Hi, guys and girls, I have a follow-up to my last story for you.
In case you forget, I am 20 years old, brown eyes, long brown hair, and a very big chest, but still no boyfriend, and a brother named Paul with an ego as big as the United States. Paul never suspected me for doing that. He just told me that his toilet completely went berserk and not to use it, and that there would be a plumber coming. The plumber had since fixed it. I had a sleep-over with my friend Emily last Saturday. By the way, to describe her, she has blond hair, is 21 years old, and has green eyes, but not as big a chest as mine. However, she has a boyfriend, unlike me. She was in her bathroom putting her make-up on Sunday morning. Her door to her bathroom was open, and she invited me in. We talked about some girl stuff for a while (boyfriends, nice clothes, etc.) when Emily said she had to take a dump. She wanted me to stay in there while she took a dump, and said that she had been constipated for about 3 days. She just sat there and talked for a while,! about 2 minutes, when she suddenly let out this gigantic fart, and said "Wait-I'm gonna shit now." She was not kidding. She squeezed out one really long log, let out some really noisy soft poop, which made a splattering sound against the water, and then I asked, are you done yet, but she saucily answered, "Definitely not." It sure stunk! Then she made some really loud grunts and straining noises, as another huge log came out. To top it off, she let out another smooth and long log. She wiped herself about 4 times, and then said, "How do you like this?" I was flabbergasted. I saw 3 logs at least one foot long, and an island of soft poop. It took 4 flushes to get it all down. I said, though, "That's pretty good, but I can definitely beat it." I sat down on the toilet, and Emily, without asking permission, came and sat ON MY LAP. She weighs only slightly less than me (I weigh 123, she weighs around 110) I actually liked having Emily sitting there, it was sort of comf! ortable after a while. When I started pushing out my first giant log, Emily looked down between our legs, and watched every move as it slid out. She said, "That one's at least 2". Then I start pushing another huge one out just where I had left off. That one was about 1 and a half feet. Emily said, "Wow, you're better than I thought." After I had let out 2 more long logs, about 8" and 11" inches, Emily said, "I concede," but I did not stop, as Emily continued sitting on my lap, as I pushed out some very soft poop on top of my four monster logs. That really felt good, as I finished by letting out some very liquidy diarrhea first for about a minute, and then another foot long log. It took about 7 wipes and 5 flushes. Emily said, "I'm amazed, Michelle. How can you do this?" All I did was shake Emily's hand and said, "Good game, Em." She said, "Next week I declare a rematch! And even if I lose again, I'll still be hotter than you." I just laughed that off.

See ya later - Michelle


I gotta tell you abour my peeing eyperience two years ago. Iwas on a big fair and I drank some beer with my friend Sandra. After a while I had to pee and I told Sandra. She had, that she had to go,too. I was looking for the toilet, but Sandra said we should walk to the parking space. There were big lights and many cars. Many people were crossing,too. When we were there, I told Sandra to watch if anybody walked along there. She said Ok, so I went behind a shrubbery. I pulled down my skirt and my pants and i began to pee. I peed about one minute. When I was finished, pulled up my skirt and my pants and walked to Sandra. She said: "Are you finally finished"?
Now it was her turn. I thought, that now she would go behind the shrubbery, too. But to my surprise, she made one step behind and then she pulled down her jeans and her pants. Many people along the way and nearly everybody could watch her. After 20 seconds she finished began to poop. I said "Sandra you cant do that. Everybody can watch you." She didnt care that. After about three minutes, a young guy was walking along the street. Sandra said" Hey, sweet, little guy, come on." He was very surprised and looked at her. "Have no fear, boy. Come on. Give me a handkerchief. I need one." He gave her one and she cleaned her bottom. Then she pulled up her clothes. The boy was still standing next to her. Like me he was absolutely fascinated.

Hmm my first time, i shall post a story i remember...i am 17 now

I was in 1st grade and one day, and at the begining school i had an incredible urge inside my stomach that something bad was gonna happen if i didnt get my butt onto a toilet soon.
So around the end of the day (after having multiple attacks) i had another one of these attacks, but it wasnt like the rest...
an entire pants full size of diarrhea was forced out of my butt, i paniced as i slip my butt between the pair of panties i had on and the close to stained jeans i had on, i asked for permision to go to the bathroom(we had one in our room,thank god) and i got in thier unzipped my jeans and surveyed the damage that had been done, i too off my shoes, sox, and quite soiled panties and put them in the trash(its better off i did) so im about to finish up cleaning my butt and put my jeans back, i pulled my jeans up and as i was about to button them i had another attack and i planted my butt on the toilet as the diarrhea again... i got done and went out to washs my hands and i noticed the one hand was covered in diarrhea, i quickly washed my hands and sat down... what a day..

