Hey everyone! I have some time now to give you a story or maybe two.
This one has to do with a trip to an amusement park with some of my friends. We were driving down by oursleves...without parents(because I'm the only one without my liscence) and about a half an hour into the trip i feel that large orange juice I had for breakfast making its way into my bladder. I figured I had about an hour before this would become desperate and figured that we should arrive within the hour. Little did I know, there was a large amount of traffic headed in the same direction we were going. Another half hour passed and my need was more urgent. I had my hands in my crotch and my legs were bouncing up and down. I noticed my friend who was sitting in the back was becoming very fidgety as well. About 10 minutes later she bursts out "stop the car or i'm gonna wet my pants. It must of been no less than 10 seconds later when the driver pulled to the side of the highway and she opened her door. Her pants were already down, and she had pulled her underwear to the ! side. She opened her legs and let the arch or pee out onto the grass. I decided at that moment that I should just go then and not stop again so I opened my door and stood right outside it and let loose the torrent of pee. We both got back in the car feeling much more relieved. We coninued on our way to the amusement park...but no less than 20 minutes later, one of my guy friends yells out to stop because he's desperate for a whiz. We pulled the car over again, and he already had his willy out and ready. He stood barely inches from the car when he peed. When he got back into the car, the driver said that we weren't stopping anymore so if you had to go...he suggested going now and everyone got out of the van for one last tinkle. We all laughed.

I also wanted to know if anyone has stories from witnessing others or themselves desperate in public or on the road for a pee. Also, has anyone ever seen a homeless person pee before?

<3, Tynee

Upstate Dave
Hello all. Keep the great posts comming. I just got caught up reading some past pages. Things have been busy here. Let me finish the second part of my last post.

Terri and I decided to go out for supper and I drove her home first to change. We went up to a local favorite spot in Port Henery and had a fresh lake trout dinner. While we were there I met someone else I knew and he told me about some land for sale over in Ironville. I thanked him and Terri and I drove over to look at it.

It turned out to be on the old road that ran from Crown Point to Ironville. You could still get through and the land was secluded and partailly cleared. There was a old trailor on it also. This was perfect I thought. My friend Tony would like it. While we were looking around I had to pee and so did Terri. So we both stood next to each other and I unzipped and started while she just lifted her skirt and let her stream fly! She out shot me by a couple of good feet! I finished first and she just hissed away for a half minute longer and stoped. She droped her skirt back down and we decided to go over to the Hideaway(local pub) and spent some time there.

We danced,shot darts,and had a few brews. We left around midnight and on the way back we stoped at the swimminghole we were at earlier in the day. We were the only ones there and we sat on the rocks cooling our feet in the water. Terri goes to me one more time I have to go. She got upand sat on my knees and pulled her skirt up and started to pee with a real gusher.

Then she let out a fffttt out her backside and a light brown very knobby poop poked out! Her pee slowed down and started to pun of the end of her poop. As her poop slowly pushed outward it was growing in thickness. It was also starting to curve like a bannana as it slowly came. She was grunting some and I was rubbing her lower belly as she pushed. When she pushed her pee would spurt out in a long thin arc and then would die down and drip of this poop as it hung there in the air. She had a foot hanging down and it was starting to narrow down. She gave one more grunt and push and it fell down to the ground on the rock underneath her with a loud thud. She finished up by peeing all over it. She asked how it looked around her anus and it was clean sice her poop was very firm.

We left and we went to her house and picked up some sleeping bags and we slept out on the land we looked at earlier that evening.

Hi. I just found this site. It's really cool. I'm a 17 yo male and I've always been interested in bodily functions. I don't really know why. It probably started when I was potty training. I had the pee part down but I was having trouble with the pooping part. I just didn't want to poop in the little potty. One day my dad asked me, "why don't you wanna poop in your potty?" I said that I didn't know. Then he said, "don't you wanna be like daddy? Daddy poops in the big potty. Do you wanna watch me next time I go?" I said that I would and that was that. Sometime later he said that he had to poop and did I wanna watch. We went into the bathroom and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his underwear and pants down and sat down. First he peed a little then he said that he was now gonna poop. He spread his legs wide apart so I could see. First he did a quick fart then took a deep breath and started to push. I can still remember watching his hole pulse with each push. N! othing came out at first. He exhaled with a low grunt, took another deep breath and pushed again. He had a real serious expression on his face. This time a small fat turd did come out. He pushed again but his hole only puffed out, nothing came. I asked him if that was it and he said that he had a big one left he was just trying to get it out. He pushed hard for about a minute or two then finally he said with a lot of strain in his voice,"ok here it comes." I watched his hole start to open and a big hard turd start to poke out. He grunted loudly, shifted his feet, and pushed some more. I can still remember the grimace on his face. His turd opened his hole even more and it started to crackle out. My eyes must have been enormous. His turd was so big. He stopped when his turd was jutting about 5 inches out of his butt to catch his breath. He asked, "do you see the big poop daddie's doing?" He took another deep breath and grunted even louder and finally the rest of ! his turd slid out and made a big plop in the water. He took a second then stood up and we looked at the big poop he had made. He said," now you see if daddy can poop in the toilet I think you can too." I said something about how big it was and he said that when I got bigger mine would be big like his. After that I don't think I had any problems pooping in my little potty. I liked the idea that I was being a big boy and pooping in the potty. My dad was really happy too.

