Hi, I'm real new to this. I'm a girl, 115 lbs, blond hair, 17. I ate a whole bunch of fat free prengles one day, and I figured out that there was a chemical called Alestra in it. Its a warning label that says "may cause loose stools and abdominal cramping. Well I ate a thing of them one day, cause i didn't eat anything else. The next day I woke up, felt like my stomach hurt but didn't shit, cause i figured it was gas. Well about 1:00 into the school, i asked the teacher to go the bathroom. It was that bad! She said hurry, I said alright. So I called my mom to see if she could pick me up and let me shit at the house, cause i can't do it at public places, especially our school. She wasn't home! Her cell phone was off! I didn't know what to do, so I hid in the bathroom, sat against the wall and kept calling her. Thank god one of my friends came in, I explained the situation to them, and they said I could use their car to go to my house. I snuck out of school, but I suddenly got this major cramp and I still had to walk two blocks! I hurried, but it was no use. I definitely shit all in my pants. I didn't help that I had underwear on, it was completely in my pants. I wobbled back to the car, went home, had another accident on the way. I had never had an accident before, it was disgusting and hot. I don't know how anyone could like it. I got home, changed into some white hollister shorts that i definitely shit in cause i couldn't make it to the bathroom on time. They were ruined, but i wore underwear insted of thongs by this point. my mom finally got me some diapers, cause i clearly wasnt making it to the bathroom in time. i refused, but after ANOTHER accident, i caved in. I slept in it, and shit myself twice that night or more. I was just too lazy to change it. Moral of the story, don't eat fat free prengles. or if you do, be near a toilet if you wanna shit yourself silly. or if your one of those ppl that like accidents, eat a can then after a couple hours, go on a walk. whatever, i hated shitting myself. peace

China girl
I post again because I had other turd this morning. It wake me up maybe because I ate late last night again. So I sit proud on toilet to get ready and dump my unpleasant gift. First though, was not turd. A big fart come out, very loud and deep for like 4 second. It wouldn't be that easy though, toilet will have something to endure. So I peed and after, my hole open while tiny air farts come out and meat sound of turd. As usual, it shoot out so fast that my hole hurt a little at highest point of opening. Turd did not hit water, but land on the back inside of toilet (water level is lower) and make big bump sound. Of course my smell take over bathroom. I sit for minute on toilet to make sure my butt done throwing up. A few tiny plop came out but that all. So I get up to wipe and I see a big huge pile of turd. Not long, but a big thick pile of mush. It was sliding down from back toward water. I watch it while I wipe and as it slowly hit water, water get a little darker. In meantime I put ton of paper in cause butt was hard to clean. Toilet get wake up call this morning as my butt picks on it once again, and it must endure another powerful drop. Oh, I hope my references to toilet don't sound weird. It is my creative way of looking at situation. I am a little embarrassse about it but this is only place I can make reference to it. I believe too that it is the best circumstance to take turd when there is toilet to accept it. So, I go and flush and toilet mix pile. Water look like thick chunk stew as it go down. A big streak stay in back of toilet where pile landed but I just close lid to signal my butt's defeat over toilet as it is enduring another nasty drop. Ok, thank you.

No Name
I've been on this site a while now, I'm 44. I read a post earlier about someone doing time in the hole, and someone asked about how other prisons hole's are. Well, from what I hear, and from experience, they are in Texas State. That was back in the late 70s when I was there. Now the hole is more civilized and regulated. The one time I went there, a guard and I got into it over something small, and we were cussing at each other. Then he spits in my face! So I push him back naturally. But we're not suppose to touch the guards, so I got 2 weeks. They would always give people weeks like it was candy. They led me down an elevator and it was underground, and there were lightbulbs dangling in the hall, and all the doors were solid metal. You couldn't hear a thing. SOme of the slots were open, and you could smell shit and body odor real bad. They took off my prison shirt and my shoes and socks. Then they opened the door, and a guard pushed me in there. Immediately I was struck buy the horrible odor of shit! There is a drain in the floor that nothing can fit through, and that acts as the toilet. The guards control them all from outside the cells. They never use them unless someone like a health inspector was coming, and that was once in the 6 years I was there for. The cell was about the size of a queen-sized bed. watery shit and piss and other fluids flooded the floor. My feet were already warm from standing in it. There was no place on the floor that was clean. ANd the hole as a toilet only acted as a door for bugs. Cause I felt the hole in between my toes, and shit squished through my toes, and I felt all sorts of bugs just crawl away. I sat in there, in total darkness until they brought me my meal. It was a loaf of carrots, brockley, cabbage, beef, gravy, cheese, soggy toast and some tomatoes. It was ghastly, but I couldn't live without a meal since you only get one a day. I ate it, but the first night I got diarrhea! It was from the loaf, cause i'm lactose intolerant. I didn't know it was cheese in it, someone told me that later. Well I shit my brains out! I did that every day of the week! I shit so much, my butt was so sore, but I was getting covered in so much shit. I'd be covered if I just sat there. And bugs and a mouse in one instance would always f??k with me when i tried to sleep. It was horrible. Not that I'm the only one who's ever been to "the hole" in prison before, but I did have DIARRHEA in the hole, and thats what this forum is about. give me some feedback or questions.

