Hello everyone. I'm finally able to post another story of the camping trip. I'll remind everyone what Judy looks like...Judy is about 5'5 and maybe 120 lbs. She has shoulder length blonde hair and a very nice round butt and nice d cup breasts. I've never seem them but I wouldn't pass up the chance. Does she ever look good in a bikini! Well after dinner on the night we arrived, we had dinner (hotdogs) and then my brother and Rick built the fire. It was still daylight so we sat around the fire and chatted a while. I was talking to Judy about work when it looked at though she went to re-position herself on the chair and as she lifted her butt off the seat,"BRRRRNNNNTTTTT" She cut a huge fart. I couldn't believe my ears. She said, "Ahhh! Excuse me, that was a long day of holding my farts in and nw they need to be released" Thankfully she didn't do that in the car! Well anyway we continued chatting and JUdy was talking when all of a sudden she stops and says,"h I need to be unladylike again" And she lifted her one buttcheek off the seat and EEEERRRRRRRNNNNNTTTT! And then just continued talking. Over the following ten minutes I heard a few puffs come out of her and just as it was getting a little dark she said,"Well I had better go take a shit before it gets too dark.Would you mind showing me the washroom Jessi?" I almost died!!! Could it be true? My crotch was so wet it probably looked as though I peed myself. Well off we went her with the toilet paper andon the way she made on comment of how she really felt like she needed to shit now. So as we arrived at the spot I told her where Sherry and I pooped and she started unbuttoning her pants as soon as she walked off the road. She continued talking to me so I thought it was ok to stay. She pulled down her pants and panties and squatted. She hobbled around a little until she was comfortable and saod,"I think I'm ready now" and giggled a little. She sat there for maybe 1 minute with nothing happening and then she made a little sound like nnnph and I noticed her nose scrunch a little and ffffffrrrrtttt! fffrrttt frrrttt pop pop pop and I heard her poop start crackling out off her as she said"Ahhh there we go" Her poop grew to about 6" and dropped off with a splat. She sat there a little while longer and brrrrnnnttt ffffffffsssssstt. Man was she ever farting a lot!!!!! I heard another turd crackle out and plop on the ground. And she gave another ahhhh after. She started to pee and it trickled to a stop and she stayed squating. I asked if she was done but she said, "I don'tknow" And she started to push and let out another long fart. She then grabbed the toilet paper and started to wipe. She used one wad of paper then,"Ahhh...." And she stopped wiping and.....brrrrrnnnnntttt Crackling.....plop. Pop pop pop farting and then she said,"Wow." And finished her wiping, around her hip. She used two more wads of paper and then she pulled up her pants. I shown the flashlight at her poop and she had at least 18" and it was about 2" thick. I was astonished! It was all pretty smooth and a dark brown colour.I could smell it too so I asked,"Do you always poop like that?" And she said"Like how?" "Well that large and gassy?" And she replied,"Yes usually! Don't you fart as you shit?" And I said yes but you must really stink up your bathroom at home! And she said she does on occasion. I could not wait to get into my tent to touch myself after that episode.
PLEASE LADIES!!!! Can you post similar experiences??? I don't want to be the only one like this here!!!

From Noreen -

Thanks to all who responded to my concerns about my 17 year old daughter who is pooping her pants on purpose. I have tried to talk to her about it and even suggested that she wear a diaper. She said she doesn't want to wear a diaper, she likes for people to know that she has pooped her pants. I think that it is a turn on for her sexually.

Last Saturday my two daughters and I went shopping. I also have a 15 year old daughter who thing pooping your pants is gross. About eleven o'clock my oldest daughter announces that she was going to poop her pants. We were in the ladies section of Walmart at the time. She did poop her pants, and it was quite a bit and made a big bulge in the back of her jeans. She also peed a small amount at the same time, which made a wet spot about the size of a saucer on the from of her jeans.
She went over to the mirror and looked at the bulge in her jeans, she had a big smile on her face. She continued shopping as if nothing had happened. The smell wasn't too bad.

At noon we went to KFC for lunch. When she stood up after lunch the poop was showing through her jeans. The back of her jeans was very brown. I suggested that we go home instead of picking up groceries, but she insisted that we get the groceries which we did. I could tell that several people noticed the mess in her pants because of ther dissusted look on their faces.

At the checkout one of her friends from school was on the cash, she worked parttime at the store. My daughter said that if you smell anything it is because I pooped my pants, and she then turned around and showed her the mess. Her friend just smiled and didn't say anthing.

I keep an old towel in the car for her to sit on. When we got home she didn't bother to change and shower until just before dinner.

I have always been on good terms with my daughters, but I am at wits end as to how to deal with this. I just don't understand how pooping your pants can be exciting.

Hey everyone!!! I have some spare time now, so I';ll do a few replies......

To Ash D. - Hey, that was an awesome post about you pooping on the floor in your house. Wenever my parents arent home, i always get naked, sit on the toilet, and go poop. that's pretty cool for me lol. do you have any other stories?? I would loveee to hear them, thanx!!!!!!

