Graeme's story led me to post something that happened to me at a festival this past weekend. By the way, I am a 17 year old male. I was there with a few friends, and I felt the need to go to the bathroom. As I was heading over to the only available facilities, porta-potties, I noticed that all of them were taken. So I stood there for a second, waiting for one to open up. Just then, the center one opened, and a cute-looking, slender Hispanic woman, who looked a few years over college age, with short, very dark hair, and a boy whom I assumed was her son, came out of the porta-potty. The lady smiled and blushed a bit, as she quickly walked off. I shrugged it off and walked forward.

I think it was about a foot away from the potty that I got a whiff of what was to come. I was taken aback. The toilet was close to full, and it looked as if a horse had just been in there. There was a huge pile of dung in that toilet, and it looked like it had taken some effort to get out. Well, the first part had; the part on top was mushier and sloppy.

However, the most overwhelming thing about the whole ordeal was the stench. Obviously, I couldn't expect a porta-potty to smell like a dozen roses, but it should be at least suitable for human life. I had to breathe through my mouth during my pee. That didn't help matters either; it only stirred up the sedentary muck, causing the stink to become much more potent. I had considered sitting down to try and block out the smell, but being male, and seeing how high that pile rose, I didn't want to risk it. It was a good thing that I didn't have to have a bowel movement, because that would have been highly unfavorable to the next occupant. I hurried up with my business, not wanting to stay in there long enough to: a) die or: b) be labelled as the perpetrator of such a deed. The thing that really struck me was that since there was no one dead in there at the moment, the person must have been able to stand the monstrous stink of their dump. The astonishment I had over that fact w! as only equaled by my disgust at the smell.

Obviously, I wasn't feeling too kind toward the person attempting to pollute the earth. And, from the giggle and blush I'd gotten from the woman who gave me the potty, there was no mistaking the culprit. Later on in the day I saw her again, and, horror of horrors, she was in line buying ice cream and some sort of giant taco.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I respect everyone's need and right to use the facilities available. I also recognize that everyone, including myself, has had a rough day where we ourselves wreak havoc upon the lands of porcelain. In addition to this, I wouldn't exactly have minded if I were allowed to view the devastation of aforementioned lands of porcelain, especially since it was an attractive woman. However, if I was doing the viewing, I'd definitely want to bring a noseplug. That, or a giant sized bottle of air freshener. And on top of that, it's common knowledge that after a session like that, you'd stay away from tacos and ice cream. Just my opinion, what do you think?

Oh, boy, did I have a dilemma Saturday night.

I was at a club with some friends and desperately had to take a dump. I went into the men's room, and discovered, that, as usual in clubs, there was no stall seperating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Not only that, there was no paper. And not only that, there was no seat, and the rim was already covered in piss. To top it all off, the door had no latch, and when it opened, anyone by the bar could see right inside. I'm no shameful shitter, but squatting over a piss covered toilet with a hundred or so people watching just wasn't in my game plan. I decided to hold it.

That didn't last long. Moments before I'm positive I would have shit my pants, I finally gave in. I rushed into the men's room, which was full, a guy was at the toilet peeing. When he was done, I quitly and quickly turned around, pulled my pants down the absolute minimum amount that was necessary and squatted over the toilet. I let out a monster wet fart and sprayed chunky diarrhea into the toilet. Luckily I didn't miss. The other guys in the bathroom just looked disgusted, and hurried up to get out. When they opened the door, a good twenty or thirty people got a nice look at me squatting over the shitter. Great way to make an impression ("Hey, you're the guy who shat his guts out at the club the other night!").

A guy came in and said, "Oh, man, that sucks. I feel for you man." I said, "Thanks."

Well, after a few more squirts, I was feeling much better. Of course, there was nothing to wipe my ass with. I decided to not worry about that, and pulled my briefs and jeans back up and flushed the toilet. I stayed at the club for another hour or so, then headed home. By the time I got to my place, my underwear was streaked and my butt cheeks were smeared in my own leftover shit. I took a shower and went to bed. Not a nice experience.

I pooped in my pants at school when I was in the third grade. We were at recess, and some of us were talking about a girl in our class who had pooped her panties in class. I defended her, saying having an accidenr was no big deal. One thing led to another, and they all dared me to poop my pants . At first, I refused, but then I decided to do it. I stood there and pushed. After some effort, it started to come out. I hadn't been since the morning before, so it was mostly one big hard turd that made its way into my pants. I had a nice big buldge in the seat of my pants, but it wasn't really very messy. I made my way into the boys room (fortunately it was unoccupied) went into a stall and dumped it out of my pants into the toilet. I wiped my butt, and used toilet tissue to clean the worst of it out of my underpants. I had some pretty heavy skid marks left, but I wore those underpants until I got home. The other kids all called me pottypants after that. I discovered then, that go! ing in my pants felt good.