Awww, poor Britney C, I know exactly how you feel! I've shit my pants before too, and it's no fun! Espically when it's infront of a group of people or a group sees you wandering around with shit panties! My worst experience was a few months ago, when I was at a horse show. (I love show horses.) Anyway, I wasn't competiting this time around, just watching, but it was still out of state. I planned on staying at a motel that nightand coming home the next day, so I had a change of clothes and some PJs.
Anyway, about an hour into the show I started to feel sick. I knew it was diarrhea. Problem is, the porta potties were about two football fields from where I was. It was miserable, I was in pain and walking quick while trying to contain a ton of watery, mushy shit is not an easy task. To top the deal off, I was wearing tight blue jeans and it was HOT! I kept having to stop and regain control of myself. Well, I finally got to the porta potties, and amazingly there wasn't a line. I dashed into the nearest one, flipped the lock and unbuttoned my jeans. I thought I was gonna be lucky and make it, but my luck ran out right there.
My toilet was in sight, all I needed to do was pull my pants away and sit. But, as fate would have it, my zipper got stuck! I was to desperate at the time to be mad, but I was furious when it was over. I struggled with the damn thing for about five minutes. Finally my body gave in and chunky, watery shit started pouring in the seat of my pants! I was furious and crying, but just kept shitting! After about thirty seconds, I stopped filling my pants, but they were weighed down and had changed brown. It was hot and runing down my leg. Well I finally unzipped my pants and sat on the pot for another wave of diarrhea.
After I cleaned myself as best as I could, I headed for my car. Some people were sypatheic to me, but most were jerks! they teased me and laughed at me! Anyway, I got to my car, and since noone else was around, changed into my other jeans.
Well, to shorten the rest of the story, I did exactly what you did Britney C. I shit myself again on the way to the hotel. After I showered, I put on my PJs and had several bouts of diarrhea in the toilet this time! I woke up at like two AM needing to go and I stumbled for the pot, but I didnt make it and I HAD ANOTHER ACCIDENT! I hate shitting my pants!

Hello all, its been awhile since i posted. I m glad to see the forum back to normal for the time being. Anyways, the other day I was watching MTV s show Newlyweds. On one of the episodes, they had a couple that were outside their home. The woman which was about 23 or 24, excused herself from her husband to go back inside their home.They showed her heading to the bathroom. It showed a brief scene of her on the toilet with her making faces. A few minutes later, her husband came inside to check on her. He called her name, and she answered from the bathroom. He went towards the bathroom and she told him that she would be out in a minute. A few seconds later, she flushed the commode, and open the door. Her husband was making fun of her because she had took a shit and it stunk pretty bad.Later on they had company and her husband was joking to his buddy about how bad his wife stunk up the bathroom. He had a bottle of pepto bismol and he told her to take it which ewbarrased her. Her husband later apologized, and she told her husband you know you love my stinky ass. I thought was pretty cool for a fine young female to take a shit on TV

I liked the pic of the girl with the thong at the garbage can.These posts have been held until the site was fixed.
Sarah: 1. How do you ladies poop so big? Lots of women produce huge movements. See earlier posts. My cousins, girlfriends and I are prime examples.

2. What does your diet consist of mainly that makes your poops so thick? Lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, raisins and water.

3. Did you always poop big? I used to then, I was getting for awhile these thin stools. Since I cleaned up my diet and detoxified my intestines, I am getting them thick.

