I recently had back surgery, granted it was an out-patient surgery, but it really messed up my bowels. For several weeks afterward I had terrible diarhhea, so bad that sometimes I couldn't make it into the bathroom. One instance happened while I was sitting at the computer, the urge came suddenly and so strong that I couldn't get out of my chair fast enough. I actually started shitting while sitting in the chair and as I stood up the diarhhea ran down the inside of my pants and along both of my legs. The closer I got to the bathroom, the more it wanted to come out and I stood there in front of the toilet with my legs crossed trying to stop it, because I knew as soon as I tried to sit down a huge explosion would happen. Sure enough, after standing there for about 30 seconds I managed to pull down my pants far enough to sit on the toilet, and all hell broke loose! I sat there, for what seemed like an eternity, I never thought I would stop. Of course, my pants and panties were a terrible mess, and my legs...I tried to clean myself up while sitting there, but in the end I had to take a shower. After getting out of the shower I had to clean up the trail from the computer in the livingroom through the hallway and into the bathroom. What a mess!!!

Hello everyone, not much happening. It was raining the whole day here today, and my mom was in Chicago visiting her mom, and it was just me and my dad. My dad had gone to the hardware store to get something, and while he was gone I really had to poop!! This was at around 10 in the morning. I really wanted to be adventurous, so I found a small shoebox and I thought of pooping in there though. When I was ready, I heard the garage door start to open, so i immediately hid the box and went upstairs to poop in the toilet. I was a little mad, but ive been eating alot this afternoon so maybe i can be able to poop again either tonight or tomorrow. And if I do, I'll go in that shoebox that I had to hide. Now for some replies.......

To Lizz - hey!! i loved your stories. I used to wake up alot during the night and had to pee, but for the past 2 or 3 years, ive gone right before bed, so i can sleep through the night without waking up and having to go to the bathroom. it doesnt always work though, and I've had some close calls haha!!!! please share some more stories if ya have any, thanx!!

To Ash D. - i loved your 2 most recent stories about you watching your stepsiter poop, and her watching you poop!! Cant wait to read more from ya if ya have any more stories, gonna go get some pizza with my dad i'll write again in the future....bye!!!!

Start-4:32 PM, Finish-4:41
I've held my pee for most of the day and now I'm dying for the bathroom. I decided to see just how long I can wait, though. I'm doing my cup method, just in case. I'm sitting on my knees in the chair, with my pants off and a cup underneath me. Oh man... I've already drank a couple of sodas and some water. I'm going to try to finish off my Sprite right now.
Okay, I just can't go. I'm pressing into my stomach with my hand right now.. Ooh... Still can't completely go, though.
Okay,getting jittery now. I've got to go pretty bad, I'm just having problems making myself go.
Relax, squeeze, relax, squeeze-haha..
Okay.. here goes... Just a little trickle right now. Getting stronger, but I'm trying to keep it at a slowtrickle. I think the cup is about halffull now. The edges of it are cutting into my thighs where i'm sitting on it, so I'm going to stand up.
Ok, I finished. Standing in my room, half-naked, dripping on my carpet.
It wasn't as thrilling as it usually is. Next time, I think I'm going to go on a towel or something. Okay, well that's all.

the neighbor
Well, it was nice to see my post get added to this great forum, so I'll give everybody another story I experienced, if that's OK.

I walk my dog every evening after work, and my route usually goes into the neighborhood next to ours, which is older with smaller houses, and a lot of married students live there who attend the nearby university. Sometimes this one particular college girl is out power walking, and that's always a treat. She wears spandex and these bouncy-looking tennis shoes and a sports bra. Her ponytail bounces all around. Very nice.

So one day last summer I'm with the dog in this older neighborhood, and it's dusk, very dark in the shadows of the trees, etc. This college girl is about one hundred feet ahead of me, and she hasn't noticed I'm behind her yet. She's doing her big strides walking, swinging her arms, when all of a sudden she stops dead in her tracks, doubles over, and grabs at her midsection. My dog picks that moment to get super-interested in something beside the sidewalk, so I have to stop for a little bit to let him finish his investigation. Meanwhile, the girl stands up straight and hurries off the sidewalk, directly into the bushes beside her.

I think it's weird, and urge my dog to keep walking, so that we can pass by the shrubbery where she disappeared. As we get level with the spot, I can see her squatting there just behind the first layer of leaves. The dog of course knows she's there, and he starts growling and doing his thing trying to protect me. The girl just stares up at me with this wide-eyed panic, clearly suffering. Then I hear a long series of wet sloppy farts, along with that gushing, splashy sound that watery crap makes -- we all know that sound. She finally lets out a breath and laughs too loud, almost tips over. "Diarrhea, like you can't believe!" she says, and lets out another laugh and another flood of mess.

Part of me wanted to see it running out from under her, through the dirt and grass and onto the sidewalk where I was standing. It had an amazing stink to it. The dog caught the whiff, too, and he started to whine. But then part of me felt really bad for her, and I remembered my manners. I asked if I could help. She just chuckled in an embarrassed way and said "No, but thanks", and so I told her "Sorry" and quickly moved my dog and myself way on down the road.

