Hey All!

This morning I got quite a surprise, when I caught my stepsister watching herself poop. It surprised me because we are very open with each other, tell each other everything and she never mentions poop or any toilet related things.
We had a day off school, my parents were at work and I was going to stay at a friends house last night, but she got sick and I had to come home. I got home when everyone else was asleep, so no one knew I was home.
I woke up at about 9am, just lying in bed, playing around, farting. I was doing some pretty big and smelly ones so I decided to get up and have a nice relaxing dump.
I got out of bed and walked through the lounge room, still farting my brains out. I walked up the hallway, popped my head around the corner, just in time to see my stepsister, Melanie, getting naked and positioning herself on the toilet. She had her feet on the seat, squatting, one hand on her crotch and the other holding a perfectly positioned mirror to look at her asshole. I could actually see her little butthole in the mirror, from where I was standing (about 6ft away) I had a great view and I was getting excited.
She had her head tilted down watching the mirror, so she wasn't able to see me.
I was watching her hole very closely, it slowly started opening up, she was moaning and groaning, I wasn't sure whether it was from straining or having her hand between her legs.
I stared as her asshole grew wider and wider, I could vaguely see a fat head of a turd poking out her hole. She groaned again as the poop started easing its way out.
It was quite fat and smooth and very firm.
She was breathing very heavily, even panting as the giant turd was hanging out of her. About 7 inches were hanging and it was still moving.
Finally the giant broke off at about 10 inches and thudded in to the porcelain. Soon after the rest of the turd fell out.
She lifted her head and I thought for sure she saw me, but she had her eyes closed and leaned her head right back, moaning. She really enjoyed that turd.
She let out a bunch of farts, sighing after each one, then started pushing again.
She was watching her mirror very carefully as another fat turd moved out of her butt and splashed into the water. She farted some more then tore of a wad of paper and wiped herself, looking in the mirror to make sure she got it all clean.
She plonked her butt back on to the seat, looked up and saw me standing there watching.
She jumped up and said "What are you doing here? I thought you were at your friends house!" she was so startled, then she thought for a moment and asked how long I had been watching, I said "I saw the whole thing."
She was shocked and said "Why would you watch me?"
I told her that it really got me excited and I liked to watch her poop. I also confessed to her that I enjoy pooping and watching other girls poop, she said "Oh My God! Me to, I thought I was the only one!"
I told her I know a few girls that are into it and I also told her about this forum (you might see a post from her later)
I came in to the toilet sat next to her and we swapped pooping stories for almost an hour, it was very exciting.
She also asked if she could watch me poop and I'll have a story about that if you guys would like to hear it, let me know.

Well I gotta go.

Love you all and your pooping, keep posting!


Lizz - I read your post and i totally agree! I come here and read peeing stories when ive gotta go, and they seem to make me more desperate. I like those questionable moments when i dont know how much more i can wait. I like pushing myself to the limits though - have you ever used a blanket between your legs? Increases the urg feeling! Keep the pee - postings coming~


Yesterday i was walking with my friend when we both needed a poop. I was having cramps all day and had not pooped in a couple of days. So we both went into the woods where we found a good spot. We both pulled our shorts and boxers down. I started with a massive attack of diarrhea. I was farting and a lot of ropes of poop came our. My friend was having alot of trouble getting his started. I said to him we both werent having a good day. He groaned and a big fart came out. I turned around and watched a 4inch wide log poke out. While this was happening i started my big log. I was also having a lot of trouble getting this one out. It actually hurt coming out but instead of coming out it just hung there. My friend said that we were gonna be a while. I felt bad cramps in my stomach and because they hurt so bad i gave a push and the poop started again. MY friends poop meanwhile just hung there. My poop grew to about 8 inches which didnt drop quit yet. My friend got his out which was a 8 incher. He said he wasnt finished. I pushed and farts came out. i sighed in relief. About a minute later my poop dropped at 11inches. My friend was having a bout of diarrhea. He had a huge pile of mushy poop and then a big log. He topped his pile off with a load of tan poop. Me on the other hand was having tons of long skinny poops. I didnt feel to good until a wet fart came out and i pooped chunks of stuff. In total my pile was much bigger

Today, I drank some orange juice and a can of Mountain Dew before lunch, then had a lot of Coke. I held my pee until this afternoon. I was about to burst. I was sitting at my computer, waiting for a song to download and I suddenly got the urge to go. I clenched my legs just to see how long I could wait, but I really had the urge to go right then. I decided to let just a little bit out until I could get to the bathroom (I was having my period pretty heavy and was wearing a maxi, fortunately). So, I tried to go a little while I was sitting here, but I couldn't. I finally just tried to relax. I would push, relax, push, relax, just a little at a time until I could go. I was only going to go a little bit, but I couldn't stop until I was already half-way finished. My pad got most of it, and I hobbled into the bathroom. A little spot about the size of a golfball had leaked in the front, but that was all. My pad was really heavy. Anyway, I walked into the bathroom, and I was standing in front of the toilet, trying to get my pants down and I started going again. I managed to stop and I got my pants down and finished in the toilet. Threw away the soaked pad. There was just that one little spot on my panties, but it didn't go through to my pants. Throughout the rest of the day, when I would feel like I needed to go just a little, I would try to go in the pad, and a lot more pee would gush out than I expected. Weird. I have to pee again, but I'm going to go on the toilet, because even though it just feels like a little bit, it is really a lot more and I don't want to soak myself again. Ooh.. I'm going to go to the bathroom right now, before I go on myself.