Since finding this wonderful site I am doing more dumps in a day. Not huge elephant dumps like some posters (Carmalita you are the Queen and I love you!) but more frequently. Could this be fevered mind over fecal matter (heh heh!)? The pattern seems to be: one with the morning pee, big fart and hardish knobs. After breakfast the main shit often smooth soft snakes which usually break off after six inches, but sometimes slightly constipated logs ( my faves as they need no wiping and leave a lovely glow). Then quite a substantial and often runny one last thing before bed. Can't understand how the machine inside produces such variety in 24 hours, must be the diet I suppose. At the weekend I went to pick up Mark my boyfriend and on the way my No 2 dump of the day kicked in with a heavy cramp and not much warning. I stopped at a Starbucks which I've used before. It was full of parents and their kids. There is one ladies room only and I ran to it. An explosion. The bowl ! filled with soft pieces. The smell nearly blew me away. Trouble was I couldn't stop. It kept coming aznd coming. After about two minutes someone hammered on the door and a desperate voice said, 'please, please hurry, my little girl has to go urgently.' 'OK' I said. But what can you do? It must have taken another three minutes and even then I'd rather have stayed longer. When I got out, the little girl had done a poop and a pee in her pants and her Mom was not pleased. 'Thanks a lot,' she said with heavy sarcasm as the smell overwhelmed them. I said I was sorry, but what CAN you do?

Better luck next time. Love to you all. Anthea

Stopped at gas station in TN having to take a horrific dump. I went in this rather large mens room but it only had one stall for what I had to do. A fellow washing his hands said to me, "you don't want to go in there, it's enough to sicken a maggot off a gut wagon". Ah hell I replied, it can't be that bad and afterall I had to go pretty damn bad. I opened the door and "SOB" puke, shit, urine was overflowing and their was a shit up pair of underwear in the corner. This was too much even for my strong stomach, and I started to gag. Just about then this fellow looks my way and says "I told you so" and when he turned his ring on his finger went flying off his hand and right into the mess in that stall!!!!! Boy this fellow went beserk calling that gas station every name in the book while on his hands and knees looking for that ring and gagging himself!!!!! I didn't stay long enough to take a whiz, I left forgetting all about having to do anything and hit the station do! wn the road. I always wondered if that guy found his ring though!!!!

Hi. Amy for short! I can remember the first time I ever took a shit in front of a guy. I was working on a movie! I was a production assistant, and worked my way up to assistant director when a couple of people quit due to the conditions.

We were staying in an old military barracks, sleeping on cots. Of course, the only bathroom facilities was the latrine, which was just like you may have seen in the movies, a communal shower like at the YMCA, and a row of six (or maybe it was five) toilets, one right next to another, with nothing seperating them. If you sat on them, everyone could see you!

Well, there were several female crew members, and they had set up a women's room across the courtyard, but a few of us girls had decided to just use the one in the barracks, instead of walking fifteen minutes to the other one.

Well, one morning I got up. I really, really had to shit. I went in the bathroom, announced, "woman coming in" just in case any of the boys wanted to cover up. There were a couple of guys in the shower, a guy shaving, a guy at the urinal, and a guy sitting on the toilet closest to the shower, taking a shit.

I put my bag down, went to the second toilet from the other end (I didn't want to be too obvious about wanting to keep some distance), and pulled down my shorts and underpants to my ankles and sat down. I had no trouble peeing, but I really had to poop, too. I knew I would never get this bathroom to myself, so I finally forced myself to shit.

I pushed as hard as I could, and shit out a ton. It hit the water with a loud splash, and I farted, too. The guys tried to act like they hadn't noticed, but they must have. The guy who was shaving and I had become friendly, and he said, "Wow, that sounded impressive." I said, "Well, it sure felt impressive!"

I squeezed out some more shit and then wiped my ass. I took off my shorts and shirt and got in the shower with two guys!!! It was actually kind of cool, because even though I caught them looking at me a few times, they were pretty comfortable with me in there, and I was comfortable with them. Afterwards, I was drying off and getting dressed, I realized I had been the only woman in there the whole time. I had taken a shit, then taken a shower, in front of six or seven guys.

I was so proud of myself for not getting freked out! It was never an issue after that, and I've never had a problem with a guy seeing me naked since then, or seeing me on the toilet.

Often Plugged Up
Brent C

I have never had to use a large volume enema even (at least not for constipation) though there were tmes I was tempted to.

sometimes I get so constipated I can't stand up and wind up taking two or three small fleet enemas. I have never tried duclolax suppositories, they are made from bisacodyl and that can be addictive, and that's not what I want

I would love to hear more about your constipation troubles. I have many stories

Hi again everyone!!! I am so happy to have finally posted, thanks everybody that gave me a response! Once I read my posting, I discovered that I made a mistake, I was actually 11 years old when that first public poop happened. I didn't turn 12 until the summer before 6th grade, oh well there has been so many poops since then!

AUDREY - I do remember why I didn't stay in the restroom until Leslie finished her dump, I distinctly remember that I was just glad to have finally pooped in a public restroom, that all I wanted to do was leave before someone caught me. I remember being REALLLLY nervous that first time. I took about 15 minutes to go, but the first 13 minutes were spent trying to decide if I was really going to do it, the last 2 minutes were spent squeezing out two huge logs and wiping. I remember that my butthole hurt so bad afterward because I forced the poop out and didn't relax and let it happen naturally. But anyway, I have since learned to take my time, enjoy going #2 and enjoy sharing with everyone else, whether they know it or not! Leslie was apparently taking a big dump that day, she was a skinny girl, but was steadly "plopping" for the whole 15 minutes I was there.

MYSTERIOUS MAN - I have plenty more stories from when I was 11-13 or so, lots of jr high restroom poops and some pretty good high school experiences. I will try to recall my favorite and share them later. Thanks for your comment!

