Britney C
Hi! I'm new here, and this just happened to me a few days ago. I really had to go to the bathroom, like really bad. like diarrhea bad. anyway, I was in cheerpractice at school, and i finally got permission from the coach to use the bathroom. I quickly ran into the lockeroom, soaked with sweat, my anus like barely holding on. i knew it was gonna be a big ass nasty dump, and i sure didnt want to do it in my silk black soffe shorts. i went to the bathroom, and i smelled something awful. two girls, other girls, not cheerleaders were in the stalls shitting their brains out. the other stall, i looked inside it and the toilet was literally covered in watery, chunky shit! I said screw that, so i ran down the hall, each step forcing the watery, gooey mass further and further out. I got to the stairs, but i knew i wouldn't make it up 3 flights of stairs to the girls bathroom. so i pressed the button on the elevator right next to it. i waited for what seemed an eternity, but the elevator finally came. it was a relief, cause i was definitely about to shit my pants. well, as fate has it, i got in the elevator, it went up a floor, i heard a bunch of clanking sounds, and it got stuck! I couldn't beleive it! My stomach cramped so much, so i slid down into the corner holding my ????. I got on the emergency phone, but it didn't work. so i started pressing the alarm button real hard. After about 5 minutes of agony, i sneezed, and blew a load into and out of my shorts. i was dumbfounded, in shock. and very, very, very disgusted. Diarrhea sprayed out my ass for what seemed a few seconds, and most of it went through my thong and grew out from around me, so i was now in a puddle of shit. at least i felt kinda better tho. the smell was horrible. i couldn't stand it, i was actually gagging. and my shorts were ruined, they were practically so heavy they were sagging off of my rear. I shit myself twice more, the second one being the biggest and grossest. then about 45 minutes later, the elevator started moving, and my gym coach was waiting for me. she made sure i was alright, cause i was crying, my legs covered in shit! I changed my shorts, threw em out, the other cheerleaders just kinda looked at me in pity, not as a laughing stock. some of them had diarrhea too. it was something that had to do with the lunch. one girl accidently shit her pants doing the splits tho, so that was kinda funny. i showered, got in my car, then on the way home, I shit my other shorts! I was so f???ing mad! I got home, cleaned up, shit a bunch more IN THE TOILET THANK GOD. I hate shitting my pants. This is the firts time, and hopefully last. has anyone else had any diarrhea accidents? they suck, but please tell me what you think and tell me some more stories about diarrhea. thanks!

China Girl
To JOHN: Thank you very much. I'll be around. I post twice earlier and they seem to have been lost. So I will repeat story that happened because it was when my friend was at my house.

My friend stay over a lot sometime and on this night as she take shower in my bathroom I had to take turd. My friend and me go in front of each other a lot cause we're like sisters. So I go and sit on toilet. I sat straight up with legs slightly apart to look confident and to signal my friend that big turd was coming. She knew and say "oh no" and laughed. My hole open right away and make like meat grind sound because turd is coming. When it open wide turd come out with such force that my friend hear it hit the toilet with shower running. As I suspect, it was one long thick one. The smell came so fast cause it come out with such force and I said 'wheeew" to my friend as a warning. She could smell almost right away too because toilet is close to shower, but smell went around shower curtain fast. When I get up, turd was straight and went from toilet hole to almost rim. Thick through entire length too, but I knew that because of how wide my hole stay open. It was another toilet choking power turd. So I force turd down with flushes as it endures another turd and I act pretty proud in front of my friend. I close toilet lid after turd go down to act proper, and to signal that I'll be back to dump more garbage later :) The rotten smell has now covered bathroom and is spreading to bedroom.

Jacob G in Fla
Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while. Finally, I have something worthy of posting. After about an hour of bike riding at the park this afternoon, I headed toward the drinking fountain near the restroom. While waiting for the water to get cold, I removed my helmet and looked around. I noticed a little red sports truck driving toward the restroom at a higher rate of speed than most vehicles drive in the park. It pulled off to the side of the road and parked haphazardly. Three 20-something year old guys got out of the cab. The driver, leaving the engine running and the headlights on, started walking toward the restroom. The other two guys seemed to be rearranging items in the truck's bed. Suddenly, the driver guy walking toward the restroom started running toward the restroom while yelling at the top of his lungs, "OH YEA! OH YEA!" I saw him round the corner and disappear into the restroom. Immediately, I heard the squeaking sound of the old rusty stall door hinges followed by the sound of the wooden stall door slamming shut then bouncing off the frame of the stall. These particular doors do not shut well and they don't lock - they just bounce around until they stop. Then I heard loud groaning and grunting followed by "OH YEA! OH MAN! OH YEA! OH MAN! OH YEA! OH YEAHHHHHH!" I think he was trying to get a reaction out of his buds, but they didn't seem to notice. I certainly did. I need to piss anyway, so started peddling toward the restroom. Unfortunately, a man and a little boy walked around the corner from the other side of the building and went in first. I waited outside for them to leave. While they were in there, the guy was quiet. When they left, I rode my bike directly into the restroom. The guy was in the first stall and the door was open about eight inches. I saw him bend over while sitting on the toilet, grab his shorts, and then stand up as he pulled up his shorts. He flushed the toilet and pushed open the stall door. As he walked past me, he said, "hey man, how's it going?" I said, "hey man" and out the door he went. He was a good-looking athletic kind of guy, who probably had been playing Frisbee Golf at the park. I rode my bike back outside. The other two guys were arguing over who was going to ride in the back of the truck. I don't think they heard the guy or cared because they didn't say anything about his loud toilet theatrics. The driver guy yelled something to them about getting in the truck right now, and they drove away. I regret I was not in the restroom at the same time he was carrying on like that. I probably would have laughed and joked about it. As uninhibited as he was, it would have been interesting.

