I went to the laudromat Monday and after I had placed my clothes in the washers,I had to go to the bathroom. I was sitting at a booth with a table reading a magazine when my poop started trying to force its way out. The laundromat had a restroom, but it was unisex and was old and dirty. I've peed in it before and I had to hunch over the toilet seat and pee because the seat was so dirty. I didn't think I could stoop over the toilet and poop and I knew the restroom was filthy. Therefore, I opted to hold it in. I soon had to go pretty bad as I slid forward in my seat and tightened my buttocks. The laundromat didn't have too many customers and I just sat there reading my magazine and holding back what felt like a big load. I was alright until I had to get up to put my clothes in the dryer. I had to keep clenching my buns together as I loaded the dryers and put my money in. I went back to my seat and sat on my right foot. I had to go really bad and did my best to block! my anus. When my clothes were done I had to get up and fold them and place them in my laundry basket. The head of my poop kept coming out of my ring before I could pull it back in. I tried leaning against the table but this didn't help. As I was folding my bed sheets, my poop crept out too far and part of it broke off as I pulled the rest back inside of me. I kinda gave up on folding my clothes and just threw the rest in my basket and raced for the door. I got in my car and quickly drove home. As my poop pushed to come out while I was sitting in my car, it pushed the broken off head up against my panties. Somehow I did make it home and into my bathroom. I flipped the head of my poop which was in my panties into the toilet. It was hard but it did leave a big streak in my panties. I sat on the toilet and gave birth to a big poop which really felt good to let finally come out. I then let out a gush of pee. I felt so relieved.

To the person who asked whether it was my senior year in colleg or high school, it was high school when that happened. This was quite a while ago.

Mile High Pee Boy, I just flat out don't believe that anyone, male of female can pee for 32 minutes, unless that person has a very low bladder pressure. In fact, I have been reading alot of stories about 8 and 9 minute pees, which are very far fetched to say the least. The only plausable one was Pee Girl's story about when she peed in the "Big Gulp" container, taking breaks inbetween. In one straight piss, however, it does not take much more then 4 minutes to piss out 3 quarts, which is the maximum the human bladder is capable of holding. By the way, I never said that I could out pee any man, but I have never, to this very day, been defeated by a man when it comes to peeing.

I am a very well endowed person, and I have at most done 2 and a half quarts, but it shot out of me so fast it actualy stung. I didn't time it, but it had to be at least 2 minutes.

Maleman, you are right. Women do tend to 'test their limits' morem primarely because they can't just whip out their "thing" and do their business on the spur of the moment. Most women, unless using a FUD (Female Urinary Device) have to completely remove their panties, and pants unless they are wearing a skirt of dress in order to take a piss, no matter how capable they are of aiming or pissing standing up. I have gotten good at both. I did experiment with a FUD, but I did not like the way it felt, and it does present an infection risk. So women, generaly have to hold for longer periods of times for that reason. Second of all, women are usualy in occupations that make it very difficult to get a bathroom break. Jobs, like Nursing (which is what I do) and teaching, where very often you are in the middle of something that must be done, and then you have to run to the next task. Teachers have to keep those kids under constant supervision. That often results in havi! ng to go 8, 12, or even longer with out a bathroom break.

As a result, our bladders are enlarged by the higher volumes, and our sphincter muscles are stronger because they hold back greater pressure. Guys have it easy in that regard. If all t hings were equal, and girls could just do their business as easily as guys could, it would probably be about "even steven" on bladder capacity for men and women. The human excretory system is the same in both men and women. There is no relavant physiological difference between a man's bladder and a women's bladder. The wome's bladder just tends to be exercised more through everyday life. Also, men do sweat on average 50% more then women do, so their kidneys don't have as much to work with, but that is only the case when there is exercise or excessive heat involved. If a man and a woman drink equal amounts of liquids, and niether of them sweat, are exercising and it isn't realy hot, and their metabolisms of equal speeds, they should both pee about the same amount.


the "HOLD IT" man
I would like to start off with a little poem I read on the wall of the restroom in my local library. It was a print-out that was taped to the door, and it wen't something like this.

