China girl
I have small story because I was talking with my mom just before I had to rush out to see friends. She was talking with me in my room while I was getting ready. Of course at this moment big pressure was coming. I knew I would not be able to wait. My turd is not unusual to my mom either. I was in a hurry so I rushed to toilet while she was still talking to me so I left bathroom door open. We were in my room so I went to my toilet that typically swallows my turd. I was rushing so I sat and just push hard and turd just shot powerful out of my butt. It was huge turd that curved in bowl. My hole open so wide I made a little sound with my voice because of it stretching. My mom said "ooooooh" because she was so surprised. She thought I only had to pee. She says I'm bad when I do that with door open (hehe). One little sticky turd came out after that and I was done in only a few seconds. The smell just spread and spread. I was in such a hurry I close toilet lid and flush once and then left, treating it like the turd that it eats. When smell spread out to room, my mom said I'm not very lady like and I laughed. When I got home late, my mom said she saw my turd. What happened is that the smell wasn't going away so she went to my bathroom to see that it was still strong a while later. She open toilet lid and turd was still there. We don't mind going to bathroom in front of each other while we're talking but we don't see the turds a lot. She couldn't believe it, and said I eat way too much. What happened was the toilet couldn't flush because the one end of turd was so fat, so it never filled completely with water again and turd was exposed out of water. So that is why smell was so strong. She had to plunge down. So in the end, the toilet still ended up swallowing my powerful butt turd. I hope it improves its flushing because there are more wicked power turds to come. Ok thank you.

To the college freshman: I was like you each year that I got older, but I had to use public toilets. It is dangerous to your health to not evacuate for days. I did it in scout camp, until I had no other choice. Well, I did not eat much for days because the food was lousy. So, I did not go for about eight days.

HEY!I was camping in the summer with 3 of my girlfriends.We were eating lunch around the campfire when My friend Amy said "Guys....I think i need to poop."We were suprised that she said that so out of the blue.We just look at her and then she said "Does anyone wanna come with me?"SO i volunteered.We wandered off into the woods and the we found a clearing.Amy crouched down and took off her pants and underwear.She handed them to me and asked me to hold them becasue she might be awhile.Then she let a fart(a huge juicy wet one that lasted about 8 seconds.)Then she said here comes the log.Then i heard some crackling and another fart.Then the log started making its way outta her bum.She kept farting and pooping for about 7 minutes.SO asked her if she was done.she said"NnnnnnOOoooooo.........."as she was grunting.So she kept going farting and pooping.Then she said done.SO i handed her the toilet paper and then a huge load of diarreah came gushing outta her butt for 10 seconds(approx.)Then she wiped up and i handed her a maxi pad.(she had her period really heavy that week)we headed back off to camp.
what a great experience!

what unusual things have you flushed?

I am so glad that I found this site! I was doing a search for embarrassing bathroom stories and I happened to come across it. I'm 16, female, tall, slim, blonde. I really get a thrill from peeing, the worse I have to go, the better. Well, I really have to go right now, and that's why I'm tempting myself with bathroom stories. It makes it more thrilling. I like to drink a lot of water and then just settle back and wait. Sometimes I drink a lot of liquid and see just how long I can wait. I stick a cup between my legs and wait until I pee myself. I think it's fun.
I'm not as fascinated about pooping though. I prefer the pee stories. I wish someone would post more of them. I've really got to pee right now. I like to relax my muscles and slowly start to release it. I never actually let loose, but sometimes I get just a tiny little drop, just enough to remind that I still have to go. I haven't been in several hours and on a scale of one to ten, my urgency is about a 7. In a couple more hours, I'll probably go.
I like wetting myself, but I don't like the mess. Plus, I'd get in trouble if my parents were home, I'm sure. So, sometimes, when I'm in the bathroom, I stand over the toilet or in the bathtub and get a long piece of folded toilet paper and I stick it between my legs. Then I pee in it. Or, I put on an old pair of panties while I'm taking a shower and pee in those. I might go and drink another soda so I'll have to go sooner. Well, I guess I'm going to read more stories. Tell you about it later.

I've never wrote here before, but I have a story to share with everyone. Last night my friend Jackie slept over my house. We were up in my room talking and laughing about different things as usual lol. At one point in our conversation, Jackie started moaning, and I knew something was up. She then blurted out something like, "Ohhh, I haven't been able to go poop in 5 days!" I asked her if she needed to go now, and she said that she might need to go later. So, we went downstairs, watched Boat Trip, and ate some food. When the movie ended, it was like 11 p.m and we then went back up to my room to make bracelets. But before we even reached my room, Jackie told me she had to go potty and I figured that I would take a shower, so we both went into the bathroom together. I undressed (I'm very comfortable with my friends seeing me naked), while Jackie pulled her pants and panties to her ankles. She then sat on the toilet and leaned forward, with her elbows on her thighs. My towel was hanging on this hook on the wall to one side of her. I walked over there to grab the towel, and since Jackie was so much leaned forward, I was able to see the tip of her poop peeking out of her hole. Since I didn't know if she minded that I watched her, I ignored it and stepped into the shower to relax and get myself clean. Our shower door is kinda clear, but it's just a little too blury to see outside it. And from some of the pushing sounds she was making, I could tell that she was on her way to getting all her poop out. My shower lasted about 9 minutes, and when I came out, Jackie was in the middle of wiping her butt. "How'd it go?" I asked her. She tossed the toilet paper into the toilet and looked up at me. "Haha, take a look for yourself," she said. She stood up, and I went over to the toilet and was totally proud of her. There were 3 pieces, 1 was lying on the bottom, and the other two were kinda floating on top. And there were 2 pieces of toilet paper all bunched up in one corner of it. "Goooood job," I said, and we both giggled. "Yeah it felt soo good," she returned. And it turned out that like a half hour later, I had the urge to poop and since we hadn't flushed that toilet yet, I went on top of her poop. So I guess you could say I had my first buddy dump with my bestest friend 4eva!!!!! Well please reply to my story, and if any more interesting times come up I'll be sure to share them with you now that I have a website where people seem really nice to read the stories!! Love, Lizzy!!!

em dubya
A little while ago I decided to try something new, so I thought I'd share it.