To Jessica - Man, your friend sure craps alot lol!!!! that was a really enjoyable story to read, and i have a friend who i've only seen poop once, but she really took a long time and she farted alot too. did you eat any other foods besides the hot dogs? cuz maybe if you did, that's what made ur friend fart so much. well i hope to hear more great stories from ya, gotta go later!!!!!!!!

i still am really hoping that the other Ash will come back and write here!!!!! Bye.

Laura (Pregnant Cutie)
Hi, I'm new here, I'll first introduce myself. I'm 25, live in Philadelphia, pretty cute, blond haired, brown-eyed, married to Steve, 28. I am currently pregnant with twins. Throughout my pregnancy, my bowels have been completely out of whack. I haven't really had much morning sickness or vomiting or nausea, only my bowels have been completely awry. Today I was at a maternity clothes store and I got a severe urge to use the bathroom. There was a very kind elderly lady as a saleswoman there, and I asked her if I could use it, and said I really had to use the bathroom, and that I could not possibly hold it. THe lady was really compassionate and said that she had two kids and quite often she had those same problems. She gave me the key to the bathroom. As soon as I pulled my pants and pantyhose down, about a 2-minute surge of diarrhea poured out into the toilet. I farted a lot, and let out a few really big chunks along with the mess. There was no toilet paper, so I asked for some extra rolls. Another incident happened at my workplace. I work as a secretary for a financial exchange firm. Thankfully, the CEO of the company is a woman, so she knows about the woes of pregnancy, and she is very lenient with me. I headed off to the bathroom and there was this other woman who was trying out for a job at one of the other firms on my floor. She didn't know the code to get into the restroom. I told her what it was, and she followed me in. Her name was Mary. She was around 40, I would guess. I told her I was sorry for the stink, but that I had frequent diarrhea. I am starting to show, and this lady asked me if I was pregnant. WHen I told her so, she said that she was the mother of two boys, 11 and 8, and that pregnancy can drive your bowels crazy. Needless to say, I dumped about a gallon of poop into the toilet. I wished her good luck on her audition.

Any help from fellow mothers who've experienced this distress.
IT would be greatly appreciated :-) Laura (Pregnant Cutie)

Hey everybody it's kate again, today I had the worst experience. I was going out shopping today at the mall. And I had kinda had to pee before I even got there. Anyways, I had been looking at a lot of different stores and I had bought a few things, and the urge just got worse and worse. But I was almost done shopping and I don't life far from the mall so I thought I'd make it back just fine. Well stupid me, it's about 5:15 pm and of course everybody's leaving work so traffic was pretty heavy. (I'm not going to say what city I live in cause that's against the rules right?) but anyways we've got about 3 million in our city and anyways so that's a lot, cause there's always a lot of people in downtown which is where I was. So anyways I was driving and there had been a wreck and they had the road blocked off that I needed to be on, so I had to drive around and of course they're all one way streets so that doesn't make it any easier. And by this time I had been on the road for 15 minutes and I had to go bad. And to make matters worse I had another 15-20 minutes to go or more because of the traffic, to make things doubly worse I had one of those big pretzels at the mall and by this time I had to poop too. Well I got about 10 miles from were I live and was stopped at a stop light, and there were about 15 cars in front of me waiting to get through and my poop started to poke out, well of course this startled me and i quickly shoved my hand in my crotch to keep from pooping my panties, well the light turned green and almost everybody got thru, but we got stopped again and there was still 2 cars in front of me, so then finally it turned green and I headed on down the road, anyways, my hand was still in my crotch…and I was barely keeping it in…then the worst off all thing happened (well not the worst) but I had to sneeze, and I started to. and out of habit I yanked my hand out of my crotch to catch my sneeze and those two things happening at once caused me to completely pee my panties…which I have to say does feel pretty good…you'll notice that if you've read my other post hehe, but anyways I didn't want to have an accident because I was wearing one of my best jean skirts, I'll describe that really quick, it's about 16 inches long, and it has a slit in the front center that goes up really high, almost high enough that you can see my panties when I'm standing up so I have to be careful especially when I'm sitting down but anyways…I finally got got home, my hand was in my crotch again because I didn't want to poop in my panties, so I got out of the car ran up to the door and tried to find the key for the door, and that's hard to do with one hand, I had to go so bad I just left all my stuff in the car, well I finally got the door open and as I'm running to the toilet of all things I slipped on a throw rug in my kitchen and fall down right on my butt, and I hit so hard that it forced my poop all out into my panties right then and there, and it was huge! It wasn't messy it was actually quite hard but it was big, like the size of 2 apples!! I got a huge turn on from it all though, but I went to the bathroom took my messy clothes off, showered and did some laundry, and that's my story =)…sorry it's so long

Later people

Love kate

I have a really embarassing story:

First off, I'm 5'7, 125, wavy blond hair and a pretty cute body and face. I am currently in law school.

I had come home from classes looking forward to having a nice poop. I hadn't gone for almost 2 days and I know this one was going to feel really good.

