First i want to say thanks to Leah for saying how much she liked my story. Well since that accident i have been wearing diapers for fun for a while. Because i love to poop in my pants and diapers make the clean up easier. Attends are my choice in diapers, but now since the begining of july i have a real desire to poop my pants in public. Well and not in daipers, but in my panties and a pair of shorts. I am 5ft 2in and weigh about 105lbs. So im a fairly small 23 year old girl. i posted this on another board, but about 2 days ago i made a trial run. I put on a pair of bikini panties and a pair of white shorts, pockets in the front and none in the back. Normaly i would wear a thong with these shorts because of pantie lines, and the shorts really show off my nice firm butt. Anywayz i was standing in my bedroom right in front of a full length mirror. I kinda bent my legs and made a big push, i felt it push out hit my panties and curl under into my crotch. I felt more so i pushed ! again, this time alot of soft poop filled my panties. I stood up and looked behind me, my bulge was nice about the size of a softball and slowly going down into my crotch. i reached back and felt the warm bulge of poop. Ummmm it felt so good! I needed to mke a final push and as i did i peed too. i had peed earlier to try to keep from peeing while i pooped. But i peed anywayz, not a lot just enough to make things very wet. I knew now i was done, i looked back at my butt. everything was now visible, i could see that my shorts were all brown in the back and in my crotch. I looked at the front and the small amount of pee wicked all up the front along with the brown. I was a real mess, god i loved it! but i knew i didnt want to stain my shorts permantly, well not yet. So i got them off and put them to soak in cold water. Then i went and sat in a vynil chair and it felt sooooooo good. Well anywayz i hope to do this in public like a accident, well when i get up the nerve. I believe! these shorts are perfect for it! Okies thanks for reading, hope you liked it too. When i get up the nerve to really do it in public, ill let you all know! byez!

I just ran across this site and it caused me to remember a good story from college. I lived in a dorm room with another girl and we had a community bathroom on the floor, but we also had a small sink built into this floor to ceiling shelving unit/vanity combo in our room. One night I woke up to my roommate coming back from the bars. She was tipsy and said that she had to pee really bad, but she was grossed out by another girl puking in the bathroom on our floor. My roommate had a strong bladder and usually took big pees each morning - if the stalls were all full sometimes she would go back to the room and fill a 20 oz cup we had just for that purpose up to the rim, then dump it in the sink. (You learn a lot about your dorm mates with community bathrooms.) She said she was going to use the sink. I told her a cup was easier than our tiny sink, but she said she had to pee too much. I heard her hop on onto the sink, then some breaths, then drips, then a mighty gusher ! started, but I didn't hear it splatter in the sink as I expected. She chatted with me while going for a long time. Then she went to bed. The next morning we discovered that she had peed over the rim of the sink entirely and into her laundry basket next to the vanity.

Hola mis amigos,

I've been so busy lately, no time to write! I see that Nu has posted about my constipation blues. I've been doing many outdoor poos lately. She did a pretty damned smelly one in our toilet yesterday morning dayaaaaam! I go hiking almost everyday and have been doing lots of woodland poops. I've got a pile at every mile LOL!
Yesterday was a good one. Me and Nu went to the woods for a nice 5 mile hike and we'd been there for about a half hour walking uphill mostly. We stopped to rest by a creek when I realized that I had to take a mucho grande dump. Nu pulled her shorts and bright red panties down to her thighs, squatted, and peed about a gallon into the dirt behind a huge rock. She really had to go bad. She kept going "Ahhh...oaaaahhhhh..." while a really thick stream was shooting out of her. Her silky black pussy was just dripping water! By the time she finished, the puddle was running downhill, and the dry dirt had turned to mud. I wish she hadn't pooped at our house because I really wanted to watch her do a nice curlie. (lately she's been doing curly poos, big lumpy piles that curl around.) I stepped away from her puddle, pulled my shorts and panties down and squatted. I'm eating a lot more complex carbohydrates that are giving me really hard and sticky poops. I was squatting and I pushed! like crazy until finally a big one started to creep out. It was so fat I could feel it squeezing. It felt like a big cucumber was coming out. Nu started giggling because it was such a big turd. I had to grunt like crazy and push until I was dizzy. I finally bore down hard and "plop!" this big fat snake fell out of my ass and landed in the dirt. Nu had napkins, and on my first wipe, the napkin was just covered in shit! Rrrrrrghhh I hate those wipes, where you keep on wiping and never get clean! I know that more poop was in me that didn't come out. So, I wiped using all the napkins and knew that my panties were going to be ruined by skids. It's funny because my turd was so big it made a "thump" sound when it hit the ground. I'd say it had some pounds to it! Very long and thick.
When we got home, I jumped in the shower, bent over with my ass facing the shower spray, and Nu washed my ass for me as I bent over holding my knees.