In the days of old
When the knights were bold
and toilets weren't invented

they would leave their load
by the side of the road and
walk away contented.

They were having problems with people leaving the toilets unflushed. I thought that was cute and worth sharing.

It's been a while since I've posted, or have had a chance to check out the forum, but I am noticing how the pee stories are getting more and more, if you will pardon the expression, hard to swallow. I have been into the 'watersports' fetish for as long as I can remember, and even though I have seen some pretty amazing feats performed by women, I have NEVER encountered ANYONE who could piss for 9 or 10 minutes. I'm talkign 20 plus years, and the longest I have seen was almost but not quite 4 minutes. The ammount that was put out was also huge. Over 2 liters. I have read a few medical texts on this subject, and all of them seem to agree on one point. The most that the human bladder is capable of holding is 3 quarts. I guess 3 quarts could take 10 minutes to come out if the pee rate was very slow, but at that level of pressure, the flow would have to be enormously fast. Sorry, but as far as the 5, 6, 7, and even 10 minute pee stories go, I'll believe it when I see i! t.

Maleman, I have found through out my life, that women just are better endowed when it comes to bladder control, and your point about sweating is another reason to back up that beliefe. Men do sweat significantly more then women do, so the bladder does not fill up as fast. If a guy and a girl both drank the exact same liquid in equal amounts, there are several factors that come into play. Metabolism being number one. A fast metabloisor is going to fill his or her bladder faster then a slow matabelisor does, so wait time does not allways indicate bladder strength. The true measure (pardon the pun) of a person's bladder strength is the ammount they can hold, and the speed at which they can push it out. There have been a few times where I have seen women have to pee before the guy does, because the guy has a slower metabolism.

I remember one time when my cousen and her boy friend decided to have a bladder hold contest. I was privey to the event, but a bad case of diareah kept me out of this contest. The drink of choice was water, and they both drank 8 ounces every 15 minutes until one of them gave up. To my suprise, the boy friend actualy had a longer wait time, but when my cousen did let lose, she peed out 2300 militers. We kept track of the number, and waited for the boy friend to let lose. He held, held, and held until he was literaly holding his dick to keep from weting the floor, and he let loose, with a grant total of 675 militers. Slower metabolism.

Katrina, I'm s ure that boy must have been floored. My cousen did things like that all the time, and the looks on the guy's faces was something to behold.

message 4 !!!maleman!!!: the movie that u saw must hv been DUMB&DUMBER, i suppose. nice post anyway.

AS 4 THE OTHERS im a 19 yearold girl crazy abt pee stories especially with guys.

i dont hv any pee stories but i remember at kindergarten once, we had 2 sleep in the afternoon and i wasnt sleepy at all. anyway, the nurse watching over us was a very mean lady and i knew she wouldnt let anybody go 2 the toilet or drink some water, or whatever. all we were allowed 2 do was ...sit still and/or sleep. soo in order 2 be just not noticed by her, i always pretended sleeping, which was no problem ...until 1 day. even since we prepared our bedz i felt a poop coming but i squeezed my buttocks and kept it in. it gave in pretty fast so i said 2 myself i would wait until nap time is over and mom comes and getz me home, and there i would poop. but it wasnt like that unfortunatelly. i begun feeling my poop trying 2 come out and it was persistive since as hard as i tried holding it in, i couldnt, sooo ...i pooped my pantz, i was so afraid i would get caught because of the smell even. and as a badluck never comes alone, the mean lady nurse was sitting reading the news! paper right next 2 my bed. she didnt feel anything, naptime was finally over and when i arrived home my mom noticed. imagine the embarassement i had, pooping at almost 5 in my pantz. i know i felt extremelly embarrassing. thatz all 4 now.

