I know that I've mentioned that I'm not very interested in poop and that I usually don't have memorable BMs. Well, for the past week, I've had a few strange little poops (which I've already told you about) but yesterday's poop was just completely different from my normal poops.
It was only about 8 am, but I had already been up for a while. I had just eaten a granola bar and I had been getting ready and I was sitting here at my pc, when my stomach started hurting. I knew that it was just gas pains and I wasn't really worried. I had had Mexican food the night before (chicken quezadilla with beans and rice) so I had been expecting gas, etc. Well, it just got worse and worse, I was almost doubled over, and I suddenly got an urge to pass gas. After how bad my stomach was hurting, I figured I better wait until I was sitting on the toilet before I let out anything. So, I stood up to go to the bathroom, and I just knew that I was about to poop myself. So, I took off toward the bathroom, pulling down my pants as I ran. When I let it out, sure enough, a huge glop of soft poop plopped out. It wasn't exactly diarrhea, but it all fell into a pile. It was exactly like a horse or a cow pie. Exactly. Though, perhaps quite a bit smaller. I wiped several times and flushed, but I forgot that it already had a lot of paper in it and it got clogged. I finished getting ready because I felt so much better after that, and I figured I'd just plunge before I left. Well.. I forgot. So, when I got home at about 3 pm that afternoon, there was a terrible stink in my bathroom. Most of the poop had gone down before the paper clogged it, but the rest of it had disinegrated and was still in there. I had to plunge and flush about 3 times to get the water clear of those little grains. Ew.

Okay, well there's another poop story from me. And here I never expected to have any interesting poop stories to share with you.

Usually, nothing very interesting happens to me when I use the crapper.

A few nights ago, one of those rare events happened. I felt a really huge wet fart building up, so I ran to the toilet with my pants already halfway down. I blasted a loud wet fart that was amplified by the shape of the toilet. After that, I still didn't feel finished, so I pushed and crapped out a few small turds. I got up, and saw that there was a small pile that filled the hole completely. They were all green, they left green streaks on the TP, and they left green skids on the bown. There was absolutely no brown stuff in that crap! I was really shocked, but I didn't feel that I had eaten anything seriously unhealthy, or had some sort of digestive problem, so I relaxed and watched TV. I have crapped green a few times before, but there was always some brown content in the green turds.


Hi, everyone!

Samantha C. : Thanks for answering my question. Your story certainly didn't disappoint! I kind of guessed from your first post that you usually do nice big dumps. I can understand why your boyfriend was turned on; I certainly would have been too! And in your first post you hinted at other risque adventures since then, too... do you currently have a boyfriend who's into your steamy loads? Can't wait to hear more from you!

em dubya
time for some feedback

Jeri L:Bummer that u didn't want an accident but it made for a great post!
Lizz:I like to hold my pee like that too, great post
the neighbor:Great post! that must have been a great view
Noreen:I think being open about it was the right idea. I hope you can have an even better elationship with your daughter
Sarah:I enjoy being nude,too and I'd love to do sometihng like that mountain retreat but I haven't (yet.) Great story about just "going" when you felt the need.

Well, right now I have to pee pretty bad and I have to poop a kinda bad. I think I'm gonna go pee then poop my underwear. I'll post about it in just a little bit.

I work in a large office with ony one unisex restroom, and it has NO exhaust fan... There is a young lady who sits 3 feet from the door. She can hear EVERY fart, tinkle, and plop !!!

hi, my name is emma, i am a 15 year old ginger. i never ask to go to the loo in the middle of the lesson. but last week at lunch i was so thirsty i had three drinks and i didn't have time to go to the loo before the next lesson. we had a maths test in this next lesson (tipical). Half way through the test i really had to pee. i held on ten minutes longer but then i couldn't hold any more. i got up from my seat had hurried over to the teachers test. it felt like it was going to come out at that very moment. i asked her if i could go to the loo and i told her i was really desperate. she just ignored me and said i wasn't allowed. when i was walking back to my seat most of the pee came out. i quickly ran out of the classroom and the teacher followed me i ran into the loo's, jumped onto the loo and let it all flood out. My teacher went back to the classroom and told all the students i had wet my self. i was so embarresed.

