ShortSkirt Girl
To give some answers on what happens when there's no toilet paper?

It's happened to me several times. On one occaision, I wiped myself with my fingers, then washed them thoroughly. This worked pretty well as fortunately the BM was firm, although I was worried about any shitty odor coming from my hands!

On another occaision, I was wearing a fairly cheap pair of cotton panties and used them, then threw them away.

The WORST expereince with no toilet paper was hiking where I tried to use leaves to wipe. Unfortunately my stool on that occaision was pretty liquid, and I just made an even bigger mess! Stories anyone?

ne, I like reading about the mother/daughter stories!!!!! g2g later

Hi everyone, first a few replies:

To SEAN – Glad you liked the story about my mom, and glad you liked the detail as well. Yes mom has seen me poo lots and lots of times and maybe 2 or 3 times she’s seen it coming out of me just like I saw hers.

To PEEBOY – It helps me when I want to pee to cross my legs because it helps me squeeze my vagina but I don’t hold my pee much like that because I don’t let myself get that desperate. But I do cross my legs to hold my poo in a lot and I do sometimes make myself get real desperate. Crossing my legs when I’m holding my poo in lets me squeeze my ring shut so my poo won’t come out until I want it to.

To BRYIAN – Glad you liked my story about mom. I felt very sorry for her because I could see just what she had to get out and how it was big enough to be painful. xxx Ash

To TARA – Just loved your story about Chrissy. Me and my best friend Sue have done exactly the same thing for each other and I have to agree with you – it feels soooooo good. Has Chrissy ever put her finger inside for you? Sue made me bend over the first time she did it and I thought I was going to faint it felt so good. It worked to help me poo as well because sometimes my poos are hard and dry and the Vaseline makes it easier to come out and it doesn’t hurt as much. Love Ash

To MISS BELINDA – I’m only 16 but I think we must be sisters and I’m glad you liked my story about mom. I have a male cousin about 10 I think, and my girlfriend has a brother about 12 and I would be sort of uncomfortable if they saw me like Sue or my mom has – I mean actually watching it come out real close up. They have both seen me pooping, more by accident than anything, and that didn’t worry me too much. I had a skirt on both times and there wasn’t really much for them to see. I’m sure your nephew loves being with you when you poop and I notice you don’t let him see much either. Just thought of something – does your nephew like to watch you just pee? Love your posts, they are really great. Hugs from Ash.

To JW – Glad you liked the story about mom’s constipation. Yes, my mom struggled as well but she managed to get all her poo out without an enema. She told me afterwards that she hadn’t taken a laxative but if she didn’t do a poop on that day she was going to take one. Funny how our posts keep crossing, LOL Ash

