DREW: The first time I used a doorless stall was in the first grade. I did not know that stalls should have doors on them. We all used them until later years when some of the girls would come into the boys toilets and laugh at us doing our business in front on everybody else. By that time I was used to it. When I started working retail, the stalls had doors, but there was a loitering problem, in the mens restroom, thats why the doors were removed recently. You get used to everything, but some of the older salesmen will not use them, they hold their bm all day long. I can't do that. Our bathroom is reletivly small, it is one of the older Penneys (due to close sometime this year), but there are two doors to go thru to get into the bathroom. God luck, friend hope you find your doorless stalls. Peace, Ryan

Silent Spice
Hi again. I have something to tell you guys. It happened when I was like 7 and it kept happening until I was like 11 years old. My sister was 9 when it started. First before I tell you I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY HATE the sound of grunting and the sound of poo coming out(the crackling sound it makes)and falling in the toilet. I was forced to listen and WATCH(I mean actually WATCH)my sisters poop come out. Everytime she had to take a dump she would come and get me and practically bribe me to go into the bathroom with her(she would give me something I wanted of hers if I went in there or something). Actually not every single day it would happen. There was this book with actors in it that she would read all the time. I knew it was time for her dump when she would say "Get the super star book!"and shed smile for some reason! Well anyways..onto my story.....after I went in there she would grab me by the arm and pull down her pants and sit down then my head was forced between her legs(I couldnt move because she was alot bigger and stronger than I was)and shed be like "One two three" GRUNT "one two three" GRUNT! She was really scary then! Then I was forced to watch her "jobbies" come out of her butt and it was the most disgusting thing Ive ever seen! They were so long and slimey looking and GROSS!! I just wanted to puke! Then when it fell and it the water I would flinch because of that horrid sound! Finally when she became a teenager she got over that "come-watch-my-poop-come-out"stage. Woohoo! Im FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I(now 17 almost 18)remind her about the way she use to act and shes like "Dont remind me!" So that means she regrets doing that!

Also my friend Tahra was ALMOST the same way ONCE. Just one time we were at her house and she had to poop and she asked me to go in there for company. After she did her "jobbies" she tried to stuff my head into the toilet BEFORE flushing! ugh she was gross!!! There..thats my story!

Well I will just say(for those who are interested)that I am shy about doing number 1 and 2 in front of people too! Its just the way I am. I never did any of them at school in my life and dont plan on it. I will do it at home or at my friends houses but not in a bathroom with lots of people. Sorry thats just the way I am.

The only "number 2" accident I ever had was last year(I hate to admit it but its TRUE)! Snow....that white SHIT that Alberta always gets stuck with for MORE than half a year it seems like...that stuff is to blame. My school is right across from my house and I have to go through a field(a football field)to go to school and one time there was TOO MUCH SNOW and I practically got STUCK in it. I reeeeeeeally had to do number 2 and by the time I got out of the field(it was on the way home thank god)I already did my my pants..thanks to God and his SNOW!!! That is ONE of the reasons why I HATE SNOW!! Do any of you people ever have accidents like that??

God this sucks! Oh I thought of two more movies with people on the toilet. On Empire Records that bald girl(I cant remember her name now played by Robin Tunney)sits on the toilet in front of her friend Corey(Liv Tyler)after Gina(Renee Zewelleger)and Corey have a big fight. Also on Dumb and Dumber Jeff Daniels has diarrhea and we hear EVERYTHING(farting, plopping you name it)! Well thats all I have to say for now! Bye! Oh yeah the girl on Empire Records that sits on the toilet is Deborah

