My family spent the Christmas at a sunny island with some neighbours. My mother and the neighbour's wife used to bike to a beach about six miles away to stay there during the day. The smaller children used to come with. One day I happened to bike over there too. When I arrived the neighbour's wife was not there. I asked my mother and she said that she had just gone for a walk. When she returned from the backwoods I saw that she tried to hide a roll of paper behind her back and was eager to put it into her bag. I certainly understood what she had done. On my way back to the bike I went through the woods and I found her poo. It was funny to see it lying on the ground. When I was in the woods I suddenly saw my mother coming. She walked in another direction but I could clearly see her. She stopped pulled down her shorts and squatted and bended forward almost tiptoing. I could see her white and quite broad rear but I could not see more details. After a couple of minutes she whiped while still squatting, rised and went out again. Afterwards I went over there and saw that she had pooped two long and thick logs. She must have had a strong urge to go to toilet. I knew that she sometimes was pooping outdoor, but I had never actually seen her doing it before. I guess that she had become angry if she knew. It is funny to know that adults also poop outdoor sometimes. I told it to one of my friends. He had seen his teacher but not his mother pooping outdoor. I guess it is not so common to see one's mother pooping outdoor. I hate it when my shit goes down the drain hole in the toilet before I can see it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this?

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

To Doug:
I have to admit my poos block the toilet on occasions, but we don't need a plunger. If it won't shift after two flushes - I call my husband. He can always sort it!
To UK Outdoors:
I have done poos outdoors a few times now, and there is a certain thrill attached. However, I prefer to leave such exotic activities until the weather is warmer; and the last few times I did it, I had my husband on guard. I like your idea that producing big thick poos is a sign of good health and long life (well that's what I think you were saying!). I am very regular, twice

I have posted a couple times before and am glad to hear I am not alone in being turned on by the sounds of a woman taking a good dump. Here is a recent experience. One day my directorate secretary passed me in the hall. Well the look on her face and the brief hi as we passed told me she may be on the the way to the restroom. She is tall with short brown hair and big brown eyes, slender figure with a tush thats round and suptle looking. This day she was wearing a white silk blouse with slacks the accentuated her tush so wonderfully. Well I turned around after she passed and sure enough she turned the corner to the ladies room. Well it was lunch-time and good timing for what was about to happen. I cracked the door ever so sightly. She went into the first stall. She set her purse on the floor and turned around facing the closed stall door. I could hear her undoing her slacks. She let them drop to the floor around her ankles. I almost forgot, she was wearing white high heels to match the white blouse. To continue I could also hear the panty hose coming down as she similtaneously sat down. She brought her feet close together and there was a brief pause of silence, before she began to pee. She peed for a long while. Then another period of silence. Suddenly she farted long and loud. Then another fart, also long and loud. There was silence again. She then began to strain slowly and increasingly louder as you could also hear the jobbie begin to depart her tush. It crackled and there was also a hissing sound as it dropped into the toilet with a splash. There was a brief pause followed by a whew, then the straining began again. And another jobbie begain to slowly emerge making the same sounds as before as it also splashed into the toilet. Then there was a sigh of relief. This was folloewed by a long period of silence. I suppose she was just sitting and relaxing for a few moments. Then there was another fart, followed by a brief tinkle. She sat there for another moment making no sounds. When she began to wipe her feet drew back to the base of the toilet, spreading them apart and up on her toes. She wiped five times before she flushed. I hope you will find this as arousing as I did.

to Moira& George: Patsy is a serious shitter that when she shit always more and merrier than any theme park I ever been. It's always full of loud farts followed by KERPLOONK sound effects as her turds sliding out. She seem didn't mind shitting anywhere as long as there are toilet paper. It's inseparable from her. In her Chevy Blazer, in her back pack, everywhere. I asked her once, why you keep so many TPs, and she replied when I have to go, I have to go, when when there's no toilet paper available it's a serious disaster. She even didn't mind to shit in the front of anybody. Once she borrow my precious bathroom, she just pull down her jeans and undies just enough to let her job go and sit down. And she smell worst than any dumpster! It took about half can of bathroom aerosol freshner and full speed extractor to let her smell goes. Don't worry, her body always smell good, because she always use expensive parfume. I wonder why her turds could be smell that bad. And she never close the door either. Because we (I&BMG) never use toilet paper (we use soap and water instead) there are no TPs available in our bathroom. Patsy once shout loudly from my bathroom asking for TPs. I didn't hear her shouting beause I'm in other room. Finally she call me through my cellphone asking for TPs (I always keep my GF788 in my pocket and only shut it off on the aeroplane). Luckly I have a roll left because my boyfriend use toilet paper to clean his modelling brushes and he always buy the first quality. Patsy's jobbies always the first class. Last time she borrow ed my bathroom it's almost clogged the toilet, but with my toilet's super powerful flush it's gone after the second pull. I wonder why her jobbies always that big. She eat regularly and have normal weight. My best result is 10 inch long and 2 inch wide, it's beause I have constipated for two days. I never heard Patsy have constipation problem.

