I'm a freshman in college and i recently started living in thr dorms. I'm really having trouble adjusting to the bathrooms here though. Being a very private person, I've never really liked public toilets and I avoid them at all costs. But now I have to use them every day. I've gotten fairly used to peeing in them but I still have trouble doing BM's here. I usually end up just holding it in as long as I can.
Before I moved in I pooped once a day usually, but now I go as long as 4 days or even a week, when i can go home and use my own bathroom.

Holding my poop in for so long is very uncomfortable but I just can't bring myself to use the bathrooms here unless I literally can't hold it in anymore. I'm having trouble concentrating in class because of this too. I've also almost had accidents in class as well. And I sometimes had poop stains in the back of my panties from it poking out during the day.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I realized I was pooping in my sleep. The turd was only halfway into my panties though. It's a good thing I woke up and got to the bathroom when I did because my loads are really big now from not pooping for days on end. Plus, I wouldn't want my roommate to know I had an accident in my sleep.

I'm just very frustrated and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get over this phobia :(

like the stories, keep em comming.

This is a really wild web page that I just discovered while sitting in
my room playing with my computer. Incidentally, I'm an 18 year old girl.
How appropriate that I discover it now as I've just been grounded for two
weeks and now have plenty of time to sit in my room and visit the web sites.
The reason for me being grounded -- I pooped in my pants and my mom caught
Our family was driving back last Monday from a long weekend trip. We
stopped off at a rest stop with the most smelly and disgusting women's room
I'd ever seen. I really had to go (kind of bad at this point) but just
couldn't even squat in those facilities. My mother knew I had to go and
insisted that I do so there, even though I told her that I could hold it
until we got home. She forced my two little sisters to go (they didn't want
to use this utterly putrid bathroom, either) -- checking their respective
toilets to make sure they actually did was they were supposed to. But
apparently since I was older, mom didn't check me as closely and I was able
to lie and say that I had had a BM when I was still holding it in.
I honestly thought I could wait until I got home, but maybe 10
minutes or so from home, the whole bowel movement was in my pants. It was
soft and messy (and quite a lot of poop), but at least it wasn't soft and
runny and it stayed in my panties pretty well. Had I not been wearing white
shorts, I probably would have gotten away with it, but the big, brown load
was quite obvious in contrast to a pair of tight white shorts.
My parents screamed at me while my two sisters just started saying
in unison, "Karen pooped her pants!, Karen pooped her pants!" I yelled at
them to stop, but my father yelled at me to let them go, because I "deserved
to be teased." "They went in the tiolet like big girls," he told me, "You're
the one who messed in her pants like a baby." After hearing, "You should be
ashamed of yourself," maybe a million times, my mother dragged me upstairs to
one of the bathrooms. She made me take down my shorts and messy panties
(with her and both of her sisters standing there watching me), and squat over
the toilet to do the rest of my BM in there. I only went a little bit,
however, as most of it was already in my underwear. She made me take my
panties, turn them inside out and dunk them up and down in the toilet to
dislodge the poop. Then I had to take them over to the sink and scrub them
perfectly clean before putting them in the laundry.
Then she gave me a washclothe and made me wipe the smeared poop off
of me. The whole time with her and my little sisters watching me, yelling at
me and teasing me about what I did. Mom made my two sisters watch, telling
them (many times!) that this is what happens when you don't go to the
bathroom when you're supposed to.
Even after all that, she still didn't think I was punished enough and
thats why I'm now grounded (also no TV, stereo, or phone privilidges) for two
weeks. I still don't know what I'm going to tell my friends about the reason
I'm grounded.

China girl
TO JOHN: Hi John, thank you very much. I never thought of toilet liking turds and being embarrassed to take them whole. I don't know though because turd is so bad. I think it's embarrassed or humiliated when I do big turd with my friend there and we laugh. Then it has to take in my taste and smell while I watch and make sure turd go down. I think it's in agony (hehe). I like your thoughts though and please keep sharing.