I go in the bathroom, pull down my jeans, and sit down. Immediately, I let go of a long, windy fart that felt great. About a minute later, a nice thick long piece started to slide out (I love it when I don't even have to push) - all of a sudden, someone knocked at my front door- I remembered that the maintanance men of my apartment were supposed to come over and fix my refrigerator.

All of this wouldn't have been that much of a problem except for 2 things: 1, I was right in the middle of a log, and 2, my bathroom door was wide open (I always leave it open whenever I'm pooping, don't ask me why!)

I knew that the maintainance wouldn't hear me if I shouted "just a second", and I knew that they would probably be coming in any second. So I had to stand up right in the middle of my work to close the door. I then yelled through the bathroom door to just go ahead and do what he needed to do.

I had to wait until he was gone to finish my pooping.

em dubya
Well, since some of you have been asking about outdoor stories, I decided to share one of my ealrier stories. When I was about 12 or 13 I went over to a friend of mine's house. He has the huge park/green behind his house. We went down into a wooded part of it to play. I sorta had to poop comming down there and eventually I really had to go. My friend needed to pee so he went off I I went between some trees. I squated and pulled my pants down but tried to keep them out of the way. By then, the turd didn't need much convincing and out it came. Since I didn't pinch it off, my hole was pretty clean so I didn't wipe. When I got back to his house, though, I wiped. Also, a few days later I came by there agian and it was still there. It looked kinda weird, so I burried it with some leaves, etc.

I'm new to this site, but I have kept quite, and I think maybe it's time I come out with my own little "secrets", considering it's building up inside, and I know I need to get it out. (No pun intended, lol) But first, I would just like to ask some questions...and I hope to get LOTS of suggestions, since I could use them all.
*How do I tell my boyfriend of a year (who is also my bestfriend of 2 years) that I have a fetish for "bathroom acts"? I'm really shy, I mean I've hinted at it, but I always made it sound like a joke bcuz I dont know how he will react. He's pissed in front of me before, but its VERY rare bcuz he's shy about it, and for the fisrt time about 3 weeks ago he pooped with me in the room, (well I was in the shower) but he's NEVER let ANYONE in the bathroom while he poops. But I know he's really shy about going to the bathroom, and so am I, and I want us to be more open about it, how do I go about letting him in? Oh and as a side note, the "Open door" thing, if we're the ONLY people in his house, or mine, he'll leave the door open, but NEVER when he poops. The more he leaves the door open, the more I feel comfortrable leaving the door open...please help!

Although stimulant laxitives might not make your poo too loose you will become dependant on them too much...


Tell us more details about the time you pooped you panties with your boyfriend and other times you have done it. When you were playing with him were you wearing pants too or just your panties when you wet/pooped them?

this is sorta about going to the bathroom its a funny personal essay I wrote for english is my obsticles with animals so I can go to the restroom

Created by Libby

I stood there staring at Rosetta, my aunt's cat. After all it wasn't like I had anything better to do, it wasn't like I was fixing to piss myself, right there on the hard wood stairs of Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob's gray house on Boone Ave, in Winchester, KY. There was no need to panic, it was just a psycho cat who stood in the way of the bathroom and me, hissing at me. All I could do was hiss back, I probably could've done more, but me, who does not like pain, refused to do anything else. I was going to make it to that toilet, I was not going to be defeated by a cat, a long-hair gray cat, who would not use her litter-box, even if it meant a puddle under me by the time of her retreat. Finally she moved, and luckily, I made it to the toilet. I'm so glad my uncle gave that cat away.

Tsarmina, my orange tabby with an identity crisis, is just as bad, if not worse then Rosetta. He will wedge open the bathroom door-the door doesn't stay shut to the blue and white tile second floor bathroom in my house. He will open the door come in while I'm on the toilet, and insist on me stop whatever I'm doing and succumb to everyone of his demands (I know some people like that, but we're not going to go there). If I don't become his loyal servant he bites my legs, and that hurts! Why should I give into his demands, especially when it comes to food, he's way too fat as it is. He can't even lick him self without falling over, unless he props him self up against a wall, and besides he's neurotic. The tragedy of all this is that; I still love him, and he's still alive-unfortunately.
Tad, my gray tabby will often times sit right on my bladder, then get upset when I get up to go to the restroom, she doesn't understand that I can't sit there forever. And it's not just that either one day I had to go do homework and my back-pack was right near the chair she was in she "meow" she begins angrily
"Hey tad, I love you, and I'm sorry but I have to go do homework now,"I reply to her sympathitcally
"Meow," she still doesn't understand.
"Look, I'm sorry but this is really important," I kiss her fore-head and leave her perplexed and thinking "What could be more important then me?"

My dogs who I love to bits and pieces contribute to the obstacles I face with animals, just to go to the restroom. Lucky and Misha my wonderful dogs who aren't allowed inside the house since they would probably kill the cats. They would often times try to barge pass me if I opened the back-door and more often then not I had to go inside so I could relieve my bladder from the hose water I had drunken. In order for me to do that I would have to open the back door, have the chow mix and the half black lab half German Shepard push past me, and end up killing one of the cats. All I really wanted to do was go tinkle in the dark green creepy bathroom in my house, is that too much to ask? Honestly, I don't think it is.

