I did it, i pooped in a shoebox!!!!!! Well it wasn't actually a shoebox, it was one of those left over boxes from Christmas time, but I still did it!! My mom had gone to the mall today to go shopping, and I had a day off from school so I stayed home and went on the internet and watched television. About an hour after she left, I had to poop really bad, so I took that Christmas box, went into the bathroom, lifted the seat of the toilet up, and put the box on the toilet and slid it backwards a little. Meanwhile, I took off my sweater, my pants, and my panties, and tossed them aside. I then went over to the toilet, and hovered over the box with my butt hanging over it. I started peeing, and my pee went half on the box and half in the toilet. My poop started coming out while I was still peeing, and it broke off and thudded into the box. I pushed some more, and the rest of that piece fell into the box. I then grunted really loudly and a small piece dropped into the box. I felt empty, so I put the cover on the box and put it down on the floor. After I wiped my butt and my front, I went outside with the box, and walked down to a creek that's in my backyard. I slowly walked down the hill and tossed the box in the little stream in the creek. There are a bunch of rocks surrounding it, so I started throwing the rocks at the box...I dont know why i did that lol. well anyway, it was a really great experience, and i hope you enjoy reading it!!! Now for some replies......

To the neighbor - Hi there, thanks for your explanation of your wife. I'm glad that she doesn't laugh at you or make fun of you for your feelings. If she did, i think it would be rude. And I look forward to reading about the experiences you had when you were a kid, thankx!!! xoxo


Recently, I had chronic diarrhea, but had decided to go to work anyway. I was making trips to the bathroom at least once an hour, squirting a little bit out and heading back to my desk. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk when I sneezed really hard, which made me shit my pants! It was horrible, because it wasn't like a solid glob of shit, but a big gush of diarrhea, so it was squished all over my buns and thighs. It stank to high heaven! I was so mortified, I rushed into the bathroom. Everyone knew what I had done, there was no way they didn't. I went into the handicapped stall and peeled off my pants. The shit had oozed down my legs, all over my thighs! My underpants were so full that shit splattered on the floor when I pulled them off. I wiped my buns and my thighs off with some TP. I flushed the toilet several times so it wouldn't clog up. I cleaned the floor with more TP, and flushed that, too. Then my bowels cramped up and I quickly sat on the toilet. I squirted out more liquidy shit. I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. I really needed a shower, and my underpants and pants were filled with shit! I stepped out of the stall, naked from the waste down, and crept to the bathroom door. I cracked it open and called to my friend who sat a few cubicles away. I asked her to please bring me a towel and a garbage bag. She went to find them, and I went back in the stall. She came in a few minutes later. I stepped out of the stall and wrapped the towel around my waste and put my pants and underwear in the bag. She asked what happened, I said I had shit my pants. I knew everyone had to know what had happened, so I stepped out of the bathroom with the towel around my waste. I apologized to everyone for stinking the area up. I went to my boss and told him I was very sick and had to go home. He said okay. I stayed home the following day too, more because I was so embarrassed. I went back on Monday and everyone was very nice. That was a terrible experience! But, I'm smiling as I write this, so I guess I can see the humor.


