Frankie the Grrrrrrrrrl
Hi. My name is Francine (ugh) or Frankie, as my friends call me. I stiumbled on this site recently, and figured I should post something instead of just reading.

I'm in my late twenties, I have brown hair, I'm not too skinny, not too fat. That's all I'll describe, you can do the rest.

I have come to terms with my bodily functions in recent years. I was okay with them as a kid, but once I hit like eleven or twelve, I started to become self-conscious about it. It got to the point where I would never in a million years take a shit at school, or out someplace. Luckily, I had my own bathroom in my house, and nineteen times out of twenty, that was the ONLY place I would ever poop.

One time when I was fifteen, I had a severe case of diarrhea hit me while I was at school. I held it, held it, held it, and finally told my teacher I was sick and had to go the nurse's office. I told the nurse I felt extremely sick, and she called my mother, who came and picked me up. When we got home, I dashed out of the car, into the house, up the stairs, locked my door, entered my bathroom, locked THAT door, yanked my pants down and had a terrible case of the shits. That's how horribly self-conscious I was.

So, this leads up to the worst date I have ever had.

I'm seventeen years old, and have been out a few times with this guy I really liked. One night, he takes me out to dinner and a movie. Dinner is delicious, and we head over to the theater. About halfway through the movie, I started feeling really sick. My bowels were shifting and cramping and knotting like crazy. I made it through the movie, then excused myself to use the women's room. I entered a stall, sat on the toilet, and could not bring myself to go! My asshole just wouldn't cooperate, too used to my own toilet to relax.

I exited the bathroom, and my boyfriend (well, my date) and I headed out. He asked if I wanted to get some ice cream, and I, like complete idiot, said yes. We started toward the ice cream parlor, and that's when it happened. A single squirt of diarrhea voided into my panties. I froze, horrified, because I knew this could only be a premonition of something horrible.

I said, "Oh my God! Pull over! Pull over!" He pulled over. I raced across the street to a convenience store and asked the guy where the bathroom was. He said there's no public bathroom. I said, out loud, for the first time ever to another person, "I'm going to shit my pants!" He pointed me toward the back room.

I ran into the back, entered the bathroom and switched on the light. It was the grossest, nastiest bathroom I'd ever seen, and there was no door! You could see right into the bathroom from the storage room. I was too desperate at that point to lat my inhibitions stop me!

I ripped my zipper down, yanked my pants and panties down and sat on the toilet. My bowels erupted like a volcano, complete with the loudest series of farts and splashing you can imagine. It was so awful, I started crying. I knew that my body noises could be heard from the shop, but I couldn't stop now. When it was finally over, I felt so drained and lightheaded I almost passed out.

I wiped my butt with paper towels since there was no TP, and threw them in the trash can for fear of overflowing the toilet. At least the toilet flushed, that was one good thing.

Here's the kicker. I FORGOT I HAD POOPED IN MY PANTIES A LITTLE! I pulled my panties up and immediately felt a wet glob squish against my butt. "f???!" I yelled. I was so humiliated, I just pulled up my pants and walked out.

My date was standing in the shop. I could tell by the look on his face he had heard at least part of my shitting session. He asked if I was okay. I said no, take me home. We did not talk in the car. I got home, told him sorry I got sick, and went inside. I went in my bathroom, peeled off my shitty panties and took a shower.

It was a horrible night, and I was too mortified to go out with him again, although he asked me. When I got to college, I don't know, something changed, and I slowly became less and less self-conscious about it. I still don't think I could poop in front of someone, but I can poop in public bathrooms, and will laugh at poop jokes.

But that night. One of the worst experiences I've ever had.

Lone Star Boy
today i was at Barnes & Nobles with my dad getting literature for school, my dad was taking a while reading a book, and i had had the feeling all that afternoon i needed to release a load, i made my way to the mens bathroom, there are two stalls in it, there was a man in the handicapped taking a dump, so i got nervous and walked out, then i thought to myself how bad i had to go, so i faced my nervousness, and went into the other stall, i stood there for a couple of seconds before undoing, thinking maybe he thought i was peeing and maybe he was almost done, he wasnt, so i undid my pants pulled down my briefs and sat down, i was afraid of making a splash(he being older, me being only 14) so i held it in, i then decided ot relax my mucles and let something out, out came a 5 inch log, i then sat there for my next one, the man next stall had wiped and washed his hands and left, i waited ot push out my next one until he left, then walked in another man, needing to use the urin! al, i waited a few seconds and while he was still peeing i continued with my poop, thinking maybe he was turned onto other guys pooing while hes at the urinal, so i relaxed and out came a 7 inch log, i kinda moved foward on the toilet, and propped my feet on the toilet bowl and wiped, then got up and wiped a few times, buckled my pants, flushed. washed my hands and walked out

amstel-great story. how old are you and your friends? any more stories?

Ian-cool story. Do you have poops like your dad had? tell us some stories about it. thanks.

billy and kevin-Are you guys still here? I hope so because i really enjoy your stories? especially thse with all your brothers.

Julie with brother paul-how old are you guys? nice story.

Nthing really new with me. except i was at a campmeeting a week ago and after lunch went to the bathroom to pee. they have several stalls facing each other with doors. I could see through the cracks in the door and alot of them pooping were in there teens and early twenties.
well happy toileting to you all. bye for now.

Scott......If you put cream on your arsehole as I often suggest then you will most likely get away with no wiping. Failing that use your finger and then wash it!

Often Plugged Up
Hi BrentC

I have had problems with constipation since I was like 3. I remember when I was little my mom would have to tell me to "grunt" as she called it. and sometimes with great effort, it would work. I sometimes had to take an enema or suppository.

when I hit my teens I discovered, after having tried Metamucil and all those 6-12-48-72 hour fiber suppliments that they didn't work. when I was 13 I began giving myself fleet enemas to help.

this is the synopsis of my constipation troubles, I will post more stories later

I was helping some friends move into a new apartment. We were carrying this big heavy couch up the stairs (third floor, no elevator) and I let out this huge wet fart, which sprayed a nice burst of sticky shit in my boxers. Great! I still had two flights to go, and there was no way this thing could be put down until it was in the apartment. So, I kept on going for another fifteen or twenty minutes with shit all over my ass and underwear. We made it in the apartment, and someone said "What smells like shit?" I can not tell a lie. "I knid of shit my pants, I said." Every person in the room laughed at my dilemma, and I juat said, "Ha ha ha, it happens to the best of us. Excuse me while I empty out my pants." I went in the bathroom, took off my shoes, jeans and boxers. It wasn't a lot, just enough to make a mess. I sat on the toilet and shit out the rest, and washed off my ass in the tub. I put my jeans on and spent the rest of the day freeballing. My boxers wound u! p in the grabage. Oh, well. It could have been a lot worse.