We doubled back about ten minutes later. I hoped we'd pass her or see her someplace, but she was long gone. Passing her spot in the bushes, the smell was still in the air, but by then it was too dark to see any kind of puddles or anything underneath the shrubs. So I took my dog on home and jumped in the shower for some relief.

And now when I see that girl out walking in the evenings, she throws me a real friendly wave and smile, but we don't speak, not even to say "hi". I'm sure that's the way it'll continue, too.

Hi, there. If anyone seen this movie: Dumb and Dumber, here's the toilet scene. Jeff Daniels was on the toilet in just a few seconds.



Eric in Chicago
Punk Rock Girl: Boo-Berry is quite well-known for turning shit green. Just do a Google search on its name. You're the first person I've come across who's publicly stated they find that objectionable, but I guess to each his (or her) own.

Ol' Bill
To Bryian: I did not go back immediately to check. It rained really hard that night, and when I got back there two days later the poop was pretty well gone.

I am an orchestra musician. I practice at home almost every day. I saw my next door neighbor recently in town. He said he heard me practicing and it sounded pretty good. I thanked him, and expressed surprise that he could hear me, since it is cool here and all the windows are closed. He said, "Well, I had to take a really stinky shit, so I had the bathroom window open". So he had live music while he was stinking up his wife's bathroom, which is the one nearest my house. Ewww.

China girl
To RANDI- I know what you mean. For me, when I reached certain age my turd start to stink all the time. Maybe that's it for you too.

To ARTIFICIALIST- I read posts about your turd. I agree with the no name message about green and yellow bile. I studied it a while ago. It is normal and it is unlikely food coloring.

Rick (ex. peeper)
Hi all, it's been a while since I have posted, I can assure you I have gone straight, been that way for a long while. This weekend I went with a female friend of mine to her unccupied apartment building because she wanted to take notes of somethings before she began to rent it out. Maria was in her 40's, part American, part Brazillian, and well built. Now this lady was married, but I had known her for a while, I had been helping her with her personal finances and taxes. Her husband is almost never around and knows nothing about that financial stuff. As we drove over there in her car, she began to sqwirm alittle and said, "we need to get to my building so I can use the bathroom." "Man, I am gona bust through that door when we get there." I started to get a little excited because I figured she had to take a dump by the slight smell of a fart she expelled. We had been driving around sight seeing and we had eaten lunch about two hours earlier, Chili Dogs!! We pulled up infront of the building and she jumped out, grabbed some knapkins she keeps in her car, and ran for the door, she said "come on, I gotta go". As we walked in side of the small 4 unit building, she went in the unit to the right and I waited just inside of the unit door. The bathroom was only 6 feet from the door, and with the unit being empty and tile on the bathroom floor, everything echoed. I could here every little sound as she pulled her pants flopped down on the toilet, letting out some grunts and sighs. I was trying not to peek around the corner, but I could see that she had left the door wide open. All the sudden I heard a loud wet fart followed by what soulded like some lose stuff coming out. Flopp, blop, I could hear it as if I was in there with her. She let out another sigh of relief and said, "Rick, can you bring me my purse on the floor so I can give you the key to the back yard fence?" At that point, I really got excited as I picked up the purse on the floor and cam into the bathroom where she was sitting with her legs a little apart and pants pulled below her knees. WWWeeeWW, man the stink hit my nostrils, and it was starting to stink up the apartment as well. Just as I walked in, she let lose a wicked pile of lose poop, BBBLLLLLVVV. She look at me and said "oops". I stood over her and asked her if she was ok, she said with a somewhat exhausted look on her face, "yea, I just need to sit here for a while", So after taking my time fumbling through her purse for the keys, I Proceeded about the chores. I came back in about 10 minutes later and that whole place was stinkin' up. We stayed there abount another hour checking thinngs out, and she really never really referenced the big smelly dump she had just taken.
She said later that her husband is not too interested in helping her, so If I could come wit hher again over the next few weeks to the apartment to check it out until it is rented out. We will see what happens.

green shit
For your information, if you have green shit (whitout that kind of Boo-Berry). There is chance that you are evacuating cholesterol (the liver is connected to the intestine via the gall bladder). So, it might be a good idea to check your blood-level of cholesterol.

To "Help Please:"
I suspect that as many men as women (if not more) get turned on by thinking about certain bathroom activities of a "significant other," or so it seems from these pages. I share your fantasy, I've had it my whole life, and I am a man. It's a quest for deeper intimacy, and I look to these pages for pointers myself.

Maybe you should proceed gradually. Just start telling your mate that you hate closed doors, the bathroom door really ought to stay open, what is there to hide between intimates, etc. You could tell him little stories about your own toilet activities--just to get him used to the idea that it's not so horrible, and gradually start discussing it--and THEN confess your fetish. You never know--he might agree with you completely!

I once had a wife who, early on in courtship, told me in vivid detail about some of her poops, which were very dramatic. I missed an opportunity to blow down a barrier, because I didn't myself confide and start a dialogue. I suppose I didn't know how to react, but I am now convinced that she had new horizons in mind, and--over time--we could have destroyed that silly "bathroom privacy" taboo. She was a talented pooper, too. Ah, well. I blew it.

Do stay in touch.

Today I went to a public toilet to do a poo, it was the third time that day I'd had to go. Anyway, I like these public toilets because you can hear lots through the walls (they're next to a big supermarket). There seems to be much more ladies traffic than men.

