Yesterday I really had to poo in a restuarant that I was having dinner in. I pretty much have made it a rule never to poo in public places. This time I had an emergency because I had diarhhea! I waited a ran into the bathroom, pulled my jeans just far enough down so I could poo in the toilet and leaned forward while my hands were folded in front of me. After about 10 minutes, I heard a near gush of all this poo coming out from me. I flushed and wiped alot, then the smell was really bad. The whole bathroom smelled like hardboiled eggs after I finished. I didnt even look at what it looked like, just flushed it. I left and went back to finish dinner. I was happy no one was in there.

Hi. This is my first post. I'm seventeen, I live in Oregon. The first time I ever took a crap outside was when I went camping with my parents and my brother and sisters. I was ten. There were no restrooms anywhere. So, my Dad sat down and gave us all a little outdoor survival lesson. He said to take the shovel, dig a small hole and poop in it, then cover your poop with the dirt. Sounds easy, right? Well I held my poop for the first two days. I just didn't like the idea of crapping outside where someone could see me or whatever. I peed a few times, so it wasn't like I was worried about someone seeing my bare butt, I just didn't want anyone to see poop coming out of it! But the second afternoon of the trip, my guts were full! I really had to crap! So I grabbed the shovel and the TP (it was biodegradable) and walked a few hundred feet away into some bushes. I dug a hole, then I pulled my pants and my panties down to my knees and squatted over the hole. I didn't ! even need to push, because as soon as I relaxed, crap came rushing out of my butt. It was kind of mushy. After I was done crapping, I tried to stand, but I lost my balance. I put my hand down right on a pine cone and stabbed myself. I fell, and my bare butt landed in the hole, right on top of my pile of crap! I said, "Shit!" I managaed to get up, but a big glob of poop fell off my ass and landed right in my underpants, and splattered down into my pants. This was a nightmare! I kicked off my boots and socks, carefully pulled off my pants and underpants and started wiping my ass, which was covered in my own poop. I had to wipe my cheeks, my thighs, everything. It was really gross. My underpants were full of poop, so I put them in the hole with the poop and the tp and covered it up. My pants had poop splattered in them. I put my socks and boots back on, and hled my pants in a ball in front of my crotch. I walked all the way back to camp with my bare butt on displa! y! When I got back, my Mom asked why I took my pants off, why was I naked from the waist down? I told her I crapped myself, which is more or less what happened. At least that stopped her from asking me questions. I took some wet wipes and cleaned my bottom area, then put on clean panties and pants.

I had to poop a couple more times during the trip, but I hung my ass over a fallen tree I found both times. No chance of falling into my own poop that way!

WOW - I'm stunned!

I'm 40ish female, unmarried and for some reason that I can't fathom I love having diareah.

I think it goes back to when I was a little girl when i had a sudden massive diarreah accident following a does of flu and then found that I liked the warm feeling I got round my butt just as my panties were filling up.

Since then I always make the most of any bouts which I get and I conspire to take long walks or get stuck in traffic or somewhere where an accident is almost inevitable.

I say almost - because of course the element of doubt and surprise is part of the fun.

Until I found this site I thought I was the only preson out there who felt like this. But from reading some of your posts I guess I'm not alone - I love reading the stories from other girls hwo have had Diarreah accidents so please keep posting. I have lots of stories so if anyone is interested I may share a few in future posts...

But for now I will leave with a question.

Are there any other girls like me who actually enjoy these accidents ?

Mysterious Man
Julie: I know you wanted a response from the girls', but just for fun here's and idea. Eat a nice big meal and then poop, make sure it clogs the toilet and then blaim it on your brother.

Jessica: Nice story, hope to hear more, do you have stories from when you were a kid (10-13)? Can't wait to hear more.

I've placed my Email name up, I hope that it's posted, I'd like to find some friends here, so please moderators of this site, don't leave it out, I won't ask for anything too personal, I know not to.

See you all later!

I have some questions for the females and would be grateful if they could answer them:

1)when you take a dump, do you put your hands on/massage your stomach. If so how, and under what circumstances do you do that?

2)do you grunt or strain? If so how (what kind of sounds) and under what circumstances?

3)when you sit dou you sit on tip-toe?