I wonder if readers will be interested in some more of my childhood experiences?
Although I was very lucky having an Aunt and two girl cousins who were so open about their bowel movements, I also enjoyed listening to and watching others doing a jobbie. When at Primary (grade) School when I was about 7 I made friends with another boy Gerry who was likewise fascinated. I must say that Glasgow kids , and youngsters in general, have an interest in defecation, usually only losing it as a result of parental and societal conditioning that "its dirty" or "nice people dont discuss such things". One day at school I was in the boys' toilet looking down the pans in each cubicle (stall) when I bumped into Gerry who was doing the same and said "Are you looking for big jobbies too George?" I told him yes and we soon found we had a similar fascination for such matters. His family weren't so broad minded as mine and he envied me being able to quite openly watch my cousins doing a motion and even sometimes my aunt if I was in the bathroom at the time when she came in to u! se it. I couldn't get my Aunt to let him watch her of course, that would have been too much to ask, but the two girls were happy to oblige to his great joy. All he was able to do was to listen to his mum and his big sister when they did their motions and enjoy the grunting and the "kerplonk!" sound effects. His bedroom was next door to the toilet so he could often lie in bed and hear them perform and often I did so with him. Like my Aunt Helen, his mum, who was a small ???? woman called Judy , sometimes did really long fat jobbies which stuck in the pan and we both saw quite a few of them and he likewise saw my Aunt's "panbusters" as she called them. We obviously watched each other doing a motion many times . Gerry eventually moved with his family to Corby in England as many Scots families did then, when he was 12 , but for a few years we had some interesting toilet adventures. Moira also had a couple of girl friends when she was at school who shared her interests but she will tell you herself of these sometime. Love to all on Valentine's Day from us both.

Hi I'm the person who wrote in about having toilet phobia, with my problems stemmeing over so many years there are hundreds of incidents that happened to me. Remember it was necessary for my mother to take me to the toilet, difficulties occurred when my family had a lodger staying (27 yr old female called Linda). My mother tried to hide my problem and attend to me when Linda was at work or in bed. It was nigh impossible to be able to time my needs around the situation, so most of the time I was wanting do something and being uncomfortable by having to hold it back. I was 12 yrs old at this time so myself and my mother could not seen to come out of the toilet at the same time. As I was not afraid to go to the toilet, but just shy of the fact of toilet behavior and I could go elsewhere if nobody knew. I would go to the shop to buy anything and walk down backlanes in order to go behind bushes, and using bits of paper in my pocket which I had previously collected. When I did start using public toilets it felt a little strange, as I was not familiar with doing it. The seat felt cold and I did not know whether to sit upright or lean forward, but it felt heaven at that time just to relieve the pain. I shuddered of the thought of anybody seing me sit there and kept looking down at the seat thinking do everybody else do this. This is where my fetish started about toilets, I got excited about strangers seing me on the toilet but blocked my mind off to this with people I knew. I would look for toilets were the locks didn't work and wait for somebody to walk in and then quickly push the door closed after they had seen me. Have any other readers fetish started from something that happened earlier in their life? maybe from seeing somebody on the toilet on one occassion and it stayed in their mind.

Drew: There are quite a few doorless stalls in my area. In fact, none of the stalls had doors on them were I went to Junior and Senior High school. The local J.C. Penny's does not have doors (what is it with Penny's and no doors), a nearby Sear's store is also doorless except for one stall that has a half door. Of course most parks in the area do not have doors on the stalls either. I go for a walk every Sunday morning (when it's warm) and stop and take a dump in the one near my house. I prefer using a public restroom and enjoy finding (and using) one without doors. There is something very nice about listening to another guy grunt out a dump and it's and added bonus to actully get a look at at him the can. It does not happen very often but I like having a talk with the guy in the next stall while we do our business. That seems to come more naturally when there are no doors. It's a little uncomfortable at first, especially if you have some guy trying to look at you and you'd rather he didn't. But it can be a very nice experience to shit in a restroom without doors if the other guys are friendly and open. I've been reading your posts for awhile now and am looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, February 14, 1998

pooping girl
thanks for the explaination for the extra tinkle whe I do jobbies. Moira: When I go to the toilet to do my jobbies I usually sit leaning forward, if Im trying to grunt out a difficult load I may sit upright and lean forward as I grunt and push my jobbie out.