Hello, y'all. I found this site and thought it might be a place to learn if what has been happening to me is common or unheardof. I may not be as brilliant a storyteller as some on this site. so I don't know how well I'll entertain, but I did want to ask someng. Has my latest experience happened to anyone else? Leading up to now, I've tended to be somewhat constipated over the years, but never much thought it severe enough to be serious. Now the really freaky thing to occur lately is, several times I've pooped what distinctly looked like one turd wrapped around another. It is as if one turd tried to slide past another while still in my pooper. Usually one is more lumpy and darker brown, and the one that seemed to wrap around it, as if trying to go past, is smoother and lighter brown. The only friend I so far dared tell about this turned out not to be to open with the subject, but tried to hint to me it could mean something seriously wrong. Nothing feels too bad about it, but it does seem to occur at one of my more constipated times. Has anyone else had a similar experience? And can you tell me if it is any cause for concern? Thank you for anything you can share about this!

i am new to this site and i love the stories. I have several. see i
am a pre school teacher yeah 15 four year olds. mostly boys too. Well
we have this one child. The other teacher and I think that he's afraid
of the bathrooms see our preschool is in an elementry school we are a grant funded but have the benfits of the district anyway back to the story. This one kid just stands there swaying back and forth he says he has to go to the the bathroom and runs out of the classroom but he is only gone for like 2 secs. well he ends up every day peeing himself it is so cute to see him standing there peeing himself. his mom has to pack three pairs of clothes a day and he go through every last one them too. poor guy

I have another story about me. from 1 to 2pm my children all sleep that is my planning time i usually stay in the room and the other teacher usually leaves she goes home. Well i felt the pressure and i held it in. finally i got all the kids up the other teacher came back and i ran to the nearest bathroom and sat on the toilet i must have pooped for what was forever i wiped then i thought about leaving it for the custodian or another child to find since i was using the kids bathroom instead of the teacher but i could hear another teacher comming down the hall with her class to the bathroom so i quickly flushed did not wash my hands i know big no no and left i felt sorry for them cause it did smell.

Lizzy: That was by far the best post I've yet to read on this site!

I had a nice poop at the mall today, unfortunately, there was no toilet paper, so I drove home with a dirty butt. Not that I cared.

One time when I was 8 I had to take one of the worst pees of my life at school. I can't remember what was going on, but for some reason I couldn't leave the room. I was sitting next to my friend, who also needed to pee bad. I had held it all day, and it was so bad everything hurt, not just my bladder but everywhere. By this time we bot had our hands in our pants holding on. The last hour of the day was gym. We had 15 minutes to gym. The clock moved ever so slow. 10 minutes, 9. A little shot out. I'm not circumsised, so I squeezed my foreskin shut and decided to pee a little with 5 minutes left. I peed until I thought i was going to tear it off. While we were walking to gym, every step was agony, my bladder was on fire, and my penis was screaming. I started peeing and couldn't stop. My friend was peeing a little too (he's circumsised) When we got into the locker rooom we dashed for the urinals. I pulled my pants down one handed, and still squeezing my penis, showed my friend. He said he wished he could do that. We both peed for ever and had wet shorts. I had extra undeware so I put that on. He wore just his gym shorts. I felt much better, but my foreskin was bright red from holding the pee in, and it still hurt alot. It burned the next time i peed.

Has anyone else ever peed into their foreskin out of desperation? I tried one other time, I was 10 in the locker room in just boxers. I lost my grip on it, my dick popped out, pee sprayed everywhere, and it was overall the most humilliating experience of my life.

To college freshman:

When i started college i had a similiar phobia. I had always been very private about taking a dump. I had only gone during the day in high school once and i was terrified. I was on and off in like 2 minutes. I hardly ever took a dump in public or at work. I usually shit once a day.

When i got to college i was much like you. I was waiting 3 or 4 days at a time and sneaking around. I would do it during the middle of the night and stuff like that. One day i had been holding it and it had been really builing up. I just went into the dorm bathroom to pee. The bathroom had five stalls in it. Two were occupied by other girls pooping. I swallowed my pride, took the stall between them, went in there, dropped my panties to my ankles and just did it. By the time i was done, one girl was gone but one was still on the toilet and another girl had come and start to poop. I was just like them. You have to notice other girls pooping too.

It still took we a while to get used to it but eventually i would take a dump in any toilet on campus regardless of how public or how crowded. Chances were, wherever I went there was already another girl, just like me in there taking a dump, or if there wasnt by the time i was done there would be.

When i went home for Christmas break i was out shopping and i had to go. I just went into the bathroom at the mall and started shitting. I was sitting there a while before i realized that i had never been relaxed taking a public dump before. Now I take a dump almost everyday at work and i dont even think twice about it.

I hope that helps

Saw your post belw, but I dont know how long it has been there.,

You posed several questions:
1. Over 5"? I do that just about every time I poop. But then one must consider that I only poop 2-3 times a week. I have not pooped daily for quite some time.
2. Longest? Im not sure I know - Ive never tried to time it, but when I have been holding my pee, I know it takes a LOOONG time.
3. I guess I have had many of your 'emergencies'. I tend to wait too long before I get to a potty.

To; ME....most embarrasing pee story? Well one incident comes to mind...more of an embarrasment for the other person in the long run. About 8 years ago I had to have surgery on both hands for carpal tunnel syndrome...very painful and leaving one without the use of hand or fingers for a peroid of time.

