Bryian: I was embarrassed when I had my accident, but my towel concealled the load in my bathing suit and no one knew I had just pooped.

Adrian: I have never pooped outdoors before, but next time I may try to.

Ash: I can definately relate to your story because I do the same thing.

I really like reading all the posts on this sight. I have a question for all the guys: When you poop do you have to hold your testicle sac up to keep your poop from touching it? I know this probably is a naive question, but I have never seen a guy use the restroom. I would really be fascinated to see man on the toilet. Is this a morbid fascination? I like to poop and would like to see other people when they are doing it. I have several girl friends and would love to see them poop on the toilet while observing their facial expressions, etc. Of course I am way too afraid to tell any of them that I would like to see them take a dump. I don't want them to think I am perverted. Any suggestions?

Question: If I peed while taking a shower, would it stain the tub? Also, would I stand or squat? What's the easiest? Please let me know!

MR Pee Pee
BMED, I would have joined that club if I were a kid and I would join it now eventhough Im not a kid anymore..

I got 2 stories....
I is a dream i had.
I had this dream that i was going on a trip and we were on our way and we stopped to eat and then a while later we stopped at a rest stop and i had to poop. I go into this bathroom and see a shower with guys in it, any way i took a stall and i pooped and i had several logs and each log was a different color.(I had eaten candy before bed and it was different stained my tounge so i wonderd if it would change my poop to a different color). Then i woke up.

Last night after eatting a really big dinner i decided to go rent some movies, before i left here i was starting to feel such a discomfort in my stomach and i was feeling really bloaded, i didn't know the last time i took a shit, i think it was monday or tuesday(it was now friday) so i go to the video store and they didn;t have what i wanted. I wanted to have an excuse to go to wal-mart cause i was really starting to have to shit and pee too. Im like i'll go to wal-mart, go poop then buy what i want. I decided to take the Handicapped stall(newly renevated..w/ new doors). I peed first then i flushed it...i put a seat cover down, next thing i knew i had a neighbor in the next stall he was pooping too. I suspected he may have been my age, he was black(saw his legs..didn't see a face) and he had black shoes and light blue mesh shorts on. I heard him pee sitting down, i didn't hear any poop from him. Any way i had just sat down and i felt my poop up me and it wasn't easy to g! et out. I really had to push and strain really hard! I was trying to make alot of noise for him. I heard a piece drop off, them im still pushing really hard and instantly i feel it coming like that feels better! I didn't make too much noise, then i wiped like 2x it was really hard. I only had a glance of my log, it was atleast 9 or 10 inches, and bumpy and light brown. I'd liked to have looked at it longer but it was an automatic flush toilet before i knew it, my log was gone. I never did see that guys face, i looked around the store to see if i could find luck.

One more story, then i gotta go..last night there was something on Americas funniest videos, there was this video where this boy was holding a container of food, and his mom said what do you have? he kept saying its poop, its like lol..then at the end she said its bratwrust and go give it to daddy.

Answer: How about "why don't you try it and find out"? Think about it - does pissing in the toilet stain the sides? Well, I'm sure with added water your bath tub will least likely turn yellow.

This afternoon I was coming home from seeing my grandma in the hospital. She had partial hip replacement surgery,but anyway I get about a mile from home when I thought I had to let a fart but instead it was diarrhea. The minute I got home I headed straight to the bathroom and there was this liquid shit stain that ran from the back to the bottom of my boxers. I sat down on the pot and let out this shit that reaked worse than B.O. After I was finished I wiped then had to finish with a washcloth. After that I hid the shitty shorts underneath some dirty jeans. Now I feel like My bowels have been throughly cleaned out. I think I also lost about 5 pounds. Jesus Christ my bowels feel good now after taking that huge healthy shit.

Infantry SPC
To Molly,

I think your mother went a little too far. It was wrong of you to take her credit card, but does she realize how much trouble she could get in with the law for what she did to you?