In respons to Mike's post about accidentally walking into the ladies room.Yep, I did it once when I was in 5th grade at our community pool down the street. You see, that was before I had the facination with women going to the bathroom, so I did not do it intentionally. Actually, I was always daydreaming, looking up in the air when I was small. Sure enough, as the guys were walking into the men's room right next door, I was looking up in the sky thinking and oops,luckily no girls caught me and all the guys were laughing at me. They never let me forget that, it was hell at school the next day. Now I actually witnessed a lady going into the men's room last year. It was early morning and I was at IAD Airport outside of D.C. for a flight to Atlanta, and I decided to use the john just before they started to board the plane. I used the urinal accross from the toilets and as I was washing my hands, I see a 65 year old lady come out of the stall, and say to me, your in the wrong plac! e fella. Now when did they start to put urinals in women's rooms? I was so stunned, I did not say anything back to her, but I sure as hell ran out of there fast so I could double check to make sure I went in the right restroom. I went back in the stall and noticed a slight smell of poop. And get this, she was sitting right infront of me on the plane, she never noticed me again. See ya.

I was just wondering the wiping techniques of you people on this forum. I normally get bored by posts like this, but I was reading one similar to this and I got curious. For me, I always used to wipe standing up, I thought it did the job better. I did this untill I was like 13. Then I dont know if I got lazier or what but now I lean to the left and wipe from my right side from behind. I think this is better than standing up for two reasons. One, in open stalls, I dont feel the need to show all the other men in the bathroom my equipment. and two, if it is a messier poo, when you stand up, it can often get smeared inbetween your cheeks. I also wipe from behind because if i wiped from the front, it would be a bit of a reach and my penis gets in the way. Let me know your method.


Hi! This is my first post but i've been a lurker for awhile! I'm 15, tan, bright blonde hair and about 6" and 110 lbs. My parents punish me with laxatives sometimes. Just the other day me and my brother were fighting, and I punched him in the mouth cause he spit on me. I gave him a bloody mouth, so my mom made me take a few spoonfulls of some ex-lax she uses on us. I sat around and tried to poop for awhile, but I couldn't, so I figured I could go to the mall and back and I could either poop there or back home if I had to. Well I waited for my friend to pick me and we were going to the mall. On the way, she got gas and dropped something off at her moms. But whenever we drove again, I got this major cramp in my stomach. I thought I was gonna shit there! Well I said for her to find a gas station real quick, and she said she'd go to the next one she got to. I told her about my situation. Well what ended up happening was, we didn't get to a gas station in time. We didn't pull ove! r. I ended up with an explosion of shit in my new white cotton shorts from abercrombie and having to be taken back home. I got out and the shit rolled down my long legs and went into my shoes. I walked in, my mom saw me and my ass covered in shit, so do you know what she did? She layed out some newspaper, gave me two more spoonfulls of ex-lax, made me sit on the newspaper and I shit myself a few more times. She said that she just bought those shorts for me today and since they were ruined, I could stay in them for a few more hours so I could "enjoy" them since they were a waste of money. So I sat there, shitting, my mom came out and checked on me periodically, and brought me lots of water so I wouldn't be dehydrated. I finally was allowed back in, but I had to promiss that I was done shitting in my pants and I had to strip my shorts and thong off and walk into the shower. Oh well, I just won't leave anywhere next time. This hasn't happened before, I had close calls, never an! y accidents and she just started this a year and a half ago. Oh well, tell me what you think! I hope you liked it! SIncerely, Allison

Linda D.
I haven't posted for a little while, I have been busy moving to a new flat. but I'll be posting regularly in future.

Jenny C. Loved your story about having a dose of the runs. In answer to your question, no I don't like to poop myself, but I really love to wait as long as I can, to feel the build up in my stomach, then I like to sit on the toilet and hold it in as long as I can, then the great moment when my body takes over and I poop with an explosive burst, sometimes it's three our four bursts that I have no control over, finally I like to sit quietly and poop gently, savouring the movement of my poop coming out of my hole.

ok, just 4 any1 who was wondering: my name is samantha im 21 years old, i am an intern for some extension of the company in paris, france. i hav the biggest fetish for pee that u have ever heard of. i frequently end up wetting myself whether i want to or not though because my girlfriend likes it when i am desperate. (*im bisexual) STORY: yesterday, my girlfriend and i were driving home from work (we carpool) and she was driving. i had downed a 30oz coke on my lunchbreak and another 12oz lemon lime soda aftrward as i was typing up some reports. my boss has a rule that we get one bathroom break per day unless we're desperate and already begining to mess ourselves, he's sick i know sometimes i wonder if he has a fetish of his own ya know?! anyways, i had used mine first thing in the morning because i needed to take a crap real bad. i was sitting there in the car at the start of our 45 minute journey home when i felt the strongest urge to pee that i think i ha! ve ever had in my life! i told larrissa but she just laughed and sayd: "well sammy i guess you'll just hav 2 pee yerself babe!" and sometimes i like peeing on myself but this time i was wearing some of my only descent work clothes so i really didn't want to. i just decided that yelling at her would put even more pressure on my bladder so i kept quiet, crossed my legs and started rocking on the edge of the seat to hold it all in. 15 minutes later barely half way home i realize that my little skirt and panties are in some wet trouble here because i cannot hold it anylonger. finally we get onto the freeway so i know it will not be much longer but i guess she saw the desperate look in my eyes cuz she slammed on the brakes right in the middle of the freeway! i almost lost full bladder control and pee started leaking out kind of rapidly. i put my hand on myself to stop the flow and she starts driving again laughing like crazy. what feels like hours later we pull into the driveway.! i swing open the door thinking i could run to the bathroom inside the house if i ran real fast. as i get up i finally burst. i pull up my skirt, squat down and pee right through my panties onto the pavement in a huge two minute gush of pure relief. my girlfriend was just sitting there staring at me because i had never peed infront of her outside before- just in private, but what can i say? when you really gotta go!