To Maleman: The movie scene you're describing was in "Dumb And Dumber," which I think came out in 1994. It also had one of the guys taking a big tube of something in coffee and then farting with explosive diarrhea on the toilet. Also, if you look closely in one of the early scenes in the movie, I think dealing with a bird (during an argument between Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels), you can see what looks like a homeless man through the outside window and he is pissing against the side of a brick wall of an alley.

Nothing new here. Sorry folks. Happy goings-

ShortSkirt Girl
Like most of the posts here, I really enjoy having a gratifying poop or pee in my pants (occasionally) but it's not always a welcome expereince. Last week I was driving home from a friend's wedding shower. It was a beautiful hot afternoon and I had the top down on the car. I was only twenty minutes from home when I realised I had to go to the bathroom - but bad! I'd had a couple of glasses of wine at the shower and a lot of spicy finger food. Because I had a really pretty summer dress on, and quite expensive panties I really didn't want to have an accident so I just gripped the wheel really hard and tried not to strain too much. For a while, I thought I might make it, but the traffic started to get slow, and dispite me straining against it, I felt the tip of a nubby turd push out to the tip of my asshole. Although I started to panic at that point, the poop just stayed there, opening my asshole for a long while, and I thought I might just get away with a big skidmark in my pa! nts. However, before I'd driven a mile or so further I had a really big bowel movement and it (and what felt like a big load of several other turds) shot out in one big whoosh and pushed out to fill the back of my panties. I called my husband on my cell and told him my predicament, and he said he was kinda turned on by his wife having to shit herself in the middle of the expressway. Having pushed out another, less intense BM, I was so relaxed at this point, I felt I could easily let out a strong stream of pentup pee into my dress too, but because I knew that would really ruin my dress, I held on until I made it home. When I eventually got in the house made it home, he lifted my dress and we could both see quite a big load of brown mess trapped in my panties. The aroma was REALLY strong, but fortunately, the panties I was wearing were full cut at the back so most of the poop stayed in, although some liquidy mess had seeped into my pantyhose and down the back of my thighs. By ! this time we were both turned on about it, and the clean up turned out to be a lot of messy fun. Even though it was a bit smooshed where I had sat in it, we counted five pretty thick turds, light brown in color and semi-soft. Anyone else have pooping in public stories?

To Bryian: Well at the time it happened at the maze i was about 14 or 15, now i am 19 years old

Hey everyone how are we all?
I was just wondering what is the best method for taking a poo in the toilet for a man and/or woman, could someone email me please and let me no what it is?

Heavy Drummer: When I was seven, I was playing with my cousin named Keith who was nine. This was one of many episodes. I was talking with him when I was holding an impending bowel movement. So, I took him to the bathroom with me, lifted my dress, pulled down my white panties, sat on the toilet and evacuated three large stools. They were brown, long and thick. He was and I were giggling as I clutched my stomach and pressed them out. I urinated unexpectedly. I reached for toilet paper and wiped myself from between my legs, fixed my clothes and flushed.

I am 18 and male.

To maleman - The movie you are referring to is "Dumb and Dumber," as I'm sure many will also tell you. I have always been skeptical of people who can say that they can pee beyond 45 seconds, especially guys. The longest I can pee is like 25 seconds even when I have to piss wicked bad.

To nobody - Cool story! Wish I could have seen that.

To Samantha - How old are you?....and why not just pee in your snowpants?

To marie - I dont have any sisters (2 younger brothers), but to be honest I'd be humiliated to ask any family members to pull my pants down so I can go to the bathroom, especially at my age.

To Buttman - I think you're first post went through...I remember responding to it. Anyway, cool story. I would have drawn the line at seeing the crap smeared all over that kid so you're pretty dedicated. Do you have any peeing stories of your own? I'd love to hear them.

To hyper - I have noticed the same thing.

