Hey everyone.
Today i was at Target shoping with Hannah (my girlfriend) and her friend Jessica. We were walking through the womens department when Jessica spread her legs and beared down hard. then a buldge appeared at the back of her pants. We decided to go home since Jessica had a koad in her pants. On the way home she pulled down her pants. Since she forgot she was wearing a thong most of the poo fell on the floor of my new chrysler sebring sedan. I mad e her pick i up. When she bent over she asked hannah to put a tupperware container under her vagina (She still had the thong on. The second she bent over there was a distinct hissing sound. she pissed through the thong into the tupperware as she was picking up the poo. It was a wild ride Home
See you later MattP

To Noreen: cudos to you for pooping and peeing your pants! most mothers wouldnt even try to understand why their daughter loves to poop in her pants. now may i suggest that you let your daughter and her girlfriends have a pants pooping party in your home. give them a room to do it in put down some plastic on the floor and let them have their fun! like i said before they could be doing worse things. going potty in their pants is very harmless. at least she will be home doing it and not out somewhere else. this way you can have some control. im sure that after one or two even maybe three parties, the phase that she and the other girl are going though will more then likey pass. your daughter may always like to poop in her pants, but it will more then likey be few and far between as she gets older. im 24 and i like to poop in my panties/pants, but not every day. so Noreen light up your scented candles and let the girls have their fun! so many teens are into drugs and underage drinking, what your daughter and her friends are into cant hurt a thing. well except for maybe a little what could be called diaper rash, without the diapers! LOL anyways your a very cool mom!xoxoxo from me in a daughter sort of way, byez for now!


This wasnt really an accident but sometimes after reading this if my parents arent home i drip pee in my underwear on purpose. Sometimes i think its fun. Sometimes weird.

I had an amazing crap this morning. I woke up with stomach pain, so I ran to the toilet and pushed. I shot out a softball sized pile of diarhea. It filled the hole at the bottom, and then I had to use a lot of TP to wipe clean.

Sam C.
I am new at this, and I like to read about people who are deperate simply because it is funny not because it turns me on or anything. However I have a few moments where I thought I was doomed.

I am a 16 year old male and one night me and my friend were extremely bored at his house. After hours of boredom, my friend suggested a game to see how long we could hold ourself, i accepted the suggestion. We both drank 8 glasses of water. About the half hour I already felt an urge. Noticing that my friend did not yet look desperate I try to ignore my desire. About a full hour later I was so extremely desperate I couldn't stand it. I found myself dancing around with my hands holding my crotch. My friend seemed desperate too, moving his legs up and down. Half hour later I trying everything to hold it in, knowing that if i held it longer, i'd probably pee myself. I danced around even more until my friend announced that he was quitting and raced to the bathroom. Since the house only had one bathroom I waiting very unpatiently. Feeling the pee desperately wanting to come out I knock on the door several times, but my friend only laugh. By then I had leaked once or twice in my pants and headed straight for the front door. There I quickly unzipped my pants and peed there right off the porch. In the process my friends parents pulled in the drive-way. I could pause my pee for anything, I was peeing away like crazy. As they found me pissing off their steps, they looked at me very strangly and were not pleased by their wet steps. After my long pee, they made me clean my urine off their steps and porch with a hose. I couldn't have been more embarassed.

Mr. Vote
Since I'm more into females pooping I would have to say Detroit Rock City.

Dave form Ypstate NY
To Buzzy: Sounds like a great time in the gym, wish I could buddy dump next to you in that gym.

Wow i like this site. Its pretty cool. Im in college like some of you and i dont have alot of cool stories. But in my hall i live as far as possible from the bathroom, its not that long of a walk but it seems like it sometimes. Besides i like doing things of this nature so i would pee into bottles instead of going to the bathroom. One time at night i had done it and didnt know quite what do with it. So i open the window and dump it out (i live on the second floor) but roomate came back as i was doing this and was like dude what are you doing. I was just like chucking out some old mountain dew. More posts later i suppose

i guess one of my stories was to *sexy* and didnt get published -sorry
i have made small morning poo's for three mornings and knew i had a big one building up inside me, its easy to tell when your ???? starts to bulge and your appetite slows down. Well this was the morning of the fourth day and the Urge for a BM woke me at 6:00 am. I resisted the need for a while as the bed was sooo warm.after a few moments of this and a few odorous farts in bed i got up and started the coffee. I knew this was the morning i would make one of my biggies. I slept in just a big sleep tee last nite and i wanted to do this BM in pantyhose
(i save old ones for this)I chose a pair of sheer to waist and slipped into them and went to the kitchen for coffee. my bladder and colon were both protesting by now.
I was still dark so i took my coffee out into the yard and looked at the morning as i farted and released my bladder letting the hot urine flow down my legs-mmmm wow.then i just relaxed and let nature take over.My hole pressed open my eyes watered and it came out of me in all its stinky glory god what a relief i was big and semi soft and had gone well down one leg of my hose i just stood and rested a moment -and ooo my there was more to come.A wave of yellow creamy poo came out to finish my work .I felt wonderful and empty.
I stood there finishing my coffee and then to the shower for some*releif* and a cleanup.
emptying my hose inthe shwer drain i saw it was one of my "cucumber size movements with the softer poop on top-I love it whenn i can produce one like that
I love all your stories the y get my *juices* flowing

