To Ray - Hey, loved your story....Maybe you can be straight with your sons wife and tell her that you're so sorry for what you did, and who knows, maybe she wont care too much and be okay with it. On the other hand, maybe she'll totally flip out and be mad at you, but any rate if this is bothering you as bad as it is, you should at least possibly try and be open with her. I hope I helped, and your story was great!!

To Ash and Mel - great stories girls, and this weekend my parents are going to my grandmas house to help her decorate, and i'll be all alone, so maybe i'll poop in something interesting for you!!! xoxo

Last night something funny happend. I was on the phone with my friend, and we were talking for about an hour and a half. About like 10 minutes after I called her up, I had to pee but i didnt wanna hang up on her just like that. So I continued holding it in for about another 45 minutes when i had to go sooo damn badly. What I did, was I went up to my room, put a beach towel and the floor, took my pants and panties off, squatted over the towel, and peed on there. It wasn't loud at all so no one could hear it. Well today in school, she told me that while we were talking last night, she had to pee too!! and she said that she was a bad girl because she went in her panties to make sure no one heard her either. What a coincedance!!!! lol.... thats all I have for today, byeeee!!!!!!

Hi its smu again
i have some questions to ask:
to ash d and mel d:
could you make a short description of yourself?
i really love your stories.
to ray:
why do you feel guilty about watching your sons wife pooping. she doesn`t know, so it doesn`t hurt her.
i also enjoy hearing my girlfriend fart and sometimes litsen on the door while she sits on the toilet. I didnt hear her pooping yet but girls often fart while pissing.

Last saturday my cousin ann came to visit us. she stayed overnight so i hoped i could hear her farting or listen to her pooping. we were watching a movie when she suddenly let one go. then it was something like a fart competition between me and her. it was very funny. my cousin is allways very open about farting. even more than i am. she made some really crazy farts and she definitly won the competition.

thats it for now


Dave From Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Sounds like another great outdoor dump, wish I could have buddy dumped with you.

Curious Dude
I have to take a crap big time and I haven't gone in 2 or 3 days. I'm going to enjoy this! :) Not much going on here other than that. I find that I like panty pooping stories more than I first thought I did. Take care everyone!

I haven't posted for a while and i'm glad i checked again. Mel and Ash-I love ya'll. How old are you two? Ya'll make me jealous because my step sibling is a bit of a weakling and would never do anything with me. You two are lucky.

Now, my turn. It's wintery cold, now and that makes pooping outdoors not quite as fun.
I still don't want to admit it, but I can't go satisfactorily on a toilet. I was at the mall the other day and I had almost got to my car before i realized that I had to take a poop, so I turned back and eventually found the restrooms. When I sat down, though, all I could get out was one little useless nugget. After 15 minutes, I gave up, even though I knew it was dangerous. Once out on the way to the car again and , as I predicted, instant turtle head syndrome. Usually I will poop in the parking lot as I usually wear a skirt, but I was in overalls. I decided to do something I've never done before. I opened up the snaps on the side and reached behind me with one hand and tried to position my hand under my butt inside the overalls. I immediately let go and a rathr large, firm turd started sliding out. It was large enough to hurt in a way that made me feel funny and my knees almost gave way. I felt the end fall into the palm of my hand and the rest of the turd lean against and up my forearm. I pulled the first turd out and dropped it on the ground and reached back to feel a second one coming. Then I figured out why this wouldn't work. With the second turd, I let loose a stream of pee that I couldn't control and totally soaked my overalls front and back. I caught the turd, though. It wasn't qite as large as the first one.
Needless to say, I goofed. I had to go home and change after that. I was glad that I was leaving instead of just etting there.

em dubya
I just took a dump's the story

I was sitting at my computer, checking my e-mails, when I felt a definite need to poop. I could tell the the poop was going to be hard. I went into my bathroom, pulled down my jeans and underwear, and sat down. It took a fair amount of pushing before a small turd of about 2 in. came out. I pushed more and 3 or 4 "pebbles" came out followed by more straining and a final turd of about 3 in. They were a dark a firm with some somewhat cluster-looking pieces. I took one wipe, looked at them, and flushed. That's all for now.

I am 18 and male.

To K - Liked your story about the kid on the bus. I know that happened to me and my friends several times when we were that age. A few times one of us would be so desperate that we'd just whiz in thw woods right after getting off the bus.

To UNNAMED POSTER RESPONDING TO DERRICK - As you may be able to tell from my age, I'm also in college and would love to hear some of your stories when you have the time.

That's it for now. I'll try to get a story posted next time.


A survey with my answers (I am a 15 year old guy):

1)Who that you know has the worst farts. My brother who is 14 - he can clear out a room of people in 20 seconds.
2) Who that you know leaves skid marks on their underwear. My brother 14, My sister 17 (not that often, but sometimes), my friends (too many to put all their names here, but especially craig). My girlfriend doesn't, or not that I've ever seen.
3) Whose underwear smells the best and whose smells the worst? My girlfriend DEFINITELY the best, my brother absolutely the worst.
4) Who do you know well, but have never HEARD fart? My girlfriend and my mother. I've heard my sister a few times, although she always tries to say its not her.
5) Have you ever seen your boyfriend or girlfriend poo? Unfortunately no. I've heard her poo, and even then while I can hear the plop of poo into the toilet I've never heard her fart.

I'm home alone right now and just had a nice big poop.
Mel and my Mum went shopping and my Dad is away with work, i needed to take a big dump so i took the opportunity to do something fun.
I was walking around the house searching for a nice place to unload.I noticed the bath and decided that was good.

I stripped down naked and hopped in.I squatted down low and started peeing, it was rebounding onto my feet and making a loud sound.I peed for about a minute, until my stream turned into a trickle and stopped.

I pushed really hard to get my poop moving, but all i could squeeze out were farts.I looked up and noticed sum shower gel sitting on the edge of the bath.I grabbed the gel squirted some onto my hands and rubbed it on two of my fingers.I rubbed some gel onto my asshole, then inserted my two fingers and moved them around to get everything lubricated.

I started pushing again and i let out a really sloppy, wet fart.Then i could feel my poop moving and my hole opening.My asshole stretched very wide and this dry turd started coming out.It came out quite fast due to the shower gel.It was so long that it touched the bottom of the bath while it was still hanging out of my bumhole.I squatted up a bit higher to let it finish coming out.When it got to the end it shot out and smacked on the bath.

I picked up the turd, it was quite heavy, and plopped it in the toilet.I tuned the bath on and washed down my piss.Then splashed some water on my asshole to clean it and get rid of the shower gel.
I'm still doing wet sloppy farts right now.

The End.

SANDMAN: Mel and I have only been watching each other poop for a few weeks, we only recently found out that we were both interested in it.And we are from Melbourne.

Also interesting news.Mel is having a break-up party for the end of school and the friends that are coming over are all interested in pooping and apparentley watch each other poop and have poop parties and contests.So hopefully something might happen there and i can join in.I'll keep you all posted.

Love Ash.D

i've been reading this site for months this is the first tim i've

last week i was so sick that i couldn't make to the bath room in time and ishit myself this ever happend to anyone

the neighbor
It was nice to see that some of you got a charge out of the last experience I talked about here. Like I said before, I couldn't believe that girls actually would like pooping publicly and shaming themselves like that, but they sure did! I know I'll never forget it....