Sorry room but I don't have much time to write another story tonight so I'll just answer questions.

1. What things make you pee? Coffee beer and water
2. What things make you poop? Chocolate and Dairy Queen icecream. *L*
3. Do you wipe after you pee? Yes
4. Do you wipe after you poop? Well of coarse
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never? Always
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never? Always
7. If never or sometimes for 5 or 6, why?
8. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Find a bathroom
9. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Depends where I am and what I'm doing.
10. Generally speaking what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? Briefs are more comfy. I don't like to fart with a thong running along my asshole.

Traveling Guy
I've been way too busy to post lately, but I try to read your fine contributions from time to time.

Is anybody else getting a "broken graphic" symbol where the masthead photo should be? I've been getting one ever since the problems happened on this board. I'm glad the posting problems are solved.

Doug, Ph.D: Sure, I remember "whemying" when I was maybe 13 or 14. Maybe I did it later, too, can't remember. I used to have enormous stools and it felt good holding them in, just as you describe. Letting them out wasn't such a big deal then. Later on - and still, sometimes - letting them out became the thing, that good, tingling feeling that you get sometimes as a turd eases its way past your ring.

Curious: I like the way one language has words for somethng that another language doesn't. Thanks for teachng us "kaiben" - a dump that really cleans you out. I don't think English has anything like that. What other Japanese toilet and bodily function words can you teach us?


If you're on a low-carb, try eating a serving of Fiber One cereal each morning, the carbs are fairly low and the effects are just what you need and is natural. Tastes pretty good too.

What's up its been a couple of months since the last time I posted but anyways. I have been dating this girl for about 9 months and I moved in with her this fall semester. She is so lady-like and I have never heard of her farting or pooping, just peeing a couple of times. And even when we moved in together, she still doesn't. I kind of like this, though becuase I know eventually I will catch her one of these days. In fact today I planned on catching her today, I normally have a 8:30 class in the morning but it was canceled. I was going to go to my class and then come back 10 minutes later pretending that I had forgot the class was canceled, because my theory is she always poops after I leave. So I came back 10 minutes later and guess where she was, in the bathroom. When she heard me come in she turned on the shower, but I know that she was trying to cover it up because she already took a shower this morning. When she left the bathroom she asked me what I was doing here and I told her that I forgot my class was canceled, when I asked her why she took a shower again she told me she decided she needed to wash her hair. I kind of believed it but when I went in the bathroom, I smelled a lot of perfume, so I think that she was trying to cover up her smell.

Oh yeah Jessica I liked your story too, I would also like to hear more stories from Carmalita and Althea.

I also have a question for the ladies, have any of you ever caught I guy trying to watch you or listen to you when you were on the john, whether I private or public bathroom. What did you do? And what did the guy do about this?

Jane (& Gary)
Something about dentist offices does not agree with my digestive system. I had another appointment this afternoon, and my stomach started to hurt as well as a desperate urge to poop. After my appointment I rushed to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, lifted my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out a very large piece of poop that made a big splash. Then I pushed out a much smaller piece of poop. It came out slowly, so I gave it a push. It shot out of my butt and fell into the water. That uncorked a massive wave of soft poop that lasted 10 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out about seven huge globs of soft poop. A strong poop smell was emerging. I flushed the toilet again, then unleashed another massive and nasty wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated again, repeated the same nasty wave and flushed again. I was finished this time. I wiped and flushed a final time, leaving behind a poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Quick hellos to some of the old posters, like Carmalita, Buzzy, Robby & Annie, Rizzo, Jeff A., John, Althea and the rest.

NYC Dude
In the interest of science, here is one for all of the lovely ladies. I, like most of the guys who post here, am fascinated by the huge logs that you gals produce. What I was wondering is whether you ladies find that you had bigger logs during a certain time period of your life - high school, college, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. [I guess this will be hard to answer for the younger girls] Also- when you sit on the throne do you find that a certain position is better for laying those big cables. Good grief - where else could we ask questions like these? God bless the internet!

The truth will set you free,

Eric in Chicago
Joe: wow, cool!

Jarrod: two stories I can remember about football players shitting their pants:

1) When I was doing a Google search for something else, I came across an "alternative" high school newspaper article that described how due to construction the school's sophomore football team had no opportunity to shit before practice, so some of the players would just go in their pants during practice. They were quoted as saying that it smelled bad, but it was better than hurting.