I was at walmart one morning and had a stomach ache that whole morning . I was thre killing time before work and was in the back of the store. When I get the urge to poop i have like two minutes to find a bathroom or i shit my pants. I walked to the layaway department and was already clenching my as cheeks and to my suprise the bathroom was closed for cleaning so now i had to go all tha way to the front of the store to the customer service desk to use that bathroom and it was open. whole time i was walking there i had my cheeks so clenched am so tight that you couldnt squeeze a piece of paper between them. You know whati am talking about that walk where you have no ass and you back is bent backwards. so i make it to the door and then it happens my ass exploded and showered my ass in this smooshy shit that smeeled like rotting flesh. i go in and clean my self up and leave my underwear in the toilet.

When I was eight or nine, I remember shitting my pants and not telling anyone because I was afraid I'd get in trouble, so I wound up spending a few hours with a load in my panties! When I got homew, I sat on the toilet and emptied my panties out, and spent the rest of the day with dirty panties. I guess no one smelled it.

hold it till loose it
I need to take a crap and a piss badly, but am too lazy, every now and then I feel my shit pushing it's way out and I am pushing it in, and my piss is now begining to leave my pussy. I'm really not in the mood of sitting on the crapped and push, strain and grunt although i might not need so but still , walkign to the bathroom feels like a journey, I think I'll be staying on my chair, no biggie so far. oh, did I say it is no biggie, I think am wrong, I feel my butthole is opening, oooooh my god, i cant stop it, shiiit, it's coming out, I dont know how the hell am I able to type, i think it's the denial of shitting on the chair, shiiit, it's all out, I guess I wont make it to the bathroom now, oh yeah there is a plastic close to me, am going to put it on the ground and go on it, aaaaaah, here we go, a weird feeling, shitting on the floor while typing ur feeling, aaand pissing too, aaaaaah it's a good feeling, my crap is dark brown and they're coming out systematically, looks l! ike hot dogs and my piss is getting stronger now, m not able to hold it, but i want to coz it's starting to move out of the full of shit plastic bag, mmmmhhhhh, a piece of log is sticking out it's not able to go down,Iiiiiiiiii willll neeeddaaaaaahhhh another push, there it goes, now that am done, i will run to wash up in the bathroom and hold my shit with me to throw somewhere. that felt good, i think i found an alternative plave where i can enjoy my business!

I am 23 yr old female w/long brown hair and an attractive appearance. I come from an interesting home background and I want to tell you about it because I sometimes after talking to others think my parents were weirdo's or something. We had an open policy on both nudity and bathroom habits. We were never disciplined for messing our pants or wetting them. If fact it was encouraged. We had no problem using the bathroom in front of each other and my mom especially enjoyed doing her pants and cleaning me and my sister when we did ours. Dad never did his, nor did he ever touch us girls, but he did get turned on when he would get to watch one of us have an "accident" especially in public. One week, we were out shopping, and mom announced that she had to pee and poop real bad and as soon as we stepped outside the store it would be a "done deal". True to her word, she no sooner paid for her groceries and a bulge started appearing in her white slacks. I'm suprised that no one else in! the store seemed to notice (or they ignored her) cause I could hear the distinctive crakling sound as she loaded her pants. As soon as she hit the door, she soaked them and the pee ran down her legs into her shoes. What a sight! Here's a grown woman (35) wadddling thru the parking lot, shoes squaking with each step, pants soaked back & front and a load of shit bouncing around with her ass cheeks. Dad was laughing all the way to the car and just before we got in, he put his arms around her waist, and reached down to her butt and spread her load up and down inside her butt crack. On the way home, we rolled the windows down and dad teased mom about being a "naughty girl" and told her he would deal with that problem when we get home. When we arrived there, he pulled her pants and panties down in front of us, took a washloth and some toilet paper and cleaned her butt, then put her across his knees and spanked her like a little kid. (Not to hard of course) He looked up at me ! and my sis and told us that if we didn't quit having accidents he would require mom to do the same to us. (As I mentioned, he never touched us in any sexually compromising way; Although we were unashamed of our nudity, we respected each other) After their little discipline session, they went into the bedroom to "count bills". Of course we knew better, but that is not a subject for discussion in this forum. Since I have been on my own I sometimes (in private) still do my pants just for the naughty warm feeling it gives me. I often wonder if I will ever find a husband like dad who doesn't mind my liberal upbringing?

a mysterious poster
where do guyz put their dicks when they take a dump?

