I recently had back surgery, granted it was an out-patient surgery, but it really messed up my bowels. For several weeks afterward I had terrible diarhhea, so bad that sometimes I couldn't make it into the bathroom. One instance happened while I was sitting at the computer, the urge came suddenly and so strong that I couldn't get out of my chair fast enough. I actually started shitting while sitting in the chair and as I stood up the diarhhea ran down the inside of my pants and along both of my legs. The closer I got to the bathroom, the more it wanted to come out and I stood there in front of the toilet with my legs crossed trying to stop it, because I knew as soon as I tried to sit down a huge explosion would happen. Sure enough, after standing there for about 30 seconds I managed to pull down my pants far enough to sit on the toilet, and all hell broke loose! I sat there, for what seemed like an eternity, I never thought I would stop. Of course, my pants and panties were a terrible mess, and my legs...I tried to clean myself up while sitting there, but in the end I had to take a shower. After getting out of the shower I had to clean up the trail from the computer in the livingroom through the hallway and into the bathroom. What a mess!!!

Punk Rock Girl

Friday I discovered that Boo-Berry is back! My favorite of the three marshmallow laden candy-pretending-to-be-cereal was right there on the shelf!!! I hadn't seen a box of it in years! I bought it and looked forward to breakfast the next morning.

Saturday morning, I sat down and had TWO bowls of it. ????! That night, I sat down, and crapped out a load of GREEN shit! Eachh!!! I don't recall Boo-Berry turning my crap green when I was a kid, but it sure as hell does now. I'm talking kelly green, like Linda Blair's puke in THE EXORCIST.

This morning, I had a nice, solid BROWN dump. Back to normal. I realize it's just food coloring, but ick. Green shit seems to me to be a sign that something isn't right!



Mr. Poop
1 day i was eating and i had to poop real bad. i couldn't hold it, so i put down the window and pooped on the road. ha ha. at least the cops didn't see me. i had no toilet paper and couln't wipe, so my butt felt crusty

I have this problem where, when I have to pee, I had better find a bathroom or its happening right then and there, there's no holding it in. Well last night my girlfriend and I were sitting at a children's park, it was about midnight, if not later. And I got the urge to piss, it hit me stronger than normal. I told her that I had to piss and would be right back. I walked over toward the smaller children's playground so my girlfriend couldnt watch me do my buisness. As soon as I turned around I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my penis. As I approached the playground, i paused to find a place to relieve myself. I decided i would take my leak under the slide, I hurried my pace over to the tall blue slide and stood under it. I spread my legs and leaned my groin foward, I didnt really aim for anything. Before i knew it i was pouring out a strong stream, it was hitting the ground and splashing on to the slide. I heard something move in the bush behind me, so I took a few steps foward keeping my stream steady. As soon as I shook, I felt the 2nd urge! I couldnt believe this. I had already spent about 7 minutes pissing, now I had to shit! I decided not to do it in the same spot, I decided it would be fun to shit on the slide! I climbed to the top, and pulled my jeans just far enough to wear my asshole was showing. I squated down and positioned myself as a dog would. I farted at first, and it didnt take long for the first POS to exit my ass, it came out smoothly and landed "PLOP" on the metal slide. I felt a litte more pee so i pushed my penis out backward and pissed some more down the slide. The poop slid down, after i tucked my penis away, I had to push pretty hard to sqweeze the next mound of shit down the slide. I finally finished, luckly i had some tissues in my pocket,so i wiped and went back to join my girlfriend. Who had been watching me the whole time. We got married last month and enjoy watching each other all the time.

Noreen -

Thanks for the account of the weekend. I'm just amazed how comfortable your daughter and her friend are about pooping their pants and good for you for being so tolerant. As an enthusiastic pants pooper, naturally I encourage you to try it and I think the idea of doing it alone the first time is good. I suggest that you wait until you REALLY have to go as that will make it easier. Also, the first time it might help to wear some pants that have some extra room in the rear. I personally think it feels better to have somewhat tight fitting pants to hold the poop firmly against my butt, but it might be easier the first time if you don't have to push so hard to make it come out. Anyway, I hope you do try and hope you enjoy it!

help please :o(
I want to tell my boyfriend/fiance of over a year about my "fetish", but im scared of what he might think. I want so badly to just follow him into the bathroom, and have him want to follow me, but i just cant bring myself to tell him. please someone help me. :o(

This may be a question more for a medical person but I thought I'd try and ask here just in case there was someone with experience since there appears to be quite a few stool "affishitnadanos".