This somewhat applies to hyper's theory, though not at quite the same age level. A couple days ago my two brothers were playing whiffle ball in the street with some neighbors and one of their friends. I was out with the dog and was watching. This particular kid named Eric is 14 years old and was wearing a bathing suit and t-shirt. During most of the game he kept grabbing and re-arranging his dick, but I didnt think much of it since a lot of teenagers seem to do this. I assumed he was just grabbing it for the hell of it. However, a short time later Eric said out of the clear blue, "I peed in my pants." Someone thought it was a joke so he said, "I did!". I looked at his front and couldnt see anything (his bathing suit had all sorts of designs on it), so I figured that if he did go in his pants it was just a squirt. However, soon after this he took the lead in ending the game so I'm pretty sure that he really did have to take a piss. Wasn't able to ask him directly though -! it would have sounded kind of weird because I only see him occasionally. It was still cool to watch though!


Dan H
looks like my last post didn't get posted so here it is agan hope fully this one will make it.

To all the posters out there who are scared of port-a-potties. port-a-potties arn't that bad and they're much better then having an accident. the only really messy port-o-pottie i have seen was at a fair that i went to and all that was wroung with that was the toilet paper was all over. thats about the worst i've seen.

heres a story
this year when we took our midterm and our finals we had calss for 1-2 hours then got a 10 min break. durring the breaks i noticed that the line for the girls was almost 5 times as long as the line for the boys after using the bathroom to pee and coming out i looked over at the girls line and saw that i hadn't moved an inch and it was all i could do not to laugh it was so funny.

Mile high pee-boy

Hey dude! Thought your post was interesting where you question female bladder size. I hate to burst your bubble but its all true. Listen I know where your coming from with this and yes 8 + minutes of urinating does sound extreme which is why I asked my brother who is a Urologist about those who claim these extremely high peeing time instances. He concluded that it is possible for someone, both men and women to urinate for that length of time. Though it is FAR more common in women. He even maintains that one of his fellow colleagues had a female patient for many years who consistently urinated for up to 12 minutes a day once a day. My brother is currently seeing a young woman as a patient who can urinate at a 6-7 minute time span, now this particular lady happens to have some medical issues that play a part in this. However my brother still claims that a healthy functioning individual can urinate enormous amounts over a long period of time (4-13 minutes)on a daily basis. ! There is more to 'urine holding' then simply bladder size. Various nerve structures and muscle strength play into one persons ability to hold urine longer than someone elses. In MOST cases the AVERAGE person male and female have similar bladder sizes. Yet within that context some people are able to greatly expand their bladder size whereas others can only expand it a little bit. My brother confirmed what I believed all along and that is someones ultimate bladder size is over 50% hereditary. Now as far as my family goes the women tend to have good size bladders and have been known to get a few side-way glances while exiting a toilet stall every now and then.

Mile high pee-boy

I got caught at work the other day with no toilet paper. I just finished taking a nasty shit and went for the TP and there wasn't any. We've got single toilet unisex bathrooms in the office, so I was really stuck. There wasn't any paper in the cabinet underneath the sink. Finally, I had to go searching for some. There was a big glob of shit between my butt cheeks. It was nasty. I finally decided to just grab some napkins from the kitchen, but I got called into a meeting. I wound up sitting on my shitty ass for over two hours. I hope I didn't stink. I went back to the bathroom and saw that now there was a roll of TP. I pulled my pants down to wipe and saw I had major skidmarks in my underwear. I wiped my ass and pulled my skiddy boxers back up. Hope that doesn't happen again any time soon. I hate that nasty feeling down there.

Punk Rock Girl

I had a very close call this morning. Luckily I'm wearing regular panties today, or else my thong would have gotten messed up, to give you an idea of what happened.

I felt a mild urge to crap this morning, but chose to wait until I got to work. Mistake! Halfway during my train ride, my bowels were at full capacity and threatening to blow! When I got to my stop I ran up the stairs to the street and sprinted to my building.

I managed to get to the elevator and pushed the button for my floor when it happened. A solid load started forcing its way out! I felt my asshole opening wide and this piece of shit is coming out whether I liked it or not! I clenched my butt cheeks, squashing the shit between them, but at least I stopped it from dumping into my underpants.

