Hi,first time for me here. Just to tell you a little about my self. Im 5ft 2in tall. i have long dark hair and dark brown eyes. i have a nice body and im considered pretty or mostly cute. Anyways i love to make a big poopy when ever possiable. So it was last year about september, i was a bartender at the time at a steakhouse. This day i went in at 6pm and had to work till 3am. This was not my usual shift. Most of the time i worked the noon shift. the night girl kelly had taken a week off, so i was just starting to work her shift and believe me at first it wasnt easy. well after a coup;e of days i got used to it. The thing that was fun about it was i always had to make poopy when i got home. Well i loved that alot! I really cant tell you why, but i love to poop. I guess its just my thing. I always thought that maybe i was weird or something, until i got a computer. Now its nice to know im not alone. So anyways on my third day i decided not to have a bm until i got home later ! that morning. I really wanted to see how long i could hold on. Well i went to work, at first things went well. I could feel the need to poop, but i held it off. I did go make peepee in the toilet, but i wouldnt let myself poop. Well anyways when i got off work at 3am, i really had to go and mean really had to poop! Well i didnt want to poop there, i got in my car and drove off. then when i was sitting in my car i felt a lot better. I then thought about the fact that i was out of swiss formula, st. ives cucumber and melon. I love that lotion. So since i would be driving right by the walgreens, i decided to stop and buy some on the way home. Bad mistake!!!!! When i got out of my car i was fine for a minute or two. but when i got to the lotion section, i got a cramp. Well the mother of all cramps and believe me i know cramps, but this was different. This cramp hit me right in between my legs so hard i had to spread my legs out to try and get some releif. Well that didnt work to! well, at that point all i could do was push and exspell everything in my bowels. I filled my panties with a large load of poop, right there in the store and once i got started i couldnt quit. All i could do was stand there and keep pooping my pants. Well when i was done i reached back and felt the large bulge in my pants and also, not much but a little pee spot. I had completely pooped and peed in my capri pants. Which were white and thin so my bikini panties would show through(i found it was great for tips at night) so i knew my poop was more then likey already makin my pants brown. Well thak god it was so late. I moved out of the store as fast as i could waddle out. I could feel my poop going back and forth as i got out of the walgreens. I got to my car and found a sack i could sit on. Then i sat down in my mess and drove home. When i got home i relized how much i enjoyed sitting in my on poop. Well needless to say i didnt get my lotion, but i did know that i not only lik! ed to poop. But i did like to poop in my pants, i now even like to wear diapers. Attends are my choice. Okies!

I have been reading the stories on this site for weeks now and decided i was going to experience pooping my panties. So i phoned my friend Chrissy (who also likes this site) and asked her if she'd like to do it with me she enthusiasticly agreed.
We went up to my bedroom and each put on a pair of my tightest white cotton panties. We walked straight into the toilet i was so exited, Chrissy said she had to poop really bad but i wasn't desprite.
She said we should poop together so i said ok i'll have to force my poop out, Chrissy began to poop straight away the white panties almost instantly went brown and chrissy moaned with relief she let off a really cute lil fart and we chuckled.
I thought i'd better give it a go so i strained but nothing, chrissy said she'd help me at first i thought how can she possibly help me poop she took my vaseline and pulled down my pantys at first i was a little scared (because i didn't want it to get sexual) but she just took a little on her finger and rubbed it round and round my ass it felt great and after a few seconds i felt movement in my bowles i told Chrissy to pull up my pantys and i gave a little push and the poop just slid right out it felt great , really warm and releaving. chrissy said she was going to sit down with her messed pantys on but i wanted to unload i told her to wait for a second i took down my panties and dropped my turd into the toilet it was a dark brown semi hard log of about 9 inches i flushed then stripped off and got in the shower.
I asked chrissy to sit on the toilet seat so i could watch from the shower, she put a few sheat of TP on the seat and sat down quite quickly and some of her poop came out of the sides of the panties she then got up and bent over to show me, she said it felt really wierd (i thought it was quite erotic). So thats my first poop storie, if any girls in there teens (im 18) have shared a similar experience / or found watching your friends poop erotic please share your stories with me. XXX Tara

i'm new to writing but i have a great story to share. yeasterday
there was aline in the bathroom and i had been holding my pee for
a very lopng so i kind of wet myself

i'm new to writing but i have a great story to share. yeasterday
there was aline in the bathroom and i had been holding my pee for
a very lopng so i kind of wet myself

Traveling Guy
Hi, all! I've been really busy lately, so I'm trying to catch up with recent posts, but I couldn't wait to pass along this particular report. It makes me believe that attitudes are changing about public restroom facilities, something I'm always hoping for.

