well like ive said before i have always wanted to poop my panties in public, soooo yesterday i got the nerve up to give it a try. i put on a pair of white cotton bikini panties. then i put on a pink tee shirt. i had to then decide on what pants to wear, since i really didnt want draw attention to myself i put on a pair of eddie bauer regular bluejeans that snaped around my waist in stead of lowriders. these jeans had a little room in the ass to expand, which i knew i would need later...LOL. i put on my ankle socks and my nikes. i got a big plastic bag for the seat of my car and i was off to the local CVS. i needed to go there anyways because i needed some female things. now i almost always have to use the toilet around noon and this was like almost 2pm. i had peed a few times, but i didnt let myself poop. by now i was almost cramping having to go. i got to the CVS and got myself together and walked in, i got to where i needed to be and bent down to get what needed. then at that point( the store was fairly empty except back at the pharmacy) i relaxed and my poop just came out. i felt my butthole open up and this hugh turd came out( very unusual mine poop is mostly soft and just piles up in my panties) which i could feel my panties tent out and my bluejeans. the turd slid down to the leg bands of my panties, so i pinched it off to keep it from going down any farther. since it pushed my panties down it just kinda flopped into my crotch. there was no stopping now. i made another push and the rest of this solid turd kinda poped out and then a flood of soft poop filled my panties. plus while i was pooping i peed a little and wet the crotch of my jeans. not to much pee but enough to wick up the front of my pants to make a wet spot that anyone could see. when i was done i could feel my jeans tighten from the poop expanding them. now i could have just left the store, but i dont mind a little humilation sometimes. so i picked up what neede and took it to the cashier. oh and course i smelled awful. the woman there was like middle aged she just said do you have a CVS card? i said yes and gave her my keys card. all the time she was looking at my expanding wettness wicking up almost to my waist. she didnt say anything, but i could tell she was a little put off from my smell. i paid her and left the store. i got in my camreo and sat down in my dirty pants. oh it felt soooo good. i drove home all nasty and dirty, it felt great! when pulled into my driveway my friend kaylee was there. i had no idea that she would be there, so when i got out of my car all she had to do was get a look at my wet pants and then she sniffed air. she took ahold of my arm and turned me around. by this time my jeans where plasted to my butt. kaylee said, oh amy!!! you went out and shit your pants didnt you. i just looked at her, yes i did and i loved it! she took me in my house and said well lets get you cleaned up. i just said okies, i like it when you help me. i stood there while she took my shoes off and then took my jeans off. she was like oh amy your so dirty!!! you nasty little bitch. after i got my jeans off. i said oh oh i got to go look. she let me go and i went the full length mirror. i turned and looked at my butt, yep just as i thought white cotton panties turned all kinda light brown not hardy a inch was left white. kaylee finaly got me and said ok girl lets get you clean up. she took me to the bathroom, where i had to part with my dirty panties and take a shower. okies thats all i got for now! jessica i loved your story and ash d sounds like you had some fun! loved reading your story.

Ash B and Jessica. Loved your stories; got me real excited.

The other day, I had the urge to go and, on impulse, I put on a skirt with no panties, and took a walk in some woods near my house. I was just walking down this path, and started pushing, and just let it come out behind me. I did feel sorry for the next person who might come along there, but it still felt great to do it so naturally and relaxed.

Jodi, where are you? I loved your post about India.

Also some more from Pantyhose Fan, or someone similar would be nice.

Gina XX

Ash D... Luuuurve the story... more please :-)

To Ash D
Hey dats a really cool story i like it, it fun to do things like that, trust me i know how fun it is to do something naughty. im also from australia also.

Clogged Carl
BLOCKED BRIGITTE, I can sympathize with your problem. Did the double dose of Correctol clean you out completely? If so, you must have really filled the pot. I use ExLax but can't say I like it much. Either it doesn't work at all or it works too well. I'm of the impression that Correctol is for females only. Can males take it, do you know?

Took a dump today at The Home Depot. I peeked under the stalls to check out how my neighbors were seated. The guy next to me had his feet straddling the sides of the bowl, on his toes, instead of in front of the bowl. His heels would rise slightly as he squeezed one out. The next guy over has his feet planted firmly on the floor, knees spread. His shorts and underwear were pushed down below the tops of his boots. He was wiping, and it looked like he was doing it from the front, based on how his knees would spread as he cleaned.

I've read the stories on using laxatives, and I must admit I like using prune juice to help move things along sometimes. I'll drink a glass at my dad's house and usually I've got something going on later in the day. It works well as a stool softener.

