puns, reverse logic, and word opposites. This was because a spell had been cast on the village, making all the inhabitants stupid. Even the audience was warned that it might, too, fall under the curse. At intermission, in the spirit of things, I told my wife, with a long face, "Oh, this is so sad! I have to go to the ladies room."

Of course, I went to the men's room. Now this men's room, unlike 99.9% of others I've seen, had a urinal right beside the entry door, which was propped open. I used it for a pee, and then moved to the sink to wash my hands. Another guy, this one a student, stepped up to take his turn. There were other guys there, too, peeing in the stalls. (one urinal at intermission doesn;t sut it!) Suddenly, a tall, attractive, female student walked in by accident, coming to a halt face-to-face and just a foot away from the guy peeing in the urinal. "Oohhh! I'm so sorry!" she said, starting to back out, to a sympathetic chorus of "Hey, no problem!" and "It's OK, no big deal" from the guys in there. And stupid me, before I could bite my tongue, looked at her and said, "Don't worry, it's the curse, isn't it?"

I went back to the auditorium and told my wife the story, only to notice that the same student was sitting down again in the seat just behind us. Knowing she must have been embarrassed, I minded my own business. At one point, I overheard her saying to a friend that she's studying to be a teacher, so I guess she'll need to get used to going into the boys' room now and again.

Take care, all!

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, everybody.

I took a nice relaxing dump in front of Colin last night. He was in the shower and I really had to go, so I went in the bathroom and said, "I'm gonna take a dump, okay?" As always, he said, sure.

So, I went in, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I took a few deep breaths and a huge, firm load slipped out. It plopped into the water without a sound. I let out a little fart, and Colin said, "Nice!" I sprayed a little air freshener and he thanked me. I wiped my ass and put the lid down, and told him to flush when he was done.

I waited for him on the couch and he came out in a few minutes. "Nice dump?" he asked me. "Good shower?" I asked him back.

Pretty soon my pants were down again!

Hope everyone had as nice a night as me!!!



Toilet Hole
Most women act like they don't shit or smell or sweat. It's interesting for me to read the stories on this site submitted by women of them taking a dump. And some of the women are very detailed in their poo stories. From a guys prespective, it is good to know that women actually SHIT too. And a women shit, actually SMELL's too. And that some women shit LOGS! I guess women AREN'T ALL SUGAR and SPICE and everything nice. This is a good reality check for the women out there that walk around like they are PRINCESSES and have the nerve to say that MEN are dirty!

To Lizz - Hello, loved your two recent stories!! I'm kinda like the opposite of you, I hate using those porta potties to pee in. I'm too afraid that some guy will come over and try to push it over while I'm inside it peeing or pooping. although there have been a few scenarios when I was younger, and I was at some outside fair or something and i would have to use it. My mom just came inside with me back then, still don't know how we managed to both squeeze in the porta potty itself lol. anyways, would love to hear any more stories if you have any, thankx!!

To Bryian - I honestly don't think anyone will find it, besides an animal or something. I threw a lot of rocks on it, and it kinda sank in the middle of this one huge puddle in the creek, so hopefully no one will. If someone does though, it would be kinda funny cuz it had a name tag on it that read had our last name on it, haha!!

Gotta go, i'll reply some more once some new posts show up, byezz everyone!!!!!! xoxo

Curious Dude
I seem to notice something. From my observations, girls are more morning poopers and guys are more evening poopers. So I have one survery question for everyone. When and how often do you go?

USER DATA = (ema

I was reading through some past posts and found one where I told you about my falling-down-the-hill-outdoor-poop-experience, and I mentioned that I would tell you what my friend's and my nicknames were in the 3rd graded. Okay, here it is: When we were in the third grade, we got a recess before lunch. We would have a few classes, then go to recess, come back inside, go to the bathrooms, have more class, then go to lunch. All of the kids immediately ran outside to play, but my friend and I always always always had to pee before recess. The first time we asked to go, our teacher asked us if we could wait until after recess. We tried, but didn't make it and had to go back inside to the toilets. After that, she graciously allowed us an early bathroom break. Everyday, when everyone else was lining up at the door to go outside and play, my buddy and I would be standing at the teacher's desk asking to be excused to the restroom. After a while, she started calling us "The Tinkle Twins". Cute, huh?