Stomach Virus=Laundry
Hey everyone, I'm a senior in highschool and I just turned ninteen a few weeks ago. My name is Camy, and I;m a Latino girl that stands probably about 5'8" and has long, dark brown hair. Last week, I caught a real bad stomach virus.I missed thw whole week of school, but I was so miserable that I would have rather been there! It hit me Monday night. My room comes equiped with a TV and a full bathroom(sink, toilet, shower/tub) all my own. I was sitting around watching the tube when my stomach started gurgling. I felt bloated, like I needed to fart, so I decided to try. I let out a really, really wet one and a spurt of diarrhea spurted out of my ass! I clenched it shut and dashed into the bathroom, pulled down my panties and exploded a load of mushy, runny diarrhea. When it was all said and done, I checked my panties and they were just fine. So I pulled them up and went back to my TV. After the attack, I felt a little queasy and weak, so I went to bed a bit early. That's when the real fun started! I wouke up, God knows when, with cold sweat all over my body and I felt dizzy. I stumbled toward the bathroom and when I got there started puking! I lunged for the toilet and heaved me insides out, but at the same time I started shitting myself! A flood of hot, liquid diarrhea poured into my panties and PJ bottoms. My stomach kept cramping and everytime it clenched another river of diarrhea erupted out of my ass. I didn't think I could shit that much. It was all over my buttocks and thighs and legs. My clothes were ruined, covered in my brown mess. I took a hot shower and slipped into a new pair of panties and grey sweats. I was feeling miserable and really weak and tired, so I was back asleep within minutes of laying down. I woke up again in the middle of the night. There was a warm, wet sticky feeling in the seat of my pants. I was confused, but slowly realized what happened. I had diarrhea in my panties while I was sleeping! I hit the showers again and put on my another clean pair of clothes. I put a note on my door, telling my mom I was sick and wasn't going to school, then felt that feeling in the back of my throat. I ran for the trash can and started hurling and -yup, you guessed it- a big wet blurp noise and hot, wet shit was running down my legs again. I cleaned up again and luckily slept until my alarm went off at 6. I spent all day wrapped up in my blankets, all nice and warm. I felt pressure comg on fast, but I felt way to sick to get up and go to the toilet, and I figured I had already completely messed myself three times, so I just relaxed. As soon as I did, I felt my butt get all warm and sticky, then I pushed and another rush of very runny diarrhea filled my pants. Those were the worst days of the week, but I did have two more accidents. One I got up to shit in the middle of the night but didnt make it and the other time I was coughing and in the midst of my coughing shot a couple squirts in to my undies but not too bad. Well needless to say I had lots of laundry this week besided a few things that were trashed. Thanks for hearin about my sickness thought you might like it. Peace!!!

when I was in high school a bunch of kids cheated on a test. when the teacher asked us if anyone saw anything that might have anything to do wiht this I was hinest and told him about the three students I saw that morning whispering and handing each other peices of paper. The sudents who cheated eventualy found out I tattled and decided to get "revenge" on me. One day at lunch, one of theses girls must of spiked my food with a laxative b/c during gym(wich was next period) I felt a desperate urge to crap. the class was jogging across the campus and we were out of the sight of our gym teacher. I stopped running once i felt the urge to shit and started to walk to the school. The urge was really bad, i knew in at leat 10 secs. or so i would shit myself. Right after I started to walk to the school about 3 girls(some of those who were cheating) aproached me. Where you going? one of them asked nastily. the other two grabbed me and threw me to the ground. one of them sat on me(she was huge) and said "don't ever squeal again, bitch." she sat on me untill I shit and pissed myself. I sprayed brown water for about 2 mins. then I pissed myself for about 30 secs. and then i felt a turtle head start to poke out. I looked at one of the girls and said"please let me go" I was crying at the time so that caused the girls to erupt in laughter. Then I shit myself, crying through all of it. when I was done, one of the girls ripped my pants and panites off and tore them up(this girl was disturbed, I later found out, she now resides in a state mental institute), and told me if i ever got in her way again she would "shove something deep inside me" they all stood around me and laughed for a few more minutes before leaving, right at the last minute the girl who ripped my pants came up to me and smacked my butt really hard.

I was out at work today and realized that I hadn't taken a shit in a day...unusual for me as I sometimes go 4 times a day. So I am standing in the Safeway and feel a massive cramp come on that makes me breath like I'm in labor(can only imagine ladies). So I'm bent over a bin at the Bulk Foods section trying to uncramp my gut so as to not shit my pants. It eases off and I buy my stuff and bee-line for home-a 20 minute walk. With no cabs in sight I head off and try to keep the cramps from coming back. I made it to the driveway of my condo. Usually when this happens I can suck it all back and get control...but oh no not this time. Without warning the cramp gripped me and my ass released a dump of shit into my boxers...okay so I'm no stranger to crapping myself...but usually when it is convienient. standing waiting for the elevator with full pants and praying that the mess I've made won't shimmy down my leg and onto the carpet was not the best of times. I've cleaned up and now feel like I could shit again. I ate some salmon with a cream sauce the other night and think it wasa bit rancid...I haven't felt right the shits in a big way. Of course now that I'm home for the night I'll probably let the next way take me and fill my pants again just for the hell of it.


