To The Neighbor - i loved both your stories about you spying on your neighbors! you must have gotten realllyyyy excited lol. i wish i could see other people pooping from my house, but the houses are all spread apart where i live so i doubt that will happen anytime soon. do you have any more stories about the lady in your first story??? i would love to hear more if you have any, thanks!!

To Lizz - niiiiice story!!

To Amy - nice story too, ive only pooped in my panties once, and when i did i was home alone and i really had 2 go and i was in the mood to do something really funn!! im glad that your public poop worked out, please share some more if you have any.

Byez everyone.

My morning movement was in two parts today: first, a fairly thick short hard medium brown knobby turd followed by a long smooth one of about eight inches; second, a minute later, a softer length of thinner poop that broke up into numerous fairly short turds. I wiped as usual, finishing up with a dab of Noxzema on the last piece of paper, which I then pushed up into my anus for the final cleaning. The pile of thin short turds cascading over the thick longer one was fairly impressive, and it certainly felt good. I appreciate the replies to my last post, but I must assure you that the Noxzema on the toilet paper does not burn my tender tissues; it just feels cool and nice, and my anus feels clean afterwards. Further reminiscences of times past: nearly thirty years ago we went to a large flea market or sale in a big warehouse building. There had been a storm, and power was out to that part of town, but the sale went on anyhow. The room was huge and fairly light, and people used manual cash registers to check out sales. The bathroom, however, was completely dark inside; only the men's was open, so both men and women used it. I went in to poop. One could tell which stalls were occupied by feeling whether the door was locked. I found an open one, closed the door, found the toilet, felt the seat (dry, fortunately), dropped my pants, and sat. I don't remember my own performance, so it must have been normal, including plunks and plops; however, my neighbors in adjoining stalls were memorable. One guy grunted out several hard chunks; a small boy found the darkness exciting and pooped quite noisily. Then a lady came in, saying to a companion outside the restroom, "I'll be a little while; go ahead to the baskets (or whatever part of the sale they were going to next)." She felt for an open door and came into the stall next to mine. She peed briefly, then audibly bore down, letting a softly hissing fart which suddenly stopped. Of course, with no electricity, there was no sound from the vents or humming from the lights; very quiet except for sounds in the toilets. I heard a soft moist rustling sound as her turd slid out (not a crackling, much softer), followed by a soft splash; then silence; then two definite plunks. The lady then took paper and wiped. I wished that I could see what she had done; that first one must have been long. Then it was time for me to wipe also, which I think startled her; she gasped. All in all, a most enjoyable listening experience.

I had an amazing "I gotta pee now" story yesterday. My mom asked me to follow her to a friend's house in my car. On the way, I drank a huge bottle of water. After 45 minutes, I wanted to pull over and pee, but I could wait. By one hour, my blader felt like it was coming apart at the seams. Unfortunately, I couldn't signal my mom to pull over and stop, so I started cutting away at the water bottle at every red light, trying to build an emergency urinal. Every little effort on the gas pedal or brake pedal was painful. I felt like my bladder was a can of soda, and the gas pedal and brake pedal were shaking it. After an hour and a half, I finally arrived at mom's friend's house. Mom gave me a compliment about my driving, but I told her that compliment would have to wait. I told her that I need to use the bathroom that instant. Mom's friend said hi, but I was in too much pain to reply. She let me use the toilet in her house. I felt like the Hoover Dam burst as I peed into the toilet. I must have spent nearly 3 minutes going full stream. After I finished, I felt as if my bladder had shrunk to the size of a peanut. Finally, I flushed, washed my hands, and watched TV. I felt tons better.