Hi everybody - I'm back and it's taken me ages to get through all your great posts I missed while I was away but here goes.

To JULIE - I liked your little quiz.
1) What makes your poos stinkier? I honestly don't know but if I have a mushy poo it always seems to smell a lot more than a nice firm poo. I think maybe if I eat a lot of fruit it might make my poo mushy.

2) How often do you get time to sit and relax and enjoy a poo? I try to make it so every poo is as enjoyable as possible. If I'm in a rush I hold my poo in until I can take all the time I want. That's how I get so close to accidents all the time.

3) How many people have you watched poo, close up and watching. I think, my mom, my sis and perhaps about 3 or 4 friends.

4) Where is your favorite place to poo and why? I love to poo at home where I can take all the time I want and it's nice and quiet so there are no distractions and I can close my eyes, relax and really enjoy my poo coming out. I like pooping in the mall too, especially when I can hear others having a poo as well.

To MYSTERIOUS MAN - Glad you liked my stories and yes I get constipated quite a lot. I probably only do a poo max 3 times a week but usually only 2 times, so I have quite a few stories. And yes I can give you all the details.

To JW & TRAVELING GUY - Thanks so much for explaining to me all about your enema. I'm not sure whether I would like a lot of water squeezed into my butt; it sounds like it could be real messy. My mom gives me laxatives occasionally. Actually she takes them too because she is like me and often goes for 3 or 4 days between poops. You also mentioned Vaseline - the other thing my mom and I both do sometimes is use Vaseline to let our poos slide out easier.

To BRYIAN - Have to say Hi because I think you are so sweet. Glad you liked my cheerleader story.

To MISS BELINDA - I had never thought of people being born with more nerve endings around their ring but I bet you are right! I REALLY can't believe it, we are soooo much alike. I love the wait at the beginning, and the feelings all around my ring as the nose pushes its way out gradually opening it wider and wider. I hate to push because that spoils it; it feels SOOOO much better when it comes out slowly all on its own. Also when it's partly out I do my best to relax as much as possible and let it hang for as long as I can. The feelings all around from just being stretched so wide for so long are incredible. And like you I often close my eyes, fold my arms in my lap and rest my head on my arms and just let all the sensations overwhelm me. I hope the moderator doesn't cut this out, so let me just say the sensations also spread to other parts - I know you know what I mean. PS - my mom does the same as me, so I'm sure I got it from her, that's why you might be right! about being born with a more sensitive ring.

To JW - I loved your question on potty training, I had not thought about that. Yes I remember sitting on the potty in the kitchen with mom around doing the housework. I remember she used to keep checking on me to see if I had done my poop. I remember she also used to hold me sometimes and I used to grab on to her, I think to help when I was straining and to stop myself falling off. So I guess I do miss the hand holds because if I start straining now I grab my legs just above my ankles or sometimes my knees and I squeeze real hard.

To HYGIENIST - Yes I wash my hands every time I poop. I know it's a bit gross but sometimes my fingers get a bit messy or just smell a bit, so just to make sure, I wash every time. I wash most times I pee as well but sometimes I'm in such a hurry I admit I skip it.

To DREAMER - I liked your survey, its sort of cute so here are my answers.

Which is the most comfortable position for you while pooping? a) Sitting on the toilet. b) Hovering over the toilet c) Squatting just near the rim (feet on the floor).

I always like to sit on the toilet because then I can relax completely and enjoy it. I always sit close to the front of the bowl and usually lean forward to help my poo come out. My rear stays a little cleaner that way too.

To EVONNE - I loved your story and I know how you felt at work while you had that big poo waiting all day to come out. Sometimes my ring hurts soo much after a really long and difficult poo that I rub a little cream or body lotion around my ring to make it feel more comfortable and the pain usually goes away within a few minutes.

To JOE - I liked your survey and I hope my answers are OK

1) When you take a dump, do you put your hands on/massage your stomach. If so how, and under what circumstances do you do that?
No I don't rub my ???? unless I have really bad pains, like when I get a bad ???? upset. Usually I fold my arms over my knees, lean forward all the way, and rest my head on them. That helps me lean forward as much as I can and that helps my poo come out. Sometimes I grab my knees or my ankles if I need to grip something while I'm straining or cramping to get a really hard poo out.

2) Do you grunt or strain? If so how (what kind of sounds) and under what circumstances?
Usually I'm fairly quiet when I poo because most times it comes out with only a little bit of hurt - and I like that anyway. If I'm straining or cramping hard I often grunt as I strain and sigh deeply as the cramps back off. I also sometimes let out a long sigh of relief after a really hard poo comes out and my butt hole is able to close up to its usual size

3) When you sit do you sit on tip-toe?
Not usually because it usually takes too long for my poo to come out and it gets uncomfortable being on tiptoe for that long.
To JW - Thanks JW, I had a great vacation. It was just longer than I expected. Yes I usually do get more constipated when I travel and both me and my mom got constipated this time. My sis did a bit but not so much as mom and me. I will try and post my stories for everybody as soon as I can.

To STUDENT - Hi, you asked how some of us poop so big, what we eat and how long we hold it in. I have always dome really big poops as long as I can remember and I do eat quite a bit. But I also exercise a lot, like I used to be a cheerleader and now I'm on the soccer team and I'm only about 110 pounds. I think my poops are big because I only do a poo about 2 or maybe sometimes 3 times a week so it gets a chance to build up inside me. I hold my poo in quite a bit but that's because I want to do my poo when I can take plenty of time to enjoy it and be pretty much sure it will come out when I do sit on the toilet - although that doesn't always work. In any case the longest I hold it in is usually only a day. Like I'll feel a poo start asking to come out while I'm rushing off to school and sometimes I will hold it all day until I get back home in the evening and I can take all the time I want and enjoy it much more.