There was a question by Amber about my wife and her poops. I'll try to explain if I can. My wife is very easy-going and open-minded about pretty much everything. So she's never been hung up or shy about her bathroom functions. We've always had a household that doesn't bother closing doors or maintaining privacy when bathroom things are going on. I often pee and poop in the toilet right next to my wife while she does her hair or makeup in our bathroom. She does the same with me, often pooping and peeing while I'm shaving or whatever. Personally, I think it builds a bond that's so strong and intimate. It's really to me the next-closest intimacy you can have with another person, other than sexual intercourse. I love that we are that relaxed and free with each other, that we can stink up our little bathroom and we'll still stick around and talk and do our thing and not freak out or get irritated.

Anyway, so I've seen and heard my wife pee and poop more times than I can possibly remember. We've been married for fifteen years now, so you can imagine! I have always loved the erotic aspects of pooping, especially, so I tend to try to glance between my wife's legs when she is straining, and I like the smell most of the time. When she stands up I like to glance at what she's left in the toilet, and often we'll talk about it a little. "That was a huge one!" or "Look at that weird color!" Things like that. My wife does not get as excited as I do about poop, but she does have a good attitude about my feelings, so she's always been accomodating and nice. She loves me, what else can I say! I'm a lucky man, I know.

There have been more than a few times when I've been really horny, and I've asked (or my wife has just done it) her to get up on her toes on the seat, crouching, so I can watch her poop come out really good. Every now and then she'll go out into the backyard with me and poop here or there, just for the strangeness of it. She's pooped in the kitchen and the garage a few times, too, but she doesn't like that very much because the smell seems harder to dissipate. We tend to enjoy really, really fun and satisfying sex when she lets me watch her poop beforehand. It does seem to turn her on to the point that she is as frisky as I am when we jump into the bed. My wife won't ever touch her own poop or do anything as wild as that, but she will let me handle her poops from time to time, and she will often leave her bottom unwiped if we are going straight from the bathroom to the bedroom. It's not like she does any kind of scat stuff sexually, you understand-- she's just nice to me.

I can't say enough how incredible she is, as my wife and my best friend and everything, because I know without a doubt that a lot of other men could never, ever have that kind of a relationship with their spouse. She does have her own wild fantasies and turn-ons, so I try to indulge her whenever I can. Those lusts of hers are off-topic to this board, since they have nothing whatsoever to do with toilet functions. I won't bother taking up any more space about it except to say that she actively participates in a board or two that *she* has found that deal with some of the things that she likes to get all juiced about.

I hope I explained about my wife well enough. If Amber or anyone wants to know more, just ask, I guess! (I'm very sorry this post is going to be so long. I hope it isn't cut up too much.)


I'm sending another post because I forgot to answer a question. I hope it's OK.

To Amber -- You asked if anything else has happened with my next door neighbor. Unfortunately, I've only seen her poop that one time. I have spied more than a few times in their windows and have watched she and her husband have sex, though. She is bisexual, so there have been some really great "peeping" moments over the years concerning her. That was why I was able to witness her pooping problem in the first place -- I'd gotten in the habit of spying on her whenever the opportunity came up. I will say that she is definitely a liberal kind of lady, and so's her husband. He lets her do whatever she wants with whomever she wants to do it with, but I guess that's what works for them. He likes to videotape her with the other women, especially, and she sort of bosses everybody in the bedroom around. It's great because their bedroom is on our side of the house, has big french doors in the back and a window on the side, and plenty of shrubs and shadows to hide in. I can look in through the places where the blinds are gapped a little, and I can usually see great.

As for my own poop experiences, I should let you know that my own poop doesn't interest me nearly as much as poops made by women. I love to watch and smell and hear and see the aftermath of women pooping. My own poop is usually soft and nasty-looking and not all that wonderful to me, but I tend to have a *giant* distraction when it comes to being around women when they poop -- or the gifts they leave behind! When I was a kid, there were several poop-related experiences I had that definitely "changed me" and made me the female-poop-obsessed man that I am today. I will spend some time this weekend trying to write out at least one or two of those experiences. I'm actually curious if anyone else might have had some similar things happen to them, so I guess now is the time I should say "stay tuned"!

I am a 17 year boy from London with an interest in pooping, and I have a story for you.I have been really constipated recently, and haven't taken a shit in five days. However, last night I got the urge. I sat down on the toilet and pissed and did a booming fart. Then the trouble started! a big turd started moving in my rear passage, but it stopped. I grunted ooooohhhhhhhhh, uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bearing down and grabbing hold of my hips.aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh....... i continued until this beast slowly moved. I continued aaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as it stretched my ring to full capacity, before stopping again.another strong grunt saw it continue its painful progress out of my ass.Agh! I sighed, but then! Another mega, and I do mean MEGA sized turd began creeping out. I really went red in the faces aaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! as the turd began to press against my ring. It stopped again, and by this time I was getting desperate, cooooooooommmmmmmeeeeeeee oooonnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh and slowly and surely it moved, and as it moved past my ring, at its fatest point I was red in the face with pain, oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i said as it hit the bowl. Surely, that was it but no! Another massive turd began to come out superseeding the last one. I decided to fight it all the way, no matter what. aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh as the beastie was pushed all the way. I took a deep breath, and it was passed. For a further ten minutes I fired huge cannon balls with small agh! agh! agh! grunts. I wiped, but almost nothing was there. My arse was hurting pretty well badly after that and so I rubbed some cream on it, but boy was my arse hurting or what!

C YA ALL, Martin

I hooked onto this site by complete accident and couldn't stop reading. It was good to know there were others who were totally into taking a dump with somebody else...or watching someone take a dump. My whole interest came out of being afraid to shit in public places . When I was in elementary school I used to hold my shit in and nearly die until I got home to take a crap. One day the odds and shit were stack against me and as our teacher rambled on I lost control of my very young sphincter and felt myself grow an inch taller in my seat as rock hard shit pushed its way into my shorts. Talk about embarrassing. i had a load in my shorts that I have yet to this day produce, we're talking a weeks full of shit.

When I got older I forced myself to start using public washrooms and when i realized that we were all in the shitter for the same reason I enjoyed leting go with a dude on the other side of the partition grutning away as I was. A couple of years ago I was in San Diego working and went into a washroom in Balboa park in a section of the Spanish villa. there were open stalled toilets with guys sitting there grunting and making faces as they let go. I sat down across from a hard working Mexican dude and dropped my logs, grunting and joining in with them all, totally uncaring of those coming in and out of the can.

I would love to hear more eperiences about guys shitting with their friends and using door-less stalls.

Coffee has kicked in and I don't want to mess my shorts...least not today I'm short on laundry. More later.


Punk Rock Girl. That combination of chocolate, beer and hot dogs sounds great for a once in a while blow out but I'm not surprised it gave you the runs after 3 days of eating not much else. I've found from experience - as have plenty of others here - that junk food tends to have a bad effect on the guts. Hope you're feeling better and are over the worst of it.

Ray. There is a fine line between the innocent enjoyment of overhearing someone else's performance in the smallest room and invading their privacy as you put it. Working out where that line is and drawing it is not an exact science. On the basis of what you said, I don't think you did invade the lady's privacy. Yes, you did overhear deliberately but my guess is that she wasn't aware of the fact and had no reason to take offence. You've absolutely nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. Had she been aware of the interest you were expressing it would have been another matter. If you've read my earlier posts, going back to the early days of this forum, you will know that I have an aunt who is quite frank about bodily functions and has often laughed and joked about such things. On one occasion she nearly pooped her pants whilst visiting. However, I wouldn't ever press her to disclose any details about bodily functions which she didn't choose to mention of her own free will and I'd never want to embarras her. I think with the lady in your case you've got to avoid doing anything which would upset her but if you happen to 'overhear' one of her trips to the loo I wouldn't feel guilty about it.



