little miss modest
For you people who have wide greater than 5in dumps like one the black girls in the pictures how is that humanly possible wouldn't your anus hurt for days? What is your secret? the black gilr in the picture is smiling! how can smile when that is coming out! Who can have football size dumps?!

Hi everybody - Hey, my last post got cut in half - so here it is again.
I think I mentioned in a recent post how I had an accident because exercise makes me poop - so here goes. Back in 9th grade (I'm going into 11th after summer vac) I was a member of the junior cheerleader squad and one day I found out how awful it can be to want to poo and have to do exercises at the same time. It was my fault because I remember I had started to feel a poo wanting to come out last period before lunch but I held it in just like I always do in class. In any case it wasn't pushing hard to come out and the feelings went away with just a gentle squeeze. Then again during lunch I felt I needed to poo and this time it was pushing a little harder to come out. This time I was too busy talking with my friends to go to the bathroom and I squeezed it back in again. I had forgotten all about my poo until about three quarters way through cheer practice, which was first period after lunch. We had to split into pairs and do leg holds which is where two of us hold ! each other around the waist, grip our outside leg and hold it high, sort of a little bit like a splits standing up. Coach always made us hold this position for ten seconds to practice balance but as soon as I grabbed my leg and straightened it holding it high up in the air I felt my poo wanting to come out again. I had never thought ten seconds could be such an eternity. All I could do was try and squeeze my little ring shut, but as coach counted down from ten I could feel the pressure getting worse. I squeezed and squeezed with all my might. Coach even noticed my face was all funny and shouted at me to "Smile - Ashley - Smile!!!!!!" I just knew I was going to lose it and then to my absolute horror I felt my hole beginning to open. I remember wishing coach would count faster and all the time I could feel the head of my poop slowly coming out in spite of all my squeezing. I started having nightmares about what to do when it all came out in my pants. Then I heard c! oach shout OK, and I let my leg go, let my partner go and walked as steadily as I could off the field saying to coach "Coach, I have to go bathroom real bad". I tried to squeeze my hole shut as I walked but by now my poo was pushing soooo hard to get out I could feel it gradually growing in my underpants. After another eternity I made the bathroom stall and just ripped my unders down, plunked hard down on the toilet and mercifully stopped squeezing. As my poo started to come out I could feel it sort of push the big lump that was sticking between my cheeks out of the way. At last I relaxed a little as my poo slowly came out and I looked down at my unders to see just how bad I had pooped myself. There was a long thick sticky brown gooey patch and I took a big wad of tp and started wiping it as best I could. It took several wads before I just couldn't get any more poop off my unders and by this time all my poo had come out of my butt as well. I looked at the outside of m! y unders hoping that the stain wouldn't be too big because I would just die if anyone saw it. I was so happy to see there was barely a mark. Now I had to wipe my self. The first wipe was soooo messy it covered the tp completely and I remember looking at my fingers to see if I had any poop on my hand. I kept wiping and wiping and the toilet bowl was getting real full but I still felt so messy I decided I had to wash myself somehow. Luckily no one else was in the bathroom so I pulled up my pants, raced out of my stall, grabbed a handful of paper towels, wetted them and raced back to my stall. It felt soooooo good to use a wet towel and at last I started to feel clean again. I wiped until no more poop came off and I dumped all the paper towels in the toilet. I tore off a longish piece of tp and folded it into a pad and carefully placed it inside my unders over the poop stain. I pulled them up and made sure the pad was where I wanted it, straightened my skirt and flushed! the toilet. I didn't even wait to see if it flushed properly, (I later discovered it hadn't), I just washed my hands and ran back out to the practice as if nothing had happened.

Now for some replies.

To LITTLE MISS MODEST - I felt so sorry for you when your mom told her friend about your accident. I would have been embarrassed and mad too. My sis made me mad with something similar once. And yes I hold my poo in a lot, so when I do poop, it needs to come out so bad I almost never need to push.

To PUNK ROCK GIRL - So glad your diarrhea has gone away. I've had it so bad that it covered the whole bowl and made my butt all messy as well. And I know how specially satisfying and wonderful a nice normal firm poo feels after bad diarrhea. Love Ash

To HOLLY - Liked your story. Can you tell me a bit more about your enemas? My mom has told me once or twice that "Perhaps an enema would be best" for me. I get constipated real bad sometimes and mom doesn't really like letting me take laxatives. How do you have an enema? I mean what do they do to you?, does it hurt? I'm only 15, nearly the same as you. Lots of love - Ash

To WHY ME - I get the opposite, I get real bad constipation when I have my period. My mom and sis have the same problem too. xxx

All for now - love to everyone from Ash

It has been a while since I first took the survey posted on page 1133, and other posts on 1134, 1138. In previous posts I explained more detail about her big poops and mine as well. Once in a while I come back to see what's happening. I must say that during this time I have had a lot of big hard painful turds but have been too busy to post. In previous posts I told about my sister Liz and how she always has a difficult time going to the bathroom. Her turds take a very long time to get out and they are the size and diameter of a Coke can ! They often lay cross ways in the toilet and are big, one end to the other. An unusual thing about Liz's turds, they don't taper (a bit bigger at the start). They are one continous big log and bumpy. I always wondered how this could be? Mine do taper off a little. Well, I will explain how she does it. Cause Liz came over this weekend.
Liz came over to see my new sofa and chair I got at a big furniture store wide sale. She liked the way it fit into the living room. She plopped down into it right away and said "Nice sofa". "Hey, I brought us some chocolate candy bars". "I got 'em cheap, 6 for $4 ", "wana have a party !". She pulled them out of her purse and I saw that these were the Really BIG chocolate bars. But I said, "there are only 3, where are the other 3 ? ". She said, "Oh, I ate them over the past few days".
Ever since we were little, we loved chocolate. This probably caused Liz and I to have our constipation problems from early on. Mom didn't know what to do for us either because she was always constipated too. Mom had a nice figure and nice wide hips which gave her a really nice butt and she was fairly proud of it. I thought her wider hips meant that she had to do these bigger poops. I remember when sometimes we would be playing in or near the bathroom while she was on the toilet trying to go poop. She would have a pained scrunched up look on her red face while she strained and gritted her teeth. The sweat would roll down from her face while straining hard making little painful shreeks as the poop came out. We would sometimes look into the toilet to see it after she was done and she would say, panting, "look what Mommy did !" as if she was proud of it. We figured that was the way to 'poop' and it hurts so we don't want to do that too often, so we would hold it in. ! So after two or three days of that I would have a big constipated poop to do out, and it hurt like it was splitting my butt hole. Liz and I both had the same kind of big poops. But as the years went by, (I am 32), we both still have a difficult time pooping. You would think our holes would be stretched permanently by the big hard turds but they seem to go back to normal size after 4 days of not going to the bathroom except to tinkle. But it could be that 'normal' for my sister and I is actually bigger than average.