Haven't posted here in ages and have only just started to lurk again after a gap of about 18 months. See a lot of the old regulars have gone.

Anyway, Aussierod, yes I sometimes have the same problem as you have when I'm desperate to go.

Mystery Man's survey

1. Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (Age, height, etc.) 30, male, 5'9
2. How often do you take a poop? Most days or at least every other day
3. About how many poops do you make on average each time you take a poop? Hard to say as it's always soft - I'm a vegetarian. Probably 3 or four small chunks and then a couple of long, soft logs
4. Approximately how big are your poops? (Length, diameter) The small ones are about 2" x 1" and the long logs about 6" or 7"
5. What places do you enjoy taking a pee? Outside if I can - in the woods, at the beach
6. What places do you enjoy taking a poop? At home in the comfort of my own bathroom
7. About how long does it take you to pee (on average)? Between 25 and 35 seconds
8. About how long does it take you to poop (on average)? The actual poop about 5 mins but I like to take my time on the can reaading or whatever
9. What foods make you produce the largest poops? Always lentils and chickpeas but it doesn't vary much as my diet is pretty much regular
10. How often do you wash your hands after you pee? (Always, sometimes, or never?) Always. If I'm outdoor and there's no stream nearby then I'll spit on a kleenex and use that.
11. How often do you wash your hands after you poop? (Always, sometimes, or never?) Always.
12. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? (Please be as specific as possible.)n/a
13. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?) Pee right away unless I'm like in the middle of a huge crowd of people. I don't like holding it but I DO like peeing in unusual places
14. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?) It's pretty predictable. If I'm surprised, will sometimes try to hold it until I get home or at least find a nice clean restroom
15. What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? (Thongs or briefs? Why?) That sounds like a question for the ladies - doubt any of the guys here would wear a thong - would they? Usually traditional cotton boxer shorts, sometimes briefs
16. Do you usually pee in the shower? Yes. Every morning. Most guys will know the reason why! (all to do with aiming at that time of day!)

What is your clean up procedure after peeing/pooping yourself?

em dubya
Emily of NYC-Woah, what a dump! nice story
Kayla T-Thanks for answering the survey, I like to read answers
Oldpoop-Nice remembered stories
Kim-hehe, funny post. Bummer about no TP, good post though
K-Nice "sports" story
Mike-woohoo! be sure to post stories when more things happen...
Plushy Al-I think lighting a match burns some of the air-born whatevers that are making the smell
Lizz-Keep us "posted" on ur trying to pee standing up. Also, why didn't u wet the bed? I think it would be fun.

Well, everyone, keep the posts comming!

Dave form Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Great outdoor buddy dump, would love to meet up with you for a buddy dump some day.

To Emily of NYC: Loved your story
To Kayla T: Enjoyed your story
To oldpoop: Loved your stories
To Kim: Welcome, liked your story
To K: Liked your you think that poop in the toilet was left by someone else?
To Mike: Thats cool about your g/f does she know your intrested?
To samantha c: Loved your story..thats cool about your b/f watching
To Ol' Bill: Liked your story..did you go back and check out her poop?
To Buzzy: Loved your story...are you married, if so does your wife know what you do in the woods and know about your pooping intrest?
To fishbone: Liked your story
To CC: Thats cool what you heard at work
To lewis: Liked your story
To super soaker: Loved your story