I do have a good experience I want to share from this past weekend. I was at the mall working on Saturday from 9-3 (In Houston). Early in the day, I began to feel the urge to go and it steadly built as time went on. I had a small break for lunch but opted to hold it because I wanted (and needed!!!) to take longer than that to go. (The mall on Saturday is a great place to poop by the way!) Finally 3pm rolled around and I left work. I walked down to Foley's which has a huge restroom that is always clean. I do no know how many stalls there are but there are plenty. I selected one in the middle of the row and locked the door. I really had to shit by this time. I was wearing a plaid mini-skirt that was slightly above my knees, I lifted my skirt and dropped my panties (blue bikini) to my ankles. I let my skirt go after I sat down, my butt sank deeply past the toilet seat and I almost instantly ripped a loud echoing fart. I opened my legs as far as my panties would ! allow. I remember the first time (in high school I think) I saw a girl showing off her panties under a stall door, it was so sexy and flirty, I do it everytime I can now! Anyway, I sat for several minutes farting and dropping small turdlets (one or two inches and really thin). Several people came in while I was getting started. At least once down the way, I heard a few farts and splashes (another person trying to rush the experience. I grunted a little and finally got a big piece moving. I leaned forward so that my butt was off of the seat in the back. It was pure delight as my big turd slid out. After about a minute it broke off with a dull splash. The remaining portion began moving out after a little push. A few seconds later it splashed into the water as well. The first piece was about 2inches wide, 5 inches long, soft but firm, the second was about 3inches long. Both were sinkers. I sat for a while longer, still not done. I had definetly created a strong po! op smell! As I hoped for, a girl came into the stall next to me. She lowered her shorts and panties and sat down, soon beginning to pee. She did not pee very long and did not wipe, this is usually the sign of the pooper! Sure enough after about a minute, I heard a small plop. I turned around to see if I could see her reflection in the tiled wall. I could plainly see the reflection of her butt crack as she sat on the toilet. Wanting to join her, I grunted some more and finally got a small piece to drop. I turned around again to see her lean forward as I had done a few minutes before. I could see in the reflection more of her butt and faintly saw her poop as it slid out. After dropping her poop she wiped quickly and soon left. I ended up staying in the restroom about 20 more minutes before wiping and leaving as well. Hopefully I will get another poop experience soon!!! Until next time, everybody take care!!!!! Jessica

To Traveling Guy.. Your comments about doorless toilet stalls underestimates their frequency. It is true that fewer and fewer park, beach, and department store restrooms have doorless toilets. I know of a number of JC Penney's in my area that used to have doorless men's room stalls but recently put doors back on. However, doorless stalls are still pretty common in boys' rooms in high schools, probably to discourage smoking and masturbation. I've been suprised to still see some college dormitories with doorless men's room toilets -- why they have them, I don't know. I was recently visiting a friend at a big Eastern college where the freshman dorm bathroom had only doorless toilets. In the morning it was standing room only with the guys waiting to go joking with their friends sitting on the pot about their farts and the size of their dumps! I'd love to hear stories from other guys about their experiences with doorless college toilets.

I am 18 and male.

To Carol "da' dawg" - LOVED your story!! I'm surprised your boyfriend just unzipped and pissed right there. Probably just me, but I think I would rather have held it or pissed my pants rather than exposing myself in the middle of the road.

To Peeing in the woods - Cool story. How old were you?

To Mr. Unknown - Cool story. I wish I had friends like yours!

To Bryian - Loved your little story about the kid. As I've posted here, I've recently had opportunity to see several kids 8-12 years old do their little pee dances at Little League games. I think it's so cute how they innocently dance and hold themselves and keep trying to delay the inevitable.

Last night I was driving home from a friend's house at about 1am and I had to piss so bad that it was affecting my driving. So I pulled into a Cumberland Farms, bought a Coke, and asked if they had a bathroom. The girl at the desk (not real good-looking) said yes and pointed me to it. Since it was so late, it was just me and her in the store, and this bathroom was just beyond the main part. I didnt want her to hear me peeing, so I flushed the toilet before beginning. When I was done, I gave her a smile and left, much relieved.

Back on the road, I was downed the Coke and naturally had to pee again, but for me it was surprising how quickly it came. Nothing else that I came upon was open at the late hour so I just held it until I got home. Everyone at my house was asleep, so I decided to have a little fun. I sat down in front of my computer and just totally pissed my shorts, just letting it come out naturally. After a few minutes, I got up and naturally, I had a very wet butt since I was sitting down when i pissed myself. It was a great night all around!


Eric in Chicago
Mr. Unknown: Loved your story about the crapping contest in the woods. What kind of pants/shorts were you dudes wearing at the time? Did you pull them down and look in your underwear to see who shit the most, or did you just go by the size of the bulges?

Have a story for you. Yesterday I was at work and just started my shift and about 1/2 hour into my shift one of the regulars comes in and she is about late 20's early 30's, really good looking and she headed for the bathroom. Our bathrooms are one person only bathrooms, but not unisex. Anyway I wanted to go and listen but kept my distance from her. She walked in and locked the door. I could hear her pull down her shorts and panties. She then sat on the toilet. She peed a little, I was a little excited but then she farted and dropped two big chunks of poop and then peed a little more. She then sat there for a few minutes and farted again and dropped a huge log. She peed for the last time and starting to pull off tp and started to wipe herself, by this time I was really excited. I just worked the rest of my shift and went home but that was on my mind for the rest of the day and when I got home, you get the picture.