I was recovering in a room at the hospital after the surgery. As I needed help to do anything manually, when I awoke I had an extreme need to pee! All the IV fluids, etc had finally caught up with me. I buzzed for what I expected to be a nurse, and found a very young( @ 17-18) year old woman who was new as a nurse's assistant. I made her aware of my situation only to have her respond that all the nursing staff was at a critical Code situation in ICU...she was left to assist patients in need in the small recovery area.

I leaned on her as she assisted me to the attached bathroom. I could see her face becoming a deeper shade of red as she pulled back my tie in the back gown and reached to assist me.

It was a bit strange for me and I'm sure for her. It appeared that she did not have much experience with helping men pee. As I mentioned, I was full! As she held and pointed for me I produced a wide open strong stream that was thick and loud. I stood there with her holding my firehose the entire at least minute and a half that it took me to finish. I was to the point of even hissing like a female pushing out a full bladder load. The poor girl was clearly shaken be having to assume this new role. She commented that she knew I felt better after that! So....embarrasing...I suppose. More stories from Lizz..Please!!! Mick

I just saw several requests for outdoor pooping stories, and I decided to do the best I can.

I was at a friend's house staying the night a few years ago and we were walking in the woods behind her house. Well, we stopped after a while and just sat on the ground and were talking. I suddenly got an urge to pee, one of those bladder-spasm-leg-squeezing-I-gotta-go-right-now type things, and I didn't want to walk all the way back to the house. So, I went off behind some trees to where the land sort of sloped down a little, not really like a hill, but like a shallow ditch. decided to sort of hang my rear over the edge where the ground sloped so I wouldn't pee on my clothes. I eased my shorts down around my ankles so they wouldn't get wet. I didn't want to squat because of the weeds and things, so I got into the um.. proper "stance". I bent my knees slightly, and spread my legs about shoulder-width apart. I sort of bent at the waist a little and tried to pee. As bad as I had to go, it was hard for me to get started. My friend was just a little ways off, and she was politely looking the other way, but I was still having problems going. So, I pulled my pants back up and started to walk back over to her. Suddenly I had to go again and I started dribbling in my pants. So, I went back to my little spot again. Well, my friend decided to come over there and see what was up, I guess. But it didn't bother me then, because I had already started and I couldn't have stopped anyway. I kept peeing for about a minute or so and she just kind hovered around. Suddenly, I had to poop, and usually it's easy for me to hold my poop, but I had had to go earlier that day and I had put it off, so that time, it was ready to come out. I decided that I needed to squat instead of stand to poop, because it would be easier. Only thing was, I forgot I was standing on that little hill, and when I went to squat, I fell down the hill on my naked bum. My friend was laughing her butt off at me. She finally helped me up and I told her that I was about to poop myself and she told me to just go. I didn't want to fall again, because it had really scared me, so I kept making up excuses not to go. I complained that there wasn't any toilet paper and she told me to use leaves. It finally got to the point that I couldn't hold it anymore. My polite friend walked away so she wouldn't be able to see me and I squatted again. Finally made my poop and yes.. wiped with leaves. She teased me about it for a while, but about an hour later, Little Miss Perfect was desperate for a tinkle as well. She used a different method than I did though, she went behind their toolshed, and straddled a ditch. Only thing was, she was wearing overalls and the straps hung down and got piddled on. Then it was my turn to tease her.

I'll have to tell you about our nicknames in 3rd grade later. But we both always had weak bladders. A lot of interesting places to pee in though!

Glad to see some of the ol' time poopers(JANE,Malite to name a few) showing up on the forum-i still rad this forum just about every day,but with the all the strange anomolies going on with this site,i haven't tried to post since i tried to a few months ago and it never made it...,but--i still enjoy reading this great site!
As for me,i had a nice summer even though the weather here in the N.E has been a bit WET! i have done my biking trips out to the woods as much as i could and enjoyed releasing my morning load in the wild,but i still haven't had any female buddy poopers to enjoy my dumps with-wish i could meet some of you ladies on this site to join me!had a few buddy dumps with some other bikers and joggers that were fun-I 've grown to enjoy buddy pooping along with these guys.Met one guy who i used to run into for awhile every morning at about the same time and we would squat across from each other and let our morning loads go-it was fun-if anyone wants to hear thses stories,i'll tell them later,if you want--some responses- TO CONSTIPATED CHICK-I don't know about a Dr.,but try higer fiber diet or an enema(last resort!)To answer your survey-The longest poophow?in time or length?In time i guess about 45 mins when i was sick-in length,I done on a few time 2 footers that wrapped aroung the bowl a few times or coiled on the ground like an italian sausage,nice and smooth,but i do at least 3-4 times a week 12 inchers a lot-they feel the best! Come to think of it,No i never had to poop when I was having sex,but i had have to once when a girl was ...well fooling around with me---that's all I'll say about that!
i usually pee pretty for a good minute in the morning-i have a good strong bladder!I was constipated when i was around 10-11 my mom had to give me the dredded enema-boy i hated that!Thats' why i always eat high fiber and stay regular!Yes, get excited a lot of times even before i start to poop cause i know it's going to feel great to let all this stuff out!i I also enjoy seeing other folks poop too-even though i prefer seeing pretty ladies poop,i enjoy seeing other guys poop too-the whole pooing experience is kinda erotic to me! If i'm hard i try to put the thing down if i'm on the bowl or if i'm out in the woods,i just let it stick out as i dump and if I have a good dump,i'm alway a bit excited anyway!Yes, i dump in the nude just about all the time,unless i'm in a public toilet,but i undress out i the woods and it;'s so exciting to dump nude,i don't really know why,but i love to do it! I usually leave the door open as i poop,i don't care about the door being closes unless I have compamy,then i'll close the door-As far as making noise -when i first start to dump i let out a couple of pre-poop tight farts that are sometimes pretty loud and toward the end of my BM when the poop gets softer I let out some more gas as the poop as coming out which feels great and when i poop along with others they seem to enjoy my musical bm's too My poos are a bit on the soft side,but never get watery.They start with long smooth turds about a foot long and then i do some soft serve ice cream stuff with a lot of farts and then i'm done-yes,i'm a folder-you get more out of the toilet paper that way!yesi'm an inspector-i always look at my loads when i'm done i guess just to make sure i'm not bleeding but a lot of times i just like to look at some of the big loads i sometimes do! I sit when i wipe or squat out in the woods-i sit normally on the bowl as i poop,but i spread my butt cheeks as i sit down so that wiping as a bit easier-out in the woods i try a few different positions-sometimes i squat i the ground or sit on a big log-whatever i feel like at the time! I aways uses wet wipes after i dump first and then use toilet paper-wet wipes are the best-i feel so clean after using them! I usually take off my underwear before i poo,cause i usually dump naked. Yes, i do urinate usually right in the middle of my dump as it's getting toward the end and i have to push a bit more to get it all out of my rectum,but it's nice when i have to do both real bad and then i pee and poop at the same time and that's really great cause it happens so rarely!Yes, i ahve had a few "plotch' accidents where i went to fart and BOOM,but fortunataly,it' s been rare!I don't enjoy pooping in my pants at all-i like to save it for the bowl or the woods!Hope i answered all your questions,,CONSTIPATED CHICK
TO JANE-Good to hear from you-i always enjoy your poop stories-you and I should buddy poop some morning-you're my kind of lady-poop buddy(but i've told you this before,right?)keep those stories coming-BTW,do you ever see Gary poop?or poop along with him?good stories.all!! BYE