Thanks alot for your answers

Now im back for some stories when i was away..lets see where to start...i left on sunday for a 4 day/5 night trip. I went to the Jersey shore. I had alot of fun.
I think i only pooped 2 times when i was there...i had last pooped that friday(2 days be4 i left) and then i didn't poop again till like Monday and tuesday..something like that. When i pooped i didn't go in the room where family was around. I went in the hotel bathroom. There were 2 bathrooms, there was an execsizing room upstairs with bathrooms(2 stalls there) and a urinal. Downstairs was locker room bathroom(across from indoor pool). There was 2 urinals there, 1 big H.C stall and showers and lockers. Then first time i pooped there i had to medium size logs and very little wiping. Then the next night after dinner i had to poop big time. I had 2 big logs looked like it was a mix of light brown and dk brown all togeheter. Then on top of that i had soft stuff on top. That was on tuesday i think..its now friday and i have a urge to poop now that im home.

I went to some area boardwalks while i was away..I noticed alot of those bathrooms on the boards are so dirty..i know someone not too long ago was asking about dirty bathrooms, i found the dirtiest bathroom in Atlantic City. Any way...this next part is for wet guy...and other pee lovers.
The day i went to Atlantic city boards i was walking along and i saw this 10 y.o kid walking and i swore he was holding him self on his privates and then i swore i heard him say he had to go to the bathroom..i wasn't alone, if i was i'd have followed him.

Then on Tuesday moring i went to breakfast and there was this place on the shore we went to..i saw this kid get up and go to the then 2 min later i got up to pee..sure enough i was sure he was pooping. I didn't see him come out..i think i was still peeing when he was in there.
I think thats all my stories...if i think of any more i'll post them tomorrow..bye for now


A couple of years ago, I had an attractive girlfriend who was very sensitive about her often urgent need to use the bathroom.

After a while, she told me that her single mom punished her with a laxative.

She would get a dose after using foul language, coming home very late, improper conduct, etc.

The laxative would work suddenly, sometimes at an inconvenient time, and it caused some close calls.

Have any of you experienced this situation, where laxatives were used as a form of punishment by a parent?

one time i was at a party when i got an incredibly painful feeling in my stomach..obviously i had to take a crap so i figured i would go to the bathroom..i walked into the bathroom and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet..after about 2 minutes the door swings open and there are 3 guys standing in the doorway everyone else at the party could see me too...i just sat there helplessly on the toilet..i was so embarassed.finally they let me get back to business but i wanted to die then..anyway everything is cool now and i can actually laugh when someone mentions that to me.

well thats it for me now keep up the awesome posts

<3 Stacy

Maleman- The movie you were thinking of is Dumb and Dumber. Jim Carrey was the guy.It was my favorite part!

To Ron: What a great story, about JC Penney's. What I don't understand is how come the stalls in the gentlemens restroom did not have doors on them? s this normal? I, as a woman could NEVER sit on a toilet with strangers walking past me while I was doing my business. Is this how all gentlemens restrooms are?

Little Miss Modest, Please describe your typical poop.

Punk #5
To Mile High boy and any other who might have mentioned it: That anecdote about the man taking a 32 minute piss and being arrested afterward is a joke. I've seen that one, which is part of a silly world record list, all over the 'Net on joke sites. Type the text into a search engine. I'm sure you'll find it. Of course, you may have known this already...

Metamucil Man
Blind Date: Uncensored

I saw the one where the girl is on the pot. It is SCENE 7 on the DVD. I think the editing crew on Blind Date put the farting sounds in afterward or they had a noise making device right there with her. If she was really making those fart sounds, they would have been muffled and echo-like coming from the toilet bowl. Personally, the girl in the scene wasn’t that hot either. I did, however, enjoy the rest of the DVD Bonus Footage.
Cyber Fiber

Hi All...I just got back from my trip! got lots to post on..first im trying to catch up on posts..i was gone almost a week doesn't look like too many updates when i was gone 6 days. I thought there might be 2-3 pages but it only looks like a page 1/2. I last checked out here on sunday and its now friday...just read the old posts on the page behind this.

To Hyper: I enjoyed your story about the kids...i never have noticed that with kids.

To CC: Liked all your stories.

To Phil: Welcome...liked your story

To Jenny: Liked your story about diapers

To Jay: Enjoyed your story

Now i gotta catch up on this first to you all later

Hey guys, I'm a 24 year old guy. I am living in Paris for a month and I have some things to share that might interest you. At the Cite Universitaire (University City), there is a unisex toilet where the stall doors are facing the main entrance. I went to that place, 2 days ago with a friend to take a leak. However there were no chicks in there at the moment. Today I decided to go there to take a leak and to my surprise there was not a chick but a guy inside the stall taking a shit. What surprised me though was that there are 3 stalls all facing the doors. One stall says "femmes" (women) and the 2 other stalls say monsieurs (men). However they are stalls with hight partions which afford little privacy and there are also 3 urinals. The strange thing is why do they have 2 stalls for guys and a stall for women. In my opinion it would be the same, besides the stalls afford little privacy so whats the point. Also probaby a guy is less likely to use a stall since guys pee standing ! and women sit. So I really did not understand the logic behind the arrangement. Also, I've noticed that although there are a lot of unisex restrooms in other parts of France the most offer closed stalls which offer 100% privacy so its not so interesting. Urinals however are on display in most cases. Well, I'll return to that unisex bathroom with the stalls and at least I'll crap there once. Although I would have liked to see a chick in the toilet even a guy was kind of a turn on. You see, the fact that the French have an open attitude towards elimination is something in other places is a Taboo and particularly between men and women. Well, happy shitting and pissing to all of you and I'll write soon about my experiences.