JESSICA- Hey loved your stories. Could you tell me more about this Katie and her pooping habits? I was wondering if you read while your on the toilet? I don't know why but I have this thing for females who read while they are on the toilet, I find it a turn on, and also when females fart in the toilet while pooping. I have always been interested in girls going to the bathroom, even as a little kid, I am 21 now. Could you fill me in on some of your pooping habits? I sure wish I could meet a girl like you. Hope you have time to write back, if not no big deal, BTW I hope I didn't offend you in anyway, if I did I want to say I am sorry. Please keep in touch, ToddMN!

Pee Listener
Raging Urophile,

I have heard several thousand different women peeing, and I've timed the longest pees with my watch. It's rare to hear a lady surpass one minute, and the longest pees have been just shy of two minutes. Of course, there is a possibility of sampling bias in the types of places where I have heard these women. Perhaps most of the women with five-minute bladders are too shy to empty them in the types of public places where I might be within earshot, so they wait until they get home? After all, if their bladders are that big, they certainly have the luxury to pee only once a day or so. But, the bottom line is that I would not be critical of the webmistress who is skeptical of claims of five-minute pees, because even someone who has seen or heard hundreds of women peeing is unlikely to have come across such a talented person. They are much more rare than the posts on this board would have you believe.

At an office where I used to work -- with paper-thin walls between the mens' and women's restrooms -- there were two middle-aged women who frequently peed loudly for a minute or longer. They did this casually throughout the work day with little indication of urgency. I'm guessing that these ladies might be the type who could pee for 4 or 5 minutes if they got truly desperate. But, a workplace situation where restrooms are freely accessible is perhaps not the best place to look for super-pees.

Linda C.
Yes......I can identify with other girls who were "punished by Ex-lax".

In my case it was Ex-Lax, or whatever strong stuff we had at the time.

My mother, a nurse, would give me the damn things, usually on Friday, as a way to "ground me for the weekend".

I got "cleaned out" for being bad, including swearing, lying, getting drunk, raising hell at school, etc.

Once I wore a real provocative summer dress to school. It showed way too much. And she gave me a strong one for this !

She wasn't home to watch me, but knew I wasn't going on a date after taking that stuff.

That laxative really cleaned me out. To make matters more inconvenient, I had to dress up formally all day Saturday.

Once, after discovering a big lie, she gave me a tablespoon full of castor oil (ugh) which is the worst.

Hey, this is my first story, and I hope you all don't think I'm weird. But here goes, I'd love some feed back, cause I could tell you about some more peeing and pooping experiences. I'm 19. This happened last week. Ok, me and my friend were sitting at my house one night, and he talked about a time he shit his pants. I laughed, cause I had never done it before so I didn't really know what it was like. He said it was disgusting, and I said it prolly wasn't. He said I wouldn't know and that I was too pussy to shit in my pants and hold it there a while. I said "ok, lets have a contest. who can hold their shit in there pants the longest." He agreed. We both agreed that this contest would never leave our mouths or houses. But then we thought for a second, how do we shit at the same time? Well we put our heads together, and he said one time some uncooked chicken gave him diarrhea. So I said "alright, lets eat some uncooked chicken." We agreed that the bet would be for 65 dollars,(d! on't ask me why that number). So we went to the local store, bought 2 adult diapers, and got some chicken and checked into a cheap ass hotel. I cooked the chicken and we ate it at about 6, and then we put on the diapers. We looked so funny! We waited around until about 8:30, and when we didn't feel like we had to crap, we started chugging some fast acting laxatives. Me and my friend split a bottle. We were serious about the bet. So about 2 hours later, he starts to look uneasy. My stomach has been grawling and churning for awhile to. I said "whats the matter? u gonna go?" He had a stern look on his face and he said "no". I said "bullshit, your just about to. give in, it'll just make it easier." He said alright, and just then I saw his face relax and a strong smell hit me. He just said "yuck" and kept watching tv. Suddenly, about 1 hour later, I get a hot flash and sweats, and the next thing I know, I'm uncontrollably filling my tight ass diaper with liquid shit and its just ! sloshing around in there. I have to lie down cause my stomach hurt so bad. I shit for a good 1, and I had such a huge mess in my diaper. I was sick as shit! I felt horrible, and my friend didn't feel very good either. We got some fluids in us to keep us hydrated, but we pretty much shit out what we put in. That kept going for the rest of the night. I wanted to take my diaper off, get clean and wash up around 3, but I couldn't let him get the money. We kept shitting, then my diaper started to leak, his already leaked on the bed. So I went into the bathroom and just lied in the bathtub and continued to shit. I was awake all night. I finally fell asleep, and he woke me up in the morning. He said "u still got it on?" I said "yeah, do you?" he said "yeah." Brown water was running down the drain in the bed from my leakege. He said "when are you planning on taking it off?" I said "hopefully soon." We called a draw, left our diapers for the maid, and went on our way. Tell me what yo! u think. Chace.

Jessica, I just finished reading your post and I can relate to things like that, I love pissing in urinals in public men's rooms. It's just so fun to stand there and let it go. About a year ago, I was working at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, so the bathrooms were always busy, and once, I was standing at a urinal taking a leak with a few guys lined up as well. There were guys in the stalls also, one farted really loudly, and I cracked, 'somebody's baking brownies' and all of the guys at the urinals started laughing. Then while I was still pissing, I got a call on my two-way radio and had to copy it, which they also found hilarious. That was the best job I ever had. I'm a 20 year old guy from the Northwest part of Houston, Texas and would like to hear more stories from you soon.