I am often constipated wehen I get my period but nothing like as bad as this week. Woke up with a tongue like a blanket and a mouth like the bottom of a birdcage and feeling as if I weighed 160 pounds. Longed for a bm. Sat on the toilet and pushed. Not even a fart. Tried the stamping technique (sitting there and marching with one's feet) which almost always works. Not this time. I remembered what I'd read here.
Got some gel (which I always have on the premises, you never know!) and coated the middle finger of my right hand. Then I inserted it into the rectum all the way up to the knickle. My hands are small and slender and the nails are short. My butt felt full and nice. I rotated the finger a few times and then pressed it out as if I were having a shit. When it came out, I kept on straining. Nothing for a bit. I was pushing with all my might, sighing and groaning. If I'd been in a public toilet, someone would have called an ambulance! Then something made its way into the passage. Just a teeny bit but enough. More straining and heaving as it inched its way out. Eventually the result plopped into the bowl. It was about four inches long and almost as thick. I took a bit of tp and fished it out and transferred it to my bare palm. It was so hard, it didn't leave a trace. I felt absolutely worn out and lay on my bed. My butt was glowing. What a turd! I reflected that if David had put it in his slingshot, Goliath would
have dropped in his tracks!

love you all


Thursday, November 06, 2003

Punk Rock Girl
Hey ya!

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. Mine was spent largely at the Chiller Theatre convention in the Meadowlands in Jersey, right across from Giants Stadium. Three days of non-stop horror, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts coming together. Lots of fun!

I'll tell you. You have not truly had a bout of diarrhea until you have shot ten gallons of liquid shit out your ass as the result of non-stop chocolate eating, mixed with beer, mixed with a hot dog smothered in sauerkraut and onions, mixed with nachos covered in chili, cheese and guacamole...all in the space of a couple of hours.

My bowels vomited all that crap out Friday night, and whoa, it was an experience. I was stuck in one of the dealer rooms when I realized I was about a minute away from shitting my pants. I pushed and shoved my way to the restrooms and finally got into a stall. I yanked my pants and thong down and sat on the toilet. Everything down there came out like a fire hose. I was on the toilet for about fifteen minutes. My ass was quite sore for the rest of the night, and my thong didn't help.

Needless to say, I watched what I ate the rest of the weekend, and wore regular underpants (with a see-through butt for Colin's enjoyment).

Lots of fun, though. Well worth explosive diarrhea. Got some cool stuff, including a big Jason doll from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III.

Peace, and happy November!!!


While riding the school bus home today, there was a little boy in front of me who was being teased by the two little girls in the seat across from him. I was just staring out the window until I heard one little girl ask him if he needed to pee-pee. Then both girls laughed. I peeked around my seat at the boy in front of me and sure enough, he was in bladder distress. The poor thing had his legs crossed and his hands planted firmly in his crotch. He was squirming around and it looked like he trying to ignore the little girls. They kept making 'ssssssssss' sounds at him, but he just kept staring straight ahead. I felt so bad for the poor little fellow, I know that I have experienced bladder attacks on the bus before (and still do) and they aren't much fun. I asked him if was okay and he turned to look at me. He removed his hands from his crotch and started twisting the bottom of his shirt. He was biting his lips and he had tears in his eyes, poor thing. He nodded 'yes' and turned back aruond to face the front of the bus. I moved over a little bit so I could see him without leaning forward and watched as he put his hands back on his crotch. He continued to squirm for a few minutes (I kept expecting to hear him whimper, but he never did), then he picked up his backpack that had been sitting beside him and placed it over his lap. He sat like for a little while longer, still squirming and trying to hold himself. When he stood up to get off of the bus, there was a distinct wet spot on the front and on part of the back of his little khakis. I felt so sorry for the poor kid, I wonder what he told his parents (he was only a first or second grader).

No new stories about me, but I thought that might interest some of you.

China Girl: I was 12 y/o and I was spending a Saturday night in my friend's house basement. Her name was Lyn and she was 10. We were watching TV and playing games and doing girl things. I had eaten fried chicken for dinner earlier, so I knew my bowels were inevitable. I started breaking wind loud and it started to smell. Lyn told me, "Althea, go to the bathroom. I can't take it no more." Neither could I. The pains were great. I went with Lynnie to the basement bathroom. It was roomy. I pulled down my pink shorts and white panties to my ankles, with chin in my hands, put my pudgy butt on the toilet. With an easy breath, my bowels released 3 long thick stools. Then, I broke wind and then 2 more small chunks released. After sitting for awhile, I then urinated for 30 seconds. Lyn asked me if there was anymore. I told her that I felt a pressure in my rectum. Then, I pushed and another fart broke out. I sat for awhile longer then reached for toilet paper and wiped my vagina and then my rectum through the front of my legs. I fixed my clothes and then flushed. It took two flushes to get it all out. Lyn gave me air-freshener to spray the place good.

Had a very nice morning woods dump this a.m. It's been indian summer here in the N.E the last day or so-wonderful weather.So i got up this a.m and got on my bike and headed out to the woods and after about 10 mins of riding,i could start to feel my rectum filling up as i was sitting on my bike seat.After looking around,I found a good spot and got undressed and went over to this big fallen log that had a hole in the middle of it and decided to drop my load in there,so I squatted over this hole and let out long,tight pre-poop fart that felt great asi could feel my anus start to push out with the 1st part of my morning movement and as it was coming out,i looked between my legs and saw this rope of poop as it went into the hole-it looked cool as I let it hang out my butt for a bit and took in the morning air-it was so quiet in the woods this morning-Then as this turd is hanging out my butt,i felt more stuff moving down as i relaxed and let the poop move out and fall into the hole as I looked and it was about 10 inches long and smooth as I let out another "Pffffffft" fart and the soft ice cream type poop roped out my but and sped up and ended with a long fart that felt super as my anus tingled with delight,i felt another urge to push and some more soft stuff came out and then it got pretty loose as then my anus exploded with beef stew type poop that ended with a wet fart.Then I felt done as I looked in the hole and it was almost full with a potpourri of poop.Then I started to pee and as i peed,I pushed my anus out a few times and some mucus came out and man,did I feel cleaned out!!Got out my handi wipes and cleaned my butt and had a good time and got back on my bike.This was one of those dumps where you feel completly empty-it doesn't happen too often to me,but man,it's great when it does-!ts' time like that when I just love to dump out in the woods-I just wish I could have had a lady poo-buddy to share it with-Or it would have been fun to share that type of dump with a guy too as that type of dump deserved a poop buddy to share with! Great stories,all-some responses--
TO MEL D-loved your story with you seeing ASh pooping in the bucket!that was a great one-I would have loved to have seem that-I just love when a woman really gets into pooping!!it doesn't get any better than that!! Good stuff!
TO OLDPOOP-sounds like you had a nice dump!Sounds like you and I poo the same "style"-- enjoy your stories

To The Neighbor - hey, your recent story about those 3 teenagers pooping was amazing, i loved it, and im sure everyone else did too. do you have any stories about your wife going to the bathroom? if you do, I would love to hear it if you wanna tell everyone, cant wait to hear more.....thanx!!

Nothing much happening here, haven't pooped in two days, so maybe i'll take a nice big relaxing one tonite. well im gunna go back to talking to my friends on ??? now, so i'll write again when some new posts come in, thanx!!! bye

Mystery Man
Chelsie: Thank you so much for taking my survey!