4. Do the thick turds come out easily if you're not constipated? Yes, because I my intestinal tract is clean and I eat lots of roughage.

5. Do any ladies have light brown turds? Yes, I mine were light brown this morning because, I ate cheese yesterday.

Michael M. and Noreen: There is no excuse for a second grader or a teenager messing themselves. I would nver think of doing such a thing. If you think that your daughter has an emotional problem, get her checked. Her friends are going to ruin her socially. My cousins' have children-boys who are not toilet trained and they are school-age. They do not wipe themselves when they defecate. They are disgraceful. I was a day camp counselor and I threw kids out of my camp for that. I wet myself in kindergarten, second and seventh grade. That was a misunderstanding between my teachers and I. But, I should have gone when the urge was great.

Open Door Policy

1.) Do you have an "Open Door Policy" at your house. I live alone. I sometimes have a male or female lover. I am bi-sexual. I resepct anyone's privacy. If they open the door to me, then I am open to them. I have on occasion opened my bathroom door or allowed a partner in with me. My female cousins and I are open to each other.

2.) What's the soonest after hooking up with someone that you kept the door open? Sometimes very shortly, same day.

3.) Any ideas on what percentage of couples maintain an Open Door Policy? I know couples who share the bathroom intimately. I have had them in my house.

4.) How do you best approach it; just do it, discuss do you open up the subject? My female and male lovers and I have been open to each other. See my earliest posts.

Curious: 1. What is the average size of your big poops? (length, diameter) 6-12 inches long, sometimes an inch in diameter.

2. How often do you poop to make such big dumps? (I mean, do you go everyday, once a day, twice a day; or if by going every other day or once a week, whatever, do they get bigger? I assume if you poop everyday or several times per day that your dumps wouldn't be so big... )

3. What color are these dumps and what texture are they? (firm, hard, knobbly, smooth with cracks, stringy?) dark brown, firm, some times stringy or loose.

4. What is your load like? (nuggets or balls that fall out like horse poop, long logs, short logs, blobs, carrot shaped turds that taper off at one end, or a combination of these??)a combination sometimes, or long/short logs.

5. What do you (normally) eat that would allow you to poop so big? leafy green vegetables, seeds, meal and meat.

6. Do you pass gas/fart when you poop? If so, do you do it before, during or after you poop? Yes, sometimes before during and after. During and after frequently.

7. Have you ever watched yourself poop in the mirror, taken a picture or video of yourself "in the act", or let someone watch you push out a mega dump? I have seen my self on a door mirror and I have let my friend or lover watch me.

8. Can you normally feel a big poop inside your vagina, and does having a tampon inside, having intercourse or going to the gynecologist (if you haven't pooped) affect this in anyway? One does not have to do with the other. I used to go to a GYN when I was in junior high and high school for shots because I was developing awkward. Before I would let her see me, I would use the office toilet for a bowel movement.

9. What is your age ? (You don't have to state your age if you don't want to) 43 and pround of it. I look good.

Must have more stories especially people who are new I love especially emily.

China girl
To JEAN-I do get those skid marks sometime, but I wash my panties under sink sometimes to keep them in good shape. Sometime my mother does that for other small clothing too.

To STUDENT- My brother would sometime use computer in my room while I take turd. A couple times he comment on turd since he could here hitting toilet and he had to endure smell sometimes. He's pretty conservative and he says it is gross. I would tell him at least he's not the toilet and it can be worse. It is funny now because if I go to toilet and he uses computer, after I drop turd I here him walk out. He doesn't come in room for my computer much anymore though.

cute asian
i was walking out of school today and i felt the need to pee (badly) so i wedged the main doors open, took off my skirt and thong, hid behind one of the doors and started to pee, it made a loud splashing noise, about 30 seconds into my pee people started coming through the main doors i tried to stop the splashing but i needed it so much i kept going. the last person passed i thought i was going to make it but then out came a teacher, picked up my skirt and thong and took them inside, so i was stuck there half naked. but thank god for my cell-phone, i called my little sister told her what happened and in a mere 45mins(she got lost) i was wearing a very small tight pair of light blue shorts with dark blue dribble marks underneath.

Have you ever had an accident in front of your childs?
What was their reaction?
What was yours?