I had to poop and I was getting ready to clean my bathroom and take a shower. I figured this would be a good time to try any pooping that might get on the floor. I undressed and put my bath mat under me. I was on all fours with my upper legs apart and my lower legs slanting in so my feet touched. I had already peed so I didn't need to pee, just poop. IT felt strange to push in that position, but I pushed a little and a semi-soft turd came out and landed on my ankles. I pushed more and some more poop came out on my lower legs and some of it hit the floor. Whn I was done, I let some of it hit the floor then picked it up and put it in the toilet. I also wiped. I then cleaned the floor of my bathroom and took a shower. That felt strange, but good. Maybe I should try that again sometime.

Well, that's it for now. Let me know what you think and please post if you have done anything similar.

i had a few questions for the guys

1 do you ever get morning wood? when you wake up and really have to pee so you go into the bathroom and your penis is hard and you cant aim or bend your penis and its just a mess and you end up peeing all over the bathroom

2 do your balls ever get extremely itchy and they wont stop itching?

3 have you ever pooped on your penis?

when ever i was little like 5 i reallly really had to pee so i went to the bathroom near my room and my older sister (then 14) was taking a bath and just got in so she would be about another 40 min. so i went to my parents bathroom where my mom was in the bath tub so i ran downstairs and in that bathroom was my little sister (then 4) and she was on the toilet pooping so that would be a good 45 min so i ran down to my basement where we have a little bathroom with just a toilet shower and sink and i found my older brother (then 16) throwing up where my mom and dad wouldnt see him so they wouldnt know he was hung over so i decided to run outside and pee in a bush but it was snowing and i decided it was to cold so i went up to try and get my sister to get off the toilet...she wouldnt move so i told her i would pee on her if she didnt move....she didnt i told her to open her legs a little and i aimed into the toilet and peed for a good 4 min. straight..when i was little i held my pee a lot and when i went i went for a while so my little sister started yelling that i was going to hit her so just before i was done i peed all over her vagina it was pretty funny

Billy and Kevin
It's been a while since we wrote. We wrote about a month ago, but it got lost.

Last Sunday, after church, our parents had to go someplace. Our little brothers stayed with our aunt and uncle. We went to visit our friends down the street. We went there after lunch. About 1/2 hour after lunch, we went outside and played soccer for about an hour. After that we had to pee. We went into the bathroom. We peed in the toilet and went to wash our hands. Our friend Mike came in and sat down. He had to pee really bad and poop. He started to pee and his sister came in. She said, how come your peeing sitting down. She was also holding herself. He said, because I have to poop to. Then he blew out a big fart and there was a little splash and a bunch of splashes. He said, do you believe me now? Then she said, I can wait. He said, take your pants and socks off and pee in the shower like you did last time. She did that. She got in the shower and peed into the drain. She had pretty good aim. For hte most part, he pee went right into the drain. Then she said, oh no! Mike said, what's wrong? She farted and said, I am pooping. I told her wait a second and I will get some toilet paper. I brad about 4 feet, folded it and put in over my hands. I told her to go. She dropped dropped a huge turd and 3 more. They were all full of corn. I said, did you have corn for dinner. She said, yeah, how did you know? Her brother finished. She sat and the toilet and wiped. I washed my hands again.

ABout two hours later, we had a snack and it was time to go home. I (BillY) had to poop and pee and kev needed to pee. Mike, me and Kev peed. Mike had to poop too. So he sat down first. He dropped about 10 6 in turds. He said, wow, I really had to poop a lot today. Then Mike's sister came in. I asked her if she wanted to go first. She said, yeah. She sat down and pushed out about 10 more turds and peed. She got up and flushed. Then I sat down. She asked if I was going to pee or poop. I said, we alreday peed. You flushed it down. I am going ot poop. I sat down. It took about 30 second for my first turd to come out. It was one of those long ones that hit the water before dropping. So it made only a little sound. Then I dropped about 10 more turds and farted. Then I dropped about 100 little turds. I only had to wipe twice. She looked in and said, did you have corn for dinner? I said, no, lunch. She said, I see how you knew I had corn last night. I said, yeah.

Sometimes I get these sudden urges to pee. I mean, they just hit anywhere, anytime. I can be perfectly fine one second and then the next second I'll be just about peeing in my pants. So here's a few storie about my little problem:

For some reason, whenever I play(ed) hide-and-go-seek, whenever I hide, I suddenly have to pee. I don't know why, but it never fails. As soon as I find a good hiding place and get comfortable then I suddenly have to take a piddle. Usually, I just hold it until the game is over, so I won't get caught or interrupt the game. But once at my cousin's house, I was squatted down behind the couch in the basement. After a few seconds of sitting there, I suddenly had to pee really really badly. I was bouncing up and down I had to go so bad. I couldn't get up and run to the bathroom though, because my cousin was coming down the stairs looking for me. Well,he looked around the living room and I didn't think he saw me. Eventually, I didn't hear his footsteps anymore, so I relaxed and I was just about to run to the bathroom because I thought he was looking for me in another room. Well, just as I had been about to run to the bathroom, he jumped out in front of me and yelled 'boo,' or something and literally scared the pee out of me. I just started piddling all over myself and I couldn't stop. I started to run into the bathroom and he figured out that I was peeing my pants, so he held the door closed. When I turned around to use the bathroom upstairs, he jumped on me and started tickling me. I wound up peeing all over both of us.

Another time, I was at a friend's house and me and her were just sitting in her bedroom listening to music. I had to pee then, but it wasn't really urgent and I sort of forgot about it after a few minutes. She got up and told me she was going to take a shower and went into the bathroom and locked the door. I just sat in her room, listening to cd's and sipping a coke. I noticed that I had to pee worse then. I figured she'd be out of the bathroom in a few minutes (her house has only one bathroom) so I just waited. I was just walking around her room, when I had a major urge to pee. I mean, it was leg-squeezin' emergency. I started getting really nervous and I finished off the last of my coke, I wanted to have that cup ready in case I needed it. Well, I waited as long as I thought I could, and I knocked on the bathroom door and asked her if she was nearly finished. I told her that I was dying for a piss and asked her to unlock the door. She was still in the shower and wouldn't get out to open the door, so I went back into her room. I had to piddle so bad then that I couldn't wait for her to get out, so I stuck the cup between my legs and under my nightgown. I finally got posistioned so that the cup was hidden from view but all of my pee was aimed toward it and I let loose. Well, who should walk in just then but her brother. He opened the door and look around and asked me if his sister was almost done in the bathroom. Then he realized that something was going on. By then that little cup was almost full and I couldn't stop. I tried to turn around and go into her closet, but I dropped the cup and wound up piddling on her carpet. In front of her brother. I just stood there, in tears, as her brother left the room. When she got out of the shower, some 5 minutes later, she found me still standing in the same spot, trying to figure out what to do. I swear, she never laughed so hard.