Ryan: I wouldn't want doorless stalls all the time, as I too like privacy. However I would like to have the experience of seeing an open stall bathroom and taking a dump in one. It would also be interesting, for the sake of curiousity, to see other guys sitting on the toilet taking a shit. You forgot to mention whether your JC Penney bathroom is as tiny as the one I described. How did you feel the very first time you had to use a doorless stall? Did anyone come into the bathroom, did they look at you etc? Keep us informed of any interesting stories.

Kenneth. When I was a very small child I had what is known as toilet phobia. I was terrified of sitting on toilets or acknowleging that I went to the toilet. This stemmed to a very distressing Life. Obviously I had to go to live, so my mother used to take me to the toilet and lay a piece of lino on the floor in the bathroom for me to poop on. After pulling my trousers and underpants down she would turn around and face the window while I was doing it. She would keep asking me if I had finished and eventually wipe my bum. This persued untill I was 15 years old and resulted in me seeing psychologists. Going on day trips out was extremely difficult as I was too old to be going into ladies toilets with my mother, and resulted in many accidents. As I got older I become less worried about going to the toilet but just worried about anybody knowing what I was doing. I couldn't say to anyone I'm just going to the toilet, I had to go out and use public toilets or go behind bushes. This seems a far fetched story but if anybody else has suffered from this they will know that it's true. It left me very fetish about toilets and if I see anybody with tight clothes I always imagine them sitting on toilets. I would be gratefull to know if anybody else has had similar problems in life. This story is true.

I went for a pee yesterday in the men's toilets in our department. I went in and the first thing I met was a student standing doing nothing (i.e. not there to pee or shit). He was deep in conversation with his friend who was shut in a stall having a shit. I found the ceaseless chat most off-putting, and wondered if the poor old guy doing his business really wanted his friend yattering away, or whether he would have preferred to have been left to get on with it.

New Guy
Once I was staying over at a friends house after a night of drinking. We were drunk and in the bathroom together. I needed to shit and asked him to leave. He said, no big deal, go ahead and do it. I sat down hoping he would leave. He really wanted me to go. He tried to get me to shit in front of him. He kept saying, go ahead and do it. He was trying to make me feel like I was uptight for not wanting to go in front of him. I'm not gay and that whole scene was too weird. I was afraid his family would wake up. I kept telling him to get out. Finally he relented and left. Out of Curiosity: How many of you women like to hold your man's penis while he's peeing? One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend cuz she kept wanting to do that. My friend is so shy that even when he's alone in a public restroom, he'll still only pee in the stall.

Hi all...I've been reading every day, but i just post rarely now. I remember the old days when Jenny, Alex, Steph, Susan and I were regular posters. Are all you guys still reading too? I miss you all. I thought I'd relate a rather disgusting story that I posted on the spit up forum and it would also be appropriate for this one. The night before last Thanksgiving, I went out with my friend to a couple of bars over here in NYC. I drank fast, and by the time we left the first bar, I was pretty drunk. We went to 2 more, and by the time we finally were on our way home, I was spinning. It was beginning to wear off slowly, and I thought I could narrowly escape puking. I was getting pretty confident, so we decided to smoke a little weed that we had lying around. I took a bunch of big hits and soon I was quite stoned. I was feeling pretty good until I got hit with a terrible case of drymouth. It was then that I noticed the uneasy feeling in my stomach as I got up to get some water. Lying on the floor, I realized that I was probably going to get sick. I went out onto my friend's terrace and within a couple minutes, I was vomiting. And it was pretty terrible. Between pukes, I decided to move to the bathroom, which turned out to be a good decision. I got to the bathroom and threw up a few more times. All of a sudden, it hit me...amid my sickness, I realized I was about to have diarhhea. I quickly shed my jeans and underwear all the way down to my ankles and sat on the bowl. I farted loudly and it all exploded out of me. No sooner did I grab for some toilet paper that I instinctively turned around quickly and puke my guts out into the toilet. Somehow, I don't remember, it all calmed down. I remember thinking how tiny his bathroom was, yet I awoke hours later to find myself sprawled out on the bathroom floor. Needless to say, that was the last time I mixed weed and alcohol in such massive quantities. Pretty gross, huh? Althogh I have to admit, Kim L.'s motion sickness story from the other day takes the cake. Keep the great posts coming everyone. To Jay: GREAT story, and told very well. George and Moira-great stuff. keep the big jobbies coming. And to the moderator of this site: Couldn't there be a way to file all the past pictures that have appeared atop the page for the last few months so that we could just click on them and see them? There were a few that I really liked. The one now is great..but getting old. Later.