2) There's an "instant classic" paper in epidemiology describing the transmission of the Norwalk virus (most common cause of "stomach flu") during a college football game. It seems that one team had gotten infected and got the runs, and several of the players made their pants dirty during the game, causing the members of the other team to pick it up through hand-to-pants contact.

hello ppl :))) wassup with the P and poo toilet buddiez??? :))) im in a gud mood 2day so herez some answerz
but 1st of all i wanna ask u 2 smile with romania like i do :))))) and wish all of u manny happy momentz ...while peeing and pooing

to JESSICA: hey i like ur storiez plz post sum more :)

to MICHAEL M.: well not my case but i remember once when i was in ...guess the 3rd or 4th grade there was 1 boy in the desk closest 2 the door and wanting 2 pee he was staying bent over and looked like paying attention 2 the teacher but finally he got half bent up, holding his crotch and asked in a hurry kinda' moaning "can i go 2 the bathroom?" and immedeatelly went out the door ...with no answer. well the teacher understood and finally said yes. he came back much releived i tell u that

to JOE: yeaaa i saw that movie :)) aaand WOW u hv the bestest storiez ever!!! keep up the gud work

to CANADIAN: nice story u hv there got more? :)

to AJ: wooow thatz all i can say

to UPSTATE DAVE: gud story got any abt guyz doing that??

to JESS: well im happy u feel relieved :))

well thatz all 4 now aaand as alwayz i hv a thing 2 hsare with u ITZ REALLY IMPORTANT THAT U READ BELLOW (DOWN HERE)

Hi im 22 and i always get skid markes in my panties
does any one else get skid markes in there panties

AJ :o)
I've been working on renovating my house and have been staying at a motel while getting some of the major work out of the way-so I'm part here and part there.

Anyway, I was over here at the house and had one pair of protective panties (the one I was wearing) and some jeans I'd been in for a couple of days, because I hadn't had time to do my laundry.

At some point, I had a pee accident--so I just decided that the damage had been done that that it would probably be less messy just to pee in my panties than to take them down and spill pee all over.

Since I was about to do laundry, anyway, I simply let go whenever I had to pee.

Soon, my jeans started getting wet, too.

By the time I found the time to do my laundry, I was pretty soaked, so I had just one term to describe this:

I was marinated in pee!!!

Speaking of which, I've got to go pee now and then eat a late breakfast!!!

Have A Great Day!!!
AJ :o)

1. What things make you pee? Other than just lots of liquid... I always seem to get the urge if I hear running water - even in the shower.
2. What things make you poop? Chocolate.
3. Do you wipe after you pee? Always
4. Do you wipe after you poop? Always
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always.
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always.
7. If never or sometimes for 5 or 6, why?
8. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Usually hold it until I'm bursting
9. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom? Find a bathroom - I don't know why I hold my wee and not my poo, its just the way it is!
10. Generally speaking what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why? Generally thongs, because it feels good, and makes me feel good.

Eric in Chicago
Joe: wow, cool!

Jarrod: two stories I can remember about football players shitting their pants:

1) When I was doing a Google search for something else, I came across an "alternative" high school newspaper article that described how due to construction the school's sophomore football team had no opportunity to shit before practice, so some of the players would just go in their pants during practice. They were quoted as saying that it smelled bad, but it was better than hurting.

2) There's an "instant classic" paper in epidemiology describing the transmission of the Norwalk virus (most common cause of "stomach flu") during a college football game. It seems that one team had gotten infected and got the runs, and several of the players made their pants dirty during the game, causing the members of the other team to pick it up through hand-to-pants contact.

This is my first time posting although I have been lurking for awhile. Here is a little about me: I am a male, I am 6 foot tall, 150 pounds, and I am 15 years old. Here is a story that happened to me this August.
I was at the beach with my family, and I had to poop (really bad),but I didn't want to poop my new bathing suit especially on a crowded beach in front of everyone. I decided to just go out in the water and pull my swimsuit out of the way. Well, I tried, and whether it was due to the water pressure or something else, I couldn't poop in the water. I came back out of the water and had to go so bad I was nearly crying. So, I waded out to about my knees and pushed. I quickly filled my swimsuit with soft mushy poop. Then I waded out to about my chest and pulled my swimsuit out of the way of my butt crack. I had to go a little bit more and now that I pooped a lot in my swimsuit I was able to poop in the water, so I farted and peed and then pooped a little bit more before I finished cleaning the rest of my bathing suit out. That day I peed on the beach next too were the waves were crashing into the beach 5 more times and pooped in the water once more after I ate.

I hope that I will be able to post more stories. I don't have that many stories that often but when I do I will be sure to share them. I have a few girl friends that I hang out with and they are open about farting, pooping, and peeing, so I will probably have a few stories about that.
Let me know what yous think of my story.

A few weeks ago I was sick with some strange virus. I had soft, oozy stools that occasionally became actual diarrhea. I felt weak and queasy, but the only real symptom was my b.m.'s. I took Pepto; no result, except the oozy stools were black; I took an Imodium type drug, and the result was a day's delay in my oozy poop. Finally I went to the doctor; he thought it might be a bacterial parasite (which after 2 weeks of this stuff seemed logical); he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic in case the symptoms didn't go away (things were beginning to improve by then). I didn't want to take antibiotics; they give me diarrhea sometimes; so I didn't fill the prescription. The doctor had me take stool samples--quite a process. They gave me these little cups to collect the sample, but even in my unhealthy condition I knew I'd more than fill them. So I found an empty cottage cheese carton and pooped in that. The first day it was the familiar oozy poop; I took the little spoon from the kit and put three samples of my poop into each little bottle of solution--one piece from what I thought was the beginning of the movement, one from the middle, and one from the end. Once the poop was in the little bottles, I closed them firmly, then shook the bottles vigorously, ending up with uniform brown solutions. The next day (I had to take samples from two successive days), I used another cottage cheese carton and pooped in it. This time my poop was closer to normal--firm, even a bit knobby. I took the samples again (and this time I could really tell which part of my movement was the beginning). This time, when I shook up the bottles, the poop remained firm and visible within the solutions. After that, finally, more than 3 weeks after it started, the disease slowly started to go away. Now my poops are normal--nice firm logs to start, then slightly softer to finish. Tuesday I pooped 4 times--nice, normal firm loads each time, good sized. Yesterday I pooped twice. What a relief to be back to normal! Incidentally, the test results came back from my samples--no parasite. Has anyone else had experiences with stool samples?