At school, we have to take a lot of standardized tests, and during the tests, you aren't allowed to go to the bathroom. A typical test lasts from 3-4 hours too. So naturally, I can go a full day without drinking or eating anything and I will go before the test, but halfway through the test, I will suddenly have to go. It is so hard to concentrate on a test when little spurt by little spurt, you are pissing yourself, you know? Usually, the testing people are nice and when they see you piddling youself, they'll escort you to the restroom. But during my last test, they wouldn't let anyone go. I actually made it through the test, but by the end I had my legs crossed and I was doing all I could to hold it in. After the test, they asked us to carry some of the desks back to the classrooms, and I happened to be one of the people that had to carrya desk. I had to carry it all the way down the hallway, and the effort of it was almost unbearable. I hauled it into the classroom, and I decided to take a pee in the bathroom right across the hall as soon as the desk was put back where it was supposed to be. I don't know why, but when I set that desk down, I lost control. It may have been because I had to bend over to put it down, it may have been because I relaxed, I don't know. I just started peeing myself right there. I made it to the bathroom before I completely soaked myself, but I still had to go around smelling like pee for the rest of the day.

Okay, well that's all for now. I'll post more later.

I read so many stories about people having trouble holding in their poop. It's a little strange to me because I'm just the opposite. I can hold my poop for several days if I need to. When I was younger, I used to withhold my BMs because I was afraid that if I pooped, it would hurt. Of, course, it doesn't usually hurt, though sometimes it isn't comfortbale... But I was always afraid that it would hurt. Maybe that's why I can hold it now.

On the other hand, I have problems holding my urine. Maybe I just have a small/weak bladder, I don't know. But it doesn't take long for it to fill up. And once I notice that it's getting full, I have to get to a restroom (or to a bush, etc.) pretty quick. If I drink a lot, then my bladder will fill up every half hour to every hour or so. I will have to rush to the bathroom time after time... Most people that I know (personally) don't seem to have this problem. They go only once, even after drinking and enormous amount of liquid. How do they do that? They must have exceptional bladder control. Also, being in or around water sometimes affects my bladder. Whenever I take a bath/shower, I always suddenly have to pee, even if I just went. Same applies when I'm in a swimming pool, lake, etc. I can't count the times that I've wet myself while swimming.

I'm also one of those 'scheduled' people. I tend to have to go at the same times every day. If, for some reason, I ever miss my bathroom break, then it results in some major discomfort. A few weeks ago, I didn't have time to go after lunch (12:30 PM). I was fine until about 6th period (2:00), then I started noticing that I had to go. Like I said before, once I realize that I have to go, I really have to go. Being really shy, I didn't ask my teacher if I could go, I decided to wait until the bell rang. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go before 7th period either. I sat through all of my history class, with my legs tightly crossed and my foot bouncing up and down. I figured I could make it until 3, so I still didn't ask if I could go to the bathroom. Well, 3:00 rolls around and the bell rings. Time to go home. I told my buddy that I was going to dash to the loo, and she told me that the buses were about to leave and if I went to the bathroom I might miss the bus. So, I didn't go. I spent the next 30 minutes in agony. It takes forever to get home and I was dying for a pee. I probably hadn't went for about 5 hours and I had drank a couple of sodas and some water at lunch. All of that in my tiny little bladder. I actually made it home, but when I bent over to take of my backpack so I could get my keys out, I started dripping. By the time I got the door unlocked, I was flooding my pants. I made it to the bathroom before I lost all of it and I peed for a couple of minutes, I guess. Still had to change clothes.

I always have episodes like that. I don't usually get that desperate, but when I have to pee, I have to pee.

Another time, when I was younger, my dad carried me to McDonalds for some father-daughter bonding (my parents are divorced.. I live with my mom). I had a happy meal and a coke and I was the happiest kid in the world.. until I had to pee. I didn't say anything for a while, then I finally asked my dad how much longer it would be until we got home. He told me that it would only be about 10 minutes. I guess I couldn't wait that long. I held it as long as I could. I slid down in my seat, crossed my legs, and even had my hands over my crotch. After probably 3 minutes, my butt went numb.. probably from all of that clenching, and I started peeing all over myself and the seat. I was so mortified, I didn't say anything. I just kept peeing. When we got home, a few minutes later, I wrapped my jacket around my waist, went inside and changed into my playclothes. I didn't tell my dad about the wet spot on the seat.. I guess he found it later when he got home.

Well, that's all for now. Back later!


There was something intresting on tv last night on discovery channel..these people made a robot and they gave it a bladder and made it pee. It was a test to see if it could pee..then it had to pee on a railroad or something to see if it would get shocked..did any one see this?

I remember when I used to stay at my grandmother's house with my cousin. (both of us are female) We would do all sorts of peeing games, contests, etc. Here are some examples:

1. We would drink several glasses of water and as much soda as my grandmother would allow us. Then we would go play outside for a couple of hours until we had to pee. We would compete to see who could hold it the longest. If neither of us were willing to surrender, then we would see who could pee the for the longest amount of time and who could pee the farthest.

2. Usually, several hours after these contests, we would have to go again. This either resulted in bed-wetting or a new game. Since my grandmother's house had only one toilet, my cousin got the great idea to run and sit on the toilet anytime I needed to go. I would beg and plead with her to let me use the toilet but she wouldn't move. I would usually have to resort to something drastic to avoid wetting myself. Once, I remember I used the bathroom sink, but it is one of those shallow, wall-mounted sinks with no cabinet underneath. If I could even manage to get up there at all, then I would wind up spraying urine over the edge of the sink and onto the floor. Since my sink method didn't work, I once decided to run outside and use the toilet in the shed. As soon as my cousin figured out that I was going to use the shed toilet, she would get up and tell me that I could use the one in the bathroom, but when I would go back over to it, she would suddenly sit on it again. She played a sort of keep-away "monkey in the middle" thing with me like that until I either started crying or wet myself. I actually did make it to the shed once, but once I saw the spider webs and the spoonful of dirty water in the bowl, I went back inside and wet myself anyway.