I am a healthy fit male in my late 30's with no obvious health issues. I work out regularly and have no habits such as excess drinking etc.

Here's my question.

When I take a small amount of alcohol into my system, my body reacts such that I need to have a bowl movement almost instantaneously. I could consume a shot of hard liquor and within 60 seconds (less sometimes) I flatuate and then have a bowl movement. The harder the liquor the quicker the reaction of my bowels.

Would anyone have any ideas as to the mechanics of what is happening when this occurs i.e. bodily functions etc and should I be concerned?

As I mentioned I only consume alcohol in very moderate amounts but have this strange reaction???


I have pooped before while swimming in the ocean, but i have never pooped my pants. Does anybody have any tips on how to poop your pants for the first time and have it easy to clean up. I am 15 and don't want my parents to find out yet. Any tips would be apreciated.

I almost forgot to post about this....last night i had one of the best dumps ever...i knew it was coming some time cause i hadn't pooped since like 8am on saturday and it was 7pm on wednesday. I had just finished eating dinner and i got back online when i started feeling a little gassy and my stomach felt like it was full to the maxium so i knew an urge to poop would be coming on and it did. I finished what i was doing and went to the bathroom. I sat and pushed it really hurt...i could fee the tip sticking out, i touched it to feel was really hard. So then i really strained and pushed and it hurt so bad then finally i got rid of that sucker in to the was probably a foot long but it broke into like 2-3 pieces. Then i sat back down and pushed out that long soft ropy kind. I wiped like 10x and flushed really felt far i haven't had to go today so maybe in a few more days i will have another good dump. gotta go bye

Do most women wipe from the front after they pee?

Super Potty Pooper

This is my first post here. I enjoy reading all the poop stories from the girls. I am an adult male who is over 6' tall and weighs almost 300 pounds.
One of my great experiences came a couple of months ago. I had what I call a "diarreah attack." I made it to the toilet just in time so my clothes escaped havoc.
I don't know what it was that I ate to cause this commotion … nothing different from what I usually eat that I can remember.
Copious amounts shit just poured out of me. Wave after wave. It wasn't particularly watery like an enema would be. It was sloppy and oozy, more like fresh poured concrete, or very thick mud.
Now you have to understand, I have one of those older model toilets, installed way before the days of the EPA and the water-saving devices that came on the market.
This bowl is very wide and very deep, quite unlike those newer toilets that you see today. I'm a big man and I enjoy big poops and that big old toilet has always taken all of the tremendous loads that I've offered it over the years. That is, until the diarreah attack!
I never thought about flushing the toilet after 4 and 5 waves of torrential shit poured out of me. Oh, it was explosive - there was a lot there, I could just feel it. But I never realized just exactly how much of this muddy poop there was…that is until I could feel it piling up against my bottom inside the toilet.
I still had more in me, but I had to get up and look to make sure it wasn't my imagination that I felt poop on my bottom.
When I looked, I couldn't believe what I saw. This large toilet was filled right to the brim with my muddy shit. It was all slop.
There was not one shape that could be classified as an actual turd. Oh, there were some soft, almost formless, lumps mixed in there that were sized somewhere between a tennis ball and a baseball. I still had to shit some more so I grabbed a bucket out of the bathroom closet, a bucket that I use to wash floors with.
It's a three-gallon bucket with measurement markings on the inside of it at 1-quart intervals. So I bent over it with one last wave of shit exploding out of me. That last wave filled it to almost the 6-quart mark.
Now, I had to figure out what I was going to do with that poor old toilet that was loaded to the brim with my shit.
There was no way on earth that flushing that amount of shit would ever work. I'd have shit and water running throughout the house. So, I left the bucket and the toilet and jumped into the shower to cleanse and to think about what I was going to do with this overwhelming mess.
Finally, I decided that I would go out to my shed and get one of those 5 gallon buckets, the kind that paint comes in, and scoop the shit out of the toilet and flush it back down a little at a time. On went the rubber gloves, and scooping the shit out of the toilet.
By the time I felt like it was safe to flush the toilet, I had almost filled the 5 gallon bucket. I didn't count the number of flushes it took before all was gone, maybe 6 or 8.
What an exhiliarating experience that was. I would love to do this more often.
Super Potty Pooper