Peeing on the Woods,
I heard a commentary the other morning on a local radio station about the the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette, I'm supposing that the radio station staff found this site and started a commentary on it and people were calling in with their stories and I swear I heard yours exactly as you said it on the radio, which was kind of cool. There was one before or after that I'd like to read also because it was funny. Let's hear some replies from Jessica and Peeing in the Woods!

To: Samantha

How old r u and are there other accidents bwsides this one. If so write them.

To CapitalJIM:

As a little child I was always terrified of the toilet. I was scared I woulf fall in and get flushed away. Because of this my parents had a really hard time with toilet training me and I would always poop my pants. One time my dad was so frustrated that he took me into the bathroom and gave me a bunch of enemas and wouldn't stop until I threw up. :( I don't know if his intent was to help me learn that the toilet wasn't a scary thing or if it was to punish me but it sure felt like punishment.

This is my first post. I have been reading the old pages for awhile. I am 16/male/white.

king of the throne:
1.have you went to the bathroom in your pants?
2if so how often
Maybe twice a month or so
2.if so was it an accident or on purpose.
One was on accident. I all of the sudden had to go and just let it out. Most of the time it is on purpose.
3.If on purpose just #1, #2 or both
4.Do you go in public or just at your house
I only have accidents at home.
5. do you wash the undies or just throw them away.
I usually just throw them away.
6.Do you clean up in the shower or just wipe off good.
I have done both.
7.State the reason you last crapped your pants.
The last time, I was constipated and was home alone. So I just stood in the bathroom and pushed the load out into my breifs.

Short Story.
I had a really neat expirence over Spring Break. My friend and I were heading to play tennis and he said he needed to use the restroom. So we went to the restroom by the pool. It had one urinal, one stall, and one shower. He had to go bad so he went into the stall first. I also had to go #2 so I just waited by the sink. He grunted lightly. When he was done I went in and sat down and went #2. It was really exciting that we both did the same thing, knowning that the other one was about to do the same thing. That was my first expirence pooping with somebody else. Even though we didn't go at the same time, it was really exciting. The same thing happend 2 or 3 more times that week but we never talked about it.


Brent C
I read your post on taking a 2 quart enema, That is the best way to eliminate constipation or being plugged up like you say. Fleet enemas are not good at all and do not take care of the constipation problem. Like you did take a enema from the bag. When I become constipated I take a 3 or 4 quart enema using the bag and I make a soap suds solution with warm tepid water say around 103 degrees I inject the entire bag then refill the bag again and start injecting the other 2 quarts. I repeat this again with a rinse enema (Just plain tap water warm) to clear out the soap suds. This treatment works for me everytime and have been doing this for years. I too suffer from acute constipation since childhood and was told by my doctor at that time to take enemas whenever needed. If you get plugged up again follow my procedure in taking a 4 quart enema, you will find that it is refreshing to the colon and you will feel much better and have a good outlook and be more alert. Hope ! everything goes well with you.


To: Samantha

How old r u and are there other accidents bwsides this one. If so write them.

I love joes stories could i see some more!?

Enjoyer of the female pee
Hey my names Ben, and I work at a place where outdoor concerts are held, and I must see more than 100 females and males run toward the woods holding themselves looking as if they are about to mess themselves. I love watching women pee, I get so excited, and I love my job. Anyway, I was working a couple nights ago near a porta-john, and I see this blonde girl with a great body run from across the parking lot with a look of desperation on her face. There was a huge line and she danced around in place for a minute then bloted for the woods 50 yards away. She was halfway there when she ripped down her jeans and struggled with her panties, but didnt get em off. By this time i was sweating with anticipation. The girl gave a motion of "what the hell" and then just pee'd right through her pink undies, it must have taken a good 2-3 minutes before she finished up, without a look of embarassment she took off her pants and panties,put the panties on the ground then put her jeans back on! . She picked up her undies to no doubt throw away when she noticed me staring and walked over to me with wet panties in hand. She then proceeded in handling them to me with a grin. The porta-john line had gone away and it was me and her standing in a parking lot with me holding her wet and warm soaked panties. I'd tell you what happened next but its quite illicit, all I will tell you is that I still have those undies she gave me. I am also currently dating her and her name is julianne.