Hi again to all my new friends! Everyone has been so nice by leaving comments, thanks everyone! I will first try to respond to everyone's questions / comments, sorry if I leave anyone out! Special hellos to Fluidity, Althea, Bryian, Middle Aged Crapper, Deep Cloud Nine, JB and ToddMN!!!!

JB - you asked several questions: First - How big are my poops? - I usually take kinda large dumps. I am rather petite but I always seem to have at least two (sometimes three) big turds. By big I mean inch and a half, two inches thick and 6-8 inches long. I also usually have quite a few small pieces that are very thin and very short that comes out first and last. Second - How often do I poop? - I rarely go every day, usually I have to go in the early afternoon about every other day, hardly ever more than every other day in between poops. Third - What is the texture of my poop? - I would say that I am normal, not soft or runny (except with the runs, which is rare for me), I do have hard / knobby pieces every so often but more often that not I am just a normal, firm pooper. Hope this helps!!!!!

ToddMN - Glad to hear from you!!! You were asking about Katie, my roommate. She is 19, like me, and very cute! She is 5'4", blonde hair and blue eyes, weighs about 110 lbs. She poops every morning before going to class. She usually takes about 10 minutes, farting often and REALLY stinking! As I said, I am glad she has her own bathroom in our apartment! You also asked if I read while on the toilet. I must say that is is very rare that I read while pooping. More often than not, I do not have access to any reading material but at the same time, I also like to get really involved with my pooping experiences (and of those around me!). As for you offending me, no way!!! I am very open minded and like talking about restroom habits, the more vivid the better!!!

Deep Cloud Nine - How cool that you are in Houston!!! There are certainly plenty of public restrooms around here to use and try out! My favorites are at malls, schools and big movie theaters (more about that below!), how about you?

I have had a few nice dumps since my last posting, all at school. Yesterday afternoon however, I went to the movies with my friend from high school, Maggie. I really needed to go before the movie started but we were late so I held out until afterwards. As we were leaving the movie afterwards, I remembered that there was a huge restroom in the theater lobby area. I told Maggie that I needed to go really bad, she said that she did too. I did not specify that I needed #2, I figured that she only needed to pee. As I said the restroom is huge, probably 20 or more stalls, each stall door is painted like red and orange zebra stripes and the stall walls are green. Many stalls were occupied but we found two empty ones toward the end of the row. I was wearing short jean shorts and a thong (red). I lowered both to my ankles and sat down. I could hear Maggie peeing, I also peed but I had other issues as well! Soon Maggie wiped and I could hear her re-dressing. I finally ! told her that I would be a while, she said that was cool, that she would wait for me outside the restroom, she flushed and left. Soon enough my butthole opened wider and wider as my first log inched out. After a few minutes it dropped, floating in the water. Another log forced my hole wide open again and it too soon fell into the water. Both were firm and 5 or so inches long. I sat a while longer dropping about 5 more small pieces. All in all I took about 15 minutes to poop, I felt much better afterward. I wiped and flushed and rejoined Maggie. The restroom was very busy, couldn't hear much of anyone else, but it was a fun poop anyway! Hope everyone has a good week, see ya later. Jessica

kim of chicago
one time i was at the movies, and thir was a grumble in my stomach!! at 1st i didnt pay much attention to it, until 30 minutes later. i felt something hot and smooth on my butt,but i was too embarrassed to tell the person i was there with!! so i just excused myself and went into the bathroom, i could'nt get my pants open, so i guess some just came out . i finally got them undone and realized that i had dookey all on my panties!! of course i didnt want to wear them so i looked under every stall, to see if anyone was in the bathroom with me. i threw my dookey filled panties in the trash and made a mad dash for the door smellin like a hot dookey mess!! i was too mad to go back into the movie so i just left with no panties on!!!ugh

i been reading these stories for a while now and i have nver posted
well one day while i was at my grandparents pool i had go. So i just told my dad i was running into tha bathroom. As i started to head towardsntha house i thought ive never peed out side before so why not do it now. I ran around tot tha otherside of tha house and pulled my shorts down. I had never done this before and i didnt now how to do it so i spread my leads a part and pointed where the pee would come out right towards tha nearby tree and then i let it go

To those young people: Use of laxatives and enemas for punishment is cruel. Any parent who does not is not a fit and decent human being.

Alvin: I had similar experiences in girl scout camp and day camp. See my earlier posts.

Jonny the Jonny Brush: In sixth grade, a blond haired boy named Mark brought me home. We were pals from early school. He was very open with me. Anyway, after he changed his school uniform, he was wearing cut-off jeans. He said that he had to go to the bathroom for a crap. He beckoned me to join him. So, I did. I stood at the doorway as he lowered his black cut-off jeans and white FOL briefs to his ankles. I was amazed to see his erect "boyhood", which he forced down as he was seated. He tossed his head backward, clutched his abdomen made a straining noise of "OH!" and evacuated two long pieces. They splashed as they hit the water They were medium thick and long. He broke wind quickly and then released three medium pieces and urinated. We talked about the ending of school and how we were growing. He was very open. He said that he had to more to release and he did. He released two golf ball sized pieces with farts before and after. He reached for toilet paper and wiped und! er through the front of his legs, dropped the paper in the bowl. He used one wad of paper and scrubbed his undeside good. Then, he stood up, stuffed his still erect "boyhood" into his briefs and shorts and flushed. Mark had feminine qualities. He wiped through the front and called his briefs, his panties.