I am so glad I found this site! This is my first post with hopefully many more to come.
I am a 22 year old senior in college. I have long dark hair, a slim body, 5'8, 115 pounds.
I live in an all-female dorm building at my college. The bathroom situation here consists of one large restroom on each floor, as well as a one-toilet and sink lavatory at the end of the hall. The large restroom has 4 toilet stalls, some showers, and a bathtub. There are 17 girls on our floor. Over the 3 years I have been here, I have both had and heard some very pleasurable poops. Here is my most recent (in the next post):

About a week ago, I was sitting in the third stall from the door. I always make it a point to sit in one of the middle two stalls: that increases the chances that someone will have to sit right next to me. I had just sat down for an after-dinner poop, when two girls came in. I recognized both of them by their voices; they were both sophomores, blonde, and fairly cute (I am straight though by the way). One of them says to the other, "god I have to take a dump!" The other one says, "I just gotta pee". One of them goes into the stall next to me, the other in the stall closest to the door. I didn't really have to pee that bad, but as both the girls started to pee, the sound of their peeing caused me to let my pee out as well. I heard the girl in the stall farthest away from me pull off some toilet paper and wipe, and then say, "see you later" to her friend in the stall next to me.
(The girl who was just peeing was named Suzy, the one remaining to poop was Becca.) I heard Becca sigh, and then shift a little bit on the toilet, then let out two low, short farts, followed by a longer gassy one. At that point I started to push a little bit. Within 10 seconds, I started to let out my first turd, which felt pretty big. I then heard Becca fart loudly, which was followed immediately by the sound of poop coming out of her. I heard a big splash from her stall, afterwhich she sighed and farted again. At this point, I let my monster turd drop into the toilet- it just slid into the bowl without splashing at all. I looked down to see a long brown log in the center of the bowl. At the same time, I heard Becca drop two more pieces that sounded like they were pretty big. I then heard her start pulling off some paper. She wiped for about a minute, flushed, and exited the stall. While she was washing her hands, I was able to squeeze out another long poop (although not nearly as thick as my first one). Becca then left the restroom. I stayed there and pushed out four smaller pieces. I then wiped (I wasn't that dirty; I used about 5 sheets of paper.) I got up, flushed, washed my hands, and exited the restroom, feeling like a million dollars.

Hope you liked my post- give me feedback please! I am so happy to be on this board.

The other night i had eaten dinner then soon after i was feeling a big urge to poop as i hadn't gone in 3-4days...i sat down and pushed it hurt...i pushed out this big log...then i sat some more still didn't feel empty...not much else came out so i wiped 5x and i saw a big 10" log sticking out of the water...
then i go to bed...go to work the next day...i woke early in the am i was thirsty..then i started feeling indigestion/heartburn. then i go to work and still feel that a little bit and i feel kinda gassy. i went to the bathroom 3x at work it was soft and chunky again.

Amber: I have had to do something like before!! While talking to a friend on the phone (she was upset and crying, so I couldn't hang up), I went into my bathroom and got some toilet paper, then went back into my bedroom (so the sound wouldn't echo) and peed in one of my infamous cups. Wiped, threw the paper in the cup and gently poured the contents into the toilet to be flushed later. Worked perfectly (for once).

I decided to try and watch myself take a poop the other day. In my bathroom the mirror extends accros the entire wall and the toilet faces the mirror. So I turned around and dropped a 6 inch log while I watched myself in the mirror. I was so far forward that it didn't hit water, it just made a huge thud on the bowl. I wiped my ass and continued on. Also, in the upstairs bathroom the mirror extends over the toilet, so the toilet faces away from the mirror so whenever I take a piss I can watch myself do so, unfortunately for girls you would have to go standing up to see yourself. I haven't tried anything interesting in a while, maybe I'll try to find a poo buddy so I can share some experiences I'm not sure how I would go about bringing this up to somebody, any suggestions?

To: The Neighbor. I'd like to know if there have been any times in you fifteen year marriage when you've actually had to help your wife poop. Have you ever had to give her an enema or helped dig it out with a finger?-- JW

Mr Moderator-- do you know what happend to the site which apparently hosted your board. I've got an e-mail account with them and haven't been able to access it for 3 weeks.-- JW

Don't know. Tried it today and it today and it seems to be working.