Now, I was going to tell you all about something else that happened in Florida but this past weekend I had an incredibly embarrassing accident. My best friend Sue and me went to the mall shopping. It was one of those days when I could feel I had a poo inside me but it wasn’t ready to come out so I just ignored it. Big mistake !!! Between us we wanted new swim suits, new shorts, a new skirt and got so much into searching for stuff that when my poo started asking to come out, I did my usual of holding it in. It was easy at first, just a gentle squeeze was all I needed to push it back and let it know I wasn’t ready to let it come out. Nearly 2 hours later we were both in the changing room trying to decide which of about three skirts Sue would buy when my poo started to push real hard to come out. I crossed my legs and told Sue I had to do a poo – bad! “OK, come on then”, she said and putting her shorts back on she continued, “I’m gonna take this one”. But it wa! s too late, my poo was much softer than usual and no matter how hard I squeezed I could feel it forcing its way out. I looked at Sue and she somehow knew what was wrong. “Ash….you haven’t messed in your panties have you?” I just stared back at her. We hurried out and luckily found an empty checkout line. Even as I waited another cramp it me and I crossed my legs and squeezed for all I was worth but I could feel my butt getting even more messy. Again, luckily, the restrooms were not far but every step seemed like it took forever and I could feel my panties sticking to me. I told Sue I wanted her to come with me and help. Luck was still with me, there were some empty stalls including the end one which we took. I tore my skirt off and gave it to Sue because I didn’t want to risk just hiking it up and have it fall back down and get any poop on it. I looked at Sue and started easing my panties down. Ooooooohhhh, it was a horrible feeling, they were all stuck in my butt! so when I pulled them right down we could both see a large brown sticky mess all over the seat of my panties. It smelled a bit too but Sue didn’t say anything. Another cramp hit me and I just plunked right down on the seat and stopped squeezing. Straightaway my poo started to come out real fast along with a loud crackling and some soft pfffts. What’s worse was I could feel it pushing its way through all the poop already squished between my cheeks and it felt like it was making my butt even more messy. There was only one big, very long soft log and I remember letting out a huge loud sigh of relief when it finally dropped and I had that wonderful relaxed empty feeling. I sat for a few seconds to try and get myself together. I reached for the tp, made a big pad and did a wipe from behind. I could feel my butt was completely full of soft poo and when we both looked at the tp it was absolutely covered and I even had some poo on my hand. We both looked in disgust then S! ue said “Just a second”, she opened the stall, went over and grabbed a load of paper hand towels which she moistened under the faucet then came back in with me. I must have used about four or five towels, which we both inspected after each wipe, until it looked like I was clean. My dirty panties were at my feet and I eased them off making sure I didn’t get any poo on my socks. Sue had the idea of wrapping them in the hand towels she had left so we could dump them in the trash bin outside. She told me to turn around and bend over so she could inspect my butt and told me I was “OK”. I pulled my skirt down and we both looked into the bowl. It was completely full of poo, tp and a huge wad of poop covered paper towels. I was so scared it would overflow that I didn’t flush it, and I did feel sorry for the poor person who would have to clean it. We left the stall and I washed my hands, sort of like I had never washed them before. It was then that it suddenly hit me. I was ! wearing one of my real short mini skirts, so now I had to walk through the mall with all those people around but with no panties. Suddenly I was so terrified it was like I felt I was naked and that everybody was looking up my skirt. I kept brushing it down at the front or the back and holding it as we hurried back through the mall. I felt even more self-conscious and embarrassed by this than by messing my panties, but I had no choice. We eventually made it back to the very store where my accident started and I bought a new pair of panties. I know there are a lot of you here that always do a poo as soon as it first asks to come out and I know you won’t have much sympathy with me because it was entirely my fault. But I know there are some of us who always hold their poo in and I know you will at least understand how it happened. Love to all from Ash…..still embarrassed.

some dude X
Got another story for all of you. I realized that I forgot my jacket in my classroom, so I hurriedly went upstairs and quickly got my jacket and I noticed there was sound coming from the girls¡¦ bathroom. So I secretly go to the drinking fountain to see who was in there. Then I heard a toilet flush and my heart was pounding, I didn¡¦t know why. Right before my eyes, I noticed that she was my teacher! She said a quick hi and walked back to the classroom without washing her hands. Some of you guys might consider this offensive, but does bathroom habits have any relation towards religion at all? Please answer me.

Hello again!!
Hope everyone is well,
I have another "poop outside club" experience,
Let's see,
Oh here's 1
Ok this was like 3 weeks after Emily went in the cottage, so we were all playing outside except we had another kid with us and his name was Joey(6), so we are playing house again and joey was going around pretending to be the dog, and he gets up off the ground and says"I'll be back." and Emily runs over and grab him and says "And where are you going?", (Emily was kinda the leader of the club) Joeys like I got to go doo doo and I'm going home." Emily's like "oh no your not! Your part of this club and have poop outside like the rest of us,plus your the dog and dogs poop outside." Well Joey realized she had him there and he headed for "The Potty Corner" ( nmae was choosen by Jessica.)"Plus,", Emily added, "I need to go to," so emily walks over to the corner across from Joey and lift up her skirt "i'm first" she says, Joey just nodded nervously, and with that she start a flood of pee, it lasted like 20 second before stopping and then she deposited 3 2 inch green\brown logs w! ith lots of corn and and 6 little balls. Now it was joeys turn, He slowly lower his pants and quickly dropped 4 dark brown logs about 1 inch long each, he then turned around and pee angainst the wall. The cottage smeeled so bad we had to play in yard 4 about 3 hours.
so there you , another great memory.
I many more and will tell another soon

Now a question, Would you join this club when you were a kid? Yes or no?

Happy pooping,

Mike: I'm not *afraid* to use a toilet that hasn't been flushed, but I'll always flush it first. For pooping, there's the obvious practical reason of not wanting any backsplash to contain pee or poop that's been sitting around; it's not very sanitary. For peeing, I think it's a sort of territory-marking thing; I want only *my* piss in there.