I stepped off the elevator and walked like Charlie Chaplin to the unisex. I entered a stall, quickly got my pants and underpants down and sat on the toilet. I didn't even need to push! A HUGE load burst out of my ass, pushing the squashed up shit out of the way into the water. There was a big splash and water splashed all over my ass. I sighed with relief and leaned back.

I peed, then went about wiping my heavily smeared bottom. It took over ten wipes and two flushes! There was a lot of shit mashed in there. I never got a look at the initial load I had crapped out, but I'm sure it was one for the books.

Ahhh. Now I feel refreshed. I was ready to duck into an alley!



hi, i'm new to this site and i have the same feelings too. it's really great with all the posts and pictures everyday. Carmalita, Katrina, Emily in NYC, Punk Rock Girl, and all the other girls, i really love your posts. could you just say yes or no if you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom since i'm into this hygiene thing? thanks a lot. keep the good posts coming.

Hi, everyone,

Evonne, I must thank you for the description of how you helped your sister, Liz, latest post. I get the most ghastly constipation every month for about two of three days. I hope Liz felt better after her major effort, and with your help.

I went out out with my workmates, Vera, Ruth, Aisha, and with the person I met in the Ladies at work, Jennifer. We decided to go for a meal in the Park Hotel, Cardiff. It's a four star place, supposedly one of the best in the city, but the food was a real let down, the only thing good was the first class Ladies Room. Vera and I went for a pee as soon as we arrived there and the facilities were superb. Beautifully done out in pale cream and blue. There is a rest area with lounging seats and the the toilet area, six cubicles and matching wash basins, the entire toilet area is air-conditioned, and there is an attendant there all the time. Each cubicle is large enough to comfortably have another person in there, this suits me as I love to have a companion with me when I go. When Vera and I went for our pee two of the cubicles were occupied but both flushed as we went in and we went into those cubicles, we both like to feel a warm seat on our bums.

During the course of the meal Aisha and Ruth went for a pee, only Jennifer had not used the facilities. We each had a cariff of water with our meal and a half-bottle of Mateus Rosea and at the end we all wanted to go again. Aisha, I knew, wanted a shit because she told me on the way that the wine was going through her. Entering the Ladies Aisha went to the nearest vacant cubicle on the far end. Two of the cubicles were occupied which meant one of us would have to double up. Ruth had already entered the cubicle next to Aisha. Vera moved to the one between the two already occupied and this left the nearest cubicle to the door which Jennifer and I took. As I bolted the door Jennifer murmured, "Do you mind if I go first?" Naturally I said no, a little tremuously, because, by this time, I wanted a shit. I watched as Jennifer lifted her skirt and slid her panties down. I'd never seen her on the toilet before, I'd heard her having a really good shit as I posted before! and she had helped me as I went. She was gorgeous she had a really good figure and I felt a little hot watching her pee, she pee'd for ages, not having gone all evening, but I eventually wondered if she'd ever stop. She did, but she didn't move and then I realised she was going to have a shit, this was confirmed when she strained a little, gave a gasp and sent a dollop of shit splashing into the pan. Seeing her shitting increased my need to go, I stood with the cheeks of my arse squeezed tightly together and I could still feel my shit trying to get out. Fortunately the stranger in the next cubicle begand pulling up her clothes, I whispered to Jennifer that I had to go bad. She nodded and gave a smile of understanding. I unbolted the cubicle and exited just as the stranger came out, she gave me an odd look as I brushed past her into the cubicle, but when you got to go, well that's it. I didn't have time to bolt the door, I started to shit even as I scrambled my skirt ! up and pulled at my panties, squatting down I shit with a loud, watery burst, farting loudly as I did so, at least I didn't shit on the seat, but I coated the back of the pan and there was some shit in the crotch of my panties. As I sat on the pan I listened hard, I knew that Jennifer was having a shit, the stranger in the next cubicle was very quiet but I could hear Aisha, farthest away from me, having a major turn-out, I recognised her gasp as every now and again she sent a spurt of really runny shit splashing into the pan. Ruth, one away from me was also shitting. I wasn't sure about Vera, but she wouldn't just be sitting all this time, we'd been there about ten minutes by now. The stranger in the next cubicle suddenly left without flushing, I can only guess what she must have been doing. Now we were all alone together, if you see what I mean. The gang of four, now five with the addition of Jennifer were all alone in the Ladies, and all having a shit. Jennifer was ! the first to finish I heard her wiping hard. I was about to ask her to join me when Vera asked for some paper confirming that she had been having a shit. I ripped some paper and wiped away at the crotch of my panties, I hadn't dirtied them much, thank god, because I wasn't carrying a spare pair. I could hear Vera wiping and talking to Jennifer and then Ruth was starting to wipe. Then both Vera and Ruth flushed and left the cubicles. Only Aisha and I were still on the pan and the empty cubicles were filling up again. Finally I wiped my arse, it took four wads of paper. My panties were not clean so gingerly I eased them off and threw them to the back of the toilet, behind the pan, there was no sanitary towel bin available, the wonders of this modern world. Vera, Ruth, and Jennifer were busily chatting and washing their hands but I felt for Aisha, the beautiful Indian woman was still sitting on the pan groaning. I tapped on the door and she slid the bolt back and let m! e in. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and told me the wine had really gone right through her. I went out and told the others that I'd stay with her till she was through. This took another good fifteen minutes, all the time I crouched over holding her hands and sometimes caressing her stomach, I could feel her ???? muscles working convulvisely as she tried to empty herself. Eventually she was finished and I told her that I'd wipe her clean if she held her ankle length dress high up around her waist. She did, and gently I wiped her arse. It took five lots of paper before it was done and she could flush the pan. Washing our hands she thanked me profusely for staying and helping her. No problem, if you can't help a friend in need there's not much to say.