Friday, February 13, 1998

hello everyone :)
this morning i pooped in front of my roomate, and she said it was the weirdest looking thing! She said my anus got what looked like little bumpy peas under the skin! I told her she was just goofy, lol. Anyways, my poop was 2 colors, and 2 textures. the first was light brown and smooth, the other half was dark brown and "knotted". Quit painful too!

I was outside the other day doing yardwork. I had a shit coming on, plus a full bladder. I didn't go inside, I just pulled down my pants and shit on the ground, and I pissed. I don't think anybody saw me, most neighbors were at work. It was just one huge log about 2 foot long, smooth and about 1 1/2 inches thick and curled at one end. I just left it there and pulled up my pants without wiping and continued to work for about an hour. I went inside and sat on the toilet and wiped 3 times. It wasn't that messy but there was some poop marks in my underwear. I will check on the turd in a few days to see if it's still there and what changes it has undergone, if any.

To "Base 727* Mad Cow patrol". If you dont like the content of this website, dont access it! Im surprised the site moderator posted this unfriendly message. Well seen that "Base 727" is from Canada. Ive always thought it to be a repressed country. As an American Commedian once said, "I visted Canada one Tuesday but it was closed!"

To Robert. If your turds shoot up the drain hole of the toilet pan and you cant see what you have done then you could either sit "side saddle" or put a piece of toilet paper floating on the surface of the water to act as an "arrestor net" as it drops out. The alternative is to keep a long rod or garden cane which will let you pull it back into sight. This is also useful for pushing really big jobbies which stick over the hidden bend when they wont go away with normal flushing as I know well!

To Mike and Pooping Girl, I sometimes also need to do a small wee-wee again after I have passed my motion and agree with his explanation. This also accounts for why I often dribble the gusset of my panties slightly when I need a motion as the big jobbie presses through my back passage onto my bladder. George usually cannot do his pee until he passes his jobbie as he often has an erection just before he does it, again from pressure of the turd on his prostate gland.

Finally, do readers sit upright on the toilet pan when doing a motion as George and I do, or bent forward like the sculpture of Rodin's "Thinker" ?
Love to all, except "Base 727"

New Guy
Is it me? Where are you pooping girls(Meagan, Bridget) in real life? Why do I keep getting involved with women who have to bolt the door shut so I can't hear them pee? Don't they realize that sound turns a lot of men on? It's not like you can introduce yourself at a bar, "Hi, I'm a SWM and someday I'd like to watch you poop."

To Curious:
I once saw a japanese porno where two girls were trying to share a toilet. They were seated back to back. The tank was removed and the toilet was not bolted down. It was just the porcelain base part that they brought into the room. One girl tried to squat on the rim, but when the other girl lifted her ass off the seat, it almost tipped the toilet over and the squatting girl lost her balance. Then the guys that were participating yelled at the girl who got up. It was one of those enema fetish videos so there wasn't any wiping afterwards. The guys would give the girls enemas, and when they were done expelling they would pump them with air from a Higginson Syringe and induce some very loud and lengthy farts which were quite impressive. I understand enough japanese to know that the girls really liked the farting part more so than the enemas. The whole video was quite impressive. Because it was japanese, a lot of it was censored, but some of the things the girls did were ! just unbelievable. Can't find those kind of videos locally anymore.