TO CURIOUS: That was long time ago and I really don't know measure. It stopped when it go down hole and it needed plunge, but not a lot.

I was on my way home from the hockey game a few nights back when I had to take a leak. I ducked into the bathroom, strolled up to a urinal, and began to do my business. I was staring at an add on the wall when I heard an odd sound coming from my left. I normally don't look at anybody else when I'm peeing, but curiosity got the better of me, so I looked over. The guy at the urinal next to me must not have been circumsized, and he obviously wasn't pulling back his foreskin far enough, because his pee stream was split in half. Half of it was making its way into the urinal, while the other half was puddling on the floor. I took a look at the guys face, and he wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention. I turned back to my own business with a disgusted look on my face. As I finished up, I took one more look to the floor beside me. The puddle was almost at my feet at this point so it was a good thing I was finished. Not only that, but the guys stream was dying down, and was now competely going on the floor. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I feel bad for the people who have to clean our public bathrooms when there are idiots like that who don't even notice when they're making a mess

To SHITMASTER-Bleeding is not unusual. Some people bleed and don't even know cause it may be such a small amount and most of the blood may be on the turd itself. It's likely you may have some minor hemmoroids that are irritated when you deficate, or, you may have fissures (or cuts) around your anus. Some over the counter hemmoroid cream, or aloe may be helpful, but if they are fissures, the best thing is warm baths for healing. Just keep in mind this may be the case if the blood is bright red, if it's a deep dark red you should see the Dr. as it could point to a more serious internal problem. Hope that helps.

I dont know if anyone watches wrestling, but on WWE Smackdown Thursday night they had an interesting couple segments to their script. First off, wrestlers Big Show and Eddie Guerrero are feuding with one another. Someone by the name of "Jose" came along with burritos and told Show that they were for Eddie and his cousin Chavo. I only read the show results, but I think Show spit on one and told "Jose" to give it to Eddie and Show ate the rest. Later Show had a match and he came out to the ring holding his stomach with a worried look on his face. His opponent rammed his shoulders into Show's stomach, but Show knocked him back across the ring. Then about 30 seconds after, Show ran out of the ring and to the back holding his ass. Later we saw Eddie enter a bathroom and Show was in a stall releiving himself of dirrahea. Eddie laughed and had taken the toilet paper. It turned out that "Jose" was a friend of Eddie's and they had spiked the burritos. I think thats how it went. I know it wasnt real, but it was good writing.

Unamed poster
Dear people who never fart, The truth is you do fart just not while your awake all people fart involuntararly when unconscous or sleeping.

To Noreen I read your post about your daughter and it kind of reminded me of myself i started at a sleepover and playing a dare game also. I was hook the first time I pooped mine and have been doing it ever since I am 42 now. I was wondering if any of your daughters friends still poop there panties for fun too do you know?
love reading about it though nice to know I am not the only one that filss them
Thanks Connie

Jessica. Good story. Judy certainly knows how to push out some big jobbies.

Noreen. There isn't really an easy solution to your problem. At 17 your daughter should understand well enough what is and isn't considered acceptable in public. I think the only thing you do is firmly but gently lay it on the line to her that whilst she's living under your roof she abides by your rules and that means no deliberate messing - especially in public. If in a year or two's time she decides to leave home and say set up in a house or flat of her own, she will of course be free to make her own decisions about toileting and whether or not she has any deliberate accidents in public. I think she will discover soon enough that life will be very lonely if she routinely goes in for the sort of behaviour you've described.

Mister Zorro! Your lady friend certainly knows how to produce big time! My guess is she'd not had a motion for a few days at least.

Annie & Robby. Hi! Liked your latest post. Look forward to hearing about your university poos!



To Clogged Carl: Correctol is only for women. I do not know any man that uses Correctol.

em dubya
I was thinking how I could tell a pee story so it would be the most interesting. Then I decided I'll pee my pants while I'm typing. Just the thought of that makes me kinda excited. Ok, I don't have to pee that bad but I'll try.