3. Another popular thing for us to do if we didn't really want to play a 'game', or if we both had to go really badly, was to share the toilet. We would both sit on it at the same time (one on each side, with our backs together) and go. The tricky part was reaching for the toilet paper without falling off the side of the toilet or spraying urine on anybody. Other than that, it worked remarkably well. Probably very unsanitary, but keep in mind, we were both pretty young and didn't really mind.

4. We only did this once, due to the lack of paper cups and the difficulty of it all... You know those little paper Dixie cups that people keep in the bathroom to rinse out their mouths when they brush their teeth? Well, my cousin dared me to pee in some of them one day. As usual, I really had to go and she was blocking the toilet. I didn't think I could make it to the shed, I didn't think I could even climb into the sink without peeing myself, and I absolutely refused to pee in the bathtub. So my cousin dared me to pee in those little paper cups. I didn't have many other choices, so I grabbed one, yanked down my shorts, and started going. Unfortunately, those cups hold very little and it was soon overflowing. Once I got started, I couldn't stop. All I could was grab another little cup, and another, and another. I lined them all up in a neat little row along the edge of the bathtub. I guess my cousin thought it looked fun, because she decided that she would try it too. I don't know how many little cups we filled... It was quite a lot. We probably could've filled more, but we had overflowed some of our cups onto the floor. In the end, we had to pour our little collection down the drain. And just in case you're wondering, we did throw the cups away.

I don't think I ever had more fun that when I was at my grandmother's house with my cousin. I'm not sure if my grandmother ever knew about our games. I don't think she did. If she did know, then she never said anything about it.

@ Sarah: Oh yes, please post your stories!!!

School Janitor
Hello. I am a substitute custodian for the school district in my area. I happened to be filling in for a custodian at the high school yesterday who called off sick. It just happened to be this paticular custodian's day for cafeteria duty. Now, I myself dont interact more than I have to. That means with both the school staff and students. I mostly keep to myself and do my job. I was standing by the trash cans (which is near the girls bathroom)waiting for the bell to ring so I could start my duties. All of a sudden, a blonde girl (shoulder length hair, nicely tanned, perfect figure) stood up and held her stomach. An expression came over her face, like she was thinking really hard. She hunched over holding her stomach and hobbled into the girls restroom. Her friend at the table got up and quickly went in after her. About five seconds later echoing farts and the sound of dirrahea exploding came from the inside. There is no doors to the bathrooms, just a hall that turns off into a room with stalls. I heard her friend asking if she was ok, but the girl just moaned and made gurgling sounds while the farting and diarrahea continued. I then heard louds taps over and over. I knew she was now stomping her feet as the the events continued. The bell rang and the cafeteria cleared out. The friend left the bathroom, but the girl was till inside stomping every now and then with the sound of dirrahea hitting the water occasionally. It then went to a small fart every few seconds with a small plop every now and then. Finally it was all quiet. I then heard the toilet flush and the stall door open. She came out whiping sweat off her face. She didnt look at anyone, just got her book bag and went on. I heard later that day that the girl had two more attacks in the same period and had to go home. It turned out that another girl had spiked her with laxatives. I wasnt able to find out specific details, but I heard the girl was a loner and had been constantly picked on by Blondie. Watch out if your a bully!

Hello. Can somebody tell me their most humiliating pee story? Thanks.

list as many movies and TV moments that involve females and males pooping (explicit or not). Please indicate whether the pooping is from a male or female. Lets see how big the lists can be.

I also want to mention that the stories on this site are the best!!!

Constipated Chik
I havent pooped for a while. Hence the name. Do you think i should go see a dr?

I have some questions.
1. What's the longest poop you've ever had?
2. Have you ever to poop in the middle of sex?
3. How long do you usually pee?
4. What's the longest time you've been constipated
5. Do you get "excited" after crapping or seeing someone else crap?
6. Guy's if your hard, where do you put you dick?
7. do you usually crap in the nude?
8. Do you leave the door open or closed?
9. Do you make a lot of noise?
10. What is the texture and firmness of your crap
11. Are you a folder or a crumpler?
12.Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the fecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required).
13. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can easily wipe his/her bottom, a Sitter keeps seated for this).
14. What's your usuall crapping postistion
15. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?
16. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?
17. Do you urinate every time you defecate?
18. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?

Thanks cc

thank god this isn't a fetish porn site!!! Does anyboyd have embarrassing piss stries to share?

samantha c
Hi people, I'm Samantha. Just want to say that I really like this site. It gets me real horny all the time. I love to read about poop and toilet things that people do, so it was so great that my friend told me to check this place out! I've had some big fun reading back through the old posts and everything. You people rock!

I do have a poop story, but it is really sexual, and I don't know if you will post that sort of thing. So I will tell you about another time that I think the moderators will let you all see. I was really pissed at my friend Hannah for f?????g my boyfriend behind my back, so I broke into her apartment while she was at work. I got totally naked and pooped a huge pile of turds on her bed, then I went around squirting piss on her furniture and stuff, until I was completely dry. Then I went back and smeared my poop around until it was on her carpet and walls and couch and TV and stuff. I wrote BACKSTABBING BITCH on her bathroom mirror with it, then I washed my hands, got dressed again, and went home.

My boyfriend called me that night and said it was all he could do to keep her from calling the cops. Blahblahblahblah like he really cared about me anymore anyway, but I decided not to do something like that to him, just in case he really was nice like that. I know it was a stupid thing to do and breaking laws and all that, but I was really pissed. And I was 19 at the time, and how stupid are we at 19, right?!

So I haven't talked to either one of them since that night, and I've gone on to move to another city and everything. Movin' on, you know?

Anyway, I'll see if this gets posted, and if it does I'll put up a few more things from my past and see if they get posted, too.