Often Plugged Up:
I am often constipated too and like you, I dont want to take anything addictive, so I take glycerin suppositories. They aren't suppose to be, and work great. The only suggestion I have is to make sure that you insert it as far as you can, and than don't go at the first urge, hold it in as long as you can, or it wont have time to melt and work well. If it doesn't work in about 30 min, just put a second one in, and that works always. Let me know how you make out if you try it. I'm 29 m, and you? Write me here and tell me what you think.

Hi, Ive been a reader for long time but I thought Id write about one of my experiences.
When I was in Jr. High school, we had a few teachers that were very strict about leaving a classroom for the bathroom. It seemed like we were here, now graduated from grade school and expected to act like adults and not ask to go during the lessons.
This day I wont forget, I wore a new pink dress pleated with a belt, I had a nice new hairdo I got the saturday before and I wore black shiny shoes with white sox and of course pink panties to match the dress.
This one morning I had rushed to school after trying to get dressed just perfect in my dress, drinking only some coffee and gulpin down some orange juice. I peed before catching the bus.
About the third period in the morning I felt a need to pee. It got stronger rapidly for some reason and I knew I was going to have to ask to go. I crossed my legs, stretched out and made an effort to hold on. I shifted in my seat and squeezed my thighs and I knew I have to ask now. I put up my hand and this single unmarried blonde witch of a teacher said, no, just as I heard, you are adults and should hold off your bathroom breaks till the end of class.
I put one hand up my dress and felt my peehole and pressed in and that seemed to help. I tried to do this without being noticed, I put my hand up my dress from the side away from the nearest classmate.

One boy happened to glance back at me and saw me holding myself, and I flipped my dresh out and took my hand away. I felt a tiny warm trickle of pee leak into my panties. I was afraid I would pee my pantites now, so I lifted up, and pulled my dress out from under my butt and sat on my panties only. I kept feeling little spurts of pee leak into my panties, I could not stop them. I put up my hand again and the teacher ignored me knowing what I wanted. Soon I felt my croth wet and more pee leakintg into my crotch and running up my butt crack wetting me all the more. I sat forward on the chair, trying to push in on my peehole and stop it, but it would not work. I got a huge chill like I was so cold, and actuall shivered for a second or two. With that chill I felt my pee squirting out more into my panties and now pouring off the front of my seat onto the floor. I was peeing my pants, the first time since I was in the 2 nd grade and 8 years old.
My pee was so hot as it ran down my legs now and a big puddle formed on the floor under my chair. The only thing saveed was my pink dress, my panties were soaked thru up my back and thighs.
The one boy hand been watching me and looked and said half out loud, "she peed her pants". With that and some giggles the teacher made her way to my desk and asked "why" I had to do that and I couldnt wait.
I put my head down onthe desk and cried softly as I felt more of my water just let go. The teacher said, "get up and go to the nurses office" and I did. As I got up still peeing some pee wet my pink dress now and made a big stain. I rushed out of the room and went to the nurses office. She wasnt there, but I went to the bathroom there and took off my panties and sox and shoes and tried to dry up some.
Finally she came in and was very nice about it, she took me in her car and drove me home. I got home, changed clothes, washed up and called it a day.
The next day, my mom sent me along to school with a note saying I must be excused for the bathroom if I needed to go. I didnt need that note, but it would help if I got into trouble again.
During that year there were 5 classmates that wet their pants. One eevn had a #2 accident.]
After that year we went to the next grade and no one had that problem again. Also the teacher we had got married and moved out of state.
I guess panty wetting in school is common and I guess I shouldnt be ashamed as others have done it too.
But this one I remember as I got my pretty pink dress messed up.

Miss Belinda
Here's a little story thats kinda funny and a little embarrasing on my part. The sewage drainage from our house was clogged with tree roots on the outside of the house, this is one of the deals where you have to open the line from the outside and usually when the pipe is opened the contents spill out and you can "snake" the line to get rid of the clog, anything from the clog back will come up and out of the pipe if a commode is flushed. I was in the bathroom poopooing, not knowing that the three men my husband hired were on the job. The commode wasn't completely clogged but had been a little slow when it was flushed. When I was done I noticed that the poopoo and toilet paper went down a bit faster than normal. After finishing I went to window and noticed the men outside and I didn't realize what I had done. I went outside to check the progress when my husband had a smirky grin on his face and the hired help wouldn't even hardly look at me as I spoke. My husband, being a jo! ker, looked me and asked if I had lost something in the bathroom. I replied with a "no". He pointed over to the dirt pile and on top of the dirt pile were my two light brown turds that I had recently flushed, actually it was one long turd that had broken. I was so embarassed and my husband laughed his butt off and of course I didn't stick around long enough to find out what the other men thought.

A rather bland post here, but maybe somebody will enjoy it. I had originally planned to go for a walk today, with a slight detour in the woods for a nice dump, but it rained for much of the day so that basically killed the walk/dump idea. I did venture into the woods behind our house three times this afternoon and took three very nice pisses. The last one was the most satisfying, as I had held it in as long as I could and it was a very thick stream, which helped in me trying to propel it farther. I didn't try for a distance record, but I pissed on a tree that was about 7 feet from me. I didn't time any of the pisses, but I'd say that none lasted more than 2 minutes. I really had to go that last time and it felt so good to finally relieve my full bladder! Just in case I haven't mentioned this before, I pee a lot (as in often). I was probably 3/4 full for my two early afternoon pisses. Anyway, gotta go for now. Happy goings all!