To BUTTMAN - you asked about wiping techniques. I'm just like you, I used to wipe standing up until my mom taught me to wipe from behind while still sitting down. She also aught me to lean as far forward as I can to help my poo come out and stay like that while I wiped. I found she was right because my rear didn't get so messy pooping that way because leaning forward sort of opens my butt cheeks. That also made it easier to wipe my ring and my hole and get nice and clean.

To GREG - I liked your questions about everyone in the family's feelings about bathroom humor. We are very open in our family, at least my sis, my mom and me are. We have all seen each other poop many times and we all laugh and joke about extra large or difficult poos or really bad smelling ones. Yes we also giggle about farts, especially when they are accidental farts.

Love to all my great friends from Ash XXXXXX

I’ve been lurking here for a little while and I love all the stories. Now I’ve plucked up enough courage to tell one of mine. When I was in ninth grade I was friends with the girl who lived two doors down, her name was Nicola. We were playing in the woods and I stated to feel I had to do a #2. I was too embarrassed to tell her I had to go so I held it in and we kept playing. After a while though It got real hard to hold it back and I had to cross my legs for a while and squeeze hard. Nicola noticed and watched me with out saying a word, then suddenly she said “Do you need to go potty” I was too scared to answer and I just nodded. Then she said. “So go then, it’s bad to hold it in”. Like I was in a dream I undid my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles followed by my underpants. Nicola came and sat down right by my side and just kept staring at my butt. Because I always pee when I do a #2 I pushed my c**k down so I wouldn’t do it on my pants. The sound of my ! pee splashing on the leaves sounded so loud and Nicola giggled. At the same time I felt my turd start to push its way out and it just kept coming and coming. Nicola just stared and watched it get longer and longer as it hung down from my hole until it eventually it dropped to the ground. I wiped with some leaves and stood up still with my pants around my ankles and we both looked at what I had done. I felt so much better and Nicola just giggled but didn’t say anything.

I had this really erotic toilet dream last was sooo cool i thought it was real. I dreamed i was in some bathroom, have no idea where i was. Ladies room was on one side(my mom and grandma went in there) and you turn the corner and there was mens room. I walk in, i see 2 old fashion urinals(i think this place was old). They were the kind that touch the floor. Any way next to that were 2 toilets in 1 stall with no door, then there was a regular stall and a handicapped stall with doors. I decided to pee in the stall w/ no door, then some dude comes in sees the doorless stall and leaves guess cause i was there. I finsihed went to wash my hands, in comes this other dude he was in his teens to 20's. He heads for a stall, after i had washed my hands i started walking over to him cause he was going in the stall w/ no door, i was gonna get tp and act like i was blowing my nose so i could see him. He never made it, it was too late he shit his shorts right outside of the stal! l. Then i saw his poop on the floor it was diahreaha consistansay, it made me have to shit, so i took that stall w/ no door a pooped............. I swear i thought it was real theres like a 2nd story to this. About a week ago i got an e-mail that said you gotta send this to 10 people and wish for something. I didn't know what to wish for, so i decided to wish that, i wanna see some kid shit his pants, im serious. But my wish never came true(other then the dream i had)
Any way..last night i was online when i started farting, it smelled like my lunch i had. Any way, by 11pm i had a full blown urge to shit. It started out with a few good sized logs maybe 7 inches then some soft stuff on top of that and a bit of farting! i put my finger up there a little to get things going a little more, then after that my poop got chunky and i stopped and wiped alot, then i went to bed

I was downtown and had to take a dump. I was working on a house and so I was dressed beat-up white shorts and a paint-stained t-shirt. I decided to walk over to the public toilet, which is open 24 hours a day, and has an attendant outside. It's used mostly by transients or anyone else who doesn't want to walk over to the city government building. The restroom is a single room with a urinal to the left, a partition next to the urinal, and an open stainless steel toilet in the corner. There is a sink in front of the toilet and a shelf next to the sink. There were 2 guys already in there, talking and making some sort of "deal". They may have been transients. I walked in and looked around. They said, "It's all yours, man" and continued to talk. They were standing about 8 feet from the front of the toilet. i decided that I might as well go. I wiped down the seat, turned around to face them, and dropped my shorts and black briefs down to the floor. I looked up and they didn't ! seem interested that I was taking a crap just a few feet from them. I squeezed out a few not-too-loud farts and dropped a couple of turds. They weren't talking too loud, so my sounds could definitely be heard. Lukily, there was very little smell. One of the guys left and the other one stayed in there while I crapped. Another guy came in a went to the urinal. The guy who was still there asked if any of us had any condoms to sell. I looked up and saw him look at me. I said nope, and he nodded and looked back down. I started to wipe and another guy came in and stood in front of me while he waited for the urinal. I wiped from the front and back as usual. Then I pulled up my underwear and shorts and washed my hands. The guy who was washing his hands in front of me went over to the toilet and grabbed some paper to dry his hands.

It wasn't a sighting, but I was able to dump in front of some folks, which is pretty cool.

OK Scott, to answer your question:

Once I scraped off my butt crack with the cardboard tube and threw that in the trash.

Another time, I snuck into another bathroom and stole a roll.

Hi everyone,
I had an accident tonight, indentical to a couple of recent ones that I wrote about in the last few months. I decided to ring my parents for a chat and although I had a small cramp I decided to ignore it which turned out to be bad. The cramp got worse while on the phone until I realised I was going to shit myself unless I did something. So, in the entrance hall of the house, which is tiled, I put down some newspaper and took my pants and undies off. I walked around for a bit trying not to think of shitting myself and trying to keep up with the conversation. Eventually I just went ahead and squatted over the paper. The poo started off hard but got softer as it floomped on the paper. Fortunatly my arse kept quiet throughout so my Dad on the other end of the phone didn't suspect a thing. A few minutes later I got off the phone and cleaned up the mess and lit some incense to get rid of the smell.