And here's a survey from Constipated Chik that I thought I'd answer:

1. What's the longest poop you've ever had?

Probably quite long. Although I'm usually done in just a few minutes, I have sat on the toilet, straining for half an hour or longer. Longer if I happen to be reading a good book while I'm sitting there.

2. Have you ever to poop in the middle of sex?


3. How long do you usually pee?

Probably about 10 seconds. I can't hold my pee for very long, when I get an urge to go, I have to go, even if it's only a few drops. There have been many occasions though where it's lasted much longer, just not very often anymore.

4. What's the longest time you've been constipated

I'm not really sure, since I don't poop every single day. I've really only been constipated once. From the time that I tried to poop and couldn't until the time that I loosened up was probably only about 24-48 hours.

5. Do you get "excited" after crapping or seeing someone else crap?

Not really.

7. do you usually crap in the nude?

I don't do it often, but I have before. Especially if I'm the only person home or I'm about to get into the shower.

8. Do you leave the door open or closed?


9. Do you make a lot of noise?

No usually.

10. What is the texture and firmness of your crap

Firm and smooth.

11. Are you a folder or a crumpler?

Hmm... I'm not sure. Maybe a crumpler?

12.Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the fecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required).

Yes, definitely.

13. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can easily wipe his/her bottom, a Sitter keeps seated for this).

I often stand when I'm finished so that it's easier to wipe. I also stand so that I can look in the mirror to see if there is any poop left.

14. What's your usuall crapping postistion

Sitting, with my feet arched (tippy toes) and pressing on the floor, leaning forward slightly.. when I'm starting. As I'm finishing, I relax and lean back.

15. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?

Sometimes I wet the toilet paper.

16. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?

Far enough to go, usually. Sometimes I pull my pants off to my ankles, and if things get uncomfortable, then I take them off altogether.

17. Do you urinate every time you defecate?

yes... several times during my poop, usually. Before, during, and then after I have my clothes back on and have left the bathroom. Very annoying to have to take a pee right after you've left the bathroom.

18. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?

Yes. Only when I have diarhhea, though.

i everyone. This is my first time posting here but I've been reading for about 2 years. I'm 13 years old by the way.

When I was 9 years I had a babysitter named Laurie. She was 14 at the time. She was really nice and I always had fun with her. The difference in our ages never seemed to matter. I think she liked to see me wet myself, and maybe even liked to wet herself as well.
My first memory of wetting myself in front of her is about a month after she became my babysitter. I had (still have, actually) a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to go to the bathroom. We were playing in the clubhouse that my dad built for me in my backyard. I don't remember what we were doing exactly. I remember suddenly feeling like I needed to go NOW or I was going to have an accident. I got up without saying anything and ran toward the house. I got about halfway between the clubhouse and the back door before I began leaking. As soon as I felt the first drops I panicked and froze. Laurie followed me out into the backyard and caught up to me when I stopped.

When she caught up to me she asked "What's wrong Alyssa?"

I didn't say anything, I just turned around and faced her. When she saw the wet spot on the front of my jean shorts she got a half sympathetic, half amused look on her face and said "Oh."
She asked me if I was finished and I shook my head no. She told me to hurry up and get to the toilet. I told her in a really quiet voice that I couldn't walk any further. She didn't say anything for a few seconds. She looked like she was thinking. Her eyes kept moving up and down between the wet spot and my face. Suddenly she bent down so that our faces were inches apart. She looked right into my eyes. She was practically whispering when she spoke.

"You know Alyssa, everyone has accidents. Even me. I wouldn't tell anyone if you had an accident."

It took me a few seconds to understand what she was saying.

"I can't go on my pants. I'll get in trouble."
"You kinda already did go in our pants Alyssa. Besides, I just told you that I won't tell anyone."

