We have this woman where i work. She works parttime mornings typing up handwritten reports from the field. She is attractive, nicely dressed, and quiet. The strange thing about her is that she will never use a public tiolet as she has some kind of neurotic fear of using them. So she always holds it until she gets home.
I sit where I can see her but she can't easily see me and often towards the end of the morning when she thinks I'm not at my desk I see her reach under her miniskirt and hold herself through her pantyhose. I don't know how she does it because she still has a 15 minute bus ride home. At the bus stop I see her sometimes do a little dance and then she always sits in the back of the bus I think so she can hold herself without being seen until she gets home. Yesterday she went into the stairwell. I peeked through the little glass window in the door and could see her bent completly over with her legs crossed together with her back to me apparently making a heroic attempt to avoid having a bowel movement. As she was bent over up the stairs I could see up her miniskirt and could see the bulge of a large sanitary pad under her white panties and pantyhose. I could see a brown stain forming in a arc an inch to either side of her pad. I felt bad for her but what could I do. I didn't want to embarriss her. So I asked her if she was OK. No she said, I've had an accident, but my pad caught it and don't tell anyone or I'll be fired. At that point she seemed to have her bowels under control. Then she calmly walked back to her desk, took little towel from her pocketbook, laid it on her chair, sat down and resumed typing for the another 20 minutes until it was time for her to leave. I though it amazing to behold a grown woman sitting there typing having pooped herself acting as if nothing had happened.

Hi all. Fascinating site and great posts.

My friend Anna has recently moved in to her new flat and had a problem with a leak from a pipe at the back of her toilet. She managed to arrange for a plumber to call but she rang me on the day as she had to stay on at work and asked if I could meet him there instead as she was desperate to get it fixed.

I hadn't anything planned and saw her at lunchtime for spare key and coffee.

I left work and drove over to meet this plumber who turned up on time.

He followed me to the bathroom where he looked to see the little pool of water behind the toilet, and told me to flush it when he said. I agreed and he put his head behind to see where the water came from when it flushed.

At his request, I stood to the other side and flushed.

He stayed kneeling and said no water leaked and told me to flush again. I did. "Again no leak", came the voice from behind the upturned lid.

"Are you able to flush it with more enthusiasm ?" he asked, "as we'd like to be sure it won't leak when others use it".

I instantly didn't like his patronising tone but said "I can only do what a girl can do".

"OK" he said and I flushed again only this time with 'enthusiasm'. I saw a splash of water spray over his top so I kept flushing the handle deliberately splashing it over him.

The toilet ran out of water too soon.

"Found it!" he called out, "thanks, eeeurgh !" as he felt the water soaking through his clothing.

I smiled with satisfaction as he stood. He laughed and uttered, "guess I deserved that".

Anna's toilet's now fixed and I'm on a date with a plumber next weekend !


Hi I'm a 19 year old girl with short brown hair, and I thought I would do Mel.D's survey

1.How often do you poop? about 4 times a day or if hold it I do real big ones when I wake up and before I go to bed, sometimes mess my panties tring to hold it

2.How many times a day do u fart? alot

3.Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? If, No would you like to be seen or see someone? well yes I have watched my best friend pooping alot of time and she has seen me too

4.Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why? well yes because it feels good to get all that out of me

5.Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet? ok I have pooped in alot of places like the bushes, in the lake, outside in a trashcan(not out in the open), in the car in a bag when my best friend was driving, I did it into a dumpster once, and one time I did up in a tree because I had to go really bad when I was up real high and I didn't want to do it in my panties, there was this one time when I on top of the house and the ladder fell and I ended up pooping all in my panties, and the bath tub because I was sick that was gross, and in the shower too also because I was sick, well and of course on the side of the road

well I will tell you more some other time

Hello everyone. My name is Ami, I'm brunette, 6 foot, 115 lbs, tan, 19. Anyway, I had to do community service for this bullshit that happened to me a few months ago, and we all had to work on the side of the expressway picking things up. It was awful, it was like 90 degrees. Well I was working for like half an hour, and I started getting even more sweaty and my stomach just started cramping. I walked over towards the guard and said "excuse me" and she just yelled shut up! We are the only ones who talk here. We only got one bathroom break for 6 hours of work. Well, needless to say, later, I farted, but to my dismay, diarrhea ran into the crotch of my shorts. It was awful, and I was all ready all hot and stuff. It just rolled down my legs! Well I got allowed to go the bathroom, but it was already a mess. I had to finish out the day working with diarrhea soaked shorts and shit on my legs and in my shoes.