Constipated Chik
i finally shit. I hurt a hell of a lot. My bf was there to help me this time. It made me feel ten times better. Dan let me watch him shit today. He undressed himself because he didnt like to wear clothes while he shit. So just to make him a little "excited" i got naked too. I sat his lap and rubbed his arms (we were faceing eachother like this <>) he needed some time to get going. He finnaly got his load started. He let out a few gassy farts, then he groaned. He sounded like uhhnhnhnhnhnh. I heard his shit emerge from his hole so i looked over his sholder and saw this extremly pointed turd come out. BFFFFFRBBBRF. It crackled out of his hole. I heard a plop. The turd was like 6in long2.5 in wide. He pissed and then he let out a few more farts and out came this massive wave of liquid. Dan's face turned kinda red i told him it was ok. He shit a few more times. More liquid waves. More shit more liquid waves. Dan started to turn a little green, i asked if he was ok, he said he had a little stomache ache and he might barf. I jumped off and ran and grabbed a bowl for him. I got back into my posisition and held the bowl under his chin. I heard this massive fart leaned over to see his butt crack and a snake like shit come out of his ass. he yelled put the f^^^in bowl back im gonna blow. I sat there with him while he barfed and shited and pissed. I felt really bad for him. He stopped shitting, now he was only barfing. about 10 min later he stoped barfing, he then hopped in the shower to clean up. I realized that his buddy had spiked his drink and that he cant handle laxitives. While he was in the shower i slipped into my new victoria's secret "PJ's", just for Dan. Needless to say we had some good sex. Later, we were cuddling watching a movie, he said he had to shit. I said how bout u just do it in ur pants. He took me seriously and i pissed my pants and we had another round of sex.

Here's my answers to Mystorie Man
1. If possible, please give a brief physical description of yourself. I am skinny and i have big boobs (i got implants)
2. What drinks make you pee? root beer and coffee
3. What foods make you poop? not sure
4. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never? never
5. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?always
6. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? Please be as specific as possible.
7. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? i let it out asap
8. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? push it out asap
9. Generally, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? thongs, my bf likes thongs
10. Do you pee in the shower? yes
11. Do you poop in your pants on purpose? hell yea

ShortSkirt Girl
For Constipated Chik's questions.

1. What's the longest poop you've ever had?

Longest in time? I once strained on the toilet for about 40 minutes, but usually, if I don't go quickly, I give up and try another time.

2. Have you ever to poop in the middle of sex?

Yes. My boyfriend was 'back there' and I guess it stimulated me to do a BM. Embarassing, but worth it!

3. How long do you usually pee?

Probably no more than 20 seconds - sometimes it feels longer if I havent gone for a while.

4. What's the longest time you've been constipated

Three or four days. I usually go once or twice a day so that was a very big deal for me.

5. Do you get "excited" after crapping or seeing someone else crap?

Yes. Kind of but its not always a horny thrill - sometimes its justa 'naughty' thrill.

7. do you usually crap in the nude?

Yup, if at home in my bathroom. If I'm out someplace or at work then no!

8. Do you leave the door open or closed?

Closed preferably, but my husband, kids, dog etc all wander in and out at home!

9. Do you make a lot of noise?

Yes, if I haven't gone for a while or eaten a lot of junk food or eggs.

10. What is the texture and firmness of your crap

Firm turds usually - sometimes more diariah around my period

11. Are you a folder or a crumpler?

Folder, definitely

12.Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the fecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required).