Yesterday i went to the mall with my mom to get some new pants. As she was buying them i told her i needed to use the bathroom and found my way to the room. i walked to a stall and they were doorless. i just had to pee so i did my business then had the urge to shit. so i pulled down my pants to my calfs and my boxers just above my knees on my thighs. it took a few minutes for everything to get started but when it did i dropped a bunch of heavy heavy chunks into the toilet. they made loud splashes as they hit the water. just as i was about to wipe a man came in. he walked to my stall and saw me sitting there and apologized. i was really embaressed because i have never had anyone see my on the toilet but didnt really care that much. the man was in his mid 30s and was very very fat. he had a beard and dress clothes on. he pulled down his pants to his ankels and let out a grunt and wet poop filled the bowl. he kept letting out farts and shitting. well i wiped and as i walked out of my stall i checked him out for a second. he had his legs spread way ouT(his knees almost hitting each side of the stall) but with his feet touching. his tighty whiteys were around his calfs. his dress shirt coverered the part that i didnt want to see. he was still farting and his glasses were fogged up. he just looked at me in pain. he let out a sigh and then shit some more. it was a pretty cool thing to see another guy pooping and it was also cool pooping in a doorless stall. i had never done that before. HAS ANYONE EVER CHECKED OUT ANOTHER PERSON ON THE TOILET? GUY OR GIRLS? PLEASE ANSWER

artificialist- don't worry about green turds. It's normal bile dumped into your intestine by your liver. There was just more than usual but it's not abnormal just as you thought. In fact, it should be common for turds to have spots of green or even a yellowish color to indicate bile presence.

Hi, everyone!

Samantha C. : Thanks for answering my question. Your story certainly didn't disappoint! I kind of guessed from your first post that you usually do nice big dumps. I can understand why your boyfriend was turned on; I certainly would have been too! And in your first post you hinted at other risque adventures since then, too... do you currently have a boyfriend who's into your steamy loads? Can't wait to hear more from you!

To Beavis:
You suffer from some type of spastic colon condition, probably caused by nerves, but possibly diet-related. You should see a doctor, who could recommend you to a specialist. In the meantime, avoid ingesting anything likely to irritate your colon, like prune juice, and I'll tell you about that.

I managed to accidentally induce a milder cramping condition in myself by drinking small amounts of prune juice, not enough to stimulate diahrrea. I have read about its benefits--disregarding the most obvious, as I am very regular without any such help! But prune juice is high in potassium, of which I require plenty: you see, I am very active, and do a lot of bicycling.

So recently, I decided to drink small glasses (wine-glass size) of prune juice about once every three or four days, and maybe two weeks after I started, I would experience spasms in my empty rectum, in the area just behind the bladder. A cramp would develop and last for close to a minute, so severe that I almost doubled over. This happened daily.

I stopped drinking prune juice completely for two weeks, and the condition ceased. Now, I drink a VERY SMALL amount of it about once a week, and I have to treat it with the same respect as I do medicine--which it is, actually. I think I'm on the right track, and I do feel pretty good now!

It is beneficial to stimulate the colon with high fiber and juice, but some of us are more sensitive than others; I fall into that category, and Beavis, you sound like an extreme case. Do see a doctor, who will help you; and while you're at it, you will find out which foods are OK and which are not.

I Hope this helps.