I'm in underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt. I can pee easier when I stand, so I'm standing. I'm trying to get the first bit of pee out. *sigh* Oh! There it goes. I stopeed now so I don't flood my floor. There...another squirt and a dribble. Looking at my underwear, there's a small oval wet spot. The wet spot on my shorts is a little bigger, but not as wet. ok...relax...this is taking longer than the last its flowing it feals so good!there's a wet spot on my shirt! my underwear has a little bigger wet spot that is soaked.sorry, i ahd to stop to feal it with my hand. There's also a turd that I can feel in my butt,b ut it will not come out.I can hear it crackling and I just peed a little more...I can feel the tip now...Reaching back with my hand, I feel it's's slowly comming out...I'm not pushing now...I'm slightly hunched over with my knees together. I just pinched it off, but I feel a little more in their.that one came out fast! 1 good push and *woosh*. Now to take a look at them. the poop is semi soft and light brown. There's 2 main pices and a few "rocks."pulling my pants back up, it feels cold with pee but the poop is warm. the poop has dropped to the bottom of my underwear. that felt good! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Let me know what you think! I'm gonna go empty my underwear and shower, now.

Hi everyone. I found this site by accident and i love it. I am an outdoors person who is in the mountains a lot and have many stories about shitting in the wild. I have to go out soon but i will be back and post a couple of my stories.

To Noreen,
Since ive read your last post, i am sure that your daughter and her friends are into pooping their pants. The cashier more then likely being one of them. You might find out more about it if you question your younger daughter about it. she prolly knows more then she lets you know unless you ask her. But let me say this, she could be doing worse things like drugs or under age drinking! I for one enjoy pooping my pants its such a rush of feeling naughty and or kinda nasty plus in public it can be a little rush of humilation. those feeling are not for everyone, but i like them and i think so does your daughter.

You might instead of trying to figure her out just incourage her. Buy her some of the cheaper cotton panties and ask her to use them when she wants to poop in her pants. Because poop can stain and ruin panties,so by you encouraging her you can stay in her good graces and she may open up to you about why she does it and about her friends that do it too. More then likely she and her friends learned about panty pooping on the internet. So as disgusting as it may be to a lot of people, there are a few of us that enjoy it a lot. Again like i said she could be doing worse things also at least she is willing to now poop her pants in front of you, so in a way she is reaching out to you to except her as she is and just love her no matter what. Also most guys around her age straight guys that might want in her pants would be replused by poopy or dirty panties/pants on a girl. So that could be a plus also, okies talk later!!!!

AJ :o)
Noreen--I was thinking about what the big attraction is about pooping your pants on purpose, and something occurred to me:

Our young people don't have it easy today, and they deal with a lot of things that we never did--at least, to the extreme that it's been taken today.

Here are a few examples:

Terrorism on our own soil. (I live in the USA, btw--specifically, Indiana).

School shootings.

Extreme cases of taunting "different" kids that too often leads up to above shootings.

Body image--and sex being practiced long before kids are really ready for such intense relationships. Availability of illegal drugs and alcohol to our young.

Gang violence.

Not that sure feeling that the factories and other businesses are going to stay open in your town or that you'll be attending the same schools each year.

Unemployment and homelessness.

The uncertainty of once-certain institutions such as Sociel Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Obviously, we're at war right now, and it doesn't look as if it's going to end as quickly as once predicted.

And, because people are so afraid that somebody is going to be offended, prayer is no longer a part of the day at our public schools as it once was. While I understand that we can no longer simply pray those familiar Christian prayers for our public prayers as we once did, I don't see the problem with moments of silence--but even those are hard to come by.

I can list even more things than this, but what it boils down to is that our kids have been robbed of their childhoods too soon in too many cases.

Even if they haven't been at home, society does a "wonderful" job of this.

Ever hear of regression?

This is when a child (usually, a preschooler) has been through a major change in life (e.g. birth of a new sibling/death in family/divorce/etc.) and might go back to peeing and soiling himself/herself again, even though he/she has been out-of-diapers for ages.