I was traveling alone late Friday night and really needed to take a dump, so I pulled into a roadside eatery & gas station. Inside, it was nearly empty, with only a handful of late-night diners. A sign pointed to the restrooms, which were located along a hall that you reached after walking through the restaurant. I noticed a fresh-faced, twenty-ish woman, who, like me, had just come in from the parking lot and was headed toward the restrooms, too. She got to the hall first, and when she reached the door of the women's, the first one, she stopped, and then I saw her throw up her hands and heard her mutter, "Oh, man!!" When I caught up to her, I saw the problem: the ladies' was closed for cleaning, with one of those "Wet Floor" signs in the doorway, and it looked as though the janitor had just started in there.

Those of you who know me here know that I'm not shy about talking to strangers about potty matters. "Oh, wow, closed for cleaning, huh?" I said to her. "What a bummer!" The look on her face was kind of
desperate. In sympathy I said to her, "Hey, if you want to use the men's, I'll check to see if there's anyone inside, then I'll stand guard for you at the door."

"Could you?" she asked gratefully. "I really can't wait any longer."

I went ahead of her, then beckoned her to follow me but to wait out in the hall for a second. I checked the guys' - no one else inside, so I opened the door and told her it was OK to go in. She looked at me and asked if there was more than one toilet. "Yeah," I answered, wondering to myself what difference it made to her. She saw my puzzlement.

"Well, you have to go, too, don't you? I don't care if you use it at the same time." She must have seen my jaw drop, because she continued, "Hey, it's no big deal. It's not like it's the first time I've ever used a men's when the women's was closed." After a micro-second of hesitation, I held the door open and motioned her in ahead of me. This could have been a movie or a dream, but, no, it was actually happening, to my disbelief and excited delight. The men's had three stalls with doors, two regular and a handicapped at the end, all facing a short row of urinals. She quickly went into the second stall. I took the first. "Oh," she said apologetically from beyond the partition as she was getting settled in, "I'm sorry. I didn't know you had to sit down. I hope you don't still mind that I'm in here."

"No, I don't care," I said as cooly as I could. "I've been holding it for a while now and I really have to go," I answered honestly. "I hope *you* don't mind."

"Well, guess what?" she replied. "You're not alone." Did that mean what I thought it meant? My already racing heart sped up. I tried to relax and start taking my much-needed dump, but I found it wasn't easy. No more talking from her, only the sight of one of her brown sandals planted firmly on the floor. Soon, though, a torrent of pee was hitting the water on her side for about thirty seconds. Then silence.

Meanwhile, I let out a little fart and started to push gently as a big turd slowly dropped from me. On her side, it was a different story. She broke her silence suddenly with a small fart and a quick, sharp breath, and then she bore down with a short, determined "Nnnnhhhhhh." In an instant, what must have been a bomb of a turd hit the water under her with a loud splash, followed by a couple more logs. Then she gave a little sigh of relief. That was the audio, but let me tell you, the olfactory part was in 3-D and full color. Wow, did she ever stink up that place! I mean, it was rancid. After another half minute or so, she let drop one more small log. With all this, she said nothing, and neither did I.

Back on my side, one of my typical ten-inchers had slinked its way into the water after some gentle coaxing, but I forced out a couple more small splashers, along with a gentle fart. Then I peed. I couldn't tell what kind of stink I'd made, though, because she had clearly outdone me in that department and masked whatever odor I'd produced. Then came silence on both sides until she started to tear TP off the roll and wipe. I did the same. Just then, some guy came in to pee. We were both silent. After he finished up, I offered to check outside and give her the all-clear, to which she agreed. I flushed first, and then she. I washed up while she stayed in her stall, then I looked out into the hallway. Nobody there. "C'mon, it's OK," I called in, and then I waited outside in the hall, hiding the door behind me. Quickly, the young woman came out and I motioned her ahead of me.

After she passed me and we'd both gone by the women's door again, she turned her head half-way around and raised her hand in a wave. "Hey, thanks!" she called quietly. "I owe you one." Then she headed for her car and sped off with her female companion. Boy, would I have liked to hear her telling that story to her friend.

