hi, yestaday i was back from a school camp and i was really constipated and still am. i havent went for 1 week now and i feel horrible. anyway i'll tell you people what happened.

it was the second day and at about 6am i woke up with a slight urge to poop. my friend cassandra(i'll call her cass) told me that she was having an awful stomach ache and told me to goto the latrine with her. she was holding her stomach when we where heading over there. i could tell she was desperate for poop.

when he walked into the latrine there was a line of 10 girls lining up all looked desperate and was holding their stomach too. The toilet was like a huge horizontal box with 4 large holes(for the butts). it really stank in there and there were also no doors so we all could see the girls sitting on the "box". the 4 girls sounded like they were pooping too and they were making really wet farts and long pieces of poop. after about 2 minutes one girl finished wiped and another girl took over. cass told me she was feeling very unwell and could not hold any longer. about 1 minute later a female counsellor in her early 20s came in. she realised that the line of girls couldnt hold any longer so she told us to follower her.

she took us to a bushland which seems secluded and told us we could go here. the first thing i saw was cass removing her pants and squatted then immediatly let out a huge rush of diarrhea. then i saw the other girls pulling their pants down and squatted. some were still shy but later they did squatted. so i pulled my pants down and slowly my suprise the female counsellor was also pooping!! she had a really long poop rope coming out of her butt. i strained a little and pushed out a fart. i kept pushing but nothing came out other than big gas. there were all ready a huge puddle of diarrhea under cass. her butt kept of squirting liquid poop out. there were like 20 people pooping their guts out in the bush. some girls had diarrhea but most of them were having normal poop and i am sure that every single girl was pooping. after 10 minutes some girls finished and they wiped with leaves then leaved. the counsellor was still producing piece of poop onto her REALLY HUG! ! E pile. finally all the other girls finished and left. the counsellor told us to go back to our dorms when we finish then she walked away. cass said that she was feeling very ill after she said that another gush of diarrhea came out along with farts and she was finished. i still couldnt go and my butthole was on fire. it pushed really hard and only 1 very small piece of poop came out. but cass was in a worse condition, right after she wiped she stood up and threw up for about 20 seconds. i could tell she was very ill and she crying, so i got up and hugged her. then she said i am fine now, i felt better after the diarrhea and throwing up. i felt better for her too after that. so i just wiped and carried cass back to the dorm.

i wanted to clear this conspation badly, can anyone help? i really dont want to use ememas or laxatives but i wanted to have the bad runs.


Random Reader
Hey I have a story to post finally. I am a 19 and a male. Anyway I was at Pet Smart today buying some stuff for my cat and in the cat isle there was this really hot chick about 17 she was wearing very short shorts and a white spaghetti strap shit that covered about 1/3 of her probably 36 d breasts. Well she was with her dad and brother i guess. I never heard anything but I smelt it and so did her dad because he said dang Melissa, and she said i'm sorry I told you that I had to go to the bathroom. Her father said I didn't know you had to have a bowel movement. She was like yeah I need to pretty bad. Well this brought back and urge I had to use the toilet so I headed for the menís room. When I was in there I had just sat down and got comfy when I heard voices outside in the hallway. Its one of those bathrooms where on the left is the womenís and the right is the menís and there aint no doors your just walk in. It was the chick and her dad. I heard her say wait for m! e okay. He was like I will how long you gunna be. She said hopefully not to long. Well he said I know you I will wait in the car. Then like a min later I heard that chick say do you mind if I come in and use the toilet there is caution tap over all of the stall in the womenís room. I said sure, thinking man this is going to be awesome. I said im sorry about the smell and she was like oh its no problem I will be contributing to it very soon. She walked into the stall next to me and covered the seat and pulled her shorts down and her white thong with little pink hearts on it and sat down ripping a loud fart the second her cute butt hit the seat. She let out a sigh of relief. Then she started some faint grunting and I heard 5 plops into the water and she said sorry if im grossing you out. I was like oh its no problem. Then about 10 min went by and she was grunting a lot and an occasional splash but nothing major. Then all of the sudden she let out the loudest, longe! st fart I had ever heard and she said in a high pitched voice OH MAN. Oh man was right she started spraying diarrhea out for like 5 min strait. Man was she ever right about contributing to the smell, it was awful. I asked her if she was okay and she said yeah im about done. About 3 min later she started to wipe, she wiped a total of 6 times and man she used a lot of paper I seen it pile up on the ground before she tore it off. Well then she reached back to flush and said shit it doesnít work. I reached back and tried mine and it didn't work either. Well anyway she left and said it was nice talkin to you and I went to check out what she had done. It was massive 4 big logs about 8in by 1.5in and a lot of watery mush on top. Well as I was walking out some employee said you didn't just use that did you. I was like yeah and some chick why, he was like its broke I had to go get more caution tape to do the menís bathroom. I was like yeah we found that out. He said some ! main pipe thing had built up to much pressure and the valve blew and now the store was receiving no water. I was like well that sucks but gots to go and took off. Anyway this is really long so take care everyone.

