First Ė to Annette: No my poo never hits my sac but I do have to hold my penis down to make sure my pee goes in the bowl. When I was a lot younger I remember once I peed while I was pooping and I saw pee running down the front outside of the bowl and onto the floor. I later figured out my penis must have been pointing exactly at the gap between the toilet seat and the bowl. But what an amazing coincidence that you asked your question, because look what happened to me last night (Monday)

To all the ladies here; I think you are very lucky that this canít happen to you. Some of the details are not right for this site but basically I was at home looking through some ďmagazinesĒ which had the effect they always do on me. I knew I really should have peed before hand but it didnít feel that urgent when I started looking at my mags, so I didnít bother. Then, after about an hour of slowly flipping through the pages I felt the first sensations of needing to do a poo. I never hold my poo in, so straightaway I went to the bathroom, pulled my jeans and shorts down and sat on the toilet. Now normally I would tuck my equipment down in front to make sure my pee all goes into the bowl. But this time I couldnít because of the state it was in. Almost immediately I felt my butt begin to open and my turd started to push its way out. Unfortunately that wasnít all I felt because I now needed to pee real bad. There was nothing I could do to stop it and I could only w! atch as my fountain shot out and splashed against the bathroom door making a big puddle at the bottom. To make it worse, my turd was coming out so slowly it was still hanging from my hole when my pee slowed down. So, again because I was in the middle of pooping there was nothing I could do except watch as my fountain died and came back across the floor and then across my underpants and jeans soaking them in the process leaving the final drops to run down my penis and make me all wet both there and between my legs before finally dripping into the bowl. I was so disgusted with everything I just pushed hard to get the rest of my turd out and it splashed noisily into the water. I didnít bother to wipe, I just took my jeans and shorts off and threw them into the sink and got some kitchen towels from the kitchen to soak up the puddle. I finished cleaning up the bathroom then cleaned myself up in the shower and threw my dirty clothes in the washer.

To Chelcie: Enjoyed your story.
To Rolling: Enjoyed your story..are all your friends open like that?
To unnamed poster: about constipation..liked your story.
To Leah: Liked your story
To Ali: Loved your story..that sounds like a monster of a dump you had! how big was it?
To Brian: IM not sure about that, i've heard it too..they say when you push it feels like a BM.
To Jonny the Jonny Brush: What is tazmanian trots? Liked your story...yeah introduce diana to this...she might like it..she seems really intrested in your pee/poop habits. cool
To unnamed poster: about your and your bf liked your story
To Katie: Liked your story
To Trouser Jon: Enjoyed your story
To Annette: Thanks for i don't hold my sac up when i poop it doesn't interfere with me pooping.
To unnamed poster who visted the hospital..liked your story
To Sean: Liked your story.

To Annette: Thanks for i don't hold my sac up when i poop it doesn't interfere with me pooping.

To unnamed poster who visted the hospital..liked your story

To Sean: Liked your story.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Raging Urophile
Darn! Another post misses the board. Such is life I suppose.
I am really pissed at these restaurants that have a capacity in the hundreds, yet only have one stall in the mens' room. Although men, on average, don't crap as long or store as much shit as women, there are still some men who can hog a stall for 15 minutes or more. It takes me five minutes just to wipe my ass. I frequently have to go without warning. I am sure other men have to as well. I am therefore amazed that more men do not shit their pants in restaurants. Tonight I went to a huge well known restaurant that I have been visiting for 35 years, and had to drop a load. I was fortunate that no one was in the lone stall, or I would have had to enter the womens'room. I would actually love to have an excuse to enter the womens'room, but not when I am with my folks. Why is there no ordinance that requires a minimum number of stalls for men, that is predicated on the capacity of a facility? Am I the only man who has a problem with this?

Sry i haven't posted in so long. i was up at the Wisconsin Dells.

Student- I think that girls are or can be just as nonshy or whatever as guys are about pooping and farting. we just don't fart in front of guys normally usless we know them well becasue we don't know how thet'll react.