Yeah, I do that. I also check out what I've done in the bowl too,

13. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can easily wipe his/her bottom, a Sitter keeps seated for this).

I'll sit unless it's a dirty toilet - then I'll squat.

14. What's your usuall crapping postistion

Sitting, thighs apart.

15. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?


16. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?

Just to my knees, but if I'm having diffculty and need to spread my thighs further, to my ankles.

17. Do you urinate every time you defecate?

Yup, I'd say so.

18. Have you ever tried to fart but pooped in your pants instead?

Yes! I'm more careful these days, but I've 'followed thru' on what I thought was an innocent fart several times.

Hi. I'm Erin, 16, blonde, 100 lbs. One day I was at my house in the backyard, playing w/ my cousin, and I suddenly got a major stomach cramp. I had been having them all day, but I never wanted to take a dump. Then suddenly, I felt a fart come uncontrollably, so I had to run into the house before I shit my shorts. Well, its a long way up the hill, and my cousin tackled me. I lost control and took a dump all in my shorts! They were baby blue too, and I was wearing a thong so it ran down my legs! He saw what happened, so he helped me inside. I stepped in, and my dad asksed what the hell happened. I told him I didn't feel good, and I had an accident. He started yelling at me, and told me if I couldn't be a big girl and go to the bathroom, than I don't deserve to change my pants. So he told me I could change until I mowed the lawn. Our lawn is huge, and about 45 mins into it, I had to go again. He said do it in your pants again, you already ruined em. I asked him if I could go to the bathroom, he said no, he didn't want me stinking up the house. Well I got the lawn done in pure misery, my legs covered in shit. He finally let me change and go to my room.

poo finder
Hey people, long time since I posted. the other day I took the largest crap of my life. When I sat down i knew that it was going to be big because my ass was already domed out. It took no effort and I could feel this huge turd starting to slide down through my rectum. It took about three minutes for this turd to pass. It was almost three inches across at its widest point, and about ten inches long. I hadn't took a dump in about five days prior to this. When I went to flush the log and the stumps, they were so large and hard that they clogged my toilet. After plunging the toilet for about two minutes continuosly they were flushed away. How often do you all clog your toilets after a dump?

mystery man:
1) give brief physical description of yourself. I am 5ft 2in tall i weigh 105. i have dark hair and brown eyes. i am 24, i have a 23in waist and im a 36c. i am around 31ins in the hips.
2)what makes you pee. water or anything i drink.
3)what makes you poop. diet mountain dew and cigarettes.
4)do you wash your hands after you pee. sometimes.
5)do you wash your hands sfter you poop. always.
7)when you have the urge to pee what do you do. hold it or find a bathroom. well i hold it for awhile and then find a bathroom.
8)when you have the urge to poop what do you do. hold it or find a bathroom. well sometimes i find a bathroom, but sometimes when im in the mood i poop in my pants. to do this i have to have the time to poop my pants, because clean up is a big job for me.
9)generally what kind of underwear do to wear, thongs or briefs. why. i like both, thongs make me feel sexy but not good for pooping. i like bikini panties that are just a little bit tight. they are great for pooping in, the tighter leg bands keep the poop from slippping out and down my legs. most of the time my poop is soft and i love it when it slides down in my crotch. feels great!
10)do you pee in the shower. yes always even if its just a little bit.
11)do you poop in your pants on purpose. well ive already answered that question. yes!!! and i love it!!! but its not like i do it everyday, wish i could though! okies byez for now.

To China girl: Liked your story...sounds like a great dump you had
To Rosslynn: Liked your camping story
To Lizz: Hey welcome...liked hearing about you having to pee
To Lizzy: Loved your story...that sounds cool
To em dubya: Liked your story
To bob: 1. 2. no 3. no
To trey: Loved your story
To Billy and Kevin: Loved your old is mikes sister?
To Jeri l: Enjoyed your story
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To K: Liked your stories..and i liked hearing about those peeing contests
To School Janitor: Liked your story
To samantha c: Liked your story..that was intresting what you did
To unnamed poster whos mother hadn't pooped..liked your story
To Susan (Mid-USA): Liked your story...personaly i don't flush at night unless i have to poop.
To Julie: Enjoyed your story
To fil: Loved your story..don't you hate it when you can't pee?
To unnamed poster who is constipated: wow thats a long time to be constipated
To Jane (& Gary): Enjoyed your story
To Ash.D: Loved your story...sounds like a cool experience you had
To Amanda: Enjoyed your story
To Adam: Loved your story about peeing in that old house
To no name: Liked your peeing story
To RyanS: Sounds like a cool experinece you had
To Angel: Loved your story about your b/f

My wife has a real weak stomach especially when it comes to any kind of bread. If it has even a hint of a mold smell on it, she will start gagging and puking and when she was in the first tri-mester with our oldest daughter it just compounded the problem with the morning sickness and all.

Well the practical joker that I am, I bided my time and then one morning as she was eating some toast I had only my underwear on. I walked over to where she was sitting, dropped them and ripped off a big stinking fart right at her. This had to be the ultimate!!!!! Food came up, the plate went flying, so did she for the can and she was sick as a dog all day long and to this day if I mention the incident and its been 22 years she still turns a little green!!!!

have a few questions here...

One) does anyone know why is there crackling when a turd is being pushed out?
and Two) why do people use the term brown eye here?
i know it refers to the anus, but why?
Is the anus really brown?
Three) what does the anus look like when it's pushing out a turd?
Are there any differences between men and women?
Four) what makes a woman so sexy and attractive when she sits on the
pot to have a poo?
Thanks for answering!