Hi. My girlfriend and I went to a craft show over the weekend, which was a lot of fun. There was this girl walking in front of us, she looked young, maybe seventeen or eighteen. She was really, really cute, with a pretty face, blonde hair and a nice tan. She was wearing a white T-shirt, tight khaki shorts, white socks and white sneakers. The kind of girl you simply cannot imagine taking a big, nasty dump.

The show had nothing but porta-potties as restrooms, and they weren't designated as men's or women's, everyone was using whichever one was closest. Well, this girl was in front of me to use one, and went inside. After a few seconds, I could clearly hear pee splashing into the water. But then, I heard a loud, wet fart, and a loud splash as what sounded like a bucket of shit hit the "water". I was literally taken aback. Next came a series of farts, splashes and plops. It sounded like she was a having a major bout of chunky diarrhea. After a few moments, I heard her roll off a ton of TP. Another minute later, she opened the door, smiled at me, and walked away. I caught another glimpse of adorable ass, and marveled at the notion that a dump of such magnitude had come out of it.

I stepped inside and peered into the cesspool below the seat before sitting down myself to take a dump. There was this mound of what looked like a gallon of liquidy shit sprayed all over the surface of the muck, with several wads of TP floating on top. Wow. All that shit came out of that petite, cute girl. I guess they really are just like us. You'd have thought some big truck driver dude left behind such a load. Amazing!

14 female
Sometimes when i have to pee really bad it kind of comes out on its own in little spurts. It takes about 2 or 3 of these to make a noticeable size stain on the outside of my pants. I was wondering if this is natural?

I also wanted to know if the same things that make me have to pee make any other girls have to pee, if you have any other stories please share them. Fear, bouncing, and holding my breath for long periods of time all make me have to pee. I have a few stories.

Not too long ago, it was still this year.i was with my brother with one of his friends in our parents car. My brother didnt have his liscense yet but he didn't really care anyway. My brother was speeding just a little bit when a police car came up behind us and pulled us over. He told the officer he had only had his permit then the officer asked us to get out of the car. We had to get, and place both of our hands on the car while the officer was going back to his car then talking to my brother. I was really scared, i was shaking but i pretended that it was just from the cold, it was night. A spurt of pee came out of me really fast before i knew it. It was a visible stain on the outside and i felt like i was going to throw up. My knees we weak and shaking when i just kind of burst and I peed straight down my left leg and down my right leg to my knee. I was wearing long jeans. I made a decent sized puddle and my brother looked at me like he felt sorry for me and asked me i! f i was ok, I started crying. Our parents came and got us, my brother got off with a warning and a fine. I had to ride the whole way home with wet pants which wasn't real fun.

This other time i was on a field trip with my class to a small park with go-karts and bumper boats and things like that, 6th grade, i was maybe 13 at the time. I was bouncing around in a go-kart when i noticed I had to pee immediately if not sooner. I couldn't stop bouncing, it bounced a long squirt out of me when i finally I was stopped to get out.I was really embarrassed, but now that i got out i didn't have to go so bad, I walked quickly to the bathroom with my hand over my crotch because the stain was visible and about 3 inches long. I got into a stall and took my pants down and sat down. My panties were very wt with a circular stain about 4 inches around.i finished going in the toilet and wiped off what I could and put toilet paper in my panties to dry it up quicker. I survived the rest of that day.