All four of my friends are coming to my place this weekend. I'm still feeling the emptiness in my heart now that Greg has left me and my friends are the only ones that keep me going. I must say I am wondering how Jennifer will take to my Swiss double?

That's all for now,

All my love and best wishes to all posters,

Sheila (South Wales).

Jessica, great story. Leslie must have been having a major dump. Why didn't you stay with her till she finished?

Althea, I love all your posts. The poop with your cousin Keith watching must have been exciting. Did you go together again?

Sheila (South Wales), I always look for your posts they are so descriptive, it's almost like being there. Sorry to hear you had the runs so bad the Tuna sandwich must have been off. But at least you met a new friend, Jennifer. Keep writing about your bunch of friends.

At work I wanted a poop very bad so I closed my check-out till and told the supervisor I had to go. To my surprise she said she had to go to. I have never been very friendly with her, she's a few years older than me and in her job you can't have any favourites. Anyway we entered the Ladies together. There were only a few of the stalls occupied. I hurried to the nearest one I wanted to go so bad it was a job to hold it in. I pooped a bit as I undid my jeans and pulled them and my briefs down, as I bent over the toilet I pooped three or four softish turds that just slid away from me. The supervisor had gone into the next stall and I had heard her opening to the toilet as I did. I pooped again, another pile of turds dropped into the pan easing my ???? a lot. I could hear the supervisor grunting and pushing, under the partition between the stalls I could see her feet, she pressed down with her heels off the floor, her shoes moving on the tiled floor, then I hear! d her poop, it seemed like one solid turd that splashed with a loud plop into the pan. I told her that she sounded constipated and she answered back that she was truly bunged up. After that it kinda broke the ice and we chatted as we pooped, she managed a few more hard turds as I pooped a lot more soft turds. When I was finished and wiped my self, it took several lots of paper, I muttered because I saw that I had poped a little in my briefs, just a few streaks, but I had to wipe them with some paper before I pulled them up. The supervisor who had finished and wiped only once said it was one time when she wished she coulp poop soft enough to stain her panties. We left the stalls together and washed our hands. She was really friendly and I hope we can be friends more now.