I got into my car, too, but I couldn't leave for about five minutes, just thinkng about what had happened. I'm telling you, I've seen more and more women leave the restroom door open when they go into a stall, but this incident really makes me believe that we're all loosening up a whole lot!

sally and rick
My husband and I have always had a somewhat opposite view of our lives on the toilet. We are very open about our toilet sessions. My husband will sit on the side of the tub and talk to me while I take my daily dump. I do the same while he dumps. It is a normal part of our life. I will wipe his after after he unloads and he has no problem helping with mine. We love sharing the experience. We also share the experience of giving each other enemas. He loves the feel of the warm water inside him. I myself can take it or leave it but he loves giving me one so what the heck. Since we are not on a sex sight we will leave out how we incorporate anal activity into our sex lives. But trust me when I tell you you have to try it. Love all your comments, love the sight. Share your toilet with your mate, it will help change the way you think about many things.

Here is my survey
1. How many of you ladies or gentlemen are afraid to piss or poop in a toilet that had not been flushed will you use it ? [a]yes,[b]no,[c]maybe
2. Ladies do you pull your panties down all the ways while pooping or pissing? [a]yes,[b]no,[c]either
3. Do you perfer seats down while walking by stalls that has doors opened so you can see the toilets? [a]yes,[b]no,[c]either
4. Gentlemen have you ever looked over the divider between urinals? [a]yes,[b]no
5. To both gentlemen and ladies do you look under the stall walls or doors when entering a restroom? [a]yes,[b]no,[c]maybe

To BMed: Loved your story..that was cool
To little miss modest: Liked your story...poop can get to be atleast 14 inches long(my longest) and like 2-3 inches wide
To Peegirl: Liked your pee stories
To Greg: liked your story
To Ash: Loved your story about your mom
To Kindra: liked your story
To Larson: Loved your story..thats cool that you and your friend had to shit together
To AUSSIEROD: Loved your story
To some dude X: Liked your story
This morning i had the radio on and some caller called in and was talking about kids pooping in the pool..they mentioned something about floaters..i didn't hear the whole thing. Then i think there was something about campers having to go to the bathroom..i forget what exactly it was

How does it help to cross your legs when you have to pee really bad.I mean does it realy help or is it like myth or something to make u feel btter when your in the situation.

Hello! Once I had an accident on the way home after going shopping. I was 11 years old boy. It was winter so I wore warm pants and another pants below. On the half a way i realised that I want to pee really badly, so I started to hurry up, but it came worse and worse with every minute. I I`ve written above it was very cold, and usually if you want to pee it comes worse faster then in the warm weather. I tried to hold by stopping and dancing with the legs crossed. It was about 100 meters to my home when I stopped again. I was really desperate by that moment. After few seconds I was about to continue my way, but eventually felt frequent spasmes, then the relaxation came and I felt thery warm feeling between my legs, I started peeing in my pants and couldn`t stop it. After few tries to stop peeing I gave up and just waited when it stoppes itself. My underpants - short red cotton boxers were completely wet from the front side and a little from the back side, my pants I wore b! elow were completely soaked, and I had a spot coming visible on my upper pants. My socks were wet too and I felt water in my boots. But also I felt really good because my pants were unusually warm, and I didn`t want to go to the toilet more.

Hi there! I'm from holland, therefore i hope my writing is clear enough to everyone who reads this letter.

This year i went with my boyfriend on a holiday to Croatia. It was a bus travel and a very long one. That shouldn't be a problem, at least not for my boyfriend, but for me it is. Weak muscles is a problem many of the females in my family have. People in the northern regions of Europe very often cook their meals with olive oil, but the those out of the southern do and they use a lot. I found out the hard way that olive oil is a strong laxative and combined with weak muscles it can cause some very embarrasing situations.
We were sitting in the bus, on a day trip to the peninsula of Istria when i felt my stomach staring to move and rumble. Not long after that i felt the urge to poop, it grew stronger every moment. Half an hour was all that was needed to get to the first stop, but that was too long for me.
Having really weak muscles can be a horror!
I guess it lasted only 15 minutes, then i lost control. It jus bursted out of me like some tidal wave and completely filled my panties and my shorts before it soiled the seat and dripped on the floor.
Many people soon found out what happened, because it came with some farts and a bad odor. I'm happy my boyfriend didn't make fun of me, he never does and that is why i love him. Except for the other people, they gave me some mean and nasty looks. Oh......i had to trow my undies away, but had to wear my shorts the entire trip.
I'm a bit used to accidents. If i had to write all of my public accidents down it would absolutely take me a couple of days.

