hello all,
hope everyone is well. i am currently constipated so just waiting for a good poo. lol. today i went downtown and i felt the need for a pee so i went into the hyatt hotel and found the bathroom. i wall straighting up my makeup when i women walked in and around the corner turned on the water and went into the stall. i thought that was weird so i went and turned it off cause the water was about to spill over. then a giant fart came from the stall and a sound like someone say oh poo oh poo uh uh uh. well i entered the stall next to the women and sat down and began to pee. i leaned back to change my tampon when i noticed the wall tiles were really reflective. i could see the women squatting abouve the toilet with her hands spreading her but cheeks open and a huge rope of poo streaming out of her butt. after like 5 minutes she finally sat down and started a noisy loose dump and was saying oh man oh man uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was actually kinda funny well anyway! i left cause i had stuff to do.

what are the best places to listen to people pooping?

Hi everyone. I love your stories and I am glad I am not alone. I've been putting in a lot of hours at work, so I haven't had much time to post. I have another story, though. My friend Gina from work asked me to go whitewater rafting with her and her younger brother, Tom. I said sure and we went last Friday. I had just completed work the night before and Gina picked me up in the morning at the motel where I work. I was really excited. I had kind of settled into the routine of taking a dump when I got off of work, but I didn't even think about it. I have been trying to eat right, such as oatmeal for breakfast and a lot of vegetables; however, this adds a lot of bulk to my poops, and I have to go more frequently. Therefore, as soon as we were in our raft heading down stream, I had to go poop. I thought to myself, "I haven't been today or yesterday for that matter-- I'm really due for a bowel movement." However, I really had no choice but to hold it in. I was wearing ! my bathing suit and couldn't afford an accident and there weren't any restrooms close by. I sat with my legs outstretched and crossed and kept my buttocks as tight as I could. I knew I had a big one inside of me. I kept holding it in and acting like nothing was wrong.

Finally, we stopped for lunch on the side of the river. I thought naively that the lunch area would have a restroom. I had one of those poops that keeps pushing out until it comes out. I really had to go bad by this point, but there were no restrooms,only a path leading into the woods where rafters could go to relieve themselves. Tom went down the path and was gone for a long time so I guess he took a dump outdoors. I was so desperate that I tried to get Gina to go down the path with me. "She said no way, there might be snakes." She said she was just going to pee through her bathing suit in the water where a lot of rafters were swimming close by. I guess that's what all the other girls were doing because I didn't see any of them venture down the path. The only trouble is I had to poop and I couldn't do that in the water. As we were eating lunch I sat down with my foot between my buns to keep from having an accident. Somehow I managed to hold it as we rafted downst! ream for another couple of hours. The rafting company gave us towels to dry off and we boarded a bus which took us back to where our cars were parked. While on the bus I had to go super bad and I again resorted to sitting on my foot to keep my poop from coming out. I could smell my poop as it pushed hard to come out. Gina asked me if I was all right and I said I really had to use the bathroom. She said she did too. There was a small bathroom at the rafting company and I hurried off the bus and headed for it. However, there was a line and I had to wait. As I stood in line I couldn't hold it any longer and my poop steadily filled my bathing suit bottoms. I had the towel wrapped around me so no one could tell. However, several girls remarked that the restroom stunk so bad that they could smell it outside. I think they were smelling my poop filled bathing suit. When I finally entered the restroom which had only one toilet, I took my bathing suit bottoms off and got cl! eaned up. My poop was solid and in a ball, so I didn't have too hard of time getting cleaned up. My bathing suite bottoms were dirty and smelly though. I threw them away wrapped the towel around me and daringly went back outside. I saw Gina in line and appologized for rushing off and leaving her. I later changed into clothes I had brought with me and we left for home. No one even knew I had had an accident.

Peegirl i love your stories, since i am only 15 i love the thought of other girls peeing everywere i bet you and your mum have some real fun !!!! please can you tell me somemore

I had a nice dump yesterday...i worked and ate at work...late during the afternoon i started to feel really full like i couldn't eat another thing..then before i left an urge to poop hit..i held it till like 5:30, got off here went and pooped i had a big 9 log with corn in it at the bottom and the end was about to break off, i wiped like 10 times and flushed. It felt really good :)

To pee girl: I to love peeing in different places so please keep more pee stories coming

Anjie LaV: I never drank Castor Oil. I drank a liquid vegetable based called Castoria. My mother gave it to me the last week of summer vacation before I returned to school. One of my classmates in first grade told me that she was given a dose of the same stuff by her mother. She shit a gusher the first day of school in first grade. I kept her company in the girls bathroom. Laxatives should not be used for punishment. I do not use chemical laxatives. I was a little girl dressed up in my Sunday clothes and had to go to the bathroom. I used to have to pull up my dress or skirt, then my slip and pull down my panties and pantyhose and bunch them up around my waist and knees. A few times, I had diarreah at my grandmother's house on a Sunday after church. I was in second grade and had to fight and fidget to keep my clothes around my waist as I sat on the bowl shitting.
Tell me, how old are you and where are you from?