I didn'tt say anything. I just stood there with my legs crossed a little bit, trying to hold it. I was hoping that eventually the pain in my bladder would go away a little so that I could run to the bathroom. I didn't get the chance to wait and see if it got better. After about 2 minutes of me standing in the middle of the backyard with my legs crossed Laurie began tickeling me. It didn't take very long for me to start laughing really hard. When I started laughing I completely forgot that I needed to go. At first it dribbled out slowly. That's when I began begging her to stop tickling me. Before I knew it I was laying on the ground on my back laughing so hard I could barely breathe, and completely peeing on myself. When I was finished she helped me up and led me to the bathroom. When we got in the bathroom she helped me get out of my wet clothes and into the bathtub. She helped me wash (even though I didn't need help) while we talked. After my bath she took my wet shorts and underwear and put them in a plastic bag. She took my wet clothes home in her backpack, washed them and returned them to me the next time she babysat. I didn't know it then but it wouldn't be the last time she did my laundry.

I'll tell more stories later.




More posts please about your dorm experiences. Your first one was great.

Hope you are feeling better by now at least! Anyway, 29 male here and get constipated about once every 2 weeks, sometimes once a week though. I know this may sound gross, but have you ever tried a
glycerin suppository? I am very happy with the results from them, since they are gentle, but quicker than the pills. Write and let me know how you are doing and how you make out!

hey everyone,
This afternoon, I was doing my homework when I suddenly felt the urge to poop. I went into the toilet, sat down and let out some wet farts. I then pushed out a few long turds that floated in the water, farted 3 more times, then pushed out 2 more logs. I wiped 8 times until there was no more brown on the toilet paper, then flushed and brushed skidmarks off the porcelein. I made a strong aroma, so I sprayed air freshener and opened the window!!

AUSSIEROD: Whereabouts in Australia are U from? I'm from Melbourne.

Justine, if your anus itches, it means that you are not cleaning it well enough. When you scratch it with your finger, I'll bet you are getting some poop on your finger. The next time it really itches a lot, instead of scratching with your finger, go into a bathroom and wipe it with toilet paper, making sure to stick the paper a little bit into the hole. I am sure you will see poop on the paper.

When you go to the bathroom at home or in a private bathroom, try putting a little soap on your finger and rubbing the soap on your anus before you poop. That will make it easier to wipe. Also, you can put some soap right on the paper when you wipe, and that will help you get cleaner. If you are in a public restroom where it is hard to do this, just put a bunch of saliva on the tp before you wipe and that will help you get cleaner. If you can use those pre-mistened wet wipes, those are good too. Most importantly, when you wipe, don't just wipe the surface of your anus, actually stick the paper in the anus and keep doing this until you don't see any more brown. Try this and let us know if it makes a differe

Sam C.
Since you all entertain me, i'll entertain you.

Once when I was on a trip with my girlfriend and her parents on the way to spend a small vacation with her grandparents. Once we on the road for awhile I realized that I kinda had to go. Being on the road, I know that if I have to pee then I better go. But since I had just started going out with my girlfriend for only a few weeks, I was embarassed to tell her parents, so I decided to wait and hold it until they stopped. It was about an hour later and I realized that my desire was getting pretty tremendous. Finally, my girlfriends mom had announced that she had to stop. Her dad pulled into a gas station and they both got out. As I placed my hand on the handle, my girlfriend grabbed me pulling me toward her. She began kissing me and I felt my hand letting go of the handle. I would have enjoyed kissing her if I hadn't had to pee so bad. I didn't realize, but then her parents came back and started the car. I realized I was doomed. It was probably an half hour later and I was trying to sneak ways to hold my crotch from desperation. It got until I could barely hold it and finally said. "May we stop, I have to use the bathroom." My girlfriend's mom said that we had just stopped and probably wouldn't see a gas station for awhile. I sat back in panick and felt my urge growing stronger. The bumps in the road always made my desire grow. As I watched the clock on the dashboard go by a full hour, I found that i wasn't going to make it. The pee wanted so badly to come out and if I held it any longer I was going to pee my pants. I finally then said, "Sorry Mr and Mrs Winston, but i really gotta go and if you don't mind could you pull over so I can go in those trees. The both looked at each other and decided to pull over. My girlfriend gave me a weird look. As I tried hard to casually walk to the trees I stuck my hand in my pocket to squeez my cock. Once there my urge was so tremendous that as I was in the process in unzipping my pants a small size wet spot formed on my pants. I quickly took my penis out and went peeing away. I've never felt more relived since the insident at my friends house. After I was done I cover the wet spot with my sweater and made it okay the rest of the way.