Traveling Guy
Ash - I'm with JW. Try an enema next time you're having difficulty. I think you just might like it. I know I do every now and then.

Juile-Marie - You asked Ron to reply, but I'll chime in, too. It's interesting that 'doorless stalls in men's rooms' has been a frequent topic here since this board began. IMHO, this is not the norm. About the only places I've ever seen doorless stall are in a few department stores or in some public restrooms, such as in parks. In both cases, I think the doors were removed for 'security' reasons, to cut down on problems ranging from shoplifting to public sex or vandalism. I feel a little uncomfortable using them, but not because I'm embarrassed for a stranger to see me taking a dump; it's because you're so vulnerable to someone with the wrong intentions at that moment. The first cousin of this is stall doors with the locks removed, usually for the same reasons as cited above. There have been posts here in the past about doorless women's room, too.

To Julie: I've heard that women say that guys stink when they poop/fart..I loved your story..did you see your brother on the toilet?
To Annette: Liked your story
To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked that poem...I also loved the story about your cousin and her b/f about that peeing contest.
To thathyanna: Liked your pooping story from kindegarden
To ShortSkirt Girl: Loved your story
To The_Sandman: Thanks for replying...sorry it took so long to get back to you..i been out of town. What do you mean by what is the best method to take a dump? please explain..maybe i can help
To Althea: Liked your story
To wetguy: Loved your story...boy do i have a story for you..i'll post it later
To Dan H: I've been away..that reminds me when i was away(btw im a guy) i noticed that there was a line for the ladies room at almost every place i went to.
To Phillip: Liked your story
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story
To Jessica: Loved your stories..i also love pooping in a male..i sometimes suspect my family isn't that crazy about public bathrooms.
To Redneck: Liked your story
To Lyon: Liked your story..sounds like you hold a long time..i hold mine sometimes.
To Mysterious Man: I never have seen that movie
To Lil K: Liked your story
To JW: Enjoyed your story
To Metal fan: Liked hearing about your BM
To nobody: Liked your story about seeing that girl on the side of the highway
To DJ Crapper: Loved your story..that does sound funny about that dude getting up during mid old was he?
To Samantha: Liked your story..your not sick
To marie: Liked your story about your younger bro taking you to the bathroom.
To poopypantsguy: Liked your story
To Heavy Drummer: Liked your story about your friend..did she ever see you poop?
To greg: Liked your story
To Usman: Enjoyed your story
To Buttman: Loved those stories from camp.
Looks like im caught up..really missed reading all these when i was gone...will post my stories in a few min.

Hi All...I just got back from my trip! got lots to post on..first im trying to catch up on posts..i was gone almost a week doesn't look like too many updates when i was gone 6 days. I thought there might be 2-3 pages but it only looks like a page 1/2. I last checked out here on sunday and its now friday...just read the old posts on the page behind this.

To Hyper: I enjoyed your story about the kids...i never have noticed that with kids.
To CC: Liked all your stories.
To Phil: Welcome...liked your story
To Jenny: Liked your story about diapers
To Jay: Enjoyed your story
Now i gotta catch up on this first to you all later

To Jessica: I really enjoyed your post about your first poop in a public restroom. I'd love to hear more stories about you pooping in public in the future.

I'm quite impressed with a lot of you girls' posts lately. You all sure do take some awesome (and rather large poos). I also like the fact that you all gain pleasure from pooping and/or hearing other people poop and talking about the subject. Keep up the good work girls!


Two years ago on a summmer day i was visited by grannys one was making a pie it was an apple pie later when it was finished i ate most of it! then i went outside to jump on my trampoline so i jumped and...jumped and then i had this wierd gut thingy it felt bloated majorly maybe a bit sick like i had major gas so i tried to fart a little but i couldnt but then i came and sat down trying really hard to fart 'cause i wanted the gas pressure down then i........craped my pants it felt goooshy as it slid around my legs knees so i quickly ran to the bathroom took off my clothes then discorvered that i had officially filled my pants with mushy poo! sometimes i think i pooed my pants on a weekly basis but this time it was real! so i quickly sat on the toilet and constatly peed and poooed for five hours or seemed that long striaght! the poo had become really liqidy and brown occasionally with soft rope shaped poo.