Heres another story. I was at school and i really had to go but was afride to ask the teacher becase i think that most guys would laugh at me or something. (i really don't think that most guys at my school even belive that girls poop.) I held it in until lunch then went to the bathroom. 8 out of 10 stalls were full. i went in to the end one which was emty. i pulled down my thong and shorts, peed for a few min. then started pushing.(normaly i don't push but we have a short lunch and i didn't want to be late for class.) at first it was solid but after the first 4 logs it turned to dierrea after 20 min i didn't even fell colse to being done but the bell rang that was for the end of lunch so i stopped pushing, wipped, and left, i thought that i might be able to get a pass from a teacher later on if i had to go again but i didn't until i was on the bus home. i sat on the back seat, thats where all the older kids try and sit and sinch i got there first i got it. there was n! o boys around me so i just told one of my friends that i had to poop really bad and she asked why don't you get that trash can out of the back of my seat and poop in it? i said ok and thats what i did. it was another dierrea poop and even messer than the first. i told my friend to go up and ask the bus driver for some klnext for me to wipe with. i never knew if any one found out anbout my poop becasce it was the last day of school

Some things I know about my friends who come over for pool parties Friday through Sunday night:

I have a friend, Jana, who has an incredibly hard time when she needs to BM on the toilet. She usally sits for at least 30 to 50 minuts on the commode. Usually, she can't go at all even when she realy needs to.

My friend Sharon sometimes won't eat lunch because she says she's constipated.

Meloni gets constipated every time we go to Seatle. Sharon comes out of the bathroom and tells us, "Mels going to be a few minuts becaus she trying to have a Bowel Function".

Shelly has a regular BM every day, even when we travel.

Diane M. has to take Metamucil to build up enough bulk to have a BM in the bathroom. She is oblivious to the concept of regular bowel functions. She will stay at my house, drinking for three days, and never sits on the pot -- she just urinates in my pool.

Diane K. has to drink coffee in the morning in order to go. She goes every morning to have her "stool". She's one of those girls who has a fat and short (2 inch wide by 3 inch long) BM. She also has a bad habit of not flushing the toilet before jummping into the shower.

At 10:00 AM Jill goes to the bathroom to " Make A Move" as she calls it.

Kristin always has to strain to have a BM. She is one of those girls who likes to show everyone her bowel movement after she is done.

Jackie Downhour has a difficult time going, she sits for 15 - 45 minuts. She tells everyone, "I gotta use the pot for a while."

When I was about six I was soo constipated. I tried taking laxatives, but they didn't always work for me. Finally, my mom took me to the doctor and I got an enema...finally I could go. Does anyone remember the story about a girl who was really bunged up on a camp trip? (She tried when she didn't think anyone would bother her, but she was still constipated on the way home. When she tried to poop at home, she finally had to pull it out.) Anyway, I just wondered if anyone knows what page it was on...i can relate.

Middle Aged Crapper
I thought I would post what I think is a pretty good pee story I alluded to briefly in my last post on p. 1166 of the archive--on my own saga of struggling to pass urine for a mandatory drug test....
Back in 1990 I got a temporary, 20 hr. a week job at Hughes Aircraft Company. This employer required a mandatory drug test, so I had to go to the personnel office to give a pee sample before I reported for my first shift. My bladder must have been literally running on empty that morning. I couldn't pass urine and had to ask the personnel staff for the nearest water cooler so I could drink enough to give the sample to the neighboring lab. I kept chugging cup after cup of water until the point I thought I was subjecting myself to the open water hose torture. Finally after one hour I needed to urinate! I dashed to a nearby bathroom, gave them the cup 'o pee they needed, and passed the test (I have never done drugs nor do I drink or smoke, so I guess I have to indulge my impurities in this forum). I was then sent to report for work. I thought this was the end of story so far as my peeing that day was concerned. Boy, was I wrong!
The office was in a compact space with many persons working closely together. Almost immediately after arriving I felt the need to pee again because I had tanked myself with water from the cooler. As Hughes works on defense industry contracts for the U.S. government every full-time worker needs a security clearance to even walk in the halls; and as a part-time worker I didn't have one. Unfortunately for me I have a deep, booming voice (and even have a bass voice whisper). So I had to say within easy earshot of all my new coworkers, "I'M SORRY EVERYBODY, I COULDN'T PASS URINE FOR THE DRUG TEST, I HAD TO DRINK TOO MUCH WATER AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AGAIN. COULD SOMEBODY GIVE ME AN ESCORT? (it was awfully embarassing)"
Not surprisingly, the low guy on the full-time staff totem pole, a man named Alan, had to escort me to the men's bathroom (no, he didn't go inside the individual toilet stall with me!). I was totally tanked with water. Every 15 minutes I had to "proclaim" to the office, "ALAN, I NEED AN ESCORT TO THE BATHROOM AGAIN!" This happened nine times altogether before I was finally empty. Although the first impression I made on the job couldn't have been that great as a result, I at least got to fulfill the contract and didn't have a day like that again.