Noreen -

It sounds like you gave it a good try, but pants pooping is not right for everyone. It's true that the cleanup is not fun but those of us who love to poop our pants learn to do it efficiently and the enjoyment we get from that nice warm load in our pants more than makes up for the yuck of cleaning up. On the bright side, if you hadn't tried pants pooping, you wouldn't have found out you liked peeing your pants. Just be glad your daughter has found something that gives her so much pleasure whether it makes sense or not.

I am 18 and male.

To THE NEIGHBOR - Great story about the girls in the McDonald's! Although I tend to prefer peeing stories than crapping ones, this one was worth it.

To ARTIFICIALIST - LOVED your story about having to piss in the car. There have been a few instances where I've been driving and slowly wetting my pants at the same time out of total desperation, so I definitely know how you feel!


I'll bet 99% of guys wipe their ass from the front. It is easier to reach, and there is no issue of packing fecal matter into the vagina/urinary track. I have a bidet though, so when I dump at home I don't wipe at all. Just one wad of paper to blot excess water.

I am feeling very guilty about something. I am in my mid-40s and have had a lifetime interest in the subject of females pooping. But recently I think I did something that crossed the line a little. I went a two-day road trip with my son and his wife, who are both in their early 20s. I have always gotten along very well with my son's wife, and we have a father-daughter type relationship because her own father abandoned her several years ago. She is a very sweet person. On our trip we stayed overnight in a hotel two nights. On the first morning in the hotel, I got up first and took my shower. Then she went in the bathroom to shower while my son was still sleeping. Almost without thinking, I stood outside the bathroom door while she was in there and listened to her go to the bathroom. I heard her pee and then when she was done she made a little fart noise. I had heard her pee before a few times when she had used the bathroom at our house, but I never heard her fart. Then I clearly heard her poop. It was the first time I had ever heard her poop. I felt excited because it is always neat for me to hear a female poop, but I also felt very guilty. I felt like I had invaded her privacy.

The next day after driving some more we stayed at a different hotel and we arrived in the afternoon. She wasn't feelilng too good and her stomach was bothering her. She went into the bathroom of the hotel and I thought I could hear her grunting, but I couldnt get too close to the door because my son was up. That night, my son and his wife were in one bed of the hotel and I was in the other. I was awake. Suddenly, my son's wife got up from bed and ran to the bathroom. She was obviously in a big hurry because she didn't close the bathroom door all the way. She probably assumed everyone else was asleep. As soon as she ran in the bathroom, I got up and stood by the door. I couldn't get too close because she had left the door open about an inch. I heard her sit on the toilet and then heard a massive fart sound followed by very loud liquid diarrhea. I tried glancing in the door without being seen but all I could see was her head. I was feeling very guilty so I got back into bed. A few minutes later, she flushed and came out and went back to bed. I asked her if she was all right and she just said "yeah". She went to bed then. I was very tempted to go into the bathroom after she came out to see if there was any residue in the toilet and to see if there was any lingering smell in the air, but I didn't. I felt too guilty. The next day I asked her how she slept and she said she slept fine but got up once in the middle of the night. I didn't say anything, so I don't know if she remembered me asking her if she was all right. Or maybe she remembered it but figured I had forgotten about it.

She is a very sweet girl and I love her like a daughter. I feel very bad that I invaded her privacy by listening to her make poop. She and my son are both very well adjusted, and I don't believe either of them has an interest in pooping the way I do, and the way people on this forum do. I just feel very guilty that I crossed the line by listening to her this way.

I think it is okay if two people have a mutual interest in pooping and they allow each other to see one another go. I also think that if someone poops in public, such as in the woods, they are "fair game" so to speak if someone sees them going. But when a person is pooping in a bathroom with the door closed, I think they have an expectation of privacy, and I don't think it is right for someone else to invade that provacy by listening in. I feel very very guilty about this whole thing.

What do the rest of you think?

hello. this is my first time posting here. im 19/female . i have been reading some of the other girls stories and i have some advice for you. sorry guys. i seem to not be able to tell when im going to have to poop and quite often do it in my panties,thong what not.all and i LOVE THE FEELING, i have came to this conclusions sometimes when you have to go someplace say work. and you have to poop i wear a maxi pad and that way i can kinda let a little bit out to releave some pressure till i can go to the restroom. it also saves on clean up time if you do it all the time. thought you gurls could use this info. and keep the good stories comming of the accidents i love them. the best ones are on purpose!! later

Hi Althea, I don't think the ease with which my poo's are popping out has to do with water content, as its become a definite regular thing. From always having to wipe and wip, sometimes lots and lots I now hardly ever wipe, and they just pop out - usually leaving a bum that clean without a trace of poo. I'm sure its to do with my bum hole having been made bigger, so that they can now come out much easier with less bum hole friction.

To Ash_D and Mel

hey girls how long have u been interested in watching each other poop?
I was wondering where bouts in australia are u from because im from australia aswell?

To Derrick-I am also in college like you and 2 weekends ago i had the same thing happen to me on the way back to school like you did. Thank god that i wear dark briefs or else it would have been a real mess. I would like to hear other stories as you said that this happens often. Also did your roommates find out what happened?

I am new to the site and I must say I enjoy it. My story starts when I was at my grandma's house and my cousins were staying over. My little cousin has a problem with wetting the bed and she wears pull ups at night. My aunt and uncle are really big and tall, so she weighs about 90 pounds. I was looking at her pull ups and I saw on the label that they were for people who weigh 85-125 pounds. Since I weigh 125 I decided to take one and see what it was like. I went home and ate a lot so I would be able to take a dump later in the day. Later I went to the bathroom and put on the pull up squatted down and started to pee it it. It felt really good and it was fun to be pissing my pants without having to clean it up. Then I felt my turd coming on so I relocated myself to the shower so I wouldn't mess up the floor. I squatted down again and let it rip, it was kind of hard to push out because I had the pull up giving me resistance but eventually I got it all out. It settled in one big glob from the place it should have ended up, and it spread to the front of the pull up. I ripped off the sides and depostited my turd into the toilet after I took a shower to clean off my butt. It was a lot of fun, I suggest you do it sometime.


I just got home from a family holiday.We had a four-day weekend and decided to go on a family camping trip.

The first thing i did when we got home was go and take a big dump. I ran in the door, taking my pants and panties down on the way to the toilet, plonked my ass on the seat and let rip a really strong stream of piss.I farted a couple of times before releasing a big, fat, smelly log, that didnt make a splash because it was too big. I was still sitting on the toilet wiping my ass, when my mum came running up and said "Move, move, quick i gotta go!!" I jumped off the toilet, while mum jumped on, as soon as she was on she let out the strongest stream of piss i have ever heard. She was sitting there hissing into the bowl and moaning in relief, while i was standing in front of her pulling up my pants. She boomed a fart into the bowl, looked at me and said "I gotta poop too." she swung the door, leaving it ajar, then farted again.
I didnt move, i satyed there to litsen to her dump.I didnt see her poop all weekend, so i figured it would be big. i stood there listening intently and i could hear her asshole crackle open, then a deep moan and a strain.After a little while i heard the loud thud of her turd hitting my turd and the porcelain. She boomed two more farts, then i heard her pulling up her pants, so i quietly walked into the kitchen, she came out with a grin on her face."Didnt you flush?" i said to her
"I didnt think you were finished." she replied. I lied and told her i wasnt, just so i could go look at her dump. I went back in and closed the door. My log had sunk to the bottom and was broken in two, mum's was sticking up out of the water, resting against the side of the bowl, it was huge! I was confused because mum didnt even wipe, mel often leaves her ass dirty, i wonder why.
I had to flush three times to get all of our poop down.