I was at school the other day taking an exam in the exam room and when I went to the bathroom this blonde girl was ahead of me and took the stall next to mine. She was trying to be really quiet but I kept hearing her going "mmfff.....mmfff.....nnnhhh....nnnhhh..." I looked down and saw her feet pointed inward. She was wearing brown sandals and had her jeans down around her ankles. Finally, there was a hard crackle and a bunch of soft sounding turds slipped out and splashed loudly. Peeeeeeeewww--eeee!!!
I don't what she ate, but I wouldn't go near it for all the money in the world! I'd just finished a quick poo (2 little turds--sorry), and was washing up at the sink when she came out. She just smiled politely and didn't say anything. Wow, was she ever gorgeous!! Okay, enough of that LOL! I hurried out because it was stinking pretty good in there.

As I'm writing, I can hear Patsy in the bathroom snapping pages of the newspaper. She's taking a monster shit. I can even smell some of it with the door closed. I hope she uses the air freshener. Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I've been really busy and all of us hcave been working on the house. Hope everything is well with everyone!

Jonny the Jonny Brush
Brian, I ate at McDonalds, and followed it with a Hershey bar for desert. I get the shits all the time when I eat ar Micky dees.

Yesterday morning, Diana calle me up on the phone and tole me that we were going to practice at her house that morning. Her parents were at some sort of a music convention. I grabbed my trombone & sheet music and headed across the street. Diana was waiting for me at her front door. The living room was set up for out lesson. She told me to get my instrument out and went into her kitchen. As soon as I got my trombone put together and the mouth piece in, she handed me a huge glass of Pepsi with ice in it. "Drink thks" she ordered. "It will keep you from getting too thirsty. We have alot of work to do." I didn't like the sound of that. I drank down the pop, then she sat down at the piano. "Sing the first 12 measures of that exercise I gave you the other day." I looked it over, and began to sing. Then she had me play it on the bone.

We went at it for about an hour and a half, singing, then playing it on the brombone, as she accompanied me on the piano. As the lesson went on, my bladder started to fill up. By the end of the lesson, I felt like I was going to burst. I was putting my trombone away, but was a bit fidgity as Diane noticed. "What's wrong Jonny? "Got ants in your pants or something?" she asked. "No. It's the Pepsi I drank. It went through me faster then I ecpected it wood. So please excuse me for running out on you, but I really gotta go if you know what I mean." "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" She yelled. "The bathroom is right this way" then she motioned me to follow her. She lead me to a bathroom that had NO DOOR on it at all. "How do I shut the door?" I asked. "Umm do you see any door to shut?" she retorted. I was starting to get a bit nervous, and the ever increasing pressure in my bladder had me desperate at this point. "Just whip it out and let fly." she said.