A few responses to others at this point:
Pat: my longest constipation times as an adult have been 3-4 days. At the end of these I finally poop either on the night of Day Three or the morning of Day Four. I recall that when I was a little boy I may have had 6 days of constipation. My parents wisely took me to the doctor on the morning of Day Six (this was an awfully long time ago and I can't confirm the absolute accuracy of this).

Traveling Guy: a belated response I admit, but that was quite a story about your escorting that lady into the men's bathroom when hers was out of order. When you shepherded her out again when one other man had come into the bathroom, you "threaded the needle" really well.

Queen Tiffany: another belated response, but I enjoyed your story about dumping that big turd at the mall. As you noted in your own story, I also love farting. Dry and wet farts each have their unique ASS-ets (no pun intended). I find that dry farts are the most explosive and powerful, a veritable "Let the Trumpet Sound!" My best farts are in the morning as I wake up when I cut loose with all the pent-up rectal gas from the previous night. Dry farts don't smell quite as much so I cut loose with them in the Los Angeles crowds all the time. Wet farts are weaker but much more smelly. These are harder to blame on somebody else in a crowd; and I always back away from others to cut wet farts. Wet farts sometimes, though not always, indicate a turd lined up right behind. Wet farts also get the anus dirty; and on a few days where I don't actually take a poop I still wind up wiping if I've taken a few of these types of farts.

Annette: you were fearful of approaching your friends about toileting. I don't have any toileting friends, either. But you might be able to feel people out through humor. If they don't laugh at toilet humor or don't want to talk about toileting (it's best to talk about other people going to the toilet first), they probably aren't people with whom you can share your interest. Carmalita would be the most interesting person to hear from in this instance, as she has so many pooping friends. How did she find them and how is she able to tell the difference between somebody who is interested and somebody who can't be approached?

Ali: sorry that pushing out that hard turd made you cry. One point of advice you may want to ponder when pushing out a hard poo won't entirely eliminate the pain but may help get it out. When I do battle with a rock turd, I give one heave and then take short breaths before the next heave. That way the turd doesn't recede back in my butt (as it would with a deep breath) and I can get it out bit-by-bit.

Brian: I have no idea if a woman delivering a baby also delivers a turd on the hospital table. The films I've been forced to watch in health classes about baby delivery don't show the woman dropping a turd, so maybe it comes afterward from all that pushing. It would be riotously funny if each and every one of us also had a long lost and forgotten turd as a twin sibling.

(Anonymous poster): great story about peeing between the legs of a peeing woman. What new means of toileting will people think of next?

I'll Come Up With One...Someday: you were looking for potential story ideas. You could think of an all time best pee and poo, stories of any outdoor dumping, soiling one's underclothes, or holding (where our forum opinions are divided). I've noticed that stories of children going to the toilet are posted if they're from a writer's own immediate or extended family. Posts about the children of strangers may not clear the moderator; and I guess the rules argue that there are too many stories of very small "cute" children sitting on the toilet and we don't need a lot more of these.

I have solved the problem of men peeing on loo seats. I have a husband and two sons and years af education has not helped. I now do nothing but lift the seat and sit on the bowl. No problem DRY!!

Hi everybody Ė just a few replies today.

To Candace: Iím so glad you had a good poo and you are not constipated any more. Also, I loved your story about the little girl in the next stall. I have a niece whoís 8 and she sometimes takes a long time sitting on the toilet until her poo starts to come out. Iím the same and I think itís maybe because as soon as I get the feeling I need to poo, I sit on the toilet. I think sometimes my poo isnít really ready to come out so it makes me wait.

To QueenTiffany: I really liked your story. Do you normally poo standing up? I have tried that and just like you I find my legs get tired if my poo is taking a long time to come out. Also I can relax and enjoy it more if I sit down.

To Ash: Thanks so much for replying. Your stories are incredible. Can you please please tell us about the time your mom saw your poo coming out? Please Please.

To: Jen
Here is my answers to your question? Staining the tub No. Stand it will go down your legs into the tub

Candace, nice story about hearing the girl poop.