We have a sports psychologist this semester. Her name is Joy and it fits her lie a skin. She must be the happiest, bubbliest, sunniest sports psychologist on any campus (though I have never encountered a SP before). Beautiful too - about 28 with fair, curly hair, good chest and a complexion that would look good on a peach. But best of all is her butt, wide, a little sticking out, to die for.God, I thought, I'd like to hear that put to its intended purpose. Then, two weeks ago, I was in the teachers bathroom one morning for my first poop. The outer door opened, slight pause, the the door next to me slammed shut. "It's you, Anthea, isn't it. I recognised your shoes. I'm so glad" It was Joy. "Yeah, it's me sweety," I said determined to be low-key but trembling with the thrill. A huge booming fart and then "that's a good start" from next door. Crackling and a huge plop. A pause and another torpedo. "It feels so good," she was gasping as she pressed. Best I've done for weeks." I managed a wet squeak followed by some loose turds. "Don't think much of that," she said with a giggle. "Sorry," was my only response. The she pissed in a long jet, wiped with six sheets, flushed and went out. I finished my own pitiful effort and joined her where she was washing her hands. Thanks," she said. "I love company in the john." It meant not a thing to her but I was weak with excitement. Indeed, at lunchtime I said I had my period and went home. Wow!

Then on Friday Faith, a retired teacher who still teaches a few classes, drew me to one side. "You're a good friend of Joy. Can you tell her not to talk about her business in the bathroom." She then described an experience not dissimilar to mine. "It's gross and embarassing." "Let's get this straight," I said. "You want me to tell Joy not to chat while she shits." "That's an unecessary way of describing it, but yes." "I'll do no such thing and you'll make a fool of yourself if you do." Please, please, please nobody stop heavenly Joy doing what comes naturally, and may she do it next to me again real soon!

love and love to you all


Noreen -

I'd like hear how the rest of the weekend went. I know it must be hard for you to understand, but there are lots of people who enjoy pooping their pants and I should know because I'm one of them. I'm in my 40's now and have been doing it regularly since age 13, maybe 3 times a week. It's great that your daughter is so open about it. I would have been scared to death for my parents to know and they never did. Those of us who enjoy filling our pants know what a fantastic feeling it is, but I can see how'd you'd be put off. You'll never know until you try it yourself.

this is my first post here. i` m male, 16 years.
yesterday i was chilling with my girlfiend, when i really had to fart in the middle of a loooong kiss. i knew i couldnt risk a fart because i didnt know how she would react on this. i really had to fight. okay i finally managed to hold my fart in. i dont know why but i very often have to shit in unusual situations. When `m watching a movie with my gf, when i`m talking to my boss or in class.
I hope my girfriend is also easy about farting like i am.
one day i really would enjoy watching her taking a shit. i ve never heard her farting.
does anyone also have problems like this?


K. Thank you for your long explaination. One or two further questions, do you remember how or why your fear began originally. Most kids with this fear of pooping have one episode of a really painfull bowel movement and they never get over it. I don't remember it but my Mom tells stories of my screaming in pain with a BM. Also would your mom ever stay with you in the bathroom to make sure you tried hard to go. That was another favorite of my Mother, she would stay and demand that I "bear down" and push it out.- JW

I took the biggest dump of my whole life yesterday. Well since I never posted here before I'll give a little description. I'm a 22 year old female, I have blonde hair and brown eyes, I'm 5'4 and weigh about 120lbs. Guys always compliment me on my bum. Ok now for my story. Yesterday I was at the mall shopping for a birthday present for my sister. As I was paying for the sweater I got her I started to feel the urge to poop. Well I was 2nd in line so I just waited to pay. As I was paying I let out 2 little silent farts. They smelt wicked and the 2 ladies behind me commented on the smell, Im sure they knew it was me but at that point I didnt even care. So after I paid I was getting desperate. THe only bathrooms in the mall is in the food court and those are GROSS. But then I remembered that the department stores have bathrooms so I went into the department store and walked around for a few minutes and could not find the rest room for the life of me so I asked on of the guys who worked there and he said he'd walk me to them. So he showed me to them and I thanked him and went in to do my bussiness. It was very clean and had nice soft music playing in the backround. There was 5 stalls, 4 regular and 1 handicap. They were all empty so I just took the first one. I pulled down my tight jeans and thong and sat down. I peed and let out a little toot. Then I leaned foward and started pushing, I could feel my turd making its was out but it was coming really slow so I just sat there and grunted really started crackling out and I got the chills. I was a thick solid turd and felt really good coming out. It was pretty long too and I pushed until it broke off and splashed into the water. I felt more inside but took a I was sitting there I heard the door open and a lady took the stall next to me she sat down and peed then she just started to let it rip! She let out the longest loudest fart I've ever heard! Then she got up wiped and flushed and left without washing her hands. I think she just peed and let out some gas cause I heard no plops and she was in and out really fast. Well after she left I got back to bussiness and started pushing again..I pushed and grunted there sitting on the pot and nothing was coming but I knew it was I just didnt give up and kept straining. Fianlly my log started coming out and it plopped really loud into the water then with little to no pushing out came a bunch of logs! I cant even tell you how many because there was so many they just kept coming and coming and it felt so good. Finally I felt empty so I stood up to wipe and looked in the toilet..It was such a huge dump like I said the biggest of my life! I had to wipe 3 times then I pulled up my pants and washed my hands and left. As I walked out I noticed the guy I had asked to show me the restrooms was standing there..he said hello and I have him a little smile. I was in there for like 20-25 minutes so he had to know I pooped. Well that's the end of my story. Hopefully I'll have more soon.