So back to when Liz came over...
We had a great time watching a video, making popcorn and eating chocolate bars with a coke chaser. Before we knew it it was really late and we just went to bed. I have two beds in my room she took the one near the door which is next to the bathroom. As I layed down, my ???? felt full. I was trying to remember when I last pooped, when I fell asleep.
It must have been around 3 AM when I woke and felt something pressing down in my butt area. It was moving down at long last. Dark in the room, I got up silently not to wake Liz, and crept over towards the bathroom door. The nightlight was on and I suddenly noticed by a slight sound that Liz was already in there. I did not know how long she had been in there but as I quietly stepped back from the door I heard her take a deep breath and bear down. As she did so, there was the tinkling sound of Liz peeing. This went on for about 15 seconds. Then I knew she must have just got up to go.
I decided to stay silent and slowly sit down on the floor next to the bathdoor that was ajar. If I leaned over just right I could see Liz from the side. This reminded me of what we used to do when we were kids.
Liz seemed to be having a hard time getting it started. Everytime she pushed, she tinkled a little bit more. She suddenly lifted herself up and, with both hands, spread her butt cheeks wide, and sat back down. She usually does this to help open her hole. I noticed that her ???? was bulging out when she sat down. This happens when there is a lot of poop to do out. Her hips were spread nicely over the toilet seat and her figure looked good but as she took another deep breath, she began gritting her teeth and scrunching her face up, her ???? muscles began to flex. Several seconds went by straining. Her face began to turn red. She then let out her breath with a big but quiet gasp and then taking another. More hard pushing.
After about 10 minutes of this she leaned forward, arched her back and with her finger felt around in her hole. I think she was trying to see how far it was open and to see how big and hard her poop was. (I do that too). But something I have never seen her do before, suddenly she reached for the TP and tore off several sheets, wrapped them around her finger, and began working the dry toilet paper around and pushing it in her butt ! She was all contorted with a strained look while doing this, and I could tell from the look on her face it must hurt, her eyes closed, she was really working at something. Soon there was a small 'plop' in the toilet. She had dug out one small hard nugget. She pulled the paper out of her butt and looked at it, from my angle I saw only a slight dark brown mark, this means the poop is really hard. (I do this too when checking poop in my butt).
Everything was quiet for about 5 minutes. She would just reposition her butt on the seat at times. Then came a deep breath and a very hard push that lasted about 10 seconds. No tinkling now, she seemed to be concentrating on her ever widening turd. There were several repeats of this exertion. She was starting to sweat a lot. I wished I could do something.
Suddenly, she called out to me loudly, thinking I was asleep, "Evonne, are you awake? Could you come in here for a minute?"
I had to quickly get back to the bed and answer, "yea, be there in a sec ". I made my way in the dim light to the door of the bathroom and opening it I said "Hi are you ok ? " .
She looked miserable. She said, " I can't poop, it won't come out ". I said "Well what is it? Is it stuck? " Liz said " I think those chocolate bars I pigged out on is made it hard. Now its too wide and won't come out anymore and it really hurts. Can you take a look and see if you can see it? " Oh ok, turn and sit sideways on the seat, I'll see what I can do." As she turned sideways, she bent over allowing me to see her anal opening. It was really something to see. Her hole was red and puffy, stretched so wide and tight, and it was sort of pushed out a bit gripping the biggest hardest turd I have ever seen. I could see the hard nuggets all jammed together right at the opening. No wonder she couldn't get it out. It looked to me like it was bigger than a coke can in diameter !! Unreal!
Oh this is gross, to make a long story short,
She said, "Here, I'll spread my cheeks and you use some TP like this", she showed the TP over the finger routine. So she leaned over real far holding her butt cheeks apart with her hands and I used the TP to pick at the hard nuggets and got several out. They were really jammed in there tight. They plopped out one by one and after a while she said " ok, I can do the rest " . So I left and she stayed in there for another 15 minutes digging around with the TP. When she finished she came out and said "Thanks, I know it was disgusting, but I got it out". At that point I went in an looked at it, in the bottom of the toilet was a big bunch of 3/4 inch nuggets and on top was the biggest turd ever. It was straight, about 9 inches long, and the same diameter to the end.
I ask " How can it be the same size all the way? " Liz replied, " Well to tell the truth, I had to break it off, there is still some in me, I'll get it out later."

I knew for sure that this one was caused by the chocolate bars and all the other junk she ate. But Liz works out at the gym a lot which helps to stay trim but also makes for a lot of water loss sweating. I think this makes her turds harder because they dry out inside her rectum. I have often told her to drink more water and stay away from stickey soft drinks.
My poop will have to wait til later. If it is worth it, I will post it.


Poopy-guy Mike: You marry people out of common interest and love for each other. My wife and I have never wanted to see each other using the toilet. I regard it as something to be done among people of the same sex. I and our boys are open about it with each other, and she and our daughter are. But I can't see attitudes to the toilet as the reason for getting married.

Do you all ever notice that when a Kid aged 5-10 gets really hyper when they have to pee. I was babysitting my neighbors son, he is 8 and we were playing catch outside, he was throwing the ball just fine and straight, then as the catch progressed his pitches got more wild and he was constantly jumping and squatting after every throw, then he would did his glove into his crotch while he waited for me to get the ball and throw it back. This went on for a few minutes then he said he didnt want to play anymore and ran around the side of the house, he had his hand in his crotch as he ran. He was wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a light blue pokemon t-shirt. I went over and sat down in my lawn chair, he came back a few minutes later, he ran from the side of the house, he saw me and started walking backwards to the door. I said where have you been, he said nowhere. Then I said why are you walking funny, he said cause I want to. I told him to come over and he said he didnt wa! nt to, I said come over here now or no icecream then he turned around, his shorts had a big wet spot on the front. I asked why he was wet and he said he was playing in the hose. I said ok. We went in and I told him to take off his pants so I could dry them and he did, he had on green and white hulk undies. There was a big yellow stain on the front. I smelled his shorts and it was pee. I told him to smell them and I asked him what that smelled like, he said pee and I said so you did pee your pants, he started crying and said he was sorry and begged to still give him icecream. I said ok. I dried his clothes and got him icecream. He is a sweet kid but needs to not be shy about asking to go potty.