I have always been very shy about number 2's. One day I was at my new girlfriends house having a shave at her bathroom sink when she came in and asked if it was alright to have a pea. I said it was so she pulled her trousers and underwear down to just the edge of the seat, sat down and had a wee. She then said she needed something more important, and did I want her to wait untill I have finished shaving, I muttered its up to you and not really thinking. She bent bent right forward with her arms crossed on her knees and was talking to me about her busy day while she was straining. She kept tearing off bit of tissue and wiping her bottom and she noticed I was getting aroused. From then on she kept asking if she could sit on the edge of the bath when I needed to go for poo's. I said no over and over again but then finally agreed as long as she read a book or didn't stare. I now find watching people or letting them watch me on the loo highly exciting

My ex-girlfriend, Jen and I were living together for about 5 months. She was always the honest and open type, so when I asked her if I could watch her pee, she gladly obliged. After that she never close the door when she went to the bathroom, not that I ever minded, but I was truly shocked one evening when I saw her leaning foward continuing to sit on the toilet after she had peed. Apparently she had no qualms about letting me watch her go #2 as well. It took me a while to get accustomed to since I had never watched a girlfriend do that, although I was often curious. She in turn wanted to watch me in my "private moments" as well. I had never done anything like that in front of a girlfriend or anybody else, and was very shy about letting her in. After a couple arguments, I conceded and let her watch. Surprisingly I found it rather arousing and comforting that we were able to be so open with each other and after a while it became a regular thing. So one night Jen was on the phone talking to a friend from school when she knocked on the bathroom door. I was sitting on the pot when she told me that she "really had to pee". She started to pull her jeans and undies down when I asked her what she was doing. She proceeded to turn around and stick her cute little butt right in my face and sit on my lap. "Don't worry I can get it in". This is something I often said to her while she was sitting and I would neil in front of her with my penis hanging down into the toilet and we would pee together. Now the tables were turned and I was getting very excited. I felt the warm flow of her urin on the inside of my thighs and on my ever growing penis. The stream was very forceful and I could smell the sweet aroma of her pee witch added to my excitement. That had been a fantasy of mine since childhood, but I never imagined it coming true! I tried to initiate sex but she was reluctant because she was talking to a friend. I still don't know if he knew what she was doing. She proceeded to wipe, drop the tissue between my legs into the bowl, kissed me and left. She "got off" easy in the bathroom, but after being aroused to that extent, I immediately rushed into the bedroom after finishing up and made love to her. Unfortunately she moved back home and she lives too far for me to go see her. But she left me with memories I'll keep forever.

Happy Camper
To Dude: It's great to hear you jump in with your past stories. I too have always enjoyed watching woman do their peeing and pooping. I too have also been married many years, but my wife sort of knows that I enjoy this stuff, but it is still difficult to get her to totally convert. For several years she wouldn't even pee in front of me. Now she never closes the door when peeing, but still has a little problem with her pooping. We have talked about it serveral times. I never give up. It actually depresses me to see a closed door (when' its my wife). You didn't mention whether you or your wife leaves the door open when pooping and peeing.