Last week while I was at work (MP)I noticed that there was one woman who works in the computer department who visited the ladies room around 1600 (4pm) and does not return for about 10 minutes. She is about 5'7", brown hair, brown eyes, thin, in her mid 40's. My guess was she went to the mail room down the hall, but this week while I was manning my post at the same time she headed to the ladies room again, I decided to time her discretly. this time she was gone 15 minutes. my post is the reception area for the building, and the 1st floor restrooms are in plain view of my post. My best guess (which is probably right) is that she takes an afternoon shit at work. It makes me wonder how it really is since walking towards the door would be off my post, and there is too much activity to try and listen, One can only guess if she has a very gassy poop, or if its loose or runny or hard to get out. I'm too far away to catch a whiff and I'm not crazy enough to go in there ever... I! guess it will always be a mystery to a man on the outside on military guard duty...

Hi I have been lurking around watching the things you say for a while. Anyway...

Molly: That sounds so horibal what she did to you and I feel so sorry for you I think giving a children laxatives or castor oil is a very cruel punishment and your ordeal sounded horibal but I am very gald that you did somehing to get her back. Hope your better now.


To Candace: I liked your story and Iím sorry you got so constipated and Iím glad you had a nice big BM soon to make you feel better. After reading your story I decided I would see if the walls on the stalls on the restroom at work were reflective like the ones you described at the hotel. I went to the restroom even though I only needed to pee, but that was OK. In fact it was better because I didnít have to concentrate on getting my own poo out and I was free to satisfy my curiosity. Sure enough, if I looked just right, I could see the reflection of the guy in the next stall. It wasnít good enough for me to actually see his logs coming out of his hole, but I was able to clearly see him lean forward, grab his cheeks and open them wide. He groaned and pushed for about 15 seconds or so and I heard a loud splash. He let go of his butt and sat upright for about a minute then once more leaned forward, opened his cheeks and again started grunting until another loud splash a! nnounced the result of all his effort. This happened a third time followed by a big sigh. I heard him tearing off some tp and I was able to see him reach around and wipe his crack from bottom to top. He did that three times but I couldnít see how messy the tp was. Oh, and the best places I have found to listen to people pooping is in the mall where there are lots of stalls.

To Pat: I never watched Survivor but I canít believe someone could only have two BMís in thirty days. In answer to your question; I canít remember the longest I have gone without a shit but I would guess 3 or 4 days maximum. Iím fairly regular and usually go every day but sometimes I can go for 2 days without a shit. I wonder if itís a woman thing because Iíve noticed here that several of the women like Candace and Ash and some others seem to be chronically constipated and regularly go three or four days between BM's.

To Miss Belinda: I loved the story you put in your reply to Ash, it made me get very ďexcitedĒ. I must say I would love to be your nephew and be with you while your BMís are coming out. When I was little my aunt would take me shopping with her and almost always she would need to go to the toilet and she would take me with her to the ladies public restroom. I had got used to the ritual of seeing her hike her skirt up and pull her panties down to her knees. But just like you she didnít let anything show but I would always look and hope. She would sit down then smile at me and just sort of look at me and without any change in the expression on her face I heard her pee furiously. When she had finished and squeezed out the last drops her smile would get bigger and she would tear of some toilet paper, lean forward and wipe from behind. She also managed to pull up her panties and pull her skirt back down, again without me seeing anything. I used to think it was unfair! that girls could go to the toilet without showing anything but I had to pull my pants down, or at the very least take my dicky out, and everything was on show. Please post some more Ė I love your stories. Sean.

To Hermione: Oh my goodness, how can your poo stay inside you for 10 days? I think I would explode. I would get very worried if I normally did a poo only every 4 or 5 days like you. But this seems to be quite normal for some of the women who post here Ė for instance Ash says she normally goes 3 or 4 days between poos, but she holds it in a lot too. It doesnít seem like you even hold it in at all.

Yesterday I went to see the new American Wedding...There were a few bathroom sceenes where this one guy is in the bathroom and he gets up on the toilet(puts tp down) and is listing to what these girls he knows is talking about.
Then there was another sceen where this one guy was given the engament ring to hold, he puts it in his pockets and he was feeding these dogs and accidently fed the dog the ring. He waited for it to come out in the dogs poop. he then ran off w/ it and someone stopped him and they said what do you have? he said chocolate truffles and put in u know where. He cleaned it off cause they had it at the wedding.