Kayla T.
Hey Everybody! Yesterday I had a pretty exciting experience pooping myself. Like five days ago I took some anti-diarrhea medicine, and it made me completely constipated for four days. I only took it because I thought I was going to have seriously gross shit at work, and the bathroom there is really small and not private. So I took the pills to save myself the embarrassment of having to publicly poop in front of the other employees. It ended up working really well and I never got a strong urge while at work. The strange thing was, I never really felt any need to go. But four days later, the urge hit me hard. It actually worked out better than I could have planned. I had gone home (from college) for the weekend and I was alone at my house while everyone else was at work. I woke up at like, 11:00am (Iím a late sleeper) and took a shower. I was farting softly all through the shower but I still didnít feel like I had to shit. After I was awake and dressed, I decided to take my do! g for a walk. As soon as we left the house, I noticed the weather. The sky was getting pretty dark, but I didnít really care, because I was wearing clothes that could get wet without me being too uncomfortable. So I walked my dog for almost like, a mile or so when I realized that I NEEDED to turn around. All of a sudden I had to poop super bad and I was a long ways from my house. Usually, I would absolutely love this situation, but by the time I got back to my house, there was a good chance that my mom would be back from work. But like it or not, I was getting desperate! I turned around and walked with my dog for about ľ of a mile, when it started to sprinkle. From then, on, it was seriously starting to suck. By the time I was half way home, it was raining steadily, and I could feel a big dump ďknocking at the back doorĒ. At that point we had come along a big park with plenty of woods around it. I went, quickly, beneath some of the trees around the park and sat on a bench. ! The rain wasnít falling on me, but my shirt was already so wet, that my boobs and nipples were completely visible through it. Since it was raining, there wasnít anyone else around (Thank God!) and so I just sat for a few minutes and pulled my butt into the bench so that I wouldnít crap myself. Unfortunately, every time I would stand up, I could feel a turd starting to inch out of me. And even as I sat there, I was farting up a storm. So I decided to just poop myself and drop my panties in the woods. I stood up off the bench and walked around the secluded park with my dog. After, like, 3 minutes, I could feel a log forcing itís way out of me. It was actually really cool. The shit just kept falling out of me with every step I took. By the time I was done, there was a huge ball of poop resting in the seat of my panties, and I was really excited! I ended up dropping my panties into the woods, and it was a good thing I did because my mom was at home when I got there! Thatís all I! have for now. But I will gladly tell about any other experiences I have

Kayla T.

a few months ago, I was walking towards the door to meet my boyfriend when right then, I felt a big ass poop comming on. I ran upstairs into my room, as ussual, because I have my own room, I left the door open and started to squeeze out the big one. As I was sitting there constepated with my eyes closed,squeezing my eyeballs out. I didn't know that my mother told my BF that I ran upstairs to get something and so he had followed me. He was standing there watching me crap the big one. When I noticed him, I was soooo embarressed that I stood up to shut the door and the poop fell out of my butt, onto the bathroom floor,I wasn't able to shut the door but rather, I fell forward onto the ground on top of my shit. unfortunately, he witnessed that humiliation as well. To this day, my bathroom carpet has the mark and whenever he comes over he looks at it and laughs. Since then, all my friends have heard about it from him.

Musky Smell
For a few days now, I have been eating a well-known brand of corn flakes and I have noticed my farts are more frequent, louder, and really stink! Has anyone else had this experience?
This afternoon for lunch I went to a Chinese (all you can eat for £4.95) restaurant in Soho London and I love their very mild chicken curry and their cabbage, beansprouts and other greens mixed together which I had. This evening, I have been doing some really foul smelling farts which have an odour of rotting cabbage. I like smelling my farts when they are really ripe.
Are their any guys out there who like smelling their own ripe farts?

When I was 16 I was in the car with my paretns and grandparents, we were going to my cousins wedding. There was really bad traffic bumper to bumper, we stayed put for about 45 minutes. Of course I really had to take a shit. There was nowhere I could go because we were on this ramp/bridge sort of thing and even though we haven't moved in ages I was really afraid of the cars beginning to move while I was shitting. After it was desperate, when I just knew it was going to happen, I started crying. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her. She started rummaging around under her seat when she pulled out a tuppaware container filled with sandwiches, she tookout the food and handed me the container. She hugged me and said don;t worry honey its happened to everyone. I knew i had no choice, so sitting next to my grandfather I pulled down my skirt and panties(the worst part was that I was wearing a pad and I had to take that off too) It was so humiliating making those faces and st! raing noises in front of your father and grandfather(especialy when I moaned a little). I wiped my ass with some tissues my gradnmother had. And when I thought I was done and pulled up my pants, I farted a long and obnoxiously loud and smelly fart. It was really embarrassing and i eventualy got over it, but I just wished I didn;t moan. When I did everyone exchanged these looks. I never felt more vonurable and helpless and just feminine in my life. I don;t know what everyone is talking about when they say they get turned on by messing themselves. How can feelings of complete helplessness and humiliation be arousing.