Are there more girls of my age (24) with weak muscles?
Please post something. BYE-BYE

old man
I remember back when I was in first grade,itwas show and tell day and I had something to show or something. I felt like I had to pee while I was sitting at my desk, but being a very modest kid, I did not ask to go. I raised my hand to go up to the front of the class. There was a line you had to wait in at the front. While I was up there waiting I felt the urge to pee very badly. I began to pretend to read the D.O.L. on the board asIdanced around a bit. I remembered someone asking the teacher what I was doing and she told him I was just reading the board. Finally it was my turn to go upbut I stood there as pee came shooting out, soaking the front of my shorts and making a huge puddle at my feet. THe teacher rushed me out of the room and called the janitor to mop up my urine. Nothing like ever happened again, I made sure of it.

I went to see this awesome ass concert. It was Bob Dylan opening up for the Dead. Very cool. From the place we parked our car, to the venue, was a 10-15 minute walk. On the way, we stopped by some farm where they had 2 porta-pottys set up, and there was a small line. So me and the 4 other guys are waiting, and this girl runs up holding her crotch real bad. She is jumping around, legs crossed, anything she can do to keep from peeing herself. She was in there for like 4-5 minutes just pissing. We could hear her very easily from outside. It was just amazing how someone can piss so long.


To BMed (formerly did you know) - hey, that sounds like an awesome club!!!!! do you have any more stories from that club, if so, i would love to hear them?? thanx!!!

How does it help to cross your legs when you have to pee really bad.I mean does it realy help or is it like myth or something to make u feel btter when your in the situation.

Don't have much to post today but I have a few stories I hope to share real soon.

To Bryian: Glad you liked my story. She knew I needed to go to the bathroom because I was standing there with my legs crossed. Yes I think she knew I needed to poop and not just pee. It was just the way she looked at me and said, "So go then". I remember I felt sort of confused and kinda did it right then and there in front of her "Just because she told me to". No I never saw her go to the bathroom, but we stayed great friends until we eventually I moved away.

To Ash: Ash I loved your story about you watching your mom sitting on the toilet, that was incredible detail, I could almost see her poop coming out like you did. Can I ask if, besides when you were real young, has your mom ever watched you do a #2 like you saw her?

TO: Shelia (South Wales)
Have you ever heard police officers refer to "court bowel syndrome"?. I once read an article about how some of them get extremely nervous when are giving evidence and being cross-examined. Apparently, that's how they refer to the way they sometimes feel when in the witness box. Wondered if you'd ever come across that?

Jonny the Jonny Brush

Brian, wwe are sort of boy friend and girlfriend, but she is a year ahead of me in school, and about helf a foot taller then I am. I don't know if exactly qualify as her type, but I soure would like to think that I do. To answer your other question, no, I have not had a chance to see her poop, but last year at school, I did see her desperate to take a crap once.

Speaking of peeing and pooping, I was wondering if any of you had the experience of being desperate to take a crap and a piss at the exact same time. That happened to me yesterday. I went to see the movie "Bad Boys 2" (not the best flick I ever saw). I had a huge meal before that, and I am also in the habbit of drinking alot of water. I was with two buddies of mine.

Long story short, when the movie was over, I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to hold up my friends, so we left. By the time they dropped me off at home, my guts were cramping, and my bladder felt like it was going to explode. I ran to the bathroom, tore down my pants, and as soon as my butt made contact with that seat, it all came out in a huge wave of diarreah and flood. I must have peed longer then I ever did in my life. I also had wave after wave of diareah come out. I had to flush while I was crapping because I thought I was going to plug up the toilet. The stink was like something had crawled into a hole and died. I had to open a window.

I was so glad that Diana was not due until the next morning.

Jonny the Jonny Brush

innocent guy
When I was a kid about 7 or 8 I guess I used to sneak into the K-mart ladies bathroom to listen to women who go in there, I was never caught luckily, but I used to enjoy listening to their farting and splashing as well as seeing what panties they wear. When I was even younger I use to poop alot outside and I still do if I need to, but I don't squat down all the way just enough for the poop to be away from my body, I have used leaves before to wipe but nothing bizarre. I enjoy pooping and watching girls or hearing girls poop and pee. One time I was pooping at a party and some really hot girls I liked snuck in there and sat and watched me and we talked and then we all started taking turns undressing and sitting on the toilet while we talked. It was a cool experience. I will tell more if you tell more.

I want to hear more stories from

Please post more stories!!!!!!!!!!

TO: Shelia (South Wales)
Have you ever heard police officers refer to "court bowel syndrome"?. I once read an article about how some of them get extremely nervous when are giving evidence and being cross-examined. Apparently, that's how they refer to the way they sometimes feel when in the witness box. Wondered if you'd ever come across that?