Anjie LaV

To Althea and all:

I am now 38 years old, and am originally from Quebec. My mother is Italian and Swiss. Today we never discuss the use of a "purge" as a way to punish a young girl.

I have to say that a couple of my girlfriends in the U.S. have also discussed their "unusual" punishments. Two of them were given laxative pills as a "cleaner" , and as a way to make sure they stayed home for the while.

It is worse than just being "grounded", but is not as bad as being beaten. The worst thing to me was the intestinal cramps and also the foul taste of a tablespoon full of castor oil.

The other girls were fortunate to be given a dose of Ex-Lax, which doesn't taste bad and gives you a bit more warning before the purge.

Linda C.

I also got a dose of castor oil for punishment.
Gave me the cramps and really cleaned out the closet.
I was sore for a week.

sally and rick again
Wow, showed Rick my first post here and he loved the thought of our keeping it up. Even coming up with some new ideas fro our toilet sessions. He wants to do some pictures so I can be in the home page picture at the top right corner. No doubt we will be coming back here more often. Wish I had more time to write now. Love all your stories. As hubby Rick would say, the more details the better. Happy toilet sesions, let your mate join you.
Sally and Rick

Hey i've been around for a while but never posted....Today I was at work and felt the urge to go poop really I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I started to push and a huge fart came out. I was really embarrassed cause i know other people heard me. I am shy when it comes to pooping in public. I farted again and my poop started to come out. After two minutes of straining, my poop splashed into the toilet. It was 9 inches long and the bathroom reaked. I wiped and left. If anyone wants to hear more stories just write to me. Later.

Back a few years ago, when i was still a smoker (smoking and peeing go together) i used to go to this older office building where the mens and ladies were side by side, seperated by only a very thin wall. I would step up on the john and unplug the exhaust fan (better hearing)and wait to hear someone come in next door. One day 2 girls came in together and i got to listen to them both pee!! The one REALLY had to go. They talked while each of them peed. One pushed as she went, and farted. It was great. I've since quit smoking and changed jobs, but the office building is very close to the new one.

Annette. Interesting post about your boating experience. I'm not surprised that you needed a motion badly, especially as you'd not had one for a couple of days. However, I think I'd have taken the opportunity to nip into the woods and get relief there when it arose. You must have been very uncomfortable trying to hold for as long as you did.

Pat. I think it's theoretically possible for someone to hold back a motion for a fortnight, particularly if they're not eating much. However it must be uncomfortable and it's certainly not something I'd recommend.

sally and rick. Sounds as though you have a good, mutually convenient arrangement on the go.

Audrey. I enjoyed reading about your experience at Bournemouth and I'm sure it's something you'll remember for a long time.

Best wishes


i miss Carmalita her stories were always the best to read

To candace: liked your story..the best place to listen to someone is the mall or department store.
R>To Annette: Liked your story..were you embarrsed that you pooped your self?
To Pat: Thats intresting...i wonder how big it was?... i guess the longest for me was 5 day...maxium is 6 i think
To JW: Liked your story about your mom.
To Ash: Liked your story...TY...Thanks for replying..thats true..i do notice when you go away you eat more too.
To Miss Belinda: Loved your story..i always love them when your nephew wants to see.
To Amy: Loved your story
To TARA: Enjoyed your story
To Sarah: liked your story
To Traveling Guy: Loved your experience
To sally and rick: Enjoyed your story
To mike: 1. B. No 2. N/A 3.A yes 4. B. No 5.A. see if its empty
To unnamed poster: who peed his pants walking home from shopping..i loved your story
To Claire: Enjoyed your story
To old man: Liked your story
To B: Liked your experience
To Jamie: Liked your story
To Sean: Thanks for repyling
To Jonny the Jonny Brush: Thanks for repyling...i loved your story too..what did you eat to get diahreaha?
To innocent guy: Loved your stories..sounds like some cool experiences you had
To anthea: Enjoyed your story
To TML: Liked your story about potty training your son..that was funny about the newspaper.
To Student: I remember that music video..haven't seen it in a long time..when i first saw it i cracked
To Raging Urophile: Thats intresting..never heard of a 2nd butthole.
To Musky Smell: Liked your story
To Audrey: Enjoyed your story

Wednessday, August 06, 2003

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