Oh what a night, went to club in nyc and the lines to the restrooms were so long. My friends and I were bursting My boyfreind told us he would take us behind his car. We agreed and followed him saying don't look, all six of us started to lift our skirts and drop our panties and squated down and we started to pee for what seemed like 4 minutes My boyfreind was amazed he said we sounded like six faucets on full blast he said he had to pee too we said go on but some of us had to bm okay he said he squated down next to me and pointed his penis down and peed on the ground I started to push my bm out but it was stuck I peed some more jenny farted loud and pushed out her log out the first time come on your turn kim! oh she released a bunch of turds about 6 my other 3 freinds started to drop turds so fast My boyfriend started to push out the biggest turd and mine was still stuck he told me to push 1 2 3 push and out it came and so did his we all started peeing again trickes and started to wipe up with my boyfiends tissues it looked so disgusting loke a bunch of wild dogs bm's I did a bigger turd than my boyfriend 8 inches that was my first time peeing and dumping with boyfriend It felt good.

A survey for the guys:

1) Do you ever wee sitting down on the toilet? If so when?
2) When you wee standing up in the toilet do you usually wee out of the pants fly, pull the pants down a bit and wee over the top, pull the pants down to my ankles, take my pants off? Why?
3) How do you get rid of drips after you wee?
4) Do you ever wipe yourself after you wee to get rid of all drips?
5) Do you usually make your underwear wet from drips after you wee - if so how wet?
6) Have you ever left drip marks on your pants after you wee that have been seen by someone else? If so when, and who saw, and what did they say?
7) When you wee at a public urinal and someone wees next to you, do you (always - if so why, sometimes - if so say when, never - if so why)
(a) Look at the wee coming out of their bodies?
(b) Talk to them?
(c) Notice how often they look at the wee coming out of your body?
(d) Stop weeing as fast as I can and leave?
8) Have you ever weed in front of someone else? If so who?
9) Has anyone ever complained about you weeing in front of them when they didn't want you to wee.
10) Has anyone (doctor, nurse etc) ever asked you to wee and then you can't. Please describe.

Thanks guys....

Hi everyone:
I saw last night on "Movies That Rock" on VH1 the girl with the
short cropped hair went in the restroom in the record store with one
of the other girls.pulls down her pants and panties and sits on the
toliet. You couldn't hear anyting because of the talking.
Are there any more like that?

could anyone tell me of any music videos that show woman on the toilet. I know Whisky in the jar by Metallica has a few good (but short) shots.

Anymore good ones?

i play basketball and we had an away game, guys from our team decided to piss all over the floor to make the other teams bathroom gross. as they left, i pulled my pants down to my ankles, and crab walked around the bathroom leaving a bunch of poopies. it smel

Blocked Brigitte
Yes......Correctol is a fine laxative, although it can be a bit strong and keeps you busy for a while.

I use it when I'm not going anywhere, pardon the pun.

led really bad and was everywhere, if uve ever done anything like this let me know

To Mel D : Heres the answers to your survey....

1.How often do you poop? Usally every 2-3 days

2.How many times a day do u fart? all depends on what i eat...maybe a few maybe none

3.Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? If, No would you like to be seen or see someone? : No..only on the net...i'd wanna be seen by some one i don't know

4.Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why? Yes it feels good

5.Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet?

Outside, paper urinal etc.

Last night i had this dream i was at this hotel and i got on the elevator and was going down to have breakfast. I realized i forgot to pee so i went in the restaurant area found a bathroom and i walked in and there were all these open toilets and in the back there were people in there sitting on booths and toilets and they were all covered up so i wouldn't see any thing...when i got up i really had to pee
i g2g bye


You should be very proud of yourself. Just as your daughter, I like to poop my pants from time to time. I have liked this since I was about ten years old, and I know my life would have been less problematic if my parents had been as broadminded as you obviously are.

But what is funny, I am always very shy about pooping when others are around. I blush very quickly and stuff, so I can't really explain that.

Hey Franco, that must have been horrible for that guy, to have such an accident...I haven't had a poop accident since I was a little kid...I remember once, when I was about six years old, when I was returning from the swimming-pool with my sis and my dad, I was too embarrassed to say I had to poop, and I ran ahead, hoping that my mother would be home...but she wasn't, and I couldn't get in. That day, I ended up pooping my pants in our garden.