Raging Urophile
I am seeking some advice from those of you who take massive dumps once a day.
Unfortunately, I usually take two or three small incomplete dumps a day. As a result my bunhole has become sore over the years.It is laden with about four fissures that are very painful to wipe. Also , I have a very deeply set bunhole that can only be reached by first penetrating two outer bunholes. My dumps are often incomplete, so half the shit remains in my ass, making the wiping experience unbearable at times. A warm tissue with soap is not always enough. Sometimes I will take two or three incomplete craps in just a few hours, and sometimes two an hour( Time out for a dump.It was typically imcomplete). I am back. Sometimes I take precautionary craps before I have to. This is because I earn my living in the classroom and cannot legally leave the kids unmonitored. This just makes for more frequent messy incomplete dumps, and an even more painful bunhole.
I would like advice on how I can increase my chances of taking larger, more complete, and cleaner craps just once a day. My bunhole could use the relief.
Thanks, and always remember my mantra ladies. "Keep on gushing, hissing , spraying, and streaming, and, whenever possible, do it in front of men.

Hey, Althea, think you could tell about some of those incidents? We don't get that kind of story often enough. You'd think virtually everyone would have had at least one "so much soda, so little time" incident or at least one instance of the infamous "pee dream" by the time they were the age of the average poster here, but hardly anyone's talking about them.

Whatever happened to Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal? They'd been around forever and suddenly... Poof! When people who are around that regularly for that long disappear that completely all at once, you have to wonder what happened. Are they okay? Does anyone know?

Camp Counselor, are you the same one from a long time ago? (Same with Fluidity, who would probably set a record if it is. I've seen that name on Old Posts pages that were in single digits.) Anyway, the characters of Digimon sometimes gotta go. Characters that I'd *like* to see... cancha just see Kit from TaleSpin having to squeal and squirm and bunny-hop to the john after a long flight? There's no toilet on the Sea Duck. I don't think I could last as long as he must have to.

Clogged Carl
Yesterday I went and bought some Correctol. The clerk in the drugstore looked at me kind of funny and asked if I knew it was for women. I probably turned three shades of red and told her it was for my girlfriend. Anyway, I tried one last night because I hadn't gone for four days. This morning when I woke up I had a strong urge to go. It still took a lot of pushing because it was so big and firm, but it felt great coming out and it was enormous. Maybe the biggest poo I've ever done. It really filled the pot and I had to flush three times. So far I think Correctol is just great.

Brigitte, you never told us how the Correctol worked for you. Did you do a nice one? Has anybody else ever used it?

Maple Leaf
POO FINDER - Interesting story. Long before I knew her, my wife used to always smoke while taking a shit. She told me that she would find herself going more OFTEN during the day as a result, but she didn't find that it made any difference in the type of output (i.e. soft or hard, etc.)that she produced. You didn't mention if you were male or female - I ask because it seems to me that many females who smoke, also tend to smoke while taking a shit - my wife described it as a "girl thing", whatever that means. I wasn't sure if my wife was the rule, or the exception. Keep the smoking/shitting stories coming!

Hi everyone,I just found this site.I find it very interesting.Here is an embarassing acciedent story I had.This happened about 2 yrs ago.I live in New Jersey and the traffic around here can be horrific,especially if you are stuck and you got to pee.I was coming home one night and I had to take 46,everywhere else was backed up,accidents,etc.I am sitting in traffic.It was hot so I was drinking alot of water all day.I was about 5 miles from my exit.It is than that I had the urge to pee.I figured no big deal I am a big boy I can make it.To make a long story short It took me about 25 mins to go 1 mile.By the time I finally got to my exit.It was about 90 mins later.I was really struggling than.The pressure on my bladder was intense.By the time I started going up the driveway it was starting to come out in little surts and the front of my pants had a little wet spot on it.By the time I got out of my car and got to the door,for get it.I was like a minute from going inside and I couldn't wait and wet my pants.I couldn't believe it.I couldn't get in the house quick enough.Man I was embarassed enough,I didn't want my neighbors to see me too.Anybody else have an experience like that ? I would like to here from you.Take care.