I was in the mall and had to poop. I went into a ladies restroom and saw that all the ladies toilets were taken up and there were lines, so I left the ladies room and headed to another ladies room and I had to poop so I didn't want to poop my underwear. When I got in the ladies room that one was taken up too. So I just headed home. While I was in my car I could feel some poop coming so I hurried. When I got home and got out of the car. I pooped my panties. I felt so bad that I pooped my panties. When I got in my house I undressed everything but my underwear and I got in the shower but didn't start the shower. I took off my underwear and wiped all the poop onto a dildo. I then took the dildo and put it inside me. It felt very warm and mushy. I had more than one orgasm. After I washed myself I cleaned my car and the mess in the tub.

mystery man-
1. Physical description of yourself 14, blonde, big chested, modertly tall
2. How long does it take you to pee? 30 secenods- 2 min normally
3. How long does it take you to poo? 5-30 min normally
4. What things make you poo? eatting, think about going, a friend going
5. What things make you pee? hearing water run
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? never
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? sometimes
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? (I'm not taking sides, I promise) i don't feel dirty after peeing and sometimes after i poop i run out of time
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? thongs, they fell better, but if i fell sick i'll wear briefs in case if an accident

1. When was the last you saw your (girlfriend,boyfriend,parents) pee or poop? 3 days ago at my house pooping
2. Do you wipe after pissing or pooping? yes
3. What color of piss do you do? yellow or clear
4. What color of poop do you do? brown, green, light brown
5. Ladies do you wipe from the front or rear when you piss or poop?
afteri piss from the rear, after pooping from the front
6. Men do you wipe from the rear or front when you poop or piss? N/A

justa notherpooper
this one time at work i was eating breakefast and suddenly my stomach started grumboling but not from hunger i had to take a shit! i started to walk towards a bathroom but there was people i ran outside and saw this little dark corner on the side of the building so i pulled down my panties and let go whew how good that felt but then i remembered there was nothing to wipe myself with so i took of one of my socks and whiped away

Back when I was about 11 I had this thing about porta-potties. I lived in a place (Saugus, CA) where the company that did the prota pottie rentals was called "Andy Gump". So when someone wanted to say "outhouse" they called it an Andy Gump. I used to get excited by the things because there were these two Andy Gumps behind the softball diamond at one of the parks in the Newhall/Valencia area, where I went to play once a week when I was little. Some teenagers had drawn some pictures of certain body parts there and things like instructions on how to pee if you're a guy and how to pee if you're a girl. The Andy Gumps were unisex so they had urinals in them and I felt like I was walking into a place where boys came and did stuff with their "things". So when I was little I kind of had fantasies about doing stuff with boys in the Andy Gumps. The weird thing was they STANK but I didn't even notice.

Eric in Chicago
Melvin: holding your poop for several days will definitely dry it out and make it hard to pass. Remember that your large intestine "mines" your poop for water. Yeah, blue Kool-aid definitely turns your poop green (I think that's the main reason kids like it. Grape works just as well).

em dubya: Suddenly increasing your fiber intake can give you the runs, but slowly increasing it should just result in more shit without diarrhea. Also, you'll probably find that soluble fiber gives you firmer shit than insoluble fiber (wheat bran is mostly the latter).

Speaking of soluble fiber, on more than one occasion I've made a "pudding" from ground psyllium husk (available at health-food stores). I take 4 tablespoons of psyllium (about 24 grams of fiber), add some artificial sweetener, various flavors like vanilla extract, and some green food coloring. Add about 16 ounces of water, stir it, and it turns from liquid to "green slime" and it actually tastes like pudding, but it has no calories because none of it gets absorbed by the digestive system. It's nice and filling, and the next day I have to shit real bad and when I squat and grunt I make a HEAVY green blob. If you don't use food coloring your shit will come out looking like a sort of almost-clear gel (though the "pudding" may not look quite as appetizing).

If you like shitting your pants, psyllium makes for a solid but soft pants-filling load that isn't too messy and is easy to clean up.

Weirdest thing happened last night. I had a dream that I really had to pee and so I got a towel and rolled it up and straddled it (just like someone on here had told me to do once). And it made me have to pee even more, so I decided that since I was sitting on the towel, I would just let go and pee. I woke up because I was involuntarily clenching and unclenching those muscles, if you know what I'm talking about. But I didn't really have to pee all that badly when I was awake. It was just strange.


More about Janie's vacation with her cousins - When they were walking to the dining room for breakfast, Janie said you are so lucky having a brother. I never have a chance to see a boy pee and it is cool being able to watch Grant. It is no big deal, Sam said, I guess I am so used to it. "Sometimes we have fun in the woods across the road, seeing who can pee furthest and stuff and who can shoot it highest up a tree." Sometimes she said he lets me aim it for him. Other times he aims me by lifting me up with his hands under my knees. That is cool!