It never ceases to amaze me what a huge variation there is in the lengthy of time that different people take to do their business in the toilet. I'm not talking about people who take a book in and spend a leisurely half hour, I'm talking about the minimum length of time taken to completely empty the large intestine. My turds ALWAYS come out in two or three installments. I have to remain sitting there after the first lot has fallen out of my poop chute, because I KNOW that a second lot will be along in due course, and that if I don't wait for it to arrive, I will be obliged to make another visit within a couple of hours. So I never take less than 15 min to do my number two, and it can be 25-30 min. Yet during this time, the adjacent stalls may have two or three visitors, who seem to be all done in 2 or 3 minutes. I don't have to sit there with the smell though, because I flush rapidly after each installment, thus minimizing smells and skidmarks in the toilet bowl.

To Doug
The trouble about sitting backwards on the toilet is that all your turds hit the gentle slope at the front of the bowl instead of falling into the water, so that you get skid marks on the front slope if you shit logs, or a long streak of soft shit on it (like I do) if your turds are very soft. This makes for a cleaning problem. Also wiping if you remain sitting down is also more difficult, and when I used to shit backwards, I ended up dropping the shitty used wads of TP down in front between my legs. This is aesthetically unpleasant as well as carrying the risk of getting shit on your male organ.

Nothing to post about for quite awhile until now. We just had a hugh snowstorm and school was out so everyone of my friends got on their snowsuits and went outside to enjoy it. We did the usual things like snowballs fights and snowmen and sledding when the boys got the idea of grabbing the girls and rolling them down this big hill. Well I was running away from one guy when all of a sudden Mike grabbed me and we started rolling down the hill. Once you start there is no way to stop until you reach the bottom. Well the surprise and rush of rolling all the way down the hill caused me to pee some in my panties on the way down but I was able to stop before I had a more than a single gush. So I just decided to forget about it because we we were still playing and it didn't show or anything. Much later we decided to go back to a friends house and get some cocoa and snacks and dry out some. When we got there we all pealed off our snow suits and also our jeans and threw them in the dryer while we warmed up in the kitchen. Since we all knew each other for years we were ok with just being in our underwear for awhile. Thats when I noticed that Mike had a yellow patch on his underwear and guess that he let go some pee too when we were playing. Someone else noticed too and started making fun of his peeing in his underwear. That made me think of my yellow stained panties and I decided to get my jeans back on before anyone noticed. It was fun in the snow and even more fun getting warmed up again. I think we will go out and play some more later but am hoping I don't accidently pee again in my panties or I will have to hide them when I get home. Sure is a fun change from school though.

Some Guy
To: New Guy I'd prefer a male proctologist because I know that he wouldn't be enjoying or anything like a woman might. I don't mean to sound paranoid, but I would love to be a gynecologist. But as for massuses, a woman is the way to go. Man, would I like to meet Meagan!

This happened to me a few days ago. I had just injected a suppository and was lying down watching tv, expecting a relaxing day at home, when the phone rang. It was my dentist calling toask if I could switch tomorrow's appointment to today, because he wouldn't be available tomorrow. I had waited 3 months for this appointment and I didn't want to wait 3 more so I said yes.

As I was changing into my street clothes I remembered the suppository, and since it hadn't taken affect yet I put on long underear over my jockeys. I checked my self in the mirror and no bulges showed. I got to the dentist's office in record and I didn't have to wait when I got there. No sooner had I got in the dentist's chair, then my bowels signaled it was time to let go! I squessed ny ass cheeks together and held them that way for the 30 minute visit. Every once and a while I would grunt from gas pains. My dentist asked if he had hit a nerve and with tears in my eyes I would reply yes.