The other day I posted about meeting an English girl in a restaurant at breakfast time and teaching her the stamping technique for easing constipation. Well, we met by arrangement last week. Same place, same time. We were on best friend terms almost from the word go, which underlines my point that if you can share the intimacy of a bm with someone your friendship can move onto a new plane. Anyway, after breakfast she announced 'time for the loo'. I really really didn't want to crowd her so I said I'd been. 'Never mind,' she said, 'you can come and talk to me. You're my toilet tutor.' So down I went and stood outside the door of the stall which she left open. She bent well forward and let out a gush of pee and then started stamping, left right, left right about 20 times as I'd told her. Big plop, then another, then another. 'Must be doing something right,' she said and started to wipe. Wiped her pussy with a scrunched up bit of tp and then crouched over with her butt abov! e seat level. 'Don't be disgusted,' she said. 'I think I'm going to teach you something'. She then wiped herself thoroughly with her bare right hand. "Squeaky clean and so will my hand be when I've washed it. It's the best way.' When she was a student she went with a group of grils to the Middle East, Jordan I think. Local people had them to stay for the night. Next morning she needed to poop. The toilet was a hole in the ground in a tiny room, perfectly clean. No paper but a bowl, soap tablet and towel. She tried to ask for paper. But her hostess made signals that she should wipe her butt with her hand and wash it. She told me that from then on she did this just to finish off the wiping process or after firm clean turds like today. 'But be careful of public restrooms where the water may be off and there's no soap,' she warned me. I have tried it since and it's brilliant, not disgusting at all in my opinion. The fingers are perfectly designed for the purpose!' Try ! it and let us know how you get on, and with the constipation cure why not?

The rest of our day was heavenly and I may come back to. That's enough for now!

love you all. Anthea

Well I'm back. As I promised last time, I'm here to tell the stories of trying to toilet train my youngest son. If you read my last post on page 1136 I believe , about trying to teach my oldest son how to pee standing up, my youngest son was just as bad in his own way. We still had the same old potty that we had used for our older son and later on our daughter, and it was now on it's third go around in our family. He had been doing his business on the potty sitting down for a few months when my wife and me did the same thing we did with our other son and decided that it was time to try to teach him how to pee standing up. Soon after we had our talk, our son came up to me and told me that he had to use the bathroom. As I walked with him to the bathroom I asked him what he had to do and he replied, telling me that he had to pee. When we got to the bathroom I turned to him and said "son, do you want to try peeing standing up like daddy and your brother do?" He looked up! at me and said "yeah." So I took him over to his potty, lifted the lid, and pulled down his pants. I told him to aim his equipment for the potty and when he was ready he could start to pee. He fiddled around for just a second and then he started to pee. Unfortunately, he didn't exactly get the aim right, and his pee went way off to the side of the potty all over the floor. Unlike our older son though (the circles around the potty from my last post), he knew that he was supposed to be peeing into the potty and not all over the floor. He started shifting his little body all over the place, while he was still peeing, trying to get his stream directed into the potty. He kept on flailing around, trying desparately to get it into the potty, but he kept overshooting it. He finally managed to aim his stream into the potty, and he got about 3 drops into it before his pee stream came to a stop. He then looked up at me and said "all done." I sent him on his way and called fo! r my wife to bring in the mop. To my surprise she was already standing there in the doorway, mop in hand. She handed me the mop and went out to the living room, where our oldest son was asking our youngest son how his first standing experience went. Our young guy just looked at him and said "I missed." Our older one started laughing and said to him "how could you miss, it's so easy" totally forgeting about his troubles a few years before. My wife decided to point that out to our oldest guy, and he promptly shut up. A few hours later our youngest guy had to go again. I went into the bathroom with him and asked him what he needed to do. He said that he needed to pee and that he wanted to try it standing again. He walked up to the potty, lifted the seat, pulled down his pants, took aim, and started to pee. This time his aim was a little better. He actually hit the potty, just in the wrong place. His pee hit the very ledge of the bowl and kind of splattered all over! the place, but some of it did wind up in the bowl, so it was a definete improvement. My wife had once again been waiting in the doorway with the mop, so the mess was cleaned up quickly. The little guy continued to improve on his aim every time that he went, and soon after he could get the entire amount into the potty. At about this time in his life, he started a rather peculiar habit when he went to the bathroom. He had been watching a TV program one night and in it was a toilet scene where the person went into the bathroom and was reading a newspaper while he was doing his business. He figured that since this guy on TV was reading in the bathroom, everybody did. So every time he went to the bathroom from then on, he took the newspaper in with him to "read" (he was only two and could not actually read. Even when he just had to pee, he would take the paper in and pee while sitting on the big toilet while reading the paper. When he was in a hurry, or watching a good T! V program or something, he would still pee standing into the potty, but when he had absolutely nothing else to do he would go into the bathroom and read the paper from start to finish (as good as a 2 yr old could). When he was about 4 years old, he figured it was about time to try peeing standing into the big toilet. He went into the bathroom and saw that he was big enough that he could get it in. Me and my wife were in the kitchen when all of a sudden we hear him call from the bathroom "mommy, daddy…..come in here..and bring the camera. We exchanged curious looks and moved towards the bathroom. When we got there, we saw him standing in front of the toilet with his pants lowered, waiting for us. When he saw us at the door he started to pee and said to us "look, I can pee standing into the big toilet now just like daddy…..take a picture." My wife and I decided to make him happy, and took the picture, which thrilled him. This point marked the end of his newspaper readi! ng days in the bathroom as well. The next day, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and he came in, lifted the lid to the toilet and started to pee standing. I said to him "where's your newspaper?? Don't you want to read?" He took his eyes away from his stream, looked up at me, and said "I don't need to read anymore, I can pee standing." He finished peeing and left the room, leaving me chuckling.

