Hi everyone! I am new here, been a fan of the site for a long time finally decided to post. As is customary, I will describe myself for everyone. I am 19 years old, 5'5" 120lbs, green eyes, red hair and reasonably cute. I am from Houston, Texas and just finished my freshman year of college, looking forward to next year! I also go to a four year college in Texas. Last year I lived in the dorms, but I now have an apartment with my friend Katie for hopefully the rest of my college years! I love to poop and love hearing about the pooping experiences and habits of others! Every since I was a little girl I have been unusually interested in anything related to #2. As for me, I usually have to take a dump every other day. I almost always seek to poop in public restrooms, simply because I can spy on others and give them an opportunity to spy on me if they so choose! As this forum indicates, many people seem to be interested in the restroom habits of others, so I am definet! ly not alone! As I said above, I am in college so the opportunity to poop in public restrooms is almost a requirement in addition to being something I enjoy. My dorm room last year had it's own restroom that was shared between my roommate, two other girls and myself. I usually pooped elsewhere though, like in classroom buildings. Occassionaly though I used the toilet in the room, but it was such a waste of good poop time! It was fun though to spy on the other girls when they went, because you could hear everything through the walls / door. My roommate Katie was also my roommate in the dormroom. She always pooped every morning before class (LOT'S of farting) and she always stunk the place up, I am glad she will have her own restroom in our apartment!

I have been working this summer at the mall, only taking one class. I do not have many good pooping experiences as of late but thought I would share with you an experience that was really my first time to poop in a public restroom. I remember when growing up my mom always had a "thing" about going in public, she avoided public restrooms except in extreme peeing emergencies and never pooped in public. I never understood the difference, but as a result most of my childhood was absent of public restroom expereinces. In school I only peed once or twice a day while hovering over the toilet and always held in any dump I had to take until after school. One day though it became impossible and I am very thankful for that day. I was 12 years old and in 5th grade. I remember my mom or dad always picked me and my younger sister Jamie up after school. On this particualar day I remember getting a note that my mom would be about 30 minutes late, and we were to just wait for her! in the school library (which always stayed open after school for kids to study or work on projects). All day long I had a HUGE need to shit but since I was always told never to poop in public I waited as usual. When I found out that I was going to have to wait another 30 minutes I almost fainted! While in the library trying to think about something else, a girl from my class, Leslie, came in and asked the librarian if she could borrow a magazine to read in the restroom. I instantly knew that Leslie was going to poop, AT SCHOOL! I remember that her mom was a teacher and she always stayed after school with her until it was time for teachers to go home. After Leslie got her magazine and left for the nearest girls restroom, I followed after her. I think that at that moment I realized that if Leslie could poop at school, in public, so could I. I told Jamie I would be back in a minute. I caught up with Leslie and asked her if she was going to the restroom, she said yes, ! just wanted to get some reading material since she would probably be a while. I laughed and told her that I needed to go pretty bad too. I asked her if she had ever pooped at school before, she said, to my surprise, that she went at school almost every day. I told her that I had never pooped at school only at home. She told me it was nothing special, that the restrooms were clean and if you gotta go, you simply just go. The wisdom of my 12 year old friend was so true. Leslie and me went into the girls room, she entered the first stall and locked the door, I picked one several down from her and locked the door as well. The restroom had just been cleaned and the toilet seat was in the upright position. I lowered it and wiped it off again any way then I dropped my jeans and panties and sat down. Leslie was right, nothing special. I do remember being scared though. Even though it was after school I was terrified that someone else would come in and know it was me poopi! ng. I still remember that despite having to shit so badly I was scared to let it go. Finally I could hear Leslie pooping as she made several splashes in a row. I relaxed and let things happen. Even though it was over 7 years ago, I remember like yesterday my first school / public dump. I ended up pushing out two huge logs, each about 7 or 8 inches long and very thick. I made no splashes like Leslie. I had to wipe quite a few times because I had not been as successful as I thought in holding it in! I took about 10 or 15 minutes to take that first public restroom dump. I remember leaving and telling Leslie (who was still pooping) that I would see her tomorrow. I also thanked her for letting me poop with her. From that day forward, I never had hesitations about pooping in public. To this day, my mom doesn't know that I am an avid public pooper. What you don't know can't hurt you! She doesn't know what she is missing though! See ya all later! Jessica !

I have been on vacation for the last several weeks. I will give dumping stories in parts.