I am 18 and male.

To Katrina - I was the one who asked you about that high school or college thing. Thanks for the reply.

To thatyanna - When I was in preschool, I clearly did not yet fully understand the concept of going to the bathroom yet. One time I had to pee wicked bad but was too shy to say so. So I just totally peed my pants and figured that nobody was the wiser. However, I did not realize that there would be a puddle under the seat, and that's how the teacher caught me!

To Dan H - I still just hate porto-potties. I'd rather hold it or find somewhere in the woods to go.

To Jessica - I'll be a freshman in college in just a few weeks and crapping is not the least of my worries. I've very rarely crapped anywhere but at home and obviously that will have to change. It will probably be difficult the first few times.

To Lyon - Loved your story! I do the SAME thing as you pretty often. In fact, it's how I got started peeing my pants at age 15. I had to pee bad and wanted to see what it would be like to pee my pants. So I just hopped in the tub, waited for the urge to build and just let go! I flooded my pants and loved it, especially watching the wet spot grow down my legs. So ever since then, I've been interested in pissing myself. Like when I'm in my room late at night and have to piss real bad, I'll start squirting in my pants without thinking about it. And if I'm in the mood, I'll get in the tub and open the floodgates. It's awesome!


king of the throne
hey i crapped my pants again and i have a survay for everyone.

1.have you at as an adult went to the bathroom in your pants?

2if so how often

2.if so was it an accident or on purpose.

3.If on purpose just #1, #2 or both

4.Do you go in public or just at your house

5. do you wash the undies or just throw them away.

6.Do you clean up in the shower or just wipe off good.

7.State the reason you last crapped your pants.

Ive noticed when i squat down to go to the bathroom it seems to be a considerably larger poo pile,is there a reason for this or is it just coincidence. Ive also noticed sometimes i can hold it for a long time but other times i have to go almost immedediatly.

THanks for the help

Jane (& Gary)
It's been a quiet summer so far. After the past two interesting summers with the interns Christine and Rob & Bob, this time we have Karen, who is soft-spoken and a bit shy but very competent. One time I went into the ladies room to pee, and I took the stall next to someone who was apparently in the middle of a big pooping session. As I sat down to pee, I could start to smell poop as I heard a couple of loud plopping sounds. Then she started to wipe. I came out first and washed my hands. I heard her flush, and when she came out, I saw it was Karen. Her face started to turn red as she smiled back at me. I didn't say anything to her, but I could tell she was embarrassed about pooping in the restroom.

As for me, not much to report. I've been going regularly, but it's been normal medium loads.

Quick hellos to everyone.

In my last post there were a couple of typo's to correct.
First, I am 34 , not 32. Us girls lie about our age all the time but I was making mistakes all day it seemed. The other typo was in the first sentence got chopped up, I should read:
"In previous posts I explained more detail about my sister Liz and her big poops and mine as well".
In my last post it was in the middle of the night when I felt a big poop near my butthole trying open me up. I was on my way to the bathroom to do it out but, as I explained, Liz was already in there trying to poop. Her poop was so big and hard it was stuck in her butthole and would not come out. I had to help her get it out and in doing so, lost the urge to go poop myself.
I finally got my poop out the next day when I returned home from work. It was ready to come out all day at work but I know better than to clog the toilet at work so I had to hold it all day til I got home.
When I got home I went right into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It was a very difficult painfull poop. I had to strain and grunt a lot. My butthole opened up wide as it slooooly came out with a terrible struggle. It took about 20 minutes to push it out. What a battle it was, none of it came out without forced effort, I had to fight for every inch. It was, needless to say, big and very hard. As I looked at it in the toilet I would say it was about 10 inches long and 2-3/4" wide. With my mirror I looked at my poor butthole. It was red from all the straining and my anus ring is bumpy and swollen. Its still sore even as I write this post and I am going to put some of Liz's soothing cream around in there to make it feel better. I am not going to eat chocolate bars and pop corn like I did with Liz the other night. It makes my poop too big and hard. It will be three or four days before I go poop again so my butthole will be back to normal then. Thats just the way my b! owels work.

To: Julie-Marie, Rons experience at JC penney was not uncommon, many men's rooms have 'open stalls" You get used to using them when you have no choice, But some of the newer restrooms do have doors on the stalls. I prefer using them , of course.