Raging Urophile
BUBBA- I will now try to re-write the post that did not make the board a few weeks ago.I believe it missed the board because I included too many details regarding the actual bands and venues. I will therefore be more vague this time around.
A month or two ago, I was at a great rock concert at a Los Angeles arena. I was standing at the first urinal, finishing the draining of my mini- bladder. Suddenly, a loud male voice echoes out "We need a stall, is there a stall available!" Then a beautiful blonde woman with black leather pants walks quickly past all the peeing men. She was giggling while ostensibly covering her eyes. One man yelled out. "It's not like you haven't seen this before. She then goes into the last stall in the row. Unfortunately, she went to the opposite end of the restroom from where I was to do her business. The womens' room line was not too long , so she must have been desperate. I would have liked to hang out to see how long she was in there, but for obvious reasons, I could not.
Back in 1986, I went to see one of my favorite British bands at a very large outdoor venue in Los Angeles. There were three women standing right in front of me in line before we turned the corner into the mens'room. The first facilities that were available after turning the corner were three stalls. Two of the girls entered the stalls while the third waited her turn. A couple guys were standing outside the stalls waiting for them. They were most likely boyfriends whose purpose was to discourage prying eyes and provide moral support. As I turned to my left, there was a desperate man peeing into the sink. As I moved through the urinal line, I heard one fellow recount when he was at a venue where a woman joined the men at the urinal. He said she lifted her leg over the trough and peed with the men. That would have been a beautiful sight!
About three years ago, I saw another of my favorite British bands at a smaller outdoor venue in Southern California. I went to pee at intermission, but there were no female sightings. Next, my friend went to pee. He laughed while stating that there were a bunch of women in the mens' room. I was upset that I had gone too soon. Therefore to avoid being obvious about my intent, I waited five minutes and told my friend that I had to take a crap. When I got back, there was one girl and a couple guys waiting to use the stall. I could see between the partition that there was also a girl sitting on one of the bowls. I went into an available stall to take my phantom crap. There didn't seem to be any more female action since the restroom wasn't too crowded by the time arrived. I apparently missed "prime time".
This one is for the ladies. Back in 1982, I was at a major college football game in Southern California. When exiting the tunnel at halftime, and after the game (darn we lost), one could quite easily look towards the wide gap between the bushes to catch a glimpse of a dozen or more men peeing openly against the wall of the restrooms. Had I not been with my family, I would have gone up to see if there were any peeing women. I obviously could not stop and investigate further.

To any men have you accidently walked into a womens restroom.
I did it yesterday at a airport

To Dreamer:
I would rather sit on seat to poop instead of standing up.
Have you been to Chicago O'Hare restrooms they have the seats that have a cover all the time

To Carol "da' dawg": Loved your was funny
To STUDENT: How do some of us pooop big? this is how i think it works....see some guys are big, therefore the eat alot and poop big. Im a short guy...i sometimes have big ones, what i do is hold my poop for 2-3 days. Liked your story too
To Peeing in the woods: Liked your old were you at the time?
To unnamed poster: about the friend who pooped on the school bus..enjoyed the story
To Bry: Liked your story..thats cool, does your g/f know about your intrests?
To jge: Liked hearing about the dream, thats cool
To Mr. Unknown: Liked your story about the crapping contest..thats cool you won...what was every onese poop like? hard/soft? etc?
To Alfreeda: Liked your story
To Kellie: Loved your story
To JennyC: Im a guy...when i was younger for some reason i liked having diahreaha..but then it stopped, i guess i found the enjoyment of having big turds
To CapitalJIM: Thats odd, never heard of it..sounds like an intresting way of punishment...maybe the mother likes poop or
To stacy: Liked your story..did the guys do any thing in the bathroom?
To Metamucil Man: Thats cool about blind date..i never have seen that one
To Fernando: Enjoyed your story.
To Josh: Loved your story.
To wetguy: I wanted to try your thing where you pee your bathing suit, i was at the beach this past week, i only made it to the beach one day out of 6 days and it only lasted a few hours, i only put my feet in the water. And oh..when you piss your pants..what do you do with your wet pants?
To king of the throne: 1. Yes i have,several times. 2. just once in a while 3. One was an accident, and the rest was on purpose 4. What do you mean in public? poop your self? if thats what you mean i only do it at home, but if i use the bathroom in public i will poop sometimes. 5. Wash them by hand..then throw them in the wash. 6. Wipe off good, but the the next day i clean my hole in the shower. 7. Last time i crapped my pants i did it on purpose sitting on my bathroom sink.

To Evonne: Liked your story

To Dreamer: I like sitting on the toile the best.

To JAMES: Loved your story from camp..that sounds cool..i remember Jennas bro..not sure what happened to him.

To The Poop on the Scoop: Loved your story about your g/f's huge dump

Yesterday i was watching tv, there was Saturday night live on comedey central and there was a segment about grandparents and they all had diapers and it was called "I crapped my pants". any one see this?

then later on there was a movie on Oxygen called "A home of our own" and theres a sceene where the mother is in the out house pooping and her son comes out to poop with her too. i've seen this before and posted on it too.

Then last night on mad tv there was something on about this mother and her son in a chinese restaurant. They had just ordered when the mom said stay her son, mommy's gotta make more room for dinner. Then her son said if its yellow it is mellow, if it is brown flush it down. I got a kick out of this
any one see these?
gotta go now, sorry for such a long post
7.State the reason you last crapped your pants.

Steve - Curious
Hi everyone. Im new to this site and hence a little apprehensive. Im 32 y/o single male living in UK and have a story to share.

Ive very recently been dating a girl who finally invited me over to her flat for dinner yesterday evening. When I arrived, the dinner was cooking and we had wine. (Taxi back so no problem!). Just before dinner was ready, I excused myself for the bathroom (so I could give her a hand dishing up without walking funny whilst dying for a pee).

When I lifted the lid and seat of the toilet, I immediately noticed something in the bowl, odd bits floating around. Although I was surprised, it didnt interfere with my bladder emptying and I returned to help her with serving up.

One glorious meal and sweet later, we took the plates and dishes out and I offered to wash up. She accepted and said shed be back in a moment to dry then fix us liquor coffees (mmmmmm). I ran the washing-up water as she cleared the plates of what remained into a piece of kitchen roll, (over-calculated the portions but better too much than too little).