It's like stepping back into a safer time in life.

Could it be that your daughter and others like her are going through something similar? It's something to think about.

AJ :o)

Wet girl
yesterday i was walking down the street and felt the need to pee, no-one was around, not many cars on the road so i squatted down, leaning on a wall and tried to pee, i couldn't probably beacause there were card driving past, so i continued to walk on, about 20 min' later i seriously needed to pee but i knew i couldn't so i walked on. 5 min' later i felt a dribble of pee running down my leg so i immediatly ran into a telephone box took my skirt off, ripped my thong trying to take it off then peed for about 7 min all over the floor and walls of the telephone box. Then when i was walking home i wanted to pee again so because i wasn't waering a thong i peed while i was walking along - it was great!

I think i've been a little constipated...till now....i hadn't pooped since like wed. morning and i finally pooped sunday night(last night). Last night i only managed to pass several hard balls..then this morning a gassy urge woke me up and i had to poop. I go to the bathroom and i pooped out a thin 7 inch log..then some soft stuff on top. Oh and both times i had gum in my poop...i swallowed gum on purpose..any one ever do this? So then i got up as i gotta go out today and got online and i had to poop was soft and mushy.

The otherday at work someone peed on the floor

then i rented dvds i got this one called roller coaster(i think) and there was a bunch of bathroom sceenes(you couldn't hear much) then there was a part where this guy peed outside by a tree

Hi everyone, good to see this site back on it's feet, my thanks to the moderator for keeping this site going all this time!

An funny thing happened today when I went to a friends place. His young brother (about 8) opened the door and yelled "**** left a big turd in the toilet!" at me. My friend, standing at the top of the stairs told me to come up to his room and as I did so he explained, trying not to laugh, that he'd just taken a huge shit in his parents ensuite, who weren't impressed. There was a strong odour of poo as I went past the room. He thought it was hilarious!

Later on he was telling about a recent trip that weekend with his girlfriend and how, at one point, he took a crap with the door open in the motel room. Apparently his girlfriend laughed as she could hear everything : "The plop, splash!" as he put it. I asked if his girlfriend repaid the favour but he laughed and said no.

What a guy! :D

em dubya
I just took my morning dump so I thought I'd write about it. I waas just getting into the shower, so I was naked. I sat down and but my right elbow on my right leg and my head on my right hand. I hold my penis with my left hand to eep from squirting around. I leaned forward slightly and pushed a little. A medium sized, fairly hard, medium/dark brown turd came out. I had already peed this morning so I didn't really have to pee much. I wiped twice and then came back into my room (naked) to check on an update I was downloading then I got into the shower. Whenever I can, I like to be in the nude. I'd like to be a nudist but I don't know if I could manage to go to a resort. I'd like to, though.

Well, now you know some more aobut me. Let me know what you think.

I posted a few days back about how I like prune juice to help move things along. This last time, however, I didn't get things moving along as much as get gas. I was very gassy to the point it was painful a couple of times. I'd pass the gas and then it would ease up a bit.

Yesterday I volunteered for a special event out at a park. I had to arrive early for the set-up and about 5 am the urge to crap hit me pretty strong. I went into one of the porta-potties and I was actually the first person to use it. The paper rolls were still intact. I quickly dropped my shorts and briefs and unloaded quite a bit o' dung. It was such a relief. It came out so fast that a bit of that nasty blue water splashed me. I wiped from the front and since it was still sorta dark, I cleaned up as best I could and washed my hands.

To Ash D.
Hey hows it going? Do u have anymore poop storys like that or was that a first for you taking a crap ova the counter?