Hey Guys.
Looks like there is another poster named Mike here now (damn this common name!) Well, from what I have seen he doesn't our his name using cpitals, and I do. Hopefully that will be enough of a distinguishing factor.

I just went poo, and I was in the mood to watch it come out (one of my guilty pleasures) using a mirror. I went into the bathroom, put toilet paper on the floor so the clean up is simple, squatted down, and let it go. I saw my anus open up, and my poo come out. I like the crackling sound it makes (for some odd reason). Well, the poo wasn't worth the effort really. Six small pieces. After I was done, I put the paper in the toilet and flushed.

Now, Mel.D had a survery, and I am going to answer it.

1-How aften do you poop?
- I ususally poop every other day. Most common is like for 3 days in a row, then about 4 days off.

2-How many times do you fart?
- I don't keep track, so I don't really know.

3-Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? If no, would you like to be seen or see someone?

- Never been seen, nor have ever seen someone. I don't think I would want to see someone poop, but if I did by accident, I would probably watch out of curiosity.

4-Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why?

- I enjoy the feeling of having to poo, but I really don't know why. Guilty pleasure maybe?

5-Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet?

- Well, my story today is one. I have also gone poo several times in the woods at the cottage (love the feeling of the open air on my butt). I have gone poo in my room (simmilar concept to my story today). Just out of curiosity, I have gone poo in my pants (one was an accident though). I have gone poo several time infront of a vidoe camera (Guilty pleasure). That's about it.

Despite all the places I have gone poo, it is on the rare occasion that I actually poo somewhere other than the toilet.

Hope that answers your survey correctly Mel.D, and I hope you, and the rest find my post sastifactory.

Take care guys.

To Mel D. - I liked your survey, so here are my answers....

1. How often do you poop? I poop every other day, sometimes each day depending on how much I ate the previous day, but usually every other day.

2. How many times a day do you fart? Hmm, I fart a few times in the morning and then a few during the day, maybe 1 or 2. So I'd say 5 or 6 times a day.

3. Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? My friend and my litle sister have seen me pooping. I've only seen my friend peeing, but I've seen my sister poop a number of times. Like I would be taking a shower and she'd just casually walk into the bathroom and sit on the toilet and do her business.

4. Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Yesss I do, it feels so incredibly good once you sit down and a nice piece quickly shoots out of your butt. My eyes usually get watery when that happens, lol.

5. Name all the places you've pooped other than the toilet? Well, I pooped in the shoebox which I told my story a few weeks ago. I've peed outside, but never pooped. Sorry, but I haven't really pooped anywhere too interesting.

To The Neighbor - Hey, i still cant wait to see your stories that you were gonna tell us!!! you're posts are probably the best here!!!

Talk 2 you later everyone!!!!!

My brother just showed me this site, so I'm posting for the first time. I'm not interested in these stories sexually, but they're amusing anyway.

Some incident caused my high school's administration to lock all the girls' toilets except one (as of yesterday). They've been slowly locking them one by one. They announced today that there's only one available toilet until they find more information. There are two rumors. One is that there are too many girls being caught smoking in the toilets. The other is that there is someone passing her bowels on the floors of toilets, so they locked them up.

This poses a problem for me because I usually don't ask to use the bathroom during classes because I'm a little on the shy side, so by the time school ends, I reaaaaally have to pee if I don't go at lunch. Today when school ended, I rushed to the unlocked toilet (obviously on the other side of the school) only to find this line leading OUT OF THE BATHROOM with people who had the same idea. There are four stalls in each bathroom, with a line of maybe ten people waiting for them. It ended up being a five to ten minute wait. I actually had to loosen my belt thing so that it would stop pressing on my bladder.

I don't think this is very fair. What if a girl had to change her pad? You can't just "hold it in" when it comes to that. On the other hand, it's fun to watch the ones who don't listen to announcements. I followed my friend around from her locker talking to her as she tried just every single bathroom on the floor only to find the door locked each time about ten minutes after my own incident. I listened to her complain to me, blatantly swished water around my water bottle, started to tell a few groups of people she needed to go (she interrupted and wouldn't let me), and didn't tell her what I already knew (can't pass up the chance to tease a friend a little about bodily functions, you know). Eventually I felt bad for her and told her I knew the bathrooms were open across from the cooking room, so we went there.

Sorry, I didn't realize that there was a Samantha C so to prevent everyone from getting confused I'll go by just Sam.