After breakfast Sam suggested they go for a ramble in the woods near the house. A girl called Desiree was walking past when they crossed the road and wanted to go with them. Des was nearly 15, Janie said Sam told her. She wore shorts like the others and she had a really bulgy shirt that wobbled when she walked. Sam had brought cool drinks and when they got thirsty they shared what they had with Des. The weather was very hot and soon they had to drink again. They rested in a clearing in the trees and then Sam said "Bet you I can stand longest on my hands". Grant timed her while she did a handstand and she was pretty good but Janie tried next and she was better. Grant gave Sam his watch and tried but he wasn't very good and then it was Des' turn. When she balanced with her feet in the air, her shirt fell right down over her face and wow Janie said she had a lot under it but no bra. Then Des said she needed to pee. Bet you I can go further than you lot, she said. She stood up and took off her shorts leaning with one hand on Grant's shoulder to get her shorts down. Her shirt had sorta caught on one boob and it brushed against him. She always does that, Sam said, then when Grant tries to pee he is too hard to go properly. Des stood with her legs slightly apart. She used both hands to spread and lift and sent a torrent forward. Sam pulled the leg part of her shorts to the side, spread and lifted, but she went nowhere near as far as Des. Grant still hadnt got started. First he couldn't get his thing out and when he did it was so hard that only a trickle came out. You see said Sam, she is a real tease. Then Des lifted one boob to scratch under it and that made things worse for Grant. Then Sam had an idea. She whispered into Grant's ear. A few moments later, Grant was shooting even further than Des had peed and Janie and Sam cheered. That's not fair Des said but Sam told her that brushing against Grant was not fair either.

Janie had not peed yet so she pulled the leg of her shorts to the side, spread her lips and lifted by pulling up on her clit. Her pee fell a lot short of where Des had gone and she was so excited by watching Grant that pressing on her clit while she peed made her tingle but she peed nowhere near as far as Des. Des put her clothes back on and they continued up the path. There was more fun to come but that is another story.

I am a 56 old ????er widdow and I was always very scared to be watched while peeing or pooping - until last month. Although I enjoy to read all the stories here since two years. My nephew - a 19 year old boy - got his driverīs licence and invited me for a drive. On a sunny sunday morning he picked me up at home and we started for a tour. We wanted to drive to the sea - an appr. 200 miles drive. After appr. one hour we decided to stop on a parking lot to have a short picnic. I had sandwiches and coffee for us and we sat on a bench to enjoy our meal. After a while I felt the urgent need for a poop. At first I wanted to avoid to poop in that place as I do not like to poop in public and especially not when my nephew is around. But the urge became stronger, so I said to my nephew Peter, that I would go into the bushes. I left him on the bench and went some ten meters behind the bench in front of a big tree. I found the place O.K. and turned round to sqaut in front of that tree. I felt very astonished, when I saw that Peter was no longer sitting on the bench, but did not make my mind any longer for with respect to that urgent need. I pulled up my skirt and my undies down and squatted only a little. In the same moment a huge turd made its way out of my bum. I really enjoyed to get rid of that big and long saussage. Just when it hang out appr. 10 cm I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head around and was shocked to see Peter kneeling behind the tree and watching my ass from close and down under. First I did not know what to do, but then I asked him directly: "do you like what you see?" "Oh, I am sorry, aunt! But I hoped you would not discover me!" he answered. Meanwhile the turd had fallen on the ground and my ass opened for another big one. We both did not say a word and watched each other. I looked in his face and he looked on my ass. His face showed that he was very curious to watch every second while I was pooping. But what could I do? I finished poopping and felt my bladder start peeing. A strong gusher shot between my legs on the ground and met the turd that I had made before. After that I started wiping my bum and Peter watched me with the same interest. I pulled my undies up and my skirt down and asked him: "Have you seen enough? Can we proceed our tour?" He answered: "Yes, of course aunt Mary. But I must say you really had a big need for that what I have seen! I enjoyed it that much!" During the rest of the drive we did not talk about what had happened.
In the afternoon at the sea I felt the need for a pee and went into the dunes. As if it would be normal Peter joined me and watched me again from close behind while I was peeing . I did not avoid it and felt a little bit aroused that a young guy like Peter likes to watch an old woman like me while pooping and peeing. When he asked me if he could help me, when I wiped my pussy dry I of course said: "No!" After I had finished we left the beach and went to his car. Again we did not talk about that when we drove home.
I have not seen him since that, but he wants to visit me next sunday. I am already thinking what will happen if I have to go to the bathroom, when he is there. Does he try to join and watch me again?