First, the background. I am divorced father with a 4 year old son that live with my ex. I am currently in Indiana visiting family & my ex also lives here. I live in Colorado. Last nite, my ex, her friend and my son had dinner last nite and then went to my ex's apt to watch a movie. I am in my 30's as wih my ex. Her friend is 19 and she is cute. I went to take my son to put him to bed and while I was getting him ready, the 19 year old went into the bathroom. She was in there for a while. Later, she was sitting on the floor and she leaned over when I walked around her. I could see the crack of her butt. I would have liked to see her on the can.

I ended up taking her home last nite and she and I talked for a couple of hours. She mentioned that at one time, she wouldn't use the bathroom at other people's houses. I mentioned to her that if I had to take a dump, I would use a more out of way bathroom due to smell, etc. I now do a "courtesy flush" after the last piece of shit has come out of my butt before wiping so the smell doesn't have the chance to permeate the bathroom. She and I are thinking of dating but the milage factor (me in Colorado, her in Indiana). I do like her but the age difference might be a problem.

I will tell other stories at another time.

I have a question for Ash and any one whos constipated often. Do your remember using a potty chair when you were little? Thing I remember was that it had three or four different places you could grab onto and pull while you were straining. Does anyone find they miss the hand holds on the toilet now that they are grown?-- JW

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Long time lurker. Thought I'd share this story with you. I'm a 21 y/o male with a bladder capacity of about 60 fl oz. I've never had an accident (except the 'pee dream' once about 9 years ago.) I've held it a lot, but my kidneys start hurting before my muscles give way, and I don't think that's healthy so I let go then. Anyway, about my story. Yesterday I peed when I woke up about 1pm. I drank a 32 oz coke, and a couple bottles of powerade. I started getting the urge about 5pm or so, but decided to hold it. Over the next few hours the urge became stronger and stronger, but I still held it. Instead of going to the bathroom, when my bladder started contracting I'd purposely just let a little bit go in my jeans and underwear. After a while I had a nice little wet spot on the front of my jeans. I figured, what the hell since my jeans were already wet...I went to the bathtub, stood there, and flooded myself. It took so long to finally finish peeing, but it felt soooo good standi! ng there with a puddle of warm water in my pants. The relief was incredible! It felt so good, I think I'm gonna do it again tonight!!

I remember one time in a movie I saw, there were two guys driving somewhere and the one not driving has to pee. He pees in some kind of big container for a long time (for guys that is). The driver says something about him peeing like a horse. Anyway I think a police officer stops them and cops an attitude with them , and ends up takin a swig of a container full of piss which he thinks is some kind of beer or liquor. I don't remember the name of the movie but I believe that's the longest perceived time I seen a guy pee for. Girls peeing for 8 and 9 min intervals sounds silly and hard to swallow. Honestly why hold it in that long? I'm wondering if bladder size is unique among people or is it rather just a person's will power to hold pee in for a certain amount of time. I'm leaning towards the latter idea and therefore think that a guy could drink and hold it in as long as girls do. For some reason though, even if a guy and girl both drank the same volume of liquid and held it ! in for the same amount of time, I think the girl would pee more out into a container than a guy. Maybe guys sweat more of that liquid out in the course of a day and have less come out in the urine than girls do. I just don't ever envision a guy posting here who pees for 8 mins. That's just too many bathroom breaks to pass up :} Lastly I seriously doubt there is motivation at all for guys to hold it in to a point like that. Guys won't be showing off how long they can pee to other guys, and it might be too agressive to bring the topic up with the average woman without a funny look. Imagine a guy at a public urinal at a popular rest stop and he starts to pee with maybe one or two guys in back of him in line. Eight mins worth of pee would overflow some types of urinals first of all, not to mention a number like eight to fifteen guys using say the urinal next door would finish and be gone before that one guy ever finishes. That would get some looks, probably not kind ones. I gues! s it's more normal behavior to women, but not even in the sense of the word. So I think that men and women have the same bladder capacities and that women test the limits more frequently (pregnancies, fetishes, etc). Great site by the way

Mysterious Man
Has anyone ever seen the movie: Tremors 3: Return to Perfection? I never saw it from begining to end, but I always came in towards the end, at least the last 20 or so minutes. When the two guys and the girl get chased into a mobile home, there is a weird noise and then the older man says "Damn girl", and I was thinking, did she shit her self, cause the sound almost might be it, but it might have been editited on TV. So has anyone seen it on video, cause I'd like to know, could they really have meant that she crapped herself?

Alicia: Could you tell us of this big crap you had? Please respond when you can.

See ya all!