Just dropping in for a quick story, reading about Spring break fiascos brought me back to one that I had years ago down in Daytona beach. First attempt at peeing in a sink.

I was staying in a hotel with 3 of my friends, two of them were taking a dip in the pool, and the third was taking a bath while burning a Queensryche CD. Knocking on the door was pointless. And I had to pee so badly. Generally I would have held it or gone and found another bathroom somewhere else, but in a temporary moment of insanity, I decided to pee in the sink.

So I hoisted myself up on the counter, with my butt stuck over the tap and started to pee. It was making a loud splattering sound and I was afraid of my friend in the bathtub hearing this so I turned on the water to hide the sound.

Being the smart gal I am, it was the hot water I turned on, and I scorched my butt. I tried to jump away from the sink but my shorts (which were around my ankles) got stuck on something under the sink and I fell off the counter hitting the floor, still peeing away leaving this gigantic wet spot on the carpet. I quickly tried to soak it up with whatever towels were handy. With the wet carpet and pee soaked towels everybody found out anyway. oops.


To Amalia

I really liked your story about you sharing facilities with guys in old barracks. Your story was really cool and...yes, sharing bathroom facilities among genders is how things should normally be if modern society hadn't become inhibited.
What is surprising me is not really your nonchalance, but the reactions of the guys who appeared almost impervious to your presence. I wonder why:
1) You were not the first female to use these facilities and they got used to it?
2) They were well "brought-up"
3) They were afraid of being accused of harassement if they did anything more or appeared to do anything more than acknowledging your presence
4) By making your feel welcome, there was an implicit message that you can come back anytime (and even bring other females if at all possible) for their "discret enjoyment"

Also, Amalia, "they looked at you a few times". So you were looking at them. Was there any evidence that any of these guys were 'excited"?

I watched The Real Cancun on dvd last night...its like one of those realitly shows like real world and road rules on mtv. There was a part where a bunch of people were bungee jumping, it was this one girls turn and she ended up getting stung by a jellyfish. When she got off of it the paramedics came and they said for her to pee on the sting. She said she didn't have to pee. Then they said she could borrow. So some guy went in a corner(he was heard peeing) he peed in a cup then he pored it over the area.
After it was over i was hungry(it was late too) i had a like its late, im going to bed soon and watch im gonna have some dream..maybe it will be poop dream. I go to bed, i woke up this morning realized i had the weirdist dream ever. I dreamed i was back in school in the last class of the day. I happened to be in gym class. I was already in my uniform(i think it was elementary or middle school). I remember seeing guys in the locker room....i come out and find out we weren't having regular class. We were having a program, it was weird. It was about going to the bathroom. It had something to do w/ having feces and pee on you, they were defining a world for it. It had something to do w/ teachers not letting there kids going to the bathroom when they gotta go, and about kids messing them selfs. I woke up in the middle of them defining that was weird
gotta go

To Michelle: I'm really amazed at how large you and Emily's poos were in your post the other day. I really love your posts. Keep up the good work ;) I look forward to seeing more in the future.

To Jessica: I absolutely loved your story about pooping at the mall the other day. I'm definiely eager to hear more stories about you pooping in public restrooms.

To Michelle and Jessica: If you wouldn't mind me asking you a couple of questions I would like to know:

1)how big are your poos usually?

2)how often do you go?

3)what texture are they usually (soft, firm, hard, etc)?

I am 18 and male.

To Amanda - I liked your story.

To Chace - I loved your story!! You should do the same thing except have it be a hold-it contest with pee or something else to do with peeing. That's something I'd love to do with a friend.

To IndyGuy - Cool replies and story. Do you like peeing your pants at home? When I do it, I usually put on an old pair of pants, strip of all other clothing except then, stand in the shower, wait for the desperate urge to piss to build, and just relax and whiz in the pants. I love watching the wet spot grow around my crotch and down my legs. There's nothing like it!

To Enjoyer of the female pee - Loved your story! Your name's not bad, too!