I would really like to hear stories about really painful constipation.

your name (Luigi)
I am an Italian man and this is the first time that i write a story. I apologise for may English that is very bad. I was 12 and i was in vacation with my family in the mountains. One day I was playing with my brother 4 years younger, when i need to take a dump.I tell him that i had to shit, but I didn't want to go to the toilet of the hotel. In front of us there was a meadow whith grass very hight. I said "I want to go there, do you come with me?". He answered ok and we went up for more or less 50 mt. When i was sure that the peaple could't see me, I stopped and started to unfasten the button of my pants. Than I pulled down my pants and my underpants and squated, hidden by grass. My brother was back standing and could see my buttoks. I asked "Is there somebody? Can i do?" My brother answered ok. I was a little exited and I began to push. Befor exited a little log of shit, than arrived a second big log of shit. I felt the smell and saw a very big brown log among the green grass. I asked to my Brother a leaf to clean me. Done it, io stood up and i pissed over the shit. I tell to my brother "it's ok. It is a very good experience. Have you take a dump, too?". Unfortunally he replied no.


Well I finally convinced myself to try pooping my pants. I made up my mind on Sunday night that I would try it when my two daughters had gone to school. I normally poop and pee as soon a I get up. On Monday I got dressed in a pair of my old jeans that were tight fitting, I also wore and old pair of full panties. By the time the girls went to school I needed to poop very badly. I locked the doors to the house and went into the kitchen. I still had doubts about trying it, but I finally said that if I am ever going to try it now is the time. I stood by the counter and with very little effort I started pooping my pants. I always pee when I poop and this wasn't any different, I was peeing my pants as well as pooping. It all took less than a minute but when I had finished I had a load of poop in my pants and I was soaked to my ankles and I was standing in a pool of pee. I was going to clean up but decided I have to follow this all the way through. First I mopped up the pee on the floor. Then I went and looked in the mirrow, there was a very noticable bulge in the back of my jeans and I was soaked front and back.

Here I was a 135 pound 41 year old mother of two teenage daughters who had just soiled in her clothes. I continued with my housework, making the beds and cleaning the kitchen. My sister phoned about 9:30, that is usually a 15 or 20 call so I decided to sit down. I put an old towel on the chair and sat down. This was the first time I sat down since pooping my pants. The poop went up the back of my panties and out in the front. I stood up once during the call and pulled my pants away from my bottom and sat down again. I never told my sister what I had done. When I stood up after the phone call there was some brown on the towel. I looked in the mirror and the back of my jeans were conpletely brown. I did not clean up until just before lunch.

How did I feel about pooping my pants like my daughter does? It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was not all that enjoyable. I do not plan to do it again. I will confess that I did enjoy peeing my pants, it was a nice feeling. Before I cleaned up I stood in the bathtub and peed my jeans a second time. I may probably try peeing my pants again sometime.

Cleaning up after pooping your pants is not very pleasant, actually it is gross. I do not plan to tell my daughter what I did because I am sure she will want me to try it again when she is home.

I want WETGUY!!
I miss you some more babe!