At home I told my darling toy boy, Mike, of my poop and of the long chat with the supervisor in the toilets. We reminisced about the time he went into the Ladies secretly and I caught him spying on me, and of the time when I took him in there with me. We went to bed early that night to continue our reminiscing. Ha, ha, ha.

anyway it has been a long time since I posted anything in here and well I still have my pee fetish and fascination with how women pee . and,so I often at home and in unisex restroom, will sit to pee just to see how it feels. okay this from 6-5-03 and taken out of my journal. I had not peed in like about 3 hours and had to pee bad and stopped in at this shell station in woodbury, CT which by the way has a single use unisex restroom which is very clean with a urinal and toilet in the stall. okay I go into the store and get key, walked out the door and then walked around to the back on the side, unlocking the door[ second door on left marked "guy/girl" ] and go in, closing the door. I locked the door from the top latch, then went into the toilet stall to right of urinal and shut stall door. the seat was allready down like a woman would use it to urinate. I first unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them and my underwear down too; like a girl would. I placed my penis straight dow! n between my legs to imitate a woman's vulva/vagina and sat down on the toilet seat to urinate. the toilet bowl was one of those elongated style bowls with an open front seat and the toilet water comes right up to the front of the bowl. and so I began to urinate straight down into the toilet's water about 5" behind the front of the open seat and must've urinated for about 2 minutes at least in a slow but steady " tinkle" ; and as I urinated straight down into the toilet bowl water in front I could see this stream of yellow urine empty into the clear water which fills this bowl from the back right up to the front rim. [ no matter what way a woman urinated sitting down, even sitting up straight, her urine stream would be directed into the water and make that distinct " tinkle" sound of human urination into a toilet bowl!] anyway after that long two minute plus " tinkle" , it stopped and then with a push, i continued to urinate a little faster in a bit of a spray into the wa! ter for about 45 more secs., then with three more pushes and a few [ about 3] quick last spurts, I finished completely. [ 3 minutes total time, at least] then like a girl would, I took a piece of toilet paper and wiped and after i got up I looked into the toilet bowl[ which was very clean to start with !] and saw my bright yellow urine which turned the entire water color yellow but only left about one small patch of foam toward the bowl's middle and floating on the water; then I flushed and watched as the yellow urinated into water and that piece of toilet paper swirled down the drain. now i know what it feels like to be a woman and having to go into this toilet stall and then, unbutton/unzip your shorts and pull down both them and your undies, just to sit and simply urinate. you get this feeling of being alone and vulnerable, especially when there is someone right outside the locked door talking on the pay phone and here you are taking care of your most " private intimate ! moments" and being half naked from the waist down to your lower legs/ankles in order to sit down on some toilet seat and empty this 1/4 inch wide stream of yellow fluid from your urethra opening[ just below the clitoris and to the front of the vagina] into the bathroom fixture known as a toilet bowl! you're sitting there half naked on this white plastic seat[ down of course] in this closed stall, just staring at the tiles on the wall and an eerie silence surrounds you , except for the noises outside the locked door. then. all of a sudden you hear this " tinkle" noise caused by your steam of yellow urine emptying from between your legs through your vulva's outer lips[ skin folds] and discharging straight down into the water filled toilet bowl as you sit there and continue to urinate your body's waste water into the clear water as the urine often makes a white foam as it mixes with and is absorbed by the bowl's water ! the TINKLE sound seems to echo off of both the inside of ! the bowl and also, the tile walls of the bathroom as you continue to urinate your golden yellow stream of urine into the water for anywhere between 40 seconds to over 2-1/2 minutes sometimes, depending on how badly you have to go and also, how much you have to drain out, and how long it has been since[ quote] " you last went to the ladies room" [ or bathroom]. you sit and often wonder about the miracle of life and how your body changed that 20 oz bottle of diet dr pepper you drank almost 3 hours ago into this bladder filled with yellow fluid which when released and passed through your vulva's outer lips, became this stream of yellow water called urine which makes a strong but sort of sweet odor as it first hits the toilet bowls " sanitary water" covering the entire elongated bowl. [ besides feces] maybe this is why most american toilets are basically filled with water almost completely in the bottom bowl. reason # 1. so that when a man stands up to urinate from his penis tip! , he can [ hopefully] lift the seat and [ again hopefully] point his penis toward the toilet's water in the middle of the bowl and the water will absorb the force of the strong urine stream! reason # 2. since a woman usually has to sit down on the toilet seat and urinate, maybe this is why many toilets are usually filled with water throughout the entire lower bowl. when she sits, her vulva lips are often about either level with the seat; or maybe about 1" below the top of the seat. her vulva usually is over the center of the bowl about 3-4" back from the front of the seat's opening[ on a closed seat]. when she sits and urinates a fast, steady,strong stream of urine, her urine can go directly below into the water even if it sprays out a little toward the front or side; and she does not have to lean foward in order to EITHER urinate into the water or experience " splashback" from her urine spraying up against the porcelain at the front of the bowl!