i would know why ladies put down just enaough to go their pants and tigh?
i saw that news from the survey.
yes in my family i see that women put pants and tight more high.
personally i'ma a man and put my trouses to my knees
i 'd like that ladies explain to me why and when if diffrente


I was at Tara and Dave's place. We were drinking cokes between watching videos. I told them about this site and how.a girl was asking how you pee into a foreskin. Some boy had written he did it because he was bursting and wasn't near a bathroom. Tara asked Dave if he could do it and he said he didn't think you could get much in and it would be difficult to hold the end tight closed until you got to a toilet. Would a clothespeg work to keep it closed, Tara wanted to know. Find a peg Dave said and we can try. So Tara went off to the laundry and when she came back with a peg, Dave unzipped and lifted junior out. He pushed on the outside of the tube to get as much foreskin over the head as he could and then took the peg and opened it, and closed the peg onto his foreskin at the end. It sorta dangled there, pulling the skin down a bit with its weight and I guess Dave has quite a lot of foreskin, specially when it stretches like that. He said "OK watch this, I am going to pee" and for a moment nothing happened and then as Tara and me watched we could see his foreskin sorta growing longer and bulging out as it stretched and then more till it looked like a balloon. It was awesome how big the balloon got, then Dave said he guessed that was about as much pee as he could get in and he had to stop. He told us to feel the balloon to see how hard it was with the skin stretched tight.
It was OK being in the house with us but if he had been in the car for instance there would have been a problem because he couldn't get everything back in his shorts, the balloon, the peg and the rest of junior. Dave pulled his shorts right off and we went out to the garden, first me then Tara and Dave last, holding onto his balloon. He stood with his legs wide apart while Tara held him with one hand and with the other she took off the peg and pee burst out in a great splashng torrent. It went simply everywhere and then Dave had more pee to come so Tara aimed it into the flowers. When he was finished he rolled the skin right back over the head so it would get off all the drips and dry properly. The skin stayed rolled back like that for a bit and then sorta crept back over the head to cover it and the front part of the foreskin was quite narrow again and it was sorta red where the peg had been. Tara and me thought it was all real neat and we were pleased Dave showed us. I never realised how useful a foreskin could be. I guess the length is important because if the skin was a lot shorter than Dave's there wouldn't be much to peg onto and there wouldn't be room in it for a lotta pee.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Great posts from everyone the last couple of days. Enjoyed them all. Yesterday was a busy day as far as on the toilet wise.
Seemed that it was that time of month but instead of bieng loose every thing was firm.

Trip number one was shortly after breakfast and I pulled down my jeans and boxers. There was no need to push and a piece shot out very quickly followed by another. Both made a big splash that sent water rebounding off my anus. There was a brief pause and then another piece shot out scoring a direct hit again on my anus as far as the water splash! Then the last piece came out but did not do the water splash this time. All four pieces were about 4-5" size.

Trip number 2 was around 2 in the afternoon. I sat down and with just a slight push this firm knobby one eased its way out. This one flomped into the bowl and I wiped stood up and this one was about 8' long 2' in diameter.

Trip number 3 was the last one of the day. This one was a nice slow pleasurable feeling one. There was no sound as this one came out. It seemed to go on forever only because it was moving slowly. It started out like it was wide and slowly as it passed out it gradually narrowed down. There was no flomp or splash to this one. I reached over and grabed the tp and wiped myself and stood up. I looked back around and this one looked like a smile from a smiley face laying there in the bowl! Both tips were out of the water in the bowl. I flushed and it spun around and around faster as the water went down. It broke into 2 parts and down it went. It did leave some skid marks for a moment but the swirling whirlpool of water spinning around the bowl cleaned them away. Upstate Dave

em dubya
I'm back! I gotta poop again! This time I'm gonna try on all fours with my underwear on. I've already peed and I've had to poo for about an hour. Ok, I've got the keyboard on the floor in front of me.My forearms are flat on the florr and my butt is hanging over my legs. I can feel the turd trying to get out. Push...I can feelit's head poking out. It's crackling a little and slowy sliding out. My underwear is slowing it down so my hole is open. Reaching back with my right hand I can feel a small head poking out through my underwear. Push! a crackle and a little bit of pee.More pee and it broke off.Feeling it, it's pretty soft and it's starting t smell.I sat up so it could drop down into my underwear. Push, a small fast moving semi-squishy one came out and then stopped and broke off.I sat up again to let it fall down, too.One more little turd came out when I pushed and now I feel empty. Now I'm kneeling with the keyboard back on my desk. I can smell the poop and I can feel it just below my butt hole. On the front of my underwear, there is a small wet spot from the pee I forced out. I just pulled down my underwear to look at the turds. The underwear smushed them so they're fat. They're a weird green color! That doesn't happen to me much. Ok, I'm gonna take a shower now. Keep posting everyone, these most recent posts have been great.