Chris: I used to break a lot of wind. See my earlier posts.


Which is the most confortable position for you while pooping?

a)sitting on the toilet.

b)hovering over the toilet

c)squatting just near the rim (feet on the floor)
my answer is a.

JennyC: When I was little, I found diarreah to be frightening.

I went for my daily walk / run in the park today. Halfway thru the walk, I was on a narrow trail running thru some bushes, and I felt I had to shit. I was soon in a small clearing, and knew it was now time to go. So I dropped trou, squatted, and immediately dropped several ice creamy turds. Nobody around (I listened carefully), so I stayed squatting for a few minutes, relaxed, then wiped, and walked on.

Just a couple minutes further down the trail, and I encountered a cute gal walking her (large) dog towards me. Seeing me, she immediately said "Its OK, she"s very friendly". I smiled at her, and walked on past her and the dog. Of course, I wasn't worried about her dog half as much as being glad that I hadn't stayed squatting for any longer. THat would have been a bit embarassing, as the signs in the park encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs (but say nothing about humans picking up after themselves LOL).

Then, as she disappeared down the trail towards my pile, I started to hope that her dog didn't do anything stupid like play with my turds or something. They were pretty fresh, so I'm sure she knew they were mine when she saw them.

I know I'll see her again, I've seen her before in the park with the dog.

Mysterious Man
Chelcie - I can't really think of anything, I once faced a bout with that condition, my only suggestion is to go, but first make sure you don't have anything important to do at the time (i.e: homework, chores, etc.) and then take a deep breath, press your ???? and push with all you got. It will hurt, but if you think you're strong enough, then keep on pushing, and if it gets stuck, just take some tp and break it off and then go do something, after a while, it should start moving on its own and you can probablly get it out then. That's all I can suggest, hope it works out for ya.

I just got back from camp and when i was there, we went on a 3 day canoe-trip.It was fun.Well we were all sitting around the campfire on our trip and it wasn't that dark out because it was early evening.well we were just talking when we heard a long wet juicy fart.We all blamed it on my friend Matt.Well he confessed to letting it out and then we asked him if he was alrite.He said i dont know but what i do know is that i have to take a major poop.about three more of my buds said that they had to go to.I couldn't wait to see this!I didn't have to go for a poop so i said id come along and rip off pieces of toilet paper for them.They said sure.So we wandered off into the bushes when we found the perfect spot.The four of them got in a bit off a circle and i stood behind them. Matt sugested that they all take off their pants so that they dont poop on them.So they all ripped off they're shorts and handed that to me.They all squated and Matt imediatly started to poop.Josh Pushed a ! bit and then a big log started to poke out of his butt.Darren had really bad diarrhea and it was just pourring out of his butt hole.Steffen also had diarrhea and it was spraying out fast.Darren's big penis was covered in diarrhea.i stood back and watched them all pooping.Beneath they're butts they all had huge mountains of poop.darren, steffen and josh said they were done and i handed them a huge wad of toilet paper.Matt kept on pooping for a bout another 5 minutes and he said he was done.We headed back to camp and we talked ebout how much we enjoyed that great bonding experience!I had a great time there!

little miss modest
To Heather- I really liked your story! I'd be so mad if someone walked in on me, then a piece of poop droping on the floor too.

To Chelcie- What did you girls eat? I'll make sure to stay away from that it seems like all of you were sick. Gosh, you all either had diarrhea or constipation. Wuta terrible way to wake up!

To Kayla T.- I like that same situation exept for pooping on myself,just having to go a the wrong time. Did you care about not having tp...and does pooping or poop in your pants feel good?

To julie- i could have never pooped in the car especially not next my grandpa and the pad too oh maaaan! poor you even though i know the in the car were understanding. iknow what you mean about people saying going on yourself is hot but it's you on me anyway.(but i am 13 so mabye im too young to know)it's stil gross!

note to everyone i'm not saying anyone said this but i dont want to be arousing to anyone. Or anyone telling me i'd look hot going to the the bathroom. that would be gross. i don't mind you guys typing in about SOMEONE ELSE this way. thank u.

For anyone with a big family and one br How do you guys live,when you take#2 and someone else has to go too right outside the door? I'm the only child and i go right before i take a shower so it won't stink as bad because of the soap.

Sorry about the type error two days ago i mean to say im not mad about her telling me to stop pooping cuz that story did not make any sense. It didn't matter in first place but i wanted type that for confused readers of my story two days ago.