Old Poop - welcome back! Glad all is goin betta. Maybe you'll tell us more of your college days...

when i was 3 i pooped in my

saku or tired poster
i've been trying to post at least three times now and none of my post have gone through. i don't know if mine are "good enough" or what but i'm gonna try again:

before i make any request, i thought i'd share something that's been going around. it's probably old news to you all, but kelly osbourne got food poisoning from a dinner at elton john's house. she said she had the shits for two days. also, has any1 seen the imodium commercial with the woman in the in the music store? i hate commercials but i like that one but they hardly ever show it.

now onto my request: are there any women who have stories of having diarrhea from somehting they ate? i mean i know there's the old posts, but are there any recent stories you all could tell? so that's my request and i hope this gets posted and responded.

To Punk Rock Girl: Saying hi back..sure did brave the still here...liked your story too

To Britney C: Loved your story...did you get in trouble since you were in the elevator and it got stuck and i'd imagine you were gone for a bit? did any one wonder? i had a diahreaha accident once.
To China Girl: liked your story about pooping with your friend in the bathroom.
To Jacob G in Fla: Loved your experence....did you see his poop or any thing? or check the stall after he left?
To Traveling Guy: Yeah im getting a broken image too...i thought i posted on it but i guess it didn't go through
To Student: liked your story about your g/f
To Jane (& Gary) about dentists...maybe its something they use or the smell or you get nervous.
To Eric in Chicago: Liked your stories
To SirFartsAlot: Liked your story from the beach
To oldpoop: Enjoyed your story
To Susan: Enjoyed your story
I got some more stories...last night when i went to bed there was something on primetime about about dirty hotel rooms. They found urine stains(and other stains) on the carpet and shower. They used black lights to detect the stains.....i could see the peeing in the shower...i think alot of people pee in the shower... any way....

i got up this online then about 15 min after being on, i had to poop...i hadn't pooped since tue or wed. I sat down and pushed....i heard/felt 3 plops in the toilet...then i stood up and saw 2-3 logs in the toilet the one was the begining which broke off then there was the middle that was connected to the end by an all ended up breaking probably would have been 10 inches total. It was really light brown, i was trying to think what i ate to cause that color...usally its a little bit darker

I'm 42, married with three sons. I have to take laxatives to stay on a regular schedule, and the laxatives cause very powerful runny or loose motions, gassy and also very AUDIBLE movements! My husband and sons seem to enjoy making fun of me when I'm in the bathroom each morning. My husband tells the boys things like I'm "blowing up the commode" and my youngest son does a "bronx cheer" in his drinking glass to imitate the sounds I make when I'm in the bathroom! They think it's funny. I usually go very first thing in the morning before anyone else is up, then usually two more times while everyone else is awake. Sometimes they sing the "diarrhea song" directed at me! I've tried going without laxatives but I get so constipated. I never needed laxatives before having children.

Nice to see that this site is creeping back to life. It's really a privilege to have such a well moderated site for people to share topics related to bodily functions.

Travelling Guy--I, too, am getting a "broken grapics" symbol at the top of the page, so you're not the only one. Glad to hear you liked the "kaiben" term. I remember I was in a department store in Tokyo with a friend of mine once. I'd just returned from the men's restroom where I had seen a huge turd that some dude left behind. I commented on it to my friend who told me that such a monster turd is sometimes referred to as "kaiben". The term isn't "standard" Japanese, and I wasn't able to find it in any dictionaries, which leads me to believe that it is a pretty idiomatic expression. My dictionary translates it as "f I stand correct, I believe that the "a convenience" or "facilities", but it also means "bowel movement". For example, the word "benri" means convenient, while "fuben" means inconvenient, but "shoben" litterally means "little convenience" or "urine", while "daiben" menas a "large convenience" or a bowel movement. In the case of kaiben, I believe the "kai" prefix means "time" or "a round". I remember that buses in Japan which do a loop or a belt route around the city used the character "kai", so I came to think of a "kaiben" as a big poop that goes completely through you, makes the route, so to speak, and cleans you out. I'm not 100% positive, however, if this "kai" is exactly that. I've never seen the word written in the Chinese characters, but I know enough Japanese that I am pretty certain this is the case.