I have a question for the women. I get real runny poops sometime.
Could there be something wrong with my bowl system if the smell is
so bad that a person would need an freshener to clear the smell out?
I've been having that more now,but I've been eating regular food like
Ladies,keep the good stories coming. I like to read them.

em dubya
I had 2 dumps today (which is unusual for me) so I figured I should write about them.

Well, this morning I had some high fiber cereal. I also found out later that I had like 2 servings of it (the serving sizes are small!) I knew I'd have to take a major dump, and I did at about 9 AM. I got excused from class (the teacher of the class I was in is fine with people leaving, fortuneately) and I went into the men's room. Noone was ther so I took the 2nd stall and pulled down my jeans and underwear and started to go. It took a fair amount of pushing 'cause it was pretty firm. Three fair sized logs came out. I had to wipe about 20 times, which is unusual for me since I usually wipe about 5 times. That went without further incident.

Just about 15 min ago I felt a growing need to poop so I finally went about 4 min ago. I sat down and "boom" out came the squirts. It didn't last very long but the water in the bowl was pretty covered over and the rest was a brown-ish color. I had to wipe a lot. Now I feel like I have to go again. I hope this passes soon! I hardly ever have the runs. Well, gotta go. I guess I won't eat any more high fiber cereal for a while.

shy pooper
I am a 20 year old male who is very shy about pooping anywhere, but my house. I have always been like this as long as I can remember. Last week I stayed at my gf place for a couple days, and on the second morning knew I was going to have to go sometime that day. Me being freaky about, I was holding it in all day. When 5 o clock, rolled around I was desperate to poop, and still couldnt bring myself to telling her that I had to go. I was lettin out little bits of gas at a time, trying to hide em. I wonder if I will ever get over this?

em dubya
time for some feedback

Jeri L:Bummer that u didn't want an accident but it made for a great post!
Lizz:I like to hold my pee like that too, great post
the neighbor:Great post! that must have been a great view
Noreen:I think being open about it was the right idea. I hope you can have an even better elationship with your daughter
Sarah:I enjoy being nude,too and I'd love to do sometihng like that mountain retreat but I haven't (yet.) Great story about just "going" when you felt the need.

Well, right now I have to pee pretty bad and I have to poop a kinda bad. I think I'm gonna go pee then poop my underwear. I'll post about it in just a little bit.

We have a sports psychologist this semester. Her name is Joy and it fits her lie a skin. She must be the happiest, bubbliest, sunniest sports psychologist on any campus (though I have never encountered a SP before). Beautiful too - about 28 with fair, curly hair, good chest and a complexion that would look good on a peach. But best of all is her butt, wide, a little sticking out, to die for.God, I thought, I'd like to hear that put to its intended purpose. Then, two weeks ago, I was in the teachers bathroom one morning for my first poop. The outer door opened, slight pause, the the door next to me slammed shut. "It's you, Anthea, isn't it. I recognised your shoes. I'm so glad" It was Joy. "Yeah, it's me sweety," I said determined to be low-key but trembling with the thrill. A huge booming fart and then "that's a good start" from next door. Crackling and a huge plop. A pause and another torpedo. "It feels so good," she was gasping as she pressed. Best I've done for weeks." I managed a wet squeak followed by some loose turds. "Don't think much of that," she said with a giggle. "Sorry," was my only response. The she pissed in a long jet, wiped with six sheets, flushed and went out. I finished my own pitiful effort and joined her where she was washing her hands. Thanks," she said. "I love company in the john." It meant not a thing to her but I was weak with excitement. Indeed, at lunchtime I said I had my period and went home. Wow!

Then on Friday Faith, a retired teacher who still teaches a few classes, drew me to one side. "You're a good friend of Joy. Can you tell her not to talk about her business in the bathroom." She then described an experience not dissimilar to mine. "It's gross and embarassing." "Let's get this straight," I said. "You want me to tell Joy not to chat while she shits." "That's an unecessary way of describing it, but yes." "I'll do no such thing and you'll make a fool of yourself if you do." Please, please, please nobody stop heavenly Joy doing what comes naturally, and may she do it next to me again real soon!

love and love to you all


From Noreen

To Pantyhose girl

You asked if my daughter ever pooped her pantyhose. She has many times but she always wears panties inside her pantyhose. She did tell me that she sometimes wears pantyhose under her jeans when she poops because it keeps the poop tight against her bottom and she likes how it feels.