Boss lady
Last Monday my wife started her new job as Marketing Manager for a manufacturing company, she has worked for them for a number of years but has only just been promoted. So on day one as she was getting ready for work I got out of bed and made her breakfast.
After washing her hair and applying her make-up she got dressed and came into the kitchen to have her breakfast, she looked absolutely immaculate. She was wearing an ivory coloured sleeveless blouse, black skirt, black pantyhose and black stilletoes, the ultimate in power dressing. She put her apron on so that she did not spill anything on her clothes, she sat down and crossed her legs and ate breakfast and drank a cup of coffee, she said that she was nervous about her new job. I could hear her stomich making bubbling noises, then she stood up, took off her her apron and said she had to poop.
She marched quickly out of the room, her high heels clomping loudly on the wooden kitchen floor, climbed the stairs a fast as she could and went into the bathroom. There is no door on the bathroom as we are decorating, so I saw everything.
She was hitching up her skirt as she entered the room, her pantyhose and panties were down to her knees as she was turning round to sit down. As she sat on the toilet she let all go, there was a SPLUUNNKK
SPLUUNNKK SPLUUSSHH as three large turds left her bowels and splashed into the water. Then she she did a little echoey fart, stood up and wiped her bum. After adjusting her pantyhose and skirt she got ready to leave for work, she put on her black jacket and grabbed her handbag before kissing me goodbye. She went out of the front door and got into her car.
Suddenly she came back in again and ran up the stairs as fast as her high heels would allow her saying she had to poop again. As I looked around the corner she was sitting on the toilet with her skirt around her waist and her pantyhose and pants around her knees. This time there was a loud wet bubbly fart as she spurted brown sloppy stuff into the toilet, it came out in one big gush and hit the toilet pan with considerable force. She did another loud wet fart and a couple of small sloppy spurts of poo before wiping her bum and pulling her pants and pantyhose up and pulling her skirt down. She had to flush the toilet twice to get rid of it all, the smell had wofted out onto the landing. Then she finally left for work. WOW! mindblowing.

Yesterday I sat on the toilet and opened the window because i didnt want it to stink real bad. While I was pooping, some guy was walking by and i didnt notice, he was watching me! I was sitting on the stool, squeezing my eyeballs out and I was really constipated. I heard laughing and when i looked no one was there. I went on pooping. A minute later I decide there is no use and decide to get up. As I am wiping my pee, a let out a huge fart and my poopie falls on the bathroom floor, I hear a really big laugh and look over to find that there is a guy about 17 or 18 years old taking pictures of me and laughing. I was so embarassed. I locked myself in my room for 5 days crying. He was so cute and now there is no chance!

Hello Everyone.
I'm Mel, Ash.D's step sister.She told me about this place and that she told you about some of our stories.I've been looking over old posts for a couple of days and you guys rock!
Me and Ash have a thing about catching each other pooping.Just this morning i caught Ash in out room, pissing and pooping into a bucket.
It was sooo cool! I wish i had of thought of it first.

Over here the school year is just finishing up.I'm in Year 12 and we finish a bit earlier than Year 10(Ash's year)So i went to school and found out classes were off for the first half of the morning for Year 12's to clean out there lockers.I took this as an oppurtunity to go home for the day.Year 10's had a report day, so they weren't at school.

By the time i walked home it was about 10am.

I came through the back door, walked into the kitchen, grabbed a drink of water, that reminded i really needed to piss.I figured Ash would still be in bed, so i opened the door quietly and looked at her bed, she wasnt there.I thought it was strange, but ignored it.

I walked through the bedroom to the bathroom.Walked through the doorway and got quite a shock, Ash was squatting over a bucket pissing really hard and moaning loudly.She had her back to me.Her piss stream was slowing down but she pushed a little bit to speed it up, then it turned into a little trickle and stopped.She took some toilet paper that was lying on the floor and wiped her pussy and i assumed she was done.she threw the paper in the toilet, that was right in front of her.Then she squatted back down over the bucket, the whole time with her back to me, and let out a really long, thick fart and sighed in relief and enjoyment.

Now i knew what she was going to do, so i got really excited.She pushed out another little fart and moaned.I could see her asshole opening and she moaned again, the poop started to emerge from her tight asshole as she moaned even louder again.The poop really started stretching her ring, she wasnt pushing, she let it come out naturally, i'm guessing so she could enjoy it more.It didnt move for a long time, i think she was holding it because all of a sudden it started moving out fast and then hit the bottom of the bucket. She moaned again as some smaller poops followed, they came out a lot faster. She did another long, soft fart and started straining.Her asshole was pretty loose but it started opening more and it started to dome out. She was groaning pretty loud as the big turd started stretching her little hole.She moaned in pain as the fat beast moved quickly out of her butt and thudded into the bucket.