I love this board!


mystery man
1. If possible, please give a brief physical description of yourself.
2. What drinks make you pee?
3. What foods make you poop?
4. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?
5. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?
6. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? Please be as specific as possible.
7. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
8. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
9. Generally, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?
10. Do you pee in the shower?
11. Do you poop in your pants on purpose?

TO WILL: "I read about those WWE SmackDown segments you're referring to. I also read that they did something even sicker. This involved Chavo calling out Big Show. Big Show came out dressed up nicely, and then Eddie came out in a sewage truck and sprayed Big Show with shit. I personally think that was very funny, but sick, even for the WWE

Late one sunday night my mother said that she had not moved her bowels in several days and would now try. A few minutes later I could hear her straining. I was two rooms away from the bathroom and the straining sounds were very loud. She was grunting real hard unable to poop.After several attemps she said that she used a prep H suppository. In the morning she went to the bathroom and squeezed out a movement.

From here in Toronto, I'm driving down to visit some relatives in New York for the Canadian Thanksgiving Day long weekend. A good 8 - 9 hr trip. There are millions of stories in The Toilet archives about the fun with your bowels that can arise on a long car trip. Especially a trip you didn't want to go on in the 1st place... - but that's another story I won't get into. :(
Suffice it to say, I'll be gritting my teeth as I smile over these next 3 days.

For my Canadian coleagues who read this site, ENJOY THE WEEKEND!

Susan (Mid-USA)
Haven't posted in a while but last weekend we were in Kansas City staying with old high school friends. At 50, we know everything about each other, including our toilet habits. For the four of us, out of compashion for each other, we don't flush the toilet at night while others are sleeeping. This makes for some interesting sights in the morning light, especially if everyone took their turn pooping during the night. Of course it takes two or three flushes to get everything down finally - but all the poop and paper does finally go down. This last visit, their Daughter Tiff was home from school. She knows about our toilet habits of course since that is how she too was raised. At 20, she has had years of experience doing her pees and poops at night without flushing, and on Saturday morning she brought this subject up with respect to her friends at college. Three other girls and Tiff share an apartment. She told us how at first the other girls thought leaving their poop unflushed in the toilet all night was weird, but finally came around because of the noise the toilet made when flushed. She then went on to tell us how they have even set around talking about the diffferces betweeen everyones poop and how they can now tell who pooped last by the turd on top of the pile! Anyway, thought this made interesting breakfast conversation for the 5 of us! Do others follow this policy of not flushing during the night so not to wake other up?

My sister Jenny makes lots of farting noises when she poo's, and always leaves skid marks in the bowl, usually on the back of the bowl. I think she should have to clean them off, because I just hate having to poo in a toilet with skidmarks in it. She complains that after I poo it really smalls bad, but I think she just says this to get back at me, because I kinda like the smell, and am sure she does too. My mom won't make her clean the bowl, so I refuse to spray after a poo.

Punk Rock Girl
To "Freshman": Hi. Well, I'm one of the few lucky women I know who have never had much of an issue with my bowel functions. Even as a kid, I never had a problem using a public restroom. By the time I was a teenager, I was fairly comfortable peeing or even occasionally crapping in ront of pople, both female and male. Now, as a twenty-eight year old woman, I crap in front of my boyfriend all the time, and have a unisex bathroom where I work.

The best way to deal with your phobia is the way contestants on FEAR FACTOR deal with their--JUST DO IT. Sorry to use that cliche, but it's the truth. Next time you have to take a crap, walk right into the women's room (wait until later, when it isn't so busy, if you want) go into a stll, drop your pants, sit down and FORCE yourself to go. Remind yourself that EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET has to shit, and not only o you have no reason to be embarrassed, but THEY have no right to make you feel embarrassed.

I'm not going to patronize you by saying it "isn't a big deal." A phobia is a phobia. Fear is fear, no matter how irrational it may seem. But my advice is to simply make yourself crap in the restroom at school. If you're worried about noises you might make, flush the toilet while crapping. If you're worried about the smell, carry a little thing of air freshener to spray in your stall. And try to take comfort in the fact that every woman, no matter how beautiful, pinches a loaf just like the hairiest truck driver!

I hope that helps you out. Best wishes to you and your bowels!



Casey. For what it's worth I think you've been punished rather unjustly for your accident. If the toilets were as bad as you say they were,you were right not to use them. I think the best thing is perhaps to just put what happened down to experience and make sure that if you ever have a daughter she never has an experience like it.

Noreen. I agree up to a point with what other posters have said. It's not easy for you but I think a mixture of firmness and kindness will pay off. The important thing is that your daughter feels loved and emotionally secure whilst at the same understanding your house rules.

College freshman. I think it's important to overcome your anxiety about taking bowel movements at college for the good of your health and get back to a routine which suits you. Think about it - everyone from the Queen downwards has to take bowel movements on a fairly regular basis in order to stay healthy. It's as natural and as normal as eating. Whether they like it or not, everyone's 'gotta go' sooner or later and, ultimately, you're no different to antone else in that respect.

Best wishes


AJ: Beautiful, simply beautiful. I cannot say how I was touched by your direct, clear statements and insight. Thank you for your contribution.

MISTER ZORRO: I envy you so much, man. I've got a girl kinda like the one you described, and I would love for her to give me a show like you got. I'm going to have to print your story out or something!

ANONYMOUS FRESHMAN: I'm assuming you're female, due to your references to panties. I would have to say that, being a male, it's a bit easier to use a public bathroom. However, I have had my share of slightly unnerving experiences. The best way, I think, to become unashamed of using a public toilet, is to make everyone else think you're fine with it. "Whistle a happy tune," as the song goes, so no one will know you're afraid. Pretend you're alone at home or something, and you're just ready to unload after days of going without a bathroom break. If people snub you, tell them off as politely as you can while still being harsh and to-the-point. If there's one thing that most college students don't like (I can say this, being a college student), it's being told that they're repressive and/or old-fashioned. "Clinging to outmoded beliefs" is a good phrase to throw about. Try to be politely discreet if no one says anything, but if someone does, give it to the hilt. It's a bathroom; that's what it's there for.

CHINA GIRL: Your battles with the toilet are very pleasing to read about. Please give more!

That's all for now, gotta "go" but I'll be back!


A much needed pee.