Going to the bathroom is not fun, sometimes I wish I could be one of them. Especially since they don't understand why I don't just go to some grass and squat, or lift up my leg and aim towards the base of a tree, or if they're a cat then why don't I just use a sandbox or their litter box. I can't… ok I can but I won't, except for the litter-boxes don't think I would fit…I might but likely not.

Would you people help me develop the special and general theory of laxitivity?

em dubya
I just pooped so I decided to write about it.

I'd been looking at Old Posts from the Toilet until about 5 minutes ago. I'd been getting a growing need to poop, but I was holding it off. I've found I enjoy poop/pee stories more when I have to go. Anyway, I went finally went into the bathroom and pulled down my jeans and underwear. It took good pushes to start it moving, then it just slid out. Just before it was done, a piece broke off and it spalshed my inner thigh/butt cheek area with toilet water. After the last little bit came out of my anus, I felt an urge to pee, so I did. Usually, I pee before I poop, but not this time. I then wiped 2 or 3 times and took a look at my turd. I was mostly dark with a little of it being lighter than the rest. Then I flushed and washed my hands.

Well, that's it for now. Let me know what you think.

I don't ever fart - can anyone explain this?

Mystery Man

1. Do you always look at your turds before you flush? Yes, I want to see what was in me.

2. Have you ever not flush the toilet at a public place intentionally? Did you do it for a laugh? Or did you do it because your turd was gigantic and you had to amaze the next person? Yes, I wanted to amaze the next person. I used to do it in high school and college.

3. A fantasy scenario: If you work late and before you leave, you always have BM. Suppose a janitor (male) said to you don't flush because I like seeing your turds while I clean the bathroom. Would you not flush to make him happy? Or would you report him for approaching you with an offer like that? I have never been approached with such a thing.

4. How big was your smallest turd? How big was your largest turd? I have evacuated 18 inches maximum in one piece. Once I evacuated a 12 inch piece along with a broken off 6 inch piece.

5. If you're strictly a vegetarian, how smelly and how big are your poops? If you're a vegetarian with very little meats like chicken, how big are your poops and how smelly? If I eat salads or leafy green vegetables, my bowel movements will be huge, like 12 inches long and 2 inches wide and soft. It will smell like fermented vegetables.

China girl
To KERENSKY-remember my turd usually happen every other day, and I eat a lot specially at night. I like to snack on grain cereal at night too and I notice it makes difference sometimes. Milk bother me a little too with cereal but I still like it and don't care. I have nice medium build too and about 5 feet 8. I'm not abnormal thin like some other asian, so my butt is not thin or flat. It's good medium rounded shape I am not afraid to eat, but am not fat. I eat a lot more than my friends. It is hard to give turd measurement. I have done a lot of big curl turds too. A while back though while hanging out at my friends, we ate and drank a few beers. I had to go really bad. I did huge drop of very smooth soft sticky turd. It go from toilet hole, to close to rim then curl back to almost hole again. Something was rotten inside me. It was fat turd too. Smell was unusually aweful. It was easily more than 30 cm (more the 12 inch) but I really can't be exact. Then on top of it I did other turd, still big but smaller. My butt burned for about 2 hours later. I posted a diarrhea story before this one and it was same toilet at this friends house. So it lost too :) and it's probably praying and begging that I don't return to dump my poison butt garbage. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.

To ALTHEA-thank you for the story. It's funny because when I need to take turd at my friends and her family is there, I pull her with me too for security. It is not good custom for woman to take big turd around house that is not your familys. So If I pull my friend they think we are doing something else. I'm sorry I do not understand your meaning of other "experiences." You mean more turd? Please feel free to discuss. I'm sorry about that.

To ARTIFICIALIST and BRYIAN-thank you again. It's good to hear from the both of you.

Kaliegh: When I was in grammar school and high school, I had to move my bowels and I could not wait and I was afraid of noise and smell. Well, I had to swallow my pride. I did it in 7-9th grades and then daily throughout high school and college. I know you are used to using the toilet at home, but sooner or later you will have to use a public toilet.

Purple pooper
Ash D.

That was a great story. I have a question for you, if you have an accident in your panties, do you try to keep it to a minimum or do you let out a moster turd into them?


Mister Zorro!
Hello everyone I'm new here. I don't know how I even came across this site. I was searching for something entirely unrelated, but I'm sort of glad I found it. I have a recent story to tell, and judging from you all's posts, I don't need to hold back anything. My experience happened at a Soccer Game at this real rich and huge school. Well anyway. I'm friends with a female basketball player(We'll most likely be a couple soon). Since the season hadn't started yet, we decided to check out her brother's soccer game. It was quite a long drive, and this school is sort of secluded...well not really, but it's out there, and like I said it's HUGE. By that I don't mean the actual school, but the property. Lot of land. Well the girl I was hanging out with is a really cute light-skinned black girl. She has slanted eyes like a Chinese girl that makes her even cuter, and she has like the perfect booty. She's very fun to hang out with, and let me tell you she's not modest about her bathroom needs at all, but in a way she is. By this I mean she'll announce "I gotta pee" or "I gotta fart" and then have the nerve to laugh and act emberassed after she says so.