Justine: an unbearably itchy anus can be caused by pinworms. You might want to see your doctor. If you rule this out, try using a wet cleansing method after every bowel movement. (E.g.: a baby-wipe or a moistened washcloth)

Friday, November 14, 2003

I would be interested to hear more female desperation stories!I would like to hear stories about girls waiting on line bursting for a pee or poop.Also more outhouse stories!If anyone has them, please share.

Don't you hate it when you have to pee real bad and you're stuck doing dishes at work? I had to deal with that tonight. We were running way late getting out, so I waited until I could feel it seep out and ran to thhe restroom, undoing my jeans on the way. I sat down just in time. Other than that, nothing has come uo of interest. Or come out, rather.

Hi Laura..

Welcome to the club. If you live in a dorm, I am sure you must have volumes of pooping stories to tell. Waiting in trepidation...

Today, I was riding down this backroad through the woods (on our normal route home... I live out in the middle of nowhere) and we passed by this nice looking house. I love that house, it's so pretty and we get to drive by it almost everyday, but today when we drove by I noticed that in the little space of woods less than 100 yards from the house was a toilet. I mean, there was a toilet just sitting there, against a pine tree. Not an outhouse or a stall, it was toilet. And it couldn't have been connected to anything. It wasn't even concealed behind the tree, it was in full view from passers-by on the road. I can't imagine anyone using it, it's probably just a discarded piece of junk, but considering how nice that house is, I would think that the owners would be embarrassed by a toilet in their yard. Makes me wonder. Anyway, seeing that just reminded me about how much I love peeing in strange places. I would love to go and pee in that toilet. I love using port-a-potties, airplane toilets, trees, my cups :), outhouses, anywhere strange. I want to use a chamber pot sometime.. that would be awesome.
I remember going on a fishing trip with family last summer and there weren't any bathrooms and there wasn't anywhere to go that wasn't in full view of everyone else, except inside my great-uncle's old house. No one has lived there for years and years, there's no electricity (anymore), no furniture, it's just an old run-down shack. In fact, it's really only used for storage for the fishing gear because the brim pond is right next to the house. Anyway, I was bursting for a pee even I'd gone before we'd gone to the pond and I wasn't about to squat in front of all of my relatives. I was going to just wait until we got home, I figured that we'd be leaving soon, we already had about 30 brim, but they hadn't been cleaned (skinned and heads cut off) yet, and I was about to pee myself. I made up an excuse that I was going to the car to get something, and instead snuck back around to the front of the old house, hand between legs and all. I thought about just dropping my shorts and peeing on the porch, but figured that there was probably a toilet inside. Door was already partially open so I just went inside, and wouldn't you know it, there was a toilet just sitting there, right inside, in what would have been the living area. It wasn't connected to a line or anything like that, it was just an empty toilet, but I was absolutely dying for a piss, so I closed the door, hovered over it, and did my deed. I didn't stay to see where my tinkle went, I assume it leaked out onto the floor, but I didn't want to get caught so I hurried back outside.
Another time, I was with a friend and we had gone to a little league baseball game, and I had to pee. I told my bud's mom that I had to tinkle and pointed over to the johns. She politely asked me if I could wait until we got to her house to go, because they were 'unclean'. I told her that I'd try to wait, and I managed to wait for another inning with my legs crossed, (since it was little league, there weren't 9 innings, I don't remember how many there were, but it was the last one), and I couldn't wait anymore. I told her mom again and she asked me again if I could wait. I flat out said 'no', so she just kind of grimaced and clicked her tongue. I headed for the johns, trying not to grab myself and waited in line for forever. When it was finally my turn, I hobbled in and barely got the door locked. I managed to get my pants down, but I couldn't figure out to hover over the seat (I was much shorter then.. only about 8), so I wound up peeing all over the floor and my feet. Covered my mess with paper towels and went back out to join friend and her evil mom. It wasn't her fault, but she sort of kind of, nearly made me wet myself that day.

Okay, well that's all for now.

If I can get into the habit, I may change my name to "Small Bladder Lizz" or something to that effect, so I won't get mixed up with Lizzy. :)

K.: I can understand that little guy with the overflowing bladder. It happened to all of us in when we were little. It happened to me and to many of my little classmates.

Andrew: I had a boyfriend who was turned on by my toilet habits. Children are curious about each other, both same sex and opposite sex. When I was little, friends and relatives used to visit. They would bring their kids or I would be brought to other's houses. I did not like to go to another toilet unless it was the one at home but, if the urge happened, then I did. I'll tell you more later.