The Japanese, for all their workaholic stiffness that we imagine them to be, are not at all stiff about bodily functions. In fact, I found that quite the opposite is true! They're quite open about bodily functions, far more than most Brits or North Americans are. Once I was teaching English to a group of children and one little girl lifted her butt off the seat and farted loudly. She giggled and said something like, "Oops. I farted!" I was kind of shocked because when I was a kid in school, you never farted in front of a teacher if you could help it. I never farted in front of any adults except my parents, so I would have died to have done it even acidentally in front of a teacher! This little girl seemed very delibereate about it. Another time I was teaching a group of boys and had given them a writing activity to do. As they were working, they were talking about one another's shit. I caught just bits and pieces of their conversation, but it was funny because they were trying to decide who had the stinkiest dumps. I wish I had recorded them and translated their conversation. It was just so natural and uninhibited. I also remember a textbook I used which taught vocabulary words for medical problems (sore throat, earache, toothache, cold, etc.). It also taught things like diarrhea and constipation, and to illustrate constipation, there was a cute cartoon of a bear standing outside a toilet holding his stomach. There were lighting bolts coming from his stomach, and he had the most grimacing look on his face! And even adults are pretty open. I often heard adults belching or farting, albeit discreetly, in public.

Well, so I have a few more Japanese words for bodily functions to share here (as requested by Travelling Guy):

shoben -- urine, pee, number one
daiben -- feces, bowel movement, number two
kyoku(ta)daiben -- an extremely fat poop
unko -- poop, poo (this is the common slang term)
unchi -- another slang term meaning "poop". It's often used by kids.
oshikko -- pee, piss (This is the common slang term for number one and is frequently used by
kids, too)
shi shi -- the onomonopoetic word for peeing (also used by kids)
onara -- a fart
buu -- the onomonopoetic word for a fart (whereas we might make a raspberry sound to
indicate a fart, the Japanese use "buu"
kuso -- meaning "$h!t"
benpi -- constipation
geri -- diarrhea

Hope you enjoyed the little Japanese "toilet" vocab lesson, and keep the posts coming!

SirFartsAlot: What kind of bathing suit was it? Speedo?

wetguy: any lyrca stories? speedo stories? uniformed stories (I.E. Baseball,Soccer?)

I had this interesting incident happen at the ymca. I was 13, and went into the locker room myself. I was "shopping", looking for other stuff that boy's had used. I poked around for a while, and found a nice tight speedo, red with white strips. They were still a little damp. I put them on, and then "faked" a accident. I actually had to go poop, so I walked around for a while, even went into the pool a couple of times, and then went near the exit of the pool, then started hopping around, complaining of having to go poop. The lifeguard told me to hurry to the bathroom, so I hopped out, and "paused" I suddenly moaned, and started "crying" I opened my anus, and saw all the poop flowing into the suit. I ran screaming to the bathroom, stuffing the kid's suit with diaherra. I really packed it in. A huge bulge appeared as I ran to the bathroom, on the otherside of the pool. People looked at me, and some kids also laughed at me. I then finished emptying my bowels into the boy's speedos, and emptied it all out, then went to the showers, and cleaned it. I then put it back into the locker I found it in, and then changed into my swim trunks: soccer shorts. About 20 minutes later, a boy comes out, wearing the speedos I had my "accident" in. You could see the stain, I didn't wash out completely. He gets in, and we start talking. We find out that we are both the same age. About 10 minutes later, he says, I have to go to the bathroom. He lifts his butt above the water (shallow steps) and before he gets out, he starts pumping poop right into the speedos I just had before! He starts wildly shaking, and dropping chunks into his speedos, then they start falling into the water. The lifeguard throws him out, and he runs to the bathroom, stuffing his speedo with poop. He really dropped a whopper into his pants. I have to admit, I felt turned on by this. My butt was tightly wedged into this pair of speedos, and here he is, stuffing his butt into it, taking a poop into the same pair! I later wondered, how many times did he not control himself, and wildly poop into his speedos?

camp counselor? I would love to hear more stories of incidents.

Punk Rock Girl. I'm glad to hear that 'liberation' came at last, even if you did have to resort to drastic measures! Hope you're feeling better for it.

Blocked Brigitte. I hope that you're soon 'unblocked' and back to having regular motions soon. Let us know how you get on.

jean. Skid marks are quite commonplace and I think a lot of people have them from time to time without there being an obvious cause. I find the best solution is to line my underpants with a couple of tissues when it happens. It's not 100% effective by any means but I have found it helps to minimise the problem.