As I washed the pots and pans, I thought I could hear the toilet being flushed although I wasnt sure with the noise of the washing up. She returned to the kitchen just as I was draining the sink, put on the kettle for the coffees, flung me the tea-towel and started the coffee and putting away the washing up at the same time. I finished drying and excused myself for a pee before coffee.

When I got to her bathroom, and lifted the lid and seat of the toilet, I felt my fingers wet where I had touched the seat. Water, at least I hope it was water, was running and dripping from the inside of the lid and seat, and I noticed a few wetspots on the tiled floor around the edge of the loo. I rinsed and dried my fingers, had a long cool pee, then rejoined her.

The rest of the evening was great, everything seemed perfectly normal with no long visits to the bathroom by either, and shes coming over to my place soon when Ive finished the decorating. (Bit of a bombsite at the moment
...Picasso meets chaos theory !).

I never had the chance to discover the answer to my curiosity, there was no smell or streak marks; a bit like murder without a victim. Im puzzled and, I must confess, intrigued.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Twice Shy
Varieties of markings

I thought this would make interesting reading (if I don't get arrested in the process...)--B. Ehrenreich, in her best-selling "Nickel and Dimed", has the following to say:

"Let's talk about sh!t, for example. It happens, as the bumper sticker says, and it happens to a cleaning person every day. The first time I encountered a sh!t-stained toilet as a maid, I was shocked by the sense of unwanted intimacy. A few hours ago, some well-fed b#tt was straining away on this toilet set, and now here I am wiping up after it. For those who have never cleaned a really dirty toilet, I should explain that there are three kinds of sh!t stains. There are remnants of landslides running down the inside of toilet bowls. There are the spash-back remains on the underside of toilet seats. And, perhaps most repulsively, there's sometimes a crust of brown on the rim of a toilet seat, where a t#rd happened to collide on its dive to the water."

For those who like to think of such things, the book contains plenty of other references to bodily function, most notably the art of holding one's water in tough times.

MSRP $13.00, 230 pp. Henry Holt & Co., New York, 2001.

Carol "da' dawg"
Hi I'm new to this site and would like to share a very embarassing moment in my life with you all.

I'm only 16 and one day I was in walmart with a few friends. I had a few sodas(more like five) before we had finished shopping at walmart. I fine until fifteen minutes of being on the road. I told my best friend who was driving that I really needed to pee. "hold it and we'll find some place if it gets to bad" she said. I crossed my legs and was trying not to hold myself in front of my boyfriend who was noticing that I was jiggling my leg up and down. " you o.k.?" he asked. I told I was fine except I had to pee like a horse. He offered me his empty 32 oz cup but I told him I'll manage without it.

An hour later, my boyfriend finally gave in and told our friend that he too had to pee pretty badly. By this time I was DYING for a bathroom or something. I leaned forward to tell my friend that I was about to pee my pants while I tried to keep from spurting. My bf notice me put my hand into my crotch and told my friend that I looked like I was about to pee. "hold on, don't pee in my car. we'll stop at a gas station that's coming up."

Another mile went and we were still trying to find a gas station, I finally gave in and screamed " Stop the Car!" " why" my friend asked. "I'm peeing my pants" I replied. my bf handed me the 32 oz cup and i quickly unzipped, pulled my pants and underpants down, squatted over the cup and let the flood gates go. It took 3 seconds and then my bf said that I'd better stop cause I was fiiling the cup. I opened the window, still peeing in the cup, and suck my butt out the window. I finished peeing while anging out the window and then came back in. I pullded my pants back up and then noticed my bf unzipping his pants. He grabbed my friend's soda bottle and started pissing in it.

After that day my friend didn't take us anywhere.

Jule-I have 3 brothers and no sisters. When my mom was alive we used to have a "open bathroom policy". She did not mind if we saw her going to the bathroom. There is a store called The Great Indoors. They sell urinals. I think every home should have one of each.

Your report is a delight. I'm not usually interested in Number 2, but you present it as utterly charming. I hope to see more.

I have a question that I have been wondering about for a long time, how do some of you poop so big? I would really like to know, is it what you eat? How long you hold it in? A combination of both? I hardly ever have big poops, I go about every other day. I just heard of some of you all taking such huge shits, what's your secret. Also how come somepeople can have such stinky shits. I also leave a faint smell but not really strong in a private restroom and in a public restroom I don't even leave a smell. How can some of you people stink up a whole huge public restroom? I envy you guys.

There is a computer lab at my apartment complex and a bathroom next to it that is really audible if it is quiet enough. Today on my way to the computer lab I saw this lady walk in the restroom, she didn't see me, she's probably about 25, Brown hair, 5'8", 150. So when I took the computer next to the bathroom, I heard the sound of explosive diarreah about 2 or 3 times, she flushed and when she came out she looked embarresed because she didn't know that I was in the computer lab. After she left I walked in, suprisingly there wasn't much smell and no streaks.

Peeing in the woods
Once when I was out hiking in the woods with my family, I desperately needed to pee.

But there were no toilets handy, so I wandered off the track a little way to select a suitable spot. I soon found a handy little spot, at the edge of a steep bank with a conveniently located handrail.

So I pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles and squatted down, extending my bottom over the edge of the walk so I would not wet my shorts, and proceeded to pee, facing the area where I knew my family to be.