Raging Urophile
There is something eludes my comprehension.
I have heard from a couple of scientific sources that the average person passes wind 14 times a day. If this is the case, it seems that we would hear and smell folks farting constantly throughout the day. However, regardless of whether I am in a classroom, in a movie theatre, at a concert, a restaurant, nightclub, health club, or any venue with large numbers of people; I very rarely ever hear or smell a fart. On average, I hear about one fart a year, and smell about five a year. I don't get it. Is the population,in general, that well accomplished at supressing their farts?
And ladies, don't forget my tioletstool mantra that bears repeating; "Keep on gushing, hissing, spraying and streaming, and whenever possible, do it in front of men."

Eric in Chicago
Artificialist: Green poop usually means nothing more than that you ate or drank some stuff with a lot of blue food coloring in it (green and purple food coloring are actually made from blue food coloring). It doesn't get absorbed or altered during digestion, so it just comes out the other end. And because the "normal" brown color of poop is actually derived from a lot of yellow pigment, the blue food coloring comes out green. That's probably the reason why kids like to drink blue Slurpees, grape soda, and blue sports drinks (why do you think "watermelon"-flavored Gatorade, which according to the manufacturer is targeted to 8- to 12-year-old boys, is colored green?).

I'm not sure why some people seem to think that green poop must be a sign of ill health. There's a rare bacterial infection that can turn your poop green, but it also causes lots of other symptoms. Colon cancer doesn't turn your poop green; in fact it's usually pretty asymptomatic until it's gotten nearly fatal (that's why you need colonoscopies once you turn 50). The only pathological colors of poop are bright red (though most of the time, it's not the result of anything serious), tarry black (can indicate bleeding in the stomach or small intestine), and chalk white or gray (can indicate liver problems; those colors occur when the usual pigments, which are derived from stuff produced by the liver, are missing).

Beavis: it sounds like you're experiencing spasm of the rectum, which can indeed be caused by nervousness and which make you feel like you have to poop even though you don't (in particular, they can make you feel like you have to poop after you *have* pooped).

Your friend is right that codeine pills (or any other kind of narcotic painkiller) will make the situation worse. They slow down the motion of "pre-poop" through your colon which, given the fact that the colon absorbs water from its contents, means that your poop will turn very hard and be difficult to get out. That will worsen the spasms. In fact, the common anti-diarrheal Imodium is simply a version of a narcotic painkiller (fentanyl or a close relative) that's been chemically diddled up so it can't get into the brain and give you a buzz (and so street chemists can't easily turn it into an abusable narcotic).

To K: Enjoyed your story
To Artificialist: Liked your story..what did you eat that made it green? i had a green log once, well it started out green then it went was big too.
To emma: Liked your story
To Anthea: Enjoyed your story
To smu: welcome...i liked your story and what an intresting time to have to
To Jayden: Liked your story
To Reelingsilk: Liked your story
To Noreen: Liked your story
To Ash.D: Loved your story..that sounds cool about your sis watching..does she know about this site?
To Arthur: Liked your story
I rented some movies yesterday...i watched this one called leaches...these leaches started attacking college crawled down this guys mouth...i saw him having stomach pains..i thought there was gonna be a toilet sceen when he pooped it out...but instead he threw it up
Then i saw another one called Greek something about college kids in a sorrity or what ever they call it for guys...and there were several refferences to peeing and peeing pants. There was one part this guy was desparate to pee and all the stalls were taking so he peed in the sink
one more thing...i noticed the otherday i only peed 3x(i been holding my pee a bit) and then yesterday i peed double that for some reason..don't know what i drank

I have always had a problem with having to wipe lots and lots after a poo in order to clean all of the poo off. Recently I stretched my bum hole a bit, and a wonderful side effect of this is the poo's pop out much more easily, and even the first wipe of my bum comes away clean with hardly even one poo mark on the paper.