Just as a PSA to everyone here, I will be on vacation for the next couple weeks, returning on August 11. So you won't see any more new posts from me until then. I'll have a lot of catching up to do on old posts, I'm sure!


this is really embarassing for me actually, but last month, me my friends, and boyfriend were at the iceskating rink and we were all having a good time. I felt the urge to crap a load and because I had diapers, I decided to go in my pants. When I felt it, I knew it was diarea and a huge log comming out of my ass. Unfortunately, when I had fallen earlier while skating, I had ripped a hole in my diapers. While I was skating, It all was comming out. All of a sudden I heard my boyfriend laughing, I asked him what was so funny and he said aloud "Dude, you've got a huge crap hanging out of your ass!" Everyone looked at me and started to laugh, I looked back and there was a trail of diarea on the ice. I ran into the bathroom and started to cry. When I was taking my diaper off, I noticed that no one was in the bathroom and since there was no toilet paper in my stall, I went to the next stall with my pants down, poop hanging out of my butt, and no underwear on. Right then, a girl ! from school walked in, she started laughing and told everyone. Now at school im called "DIAPER POOPER", its so embarrassing, im thinking of transfering but I only really have a year left because im a senior in highschool.

Sylvie X
This is my first post, directed to all the people who prefer to hold in their #2s until a more convenient time. Last year, (I'm 19 now, was 18 then) I averted a near disaster that happened with a bunch of my girlfriends. Basically, three of my friends and I were leaving a movie theater when I started getting stomach cramps. My friend Tricia was driving along when suddenly I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach (anyone who's had diarrhea knows the feeling). I yelled, "You guys, pull over at a gas station, I have to go to the bathroom." At this, my friend Sara who was sitting in the back (I was in the front passenger seat) said, "We'll be at your house soon, so you can hold it, right?" I shakily replied, "I don't think so." We drove on for a while until we came to a backed up portion of traffic. There was a three-car-accident across the highway, and we had to sit there for a while before they moved the debris (I personally think people were just watching the acciden! t and should have moved on and minded their own business). Anyway, I was feeling more and more like I'd be ruining my pants soon, and I was wearing a thong, so I was at a point where I could either go outside and go in the bushes(not that there were many) or risk pooping in my pants, which I haven't done since I was four.

It was becoming so urgent that I was literally shaking in my seat, making my boobs bounce around. As a fart silently escaped my butt, which was becoming more and more burdened by the second, I decided on my first choice: answering the call of nature in nature. "One sec, I'll be right back," I said, opening the door. "I'm just going to go right out there." The other girl in the back, Erin, who's not really a friend of mine, and kind of snotty, but she's Sara's cousin, said, "Ugh, you're going to urinate in front of everyone on the ground like an animal?" which is exactly what I thought she would say. So, just to see her reaction (and because it was the truth) I said, "No, Erin, I'm not just going to 'urinate' out there like an animal, I'm going to take a huge shit too." Her face turned all red, and she looked like she was about to throw up. Disgusted, I opened the door, unbuckling my belt. As I was unzipping, a lady in probably late twenties, early thirties, walked around! another car farther up, doing the same. She noticed me and said, "Hey, you had the same idea I had." I smiled and said, "Yeah," as I began to pull my pants down. I decided to close my eyes to block out the fact that I, Sylvie X, was about to take a nasty diarrhea dump in front of all these strangers.

I went as far away from the road as I could, which ended up being only a few feet, and pulled down my pants and thong. As I was squatting, I noticed that for all of her talk of disgust, Ms. Erin Priss herself was not-so-inconspicuously watching my every move. Strangely, it made me feel rather hot and naughty. Closing my eyes, I let the floodgates open. And these were some serious floods. Wet farts splattered out of my anus loudly as my stomach rumbled against my arms. Then, the mother of all diarrhea induced dumps came from out of my butt, squirting and splattering behind my sneakers in a large sloppy, chunky soup that was growing. And as I was going, I was more than aware of the people who were probably watching from their cars, as well as my friends. But I had started this; I had to finish it. I farted twice, squirted more on my pile, then dropped more semi-solid Hershey kisses on top. My stomach rumbled again, and I squirted a bit more, then I was done. But I realized! a problem. "Do any of you guys have any tissues?" I asked. None of them did. Then I noticed the other lady coming over. "I hope you don't mind, but you probably need these," and handed me a bunch of tissues. I used them as well as possible, and stuck the last one in my crack as a safeguard. Erin was looking at me with a weird expression, and Tricia gave me the thumbs-up. "Way to dump, Sylvie," she said. About five minutes or so after I got back in the car, the traffic started to clear up.