Lil K
Hey. My friends call me Lil K, so I guess you all can too. This is my 1st post about my 1st accident with poop. 1st off, I'm about 5/5, 115, brown hair, tan. I was in my bed one morning and I woke up with a huge stomach cramp. It was big enough to wake me up! So I went to the bathroom, sat on the crapper and tried to crap but couldn't. So I gave up, and right then my friend Dave called. He said he was coming to get me, so I said cool. I didn't have to change, I'm not trying to impress him, we're like bros. I was wearing a nice red thong, abercrombie grey shorts, and a t-shirt from my little brother. So I got in the car, we started rolling around, and the next thing I know, I got this tremendous pressure in my stomach. so I said "i gotta fart", (don't think we're weird, we're just real close like that. he's my best friend and he's a guy, so we're just like family). Anyway he laughed, and I sat up to fart, and a watery gooey mass of shit sprayed out of my ass, through my thong! and was just chillin in my shorts! He said "omg you shit your pants!" I looked at him with a stunned look on my face and said "yeah, so?" I burst out laughing, he rolled all the windows down. He saw it got on his seat so he had me sit on an old shirt. It sucked, cause it was a hot massive dump too, all caked around my ass. I didn't mind tho, it didn't feel weird. Just like hot mud. Anyway, we drove around a little more and talked like we always do, then he dropped me off at home and I hobbled inside. The next time I talked to him he said there was a huge brown stain on my butt too! Thanks! tell me what you think! Lil K

whats up everybody. I have been a lurker for years and enjoy all the post.....especially from Carmalita and her friends. I am 6'0 165lbs, I resemble Jason least thats what I'm told. I have a question for all the ladies, "Have you ever let go a silent but deadly fart in a public place? Please respond.

Miss Belinda
ASH: I love hearing from you. It may sound crazy but I think that some people are born with more nerve endings around the ring area than others. I just can't see myself taking just a few minutes to poopoo unless I'm in a hurry. My poo poo is usually about 2" in diameter and very smooth and long and I don't hardly put forth any effort to push it out and when i get it to a certain length I control my muscles and hold it with my ring and to me it is so pleasurable. I'll sit with my chin propped upon my fist and just close my eyes and sometimes work my butt ring in and out a little to add to the comfort and of course by this time I've stunk the whole bathroom up LOL. I've had people to startle me by walking in on me while I'm doing this and the poo poo will pinch off and "FLOOOOP" into the commode as they enter the room. Hugs to ya and keep those good posts coming.

ALICIA: I wasn't really embarrased about being walked in on by my daughter and her friend. This has happened several times and is a bit awkward especially when they look at you while your poopoo is coming out and flopping into the commode. The most awkward is trying to talk to someone while my poopoo is on it's way out, the turd will take my voice away sometimes and leave me with a grunt. I've seen my daughter on the commode both peeing and pooping. Usually when I go in and get the clothes hamper she will be in there. She goes in quickly and gets out quickly and if i walk in on her she is always very vulnerable about it because she is at that vulnerable age. Hugs and kisses to you also and keep in touch.

To little miss modest: I have big dumps sometimes...the biggest i've had was 14-15 hurts at first but then after you poop it doesn't hurt any more
To Ash: Loved your story
To Kayla T: Liked your story about pooping in the hallway
To Ron: Liked your story..that was funny the salesman got scared by your
To Rebecca: Liked your old are you?
To Crystal: Liked your peeing story
To Carmalita: Enjoyed your stories
To Renee: Sounds like you had some big dumps
To Adrienne: Liked your story..that was funny about the dog
To king of the throne: Enjoyed your story
To Sandman: Loved your story about your bro stopping up the big was his turd?
To Kaitlyn: Liked your story
To Ali: Loved your story..that was brave to pee like that in the movies
To Lindsay: Liked your story
To The_Sandman: Liked your story about pooping your self in the old are you?
To Buttman; loved your you find all that drinking makes you pee alot..more the often?
To wetguy: Liked your story..sounds like a cool experience you had
To Punk Rock Girl: I couldn't see going through all that tourcher
To Aussierod: Enjoyed your story..sounds like a cool expeirence your sister had

To Josiah: I never heard a story about a guy w/ a 5ft log..sounds cool
To Zip: Loved your expriences
I guess this is it...this will be my last post for a while, i leave to go out of town tomorrow..when i get back i'll post any stories i might have see ya
take care..bye