This happens to me often

My girlfriend does not like me to leave her alone or hanging. Whether it's at the movies (which i'll post later) or on the phone. Most time when I talk to her on the phone I'll have to pee so bad that i'll almost get to the point where i'll grab the old cup from yesterday and pee in it. Thankfully I've only reached that point once where I actually did pee in a nearby cup because my desperation was just too tremendous.
So, one night as my dad was out with friends and since I have no siblings I was home alone. My girlfriend called saying that she would like to come over when her parents leave. I told her it was fine and she told me that she would talk to me on the phone until then. Since my room is upstairs it gets pretty hot, I had a Big Gulp size cup of water and was drinking it down in long swallows.
By the first hour I felt an urge to pee. But pushed it out of my mind because I figured that her parents would leave in the next few mintues. Apparently they didn't. But I didn't panic because my desire was not yet that bad. Talking to her for another half hour I asked if her parents were gone yet. She replied no that her mother was still trying to pick out the perfect outfit. I really had to pee about that point that I kept shifting around and moving my legs. I told her that she had to hold on for a mintue . . but I didn't even get to say why. She quickly said "Wait, first let me tell you this" What she wanted to tell me last for another half hour. Listening to her words became difficult as I was worrying about how bad I had to pee. Soon after it was even difficult to sit, I had to stand holding my cock. Again I told her right off that I really had to pee, but she only again said to wait that to let her tell me this.
As we were going on three hours, I had to pee so bad that I was crossing my legs as holding my cock. I had been doing the "pee dance" for awhile and told her again that I had to pee. Only this time she said that a grown boy like me could hold it for her. She then began talking again.
My bladder was full and hurting and squeezing my cock while crossing my legs tightly was not helping. I tried everything to hold it in. Jumping up and down, moving my legs up and down, bending over in pain. At that point I realized that i wasn't going to make it and that my girlfriend was not going to let me leave her alone for a mintue while I peed. I looked around for something useful to pee in. As I saw my cup I quickly grabbed it, crossing my legs tighter, and glanced inside to find a little water left. Quickly drinking it, I used my shoulder to hold the phone up while I did the process of peeing in the cup. But then thought about my girlfriend hearing. So covering up the receiver with my hand while she continued to talk away. Just before I had unzipped my pants I started peeing away, but luckly made it into the cup. I actually made a sound that indicated how relieved I felt. Just as I was done, her parents were ready to leave. But I felt so relieved that I didn't care.
But now i've learned my lesson in drinking a full Big Gulp size cup of water before talking with my girlfriend on the phone because she talks for along time with a lot to say and she doesn't like me leaving her.

I was at home and I had to poop, but I couldn't really think of anything creative to do, so I said "I'll take a shower and then I'll find something to poop in." So I got in the shower and was thinking of places to poo when I just decided to poop in the shower. So I squatted down and felt my asshole open up to greet a large 6 inch turd that I dropped on the floor of the shower. Then I had a little follow up turd about 1 1/2" long. Then I just picked it up and flushed it.

Mel's Survey
1. Usually once every two days

2. Depends on what I've eaten

3. Nope, I wouldn't mind watchin someone or watching someone though.

4. Yes, It just feels so good to let it go.

5. Garbage cans, driveway, shower, river, floor of bathroom

Mel D survey:

how often do you poop?
well i poop on average about 2 times a day.
how many times a day do you fart?
thats a good question, i have no idea LOL!
have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched?
yes ive been watched while pooping my pants.
do you enjoy the sensation of relieving your self? why?
yes i do enjoy relieving myself weather it be peeing or pooping! when im on the toilet, i love to pee and poop at the same time. sometimes when i really have to poop bad, when i push it out it feels like my tail bone is almost rattling as i poop. the same effect in my pants if i have to poop really bad!
name all the places you have pooped other then the toilet?
well i like to poop my pants and i like to poop in my diapers when i wear them. never done the out door poop yet! but i might try it some day! okies xoxoxoxo love from Amy!

Eric in Chicago
Samantha C.: Noreen's daughter isn't going to run the risk of catching anything from her friends unless she actually comes into contact with their poop or their soiled clothing. Fecal pathogens aren't airborne. The most common transmission route is fecal-oral, and proper hand-washing goes a long way toward preventing that.