Friday, October 03 2003

the other day i was walking through town when i felt the need to go to the toilet for a shit i walked towards the public loos when i really needed a shit badly i knew i wouldnt be able to hold on so i walked up an ally way by an old shop i quickly pulled down my jeans and squatted first i farted then pissed for a bit but i couldnt poo i tried to push but nothing came out i peed a bit more then it all came out it was soft and long and cor did it smell i wiped with my bum with my knickers then throught them on top of my turd pulled my trousers up and crept out of the ally

To Ash D: Loved your story
To Jessica: Liked your story
To China girl: Enjoyed your story
To em dubya: Intresting story
To kate: Liked your story..thats cool what you and your ex used to do
To james: Liked your story about you and your son having an accident
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story about your cousin
To potty_hotty: Liked your story
To JacobG in Fla: Loved your story did that boy have to poop? what did he do? wait for a stall to open? or poop him self?

em dubya
Since I've posted a few times I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. I'm male and about 5ft 9in. I just about always wear jeans or (if it's hot) shorts and a t-shirt. I enjoy wetting my pants and, sometimes, pooping in them. I dislike the mess made by pooping in my underwear. As far as my toilet habbits, I usually sit (even if I just have to pee) because it feels better and I've also heard it helps "drain you out" more than standing. When I poop I usually hold it for a while then after I'm done I usually only wipe 2 or 3 times unless I had to squish it to keep it back or something like that.

I'd like to hear more psts about people who go outside, people in diapers, and just regualr stories of "I just pooped, so I'll tell you about it..."

Well, now you know more aobut me. Let me know what you think about my stories.

im a 15 year old female nice breasts and i've think you would say a nice curvy ass cause every time im in a line or crowded area my ass gets squeezed but i never fart unless im in a deserted area however this one time round bout christmas i ate loads of food and that night i got a huge pain itook a dump but the pain wouldn't go that night the pain got worse in the end my mum took me to hospital i was in agongy the doctor did tests but could find i was there 1h and bout 30 min then there was my mum dad tryoing to comfort me a doctor and a nusre who looked really yuong then the pain suddenly got ten times worse i nearly screamed the doctor role me on my side and said it might ease the pain then without warnig i let out a massive fart it lasted bout a minute once it had finish ithe pain left me the doctor smiled and said i just had a bad case og traped wind i was near crying the fart hurt so much after i started to get ready to go home and the nurse came in to check the beds and the doctor had said if u get the urge to fart just let it out so i let out a couple of loud farts in front of the nurse she said that all girls let off a loud fart sometimes so we laughed bout it

I first wanted to say to bryian and raging urophile that I enjoy your stories about girls peeing all the time . I have the very same fascination for seeing a girl pee but never get to actually see her as no girl [ since that one girlfriend of 11 months] has lasted long enough to ever get that close to. and so I usually try to see what it would feel like as a woman by sitting down to pee, both at home, and in unisex restrooms. these have to be some of most memorable experiences .

vermont pee - I was traveling around northern vermont and stopped at this country store with gas pumps to buy something to drink and , since I also had to pee bad I asked the woman " do you have a restroom here?" . she told me " sure, hon, it's in the back hall to the left of the cooler , straight down and the second door on the right. " and so I walked down opened the door and walked in,first put on the light, then closed and locked the door. it was just one bathroom, unisex of course, with just a toilet and a sink. the toilet was one of those older round front types with the water covering about 2/3 of the entire bowl from the back to about maybe 5-6" back from the front rim and the seat was allready down. [ it had many hard water stains, but the toilet was clean and flushed] anyway, so I first undid my belt and pulled down my jean shorts and underwear; then sat down[ aiming straight down so I'd urinate like a girl would? ] and began to pee. as soon as I began to pee, my urine stream began to make this somewhat loud " piddle" sound as it splashed into the bowl's water right about into the center but a little toward the front and i continued to make a steady piddle for at least 1 min and 15 secs, stopping for about 1-2 secs. then I resumed to tinkle for 1 more minute in two separate 30 sec tinkles, than almost stopped. I relaxed for like 3 secs, then gave it one more push and sprayed out the last of my urine down to the last few dribbles, which took 15-20 secs and sprayed the dry part then back into the water. having finally finished after 2mins and 40 secs total;I wiped, then got up to pull up my shorts and undies, and looked in the bowl. the toilet's water had turned a deep, bright yellow with only three small circles of very small foam swirls toward the front of the toilet's water spot and the paper right in the middle. then I flushed and watched it all go down.