(I'm just writing cuz I felt like it so excuse me if i ramble) These pictures are repeating a lot aren't they? I thought the picture library was big to choose from. I saw Don't Be a Menace to south central while your drinking your juice in the hood (what a mouthful) today on the WB station in baltimore today. Now it's a funny movie that I probably would have seen on its own merit, but bring as how I've rented the movie before and know there is a good female farting scene brings back a nostalgic feeling, and I watched it out of curiosity. I wanted to see if the powers that be, who broadcast this movie, would be so uptight to censor/delete the farting scene. I reasoned in my head that farting wasn't as ingredious as peeing or pooping and that there was a good chance that it would be included. Cartoons like Billy and Mandy for example have farting sounds in the episodes. I thought that the strangle hold on such natural behaviors was being loosened a bit, and to boot, this is a! black film, or rather aimed at a black audience primarily, and these films usually tend to allow more to slide. I've heard the word n---- (I don't want the moderator to freak) used on upn and wb during weekend movies. But still, I was surprised that the farting scene was cut out. I was disappointed and annoyed a bit. I just wish I could call the station and hear the official reason why that was cut out of the movie. But I have to say that black music stations for example heavily censor the music they play so it's just more that I'm mad at censorship as a whole. The movie seemed stupid to me with scenes deleted, like a slap-in-the-face insult. It's a waste of time for me to see a movie that's not in its entirety. Oh and the scene in the movie is that the main characters are at a party and one guy meets this lady there and she is telling him that it's hard for her to get a man. She picks her nose while saying this, and not long after that she says something like it takes a re! al man to be with her, and as she says that, she cuts a raunchy sounding fart and says ooh (in a "ooh my!" kind of voice) and the guy scrunces his nose and face in reaction. I like the scene a lot, because it seems genuine. So now I'm just more suspicious of watching certain movies that come on tv or cable. Is Dumb and Dumber really censored when shown on tv?

Hey I'm Back

Have a seat on my survey. Your vote counts

Which is the most confortable position for you while pooping?

a)sitting on the toilet.

b)hovering over the toilet

c)squatting just near the rim (feet on the floor)

The result will be posted by yours truly at the first week of August so vote now! Peace.

To Natalie
I remember a while back,there was this girl called Natalie,who was 16 years old from Vancouver and Chinese too.She talked about Chibi-Maruko San and said she had a sensitive stomach.
Nat,if you're there,reading posts or stuff,please comeback and right some stories,that'd be so great.

Love to hear stuff,
Burning T-Yoshi

.HEY!! i am a 15 year old describe myself.. i am about 5 10 a 130 lbs. kind of muscularbut HERES MY STORY---for the past week i have been at a scout camp. the latrines are the toilets over the huge whole that is about 15 feet deep. the stalls are made of plywood and are pretty old. there are 2 stalls and neither one have locks. there are these wooden walls between each but they were old and half of it was broken and the nails were popped out so you could see a little into the other stall. like the whole toilet but like not the other persons whole body..mostly the waste down. well one day i felt the urge to shit. so i came in, pulled down my blue gym shorts and boxers down to my ankels(i useally squated over the toilet but today i put down toilet paper on the dirty seat and wanted to relax on the toilet. so i was sitting there enjoying a nice afternoon shit when some one tried opening my stall. they opened it like half way and saw me a little. i was like "WOAH" some! on is in here so they quickly ran into the other stall. i heard them bump into the broken wooden wall thats when i noticed you could see into the other stall. so as i looked into it to see what it was and why it was broken this other guy, who was about 16 he was blonde and kind of muscular pulls down his shorts to below his knees drops down onto the pot and sprayed shit down into the toilet. he rested his head down onto his hands which were rested on his thighs. he sat there for like 5 minutes and shit. i was jsut starting to wipe as he did but he was not done. he started to shit again. i was like man. i started to pull up my pants and he wiped again. he wouuld lean wayyy off the toilet to wipe. but he had more plans to do i dont know what got him into it but he had EXTRA ACTIVITIES for the toilet. if you get the picture. but i defenitly wasnt staying around to watch this guy get off. so i decided that was it and left and washed my hands.
to all the other posters does anyone remember a poster by the name "JENNAS BRO"? does anyone know what happened to him? i used to love his posts. he would tell stories of when he watched his hot older sister use the bathroom through something that connected his closet and the bathroom. he had the best descriptions. he would tell how she would pull down her pants and panties and what she would do on the toilet.well if you know what happend to him let me know.**PEACE**

John Q Public
Mile High Pee Boy, I have a question for your brother the uroligist. I have been reading alot of stories, and have also posted alot of personal experiences about my sister and girl friend. You said that bladder strength and capacity is 50% heridity. Why is it that my sister, since babyhood, can hold all day and piss like a race horse, whild I, to this day, can't even sit through a movie without having to pee every hour to hour and a half.