Hi everyone,

I saw on an internet newsgroup that Amber on Survivor II only crapped twice in the 30+ days she was on the show. Can you believe a person could go more than a month and only poop twice? Of course she wasn't eating much, etc., but I still found that amazing.

Question for everyone. What is the longest anyone has gone without pooping? I'm not talking about times when you were sick or if you were on one of those starvation type diets or if you were out in the wilderness like the perople on Survivor. I mean, assuming you are in normal health and you are eating your normal food, what is the longest you have gone without taking a crap? I think the longest I've ever gone is 5 days, and I was in agony when I finally went.

>Ash- Once again our posts crossed. Great story about your Mom's constipation. You must have a great relationship with're very lucky. I only saw my mother poop once in my life and man she struggled with that one! Mom was often constipated...just like your mother, and on this day she said she hadn't got for "several days". She took me in the bathroom with her and sat me on my potty chair. She pulled up her night gown and sat on the toilet. She strained and grunted and struggled for a long time. Whe she bore down my mother had a way of gripping the mid thigh as if to strangle it. When she strained her knuckles would turn white and when she let up there were red marks on her thigh. Finally she announced she needed "a little help" that was my Mom way of saying the enema was coming. She took it right there on the toilet in front of me. The red hose snaking between the legs and up into her butt. When she had sufficient water up in her she removed the ! hose and began to bear down again. Now she moaned and grunted and rubbed her stomach as the water and poop poured out of her. It still seemed like a long hard struggle even with the "help" of the enema.

To Samantha: how old are u and were there any other accidents besides this. Post them

To JW - That's sooo cool that you're interested in my potty training. Our potties (Sis' as well) were kept in a kitchen closet and just like you I had to sit on it every day for what seemed like forever or until I had pooped. I think it was in the kitchen because mom was there working and she could keep an eye on me. When I sat on the potty, mom always seemed to know when my poo was starting to come out because she would always say something like "Good girl" or "There….Ash is doing a nice poo-poo". She never told me to push or force it out although if I had really bad constipation she would kneel down in front of me and let me grab hold of her and she would make me lean forward as far as I could. I cant remember if there was a fixed number of days I had to do a poo, but I remember she would give me a spoonful of something that didn't taste very good if she thought I needed it. And no she never used her finger to dig my poo out although she did put a little Vaseline on m! y rear and just inside my hole if I was sore, like after a really bad diarrhea. My mom, sis and me (don't know about dad) all do that now if we get sore. From Ash.

To BRYIAN - Hope you liked my story about my Mom in the hotel. And you are sweet because you always read the stories and reply to them. Mom says the constipation thing that happens when we go away from home is because our usual eating habits are all messed up. I had real bad constipation when I got back home this time. xx Ash.

candace: nice story

Miss Belinda.
ASH: I loved the story about You and Your Mom. That was very sweet of You, I wonder if my daughters would ever do such a thing for me, LOL. Probably not. I have a ten year old nephew that would do it for me but I wouldn't feel right letting him get that close, I don't mind him being in the bathroom with me as long as I'm fully clothed and not during my period. It sounds like your mom is a lot like me in many ways, there is nothing like the feeling of letting a big one hang for a while. I try to do this everyone time I poopoo, but sometimes if I have any gas involved it will push it right on out but most of the time when I use the commode, I'll go a little bit before I get a huge urge and then I can relax and let it ease out a little at a time. Speaking of my nephew, last saturday I was on the commode poopooing while the kids were out in the swimming pool. I had just sat down and leaned forward when he came running into the house looking for me. When I heard him making steps! toward the bathroom I knew he was coming in so I pulled my pants up a little higher on my thighs and leaned back forward. He walked in and showed me a splinter in his finger he had gotten from the deck of the pool. I leaned forward and grabbed the tweezers from my vanity and started trying to extract the splinter while he sat on a stool right in front of the commode. While I was working with him I started pushing a bit and my poo poo started crackling it's way out, I know he could hear it because he asked me if I was doing a number two. I told him "I sure am sweety, I'm fixing your boo boo while I poo poo" and it got a laugh out of him. After pulling the splinter out I put a band-aid on it for him and leaned forward crossing my arms upon my knees while he still sat right in front of me. I still had the turd hanging and just to see what his reaction would be I pinched it off and let it drop into the commode with a "FLOOOOOP". He looked at me and grinned real big and said, "t! hat sounded like a big one". He seemed to delight him to hear me dropping my turds and he asked me if I had another one and I told him in a grunty voice to "hold your nose sweety, it's a big one" just kinda playing and joking with him and the turd made a loud "floop,ploop,plip,ploop" sound as I finished up. I made him turn his head as I wiped but when I was finished I let him look at my poo poo and he remarked on how big my turds were. I Had totally stunk the bathroom up but it didn't seem to bother him in the least. He flushed the commode while I stood in the mirror fixing my hair and we had a laugh about the light brown skid marks in the bowl.

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