Here is the way I see it.
You can't control how you feel (it's "hard-wired," as I believe) but you can control what you do.
Good luck,

Poo Finder
Hey haven't posted in a while but anyway. I recently picked smoking back up and noticed that every since I started smoking again that I take large dumps and that are also harder than before. I know that smoking can cause all kinds of problems but could this in turn lead to problems with my digestive system? But anyway the other day I took a crap and the turd was knobby and crumbly at the beginning and was very hard. The turd was about a foot long and well over 1.5" around. After that turd I pushed out a turd about 8" with the same diameter. Cool.

Hello Everyone!

I really love this site, but i get so dissapointed when i check here and it hasnt been updated or theres only a few new ones.So anyone who reads here and has a decent story to tell, tell it.

Anyway, for the last 4 days ive been constipated.I usually drop a big load once or twice everyday, so when its been 4 days, i know im in trouble.I enjoy my pooping, so everyday i got sit down and push to see if anything comes out, when I push i can feel my poop inside me it just wont come out.

Jess(our cousin)and my auntie came over for the day.Ash was out, so Jess and I were bored.We decided to go for a walk to the primary school down the road.We got to the school and played on the playground for a little while and just walked around.

We were exploring the school, when we stumbled across a bushy area that had been cleared out in the middle and made to look like a little hut or something.We went in and mucked around pretending we were in primary school again.

All of a sudden i got hit by really sharp cramps and doubled over.I had the biggest urge to shit.Jess knew what was wrong and tried to comfort me.I needed to release some pressure, so i let out a really long sqeaky fart, which made me feel a little better.I was in agony and screamed "I gotta shit, right now!!"

I tore off my jeans and squatted down.My asshole crackled open and a really fat, firm turd raced out of my asshole, it hit the ground with a light thud.Before my butthole could rest, another log started coming out.As my hole opened up again i started pissing.A fatter, firmer log started moving out, it came out a lot slower and i had to push a little.The turd crackled out of my aching asshole for an eternity.It finally broke of and landed on top of my first one.

I let out a loud, sticky fart and started pushing again.There wasn't much left in me, just some soft, mushy stuff that oozed out.I farted some more and finished off my little trickle of pee, stood up put my jeans back on and admired my pile of shit.I flet so relieved and Jess seemed to enjoy it too.

We looked at my poop.There was a fat turd, about 8" long lying underneath and foot long turd that coiled up abit, it was about 2.5" wide at the start, then 2" in the middle and back to 2.5" at the end.And some soft mush as icing on the cake.

Boy, the kids that made that little hut will get a surprise on monday.

The End.

SMU: Here's a description for you.Me:5'7" 55kgs, brunette, brown eyes, medium breast,cute butt. Ash: 5'5" 50kgs, light brown hair, blue eyes, large breats, chunky butt.

GIN: I am 17yrs and Ash is 15

AMBER: We really look forward to hearing your story when ur home alone :)

Love Mel.D


Hi, Im a first time poster, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this site. I have had a poop fetish since I was 8 years old, when I first pooped my pants on a dare. It was the monday after my birthday party, and I was walking home with a kid in my class named Kyle. His house was on the way home, and we always walked home together. I really had to poop bad, and I said something about it to Kyle. He said that he needed to go too, and then he told me that he wanted to go in his pants. I thought he was kidding, but when we got to his house, he did'nt go inside. Instead, he told me to follow him to the side of the house. When we got there, he told me that this was where he came to hide when he was going to poop his pants. Then he said,"I'll do it if you do, too." I was more interested in seeing him do it, so I told him I would.
He went first, and I couldn't believe it. I had never seen a kid my age do that before. He bent his knees and hung his rear end out and had a look on his face that said relief and comfort. I had to go bad, and I almost had second thoughts, but I already promised Kyle I would, so I took my turn. It started coming out, and then it all came out in an instant. It felt warm and soft, but once I smelled it, I realized what I had just done. I panicked at first, but then I started to enjoy the thought of having poop in my pants. The more I thought about it and the more I felt the mushy feeling in my underware, the more I started to enjoy it.
I got home and walked in the house, and my mom was in the kitchen, so I went and found her so that I could tell her what I did. I didn't even have to say anything to her, because when I approached her, she smelled me right away. The first thing she said was ,"phew, did you poop your pants?" I told her yes, and she asked what happened. I told her that I did it on purpose, and that I liked it. While she was cleaning me up, I decided that I was going to do it again the next day, but I didn't have to wait that long. That night, after dinner, I had to poop again, so I went into the kitchen where my mom was doing the dishes, and stood the way I saw Kyle standing when he pooped his pants, and when my mom spotted me, she asked, "are you going poop?" I nodded my head and continued to poop. While I was still pooping, She called out to my dad to come see what I was doing. After I was done, I told my parents that I would never poop in the toilet again, and I kept that promise until I was 15.