I was already at the point where if I tried to get home I would wet myself, so I did as she instructed. I unzipped myself, took "it" out of my pants, and began to shoot out a stream of piss that went on for a long time. The feeling of relief was really something else. Diana stood in the door way the entire time, not taking her eyes off of me once. "Feel better? she asked. "Alot better. I never had to go so bad in my life." I answered. "Oh, come on Jonny. Surely you could do better then that. Cant you?" I flushed the toilet after she said that and replied "I almost......." then I cut myself off. Diana then walked over to the toilet. "Watch this." she ordered. She took down her panties and hiked up the skirt she was wearint. Spreading her pubic lips apart with her fingers, she released a ropy, hard jet of pee from a standing position as skillfully as any man had ever done. Her pee careened into the toilet water as though she were spraying a garden hose ins! tead of peeing. It went on for so long, that I literaly didn't know whether to shit or go blind. She would stop, then start up again, and when she was finaly done peeing, she turned to me. I'm not quite done yet." She turned around and sat on the toilet. Leaning forward, huge far eminated from her, followed by a huge PLOP! The odor was suprisingly not very strong. Had a sweet, vegitarian smell to it, sort of like rotton corn.

Shen she was finished, she wiped, pulled her panties back up. As she stood, I peered into the bowl. There were several huge logs laying in there that looked as though they could have been laid by an elephant. We went back to the living room. I was still feeling that relieved feeling in my bladder. With a few admonishments to work more on the asigned music, I went home.

Can't wait until Friday.

Jonny the Jonny Brush

I'll come up with one... some day
Hello all, I've been reading here for quite a while, but never really had anything to post. Unfortunately, I still don't. I'm 14, male, and greatly enjoy computers and programming. I've never peed nor had a BM outside, and I don't think I've had an accident since I was 6 and had this really weird stomach sickness. All the stories have been wonderful (I've read almost all of them), and I'm wondering how you manage to witness and expierience all of these things. Oh well, hopefully I'll have something with actuall content next time. Suggestions to add "interest" to my life are of course welcome. Bye.

Candace, nice story about hearing the girl poop.

What was your poop like after all of that? And
could you give a little more detail of the other
girls load that you saw?

Keep up the good posts!


I was looking at this website that showed poop scenes for movies, most of them I have already seen, has anyone seen the movie Operation Condor, someone said it had a good poop scene, I was just wonerding if I should rent it.

King of the throne
Hey everyone i was at camp the last 2 weeks so i have some interesting stories.

The first camp was in colorado and there were absolutely no regular toilets, just latrines. Anyway there was something about the elevation there that made me feel gassy and i took 2 or 3 poops a day instead of my usual everyday or every other day thing. Also in the camp sites where no one was staying the shit holes were almost full. i could almost feel the steam rising off my poo. Also this one day there was one kid in the latrine before me taking a crap and he must have been constipated or something because it was 25 minutes before he came out. All this time i was banging on the door and trying to figure out how to cover up the pee spot on my pants. I eventually had to go so bad i just peed on the side of the latrine. It felt really good.

The next camp was back in nebraska and we spent a night out in the woods with nothing but a foxhole for pooing. I took one that was almost a foot and a half long and then a pair of 8 inchers slid out. The girls and boys shared one bathroom and this one girl before me let out a big load that really smelled right when we got there. I peeked and saw atleast a foot of cable coming out of her glorious ass.

Also this morning i took a huge huge crap.
It started off with alot of gas and a foot longer. then 3 or four 6 inchers and then almost a dozen little 2 or 3 inch long turds. topped off with almost of minute of diareahh it really reeked.

Peace love and farting rules

Penny T.
Oh, the embarrassment! I took two blue (strong) Ex-Lax pills on my return flight, before going in to work today. It really did the trick, at the wrong time.

Our boss called a special noon meeting to discuss recent sales results and it turned into a marathon of sorts.

As I sat down at the table, my ???? was bulging out so much that some people stared as if I was expecting.

Then, the "maximum relief" laxative started to work just before I was to present a set of sales data. I had to excuse myself, run to the ladies and just when I got there, the rest room was closed for cleaning. So, I ran to the elevator, just barely holding it together, and went up one floor. The beast was indeed calling.

Into the ladies, and the only available stall, as I quickly pulled up my blue skirt, pulled down my navy pantyhose and white panties.

I just about lost control then and there.