We approached a red light and stopped. At this, Erin sat up and looked through the windshield. "Stupid red light, canít it hurry up?" I smiled, as I was hoping that Erin was feeling some of the heat Iíd been getting earlier. "Something wrong?" I asked neutrally, looking back. "No, thereís nothing wrong," Erin said loudly, but I could hear the grumbling she was trying to cover up coming from her stomach as well. As we were coming around to Saraís place, Erin started humming, louder than people normally hum. Tricia dropped Sara off at her house and we drove off, intending to drop off Erin next and me last. As we were driving to Erinís house, she started to whimper, I assume from holding in her gas, and after a while she could not hold the farts back, blasting off like a loud volcano. "Whoa, save some air for the rest of us," Tricia said, winding all the windows down. We neared the house as Erin was holding her stomach, doubled over. She looked like she was desperately tryi! ng to restrain her entire stomach, which was visibly quivering, from pouring out. Fidgeting furiously, she incessantly whined about the fact that Tricia was going exactly the speed limit. Tricia pulled into her driveway as I muttered, "Well at least she gets to use an actual bathroom." But I would be wrong.

As we pulled in, Erin opened the door sharply, half-leaping, half sliding out of the car. "See you later," Tricia called as she closed the door quickly and tried to run to the house. Suddenly she folded over, wrapping her arms around her stomach. And I realized what I hadnít before: if she were to get caught short, sheíd be in a bigger mess, since she was wearing a short skirt. Getting out of the car, I approached. "You OK, Erin?" Erin didnít answer, but straightened slightly and walked up the driveway some more when she folded over again, and I could hear her farts, now that I was out of the car. Tricia also came out of the car at this point, and as Erin was deciding to make a break for it, she stumbled. She managed to catch herself, but the damage was done. With one final whimper, everything burst out. The back of her skirt turned brownish and bulged toward us, and sloppy fecal matter dripped down to the ground between her legs. During the whole thing, which lasted sev! eral minutes, she stayed in a forward-kneeling position, unable to move as her stomach was wracked by gastrointestinal nightmares.

Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight, as it wouldnít have been if I had elected to wait through the traffic jam. Thatís why Iím glad that I wasnít afraid to take a dump in front of all those people, because itís better out than in. Sorry that itís so long (nearly two pages) but I wanted to get the point across.

Sylvie X

rock dude
i like peeing stories pleez post more.

I'm 19, male, and I've always thought pooping and pee stories were cool to read. i'm enjoying reading all the posts on this site.
I come from a very serious family. Parents are anti-bathroom humor-and going to the bathroom is rarely discussed in open.
I have a younger sister who is 17. she's also anti-bathroom humor.
I've always wondered a few things. I'm hoping someone can answer them for me.
For those of you who have sisters, younger or older, do they find farting and pooping funny?
For those of you who have little brothers, do they stink up the bathroom a lot? And do they find fart and pooping funny?
Does your mom ever joke about stinking up the bathroom of having a big dump?
For some reason I've always wondered these things. LOL
I hope some one can respond to this post!
PS-When I have some time I'll post some funny pooping in pants stories that happeend to me and some of my friends in middle and high school.


I posted a while ago. I figured I had to post again to tell you this: I SHIT MY PANTS LAST WEEK!!!

For the first time in many, many years, I finally shit my pants. I was walking back to my dormitory after dinner with some friends in the ... ugh... cafeteria. Something I ate made me very sick. I was on the elevator up to my floor when it happened.

I felt like I had to fart, and I was alone, so I let it go, and a stream of diarrhea shot into my panties. I clenched, but the floodgates had opened. I ran to the women's room as the door opened, but it was too late. By the time I made it to a stall, my panties were full of sticky poop. It was so mortifying - luckily, no one seemed to be around.

I pulled my pants off and carefully removed my panties, managed not to spill any of the poop out of them. I dumped it into the toilet, then dashed out naked from the waist down and threw them in the trash.

I still managed to get some poop in my pants, but not too much. I sat on the toilet and finished shitting.

I took off my shirt and socks and got in the shower. It didn't occur to me that I didn't have a towel! After cleaning myself, I used my shirt to partially dry off. I held my clothes and shoes in front of me, and quickly ran back to my room naked! I passed some guy in the hall, and he stared at me as I rushed by, so I just said "Hi!" I got my keys out and entered my room. My roommate was in there and asked me why I was naked, and I said it's too long a story, forget it.