Big big Hi to all my friends. Just to say mom, dad, sis and me are all driving to Florida for about a week. I promise I will read all your posts when I get back. Love to all from Ash XXX

Hello all you poo lovers.. I have a little quiz / of interest for you. I will give you my answers at the same time:

1)What makes your poo's stinkier. For me its onions, cabbage, mom's hamburgers and potato salad.

2)How often do you get time to sit and relax and enjoy a poo? With me its only about once a week - normally I'm rushing (I nearly always poo in the mornings when I wake up) to get ready, so while I still like pooing you don't get the chance just to relax your bum and let the poo do the pushing, rather than pushing it out with your bum muscles.

3) How many people have you watched poo - I mean up close and watching? With me its two - my good friend Cindy and her brother.

4) Where is your favorite place to poo and why? I like pooing at friends houses, because its different, and it gives me time to look through their bathroom cupboards.... I feel kinda bad about that, but its very exciting as well!! Its also fun to leave some marks in their toilet, or a trace of a smell, maybe if you know someone's around to make a little noise... giggle.

Jerry M.
I have been reading this site for about two years but only now am submitting my first post. I have always been fascinated, and even turned on, by listening to or watching members of the opposite sex go to the bathroom, especially when they're pooping. Now that I have been reading the postings on this site I realize I am far from being alone. What is it about a normal human function that produces this desire and fascination? I think it has to do with the extremely private and forbidden way that American society treats bathroom activities (which in most ways are treated even more privately than sex), unlike societies such as France which are much more open about elimination, as well as the human body in general. But it seems to me it's more than that. Why is it okay for eating to be a totally open and public activity, while defecation takes place behind closed doors and in separate rooms according to gender? Obviously part of it is because of the private nature of the p! arts of the body involved, but even with totally private stalls unisex bathrooms are extremely rare in this country, as opposed to some countries in Europe. We all make the same noises with our rear ends and there is no gender difference between grunting and sighing as we poop; our poop generally smells the same, female or male; we all have to go on a more-or-less regular basis; and we all feel better after shitting. Why is there then such gender separation in this country in bathroom activities, and why is it still generally verboten in polite society to talk about going to the bathroom, while the barriers to discussion of sex came down long ago. Anybody have any thoughts?

Q. What are you having when you go:

from POT to PIT,
from SAT to SIT,
from TONE to TUNE,

A. A vowel movement!

A really lovely experience last week. From time to time I go into the city for breakfast at a restaurant which makes a big deal of this meal. I have a coffee and danish followed by the morning dump. The ladies room has two stalls one much bigger than the other for the disabled. The partitions are high off the ground and it's about as public as you can get with decency. This day when I sat down I caught the eye of a nice-looking blonde woman in her late 30s studying a map. After a while she came over and asked for directions to a park and I was glad to help. Soon afterwards she left some of her stuff on the table and went towards the ladies room. I followed. By the time I got there she was in the smaller stall. I went next-door. We both peed. I could hear her grunting as discreetly as possible but nothing cme of it. I too was a bit constipated. Some of you may remember that I posted a remedy for constipation which involves stamping your feet as if marching, left r! ight left right, about 20 times whille sitting forward on the seat. Wait two minutes or so and the effect is usually a great, hard well-formed turd. She hadn't seen me in the ladies room but I figured she'd recognise my voice. 'Please don't be alarmed,' I said, 'but this is the best thing I know for constipation'. I explained the technique and started 'marching'. She sounded very shy (small wonder!) but after a bit she followed suit. A pause and then I passed a six-incher that plopped into the bowl, one of those ones that is so firm it leaves no trace. Then to my joy she followed suit. I could do no more and nor could she. When we came out she was a bit pink and I was in a bit of a state. She thanked me profusely. It turned out she was from England, visiting her married sister and hadn't had a decent shit since she arrived. We had another coffee and talked and talked like old friends. We're going to meet for breakfast once more before she goes home.

Love, kisses and good luck to you all. Anthea

Hi everyone,
Today I went into some public toilets to do a poo. It was about the third time I'd gone and it was soft, almost diarreah like in substance. Anyway I noticed the walls were quite thin so I put my ear up and had a listen. Not much happened for a few minutes until a woman went into the ladies section. She started a strong wee almost instantly which went for about half a minute, then nothing. My heart was pounding, hoping she'd stay seated and then it was confirmed, she was doing a poo! I heard a distinct 'plop'. There was silence for a few more seconds and then I heard another. I could then hear her pulling paper from the roll and the toilet flush. I hurried myself to get out of mens so I could catch a glimpse but she must have been quicker as I never saw her. I wonder what her poo was like, it didn't sound too big.

Last week I had a couple of toilet related dreams. The first involved a mate of mine and his girlfriend coming around to my house. For some reason his girlfriend ended up showing me some toilet paper she'd recently used. There were large brown streaks all over it and she commented she'd 'done a lot'.

The second dream happened a few nights later. I was at a sporting event in England. I noticed some toilets so I went into one. They were those portable blocks although a bit larger than usual. A woman came out of the middle stall so I went in. As I got ready to sit down I noticed all stall dividers and doors had disappeared (weird dream logic!). A woman in a blue floral dress went to the toilet on my left and a woman in a red dress was getting ready to sit down on the toilet to my right. I was sitting on the toilet trying to go when I looked at the woman in the blue dress. I could see her bare arse on the toilet and she did a huge fart. A few seconds later there was a loud 'sploosh' sound. Unfortunatly the dream ended there!

Monday, July 15, 2003

Hi,my name is Phil from England and I've only recently discovered this wonderful site. I have always had an interest in girls wetting and pooing their pants ever since I was at school and I am now forty three! Over the years I've been fortunate enough to witness many poor girls accidents but my main scource of interest centered around a girl called Carol. Carol was my first serious girlfriend and we went out with each other from about fifteen years old and then on and off for about the next five years. Now Carol suffered from what would now be recognised as Irritable Bowel Syndrome but twenty odd years ago people were just too embarrassed to go to their doctors with such problems and many suffered in silence. Carol suffered the full range of symtoms constipation, flatulance, diahrrea but from one day to the next she never knew which one would hit her, resulting in some very messy accidents.Many times she thought she was constipated and just suffering from wind, she would ! make to fart and end up completely filling her knickers with soft mushy poo! One time we were in the town shopping when she had an accident and while she waddled off to the ladies room in the shopping centre, I went to purchase her some fresh knickers and tights from a store, getting some very strange looks from the assistant. I then went to the ladies room to give her the fresh undies and was nearly arrested by security as someone had reported a pervert (me!) acting strange at the entrance to the toilets. Luckily, I managed to explain the situation as discretely as posible and a kind old lady took the new fresh undies in to my girlfriend for me.Phil,England.