new hampshire pee- I was on my way to mount washington and was passing through this small town close to gorham I think and had not peed in like 3 hours. it was hot that day but a bit rainy and so the dehydration kicked in and well, I did not have to pee that often. anyway, I stopped at this gas station/country store and asked the girl at the counter[ who was about 19 and cute] " do you have a restroom , please?" she said " yeah, back behind the cooler to the left, 1st door. and so, I went in to " go to the bathroom" , shut and locked the door. again, the seat was already down and the toilet bowl was one of those older 1950's/1970's round front types with the entire bowl filled completely with water from the back to right under the front of rim. I had to go quite badly by this time and so first I quickly unbuckled my belt, then undid and pulled down my shorts and underwear. [ I aimed straight down again to simulate how a girl would pee]then, I sat down and quickly began to pee; and my pee stream came out in a slow to moderate dribble[ like many women do I'm sure] and I could hear it " tinkle" as I urinated into the fresh, clear, toilet bowl water at a steady, moderate pace for about one min and 15 seconds. then it stopped briefly,[5 secs] only to continue tinkling for at least another minute, stopping after 30 secs,[5 secs] then resuming for at least another 45 secs in two sprinkling gushers which I could hear bubble and splash a bit into the water toward the middle-front. then it stopped, but I could feel more still in me, so I leaned foward and pushed hard and out splashed a few quick 10 second gushers and one big [25 secs.]of spraying stream in which I could hear my urine " spray" against the water. then a few last dribbles[ 15 secs in all] and quick jets into the water and finally, I was done after like about 3 minutes and 30 secs. ! then i wiped dry like any girl would, got up and pulled up my underwear and shorts, rebuttoned and zippered them ; all the while looking at the toilet bowl to see what I made. the toilet's water was definitely colored by my probally close to 50 oz. of urine which I tinkled into the water; the water had that bright yellow color of urine and wad of toilet paper, but no foam at all ! I would have thought that having held it that long and this being a concentrated urine, it would have made some foam; but NO foam at all. I flushed and some dude was waiting outside to use it next; wonder if he heard and what he thought.

When I was much younger I worked at a small college in the South. Our department used two buildings, both very old; the main one had only a men's room, no women's; however, the annex building had both men's and women's restrooms, and a covered causeway spanned the two buildings so that one could walk back and forth and stay dry in the rain. I worked at one time or another in both buildings. While working in the annex, I was frequently the last one to leave, so it was my job to check the place to see that all was well before locking up. One day I walked past the ladies' room and heard water running. I went in, turned it off, and noticed a toilet incompletely flushed; a large turd was partly visible down in the hole. I flushed it; it stayed right where it was. I went outside, picked up a sharp stick, went back in, speared the turd with the stick, and pulled carefully. It came back up intact, and I was able to lift it out and place it on a newspaper. It measured 14" long and was maybe 1.25" thick; it was dark brown, knobby, and hard. I took it outside and laid it in the underbrush. It took weeks to decay and dissolve. I had no idea who the donor was, but it was one of the largest turds I had ever seen. Another time a pretty student came out of the ladies' room shaking her head; after she was gone, I stepped quickly inside, smelled a fecal smell, and found a large turd, presumably hers, in one of the toilets. . . . As for my own pooping, lately it has been quite normal. Yesterday I went three times, the first one including a foot-long smooth turd and some much smaller ones. The second one, at work, consisted of three nice well-shaped turds; the third, however, was a little loose (but not diarrhea), probably from an excess of nuts that I had consumed the past couple of days. This morning I held off pooping for a while because I was busy, but then the urge came strongly. I went into the bathroom and could feel the tip beginning to push its way out, so as I lowered my pants I also raised the seat and let it emerge as I was going into a squat. Several semisoft pieces, quick and easy, went plopping in. I then re-lowered the seat, sat down, shaved, then wiped. As always when I can, for the last wipe I put a little dab of Noxzema on the toilet paper and rubbed it in thoroughly before poking the paper up into my anus and rubbing it around. That always makes it feel clean. . . . I ask again--any interesting experiences with stool samples out there?

Hi, everyone!

Lots of good stories lately! Special thanks to:

China Girl: Thanks for your continuing posts! You're becoming very popular here, and I too love your writing style! And I think your toilet secretly loves your turds (as I love your descriptions of them!),
but it's embarrassed when it has trouble swallowing them whole!

Jane & Gary: Glad to see you're still around, too! Keep us posted on all of your bathroom adventures! I've enjoyed reading yours for a LONG time!

Jessica: Thanks for posting the Judy story! It sure didn't disappoint!

Ash D.: WOW! GREAT first story! Excellent description. Please tell us more!