That's all for now, Mel is gunna post about our camping trip now, so, enjoy!

Amber: I really enjoy your posts, i'd love to hear how that shoebox thing goes :)

Love Ash.D

Hello again!

Well, our family just went on a camping trip over the long weekend.
It was Mum and Dad, Me, Ash and our cousin Jess.
Ash and I are very close to Jess, she knows about our pooping fascination and is also very interested in pooping, she is also a very good farter. Jess is 16, very attractive, 5'5", blonde and very open and outgoing!

The place where we were going to is 6 hours away, which is quite a long time to go without bathroom breaks, what Dad decided we should do.So as soon as we arrived Ash and Jess were looking for a bathroom, unfourtunatley where we were staying, there is no bathrooms.

I needed to go for a bit on a tinkle, but the two girls needed to poop.
We walked around the bush searching for a good place to relieve ourselves.I found a bit of a clearing and figured that was suitable enough to be our toilet.

I was first to go, even though i could wait the longest.I was pantie-less so i lifted my skirt and squatted.The girls were both staring at me while i satrted to piss.It was a regular strenght stream and lasted for about 45 seconds.I shook my pussy around abit to dry it and stood up. "Who's next?"

Jess was next, she said "I'm about to shit my pants!"(She is a twice a day pooper)She quickly tore off her tight jeans, she was also pantie-less.She bent her knees and started a strong stream that splashed all over her feet.She was still pissing as she started pushing her load out. Ash and I walked behind her to watch it come out. She had her knees bent and was spreading her cheeks.Her smooth bald asshole opened up and a really thick, bumpy log slid out quite fast and thudded on the ground.She moaned and sighed in relief and pleasure.she let out a really loose, flappy fart, took a deep breath and started pushing again. Before her asshole could fully close, it started opening again and a fatter turd started inching its way out.It came out quite slow, Jess enjoyed evry second of it.It finnaly dropped out, thudding on top of her first log. She moved out of the way and grabbed her jeans.

As Jess was putting her jeans back on Ash was tearing hers off.She was really busting for a shit.She had a bit of trouble taking her jeans off, she was struggling. Then before she could them of, she exclaimed "Uh-Oh!" Jess and I knew what was happening. Ash was about to shit her pants, she struggled with her belt once again the gave up. She was ready to poop her pants. She bent her knees and poked her ass out and let go, she moaned and immediatley we could see a bulge appearing in her pants.She pushed really hard and the bulge got bigger.She finished pooping, then let out a muffled fart.She stood back up and said "That was fun!" with a huge grin on her face.She played with her buckle again and got it undone first try. She took her jeans off and left her full panties on. Luckily no poop got through so she didn't ruin her jeans.She took the panties off and dumped them ontop of Jess' dump.

We went back to the car, all happy and empty.



Lovin' all of your posts, keep em' up! :)

Dang, I didn't realize so many guys had...bathroom fetishes. I have since I first entered puberty or thereabouts. It might have started when I was about 8 or so and had to spend the day at the house of one of my mom's old friends. One day their daughter (about my age) said she had to go "poo-poo" and I saw her leaving and caught a glimpse of a good-sized log going down the john. I think that was when I first learned that girls go number 2 as well. ;)
I've never had any wild bathroom experiences myself, just the usual having to go in the woods while hiking, and of course I can still remember when I ended up shitting my pants in about 1st grade. That was pretty awful. Although I couple times I've peed my pants too just to see what it was like. It feels kinda nice, but the cleaning up sucks.
How do most girls feel about the idea of guys liking their...y'know, daily routine? To any ladies who just found a boyfriend, how would you feel if your man confessed that to you? Guess it depends on what type of person you are...

Hey! Another Italian on this Board! I'm Italian too but after a year of reading old stories of people pooping her pants (if you're very new, it means "farsela addosso" in our language) and outdoor pooping.
If you too are interested in accidents or have seen some of them, please post it o this forum. I come here and see if there are new postes EVERY day and I won't miss it. Please write something in each way, so I'll assume that you've read it.
Well, said this, I can told what happened in my school last week. While doing a math test, my deskfellow started to show sign of discomfort. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had to poop rel bad, and he didn't know what to do. We weren't allowed to leave the room during the test, so I suggest him to try and cut some farts to relieve the pressure. I said that even in a situation like this, he can't do something like that. So I said "Well, the pants are yours, and if you'll poop them it's not a matter for me". He thinked a minute and then began to shoot some farts that stank the whole classroom. The teacher probably smelled something, because she walked toward our desks to see what was producing such an horrible smell. When she walked past my friend' desk , he said "Here's arriving a big one" and then all happened. Instead of a fart, a flood of diarrhea poured like water from his butt and his pants became brown all over the rear. He instantaneously froze and started to cry silently. Unfortunatly all the performance released, other than a puddle of liquid shit on the floor, a strange sound like water under pressure released against a wall. The whole class turned his head to us, saw my friend sat on a chair dripping liquid crap on the ground and they started to laugh. Obviously he was sent to the nursery and called her parents to take him. The next day I asked what their parents said, and he answered that they shouted very loud at him and took away his Nintendo Gamecube as a punishment.
Now all's returned to normal, we see each other near everyday and we often talk about his face when all happened.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Nothing really interesting lately... Finally had that bm I had been waiting for. It was normal for me, though it was probably smaller than what most of you have. I was about to get into the shower last night and since I usually pee before I shower, I was sitting on the toilet and I decided to try to poop even though I didn't really have one of my shivery urges yet. I didn't have to push too hard before a little log came sliding out. It was only about 4 inches long and maybe and inch wide. Like I side, normal for me, but probably small for everyone else. I tried to break it off, but it did anyway, then another came that was about the same size. I waited a few more minutes and a very small little rabbit-dropping type piece fell out. Since the tilet hadn't been flushed in the past few uses, I decided to flush once before I wiped so it wouldn't clog, but there was already so much paper in there that it clogged anyway. First I tried to break it loose with the toilet brush, but that jst smeared it on the bristles, so I finally wiped and put my paper in the sink, then went into the other bathroom to get the plunger. Plunged a couple of times and then--whoosh. The End.

Until this afternoon. I really had to pee and I wasn't sure how much longer I could make it, so in between my last two classes I ran to the bathroom and went into the first stall. I was in a hurry and didn't realize that there wasn't any toilet paper until I had already gone. So I had to walk around with a slick bottom until I got home. I kept imagining wet patches on the seat of my pants and was just hoping that no one could see anything. When I finally got home and got a chance to wipe, there was a 'skidmark' in my panties too, but I hadn't pooped or anything, so who knows? Another strange little poop mystery.
The End, again.