HEY DREW: Glad to have you in the "States" but why on earth would you want doorless stalls? We guys that are forced into using them would love a little privacy. Funny story: A sex-starved female co-worker (office) heard thru the grapevine that the doors were taken off the stalls in the men's restroom, and she is always trying to peek inside the men's restrooms, at off hours. The store manager caught her opening the door, while he was exiting. She claims she wanted a mop! She want's to see some weiners and male heinees!! Guess it takes all kinds. Good luck in our hunt buddy, keep us posted. Ryan

Thursday, February 12, 1998

Ryan: I crossed the border into the States last weekend to do some shopping. I managed to find the nearest JC Penney store and checked out the bathroom. Was I ever disappointed; there were doors on the stalls. The actual bathroom was tiny; one urinal, two regular stalls and a handicapped stall. Two basins were immediately in front of the stalls. Is your bathroom tiny?. If it is, I can understand how someone could see a turd sliding out of you. Anyone washing their hands would be standing right in front of you! I checked out the bathrooms in every major department store in the mall I was at. They all had doors. I eventually needed to take a dump and ended up going in Sears. The hunt for open stall bathrooms continues.

Mike -> ender
To pooping girl: Maybe the shit in your bowels puts pressure on your bladder (such that it holds some in) and then when your bowels are empty the rest can come out. Or how about this. You know how you can't shit and pee at the same time? (maybe you can?). Maybe if it's a really urgent poo and you don't finnish peeing yet, that the rest would come out after you finnish shitting. By the way: I'm not THE mike, I'm another mike. I'll be "ender" instead.

BASE727*mad cow patrol) Windsor Ont can. Is this place real isn't there better things to debate than body funcions.I have colitis but the net is not the place for it?..

To stop motion sickness try to blind fold yourself when in the plane. I hear that subtle motions are detected by the eyes and cause upset to those prone to motion sickness.

Like many others I regulary visit this site and read the posts of those brave souls who can tell of their adventures. Finally, after a couple of years and a couple of beers, I am ready to share some of my experiences. I too thought that there was something wrong with me since I get really turned on with the thought of a women taking a dump. But after reading the accounts of others (both men and women) I have come to realize that in this world of billions of people there are many like us who have this same turn on and the internet is an opportunity for us to share our experiences. I have tried to remember if there was something in my development, some major milestone which has made some imprint in my brain. Ever since I can remember I have had this attraction. My wife definately does not know and after 10 years of marriage I am not ready to pursue this with her. Let me tell you of a past girlfriend of mine. Tina was a beautiful asian girl who had an awesome body and a great personality. We were together about 3 years. She was very open about everything including her bodily functions. I used to spend the night in her parents house when they went out of town. One morning (after a night of 2 or 3 lovemaking sessions) she was getting ready for work. Her bedroom was next to the bathroom. I remember we were sitting on the bed listening to soft music on the radio reading the LA Times. Suddenly, without a word, she got up and with the home section of the paper in hand headed for the bathroom. She walked right in leaving the door wide open. I couldn't even believe it! I quickly turned down the radio and although I couldn't see her I could hear what was going on. The first sound I heard was a cracking, popping sound as poop was ejected from her beautiful butt. Then I heard her turning the pages of the paper . . . a period of silence! and more popping sounds and water being displaced in the bowl. Then another period of silence followed by more popping sounds and splashing water. I was going out of my mind! Then I think she realized that she was being a bit noisey and she pushed the door closed. I have never been so turned on by anything in my life. I wanted to make love to her after that but unfortunately she was late for work. I have never forgot that moment in time, even after 13 years.
I'll try to post more of my experiences in the future.

Firstly, Moira and I are glad that her "mighty motions" have become such a point of discussion both in the USA and here. She doesn't ALWAYS do great toilet blocking "loaves" but very often does as also do I. If she doesnt drop a 14 incher she will pass the same qualtity sometimes as 2 logs, the larger 8 inches the smaller 6 or so both being however very fat. The sound effects of these are like depth charges "Kur-sploosh! Ker-splonk!". Just before her period she gets constipated and really strains hard to pass great fat lumps the size of tennis balls, again with great "Kerplonk!" sound effects. She is very grateful for me being with her rubbing her ???? when she has to do a motion like that!