Ash- I guess our messages crossed paths. Just as I asked you if you'd ever had an enema you were asking Holly what an enema was. I'm surprised, if you've been troubbled with constipation all your life that you never had an enema. I guess they went out with mine and your Mom's generation. Its a shame they're not all that bad really. Now there are stories were the person is foced to take the "whole bag" and hold it for "X minutes" and that can be torturous but it doesn't have to be that way. My Mom gave me lots of them as a teen and I'm thankfull for it. They are nor more painfull than mild diarrea, but what I liked best is you go when you want and need to not hours later when youu least expect it.
Mom would usually find me in the bathroom struggling. She'd get out the enema bag, it has a long hose with a small plastic tip at the end about half as long as a pencile. She'd fill the bag with about a quart of warm water with a handfull of Ivory snow mixed in. Then she'd put two or three towels on the bathroom floor and have me lay on them with my underpants just below my butt. Vaseline was her only libricant and she'd apply lots of it to the plastic tip. This was gently inserted into my rectum and the clamp holding the water was opened. She only gave me a much as I thought I could take, stopping and removing the tip as soon as I asked. I was never made to hold the enema either, I was allowed to get on the toilet right away. Usually a strong gush of water would pour from my rectum almost immediately and then my bowel would start to move. Depending on how constipated I'd have to strain and bear down some, but with a little grunting and sweating I'd usually be ! done in 15 minuted.
You posted in the past that sometime you feel like you have to go but its not ready to come out. That's when I like the enema the best, I can make myself go right then and have it over with. Next time your Mom offers why not try it--JW

Metal fan
i had a wierd bm today...
it just ozzed out all of the water and shit..its jsut wouldnot stop..just ozzing out everywhere

I've been lurking around a while on this site. All there descriptions of girls (I'm a guy) going outside were really amazing. I never had the chance to observe anything until yesterday!

Well I was driving home from work on the highway. I was coming to an underpass when I saw this girl on the other side of the road, on a motorcycle. She suddenly stopped just under the underpass and jumped off. She ran up the hill to the side of the underpass, meanwhile I was still a ways off but could see her very well. I was fantasizing about her having to pee real bad. Well she was running as fast as she could up the embankment. There this look of extreme desperation on her face, and I realized she really did have to go and this was no dream!

Hidden from cars oncoming from her side of the road by the underpass (and completely visible to the other side), she ripped her pants off and this jet of gold flew out of her. It was easily a 15 foot arc, probably more. It looked like someone had turned on a hose with a spray attachment, and was a far stronger jet than a kid's Super Soaker could ever make. It showed no sign of stopping. Sadly, I went past without seeing any more, as this all happened within about 15 seconds. But I couldn't help wondering for the next few minutes if she was still going, becasue the look on her face was as desperate as I have ever seen. My pants of course felt many sizes too small...

Wow, the huge bladder stories are really picking up the pace here, and I couldn't be happier! Just wanted to send a shout-out to some of the newbies:

Mommy to-be: Welcome! I very much enjoyed reading your stories. A merely average "2 minute" pee is still phenomenal to me, so hearing about these 5+ minute deluges is truly exciting. Thank you for sharing.

Curiosity: Glad to see there are both small-bladdered males and females alike who are amazed with extremely long peeing. I too have never witnessed/heard either gender pass an almost unbelievable amount of urine, but I remain hopeful that one day it will happen. Please keep us informed, and thank you for posting.

Betsey - Wetsey: Really enjoyed reading your pee survey, and would love to hear some detailed accounts of your 8+ minutes torrents. I would also be thrilled to read of any experiences you may have had where family/friends/strangers actually confronted you about your ability. Thanks again for sharing.

Pee Girl: did it another terrific account that is. I can only imagine your boyfriend's expression after hearing you start peeing, but never stopping, in your sister's bathroom, and then filling a big gulp container TWICE in the car. Wow. Thanks so much for recounting that experience.

To all readers: I would encourage you to check back through 2-3 old posts pages when the site is updated so ensure that you haven't missed any accounts. The story from Pee Girl, for instance, was found about three pages back, and was not there before the most recent update. Take care all,

DJ Crapper
To Pregnant Crapper:
Hey, my mom had the same problem when she was pregnant, as do alot of women. (so I'm told, anyways) What she found to help the most is to eat lots of fibre (bran muffins, bran cereal etc.) and to eat prunes. theyre gross but effective. hope this helps.