Hey its me again well im judt here to tell U my latest story. Well i wuz at this festivle with my girlfriend when she said she reely had to go pee and didnt know where the bathrooms were so she asked if I would take her I said yes and we were off well the bathrooms are far off from the main attractions so when we ended up gettting close she really really had to go and she saw this bush and mad ean evil little smile and asked"do u want me to go behind that bush" and though I really wanted to see that being the little goody goody I am i said "u no I do but i wont let U" so we walked on so we got to the bathrooms and she said "do u no wut im going to try standing up" and i wuz like oh my fat kid I want to see that in my head but i wuz like ok u do that then. SO she went and when she came out i noticed that she had gone in the mens restroom and pee wuz dripping down her leg witch she wuz now cleaning up she lauphed and said i think i missed a bit hope u liked the story talk to ya latta BY

Jeri I. Liked your post. You mention 'studiously ignoring your need for a BM' so it sounds to me as though you were overdue for a good poo and hadn't done one for a day or two. Do you tend to go usually as soon as the need kicks in or do you tend to 'cook your veg' a bit as a rule, if you know what I mean? Also, you mention deliberately messing yourself occasionally for your own pleasure. Have you done this recently?

Constipated Chick. The best way tio avoid constipation is a fairly healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg as well as plenty of exercise. I find walking particularly good for relieving constipation. Because of the way they act, laxatives should only be used or rare occasions when everything else has been tried and failed. Even then they should really be used sparingly.

Susan (Mid-USA). It is good that you can be so open with your group of long standing friends. I've never really heard of not flushing the loo at night in order to avoid waking other people though. It's something that's never really occured to me. Maybe it's down to the fact that I usually sleep like a log and tend to assume other people do too.

Punk Rock Girl. Hi! Great post.



Jeri I. Liked your post. You mention 'studiously ignoring your need for a BM' so it sounds to me as though you were overdue for a good poo and hadn't done one for a day or two. Do you tend to go usually as soon as the need kicks in or do you tend to 'cook your veg' a bit as a rule, if you know what I mean? Also, you mention deliberately messing yourself occasionally for your own pleasure. Have you done this recently?

Constipated Chick. The best way tio avoid constipation is a fairly healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg as well as plenty of exercise. I find walking particularly good for relieving constipation. Because of the way they act, laxatives should only be used or rare occasions when everything else has been tried and failed. Even then they should really be used sparingly.

Susan (Mid-USA). It is good that you can be so open with your group of long standing friends. I've never really heard of not flushing the loo at night in order to avoid waking other people though. It's something that's never really occured to me. Maybe it's down to the fact that I usually sleep like a log and tend to assume other people do too.

Punk Rock Girl. Hi! Great post.



K. What you describe is called encopresis...that is holding poop out of fear it will hurt. I'm most interested because I think I tended to be the same way as a kid. Could you tell us more about it, like what (if anything) did your parents do about it? My Mom was REAL agressive and would give me an enema if I waited more than three days to poop. I think fear of the enema helped more than anything.-
Ash D. Greeat story about hearing your roommate poop, please tell us more.- JW

To Constipated Chik: How long haven't you pooped for?...heres the answers...

1. longest poop was 14 inches
2. no
3. maybe a min or 2
4. 5-6 days
5. yes
6. i put my dick in between the seat
7. no
8. closed
9. yea sometimes
10. sometimes its hard and long others its really soft
11. folder
12. inspector
13. sitter
14. on toilet
15. wet tp only sometimes
16. down to ankles
17. yeah
18. No...but i've always have feared doing that

Now i have a story....i went to this party last night i saw this 5 year old kid holding his crotch and ask his mom for the bathroom...then afterwards i go home and go to sleep...
i woke up about 6am started to pee..i really didn't feel like getting out of bed to go pee so i watched tv a bit and i tried to leak some out in my bed, but i couldn't then went back to bed. i woke up maybe an hour later and i had felt like i had really soaked my bed...i felt around and i was dry, i think i was dreaming i was doing that cause i was peeing(like i was 1/2 a sleep...and i wouldn't totaly soak my self w/ family here and that early in the day). i then got up to go pee in the toilet and i noticed a tiny wet spot on my boxers..i peed but only a little

em dubya
Glad to see more people are posting! Also, Hello to allt he people that have joined our little group recently.

This morning, I was in bed and I woke up bcuz I had 2 pee. I didn't really want to get up so I put my hand on my gorin. I accidently let 3 pee spurts escape, which wet the shorts I was wearing. That kinda surprised me, because I usually don't pee unless I want to. After that pressure was relived a little by the spurts, I didn't have to go so bad so I sat there a little bit. I finally go up and peed bcuz I didn't want to accidently pee in my sleep. For what it's worth, I don't flush when I pee at night. I usually shower in the morning and pee (and sometime poop) just b4 I shower so I flush it then. Sometimes, I do pee in the shower but I've only pooped in the shower a few times, and that was on purpose.

Also, I like to wet SOMETHING when I go in the shower so I usually wear some old underwear. I like lay down in the shower and pee my underwear. If I have to poop then, I poop, too. That feels really good! Then, I turn the shower on and, if I pooped, I dump my poop in the toilet (which is right by my shower.)

Well, thanks to everyone who's replied and given feedback. Keep posting everyone and happy "go"ing.