She picked up some more paper and dug it deep into her still open asshole and moaned.There was nothing on the paper, so she threw it in the toilet.She stood up and bent down to inspect her dump.

She then turned around and saw me, almost shitting again, she screamed and asked how long i was there and i told her the whole time, she laughed and asked if i enjoyed the show and i told her very much.

We went over and looked at her dump again, it was really big, it covered the whole base of the bucket, she picked it up, dumped it in the toilet and flushed.

The End!

Love Mel

Dave in Mi
Amy,love your story,that guy at Wal Mart will never forget that.

Hey All!
You all seem to enjoy my stories of me pooping with my step sis, so i've got another one.Please give me your feedback, good or bad.

Mel(sis) and i just cant stop talking about pooping and farting, we both love it sooo much.
The other night we were lying in bed at about 1am talking about pooping and all our fantasies while enjoying ourselves.It was dark and we were both farting alot.Mel let out a giant ripper and said "Actually i have to poop right now."
Then i let out a tight little fart and said "Me too." (I really did, i could feel it pushing against my asshole)
Mel said "I think i'll just hold it until morning"
I told her that i couldnt hold mine and i had to go soon.
she jumped out of bed, flicked her light on and said "If you let me watch you, you can watch me."
I nodded and said "OK" immediatley

It was the perfect situation, mel was doing some little movie for drama at school, so she had a camcorder, we both needed to shit and we were alone in our bedroom.
We have an ensuite on our bedroom, we both looked to that.
I walked into the ensuite, while mel grabbed the camcorder.
i stripped down naked, spread my cheeks and let out a fart that echoed around the room.
I stood by the drain, bent my knees a little and started a nice hard stream, aiming right down the hole, all while mel was filming.
I finished my pee, then let out some nasty farts.
I was ready to drop my load on the bathroom floor.
I spread my cheeks exposing my throbbing asshole to the camera. I let go a tight little fart before my tight little asshole started opening.
it opened up pretty wide, i could feel the turd poking out and i just knew mel was zooming right up on it, waiting for it to start moving out, but i quickly pulled the head back in, teasing her.
I tried for as long as i could to keep my asshole closed, but the pressure on it was too much and i gave up, letting the fat turd win, once again. It was really big because i could actually feel it stretching my hole.Mel commented on its size. It was hurting me, so i sped things up and gave a big push and with that the fatty started moving and it got past the painful stage and thinned out a bit then broke off, slapping on the tiled floor.
I looked down between my legs and it was dark brown, really thick at the start and light and thinned at the end.
I let out a few more little hard, dry turds that practically fell out of my widened hole, i touched it, it gave me a bit of pain, but felt good and i moaned. I did a little more touching, but we cant talk about that:(

So it was Mel's turn to take a nice arousing dump.
She handed over the camera and stood over my dump.She had a fluro pink thong on and no top.
She said "OK roll the film"
I was expecting her to take off her thong and get started, but she didnt, she just farted loudly and rubbed her smooth cheeks.Then exclaimed "Here we go!" and started peeing throught her thong.
I trickled through the material, down her legs and pooled around my dump and a little bit made it to the drain.
She let out some nice soft, long farts, that really stunk. Then pulled the string of her ass,i was zoomed in and noticed some skid marks on it, then zoomed on her asshole and it was quite brown, almost looked like she hadnt wiped at all since her last dump.
She spread her cheeks and i could tell she was pushing because i could see her asshole tensing.
she let out a really long and lud fart and her asshole started relaxing, turning the fart into a puff of air.
Her butthole didnt open too much cos her hole is quite loose.Then a fat, smooth turd eased out of her hole and she moaned, it fell out and was quite big, prob 10 inches.
I had te cam looking at the log on the floor, when she started moaning again, i looked up with the camera and she was pushing out another.
It dropped and tudded on the tiles.It was fatter and smoother, almsot creamy, but a bit shorter.
She farted and let out some loose balls and said she was done.She put her thong back in place, i turned off the camera.
We cleaned up our mess, went to bed, enjoyed ourselves, went to sleep having very sweet dreams.
We are sure to watch that video a lot.

That's all i got for today.Please give me some feedback or tell me something you would like us to do and then post.

Love Ash.D

Thursday, October 30, 2003

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