What was your poop like after all of that? And
could you give a little more detail of the other
girls load that you saw?

Keep up the good posts!


pantyhose girl
to amy:

have you ever pooped into pantyhose????

To Jen - Well, the easiest in my opinion is to stand up and pee. I have peed in the shower a few times before, and it's always boring squatting. I like to me a bit more adventurous, so I stand up, hold my pussy lips together, and just pee. Sometimes, depending on how much I go, the floor on my shower will start to smell kinda like pee, so I take a little shampoo and pour it on it to wash away the smell. I suggest doing that, so no one else finds out what you did. And I really don't think that it would stain the tub, but I don't know. If you think it will, then stand over the drain and go. Hope i helped!!

Something really random happened here last night. It was like 3:30 A.M, and I was sleeping, when all of a sudden I woke up and had to take a crap. While I was sitting on the toilet pushing out my poop, I kept starting to fall asleep. Well right before I was about to wipe my butt, I dozed off and like about 20 minutes later I woke up and wiped myself. Just something I thought I'd share with you.

Oops, I forgot to reply to Amy's story!!!!! Sorry sweety!!!

To Amy - Sounds like a great poop you had!!!! That seems really fun that you watched yourself poop in your panties through a mirror. How did it feel? Well sorry, but i'm really running out of time, and I really hope to hear more stories from you Amy!!!! Lata

This is to Jen, sweetie if you want to pee in your shower go right ahead! I do it all the time and no it wont stain anything at all. As far as how you do it, standing or squatting is really up to you. I mostly just stand and let my pee go! Doesnt really matter because it all goes right down the drain. Okies i hope that answers your question!

Hi everyone Ė I donít have much time today, have to get ready for school on Monday. Canít wait to be a junior.

To JEN Ė Iíve peed in the shower, but that was only when the water was running and everything got washed away very quickly. It didnít stain at all. Oh yes, and I was standing up.

To JW Ė Thanks for replying, that was so sweet and Iím so glad someone understands. I just canít go and sit on a toilet and wait endlessly for my poo to come out which I know will happen if I do it every time I hear ďKnock KnockĒ as you called it. By the way, thatís a cute way to say it, I liked that.

To ANTHEA Ė Anthea, you made me blush saying my writing was that good, that was so very sweet of you. Thanks sooo much, Iím glad you liked it. Love Ė Ash XXXX

To LEAH Ė Glad you like my stories. Sorry, I would have posted another one about Florida, but I had my accident in the mall after I got back and I just had to tell everyone about it.

Hey everyone! I got back from holidays a few days ago... just in time to poop myself. I was gone for 15 days, the first 7 days I was pooping regularly but I didn't have one BM the last 8 days. When we got back we went to a resturaunt by our house but I was feeling pretty sick and didnt feel like eating so I decided to walk back to the house. I don't know if you guys have this but when I'm in a comfortable place like my house or if nobody's around I guess sub-consciously my butt relaxes and I have to go, well when I got back to the usual scenery around my house it was triggered. This wasn't gonna wait 20 seconds let alone 5 minutes to my house. Luckily I was in a park with a lot of trees so I went into this group of evergreens and looked carefully around and quickly pulled my jeans and panties down and let go. It felt like it was going to come out fast because my stomach was pushing hard but it was too big and when it opened up my ring and I let out a little yelp, it was so b! ig and hard it was like passing a giant rock. It started moving slower and stopped, no matter how hard I pushed it wouldn't come out. On the verge of tears I said "no!" because I just wanted it out it hurt so bad. But then I heard someone say "what was that?" I looked through the tree and I could see a guy and a girl walking in my direction. I pulled up my pants and walked out through the other side of the trees and biting my lip I waddled home. I got all the way to my back yard and by now my bum was throbbing and tears were running down my face. I squatted down in my yard and held my stomach when suddenly it relaxed again and the huge poo started to move again. I reached down to pull my pants down but the turd was too far out already and I just thought who cares as long as this comes out. I pushed a little bit and there was a crackling sound and finally the big hard part moved out of me and pushed down on the seat of my pants. I sighed loudly and felt probably the most reli! ef I've ever felt, I just layed on my side and let it flow out of me and into my panties but then I had to pull off my pants and let out some of the poop because it was totally overflowing. After what seemed like hours the poo was finally over and I just layed there for about 20 minutes almost falling asleep I felt so good. I got up and and stripped down in the yard and dumped the basketball sized poop into the garbage because it would have to be broken into about 10 pieces to flush it. I had to toss the panties because they were stretched badly. I showered and washed my jeans just in time for my parents and sis to get home and felt sooo much better all night. Well I have to go so byebye for now!