China girl
I post now because I was at my friend's house again and had to go. We want to go out tonight for Halloween so we studied at her house last night. Since her family was there we studied in basement. I was doing some silent farts that smell for a while and I finally have to go. There is really small toilet room with only toilet and sink in small space. I ask her if I could use it because I wasn't sure since I was always able to go upstairs at her house (I didn't want to with her family there though because of smell). She says she wondered when I would go because of my fart. So I go into bathroom. The toilet was smaller model because of space and door just misses toilet when you close it, but I left it open. I stand with my back to toilet to let my pants down. I had belt and while I was unhooking I still let out some farts that smell. I'm sure toilet new load was coming and probably wanted to reason with me, but I was ready and there was no turning back. When I pull down my pants, all smell that was trapped from farting came out. So I was sitting on this toilet which was small (and cold because of basement) and toilet was already taking in my smell. I'm sure my poison gas and lack of mercy make it weak as my intimidating butt started to open and some airy but smelly farts come out. I knew it would be good turd and I never use this toilet before. So I was happily waiting the moment when it would feel my force from my butt turd being shot into it and it would suffer under my taste. Anyway, the farts were coming less now and my hole started to make the turd meat sound and wow did it open wide. At the point that it stopped opening, as I suspect, it shot out with big bang. My friend say "oh my gosh" and laughed a little and I said "ahhhh." Then my hole open again more quickly though and a little sloppy mush came out then a deep loud fart. That was all. She could smell already and put fan on to blow away from her area. While I wipe, I smile with satisfaction and look between my leg to see turd. It was long and fat again but this time it had nut chunks in it. Very gruesome. Then I stand up over toilet and pull my pants up. It was probably begging to have nightmare go away (hehe) and for me not to flush, but I smile with sastisfaction and flush a few times to get turd down, and the amount to paper with my butt stain on it. It leave bowl marks when it finally go down and I flush again and wipe them off with more toilet paper. My friend say earlier that this toilet is hardly used because of basement. So I think that now it has my mark and it must endure my taste for a while. That was nasty drop, so I'm sure it would be crying and begging for help, but I shattered all hope and just close door, turn out light leaving toilet with my taste and smell. I'll bet it wish it was never there to begin with (hehe). Oh well, what can I say. Ok thank you.

Can anyone briefly describe the female poop scene in "Tommy Boy?" Thanks.

To - Ash and Melanie - OMG girls...awesome stories!!!!! please please please post more once you get some....cant wait to hear them, thanx!!!

To Lizz - Pretty cool story, I've dreamed about peeing in my sleep before, and fortunately never had an accident. cant wait to hear more.....thanx.

I took a big poop before school the other day. I sat on the toilet, rested my elbows on my thighs, and started peeing a slow stream. It felt soo incredibly good coming out of me, and so did my poop, as 1 long piece slowly dropped out of my hole. My hole closed up, and I grabbed some toilet paper to wipe with, but after dabing my butt once, I realized that i wasn't too messy. then, i flushed and headed off to school only to find out that i got a C on a Math test haha.....byebye!!!!

My previous boss was an attractive woman in her early 50s and always looked smart in her attire and makeup, etc. Men found her quite sexy actually. However, whenever you were near her, she reeked of urine! As she looked far from from a shabby person who you would expect wold be incontinent, we had no idea what the deal was. We figured she did have some bladder problem though and was probably embarrassed. Anyway, months later I was dying for a poop and ran into the ladies room so desperate, I burst into a stall which wasn't very well locked and there was my boss on the toilet - she had her skirt pulled up but was PEEING THROUGH HER PANTY HOSE!!! She wasn't wearing underwear either! I apologized and shut the door and went into the far stall to continue my business. I did tell a couple of my close co-workers. Now I have no idea wh my boss peed through her panty hose but you'd think that the incident would have stopped it. No! Every time you were near her she would stink of pee! Big mystery!

em dubya
Hey all! I have some time so I think I'll post some responses/feedback
Amber:A shoebox...that sounds different...keep us posted
Lizz:Good pee story and please let us know next time you do something like that again
the neighbor:Good outdoor have some great neighbors!
bigd:live music while taking a dump :) how relaxing
Rick:Wow, maybe Chili Dogs weren't such a good idea...keep us posted on what else happens
Upstate Dave:What a strange position to be in with your wife peeing on you. Do you have any others stories?
Lauren:Well, I'm a guy and being hit in the crotch does hurt! I can only describe it as a stanrge feeling in your stomach, a reflex to pinch your knees together, an extreme sharp pain, and sometimes it can kinda cloud your vision.
Samantha C:Weird story, but a good post.

I have a question for all of you out there. I am 55 years old and had an accident in my pants when I was 7. Since I have not been too worried if I have additional accidents. In fact I enjoy it from time to time. I try to remain relatively conservative about my habits and no one knows but my wife. Before we got married she said it was no big deal. But now she says it is. Fact is she says I need professional help. I know that many of you share my habits and I have no desire to change. So here is my question to those of you who wish to respond. What is the Professional opinion of Psychologists and Psychoanalysts is this a "Bad thing". I don't think so and I don't make a public issue of it. I just find it soothing and personally desirable.

I don't like public toilets they're too impersonal so if I am on my way home and I get caught short I let it out. I like to hold it in until the urge is very strong. I will use public toilets when necessary, as I don't have a phobia about them. Also if I am alone I will create the biggest bulge in my pants possible. I wish my wife were as liberal as I was on this but I don't push the idea. She would hate the idea of an accident herself but I would be quite amused.

the neighbor
I can't help but add an observation that is related to Noreen's situation with her daughter's pants-pooping. In times gone by I have seen those sort of posts by other people on other sites before, and I was always a little skeptical as to whether or not they were real or just fantasies. But then there was a very odd thing that I witnessed two summers ago, and I began to think that maybe there really are people out there who like to do that sort of thing. And now that I've been reading Noreen's posts, I'm more sure than ever that what I saw two years ago was people intentionally pooping in their pants. My wife was with me at the time, and she had said "There's something weird about that...." in this voice full of shock and disbelief, but I don't think she quite figured it out, either. But it was clear that, like me, she was very disturbed that there were two people together in public with full-of-poop pants.

We were in a McDonald's on a Tuesday, right in the middle of the afternoon, three to three-thirty. Very few other patrons were in the place, and there appeared to be less employees, too. It was apparently a slow time of day, but we were meeting for a late lunch since both of us had decided to work late and just skip dinner that night. It was really hot that day, too, and in walks three girls dressed really sexily (in my opinion, at least). They each wore their own variety of super-short shorts, spaghetti-strap top, no bra, flip flops. They all three looked about sixteen or seventeen years old, definitely not grown women, but also not middle school girls, either. Gorgeous girls, I'm sure you can imagine, and I remember I was facing the door they came in, so I got to watch them coming right on by. My wife of course noticed my stares and glanced around, then watched them with me as they passed. She isn't really a jealous woman, and so she just chuckled a little and went back to eating.

But then my wife gasped and gawked at something over my shoulder, in the same direction the girls had gone--toward the bathrooms. My wife muttered, "Oh my God," and as I turned she whispered, "That girl just crapped her pants! She couldn't get into the bathroom quick enough." And there was one of those girls, bent over with her hands on her stomach, moaning, right at the closed door of the bathroom. Her two friends stood on either side. One was rubbing her back and saying something, and the other was clutching her own stomach and doing this funny little bathroom dance. She had this tortured look on her face, and she kept glancing over at us while we stared like tourists. Then girl who'd pooped her pants started talking. We were the only customers on that side of the restaraunt, so it was easy to hear what they were saying.

She said something like, "I knew I wouldn't make it!" Then, "Oh God, I'm so embarrassed!"

The friend rubbing her back said, "Do you feel better?" and other things like that, to comfort the girl.