To Noreen: Liked the story about your daughters
To Laura (Pregnant Cutie): Enjoyed your stories
To kate: Liked your story..did any one see what you did?
To Hilary: Liked your story
To em dubya: Liked your outdoor pooping story.
To em dubya: Liked your other story too.
To Mister Zorro!: Loved your story..sounds like a really cool experience you had!
To shitmaster: Liked your story
To the person who was at the race track..liked your story
To the person at the gasstation liked your story
To Curious: Liked your story
To melvin: Liked your story
To Althea: That sounds cool what was on pbs

i have to tell this, one time i was standing in line for lunch and i really had to poop. i had my fingers up my but trying to hold it and when i got my tray to get my food i had to use two hands and the poop started coming out, by the time i got my last thing from the food line, my poop was in my pants, some kid behing me tapped on my arm and said i think you had an accident, i said i know. i was 8 at the time, the only thing i could think of to do was just go sit down and eat, the poop mashed flat when i sat down. i ate lunch and the bell rang and i went to class. i sat at my desk until the teacher walked by and she smelled me and whispered did you have a stinky in your pants and i nodded. she told me to go to the nurse. i did and the nurse pulled down my shorts and cleaned my but with wet wipes. i was so embarrased cause mom usually does this and some stranger was doing it. she asked if i wanted a diaper for the rest of the day and i thought for a second and she said it is thin and will not make noise, no one will know. so i said ok. she put it on and put my shorts back on over them. the diper stuck up over my pants a little but my shirt was long enough. i went back to class and stayed this way till gym. i had to change in my gym shorts, i pulled off my shorts and put my gym shorts on fast, i dont think anybody was even looking. we had to play teams in basketball and i was skins, i had to take off my shirt. i didnt know it but my diaper was sticking over my shorts. i played the whole game and a kid yelled real loud, hes wearing a diaper. everybody called me diaper baby. i ignored them and played. i had to pee real bad now and i couldny hold myself through the diaper. i decided to just go in it. i stood over on the side for a second and started going. it felt good. except i felt something running down my legs, i looked down and it was going through the diper and down my legs, it made a puddle on the floor. my shorts were sweat shorts and there was a big wet spot on my legs. i just stood there till i had to go in and play. the coach stopped me and told me to go to the lockeroom and clean up. i went in there and pulled off my diaper and shorts. i was naked for a second until i put my shorts back on, my undies were pooped so i didnt have those to wear. it felt weird not wearing anything under my shorts. i went home later that day and had to pee again, my legs of the shorts were real big and while i was playing ouside i pulled one leg back and started going. mom came out and said what are you doing, she scared me and i dropped the shorts leg i was still peeing so i ended up wetting my shorts. i turned around and said nothing and ,mom looked down and said looks like you peed yourself. she spinned me around and spanked my but real hard and made me cry. she said as punishment you will have to wear those shorts to cub scouts. i said no i will get made fun of and she said too bad. well we went to scouts. i had on my scout shirt and my wet shorts. i walked in and everyone stared at me for a second, i sat down real quick. my best friend came over and sat by me and said did you pee your pants, i said sorta, i told him the story and he laughed a little. the embarrasing thing was is i was getting my bobcat abdge and they turn you upside down to pin on the badge. they called my name and i went up there and they picked my up and held me upside down in front of everybody. my leaders were holding me by the legs and one was touching my wet leg. i dont think he cared cause he just held me there and smiled while they pinned my badge on. the let me down and i sat down. at the end of the metting before mom came to get me. i needed to poop again and we were out of the church, they locked it, i was waitng with some other kids and there dads. i went to a corner by the stairs going up to the door and the poop gushed into my shrts, i think i had diareah or saomething. i still doidnt have any undies on so it fell out of my pants and onto the sidewalk. when i was done i stood up and poop was running down my legs. one of the dads looked over and saw me, he walked over and said are you ok. he saw the poop on the ground and then saw my legs and he said its ok big guy and he hugged me, i think i was crying i dont remember. he grabbed a t-shirt out of his car and wiped my legs off my shorts were brown and wet from the liquid poop. i think i peed a little too cause there was a wet spot on the front. mom came and he told her what happened and she didnt spank me. i went home got cleaned up and went to bed. what a crazy day.

for you guys who are sports fan take this one question survey

is there one baseball or football player who you have ever secretly ever wanted to watch taking a shit

Monday, October 06, 2003

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