This is my first time ok.
i had been at the computer for a while when i got a shooting pain in my intestine and just knew something was wrong!
i had a pair of jeans on and no undies its not a normal occurance but i had been lasy washing recently so thought what the heck.
i did a small noisless fart and i felt that warm feeling between my but cheeks and feared the worst, sure enough i had stained my jeans with a dark runny poo blotch and thought i should dash to the loo 20 feet away.
it gets worse i decided to undo the buttons of my jeans for quick removal and these slipped lower down my legs and settled at my knees with ten feet to go i felt it oozing out down my left leg and in to my jeans i made it to the loo and released my despiratly puckered hole and blasted some runny poo it to the bowl farting as it slithered like a waterfall down the side of the pan in to the water i sat motionless thinking thats not it is it!!
i took off my soiled jeans and inspected the damage not too bad but the carpet got a good splattering as i must have turned round to sit.
i felt my but hole open again and two small soft poos fell out i opened my legs and saw my bum brown with poo and my but hole masked by soft clingy poo i looked for the t/p but it was gone so i mopped up with a towel and took a shower i threw the towl in the bin and put on more tight pants to be safe they can catch the next lot if i get "in the shit" again

Traveling Guy
Punk Rock Girl - That's both revealing and sickening about the Puritan rectal tortures during the 1600's witch trials. I always suspected that a whole lot of perversion was lurking behind all that prim and proper Puritanism. Our UK friends here can be glad you said goodbye to those folks long ago, and our Aussie and Kiwi friends that you never had to deal with their legacy as we have here in the US. Their twisted morality still messes up our American psyche. Peace, indeed, PRG - among the nations, all the peoples, and in our own heads.

Raging Urophile - Your fantasy unisex restroom concept reminds me of an urban legend from Ecuador, where there are lots of unisexes. Seems that a guy was using one of the urinals along the wall, holding his apparatus in his right hand. Just then, a woman entered the room from his right to use one of the stalls behind him. As she passed him, this guy, being a well-bred and polite Latin, instinctively switched hands and thrust out his right hand to shake hers, saying, "Buenos dias, senorita!"

Has anyone ever gone pee or poop on the floor at home?

Lone star boy: Good story. I am turned on by pants and underwear at the ankles, not only for my own clothes, but others. I will tell you more later.
Next time, throw your toilet paper in the toilet, not in the trash can. It is unsanitary and draws insects and it smells.

little miss modest: I was pudgy when I was your age. My late grnadmother said that I could eat big and shit big.

Welcome to the forum, both of you.

Kayla T.
Hi everybody! First of all I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve posted a few stories in the last couple months and the Kayla that posted yesterday is not me. So, because we have the same name, I will go by Kayla T. from now on.

Jim- That’s so weird that you have a hard time believing that big chested girls poop. Let me tell you, I have very big boobs and I poop:)We are just like every other girl, and guy for that matter, where pooping is concerned. I don’t know if you mean big boobs like you might see in Playboy or something, but that’s not what mine look like. I’ll be honest, they’re huge and heavy and I don’t like them at all, but never the less I do poop. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if larger chested girls took bigger dumps than flatter chested ones. Usually “bigger” girls are built thicker and therefore probably eat more. I am pretty skinny but I can take extremely large shits if I hold it in. So I hope that answers your question.

I haven’t had very much to write about lately, a couple of nights ago I did something really dumb. I was out drinking with one of my friends (her name is Melissa), and by the time we made it back to our apartment complex, we were both really drunk. When we made it to my floor I got the bright idea to poop in the hallway. I got my friend to follow down 1 flight of stairs to the floor below mine, and I didn’t tell her why. Once we got in the hallway, I just pulled down my pants and started to poop. I guess I must have hoped that she would think it was funny or cool or something, but she didn’t. She looked shocked and quickly ran back upstairs. I felt really stupid at that point so I cut my dump short and pulled up my pants. I went back up to my floor, leaving a like, 5 inch turd in the hall. When I made it back to Melissa she instantly started letting me hear about how disgusting and stupid that was. I didn’t even try to explain myself to her because she was like, really f! reaked out by what I did. She was really scared that we were going to get in trouble or something and she was embarrassed. She didn’t want to hangout after that, but the next day she acted like nothing had happened and neither of us said anything about it. I am not really sure why I decided to crap in the hall, but I think I just want to know someone who likes pooping as much as me. Next time I try to bring up public pooping around someone, I will have to be waaaay more subtle! That’s all I got for now, Bye Bye!!

I was in JC Penney's yesterday with my fiance, we had picked out some furniture, and after 3 hours, we (she) finally decided on what we (she) wanted.... After leaving our down payment, we (she) decided it was time to move on. I told her I needed to visit the restroom, so I asked the gentleman who had been helping us, and he pointed to where the restrooms were. My fiance said she was going to look at some undergarments , and would meet me near the elevator, which was next to the restrooms. I walked into the men's room, and was surprised to find three doorless stalls. I really had to go, so, as soon as a stall became avaiable, i lowered my trousers, and hopped on it. Just as I sat down, the door swung open, and in walks Mr. _______, the furniture salesman. He saw me sitting there, and just as I exploded, he casually said, ""OH, guess tis is your SECOND deposit for today" LOL... He hopped o the stall closest to the entrence, and he cut loose too. He told me he had been! brewin, but did not want to lose the sale. I told him we would have understood. Well we were both exploding, as other guys came and went, we chatted the whole time, then my fiance calls in ""Ronnie, you fall in? Do I haveto come in and get you'? The salesman freaked out, and asked me if she would really come in....He really freaked, so much so, that i heard the toilet tissee dispenser take a quick spin, and he jumped out the stall, and looked at meandsaid 'take care' 'call you when your merchandise comes in" I finished and met my fiance, and told her...She laughed and said she would NEVER walk into men's restroom.... We laughed all the way home