Franco: I was the same way in elementary school. My bowels had tremendous capacity. Up until junior high school, I would wait until I got home. I moved my bowels at junior high school a few times because I was desparate. I used to go to the school toilet in the afternoon and I used find some large rock hard bowel movements done by the other girls. I did not like to use the toilet at church because they were in atrocious condition and I did not want to mess up my clothes. I would squat and hover over the bowl for a piss, only. I could use the toilets in the parks before I would go at school. See my earliest posts.

does anyone else have an incredibly itchy anus? I wipe really good every time I take a crap, but try as i might i can;t stop my asshole from itching. Randomly, my asshole will itch, at any time for no reason. it doesn;t happen that often, but when it does it itches so bad that i have to go scratch it. Sometimes i can't help it and i insticualy shove my hand down my pants and scratch myself. once or twice i've jumped in the shower just so i could scratch and wash my asshole thoughourly. Does anyone else excperiance this?

hey guys im back with another storie . sorry about the spelling in the last story i put in. i was playing thps4 (tony hawk pro stkater 4) when i felt the sudden erge to take a crap but i desided to do somthing different i went in the bathroom and put the bathrooms trash can in front of the toilet (it had a bag in it). the i sqauted over the trash can an started to pee most of it went into the toilet then i started to pesh and anbout 5 balls of poop fell out of my anus and made a thud into the trashcan . i then push out a 3 inch turd with corn in it .i sat there a couple minutes and still felt a little bit in there so i sat on the toilet and out came a 2 inch turd then i cleand up and flushed.

thats all i got for now.

to ALTHEA: i lone your stories and was wonedering if u where (plz dont take this as like a racial thing ) black and how old u are.
im out

Hey Everyone!

It turns out Jess got a lot of pooping action on Saturday.I just read Mel's story.Jess got to see me poop later that day.
I got home from shopping with friends at about 3pm and i was desperate for a dump.I saw that we had guests and decided to hold it.Mel went to netball training at 3:30,My Auntie and Mom went out, so Jess and I were home alone.
I told Jess i was desperate for a dump, she had a huge grin on her face and said "I gotta go too, lets poop somewhere exciting!"
We decided to poop on a towel on the floor.We went into the bathroom grabbed and old towel and got undressed.

I went first because i could already feel my asshole getting ready to open up.I squatted on the floor and poked my butt out.I let out out long, loose, airy fart and pee'd a little on the towel.I groaned as my hole relaxed.I pushed a little and it was nice and fat.It eased it's way out nice and slowly, it was so long and smooth, it felt great!It popped out my ass and thudded on the floor.Then i was done.
I stood up and looked at my beautiful poop.It was perfect, about 10" long, 2" wide, a nice long smooth shaft.My asshole was still buzzing with pleasure.

Then it was Jess' turn.She did a ripper fart that echoed around the room.She stayed standing up and bent her knees a little.Some piss dribbled from her pussy and she farted again.She starined and spread her ass cheeks wide.I looked at her asshole, which was a little dirty, as it opened and a nice fat turd raced from her hole and hit the tiles, missing the towel.Two more smalles logs fell out and landed on mine.

We put the turds in the toilet and flushed, neither of us wiped out dirty assholes.

The End

LAURA:Great first post, a lovely story, cant wait to see more from you.

AUSSIEROD:No, I've never tried that pooping technique, but i will next time i have to poop, which is right now:P
1. deliberately poop your pants, if so where ?? at home , shopping or anywhere?

Yes, i poop my pants everynow and then, usually just at night when im watching tv.I just poop in my panties.Sometimes i even go to sleep in the dirty panties.

2. deliberately not wipe after shitting, or what do you do if there is no paper...... I have used my finger then wiped it on the wall & washed my finger later.

Mel often doesnt wipe, im not sure why.I usually wipe unless i have a nice pooping session with a friend or mel, i just wait until i have a shower.

3. The g/f who told me about the reclining poop position is a very girl , I mean she has good treasure trail to her navel, thick black bushy pubic hair & a hairy hole. Because of this she pften has skid marks on her thong , do you suffer the same problem?

Neither of us are hairy, we're both usually clean shaven everywhere, but we both still suffer from skid marks on panties and thongs.

4.Do you ever get aroused when you feel the need to poop?
everytime i need to poop i get really aroused.I really love the feeling of having a big load of poop pressing against my asshole and when it comes out, even better.