I was watching either conan o brien or weekend update on saturday night live, and a news related comment was made that like 48% or some percentage of women don't like the shape of their vaginas. It struck me to hear something like that on one of those shows. I don't think it was something made up either because I've seen some weird shaped vaginas before and read from various places on the subject. Maybe that's why some girls are shy about peeing in front of their boyfriends; they don't want to show off their private cuz of shame. Just something to think about. Any thoughts ladies? guys?

Big r
Ash and Mel love ur stories keep em coming

Lucki Sportz Fanatic
Hi everybody, remember me????? I posted a couple times in the 1130 pages for anyone who doesn't. Well these past months, I've been so busy. Me and Amy got married!!!! That's been the highlight of my life since early October, when we both happily said, "I do.". We have also bought a nice cozy house in Florida. I just hooked up the computer, so now I have some time on my hands to actually throw in a post. I have a quick little story, it happened last night. As I came home from picking up pizza for my wife and I, I saw the bathroom door open and I saw Amy inside standing up, looking into the toilet. She wasn't naked, her clothes were on, and she explained to me that as she was sitting on the toilet pooping, she was trying to adjust her necklace but it snapped off and plopped into the toilet. I asked her if I could and she let me. I glanced into the bowl, and I saw her silver chain necklace floating on top of her poop. I grabbed a whole bunch of toilet paper, and carefully scooped it up for her. As I handed it to her, she kissed me, thanked me, and said that she loved me more than anything. My hands were dirty, and so I hopped into the shower to wash the poop smears off. She surprised me by saying, "Wait wait, I didn't wipe my ass!!" She did wipe it, but she only said that cause she wanted to go in the shower with me. I hope the moderator allows this. And so in conclusion, we had a very relaxing shower together, and finally ate the pizza about 25-30 minutes later. I can't wait to see her pooping in our new home soon....haven't seen her yet. Later!!!!!

Don't know.

Ray, I don't think you should feel guilty about overhearing your daughter-in-law pooping. Yes, you did cross the line a little bit, but only a little. You didn't barge in on her while she was on the toilet, nor did you put your ear right against the door. You didn't have a hidden camera in the bathroom or look through a peephole or anything like that. All you did was stand near the door and try to hear what she was doing. I think that is fairly harmless. Yes, it was a very slight invasion of privacy, but it's not like she was a stranger. She is, after all, a member of your extended family. She doesn't know you did it, and given the father-daughter type relationship you have with her, you certainly don't need to upset her by telling her. Please don't obsess over it, it is really not a big deal. Also, you should feel good about the fact that after you heard her having the runs, you didn't try to exploit the situation by going into the bathroom and trying to smell the air. You said you didn't go in because you were feeling guilty, but it could also be that you stayed out of the room out of your love and respect for her. I really think you should stop worrying about this and be happy that your son has such a nice person for his wife.

I recently saw the Jackass movie, and the dump scene blew my mind away! I couldn't believe that guy did that in the store. Its too bad that it couldn't have been a girl. The makers of Jackass should make a group of girls doing all these crazy things. I think just about every other guy in the country would rather see a girl poo in a store toilet. I don't think they realise how much money they could make. What do you guys think of this? I hope this isn't too off topic to post.

p.s. To the mod., when will the cool pictures at the top be appearing again?