When I was maybe 11, me and two kids that grandparents lived next door to me had a club. Our club had 3 meeting places. Two meeting places were two different trees in their grandparents yard; and the other place was a large bush in my yard. They were both a little younger than me; Nick was 10 and Matt was 8. On day we all had to pee and we desided to just go in our fort. We decided which area would be the 'pee' spot in each fort. Well, in one fort the spot was to pee on a neighbors fence. We all pulled down are pants and peed on the fence. On a different day, Nick had to poop. So I suggested that we add a 'Poo' area to each fort. In the same fort as before, we decided that we would sit on a low branch and the poo would just fall behind us out of our way. Well that day Nick still just went inside to poop, and he was gone for awhile. The next day we aggred that everyone in the club would have to go poop in the fort when ever another member was there and it would s! tart today. So Matt went first, he pulled his shorts down all the way and then pulled his briefs down. He sat down on the poop branch and started to push. Nich and I were kinda next to him/behind him, so we got to see the poo come out of his butt. He wiped with some leaves and pulled up his pants. Now it was my turn. I pulled down my shorts and briefs. I was a little constipated and hadden gone in a couple of days, so I had to push a lot harder than Matt. I pushed out a log that was almost the exact size of a pop can with both Matt and Nick watching it come out. I then wiped with some leaves and pulled up my pants. Now it was Nicks turn but he didn't want to poop in front of his brother. So I got Matt to leave for a minute and Nick pulled down his shorts and briefs. He sat down on the branch but couldn't poop right away. He was pushing really hard and he finally was able to push out alittle piece of poop. He wiped and pulled up his pants. Then we just talked an! d played games. The next day Matt pooped in one of the other forts before they had to go home. While they were gone, I would often just go poop in the fort in my yard.

As much fun as it was, we stopped doing it after awhile. If you enjoyed this story let me know. I have more poop stories from my youth.


One day I hadda go really bad and I make a big doody in my panties when I get into the bathroom. When someone turn the water faucet on I hear the water and go pee in my pants too.

14 yrs. old, 5'6 140 lbs.,brown hair

James-Liked your story. I wish I was in there to spy on a kid with diarrhea in the dirty boys room stalls. What was amazing was that he got himself off afterwards. Dirty toilets, pooping, and getting off are all turn ons for me.

A similar story happened to me too. A couple of weeks ago, I was at this summer camp. I was outside one day when I felt a large pain in my butt. I knew it was diarrhea. I hadn't pooped in three days because I didn't want to poop in front of other boys with the kind of restrooms we had. I wasn't going to hold it in this time, so I told my counselor I needed to use the bathroom and I sprinted off to the building where the restrooms were. I opened the door that said "Boys" and to my luck no one was in there. There were 4 urinals to the right of the door, 4 stalls next to the urinals, and sinks and mirrors across from the stalls. The bathroom was old and dilapidated. The stalls were steel walls that were falling out of the wall and were covered with grafitti. There were no doors. TP covered the floor and the toilets weren't flushed. One of the the toilet seats had diarrhea sprayed all over the seat. I had only peed in here before, but never pooped. Anyway, I took the farth est stall and covered the seat with tp. I dropped my shorts and blue swimming bikini bottom to my ankles and squirted all of my shit into the toilet just as I sat. I spent 5 minutes farting and pooping constantly until the door opened. The sounds of bare feet came running into the stall next to me. The wall allowed me to see in the next stall. The kid looked around 14-15, 5'5, light brown hair, and really skinny. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and blue athletic shorts that he dropped to his ankles. He pulled his black underwear briefs to his thighs and sat on the toilet blasting heavy diarrhea. He didn't have time to cover the dirty seat. We both spent 10 min. farting and squirting. I peeked over and saw him start to wipe so then I started to wipe. I pulled everything up and was about to flush when I heard more farting from him. I spent 5 more min. spying on him until he started wiping again. I then flushed and went to the sinks to wash my hands. I fixed my hair in the m! irror for a minute and exited just as he flushed. I was outside when I saw him exit. He looked kind of embarrassed. Hope to hear more good stories.

Jonny the Jonny Brush
Howdy folks.

This here is my very first story. Let me intorduce myself. I'm in my Freshman year in Hish School, Play 1st Trombone in the band, and I love to read toilet related stories. Pee, Poop, and others. In regards to all the super bladder or bowel stories go, I am a "regular John" when it comes to going to the john <tee hee hee>

I was goin gto hold off on my first post, when something quite interesting and disturbing happened. I was reading through some of the old posts when I came across a story about a guy who was walked in on by somebody at a KFC. I don't remember the name. Well anyhoo, like I said B 4, I play the trombone, but I am not the quickest sight reader in the world. The band master, who lives right across from me, has a daughter who I am MADLY MADLY MADLY in love with. As luck would have it, Mr. Band Master decided that his daughter would be a great choice to teach me how to sight read, so over the Summer, it was decided that she would tutor me.

Well everything went alright, I was doing pretty good, until she handed me this one hand-written piece that I could not decyfer. She ordered me to practice it, and that she would be back to check my progress. I practiced as hard as I could, but to no avail. To make matters worse, I forgot to tell my 'tutor' that I was going on a weekend fishing trip, and she got quite upset.