Jen- No, it won't stain the shower at all. I usually just stand and let it flow.

jen aslong as you rinse out the shower after you pee in it and clean it regularly, it usually doesn't stain. i prefer putting my foot on the edge and takin a wicked pee while im in the shower although squatting is easy too and with sitting - its like going against a tree

I have heard that when a woman is delivering a baby, it is common for her to have a bowel movement, due to all the pushing, right on the table. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of this that they would like to share?

Jonny the Jonny Brush
I pee in the shower all the time, and I never notice any staining. The water is usualy running and all the pee gets washed down the drane. For some reason, it's all but impossible for me to hold my pee in water.

Last Friday was an interesting experience. I went over to Diana's house again for my lesson, but I had to ask her why there was no door on her main bathroom, and what did her parents do when house guests had to use the bathroom. She told me of the other bathroom up stairs inbetween two of the bedrooms and told me that they got sent up there. As for the door, it was taken off because it was starting to warp and a new one was going to be installed.

Long story short, I had a case of the "tazmanian trots" that morning, and I really did not want to come over for my lesson. I told Diana that I was not feeling very good, and I may have a "rush call." "goody" she responded. Diana want into the kitchen and got me another very larg glass of diet soda. I was feeling a bit dehydrated so I drank it down in almost one gulp. It did not go through me like the last one did.

At any rate, we were working on the trombone solo from Sousa's "Stars & Stipes Forever" when my guts started so cramp something fierce. I put the bone down and ran to the bathroom. No sooner then my butt made contact with the porcelend (the seat was up for some reason and I didnt notice) runny, stinky diareah shot out of my butt hole like a flood of Mississippi mut. Diana laughed at me sitting on the rim of the toilet with the seat up. It was as cold as a witch. I laughed myself between splats of runny poop.

When I was finished, I wiped, flushed and we went back to our lesson. When the lesson was over, Diana motioned me over to the bathroom for her daily piss. It hissed out in a torrent in the usual manor. She said "Too bad you aren't feeling well. I was going to challenge you to a contest, but I think we can wait until next Friday." I was afraid to ask what she meant by that, but I went ahead and asked anyway. "A contest to see who can hold their pee the longest without having an accident. The first one to have an accident loses." I reluctantly accepted the challenge. The results will be posted next Friday.

That's all I have for now. Oh, by the way, I am thinking of introducing Diana to this forum. I'll put it to a vote. If you want me to tell Diana about this site, vote "Yes." if not, vote "No."

Jonny the Jonny Brush

Hi all; Iím a first-time poster, but Iíve been lurking for a while. I like all the posts, but I like pee stories better than the poop ones, so more pee stories, please! Anyway, the other day me and my boyfriend went to see a movie, and after it was over, we both had to pee, but the lines at the theater were really long, so we decided to go home and pee. We got stuck in traffic, and it was 45 mintues before we reached my apartment, and by this time we had to pee really really bad. So we ran into my apartment and into the bathroom, I reached first and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties, sat on the the toilet and started peeing. My boyfriend was desperate by this time; he unzipped and was about to pee in the sink, but I had stuff in there. So I moved all the way to the back of the toilet, spread my legs out to the sides, and told him to pee between my legs, so he did, with a look of relief on his face. It gave me a rather *interesting* view of him, if you k! now what I mean. Anyway, just thought you guys might like that storyóhas anyone else done anything like that before? Weíve gone together lots of times beforeóI can tell you some more stories later if you want; I like to see guys pee, so if the guys out there have any stories, Iíd like to hear them, too. Thanks for reading!

Whats up guys! I'm a 16 year old girl, 5'4 and about 110lbs. I was reading about how someone was punished with laxatives and I can relate. OK here goes...