I let out a violent blast as my stuffed up bowels now emptied completely. Not at all gentle, but I felt much better. Sat there for a few minutes and let the last of it out. I had been totally constipated for four days and was not expecting the meeting.

Then it was back into the meeting and the people were still sitting there. Quite a bit flatter in the ????, everyone must have known I had taken a major dump.

Carrie, my smart ass assistant whispered to the boss "Penny must have taken one for the road again". She knew we had both taken her "Max Lax" on the overnight flight back from California.

Regained my composure eventually, to brief the sales data. Two hours later, Carrie had her lax kick in. Her red face told the tale.

I smiled as she made a dash for the ladies.

Hi yall! I have a story for you guys and gals that you may or may not like. well I was all alone in my apartment so I desided to have a Naked Day. Unluckily my toilet wasn't working so I had to use either the sink or a neighbor's toilet. I did not want to use the sink because I thought It would become dirty. I did have to go but I wanted to wait so I would not bug the neighbors. After I waited along time my bladder was about to burst. I made a med dash for the door but never made it. I let it all out right there on the kitchen floor. It seemed like hours before I finished. It took a very long time to clean up since there was so much pee. Thats my story. BYE

Hi all you guys, I'm Molly and I've been a lurker. I'm 16, brown hair, 100 lbs, 5.5 you know. Fairly tan. I read on here that people's parents punish them with laxatives. And I have a horrid experience that happened to me w/ that. And I have really bad stomach problems, like I can't drink coke, it gives me diarrhea, I can't eat real greasy foods, I get diarrhea and real nausous and stuff. Anyway, to make a long story short, my mom found out that I took her credit card. I racked up 200 dollars worth of stuff. So my mom said she had a new idea for a punishment that her new friend told her about. She called it a punishment stool. She put a stool in the garage over a clear tarp. I figured I was gonna get grounded for a year, cause my parents are real strict, but I was glad to hear about this new thing. My mom told me that I would have to sit in the chair for 8 hours. I argued with her awhile, and I finally gave up. She then pulled out a bottle of castor oil! I said whats that fo! r, and she said it's part of the punishment that her friend told her about. I eventually gave in and let her give it to me. She gave me two spoonfulls of that shit! I didn't know what it did to you! then my mom pulled a chair out a few feet away from me. she sat in it and started reading. I said what are you doing? she said making sure i don't get up to go anywhere. I said alright. I sat there on the stool for awhile. I was wearing these skin tight jeans, a thong and a black shirt. Suddenly I started feeling nausous. I got sweaty. I said mom I don't feel too good. She said to shut up and I can't get off of there and I'll get another two spoonfulls if I do. Eventually I had to crap, and I mean bad! I asked her and she said no, deal with it. I started crying, cause I HATE to be dirty and I didn't want to poo myself. Eventually the pain was too much, and I couldn't hold it. There was a huge gush of shit that flew into my pants at that time. It was horrible and hot! It ruined my! thong! I cried, my mom didnt care. I felt so bad, my stomach hurt so much I couldn't see straight. I was doubled over in so much pain and just constantly shitting. It was running down my legs like a waterfall. It was so gross but I felt so bad!! My mom brought me sugarwater for some reason and had me drink lots of it. By the end of my time in the punishment stool, I was covered in old and still fresh shit that was still hot. But it felt like my insides were all gone and my asshole was burning. Later I found out that I shit a lot of blood the last few times, and I damaged the wall of my intestine. It's alright, it'll heal. Anyway, when I could get off the stool, my mom made me go straight to bed. I got up and went to the bathroom through the whole night, but once I couldn't make it in time and I shit in my pjs! I was mortified. I was crying. I changed out of them and I just wore a thong to bed then. A few hours later I woke up again with a strong cramp, and I tried to sit up! , but my asshole was so swollen and sore and dirty, I couldn't hold it. So as I sat up in my bed, more diarrhea gushed out. It was in my bed! All over me. Another thong that was ruined. My sheets were ruined. I started crying and I got up out of bed, my legs covered in shit, and my mom walks in. She bitches me out and forces to me to sleep in my shit filled sheets. Not only that, but she gives me another spoonfull of castor oil. Then she locks the bathroom door and she locks my door. So I'm forced just to shit in my bed even more. By morning I'm still shitting and I can definitely tell it's blood. I showed my mom , and I just had to eat lots of fiber for awhile. But get this. A few days later, I gave my mom some chocolate laxatives wrapped in a different candy wrapper. Then later that day she went for a run, then later came back with shit all over her butt. I told her about me doing it, and she said she was sorry for ever using that crazy woman's idea. It was good revenge, b! ut I can't forgive her.