So these are the stories of trying to toilet train my youngest son. I have a few more amusing pee stories which I will post later on.


What's up my fellow peers and poopers. I'm getting ready to start my 5th year of school, I have completed 4 years already and have 2 left, my major is pharmacy. TODAY'S ALSO MY BIRTHDAY, I'M 22. I had a party yesterday since I didn't have to work.

SHELIA- I like your story about when you had the runs after your meeting? How bad was the smell, did you stink up the whole restroom.

T.K- Man, I wish I could have been there with you to watch your fiance poop as well, I especially liked the first story.

CHELCIE- When you talked about all those girls pooping at camp, I wonder are girls just as open around pooping with each other and just don't poop or fart around guys, or are guys just more open about it period.

CANDACE- what did that girl that pooped next to you look like?

JESSICA- I would also like to know more about your roomates pooping experiecnes.

Well alot of you posted back to me on how to make your poops big, but what do you do to make them smell.

I was watching BET and they were playing old music videos and I saw
Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker. Does anyone remember the part when she's fighting Bianca (the evil Mariah) in the bathroom and they accidently knock down a stall door and there's this old fat lady there going to the bathroom. It looks like Mariah holds her nose with both of her hands, but she could be covering up her face because she's embarrassed. I wonder if she really was holding her nose because it smelled so bad.

This chick on the gallery pic looks stoned as hell while she shits out her liquidy diarreah.

Monday, August 4, 2003

Raging Urophile
I am switching gears now to get some feedback on a problem that is both literally and figuratively, a "pain in the ass."
A few years ago, for an unknown reason, I seemed to develop what I can best describe as an extra, or secondary bunhole. This extra bunhole is above the actual hole. As a result, wiping my buttocks is far more cumbersome then it used to be. The pain of wiping negates any pleasure that I used to get while dropping fecal slabs.
This secondary hole is formed by the presence of two small flaps that protrude inward from each of my buttocks. They push against one another creating a tightly closed narrow aperature. I must force a single, paper covered finger, through this aperature to thoroughly wipe out the fecal matter that is stuck in this extra hole. A lot of crap gets stuck in this hole,and it is difficult to clean it all out. To make matters worse, the left flap has a fissure on it that often bleeds somewhat profusely, especially if it has already been recently abused with tissue.
This probably would not be too much of a problem if I could take one massive dump once a day like most of the women on this board. Unfortunately, however, I usually take two or three small fragmented dumps, and frequently, half the shit remains stuck in my ass. My primary or "actual" hole is also so deep that I feel as though I have to give myself a prostate massage to get all the crap out.
I usually wipe my buttocks with a warm soapy tissue to maximize the cleansing; but this is often not feasable away from home.
Does anyone know how to rid oneself of fissures? Is this a familiar problem, or do I have a bizarre ass?

Musky Smell
This afternoon got to watch a guy taking a shit. I won't go into detail about how it came about. He was a 6'3, built like a brick shithouse, Grant Mitchell from EastEnders look a like. He was wearing tight white briefs and flip flops. He removed his briefs just leaving them around one ankle and sat on the toilet parted his big legs and while straining let out a really loud fart followed by shit hitting the water. He continued straining for a few minutes but said he could'nt do anymore and got up and began wiping his arse. His shit stank. He showed me the watery sticky shit on the tp after each wipe. He told me he had a curry the night before and his asshole was now burning! There were several skinny turds floating and the bowl was splattered with watery shit. It was a great experience and we are going to meet up to do it again. Next time I might wipe his arse.