Well while we were driving there, I heard her stomach make some funny noises, and she said "Crack a window I gotta fart bad" and she giggled a little saying how she couldn't hold it in. I opened the window and I could hear little "zzzp" noises repeatedly. She did this so many times the window barley helped. She slapped my arm, and said "it's not that bad!" laughing. I said she must be joking and teased her a little bit about it. She was blushing like crazy. If I had know this farting would've indicated something alot more later, I'd be pretty hype. When we were almost there, and after I had closed the window to air out the car, her stomach made very loud noises, and she let out a loud and long "BRRRRRRRRRRRR" fart. She blushed and said "man I have gas". I teased her some more and we got out the car after finally reaching there.

Everything is spread out at this school. So we had to walk a long distance to the soccer field, and we were a bit late as usual. Of course the score was 0-0..and we've been a losing streak so far. We were really rooting for the Soccer Team. The girl I was with, I'll just name here a random a avoid confusion and a surplus of pronouns. Anyway while we were watching, Summer knudged me and said she had to go to the bathroom, and to walk with her. So I followed her to look for the bathroom, and with no luck at that. The place was huge. She was gettin anxious now and said "I really gotta find a bathroom!I gotta dookey!" So we looked faster, but before we could even get close to where I thought I saw a bathroom she said she had to go here and now. I was like "Are you sure?" and she giggled and said "I can feel it poking out! I need to go". So I quickly led her to the side and we ran into some conveniently located woods.

We found a secluded spot, and I said I'd wait for her, but she insisted I stay and watch out for her. I was a bit taken by surprise, and she said "You can look if you want! Just watch my back",and I said "If I watch, I think that would be inevitable, which is what I was going to do. So I kneeled down behind her, and peered around the huge tree we were in front of. Noone was even close.

I was VERY turned on by now. I don't know how I contained myself. She quickly set down her purse, and pulled down her tight pants, and blushed and giggled, as she pulled down her thing panties. She threw those to the side. Like I said, she has the PERFECT ass. And she finally exposed it. She immediately squatted, and tried to position herself. And she was right. I could see the tip of a turd slowly moving out her crack. She giggled, and asked me if she was in the right position while the turd was moving out. I said "looks good to me!" and she laughed saying "It would look good to you regardless". She began to pee as well, and it was a strong stream. She then immediately said she just isn't used to squatting and pooping. So I improvised quickly and told her to sit on a stump. I pulled some tissue from her purse and padded the stump. The turd was still coming out the whole time, and she sat down with her butt hanging out and leaned forward as best she could.

I couldn't have asked for a better view. This turd was HUGE though. She put her hands on the sides of the stump and raised her butt a little, and pushed. This smooth, light-brown turd eased out and eased out at it's own moderate pace. I was really shocked, that this turd could come out HER ass, but we all go to the bathroom and we all poop. She giggled saying she was so emberassed, as the turd finally slipped out. I immediately got a clear view of her cute, tight butthole. I teased saying "I can see your butthole" and she giggled telling me to shut up. I could see her butthole strain as she began pushing again. She started farting like crazy! Just MANY "zzzzp" and "Brrrr" farts. She had her own farting band coming out her butt. She giggled and blushed as she continually farted. It really stank now, and another turd started pushing out. It was another soft one, and it eased out. She then began to grunt, and finally stop giggling, as this WIDE turd poked out her butthole and stopped. She pushed and only got farts that make the same sound as a new bottle of soda being opened. "I think I need some help" She said blushing furiously.

I said okay, and just grabbed her cheeks and spread them gently. I never thought I'd get a chance to do this anytime soon. She made a fake surpise gasp, and giggled. "This is turnin you on isn't it?" She giggled. And I wasn't ashamed to say yes. She laughed, and said she's gonna try and be ready. I was almost in a trance now. This was heaven for me. She pushed and the turd actually started crackling out. She giggled, saying she didn't know she had to poop this bad. I squeezed and kept her cheeks spread as this turd came out. At first I thought it was fat, but not only that. It was LONG. She sexily grunted as this monster moved out. I was so suprised this could come out an ass like hers. The turd was moving SLOW and stopped. She said she was taking a breather. So now I was grabbin her ass, while this turd was just hangin out. I asked her what she had eaten to produce this, and she giggled saying she didn't know. She made short attempts at pushing the turd out and it moved a little bit each time. I teased and said she had a genuine tail now. She giggled saying "Want me to shake my tail?" and shook her butt side to side playfully. I smacked her butt playfully and told her to watch out, cause her tail might come flying off. She pushed as hard as she could and giggled in between each attempt until the turd as finally almost out. She shook her cute butt up a down a little, but only succeeded in givng me some entertainment. Finally she pushed, as I playfully urged her on like her basketball coach, and the turd finally thuded to the ground. She playfully wiped her forehead and said "phew!"
I playfully responded with "peyoo is more like it". She laughed and told me to shut up again. Almost immediately she began farting like crazy. Just random "BrrrrrzppppBrrrssssss". And suddenly I went "wow!" as a bunch of medium and small turds shot out quickly of their own accord.