The third girl, who had still not gone into the bathroom, suddenly turned away from us and raised her voice at the other two. "I gotta go too, so get out of the way before I--" and you can guess what happened. The girl had taken but one step when she stopped still and sort of squeaked like a mouse, reached both hands back behind her to cover her little khaki shorts, and then all we heard were the "ffffrrrttttthhhhh" and "ffflfllltttt" of these nasty farts she made. And then she sort of said, "Ohhhhh," in this groaning voice, and just like that we could smell this strong shit odor float over us in a thick cloud. My wife and I couldn't look away, and the girls didn't seem to care much about that. They were very absorbed in what was happening. The first pooping girl had moved somehow and caused pieces of turds to squish out from around her shorts-legs, dropping down her thighs and calves and onto the tiled floor, leaving these wet brown streaks on her pretty skin. The other pooping girl hadn't dropped anything out of her pants yet, but with both hands she was pushing on the huge lump covering her backside. It was one of those surreal moments when you suddenly think that it's not possibly really happening, that you are hallucinating. The girls were just standing there rubbing on their stained and wet pants, stinking up one whole side of a McDonald's, and my wife and I were just as absorbed with blatantly ogling every little thing they did.

Then the girl who hadn't pooped said that maybe they should go on in the bathroom and try to clean up. But the second pooping girl said "Why? We're already filthy, we might as well just go back to my house and clean up there." The other pooping girl agreed, and so they turned around. "Just walk careful so you don't drop it out everywhere," the second pooping girl said. When they passed us on their way back out the door, each of the three girls whispered "Sorry" to us and sort of flashed this shameful smirk. We watched them go, both girls now dripping liquid bits of crap down the backs of their legs in thin trails like the seams on pantyhose. Their car was out of sight from our vantage point, it was too far beyond the door that led them outside. They were through the door and gone in no time at all, despite trying to be careful not to make their messes worse.

Looking down at the floor, my wife and I both saw at the exact same time a small turd that had splattered onto the tile right beside us as the girls had walked by. My wife gagged, got up, and ran out the door to the parking lot. I was sickened and excited, of course, but I did have to hold my breath while I picked up our trash and took the tray back to its place. I thought about telling one of the McDonald's employees before I left, but I remember thinking suddenly that it would be more funny if they just discovered it for themselves. My wife was all watery-eyed from trying to choke back her urge to puke, but a few more moments in the fresh outside air had her back to normal again. We glanced around, but the girls were gone.

So now I'm thinking that those girls definitely did that on purpose. It was just too weird that two girls would have the exact same accident at the exact same time and place like that. I remember wondering about that back then, until I'd concluded that nobody would ever go out and do that with a friend, since that wasn't something even a friend would ever know that you liked to do. That was just too much for me to believe, I guess. But now, considering Noreen's daugther and her friend, I guess I know that there's definitely girls out there who would do things like that and get their friends involved, too. Amazing! It's probably about as rare as lighting striking twice, but I do hope I get to witness another accident or two like that some day....


Hi.I have been reading the posts on this site for quite a while and really found them interesting and good. Great site. Keep up the good work! By the way, those of you who have kept an eye open specially for poop scenes in films..check out -- Im Lauf Der Zeit ( Kings of the Road-In the course of Time) Dir: Wim Wenders. In the film, Ruedigler Vogler is driving out in the countryside,stops to take a poop in the open field.It is very explicit.See you.Bob

hello, this is my frist time i have ever posted here. i just want to let everybody know that i like all your stories. i was on my way home from school today i go to osu and i got hit with a cramp. it wasnt to bad so i thought i could make it home. but then i felt the tip of a soft turd start to ease its way out. so i knew there was no turning back.i usally were dark colored underwear for this reasoning.i seem to do it quite often. i love the feeling. as i got closer and closer to home i just couldnt take it anymore another cramp hit me and i lost it. for like 3 minutes while im driving down the road all i could do was let it go. it wasnt the wet and runny but soft and mushy..i like these a lot. so i got home walked in the house went upstairs and changed and took a shower. just wondering if anybody else likes to shit in there pants. girls or guys. let me know.thanks.

Lauren - In the movies it's not that they hit the guys in the dick, but rather their balls. Getting hit in the dick alone doesn't hurt that much, unless perhaps an uncircumsised guy gets hit right on the tip. However, their dicks are in the same area as their balls, which are very painful to get hit in. It can also result in the rupture of a testical.

Hi all,
Yesterday I made a gold discovery at a local public toilet which I often visit. I went and had a poo and then returned to my car outside. The toilets are situated next to a large supermarket and they have this white frosted glass on the outside. As I sat in my car having a bite to eat I noticed a silouette. It looked like a person sitting down. At first I thought it was a women who had entered with another women a moment before. I thought she was waiting for her friend. Then I realised I was witnessing something I shouldn't! It turns out that the frosted glass on the outside of the toilet block extends to the womens toilets! The way it is setup is that there is an entrance hall which lead to the mens and womens except the womens room has the frosted glass on one wall plus (a huge plus!) one of the womens stalls has the glass too! This means that you can see quite clearly the silouhette of women entering the ladies toilets and into a stall.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing as a women left the stall. I noticed another middle aged women enter the toilet block. I watched her silouhette as she made her way into the ladies and straight into the toilet stall next to the wall and frosted glass. She pulled her pants down and sat. When in the sitting position you can really only see the womens head. She was there for a few minutes so I assume she had to poo which was even more of a turn on. She eventually got up and pulled her pants up and left. Unfortunatly I had to go as my lunch break was coming to an end but I know I'll be spending much more time there! I just can't believe that I've discovered this, I thought for sure that when the toilets were built (it's a fairly new building) that they would have noticed this!

What percentage of males wipe the anal sphincter from back to front !?

Alternatively - how many wipe from front to back.

Has this been the subject of research !?


johnny half-pint
OK, here's some piddling poetry; well, a song really. Or at least some new words to go with an existing tune, if anybody's a They Might be Giants fan :-)

Cubicle man, cubicle man
Gets a bit shy when he goes to the can
Can't have a pee if he thinks you can see
Cubicle man, cubicle man

Urinal man, urinal man
Urinal man hates cubicle man
Stares at his tool 'cause he thinks that it's cool
Urinal man, urinal man

Alleyway man, alleyway man
He takes a leak just wherever he stands
He'd be at home in Paris or Rome
Alleyway man, alleyway man

Saturday, November 01, 2003

hey im new name is Britt im 19 and im from LI. A few weeks ago i had a party and i had to take a crap so i figured no one was upstairs so i used the upstairs bathroom. SO i went in pulled my pants down and sat down. i finished in about 10 minutes and i realized there was no toilet paper. There was some in the closet in the hallway so i decided to walk out there with my pants still down. BIG MISTAKE!as i was taking it out of the closet 3 of the guys and 1 girl from the party came running up the stairs.i got so startled hearing them talking as they were coming up the stairs i froze. when the got to the top of the stairs they burst out in laughter seeing me standing there with my pants and panties around my ankles holding a roll of toilet paper. I pulled my pants halfway up and went back to the bathroom. Afterwards i felt pretty awkward around them for a while but its all ok now i can actually laugh about it now..ok thats it for now later all

Brittni <3

Blocked Brigitte
Well here I am again, and it has been about four days since the last poo. Right after breakfast I took a double dose of Correctol. It seems to be working now and I am in for a large clearing out.

In to the bathroom and down with my pantyhose and panties. Relief at last as I empty the first blast into the toilet. Such a relief !

Feels like I will be back again in a few...another poo break at the office.

Amy: I have been having flax fiber with my deserts and breakfast. I still have a large jar of it. So, I am going to put it to work. My movements have been substantial.

K.: I've tried suppositories in high school. I was not impressed by them.

There is a park near where my folks live. If the girls or female toilets were oversubscribed, girls and women would go in the shrubs. That has been stopped. The shrubs have been fenced-off. It was terrific in the summer, especially on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Girls and women used to be standing, squatting and in other positions. I preferred a toilet. I only peed in the woods, if it were an emergency.