Hey everybody. I've been reading this forum for a while, have looked at most of the Old Posts, and greatly appreciate the variety of discussion subjects. From the joy of a good session sitting on the pot, to the sensual thrills of planned or unplanned pants-soiling, this place has it all. Yet nobody here mentions a certain phenomenon which has been a great bother to me over the years, and I wonder if anyone else has had this experience and perhaps has any advice.

Do you ever feel the need to go, and you go to the bathroom, but when you try to let it go nothing comes out - and instead, you feel a griping, stabbing, cramping pain which lasts for half an hour or so? The feeling is such that I hope to pass stool or gas and it'll stop - but there's nothing in there, and it just doesn't stop. In my college years, this was a daily occurance which on a couple occasions actually caused me to gray out. Once I actually hit my head on the wall and knocked myself out, took me a while to realize what had happened when I woke up. For a while I tried taking codeine pills - which worked - but stopped upon being warned by a medical friend that this was a bad medicine for a stomach ailment and would damage my digestive tract over the long run. For a few years, it went away - but now it's starting to happen again. Perhaps it is stress-linked, I don't really know. Has anybody else had this happen?

Hi everybody,

I'm new here, but I've been lurking for a while...

Last week when I was flying back from Greece I almost peed myself in the airplane! I haven't been this close to a real accident in years. I don't know what was in that coffee they were serving, but it sure made a lot of people go...Mind you, I also had a big cup of coffee on the airport, so that didn't help either...

I'm always a little scared to stand up on an airplane when it's just taken off, because it's always a bit wobbly then, so I always wait a while, til it's flying very high and it's relatively when I just knew I had to go, and when the plane was flying way up, it turned out I wasn't the only one with that idea! Still, I did make it...and I can't remember for the life of me peeing so God it would have been terrible to pee myself on the airplane with still three more hours of flying to go!

Yesterday K. Wrote:
>Anyway, I peed as quickly as I could and when I went to wipe (there >was actually toilet paper in there that day and a good thing too) I >noticed that there was a smear of poop on it. I didn't remember ever >even having gas, and I hadn't pooped either.

K. this sure does sound lilke encopresis to me. What may be happening is that you have a large lump of poop up in your rectum that is too big and hard to come out. To deal with it your body is allowing diaerria like poop to flow around it. The onyl way to stop it is to get the hard impacted poop may need some serious help in doing so, like an enema or a digital disimpaction--JW


Dale was telling us more stories that he got from Dave about when the 4 guys were kids and played in Dave's yard. Len's sister Angie always wore an old shirt of Lens that reached to her knees with nothing underneath, even when they played astronauts in the big tree. Sometimes if the space plumbing wasn't hooked up they climbed down to pee in the moondust and then took the moonbuggies for a ride along the sidewalk. Angie used Len's old bike and they had an interesting view when she threw her leg over the bike crossbar and as Dave put it the doors came open slightly and there were glimpses of other bits but it didn't worry Angie who liked to look at the boys too when she got the chance like when they peed and sometimes Len let her hold him while he went and aim at a beetle or something. The crossbar on Len's old bike was kept wrapped in a rolled towel because once when Angie's foot slipped off a pedal she landed heavily on the bar. Her clit ached for days she told the others who werent sure what a clit was but didn't want to seem stupid by asking.