I should describe the accident that the girl I was talking about, her name was Rose, in my earlier post had in her panties. From what I remember, she had asked the teacher if she could be excused, but because she had been excused only about 10 min before, and we were taking a spelling test, the teacher refused her request. Then, she broke her pencil point and raised her hand to ask if she could go sharpen it. She went up and used the pencil sharpener, then came back and sat down. It was only a few minutes later, when a girl near the sharpener screamed out that there was poop on the floor. I looked over and there was a medium sized turd on the floor. The teacher picked it up with some paper towels and threw it in the trash can. Then, she asked, "who has had an accident in their pants"? No one answered. So, she called the janitor. He came in, and she lined all of the boys up to go with him to the boys room, while she took all of the girls with her.I can't say what the girls! did, but we boys had to pull our pants and bend over while the janitor looked at our underpants to see if one of us had pooped in them. I was worried because I usually had some skidmarks, but before he got to me, there was a knock on the door. It was our teacher saying she had found the culprit and sent her to the office. I was curious, and the next year, I asked Rose about what had happened. Because I was teased and called pottypants like her, and I neverteased her, she told me. She had had to go real bad, but could only pass gas when she went to the girl's room the first time. Then when she was at the sharpener, she tried to fart again, and filled her panties instead. They sagged from the weight, and a piece fellout through the leg hole. She didn't admit it because she was ashamed.

wetguy: I do the same thing. I often put on old underwear or old pants and just lay down in the bathtub and let it flow. Nothing beats the feel of wet pants.

Last week I was on vacation with my family in Wisconsin. One day we went to a state park along Lake Michigan that had a beach. We had a picnic and I had go poop bad. I just walked around on the beach and tried to hold it in. But I had to go so some of us went for a walk. We walked up the road and saw a sign that said toilets and pointed to the right. Well I walked over to the building and it look liked a modern bathroom. But I was wrong, I opened the door and could see the toilet. I thought that if anybody opened the door, everybody outside would be able to see me sitting on the toilet. But I was wrong and the toilet had a stall and a door that locked. So I walked in and the smell knocked me back. I walked up to the toilet and looked in, expecting to see some water. But it was just an outhouse. The toilet was nothing more that a metal pipe sticking up out of the floor with a toilet seat on top. Well I closed the stall door, pulled down my pants, and sat dow! n. Immediately my poo started falling out of my ass. I sat there for a minute and then stood up and wiped. I looked down and could see nothing but piles of poop and toilet paper. I began to leave and decided to look into the urinals. They were real urinals, but had no running water and the pee just ran down into the pile of poo. I left the outhouse felling much better.

Another Story:
A couple of years ago, when I was about 11, I was really constipated. I only went poop only once or twice a week. Well this one time, I should have gone earlier. I hadn't gone in 4 or 5 days and I was starting to regret it. By now I was to afraid to go in the toilet because I knew it wouldn't go down. So I deceided to go in the woods behing my house the next morning after my parents left. All night I was in pain. Every 10 or 15 minutes, my load would try to force its way out and I would have to hold it in. The next morning I went out into the woods and found a nice spot. I pulled down my pants and squatted next to a tree. I pushed and nothing came out. So I pushed even harder and it started to come out. I was in pain as it stretched my hole wider and wider. It was finally over and I quickly wiped and went back inside.

If you like my stories, let me know. I have more.

Often Plugged Up - I have lots of constipation stories since I have been plagued with this problem since I was a kid. I have posted a lot on this board in the past about it. Most of my posts were a while back in 1998 and 1999. I have colonic inertia and mega colon. Have you ever been through medical testing in an attempt to figure out what your problem is? Maybe we have the same thing. It sounds like it.

I can direct you to a couple of old posts that you might find interesting. Check out my post on page 666 about the last enema I had. Or the post on page 167 about my second enema experience, or the post on page 90 about my first suppository experience which occured while I was in college and lived in a dorm. You can search for the rest of my posts using Lycos.

I am constipated most if not all of the time. I take a prescription medicine known as Zelnorm to get my colon to contract. Still, I usually only go twice a week with the help of a dulcolax suppository. I know they are habit forming, but I don't have much choice. I eat salads and fruit twice a day, drink tons of water, take a prescription medication, work out with weights and treadmill or precor 4 to 5 times a week, and I still can't shit without help. I have tried Fleet enemas, but they just don't do much. I am curious, though. Did you say that you are doing 2 or 3 Fleets at the same time? Wouldn't that be an overdose and dangerous? Or do you do them one after the other? I would be worried that the phosphate laxative in the Fleet enema is just as addicting as the bisacodyl in the dulcolax suppositories. But maybe it isn't.

How often do you have to do enemas? How often do you have to do suppositories? How often do you poop? Do you have to strain? How long have you had the constipation problem? What have you tried over the years for the problem?