About 2 months ago my mom started giving me laxatives for punishment, the first time she did it I didnt even know until after I crapped myself silly. She put some in my soup at supper time, then right after that I decided to go to the mall. I put on tight jeans and white cotton panties and left to the mall. About half way there I suddenly felt sick and needed to poop bad. It was perfect timing too because I was about as far away as you could get from a bathroom in the city and I hadn't had a BM in 3 days. I started to walk home because I was sick. I only made it about 2 minutes and I could barely walk. I was in a park near my house with a lot of trees and bush and nobody was around so I walked into the bush a bit so nobody would see me crossing my legs. I decided to wait til the urge went away but it didnt the pressure just kept building so I started to walk home quickly. I was in my back alley when I had a giant cramp and grabbed my stomach, there was so much pressure I! could barely hold on but the cramp got a bit worse and I squatted down, thats when I lost it. A big solid log forced its way out, it was so big it hurt but the pressure kept pushing it out and filling my panties. After the big part passed soft poop came rushing out and my panties were so full. I sat there crying and pooped about the size of a football into my pants. I got up and walked to my house, right outside my door I squatted and pooped more into my pants. I tried to get cleaned up but I didn't very well because I was too tired I just showered for a long time and went to bed. In the middle of the night I was so tired and sick I couldnt get up so I gave up and let more semi soft poop into my new panties and just went to sleep. My mom apologized she didnt think it would be that bad but I still will never forgive her so I did the same thing to her and got away with it, she had a really bad accident too. Anyway I have to go cya!

hi i am a gril i was walking home from my firends house and i felt the rush to go poop and i did go i my gril panties it stainde my pants and got a spakending from my mom for pooping.

Eric in Chicago
Jen: Bathtubs are made out of the same sort of materials as toilet bowls, so if your pee doesn't stain the toilet, it won't stain the tub. Some urinary-tract medications (mainly phenazopyridine and methylene blue) can color your pee so much that it will stain both, but otherwise you should be OK.

What many people don't realize is that when you pee in the shower, your pee gets flushed away with a lot more water than when you pee in the toilet (showering uses *lots* of water). And, for men, any splashes get flushed away rather than drying on the floor. Yet most people still think peeing in the toilet is more "sanitary" than peeing in the shower. Go figure. I think it's basically a ritual-purity concern about what's "meant" for what.

Incidentally, I hardly ever pee in the shower, even though I like doing it. Why? Because I forget to. I'll be getting ready for the shower, realize I have to pee, pee, flush the toilet, wait for the toilet to fill so the shower temperature won't be affected, and then realize that I could have just waited and peed in the shower. Again, go figure.

I am 18 and male.

Just got back from vacation today and have been reading through the posts that I missed. I will probably have more replies and definitely a couple stories from my trip, but for now...

To INDY GUY - I'd definitely like to hear more stories from you. We both certainly enjoy pissing our pants in the shower!

To CAMP COUNSELOR - I loved your story about being desperate to pee with that camper. Personally, I would have been totally embarrased in that situation. How old are you, and do you have any more stories???


Answer: How about "why don't you try it and find out"? Think about it - does pissing in the toilet stain the sides? Well, I'm sure with added water your bath tub will least likely turn yellow.

To Carmalita: Loved your story

To Jonny the Jonny Brush: Thanks for replying...i had mcdonalds a few days ago, I never got the shits this time from mcdonalds, i had breakfast there..i guess breakfast is breakfast. Must be something in the meat that does it, i won't eat there for lunch or dinner. I loved your story too, that sounds cool. I guess that was your first time you saw Diana on the toilet? Oh btw, when was your last accident, you mentioned something about almost peeing your pants.
To Amy: I enjoyed your story
To unnamed poster: liked your story from college.
To Student: Never seen that movie...if you see it post if it was any good.
To King of the throne: liked your old are you and the campers?
To Penny T: Enjoyed your story
To nobody: Liked your story
To Molly: Liked your story...i don't think that was right what your mom did to you, then not let you get up to shit.
To Zip: Liked your story
To Phil: Liked your story

"Trouser Jon"
During the very hot weather I drink a lot of water to stop being dehydrated. Yesterday I had 3 dumps instead of one. The first was my usual morning one, at home. The third one was in the evening, also at home. I drank a bottle of sparkling water while out and that stirred things up for me. I was on a 'bus, dying for a pee. When I got off, I went to the 'bus station loos, and realised that I needed to do SOMETHING ELSE.

I don't like using those toilets to sit on, because they have fixed pieces of wood on the toilets, which are cracked and surely can hold germs. I tried without success to put paper down to avoid my bum touching the wood, without success. When I got home, I had a shower.