I remember one time when I was 9, my friend and I went to the local candy store. We were stealing candy, stuffing our pockets when no one was looking, I really had to pee, my friend had a basket full of candy and he wanted me to hold it so he could steal more candy, he was going to by the stuff in the basket so it wouldnt look suspicious, the basket was big and i had to use both hands to hold it, then i had to pee so bad that I just started going in my jeans. I layed the basket down and started to run to the door. Then someone grabbed my arm and said, you were stealing candy. I was still peeing my pants as they grabbed me, the guy pulled me and my friend to the office. He reached into my pockets to get the candy and he got his hands wet, I was laughing when he said gross, I really hated him. They called our parents and I got grounded and spanked for stealing and peeing my pants.

This other time I was playing in the arcade with my friends and I had been needing to poop all day, I hadnt gone in three days. I was too busy playing I guess when it started pushing out into my underwear. I stopped playing and walked away from my friends, the poop was still coming out in my pants as I walked around looking for the bathroom. I couldnt find it. I found a spot in the acrcade room where it was dark and was behind a couple machines, I just stoof there trying to figure out what to do, all the poop came out in my pants now. I felt my but and it was a big bulge. I was 9 at the time and I had on blue jean shorts, it was summer time. We all rode the bus to the mall so we could play games. I decided to walk back to my friends and finish playing. No one noticed till we were leaving then one of my friends saw my but and smelled my poop, he ran up behind me and punched my butt, It smashed the poop all over. They laughed at me and called me poopy butt. I d! idnt care, cause on the way home on the bus, that kid peed his pants, he couldnt hold it till we got home and he peed in his seat. We all saw it, and we made fun of him too.


My first inclination would be to choose option E...
i.e. Open the door a crack and simply ask my host if they have a fresh roll they could give me...

If that choice is a non-starter (ex. during a party where the music would be too loud for anyone to hear my pleas), I'd probably double check that the door was locked and then try option B.


Hey everyone. I am a 26 year old male. I have had a long distance relationship with my fiancee for 2 1/2 years now. We are getting married in a month and we are very open with each other about our pooping habits. I showed her this site and she thought it would be cool if I shared some of our pooping stories. My fiancee is extremely beautiful. She has long golden brown hair with blond highlights, 38D breasts, and a sexy, round, Jennifer Lopez-type butt.
Well after communicating with her on e-mail and phone for a about a month, I finally made the 5 1/2 hour trip to see her. We were still only friends then, at the time I don't think either one of us thought it would turn into what it has. But anyway, when I first went to see her, I gained a great amount of respect for her and thought that she was so cool because she wasn't afraid to poop while I was there, like a lot of people tend to be. We ate dinner at her apartment and then got ready to go out to a club. She got dressed and look so hot with her makeup and all. We were ready to leave really soon and she said, "Do you need the bathroom at all because I need to go in there." I said no and she said "Are you sure?" and I said I was. She then grabbed her Cosmopolitan magazine and locked the bathroom door. I knew at this time that she had to crap. I thought to myself, "I need to listen to this." So I laid down by the bathroom door. The toilet is right next to the door so I c! ould see her feet through the crack at the bottom of the door. After she locked the door, she walked over to the bathtub and opened the bathroom window to air out the stink. She then walked over to the toilet, pulled her pants down, sat her juicy Jenny Lopez butt on the toilet and blasted out the loudest, longest fart I have ever heard. She let out a little sigh and started leafing through the pages of her magazine. She then let out another little fart and then I heard about three plops into the toilet. After she dropped that first load, the smell started to come through the door because the wind was blowing a bit outside. For a couple of mintues she just sat there and read her mag and even started singing the song that was on the radio she had on in her living room while she was having her dump. Then, the next five minutes were farts, plops, and splashes. The smell was getting stronger and stronger. And after another minute, I started to hear something sliding out of her as! s and all of a sudden, the biggest load dropped into the toilet like a big bomb!! The smell was like nothing I have ever smelled before. She then wiped her butt about 5 times and flushed the toilet. She then sprayed the bathroom with this peach air freshener that she uses when she craps. She then came out of the bathroom and said nothing about pooping. She talked like everything was normal, didn't look embarrassed or anything. That was cool because there isn't anything to be embarrassed about. Everyone has to shit.
We have never let having to poop kill the romance at any particular time. For instance for our first anniversary of that magical night that we met, we went out to dinner and then came back to her apartment to spend a romantic night together. We both had to take huge dumps. She went first and when she came out she says, "Honey, are you sure you want to go in there, it smells like crap in there." And I didn't care because I had to go so I just contributed to the foul smell. About a 1/2 hour later, she was checking her e-mail and all of a sudden she said "Oh God I have to go shit again." And she went in and had some loud, explosive diarrhea. Then after that, we sat in the bathtub together even though the bathroom stunk for awhile but the candles helped out a bit. There was another time when she was home at her parent's house and we wanted to be alone so we rented a hotel room for a couple of hours and after we finished doing what we were doing, I was in the bathroom fixi! ng my "sex hair", she came in the bathroom and said "I have to take a shit." And she pulled her leather pants down (we had already dressed) and sat on the crapper. This was the first time she ever pooped with me in the bathroom with her. She was on the toilet for almost 10 minutes and I just stayed in there with her and we just carried on a normal conversation. She let out some farts and a couple of plops. The bathroom stunk as always and she was getting ready to wipe and I asked her if I could see what she did. She kind of laughed and stood up and let me look into the toilet and there was this huge huge log in the toilet. I didn't think she'd be able to flush it all down. It was hard at one end and the other end was kind of soft. She wiped 5 times and flushed the toilet. There was another time when we were in a hotel and we were actually in the middle of lovemaking when we had to stop because she had to go. She got out of bed, ran to the bathroom totally naked, cranked the ! fan on in the bathroom and as soon as her butt hit the toilet, a Niagra Falls of shit just poured out of her ass like you wouldn't believe. She was shitting violently for 5 minutes straight. I have never heard anyone shit like that before. She came out after she was done and smiled at me and said "I just took a big dump." I was like "Boy, I'll say you did." She just laughed and we resumed our activities.
Well, what does everyone out there think of that? I'd love to see what you all think. I don't think there is anything to be embarrassed about as far as pooping. My fiancee and I are definitely not embarrassed about our pooping.