It sounded like a freakin drum. Just "thudthudthudthudthud" over and over. Summer was crapping her brains out. It REALLY stunk now. I laughed as she started shooting this circle-like turds. I said "Hey you're shooting mini-basketballs out." She managed to grunt a laugh as these turds continued coming out. Those Poop-basketballs came out from time to time, and shot out like a basketball too. I hadn't even noticed I had begun to squeeze her butt, but she didn't seem to care. Finally the explosion slowed down a bit, but she was still pooping like crazy. Light-brown turds just eased out. She said "man I REALLY needed to go" while the turds kept coming. She was fartin the entire time too. The explosion actually started again and tiny turdlings kept falling out. I looked down and her pile was HUGE. Sorry for the repetition, but I couldn't believe that THIS was coming out HER ass. It was just crazy. A whole bunch of farting and pooping repeatedly. I don't take a dump close to the size of hers.

She blushed furiosly and smiled at me while her turds shot out. Finally it slowed down again, and nothing was coming out. I said "Are you done now?!" She said "I can feel there's just a little left" but there was nothing coming out her ass. I spread her cheecks enough for a clear view of her butthole, and I was transfixed on it as it tried to push and push something out, but all she got was a bunch of farts, and she laughed in emberassment. I watched as she continued to fart over and over, till her butthole started to spread a little more and a little more. Her farts quickly changed to the sound of a soda bottle opening as a Knobbly turd poked out. She pushed and her butt even quivered a little as the turd eased and eased out. It was the..wierdest turd ever. It was just twisted, but still the same light-brown color. She pushed and it crackled even more than her last turd as it made its departue from her butt. "You're creating a monster!" I said. "Is it that bad?" she said laughing. She lifted her butt a little and looked behind her. She was shocked to see what she had produced. We laughed and joked, and I calmly said "You still have a little buddy trying to get out". She giggled, and slapped me, and then to my liking, actually stood up, and leaned forward, with her hands on her knees, and started pushing. I shouted "push! push!" and put one hand on her cheek as she pushed with all she had. The turd crackled loudly! It was amazing really. I said "Another snapcracklepopper turd!" and she pushed and finally the turd plopped out with a huge thud. A few poop balls shot out, and she finally relaxed her butthole, and just kept on farting like crazy "Brrrr...zzzzp..zpppzpppBrrrrrr".

She turned her head to look at me, and said "Gonna wipe me too?" She giggled in emberassment as she let out a loud long "BRRRRRRRRRRRRR" fart. I said "I guess I can wipe your dirty butt" and got some more tissue out her purse. "Clean me good or I'll hurt you" She said as I came up to her. I was really looking forward to this. When I was about to reach her she said "hold on!" and grunted. A thin, soft turd eased out and hanged. I grabbed her cheeks and spread them, and she shook her perfect butt to make it drop. "Now I'm done!" she said laughing. "You obviously aren't done farting" I said waving my hands in front of my nose. I wiped her pussy clean first, and she giggled and blushed furiously. I then used another tissue, and spread her cheeks. Her butthole, after all of that, was not even that dirty. I immediately dug into her crack. She playfully gasped and said "I feel so violated" as I cleaned her butthole, wiping up and down her crack. She released her little soda bottle farts as I cleaned around. I was so turned on by this. I wiped even more, after her butthole was obviously clean. I poked a hole through a tissue, and poked her butthole a few times. She giggled and said I better stop pokin her hole or else. I looked at her butthole one last time, and poked it several times saying " yep yep.all clean!". She gasped and let out a "zzzzp" fart. I smacked her butt playfully and said "Man..what a dump"

She sexily bent over to pick up her panties and pants, and slowly put them on to tease me. I'm still shocked that came out her perfect butt. There were all kinds of turds there, but we didn't have time to admire them. We walked back to the game, with me teasing her the entire time, and her attacking me. I poked her butt and said "How the hell did this just shit all of that". She laughed and said "I don't usually have to go THAT bad!I haven't gone like that in awhile!" I guess I'm just one lucky guy. Her brother would've killed me if he knew where I had been! We finally made it back to the game....and we were totally blown out. As always. Boy was her brother pissed. We're pretty much a couple now, and I'll be seeing alot more of her now. Hope to be able to post more later! Cya!

Hey everyone, I've lurked around the forum for a year now, and I've deiced to post now. I just took a really long and fat dump. It touched the bottom of the toilet and bent in half and kept comming out for another half a foot. My ass was bleeding because it was so huge. My ass always bleeds when ever I shit. Anyone know what I can do about it? I don't really wanna go to a doctor because I would be kind of embarrassed to bring something like this up with his secretary and stuff like that. It is just going to be a long drawn out process in booking the appointment, and I haven't found it necessary yet. If any of you recommend I see a doctor, please let me know. Thanks.