I took a poo which consisted of only a couple of little pieces of soft poo that made loud plops. Over the next few minutes I listened in to the ladies section and heard a few women doing their business. Most just pissed and went out but I think one woman did a poo as she was in there for a while. The last woman I heard was the best as she did a massive long wee, one of those ones that slows down but picks up, it sounded like a nice strong stream.

To Artificialist: Enjoyed your story
To Idgie: Liked your'd think you'd have constipation w/ that cause of all the pain meds.
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story...i should try that..i like having green poop
To Mr. Poop: Liked your story
To Rick: Loved your you think any kids found your poop on the slide the next day?
To sirfartsalot: Liked your story...if you wanna poop your pants do it in or near the bathroom for faster clean up
To Super Potty Pooper: Liked your story...sounds like an intresting situation and seems like you had alot of diahreaha
To tOnY: Loved your old are you?
To em dubya: liked your old are you?
To oldpoop: Liked your story
To Ol' Bill: Thanks for replying
To Buzzy: Thanks for replying...i got that idea when you were talking about that guy being married
I worked work this afternoon i started feeling kinda bloated and i started farting was feeling like poop was up there but i couldn't tell if i had to poop or not so i went to the bathroom and poop..but something is brewing cause i hadn't pooped since wed night and its now saturday.

JW wrote:
"K. Thank you for your long explaination. One or two further questions, do you remember how or why your fear began originally. Most kids with this fear of pooping have one episode of a really painfull bowel movement and they never get over it. I don't remember it but my Mom tells stories of my screaming in pain with a BM. Also would your mom ever stay with you in the bathroom to make sure you tried hard to go. That was another favorite of my Mother, she would stay and demand that I "bear down" and push it out.- JW "

I don't really remember a particular incident. And I don't remember my mom staying in the bathroom with me. Probably because I was always so embarrassed about having to poop, that when I went, I would go by myself. Even when I was really young, I would go to the bathroom by myself and then call my mom in there to help me (wipe, wash my hands, etc.) after I was finished. This is probably why she never really knew about my fear, because I was never very open about my bodily functions.

Also, I've just thought of another that I do when I have to poop.. Besides shiving and getting goosebumps when I get a strong urge, I also get tears in my eyes when I actually start going. I'm not sure why. It certainly doesn't hurt and I don't get any pleasure from it. Does it happen to everyone? Maybe it's just the pressure of straining or something? Or it could just be that I'm strange. My eyes water like that when I sing too (but I doubt there is any connection there).

While I'm at it here's another story:
Tuesday (21st?), I woke up at 2:00 AM because my stomach was hurting and I had to poop, so I got up and rushed to the bathroom and I had diarrhea. I felt so sick that I woke my mom up so see if I could take anything, and she gave me some medicine for the nausea. After a few more minutes, she helped me make a pallet on my bathroom floor in case I got sick. While she was spreading a sleeping bag on the floor, I suddenly had to go again and I had diarrhea again. I still didn't feel any better though. Anyway, I finally fell asleep. I only had diarrhea once more after that and by 6:00 AM, when my mom came to wake me up to see if I felt like going to school, I felt fine, just groggy. I still don't know what was wrong. I never threw up (but then again, I'm an emtophobe as well as being afraid to poop), so who knows? Maybe I just ate something that "disagreed with me". But that seems to be happening a lot lately, since normally my poops are really uneventful. Okay, well I guess that's all for now.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Rick enjoyed your story. Playgrounds can be fun in more ways then one! Now that yout married try a return visit and share the fun! Roberta yours was a good post too. It has been all good reading this morning with my bluberry coffee.

Back in 1978 my wife and I took a second honeymoon and went camping in the Aderondacks and Cannada. The weather was great all the time that we went on this trip. One of the nicest places we stayed as far as a cmpsite was north of Quebec. We had the park just about to ourselves since it was early June when we went.

The campsite we had was on a island in a creek that had a footbridge that crossed the creek to the island. We setup camp and enjoyed putting our feet in the water to cool them off. The water was way to cold for swimming. I made up a great supper that evening over the campfire and turned on the lantern and we played some cards,my wife had some wine and listened to some good tunes on the radio.

Well around 11pm we retired and hit the sleeping bags. Around 3 in the morning "J" my wife was up out of her side of the bag(she had pushed it off during her sleep) and the long t shirt she was wearing had slid up over her hips and was peeeing away with a termendus stream with a loud hiss! It was splashing all over me on my side! I was getting soaked! I treid nudging her awke but she was totally out. She peed like that for a good 30 seconds and then stoped. Her side only just got slightly wet from when her stream died to a stop and my side was soaked.

That morning she woke up and noiticed the wetness starting from under her and the big wetness all over around me and asked did she do that durring the night. I told her yes you sure did! The wine was uncorked again! She laughed and said there is more this morning and we both got out of the tent and went outside and peed together outside behind the tent. She was right there was plenty that came from her this time too. Upstate Dave

Hey this is my first time here and i have a question. IN movies people always hit the guys in the dick. does it really hurt that much?