Often Plugged Up
Hi BrentC

I have had problems with constipation since I was like 3. I remember when I was little my mom would have to tell me to "grunt" as she called it. and sometimes with great effort, it would work. I sometimes had to take an enema or suppository.

when I hit my teens I discovered, after having tried Metamucil and all those 6-12-48-72 hour fiber suppliments that they didn't work. when I was 13 I began giving myself fleet enemas to help.

this is the synopsis of my constipation troubles, I will post more stories later

Middle Aged Crapper
Chelcie: your story about the camp and those toilet holes was interesting. The Auschwitz concentration camp had similarly awful latrines which were merely holes in a board over a ditch. The inmates of the women's camp had to literally defecate with back touching back; and sometimes soiled each other. Aside from that admittedly ghastly scenario, I'm wondering if in much more tranquil circumstances anybody in this forum (besides taking what I guess some of you call a "buddy dump") has literally taken a dump with a friend with back pressed against back for the fun of it?
Jonathan: you mentioned some jingles about people going to the toilet. I've heard of a song called "The Constipation Blues" featuring some African-American singer, whose name I forget offhand, which has a lot of grunting as the balladeer does desperate battle with a turd.
Musky Smell: you wrote about certain cereals producing smelly farts. I can't think of a cereal offhand which produces great farts within me. My best farty foods are beans (that old classical stand-by), popcorn, hamburgers, Spanish peanuts, potato chips, and--perhaps oddly--rice.
Tynee: I can't think of an instance where I saw a homeless person pee. I saw a homeless person poo a few years ago. One guy who was somewhat zombie-like was at a bus bench (I was standing at this stop myself) here in Los Angeles and right out of the blue he pulled his pants halfway down his thighs and just crapped out a single turd, then pulled his pants back up again completely oblivious to all the other people at this busy stop.
Buttman: you noticed that few of the poo stories speak much about wiping. I've noticed the same thing; and many posters (myself included) like speaking of pulling down our pants more often as part of the poo ritual. This may be something akin to a commercial on TV I saw for chocolate ice cream syrup 20 years ago called "Anticipation." Wiping is the part of the ritual after pooing is over and maybe is anticlimactic. I don't particularly enjoy wiping unless I'm itching. So far as method is concerned, as I have a busy schedule I rake my own bottom, as opposed to taking little dabs with the TP. I think the latter method would waste paper anyway.
Mysterious Poster: in response to your short and sweet entry asking where men put their penises just prior to a poop, I always tuck mine in. I have to do this as my being a tall and moderately big man means that my mid-section is usually larger than the toilet seat. Otherwise I would sit directly down on my penis knob (ouch!!)
Zip: you're right about the decline of doorless stalls for men's bathrooms. Here in Los Angeles we still have a lot of doorless stalls, however, in bathrooms along our beaches. Although I worry slightly about actual perverts, I nonetheless enjoy pulling my pants down to my ankles even in doorless stalls.
Bryian: interesting toileting dream you had. I've had a few wacky ones myself over the years. I guess I've had three top poo dreams. When I was age 8 I dreamt I was pooing in the toilet in front of all my classmates and had been holding my load in beforehand. I laid a turd so thick in the water it was bigger than the chute hole. No wonder it was a dream. My very best dumps today as a man are three-flushers, but even today I could never lay any one turd that huge. In another dream a doctor once had me poo in a basket on some sheets of paper to look at the quality of my turds. After I finished up my inner thighs were itching so he gave me a scratch (woo!, woo!). A more recent dream entailed my pooping in the toilet in front of a series of female medical interns. After I let out each turd they looked down to examine the texture of each and noted its quality on their writing tablets. I guess the common denominator here is that my poo dreams are of dumping in! front of some type of audience.
My pee dreams have been more conventional. Often I have pee dreams of entering huge bathrooms with lots of toilet choices but being unable to make up my mind as to which one to use. Although I rarely rise to go to the toilet during my night's sleep, dreams which often drive me to the bathroom for a pee are often not toilet-related--namely visions of people of varying ages getting spankings.

As for myself, nothing of particular interest has exited my bottom in recent days. I'm resuming my diet and may thus take a dump only every two days as opposed to every day. This is fine because the best dumps I have are the ones taken every two days (if I dump every three days or more--in my case that's constipation).


I’ve always wondered about what people think about, especially girls, while they’re dropping their bombs, other than how much they needed that last one. Maybe some think of what they did that day, maybe others read books, and still others ponder the meaning of life while brown-nosing the bowl. Perhaps the greatest criminal masterminds devised their schemes while squishing putty through their buns. So, what does everyone here think about or do while on the pot? Everyone is open to answer this; it’s not restricted to anyone.

This is another story that Dave told Dale …who told Tara and me, so its 3rd hand again.
One day the wind got up and almost blew the astronauts out of their tree and Len said lets get cokes and go to the beach so they went into the house and got cokes from the frig and all got into the old car that stood parked under another tree, Len behind the wheel and Dave next to him and the other 3 behind. While they were drinking the cokes Len made with things on the dash and made noises like a starter that wasn’t keen and then the engine that hadnt worked in years fired and they were off. After about 10 minutes the cokes were finished and Dave asked where are we now? Len said they were on the freeway and in case somebody had any ideas he couldn’t stop. WelI I want to pee Alan said and Len said I told you we are on the freeway so I cant stop. Dave told Alan to use a coke bottle so he shifted forward on the back seat and unzipped while Angie held a bottle ready and Alan pushed his foreskin which was quite long into the neck of the bottle. It was very funny because he f! ell out twice and he told Len not to jerk the car so much and Len said he wasn’t, it wasn’t his problem if other people could couldn’t drive straight. At the end Alan had trouble because with his skin inside the bottle he couldn’t squeeze it to get the drops out. Alan opened the window and emptied the bottle onto the ground. Hey said Len who was watching in the mirror, that splashed on that red car going past and Buddy said that is their fault for driving too close. Now I have to go Angie said, sliding forward on the seat but there were so many things on the floor which made things difficult for her legs so she got up standing on the seat and hiked up Len's old shirt like she always wore with nothing underneath and used both hands to spread the doors wide down below. Buddy had the bottle ready but he still couldn’t see where Angie's peehole was but he told her to start and as soon as the pee started he got the bottle in the right place. Don’t jerk the car he told Len or it w! ill splash you. Len said again he couldn’t help it if someone else drove badly and made him swerve or something. Angie peed a great stream that made a funny noise and they laughed themselves silly. There were drops at the end but Dave said Angie let go of the doors and sorta wiped the bottle across the outside of her slit. When Angie tried to hold the bottle for Buddy it was difficult because his slit was nearly wider than the opening in the bottle and he was circed so there was no skin to push into the opening like Alan. Buddy said he needed a bigger bottle so they scouted round the old car and on the floor in a heap of junk an was an old jam jar with a wider top than the coke bottle so Buddy wiped it with his handkerchief and was easily able to get himself right in. His pee went pouring in and they were all laughing because of the funny noise it made. Alan opened the window again and emptied both bottles and Len said I swear that went into the window of that green car. Ala! n said they should keep their windows closed then they wouldn’t get pee in their ears, and they killed themselves laughing.