well hi itz me again fellow pooerz and peerz
here r sum answerz:

to MICHAEL M: well u mite b rite ur bike mite do the trick LOL lotz smiles from romania

to SARAH: whoaaaaa!! man! NO COMMENTZ hunny. with that story u made me wanna pee ;)

to MELANIE:congratulations hunn. i wonder how my wedding day is gonna b? (as far as peeing and pooing is concerned) till then lotza smilez from romania :))))) and CASA DE PIATRA as we say arround here (itz a blessing 4 newly weddz)

to LIL POOPER: well try toast aaand bbque but no saucez aaand also if ur desperate 4 a hard 1 take 1 tsp of powdered coffee *****THAT GOEZ FOR ALL OF U WANTING A HARDER POO*****

to JASON: nice storiez i cant wait 4 more till then smilez from romania hun :))))

to STEF: 10x a lot 4 yr answer hun I O U 1 till then smilez from romania :))))

to JEN: i hope u overcome ur fobia hun smilez from romania :))))

to RACHEL: no ive never heard of such a thing but id loooove 2 hear storiez smilez from romania :)))

to CAMP COUNSELOR: my god !!! i hope ur better now :P anyway smilez from romania :))))

to SEAN: my guy has 1 of those and he sayz they r grrreat but id rather hv 1 oldfashionned

to MYSTERY MAN: well as i love surveyz i cudnt surpass this 1sooo here it goez: 1. seeing (on tv) other ppl squirming and struggling 2 hold their pee in; 2. emotionz and dancing; yesss 2 all; 7. -; 8.9. i go ooor if therez no bathroom i try 2 find 1 and ask other ppl 2 help me with information abt 1 possible bathroom; 10.both dunno y mebbe because wemen dont hv boxerz :P; 11.12.bathroom usually toilet

to TJ: plz post sum more storiez abt such thingz smilez from romania :)))

to JODI: nice story. where r u from hun?? smile with me :)) and smilez from romania

to MR.FUNION JR: well im glad u enjoyed a new exciting experience well till next time smilez from romania :)))

to RAGING UROPHILE: well pretty poem u rote there. mebbe u shud publish it :P anyway smile with romania and me :)))

well thatz all 4 now got a great story 4 next time till then look me up in itz me ur friend thathyanna but there itz written with only hope u smile a lot and p&poo a lot 2


In eastern Europe you will find some really old-fashioned train waggons still running. Several years ago I took a trip on the sleeper, and as I never sleep through the night, but have to go one or two times, I was happy to see that a chamber pot was provided. It looks like a smallish porcelain jug and can be replaced into its compartment under the wash basin, where it is flushed when you close the door. It is not recommended to use even toilet paper on these, as everything will get clogged. Surely they are not intended for - well, bowel movements.

I shared the compartment with another woman, a stranger to me, and when I awoke at night I thought for a few second about whether to use or not to use that contraption. Sure, it was tempting not to have to go out on the corridor, to first put on shoes and coat, walk to the toilet... but then I would not have liked the other woman to watch me, either. But as I really had to go very much - it was burning and pressing me like hell already - my willpower was not overly strong, I tore out that jug, or chamber pot, out of it's holder, squatted on the floor, held it between my legs and let go.

The little pot really wasn't too big, and to worsen things, after the pain in my bladder subsided I finally had to admit that I had to poop, and badly, too. So there, in this squatting position, I tried to relieve my bladder enough to be able to stop peeing, get up, dress and walk to the toilet, and at the same time I tried to keep my back orifice shut. A few seconds later, floodgate still wide open, there was an end to my efforts, my ass opened just like that and as I started to poop, I found out that I really did not have the wish or the nerve to hold it back.

I managed to get a glimpse into the pot. To my horror, it was over three quarters full, and I was nowhere near finishing. While I tried in vain to stop at least the pee, a very vivid vision af the overflowing nightpot entered my head. Meanwhile, I was crying from shame, here I squatted, unable to stop both discharge #1 and #2, and making a huge mess. That was the moment when that chamber pot overflowed. Why do they design them to hold just a pint? Who can manage with a pot as small as that? The final horror - when I had finished at last - was that I had not shitted into the jug at all. It's opening was just too small, and the heap was piled onto the expensive magazine I had laid down on the floor beside my bed, and forgotten in my frenzy.

Who can blame the other lady that she got up and told me in freezing accents that she would wait on the corridor until the compartment was habitable again? It was a hell of a job to clean it all up.