To "Curious" obviously 2 fat people like Moira and I could not both sit on the toilet together, (we tried!) but when I was about 8 my 12 year old cousin Nicola and I did so. As Ive said I often watched her and her sister Debbie on the toilet and they watched me. On this occasion we both needed a motion and decided to both sit on the pan at once as of course we were both quite small at the time. Nicky sat down at the back with her knickers off so she could spread her legs wide and I sat in front of her, both of us sitting straight upright.We both went "OO! OO!" and I heard the "Kerploonk!" of Nicky's jobbie dropping into the toilet followed by mine a few seconds later. When we got up off the pan we couldn't of course tell who had done which jobbie, both were about the same size anyway. We did this a few times. Nicky siad she and Debbie had often pooed together.

To Robert, My Aunt Helen often did a motion in the woods etc when we went for a walk with her, but she was very open about such matters and didnt mind myself or my 2 cousins watching her anyway. Moira's mum wasn't quite so open about such matters but she well recalls watching her doing a big jobbie behind a wall when she and her brother were on a trip to the country with her and there were no Public Toilets nearby. She remembers it was a very fat lumpy turd about 8 inches long shaped like a big fat carrot.

Hi people Had a great pooping episode recently. I was at home and I was doing my homework when this guy called I really like. We've been out a few times and have had sex once so far. Anyway, the other night, he called and we talked for hours. During our conversations I had to pee a few times. He knew I had tp pee because he could hear me tinkle and besides he asked. I told him I was. We got on the subject of going to the bathroom in front of each other (he brought it up). In our disscussion, he mentioned how silly people are about going number 2 in front of one another. I told him I liked to poop in front of him if he'd let me. Guess what!!!!!!????? He wants to watch do my pooping and all of it!!! Suddenly, I had the urge to poop. I told him over the phone I had to go and wanted him to stay on the line......He talked to me all the way through it and asked alot of questions and asked to listen to any noises I made. I fart a couple of times and grunted (sometimes I faked it)..! .uh ...uh ...uh....I let hime hear the splash....oh I could go on forever!!!!Love Meagan......romantic poopergirl!

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Kim L.
I suffer terribly from motion sickness. Because of this, I won't go into boats, and I hate airplanes. Sometimes, unfortunately, I must fly to attend meetings out of town. A few months ago, on a flight returning from Dallas, my guts started going into knots big time. As I dashed to the lav, I was becoming more nauseous by the second. I frantically prayed that they wouldn't all be occupied - and I was *very* lucky. As I closed the door, a deep, violent gurgling sound came from my stomach. I pulled my pants down, and got no further than squatting over the toilet when a blast of diarrhea ejected from my chute and splashed off the inside of the raised lid onto the seat, the wall, and most everything else. I slumped onto the soiled seat and blew three more large messy installments into the toilet.

My nausea and headache were now so bad that I had become dizzy, The stench in the confined space was so overwhelmingly offensive that I began to gag. I felt so sick that I could not move, even though I could feel my stomach rolling. I promptly vomited onto the back of the lav door with such force that vomit splattered onto the mirror and even the stainless steel counter. I had made such a mess that I wanted to cry. How would I ever clean this up? I felt so rotten that I simply didn't care. I dizzily stood up, wiped myself a few times and flushed the toilet, but it did nothing to clean the previously dark-grey bowl. These toilets don't use water. I opened the lav door and side-stepped the lake of vomit underneath it. Abandoning the horrible mess I left behind, I closed the door, went back to my seat and fell asleep. Once the plane landed I felt o.k. again. But it doesn't end there. When I got home and changed out of my work attire, I noticed the spots on the backs of my grey trouser legs. I didn't even try cleaning them. They went straight into the incinerator. I was mortified - I had walked through the airport like that... nobody said anything.

Yesterday, a girlfriend and I went into a public restroom together. We went into adjoining stalls and continued our chit chat. I was on my period and after lowering my slacks and panties I removed my tampon and dropped it into the toilet. I then sat down, urinated, and began to have a BM. About this time my girlfriend had finished and was at the sink adjusting her makeup. After I finished and wiped I inserted another tampon. I use tampax gentle glide. I thought I dropped both applicator tubes in the toilet, however as I got up and pulled up my panties, I realized I still had one tube inserted. This has never happened before and when I told my girlfriend we both laughed about it, then she indicated that the same thing happened to her one night at a party.