Len wanted to pee badly by now but he said they were still on the freeway so he couldn’t stop the car. So Angie climbed over into the front and took the jam bottle from Buddy and unzipped Len. It was difficult finding things because the steering wheel got in the way. Eeow said Len, that is the wrong bitbut then Angie tried again and this time she got Len into the bottle and he peed enough to almost fill it.
Len told them he was turning off the freeway and he leaned forward and then banged his back into the seat to make the car bounce. He said That jerk in the pickup stopped suddenly,. Look said Angie Hes getting out to have a pee. You can stop now too Dave told Len, then I can pee without using those old bottles which I bet are nearly worn out. I want to watch, Angie said so when Dave got out he stood facing the car when he unzipped and peed a stream next to the car. Real neat said Angie who always liked to watch the guys.
After a bit Len said they were at the beach now so they all got out of the car and changed into swimming things and went in Dave's pool. Angie swopped the shirt for Len's old swimming briefs because the grownups didn’t like the kids swimming with nothing on. Her chest hardly stuck out at all even two years later when she was 13, Dave said, and she went right on swimming in boy's things without a top. Later when she had to pee again Dave said she pulled the swimsuit to the side and held the doors open and made like a firehose. The boys pulled out their own hoses and tried to shoot further than Angie but hers went further and they lost interest.

More stories from Dave if anyone is interested.

HI Scott....reply to your question,
Your question about finfng no TP at a fruebds hone ir somwplace is not all that unusual.
I had run onto that at homw also on trip using a public restroom.
You are right, the think what Ive done is back up my ass to the sink, raise up enough to wash my ass crack and butt hole at the sink by hand and rinse off. If I had to dry off, well, I just let my underwear soak up the dampness. It isnt all that much, aand after all, its YOUR butt and all so yoou just clean it. If theres no water, Id use my underpants then toss em.
If the restroom is that dirty to even pee in, Id pee in the sink or trash can. Someone might get the message sometime.

agent 00P
First of all it's good to know that there are others out there that are not embarrased to talk about pissing and shitting. Okay just today I was in a forest clearing i know about just outside my appartment complex, no one else knows about it so it's all mine :). I went to the clearing and found my usual tree. I took of all my clothes and hung them on the many tree branches on it and began to walk around. It was very humid so i was sweating swiftly but I found my climbing tree and began to climb. I pissed and shitted from the tree in squating position and was done, as I was climbing down I heard a car coming on the nearby road. My secret of this place is that the trees are so thick you would never see this place from the road no matter how hard you try. I waved my arms and jumped up and down for my own amusment and as usual the car just kept on going. I eventually got my clothes back on and headed home, nothing special just wanted to have a first time posts. ! Oh by the way I would love to exchange e-mails with other people who post on this site, if you could e-mail me at and give me your e-mail address in return I would love to chat with ya. Well see you later.

wetguy: I do the same thing. I often put on old underwear or old pants and just lay down in the bathtub and let it flow. Nothing beats the feel of wet pants.

Last week I was on vacation with my family in Wisconsin. One day we went to a state park along Lake Michigan that had a beach. We had a picnic and I had go poop bad. I just walked around on the beach and tried to hold it in. But I had to go so some of us went for a walk. We walked up the road and saw a sign that said toilets and pointed to the right. Well I walked over to the building and it look liked a modern bathroom. But I was wrong, I opened the door and could see the toilet. I thought that if anybody opened the door, everybody outside would be able to see me sitting on the toilet. But I was wrong and the toilet had a stall and a door that locked. So I walked in and the smell knocked me back. I walked up to the toilet and looked in, expecting to see some water. But it was just an outhouse. The toilet was nothing more that a metal pipe sticking up out of the floor with a toilet seat on top. Well I closed the stall door, pulled down my pants, and sat dow! n. Immediately my poo started falling out of my ass. I sat there for a minute and then stood up and wiped. I looked down and could see nothing but piles of poop and toilet paper. I began to leave and decided to look into the urinals. They were real urinals, but had no running water and the pee just ran down into the pile of poo. I left the outhouse felling much better.

Another Story:
A couple of years ago, when I was about 11, I was really constipated. I only went poop only once or twice a week. Well this one time, I should have gone earlier. I hadn't gone in 4 or 5 days and I was starting to regret it. By now I was to afraid to go in the toilet because I knew it wouldn't go down. So I deceided to go in the woods behing my house the next morning after my parents left. All night I was in pain. Every 10 or 15 minutes, my load would try to force its way out and I would have to hold it in. The next morning I went out into the woods and found a nice spot. I pulled down my pants and squatted next to a tree. I pushed and nothing came out. So I pushed even harder and it started to come out. I was in pain as it stretched my hole wider and wider. It was finally over and I quickly wiped and went back inside.

If you like my stories, let me know. I have more.

Did You Know???
Hello Again!!
I Like to thank Eric in Chicago foer helping me figure out what I posted was wrong, it sounded a little strange and I'd like to thank you for pointing this out. I was able to talk to a physican the other day and brought it up, she said that it was toraly wrrong and far to much of amount. so anyway, I am deeply sorry and will not make the mistake again.
I do have many stories from through out my life of bathroom related things and will try and put them uo soon

best wishes,
Did You Know???