To my horror, as I was midstream, I heard a loud cheer behind me and turned slightly to see that a crowd of young men were observing me from the bottom of the bank. The worst thing was that I couldn't stop and had to continue in that pose for about 4 minutes (which seemed like ten minutes) until I had finished.

All I could do then was to stand up, take a bow and make a speedy exit.

Hygienist: Yes, always! There are so many blood borne pathogens out there that trust me, you want to be careful. All of us in our house wash our hands after going to the bathroom. We were brought up in our house to always wash our hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.

I was good friends with this girl we will call Beth. She enjoyed shitting on the school bus. It was so messy, she would crap all over the seat and leave the windows open so the driver would not smell it.

I just found this site by coincidence a few days ago, and I think it's great. I thought I was crazy because seeing or hearing a woman poop or pee turns me on! I'm glad there are other people who feel that way. I love reading the posts about women. I really like Peeper's stories about his aunt. I think hearing a girl strain, or fart on the toilet is my biggest turn-on. I also like it when they pee a little bit when they push a log out(or jobber, as I've seen it refered to on this site!) I'd always listen to my sister's friends use the bathroom when I still lived at home. There was this one girl who would ALWAYS fart on the toilet. One time, her and my sister went in to the bathroom together. I heard here tinkle, then after a short pause, I heard the loudest toilet fart! It really had a ring to it! What really got me was that they just kept talking the whole time. I've got more stories to share, as well. I'm trying to be in the bathroom while my girlfriend takes ! a dump, but we haven't progressed that far yet. She lets me stay in there when she tinkles, so maybe it's just a matter of time. Well anyways, greetings to all on this site, I'll be a regular visitor(and contributor, hopefully) from now on! Happy dumping!

hi a;; i posted a couple of weeks ago about a dream ihad but it didn't get on. I was riding with some guy friends in a limo we had gone out to eat and we were going home. well one of them farted and said we better hurry up because i need to take a serious dump. the other two with us agreed they neede to too. they were talking about all the way back to the dorm. we got back and i had to pee so i went to the bathroom and there they were between grunts they we were talking about what a relief it was. i woke up and thout what a great story for here.
Billy and kevin: if your still around i really miss the stories of you and your brothers. any more?

Jule: cool story about your brother and having to wait for him. how old are you and how old is your brother> us guys seem to do that more stink it up and stay longer.

Traveling Guy
Ash - I'm with JW. Try an enema next time you're having difficulty. I think you just might like it. I know I do every now and then.

Juile-Marie - You asked Ron to reply, but I'll chime in, too. It's interesting that 'doorless stalls in men's rooms' has been a frequent topic here since this board began. IMHO, this is not the norm. About the only places I've ever seen doorless stall are in a few department stores or in some public restrooms, such as in parks. In both cases, I think the doors were removed for 'security' reasons, to cut down on problems ranging from shoplifting to public sex or vandalism. I feel a little uncomfortable using them, but not because I'm embarrassed for a stranger to see me taking a dump; it's because you're so vulnerable to someone with the wrong intentions at that moment. The first cousin of this is stall doors with the locks removed, usually for the same reasons as cited above. There have been posts here in the past about doorless women's room, too.

Ash-- Hope you had a good vacation. Got any good vacation poop stories for us? Do you generally become more ocnstipated when traveling? My Mom always did, she usually had to have an enema somewhere on all our vacations when I was a kid.-- JW

Mr. Unknown
Hi there.I'm 16 and this is my first post so I hope you like it.

When I was 13 my friends and I went into this clearing in the woods to play football and stuff. We went there almost every day on vacation unless was raining real bad. Anyway one day my friend, Matt, said he was bored (so was every one else since our football was gone)and said that we should have a crapping contest. We all looked at each other and I asked, "what?" He said, "A crapping contest. We all mess in our pants and see who went the most. Whoever does it the most gets $50."
So we all said yes and Matt went first. His smelled soo bad that we gagged even outside. But his was HUGE!! So than Joe and Scott tried and Scott only peed but Joe couldn't even go. So than I went. Lucky for me I hadn't gone or about a good 4 days and when I pushed t felt like the biggest crap I had ever felt in my life. And I was right, it was! It loaded my underwear for 4 min. nonstop almost!! Everyone was sure I was the winner and than Mike tried. His was about the same as Matt's. For some reason all of us who went enjoyed it a lot. Even me. So still today when we're all there instead of going in the woods we all go in our pants...and yes I got the 50$.

Tony C.
To Julie:

My sister is the same way(except she often forgets to flush...).
I recomend just doing the sam thing hes doing.
Maybe hell catch on...

Raging Urophile
For what it is worth, I recently e-mailed one of the most well known web hostesses who presides over one of the original and most popular pee websites. Her name begins with a "P".
I told her that there were a number of women on this board who claimed to pee for 5-10 minutes while releasing 2500-3000ml of pee. Although I disagree with her, she says that this is "impossible", and that the longest pee any of her models ever took was 1 minute and 20 seconds. I find it strange that a woman who has produced and observed dozens of videos, and who has no doubt seen many models pee, could doubt the prowess of her own gender. I also find it strange that after viewing about 400 clips of women peeing,the longest flow I have seen has been about 1 minute. The average is 15-20 seconds. Many of you bladder queens out there know what web hostess I am talking about. I recommend you e-mail her and set her straight.
My question is as follows. What percent of the female population does indeed pee over 2000ml and/or over 2.5 minutes? Is it extremely rare, or more common than I think?

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