yeah i agree with raging urophile and how in countries with unisex restrooms there is less of a fascination with women/men peeing. yes I have heard it all, from this one woman who called that half bath in the downstairs of her house "THE POWDER ROOM" and I was like "powder room? what the hell is a powder room? " she explained that it was a room with just a toilet and sink and not bathtub. and I was like " powder room ? why call it the powder room? [ note this woman was about 40 something and also raised in a very wealthy weschester county new york[ USA] family. and many "LADIES of society" were raised to be ashamed of the fact that yes virginia, WOMEN HAVE TO URINATE TOO AND YES IT COMES OUT ALL YELLOW AND BUBBLY JUST LIKE THE URINE FROM A WOMAN WHO WAS RAISED IN A TEXAS TRAILER PARK ] anyway when she told me what this " POWDER ROOM" was as if I did not know, I had said " back in long island new york where I grew up as a kid in baldwin, many of the older colonial two story h! ouses have a full bath[ tub, toilet,and sink] upstairs and what they call a " half bath" or a LAVATORY[ toilet and sink only]downstairs. and yest she still insisted that it is called " THE POWDER ROOM"

I see two recent posts showing doubt about the 5 + minute pees being mentioned by quite a few posters here lately (both first and second hand accounts). I like reading of their (and anyone elses) 'bladder queen' feets in this area. Being of average bladder size I just wanted to put in my two cents worth on this issue. In my mid-twenties I dated a guy whose sister had an absolute gigantic size bladder. When I would spend time with my boyfriend I would often hear his sister taking these unbelievably LONG pees. It was simply an amazing thing to encounter, you'd just really have to be there to see it in order to believe it! After hearing her pee several times I decided to time her next pee. I never told my boyfriend that I was secretly timing his sisters pee. But I swear this young lady had a pee time totaling 7 minutes 48 seconds! Now her urine stream was constant for a good five and a half minutes, at that point her stream would lighten up to a dribble before she would build i! t up full force again and she would do this off and on over the last two and a half to maybe three minutes of her pee. I'm not exaggerating at all here and I remember this like it was yesterday. Finally the topic did come up between my boyfriend and I and he told me his mother had a large bladder as well being able to pee in excessive amounts at one time. After having been party to this girls peeing abilities I'm more than willing to (believe) give someone the benefit of the doubt when they say that they can pee in excess of 5 + or 8 + minutes. There might be resons why these pee times are the length that they are, for instance the type of pee stream being emitted at the time.......ect. We are ALL different and no two people are alike.
I just don't want to see anyone on this post feel discouraged about reveling their peeing time or style. After reading one girl's post a few pages back, I got the impression she was holding back in order to make her stories more 'digestible' for the majority of people out there. It's too bad she feels like that. I wouldn't want to see anyone else posting here feeling the same way! But I guess in the end everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Take care and keep the wonderful stories coming!


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