I practacally flew out of his office and headed for the stairs. Few people use the stairs and that was good, because I no sooner closed the door and breathed a sigh of releif, when the flood from my asshole began. Once the flood starts there is no stopping it, you just go with the flow. And what a gusher it was. So I waddled down the 3 flights of stairs, as the sea of shit filled my jockeys and ran down the legs of my long underwear. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, I was floating in shit. However due to the long undewear, which has tight leg bottoms, my socks were spared, except for a few drops. Also my pants were only wet under the crotch and a little way up the back.

Luckily I was able to park close to the door and so it was a short walk with my ass cheeks sliding back and forth to my car. When I got beside my car I knew I was safe, so I took off my shoes and let all that pent up piss out also. I soaked my crotch and the legs of my pants and there was a 2 ft. puddle running under my car. I took off my shirt and dried my feet and put my shoes back on and drove home in an undershirt, wet pants and dry shoes. from that day forward when I am relaxing, I take the phone off the hook.

You needen't worry about being plashed in an American toilet. Because the water is closer, the turds don't fall as far before entering the water. As a result there is less height to the fall and little splash. Of course if you pass a massive snaking turd that is 14' LONG, like I just did it curls into a neat pile under the water. Does anyne know what causes some turds to float and others to sink? A friend of mine claimed he could determine his health by whether his turds sank or swam. The most disappointing turds are the real long,fat ones that take forever to come out and are so heavy they sink immediately. When you stand to look at what you have produced you find it went right down the hole and there is nothing to show for all your work.

A lot of very interesting posts today Sunday 8 Feb 1998. To Kevin, George and I also are pleased to see the term "jobbies" used so widely for number 2s, even in the USA. We had thought it was an expression restricted to Scotland. George also has got a buzz ever since he was a kid from listening to the straining and splash down sounds when someone else, especially a girl or woman, is doing a big solid jobbie,and so do I.

To "UK Outdoors" and Mike UK, Im delighted you both find my large motions of interest. As Ive previously said, Im quite ????, as is my husband George, we both eat generously, and pass very long fat solid turds. I usually do my motions at home with George watching and rubbing my ????, as I do in turn for him, but otherwise will go where I need. Holding in something that size that's pushing against your sphincter is not easy and I certainly dont want to do such a huge jobbie in my panties! If it sticks, it sticks and I never break them up but leave it for others, such as readers of this site, to see. At home our toilet pan is large and deep and has a powerfull 3 gallon flush so George's and my jobbies usually go away after 2 or 3 flushes, failing which we chuck a couple of buckets of water down the pan to move them on. I have passed large turds since I was a kid, though I was about 12 before I did one which stuck in the pan at home, but even as young as 7 years old I was dropping "Adult sized" 9 or 10 inchers, to the great amusement of some of my friends at school when I did one in the Girls' Toilets, as the pans there were smaller, these sometimes stuck there. I'll tell you some of my experiences as a schoolgirl sometime.

Finally, to Doug and Dork, both myself and George have tried doing a motion sitting backwards on the toilet pan and also sitting side-saddle but found it uncomfortable and prefer to sit on the throne in the normal manner. Sitting backwards forced our buttocks together making it more difficult to pass our large fat turds and making the jobbie actually touch against the inside of our bum cheeks as it slid out. A funny sensation but it meant a lot of wiping afterwards! A side saddle presentation caused the turd to lie sideways in the pan with of course no sound effects. Have other readers tried alternative sitting positions and what are their views? Love to you all, Moira & George

Is it possible for a girl to pee standing up with pants on and if so how?

Hey! I haven't been here in awhile. I'm cruising through various forums on the web today. I don't have any interesting shits to post as of late, so I'll have to dig to back in October of the just-passed year:

During the afternoon at home one day, I got a horrible cramp in my intestine that signified trouble was coming! Now this has happened before but this day was the worst I had experienced in recent years. So I went into my bathroom and took my place on the can. But..after straining and straining I only managed a couple of green b b's followed by two short farts. But after a little more persistance a managed to get a few more farts followed by some green liguid and a couple of small logs. But the cramps were getting worse!!! Well, I wiped, stood up, and flushed what was there to prepare for the grand assault on the porcelean. Then I sat down again.