5. Do you stand up to pee or sit?
Everynow and then when i want some fun, i'll stand up, i usually sit or squat to pee.

Love Ash.D


Hey,to all-some good stories on the forum lately! some responses
TO LAURA-Welcome to the club-Enjoyable story with your stall dump story-good stuff!
TO MELd & ASH-Love your stories-keep 'em coming
TO AUSSIEROD-I'm not into pooing in my pants myself ,but I too get erections when i have to dump,but not all the time-it seems to happen when I really have to go pretty bad and I usually then poop a lot when i go-
TO FRANCO-Hey,great story with you and the guy in the outdoor men's room-Sounds like you and I have the same wavelenth-I too enjoy pooing along with other guys,but nothing else.there's something cool about dumping along with another guy esp out in the woods where you can see each other pooing
hey FRANCO-got a story for you that happened to me this weekend-It was really cold here in the N.E.,so I decided to go the gym after I got up to do some cardio stuff.So after about 20 mins on the stepper,I felt like I had to poop-excercising really gets my system going-Now here at the gym the mens room is really cool-theres' 6 stalls -3 to a side and on the weekends,esp in the morning,it's pretty busy(check some of my older posts about some cool gym dumps i've had!)So I go downstairs to the bathroom and 4 out of the 6 stalls are full of guys grunting and farting and dumping,so I go into ma middle stall as another guy is just cleaning of the seat and starting to sit down and as I start to clean off my seat(i always clean the seat before I dump)This guy lets out a moan and 2 long farts and then I hear the crackling of what sounded like a long poop coming out-now hearing this made me really have to go too-the sounds of other guys pooping somehow makes me have to go too-must be the inspiration!So i go to sit on the bowl and from 1 of the stall across from me,i hear another guy let out what sounded like what I calla "morning coffee shit"with a lot of gas and loose stuff-now I really had to go so I relaxed my bulging anus and let out 2 tight farts and with all the grunting and dumping going on around me,I let out a grunt as I felt my anus dome out with part 1 of my morning movement and I felt it slide and crackle loudly out slowly as I heard the guy in the next stall fart again and I heard crackling from his butt too as we both were crackling along together-it was great!Then i heard his poop start to speed up and then it sounded like his but just exploded with a lot of loose stuff as he let out this long moan of relief.Meanwhile my turd is still hangling out my anus as I'm just enjoying the whole experience and then I felt a cramp as I could feel pt 2 of my Bm start to build,so I relaxed my anus as this turd started to move and then fell into the bowl with a small polp as then I let out a "Pffffffft" fart and I just sat back against the tank with my legs spread as a long rope of dung came out pretty fast with a lot of gas along with it and it felt super as I heard another guy across from me do some more "coffee" induced poop with a lot of gas along with it-then I to let out a long wet fart at the end of pt 2 of my dump-it was like a poop symphony in there!It seemed like everyone was really getting into dumping and feeding off each other-it was fun hearing all the grunts and moans as I was letting out my morning load!I haden't been to the gym toilet in quite awhile cause I mostly biked instead,but as I'm sitting there,i'm thinking,it's coming up to that time of year where I visit the toilets here regularly and this was the 1st gym poop of the season and man was it a good one!!Then as I'm sitting there,i hear the guy in the next stall start to wipe as I felt another urge to poop and let out a small fart and let out some more soft stuff ending with a wet fart and as this guy in the next stall is just about getting ready to leave,i hear him say " shit" and he quickly pulls down his gym shorts and sits back on the bowl and let out a long fart and did a bunch of loose stuff-I think him hearing me a minute before made him have to poop!Then we both started to wipe our butts at the same time and he flushed first and then I had to flush twice-i did a good load load- it all didn't go down on the 1st flush-then I had some fun and got dressed and came out and as I'm washing my hands,this guy next to me turns out he was the guy next to me in the stall said"man,there's some serious shitting going on here this morning"I said "yeah it really inspires you to contribute' and we both laughed and then he said"hey you were in the stall next to me weren't you?I looked at his sneakers and said"Yup I think so-i recognize your sneakers"then he said "yeah just when I thought I was done,i heard you letting go and all of a sudden I had to shit again" and he chuckled and I said" glad to inspired you' as i thought to myself I was right all along!Then we said so long as I went off to the showers feeling relieved and empty-it was a great morning here at the gym! it doesn't beat a good buddy dump out in the woods,but it's a close 2nd!!If I have any more gym dumps,i'll tell you guys some more stuff!!-good stories all! BYE-

I stopped for a quick lunch one afternoon at a pizza parlor on my way to a job interview 4 years ago. After I had finished my two slices, I had decided to take a leak before being on my way. As I was standing at the urinal draining my lizard, I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to fart. So I let one go. The sound echoed nicely off the walls in this tiny restroom and I laughed with approval. Suddenly I had the urge to fart again. This time when I let it fly I felt a hot wet sensation shoot out of my rectum. I knew what that meant. Oh no not now! I couldn't believe I sprayed my underwear with that last fart. I haven't shit myself since I was 7 years old, and here I was on my way to a job interview of all things, spray-painting my underwear! Desperately I jumped into the stall and removed my pants and soiled briefs. I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped myself clean. Then I pulled my pants up. Since my briefs were now soiled beyond hope I would now have to go to the job interview "commando". As I stepped out of the stall, I glanced around frantically for a trash can or wastebasket. There was none. Time was now running short and I did not want to be late for my interview, so I just threw the shit-drenched briefs into the cabinet under the sink! Not a good suprise for whoever would happen to open that cabinet!

em dubya
Hey all! Glad to see that more people are posting! Great posts everyone! I just took a dump, so here's what happend.