Several people: Sometimes an itchy butt is a reaction to the toilet paper you're wiping with. Recycled toilet paper often does it. It happened to me once; I had been buying a brand of TP that included recycled content, and I was getting itches. While looking for something else, I came across an article written by a dermatologist who described the phenomenon. I switched brands and the itches went away instantly.

Scott: Liked your story about shitting at camp.

And Butt and Or: I'm pretty sure the reason why the Gatorade people decided to make their watermelon flavor green (you usually think of red or pink for watermelon) is that kids (the "All Stars" are targeted to 8-12-year-olds) get a kick out of seeing it turn their shit green (that's probably also why they have so many blue flavors). "A Boy and his Load" was cool!

Samantha C-what exactly is in the booster shots your doctor is giving you?

Mel's Survey:

1.How often do you poop?
once or twice a day
2.How many times a day do u fart?
depends. The more i poop, the less i fart. Some days i can go all day w/out farting.
3.Have you ever watched someone pooping or been watched? If, No would you like to be seen or see someone?
Not yet but maybe someone of the opposite sex
4.Do you enjoy the sensations of relieving yourself? Why?
yes because, well, you're relieveing yourelf, duh!
5.Name all the places you have pooped other than the toilet?
The great outdoors!

LIZZ: I've found that if i squat a little and aim my dick downward i can have really precise aim. It is pretty cool and lots of fun!


In response to the other guys shit their pants if its not convienient to get to a can....I do. I try to gage it around where I am and what kind of a dump its going to be. usually if I've been holding in a really big one for a long time...during a road trip or holiday when I tend to get bunged up. When this happens the urge to shit comes on slowly and builds to the point that even if i am close to a pot I usually have to let it just squish into my shorts. I only do it when I have the time to take a shower of course. Most often when using the computer. I'll be reading emails or playing a stupid game and feel the urge build. I'll raise my ass cheek and dump one into my feels great.

Question to all....

The phenomenon of shitting ones pants when scared...has anyone had this happen? I've always heard the term..."I was so scared I almost shit myself" I have read about the book "Fearless" when the guy sitting next to narrator shits his pants involuntarily when the plane starts to crash. Just wondering about this. Does this really happen? And when it does is it runny and loose or does one just explode out a big solid shit into their pants? I've never had this sensation. I've had nervous "job interview dumps" running to the can every five minutes to let some more fly, but never all at once.

DAVID....just did the big one. Off to the shower.


the neighbor
To JW -- You asked me a while back if I ever had to help my wife with her bowel movements, such as help her dig out a poop or give her an enema....

My wife has never asked me nor allowed me to dig poop out of her rear. It has been discussed between us on multiple occassions over the years, but she will not relent. I guess you could say that it's one of those boundaries that she won't cross. If you've read my other posts you know that she's a wonderful, generous wife; she indulges me and pleases me in so many other ways that I really can't complain about not being able to dig it right out of her like that. Truly, though, she's never really backed up all that much. She doesn't suffer from constipation hardly at all, even with her cycle. Mostly, she's just goes from regular/normal bm's to runny/loose bm's, and that's about it. Maybe a couple times a year she gets into a "stopped up" situation, but she takes fiber or laxatives, and then everything's OK.

As for enemas, my wife has a little circle of friends who go and get them once every season (or quarter, for you business people). It's like this tradition that they've had going all the way back to her college days, so since it pre-dates me, I'm pretty much left out in the cold as far as having anything to do with it. She just does that for fun, she says. She'll tell me "It's a girl thing" and to relax. They take a weekend every three months and go off to this spa and get the full treatment. Facials, massages, mud baths, enemas, you name it. And I can't complain, because she always comes back feeling great and horny as hell, so I definitely benefit from being left out.

And, obviously, if my wife isn't constipated much, then she doesn't have any true therapeutic need for enemas at home. However, she does indulge me once or twice a year and lets me get out our little Walgreens enema kit. I'll give her some warm soap and water and she'll let me watch it all come out a few minutes later, then we run to the bed and go crazy back there for a while. Like I've said before, she's a wonderful woman, and I'm lucky to have her!

I came across this story in an old archive. PV who posted for a long time on this board will recognise it as she & Susan both posted there.