It sounds like we are very similar. It will be fun to trade stories. Tell us about some of yours.

the other day i was out playing with my friends and mom was shopping, or she said she was anyway. i needed to poop and it was getting strong so i saidby to my friends and started to walk home. halfway there i decided to just go in my pants since mom wasnt home. i walked over by these big bushes and started going, it all came out real quick, i felt my but and there was a big bulge there. i had on jean shorts. while i was pushing it out i accidently let a little pee go andi had a little wet spot. i started walking home again. i passed a couple people but they didnt notice. i got home and saw a strange car in front of the house, i knew mom was not home yet so i didnt think about it, i opened the door and went in and my grandma was standing there waiting for me. she came over and gave me a hug, then she stopped and was sniffing, she smelled my poop. she said did you have an accident, i said no of course and i tried toget away from her so i could run upstairs but she grabbed the! back of my shorts and pulled them back to look down them. she said it was ok and asked if i needed help changing, i said no and ran upstairs. i was so embarrased to have my grandma see me like that. i changed and cleaned up. i came down and my mom was home now, grandma didnt tell her. except i forgot about the little wet spot i made when i was pooping, since i had the same shorts on i didnt even think about it, mom saw it right off and said what is that. i looked down and said oh, i dont know. she said it looks like an accident to me. i told her that i may have let a little go before i got to the bathroom but it wasnt real wet. we had dinner and then we went to mini golfing. i really had to pee when we got to the 7th hole, but i guess i was having to much fun cause i didnt think to go to the bathroom until i sqirted in my jeans again, then i took off running and mom and grandma said where are you going and i just kept running. when i got to the bathrooms i had already gon! e in my pants it all came out when i was running. i went in and there was 2 kids in there. they were about 7 and 8. they saw my pants and said did you pee your pants and i said yes. they said they did to and i looked but didnt see anything. i said your not wet and they said they were wearing pulups. i wish i had one right then. i tried to dry up my pants but they were soaked right down the middle of my front. i decided to take off my jeans and get them all wet so they look ok. i was standing in front of the sink soaking my shorts when another kid walked in, he was grabbing his thing then he saw me and said what are you doing, i told him i had an accident so i am making my pants wet all over so nobody can tell. he came over and watched me, he started jumping then he just let go in his pants, it splashed all over the floor. he said can i do what you are to and i said yeah, he took off his pants and underwear, i said put your undies back on i just need your shorts. i soaked the! m then wrang them out he put them on, i put mine on and left. i came back to grandma and they were both looking at me. i said what i just had to go. they didnt know i had an accident, it was dark so they couldnt tell they were all wet. i got a hole in one on the last hole and grandma said good job, she rubbed my hair then smacked my but and she felt they were wet, she didnt say anything.
i love grandparents they just keeps secrets for you. we got home and i changed, no one knew. well gotta go, bye

Hi. I just found this site. It's really cool. I'm a 17 yo male and I've always been interested in bodily functions. I don't really know why. It probably started when I was potty training. I had the pee part down but I was having trouble with the pooping part. I just didn't want to poop in the little potty. One day my dad asked me, "why don't you wanna poop in your potty?" I said that I didn't know. Then he said, "don't you wanna be like daddy? Daddy poops in the big potty. Do you wanna watch me next time I go?" I said that I would and that was that. Sometime later he said that he had to poop and did I wanna watch. We went into the bathroom and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his underwear and pants down and sat down. First he peed a little then he said that he was now gonna poop. He spread his legs wide apart so I could see. First he did a quick fart then took a deep breath and started to push. I can still remember watching his hole pulse with each push. N! othing came out at first. He exhaled with a low grunt, took another deep breath and pushed again. He had a real serious expression on his face. This time a small fat turd did come out. He pushed again but his hole only puffed out, nothing came. I asked him if that was it and he said that he had a big one left he was just trying to get it out. He pushed hard for about a minute or two then finally he said with a lot of strain in his voice,"ok here it comes." I watched his hole start to open and a big hard turd start to poke out. He grunted loudly, shifted his feet, and pushed some more. I can still remember the grimace on his face. His turd opened his hole even more and it started to crackle out. My eyes must have been enormous. His turd was so big. He stopped when his turd was jutting about 5 inches out of his butt to catch his breath. He asked, "do you see the big poop daddie's doing?" He took another deep breath and grunted even louder and finally the rest of ! his turd slid out and made a big plop in the water. He took a second then stood up and we looked at the big poop he had made. He said," now you see if daddy can poop in the toilet I think you can too." I said something about how big it was and he said that when I got bigger mine would be big like his. After that I don't think I had any problems pooping in my little potty. I liked the idea that I was being a big boy and pooping in the potty. My dad was really happy too.

Upstate Dave
Hello all. Keep the great posts comming. I just got caught up reading some past pages. Things have been busy here. Let me finish the second part of my last post.

Terri and I decided to go out for supper and I drove her home first to change. We went up to a local favorite spot in Port Henery and had a fresh lake trout dinner. While we were there I met someone else I knew and he told me about some land for sale over in Ironville. I thanked him and Terri and I drove over to look at it.