LIZZ: I read your post about how it would be fun to pee in a chamber pot. I think it would be fun too, but i'm a guy and i'm thinking it might not be so easy. I mean, a girl can just sit on it or maybe kind of squat over it. A guy would have to have really good aim. But what happens if i got an erection? What would i do then? Maybe pick up the pot and hold it in front of my dick? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this!

Hey there Changed my name from MattP to Mattpee
I've got a great story. On the way home from th park me hannah (my girlfriend) and her friend MaryAnn were having pushing contest. Since none of us had to poop we figured it would be ok. MaryAnn forgot to mention that she had been constipated for some time and when she gave thgame winning heave there was a distinct crackling sound. MaryAnn froze right there. She was wearing one of those thongs that the buttcrck and hole aren't covered. Then a 3" turd fell out of her pants leg. A little boy walked by and saw it and said Look mommy that lady went poo poo. She manged to get behind a tree and stood there a couple turds fell out. Then she said oh no. She ripped off her pants and thong when liquid shit sprayed out of her ass. After she was finished she wiped andI gve her my cheap jacket to wrap around her so she wouldn't have to wak home in just a thong. It kind of hurt Hannah's fellings that i gave MaryAnn the jacket so to repay her we wnt inot the bedroom and i won't go any further.
SeeYa later Matt

Had a nice dump yesterday afternoon...i got home from work got online and i was reading the post, then i went to another site when a big cramp hit me and i knew i had to go poop. I went upstairs and sat on the toilet and pooped out a nice log, and there was softer stuff on top and i was really gassy too. i had an 8" log i guess..wiped like 10 times and flushed.
then today at work i was in the middle of eating breakfast when i urgently needed to poop again. i went to the bathroom and instantly a soft log curled around...maybe 7-9 inches then some chunky stuff on top of that again...i wiped 10x flushed and the toilet kept running...gotta go bye

em dubya
Man I've gotta poop! About 2 and a half hours ago I started to feel the need but I haven't yet. I've decided to try that pooping while laying down thing. I'm gonna go in my shower, I'll be right back.

Ok. Well, here's what I did. I went into my shower and peed. I was going to then lay down and pooop but the shower wasn't long enough to lay down in. I then got on my bathmat and lay face down on it. It didn't take much pushing to get the poop started since I'd been holding it for so long. Its head came out then it dtopped, holding my hole open. After a few more pushes, that piece came out with a plop on the mat. Another piece started coming out. It was a little bigger around. By the time I got that one out, I really had to let the rest out so I got up onto all fours and pooped out 2 more chunks. All together there was probably what would have been a 6 in turd but it was pretty fat. I picked up the pieces, wiped, then flushed. I then washed my hands and got in the shower.

Well, that's all for now. Keep posting everyone, the posts have been great!

Sandi with an "I"
Hi. I posted a while ago but haven't been back for a while. Busy busy busy!

When I was ten, I was on a field trip to Washington DC. We were on our way back to our hotel on the bus when I felt like I had to fart. Well, I wasn't at all bashful about my bodily functions, so I let loose, but it was a really wet fart and some sticky gooey poop blew out of my ass and splattered my panties. It was just a little bit, but enough to be gross! I knelt on the seat until the chaperone came back and said sit like a normal person. I was too embarrassed to argue, so I sat down and felt the warm sticky poop squish against my butt. When we got back to the hotel, we had to stand in a line so they could get a head count. I heard a couple of people near me say "What stinks?" I was so humiliated! I finally got into my room and took a shower. I don't know if anyone knew I had pooped my pants, and that's fine with me!