I've been thinkin: I wear contacts now and on saturday, my college has a majority of the students leave for home on the weekend, so it's pretty much a commuter college. Anyway I was done lifting and one of my contacts fell out. I went to my car to get my supplies and clean it up. I then went into one of the major buildings to use a mirror and put it back in, and then use the computer facilities. The men's room is far away from the computer room and the women's room is close by. I really felt like goin into the ladies room and if anyone was in there just explain that my contact fell out and i wanted to quickly put it back in . What kind of response do you think i would of got? I would like to think that I would be met with a friendly pardon for that time being. Put a woman in my situation and I'm very certain that we wouldn't refuse her or anything.
Another thought: have any of the guys considered dressing up like a woman and seeing if you could infiltrate the ladies room? The benefits would be the thrill of blending in and not getting caught, and also just being in the ladies room period. It would be a challenge and it just seems like one of those things that would go on my list of thrill seeking adventures, along with skydiving and stuff like that. Any feedback on these thoughts people?

Well i just had a great experience this week, it was on monday. After reading about Noreens daughter pooping her pants at the wallmart i decided that, that was a great place for me to do the same!

I picked out a pair of cargo harem type blue jeans (stone washed) they fit me great acrross my butt and in the front too. these jeans also have just enough stretch in them for just what i whated them to do for me. i put on a pair of 4 inch heels that strap up my ankle just to the bottom of my harem flairs. then i finished it off with a white tight belly tee. no bra today since it would be the 80 degree day we would have around here for a while. oh and under my jeans were a pair of white bikini panties... helloooo panty lines! i fixed my long dark hair and accented my dark eyes with just a touch of mascara. i took a look in my full lenth mirror. umm i was very satisfied with the way i looked so then i was off to the walmart for some fun!

the day before i was doing a lot fiber, i wanted my poop to be as solid as possible. driving along to the walmart i felt a great need to poop and pee. i drove not the walmart i go to all the time but to one a little far away from where i live. hey im always up for a little humilation, but not total. well and since im new to this public poop thing i really didnt want to run into some i might know! also being it was monday and about 2pm i knew there wouldnt be that many people there.

so as soon as i got there i made my way to the ladies room, found a stall and pulled my pants and panties down. i peed as much as i could with out pooping. i wiped and pulled my pants back up and made my way to the mens section. i had decided to go there and act like i was buying some thing for my daddy. when i got there i was right about not many people being there and not many people working either. but i did finally find a man working there and went up to him and asked him to help me pick out a shirt for my daddys birthday.

he was a older man, more then likey retired and working part time. he was cute with balding gray hair and since i had heels on he was even shorter then me! (that doesnt happen to me very often since im only 5ft 2in tall) anyways i asked him to show me the dress shirts, so he took me over to the section they were in and started really helping try to pick one out. i let a couple of minutes pass, my poop was now acking to get out! he was chattering away about the shirts and i went into my little performance. i grabbed my ???? and bent over a little and let out a ohh.. oh ouch! he laid the shirt down that he was holding and came over and asked me if i was ok. i just looked down at the floor and shook my head yes. then i straighten up. then i grabbed my crotch and yepped again.. ohhh ssshit!!!! these cramps are killing me. i bent over again and he came up to me and asked if i wanted him to call some one to help. i shook my head no. i looked up at him and told him that i thought i might have a accident. he told me where the rest room was (like i didnt know) i just told him that there was no way i could make it there and was there a more seculded place close by. he helped me walk behind a big rack of tee shirts close to the wall. i gulped in a big breath of air and asked him to stand close by and block anyones veiw of what i need to do. well he did stand right behind me. i bent my legs just a little so the jeans could bulge out as much as they needed to, i just relaxed and moaned. i flet my poop/turd poping and crackling out of my butt. ummm this was a nice faily solid one making its way out, when it hit my panties i pushed and moaned. i could feel the turd making a space for its self right in the seat of my jeans. i got that out and pushed hard this time and then a big rush of semi solid poop filled my panties and all around my first log of poop.

when i knew i was finished i stood up straight again. i looked down at the front of my jeans and yeah i had wet them to just a little though and it was all inside my legs and didnt show to much in the front. from the way my pants felt i knew there was a bulge, but i acted like i didnt have a clue. before i turned around to look at the the man i asked him if he could tell if it looked like i just pooped my pants. he said yes honey it is very oblivious! i acted like i was so suprised at what i done and reached back and felt my bulge. im thinking WOW this is huge!! i turned and looked at him, im soooo sorry sweetie these cramps were killing me! just then i noticed a big bulge in the front of his pants!! he just stood there in awwwh of what he had just wittnessed. i said well i better go home and clean up, again im so sorry! he didnt say anything and i walked the best i could out of the mens section and to the door, im thinking my god this guy wont need viagra tonight! i almost had to laugh on my way out thinking about what he was bringing home to his poor wife or maybe his lucky wife! the greeter at the door was a older woman she said something like have a nice day sweetie. i stopped and said well ill try but right now i have to go home and clean myself up, i just pooped my pants! she coverd her mouth and said oh my! i just walked on im sure she could see the results in my jeans. i was loving it!!!

when i got to my camero (i already had my seat covered) i sat right down in my mess and loved every minute of driving home. oh and by the way my poop (unlike Noreens daughter) really did stink!!!!! byez for now!

help please: Of course I wish that you become successful and that we get another "fetishist" (if that's a word) into the community. Maybe you can try leaving the door open while you pee, and watch for his reaction. Or use the bathroom while he's in the shower or somethin. You tried that already?