Well I was home alone, and the front door was unlocked. Diana, ws quite upset. She came storming into the house demanding to know where I was. I, of course, was in the bathroom working on a #2. When I answered, she barged RIGHT IN on me, and all the time while half a turd was hanging out of my butt, she yelled at me for not telling her I was going out of town. I was beat red with embarassment, but she didn't take her eyes off of me for one minute. I couldn't exactly stop what I was doing, and it got a little stinky as I did my business. Finaly, I interupted "For Christ sake, Diana, I'm taking a DUMP!!! Get out of here!11" She told me to shut up, and continued to yell at me some more. Finaly, I wiped, got up,pulled up my pants, and SHE reached over and flushed the toilet for me.

Well I did finaly manage to struggle through that piece of music. I asked her if she would like me to play if for her while she was taking a shit, or would she like me to sit on the toilet while I played it. We both started laughing.

Kelly Ann
Hi my name is Kelly Ann, and I found this site by accident, but am very interested in BMs. I usually have very large dumps that are quite often painful (yet relieveing)... My boyfriend LOVES to watch me go, as I discovered the other day...
We were hanging out at my house when I told him that I had to go to the bathroom. He took his arm out from around my shoulder and told me to hurry up. I replied that I had to take a poop, and he asked me if he could maybe watch. I didn't care, so I told him sure, why not. I warned him that I had a very bad stomach ache and it usually takes a long long time for me to go (usually around 20 minutes). He just followed me into the bathroom.
I went over to the bowl and pulled down my pants. Just then, a HUGE cramp hit me and my face twisted with pain. My boyfriend asked if I was ok and I said "I'm fine, I just really have to let loose" I sat down and he sat on the edge of the tub. The tip of the terd began to inch it's way out of my but and I started to push a little. It wouldn't go any further. I pushed a little more, but still nothing. So I then grabbed the sides of the bowl andpushed as hard as I could, grunting all the way/ My boyfriend stopped me and said "You're going to hurt yourself!" He leaned me back against the back of the toilet and began to massage my stomach. It felt SO GOOD. I began to relax, and then I got another horrible cramp. I sat up and my boyfriend took me by the hand and said "Just relax and let it come out." SO I didn't push, I just sat there for about three minutes, and then it started. The piece of poop slowly crawled out of my butt and I sat there moaning and groaning. It hur! t. Not the hurt where it burns your butt, but the hurt where you feel like your stomach is doing back flips. Finallythe poop ploped into the toilet. I was so relieved, and I felt so much better. I stood up and began to wipe when I relized there might be more to come. I sat back down and my boyfriend asked what was wrong. I told him that I still felt full. And boy, was I right. The second I sat down, another piece slid out of my anus. This time it wasnt painful, it felt SO AMAZING. As the next piece started to come out, I said "mmmm... oooo... " and when it fell out I made a HUGE sigh of relief ("ahhhhh"). I looked at my boyfriend and I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants, if you know what I mean. I went to say something to him, but another poop started coming out. This time, I made all sorts of noises because I could see how much my boyfriend liked it. Then I was done. Not much wiping needed. By the time I had pulled up my pants, my boyfriend was so turned on he was ho! lding himself. We left the bathroom and sat on the couch, he was still hard as a rock. I asked if he was ok, and he told me he had never been so aroused in his life. I told him that he was more than welcome to watch me next time... so plenty more stories coming soon! hope you liked it!

I can't beleive it, Gonza's done it again. He probably poo's about 8 times a day - heaps of the stuff, like a thick brown soup, no a bit thicker than soup - more like treacle with lumps of stringy mud and weeds in it. The stuff stinks sumthing awful as well, its worse than anything you've ever done and then sum. It like clings to the roof of your nose, invades your brain with this awful stenksh. It makes you hold your breth, and if you're so stupid to have taken a breth before you hold it that breth seems to want to forse its way up your throte and out of your mouth with any other food that you may have eaten like recently. Anyway Gonza decided to poo up aunty mirtel's toilet. I suppoze he wood say he had no choice, but anyway thats what he did - he pood it full. Now aunty mirtel was really cross, so cross that she chased Gonza down the road with only his boxers on, like the smell was too much for her brain i think. Gonza says she didnt even let him wipe but came into the to! ilet shouting and coffing telling him to go because it was so awful. He says he just had time luckily to pull on his boxers but not his pants or his shirt or his socks or his shoes, and his bum was full of poo that he didn't even wipe off because she was hollering and mad at him. He says althowe the toilet was full of poo he still had sum poo inside his bum, and that anyway he had then to go into the field behind aunty mirtels house to finish pooing, and luckily there were sum leaves there that were soft and helped him get most of the poo of his cheeks of his bum. I thort it was really funny, but Gonza didn't.

Kathy M. H.

My college sorority used to haze some of the pledges by making them take magnesium citrate. Liquid can opener. Turbo-lax.

Swallow the bottle and walk across campus, ladies. Had to make it to the student center before it kicks in.