Hello one and all. Haven't posted since June. My last post was on pg 1137 for those interested. Nothing much has happened to report apart from my usual effortful dumps, etc. My mom is staying with me indefinitely now. She is suffering from type 2 diabetes and other health problems due to her tremendous girth. In fact, we just got back from the doctor and she now weighs almost 400 lbs! I myself have put on some considerable weight in the past months, and now weigh 320. Yes, we both love to eat and being together is making us heavier. Although seeing my mom's health problems is making me consider a serious diet. It's already pretty hard for me to get around, and my mom never really goes anywhere now. I have bought stronger beds and chairs, especially for my mom. I also got these 2 handlebar type things for my mom's toilet. They go on either side so she can grip them as she sits down and gets up. At first I said I would help her, but she was really embarrassed about grunting in front of me with the effort of getting up or sitting down, and plus I have to work and can't be home every time she goes to to the toilet. So we had these installed. I have listened to her grunting in there quite a bit lately. I have the feeling that Mom also grips the bars as she strains to have a bowel movement. This was confimed last weekend when my niece Gillian came over. I'm her favorite aunt and she also wanted to visit Grandma, since like I said, Mom doesn't leave the house much. If you reread my post on 1137 you will remember that Gillian had witnessed Mom on the toilet. She never closes the door when children are around, i guess she thinks they don't count or something. If only she knew that this contibuted to my current interest in this fetish!!
So we had a huge lunch of fried chicken, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cake. I knew Mom had had a large breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, and toast as well. I was too busy cooking to indulge. When we finished, Mom leaned back in her chair and sighed, rubbing her monsterous belly. I looked at her knowingly. it wouldn't be long until she excused herself to lock herself into her bathroom. I stood up and staeted to clean up our lunch. It was then that Mom said "I'll be in the bathroom for a while, dears." Gillian, ever inquisitive asked "Are you going poo, Grandma?" Mom's face darkened with embarrassment. "That is none of your business. Sit on the couch and watch TV and Grandma will be out..." a cramp hit her and she grunted "Ugh! As soon as she can." She rose unsteadily and waddled to the bathroom. Gillian jumped on the couch and I continued washing dishes. It muffled whatever sounds were coming from the bathroom. I didn't want to appear excited about this in fromt of Gillian. But the water couldn't cover everything and soon I heard Mom and her familiar grunting thru her nose: "Mmmmm...mmmm...pant pant....mmmmmm...mmmmmm..." They seemed louder though. I turned and saw Gillian transfixed. Her head was turned towards the bathroom. It was then that I saw that the door was open! She had left it open thinking I was in the kitchen and that Gillian was too busy watching Tv. I crept over to the couch and signalled to Gillian to stay quiet. We watched as Mom panted and then she gripped both bars until her knuckles were white. She grunted and as she bore down with all her weight I could hear the toilet creak beneath her. "Ugghhh!!! UGGGHHH! OHHHH!!" several huge plops could be heard. My mom took some toilet paper and wiped her sweaty face and then strained again. "Nnnnnn......mmmmmmm...Ugghhh!!" Again she gripped the bars as if in a trance. She raised her head, unseeing, and the look of effort on her face was great. Then the moment was broken. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw us. Her face was red with embarrassment and strain. "CLOSE THE....ughhh!...D--oo-rr! MMMPH!" Gillian dashed over and closed it. We were able to only listen to the rest but it lasted over 45 min. Listening to my mother trying to get up was priceless.

So we were sort of caught. My mother has not mentioned it again. I can feel a bit of tension in the house but am not sure what to do. ANy suggestions?

hey guyz i had the worst Bm of my life today. I was at the doctor when i got this urge to poop then the doc told me to get naked becuz of this test i was a gurl(thats all you need to no)i did what i was told but the i started pooping everywhere the dostor recommened plastic pants and diapers so now i dont have pantie anymoe:( I love the bulge

Hey at the mall yesterday we were wallking around and the my mom decided to talk to her freind. i went to look around and my sister said i have to poop badly. my mom said dont interrupt she went over walking passed set down on a chair with her butt halfway off and crossed her arms lookng mad and could here her grunting a little so i went up to and she just kept going she i dont care and she grunted and crackling sound came up and the back of little panties were expanding she just got uped and pushed harder pooping and i came up to here and she said i feel better

Open Door Policy
I'm a 44 year old recently divorced guy. Always enjoyed the whole voyuerism/exhibitionism thing in the bathroom, but in my 20's before I was married, only very rarely could I getr a girl to go along with it. Marrried almost 20 years, and di it alot with the ex. No "hands on" stuff. Just an Open Door Policy and lots of teasing and hot talk. Now, I find women in my age are not only not it...but admit they always were but afraid to act on it.