When the kids went to the movies, Angie would pull on an old pair of Len's shorts. She never used the ladies room because it was always full. When the show stopped at interval, she pulled a cap off one of the guy's heads and crammed her hair into it which made her look like a boy. In the mens room Angie would hike up the side of her shorts, aim with both hands and fire into the urinal. She said she loved urinals because she got to see what boys next to her looked like when they peed. When they were back in their seats she would make the others laugh when she told them what she called the long and the short of what she saw. Other boys using the urinal never realised she was a girl, All they got to see if they looked was her hands and the stream which was a pretty good one, Dave said.

Things were more difficult for Angie in winter when she wore a sweater and old jeans, Len's cast-offs of course with a lotta patches. She tried going through the fly or over the top by pulling the jeans down a bit but she got things wet and although she wasn't shy she couldn't pull the jeans down just anywhere. Angie hated squatting because she got her feet wet or her things splashed and she would never sit on a restroom seat. Then one day she found a way to go through the fly using an old shoehorn by opening the doors and fitting in the narrow end and then letting the pee run down like in a drain. This was neat and even at the urinal at the movies all that someone else could see was the shoehorn sticking out between her fingers and the pee running down and the rest of her still looked like a boy anyway and could have been one.

I used to work on an organic smallholing/residential centre. In the main bathroom we used to have a shit bucket for recycling human waste. It was a standard caravan toilet bucket, with a bucket inside another one. We used to put sawdust on top of the poops, to eliminate smell and for composting. Once when emptying the inside bucket a residentb staying at centre pooped in main bucket. The woman cleaning the inside one came back in to discover a turd there. Myself and another worker fell about laughung, but our companion was not so amused (we reckon she didn't use it). The turd was not very interesting either. We never found out if the owner of turd found out their mistake.

Monday, October 20, 2003

From Noreen

I will update you on what happened the rest of last weekend with my daughter and her friend who stayed at our home for the weekend. Saturday morning we went shopping like we do every Saturday. My daughter pooped her pants early in the morning but her friend was afraid that she would meet her mother or her brother so she did not poop her pants until we were almost finished picking up groceries which is the last thing we do before we go home. We were in the frozen food section when she announce she was pooping her pants and she peed quite a bit which she seems to do everytime she poops herself. She didn't care that everyone could see that she had peed her pants and was wet to her knees, she seemed to be enjoying it. By this time the back of my daughter's jeans were very brown.

When we got home my daughter wanted to invite some of her friends over on Saturday night for a "Poop Your Jeans Party", but I would not agree to that. The house smells bad enough now with just the two of them. I have to keep scented candles burning all the time. Her friend then suggested that the three of us have a Poop your jeans Party. Before I could say no they asked me to think about it. I did think about it for a while but could not bring myself to poop my pants especially in front of my daughter, so I said no. Surprising enought after they had cleaned up from the shopping trip neither one of them pooped their pants Saturday night.

Off and on I have been thinking about whether or not I should try pooping my pants so I could better understand what the girls are doing.

Amy's suggestion of trying it when the girls are in school was also in my mind. I'm not sure, maybe I will get up the nerve to try it when I am alone.