One Saturday,when I was 18 and in the last year of high school, we were to meet at school and take the bus on a long trip to a distant city museum. I got up about 7, took my usual long pee and ate breakfast. I was very thirsty, so I drank 2 large glasses of orange juice followed by three cups of tea. My mother said that it wasn't a good idea to drink so much before a long trip. I smiled because I often didn't pee all day at school. I was very good at holding it. I had a strong bladder. I got to the school about 8. Just before leaving at 8:30 I felt the need to pee. That was strange I thought. I decided to go inside to the restroom. But the school was locked. A couple of other kids tried also. We got on the bus and started out. The three of us sat together in the back. In an hour we all were ready to burst. We drove on and on. My bladder was so full that I loosened my belt. Finally, by 12:30 the teacher announced that we would stop for lunch. It had now been 4 hours since I needed to go. I was literally bent over trying to hold it in. We were the last three off the bus. We followed the others to the bathroom. There were about 10 guys ahead of us. A couple came out announcing there were only 2 urinals. We were dancing up and down. Finally we got in. The 3 of us rushed to the urinals. My two friends stood at one and I was at the other. They were pissing a river that flowed on and on. I had a very powerful erection from the pressure. I couldn't piss a drop. Like a lot of guys I could never piss through a boner. They looked over and laughed. I said it wasn't funny. I had never had to pee so bad. I must have had a quart in my bladder that usually only holds a pint or a little more. They left. I was all alone but still couldn't go. A couple of other kids that I didn't know rushed in. One went to the urinal next to me. He said to the other, "I thought dad wouldn't never stop. He never has to go. His bladder is huge." He started to piss. The other kid was behind me. Finally he said to me, "Are you going to stand there all day?" I zipped up and went to wash my hands. They finally finished and ran out. I went back to the urinal and began to piss and stop and piss and stop. It just dribbled out of me. Finally I relaxed and pissed like a race horse. One of my friends came back and asked me if I was all right. I told him that I was now that I was emptying out a quart of pee. I have never been so relieved.

Hi I am new here. Any way I am 18 blonde haired and about 5' 6". I Have questions for girls

1. Who here poops over 5 inches long?

2. What has been your longest pee?

3. Have you ever had such an emergency that you had to poop in your panties?

To the unnamed college student: You can try going late at night, or in a building that's still open after the last class held in it is over. (Like, I used to use the bathrooms in the auditorium-thing where the basketball court was at the center. There was almost always one door left open, and no one still inside at eight or nine at night.)

And to the powers that be: where's the random page jump thing?

Rhonda (to College Freshman)
Dear Freshman, holding it back isn't healthy. If I miss just one day's b.m. it can give me sick stomachaches. Why don't you try getting up very early to go to the bathroom while everyone else is asleep? If I were you I would get a can of Lysol and spray the seat before using it, then lay toilet tissue over the seat so you have a clean place to sit. I've found a cup of coffee first thing in the morning helps to conjure up the urge to go, and so does reading a magazine you like. I've found a cigarette helps but I wouldn't try to get you to smoke. Do they allow coffeemakers in your dorm rooms? Or microwaves? If you don't like coffee you could nuke some water for hot cocoa or tea. A warm drink gets the system working.

im new........... i have to shit now .ill try to remember what happens.. ive been consitpated for like 3 weeks so it might take a while.

em dubya
Ok, I have some more time now so I'll post more feedback

Bryian:Thanks for the positive feedback.
Pantyload:I agree, pooping isn't for everyone but it can be fun. Do you have any stories you'd like to share about it?
Zip:Bummer about the prne juice, good luck int the future getting cleared out.
Ash D.:Sweet story! That sounds like fun. Please post more!
jim:What a day! SOunds kinda fun, though.
Everyone else:Keep the stories comming!

Well, thansk for writting all! Let me know what you think of my experiences.

Jane (& Gary)
Hi guys. I've not been able to post as often as I used to, mainly because I've been busy with life and work, and also because not much is happening, poopwise. The other day I had an exceptionally bad episode, one of the worst I ever had.

It so happened that one of my client sites was in the same building complex where my husband Gary works, and I was on site visit that week, so Gary and I carpooled to work that week. One day I had not been feeling well all day, a slight queasiness in the stomach. I was also a little constipated. I took a couple of trips to the ladies room but was only able to pee. I took a little Fibercom before lunch, and Gary and I went to an Italian place for lunch. After I got back from lunch, I was still not feeling well, and I took a dose of Metamucil, forgetting about what I took earlier. A few hours later, I had a sudden urge to poop and went to the ladies room to relieve myself.

I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out four banana-sized pieces of poop, a little soft but firm. I peed a little, then I felt a strong cramp in my stomach and pushed out a nasty, 15-second wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, followed up with three more massive waves of soft poop, flushing the toilet each time. The poop smell was very strong. I went into soft-serve mode, pushing out a seemingly endless rope of soft poop. This smelled even worse than the previous waves. I flushed the toilet while seated three more times before I stopped. I did not feel like I was finished but sat for a few minutes while nothing came out. I started to wipe.

All of a sudden, another stomach cramp hits me, and I got my hand barely out of the way before my butt erupted with a cascade of soft chunky poop. I flushed the toilet while seated and pushed out three more such waves, flushing each time. I was almost in tears at this time. I went on another soft-serve run, enough to flush the toilet two more times. I sat on the toilet a couple more minutes just to make sure I was done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, and the poop smell lingered but was not too strong because I spent so much time in the ladies room. I felt much better after that and it was time to go home.

Quick hello to John, Robby & Annie and the folks. Still waiting for Carmalita to return, along with Buzzy & Jeff A.

Clogged Carl
To Carin (or anybody else who knows the answer), what is there about Correctol that makes it a good laxative for females but not for males? I thought we pooed the same.