I would like to here more stories about Girls who like to poop their pants.
Dave in michigan

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hi, everyone,

Adrian: Thanks for your always kind thoughts and wise comments. You
asked about what happens in a lengthy court case. Normally
the Recorder, Judge, or in the lower courts a magistrate will
never call a halt until lunch. The court doesn't start un-
til 10.30 in the morning and recess at 12.oo noon. There are
sometimes when barristers/solicitors really have to go, but
they have juniors to take over for you. The bench, of course,
if desperate will call a halt whenever they have to. When I
pissed myself it was my own fault. It was an important part
of the case and I thought I could hold on, I couldn't.

My friend Ruth and I went to the Ladies Room in chambers yesterday. Ruth went to the sanitary towel machine before entering a cubicle, I went straight to a cubicle without thinking my time was due too. Squatting on the pan I started to piss and, feeling an ache in my stomach I pushed really hard. Ruth had gone into the cubicle next to mine and was pulling up her skirt as I pissed furiously. I could feel a mass of shit trying to come out of me. I opened my thighs really wide and bent forward. I could see between my thighs and my piss was a cloudy red, then I started to shit, it was so hard to go but then it burst out of me, it was a like a cork being forced out of a bottle because after the initial pain, my shit just dropped out of me with a rush. Ruth, meanwhile, had finished peeing and was pulling up her panties. I asked her to come in with me and opened the door for her.

"You were quick," I said.

"I only had to change my tampon," she answered.

"You'd better get me one, please," Iasked her.

My period had started as I sat to piss, normally so painful, but not today. I was shitting a storm where I am normally so bunged. So much for a healthy diet. I have been eating all the gash food imaginable lately, and I'm having the best shit for ages. When I was finished I inserted a tampon and, as I stood up, Ruth got some paper and wiped my arse for me. It was so lovely. She had to wipe me four times, I was a bit messy. As I pulled up my panties, she gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek. That, too, was lovely, but I thought more of tonight, I was going out with Ruth for a take-away, perhaps with luck, she will come home with me?

Punk Rocker: I hope you have got over you constipation, take plenty of junk food, that'll do the trick.

Lots of love to all posters,

Sheila (South Wales) x x x

at home- I had not peed in about at least four hours , probally more like 4-1/2 or almost five. anyway, due to my fascination similar to raging urophiles with how women pee I, like I often do at home sat down like a girl to see how it feels. okay I pulled down my shorts and underwear and sat down and began to pee and I could hear it begin to hit the water and make this steady, moderately loud but not too much tinkling sound of pee bubbling into the water. I continued to pee into the water about in the middle for about 30 secs steady, and it seemed to soften up at the end of that steady tinkle. then began to taper off to a slow dribble, but still came out somewhat steady , and then off and on a few times. after one last push lasting about 5-6 secs I stopped and could smell the sort of sweet scent of pee rising up from the bowl's water and could hear a fizzling sound of foam fading. I looked into the water and the water had been turned a darkish yellow color and had about may! be 1/3 of the water's surface covered with soft bubbly foam, mostly toward the back and clinging to the edges and a little swirl of fizz was in the front of the water.

Camp Counselor
I just finished working several weeks at a summer camp for 9-11 year olds, and have returned home with a few bathroom stories of campers.

It is an old camp, with two large dorms, one for boys and one for girls. The bathrooms are across the field. I'll share a couple of stories for now, more later.

Early one moring, I woke up to cold dorm and pouring rain outside. I was bursting for a pee myself, but decided to wait either until the last possible minute or until the rain subsided. As I was laying in bed, the camper in the next bunk sat up and told me he needed to pee badly. It was still pouring out, so I told him I had to go bad to, and asked if he couldn't wait and see if the rain stopped. He said he though he could. Finally the rain subsided, but all the campers were asleep. Not wanting to wake them, I rolled over and tried to ignore the pain. I must have dozed off, and awoke to what must have been the most desperate urge to pee i've ever had. I jumped out of bed, and the camper who had asked to go earlier was laying in bed, holding his crotch area and looking frightened. I asked him if he still needed to go to the bathroom. He said he did, but he though he might not quite make it. I was beginning to lose it myself, i think it was the damp air, so I told him that! it could happen to anybody, and not to worry about it. He was wearing only his boxers and I told him he had to put on a pair of pants. He let go, and made a wet sport on his boxers while putting on a pair of soccer shorts. We left the dorm, and we both ran across the field, holding ourselves in desperation. He must have been straining very hard to hold it, because little beads of sweat were showing on his forehead, despite the cool air. He pulled his little penis out of his as soon as we entered the bathroom, and left a few drops of pee on the floor as he scrambled to the urinal. After we finished peeing, he said he was sorry he peed on the floor a little bit, I told him it was ok, and pointed out the wet spot I had on my shorts. He told me that he felt better knowing even grownups have accidents sometimes. I told him everybody has to pee, and sometimes accidents happen. We returned to the dorms much relieved, with a new bond between us. It's amazing how sharing the experie! nces of bodily functions can bring people closer together.

On another occasion, one of my youngest campers asked to use the restrooms. He was young, and we were some distance from them so I followed him and his buddy at a distance. I watched as he first walked, then ran, then kind of waddled, before pressing a hand to his butt. he continued this way to within 500 feet of the bathroom, before I saw a slight bulge in the seat of his soccer shorts. I saw him whisper something to his friend, who kind of giggled, as they dissappeared into the bathrooms. I attended to some business in the camp office, and 10 minutes later ponedered going in to check on them. after 15 minutes they came out, and I asked if everything was ok. He said yes, but gave me one of those little kid grins. I guess he and his friend must have taken care of it, because he didn't tell me of any problems.