Carmalita: Where are you? Please post!!!

Ash D, post another story, that was pretty cool!


Does anyone of you like pissing or poopig at unusual places?

I love it to pee or shit in parks or in the garden of our nighbours.

Mystery Man 1
girls, please take my survey! thank you very much!!!!!!!
1. If possible, please give a physical description of yourself.
2. What foods make you pee?
3. What foods make you poop?
4. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?
5. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?
6. If never or sometimes for #5 or #6, why?
7. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
8. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
9. Generally, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?

Ash D
Hey! I'm new here. I'm 15 yrs old, female, 5'7", 125lbs, Aussie.
I love pooping so much, i was just searching on yahoo and this site came up, I've read quite a few posts and i have really "enjoyed" them all, especially the toilet stall ones!
I have a story of my own.
Last night i was home alone, on here reading when i had an urge to poop, i hadn't pooped in 2 days(usually go every day) It was definetley going to be big. I ignored the urge coz i was busy and always hold my poop to the last minute, it doesnt' bother me if i "accidentally" go in my panties.About an hour later i was still reading when the urge came back, but a lot stronger, it wasnt just and urge, poop was pushing on my asshole. I was slouched in my computer chair, in just panties and bra when my asshole actually opened up and poop poked out into my panties. I put my hand straight to my asshole and pushed the poop back in. I had to poop right there and then, there was no ignoring it this time. since i was home alone i felt like doing sumthing fun with my poop.
I walked in to the kitchen, hopped on to the counter and hung my ass over the edge hovering over the tiles. I slid my panties to my thighs and let rip a big booming fart. I let my asshole relax and that turd reappeared, it was fat and hard so it needed some encouragemant, but not too much, i wanted to enjoy it.I gave a little push and the poop was hanging out my butt. It was really fat and smooth, it felt really good.
It started moving on its own, it was slowly sliding out of my asshole. It seemed to slide forever,which was a good thing! Eventually it fell and made a huge slapping, thud sound on the tiles, i let out a long fart and started to push to get some more turds moving.
I could feel another fat turd moving inside me, it was coming fast and it slid out of my ass fast, landing on top of the first turd. The some thinner turds came out, making a pile.
I hopped of the counter and looked at my turds the first was about 12" long 3" wide. the second was about 7" long 2.5" wide and the rest were just snakes.
It hardly smelt at all. I scooped up my turds, they were warm and heavy. Took them to the toilet and dumped them in. I tore off a wad of paper and wiped my asshole, put it in the toilet and flushed.

Ash D.

Did you enjoy my post? Feedback please!

Hello everyone. I'm finally able to post another story of the camping trip. I'll remind everyone what Judy looks like...Judy is about 5'5 and maybe 120 lbs. She has shoulder length blonde hair and a very nice round butt and nice d cup breasts. I've never seem them but I wouldn't pass up the chance. Does she ever look good in a bikini! Well after dinner on the night we arrived, we had dinner (hotdogs) and then my brother and Rick built the fire. It was still daylight so we sat around the fire and chatted a while. I was talking to Judy about work when it looked at though she went to re-position herself on the chair and as she lifted her butt off the seat,"BRRRRNNNNTTTTT" She cut a huge fart. I couldn't believe my ears. She said, "Ahhh! Excuse me, that was a long day of holding my farts in and nw they need to be released" Thankfully she didn't do that in the car! Well anyway we continued chatting and JUdy was talking when all of a sudden she stops and says,"h I need to be unladylike again" And she lifted her one buttcheek off the seat and EEEERRRRRRRNNNNNTTTT! And then just continued talking. Over the following ten minutes I heard a few puffs come out of her and just as it was getting a little dark she said,"Well I had better go take a shit before it gets too dark.Would you mind showing me the washroom Jessi?" I almost died!!! Could it be true? My crotch was so wet it probably looked as though I peed myself. Well off we went her with the toilet paper andon the way she made on comment of how she really felt like she needed to shit now. So as we arrived at the spot I told her where Sherry and I pooped and she started unbuttoning her pants as soon as she walked off the road. She continued talking to me so I thought it was ok to stay. She pulled down her pants and panties and squatted. She hobbled around a little until she was comfortable and saod,"I think I'm ready now" and giggled a little. She sat there for maybe 1 minute with nothing happening and then she made a little sound like nnnph and I noticed her nose scrunch a little and ffffffrrrrtttt! fffrrttt frrrttt pop pop pop and I heard her poop start crackling out off her as she said"Ahhh there we go" Her poop grew to about 6" and dropped off with a splat. She sat there a little while longer and brrrrnnnttt ffffffffsssssstt. Man was she ever farting a lot!!!!! I heard another turd crackle out and plop on the ground. And she gave another ahhhh after. She started to pee and it trickled to a stop and she stayed squating. I asked if she was done but she said, "I don'tknow" And she started to push and let out another long fart. She then grabbed the toilet paper and started to wipe. She used one wad of paper then,"Ahhh...." And she stopped wiping and.....brrrrrnnnnntttt Crackling.....plop. Pop pop pop farting and then she said,"Wow." And finished her wiping, around her hip. She used two more wads of paper and then she pulled up her pants. I shown the flashlight at her poop and she had at least 18" and it was about 2" thick. I was astonished! It was all pretty smooth and a dark brown colour.I could smell it too so I asked,"Do you always poop like that?" And she said"Like how?" "Well that large and gassy?" And she replied,"Yes usually! Don't you fart as you shit?" And I said yes but you must really stink up your bathroom at home! And she said she does on occasion. I could not wait to get into my tent to touch myself after that episode.
PLEASE LADIES!!!! Can you post similar experiences??? I don't want to be the only one like this here!!!