But when - after a thorough and noisy airing of the compartment of the moving train - when I lay in my bed again I found that the accident was already being transformed into a most pleasurable memory. It still gets me rather hot to think of the time when I had to go so badly that I overflowed the chamber pot and didn't even notice I had to shit, too...

To NYC Dude: Loved your that sounds like a big biggest has been 14 inches.

To unnamed poster: who moved into the house..liked your story

To OutlawStar: Thats intresting what you heard on tv...liked your story from school too.

To Open Door Policy: Thats intresting about what you did for the maid at the hotel.

To wetguy: Loved your story

Not much happening..gotta go bye

Hi all! Wanted to share on the subject a the teen-age girl that is still pooping her pants. I agree that this may just be a phase she is going through. Although I did have a lot of accidents as a young girl and seemed to stop between the ages of 10-14. But when I started dating, I found the urge to hold my poops until I made it to the toilet quite weak. At first I thought it was becuase I liked the attention from my friends, my family or even my dates. Everyone seemed to make a big deal out of taking care of me and getting me cleaned up! But after the first few years or so, say when I was around 17 I finally determined that I really did like the pleasure of pooping myself and the freedom of just letting go! It was then that I started wearing diapers again. I didn't wear them 100% of the time, but most evenings, and all weekends I would which allowed me to enjoyed my pooping freedom without the total mess in my panties. I will still at home then and my parents (at least my mom) didn't seem to mind or make a big deal of it. My dad would roll his eyes at me when he saw the large diapers under my shorts. Then when I left for college I continued using my diapers. The first year my roommate was a real jerk about my diapers andt he smell. I dropped her and used the local undergound newspaper to find a better one. The last 3 yars Debbie was a real jewel about them and even tried them out too. Now I am 50, still using my diapers, but a little less often. What is starting to be somewhat funny is its not that many more years be the old folks home and then I'll be back in diapers 100% of the time! You just have to you life itself. Hope my experiences help others explore and maybe understand!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

NYC Dude
JESSICA: I would love to to hear more of your stories of Judy and Sherry. That last one was hot! i think with the recent technical problems with this board, the posts are not coming in as fast as they were, so you may not be getting so many responses. But i also think it will get rolling again now.

As for myself, I never post about my own dumps because they just are not interesting enough. But today at work, I felt the need to Feed the Devil coming on. As I made my way to the mens room, I remember thinking to myself "It feels like there is a baseball up my butt" and I was afraid that it would be painful. When I let this thing out, it felt long but not a record breaker. When I looked at it, it was at least 20 inches long and maybe 1.5 inches thick - the biggest of my life. It was shaped like the letter "S". I was seriously considering leaving it for the next person to admire [which made me laugh out loud] but I didnt. Boy did I feel empty - it was great.

Happy Dumps,

Hey everyone remember me? Haha, hopefully.....well ive been trying to get on this site, and finally it works! (smiley face), i kno that its been a while since alot of people last posted, but Ash, i really love your stories and i hope that you keep in touch here....i really love your stories!!!!! k well ive been pooping alot lately...maybe because ive been more stressed? i dont know! well i gotta pee right now, so talk to you lata bye!!!!

Todd, I'm glad you like my stories. I am very interested in watching and hearing other women poop and fart so I remember many details for my fantasies later on. :)

1. Do you feel comfortable taking a dump in other people's houses? I usually feel uncomfortable. I coutesy flush so thayt the place doesn't smell. I attempt to hold it but if I can't I'm usually very open to all that I'm going to take a poop.

2. Have you ever farted in someone elses toilet while pooping( friends, relatives, etc)? Of coarse. I always fart when I poop.

3. Do you read while pooping, if so what? No I usually do not read. Sometimes I read my mail if I need to poop as soon as I get home.

4. Have you ever stunk up someone elses bathroom other than yours? Did you use air spray, turn on the fan, open a window? I have done all of the above. Yes, occasionally my poop stinks too.

5. Have you ever had to go so bad that when you pulled your pants and panties down and sat down on the pot, you farted, and then you felt better, even though you hadn't pooped yet?
Yes many times it is gas that has built up pressure. I have had many occurances where I fart as I'm sitting and end up sitting right in my brown cloud. *L*

6. How long does it take you to take a dump? Usually about 10 to 15 minutes in total. I usually go a few trips to get it all out.

7. Do you usually pee before, during, or after you take a dump and is it a massive load of pee?
I pee after. It depends on how long it's been since I peed last.


moved in to a new place a few years back same night I moved in I took a laxative, and went for a walk with my new landlady around the block, wouldn't you know it I had to shit, well I was farting and excusing myself than I said maam how far is it back to the house? she asked why I told her I had to take a big dump! well as it turned out I let out this large log, that made its way out into my undies and down my leg, and grunting and groaning she new I was letting it out, as we walked back had to stop every so often to let out a load, my panties were loaded! she helped me to clean up afterwards, was really embarrassed

Blocked Brigitte

Well here I am, all 115 pounds of me, with dark hair and a fantastic figure. But at my age of 42, nothing comes easy anymore.

I am on a low carb diet and to make the story short, have had to face some new problems. One of which is that I haven't taken a shit in six days.

Not to mention I am now bloated to the point of not being able to get into my favorite dress and tight jeans. I am really stuffed up and mother nature needs some help once again.