Traveling Guy. Like you, I haven't seen the masthead for a few days either. Maybe it's something to do with our ISP's or where we're in the world at present.

My bowels have quite productive the last few days. I dropped a big load last night and another big one this morning.



That has been a long time since i posted my last story!!! do you still remember me??
hahaha.. no problem

here is my story.....
YEsterday i was eating with my friends because she had such a big birthday party in a large hotel..
that place is soooo big and exclusive and maybe is specialized for the upper class people who have much money..
If i may tell you maybe that place teach us how to be carnivoras because do you know the food?? all kin'of meat you can
find there.. i ate many and so many and i couldn't imagine it!! some fresh fish, guritas, pork, sheep, beef, turtles were all easily fell into my stomach
!! i was so sorry to them but i hav no choice..they kept making my saliva gland could't stop producing saliva and mucus because they're simply so delicious!!
That was the first time i eat gurita and turtle and they were nice. I think japanese are clever bcoz of their food!!

In the night i reached my bed and felt sooo full!! full of "them" and they made my hungry stomach better. as i remember at
the first time when i hadn't reach that place my stomach were making some noise bcoz i was hungry.. my stomach maybe needed some
fresh animals come into "her" killing stuff" (hahaha so hiperbola!).. then i slept

In the morning i felt my stomach had a pain. I couldn't even handle it and i started to cry..
i called my boyfriend to come to me and help me so he came. he asked me if i was ok and i said no
maybe i might get into my toilet and empty my bowel. so my boyfriend help me and accompanied me into my private toilet.
when i sat on my "throne" tons of solid turd coming out like a machine gun!! Blop blop brraaaapp plonk plonk plonk and in a second
my toilet was full of that brownese thing i had produced!! i was feeling better and my boyfriend was happy!! so did i!
he rubbed my stomach and my solid turd kept coming out until it ended its work.. he wiped my ass and i leave my toilet unflushed!!!
do you know why?? i love to make my maid "happy" so i always order her to check in my toilet if there are any my turd and jobbies left.
i always order her to pay attention to my shit and make a summary hahahaha!!! THATS WHY I PAY HER!!!

See ya!!!
Good bye all!!!!


Annie and Robby
Hi all! We seem never to get back this forum for a long time. Hope we can stay around more often. Sarah S, Robby's daughter, was over to the new house Robby had purchased and needless to say she had to poo. She sought out the nearest loo(bathroom), pulled down her jeans, sat down, and started to strain. Robby, her sister Meghan and myself, heard her grunt with gusto!! It sounded like a bull moose in heat. Well, we finally heard this big plop, plop. There was an audible sigh of relief. She came out and said;"Damn, I'm glad that is over"! Meg was already doubled up with laughter and we followed. For the new people here Robby and I are cousins and Sarah S and Meghan are his daughters. We have posted regularly in the past and it was in March that we started getting dreadfully busy and couldn't write as much as we wanted. We have numerous poo and pee stories that have been told in the past and we might re-tell them for the new crowd. We want to say to JANE AND GARY- I find that my work place doesn't work well for my bowels either,LOL! I find that I have to poo at least 3 times a day. We are glad you are doing well. Love, Annie and Robby. A BIG HELLO TO CARMALITA-HI BABE! RIZZO, PV-WHERE ARE YOU, BRYIAN, ADRIAN, UPSTATE DAVE, SARAH, TIM AND SARAH, HEATHER, EPHERMAL, JESSICA, AND ALL OF THE OLD AND NEW POSTERS HERE. ALSO, TO OUR ABSENT FRIENDS; INA, KENDAL AND ANDREW, STEVE AND LOUISE AND LINDAGS.


Today after reading a random post, I pooped my undies in the bathroom for fun.Welll this site makes pooing yourself so fun well, it was too tempting. I sat on the toilet and just started filling it.It felt so good! What a turn on!

Punk Rock Girl
You probably have IBS with constipation. You should take Zelnorm.

On this site I heard of a thing called whemying well I have done such a thing in the past. About two years ago I always tried to hold my stool for as long as possible then go into the bathroom to poop in wierd positions for example "the bridge" or "backwards strech". I also did other "disguisting"(considered disguisting by most people but ill tell it anyway since its a tiolet site)things like once I pooped in a cup another time I stuck tons of tp up my ass...but it more pianful than pleasureful so today I don't do it anymore unless there was some easy way to get rid of at least a tiny bit of the pian.