Hi folks. I appreciate your recommendations. I'll try the suggestions. As I am writing this, I am holding a big log inside me. I have been holding my poop for about an hour and a half. I am noticing that I am feeling a bit queasy now that I've held my poop in this long. Have any of you felt this way? And i have another question. Has any of you women out there ever recorded yourself taking a shit with either video or audio? If so, please share your stories. And I have a question for the moderator. Are people allowed to share web links to audio/video recordings of themselves shitting or pissing?

Couple of things....I was just on a week holiday. Stayed in different hotels 6 nights in a row. On 3 of those days I plugged up the toilet in the room. I am a big man (not fat) and my dumps are on the large side. I thought, what the hell, I'm just gonna leave it. I felt sorry for whoever had to unclog it, but tough shit (haha). I was using the toilet legitimately, i.e. not flushing beer cans down it, and it couldn't handle it. And since I was a paying hotel guest and not a plumber....well, it's their problem. Secondly, I love the show "Fear Factor". I have often wondered, after seeing some attractive girl wolf down a BBQed donkey cock or some huge Madagascar cockroaches, what their BM looks like afterwards. Would all the hard shell parts digest or what????? Ponder that!!!!!

loony tune (don't know where i came up with that)
Pooping is funny and all, but I like pee stories better. Not because it turns me on or anything. I just think it is funny to be urgent to pee. I have searched for funny pee places, but all I could find where porn sites (and I am NOT interested in that) and poop stories. But now I have found this. I do realize some of you get turned on by this crap (get it?) but I just look for laughs.

If you are looking for a nice humorous poop site, try It is very funny with a lot of stories and a message board.

Right now I have to poop bad, but I don't want to leave the computer. I don't get constipated often. I poop at least once a day.

I have wet the bed, (unintentionally, that is probably misspelled) and when I was little I wet my pants regularly. My mommy and daddy were constantly asking me if I needed to use the bathroom, because of the way I would not go pee until the last minute.

Oh my god I will be right back bye...

Sorry, but as I was writing those last sentences my need to poop became greater.

Here is my offer: I will give you funny stories.

Here is what I want: Embarrassing stories about pee. I don't want it to be intentional. I want it to be accidental accidents. Does anybody have a story about peeing in your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/spouse arms? LIke they are kissing you or something, and youu just have to let go? But don't limit yourself to those stories.

Until next time,
Loony Toon

To Curious
Hi my name is Todd I'am a 29 year old male the 2 things that can be easily be flushed down the toilet are underwear and panties. If you want to find out how to do it just talk to me more.

This is a response to bryan, yes I did see that show with the test dummie on the discovery channel that peed. After getting it to pee they made it pee on something electric i remember to see if it could conduct enough electricity to lethal majorly shock or kill a human. After all the test results the "myth" was proven correct. You obviously were watching the show "Myth Busters", its this show where these two guys test myths and do dangerous crap under lab conditions...they really like blowing up and damaging things!

Anna K
ok first I have to admit that I have been a lurker on here for a long time....I secretly love reading pee stories. I'm a 17 year old female. I live in a house with 5 other people...and we only have one can make for some interesting stories sometimes. I dont really have time now but when i do i will come back and tell one.
Luv Anna

I think its funny that alot uv U cant hold yer pee or poop. I can gp without pooping for about a week in a half without trying very hard and i can go without peeing for about 3 days but whenever i do go pee no matter how long ive held it even if its only been a couple uv hours it is hard long and a furious pee.But thats not wut im here to tell U. OK OK umm im 15 years old been reading this sight for a while im about 6'-5'11''im about 145 pounds i hav log curly brown hair.I'll post anotha time c ya

Hey Lizz, the girl who posted about liking to hold her pee and drink lots of water, and pee into a cup between her legs, nice story, nice info, post more! Love it!

em dubya
I have a little free time so I thought I'd give some feedback and answer some questions...
China girl:It's great that your family is so open. I enjoy your posts.
Lizz:I agree, reading stories like these when I have to pee is exciting! I also like to hold it as long as I can.
bob:Yes, I do have a a wood in the morning sometimes. If I can't bend it, I stand in front of the toilet with my hand over my penis and pee so my hand deflects it down. I do sometimes have itchy balls, but not too often. I have no idea how you could poop on ur penis, so no, I haven't.
trey, big family! great story.
Billy & Kev:Good stories. Intersting to have more than 1 person per post.
Jeri l.: Woah, nice story! I wish I coulda been there...
Anonymous:Bummer, sounds like you have a very small bladder. Good stories, though.
K.:I can hold poop for a pretty long time,too. Bummer that u have a small bladder, but it does make for some good stories. Also, thanks for the posts on the games. That's a great post!
Bryian:I didn't see that show but it sound kinda funny.

Well, I g2g. Thanks everyone and keep posting!

1. If possible, please give a brief physical description of yourself.
15, female, medium height, slim

2. What drinks make you pee?
Soda always makes me pee. I blame it on the caffeine.

3. What foods make you poop?
Dairy products in particular.

4. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?

5. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?

6. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? Please be as specific as possible.
Usually, if I'm in a hurry (like between classes at school) I don't have time. Most of the time there isn't soap there anyway.

7. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
It depends on how bad I have to go. Sometimes I can hold it for a little while, but I have a pretty weak bladder. So, if I get an urge to pee, then it usually means that if I don't find a bathroom within the next 30-60 minutes, then there will be an accident. My best bet is to seek out a bathroom and pretty quickly.

8. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
I usually hold it in until I'm at home and it's convenient for me to go. I have no problems holding my poop for a while. I usually feel the need to poop only once every 2-3 days.