Hey Fellow Poop and Pee Lovers!
Glad to get such a response from my story. I know you all will enjoy this one.
As i said in the last post, my sister asked if she could watch me poop. I agreed because i enjoyed watching her poop so much, she she be able to have the same experience.
It was Wednesday when i saw her poop and i told her she could watch me next time i needed to go.
Friday night our parents were out and we were at home sitting on the couch, watching a movie (in our underwear)
I had my knees up against my chest with my chin resting on them at one end of the couch.My sis was at the other end of the couch laying on her side with her knees tucked, ass poking out right in front of me, at the other end of the of the couch. We were sharing a bowl of popcorn, which always makes us fart a lot.
I kept glancing down at her butt every time she let out a little fart and each time we gave a little giggle.
I let out a little pop and my sis jumped up, got all excited and stared at me. I tore some more big long, tight farts and my sis had a huge grin on her face. I kept trying to push out some more farts, only little ones came out.I was pushing pretty hard, just to please my sis, when i felt some movement inside my bowels. Immediatley i knew i was gunna have to poop, because i hadnt gone the day before.
I ignored my urge and we went on watching the movie.
About half an hour later towards the end of the movie, my urge to release came back and was growing stronger.
I waited until the end of the movie, when i exclaimed "I'm gunna need to poop soon!"
My sis's tired face soon lit up, she jumped off the couch and started getting really excited, reminding me that i saw her poop and i told her she could see me.
We were wondering where and how we would do it, where the most exctitng place would be.
While we were swapping stories the other day, i told her about the kitchen floor one, she remembered and said she would love to see me poop on the floor, i agreed and thought it was a great idea.
She was telling me everything she wanted me to do.
She instructed me to get naked and get on my hands and knees.
So there i was nude, doggy style on the kitchen floor, farting and about to let out a huge dump while my sister watched. What could be more exciting.
When we were all ready, i relaxed all my muscles ready to unload.
At first i just peed a little and let out some little farts.I pushed a little bit to get everything moving and my tight, brown asshole started to open up. It not only opened, it gaped.My hole had to adjust to the size of the turd that was about to be released.
My sis was getting very excited and kept letting me know she could see it coming.
I started to strain, so i could get this beastly shit out of me.
I was moaning and my sis loved every minute of it, she was cheering me on.
Finally my asshole finished opening and it was time for my turd to start inching it's way out of me. I had to use a lot of force but, it started moving.
It was coming out at quite asteady pace, it was very fat and a bit dry.
It felt like it was coming for ages. It touched the floor before snapping off and thudding on the tiles.
My sister screamed "Yay!" and clapped.
There was a bit of poop still hanging out, so i gave a little push and it plopped on the the floor.
I relaxed for a little bit, catching my breath, when the rest of my wasted started moving.
It was moving by itself.
I didnt give one push. My asshole was still gaping wide, so these smaller turds had no trouble just falling out my ass and landing on top of the big one.
My but finally closed up and i let out some big, airy farts and i was done.
I stood up and looked down at my beautiful creation.
There was a huge turd lying there, that looked like a subway roll, with a little pile of soft poop on top of it.
We both picked the big turd up, dropped it in the toilet, broke it up and flushed.
My sis, said that was the most exhilarhating experience she ever had, i agreed.

I feel so good now that we are open about pooping and i hope there will be many more experiences.

Love you all and Keep Pooping!



The other day at college my cousin Chris was trying to urinate but Bill kept standing behind him making comments on his penis and he couldn't go.He had to use a different bathroom but Bill tried to follow him.Eventually Bill left him alone.
And yes I often get shivers as or right before I pee.I've heard of this before and it's actually got a name-pee shivers!Suppossedly about 1/3rd of people get them.They are more common in men than women, probably cause of a longer pee tube.Most find them pleasurable and some even say their like mini-orgasms.I guess that'd make sense, afterall having to go to the bathroom really bad and letting it all loose some would say is even better than sex.I've never heard of poop shivers but that wouldn't surprize me either.
Also a topic that frequently comes up here is male vs. female bladder capascity.I remember hearing somewhere(here I think actually)that men typically feel the urge to pee when their bladder is one third full but women usually don't until their bladder is almost completely full.As a result men would have to pee 3 times as soon but could also hold it 3 times as long before becoming desperate.Women don't feel the urge to go as quickly but once they do it hits them fast and they become desperate more quickly.So while women have the advantage of not having to go as often, they have the disadvantage of needing a tiolet more immediately once they do have to go.Too bad for girls it's usually the ladies room that has a line!Based on what I've heard this sounds accurate but I'd like to hear some second opinions on this.
Also I bring this up every couple of month since there are always new posters but does anyone ever fantisize about going to the bathroom as the opposite gender?I'm a guy but I've always wondered what it'd be like to get to go to the bathroom as a girl.I know it sounds weird but I always thought it'd be cool to be able to turn into a girl and go take a pee in the ladies room after a long agonizing wait on a very long line.Has anyone else ever thought about this?