Once while my family was on a trip we got stuck in traffic because of an accident a few miles up the road. We sat there in the car for over two hours! I desperately had to take a shit, and finally I knew it was either shit my pants or run to the side of the road and shit there. So, I said, I have to go to the bathroom and jumped out of the car. I ran to the side of the road where there were some bushes. A good eight or ten other people had come and gon from the bushes. So I found a spot that had a little privacy, pulled my pants and underwear to my knees and squatted. I started shitting and these two guys came walking up from the hill behind me! I didn't have time to find out if they had seen me. I stood up, and quickly pulled up my underwear and pants and rushed back to the car with a piece of shit squashed between my butt cheeks! Yuck! I sat in the car with a shitty butt another half hour or so and then we started moving. We got to the next rest stop, but it w! as so busy my Dad decided to go to the next one. I was too embarrassed to say, "I'd really like to wipe my ass." So I rode another half hour to the next rest stop. I went to the women's room. My underpants had a big glob of shit smeared in the seat. I wiped my ass, which took forever, and cleaned out my underpants as best as I could while still sitting on the toilet. All I did was smear the shit around more. If I put them back on, my whole ass would get smeared with shit. So, I stood up, took off my shoes, stepped out of my pants and underpants, then put my pants and shoes back on. I stepped out of the stall, and threw my underpants in the garbage can. I spent the rest of the trip, another four hours, with no underpants on, which I don't like to do. But it was better than admitting I had been sitting in my own shit for the last hour or so! If only I wasn't so bashful, I would have been able to push out the rest of that shit. But I can't shit in front of people. ! Especially strangers!

Hi I am a 13 year olg girl and I haveloved peeing anywere. When I was at a outdoor festable. I was 10 and I had to pee so bad but I decided to hold it because the porta pottie was so messy. I wated for like an hour and I jest couldnt hold it any longer so i jest puled down my pants and peed in the street for 20 sec in front of everyone. The peolice told me to take my buysness elswere. I walked over to an old ware house , took off my panties and peed in the parking lot for aprox 3 mins. I was so releved.
Please post more pee stories.

Kayla T.
Hi everybody! First of all I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve posted a few stories in the last couple months and the Kayla that posted yesterday is not me. So, because we have the same name, I will go by Kayla T. from now on.

Jim- That’s so weird that you have a hard time believing that big chested girls poop. Let me tell you, I have very big boobs and I poop:)We are just like every other girl, and guy for that matter, where pooping is concerned. I don’t know if you mean big boobs like you might see in Playboy or something, but that’s not what mine look like. I’ll be honest, they’re huge and heavy and I don’t like them at all, but never the less I do poop. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if larger chested girls took bigger dumps than flatter chested ones. Usually “bigger” girls are built thicker and therefore probably eat more. I am pretty skinny but I can take extremely large shits if I hold it in. So I hope that answers your question.

I haven’t had very much to write about lately, a couple of nights ago I did something really dumb. I was out drinking with one of my friends (her name is Melissa), and by the time we made it back to our apartment complex, we were both really drunk. When we made it to my floor I got the bright idea to poop in the hallway. I got my friend to follow down 1 flight of stairs to the floor below mine, and I didn’t tell her why. Once we got in the hallway, I just pulled down my pants and started to poop. I guess I must have hoped that she would think it was funny or cool or something, but she didn’t. She looked shocked and quickly ran back upstairs. I felt really stupid at that point so I cut my dump short and pulled up my pants. I went back up to my floor, leaving a like, 5 inch turd in the hall. When I made it back to Melissa she instantly started letting me hear about how disgusting and stupid that was. I didn’t even try to explain myself to her because she was like, really f! reaked out by what I did. She was really scared that we were going to get in trouble or something and she was embarrassed. She didn’t want to hangout after that, but the next day she acted like nothing had happened and neither of us said anything about it. I am not really sure why I decided to crap in the hall, but I think I just want to know someone who likes pooping as much as me. Next time I try to bring up public pooping around someone, I will have to be waaaay more subtle! That’s all I got for now, Bye Bye!!

Hey guys!! Well, before I start telling you all something that I am kinda planning, I feel that I should describe myself. I have brown hair, brown eyes, a nice tan, and I wear bracelets and necklaces. Also, I live in Pennslyvania. Okay now, I would just like to do some replies to a couple of my favorite people here.

Now, let me tell you what I am planning on doing. Actually, my friend Jade and I are planning on doing it. Okay, earlier today we were hanging out at her house, when she felt an urge to poop. She told me that she had to use the bathroom, and she would be back in a few minutes. I waited, and then I saw her sister Amanda (5'6", blondish brown hair, and brown eyes) walk in the bathroom. I heard Jade scream at her, and then I saw Amanda running out with a roll of toilet paper. I ran up to her, and asked her what she was doing. Oh yeah, Jade and me are both 15 years old, and Amanda is 17 years old. Anyway, Amanda started laughing and then tossed the roll of toilet paper in the garbage. Haha, it was funny but I still felt a little sorry for Jade because while we were home, her mom was at the grocery store shopping, and buying more toilet paper because that was the last roll. Then without warning, Amanda took the Dr. Pepper can that was in the refrigerator, and pour! ed it in my hair. She's a real bitch sometimes!!I was pissed, so I went back to the bathroom, and asked Jade if I could come in. She told me I could, and then I had to explain to her what happened lol. She said, "Well I'm gonna wipe my ass no matter what, so I'll just wait here." She eventually finished, but we were both mad at her sister.

Now here's our plan. On Friday, I'm going to Jades house again, and we're gonna "borrow" some pairs of Amanda's panties, and poop in them. I'll have the guts too this time, because I'm gonna do it with my best friend. I can't wait to see the look on Amanda's face lol. It's probably gonna be a picture worth hahaha. L8ter. ****Love, Britt****

Hey, I liked the ending of your story when you were at soccer practice lol. Now, can I ask, what happened to the beginning of that's weird how a random word just appears for the beginning??? do you know what happened?? hugz and kissez.

TO Ali -
Yet again, I enjoyed that wonderful story about you. Thanx for sharing them all with us. Hugz and kissez

Not much to say, except that I really wanna know what happened to the beginning of Ash's post, and that I took a big crap earlier today. Took me a while to get it all out too. Thanx


Hola mis amigos,

ROBBY AND ANNIE: Thank you both so much for your thoughts. It sure is great to be back home with Jake again. I love you both for your compassion mis amigos.