Eric in Chicago
Some Dude X: As for religion and the toilet...

Some devout Muslims make an effort to avoid facing Mecca while peeing.

Some former officials of the Church of Scientology report that the "swirly" was used as a form of ecclesiastical discipline.

The Church of the Sub-Genius regards "excremeditation" as a sacrament.

Some "alternative" or "holistic" beliefs about appropriate stool frequency, consistency, etc. are actually based on Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine.

King of the throne
Hey everyone i was at camp the last 2 weeks so i have some interesting stories.

The first camp was in colorado and there were absolutely no regular toilets, just latrines. Anyway there was something about the elevation there that made me feel gassy and i took 2 or 3 poops a day instead of my usual everyday or every other day thing. Also in the camp sites where no one was staying the shit holes were almost full. i could almost feel the steam rising off my poo. Also this one day there was one kid in the latrine before me taking a crap and he must have been constipated or something because it was 25 minutes before he came out. All this time i was banging on the door and trying to figure out how to cover up the pee spot on my pants. I eventually had to go so bad i just peed on the side of the latrine. It felt really good.

The next camp was back in nebraska and we spent a night out in the woods with nothing but a foxhole for pooing. I took one that was almost a foot and a half long and then a pair of 8 inchers slid out. The girls and boys shared one bathroom and this one girl before me let out a big load that really smelled right when we got there. I peeked and saw atleast a foot of cable coming out of her glorious ass.

Also this morning i took a huge huge crap.
It started off with alot of gas and a foot longer. then 3 or four 6 inchers and then almost a dozen little 2 or 3 inch long turds. topped off with almost of minute of diareahh it really reeked.

Peace love and farting rules


I've been checking this site out for a long time and Finally decided to post a story. I have been playing "bathroom games for some time,at least since early childhood. The first time when I was 7. The girl was the same age,and she had to go to the bathroom. She wanted me to go with her. That was OK with me since she and I had been playing "doctor" and I was facinated with the fact that she had no penis. I wondered if anything else was different. Anyway,She went upstairs(her mother was next door at my house visiting with my mother it was summer.She pulled down her shorts and panties and told me to watch. What happend next was great. The potty was much bigger than she was,and she spread her legs until I could see her anus. All of a sudden,she said in between grunts, "here it comes". Her anus spread open and a large light brown turd,huge in size came slowly out crackling and sliding out. It must have been an inch in diameter,and at least 8 incnes long.It ploped into the ! potty and 1 or 2 more smaller "dookies( as she called them) came out a little qucker. She wanted me to wipe her,because she could not wipe herself(that was the reason she wanted me to come in with her).When I finished wipeing her,and flushing,she said"now it's your turn to dookie".I was hooked on bathroom games by this time,and thought this would be exciting.I got on the potty and did what she did.It took a few minutes,but all of a sudden Icould feel a turd start to slide out of my anus.It was not as big,but she was transfixed by it and said" do some more dookies". I only could do 1 more small but ever since then have been Hooked on bathroom games. Anybody else interested,please post.

Question: If I peed while taking a shower, would it stain the tub? Also, would I stand or squat? What's the easiest? Please let me know!

Hi, everyone,

It was my fortieth birthday on August 12th, it makes me feel really ancient. But all my friends made it a wonderful day for me. The head of chambers organised a great party at the office, there was a telephone call from my daughter, Jane, all in all, it was really special. After the office celebration, Vera, Ruth, and Aisha came to my home with me for more partying. Jennifer the girl I wrote about a couple of weeks ago came as well. She is a Private Investigator, I didn't think we had any of those in South Wales, at least not a girl, but she is a really nice girl, one of the group now.

By the time I got home I really wanted a shit, champagne tends to go right through me, and I'd had quite a few and other drinks as well. I noticed Ruth was fidgeting around a bit as well. She was sharing my car and Aisha, Jennifer, and Vera were in Vera's car. As I pulled into the drive I was really bursting to go and Ruth said she needed to go also. We dashed indoors and ran upstairs. Ruth and I got our panties down in double quick time and we just got our arse's over my double toilet in time. I gasped and clutched my stomach as a spurt of shit shot out of my arse. I heard Ruth sort of groan as she shit too, but all I could do was concentrate on myself for the moment. Another burst of shit spewed out of me, I was pissing furiously as well.