I use to be incontenent, and I still have a very small bladder, and much weaker then even the average person. I am the only one in my family who is like that. My father and brothers are slightly bettr then normal, my mom is pretty well endowed when she has to be, but I have an aunt, cousen and sister who seem to enjoy holding their bladders all day, then letting loose with the Browns Town flood. Even to this day, they still fill the bowl on even an average piss. Why is it, that my bladder is so small and weak?

Julie, I don't presume to know how your hold ability compares to your brothers, but I would guess, based on my personal experience, that you probably can hold longer thenhe can. I know your post was about pooping, but I am refering to peeing. One way you might be able to get through to him is through the male ego. Try making a coment to the effect that boys are so weak when it comes to going to the bathroom, can't control their bladders and should be put in diapers. He, if he is as macho as he sounds, will disagree with you. When he does, try to engage him in bladder hold contest. As the Hold It man said, you will have to measure the out put, because the one of you with the faster metabolism will probably have to pee first. You can do this any way you choose, but you both should drink identicle amounts of fluid in the same amount of time after completely emptying out before the contest begins.

To make it a little more interesting, challenge your brother to a little 'side bet.' The loser has to wear diaper and nothing else around the house for two days.

The winner of the contest will be determined by the total amount of urine excreted in one piss. I bet you just might beat him. If you decide to do this, let us know how it comes out.

Often Plugged Up, I read your post and it is almost like I could have written it. I have a very healthy diet, work out 4-5 times a week and am still chronically constipated. I have tried everything to no avail. My doctor says I have slow transit constipation. I use dulcolax suppositories. Right now it is the only way I can poop. I usually use one every three days. Glycerin suppositories are just not strong enough to help. I have tried Fleet enemas a few times, but they have not helped a lot. Is there any secret to getting them to work better?

On three occasions, I have been so completely plugged up that I have had to resort to a large tap water enema given with an enema bag. I think it is about 2 quarts of fluid. It is an ordeal, but it really cleaned me out good and I felt a lot better. Have you tried that kind of enema, or do the Fleets work well enough for you? Have you tried dulcolax suppositories? They are stronger than the Fleets, which I think are glycerin.

I have tried inserting my finger a few times when the constipation was really bad, but my blockage is higher up in the colon and I never was able to remove anything.

Melvin, sorry to hear you are having problems. Maybe if you try a Fleet enema, you can get some quick relief. It is easy to do yourself and they work for a lot of people.

The Poop on the Scoop
This is my first time posting. Any way i walked home from work today hoping to go home and poop. I felt like a huge load was coming on and it was. I got to my apartment and went to the bathroom door wide open with my girlfriend moaning and straining. I told her i was home and she told me to come inside. She said she was having the biggest poop of her life. She is a daily pooper but for some unknown reason hadn't gone for about a week. She said her poop was so big and would have to break off into lumps if she wanted to get it out. She told me to have a look at it and she got up and spread her cheeks open. Her hole was swollen, bright red, and puffy. Then i saw what i thought was the tip of the turd. So i told her to sit back down and she did. Her stomach was bloated alot and her muscles were pushing. She gave a roaring fart and sighed in relief. A few seconds later she said it was coming out. She did it in the bath tub cause it was easier for her. I could see everything. It m! ade its first move. The log was more than a soda can in diameter. for about a minute nothing happenned. Then she grunted really load and it made an inch out. She was squatted with a fat turd hanging out. So the turd inched out every few minutes. After ten minutes it was already 8 inches. She grunted and moaned and cried as the thick log pushed its way out. She said it was about done and instead of tappering off it got a little thicker which was when i could tell that this was really no enjoyment for her. So i comforted her.With a final moan and grunt she let it pinch off. I asked if she was all done but she maoned as a huge fart erupted and a skinny rope of poop shot out. She farted a messy fart that splatered everywhere in the bowl. Then a squishy turd about 5 inches long made it out with another long rope of poop. She peed for a while and wiped ten times. Then she said there would be no anal sex tonight and went and layed on the sofa as i helped her put a cream on her hole! . My turd would have to wait.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