My lazy and blocked up bowels always seem to need a good kick- start, especially on Mondays, after a weekend of eating out!

So I must take a good laxative tonight, to have a cleaning out in the morning. This I must do even though I need to leave the house around 11 AM for my boyfriend's birthday lunch.

I will double the usual one pill dose of Correctol, to be sure of a prompt and complete cleaning out. Because if I don't shit soon, I will not be able to fit in my own clothes.

So if you have this problem too, try a double dose of Correctol. They always seem to do the trick.

Hi all....I'm a new visitor.

I enjoy your postings, Jessica, and share in your delights. Also the others who speak of their observations, and experiences.

I like to put on a skirt and rubber pants and poop in them. Do any others share this pleasure?

Hey everyone! Wow, it's probably been more than a year since my bro (Kai, aka Kai In The Sky) have posted! I've been lurking, but haven't posted in a while. Anyway, today I was watching the Sharon Osbourne show and Margaret Cho was on. She spoke of a diet she was on that consisted of raw foods (I assume it was mostly raw v????s, seeing as how raw meat can put you on the e. coli weight loss program!). She said that the diet was great, but that it actually made her crap her pants big time. She said that she crapped her pants while she was in her car. I was surprised at how she openly admitted it and even elaborated on it. I don't think the audience knew how to react! It was pretty darn amusing.

Anyway, I thought I would share a story dating way back to my first grade year. One day we were doing these activity centers in my class when this awful stench was lingering in the air. The odor wasn't too overpowering at first and everyone assumed that someone had farted. One of the kids in my center group, Joshua, was acting strange. For some reason, it really didn't hit me as to why he was moving kind of slow and acting a bit off. He was very quiet, but he was usually quite verbal. When we got to the last activity table, the smell was getting much stronger. Children were beginning to complain and the teacher asked everyone to check if they had stepped in something while they were outside. When the activities got under way, another guy in my class, Tim, said "Josh, go to the bathroom before you squish it and smear it!" Then I realized that Josh had pooped in his pants. It didn't phase me at all because this kid had wet his pants in class once before. After a few minutes, the teacher finally said that it was smelling very foul through the class. Then she looked at Joshua and asked him if he had an accident. She seemed annoyed. He nodded and she told him to go to the nurse's office. He left and didn't come back for the rest of the day. Oddly enough, no one teased him when he came back. In fact, everyone acted as if it didn't happen. I wondered why this kid had an accident because he was never shy about asking to go to the restroom, and the teacher was always willing to let kids go if it was an emergency. We think he might've done it just to be funny or to get attention. This happened more than ten years ago, yet I still remember it vividly.

Happy toilet paper trails to everyone!


Hello Jessica, please continue to post your wonderful, descriptive stories on this site. I always look forward to reading them. Stories about women pooping out in public are my favorite so keep up the good work.

To the lady saying her 17 year old daughter poops her pants on purpose, I do have some advice for you. I used to do it myself, it was simply a phase I went through, and for the life of me I don't really know why. The only thing I can say is that everyone has their own "things" if you get my drift, and as for your daughter, she'll probably grow out of it, maybe in a few weeks, maybe in a few years, who knows. Generally speaking though, it becomes less and less acceptable , as I found out myself, and unless she plans to live alone for years and years, she'll have to curb her fetish on her own, so really, I'd advise simply letting her grow out of it herself, it's generally the most comfortable and easiest way for all concerned. This way you and your daughter don't fight over something that small, and she knows she doesn't have to worry about you being a pain in the neck over something that might be a little embarassing like this seems to be. Sorry this is so long, and hope it makes sense.


China Girl

1. I think it's different with each person. Some poop big, some don't. Depends on body.

2. Well I eat a lot. I like to. I have a diverse Chinese and American diet. I am also liking to whole grain cereals and raisins which I eat a lot of in morning.

3. Just about, yes. If not thick or long, than it's usually huge chunk which are pretty big too.

4. Very easily for me. I don't remember ever constipated. They shoot out of me and hit toilet hard.

5. Dark brown typically. Sometimes yellow or green parts but not always. It is typical light and dark brown.

Open Door Policy
This site gave me an idea. Was out of town for a few days last week and staying in a hotel. Waited till I was going to check out in case this back fired. I had noticed a hot little maid who was assigned to my room had been eyeing me and staring at me and she would do all this fancy folding of the toilet paper in the bathroom and leave tons of hand I emptoied out the hand lotion and left the bottles and she would leave even more so figured she was playing with me and possible had some kind of bathroom the last morning, when I saw she wa ready to coem to my room, I put the "Make up room sign" on the door, but went into the bathroom and closed the door and tried to hold on till she came in....well she did come in and oddly went straight for the bathroom, and openedteh door and I let loses, she excused herself, but I said its ok, na daksed her fro some hand lotion....she laughed but brought it in, but wouldn't stay, so i hurried up and went out and told her iot was ok, and asked her about allthe afncy toliet paper folding an hand lotion....and she said she did have a facination with peoples bathroom habits and loved cleaning bathrooms...she then asked if she could use mine and of cousre I said yes....and she kept the door open, said "I owe you one"...she only peed but looked so cute on the toilet...the rest isnt really appriopriate for this, but inetrestingto see that tsi pretty young girl actully took a job to aid in her fascination with bathroom habits of other people.