That's enough for now. I'll tell you more stories later.

vernon pee

today I went to this EA meeting for a change, but first went swimming at about 3:10 PM [ last pee was about then] . anyway I had not " gone to the bathroom " [ urinated] since then. anyway, I finished up swimming at about 4:35 PM and after getting changed, left for the meeting. I did not have to even slightly pee yet and on the way [ about 5:30 PM] I stopped and bought two 32 oz powerades to quench my thirst. I finished one quickly along the way by 6 Pm and the other I drank at the meeting, which because of warm weather was being held outside. at 6 Pm I still did not feel even the slightest urge to pee, but by the end of the meeting I began to feel my filling bladder and asked one of the women there for the key to the church meetinghouse so that I could " use the restroom" I got the key, opened the door and went inside into the first unisex restroom on the right.[ the one with that " handicapped height" toilet which is completely filled with water almost all the way fro! m the back of toilet bowl to about 1" from the front rim] . after turning on the light, I locked the door and the toilet seat was allready down[ obviously a woman had last used it] . I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, then my undies; placing my penis straight down between my legs to simulate a woman's vulva/vagina and sat down facing front on the seat. I began to urinate a steady, moderate stream of urine into the center of the bowl and could hear that " tinkle" sound of my urine splashing into the toilet's water; and I continued to urinate semi-loudly into the water for about at least one full minute. after about 30 secs. the " tinkle" noise began to soften a bit but still kept up for another 30 seconds ; obvoiusly urine foam was beginning to form on the water's surface which softened the hard tinkle and I began to smell the distinct scent of really strong urine and could see the toilet water in front swirling with yellow urine as this " sweet u! rine smell" rose from the front of the toilet's water and filled the bathroom's air. after one minute, I finished my steady stream, but continued with a slow dribbling tinkle of urine into the front of toilet's water for about another 20 secs; which alternated between a few quick pushes into the center but dribbling back and forth toward the front of bowl water and adding more smelly urine and " urine scum" to the obviously think head of bubbly foam. a few more dribbly spritzes and after 10 more seconds I was all done urinating and could smell that potent urine scent emanating from the water. I wiped like a girl would, then got up and pulled up both my undies and shorts, buttoned and zipped up and buckled my belt. the clear toilet water had turned a deep bright yellow with streaks of urine scum mixed in and after like a minute later, the rear half of the toilet bowl's water surface was still covered with bubbly urine foam with 1/2 inch diameter bubbles! then I flushed the to! ilet and watched as the yellow, urine filled toilet bowl water, wad of toilet paper, and foam bubbles all swirled down the drain and the bowl re-filled with fresh, clean water. this was only the second time in over a year and a half that I made this much urine foam in this toilet bowl! one time back in mid may[ sitting] I COMPLETELY filled the bowl water with bubbly, foamy, deep yellow urine mixed with the clear water and the foam lasted for like two minutes after. I try to imagine myself being one of the often pretty girls at that meeting urinating into the toilet whom I sometimes hear if I am right outside the door.

A question:

You are the guest in someone's house, and you just took a messy dump. You realize too late that there's no TP, no paper towels, no tissues, nothing to wipe your ass with. There's some really nice towels and washcloths in the closet. What do you do?

A) Don't wipe until you get home.

B) Sit on the counter with your ass in the sink and wash your ass with water.

C) Wipe with one of the towels or washcloths, stuff it in the garbage and hope your host doesn't notice.

D) Wipe with your underwear and spend the rest of the day without underpants.

E) Other...explian.

OK Scott, to answer your question:

Once I scraped off my butt crack with the cardboard tube and threw that in the trash.

Another time, I snuck into another bathroom and stole a roll.

To Scott: I'd choose either C. sit on the sink and wash or E. ask for toilet paper.
To little miss modest: Sounds like a nice dump you had
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story
To Yoshi: Enjoyed your story
To Graeme: Liked your story
To pottypants: Liked your story..did the teacher find out what you did?
To Jessica: Liked your story
To kim of chicago: Enjoyed your story
To Someone: liked your story about peeing outside
To Althea: liked your story from childhood..did you see his poop in the bowl?
To nitecruzr: I loved your story
To Amstel: I loved your story..thats cool watching your buddys shit.
To pottypants: loved your story..that wasn't right that the teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom
To IndyGuy: I Loved your stories..would love to hear more
I pooped last night had some hard balls for a change
then i went to bed and was dreaming something about toilets
gotta go bye

little miss modest
Yesterday I had a 20in long dump!(i measured) It was in one long nickle wide dump. It started out as one long one 15in then a 4incher and a 1 or 2 incher, i forgot. It had a slight smell but I usually have a light/medium smell. It felt sooooooo good because I had been waiting to go.Before I had to go I could feel it tring to push out tring to hold it in camp but it didn't do this too many times,i often forgot it had to go. I had never had a dump this long in my life. My trick to having dumps like these is exersise alot and drink lots of water,wait an extra day when you need to go.This might also work for CONSTIPATION! Exept for the hold it in part. You may already know that working-out will speed up the digestion of food and so does drinking water. I was not pluged in the first placed but it made me have the feeling to poop faster than normal. I'm trying to help you people with


To julie- again... i hope you or someone else opened up the window's because of the way it smelled! Pooping in front of people would be embarrassing and like you said humiliating.

TO Greg: we would like to hear some of your stories from past experiences in middle and high school.

Punk Rock Girl
Well, I'm back to constipation today!

I sat on my favorite work crapper today with magazine in hand, knowing full well I would be there for a while. It started last night, when I sat down for my evening dump and only managed to squeeze out a few pebbles.

I woke up this morning bloated and blah, but nothing came out as I sat on Colin's toilet while he was in the shower. I took my own shower, got to work, and by the time I got situated at my desk, the feeling of iminent release was there in my bottom.

So, I sat, my pants and thong around my ankles, flipping through Entertainment Weekly, trying to let nature take it's course. After a bit of pushing, finally, a huge load that felt like the size, shape and consistency of a softball forced its way out of my asshole. If I didn't push, it just stayed there, stretching my asshole to maximum capacity, but finally, it made it's way out, and hit the water with a loud splash.

My butt felt like I'd just been ass-rammed by a rhinoceros.

I wiped my ass, and noticed a little blood. That sometimes happens when my constipation gets really bad. Of course, now that my anus was so sore, I wished I hadn't worn a thong. Out of concern for my sore little fanny, I have decided to spend the rest of the day pantiless. So, I sit here with mothing between my naughty bits and my chair but my jeans, just like Brooke Shields.


Hope everyone has a great day!



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