I pushed some more but nothing was coming! [Oh goddammit why can't I get things moving!!!] Then finally some more gas and some green simi-liquid shit. Still horrible cramps. I pushed again, some more farts, and finally I got things moving! It was a combination of green diarrhea with bb chuncks in clumps. I didn't want to back my toilet up so I flushed, and then continued. I pushed some more. After a few seconds of nothing, more gas and more liquid shit with chunks. I looked in the bowl, and the water had a dishwater look with green mixed in. I flushed again to avoid a backup, and went through this process some fifteen more times! There were many false finishes, and a lot of "straining delays". Then finally it felt as if it was over. So I wiped and wiped and wiped. And after I flushed and pulled my pants up I started feeling cramps again!!! [Oh shit!!! :-(]

So I sat back down and a big diarrhea dump started. Well I really didn't want to back my commode up. So I put the breaks on it, wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and got in the car. I drove to a nearby Kmart, ran to the men's room, and took my seat in the middle stall. Oh man!!! I was raining cats and dogs out the asshole!!!! And pheeeewwww!!! All the automatic air freshener dipensers in the world couldn't mask that aromatic blend!!! I had one false finish. Then another big wave of shit commenced followed by a lot of gas!!! I looked in the can, and the diarrhea was the standard brown color (It had been green.). Well when I finally determined it was safe to exit, I wiped (and wiped and wiped and wiped!!!), flushed [Yayyy! It made it down!!!], then washed my hands real good for about five minutes.

I had a couple of smaller dumps at home that night. They were no big deal but still quite soft. Man my ass was sore from using all that cheap TP!!!! Getting on to another subject: Those of you who casually take dumps in your spouses' do you do it? I don't want to be near ANY females I know while I'm makin' my noise on the pot. I know I'll freeze on the spot if any ladies I know are right by the restroom I'm using. That's why I like remote restrooms or big multi-toilet ones. Privacy!!! I wouldn't dream of accidently farting around them either. God, I'd be blushing all over for a month!!!
Have a good day everyone!

Went out for a meal last night - garlic mushrooms, a mountain of pasta, sticky toffee pudding and a big plate of cheese and buiscuits - I could hardly walk after it.

This morning I had a wonderful dump - not loose but soft and a real avalanche of the stuff - maybe ten or twelve bit turds tumbling down into the pan - awesome, I wish I could have watched proceedings from a better angle. I do love taking large smelly dumps.

Peeping Tom
Back in the fall of 97' in my home town there is always a fall craft show which all of us guys know brings out a lot of the female population. It is situated in a park and what they do for this huge event is bring in about 24 portable toilets also known as johnny-on-the spots. They also have 1 permanent outdoor bathroom that is situated in the park yearly. It consists of a hole in the ground with a male-female (2 stalls) bathroom with the men's side and the female's side which are joined together. I love to spy on women and of course this is the perfect place (the men's side) to do it.You can actually stick your head in the opening of the toilet seat and witness the other person going to the bathroom without them knowing it. This event takes place over 2 days and this is where I spent 2 days of course. I had witnessed countless women going to the bathroom either a bm or a pee. I must admit that wathcing a woman taking a shit is awesome. Firstly most of them passed gas, some more than others either when they pee or just before they shit. I seen all different sizes of asses, some big and small, some very hairy and some clean shaven. Watching the actual anus open under the pressure of the head of the shit makes it protrude outward like the opening to a volcano. First you would see the anus start to stretch and protrude a couple of times and then you would see the head start to stretch it open to the point where the actual muscle is stretched to the max and then the turd starting to slowly make it's way out and onward down. I saw some huge ones and some small ones as well as a few cases of the runs. Watching the huge sausages come out where the best as you could hear the person grunting and moaning and passing gas and you could see when the person was catching her breath back as the turd would stop dead in it's tracks with the anus held open until the final push to send it on it's way. I seen a lot of 12" turds come down as well as bigger ones some had to be close to 16" to 18" and about 2" to 3" in thickness. It's funny how some women cough to cover up the sounds of them taking a crap especially when you can view it without them knowing it. As far as smell goes some were pretty stinky especially when it was running. One women must have moaned and grunted for a good 10 minutes before her shit finally came down and that was because the length and thickness was about 18" by 3" at it's thickest point. It really stretched her anus opening and she needed 2 wipes to clean it as it was quite dry. All I can say is what a sight.

Joe, how did you notice the guy in the next stall was looking at you? Were you looking at him?

Please describe the sensations you feel when Meagan needs to pee and when Meagan needs to move her bowels?

Just a short note to tell the forum that my post from yesterday dealing with Moira's Motions...and when a LOG does indeed become a LOAF, became embedded in the post from UK Outdoors. I'm writing this in case anyone wanted to react to it and to clarify the attribution. Thanks.