Hey! Sorry guys, it appears my last post got thrown in the bin, too bad, it was quite entertaining. I've got another quick one for you.
Recently my french class went on a camp to New Caledonia.
The Motel didnt let us take up too many rooms, so it was 3 people in a 2 person room.The rooms were quite simple, balcony, one large living area with 2 single beds and a fold out couch, small kitchen and a bathroom.The bed i got was right up against the wall of the bathroom and the toilet was on the other side of the wall.Since the walls were quite thin everything going on in there was audible, which i was quite happy with.I was also quite happy that i was staying with 2 very attractive girls, named Jess and Lena.Both girls were quite open about everything, we all farted in front of each other and freely talked about bathroom habits, we also peed with the door open.
None of us needed a dump on the first day.
But that night was very exciting.I was lying in bed at about 12am, couldnt sleep, when i saw Lena get up out of bed.I assumed she was just getting a drink, she did, then she walked into the bathroom, switched on the light and closed the door.As soon as the door closed i heard a loud echoing fart, i got very excited.I put my ear up against the paper thin wall, listening intently.I heard another little fart and some tinkling.The tinkling stopped...nothing, then a little groan and a heavy exale. Another moan and a loud plonk in the toilet, my heart started racing faster, i was getting very excited. she was still holding her breath and pushing, two more loud and fast plunks, she finally exhaled. I was listening so hard, i was very eager to hear wat else was going to come out of her cute little butt.
Nothing happened for a while.A loud long tight fart sqeezed out of her ass, she sighed after that and started pushing again, with some soft groans.Her groaning got louder, she was really straining.She stopped every now and then in her groaning. after about 5 mins she dropped a bomb, the splash was so loud, it also thudded on the porcelain.She had a little farting session, then let out some smaller turds that i heard thud on to the other ones.
I didnt hear her wipe. She got up, put the lid down, washed her hands. And walked out, she didnt even flush, i was so excited, i couldnt wait to get in there and see her load.
I was lying in bed for about 5 mins, eyes like dinner plates, so eager to get in ther, when i finally heard her start snoring.
I threw the sheets off, jumped up, went in the bathroom and locked the door.
I was shaking, it was like christmas morning, sneeking under the tree, to find out presents. I slowly tip toed to the toilet, there was a light aroma. I stood in front of the toilet, bent down and lifted the lid. It was quite an amazing load she left, there was no water visible, poop piled up, sticking out of the water. I knelt on the floor and put my face on the still warm seat, it felt really nice.
I was quite aroused by this giant load just sitting inches away from me. I actually put my hand in the bowl and touched the firm load, it was nice and warm.
I got up sat on the toilet, farted a little, and had a nice long pee, put the lid down and left.
I enjoyed that night and didnt get to sleep for a little while after ;)

I have a lot of stories that happened on this trip, if u would like to hear them, just let me know.
I have had a lot of experiences with pooping and peeing, so just ask if you want to hear a particular type odf story.

Love you all XOXOXOX

em dubya
Hey everone! I have a little extra time so I thought I shuld give some feedback.

Casey-bummer about being hunniliated in front of your family! Well, at least you have some time to post now. I liked your story, though.

China girl-I like your view of the toilet. YOu also have some great stories. Keep it up!

Will-Yeah, the WWE stuff is pretty fake but that sounds like they did a good job of faking it.

Sarah-Glad you joined this happy group! Please post some outdoor stoires when you have time.

Wet girl-That would be so cool to pee while your walking in public! you shuld try that again sometime.

Please, everyone, keep up the good posts! I g2g now, but I'll post more later.

I could be anybody
That's so horrible i have already heard tons of stories about people who accidently totally poop themselves it must be horrible to be teased by own family constantly.........this makes me so mad........

To the college freshman having trouble using the dorm bathrooms: I thought of something else that may help. You seem to be focused on your
anxiety which is understandable. Try instead to focus on how good it will feel when you've gotten over your anxiety and use any bathroom for
any function comfortably.

TO SHY FRESHMAN: I know just how you feel. I could never poop at school or work. Its like you would do anything to hide the fact, that you need to poop. I wonder why I am like this, I am not a shy person in life, but when it comes to pooping, I am really shy. I make up excuses to go home if i am at a friends house. And have run home from school many times. I liked your story, please tell more.

Me again. I have another idea for the college freshman who can't
get comfortable pooping in the dorms.
How about picturing other people using the toilet. Maybe people who
seem like they would never poop like the President or the Queen of
England. Or maybe even people you know like past or present teachers
friends or family members. Maybe doing that will help make it sink
in that everybody poops and it's nothing to be ashamed of. If nothing
else it might make you laugh and that will make you more relaxed

To all perfectionist who have punished someone from accidents...
Correct me, if i am wrong!! BUT I AM NOT!!!!!!!

To anonymous freshman in college:

What you are doing is very unhealthy and you need to stop doing it immediately. Not only is it unhealthy but it is obviously causing you a great deal of discomfort. What you need to realize is very simple: everyone needs to do this! Surely you've seen and heard other girls in the bathroom taking a poop-- what makes you so different? But if it bothers you too much, then maybe you should start out by having your bowel movements in a less frequently used restroom, like at a book store or library. This will at least be better than waiting all week to get home. Once you get used to this then maybe you can start using the dorm bathrooms without a second thought. Let us know how this goes.

Take care of yourself.

Traveling Guy
To the anonymous freshman in college - If you're a person who is used to taking a daily dump, it's not good to hold in your poop for many days. You can start to get chronic constipatpation, or get fecal impactions, or even change the shape of your colon.

Here's an idea to make you more comfortable: find some out-of-the-way restrooms in classroom or office buildings, or athletic facilities, or in the student union. If you usually poop during the day, pick ones that are near your classes. If you're an evening person, pick ones closer to your dorm. Then, if you can, train yourself to go when you are near these places. There may be other women in those restrooms from time to time, but they probably won't know you. It's good that they're there, too - it will let get used to dumping in the presence of others from time to time.

But also take a dump sometimes in your dorm toilets. When you start to get comfortable with that, start doing it more often. Little by little, you'll feel a lot more at ease and get over your "phobia." I know you're self-conscious about it right now, but remember that pooping is just as natural as breathing or eating. We all do it, and we all know we all do it, so it really isn't such a big deal. Tell us how you're doing with this, OK?

I, too, hated to use the dorm toilets for taking a dump when I was a freshman. I thought it was bad enough to have to go in front of people I was just getting to know. But to make things worse, the university popped for marble partitions between the toilets in this brand new guy's dorm, but not for stall doors! As one of my friends said, "Pooping in public is for the birds!" When women later moved into that dorm, they hung a curtain in front of each stall. It wasn't until later that I got over my own phobia and got uninhibited about pooping.