CC: When my cousin, Janet visited from England, we went to the movies on a Saturday night. She said that she had to move her bowels. She had already had two bowel movements earlier in the day. I had to only urinate. After standing on line, Jan and I took separate stalls. I pulled down my jeans and pink panties while Jan pulled up her skirt, slip and pulled down her pantyhose and blue cotton panties. I urinated and I heard Jan's bowels release like a gushing fire hose.Her release lasted for 30 seconds with a fart. I gave her citrate of magnesia during the day because she was not feeling well. Jan asked me if I was in a hurry. I told her no, because the film was not to start for a while. I wiped my vagina from the front and remained seated in my adjoining stall to keep her company. She said that she had to evacuate once more and she did. I then, pulled up my pants and underwear, flushed the toilet and stepped out. Some women were there to urinate or to rest their bowels. Some were in and out while some were in there for a long haul. I heard a few bowel evacuations and saw pants and panties down to ankles. I asked Jan if she was alright. She said yes and then wiped herself good, pulled up her hosiery, panties and let down her skirt and slip. She opened the stall door and I saw a toilet of light brown water and toilet paper which she flushed. There was a lot of traffic in that womens room.

Julie: Your stool had a low or medium water content. That is why the toilet paper was clean.

Hey gotta make this quick anyone know any movies with good female poop scenes BESIDES.
Tommy Boy
Car Wash
Not another teen movie
Detriot Rock City
Scary Movie

Answer for the question, "Do most women wipe from the front after they pee?" It depends on how they were toilet trained. I was taught to wipe through the front when I pee. Some women lean over to one side and wipe from behind. Some wipe from behind. Some stand up. It also depends on the vaginal structure and how the urine comes out. Some women urinate straight down, or on an angle sideways, or on a straightout angle. Some women do not wipe, period.

I had some ground flax meal in my fridge from 2001. I decided to use it in my fruit and vegetable salads. I had a moving experience last night from it at the movies last night. Around 11PM, I had felt my bowels and I had to go. I went to the womens room. There were two stalls. I took the last w/c stall, pulled down my gray khaki slacks and white Jockey for Her panties (full cut) to my ankles. I was so happy because I ate cheese and I thought that I would be constipated. I was not. I sat on the toilet and in one easy push, a soft, thick, muddy bowel movement released. When I spread my legs and looked it was yellowish-brown. It was so soft, like the ones described by Jane (Gary). There was no fart, but I urinated. I sat expecting more, but nothing. Then, I wiped my vagina through the front, then I wiped my behind and flushed.

Randi: There is no crime in having to use air freshener after a bowel movement. You have nothing wrong with you. Though, you should take an organic laxative to clean yourself out. You are not the only one whose bowel movements smell. Sometimes, if you leave your stools in the bowl unflushed you will get an odor. I used to sit on the bowl for 15 minutes. I stopped that. Now, I get on and off in a hurry. I was in church Sunday and the priest read a lesson from the Book of Ecclesiasticus. It said, "Take a physic or you will be sick." That means clean your intestinal tract often or waste particles will build up and putrify. Not good.

Raging Urophile: I have broken wind in public places but away from others. In high school and college, I broke wind quietly in class before it became evident that I had to evacuate my bowels. See my earlier posts.

Mr. Poop: A few times when I was a kid, I actually forgot to wipe after a bowel movement and my rectum itched. I wondered why I was itching and when I went to the bathroom again, I found that my panty had a hugh brown smudge. Many girls in my class and in day camp used to go complain that their "ass was itching" only to find out why. We forgot to wipe ourselves or did not wipe ourselves good. Plus, we were scratching ourselves through our pants. Once, I was at my uncle's house working on a rug shampooing project. I was in 6th grade. I had to move my bowels. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my blue jeans and blue panties to my ankles two logs, eight inches long and 2 inches thick. When I was finished, I pulled up my clothes and flushed, forgetting to wipe. I continued to work until dinner. I ate dinner and then uncle drove me home. When I got home, I watched TV while my rectum itched. I then went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and briefs. I took paper and wiped or scraped off dried fecal crud from my rectum and then saw the dried crud on my panty. I then learned that is what happens when you do not clean yourself good. My mother would always chastise me for not wiping when she laundered my underwear.

Lauren: Yes, it does hurt. A blow to the genitals can cause damage to the urinary tract.
Amy: Tight jeans and white bikini panties and you wasted them in that mess? I would have found a toilet stall, pulled them down to my ankles and evacuated in the toilet. See my earlier posts. I had my best movements in department store toilets.
mike: 1. When was the last you saw your (girlfriend,boyfriend,parents) pee or poop? Years ago for my parents. As for girlfriends and boyfriends within the last 4 years.
2. Do you wipe after pissing or pooping? Yes.
3. What color of piss do you do? Clear or yellow.
4. What color of poop do you do? Yellow or dark brown.
5. Ladies do you wipe from the front or rear when you piss or poop? front, if I piss; front or rear, if I poop.
6. Men do you wipe from the rear or front when you poop or piss? n/a.

K. You had a virus or you may have eaten something or frank alcohol on an empty stomach. That happened to me in Baltimore in 1987. It was the worst thing ever.

the neighbor: I was in GS camp and girls used to go off deep in the bushes if they had to rest their bowels.

Bluto: Knowingly entering a womens room could get you arrested for trespassing. Sometimes people cross gender lines to use toilets in an emergency. Walking into by accident is one thing. Purposely, is another. Telling an excuse is lame, especially to a university cop.
When I was in grammar school, I dreaded bowel movements sometimes for the smell, noise and the pain. I held my bowels in kindergarten and first grade and my mother had to give me enemas and laxatives. I used to be in such pain sometimes.
Rick (ex. peeper): I had an experience like that at a boy's house when I was 21. We had went to a movie earlier in the evening and I ate too much candy, soda and popcorn.

I was wondering how many people have compared Dragonball Z to a bunch of constipated guys fighting.

Hi, guys and gals. on my last post i was saying how much my poop was stinking as i left the walmart. so ive decided to go back and start to use Triple Chlorophyll. i used to use it last year back before the end of december. now its all natural. you can buy it at a healthfood store or a gnc ( if they are still in business ) or places like that, it really helps keep the smell down. but!!! it will turn your poop kinda green. but thats easy to deal with as far as im concerned. no it wont keep the smell away completely but it keeps the smell down to a minimum. okies byez for now xoxoxo from me!

In response to Lauren
Yeah. It's not so much the dick that hurts, it's the testes. I mean... from what i've heard menstrual cramps are pretty bad... analogously so, only an instant rush of pain and intensely worse.

LAUREN - Its not the dick that hurts its what hangs below, and YES it REALLY hurts!!!!!!

Hi, everyone!

Samantha C.: Glad you're enjoying the site, and thanks for answering my question once again. I've never been with a woman who shares this fascination, but it's a thrill to know females like you are out there...I can only imagine the fun I would have! I also enjoyed the story of the drunken WERE a daring girl, but it was funny, too! I can understand why you'd remember it vividly, and I'm sure Melanie still does, too! Next question: Do you like your own poo best, or others'? Can you tell us why? Thanks!

Amy: WOW! That was a daring feat! Are you planning to try it again? I certainly enjoyed reading about the details, and you sure made one man's night! I think a lot of men have a fascination with the subject, although I think most try to suppress it... looking forward to your next post!

China Girl: What's new in your love affair with your toilet? Have you given him any more wonderful gifts lately?

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