Except for the shitting part, it was pretty funny.

jenny: In first grade, there was always a "run" to the bathroom the first day of school. My classmates had loose bowels. I did not. I had an attack of diarreah at an airport when I was six. See my earliest posts.

Jessica: I worked in a retail mall in high school and college. I held so many jobs in so many stores. You have taste in your clothes and underwear. I used to relish leaving my post to go to the toilet. See my earlier posts.

some girl
one day i went to this party i was invited to...i was dropped off by my boyfriend 'cause he had a drivers license and my parents were on vacation so he wasnt invited so he left anyway i partied for a long time there were alot of hippies and stuff i didnt get high these guys werent drunk yet but i didnt experiment...i remember i just partied well after a bunch of hours of partying i really had to pee! so i went to the bathroom to ffind it was so grossly disquistingly dirty! NO WAY I WOULD PEE IN THERE!so i called my boyfriend to pick me up so then i just stood there trying to hold it as hard as i could i waited until i just started peeing i couldnt stop it trickeled down my legs into my shoes and socks and another stream made nice yellow puddle so i just stood there peeing everybody kinda stared at me a bit and gave me funny looks for a minute then ignored me finally by the time my boyfriend came my sock were extremly yellow my pants were really wet my shoes were drenched a! lso i was standing in a yellow puddle so i went in my boyfriends car told him what happened and he drove me home me totally wreaking of pee he was really nice! i wonder how i can thank him!


I've been lurking for awhile but this is my first post.

I had an interesting experience on the 4th of July. The 4th
of July is an all day event where I live. They have food booths, craft
booths, live entertainment, the whole deal.
Anyway my girlfriend and I got to the fireworks, found a place to sit and then got some food. After we ate we both had to go. I only had
to pee but she had to poop. After waiting in line for about ten minutes,
we each went into one of the two porta-potties.
When I came out of my porta-potty, I was surprized to find my
girlfriend standing in the doorway of hers. She said her potty was out
of toilet paper and asked me for some from mine. I checked but mine was
empty too. When I told her that, she asked me what I used. I said I
hadn't used anything because I had only peed.
With the line growing behind us, I ran to a nearby food stand and got her some napkins to wipe with. When she was done, I explained to her
that men only wipe when we poop, never when we pee. I was surprized that a grown woman didn't know that.
I'm wondering if this is a common misconception among females. Do a
lot of girls/women assume males wipe when we pee?

Hi, its been a while since I have posted here but I do have a great story to tell you. I fell down my steps and I broke my leg. My parents, roommate and all of my friends were out of town. I have a cute co-worker I work with take me to the hospital. I was in there for an eternity and finally they released me to go home. We were driving home and the effects of the IV with all that saline solution I REALLY had to pee. We were on a backroad and Patrick said it was about 20 minutes to a restroom. I said I don't thing I can make it. My ???? felt like a rock. I was laying relclined in the seat and if I had an accident it was going all over me and his suv. The clock was not in my favor so I asked him for options. He said he had a cup, but that wouldn't work cause I was reclined. I told him to pull over. We stopped on the side of the road and he got out. He turned me faceing out the door the stood me up. This was a dilemma how could I pee? I couldn't sit, squat or hover. I said Pat! rick what would you do in this situation? He told me that was never a problem and I should try to pee standing up. I bit my lip and though oh no I am going to make even a bigger mess but this was not open for debate I had to go. I was embarresed he was my co-worker at Hoooters and here I was doing something I have only done in front other girls. Patrick said his ex-girlfriend used to pee standing all the time and I was no big deal but I remembered one time I stood up before I was done and it ran right down my leg. Well I had no choice I said ok lets try. I leaned against his truck and he helped me remove my undies, then he opened both doors and mad a makeshift stall for privacy. Then he stood me up and supported me. He lifted up my dress and held it above my hips and told me to open my legs as far as I could. He helped me while I did this and then he said ok let it go. I thought to my self here goes nothing. A huge stream shot straight down I think I even may have hit his sh! oe. There I was bare frome the waste down peeing a torrent while standing in front of a friend. After what felt like 5 minutes (more like 2) I felt couple drops on my leg and I was done. We didn't have any paper so I air dried for a minute and then said screw it I will just use my panites I'm only going to pee again and they were a liablity. Well we got back in the truck and stopped by a drug store where he bought be a female urinal. We got some food (I was starving) and got to my house. Patrick got me in and settled on one of the couches. We watched some tv and then I got a little rumble in my ????. I said Pat I have to go to the bathroom. He took the urinal out of the bag and gave it to me. I said thank you but, I need to do more than go pee. I was so embarassed. I never even mentioned about taking a poo in front of a guy. He said he would help me to the bathroom. He carried me to the bathroom but the toilet only had 2 feet clearence in front of it. There was no way I cou! ld use it. I started to cry. I had to poo and no where to go. Pat leaned me on the vanity and told me to hang on. He returned with a plastic grocery bag. This boy thinks of everything. He said to relax and if I can pee on the side of the road this we be a piece of cake. Again he pulled my dress above my hips and told me to take the stance, first I peed in the urinal almost half ful then he placed the bag under me holding the handles in front and behind my rear and then he said to relax and let it go. I was so scared I was shaking but I beared down the best I could abd started to go poo. I droped out 2 pieces and we stood there in silence for a minute. He started to take the bag away and I said NO Wait I am not done. I droped one more and I said I"m finished. He tied the back and then he took some wet wipes and cleaned my bottom. He helped me back down and threw out the bag. I asked if Patrick if he could stay just for a day or two till my roommate returned from out of town. ! He agreed. Well now me and him are an item what a way to go to the next level.