I haven't been able to post lately, Mike and I have been very busy, but I have been keeping intouch with all the posts, we both like to read them all the time, it's nice to know there are people about who share our thoughts about pooping and peeing.

We were in Bournemouth and went to a show at the Pavilion Theatre onthe sea front. Halfway through my belly started to ache but it was so nice cuddled to Mike that I decided to wait till the end of the show. Then, as we left I decided to wait till we reached our hotel, it was only a little way up the Holdenhurst Road. But getting outside the theatre the cold night air seemed to go straight through me and I knew I'd never make it. Not far from the theatre there's a Ladies, almost on the beach. It's not very clean and very dimly lit but I was pooping myself so I made for there. Reaching the toilets Mike started to come in with me, just as a woman came out, she gave us quite a stare before moving away. I told Mike it was too risky but he cuddled me close and said it would be okay. I couldn't wait I had already dribbled some loose poop in my panties so we both went into the dimly lit toilets. There were five cubicles and the first three nearest the entrance were occ! upied. I went into the next one, I was already to lift my skirt, fortunately I was wearing a loose-fitting dirndyl skirt and I was able to reach the waist of my panties easily. As I was sliding my panties down and turning my bum to the toilet I pooped, it was before I had turned completely and I pooped all over the side of the stall, for a few seconds, as the poop shot out of me, I couldn't move, then, thankfully I was able to get my bum on the toilet seat. My ???? ached so bad that I had forgotten about Mike who had bolted the door and was standing in front of me. I pooped again another very loose splatt dropped into the pan. I felt easier after that and was able to take account of what was happening in the toilets generally. The woman in the stall next to me was being sick, very sick. I could here retching and spewing then breathing heavily and resting, then retching again. I don't know how long she had been there but it was mostly dry retching now and I know tha! t's the most awful of feelings. In the other two stalls the women were pooping, very loose like myself. How long they'd been there I didn't know, but there was no sign of them finishing. As I pooped a third burst into the pan there was footsteps click-clacking on the tiles and the last stall, the fifth one was occupied. I heard the familiar urgent rustling of clothes and then as a gasp as this woman pooped with a loose rush. Mike bent over and whispered in my ear that it must be the Bournemouth air, four women with the trots, despite feeling bad I had a hard job to stifle a giggle. There we were, four girls pooping and peeing like billyho and the fifth was trying to be sick. The last woman, the one on my right was wiping the crotch of her panties, I know because it's a familiar sound to a girl. She, like me, had messed in her panties. Mike took some paper and stooping over started to wipe the crotch of my panties, I kissed the top of his head and when he looked up a! t me I kissed him again. He wiped my panties several times, putting the soiled paper between my open thighs and into the pan. At last someone was wiping, I think it was the woman in the first stall. I pooped again, a much reduced burst and I pee'd again, then a fourth, tiny poop and I knew that I was finished. I had to wipe my bum four times. Pulling up my panties I embraced Mike and gave him a big hug and whispered thank you for being there. Leaving the cubicle the first woman was washing her hands she looked at Mike and I wondered what she would say. She smiled and said how nice it would have been if her boyfriend had come with her, but he was a wimp. The woman who had been sick came out of her stall lookig pale and ill but she too managed a smile. She said she knew I had a man with me but somehow she felt better because a man was there. As I washed my hands I said how I wished there were unisex toilets and they both agreed. It was a great experience. Maybe, so! on, there will be unisex toilets, after all there are unisex hairdressers and goodness knows what,so why not.

BMed(formally Did You Know)
Hello Hello!
First some response then my first story post.

candace; That is the same thing I used to do, But I always got yelled at for taking the books out of the libary. The bathrooms were in a different hallway out of the libary, Keep writing stories, thier great!

little miss modest; Man, I don't blame u for not using the porta-potty,. When we have fairs, You should see how gross they are.

Frankie the Grrrrrrrrrl; I've heard first date horror stories, But that tops my list, WOW.