To grrrl.
Your day will come. When I was 19, which was 19 years ago, I just started dating a beautiful girl whom I had known and worked with for a couple years. Much to my suprise we started going out during my freshman year in college. After one month of dating, Kathy who was three years older then me, and I decided to go away for a long weekend. That was the first time I had ever been away with a girl I was kind of nervous because I didnt know where the relationship was going or if I could have time to take a dump without her knowing. The first night we went out and drank and ate a lot. The next morning Kathy when across the street to get coffee, while she was gone I took a huge dump, then took a shower. while finishing in the shower Kathy came in the bathroom and said she had to use the bathroom. She seemed kind of nervous, and said I have to go number 2. I thought this is my chance to finally see a girl take a BM. Kathy proceded to pull down her pants and panties below her knees and! proceded to pee like a race horse, then she did a long fart,and looked a me kind of embarassed, then a massive explosion came out of her rear and it smelled horrible. She finished quickly and wiped clean She flushed while still sitting so I could'nt see what was in the toilet. We enjoyed a 6 year relationship after that great expierence.

Answer to floating turds - when the meal has contained a lot of fat content and it is not digested fully by the corresponding enzymes, the resulting turds will contain this undigested fat and being lighter than water will float. Also sometimes turds will contain a lot of gas bubbles from lack of complete digestion in the small intestine and these will produce floaters.

Hi again. This one's for whoever asked how I knew that guy was watching me the other day. I was in the big stall, so there was a break in the divider between my stall and the next, smaller one. I wasn't looking at him, but I surveying my stall and I noticed an eye in the space between the dividers.

With all this talk about ways of sitting on the toilet, I figure I'd ask about something I've thought of before, but never had a chance to try. Is it physically possible (and has anyone tried it) for two people to sit on the toilet together and both take a shit at the same time? They would have to be two thin people (I imagine) to both fit and the person in back would have to have their legs spread wide apart to leave room for the other person to sit. As far as wiping is concerned, perhaps the one in back would have to wipe the butt of the one in front. Another way would be for the person in front to sit on the lap of the person in back (obviously, the person in back would have to have their legs spread enough to let the front person's shit to fall into the toilet. Well, if anyone has done this, or does it after reading this, let us know how it went.

To Anonymous:
You asked if women can pee standing up with their pants on. Although it does take practice to do it correctly, it's not that difficult. I can even do it through the open fly on loose fitting jeans. My secret is to press the edges of the fly down and around the labia so that in effect the labia protrudes through the fly. Then I'll spread the lips slightly and use my finger to pinch and pull up on the pants opening in order to direct the stream out front. The only problem is that I'll drip a few drops on my jeans when finishing. But it sure beats going the traditional way.

pooping girl
When I went to the toilet yesteday,pants and underpants around my ankles(blue underpants)I tinkled alot to start and passed some gas, I started to grunt and a rather large jobbies started outand stopped. I pushed some more and and more came out then stopped again, My fanny was stretching and this big jobbie was just hanging there I pushed twice more and it finally fell out of me into the toilet. I lifted my fanny off the seat and looked between my legs and te jobbie went from front to back of the toilet and floated. I sat back down and pushed out some more gas and 4 smaller jobs. I tinkled again and then wiped my fanny and vagina and pulled my pants and underpants back up. When they were up my fanny hole needed a scratch so I got some toilet paper and reached down the back of my underpants and had a nice itch. Im not sure why I just told you this I guess because it was a finishing to my going to the toilet. I was wondering why when I go to the toilet to weewee I finish and leave and when I do jobies I always wee 2 or 3 times where does the extra wee come from?

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