I got 2 more happened last night and one today...
Last night i got hungry so i ran up to get something to eat at this convience store...i got my food, got in line and some black lady sat down a bottle of pepto bismal and she asked the cashier where(and if there was a bathroom..luckly there was a bathroom). It would have been intresting to shit her self(assuming thats what she had to do and she had the runs). Intresting story any way...
now the other story...
about 45 min ago i was working(just got off) and i was doing something when my stomach started feeling gassy and funny. I continued working trying to hold till after work..then there was 10 min left and im like i gotta poop now...i had a log and softer stuff on top..i kinda rushed cause it was time to go home. Then on the way home it still didn't feel right so when i got home i kinda had to poop. It was much softer and looser...I think it was greasy food i ate last night or from all the sauces i had on my food today.

Another Movie Fan
To Movie Fan.

You mentioned the movie 'Exterminating Angel' in your list of 'poop' films. This is an excellent film as a film, but when I sought it out for its pooping scene, the version I had showed no such thing.
The poop reference is that it is implied that the characters, who are trapped in a dining room by a mysterious force, relieve themselves into vases. At one point a woman opens a closet, which contains a vase, and shuts herself in the closet, presumably to use the facilities. That's as explicit as it gets.

Donnie C.
To Movie Fan:

You can add "Beloved" to your list. There's a scene where a teenage girl has had a major diarrhea accident in bed while sleeping; somebody pulls back the sheets and you see the huge stain.

To :Sarah
Sarah,I am 33/female. Thank you for your post.Perhaps I can share my experiences with regard to the questions you have raised.

1. How do you ladies poop so big?
- I poop 2-3 times a day. The first in the morning is usually big, lots of turds,moist and thick. I think it depends on the the kind of supper you take the previous evening and also IMP: that you have spent the evening and the night in a good mood as this affects your digestion.
2. What does your diet consist of mainly that makes your poops so thick?
-I have taken to eating about 4-5 small-medium pearls of garlic and a banana with my supper. The garlic has to be taken raw. Well,brush your teeth after the meal to avoid the odour. This has improved my poop movements in the mornings.

3. Did you always poop big?
- Well,the morning one is big - lots of it, the second one sometime around late afternoon maybe just a couple of turds( as I said many,deadlines and/or some exciting project or a prospective date/plane to catch etc. can trigger a during-the-day poop.But pooping 2-3 times a day is very normal.
4. Do the thick turds come out easily if you're not constipated?
- Yes. I have noticed smooth and easy 'exits' if you have walked/exercised in the morning. Also, work out on the stepper and lie down on your back and raise your legs and do a 'cycling' motion for 15-20 minutes daily in the morning.The idea is to make your abdominal/bowel area more flexible to carry and relieve the poop.

5. My turds are always dark brown. Do any ladies have light brown turds?
- Depending on what one eats. Red meats and certain cake/bread preservatives color it dark brown. Eat food such as eggs(boiled,scrambled,light-fried), white breads,vegetables/salads.

I hope this was of some help. I would like to discuss some such issues too. By the way...have you noticed some difference in 'exits' if you sit on a toilet-bowl and in the squatting position.(You can also connect with me on )


I am 18 and male.

To JOE - Loved all your stories. They were great! Last year, in my senior year in high school, we were in the gym locker room getting dressed after showeing. I was next to this tall, slim kid named Charlie. He had nothing on but his boxers, and he was really squirming around and crossing his legs as he put them on. This continued for another few seconds before he suddenly moved past me and out of the row. I'm assuming he went to take a piss because when he came back, he was able to dress without squirming. It was an interesting sighting.

To ACCIDENT - Loved your story about the accident in the woods and the incident in the mall! We'll have to talk more as I love peeing my pants too.


Hi, everyone!

Jessica: Here's some positive feedback you were looking for. I, for one, have definitely been enjoying your stories. The camping trip sounds like it was really interesting. I'm curious, though... if Sherry produced two 3 inch thick turds that totaled over a foot long, how could Judy be the fart and shit queen??? You REALLY have to continue this story, now that you've got us all intrigued... please?

Carmalita: Hope to see another of your excellent posts soon, too!

China Girl: Are you still around? I really enjoyed your posts, too, and hope to see more!

I know your questions are for Jessica, but I will respond as well TODDMN - hope you don't mind!

1. Do you feel comfortable taking a dump in other people's houses? Usually yes - last week I poo'd at my boyfriend's house (twice), my sister's house and my friend Sarah's house.

2. Have you ever farted in someone elses toilet while pooping( friends, relatives, etc)? I can't poo without farting a bit, but try and keep them quite if I am not at home. At my boyfriend's house I had a really loud fart right at the start which I am sure he heard, but he didn't say anything.

3. Do you read while pooping, if so what? No I prefer to concentrate on pooing.

4. Have you ever stunk up someone elses bathroom other than yours? Did you use air spray, turn on the fan, open a window? Yes, and yes I then always open a window and use spray if there is spray.

5. Have you ever had to go so bad that when you pulled your pants and panties down and sat down on the pot, you farted, and then you felt better, even though you hadn't pooped yet? That sometimes happens - I HATE it.