I walked into the bathroom yesterday and Patsy was taking a big poop while putting on her makeup. I could hear--and most definitely smell--her turds. She said I could stay if I wanted, but it was going to be a big one and probably unpleasant. It was a big one alright. I think she was shitting her brains out. Patsy is a lovely African-American woman for any new people here who don't know who she is. She kept reaching behind her to flush turds, so I know she was really pilin' em up! It was really awesome to watch her pucker up to put on lip gloss, then grunt softly as a big splash came down beneath her round ass.

I framed one of those photos of Nu that Dan took. I put it into a white metal frame with a gray mat, and it looks fantastic. She's nude, sitting on the toilet with a cigarette, and one eye is squinting like she's straining really hard. It's one of the sexiest photos I've ever seen becauses she's wearing dark Tuscan lipstick and her hair is fluffy and hanging down in her face. She says it's ok to hang it in our house. Now when people visit, they'll know Nu much better than they did before LOL!

As for me, I took a huge, raunchy dump last night. I laid a turd as thick as a baseball bat! Seriously. My butt's still burnin'. It was about 10" and when it splashed, my ass was soaked with toilet water. I had to moan when it came out. Renee was passing by, and stuck her head in and smiled. She said "Craynk on it, baayyy-bee" in her cutest Texas drawl. I had just come from an interview, ran into the bathroom, pulled up my skirt, then stretched pantyhose down to my thighs, then sat and farted a concert for about 2 minutes. I thought I was full of gas only, so I relaxed and peed out all the coffee I'd drank. Then the farts came, and then I felt my ass getting ready. Something was slithering down through my plumbing, and was it the Loch Ness monster? No, it was a Carmalita turd! My mouth was open and my eyes were closed as I pressed it out slowly. Then I heard it starting to crackle and spit. The noise got louder and louder until it became a wet-crackling sound. The turd w! as halfway out. Suddenly, a loud "K-PLOOOOOOP!" and that bad boy was out of me. Such relief! I sat, breathing heavily for a sec, then, toxic, Mexicana fumes began to rise from between my brown thighs (that rhymes, huh?) and I felt more soft serve squeeze out. Muy bien! Renee said "lemme see it," then gasped at it's size. It was a really big turd. I flushed the toilet first, then wiped after. The poo went down surprisngly, but the flushes were very slow after that. What a dump!

Nu came over and visited, and did a poo as well. She had her knees together, really prissy like, and what a noisy shit! She sat there crackling and popping with every turd. It was like: Krraakkll-splffffffff-sprkklll-crackle, over and over again. I barely heard her plops from the noise. And what a stink too. Yuuuckkkk! Oh well, she looked hot all the while she sat there pooing! Her hair was pulled back into a little ponytail and those narrow eyes were just smiling at me while she grunted and strained. However, I can tell that she'd been eating junk food again.

Oh well, that's it for now. It's time for me to go poo-poo right now, I can feel some serious logs churning around up in there. Patsy's in there stinking up the bathroom right now, so I have to wait for her to come out. She's a morning pooper, and does a big one everyday. I can hear her in there turning the pages of the newspaper LOL! I love you all, you take care of yourselves! P.S.--Jake bought a DVD player. Coooool!


Hellowe everybody!

My turn now. How many years has it been since I posted? Carmalita's still waiting for Patsy to finish. I wouldn't be so anxious to go into that bathroom once Patsy comes out! She's been in there for about 15 minutes already. That ain't a good sign. My poops have been big lately too. I wonder if it's the change in seasons or something. I ain't been eating that much more. Just yesterday I laid 3 long logs.
Malita's right about that picture of Nu. It's hotter'n a stove top! Of course, Malita's pictures are pretty hot too! Her nipples look like chocolate drops and the light bounces off her black hair. We're trying to coax her into letting us frame one for our wall.

Oh well, just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been so busy with little Emmy that I ain't had a chance to write y'all. Patsy would say hi too, but she's still taking a shit! I do prefer this house with Carmalita back in it. She's the spark we all needed. Crazy Latina! She put aluminum foil inside the bottom of our pillow cases. It took us awhile to figure out what that wierd noise was! so, she wants to play, does she?! I won't elaborate, but she and Jake have been making up for lost time!
Rizzo: you still out there? I believe it was you who wished me a happy birthday last time around. That was awfully nice. I remember you as being a real thoughtful, sensitive guy.

Pee Girl (The Original)
Betsey-wetsey, how do you have such courage and freedom of inhibition? A train filled with people? Three cheers for Betsey-wetsey!

Bubba- Thank you. I finally found my last post several pages back. I had thought it had become lost in cyberspace. Oopps... not another Brittany fan?!!

Mommy-to-be, I believe you are unduly modest about your bladder capacity. A six-and-a-half minute pee would arouse the interest of the students in the restroom. Just think what stories on campus were probably spread that day. I have a suspicion there are many more stories where that one came from. We are waiting.

This is a short post and may be my last for a few weeks. Two girlfriends and I got a really great price on a European package; doing England (natch) as well as Holland (Amsterdam) and finishing up in Germany (Bavaria.) A college travel website. I should have some neet pee stories to tell, hopefully, by the time I get back.

Have a GREAT summer everybody.

Mommy to-be
maleman: I wanted to respond to your post with regards to woman being able to take 8 + minute pees. I was once of the belief that nobody, male or female could hold that much urine and then pass 8 or 9 + minutes worth of pee. It not only is very possible but it REALLY does happen! Most of the women with that level of ability tend to be really pee-shy and rightfully so seeing as how their time spent on the toilet is often not only faced with giggles and jokes but also hostility and impatience from others. I have personally witnessed these LONG peeing episodes while in the company of a few of my female friends who happen to have prodigious size bladders. So I can personally verify the authenticity of these 8 + minute deluges. Women who possess large bladders can go a long time while waiting for their bladders to fill up thus alerting them of the need to urinate. So I don’t think most women are deliberately skipping bathroom breaks for the soul purpose of building up their pee s! upply. You made an interesting correlation between body sweat and urine, by pointing out that guys sweat more then women which can account for the loss of body fluids excreted through the skin as opposed to it coming out in the form of urine. Reason I bring this up is because two of my female friends with enormous bladders hardly sweat at all. I wonder if Betsey-wetsey and pee girl (the original) really sweat much? I guess the bottom line is that until you can actually see or even hear someone urinating 8 + minutes you really remain skeptical, on the outside looking in so to speak. But I just wanted to tell you that these pee times are very real.