Susan 20 F Mid Wst USA Friday, August 06,199
Since I wrote about Sean and me doing it side by side in the mens room, some of my fellow cheer leaders have seen the article, and they've all had a go. I have to explain, in our stadium the girls rest room is about 50 yds down the hall, and the men's room is right next to the bar, (some logic!). So it makes a lot of sense for a quick pee to go next door instead of the long hike. However like a lot of places, the stalls aren't really fit places to sit in. So, guess what, by mutual agreement with the guys, all the girls who want to use the men's use the trough and the guys are relegated to standing in the stalls. WHAT A ROLE REVERSAL! You can imagine the poor guys walking in and seeing up to five cheer leaders all standing up against the trough, feet apart, front of our mini skirts up round our waists, peeing volumes into the trough, while they are relegated to standing at the disgusting stalls. Strict rules, all girls have to face forward, no bums to the wall so to speak. So relax, try the backyard wall (if it's private enough for you), make sure you're full, (ideally make sure there's plenty of room around you), preferably start by leaving your panties off, separate those lips, lean back a bit and go. If it works, fine, if it doesn't come back and we'll rethink it. (It's like learning to ride, once you've done it you can't imagine not doing it). I'm still tempted to "hit the monuments" like that Sophie girl did but can't get my Sean to take the pictures, he's too shy.

Hey,fellow poopers-Some responses to some interesting posts-
TO FRANCO-Isn't it great to dump in a busy place with other guys-it so inspirational!some guys are so uninhibited about dumping! hey,franco,i too often read this forum in the morning as i feel my rectum fill up-a lot of times reading this forum gets my system going! I dump often right after I read and post my stories on here! Good stuff-i enjoy reading your stories
TO SUPER POOPER-That exact thing happened to me a few years ago whan i had to take this strong antibiotic-it sure was weird to see my turds a creamy white color-I was curious one day when i had this thing happening to me that I took mirror and decided to go the scenic route-it was cool to see those white turds come out and boy did i go alot too!Really filled up the bowl and it was really cool to watch all this stuff come out in the mirror!
TO OLD POOP-good stories-sounds like you enjoy a good dump,just like most of us here! Isn't it great to dump!
TO MELd-I just love your stuff! enjoyable reading!Boy I'd enjoy buddy dumping with you guys!-you guys sure sound like you really enjoy pooping,just like me! Sure.i'll take your survey--
1-I poop once a day in the morning(you could almost set a clock to my asshole!) except in the summer i sometimes go 2-3 times
2-I really don't know how many times a day I fart-i fart a lot sometimes when i'm gettin' ready to dump, though
3- Oh yes,i've seen quite a few people poop-esp out in the woods(check my old posts) and yes,i've been watched and it is kinda cool to let someone else watch me dump,but it's really the best when you can dump together at the same time! Now that's fun! i enjoy it with both women and men,but I prefer a pretty lady to join me,but it seems like I buddy poop with guys most of the time.
4-Oh yes i really enjoy the sensation in my anus as i get ready to dump and as i'm dumping although it doesn't happen to me all the time,but when i have that feeling up a good BM building up in my rectum,It is almost erotic to me and the best part is sitting down letting out a few farts and relaxing my doming anus and letting all this stuff come out-fun stuff! I really don't know why i enjoy it so-it's just one of those things that comes with"the best things in life all free!"
5-again,check my old posts-i go out in the woods,on the beach,almost anywhere I can without offending anyone or getting arrested for indecent exposure-thats' trouble I don't need! hope I answered al your stuff!!
as for me-it's been quiet on the poop front-went to the gym the other day,but when I had to dump first,it was quiet and I was the only one in the toilet and second my dump was pretty uneventful with a fart and 2 -3 inchers and that was it-boring,but I'm sure it will turn around and i'll go thru a good dumping cycle! Good stuff,all BYE

Hello all!
Since months I have been away, then, after I repeatedly received the message that this page could not be accessed, I sort of gave up looking. I thought the site was down for good.
What a surprise that I can reach you all again! Good new posters, too!

Trekkie, just like you, I have missed Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal. And Eleanor has gone, too. I hope nothing serious has happened; that they were not involved in a road accident. There was much black ice last winter……

I send my hellos to all the ‚old' friends, you know who you are.

Tima and Sarah, good to see your post. Great story,too! Shitting in the corn field!