Constipated Chick
Mystery Man, here's my answers to your survey

1. Do you always look at your turds before you flush? Yes
2. Have you ever not flush the toilet at a public place intentionally? Did you do it for a laugh? Or did you do it because your turd was gigantic and you had to amaze the next person? Yes, i had a huge turd and wanted it to be seen by the next perosn
3. A fantasy scenario: If you work late and before you leave, you always have BM. Suppose a janitor (male) said to you don't flush because I like seeing your turds while I clean the bathroom. Would you not flush to make him happy? Or would you report him for approaching you with an offer like that? I would flush cuz i have a bf that i love
4. How big was your smallest turd? How big was your largest turd?My smallest turd was probably 1 cm, my largest was 8.5 inches
5. If you're strictly a vegetarian, how smelly and how big are your poops? If you're a vegetarian with very little meats like chicken, how big are your poops and how smelly? im not a vegetarian

1. What foods make you pee? mountain dew
2. What foods make you poop? spicy mexican
3. Do you wipe after you pee? depends
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never? never
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?always
7. If never or sometimes for 5 or 6, why? d/k
8. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? find a bathroom, cuz i usually cant hold it
9. Girls, generally speaking, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? thongs cuz my bf like to see me in them

Eric in Chicago
Some dude: You really have to be careful about stimulant laxatives (which includes most of the "herbal" or "natural" laxatives like senna and cascara) when you've been constipated for a while, because they can make things worse afterwards. Using them once or twice is one thing, but if you use them frequently, your colon can become dependent on them.

For a short-term "flush out" it's better to use a saline laxative or prune juice (a couple glasses of it, not a couple teaspoons). For long-term use, fiber is about the only safe thing. Hint: if you're taking fiber for chronic constipation (say due to painkillers), you need to take some after *every* meal. If you don't, you wind up with alternating sections of soft and hard poop in your colon, and that's as difficult to pass as hard poop by itself. That's often the problem when people find that fiber doesn't work for them.

Of course I'm talking about true constipation here, not just not pooping as often as you think you should (true constipation is either fewer than 3 stools a week, or stools that are difficult/painful to pass). If you're pooping normally but just want to poop more because you like to, you can safely add fiber (though make sure you aren't supplementing to cover up a deficiency in your diet) and if you occasionally want to get diarrhea just for kicks, you can use prune juice, sorbitol-containing candy, or magnesium citrate (but doing it too frequently can cause electrolyte imbalances).

China girl
To CUTE ASIAN- Thank you for story. Also, what is your turd like? Are you Chinese too?

To BRYAN- Thank you, there will be more because it happen a lot with us.

To CURIOUS- I know what you mean about Japanese. I have a couple Japanese friends who are open about it.