It turned out to be on the old road that ran from Crown Point to Ironville. You could still get through and the land was secluded and partailly cleared. There was a old trailor on it also. This was perfect I thought. My friend Tony would like it. While we were looking around I had to pee and so did Terri. So we both stood next to each other and I unzipped and started while she just lifted her skirt and let her stream fly! She out shot me by a couple of good feet! I finished first and she just hissed away for a half minute longer and stoped. She droped her skirt back down and we decided to go over to the Hideaway(local pub) and spent some time there.

We danced,shot darts,and had a few brews. We left around midnight and on the way back we stoped at the swimminghole we were at earlier in the day. We were the only ones there and we sat on the rocks cooling our feet in the water. Terri goes to me one more time I have to go. She got upand sat on my knees and pulled her skirt up and started to pee with a real gusher.

Then she let out a fffttt out her backside and a light brown very knobby poop poked out! Her pee slowed down and started to pun of the end of her poop. As her poop slowly pushed outward it was growing in thickness. It was also starting to curve like a bannana as it slowly came. She was grunting some and I was rubbing her lower belly as she pushed. When she pushed her pee would spurt out in a long thin arc and then would die down and drip of this poop as it hung there in the air. She had a foot hanging down and it was starting to narrow down. She gave one more grunt and push and it fell down to the ground on the rock underneath her with a loud thud. She finished up by peeing all over it. She asked how it looked around her anus and it was clean sice her poop was very firm.

We left and we went to her house and picked up some sleeping bags and we slept out on the land we looked at earlier that evening.

a mysterious poster-I put my dick right into the toilet when i dump,but maby some one else doess it diffently.

PRG-liked your story.

Chelcie-liked your story, do you have any others? How old are you?

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julie-liked your story. sounds like you had an aulfow time shitting in frount of your dad and grandpa.

alley-don't worry about it they will forget all about it over the summer.

Sylvie X-i would have done the same thing if i was in your sitcuation.

Courtney-liked yor story.

some girl-liked your story.

Tynee-liked your story, sos you see any one shitting in the woods or was it all peeing?

April-liked your story.

To Jonathan: Thats cool what you do with the songs

To BeachNut: Have fun if you go away

To jim: Loved hearing about your accidents

To Tynee: That reminds me a few weeks ago i saw this boy touching his thing threw his pants..then i heard him say he had to go to the bathroom.

To Upstate Dave: I enjoyed your story

To Rick: Loved your stories

To Buttman: I usally sit down to wipe..either to the right or left, i really like wiping from the front too

To Samantha: Liked your story

To Mellissa: liked your story

To hold it till loose it: liked your story

To Micki: Enjoyed your story

To a mysterious poster: I put mine inside the bowl or on the toilet seat

To Verela: Liked your story...that wasn't right, that the teacher wouldn't let you go when you gotta go

To Miss Belinda: I loved your story..i thought that was funny

To Alvin: Liked your story

To Kathy M. H: Liked your story

To j dogg: Loved your story

To diarrhea babe: Liked your story

Last night before i got offline, i had an urge to poop. It was small, like 6 or 7 inches but it was kinda thick in diameter. i had soft stuff on top

i heard something intresting tonight...i heard some guy say to another guy go back and sit on the toilet and was weird.

I pooped in my pants at school when I was in the third grade. We were at recess, and some of us were talking about a girl in our class who had pooped her panties in class. I defended her, saying having an accidenr was no big deal. One thing led to another, and they all dared me to poop my pants . At first, I refused, but then I decided to do it. I stood there and pushed. After some effort, it started to come out. I hadn't been since the morning before, so it was mostly one big hard turd that made its way into my pants. I had a nice big buldge in the seat of my pants, but it wasn't really very messy. I made my way into the boys room (fortunately it was unoccupied) went into a stall and dumped it out of my pants into the toilet. I wiped my butt, and used toilet tissue to clean the worst of it out of my underpants. I had some pretty heavy skid marks left, but I wore those underpants until I got home. The other kids all called me pottypants after that. I discovered then, that go! ing in my pants felt good.

Eric in Chicago
IndyGuy: liked your story about you and your friends pooping in the woods.

Did You Know: Someone gave you a bum steer. Nobody would have 16 pounds of shit in their system unless they had a congenital problem where the nerve endings in the rectum don't develop, causing them to be unaware of the need to shit. Even then, 16 pounds would be really pushing it. A lot of followers of "natural" or "holistic" medicine seem to believe really strange things about the human digestive system.

The reason corn comes out in your shit is that a kernel of corn consists of a tough layer of cellulose surrounding a soft starchy center. When you chew corn, the starchy center shoots out through a weak spot in the outer layer; it then gets digested and absorbed. The outer layer, being made of cellulose, doesn't get digested and unless you chewed so thoroughly as to break it into tiny pieces, it looks the same coming out as it did going it (it gets " ????ed up" with shit so it looks whole).