Ash-- I am one who will be understanding of your accident. You've said in the past that you hold your poos untill they're REALLY ready to come out...its a method with much valid reasoning behind it. Having fought constipated poos out of my system all my life, I know how much easier it is to "go" when poo is fighting to come out as opposed to saying "knock, knock, I'm here". Age and experience will teach you to listen more carefully to your body and you'll know better next time when its time to head the call and help with some old fashioned bearing down.
My Mom used enemas quite often...they were more or less "part" of that generation and your mother my not see them as a common alternative to laxatives.
We'd all still like to hear your stories form vacation...also you were going to tell about seeing you little sister do a really hard poop but you never did. --JW

Just to let you ladies know that I really enjoy reading about your toilet experiences. Especially the wetting ones!

I would be very interested to learn how many of you urinate with your legs open and how many with them together.

How about it, girls? Let me know?

Just a line to add my congratulations to Ash for her wonderful posting about her and her mother's joint shit (which it was in a way!). It was one of best bits of descriptive writing I've read in years. I teach composition and it's rare to find someone who can paint such a vivid picture in words. We were all in that bathroom with you, sweetheart, and we could see what was happening as if we were watching. You are in your teens, aren't you? You have a real future if you want to write, but I hope you will not give up this topic just yet. Much love to you.


Hi everybody Ė just a few replies today.

To Candace: Iím so glad you had a good poo and you are not constipated any more. Also, I loved your story about the little girl in the next stall. I have a niece whoís 8 and she sometimes takes a long time sitting on the toilet until her poo starts to come out. Iím the same and I think itís maybe because as soon as I get the feeling I need to poo, I sit on the toilet. I think sometimes my poo isnít really ready to come out so it makes me wait.

To QueenTiffany: I really liked your story. Do you normally poo standing up? I have tried that and just like you I find my legs get tired if my poo is taking a long time to come out. Also I can relax and enjoy it more if I sit down.

To Ash: Thanks so much for replying. Your stories are incredible. Can you please please tell us about the time your mom saw your poo coming out? Please Please.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Man, was I constipated yesterday! I decided to eat some prunes and drink some prune juice, as well as fill up on water. In a couple of hours, I was ready to drop a load. I went to a park and used the stall there. I don't visit that restroom very often. It's kinda creepy. There are 2 doorless stalls and one was occupied. (I know that everyone thinks I find every doorless stall in my town, but I only know of a few.) 2 guys were at the urinals. I took the one nearest the door and wiped down the seat, dropped my pants and briefs down to the floor and had a seat. It took just a slight push to get started, but once I did, boy was there alot of crap! There was no farting, but alot of crackling sounds. I could actually feel my bowels emptying into the toilet. There was a guy at the sink in front of me who kept looking my way. Maybe he likes watching people crap. I looked into the bowl and saw a lot of poop piled in there. There was so much that it was difficult to wipe from the fro! nt without getting my hand dirty. There wasn't much smell either. I flushed, then wiped from the front a few times, finishing up with a standing wipe. All this time, about 6 different guys had come and gone to the urinals. I pulled up my underwear and shorts and went to the sink and washed my hands. I turned around and went back to my stall to dry my hands on some TP, and see who my stall neighbor was. He looked to be about 30ish, with short black hair, with olive skin. He was wearing what looked to be some sort of uniform. It was light brown, like maybe the type a delivery guy would wear. He was kinda average looking, and thin. He had his pants pushed down just past his knees, and his underwear was down just above his knees. He wore red briefs, just like some Hanes I have. He didn't look up, but it didn't seem like he was dumping, though. Cool, though.