After the movie i had to pee really bad and i had to poop too, not that bad. I went to the bathroom and the first urinal and first stall were out of order. The middle stall and handicapped stall were taken. I stood in front of the stalls for one to open. I stood infront of the middle one and i could see in the stall a little. I saw this kid pooping in there. I could see a bit of his poop in the bowl from the crack and i also could see him wipe too. Then some man came out of the handicapped i went in there. Then that kid(he was like 7-11) then an older kid maybe 15 came in there and peed. Then another young kid came in that middle stall and pooped i heard him peeing sitting down. I pooped this big log maybe 8 inches. I had to wipe alot more this time(then when i had to when i pooped at wal-mart). After the bathroom emptyed out i snuck out with out flushing. I wanted to see if someone would buddy dump on top of my log. It was cool, no one did. I thought i heard s! ome kids saying something that was in the bowl. When i walked out i couldn't tell if that toilet had been flushed. I didn't hear any thing, i'd have liked to stay in there longer but i had to go. Thats about it, gotta go bye

Traveling Guy
Molly: You should seriously consider reporting your mother to child protective services for doing that perverted punishment stool thing to you. That's pure and simple child abuse. She endangered your health by making you pass blood, a danger sign. If she did that to you, who knows what else she might do to you or to a sibling? Also, to be honest, I don't think much of your revenge on her. Slipping someone else a laxative can be dangerous business and can even get you charged with assault in some places, no matter how sweet the revenge.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Just a line to add my congratulations to Ash for her wonderful posting about her and her mother's joint shit (which it was in a way!). It was one of best bits of descriptive writing I've read in years. I teach composition and it's rare to find someone who can paint such a vivid picture in words. We were all in that bathroom with you, sweetheart, and we could see what was happening as if we were watching. You are in your teens, aren't you? You have a real future if you want to write, but I hope you will not give up this topic just yet. Much love to you.



I enjoyed your story about listening to the girl having a good shit in the library toilets, and hearing the plops.
Please tell some more stories about the sounds you have heard, and also about plops and farts you have done.
Do you splash your bum sometimes ?
I had a good shit this morning and absolutely drenched my right bum cheek

Pat - in reply to your question of how long between pooing.

It is some time since I sent any post.

I am a 47 year old divorcee living in London who eats normally.

I occasionally do not go for 7 to 10 days and once did not go for 13 days, although I recall trying every day after 7 days but just passed wind when trying to budge the dried out lump in my rectum. I became slightly headachey and my rectum ached - otherwise no ill effects.

I normally go every 4-5 days. The first turd is usually hard and full of boluses, about 2 inches or so in diameter and about 6-8 inches long.

If I do not go for a week or more I become very farty, and eventually pass very firm compacted turds of up to 2.5 inches in diameter. This can be uncomfortable for my anus and usually blocks the loo as well !
I therefore tend to go at the office and leave the turds unflushed.

A friend of mine (of similar age)tells me that she did not go for 16 days a year or two back. She passes large turds - as I have seen some of them.

People that are able to wipe with their hand I assume are not wearing undies or have traditional clothing with no undergarments. It would be a bit awkward to try and redress youself with one lot of shitty fingers. The best is still to lube your hole and if you relax properly the bowel pouts naturally allowing the log to slide out and when finished retracts the smeared part back into the bum leaving a clean rind. That is why sqwatting (sp) down is the best way to shit.

Jen. I wouldn't expect peeing whilst taking a shower to leave any stains.

Carmalita. Glad to hear you're regular once more and I'm delighted that things are working out again on the friendship front.

Herminone. I would try to keep a regular habit (in your case a motion every 4 to 5 days) if possible as you'll feel much better for it.



Aye Aye folks

This is the result of my survey

All respondents finds confortable if they will poop seated directly on the toilet than squatting above it or on the foor. Thanks for those who have participated in this survey.

A Toilet Trivia from my country.

If youre a guy and you want to be curious if a woman is peeing or pooping on the toilet cubicle, try to have a glimpse on the partition of the cubicle. If you don't see a small bucket on the floor (substitute for toilet paper), that means she is peeing.

Happy toilet tripping!


I pee all the time in the shower and the water just washes it down the drain. it wont stain. I'm male but squat or stand whatever makes you happy.

happy pee.


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