Oh yeah, I have a story to share. I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and they have this thing called Bayfest where a bunch of bands play over a few weeks under the bluewater bridge. Well, anyways, I was there when the Guess Who were playing and had the urge to piss. So I went to the ridiculously long line of porta-johns, and entered only to be overcome by the horrible stench of rotten eggs. Ewww. So i left in disgust and oppened another door. Same horrible smell. Just then my attention was drawn to this kid who couldn't have been more than 13 getting circle beat around by a group of teenagers . not being one to let a little kid get his ass kicked like that i went up and asked what was going on. Apparantly the kid had been sabbotaging the outhouses with stink-bombs by cracking them open and dropping them down the ventilation hole at the top. Well, as luck would have it, one of these teenagers was taking a crap when one of these stink bombs was dropped on his head! ! Well he got up mid-crap and chassed after this kid and began to beat him pretty hard. It wasn't long before the cops were involved. But it was still pretty damn funny!

To Raging Urophile- I do not agree with your dream about having unisex restrooms. Women also need privacy. We Women have our own restroom problems about waiting in line.


Me and my friends were snowboarding one day and i really needed to pee. I knew that i couldn't hold it in because some was already sliding down my legs and into my boots. So i pull over into the woods and snap off my board pull down my pants and pee like hell, i peed for a whole five minutes! (Yes i timed it, i'm just sick i guess..) Anyway after i was done i obviously felt great and confident that i wouldn't smell too much like piss when some guy who was down hill from me noticed me coming out and started screaming at me for pissing on him. I tried to play it cool until i saw a nice flow of pee coming from where i was right down to where he was standing! oops.

Does any one know what will make your poop solid???

When I was 16 I broke both of my arms in a car accident. Needles to say I needed help with basicly everything, eating, dessing, going to the bathroom. My mother and older sister were usualy the ones who helped me with all the personal stuff. But one day my sister (jean) was at work and my mother was out at an apointment I think, and i had to take a shit. Of course the only person home was my younger bother jason. I was nearly in tears when I asked him to take me to the can, but i was this close from soiling myself. He was shocked when I asked him and he almost said no. It was even more humiliating that I had to beg him,(I even said something like "please don;t make me mess myself)
He pulled down my pants and panites for me and naturaly left the room while I went. but to this day (almost 3 yrs) I'll never forget his hands wiping my ass and how humiliated and vonurable I felt. He was way to rough and I moaned in pain. You take for granted that you can be by yourslef while you do this.

Went out for my morning walk this morning before going to the bathroom. I was about a mile away from home and was just about to turn back, when I felt the pressure building, so I farted. Good idea, bad timing. It wasn't a fart, I filled my pants with mushy poop. After a mile walk back home, my underpants and shorts were really sagging from the weight.

Hi i am 25 i was wondering if anyone has a good way to get a hold of a dipper. b/c i have been read old post and i thought it would be cool to go in a diper

Heavy Drummer
Hello, Everyone!!

This is my first time posting on these forums, but I've been reading some stories which have been on earlier pages. I'm an 18 year old male, I'm about 178 cm (5'10) in height, and I weigh around 109 kg (240 lbs)... I use the metric system since I live in Canada.

I've got a story that I still think about since I was a kid. One time when I was around five or six, I use to hang out with this girl who was a real good friend of mine... I haven't seen her since I moved away :( but one time, I was over at her house and we were playing a few board games... after we played for games, she took into the new house they were renovating just to show me around. We browsed around, I noticed that she stopped and sat on the toilet... I walked back over to her... I noticed that she had her underwear down and he skirt pulled up... she didn't have a problem with me standing in front of her... so we talked for a bit... after about five minutes, she stood up from the toilet and said "I just pooped."

It was quite the load, too! "Wow!!" I thought to myself... I didn't think it left much of a mess on her ass after taking quite a huge dump. I'd have to say there were about five huge turds (I think around 12 inches or so)... after she was done, we left her house, and then went back to mine... we lived about 10 or 12 house apart... but, it sure was an amazing experience!

Well, that's one of the stories I've had from my experience watching a girl poop as a kid... I've got a few more, but I'll save those for another time.

Hope to hear from all of you soon...
-Heavy Drummer

I reamember wen i was like 10 im 29 now i was over my dads and iwokeup iwent into the bathroom cause my stomach hurt and i had cramps soon as i sat down wooooooosh i shit out like 300 pounds of diareaha.then i shit some more all of a soudinSpell? i threw up for like 3 mins then i told my dads gurl friend i threw up cause i wasnt about to tell her i had diareaha i was watchin tv and another wave hit me i jumped up ran up stairs sat to the bathroom soon as i sat down all this liqid shit came out of me i diddnt have time to shut the door so my dads gf walked in and said hurry up i got two go i said well leave so i can finish she said hurry her name is tammy shes is blond about 5 foot and shes 27 anyway iwiped about8times got up soon as i got up she ran and sat down she shit for like 15 mins straigt then she said i am sick im like me too so we went to the hospital they said we got the stomach flu it was like new years too

peace greg

betsey-wetsy: Thank you very much, you have great stories, what an added plus you are to this board! Keep them coming as I look forward to hearing a lot more from you in the future.