To ASHD, Am a big fan of your pooping stories, I would love to be a part of them . I have asked this survey question before!! Have you ever tried pooping on the toilet leaning back against the wall???????
A g/f of mine who enjoys pooping as I do told me about it. You sit on the toilet, lean back against the wall so you are almost semi lying down, then let the turds make their own way out, don't push .
In this position your bum cheeks are quite tight & if it is a hard turd the feeling of it pushing out through your cheeks is mind blowing. Like a huge shit snake slithering out of your bum. You often end up with a dirty bum. The first time I did this I ended up pissing all over myself. As you & your sister enjoy the delights of having a good shit do you ever:-
1. deliberately poop your pants, if so where ?? at home , shopping or anywhere????????
2. deliberately not wipe after shitting, or what do you do if there is no paper...... I have used my finger then wiped it on the wall & washed my finger later.
3. The g/f who told me about the reclining poop position is a very girl , I mean she has good treasure trail to her navel, thick black bushy pubic hair & a hairy hole. Because of this she pften has skid marks on her thong , do you suffer the same problem????????
4. I have always managed through no fault of my own to get an erection when I poop, when I feel the urge to have a bm I begin to get erect. By the time I have got to the toilet I am fully erect, poping is not always an arousing thing for me , often it is something I gotta do.
So outwardly some people may think I am aroused but in fact am in dire need of a about mixed signals. Do you ever get aroused when you feel the need to poop?????????????????
5. Do you stand up to pee or sit??? My g/f just had her first experience with a female urinal, she had no probs at all, but the girl next to her pissed on her jeans. This made her lok as though she had wet herself
Happy peeing & pooping

Hey guys.
This is my first post as I recently dicovered this site earlier this week. I like reading all the posts here, but I am sorry to say that I am very shy, so you guys may not hear from me as much as you may want.

Went poo today though. It was a run to the bathroom one too. I got in, pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet, and within seconds, the toilet was full of my poo. I counted about 8 plops when I was pooping. I looked in after I was done, and I saw 7 smaller poops and one 4 incher.

Well, sorry if it was boring. I doubt if it was a conversation starter anyways.

Take care guys.


Loved your shitting in the woods story-the one where the guy joined you. Same thing happened to me a while back. I was doing my daily walk round a park up here in Canada and ran into a guy I had been passing on the trails for some time. He was in his early fifties...we ended up talking every time we saw each other in the park and this one time as we started walking it got personal. I knew there was nothing wierd about the guy..he was married and had kids and I'm not into anything sexual with guys...but this one time we were walking down the road and he stops and grimaces a bit then says, "I should get back to my car...I gotta take a huge dump". So I tell him that the washrooms near the park parking lot are open and he says he is not sure where they are and if he has to go look for them he will probably shit his pants...would I mind taking him to them. So i say sure...I'm always into aiding a fellow guy in finding a place to shit. So as he walk and starts hissing and grimacing and rubbing his gut then he stops and bends over and rubs his gut saying..."F??k man I'm gonna shit my pants". He lets out a monster fart and then stads up..."Is it much further?" so i point and he sees the building where the shit house is and says "great" and starts walking faster clencing his ass cheeks together. Meanwhile i'm pretty much thinking that it would be cool if he did shit his pants...I would have joined him to amek him feel better. When we get to the can the place is deserted and being it early fall the air is a bit cold. We go into the place and at the far end hidden by a row of sinks are the stalls that all have doors. He runs for the first one and whips his pants down without clolsing the door all the way..."I'll be right out" he said letting a shit explosion go with a huge grunt. I decided to be bold and went into the adjacent stall and let my pants fall, sitting on the shitter and letting out a ripping stinky fart. He laughs and grunts some more..."I guess its contagious..." and then he moans and shits a rope out with a loud splash int he bowel. I sit and strain and finally let out a plug of shit that was cannon fired out of my hole with a loud fart. We sat there moaning and grunting and talking in broken sentences then he says..."F??k...theres no paper". I wipe my ass and pull up my pants and flush and open my stall door grabbing a roll from my stall. Before I was out of my stall I hear his door open and he sitting them red faced and occassionally easing one of his cheeks up to release some more gas. The smell was strong but didn't bother me...He took the roll from me and continued talking to me as I stood there watching him push out more shit. Thanks..he says and then goes on to tell me that he used to camp with a friend of his and they had a whole shit ritual where they went into the bush and released there loads together. He commented on his friends super long logs and then looked into his bowl between his legs and says..."f??? he'd be proud of me", fanning the air with his hand and saying Peee-wwww.