Here's what happened to me only a short while ago.
It had been an agreeably sunny but rather chilly autumn Sunday afternoon of sightseeing followed by a visit to a Bavarian eating place, although this was not in Bavaria. We, a small party of business people, had trotters with sauerkraut and dumplings, and beers of Bavarian dimensions. ???! After the meal we went for a stroll across the expanse of the market square. A few minutes later the young woman with us stopped and expressed her wish to go back to the hotel for a good nights sleep - we would have to start early next morning. As we said our good-nights, I noticed that the said young woman had her legs crossed to an X and her thighs tightly pressed together. Oops, I thought, here's someone in need of the toilet. The beer? But she only had a ten-minute walk ahead of her. She would be alright.
Such thoughts brought to my conciousness a slight pressure in my lower abdomen. Nothing serious, only a twinge, just my bladder making itself felt. For an instant I contemplated the option of going back across the square to the restaurant and to the men's for a quick pee, pretending I had left something there, before setting out on foot for the twenty-five minute walk to my accomodations.
Don't be such a ninny, I said to myself, normally at this stage I still have a good hour left before the need develops into an urgency, even after some beers. I'd make it easily with plenty of time - or should I say capacity - to spare. Of course I could take the tram, but it would be a ten minute walk to the next stopping place, I would have to wait maybe as much as twenty minutes on a Sunday evening, and then I would have to change trams further on, wait again for the connection, all of which in the end would last just as long, if not much more than it takes to walk. And anyway, the fresh air would do me good after the fuggy atmosphere in that restaurant! Ha!
So I set off at a brisk pace through the inner old part of the city and soon reached the wide ring-street I had to cross. The lights for pedestrians were red. There were still quite a few people around in this part of down town. On the other side of the crossing and to the left a shady path led through a small public garden with high trees. Hm, I thought, that is the last concealed spot where I could go and have a pee if it were urgent. From here on it was one straight stretch along a thinly populated main street between the blind facades of office buildings and closed shops and very few but closed cafés. The lights continued red for what seemed like ages. Looking across the street again, I noticed a girl in her twenties detach herself from a group of young people and casually turn to the path. She walked another few steps, and then, as soon as she reached the shadows, suddenly spun on her heel and dodged behind the first tree. I could still see her silhouetted against a lit-up building in the distance, which let me see the top half of her bending over forward and disappearing downwards behind the shrubs. Well, it looked as if someone else had had the same idea and made immediate use of it. The realization must have triggered the voiding reflex for my bladder. An unexpected and sudden fierce urge obliged me to plunge my left hand in my pocket and give my willie a painful squeeze, also pressing my legs together with force, clamping myself shut and sort of going nnnnnnnh! through clenched teeth in order to goad my shincter muscles into making an extra effort. It worked. The urge subsided to leave the feeling of a heavy fullness down there. The lights turned green and I proceeded, even daring to venture a little fart without mishap.
Everything went well for the next half-mile or so. Then as I walked at a smart pace, my heels thumping, the hollow sounding echoes returning from the houses, the steadily and alarmingly increasing pressure on my bladder made me have to shut of conciously and in time with every step. Not with all my force, but enough so that one moment of inattention would probably result in a wet disaster.
Now I was passing a painted building full of scrafitti. Two more blocks and a turn left into the final two hundred yards to the hotel, haven of relief, for that now much needed piss. I walked faster.
My heels thud-thudded on large granite flagtones, my straining sphincter shud-shuddered under the liquid load of a distended bladder full of pee, a throbbing urge began to surge, and my willie shed a tear. Oh dear………
Again I thrust my hand into my left pocket and squeezed my dribbling dick through several layers of material, clenching off everything else as well and coming to a groaning halt. I managed to stop the dribble, my cotton underwear could absorb more than a few drips, but a mounting level of desperation had taken hold of me. I looked around in panic, holding on with my hand in my pocket as well as with all known and unknown muscles I had.
Here was I, a man with graying side burns, in pressed trousers, wearing a leather jacket and wollen scarf over a leasure shirt (no tie) in a strange city and about to pee myself any moment. That beer was wreaking havoc with my bladder. I had never ever experienced the need to pee develop at such a rate.
Would I make it to the hotel? There I would have to ask the recepcionist for my key, possibly the very pretty woman with dark bobbed hair in her thirties, then decide if I should hobble up one flight of stairs to my room or down one flight of stairs to the toilet serving the reception area. And by that time, if things continued to worsen at this rate, fighting an urge so great that it would make me dance and squirm, if not dribble on the carpet!
At last I reached the street of my hotel. I turned left, and there it was, the blue neon sign above the entrance bekoning, signalling that toilets were nigh. A few more agonising steps and I was opposite the entrance. A young couple passed me, unaware of my plight. Again I had to stop in my tracks - a spasm of hitherto unexperienced force made my clenched willie swell painfully in my hand. I had to let go from the sudden pain and a gush of pent-up urine under pressure rushed into my underware. I felt the first drops, then a stream run down my left leg. This was too much, it would just not do. I turned on my heel and leapt behind a low hedge separating a grassy area from the street, just across from my goal, unzipped with my right and tried to transfer my squirting member from my clenching left to my right hand. My willie was now weeing continuously. However much I tried to keep myself shut the pee just dribbled out. By the time I had my dick out, my pants were wet to the knees. I stood there emitting a gushing wavy stream into the leafless hedge in front of me, hoping no-one would happen along, getting out my mobile phone to pretend to use it to camouflage what was going on down below.
I was embarrassed and disgusted with myself. Then a rustling sound from the hedge signalled that not only I, but some small creature I must have doused was also feeling pissed.
Well, I finally finished and stepped into the light of a street lantern to examine the damage. A wide dark stain discoloured my trousers in the crotch and all the way down to my knee, and my underwear felt exceedingly warm and soggy.
So I took off my scarf, draped it over my left arm and held it in front of me to hide the evidence, and walked across the street, into the reception area, where a surly old man - not the pretty lady after all - gave me my key, upon which I hoofed it up the stairs to my room. There I went into the shower, took off all my clothes and rinsed them as well as myself. Funnily enough, the pee hardly smelled at all! I had another go in the toilet shortly after and it was clear as water, too! That beer must have been some diuretic, and a bladder irritant as well!