Ron: I don't think that a woman has to be particularly a big turn on in a guy's mind to illicit a plesurable feeling when the woman pees in her panties or just in general. In your mind, trying to picture a girl who you don't find attractive peeing might be hard to do, but if you were actually at a place in person with this woman and she was making your fantasy come true, there's no way you won't be at least a little happy. It happened to me twice. One of the times was during a family trip to my cousin's house in Michigan. There were some funky sleeping arrangements and I ended up sleeping on the bottom bunk with one of my cousins on the top. She's a girl and I was hoping that when she wakes up I could peek in at her going for a morning pee. I thought her parents went to work that morning and I was sleeping lightly so as to not miss my chance. A bunch of people slept upstairs and her dad usually downstairs, so it would be a good opportunity. I awoke and became aware immediat! ely as I heard the bathroom door swing open. I didn't see her enter but the door was open, so I kinda just froze lying in bed wondering if I should get up or stay in bed. I decided to stay initially and after a few seconds I heard a strong melodious stream begin to start. It wasn't a hissing sound, but a strong flowing sound much like mine but thinner. I would say it went on for 15-20 seconds. It was joyous to hear but something told me that this wasn't my little cousin. Bravely, yet quietly, I decided to get out of bed and put on a little performance. I walked slowly and rubbed my eye like a guy who just got up, and I did all this while passing by the open bathroom door. The corner of my eye verified my suspicion and I saw her mom sitting on the toilet in a robe. Her stream was finished and I doubt she was pooping, so she was just sitting I guess. I forgot to mention a cordless phone was on the counter next to her and she had been talking to somebody while she was peeing. H! er voice wasn't too loud when she was talking so I wasn't completely sure it was her talking and not her daughter. So anyway, I was walking and yawing and catchin a peek all at the same time and just as I was passing the bathroom completely, I saw that she had turned her head to see my image walking. Her head had been resting on her hands which rested on her thigh and she really didn't notice me until the last minute (I take pride in my quiet steps! I can walk quietly up to to anyone and scare them out of their shoes). So I avoided eye contact to dispell any notion that I may have been spying or whatever. Basically it was well played on my part. I was in the living room a couple of seconds later and I heard her flush the toilet, and when she came out she saw me on the living room sofa seemingly just trying to come awake. We said our good mornings and other pleasantries and that was pretty much that. My cousin's mom was never someone that I would picture on the toilet peeing,! but when I actually saw and heard her on the toilet, it gave me a feeling that I would get if I were to see a pretty girl doing the same.

Mysterious Man
Ash: Nice, have any nice constipation stories, I'd love to hear them, but I also love to hear the details, it makes them more interesting.

Crystal: Do you by any chance have some poop stories? I'd love to hear them, as I'm sure everyone else would be too.

Brittney: Could you tell us of one of your pooping experinces and maybe one with your friend, but without any interuptions, hope to hear any.

Hey all,
I posted a few days ago for the first time but so far it hasnt gone through. Im not sure if it worked. Well if it didnt, I am a 17 year old male in my summer before my senior year in high school. Well I am working at a country club as a day camp counselor. I have 4 year old boys and I have had some funny toilet stories. To start off, I had a little boy named Connor. He is like 25 pounds and is like 3 ft tall or maybe less. Well while we were swimming he tells me he has to go to the bathroom. So I get out of the pool with him and he runs into the bathroom ahead of me. I stopped for like ten seconds to tell this girl hello and then walked into the bathroom. As I enter, he is standing infront of a urinal that is way too tall for him. He is leaning back and just pointing his stream upwards at the urinal. He is missing quite a bit so I have to pick him up and hold him out so he can make it in the toilet. It was really funny to look out if you walked in.
Another funny toilet story happened at the day camp. Still with four yr old boys. We were playing tennis and this one boy named Clark who is real chubby tells me he has to go to the bathroom real bad. So we start walking and then he slows down and walks really slow. I asked him if he went in his pants but he said no. So we get to the toilet and he goes in and sits down. After like two minutes he asks me to come in there. I go in there and he is sitting on the toilet and there is obviously a turd in his shorts. He didnt even notice. He was more concerned with his shirt. Apparently he sat on the toilet and he sat on his shirt and dropped a turd in his shirt. So I take his shirt off and take his shorts off and bring them both to a supervisor so she could clean them so he could put them back on. After I get him a new shirt and his cleaned out bathing suit I walk back in the bathroom and he is completely naked except for his shoes and socks and running around the bathroom. As! I am trying to put his bathing suit on I realize that he has shit smeared all over his butt, his legs, and his back. I wanted to just bring him around back and hose him off but the supervisor would not let me. So I get a bunch of damp paper towels to clean him off and as I am doing this he throws up all over himself and on the floor. I decided that was enough and told my supervisor that unless I am getting some extra money, I am not cleaning this up. So she cleans him up and sends him home sick. Ill post later with more stories. I really enjoy reading the stories about girlfriends of wives enviting their boyfriends or husbands into the bathroom when they go. I would also like to hear some celebrity pooping or farting stories. Thanks.