I had to leave that city soon after as I was only there for a contract positon with my work. I'm now back in the eastern part of canada in the big city with the CN tower.

Anybody writing from this area that knows where one can go for a good buddy dump?? NOTHING ELSE just a freindly urgent dump with another guy.

Hope everyones is well...gotta shit one...later


By the way anyone know of any films that have guys taking a shit in them?

I am 18 and male.

To AMBER - Liked your story about you and your friend both having to pee while talking on the phone. There have been a few times when I've been doing my own pee dance while on the phone. It's one of the most frustrating things.

Nothing new to report. Sightings are VERY slow here at college, which is mighty unfortunate!


Today I was going to the bathroom(at the urinal) and the guy next to me asked me-"What do you think of mine?" It turns out he meant his science project presentation!That was awkward.

Later in Ecology we saw a film about birds who pooped out in a filmy material and had to do a dance to get the poop to break off.Many were pretty grossed out except one girl who was cheering and asking to replay it.Ecologists sure like poop.On every Ecology field trip we've been on(well alot of them) our teacher has picked up and broken apart rabbit poop to see what it ate!

To Amber: Liked your story...did you tell your friend what you did?
To smu: liked your story about your cousin
To Curious Dude: hope you have a nice dump!
To Gin: Liked your story..did any one see you peeing or pooping?
To em dubya: Sounds like a nice dump you had
To Ash.D: Loved your story..sounds like a nice dump you had
To sassy: Welcome...liked your story..i've shit my self before at work.
To the neighbor: Enjoyed your story about your wife
To Martin: Loved your big was your poop?
To Franco: Loved your stories
To anthea: Enjoyed your story
I haven't pooped since like Monday night(it was very soft) and its early friday, still haven't gone...maybe soon

And Butt and Or
I've been reading this forum for about three years. I'm normally into toilet humor, but your posts are quite cool. I like movie and TV scenes that involve young males on the toilet. But not old and fat people, but if you post, I'll still read it. I'd like to hear posts from males between 10 and 21.

I have a few lists of guys from TV I'd like to see on the toilet. Most of them are cartoons, soap operas, and various other things.

Soap Guys I'd Like to see on the toilet:
- Justin Hartley (NBC's Passions' Fox)
- Jack Krizmanich (NBC's Passions' John)
- Jesse Metcalfe (NBC's Passions' Miguel)
- Chad Brannon (General Hospital's Zander)
- Tyler Christopher (General Hospital's Nikolas)
- Scott Clifton (General Hospital's Dillon)
- Greg Vaughan (General Hospital's Lucky
- Matthew Twining (One Life To Live's River)

Cartoon Guys I'd like to see on the toilet
- Shaggy from Scooby Doo (He and Scooby are always eating, so I'd like to see him poop.)
- DBZ's Goku (for same reason as Shaggy)
- Weekenders kids
- Recess Kids
- My Life As A Teenage Robot's Brad

Various Actors and Guys from other shows I'd like to see on the toilet.
- WWE's Spanky (The only WWE Wrestler I've seen take a crap was the Big Show (twice) I'd like to see a little wrestler do it.)
- All of the male Power Rangers (I've always wondered if they ever had to use the toilet while fighting.)
- Shia LeBeouf (They did have one episode of Even Stevens' where he was eating a lot to gain weight so he wouldn't have to wrestle a girl, and after words he was in the bathroom, most likely taking a crap, but didn't acknowledge it, as he was making sounds that didn't really sound like farts or anyrhing.)
- Tahj Mowry
- Seann William Scott