I live near New York City and wanted to date more "adventurous" women, so staretd hanging in the City more.....Just started a sexual relationship with a 46 year old woman. After a few times, felt it was time to introduce left the door open and st down...well she not only comes in, but sits on my lap and pleasures herself watching me!

Now contrast this with a 27 year old I was with a few times. She would never enter the "Open Door" so had to wait for her to be in the bathroom fixing her make up. Sat down she said "I'll leave" but I said that's silly, finish what your're doing. Now I could tell she was intrigued, but she could not admit it...her response was....and she kept repeating this as her "excuse" for staying....and staying a few times after ...."It's amazing what a big dick will make you do" at the risk of sounding immodest, I do have a pretty big penis, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys this woman (who was very hot) has had with bigger penises than, clearly, this woman as intrigued, as I thonk many women are, but they need time to open up about it...."Open the Door" as it were.

PS The older woman has opened the door several times and I've sat on her lap....never could get the younger one too....

A friend of mine gave me the link to this site, so I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to come and say hi. I am 21 and from Kingston-Upon-Thames in England. It seems like you people are really into talking about toilet related stuff. Thats kinda funny. I find it quite sexy, and I love a guy who is dying to pee. Can't say that i have much experience with it myself. I can remember a few instances as a kid, the odd accident here and wet bed there. I got wasted and wet the bed when I was 15, but thats it from me! I have girlfriends who have had experiences with stuff like that, but we just talk about it occasionally. It was nice saying hi!



loved the gym story keep them coming...reminds me of last summer. I was on a business trip to the Southwest US where I was forced to eat way too much McDonalds, a big meal of spicy Mongolian food, a lot of beer and hot chicken wings. The morning I was leaving I got up and had my coffee then picked up another one on the way to the airport. I finished that off standing in line waiting to check in. The line was lsow moving and I was beginning to feel the coffee kick in...tthe grumbling in my gut was becoming audible and if I were to give it visual it would be like the one in that drain cleaner commercial where the clog suddenly whooses through the pipes followed by rushing water. Soemthing somewhere in my gut had finally given way and now there was a pressure building it way down to my anus like crazy. I couldn't lleave the line 'cause it was already getting close to my departure time so i suffered, finally checking in and running to the can. As soon as I sat dowwn I groaned loudly and let out a waterfall of stinky crap, feeling my hole burn from all the spice I had eaten. So I hot tail it to the security area and see that the line up is about another half hour long. About 15 minutes into that line up I feel the build happen again, and know now that I've loosened up my hole once, its good to go again with little encouragement. Finally get through security and run to the gate. The plane is boarding but I can't wait. i run to the nearest can and try to find a stall. There are 6 right in a row and the one at the far end is being used...the guy is just sitting there.I take one of the middle ones and sit down letting it blow out of me with a painful burn that i know is going to kill me during my 6 hour flight back home. Then it happened, as if some virulent stomach virus had gripped the southwest, the first guy ran in. He jogged into the stall, heaving the door aside with a loud bang against the wall of mine. He was breathing quickly and grunting a bit as he rushed to pull his pants down. He sat down with a thud and before his cheeks had reached he seat he let it go, a huge showering wet dump. He moaned and tried to slow his breathing as he continued passing his sick shit...he even mumbled..."je-zzzuusssss" Then the next guy came in, this one walking fast and did the same thing. Closed the stall door, fumbled about in urgency and let his pants fall down to his cowboy boot and let out a ripping stinking huge wet fart and shit. Within about 2 minutes the stalls had filled with the same urgency and as I cleaned up my splattered burning ass I opened the door to find about 5 guys standing in business suits, cowboy hats and boots all waiting to take massive dumps. The first guy in line pushed passed me into the stall and just sat, closing the door after he was on the toilet. Never had that happen beofre or since. Obviously there was some cowboy convention in town that had all caught the same virus. I must of caught it too cause the 6 hour flight home was not fun.