Ron-For me, it's definitely the accident and not the person having it. I suppose an attractive woman would be preferable, but then again, what isn't better when done by an attractive woman?



(Part 1 on 1155 and Part 2 on 1156)

FREEDOM - to wear jeans, the summer holidays! My parents often took my brother (we had the same holidays) to work with them. (He was already an avid reader - otherwise he would have been bored stiff.) I got up to shower with him, though - he wasn‘t yet 6. I also had a wee (BEFORE, not AFTER the shower!) and returned to bed to read. Our bathroom was between our bedrooms, and after his breakfast (I got my own) he would knock and pop his head round the door and say 'TTD' - ('teeth and trousers down'). You could hear every sound (we closed our ears if grown-ups used it.) I heard clearly my brother's plops in the water, and the toilet roll being pulled. Then before going out, he came in again for me to check his trousers (he was mastering that), gave me a hug and went. (We still hug, and don't care what anybody thinks, and both of us do it with my pal - they regard each other as friends in their own right.)

My pal and I had breakfast together, even when not sleeping overnight. That first day of the holidays, we loaded the dishwasher and turned it on, and went to the bathroom. He had forgotten his toothbrush, but we soon kept one in each other’s bathroom with our name on. That morning teeth-cleaning came second. I was ‘hanging on for dear life’ and needed the seat with the middle cut out. I opened the window, and he sat on the edge of the bath. He enjoyed every minute of it and gave a running commentary: I sat down while pulling my trousers down, whereas he pulled HIS right down to the floor before sitting down; I weed at the beginning like he did. On my posture - I didn’t lean forward like he did. I clasped my hands, whereas he put his hands on his thighs when not having to guide his penis. He thought I crapped easily. The splashes followed each other in the water in quick succession. He said I used more toilet paper than he did, but I said that was because of my d! iet - my crap was mushier. I stood up, turned round and pressed the handle to flush, before pulling my trousers up. He said he flushed after he had pulled his trousers up.

I cleaned my teeth and he weed. (We paid for our three cups of tea!).

We cleared up and loaded the dishwasher. I hoovered up the crumbs. Before the dishwasher had finished, he announced ‘I’m ready to sit on the toilet, earlier than I thought‘. I told him it was the high fibre muesli, wholemeal bread, and fruit. At home he had something like a bacon or sausage sandwich.

This time there was no waiting and no straining. It just came out! There were tears in his eyes. 'Cor, that was good’, he said. He used more paper than last time I had seen him. After he washed his hands, I I got our bathroom scales out and we undressed and I calculated that he was half a stone overweight and I was OK. I was obviously taking him in hand!

He told his parents, and they gave him (and themselves) more fruit and less fatty foods. We stayed overnight at each other's house quite a lot because we wanted to give ourselves a head start at grammar school. We found information about subjects and syllabuses, and borrowed textbooks from older choirboys we knew who went to that school. They also lent us their old exam papers, so that we would see the sort of questions we would face at the end of the first form. (They were a bit too Christian for our liking - it was really for our own good - because they wouldn't lend us their exercise books so that we could copy their work down with the corrections!)

After sleeping at his house, when his parents had gone to work, we showered and then got our breakfast. After washing up, we retired to the bathroom to clean our teeth, and, for me, something else... One morning, as he saw me unbuckling the belt on my jeans he said 'Will you let me wipe your bum?' I said 'So long as I can wipe yours' He said 'Done!' So down came my trousers and down sat my bottom and the rest is history. It took longer for him to wipe me than for me to wipe him. For him, eating less fibre, it was harder, but wiping took less time. But he was 'smellier' than me. At our house, because he ate more vegetables (especially when staying overnight) and more fresh fruit, I noticed that (a) he was able to ‘go’ earlier next morning, and (b) it took me longer to wipe his bum. From time to time we would watch it 'coming out of each other's posterior'. This side to his personality could have destroyed our friendship, but it deepened ours.