Some didn't and ended up crying, with shitty panties.


j dogg
One day while i was working at a summer camp, I was walking back to the office from the
woods when this boy around the age of 10 ran past me very fast. He was running down the path
in front of me wobbling back and forth. Suddenly, he slowed down and moved toward a tree
grabbing his crotch area. He had to pee bad, but could not make it back the school to use
the toilets. He had to go so badly that he did not even pull the front of his pants down,
he pulled his pants up from the leg and started peeing on the tree. I kept walking and
as i got closer I was able to see him peeing. Once the boy saw me, he tried to stop peeing and move out the way but
he couldnt stop in mid stream. Then i just walked away.

diarrhea babe
Hi, I looooove the stories of pooping accidents, as for I'm the miss poop accidents herlself, please dont stop these stories coz'they make me fee that there are someone who shares with me the embarresment. ok, here's my story. I was invited to gala ball party with my fiance (which I have been with for 4 years), I work for the landrover middle east as a marketing coordinator, before the party my fiance said he wanted to comeover for as he didnt have anything else to do, we are so open to each other, he shares with me if he was constipated, had diarrhea so that I can take care of him, and vice versa. that night before the gala party, I was very busy dressing up and he was using the bathroom, I could smell his crap and fart, it seemed to me he is having a rich doodoo, as I walked to the bathroom, I heard him saying "oh god, I cant take this" I knocked on the door and he let me in, and asked him "baby, is there anything wrong? "he said while holding his butt cheeks and trying t! o push,"I;m having too much pain while pushing the shit out,although my logs are not hard but mushy instead" , he was really in pain, I could see he was about to cry from the pain, I told him that I wanted to see what's wrong, I got him some old newspaper, some towels and told him to just go with what's left on the floor, I held him in the right position to let his turds out, I stood behind him, holding him stable with one hand and lifting his butt cheeks with the other, he told me that he is having cramps and might have a diarrhea, we waited for like 1 minutes until he said he feels it's coming, and he started to move as a reaction to his butt pain,I could feel how bad it was from the way he pressed on my hand, and then he let a large amount of diarrhea out, I wondered what was the problem,it was so weird, he wasnt constipated but had that pain. After taking some more loads out, he was already crying, I now really started to get worried, my fiance is a healthy 27 y.o, I tol! d him that I'm gonna wash him up and then we'll see what we can do, I helped him get into the bathtub, then, we went out to my bedroom, he layed down on my bed like someone who came back from a battle, I told that if he's too sick we wont go to the gala party, he said" no it's ok", I feel a little better" I was feared from letting him go out coz'I thought that if he had diarrhea, he will need to use the bathroom more often, but eventually we left my place,and I drove to let him rest. He had few cramps on the way to the party but he said he was fine. when we reached there, he looked fine to me, we danced a little, we had some snakes and after 2 hours, I looked at him while I was talking to some collegue, he didnt look good to me. I went up to him and asked him if he needed to use the bathroom, he said "I badly need to go,but I am scared of the pain that I will have"I told him that it's going to be ok, but he didnt listen to me and told me to go talk to my friends and that he ! is going to be ok, 30mins later I thought of going back home(coz i was thinking of poor him all the time, and that i should asses him), he agreed to leave having this weak look on his face. In the car, I saw him putting his hand under his butt, I asked him if he was going to go he said that he's under control,after 10minutes, he really looked bad, I told him that he should go to the bathroom, and avoiding the pain is doing no good to him because he will go in his pants anyways, he looked at me with this silent helpless look, I looked for an empty area where I can let him go, we fortunatly were close to a huge green area with only trees and bushes and some rides for children. I stopped there and went out of the car to his side opened the door, he said"I think the minute I move I'm going to have a diarrhea stream" I wanted to make him feel secure and said "dont worry, I'll make sure i wont let that happen" I held his hand, and as we walked to reach the bushes, he stopped and t! old me that it started to come out, I quickly unbuttoned his pants, and put down his boxer, it was true, his leg were covered with diarrhea pieces and dirt. I helped him bend over while he started to explode the minure he started to bend, the poor thing really needed to shit but he was holding it coz'of the pain, he really was in pain while letting out diarrhea, I held him all that time to try to help, when he finished I wiped his butt with tissues and bottled water but he said that he wants to pee,I waited for him until he finished,wiped his penis , helped him dress up, when we reached home, i told him the pain or burn as he say is wierd and I let him lay down on the bed, bending over in a position that his butt cheeks are open enough for me to see his hole, when I looked he had this really swelling area,it was red, bleeding and sore. I felt sorry for him, put him to sleep and the next day I took him to the doc, he gave him 2 types to medicine, pills and cream. so I let him! stay over until felt better, and whenever he needed to take a crap,I always went with him coz'he was having hard time, I also encouraged him and force him sometimes coz'I could tell sometimes that he was holding it on purpose.
and that's it.. :) ,sorry if i was boring

Middle Aged Crapper
Bryian: sorry about my very belated response to your question about my diarrhea assault a few weeks ago and what type of pizza I ate which disagreed with me, but I went on vacation the very moment you sent your post. Actually I buy a cheap brand called "Tony's Pizza" at the supermarket. I'm sorry that Pizza Hut pizzas sometimes cause you discomfort. I have to admit I like the latter product because its crust is brushed lightly with that delightful decadent oil. Maybe I should spend a bit more money on my pizzas in future to avoid diarrhea.