Anyone else with this experience or anyone else found this solution - PLEASE let me know.

This morning as I was fixing breakfast the urge to poop came upon me. I excused myself and walked down the hall, tooting like a brass band (if not as loudly) all the way to the toilet. Seating myself, I used a mirror to watch as two smooth medium brown turds came out, one maybe 7 inches long, the other maybe 4, no more than an inch thick. My anus does not "dome out" as apparently many other folks' do, though obviously it opens up to accommodate passage of my poop. It does form a narrow ring if the turd is thick. I folded the paper and wiped; there was a thick dark brown stain. I refolded the paper and re-used it; this time the stain was far less. I folded another set, used it, and saw only a tiny stain. I refolded the paper, took out my Noxzema, dabbed a small amount on the paper, and wiped again. As I finished, I slowly and carefully pushed the paper up into my anus as far as it would go, perhaps midway on my finger, twisted it around to clean the anal canal, and looked at the result: a slight brown cast to the paper. My bottom felt clean and cool. Sometime after breakfast I felt again the urge to defecate (I knew that first time had not been complete). Again I watched as two more turds came out, slightly softer and thinner than the first time, but still with some length. I took toilet paper and folded it; then I felt pressure building up again and pushed. First a brief fart; then came a thin and long strand of ropy poop, some of which broke off into the toilet. As it neared its end, it stopped moving, though I knew there was still some inside. I rocked slowly, front to back, several times as I pushed; with each rock a little more poop came out. Finally, with a slight pop!, the last piece fell. I wiped as before, finishing off with the Noxzema and cleaning up inside the canal. This time there was actually a tiny but visible piece of brown on the paper. I have been recording my progress through the container of Noxzema; thus far I have used it for 340 bowel movements from late March on, and the bottle is still about half full (I only use it at home, so the actual total number of BM's in that time is higher, of course).

Ol' Bill
To Bryian: I did not go back immediately to check. It rained really hard that night, and when I got back there two days later the poop was pretty well gone.

Good morning-some responses
TO UPSTATE DAVE-Glad you enjoy my adventures in the woods-it's fun to and I wouldn't mind buddy pooping along with ya- -let's hear some of your poop stories
TO BRYIAN-Been single my whole life,but met a few ladies that I had a lot of fun pooing along with in relationships over the years-lots of fun!! I've also had fun pooing along with other guys out in the woods the past few years too-as long as it doesn't get weird and at first i was very apprehensive to poop with other guys cause I wasn't sure if it would get strange,but I was surprised at just how many guys really enjoyed just pooing along and that was it-I think it's a male bonding thing-it's definitly different than doing it with a pretty lady-the fun just begins after the pooing with a lady!!With a guy the fun is during the event itself-why--who knows!!
It's a nice morning here in the N.E so i'm heading out to do my thing in the woods -not too many nice warm days left!Well,i'm off to get my bike as i ca feel the fullnes in my gut of my morning BM coming on soon! --GO YANKS ---BYE

hey here's an interesting article:
A MAN who got out of his car to answer a call of nature ended up injured and stranded when he stepped on an ants' nest and fell down a 100 metre slope.

The hapless motorist's ordeal began when he stopped beside the road in the Lamington National Park, on the Gold Coast hinterland, around midnight last night, police said.
He first stood on a nest of meat ants, which swarmed out and began biting him.

As the man scrambled away from the nest he lost his footing and tumbled 100 metres down a steep slope.

Police said his fall was slowed by soil and scrub and he stopped on a narrow ledge above a sheer drop.

His companion raised the alarm and four hours later, ambulance officers and rescue firefighters abseiled down the slope to the injured man, who suffered only minor injuries in the fall.

He was eventually winched back to the road in a rescue basket before being taken to in the Gold Coast hospital hospital suffering from mild hypothermia, scratches and bruising.

This report appears on

I've been lurking for a while, i like pee stories better than poop, so more pee stories please! Can you tell stories about guys peeing?

I would like to read more stories about constipation.