Some dude
Dear really constipated people,
Have you tried overdosing yourself with magnesium and fiber whenever I get the runs It is usually due to an overdosing of magnesium. If that doesn't work get some stimulant laxitives. I tried one once and i really felt clean sort of...of course laxitives vary so try to get as many stimulant or non-stimulant if you can. Then try them all out to see what you like best!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Mystery Man

A mini survey for the ladies! 1. Do you always look at your turds before you flush?
2. Have you ever not flush the toilet at a public place intentionally? Did you do it for a laugh? Or did you do it because your turd was gigantic and you had to amaze the next person?
3. A fantasy scenario: If you work late and before you leave, you always have BM. Suppose a janitor (male) said to you don't flush because I like seeing your turds while I clean the bathroom. Would you not flush to make him happy? Or would you report him for approaching you with an offer like that?
4. How big was your smallest turd? How big was your largest turd? 5. If you're strictly a vegetarian, how smelly and how big are your poops? If you're a vegetarian with very little meats like chicken, how big are your poops and how smelly?
Thanks for all of your answers! Looking forward to reading them.

Ladies if u haven't heard, please take my survey!

1. What foods make you pee?
2. What foods make you poop?
3. Do you wipe after you pee?
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?
7. If never or sometimes for 5 or 6, why?
8. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
9. Girls, generally speaking, what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?

Hi, glad that every thing is back to normal here again! anyways jessica that was a very cool story, i know what you mean about post being lost. i wrote one also that got lost about one of me pooping my panties. but oh well! now sarah i always have a big load about noon or so about that time. mine is mostly semi soft or kinda mushy. the color is mostly light brown. i also eat mostly anything i want, nothing i eat to make it different in color it just comes out that way light brown. To noreen i to like to poop my panties although i dont do it everyday. plus i have to tell you that i very much enjoy sitting in my poopy panties for a while. but i didnt start this until i was about 19 myself, im now 24. im thinking that since your daugther is only 17 that this might just be a phase she is going though. since you two are talking about it now, ill bet that some of her girlfriends are doing the same thing. talk with her and ask her about it. something has brought all this on. so like i said its more then likey a phase, but if she really likes doing it she may always poop in her pants. but it will start to taper off to her just doing it once in a while, like me, the last time i pooped my panties was abouta week ago. but the story i wrote about was like two and a half weeks ago. to bad nobody got to read it, my panties were so full and bulging. the stripes on my bikini panties were barely visable from the brown poop. ummm it was very cool!!! okies talk later!

Punk Rock Girl

I figured I'd wait until they the bugs out of the system before I posted. Been very busy.

I had the WORST bout of constipation I've had in a long time over the last couple of weeks. Normally, I take one or two dumps a day. I went for four dys without one! I didn't even feel like I needed to go! I stay away from laxatives, and I wanted to give nature a chance to take its course before giving myself an enema.

On the fourth day, though, I woke up bloated and sick to my stomach, with bad cramps. I went in the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and underpant and sat on the crapper. Nada. And man did I push! I managed to squeeze out a fart, that's it.

So, I finally broke out the enema kit. I filled the bag with some warm water with a little hand soap mixed in and hung it from the towel rack, then inserted the tube up my ass and laid on my stomach. I undid the clamp, and let the water-soap solution do it's work.

By the time the bag was about half empty, I felt about to burst. I closed the clamp, yanked the tube out of my ass and got on the toilet.

Can you say VOLCANO? I swear, my bowels erupted like Mt. St. Helens. I felt every last bit of compacted shit rush out of my ass like there was no tomorrow. Whoa was it intense. My ass felt like it was being torn open! There were some big, hard chunks of shit mixed in it, and they came out full force as well. I got lightheaded!

I sat there for a good twenty minutes until everything had finally come out. The relef was divine! I felt sooooo much better. I flushed the toilet, jumped in the shower and made it to work only a half hour late.

One of the more memorable dumps I've had recently. Hellos to Carmalita, Bryian, Travling Guy, Althea, Emily of NYC and the rest of the potty gang! Hope everyone braved the hurricane okay!



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