Hi. I'm trying to make my posts here more frequent since I have had more free time recently. One thing I've noticed through looking at the posts here is the number of posts pertaining to clogging the toilet. I hardly ever do it. It only happens about once a year. But, when I was in my early teens, it happened about once a week. I was really scrawny back then, but I managed to produce some really big crap. In my high school, they had some really high powered toilets, so they never clogged. The stalls had doors, so people weren't that shy about using them. Because it was a very small school, about 30 per class, everybody knew everybody else. So, if someone was in the stall, sometimes, others would just jump up and look over the divider to see who it was. Then a conversation struck up "Hey Joe, what's up!". Well, that's my experience with high school. I guess it was pretty good compared to others. See you all later.

Has anyone here figured out any ways to improve bladder holding capability?

Monday, February 09, 1998

On this forum I hear stories of turds cloging up a toilet. This has never happened to me. If I have a daily shit instead of a bidaily I fulsh the toilet twice during shitting to be safe. When my cousin and I were about 11 years old she said she needed the plunger to unclog the toilet.

A few weeks ago I passed a turd so big that my anus was in quite a bit of pave while it was being passed out of my body. When I flushed the new 1.6 gallon toilet the waste went down. Maybe others have larger ass holes than I.

I am new to this forum and have enjoyed reading these stories about the bathroom. I thought I was the only person who got turned on by hearing girls poop.I like the straining and the ker-plunk sound. I also like the new term "jobbies". I often stand by the girls bathroom door at work and wait for the splash-down. Keep the good stories and I will post some soon. see ya Kevin

Hi... never posted in here, but there has to be a first time! Firstly, I have been reading these posts for a long time, and Blake, Pooping Girl and Alex seem to be almost old friends. I'm a 35 yo Australian male. It's interesting hearing about all the different types of toilet throughout the world. Australian toilets normally have not much water, about 4 inches at the bottom, and don't swirl in circles when flushed. I am always amazed at the amount of water in an American toilet, and wonder whether my backside will be splashed or not, being so close underneath. Toilets like ours have their advantages, though.. makes for a nice healthy splashing sound, no matter what you do. I had a couple of chicken burgers for dinner last night. I don't know why, but these always give me huge motions the next day. It's early morning here now, and I have just been to the toilet. I had slight stomach cramps, while on IRC chatting to a lady, I had to tell her I had to go pee (I don't think she'd have appreciated me telling her that I was about to explode with poo). I sat down, and didn't even have to push, it simply slipped out. After the initial long poo, which must have been 6" or so long, and 1" wide, there were still a few cramps, so I waited a minute or two, pushed again... and a few looser, wetter poos came out, hitting the water, and yes, splashing my backside a little. After that was all done, I had to wipe a few times, leaving bright yellowish/brown stains on the paper. Looking into the bowl, there were some short floating pieces, looking wet, peeping out from under the paper, but the initial monster must have sunk. The smell wasn't too bad, not like some killers I do occasionally. Everything flushed away cleanly. The cramps have returned a little again, maybe the pineapple in the burgers? I love reading all the posts from the ladies in here, especially the dry non-erotic descriptions of everyone's bowel movements. It's also nice to hear what underwear the ladies have on, how far it gets pulled down, because it adds some more reality to the image. Also hearing about the size, consistency, the look and feel of the stretching, the sounds, colours, smells, everything ! See you all soon.

Recently had my first of two outdoor bms for ages today. I had to make a car journey and realised that I would be passing a good place to "do it". When I got there I was actually starting strongly to get the urge to go. As always I looked for a suitable place and had several trial squats to try to judge whether I could be seen or not. Found a concealed spot, in a ditch well hidden by vegetation and squatted, took down my jeans and white underpants and settled down to "do it". I pushed once and immediately had a bm, the poop seemed to spurt from my behind. At the same time I passed some wee and as my penis was still tucked up inside my underpants I wet them slightly. I looked down but couldn't see anything and wondered if the poop was stuck up somehow, or worst of all had gone inside my underwear. Even though I couldn't see anything the smell was unmistakable. Anyhow I pushed again and pooped again. I looked down and this time saw the poop, it had exited so quickly that it had shot well to the back of me. It consisted of some solids with a covering of squishy poop. Wiping always takes longer than the dump and I rather rushed this and didn't do such a good job and my underwear got stained. You feel so vulnerable with a messy behind when you can't cover yourself. Not a massive dump but very satisfying to again have an outdoor BM after such a long time. Calling all UK outdoor bm fans - do you have any stories Jeeez, Lou-Weeeez, Moira! That was some pipe-clogging "motion," as you say...and it would seem to trigger a call to whomever is the self-appointed Curator of Weights and Measures here on the forum...perhaps even establish a liason with the National Bureau of Standards in the order to apply critical quantitative criteria to the unanswered question: "When does a LOG become a LOAF?" Let there be no misunderstanding, Moira, because not only are your huge jobbies an enviable achievement, but from a physiologic viewpoint, the production of such impressive Sequoias is to me and others the ultimate affirmation of GOOD HEALTH!! Nothing says metabolic equilibrium better than the appearance of high quality salami-sized products of a complex biochemical assembly line--and, to borrow a cliche from Top 40 radio here in the states, "the hits just keep on comin'!" Makes you want to carry some sort of sterilizable, rigid but retractable rod in your handbag so that you can break 'em up privately and keep the explaining to a minimum... except, of course, for those times when you want to leave your "calling card!" Ahhhh, super-sized silent sliders...something to aspire to!