About 10 or 15 min ago I felt a need to poop and before I could stop it, a small pebble came out. I then came to my computer and checked the new posts. After I was done (about 7-12 min ago) I came into my bathroom and pulled down my jeans and underwear. Once I sat down, I started pushing. Since I had forced the poop back up, it took a lot of pushing to get it out again. I grunted, then some pebbles came out, then more grunts and more pubbles (prbably about 4 times.) When the last bit of poop was comming out, I started peeing. I usually pee before I poop but I think that since I was pushing as soon as I sat down, it didn't have a chance to get out until I was done. I then stood up and looked in the bowl. There were several small "rock" poops, each about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. I wiped then flushed. Well, that's it for now. Keep up the good posts everyone!

Hey Guys.
Mike again (ok, so maybe I am not as shy as I thought!)

Haven't gone poo recently, but do have a story, and a question to ask. First, the story.

Once, I was out somewhere, and for some reason, I had to poo really bad. I was helping someone with something though, so I couldn't leave. But I couldn't hold it, so I gave in to my poo poo and left to go to the bathroom. I ran, got in, ripped my pants down, and sat. The toilet shook as the ugency to poo led me to crash my butt down on the toilet. I farted, and right after I did, I let out my poo poo. I was surpised because I felt about 6 long poops come out. After I was done, I looked, and what I felt was confirmed: 6 long 6 inch pieces of poo poo. I was impressed. I flushed and left.

My question is for Mel and Ash (forgive me if I have your names wrong). Well, from what I have read so far, you enjoy watching eachother poo, correct? Well, my question may be silly, but how do you tolerate the stink? I mean, your own poo you can stand, but someone else's? For the record, I haven't gone poo with someone else, just basing that on the smell of other's farts.

I am not one to do odd things with poo much, but I have done some. If anyone wants to know, just ask.

Take care guys.


Today, when I came home from school, I had to poop, but my mom was cleaning the bathroom that I always use. So, I went into her and my dads room and used their bathroom without closing the door. I made sure she knew that I was going to poop in her bathroom, and then, just to top it off, I didn't flush the toilet. When my dad came home, he came upstairs and found me on his toilet. He asked me what I was doing in his bathroom, and I told him that I was about to poop my pants, so I just used his bathroom. He went back downstairs, and I finished my doody, and to pay him back for his attitude, and to pay my mom back for messing up my afternoon poop, I decided not to wipe my butt. I pulled up my pants, and went downstairs to do my homework. While I was doing my homework, my mom started doing laundry, and told me to give her my pants, so I kicked my shoes off and stripped down to my poop stained underware and my shirt, then went back to doing my homework. Then my parents started dinner, and I got thirsty, so I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. When I went into the kitchen, my dad was standing by the fridge, and I walked up and gave him a hug. While I was doing this, he sniffed me and said, "you smell buddy." Then my mom said, "You didn't wipe your butt, did you?" I told her, "I didn't wipe because I was mad at you for being in my bathroom when I need to poop, and I was mad at dad because he barked at me when he saw me pooping in your bathroom." I was able to make them accept responsibility for my poop fetish again, just like I always have. They still have'nt made me change my underware. I sat through dinner with them on, and I even took a spot on my dads knee for a few minutes to talk to him about a math problem, and nothing has been said. Im about to poop again, but first I have to tell my mom that I have to go.

what is your clean up process after pooping your panties?

To Amber: Liked your story..thats cool about pooping in a you think any one will find it?
To Sara: Liked your story...that reminds me of the time i shit my self at work.
To Stomach Virus=Laundry: Enjoyed your story
To janet: Liked your story
To Franco: Enjoyed your story
To Laura: Liked your story...did you check becca's stall after she left?
To Richard: Loved your story about watching your self poop
To Poo Finder: Liked your story
To Love Mel.D: Liked your story..has you seen your cousin poop?
To James: Loved your story
To Lucki Sportz Fanatic: Enjoyed your story
To coolboy: I've seen that movie....its cool...i happene to mention about the show at work and someone mentioned the pooping sceene.
To Mike: Welcome...enjoyed your story
To Franco: Enjoyed your story about that guy having to shit in thw woods
To Arthur: Liked your
To And Butt and Or: Loved your stories about your friend..thats cool
To Mr. Vote: American pie...thats so cool thats my vote!