6. How long does it take you to take a dump? Usually about 15 minutes.

7. Do you usually pee before, during, or after you take a dump and is it a massive load of pee? Usually not a massive pee, and usually just as I finish pooing I get the urge to pee.

Hi !

I posted before a couple of times before the site went down and now I honestly can't remember the name I'd chosen! I think it might have been "Curious", so I guess I'll use that.

Beth--You said you're really curious about Japanese toilets. I lived and worked in Jaoan for a few years and I have some experience using them. I didn't ever dump more than two or three times in them ( I prefer to do my "dirty work" at home), but because men's urinals don't normally have dividers between them, I always felt concious, so I would go to pee in the squat toilets. That's easy enough. Never mind if you miss. it doesn't matter! As you stated, there's no worrying about a seat. Dumping is another matter. If you're wearing trousers, you have to make sure that there's nothing in your back pockets that could fall into the toilet when you squat.It does feel good to squat and get it all out. The angle of your butt in such a position makes it easier to empty everything in one go. I always liked the Japanese expression "kaiben", meaning a dump which completely cleans you out. I suppose this was due to squatting. One drawback to squat toilets, however, is that if anyone wanted to spy on you using the toilet, they could do so pretty easily. There is almost always a small space between the door and the floor, and since your butt hangs down pretty low there, I usppose it wouldn't be impossible for someone to steal a peek if they were clever and cautious enough. There are apparently lots of "voyeur videos" for sale in Japan which illustrate this. But how did you get in to try the urinals at your college? I was always curious what it might be like to use a women's restroom, but was too afraid to try.

Sarah--I liked your questions. Perhaps you read my questions that I posted before the site went down. I asked whether women who take big dumps end up pushing their tampons out during the straining, since the rectum and vagina are separated by a relatively thin wall of tissue. As a male, I have been curious about women's dumps myself, especially since I have often heard that they are larger than men's dumps. I myself have rarely made more than one or two really big dumps in my life, and have always wondered how to do it. I suppose natural body metabolism is also an essential factor in this.

OK, being curious about the subject and afraid to ask my girlfriend about this, I've devised a little survey myself for those women who have big dumps. (Guys, feel free to answer if you want to, but you can leave out question #8, obviously!!) Sorry if any of these questions are redundant to any that have already been in past surveys on this site.

1. What is the average size of your big poops? (length, diameter)

2. How often do you poop to make such big dumps? (I mean, do you go everyday, once a day, twice a day; or if by going every other day or once a week, whatever, do they get bigger? I assume if you poop everyday or several times per day that your dumps wouldn't be so big... )

3. What color are these dumps and what texture are they? (firm, hard, knobbly, smooth with cracks, stringy?)

4. What is your load like? (nuggets or balls that fall out like horse poop, long logs, short logs, blobs, carrot shaped turds that taper off at one end, or a combination of these??)

5. What do you (normally) eat that would allow you to poop so big?

6. Do you pass gas/fart when you poop? If so, do you do it before, during or after you poop?

7. Have you ever watched yourself poop in the mirror, taken a picture or video of yourself "in the act", or let someone watch you push out a mega dump?

8. Can you normally feel a big poop inside your vagina, and does having a tampon inside, having intercourse or going to the gynecologist (if you haven't pooped) affect this in anyway?

9. What is your age ? (You don't have to state your age if you don't want to)

Thanks for your responses, and happy (big) dumps!

mystery man
Jessica, that was the greatest story I've heard in weeks. You always get the details of your bathroom trips. I am extremely interested in females pissing and pooping. It gets me excited and erotic sometimes. Ladies out there please take my survey:
1. What things make you pee?
2. What things make you poop?
3. Do you wipe after you pee?
4. Do you wipe after you poop?
5. Do you wash your hands after you pee? Always, sometimes, or never?
6. Do you wash your hands after you poop? Always, sometimes, or never?
7. If never or sometimes for 5 or 6, why?
8. If you have the urge to pee, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
9. If you have the urge to poop, what do you do? Hold it in or find a bathroom?
10. Generally speaking what kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs or briefs? Why?

Hi all,
Glad we are back again. Missed my daily read.
Readers of old posts will remember that I am the farmers wife that enjoys the fresh breeze between my cheeks as I shit. ie Outside. I was talking to one of our staff's daughters the other day, home on vac from university, final year Bacholar of Science and asked her why she still heads off to the bushes instead of using the staff toilets. She said that their way was easier and cleaner than sitting on a dirty toilet pushing a log between your cheeks. Also more complete. You will shit more like this than sitting on the loo. I agree with her completely. Out in the bush your buns are apart and you poo clean especially if you perfect the technique of not nipping the log off. Allow it to fall out and you will find 9 times out of ten you do not need to wipe. Also no wet seats!!!!!!! Boys!! In my family of men I now lift the seat if it is down and put it down if it is (hardly ever) up. Sitting on the porceline also allows your buns to open wider and poo cleaner. Just a little info I thought I would share.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

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Hey ladies, I'm 18/female and I have some questions.

Whenever I poop, my turds are always long and skinny. I want to have thick turds. My diet is least I think it is.

1. How do you ladies poop so big?

2. What does your diet consist of mainly that makes your poops so thick?

3. Did you always poop big?

4. Do the thick turds come out easily if you're not constipated?

5. My turds are always dark brown. Do any ladies have light brown turds?


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