Doug sitting backwards on the toilet is also a good idea if your sporting a boner. Rather than bang it against the rim of the toilet when facing forwards. You now have more room to aim it when your facing backwards. Sometimes when I am facing forward I am so much into the relief of pissing that I don,t rellize my dick has slipped up and over the rim and I wet what ever is in front and below. Dicks you can't live with them sometimes and you definately can't live without them.

Thanks Moira for your great description of how you got a young lad into trouble. Does it surprise you that young thin people can also block toilets? I guess there are all sorts of factors that govern a persons "output", but probably being thin isnt one of them... apart from perhaps they dont open as wide? Do we have any experts on the subject here? I admire Moiras observations on the types of toilet. It never occurred to me that some people cant use some toilets because they know they will block them. That is an embarrasment I have never suffered!

New Guy
to Some Guy: I would rather have a female proctologist as well as a female doctor giving me a physical. I just see no reason for one man to handle another man's balls if it can be avoided. I hope that doesn't sound too homophobic. Also I think that its more comforting to have someone of the opposite gender performing these services for you. I much more prefer a female masseuse to a male masseuse. I've never had a massage from a guy, but I don't think that I could relax enough to enjoy it. I guess the same goes for enemas and colonics. How many women prefer male gynecologists over female? Its a personal choice thing. Whatever you feel more comfortable with is probably your best bet.

I have been having gas lately. Really strong cramps during the day, which yield huge farts. It's hard to be discreet. When I got home today a passes a huge turd, maybe 1.5" thick by 14 to 17" long and then some little pieces. This is not normal for me. Any idea what I might be doing to cause the gas? I was afraid that if I let off too much of the farts I might pass a turd into my pants, so i decided to bear the pain of the cramps.

Meagan f/23
I love to poop in front of guys. I like it because it excites me and him. I like the nasty stinky smell and the way it makes guys go crazy. Its erotic, sensual and very pleasing. If I don't have a guy at the moment I have to go, I poop in front of one of my girlfriends. I like it when someone else wipes my butt and cleans me. It gets me hot to feel eyes watching my hiney pushing out poop!

Saturday, February 07, 1998

When I was potty trained, my Mother put me on the toilet backward, as well as my brothers when they were potty trained; this was done to keep me from falling in. We could then grab hold of the water closet.
I wonder if any of you people could read on the toilet sitting backward? Then you could prop a book on the WC part of the toilet.

George & Moira
From George to USA Mike Its probably your diet. Perhaps you are lactose intolerant. Try substitution of non milk products.
from Moira to Jill. Unlike you I dont like the type of toilet pan with the higher water level nor does George. Firstly there are no KERPLONK! sound effects. The second point is that they cannot handle any decent sized turds! A few years ago I was at a girls only party at a friend's house and needed a motion. She had one of these modern type toilet pans. I looked at the high water level and the small circular hole at the back and thought, "I can't see one of my big jobbies going through that!" I pulled down my panties and sat on the pan and yes, it was a whopper. With no sound it slipped into the toilet pan . I looked down between my legs and saw this long fat curved sausage about 14 inches long and about 2 and a half thick. The one advantage of this type of toilet pan is that you can see the whole of your jobbie as none of it is round the hidden bend, this is similar with the platform type of toilet where the motion falls onto a stage and is flushed out of the front of the pan rather than the back. These toilets are popular in Germany and other European countries. Anyway, after I had wiped my bum I pulled the flush. The huge turd swirled round , went into the hole and stuck! It was quite funny seeing a good 8 inches of it sticking up out of the water. I pulled the flush again, the water rose to the rim and I was worried it would flood over, it drained away but my big fat jobbie was still stuck even more firmly. I thought about pushing it down the hole but guessed that it would probably snap off leaving the hole still blocked and the rest still floating in the pan so just left it stuck there and left the toilet. I was going to discretely tell my hostess later but one of the other women went to the loo and came back and told her about "the huge motion stuck in her toilet pan". The hostess immediatelly shouted to her teenage son and started to scold him for "blocking up the toilet again with one of his huge stools" and telling him to use the other, (outside) toilet as he was supposed to do when he did a motion, so I guess he did really big jobbies too, although he was rather a thin lad. I must say I was sorry he got a row for my blocking his mother's toilet, but I kept quiet and let him take the blame or credit depending how you look at it.