For mention about diarrhea story (from saku or tired poster's question). I do have many from past, but most recent happened a little over 1 year ago. Me and bunch of girlfriends had dinner together at one of girl's house. We ate alot as usual but I thought something strange about lettuce. I saw fly on one but it was small fly that stay in same spot on lettuce. I had to pull it off. So, I really think lettuce was not clean well. Not too long after dinner, I was dying to use toilet, but my friend had one bedroom apartment and I was embarrasse to use only toilet. We were all just about to leave soon though, so I mention to my friend my problem and we go. It was terrible, because we were in car and had to drop people home first. I didn't want them to know that I was dying for toilet. So I try my best to be comfortable. I did well and told my friend to go to her house first since it was closer and her family was not home. When we get there, we run for front door. My friend unlock and I went right upstair to toilet. I leave bathroom door open around my friend so I just sat right on toilet. Just then, huge chunk just came right out immediately and powerful waterfall of chunks just flow out for quite a few seconds. I was pushing too because I need relief from the pressure. I just say "ahhhhhh." It was such relief since I hold for so long. My friend was coming upstairs but she just laugh and couldn't believe the noise. She say that the very first drop from first floor sound like something dropped on floor upstair. After first waterfall it was not over, second one came immediately and was also few seconds long. A third one came, but was lighter now, and the last one. I can't describe how bad smell was, and if toilet could talk, I bet it would beg me to get off. It was so dirty, chunky inside. The inside was covered by dirty splash marks and marks under seat as well. I flush until clean. What a mess to endure. The last to flush down was the big chunck that came out first. It look hairy, or furry, and look like big sloppy ball or something. Even when it go down, water still was a little brown, so I clean under toilet seat, than flush again. My friend say she going to pee downstair and I said go idea and that she should give this toilet a rest since it took a big beating from my butt. She laugh and say that smell was all over upstsair and part way down the stairway as well.

Kaleigh: Eat natural foods and not that junk.

Good to hear from you guys. I see things have not changed with you, Jane. Bless your heart. Going to the dentist can be an unnerving experience. I used to have nervous bowels and still do, if I anticipate some kind of oral surgery.
Punk Rock Girl: I hate enemas. I use natural laxatives and eat natural foods. The food is first.
China Girl: In high school, I brought home a girl from my class. We were in 10th grade. She was Cambodian and she was sweet. She was shy and did not speak much, except to me. She grabbed her stomach and pulled on me saying "toilet". I showed her the bathroom and she pulled me in with her. She pulled down her black trousers and white cotton panties to her thighs. I saw a painful look on her face. Then, I heard two splashes and then she said, "excuse me" and farted. She was silent through the whole thing. Then she urinated. She took toilet paper, wiped her vagina and then another piece for her anus opening, while standing up. Her dark brown stools were 10 inches long and an inch thick. I forgot her name. She was cute and we had some "experiences", if you know what I mean.
Britney C: My heart goes out to you. Neither did any of my athletic teammates or I ever suffered such a fate.

Chip eater
Hey I ate fat free chipsbut they usually don't give me the diahreah maybe its partially genetic plus I usually don't eat a whole bag (unless im like not taking my dexedrine) and I have been eating them for a long time.

That girl on the Newlyweds show is the pop singer Jessica Simpson. I saw this episode too and was going to post about it but i have'nt had time.

em dubya
hey all! I'm a new poster (since the last 2 posts I tried got lost in the server change.) I just came back from a school outing (we were in a bus.) On the way home, someone told the driver we should stop so people can go to the bathroom. He stopped at a gas station. About 15 (including me) people (about 7 of which were girls) came out of the bus. There was only one bathroom. The smell in there was horrible! At this pont, the guys left and the girls had to pee in the bathroom. It was kinda strange to pee outside with other people around, but we did. The girls didn't seem to be to happy about the bathroom. Well, maybe I'll post more later.

...that poopy piar of undies I hid in my dresser I barely use it...I hope nobody finds it....

Eric in Chicago
The Japanese openness about bodily functions is an excellent example of how geography can influence culture. When you've got over a hundred million people crowded onto a few small islands, people don't have a whole lot of personal space, and under those conditions being squeamish about the things that everybody has to do would be quite seriously dysfunctional. Much better to accept that the people next to you have to piss, shit, fart, and burp, and not only accept it but embrace it by treating it as something fun. It's actually the same reason that the Japanese have the kind of elaborate formal politeness rituals they do; they don't have the option of getting away from somebody who's annoying them, so they've developed coping strategies that work when you can't "get away from it all."

There's also the fact that Anglo-Americans have a religious tradition that teaches that the human body is basically evil and that one should overcome one's "carnality" (which everyone eventually does; it's called "death"). To a large extent, the economic advantage that Japan enjoyed in the 1970s and 1980s wasn't due to the Japanese working harder than Westerners (Americans have put in longer work hours than the Japanese for a few decades) but rather due to the fact that Japanese companies understand that people don't work like machines and don't expect them to. US and British companies, during the same period, tried to act as if profitability came from employees overcoming their humanity.