Hello again everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, but I went away for a soccer tournament. And boy do I have some great male and female pee stories for you.

Well, on the first day, there was a great big opening ceremonies where all the teams march across the field and get introduced. Of course, while we were waiting for them to begin, I felt like I had to take a leak, so I grabbed my best friend from the team, and we headed of to the woods(the porto-potties were disgusting and the lines were huge). As we approached the woods, I see three guys about our age running into the woods all holding themsleves. I looked at my friend and we both got kind of excited. We followed them in, and sure enough, all three were beginning to unzip their pants ans soon as they thought they were covered from view. We heard and saw two streams begin an imediate forceful stream before the boys even had enough time to find some privacy of a bush. The third was standing there with his willy in his hand looking down at it. I heard him say something about being desperate but not being able to go in front of other guys. He didn't even bother to zip up wh! ile he waddled over about 20 feet away to another tree, where we heard him begin to pee imediately. When he began, I realized that my need was increasing, so I went up to a bush, unzipped my jeans and placed my fingers down there and pissed my brains out. It felt so good. I finished around the same time as the boys, and me and my friend watched them leave before we headed out.

I saw a lot of desperation during games while I was playing, but none too exciting.
One more male and female pee story occured when we were driving home to our hotel. There was a huge accident and the road was backed up for miles, no cars were moving at all. After sitting there for about a 1/2 hour, I looked out the window to notice several men and women dashing into the woods next to the highway. Some were even holding themselves. By seeing this I decided to tell my mom that I needed to pee and took my friend with me into the woods. On the way over she told me she actually had to go as well and asked if I could teach her how to go standing. We entered the woods and passed several people relieving themselves out in the open, also in several different positions(female) All of the males were either up against something or out in the open, while the females were squatting, sitting, standing with there legs open, and some were even doing it like me. We wandered further into the woods and I told my friend to completely remove her pants and underwear because ! this was her first time and didn't want her to get wet. She did so and I lowered my pants to about my knees so she could see what I was doing. I began explaining to her and told her to try, but she was becoming impatient with her growing need. Finally, she just spread her legs and peed right beneath herslef and gave up on learning. By that time I was becoing desperate so I spread myself and peed on the nearest bush. We returned to the car several minutes later to find that the traffic had started moving so we got into the car.

I have a few more stories, but no more time at the moment.
Please write some more outdoor peeing stories.
<3 tynee

Hi, my name is cindy I'm 38 yrs. 5'7 140 lb, shoulder length blonde hair blue/brown eyes and about 36 B chest size. The other night I had one of the most mortifying experiances of my life . I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend bill, we were holding each other, cuddling and kissing. All of a sudden without any warning really, I felt my stomache cramp up, I tried to pull away but it was no use. I let out a really long loud and smelly fart. We kind of just laughed it off, it didn't really ruin the mood, but needless to say I didn't feel sexy at all for the rest of the night.

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