9. Generally, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?
Briefs. I don't know. I've never worn a thong before and I don't intend to start now.

10. Do you pee in the shower?
I have before.

11. Do you poop in your pants on purpose?
No. Never.

To Jeri L from Aussierod,
Loved your story Jeri, I too often get aroused when I have the need to poop. All my life I have had this occurrence, when I feel the cramps coming on I often get hard. Even when I was a little kid prior puberty and sexual awakening I used to get a stiffy when I needed to have a bm. I even went to the doctor about it, he sadi it is a normal thing for both male & females to get aroused when thye need to poop. Although it doesn't happen as often as it used to, as you can imagine it can be quite embarassing when everybody can see that you have a bulge in your jeans but don't realise it is poop related.
The occurrence is not as frequent as it used to be , I'm just wondering if this happens to other poopers out there. As I type this post I have desperate need to poop, and I can feel the turtle's head poking out, but am neither aroused or hard. But I shall poop my pants because I want to finish this post & have some other things to do on the pc.......... Iknow it will be a hard poop as mine often are. Sometimes if I am in the middle of something & have the need to poop I just poop my pants instead of leaving what I am doing. Put it down to laziness I guess!!!!!!!!!!

====== 1. to poopers in general, do you get aroused when the need to poop comes on . Do you guys get unwanted erections??????
2. to the gals do you get aroused when you have the need to poop????????????
3. to everyone have you ever tried pooping by leaning back against the wall & squeezing your butt cheeks, if the poop is hard it is a great feeling as it5 forces its way out between your cheeks?????????????????????????
4. My g/f had her first experience with a female urinal the other day, she said it was cool. We were at a large park where a free concert was being held. She said it was like a long trough about knee high with small partitions. As she has always stood up to piss she had no difficulty, just unzipped & held her fingers against her lips. She said some girls looked as though they had difficulty, one pissed her jeans. How do other girls feel about using a urinal?????????????????
Happy pooping & peeing>>>>>>>>>>>> Aussierod

Mystery Man III
1. Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (Age, height, etc.)
2. How often do you take a poop?
3. About how many poops do you make on average each time you take a poop?
4. Approximately how big are your poops? (Length, diameter)
5. What places do you enjoy taking a pee?
6. What places do you enjoy taking a poop?
7. About how long does it take you to pee (on average)?
8. About how long does it take you to poop (on average)?
9. What foods make you produce the largest poops?
10. How often do you wash your hands after you pee? (Always, sometimes, or never?)
11. How often do you wash your hands after you poop? (Always, sometimes, or never?)
12. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why? (Please be as specific as possible.)
13. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?)
14. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? (Hold it in or find a bathroom?)
15. What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? (Thongs or briefs? Why?)
16. Do you usually pee in the shower?
I'm highly interested in learning about girls and their bowel habits. For those who wish to respond, I thank you, and appreciate your effort.

Hi, everyone! Lots of good stories lately!

China Girl: Another WONDERFUL turd you produced! Thanks for sharing! Your toilet loved it so much it wanted to savor the feel, smell, and taste so it held on tight when you flushed. It also wanted to show off your prize to your mother. Wish I could have seen it - I bet it was gorgeous! Keep those stories coming!

Jane (& Gary): What a bummer! I could almost feel your pain! I've never done Fibercon before, but I've used Metamucil with no ill effects... in fact about a year ago (?) some of the people in this forum were recommending it to boost the mass of your movements. I think that taking both of them together probably led to your horror show. Don't try that again! And I'm looking forward to you posting about a good, satisfying episode soon!

Susan (Mid-USA): Intriguing post! What I find especially curious is the apparent large percentage of times that there were multiple uses in both groups... I would think offhand that a late night poop would be somewhat rare (it certainly is for me). I would guess, especially in Tiffany's group, that the girls were intentionally saving it to "compete" with the others, and they all enjoyed comparing notes the next morning... What do you think?

Samantha C.: Wow! THAT was a wild episode! Would love to hear more stories from you, too... just be careful with wording so they don't get axed... it has happened to me. Question: What was the biggest, most satisfying dump you remember taking?

Ash D.: Great to see another story from you! I could really relate to it,too, since I really enjoy that sort of situation... I liked the "eyes wide as dinner plates" line. It reminded me of some earlier posts I did about two or three years ago (!) that most people here probably haven't seen, so I'll repeat the story. My wife has a good friend Zelda who mentioned one time that she sometimes had really big movements. Eventually, my wife was able to convince her to leave one in the toilet for me. She did this on several occasions. She was a young, athletic girl, very attractive with red hair, tall and very well built. And she loved to eat. My wife and I liked to cook special dinners for her, to help things along, or sometimes we went to nice restaurants with her. Anyway... on those occasions when she left a treat for me, I DID feel like a kid at Christmas, like you did! She thoght my interest raher curious, and didn't share it, but was willing to indulge me, just informing me "I don't want to know what you do in there," which was fine with me. Maybe the second or third time, I got an idea you might like, which was kind of "blind man game." I knelt in front of the toilet and closed my eyes before opening the lid(she always left it closed, but be careful not to look if you try this and you don't know!).
Then I inhaled deeply to get the full aroma. Next, I felt in the toilet to see what was there, pushing the toilet paper to one side to isolate the treasure. Only after I was satisfied I knew what was there "in braille" did I allow myself to look. Do you like the game? I know I did! Unfortunately, we moved away from her (although we still keep in touch)so I haven't had the experience lately. Hope you liked the story, though!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

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