Some responses- TO PRGirl-If I were you,i wouldn't worry about the green poop-it's just food coloring in the Boo-berry-I get some blue poop from having blueberry slurpie s from 7-11-it's is weird sometimes isn't it?
TO MISHA-It's just that the alcohol probably stinulates your colon-with a lot of folks,it's coffee(including me) and others it's a cigarette-it's just your system-don't worry about it
TO tONY-Sure,i've seen quite a few people on the bowl-both male and female-it's a bit more interesting with a female,but i've seen a lot of guys at my gym on the bowl too and yes a lot of them sit there with their legs spread and sometimes i can see the turds coming out as they sit there-yes, it is cool to poop along with someone across from you and you get a good view of them dumping--i sit with my legs spread apart too-it seems to feel better that way-
TO OLDPOOP-Cool story of you doing your morning dumps going the scenic route-I too enjoy using a mirror to watch the poops exit my domed anus(yes my anus domes when i dump)-it 's lots of fun!
BUT noxema??? doesn't that burn like hell when you put that stuff up your anus?My butt burns just thinking about that!Sounds like you should have sat on the bowl a bit longer the 1st time you had to poop-I always make sure i go in 3 parts before i start to wipe-i like to take my time and let it all out in 1 sitting-sounds like you had a fun poop-I sometimes like to let a long turd hang out my but as i sit there and wait for another urge to push it out-it's fun and looks good in the mirror-enjoy your morning poops,but take your time and sit ther and enjoy it!
I had a nice poop this a.m.-I was up for about 30 mins and I had some OJ and was doing some chores and felt the fullness in my butt but I had to finish up putting away some thing in the attic and when i was finally done i had to go pretty bad, so i went to the bowl and undressed and as soon as i put my ass on the bowl I let out this long hissing ""ppfffftttt "type of fart as i could then feel my anus start to dome out with the 1st turd and man it felt great and I didn't push and just let the turd drop out slowly as it grew and grew an I looked between my legs and saw the turd partially in the water and stiil hanging out my butt-it was a pretty long one and it was smooth.Then a small amount of gas came out as the poop started to move and then it fell silently into the bowl.I looked and it was about 10-12 inches long.Then I just sat there waiting for more and it didn't take long as i felt my rectum start to fill up and i let out an small wet fart and my asshole opened up with a few ropes of dung along with a lot of "PFffftttt" gas along with it as i then started to pee along as this stuff exited my butt.It was a great feeling BM,i'll tell you!Then I sat there pushing out my anus as i did a few squgglies and a few farts and finished up with a long wet fart that felt great and I knew I was done as i looked in the bowl and saw 1 long turd and a bunch of soft stuff in a pile in the middle-it was a good dump for me as I then had some fun(after a dump like that,I have to!) and got my wet wipes out and cleaned up and it was surprising a pretty easy cleanup too!I don't poo like that too often(maybe once or twice a week i do a dump that is worth mentioning),but it sure is great when i do!Good stories all!

tOny-This must be your first time reading these posts. Of course many of us have checked out other people on the toilet! I'm not into the pooping/peeing myself like many posters are. I like to see and be seen on the toilet. I don't even need to see the turds. Alot of people are shy about being seen taking a dump. In college, I lived in a fraternity house with 2 roomates and we always shared the bathroom in the morning. We would talk while one of us was on the can. A couple of the buildings on campus had doorless stalls and I had no problem taking a dump in them. I've been to a couple of malls that had doorless stalls in the restrooms. Like I said, most people get a bit freaked out with the prospect of crapping while someone can see them. Most will hold it until they find a door on a stall. It seem that older guys don't mind as much. I've seen many an old dude farting and plopping on the toilet without caring about an audience.

It's kinda cool when you can talk to someone while taking a dump. My college roomates and I talked, but I've also had a couple of words with strangers while I've had my pants and briefs around my ankles. One guy at the beach wanted some toilet paper out of my stall so he could blow his nose. Another guy at the beach went to an adjacent stall and came back to mine to ask for paper since he didn't have any in his. Both times I let them come into the stall and grab what they needed. One young guy in a department store stood in front of my stall as he waited for the stall with a door and told me I was brave to be able to use the bathroom with no door on it. I told him it was no big deal, everyone craps and I'm just doing what everyone does. I even had a guy who cleans the bathrooms come into the large handicapped stall that I was in and sweep around my feet. He didn't mind and neither did I. A few times, guys have said to me, Man, that suck that there's no door. I just usually agree and then we both dump.

Idgie. I had a back operation a few years ago but I found myself with the opposite problem to you in that it left me constipated. Looking back I think it was the aftermath of the anasethetic coupled with the painkillers which I was advised to take - although I thought them a bit unnecessary at the time.

Punk Rock Girl. I've never come across Boo-Berry but it certainly seems to have produced some unusual effects in your case. It amazes me that any food could affect a person's output so dramatically.

help please. I'm afraid there aren't any easy answers to the question you pose. The only solution I think is to gently encourage your boyfriend to share the facilities when you're using them, say when showering or cleaning your teeth.