About 3 months ago I had a urge to take a shit. I was at a Race track.
I went into the bathroom and discover that the only toilets within the area were doorless. Now they had tried to make the stalls for private by putting up little red curtains that they had cut from some tarp. They were hung were the door would typically be. Anyways they had about a 12 inch gap on each side. As I just sat down on the toilet some guys came in and one went to the urinal and one came into the stall next to me. I heard him pull down his pants and sit. I started to push the poo out it became harder and harder. as I was pushing the turd out a women comes in and shouts "arron" about 3 times then I hear foot steps coming at me and she opens the curtain and ask me if I had seen her boy I just sat there because I had a hard poo sticking out of my ass and I was in pain. She just rolled her eyes and went to the next stall asking the other guy the same thing. He responded to her that he had not and then asked her what she was doing in the men's bathroom with doorless stalls? He then called the police and pressed charges against her. I did not want to take part because I did not want to explain to the police that I was takin a dump and she walked in on me.

the other day in the mens room at a gas station I was pissing when this dude came almost running in. he looked like he was in his early to mid-20's, pretty blue-collar (buzzed hair, thin, work boots, cut off fatigues (had some major leg-hair), white tank top). he dashed like mad into one of the stalls, ripped his pants down and let out a loud wet squirty fart followed by a few waves of very loose, watery shit, then another fart and a lot of pure liquid and a stream of curses. ive always been fascinated by other people in the bathroom so I sat this one out, killing time f****** around with my hair and shit. he only wiped once, but then I heard the sound of ripping cloth. he left without washing his hands, and then I checked out the stall. there was light tan liquid shit splattered clear onto the back of the toilet tank and all around the bowl and he had left his underwear behind the toilet. apparantly he had cut them off, they were white briefs, pretty old and dingy with a large wet-fart stain in the seat. I'd seen underwear laying around bathrooms like that before (which I think is gross because it's such a completely unsanitary way to dispose of shat-in-underpants), but had never been there for the actual leaving of them and wonder if anyone here has witnessed it too

Loved your story, when you have accidents where do you have them? At home ,at the shopping centre or while walking along the street.A female friend of mine who enjoys pooping , told me to try this. When you go to the toilet instead of leaning forward, lean back towards the wall, I am lucky that their is a fair bit of room behind my toilet & the cistern is high up. Then you extend your legs this way you can feel the logs force their way out between your cheeks, just a word of advice pee first or you will piss all over yourself. Of course you will end up with a poopy bum!!!!!!!!!!
Like you I have always enjoyed having a good pooping session,sometimes I hold it till I feel the turtle's head poke out of my hole, then hold it there for as long as I can. Have you ever tried pooping while standing up , I do sometimes when the public toilets are dirty. Just open my cheeks & let the turds fall into the water. Do you find pooping arousing at all, I do at times consequently am forced to take matters into hand haahhaha !!!
I can remember one time I was going shopping, before I left I felt the urge to poop pretty bad, but felt I could hold it till I got to the shops. Well then the urge went away, while I was at the shops I needed to take a leak so I went to the mens. While standing at the urinal I decided to do a big fart, big mistake as I forced the fart out my shit decided to come for the ride too. There were 2 people om my left hand side & I'm sure they heard the crackling of my poop as it ventured into my jox. Luckily it was hard so it was easy to just empty the turds into the toilet, my ass was not very poopy.
By the way do you stand or sit take a leak??????? I have a few female friends who virtually piss out of the fly in their jeans like a guy. They say it is so much easier, once you get the hang of it.
love hear more of your stories........Happy pooping!!!!!!!!!

Hey all!

Ash D--Welcome to the forum!! Enjoyed your post a bunch. I've always been curious a big dumps, especially those made by women. Yours seem to be right up there in the "big league". Must have been fun to watch. Do you have more stories like that to share with us?

Jessica--Sounds like you had fun on that camping trip. I wish I had been in your place! I've never had such experiences. The closest to such an experience I ever had was on a bus once from London to Prague about 10 years ago. The bus had to stop every three hours or so for a pit stop because the loo on the bus was broken. We were running late, so at about 2 in the morning, the bus driver finally pulled over to the side of the road somewhere in Belgium. I got out and made my way down into a cow pasture (careful to avoid the "piles") to a tree where I thought I could whizz discreetly. All of a sudden, about five teenage girls--they were all Czechs, I think--came running down behind me. They didn't see me by the tree, trying to get a little privacy. They just dropped their jeans and hiked up their skirts, lowered their panties, squatted, and pissed away loudly. I heard them giggle and chatter, and when they were done and all went back up to the bus, I finally got to pee in peace. In retrospec, it was kind of exciting to be surrounded by several peeing girls, but it was dark and couldn't see much, and at the time I just wanted to be alone!!

China Girl--Your posts are also very interesting. You talked about a "big chunk" that looked hairy and furry. That's really descriptive. Just how big was it?

Eric in Chicago--The boys who were trading stories about whose shit was the stinkiest were about nine years old or so.

Travelling Guy--Glad you liked the Japanese "toilet" lesson. Yeah, I'd say overall the Japanese are really polite. What I always liked about them was that they don't generally invade your personal space. I mean, the last thing any Japanese would want to do is cause you any discomfort or distress. They're really respectful of your privacy and personal property.