Now to more pressing business:
I have this really weird friend named Tracey (a guy). He acts weird, he dresses weird. He's really weird. He always likes to show off his dumps and he even announces when he's going to take a dump to really big crowds. One day, at school, we had burritos for lunch. Now he was a kind of short guy, like about 5'3, and kind of small, but yet a little muscular, but he eats a lot. He put lots of chili and salsa on his burrito, and got lots and lots of salad, applesauce, and red jello. We then went and sat by our other friends. This guy name Adam said, "Tracey, you got a lot of food." Tracey said back, "I'm gonna take a really big dump after recess, you guys wanna watch?" Everyone said sure. Tracey ate a lot. He even drank two cartons of chocolate milk, even though he was lactose intolerant.
So after lunch, which was recess, about ten minutes later, we all go into the bathroom. Tracey went into the first stall. The stalls have doors on them, but Tracey just left the door wide open. He pulled down his khaki shorts down to his bare ankles (he wears flip flops a lot)and said, "Guys, you might wanna hold your noses for a bit and stand back." He then let loose a torrent of diarrhea and said, "I sure had a good lunch!" He then lifted his legs at us and said, "Bombs away! and tried to spray us with his diarrhea. He then went back to his sitting position and began shitting some more. He then lifted his legs and said, "Who wants to wipe my ass? Come on? You don't wanna pass up this great oppurtunity." I was the one who wiped his ass, I looked under his ass and into the toilet and said, "What else did ya eat besides that lunch?" He said for breakfast he had, "Two bowls of Frosted Flakes, a scrambled egg, some bacon, and some orange juice." The toilet was covered in brown streaks and was mostly diarrhea with lots of mush and big chunks.

I some more stories about my friend Tracey. I didn't explain this in the last post, but he shits at least five times a day, once in the morning, once in school after eating breakfast, from home AND school (but he may sometimes skip this one) once after lunch, once when he gets home, and after dinner. This other time in school, he had some really serious diarrhea. He was fifteen minutes tardy at 1st period. Our teacher Mr. Cauldwell asks, "Why are you late?" He replied, "Sorry, I was in the bathroom dropping a really big load." Mr. Cauldwell said, "So I heard." (the boys bathroom is right across from his classroom) As class went on, Tracey was cutting these really nasty farts which everyone heard, including the teacher, since Tracey sits right in front of him. Tracey then raised his hand and said, "Mr. Cauldwell, can I be excused to take a shit?" Mr Cauldwell hardly ever lets anyone go to the bathroom, unless it's a emergency, and in Tracey's case, it's always an emergency. Mr. Cauldwell said, "That is not how you ask to be excused," so Tracey, being a very funny smartass goes, "Sorry, MAY I be excused to take a shit?" Mr. Cauldwell did not let Tracey go because he didn't like that he said "shit" but after Tracey asked, "May I please, be excused to take a shit?" which had everyone laughing, he said yes, and then Tracey got up and walked by in his red beret, tie dye shirt, cutoff jeans, and flip flops, and farted when he passed Mr. Cauldwell on his way out. He came back twenty minutes later and it reeked. Tracey announced, "I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me, or dropped out of me."

This other time, Tracey and I were at the park after eating some chili, and both kept farting a lot. We started arguing over whose farts were smellier. Tracey said, "Let's go take a dump somewhere." We went into a bathroom, but it only had one stall. So I sat on the toilet, opened my legs, and moved to the far back so he could sit down. I watched a turd come out of his butt. It was greenish brown and had some nuts in it. I pushed out some turds of my own. Then both of us started releasing some really mushy shit. When we were done, we wiped each others asses, and looked at the thing we worked together to create. There was a mixture of brown and greenish brown in the toilet.
Tracey then started making these jokes like, "Teamwork is the key" and "We got together, and we created something beautiful"

This third occasion we were at the beach, and Tracey kept farting. He said, "Dude, my stomach's been hurting all day. I then said, "If ya gotta take a shit, just do it." I then followed him to the bathroom. Thankfully, no one else was in there. He then sat on the toilet, without pulling down his trunks, and just filled them up with shit, then pulled down his pants and emptied his load out into the toilet. He then cleaned himself and we left.

Mr. Vote
Just wondering if anyone would care to vote on the following bathroom scenens in movies. Whichever one you liked the best.

1) American Pie (Finch's worst nightmare of shitting in school comes true)

2) Dumb & Dumber (Lloyd spikes Harry with Turbo Lax)

3) Detroit Rock City (Cheerleader drops logs and blows a couple)

4) Other (and tell which one)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

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