Plunging Plop Guy (No 944) made the most brilliant observation I have read on this website:

'Wiping another guy's arse for him after he's had a shit is a really intimate, almost sacramental act.’ Our mutual bum-wiping didn’t happen as often after that first summer holiday, and stopped when we were 14 (we thought it might be a bit kinky), but it was a symbol of a relationship that has gone on. Actually we DID do it for each other occasionally if camping in remote areas when older. When squatting (which he taught me and which I also taught my brother), on uneven ground sometimes a helping hand was useful.

My pal and brother have also reminded me of one or two other things from our childhood.

I made him change his diet so that he could shit like me, without straining, before getting the ’bus to grammar school. It was healthier than holding it in all day and we had heard how AWFUL the grammar school toilets were, and wanted to use them as little as possible. We would get home later than at junior school, and he might find it difficult to wait that bit longer. So I devised a plan. During the summer holidays there was a lot of wild fruit in the countryside where we went on walks. We ate a lot as we walked around, as well as picking some for our parents to freeze. This did wonders for his bowels, and he could soon go with ease in the mornings, but not yet early enough for catching the 8 o’clock 'bus. He was pretty desperate when we got to school. The toilets - WCs and urinals - stank to high heaven. Some older boys would come in and push toilet doors open. (That wasn’t included under the category of bullying. Perhaps no boy liked to report it.) I wasn! ’t strong enough, either physically or in personality, to stand guard while he went in the best cubicle available. But our other two friends in our ‘Gang of Four’ joined me, along with those older choirboys who were decent and caring lads (who had lent us books) and quite strong. (One became Head Boy). He took our ‘gentle bullying‘ to heart, and by the half term, he had as good a routine as I had, and would arrive at the ‘bus stop, ‘done and dusted‘.

Usually after school functions which my parents weren’t attending, my pal’s dad fetched us home in their car, and it was sensible to stop at their house overnight. (Our parents didn’t drive then.) One such occasion was a field trip on the penultimate day of the summer term. The following day would be the last one for regulation shorts. We made a big thing of our toilet routine - watching each other for the very last time we would have to sit with those wretched shorts round our ankles. We felt like flushing them away with everything else. They were saved for my brother, but luckily for him, longs were allowed at an earlier age.

But in his longs, he had a nasty experience. The new junior school headmaster was a vicious caner. My brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time - walking out of the school gate when two other boys at 'home time' were having a friendly wrestle - nothing malicious. All three were hauled into the head's office for FIGHTING. The two other lads asked the head not to cane my brother because he wasn't involved. He ignored them, and immediately caned all three, my brother the worse (’for being stupid enough to be with them’ - he was the top academic pupil who sang solos at school concerts.) The two strokes were criss-crossed, and there was blood at the point where the two weals met. Fortunately the meeting-point wasn't at the part of his bottom which he used every morning after breakfast, which could have been very dangerous. I bathed it with TCP, and rang my pal. I was afraid of infection. I also took some photos. My pal came straight over. Meanwhile the two ! other young boys called at our house, to see if my brother was OK. They said they were sorry, and said we could look at their ‘cuts’ if we wished. We all agreed that my brother had the worse deal. My pal had a shorter fuse than me, and wanted to go up to the school about the way his young friend had been treated. I persuaded him not to, but promised to tell my father. He said he would 'think about it' before complaining, but the other two lads persuaded one of their fathers to complain on my brother’s behalf. One of those lads joined my brother at the grammar school, and they became good friends, especially when WE were at university.

Within about 3 years, corporal punishment was abolished by law in English state schools, and a good thing too. Sometimes it was legalised bullying.

Punk Rock Girl
Julie: Yeah, I have a brother, and growing up, we shared a bathroom. Although we tried to respect each other's privacy, if one of us had to use the toilet while the other was in the shower/shaving/doing hair, we'd just come in and go. I have no idea how many times I took a dump in front of him, or vice versa. Never bothered me.

I can understand your frustration, but that's what it's like having a brother. Although my brother never pissed on the seat. He used to leave it up, but I'm one of the few women who seem to recognize that that isn't really a very big deal.

Complaining that he stinks up the bathroom, though, is like complaining that he has bowel movements! We all stink up the bathroom when we shit. Anyone who says they don't is lying!!!

Next time he has to take a dump, hover over the seat and piss on it yourself. That will teach him!!!



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