Hi there! Here's another story which I consider worth telling. I got it from M., one of my friends all over the world. He is German and once he travelled by bus back from Berlin to his home town in the south of Germany along with his sports team. It was in the old days when the communist German Democratic Republic still existed. You had to use a certain highway and it was illegal to stop except at one of the few officially sanctioned places. The bus driver had told them he would by no means make an illegal stop to let them take a pee, so they should make sure not to drink too much.
Needless to say, only a few minutes after they gad passed the checkpoint, the first shouts rose to stop for a leak, but the blockhead bus driver would not comply. By and by, the requests grew more and more urgent, and the fist puddles and wet spots on trousers were observed. The situation threatened to turn violent, since some were reluctant to go in their pants. But, as the story goes, suddenly a miraculous silence fell. M., sitting in a front seat, heard giggles in the back and went to have a look at what was happening. It turned out some wisecrack had rolled a magazine into a paper tube and pushed this device through the rubber strip of the bus door, so everyone could pull out his dick and pee through this genially improvised piece of plumbing. But most hilarious was the aspect of the cars driving behind the bus with their windshield wipers flapping!... Unfortunately, I do not know if there were any girls on the bus. I would want to know what they did, if they were any. And imaginge someone taking a dump through the magazine!...
It may take some time before I can communicate with M. again, and I will try to remember to ask him.

Hi everybody. I have a wierd story here. I was at the mall today after work, and I really had to take a crap. I went into the restroom and sat down and started doin' my thing. But I noticed the guy in the next stall was sorta watching me. It felt wierd. I'm pretty open about myself and my body anyways, so I didn't feel threatened or offended or anything. I just figured I wouldn't cause any problems, and just let him watch. I finished up pretty quick and left. So, this brought a question to my head as to how many people would actually enjoy watching others like that. Maybe some of you in here can fill me in on this. Later...

Friday, February 06, 1998

Hi everyone! Blake, great to see you back; I've been very busy with other things myself, so don't worry. Grrrl, my 20th birthday will be next month; there are several people (both sexes) around our age on here- welcome! My shits have been pretty normal and uneventful, usually one first thing in the morning and occasionally another one in the afternoon. Mike (the one who just used the school toilet for the first time), my younger brother is also apprehensive about shitting at school; must be a guy thing :) Later, guys. Love, Alex :)

Some Guy
I was wondering would you people (especially New Guy) rather have a proctologist (or a doctor giving an enema for women) of the same gender or a different gender? I would like to have a male proctologist so I know that he was disliking it as much as I was, but some guys might liked being watched.

Nope, I've never chatted at net central. Never even heard of it. :)

I've taken dumps in the girls restrooms. It's a real turn on to sit on one of their toilets and dump while listening to them tinkle and giggle. If they catch me in there they just giggle more.

to Vinnie: Shame on you. I guess you must asked your girlfriend better, cause that's what I do and end up she's enjoying it. If you read Young's post, she tell you that I've been asked her and end up enjoying it. I'm sorry, but everything you dreamed to do with your girl friend already happen to me, but she didn't seat backwards. Try to ask your girlfriend again, but don't push her too hard. Slowly and maybe she's end up like my beloved Young. OOoops sorry Vinnie, She's just finished doing her BM,she's cleaning herself, flushing and.... she's teasing me again, I have to go! Seeyaa!!!

I had the pleasure of watching (secretly) and listening to my girlfriend poop last night. It was exciting and made me aroused. This morning as I woke up remembering the night before, I reached for her ass and felt it a little. I had to leave early and she was sound asleep. Before I left, I placed my head under the covers below and took a few good sniffs of her lovely hiney. Needless to say it was heavenly. As far as other sites, I know of a few like Maxx's Its a pretty cool site although a little extreme. Blessing to Jill, Pooping Girl and others. Lets have a pooping party sometime.