How many of you girls out there have brothers? Brothers are the curse of this earth! My brother stinks up the bathroom something awful. He also leaves pee on the toilet seat (its clearly too much trouble to put it up!) and the floor (you would think that guys with all the convenient weeing equipment that they have would at least be able to hit the water – they clearly aren’t very good at aiming with it!!), and usually doesn’t flush properly so a small lump of poo (that’s if you are lucky – if you aren’t it’s a huge log of poo) is left floating for someone else (me!) to flush. The last straw was this morning. I always need to poo in the mornings when I get up, and really enjoy the feeling if I can take my time to let the poo’s pop themselves out of my bottom. When I woke up I could feel a huge fart had built overnight, and I relaxed my bottom and let it whoosh out – a wonderful feeling. Soon though I could feel a large poo needed to be popped out as well, and I jumped out of ! bed and off to the toilet. No such luck – the door was shut – I knocked and the brother in question grunted behind the door – as pleasantly as I could I said can you hurry up I really need to go, and made my way back to bed – 10 minutes later the door was still closed – I listened, but it was VERY quite, not even a hint of straining. Another 10 minutes was all I could stand – at that stage I didn’t dare fart as the last fart wasn’t all gas – if you know what I mean. I knocked again and in my nicest voice said pleeease can you let me in. Ok was the reply. I stood waiting, and nothing happened – Pleeease Greg I pleaded again. Just when I was seriously thinking about alternative poo places he came out with a big grin on his face and smiled even more when he saw how desperate I was. I just made it to the toilet and hardly managed to get my pants off. I seriously need revenge – any ideas girls?

I tried posting this story a little while back but it didn't make it, so I'll scale it down some and try again. This post is in defense of all fellow "big bladder queens" with 5 + minute peeing times. Seeing as how some skepticism comes about whenever someone talks of peeing for that length of time - I just wanted to set the record straight that those pee times can and do really happen, its just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

I have always been fascinated by women with truly
enormous bladders who could pee gushers for long
periods of time. However, as luck or lack thereof
would have it, most of the women I've encountered
including my ex-wife have had fairly average organs. About three months ago I returned to the
dating circuit and met an attractive 37 year-old
woman while on a business trip. Long story short,
after numerous commuter dates she invited me to
stay the night in the toilet she shares with
her daughter, a junior in high school. Little did
I realize what an eye opening treat that would be.
She and I went out for the day and evening and not
once did she excuse herself to pee. Late in the
evening as we lay in bed watching the TV, her daughter returned from her own date, and I could
hear the adjacent bathroom light snap-on the toilet lid open and, after a brief pause what sounded like a hissing jet of urine flowing strong directly into the water below, loud enough
to compete with the low volume of the TV. At first
I attempted to put it out of my mind- this was her
teenage daughter- but the sound kept on and on for
a good 2 and-a-half minutes or longer before quickly cutting-off. I was amazed as I had never
heard anything like it before and had started to
sneak glances over at my ladyfriend to see if she
was in anyway responding to this impressive pee performance. She continued to watch the TV with no
reaction. But the story gets much better.
As I said the flow ceased suddenly. I waited and waited for the toilet to flush until my mind concluded that for some reason, her daughter had simply left the bathroom neglecting to flush the
commode. But, a good minute or two later came the
sound of urine albeit at a slower rate, flowing in
a steady stream for another good minute fifteen
seconds and finally a minute or more of drips and
dibbles to a final conclusion. From start to finish I estimated by the clock on the nightstand
that she had peed five full minutes and
had been on the toilet close to seven. Morals
prevented me from telling her mother how I really felt.
Cut to the next morning. While I was still in bed
lounging, my ladyfriend got up and went into that
same shared bathroom leaving the door half open,
and for the first time since meeting me at the airport 11 am the previous day began the task of
emptying her bladder. Even stronger than her daughter the previous night, my ladyfriend gushed
a flow into the water and like her offspring, her
urine dragged on and on and on! I rose from the
bed and walked over to the door so as to better
appreciate and moniter the performance in progress. I was starting to think that it was a
tough call who was the bigger pisser when she reached over and opened the door. There I stood in
my boxers like an idiot with still her on the pot splattering away like it was nothing at all. As I
entered the bathroom she asks me "Do you
have to pee too? I can stop peeing if
you have to use the toilet; I can stop peeing even
though I'm nowhere near finished yet." I gushed at
that moment and it was not urine.
I really would like to know if in fact enormous bladders run in families and has anyone run into a mother/daughter with similiar abilities? Subsequent to that time I would say that the mother does hold a peeing advantage over her daughter, but both are, to me at least, world class pissers.

To Julie- I totally agree with you. Brothers are anoyying my broher always stinks out the bathroom like wise my dad. In the mornings when I get ready to exit the house for school he always decides to go for a shower. I always go before leaving the house how annoying!