Hi,Phil from England here,a story you may be interested in and concearns the mother of my girlfriend.She would have been in her late forties at the time but she was still a very atractive woman and worked in an office in the city.Anyway, she had to have a small operation on her anal passage and as a result, the doctor gave her a course of strong laxative to keep her stools loose while her back passage fully healed. She was warned about the need to be never too far away from a toilet because of the efects of the laxative, but being a very active lady she got bored just hanging about the house and decided to return to work, probably too early. It was tea time and I was round at my girlfriends when the phone rang, it was her mother in tears, "could you ask father to come and pick me up Ive had a terrible accident" my girlfriend thought she had been hurt but she explained it wasn't that kind of accident. Her father went to pick her up and we waited at home wondering what coul! d have happened. It was only about fifteen minutes when we heard the car pull up and voices as the kitchen door opened. We were in the living room but from where I was sat I could see into the kitchen through the half open door and I watched as her mother, in her smart grey work suit, waddled over to the washing machine, unzipped her skirt and just let it fall to the ground. It was then I saw the reason for her distress for her white panties and tan tights (pantyhose) were plastered to her backside full of brown liquid poop. A truely memorable sight. Hope to post again soon when I'll tell you about some more of my girlfriends own accidents, Phil.

Pat - in reply to your question of how long between pooing.

It is some time since I sent any post.
I am a 47 year old divorcee living in London who eats normally.
I occasionally do not go for 7 to 10 days and once did not go for 13 days, although I recall trying every day after 7 days but just passed wind when trying to budge the dried out lump in my rectum. I became slightly headachey and my rectum ached - otherwise no ill effects.
I normally go every 4-5 days. The first turd is usually hard and full of boluses, about 2 inches or so in diameter and about 6-8 inches long.
If I do not go for a week or more I become very farty, and eventually pass very firm compacted turds of up to 2.5 inches in diameter. This can be uncomfortable for my anus and usually blocks the loo as well !
I therefore tend to go at the office and leave the turds unflushed.
A friend of mine (of similar age)tells me that she did not go for 16 days a year or two back. She passes large turds - as I have seen some of them.

hello all,
hope this post finds you well. i am doing good myself. not constipated anymore. took a great dump today. i was at barnes and nobles and felt the sudden urge well i took the yoga book i was looking at and went to the bathroom. i assumed the position with pants at ankles and feet spread apart but facing inward. i usually have about 10 minutes of gas before the poo. i i start right in ripping long farts when i hear the footsteps of a young girl enter the next stall. i looked through the crack and she was maybe 9 or so. she dropped her pants and started reading a book. she peed quickly and then just sat there for a long time. i in the mean time kept farting. then a women came in and said sarah are you ok. the girl said yeah mommy i am waiting for poopie. the women said ok and then asked if she needed anything the girl said some book name the the women left and returned with it. she continued reading for about 2 minutes when she then leaned forward and started to grunt lou! dly. she would grunt and then let a long fart. this went on for a while and then she sat down the book spread her butt cheeks and started crackling logs. it sounded a if the logs were so long. there must have been at least 20 of them and then more gas and some musshy stuff. after every log she would grunt and then fart again. about 20 minutes later when i was just starting with my pre poop pellets her mom came in and said it was time to go was she done yet. she said yes but needed her to wipe. the women wet some paper towels and entered the stall the girl stood up and leaned forward her mom wiped her butt and asked if she felt better she said yes. and her mom said i think there are to many logs to fit down we better leave them. they then exited the stall and threw the paper towels away on their was out. i went to look in the toilet and there was no visible water it was all covered by poo.

what are the best places to poo and listen to others in chicagoland?

student: the girl was maybe 14 skinny with medium length brown hair. in a terry cloth sweat suit.