Ok hears my first bathroom memory. This goes way back to when I was like 5 or 6 but I still remember it clear as day. So one day I was playing with my frind Emily(7) and her sister jessica(5) We were playing Emily's cottage(it was one of the ones kids go in and play house and stuff) anyways, were playing and all of a sudden Emily just frezees dead in her tracks. Me and Jessica just look at her and say "what's wrong?", she has a real nervous look on her and all of a sudden shouts, "I GOT TO POOP, NOW!", and rushes out of the cottage and into the house. Me and Jessica just look at each other, shrug and say "whatever"
and go on playing. So about 2 minutes later, here comes Emily and she has a roll of tp. So I say "we don't need that." and she goes "I Do!" So she says her mom is taking and nap and they weren't allow to go upstairs were the bathroom is because she would wake up and get mad, so I'm going to poop in my cottage, so she goes in the corner and me and Jessica are just standing there watching, she pulls down her pants and squats. All is quiet for a second and then she starts peeing like a horse for a good 30 seconds, now the cottage is on a slope and she is in the top corner, so the pee starts running down the slope, and me and jessica are just amazed, then the pee stops and she starts pushing and out comes this green\brown turd, after about three inches in breaks off and out come a least ten little green\brown balls and then another long turd. After she wiped she told us not to tell and from then on we had a club. It was the "Poop Outside Club".
anyway that my first bathroom experience, hope you enjoyed, Please respone if you like it or have something similiar.
Good poops

little miss modest
To Yoshi: When i take a dump i usually think about what happened that day sometimes what or how i'm pooping and how good it feels, i don't read while i'm pooping because i have to consintrate on what i'm doing and i won't know what's going on in the story.

To you guys who say that giving a kid lax or enema's for punisment is cruel, i had a "DREAM" that my gramma gave me a lax because she i needed to go when i didn't she made me take it and it was terrible. Since my gramma has to use lax and enema's every day in order to go. Which is sad because she has always been like that so heard. To you guys who that get constipated alot don't be worried lax back then were probaly were too strong to take everyday and messed you up.

To anyone: Does you know how wide and long poop can get? Please tell me i realllllllllly want to know.

Hi, everyone,

I must answer some queries to my recent posts,

Student: my shit rarely used to smell, except when I was having my
period, but since Greg left me and I have really gone to a
junk food diet the smell of my shit tends to burn the paint
off the walls, but I continue to be pretty regular so I really
don't bother too much about what I eat.

Ash: Yes it really is nice when any of my friends wipe my arse
after I've had a good shit. I'd love it to happen whenever I
have a shit but sometimes I have to go when I'm alone. It's
such a great feeling, but you already know that, don't be
shy about your feelings. I remember when I was in college
writing an essay entitled "Girls Lose Their Inhibitions When
Their Panties Are Down." I have found that to be so true in
in my lifetime, but, alas so many girls fail to tell others of
there true feeling, so come on Ash, really loosen up, and let
others know how you and your girlfriend feel when you are
in the toilet with each other and when you wipe each other,
it's only by being open about such things that others can
understand the real pleasure it can be, especially when, after
a good shit you really would like someone to wipe your arse
for you. I wonder how your Mom would have felt when, after
being so badly constipated and having to strain so hard, you
had wiped her arse with tender loving care. I bet it would
have made her feel so much better. Love Sheila x x x

Adrian: Thanks again for your kind thoughts. I really like to hear
them, it makes me feel good. Yes Ruth was a great help to me
that day. I really did have the runs bad. But then Rurh and
my little band of friends have always been a great help and
and comfort to each other, in all ways, but especially when
we've been going to the toilet. I'm really used to junk food
now and I am not putting on any weight so my motto is "if you
like it, why not enjoy it." Thanks again Adrian, and lots of
love to you, Sheila. x x x

Leigh: I have heard of "Court Bowel Syndrome." In Britain students
from Oxford Univ. made a lengthy study of the problem but
their examination ranged over a number of stressful situations
and they came to the conclusion that there are a number of
areas where "nervous bowel syndrome" overcomes people. For me
there have been a number of examples where the stress of
giving evidence or, more particularly, being cross examined,
have led to people shitting themselves or pissing themselves,
it normally affects the ordinary public most, but I have known
occasions when it has affected experienced policemen and

Travelling Guy: I really loved and appreciated your story of having a shit with a strange girl in the gents. I think it probably helped both of you to have a good shit. I really think there should be unisex toilets everywhere. Going to the toilet is a natural function of the body and until the laws are changed, we will never escape the ridiculous taboos their are about having separate toilets for men and women. It will probably also reduce the number of of mentally disturbed people, wrongly referred to as perverts, by making them realise that going to the toilet is a natural action of human beings.

I think I've rambled on so long today. I have a couple more incidents to tell about but I'll leave them till when I write next time. All my love and best wishes to all posters, I really love you all. Sheila (South Wales). x x x

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