Speaking of flights...I gotta a dump on the airplane story that's a killer...later


Hey Guys! I've read this site for a while with great interest but this is my first post. I have enjoyed everyone's contributions very much. I
have always been very fascinated with the sounds that people make when they go to the bathroom, especially girls, ever since I was a kid. Well, here goes. A few days ago I was having lunch at the dining commons at my college and I was eating alone and catching up on some reading for a course, boring stuff. I had felt the urge to pee for a while but about the same time that I finished eating, I felt a definite fullness in my butt that needed to come out very soon. I put my tray away, grabbed my books and headed downstaits to where the bathrooms were. As I approached the bathroom, I saw a guy coming up the hall toward me. He was tall, thin with blonde hair, blue eyes. Me? I'm medium height, brown hair, brown eyes, 150#. I really had to go badly both ways!!! As I pushed on the door to open it, I noticed that the other guy was also heading for the bathroom too so I held the door for him. He smiled and said, "thanks." I returned his smile and said, "no problem." We both put our books on the shelf. The other guys said "Oh man, I feel so incredibly full! I have to take a wicked piss and a dump too." "So do I. I shouldn't have waited so long to go. I almost didn't make it here," I replied. Now this bathroom has five stalls in it plus the five urinals so I deliberately selected the middle stall so that he would be no more than 2 stalls away. To my surprise, instead of taking one of the end stalls, he took one next to me! We both quickly took down our jeans and underpants and sat down quickly. The other guy made a deep sigh and then he began to pee. As desperate as I was to go, I wanted to hear him go to the bathroom first. He let out a powerful 5 second squirt that whizzed into the toilet water, but, interestingly, he cut it off. Strangely, he continued to let out more squirts that whizzed into the water, each one lasting only a couple of seconds. Every so often, he would make a little sigh between squirts.
He continued doing this for probably the next minute and a half or so for a total of 27 quick whizzes!!! I was quite interested in his technique. After the last whizz, there was a long pause, then three more quick little squirts followed. Then he made a very deep sigh. By now I was almost losing it but I wanted to hear him finish. He made a couple of small quiet farts. Then, I began to hear the familiar crinkling sounds as his hole opened up to release his load. In a short time he quickly let out six large chunks which splashed into the water. Another big sigh. Two little squirts followed. "Oh God, that felt so incredibly good," he said quietly. Embarassed that I had not started to go yet and that he must have known that I was listening to him I said, "Well, I guess it's my turn now!" I leaned forward and rested my elbows on my knees and my chin on my hands and with a deep sigh I began to pee. I am not cut and I love to let my pee just dribble out of my foreskin. I just sat there and let it all dribble out for what must have been nearly a minute. I let out four little dribbles after a long pause. Since the other guy was still there even though he had finished going to the bathroom, I was hoping that he was enjoying listening to me as much as I had enjoyed listening to him. I relaxed my butt and first one, then a second big log splashed out into the water. I made a rather big fart and shortly a couple of little pieces came out and splashed into the bown. I made a big sigh. "Wow, I feel about five pounds lighter!!!" I said. "Me too," said the other guy. Both fully relieved, we fetched paper and wiped our butts. I also wiped my rather wet lizard. After we left the stalls, we talked a bit about or clases. I hope we run into each other again some time. Has anyone else ever run across someone doing the pause and squirt method or enjoy doing it themselves???

To Hermione - your name is unusual, but beautiful. I enjoyed your story very much about being constipated in the department with a stranger who had the same problem.

To Amber - your story about making a poo in the box was cute. I think I tried that when I was little too.

To Lizz - liked the story about the toilet in the woods. I found one once too, while hiking, deliberately put deep in the woods for some kind of fun. I contributed with a rather long pee. Maybe you should go back at night and try it out in the dark.

To Justine - liked your question about the itchy butt. The girl who lived next door had the same problem. I enjoyed seeing her itch her butt often. I would have suggested some medication but since she smiled whenever she itched her but, why stop something that was fun for both of us.

To Ash D & Jess - Really liked your story of doing a poo on the towel and a bit of pee too. It must be great to have a bathroom pal!!!

To everyone else - thanks so much for all of your stories. I enjoy them very much.

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