My friend Tara's friend Janie went to stay with her uncle and aunt in the school vacation when her people went overseas. They live in another city so Janie hadn't really seen much of her cousins before except on day visits when they were younger but this didn't happen often. Janie shared with Sam who is also 13 but then the grandparents had a fire in their house so they had to come and stay at the same time and they had to have Sam's room because it is near the bathroom and there isnt another spare room. The girls moved in with Sam's brother Grant who is a bit older. He had a big room at the end of the house. There was only one bathroom and now they were a long way from it but Grant had a sink in his room and Sam said it was very useful and he used it to pee in. The weather was very hot and Grant slept without pyjamas and he said he wasn't going to do anything about that even with Sam and Janie there. When they were getting ready for bed he took off his clothes and stood at the sink to brush his teeth and Janie said he peed while he was brushing. She said he didn't even hold his thing, he just made it hang into the basin and went with the water running. It was exciting for Janie as she doesn't have a brother and wasn't used to boys. She thought she and Sam would be going to the bathroom but when Grant was finished Sam took off her things and hopped up to sit over the edge of the sink to pee. Janie said Sam is pretty well flat in front so she had nothing really to be shy about but Janie's breasts have started and her nips rather stick out so she was a bit conscious of them. Anyway she yanked her panties down and hopped up onto the sink but she left her top on. She said it was cool peeing into the sink with the water running. She had never done anything like that before.

They woke in the morning with the dogs barking and Grant went to the window to see what was worrying them. Janie said he is very nice looking and has a great body but the greatest was his thing was hard and it was sticking out in front as he walked and sorta bobbing a bit up and down. Sam giggled and said he is always like that in the morning first thing until he pees. He cant pee in the toilet in the morning even if he wants to, because he cant aim or make it go right down when hes like that. Janie needed to pee quite badly so while Grant was at the window she hopped up onto the sink, turned on the water, lifted up her nightdress and let go. Grant came across to the sink while she was still peeing but he had to wait as there wasn't enough room for both of them to go together. Janie said she couldn't help looking at his thing which looked funny pointing ahead of him as he walked and it was so long!

When she was finished and jumped down, Grant gave her some paper towel and while she was wiping he moved close to the sink but this time he had to sorta push his thing to point a bit downwards into it because otherwise the pee would have shot out above the sink and hit the wall at the back. Janie said she went on wiping so she could watch without seeming rude and it was so cool. Before Grant finished peeing she could see his thing was already not so stiff and by the time he finished it was hanging down like ordinary although it was still long and he pushed the skin forward and squeezed out some drops. Then he stretched the skin forward as far as it would go which made his thing look very very long and when he let go it shrunk back and sorta bunched at the end. That is neat Janie said. Sam who was waiting her turn agreed but she said she wouldnt like to spend the day with all that in her pants.

More later.


anyway this is an older one that I never posted about how I often try to see what it is like to pee like a girl. 7-21-03 while at this meeting I often go to in vernon CT , at this church they have two unisex bathrooms[ M/F and M/F ] instead of the typical men and women's separate rooms. and so out of my curiousity again of what it feels like to pee like a girl, I walked in to use the restroom on the right [ first door on right and the one most often used ] the toilet is one of those elongated styles and has the water level from the back all the way up to about 1-2" back from the front rim and the seat was allready down and I could still smell the sweet scent of perfume[ FDS?] in the air from the woman who obviously used it right before me. anyway, I walked in and locked the door , then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down with my underwear. then I sat down like any girl would , aiming downward as to imitate a woman's vulva and how she'd pee. I began to pee and could hear my moderate but strong pee stream as it " tinkled" into the toilet water in the front-center of the bowl. I continued to tinkle for about 30 secs steady, then slowed to a dribbling but still steady flow for another 20 secs with two last pushes. finally I was finished peeing and I got up and looked to see what it looked like. it was a deep and bright yellow colored pee which completely filled the water with urine and turned the water from clear to a deep yellow. but there was just one very small patch of foam and urine bubbles right in the middle of the toilet water where my pee actually tinkled into the toilet's water.

Friday, October 24, 2003

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