Well, since you asked, I can tell you a few things I know in Polish. I live in Poland now ( I'm an ex-pat Yank, in case you didn't figure that one out by now), and I've picked up a few words of "toilet lingo" here.

gowno (pronounced "GOOV-no" because I can't write the diacritical marks)--shit
kupka -- turds, poops (I think it actually means something like "little balls" or "droppings")
robic kupke (RO-beech KOOP-ke) -- to take (make) a poop
siusiac (pronounced "SHOO-shach") -- to piss
kibel -- (informal) the toilet, the loo
bak (pronounced "bonk", with the correct diacritical mark under the
'a') -- a fart

Somewhere I have a book of Polish slang which has lots of bathroom and toilet words. When I get a chance to find it, I'll share anything appropriate to this forum that I find.

I have a story to tell that happened just tonight. I was at the language school where I work and it was during a break. A girl (maybe late teens or early 20s) came out of one classrooms and gave her test papers to the secretary. She was kind of hunched over with her hand on her stomach and in a strained voice said something like "Musze isc do ubikacje", which means "I have to go to the toilet." Several of the teachers and other students were standing around when she blurted this out, so we got a bit of a chuckle from it. She darted upstairs and made a beeline for the loo. I didn't think she'd be in there long (we have just a "one holer", unisex toilet--God, I sometimes hate those!) Anyway, I didn't see her come out and it was almost time to start the next class. I had to take a quick piss so I went up to the bathroom. However I saw that the door was closed, the light was on ('cause we have a "fuzzy glass" window in the door) and someone was in there. I heard the toilet flush and waited a minute or two. When the door opened, it was the girl who'd so boldly announced her intentions to visit the loo! She ran back down to her class and I went in to do my business and noticed a slight poopy smell about the place. She obviously had to dump, but the smell wasn't one normally associated with "urgency" in the sense of diarrhea. It was more a smell of a poop like one you might hold in for two days--in other words, it had a kind of stale odor to it. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny that she had seemed so desperate about the whole thing that she had to announce it to everyone. I guess some Poles are also pretty open about their functions. I have some other stories which I'll share later.

I wish I didn't have these hang-ups about pooping in other people's toilets. In my kind of cultural set-up (or perhaps I've got it all screwed up) it's ok to pee not ok to shit. Here's an example of my dopey behavior. Last week I had to go to a big commercial photographer about some magazine we're doing at school. The idea was after the shoot two or three of the guys and I would go for lunch. Just before we left I said 'hey, I must just go to the bathroom'. Everyone understood a pee, so that's fine. Sit on the seat and start a good hiss, but the pressure brought a turd to the surface. I figure providing it takes no more time than a pee no one will know. Small hard knob was no more than a cork and a stream of soft shit followed. The moment I stopped peeing I stood up and wiped. The bowl was pretty smeared and I flushed. It left behind the heavy smear marks. But I didn't wait for the refill and flush again because that would give away my 'guilty' secret. I'd already taken a bit longer than I wanted so when I went out I rubbed my lips together as if I'd been putting lipstick on. The toilet door opens right into the passage where the guys were standing. I was embarrassed they'd get a whiff. Didn't care too much about who found my calling-card!

Is there anyone out there who can sympathise and understand this pathetic attitude?
love you all Anthea

hey ppl im back i live in virgina so those of u who now we go a piece of isibell ( sorry cant spell) so we didnt have power for 8 days and i only pooped like 1 time i think .i have a story about my poop yesterday. I was sitting on the sofa yesterday when i got i really bad like cramp i gusee and i thought it was just gas so i waited a minnute and tried to fart . So i tried to push but it only hurt more . So i walked up stairs and whent to the bathroom. I was ganna try the squating on the seat thing but i chaned my mind so i just sat douwn.i dontdont know y but i alwas put toilet paper on the sat because my ass kinda gets moisty .so im sitting on the toilet and i thry to push but it only hurt and i had the feeling it was ganna be diarria so the first picse comes out and its like 3 inches long and thin then a couple of soft balls .after that i knew it was ganna be watery.i push out some mushy watery shit. i figer im done but my stomach still hurts so i figued al just talk a shower since i also need to. i get in and let the hot water kinda masonge my stomach and the pain went away. Thats all for now folks i will have a nother storie for you all later .
P.S. hey carmilita i love your stories about u and your frineds.
To alethea i was just wandering r u black or white and i also love your stories.
and keep the stories coming ladies.Im out

Yo Ash D. i really liked ur story, i love herin bout girls takin a shit somewhere else besides the toliet.


Kate- I used to have a relationship like yours. My ex-girlfriend really liked to poo in her pants after she did accidently with me once. She did it quite frequently afterwards and I still fantasize about it to this day. Tell a story of a pants pooping incident.

I am watching BLUES on PBS. It starts out with a boy coming of age, about 12, amybe. The boy woke up asking his uncle for the toilet. It was an outhouse. He did not appreciate the smell. He closed the door and then later the camera showed the boy on the "toilet" with his blue jeans and white briefs around his ankle, while he reached for pieces of toilet paper to wipe himself. I'll bet he evacuated some large pieces from his bowels.

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