How old were the boys who were competing over whose shit stunk the worst?


hi i'm kate, 18, female, 120 lbs (for any of you who care to know) about 2 years ago, me and my (now ex) boyfriend played this game at his house. we'd hang out inside his house (usually in his room) talking, making out, but most of all we'd drink as much water and pop as we could. after about an hour or so we'd both have a pretty big urge to pee. we'd then go outside (we always did this in the evening when it was dark) and we'd go play something silly like hide and seek with each other. after playing for maybe 30 minutes i'd always get pretty desperete. then i'd confess to him that i needed to pee really bad, sometimes, we'd just run inside and go pee in the toilet. but other times, he would tickle me until i would lose control and pee my panties. now i of course knew that i would pee them most of the time and i didn't mind, it was actually quite fun, as weird as it sounds. hehe, but i wasn't always the one who got the most desperete, sometimes he would confess to me that he was going to wet himself if he didn't get to the toilet, and i would chase him down and do what i could to keep him from making it to the toilet. those were some good times, we only did it for a few short weeks, but it was a big turn on for me oddly enough. i even once pooped my panties when we did this little game, i'm not sure that he liked that very much though, but it was a huge turn on for much so that i still occasionally poop into my panties when i'm alone, it's great feeling. i just don't like the mess afterwords. well i hope ya'll liked that little post, this is my first time posting, i've lurked around for a little while, let me know what you guys think =)
ta ta

love kate

Hey China girl,
there seems to be some emnity between your butt and the toilet - with the toilet on the losing side ;o) Its funny to read about your butts toilet assaults, s don´t worry about it sounding weird
I am, btw, amazed at the size of your turds and the speed you´re expelling them - could you guess how large your biggest load ever was?
greetings to you and all the others here!

toilet sitter
To PRG, Great enema story you told about your constipation. I have similar stories like that also. Would love to hear more stories like that here. Have you ever tried using suppositories along with your enema. Maybe next time dont wait the four days and be so missserable. I will usually use a suppository first followed a while later with enema depending on results.The time spent on the toilet is satifying and I always feel so much better.
take care

In response to sonny's question. Yes I have had an accident in front of my son. I was having trouble pooping so I took some laxatives, I waited around and nothing, my son needed some lunch foods so we both went to the store. He is 9 by the way. We were shopping for a while when it hit me, the laxatives were finally working, a huge wave of gas hit me and I could not hold it, I farted for a minute, my son looked at me and said "dad are you ok" I said I needed to poop, we hurried down the isles towards the bathroom and before I got there a wave of poop came out and filled my pants, my son was behind me and saw it, he said "dad did you have an accident" I said yes, he then said "adults aren't supposed to have accidents" I said I know but sometimes we do. I went into the stall, my son wanted to help. I let him come in. He said "gross, this is like when I had that accident one time" He had a similar accident a couple months ago. He couldnt stand the smell and left my stall, he said he was going to look at the magazines. I cleaned up and came out. My son was sitting on the floor in front of the magazines, I walked up behind him and grabbed him to scare him, he scremaed for a second then said "dad I'm peeing" I held him up and sure enough he was wetting his pants, I scared the pee out of him. He was able to stop going but not after his pants were soaked. I held him in my arms to hide his accident, we left the store, got to the car and he said "dad since you had an accident I wont get in trouble for mine right?" I said no your not in trouble.
That was the one and only time I had an accident in front of my son, he had several in front of me of course.

China Girl, your references did not sound weird. You are actually quite entertaining.

Curious... Thanks for the lesson...

I met a Korean girl online once... She would talk about farting and surfing the net quite often. Once, she even said that shaving the butt crack makes cleaning easier.

I guess this is a reigonial thing. I grew up in Florida and spent a few years in private school. I was believing that girls never did a #2 EVER! Finally, when I was 15, I found proof to the contrary... By accident. I am 19 now, and I meet some girls that are called "Shameless shitters". They are difficult to find, so I value any conversation with them.

Punk Rock Girl

It's been smooth sailing down there for the last couple of days. Four normal, healthy dumps. I've heard of Zelnorm, but I try to stay away from drugs in general. Although I get constipated more often than I have bouts of diarrhea (thank God), it usually isn't bad. Just some straining involved. I rarely have trouble going, but every few months, I'll have a stubborn load that doesn't want to show itself. I'll go for a couple of days without a BM, then I'll finally dump a major load. But four days is pretty rare. I think I can safely say I dumped five or six pounds of shit in the toilet.

My cousin had me laughing my ass off this weekend, telling me how she shit her pants at a concert. She really had to take a crap, but was waiting until after the show. Well, there was a mad rush to get out and she got caught in the crowd. It wasn't long before her sphincter finally gave in and she shit her pants. Her friends made her ride in the back the whole HOUR LONG trip home. What a nightmare! It was funny when she told it, my version was kinda lame.