"Oh, boy," I muttered to Ruth, was that cheap champagne or the best."

"The best," Ruth moaned, as she shit again.

"If the best makes us shit like this heaven only knows what the worst would do," I said.

"Yeah," Ruth laughed, pissing and shitting at the same time. "Oh, Sheila, don't make me laugh my guts hurts too much."

Then Aisha came into the bathroom. She held her nose and gestured that we were stinking the room out. She went and opened the window to let some air in. The bathroom window opened onto green fields so there was no danger of being seen or heard. For the moment both Ruth and I were resting although, speaking for myself, my stomach was really churning over, I wasn't finished by a long chalk. By the look on Ruth's face she wasn't either. She was looking into the crotch of her panties and muttering that she'd stained them. I asked Aisha where Vera and Jennifer were.

"Vera's in the downstairs loo and Jennifer is in the communal bathroom at the end of the landing," Aisha said, "and if somebody doesn't hurry up I'm going to have to have an outdoor poop."

"I'm sorry," I said to Aisha. My stomach was stil churning but when I pushed a little I only farted. I pushed again and only produced wind. I knew that I wasn't finished, but I said to Aisha, "get your trousers down and you can share with me." I stood up, holding my skirt around my waist and grasping my panties and edging away from the toilet.

"Thanks, Sheila" Aisha said, opening the jacket of her trouser suit. She unzipped her trousers and standing before the toilet she slid them down. I watched as she settled her arse on the pan and I thought she can't want to go that bad. With her panties down across her knees she sat with her arms across her lap. Her beautiful face looked so tense then, without appearing to strain at all, she shit. First she started to piss, just a small trickle then there was a huge explosion as her shit splattered into the pan then, she was shitting with a continuous splashing into the pan. "Oh, I really wanted to go," she muttered to herself.

I guess all my guests were shitting their brains out and I was standing waiting to go again. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and it really is. By this time Ruth had finished and was standing wiping her arse so I took her seat. She wiped herself three times and pushed the dirty paper between my thighs and into the pan. She took her stained panties off and went to my bedroom to find a clean pair leaving Aisha and myself still on the throne. I shit again, the rest had eased the pain in my stomach and this time I shit much easier, still very watery but much easier. Aisha was taking a rest after her efforts and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for making way for her. We finished on the toilet at the same time. Aisha reaching for paper just before me. I stopped her and indicated for her to stand in front of me. Slowly I wiped her arse. Aisha is a young woman, mid-twenties, and her arse cheeks are still so firm and rounded. I wiped h! er three times before I was satisfied she was clean. After she had pulled up her panties and trousers it was my turn. I got up and turned my arse to her saying how horrid my arse must look, so saggy at forty. She admonished me and said I had a beautiful bum. I smiled, well it was my birthday, why shouldn't I seek for compliments. Both of the lavatory pans were full of soft, gooey, yellowy shit. It took more than five flushes to get it all away. When we had washed our hands we left the bathroom and I asked Aisha to help herself to drinks and food in the kitchen. Ruth was coming from my bedroom at the time and said she would help her. I went down the landing to the communal bathroom. Jennifer was still on the toilet although she was almost finished and this time I got to wipe her arse and what a joy that was. Finally, when I went downstairs all my friends were gathered in the kitchen except Vera, my oldest and best friend. I went to the downstairs loo and tapped on! the door. Vera said, "it's not locked." I went inside and my old friend was just sitting there. She'd had a really good shit and was just through. This really was my lucky day as I got to wipe the arses of three of my friends. After I had wiped Vera clean she gave me a really huge hug, even before she had pulled up her panties, followed by a really big kiss. It was so nice. I've known Vera for almost fifteen years and I really love her. Afterwards we all continued to party at my home and the only arse that I hadn't got to wipe was Ruth's, but the night was yet to finished and surely I birthday girl can wish, can't she?

Well that was all a couple of days ago and now it's all reality. My beautiful home is going to have to be sold because of the settlement with Greg. I had hoped to keep my lovely house but it is not to be. But I have the consolation of a really great group of friends to keep me going. Last, but not least I have found a really great group of mates on the pages of this forum. I love to read the stories every day. You are all like old mates to me and I wish everyone of you all the happiness and joy in the world.

I'll be writing soon about the rest of my party night and whatever else happens,

Lots of kisses and all my love,

Sheila (South Wales).

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