Camp Counselor
I spend much of my time with kids between the ages of 8-12. A recent post mentioned cartoon characters they would like to see on the toilet. While cartoonists make characteristics of say the weekenders or recess kids very realistic for kids in that age group, they leave out one very important part. Going to the bathroom. Spend some time on a 6th grade playground, and youre going to hear them talking about going to the bathroom, see kids desperate for the john, and as i've seen once or twice, kids going to the bathroom. I believe the recess kids are in 6th grade, and they are very real 6th graders, except they never have to go to the bathroom.

Although one time I recall hearing guss say he had to go to the bathroom really bad.

Every since I was a young kid, I have imagined cartoon kids desperate for a pee.

Any thoughts?

Clogged Carl
As far as I can tell, nobody answered my question about why Correctol is just for females, so I got up my nerve and asked a nurse I know. She laughed and said it was just an advertising gimmick that they use because more women have constipation than men. I always thought it was the other way around, because women get so many chances to try every day, and we only get one or two.

Anyway, she said it's actually a pretty good laxative because it has a second ingredient that helps you keep going the second day. She said she uses it because she gets constipated when she has her period or changes shifts at the hospital. She didn't seem to be embarrassed about it at all, which kind of surprised me.

It got me to thinking about other ways laxatives could be advertised. How about "GO-MAN-GO, the laxative that makes even the toughest he-man sit down in the bathroom." Or "GO-GO-GIRL, the predictable laxative for gals on the go." Anybody have any other ideas?

Well, I'm clogged up again, so I think I'm going to get some Correctol and try it. Will let you know what happens.

Eric in Chicago
And Butt and Or: What did you eat or drink to get the greenish brown? If my shit is greenish brown, I always try to

Monday, November 10, 2003

Hi here I am again - not having posted for some time.
I am a 48-year-old divorcee living and working in London.
Whilst out shopping in my lunch hour in a large well-known department store I suddenly had a strong desire to break wind. As the ladies loos was nearby I decided to hold it in.
When I arrived, one out of the three cubicles was occupied. I took the empty middle one, hitched up my skirt, yanked down my tights and pants and sat down.
It was clear there was a small girl with her mother in the occupied cubicle next to me.
My rectum was now uncomfortably full of wind, and I rose up on one cheek on the seat and blew a loud fart that echoed throughout the cubicles.
"Mummy what was that !?" came a little voice from the next-door cubicle.
" A lady trying to do a poo just like me" said the mother quietly.
I had stopped before releasing all the wind owing to the loud noise and felt momentarily embarrassed. I then had no choice but to release the remainder - which was equally noisy.
"Mummy, mummy - why does that lady make such a big poo noise!" said the little girl loudly - and the mother started to softly tell her to be quiet.
"Please excuse my little daughter," she said to me.
" I do apologise" I said "but my ???? was full of wind"
I then felt a large turd inch its way down into my rectum, and decided I should try and pass it - not having been for about 5 days.
I started to repeatedly strain audibly as the turd felt bulbous and hard and refused to budge through my anus. I now felt fully dilated with nothing happening.
"Mummy what's the matter with that lady ?" came a little voice as I grunted and gasped. " I am so sorry" the mother said to me.
" Not as sorry as I feel" I said, "I am solid with constipation and just cannot pass a thing".
" I - have - the - same - problem," said the mother - clearly now straining.
"Mummy why are you making that face and getting up?" Mother was clearly straining hard and rising slowly up and down off the loo seat in her efforts to pass a difficult turd.
There was then a silent pause - as she held her breath - followed by a loud splash and a gasp of relief.
"Mummy's finished now darling" and I could hear wiping. "Mummy - big poo" said the little girl who must have been looking into the bowl. "Shish dear" said mummy and flushed the loo.
I decided to give up, as I could not get my turd to move out. My anus closed and I felt the hard lump retreat back up my rectum. Try again this evening or tomorrow I thought.
I exited my cubicle at the same time as the mother and daughter.
"I am so sorry about my daughter," said the mid-30's mum - looking embarrassed "don't they let you down !" She quickly washed her hands and manhandled her daughter out of the door back into the store.
When I had finished washing my hands I had a quick look-see into the next-door cubicle. The mother's turd had refused to be flushed, and was floating. It was about 7" long, 2.5 inches thick and knobbly at the front, light- brown in colour, and tapering to a smoother 2" in diam. There was little smell.
I was unable to pass any of my stool until the seventh day.

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