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm 16 years old. I'm from the United States (Philadelphia, Pa). I'm African American, 5'6'', 125lbs, and I have a very curvy body.

To begin, my poops are usually VERY thick but kinda short (maybe about 4 or 5 inches). Once in a while my poops are thick and long. The color is mostly light brown and the bathroom usually smells even when I spray disinfectant. I eat a lot of fast foods but I do enjoy salads and healthy stuff like that.

This weekend I took a really satisfying dump. I didn't poop for 3 days and my butthole was aching to let out the moster turd. The cramps hit me while I was at the mall with my girlfriends. I ran off to the nearest restroom which only had 3 stalls and 2 were already occupied. The middle stall door did not close all the way so anyone at the sink could easily see me. I didn't care. I went in there, pulled down my shorts and panties and stood over the toilet so I could pull my buttcheeks apart. The turd was coming down slowly and my legs were getting tired so I sat down and let out a monster BOOM fart. It was really smelly. It felt so good though. I love farting. Anyway, the turd began to move faster and my butthole stretched to its limits. The normal crackling sound began and I began to grunt. It felt so good but it was so hard. I pushed harder and eventually it slid out very easily. Some awesome farts followed the turd and a few turdlets fell onto the mothe! r turd. I wiped and looked to see my work of art and it was incredible. The big turd was over a foot long and about 5 inches around. The turdlets were 1/4 of the big turd's size. It was light brown as usual and the smell would make anyone gag. I pushed the toilet handle but nothing happen. The toilet was definitely broke. Nothing else I could do of course so I went to wash my hands. A mother and her daughter (maybe about 11) came into the restroom and the mother said "go poo in there hun". The little girl saw my poos and said "eew mommy, someone didn't flush". I blushed but did not say anything. The mother just said "just poop sweety and don't worry about it".

Hope you all enjoyed my story.

little miss modest
To-bryian thank's for answering my question!

I;ve been so busy lately! This summer is going by so fast. Carmalita and Jake have been working in their basement building a play room. I'm glad they're back gtogehter. I've been having my usual loose poops lately, but they become huge piles. I stand up and look in the toilet, and there will be a fat and disgusting pile of poo in there. I'm not eating any more than usual so I don't know what's up. last night i had to go really bad and dropped a giant log. It was really firm and long and thick! It looked like a big hunk of sausage. Bomb! Smel;led pretty ripe too. I sat and grunted and pushed for about 5 minutes. It was thick and wiggled out. This is so wierdo but I actually held up my hand mirror to my ass and watched it slither out. It was greenish brown and had lumps and splits in it. I love poops like that, they feel so good being so firm. I wish Carmalita had been there with her toilet paper to finsih me. i miss her being around so much even though i'm practically living ! at their house. They never seem to get tired of me or Anj. Malita took a nasty dump a few days ago. 3 long turds and lots of grunting. She's on a new diet tht gets her a little constipated so her turds are thicker and harder. She gained 5 pounds and is freaking like she's fat or something! Please.

Traveling guy-that was a cool story about the restroom thang! So she stunk it up huh? I hope yo'd be tha tnice for me too! Actually, i'd rather watch you. I like wathcing guys poo! oh well, happy summer everyone!

I'm a new poster here, and I wanna give a few shout outs.

To Miss Belinda - Hey!! I've really enjoyed reading all of your wonderful stories. I babysit my neighbor, and whenever I have to poop at I'm babysitting her, she always wants to come in with me. I have no problem with it so I always let her. Well keep up the great stories, and I have a question. Do you have any pooping or peeing stories about one of your daughters? Thanks, bye.

To Amy - I really liked your story!!! I've been in soo many close calls, but I haven't had an accident yet. I'm personally scared to for some reason. Well if you have anymore stories, I would love to hear them.

To Ash - You're stories are awesome too!!! I really liked reading your recent one about your mom, and I was wondering, do you have any more stories from your Florida vacation? Thanks.

Just to tell everyo

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