Question. In answer to your query, alcohol is moderately poisonous. Most people have a reasonable tolerance to it but it can sometimes have side effects (other than the obvious ones) which you might not have bargained for. It can have laxative and diuretic properties (beer certainly makes me pee) and it can trigger inflamation of the joints in people aleady prone to arthritis. If you have an alcohol intolerance the best thing is to stay off it. It might be worth discussing the problem with your doctor/GP.

Best wishes

hey ppl im back with a kinda interesting story. last night somtime after 11:45 i got i real bad stomach ache /cramp (problobly because i help my poop in for like 3 days. so i tried to go in my downstaires bathroom but my bro was in there so i went in the up stair batroom ( i dont really like usting it.) so i sit down and push out a 3 inch or less turd that looked like a bunch of balls it was alittle green to problobly becauls of the blue coolaied i had drank . but then the one reason why i dont like pooping on that toilet seat makes my but sweaty.i get up to whipe may but when i realize there now toilet paper so i go lokk in the closet non there either so i go back down staires and me brothers out the bathroom and it dosent stink so i wype the seat (i alway always wipe and thoilet seat befor siting down) i sqaut over the toliet seat and finish droping my hard turds win i get off the toilet and stand up straint this really bad like cramp hits me so i wipe the seat stick toilet paper on it and i could feel in me rectum that it was diarriea.i do this for about 7 min on and of then i whipe me but and laid down .my stomach still hurt so i disided to just go to sleep.
it was a weird a i tiny bit pain full exsperence but today i feel great.until next time im out.

love melvin

I don't really have any recent stories, but I do remember something that I did when I was little. You know how when you get a puppy you paper-train them to go on newspapers? Well, that's what we always did, anyway. But sometimes the puppy wouldn't go on the newspaper, you probably know the routine... Well, it all started with Lucy who was a little difficult to train, so I got the bright idea (keep in mind that I was probably about 7 years old at the time) to show Lucy where to go. I don't think that my mom was there, but I don't remember where she had gone. Anyway, I was headed into the bathroom for a much-needed tinkle and Lucy followed me into the bathroom. I guess I thought that she needed to use the bathroom too, so I pulled my pants back up and led her back to her own little newspaper and waited. When she didn't go, I pulled off my pants and squatted over her newspaper to show her where to go. When she licked my naked butt, I laughed and started piddling. And puddling too, I guess you could say. ;) When I was done, I just pulled up my pants and went about my business as usual. I did this several times, and although it never really helped her learn how to use the paper all of the time, she did get rewarded for my puddles. Oh, how I loved that dog. This may be a little off-subject, but around that same time I had a virus or something and I was really sick (throwing up, diarrhea, etc.) and my parents were trying to give me a suppository, and I was so terrified, I asked them if I could hug Lucy while they gave it to me. I wound up screaming and holding on to that dog for dear life. I don't remember if they ever got the suppository in me or not, but I do remember that Lucy was terrified. She was shaking, poor thing. Anyway, enough about Lucy... I've been waiting for my next 'big' bowel movement. My BMs of the past few days have been really small (so small that they disappear in the bend of the toilet), so I'm waiting for a big one.. a big one for me, anyway. No more diarrhea lately.. that's a relief.

em dubya
I just took a nice dump so I thought I'd write aobut it.

For about 10 minutes I'd been feeling like something was getting ready to come out and it was pushing farts out of me on its way down. I finally went into my bathroom and pulled down my jeans and underwear. As soon as I sat down, I peed for about 10 sec then started pushing. The turd was pretty hard and a dark brown. It wasn't very long, maybe 5 inches, but it felt good to get it out. AFter I was done, I wiped twice and flushed (then washed my hands.) Well, that's it for now. Please everyone, keep posting.

Samantha C.
OK, well I've never been a gal to do much posting on message boards, but this site has really gotten me distracted lately. So I guess I'll keep contributing!

John asked me about other poop-related happenings with boyfriends. But I know there's limits to what can be posted here, so let me just say this, and maybe it'll be allowed -- depending on the person I'm with, I like to have a kind of physical intimacy with my lovers that can sometimes involve what I think you can guess.... Enough said? (Maybe too much! Not everybody can accept certain things about people, right?)

Anyway, I *can* tell you about another time I pooped outside, though. I was in high school at this party out in the middle of a cow pasture. We were a sort of redneck group, although I was mainly what you'd call a "girl jock" because I played a bunch of sports for the school, etc., but I had these friends who did 4-H Club and rode horses and stuff. So they all had a lot of land, and we'd light a bonfire and drink Busch beer and just generally goof off and play classic rock and country real loud on a boombox, etc. Usually people paired off sooner or later and disappeared into the beds of their pickups or into the woods, but then there were also always a few guys and girls who'd just pass out and lie around for a few hours in a serious state of deep drunk. Sometimes some of us would f??? around with them just for fun -- because we were drunk too, after all! Usually that involved stealing clothes or tying people up or piling sticks and leaves and junk all over them.

The time I'm talking about is when my friend Melanie came and pulled me off into the woods to go see this guy and this girl we barely knew who were bare-assed naked and lying on top of this tarp that he must've pulled out of his truck. Both were completely gone, knocked out from the alcohol, and it looked like they hadn't even managed to actually do anything. It was like they'd started, but then Dr. Drunk's medicine had kicked in. The guy was on his hip sort of rolled against the girl, who was on her back with her arms stretched up above her head. He had his hand on one of her breasts, and he was drooling on her where his face mashed against her shoulder.