It's important to remember that the majority of what we eat *never* ends up in our shit. Anything that we can use gets digested and absorbed into our blood. Only the "leftovers" (mostly fiber) end up in our shit, along with dead intestinal bacteria, sloughed-off colon lining (the lining of the colon completely replaces itself every three days or so), and a good deal of water.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Gonza decided that we would do some logging visits. Gonza, me, and fluster was out shootin sum pool when he suggested that we shoot sum poos out. We went strate to aunty mirtels house because he said she had chased him down the road in his pooee boxers and runed his dignity as well as stunk him up more than usual. He decided to do her logging, and dropped his pants on her front door mat and dropped one of his hugest stinkielliest dark brown steemin turds. We rang and ran and ran and ran as to our happiness and joy we herd aunty mirtels shouting and cryin with rage as she trod threw gonza?s stinking pile on her mat. Next was fluster. I luv watching fluster pop logs, and gonza and me crowded close to her bum hole to see her ploomp one out on billy?s front door mat. Billy was sure to be home, and if not we hoped his stuck up mum would squish fluster?s poo between her toes as she came out. It was a neat smooth shiny little one, not one of flusters better efforts, but as usual qu! ite bewtiful slim shiny and brown and kinda queenly looking on the middle of the black rubber mat - a perfect dark brown cigar. Ring and off but unfortunately no shouting ? hopefully still a little surprise for sumone later on. I thort I would go back later and check, and if it was stil there maybe put it in a box and keep it ? I luv flusters poos. Then me. My house ? dad was home I knew and he was not in a good mood. I started serving up a big softee with lots of smeelly farts trying to help it smufter its way out of my bum when gonza (the little turd dropper) rang the bell. Smufter turned to straining ploont as I tried to push the thick floppy brown rope of poo out of my bum, but it didn?t help much so then did the next best and decided to pinch it off at the bumhole and run ? unfortunately dripping dropping big pieces of softees on the driveway as I ran, and squishing poo between my cheeks as I dashed away to avoid an angry dad. What a mess my bum was in as well as my leg! s never mind my pants boxers hands and anywhere else below my waste. Gonza thort it was really funny, and fluster laffed and laffed and laffed till she cried and laffed some more. I need to get gonza for this.

Punk Rock Girl. It sounds as though you had a wet old time of it! At least you were able to laugh it off which is a good thing.

Sylvie X. I agree that it's always 'better out than in' and your friend would have been wise to follow your example.

Sheila (South Wales). I was interested to read your latest post about wetting yourself in the Ladies at court. Please don't be too distressed about it though. Accidents happen to most people occasionally and they're part of life. They're best put down to experience. I've often wondered though what happens if someone needs to go for a wee during a lengthy court case. Have you ever known any cases of proceedings being adjourned or put on hold because somebody's needed to wee badly? I expect it's not that uncommon for defendants in particular to be taken short. Love to hear more of your stories.

Today Aunt Anne paid one of her periodic visits which at around 2 hours was shorter than usual. I hoped that she might need to be excused at some stage and do a loud wee but she didn't and I was out of luck.

Best wishes


Doug Poopington
There is a drug that reduces urinary contractions as well as Detrol LA.
The drug is ethyl alcohal!

I was at a wedding last Sa-turd-ay. Alcohalic beverages were served at a bar. I was dumping in a stall. A guy comes in and pees so long that I wonder if the water was turned.

When I was in college my room mate would take very long pees when he drank and much smaller ones when he was sober.


TYNEE (post 1162) You ask about seeing homeless people pee. If I had, I couldn't dwell on it. The homeless - in many cases it isn't their fault. And even if it is, they suffer enough indignity as it is.

IAN (post 1162) Some of us boys would have given anything for our dads to take us through the 'pooping' stages like your dad did. There is no better way to learn than from a dad or an older brother. I did that for my own younger brother, and he has never had any constipation problems. I have done it for my own two boys, in fact the older one has taken away a lot of the work from me in teaching his own little brother. My brother has let them watch him also. So sometimes young uncles can help as well.

Hi, everyone,

On Monday last I had to attend a conference at Newport Magistrates Court. I know it's unusual to hold conferences on a Monday, but it's not for our business. The night before I had gone to a party with my friends, Ruth, Vera, and Aisha, without Greg to keep me to a healthy diet I really pigged out on loads of junk food washed down with lots of champgne (it was a celebration for John, who had qualified for the bar).
My boss would be at the conference so this morning I dressed in a dark-blue woollen suit with a short jacked and figure hugging, knee length skirt. I wore a garter-belt, with sheer nylon stockings, and white matching bra and panties. I looked good and I felt good. The meeting, which was quite informal, that early in the day, was progressing smothly when there was the first of the usual tell-tale warnings that a large, bowel movement was heading down the tubes. However, as the meeting progressed I felt my stomach aching more and more, the cramps were getting worse, I sat sort of hunched over, caressing my stomach to try and ease the ache. I didn't want to leave in the middle of my bosses talk, it wasn't really the done think.