Rhonda P
George: A Fleet is a enema solution that's in a bottle that is sold in drugstores her in the US that a person can give to them selves or have someone else to it. They are used in hospitals also. Kelly: I'm sure glad to see that I'm not the only person that uses a tampon after a enema. I've done it so long now that it doesn't hurt at all. I've also had a colon hydrotherapy years ago and I liked them. I want to tell you all though that I'm a 42 yr. old pre-op transsexual that doesn't have any trouble anymore with using the women's bathroom. I hope that you all will be cool with that. I wondered what happened to the form also but glad that I can get in now to post.

Glad to see "The Toilet" is back. What happened ? Well, I had a good dump the other day after I worked out. In the locker room, the door could not quite close but I had to shit pretty badly. I took a goo dump but there was no one around to "enjoy it" with me. Well, maybe next time.

To Grrrl: I don't know about the others, but I'm 18.
I was in school the other day and I really had to go bad (I didn't think I could hold it for the rest of the day, especially not through gym class). Then I had to run all over the school to find a bathroom with a door (and a lock), which there are only 2 of in our school. When I finally found one, I really didn't want to sit down because I was afraid I would contract some wierd (or not so wierd) disease. But I finally did sit because I couldn't hold it any more. Just as I sat down, someone came in to use the urinals, and I was starting to grunt and strain to get the remaining "jobbies" (I love that word) out. In the end, I was too nervous to sit there for long enough to get it all out, but I did relieve enough pressure to get through the rest of the day. Of note: That was the first time that I've ever used the toilet (for a #2) in my school (I'm a senior) and I'll never do it again. I was almost tempted to use the ladies room, but it was in the middle of school when it happened.
Not related: I would love to go into the ladies room just to listen to the girls grunt, fart, pee and strain. What a turn on!

To Lorie: Great story about the highway incident! Standing to pee is a lot more fun than squatting, isn't it?

Hi everyone. I haven't written in such a long time, but I've been reading every day. I'm really enjoying George & Moira's stories, as well as Jill's from today and the one submitted by "me". Great story. I don't know about anyone else, but in the morning, just after I wake up, I have the worst gas! It's like it builds up in me all night and then in the morning, "BOOM!". I fart so loudly and they're so full-bodied. Anyone else lay some monster farts early in the morning? My bowel movements are almost always soft and scattered. I NEVER go more than one day without pooping. Usually, I'll go 3 times a day, actually. I usually have a lot of gas, which starts everything moving. I'll sit on the bowl, fart quickly and everything will more or less be done in a minute. I would love to experience what it would be like to poop out a huge log. It's probably my diet. Ok. I'll write some more later. Bye.

pooping girl
Last nightI had to go to the toilet and as I stood up to walk to the toilet I started to fart and as I walked I kept farting, A friend was over and asked me if I had a duck in my pants making all that noise. I turned my fanny towards her and pushed a loud fart in her direction. I started walking again and I just kept letting more gas go. I got to the toilet and got my pants and underpants down and farted some more 3 good loud ones. I grunted and pushed out 4 nice size jobbies and started with more gas. I tinkled and pushed out alitttle more poop and passed a little more gas. For those interested I spent about 10 minutes on the toilet and I was reading a magazine while I went. I wiped my fanny and flushed. A little while later my friend headed to the toilet and from the grunts and sighs and gas and splashes it sounded as if she had a nice movement as she also read and spent 15 minutes doing her jobbie, didnt watch just listened.

Thursday, February 05, 1998

Hi, I am back after completing another successful pantomime. As I promised I would, I had a poo before every performance, including a couple of occasions when it wouldn't flush away! Needless to say, I wasn't the only one who needed a poo just before the show, and I saw some other blocked loos, and the smell got pretty bad! I see there has been some discussion about our British loos. I personally prefer the type with a wider shallower bowl, as more of the poo goes under water and so there is less smell. The description by Moira of her "jobbies" (I like that word) is not a great deal different from my own experience, although I am very regular, and almost always go twice a day. As I have probably mentioned before, my very favourite place for a poo is on the train on my way home from work. The water does tend to be a bit on the shallow side, but the motion of the train seems to help the flushing action. I have also (naughty!) flushed while the train is in a station, just for devilment! Hey did anyone else in the UK watch "Holiday" tonight? (Tuesday). Zoe Ball blocked the loo on her yacht and had to call a maintenance man. Nice to know it happens to celebs as well!

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