Mommy to-be

Anthea - Hi! welcome to the club. You did well. Actually VERY good, because most people who havent gone standing before need to practice first like in the shower. Sounds like your small lips make it easier. Bigger lips can get in the way, specially when they come in different sizes on the same person and shoot things every which way unless you pull them out and spread things and then some peoples clits are problem areas too but you say you yanked yours up, ok. I guess it would have helped to have the pee run through our clits like it does through boys things as both gadgets work sorta the same way in other respects and I wonder why it wasn’t designed like that. Too small I guess, a tube that small wouldn’t be much use but it is an interesting thought and I don’t see why the clit couldn’t have been made bigger. Hair can be difficult but Louise and her family kept things shaved and a lotta other people do this too. I used to hate having hair there getting wet and it got in th! e way doing a standing pee.

It was a good idea to take off your pants the first time but the great thing about going standing in a skirt is that you don’t need to take off anything, you lift your skirt, pull the panty crotch to the side, bare only what you have to, spread, yank up and shoot. The restrooms site advises two fingers to spread (and lift as well) but these days I use three. Forefinger and third to spread, and middle finger on the clit to lift. The other hand holds clothes out of the way. This way you have good control. And like Katrina says, the boys cant even try to compete!

The next dare is to do it standing when you are with somebody else and see how surprised they look.

Who's next for the club? Actually I think its PV's club. PV (thanks for your note to me - I replied earlier but my posting didn’t get on. It was pretty harmless, I was wondering where all the old regulars got to that no longer post) - What are the club rules?.


I had seen those same underpants before, in the changing rooms at school. Fortunately the regulations on uniform didn't extend to our knickers. Many of us liked to wear bright ones on days when other boys would see them. The male staff, normally very strict with the boys at that junior school, turned a blind eye to hilarity in the changing rooms, so long as the noise was reasonably low. The slipper was never used - but we knew it was there, and our young bottoms, either bare or thinly covered, were very vulnerable. (Rumours had it that the slipper hurt more than the cane. It probably didn’t, but nobody risked it. Boys, though not girls, lived in the shadow of the cane. The advantage was, though, that the deputy head kept us until we had stopped crying, before he sent us back to our classroom. But in the changing rooms a deterrent of the slipper was other boys seeing us sobbing.) We boys also went through a phase of referring to our underpants as our ‘knickers’! - a word which ALWAYS produced giggles. (Another word which made us crease up was ’balls’ - which naturally couldn't be avoided in sports lessons. At the age of ten we hadn‘t got any personal balls worth speaking of!)

After that digression, back to my pal sitting on the toilet. We chatted away and said it might take him 15 minutes, and I said that I usually managed to do it quite quickly. He grunted and farted several times, and said 'Excuse me' on each occasion. (We always were polite to each other on that matter.) He said ‘Have you been today?’ I said I had gone before leaving home.

He told me he hadn't seen anybody on the toilet for 2 years, and nobody had seen him. He asked me if I had any such experience. I told him that my younger brother and I saw each other most days, but nobody else (apart from some female relatives who took me out when I was tiny). He asked me how far my brother and I pulled our trousers down. I said 'To our ankles, like you'.

He told me that he had buddy-dumped (or some similar phrase) with his friend in East Anglia. There was a two-seater wooden toilet which still flushed, with separate cisterns where you pulled the chain, next to a deserted farmhouse (vandalism hadn‘t reached that area). During holidays some mornings they would after breakfast take some toilet paper down to the old building, and also a cloth to wipe the seat which was often dusty, and a wet flannel soaked in washing up liquid. Then they dropped their jeans and climbed up on to the toilets. He said he loved the feel of wood pressed against his bottom (but not the school cane!). These details of his CV - while he was on the toilet - I hadn’t heard before.

He had weed when he first sat down, but since then I hadn't heard so much as a ripple in the water underneath him. Though a smell was beginning to develop. Then he said, ‘Has anyone wiped your bum since you were little?’ I said ‘No, not since I started school.’ Then he said ‘Have you ever wiped anybody else’s?’ I told him only my little brother‘s. Then he said that when he and that friend went to the old farmhouse, the one whose turn it was to take the paper, cloth and flannel would have his bum wiped by the other boy. (The ‘wiper’ would see to his own bottom first, get down off the toilet, pull his trousers up and then wipe the other one.) I said ‘That wasn’t very hygienic’ He said ‘I know’, but that was why they took a flannel.

We seemed to have been in there for ages, and nothing had happened. His grunting had long since stopped. As he had set the tone of the conversation, I felt it was in order to say 'Have you forgotten what you came here for? I haven't heard you do anything yet!' 'It's coming out gradually', he said, and I think it will be HUGE.' He asked me to spray the bathroom with air-freshener, and to open the window. (I was glad he had asked me to do that, and had been too polite to say anything.) Then he invited me to watch it slowly coming out!

I was relieved (pardon the pun) that I didn't have to (though the time would come later when I did). There was suddenly an almighty splash, and an exclamation of joy from him. I offered to go outside the bathroom, or look away while he wiped his bum, but he said 'No, that's OK.' I suppose I was afraid he might ask me to wipe it for him.

'That didn't take long to wipe', I remarked. 'No, he said, ‘it doesn't when it comes out hard'. I asked him if it made him sore having to try so hard. He said ‘sometimes, but not today.’ He pulled his trousers up, washed his hands and flushed.

I needed a wee after that, which I had often done in his loo. (Both of us had already drunk 3 cups of tea.) Over the next 7 years before university, I would be using it many times for the other purpose when staying at his house overnight or when going for breakfast, (and he would ours).

We had a super day out, not doing much in particular, but just enjoying our new found freedom. We just wandered around the town in our jeans, hailing some other pupils from our school, and also greeting any teachers we met politely. (In those days, bad behaviour outside school could be punished, because you were deemed to be letting the school down.) We can’t remember much about that day actually, and it was the earlier experience in my pal’s bathroom which we remember. My mind was in turmoil, and I wondered if I had done the right thing (I'm now convinced that I had). It was part of learning to trust a friend and forming a deeper friendship.

To be concluded in part 3

Betsey - Wetsey:

Fantastic train story. I really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, I have never been in a relationship with a bladder queen. I haven't even really heard any female friends or strangers demonstrate a fantastic pee when I've been around. I'm still pretty young though, so I remain hopeful that my time will come. My introduction post on pg 1026 describes one relationship I had, but I feel my gf's bladder was on the average side. I also have posts on pgs 1074 & 1088 which describe some additional experiences.

Mommy-to-be: I really enjoyed your story at the high school. I bet most of the students there had never heard someone go so much, unless there was a reigning bladder queen amongst the student body. It would be great if your large-bladdered friends would share with us as well. I would love to hear the account from the person who was present for the 10+ minute pee.