Emily of NYC
Hi guys and girls, I haven't been here for a while, I've been real busy with schoolwork. i see a lot of new posters here, so to refresh your memory and to get you new guys acquainted I'm an attractive high school girl, 14 years old, 5'6", blond hair, blue-green eyes. All the boys have a crush on me in my grade. (I think it's the size of my chest that turns them on. And yes, I am taken.) I personally make it my business to take a dump every day, with no exceptions. I also am a vegetarian, and avoid meat products. I try to avoid dairy too, but I do sometimes eat goat cheese and drink milk. Last Monday we had the day off because of Columbus day (Thank you, Chris!) I visited my grandparent's house up in Oyster Bay. They are members of a club that I enjoy going to very much. I have a really strong urge to take a dump while our whole clan (Me, my two brothers, 16 and 18, my parents, my uncle and aunt, my two cousins, and grandma and grandpa.) was eating lunch. I kindly excuse myself from the table, and asked one of the people at the club where the ladies' room was. They had redone the club since last year. Now the bathrooms were in the basement. I raced down the stairs, and took the middle stall of three stalls. I pulled my skirt up and my panties down, as I sat on the toilet. No sooner had I done this than a long rope of soft but firm poop started snaking its way out. When it finally stopped, I would say it was about two feet long, and consistently 1.5 inches wide. Nothing happened for a while, but I sure wasn't done. I made this gigantic very smelly fart that was a precursor to an attack of acute diarrhea that lasted for about 2 straight minutes. MY GOD IT STUNK IN THERE! Then, when this stopped, with no break, came another long snake of poop, about 1.5 feet long. To finish my session off, I let out a huge stack of soft, loose poop about 5 inches high, covering the surface of the whole toiletbowl. i couldn't believe how much poop came out of me. I would have to say, this was one of my most successful pooping sessions. It took a countless number of wipes, I used up one full roll of paper and had to steal from another. With a naughty girlish grin, I marched back up to our lunch table.

All my hugs and kisses

Sir Richard Pumpaloaf
To K.

The only time I get chills when I have to poop is if I have diarrhea.


To Noreen:
I would love to hear about the rest of the weekend also, i forgot to mention that in my last post to you!!
To Ash.D:
Sounds like you and your stepsister are in for some great fun! Love to hear more sweetie!
To Jeri L:
Great story, i myself love to poop in stretch shorts makes a great bulge!
To Jenn:
Yeppers i get skid makes in my panties, Kaylee my friend has seen them and she is never happy about them. but i dont really care, hey thats just me!
To Megan:
Nice, i to have drove home with a sticky butt, i love it myself. Glad to hear you did too!

Kayla T.
Hey everybody! I haven't posted for ever but I finaly got the motivation after last week.
It was a Saturday night and I was out at a bar as usual. I was really drunk and I was being obnoxious and hitting on lots of guys. I don't really remember, but I guess I started talking to this one guy for quite a while. My friends told me I was pushing my self on him and stuff for a pretty long time. They said it seemed like he was really into me. But I guess I got too involved in the moment and I farted on him or some thing and scared him away. It's the story of my life. Well… whatever, I'm happy to post again, and you are all really great. It's so cool that the regulars here are so open minded and non-judgmental.