Walked into my college library bathroom on sunday night. I noticed the stall was locked and I heard grunts and heavy breathing. I peaked over the top ( since i am 6 feet 4) and saw this big football player sitting prostrate on the bowl totally nude and all red pumping out a log that would rival the redwoods of California. He was completely consumed by his dump and I stood there awe struck watching him unleash his fury for the next fifteen minutes, breathing and sighing the whole time very very loudly. At one point he lifted his head up with his mouth wide open and his face literally purple before he unloaded an unmerciful log and then dropped his head almost to the floor again in what seemed to be sheer exhaustion. Finally he went for the paper and I sneaked out. I will think of this next week at the game when I see him play!!

Hey guys and girls. I was just watching Vh1 and saw a comercial which showed kid rock pooping. it starts out just showing a news paper and you hear him singing "santa claus is coming to town" and hear a few drops .then as the camera moves down you see kid rocks thighs with his boxers up on his thighs smoking a cigar and singing "kid rock is coming to town" then he laughs and you hear a big fart, as the camera shows him shitting on someones roof down their chimney. that proably seemed confusing.. ALSO in another kid rock music video. you see him wake up and then see him take a morning shit as he wipes his ass with radiohead toilet paper. Kinda messed up cuz i am a radiohead fan but still cool to see him pooping. PEACE..has anyone else seen these??????/

hey, im new to this site but i ahve a question

my brother is 21 and im 18. i have a much smaller penis then him but when i pee i pee large amounts and can keep peeing for a long time. and about 3 min. after i just peed i can go again for almost the same amount of time and the same amount but my brother has a really big penis and he can only pee a little and doesnt go very long and has never gone more than once in the same hour

are all guys like this bigger penis- small pee, small penis- long pee?
Are any guys like this?

hey im 17 yrs old and live in a nice chicago suburb. im about 6'2 and pretty muscular yet skinny

have you ever eaten a lot of oranges or any citrus and cheese together? well if you ahvent, dont! its the worst experience because citrus makes you have to go to the bathroom right away really bad and cheese clogs you butt so they just dont mix

2 days ago i ate about a half lb. of cheese and then abou t 25 min. later i ate 3 oranges then about 10 min. later i got this terrible gas i just kept farting and farting so i ran to the bathroom to take shit and nothing would come out i just kept farting this nasty smell so i just sat on the toilet pushing and nothing happened. i had this terrible cramp and my ass was burning. the whole house started to smell cuz i just kept farting so then i decided i had to pee and i while i was peeing it burned my penis so bad. the pee really stung (i think it was from the oranges) so then about 10 min. later i started pooping and this was no ordinary poop it was huge! it hurt my ass hole so bad that my ass still hurts today. so i just kept pushing and pushing poop out for 15 min. finaly the hard stuff was over and within 2 sec. a flood of wet stinky shit flew from my ass. it just kept comming for 30 min.

whatever you do dont eat oranges and cheese togather!

Thursday, November 21, 2003

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