You know how they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Sometimes I think about my own preference for women and realize that couldn't be truer. Some men like long legs, or big butts, while others prefer a particular breast size...I've always been a big-bladder lover myself. Mind you, this is very difficult to bring up in conversation, unless you have a burning desire to be labeled as a weirdo. You don't hear too many people say things like "Check out the bladder on him/her" or "I bet he/she can pee forever". Maybe that's part of the intrigue to cannot tell what size bladder someone has just from physical appearances, and moreover, physical size has nothing to do with bladder size. And unless you are the same gender as someone and have a chance to hear him/her pee in the bathroom, or if you happen to be in a relationship and have the chance to listen, you will never really know. Hmmmm...I guess that's my deep thought for the day.

Raging Urophile: A while back, you said you tried to post some pee accounts and they never made it to the board. I would very much like to hear them if you have the chance to re-post. A quick suggestion: if you have the ability to save your post in a document before it's submitted, it would be easier to edit in case some of the content cannot be posted to the board. I have done this in the past, and it has saved me quite a deal of headache. Take care all,


Pee man
My wife and I had just spent the evening arguing, and I went for a drive to
calm down and think things through. My travelling ended up with me going to
Burger King and sitting in the car eating a burger and fires whilst in the
local public car park behind the shops.

The car park only had two cars in it, a typical pay-and-display type, and
slap bang in the middle of it were the public loos. For some reason they
were locked from about 6pm (I was caught short myself). Well, I was munching
away on the fries when through the alley way rushed two laughing women that
had come from taxi-cab place next to the station. Although it was dark, the
floodlight car park illuminated them clearly.

They both disappeared behind the toilet building and then appeared in the
small space between the ladies entrance and the wall. I was sitting there
thinking "..please let the loos be locked, please!" Sure enough they were
locked and without the slightest hesitation, both of them lined up and pulled
their dresses up. Squatted right in front of me and peed like bursting
hydrants, one lady peed for 6 min 55 sec and the other peed a little over 7 min 5 sec. The lady on the right seemed to pull her white knickers to one
side and pee, while the other fountain of youth had her knickers around her

They never even wiped, simply adjusted and ran back to get their cab. I now
weigh 26st having used Burger King's hospitality for a whole year.

Raging Urophile
JERRY. M- I have written numerous posts on the effects that gender seperation in public restrooms has had on both me and probably many others. I recommend you visit my posts on pgs. 1095, 1096, and 1098.
Imagine if we grew up in a culture where there was no such thing as gender seperation in restrooms, and women were taught to pee in urinals alongside men. Imagine further that there were no doors on many stalls in these unisex restrooms. One of the effects of such a culture would be a very limited interest or fascination with the toilet functions of the opposite sex. I doubt that it would turn us on much. The naughty, curious, and forbidden elements of being privy to the opposite sex peeing or crapping would not exist. This website would not exist. It also means that many adult businesses would not exist since we would be used to seeing the opposite sex naked in restrooms. It would be a non-issue. There would therefore be no market for such forms of entertainment. In short, society has created a supression of our natural human instincts by implementing unnatural gender seperation in many facilities, including restrooms. This forum is one of the many, and probably t! he most benign outlet that is available to provide relief from this supression.
CARIN- keep in mind that my "fantasy" post was intended for amusement only. Such a fantasy, as explained above, if real,would deny us the fun of this interest we all share.

betsey-wetsey - you're the best, awesome stories especially the broken down train story. keep all your great stories coming, can't get enough of them myself. tell me more about yourself? this site is great especially betsey-wetsey with her huge bladder tales. stay in touch and keep on posting.

first time posting here. but i'm in my mid-twenties tall dark and handsome type you might say. one time partying with my friends at a festival we got crazy and tipped over a port-a-john while my buddy was inside peeing. the whole thing tumbled over covering him with all that mess. felt bad afterwords, never really ment for that to happen.

hugs & kisses,

John Q Public
WOW!!!! 9 minute pees. That's truely amazing. Pee Girl, I realy enjoy reading your stories. You remind me of both my sister and my gf.

Maleman, according to most medical books, there realy is no difference between a man's and woman's bladder, but just out of pure personal experience, I think women have bigger and stronger bladders. My sister and gf can piss like nobody's business, while have to pee almost every hour. Very often, I would allude to going to the movies. When ever I would take my sister out to a movie, or would be on a date with my gf, I allways was the one who had to leave the room to use the bathroom, and very often I didn't drink anything close to what they drink. I either have to wear a diaper or miss part of the movie because of that.

Just this past weekend, it was the same old story as before. This time, it was just me and my gf. We went to see "Pirates of the Carabean" and it was over 2 hours long. I had a small popcorn and a medium sized diet soda, of which I only drank about half. I was not in a diaper, so I had to get up twice during the movie and make a mad dash for the rest room before we left after the movie. My gf had the biggest diet soda they had AND finished the other half of mine, sat through that whole movie, waited for me to get out of the bathroom when we the movie was over, and bought a bottle of Aquafina for the ride home. When we got home, I had to take another desperat 10 second tinkle. While I was doing my business, she made a phone call, turned on my tv, surfed through some of the station. She then announced that she had to work the late shift, so she better go while she had the chance. She calmly walked into the bathroom, leaving the door opened, removed her panties, pu! t the seat down, sat down, and proceeded to spew like a fire hose for 3 or more minutes. By the time she was done, there was a mountain of foam floating on top of the toilet water with a hole in it where her thick stream hit it.

Jenny, I have found that cloth diapers and plastic pants are much better when it comes to stopping leaks. They are also much more absorbant, or at least as absorbant as the Pampers or Huggies that you use during the day time. They also tend to be cheaper. I have used Attends and Walgreens store brand in emergency situations, when traveling, or if I didn't do my laundry, but all in all, cloth is king with me.

I don't have to use diapers as often as I use to, though I will need them if I am going to be in a situation where I can't get to a toilet or a private place to take a leak. If I wait too long, I WILL piss my pants. My bladder can barely hold a little over 250 militers, 300 militers max. The last time I measured my output, I was holding my cock because I had already lose control and the only thing keeping the pee from ending up on the floor was my hand on my dick. When I let go into the container, it was almost but not quite 300 militres, which is give or take, about 8 ounces. VERY MUCH UNLIKE Pee Girl's ability to fill a 48 ounce container twice.

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