To all - I miss coming here as much as I used to. Glad I stopped by today. Big, fat, pleasurable dumps to all! Take care, TG

Amanda (another Pregnant Cuitey
Hello Laura. I can sympathyise with you. 1'm 26 and I travel freaquently for work. (i'm an assistant to a business man). I'm pregnant now and its been totally altering my poo and pee habits. I had been really constipated the night before I was due to fly out to London. I was peeing alot but no poo would come out. Next day on the 16 hour flight I got a terrible bought of vomiting and diahreea. It kept up until we arrived in London I went straight to the hotel where I slept for a few hours. I woke up hours later to a terrible smell. I had really let loose while I was asleep. After I ordered some new sheets I took a shower and for the first time ever I took a poo in the shower. by this time it was this solid light brown mess. I'm at 6 months now and this problem has kept up. my local doc has got me wearing some large maturnity panties with some incontinence panties underneath. one of the few things that has kept me montivated about this is my lover karren who has helped me adapt.

I have a thing for peeing anywhere and everywhere. It started when I was 10. I was playing outside in the woods with some friends, and I had to take the biggest leak of my life. I knew if i didnt find somewhere to go i was going to go in my shorts, which i dont like to do to. but i didnt want anyone to see my do y buisness, and i didnt know where everyone was hiding. Now I REALLY had to go, i grabbed myself and squeezed cutting off any pee that might escape. I ran out of the woods and up to this old house, it was abandoned apparently so i ran inside. I didnt want to walk any further into the house, so i walked in, shut the door and turned around to face it. I quickly pulled my shorts down to my knees, spread my legs slightly and let go of my penis. Piss started streaming all over the door and on to the floor. I leaned my pelvis forward alittle, I was pissing so hard, it felt so good to let it out. I decided I had better start aiming it now bcuz i was getting splashed when it hit the door, I grabbed it with my right hand and aimed it down toward the floor. I pissed for a about 30 more seconds, and squeezed it a few times to make sure i got all of it out. I shook and pulled my shorts up. I walked around my puddle and ran back into the woods. No one knew but me.

no name
When i was about 5, i was at my grandma's house, i told her i had to pee really bad, but she told me i could leave the couch. 5 minutes later i was about to cry cuz i had to go so bad, I was holding my penis trying not to wet myself. My grandma came in and yelled at me and told me i couldnt move. So with her standing right there, I stood up and pulled my pants down to my ankles, spread my legs, and started to relieve myself on her couch cusion. My grandmother started sreaming and telling me to stop, but i couldnt, and i didnt want to, i had to piss and i wasnt going to hold it anymore. When i was done, she locked me in the bathroom. So the next time i had to pee I pissed on the door, and I shit in her sink and her tub. I did my buisness everywhere but in the toilet. I did piss in the toilet once, but that was RIGHT before she came in.

I had an interesting sight today at school. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands like I do every day. Some guy was in the stall next to the urinals talking to another guy who was washing his hands. I assumed the guy in the stall was peeing because if anyone has to crap they'll usually take the first couple of stalls not visible to anyone walking buy the bathroom when the door would open. So I'm standing there putting soap on my hands while the two guys are talking away when the guy in the stall opens the door and I see in the mirror his underwear and jeans are around his knees and he's sitting on the toilet then seconds later closes again and starts wiping. I'm not for sure why he did this but it was kinda cool actually seeing a guy on the toilet.

To the freshman who is having trouble pooping in the dorms: My
suggestion is to try using the bathrooms when noone else is likely
to be there, maybe late at night. Once you get used to using them with
noone around, it might be easier to use them when there is someone there. Or find an isolated bathroom that isn't used much.
You might also think about why you're so uncomfortable. If you don't want people to know that you have BMs, I think it's too late, they
already know. What terrible thing would happen if someone heard/saw you
pooping? Nothing that I know of.
Do you notice others pooping while you're in the bathroom. Maybe if
you saw heard others going, you would be more comfortable.
Good luck

To The freshman in college...loved your story
To Casey: Enjoyed your story...i don't think that was right for your mom to ground you like are 18 right? it shouldn't matter
To the person who went to the hockey game..liked your story
To Will: Thats intresting..that sounds familar..i may have seent that along time ago
To em dubya: Liked how you peed/pooped at the comp. cool. Liked hearin about your am dump too
To Wet girl: Liked your peeing story
To CC: Liked your stories
To Zip: Loved your story
To jim: Loved your story
I was wondering....has any one ever had an accident in chruch or a snyoguge? i was at the snyoguge for the holiday yesterday i kept feeling like i had to poop more(already pooped 2-3x that morning). i think it was just gas..i never went again.

Raging Urophile
I read a post by a nameless poster who claims he was both surprised and disgusted by a guy at a urinal who peed in a split stream that went all over the floor.
I sometimes pee in a split stream as well, although I catch myself before peeing on the floor. The cause, in my case, is from an invasive pubic hair that gets in the way and divides my urethral opening.
While I am here, I thought I would ask for some responses to the following questions:

1) Do you enjoy, or mind peeing in front of members of the opposite sex?
2) Do you enjoy watching a member of the opposite sex pee?

Your responses would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, Im a newbie, but I'd like to share my story. Last night my boyfriend and I decided we would try something new. We have our own apartment, so we usually just leave the door open when we go, unless someone's over of course. Anyway, Paul (my boyfriend) and I were watching TV, he suddenly jumped up and said he really had to piss. He asked me to come with him. I just kinda looked at him and said okay. I follwed him into our bathroom, he shut the door behind us. He went over to the toilet and lifted the seat. He asked me to come over and watch him. Of course I wasnt gonna argue. He unzipped his pant and pulled out his penis, he took a moment to aim it, and leaned his head back as he started to relieve himself. I was VERY turned on by this action. He moaned softy as he stood there going. A moment later he looked at me and asked me to hold it for him, so while he was still going I reached over and held it like he had been. He told me not to move it bcuz it would throw the aim off. He pissed for a moment longer and the stream started to lose power, he took 2 steps closer so he wouldnt get any on the floor. When he was done, I let go and he put himself away. I was so turned on, we had sex right there in the hallway. Well, thanks for listening!

Friday, October 10, 2003

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