Finally the meeting broke up and I went dashing to the Ladies Toilet. I went into the nearest cubicle pulling at the hem of my skirt, easing it up over my hips as I closed the door and bolted it. With my skirt up just high enough and pulled at my panties and slid them down and sat on the pan. I started to piss really hard and leaned forward as I pissed and pushed harder and shit with a splatt into the pan. I smelt terrible, I never used to, but I guess it's my diet nowadays. I grabbed my stomach I had the most awful diarrhoea, it was squirting out of me like a fountain, at last it eased off and I pushed my panties down to my knees and eased my skirt right up around my waist, at last I felt comfortable. But I was in a real mess, my arse was really shitty and wet from the upward surge of water when I had first started to go. I felt so ill as my stomach continued to churn. I shit a little more but although my stomach continued to churn I couldn't do any more. Final! ly I stood up to wipe myself, and that was a real job I was so messy. As I wiped my arse hurt I was so sore around there. It took lots of paper before I was clean, as I pulled my panties up I looked behind at the panful of smelly shit that had come from me. I really didn't think I could shit so much. Work for the rest of the day was a real chore aching as I did. I also had to make another two visits to shit. I really had the runs that day and I have resolved to get my diet back on course come what may.

Well that's all for now, I love all you posters,

I'll be posting again real soon,

Sheila (South Wales).

Raging Urophile
PEE LISTENER- I enjoyed your insightful comments about your observations regarding the time frame of female pees. I posted a detailed response that missed the board. I didn't think it contained any offending elements, but I will not bother repeating it.
MIDDLE AGED CRAPPER- I think you are underestimating the number of folks that have an interest in bodily functions. From 1978-1999, I thought this was an extremely rare interest and that I was indeed a freak. I soon learned otherwise. I believe it's possible that more than half of the population has at least some interest. Most people remain in the closet because of the subject's taboo nature.
I have never seen a woman pee in person. However, if there was some sort of telepathic commmmunication among urophiles, I could easily see thousands of different women pee every year. Unfortunately, there is usually no way to spot urophiles. In hindsight,I do feel that I have missed out on a few rare opportunities; but this is because I was so unaware of how common this interest is, that it did not occur to me that anyone in the world shared my passion. I therefore did not correctly interpret the possible clues.

little miss modest
Sorry i had'nt posted in awhile. Someone asked me how my typical poop was? It's usaully small in 5 pieces brown soft and very boring,but if I hold it in for an extra day it's very long and sometimes hard. I try to hold it in more often so i feel like i'm really getting something out.

During the last month of this scool year I really had to pee before lunch. I was in stall when my chain belt broke from taking off my pants. i got up slightly open the door trying to fix my broken belt,about to ask for help. I flushed and these two girls started making fun of me saying "Pull up your pants and stop taking a dump"! I did'nt know what to do say. But thank goodness she problely forgot it. i'm not anymore or my friends would have kicked her a**! like they always do.

my little cuz (5 at the time) was in the pool for a while with our family. After he got out, his mom (my aunt) tried to wrap him in a towel. he screamed "NO!!! i gotta pee so bad... NOW!!!" he dropped his bathing suit and peed all over the pool ladder. ikk

TW (girl)
Whenever i look for something, like food in the pantry, i always have to take a piss. So i always have to run to the bathroom and take one then get my food. Well one time i was in a department store and i got a few shirts and a pair of jeans to try on. i went into the last stall of the changing room. All of a sudden, as i was unbuttoning my pants to try on another, this overwhelming sensation of having to piss came over me. i quickly undid my pants, but b4 i did, i got the front of my pants all wet. so when i pulled then the rest of the way down, i perjectile-squirted pee all over the corner and the walls of the changing stall.:D

Yes man
Where is the most common place (outside of the bathroom/porta-john) that you have seen people poop at?

Punk Rock Girl
I peed my pants last night!

I went out drinking with some friends to celebrate my friend's birthday. I guess I had too much to drink, because I was bursting by the time I got to the subway.

Of course, every single bump and jiggle that rocked the train wreaked havoc on my bladder. By the time I got to my stop, with one girlfriend and Colin, I was desperate. For some reason, my dilemma struck me as funny, and I started laughing--not good. Then I tripped over my own feet, twirled around like a ballerina and landed on my ass. I started laughing, and yelled, "Oh, shit! I'm peeing my pants!"

Sure enough, my bladder had totally let go, and before long, I was sitting in a puddle of my own piss. It was all over my ass, the crotch and seat of my jeans were soaked in it. Luckily, I kept laughing. Colin and Jess (my girl pal) helped me the rest of the way to my apartment, where I sat on the toilet having a laughing fit for I don't know how long. I'm giggling right now as I write this.

Finally, I composed myself long enough to take a shower. I kept Colin awake half the night because I kept bursting out laughing. I'm now recovering from a mild hangover. Oh, well, it was a fun night. I haven't peed my pants since college! Reminded me of the good old days!!!



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