Just like to say that-
I wud like to hear about male/female urinals.
Men stories.
Piss stories and some games females can do with pee on their own.
Only last saturday I peed in a cup it came to about 150ml which may be small for you but it is alot for me. LOL!
At the moment I am waiting to go to the loo might piss in a cup might not!
Anyone got any dares for me too do cos I need thrills LOL!
P.S I am 11 and want some stories!PLZ!...
Great site... Gud Look.
God bless all.

Mr Hankey
Mr Hankey meets his Water-LOO:-

I guess it was only a matter of time before I had one of those peculiar bowel-habit disturbances that everyone else writes about. Three or four days of failing to do something on the dumper and I became a hypochondriac. I thought all that anal masturbation had finally had an effect and damaged the old shit-pipe-sensors. And that's not all. I've read too many of those sites with idiots who still believe in auto-intoxication claiming that shit causes cancer. A relative died of colon cancer and on these occasions I can't help wondering if its my turn. But I dismiss the thought - I'm still youngish, and no-one needs to worry if they're perfectly healthy and just haven't done a good shit for days. I didn't resort to drugs, just waited to see how long it would last.
After about five days, I finally dumped a few turds, with a minimum of effort - but this was followed by a series of explosive liquid-farts. The kind that usually happen when there's a backlog of vaseline and soap up there - there wasn't, this time. They were more explosive than usual. When I stopped wiping my ass and stood up I had a few seconds to note that it still stank like there was a freshly dumped turd in the toilet. Then I saw that the seat had a big dry shit-stain on it.
And being an idiot I washed it away thinking I must have unwittingly been sitting on it since I arrived. I sat down again, probably to wipe my ass a bit more, then stood up and saw the stain back again. This time I finally took a look at my ass-cheeks in the mirror. Dried up doodoo all over them.
Lots of wet toilet paper to scrub it off, and then a very thorough shower, and then antiseptic-cleaning the tub (just in case). Nothing like that had happened since I was a pre-teen. I began to worry again. Maybe I was right after all about the rectal experimentation "coming home to roost". The next 72 hours would be crucial.
The next day - no shit, nothing doo-ing. The day after that however I "had a mega-dump"/"did a foul smell"/discharged the largest lumps of doo I'd ever seen. With a minimum of effort, a few massive logs slid out and it was obviously that they couldn't just be flushed away, they needed several buckets of water and much creative use of the toilet brush to disloge them and get them down the drain. Fortunately this turned out to be the last chapter of the story and I returned to my usual habit of doing a dooey every 3-4 days. So I guess I'm now properly qualified to be a "toilet stool" correspondent.

Hi, Phil from England here again, in my last post I told you about Carol my first girlfriend and her pooing problems. Another interest,
I have to do with wetting, is celebrity wetting and movies containing wetting scenes. I have quite a list of mainly british female celebrities who have at some time admitted wetting their pants and I was wondering if anybody else shared this interest. Also has anyone got a list of movies which contain scenes of pants wetting?
I know of a few "The Man Who Fell TO Earth" springs to mind but does anyone have a extensive list? Phil, England.

Inominate's Brother

I have laughed when reading this website on my brother’s computer, and have seen a copy of his 'postings'. (He would have been too shy and fastidious at one time.)

JULIE regards brothers as ‘the curse of this earth’. Her brother is selfish and won’t let her go in the bathroom. I have learned in life how lucky I am to have the brother I have. I have never known him selfish with me, or anybody else for that matter. Sometimes SISTERS can be selfish.

My memory has been jogged about that friend of mine, with whom I was caned at junior school. (How those two strokes hurt - six of the best I think would have killed me!). He had a rather selfish older SISTER, who monopolised the bathroom in the morning (they only had one in their house, and the toilet was in it). If he didn’t beat her to it, he would use mine when he called for me, and liked our wooden seat! (He brought a toilet roll occasionally.) We called for another lad on the way to catch the ‘bus, and occasionally he would open the front door, just showing his head. His trousers were round his ankles, so you don’t need a thousand guesses to know what he was doing. He went to finish off, and joined us for the ‘bus. But none of us would wish our worst enemy - except perhaps that junior school head - to use those grammar school toilets. I think I sat on one 4 times in 7 years.

My brother and our pal, and my friend (with the selfish sister) and I, recently attended a reunion to celebrate the renovated grammar school. The old toilets have been demolished, and the new ones are luxurious. (Although only 28, I’m already a bit of a cynic: How long will they stay in that mint condition!)

There has been a discussion on this website about how long people can urinate. I have never timed myself, and don’t intend to, but during university vacation when I was looking for temporary work, someone claimed to have seen an advert where the ‘k’ of week was left off which made my brother and our pal laugh for ages.


Can anybody manage that?

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