So Melanie and I, being the wasted perverts that we were, decided to kill our little flashlight and do something nasty. Melanie pulls her jeans down to her knees and sort of hunches out her crotch and just pisses like crazy all over the guy's bare ass and legs. It splatters all over everywhere and really makes a mess, and by the time she finishes Melanie is laughing and shaking so hard that the pee is sort of flinging out her all over the place. The guy moans and scissors his legs back and forth and just goes on snoozing. Completely soaked from ass to knees, basically. I'm thinking how I won't be able to even look at him in Chemistry on Monday without laughing myself half to death.

My turn now and I pull down my jeans to do the same thing, but just as I'm willing myself to let the pee come out, I feel that old familiar pressure in my rectum. So I say "Watch this" and I take off my shoes and socks and jeans and panties, and I straddle both of them. I make sure I squat my butt down real close to them, and then I get serious about pushing. First there is pee that splashes all over the girl's stomach and runs every which way. And then, for a lot of minutes, it's just me straining to get the first big one out, just like always. Melanie walks around and around us, giggling and staring and sometimes freaking out because she thinks somebody is walking up. But nobody does.

Finally, out comes my first long turd. So hard! and it hurt so bad for a second, but then -- slip, slop, plop -- and it drops right on top of the girl's belly button. A couple more turds come out, more semi-soft, and then I'm done. There were turds coiled on top of the first one, and they just sat there looking so wrong on a naked girl's stomach! Then I'm climbing back into my jeans and all, and Melanie gasps and can't hardly get the words out, but then I look and see the girl frowning and muttering to herself. She's in that state of drunk where you can sense some things going on around you, but only the basics, like if you had an itch you'd scratch it and scratch it, but it was really mostly an automatic response, right? Well that's what this girl does. She reaches a hand down and squashes it right into my poop. I thought I would fall down and die, I was laughing so hard -- and trying not to laugh out loud at the same time, and God does that hurt to do!

But the girl is frowning and shaking her head softly and just going to town with her hand. She's smearing it absently back and forth while she's scratching at her belly over and over. Melanie is convinced they're both going to wake up any second, so she's begging me to leave and really sort of making me nervous about what I did. I figured that no one else at the party knew we'd come back here, and neither of us really knew the guy and girl all that much, so what the hell? I was pretty soaking-drunk at the time, after all, right?! I had an excuse built right in.

Just to be safe though we left the woods right then and got in my Blazer and drove home, and I swear we laughed for three hours straight. But I admit it -- that was pretty sick. It was such a gross thing to do that we didn't want to tell anybody, of course. Plus, that guy and girl were nice and in love and didn't at all deserve such a mean thing. All I can say is that Melanie and I were both stupid and drinking too much and both really, really perverted. But we must have re-lived that night a thousand times over the next couple of years, remembering and laughing and feeling ashamed and proud of ourselves all at the same time. And really, in my own private mind, I did think about it a lot more than was probably normal for a girl to do. But that's me! Not-a-normal-girl. Thank God!

(And Melanie's name is not her real one, right, but I wonder if she would be embarrassed or mad at me for telling people? We haven't spoken much since I moved when I was nineteen, but I guess she'd still remember that night pretty much like it was yesterday -- since I sure do!)

I have always had a problem with having to wipe lots and lots after a poo in order to clean all of the poo off. Recently I stretched my bum hole a bit, and a wonderful side effect of this is the poo's pop out much more easily, and even the first wipe of my bum comes away clean with hardly even one poo mark on the paper.

Anyone else with this experience or anyone else found this solution - PLEASE let me know.

A few years ago when I was in my early 20's, I had been invited to lunch lunch to a mens club in London by a friend of a friend. He had wanted to introduce me as a new member and I was going to see what it was all about. We had a great lunch and afterwards he took me back to his office to show me around and introduced me to some of his work mates. To be honest, it was a little too "clicky" for me and by abouut 5.30pm I had seen enough (my first mistake)I made my excuses and left the building hoping to find a toilet in the reception area as I left. There had been no talk of a toilet since I had arrived at midday and I was a little embarassed to ask. So not finding a toilet before i got into the car was my second mistake. I didn't think of rush hour traffic as It only took me about 40minutes to drive from my flat to the club, but at 5.30in the evening city traffic is somewhat different and thinking I would be home in about the same length if time, I decided to wait for my long awaited pee until I got home. Thirtyfive mins into the journey, I had only done about five miles, not even a quarter of the journey and things were starting to get a little desperate. I was starting to sweat and feeling quite ill, I looked around and wondered how many other people had been in this situation. It was getting dusk which was just as well because it meant that nobody could see inside my car at what happened next. I was holding on to my pee desperatly when suddenly I became aware of a warm feeling in my groin, I looked down and saw a fountain of pee jetting through my trousers, I grabbed a duster that was tucked in the door and stuffed in between my legs in a vain attempt to protect the car seat and tried with no sucess at all to stem the flow, the traffic was not moving at all so I went with the flow (excuse the punn)shut my eyes and discovered I was enjoying the sensation. Eventually the flow started to subside and I was able to control the situation. My trousers were soaked,Luckily I had put a black pair on so the wetness was not really visible, but my white shirt was drenched and some of it had soaked into my tie. I pulled at the knot of my tie as I undid the top button of my shirt, I still felt a little ill but at the same time the odd feeling of doing something so wrong felt so right. When I did get home(about 1 1/2hrs later)i went straight to the bathroom,sat on the side of the bath and let the rest of my pee out in my pants. It didn't feel quite the same but after a shower I went to bed and kept telling myself that i had had a real accident in my pants. This is the first time I have ever related this story.Has this kind of thing happened to anyone else?