Anyway, not much else to tell. Have a good week, everyone!


a CURIOUS person
does anyone know how much ounces of poo the average diaper in US holds?

Today was so embarrasing!!!I was in the elevator at my friend's building, with 2 of my guy friends and one of my girl friends. One of the guys made me laugh, and i really had to i pissed my pants right there!!! My friends noticed and just started laughing, and then one of the guys grabbed his dick cuz he almost pissed his pants too....but it was funny still.

JacobG in Fla
Hi Byrian, I'm glad you liked my story. No, I didn't see his poop (he flushed) and I didn't check the stall because I wanted to get back outside so I could hear what his friends might say about all his yelling.

This past weekend at the mall, I went into a restroom. It has one urinal and one stall and the walls are highly reflective. While standing at the urinal, I could see the reflection of a guy sitting on the toilet. His hands were on his knees. Apparently, he just finished shitting because I saw him roll off some toilet paper, reach back and spread his butt cheeks, and start wiping. About that time, a boy about ten years old came in, walked up to the stall, and started pushing on the locked door. I heard the guy say "occupied," but the boy started crawling under the stall feet first. As he crawled under, he was facing me. I could hear the man saying something, but I couldn't understand it. I thought the man in the stall might be the boy's father. But as soon as the boy got in, I heard him gasp out loud, then apologize to the man. He crawled back out very quickly. Poor guy, he had such a look of total shock on his face. I guess he didn't hear the guy say "occupied." I walked out into the store, passing a well-dressed attractive woman. I stopped and turned around because she seemed to be walking toward the men's room, not the women's room. I was shocked to see her walk right into the men's room. I thought maybe she was the boy's mother, but a moment later, she walked out red faced and with a look of total horror and shock on her face. She held her hand over her mouth and looked so embarrassed - almost like she was going to cry. She looked at the "Men's" sign on the door, hung her head, then quickly walked into the women's room. It was amazing that within a minute, I saw two people, obviously so preoccupied with getting to a toilet, that they didn't pay attention to important details.

Traveling Guy
Thanks to everyone who let me know that I'm not the only one who's getting a "broken image" symbol instead of the masthead pic.

My last post, with replies to Doug PhD and Punk Rock Girl, didn't make it. Lie your "volcano" description, PRG.

Curious: Thanks a million for the exotic Japanese vocab lesson. I'm going to print it out. There are Japanese (and other Asian) people among the population I work with. At the first chance I get, I'm going to try out their openness about bodily functions by bringing up the topic in some clever but appropriate way. The rest of us may have an exaggerated idea of the Japanese as workaholics, but is it true that they are extremely polite people? If so, that makes their openness about toilet matters seem very honest and healthy.

Are there any other toileteers here who care to share some toilet vocabulary with us in another language?

No Name - Thanks for sharing something that must be hard to retell. It sounds like the hole, under those unhealthy conditions, is something that ought to be outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment. I'm glad to hear the conditions are a litle better now. I suppose prison authorities would never give up using such a threat altogether.


I think it is mean for your family to make fun of you having to use laxatives to "keep on a regular schedule". They should be more considerate.
I agree that some of these laxatives are quite harsh and can make you get up early, go into the bathroom and "blow up the toilet".
Most of my girlfriends who take laxatives also have to go more than once after the first purge.
What laxative do you use now, and do you take it at night? Do you need more than the usual dose?
I use Correctol now. But I have a very stubborn system and often need to double or triple the dose.
If you don't have to leave the house and go to work, I would suggest taking the laxative at a more convenient time.
Have you tried something more gentle?
All the best,

To Kaleigh: Welcome...i liked your story
To China girl: Enjoyed your story
To No Name: Intresting story about jail
To Kitty: Liked your story
To KT: I think i had seen part of that show your talking about...if im not mistaken that was Nick Laye(sp...from 98 degrees) and mandy moore pooping...i think
To cute asian: Liked your story
To saku or tired poster: I haven't heard that about kelly osborne....intresting thought
To Rhonda: liked your story...intresting..and thats funny about your son.
To Joe: Loved your story....i always love them cause you got good ones.
To MEAt-LoVeR-galz: Loved your story...sounds like you have a nice b/f
To Annie and Robby: saying hi back
To unnamed poster: who pooped in weird positions...intresting.
I just thought of day last week around 8pm there was some show on nickeledon for was about going back to school and there was this part about this oriental kid who went to his locker and he kept saying some word....i forget what the word was but i know it ment he farted and the others commented on the smell etc...intresting and it was intresting what they put on tv for kids

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