I took a somewhat modest vacation (travel-wise) from my native Los Angeles--to northeastern California and southern Oregon. I had a few toilet highlights from my time off. When I went to Lassen Volcanic National Park I drove on the park road to its highest point at 8,500 feet. Mt. Lassen is still a "hot peak" from its last eruption 88 years ago. I took a sniff at one of the steaming sulphur pits; and the wind was blowing my way that day so I really got a good whiff of the stench. A bit later back at the hotel I dumped my usual two loads in the toilet and decided to bend forward to check out the smell of my production. You guessed it--it reeked of sulphur. I thought My God!, did the sulphur stench actually penetrate through my nostrils all the way down to and out my anus!?
At another hotel toilet I dumped the greatest snake I've ever produced in my life. The turd had a full two coils and spread across the breadth of the bowl. It might almost have been called a "pigtail turd."
Being on vacation I got to renew my experiences with toilet seats smaller than my own butt. I would never poop without a toilet seat because I wouldn't want to fall in, but toilet seats smaller than my butt are actually something of a turn-on for me. I just have to be sure to center my anus perfectly over the bowl to not make a mess. I like my two cheeks overlapping the edges of the seat. The smallest toilet I've ever pooped in was on a Saturday trip to a popular tourist spot off Los Angeles--Santa Catalina Island. Its' main town of Avalon features a fairly easy two-mile hike to a cactus garden. Halfway down I stopped at a public restroom, pulled down my pants and centered my anus on the toilet. The original architect must have had the most petite and cute little bottom ever seen on an adult male in human history. I dumped a big load, but fortunately this toilet had powerful water jets. When I moved to stand up I was stuck in the petite little toilet for a ! moment and was worried briefly, but I gave another yank upward and managed to extract my bottom.

Did You Know????
I'm new and would like to share something I read the other day.
Did you know that our bodies, no matter what size or gender, male or female, hold 16 pounds of waste??!!
Even when you have a BM your bodie only outputs 1\4 to 1\2 of the waste.
Usually the things we eat will travel with us for up to 3 days.
Now you might think, "Ok, but how come after I eat corn it comes out the next day?"
The reason is that corn has certain chemical that digests faster and breaks down easier.
Only a small portion of the food we eat has this chemical.
Just thought I would provide this info.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I agree with Traveling guy that the doorless stalls are not very common anymore. A long time ago (well some years back, anyway) I remember there being doorless stalls at Montgomery wards, K Mart, Sears, JC Penny, the beach, and even at my college. Most of the doors have gone back up and fewer are coming down. I've even taken a dump in a stall whose door is so out of whack, that the gap between the partition and the door is about 5 inches. But there is still a door and people are more likely to dump there. Truth be told, I'd rather take a dump in a doorless public stall than at home most of the time! (yeah, that's nuts I suppose)

I love women farting! I once heard a woman just "gush" a gallon of wind in the toilet, and my ears were tuned since then (a young age).

I would like to read some stories please of any experiences... Look forward.

Tonight I tried peeing standing up for the first time. I went into the bathroom stood in the tub, and held them apart with my hands. I leaned against the back wall and pushed hard with my peeing muscles. Pee squirted clear across the tub, higher than where it was coming out. Not that good of aim, and a lot of dribbling, but I thought it was pretty good for my first try. I read all about peeing standing up on the website and wanted to give it a go. Its really cool...all you girls out there should try it!

Hi, everyone,

I had an embarrassing experience today. I was in the magistrates court in Newport, Gwent. It was a scorching hot day, one of the hottest of the year. The television and radio reporters were advising people to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. In court there were carafes of water available, and I drank plenty. About eleven I really needed a piss but I was cross-examining a witness and just had to hang on. Eventually, at midday the magistrates called a recess for lunch. I was bursting to go and gathered up my papers as quickly as I could. The court I was in, No.3 is farthest away from the Ladies Room and the walk down the corridor was torture, with every other step a little juice escaped from me and when I got to the Ladies I was more than a little wet. All four cubicles were occupied and there were two women in front of me. I just stood, thighs squeezed tight together, struggling to hold myself. One of the cubicles quickly emptied and there was just o! ne woman in front of me but, unfortunately, it appeared that all the four cubicles were occupied by women taking a shit, two of them were very noisy but the other two were so quiet they must have been having a hard time. Ordinarily I would sympathise with anyone going to the toilet and would be the first to help if I could. But I was really ready to piss myself at any moment and I was wearing an expensive costume, not to mention my undies which are always the best. After another couple of minutes a cubicle emptied and the woman in front of me went in. I was next, I had to wait at least another five minutes, with a queue building up behind me, before a cubicle opened, it was the one farthest away, and the three or four steps to enter it was too much for me, as I entered I pissed myself, I just couldn't hold myself any longer. As I lifted my skirt I was pissing furiously and as I yanked my panties down my thighs were drenched, my stockings, even the tops of my shoes, from! piss running down my legs. I sat on the pan in despair, my skirt was clean, but I wasn't carrying a spare pair of panties as I usually do and I didn't fancy an afternoon in court pantieless. I just sat there pissing furiously for half a minute or
more. I took my stocking off and I had to use reams of paper and my hankerchief to dry myself. Going to lunch was out of the question, I had to work on my brief and so it was back to court undieless. The hot weather, amplified in the hot, hot courtroom was unbearable, I was sweating so mych, my bum and thighs became very sticky. It was a piss that I didn't enjoy and one I hope nobody has to experience. That's all for now,

Love and best wishes to all posters,

I'll write again, real soon,

Love you all,

Sheila (South Wales).

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