I had forgot to post this...yesterday i posted i was feeling gassy and bloated all afternoon...I had eaten breakfast lunch and dinner. After dinner i could feel the intense pressure and i pushed and farted and i could feel poop up there...The pressure was really bad i had to go poop almost right after dinner. I went to my bathroom sat down and i pushed i could feel the tip sticking out. It hurt a little but not as nearly as bad as 3 days earlier. I pushed it out and i stood up and i saw a big 10 inch log pretty firm sticking out of the water....i sat back down cause i didn't feel done. I pushed and at first nothing came then i farted a bit and pushed out poop...It was a bit softer...the consistancy of soft ice cream...Then i pushed a bunch of that out...i wiped 10x and flushed twice..really felt good to get rid of
gotta go bye

Mystery Man
Ladies, please take my survey! Thanks a lot!
1. Physical description of yourself
2. How long does it take you to pee?
3. How long does it take you to poo?
4. What things make you poo?
5. What things make you pee?
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)?
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)?
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? (I'm not taking sides, I promise)
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why?

I almost forgot to post about this....last night i had one of the best dumps ever...i knew it was coming some time cause i hadn't pooped since like 8am on saturday and it was 7pm on wednesday. I had just finished eating dinner and i got back online when i started feeling a little gassy and my stomach felt like it was full to the maxium so i knew an urge to poop would be coming on and it did. I finished what i was doing and went to the bathroom. I sat and pushed it really hurt...i could fee the tip sticking out, i touched it to feel was really hard. So then i really strained and pushed and it hurt so bad then finally i got rid of that sucker in to the was probably a foot long but it broke into like 2-3 pieces. Then i sat back down and pushed out that long soft ropy kind. I wiped like 10x and flushed really felt far i haven't had to go today so maybe in a few more days i will have another good dump. gotta go bye

I have pooped before while swimming in the ocean, but i have never pooped my pants. Does anybody have any tips on how to poop your pants for the first time and have it easy to clean up. I am 15 and don't want my parents to find out yet. Any tips would be apreciated.

em dubya
Well, I'm glad my runs ahve stopped from that dumb cereal. I don' think I 'll be eating any high fiber cereal anytime soon. It did clear up later on the same day I posted. I was sorta worried because I didn't want to poop the bed, but I didn't so there was nothing to worry about.

Also, I was just wondering if there are any listeners that wear diapers. That's always been a slight interest of mine. If you have any such stories you'd like to share, I'd appreciate it.

Monday, October 28, 2003

To all please answer my survey questions
1. When was the last you saw your (girlfriend,boyfriend,parents) pee or poop?
2. Do you wipe after pissing or pooping?
3. What color of piss do you do?
4. What color of poop do you do?
5. Ladies do you wipe from the front or rear when you piss or poop?
6. Men do you wipe from the rear or front when you poop or piss?
My answers are
1. My mother in 1977 pooping.
2. I wipe when i poop.
3. Yellow
4. Dark Brown
5. N/A
6. From the rear

The Shithouse Poet Strikes Again!!!
- 1 -
I wished I could fart
T'Would help me a lot
To pass all this gas;
From out of my past
In one great big blast;
and burn all the grass
from under my <---->!

- 2 -
You fart all day
You fart all night;
You fart in the dark
You fart in the light;
Your farts stink so bad
It just ain't right;
So carry your ass
From out of my sight;
Before we get
Into a fight!

And one more..... - 3 -

She put them on the line
And the sun refused to shine;
Those were the panties
That she wore.

She put them in the sink
My how they stink;
Those were the panties
That she wore.

They were torn, they were old
They were covered with green mold
Those were the panties
That she wore.

They were tattered, they were split
They were splattered full of shit;
Those were the panties
That she wore.

She'll wear them yet again
For they're a faithful friend
Those were the panties
That she wore.

(Hint.. You can put a friend's name in place of "that she" and personalize this one!)

JCurt... The Shithouse Poet

Usually, nothing very interesting happens to me when I use the crapper.

A few nights ago, one of those rare events happened. I felt a really huge wet fart building up, so I ran to the toilet with my pants already halfway down. I blasted a loud wet fart that was amplified by the shape of the toilet. After that, I still didn't feel finished, so I pushed and crapped out a few small turds. I got up, and saw that there was a small pile that filled the hole completely. They were all green, they left green streaks on the TP, and they left green skids on the bown. There was absolutely no brown stuff in that crap! I was really shocked, but I didn't feel that I had eaten anything seriously unhealthy, or had some sort of digestive problem, so I relaxed and watched TV. I have crapped green a few times before, but there was always some brown content in the green turds.


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