Here are answers to the newest "fun quiz" Care of Mystery Man
1. Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (Age, height, etc.)I'm 21, about 5'7" and 140 lbs.
2. How often do you take a poop? I poop about once a day
3. About how many poops do you make on average each time you take a poop? I guess 3 would be the avg. but 1 solid turd it the best
4. Approximately how big are your poops? (Length, diameter) When I have 1 turd; 11" long 2" wide
5. What places do you enjoy taking a pee? where ever is easiest
6. What places do you enjoy taking a poop? where ever I can get privacy, or else completly expliot myself
7. About how long does it take you to pee (on average)? a minute
8. About how long does it take you to poop (on average)? Like, 10 minutes, I guess
9. What foods make you produce the largest poops? Umm, meat i suppose
10. How often do you wash your hands after you pee? (Always, sometimes, or never?)sometimes
11. How often do you wash your hands after you poop? (Always, sometimes, or never?) ALWAYS, I cant not wash my hands after dealing with poop.
12. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? (Please be as specific as possible.) I usually don't pee in strange places. I havr pooped in strange situations.
13. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?) I pee in a toilet.
14. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?) I hold it in until I get a strong urge.
15. What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? (Thongs or briefs? Why?) I actually like boxers, but since I'm a girl... Thongs!!! (that makes boys happy)
16. Do you usually pee in the shower? I have
I'm highly interested in learning about girls and their bowel habits. For those who wish to respond, I thank you, and appreciate your effort.

I always seem to shiver whenever i'm about to sit down

Many years ago, as a pre-teen, I went swimming often at the local Y. One day a friend and I were in the locker room, and he had to defecate. We went to the toilet (out in the open), and he sat down, legs apart. I don't know whether he knew it, but his movement was fully visible as it descended, at considerable length, medium brown and smooth. Another time, I was teaching at a college. Early one morning, as I was waiting in the hall for a lab to open, a student walked past into the ladies' room. That door was very slow to swing shut; in the meantime she shut herself into a stall, urinated, then dropped three healthy turds. By the time the outer door finally shut, she was already wiping. Soon she came out, smiled at me, and walked into a classroom. I doubt she had any idea I had heard anything. At another school I was frequently the last person to leave an annex building, so it was my job to check for lights out, classrooms locked, etc. I always checked the restrooms as well, and (of course) I looked in the toilets to see if anyone had left a souvenir. The men's room occasionally had some leavings, but the ladies' was usually clean. Not always, however. One day I saw a student leave, shaking her head. I went in a few minutes afterward and saw that she had left a thick light brown turd; she had already flushed unsuccessfully, since there was no paper. I tried again, and it went down, but I thought of that pretty girl sitting there and doing that poop. One other time, in the same restroom, I saw part of a turd down in the hole. Taking a stick, I eased it back out of the hole. It was huge, very dark brown, over a foot long. This one did not flush, so (with the stick) I lifted it out and dropped it under a bush outside, where it gradually decayed. As for my own poops--today's was rather soft, but fairly large. Yesterday I had two good sittings, one before breakfast with two large hard logs, the other after breakfast with several smooth pieces. Thank goodness, my virus of a month or so ago seems entirely gone.

Hello. Cool site. Always fun to talk about pooping!

I'm a 20 year old female, I guess I'm cute, that's what they tell me! I had a really gross experience one of the first days I was here at school. I was studying in the library when I felt the urge to poop. I picked up my books because it was almost time for class and went into the restroom. I entered a stall, pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I had a long bout of semi-soft poop, which left my butt really sticky and poopy. I went to wipe myself, but there was no paper!

I pulled up my pants and went into the other stall--no paper there either. Shit! Literally! I was now going to be late, so I just wiped up and buckled my belt and went to class with a poopy butt.

My next class was clear across campus. I stopped at a restroon on the way, but there was a line and I was going to be late, so I clenched my buns and headed to my next class. After another failed attempt at making it to the bathroom and sitting on my poop-covered butt for another hour, I was done for the day. It had been four hours now!

I went to my dorm, into my floor's bathroom and went in a stall. I dropped ,my pants and panties and saw a big sticky skid mark in the seat of my panties. Yuck! I rolled off some paper and wiped, or more like scooped, the poop from my poor, raw bottom. I decided to take a shower before dinner, so I would be a little more comfortable.

I always carry around a continer o tissues with me. Good thing I do, because the campus here is notorious for not replacing toilt paper.


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