this is my first post. i love reading this site. it's sooo funny. well anyway... one day there were people working on my house. i dont really remember what they were doing but i remember that me nor my family could be home. neither could our dog. so i took my dog with me in my car and my mom took my little sisters. i spent the day with my dog at my friend linda's house. it had been about 3 hours and i figured they were done by then. so i took my dog and i went home. when i got there, they still weren't done. so i took my dog and waited in my car at the little circle i live on. everything was fine and dandy until i felt the urge to take a shit. i knew i couldnt hold it, and i couldn't go home, so i figured i would just have to take a shit in the bushes that are in the center of the circle, so no one would see me. i took a paper bag i had my car to use to wipe myself because it was all i had. so i got out and i took my dog with me so he could catch some fresh air. i went deep ! in the circle so no one would see, pulled my pants and panties down and squatted. my shit was kind of squishy. my dog was just roaming around pissing on everything while this was happening. when i was finished i wiped my ass with the paper bag and threw it on the ground. i then looked down at my shit and it looked like a big pile of squishy dog shit. i was so proud of myself! then my dog came over to me. he started to smell my shit and then he started to eat it!! i was disgusted!! i then yelled his name really loud(his name is Bert by the way). he stopped eating it thank god! then i just got back in my car with my dog and waited until the people were done. my dog is a german shepard by the way. so there's my story... enjoy!

Random Lurker
I've been hanging around here for quite some time, and I normally don't post very often. However...

To Bill: If your Maserati Spyder cost you $216k, either it was hand-built by the Pope or you got seriously ripped. (List on the Spyder is about $90k-$100k, as I've seen it anyway.)

And anyway, if you've got the money to spend on a Maser, then I'm sure you've got the money to spend on a new leather seat to replace your shit-stained one. Just tell the techs it's dried mud or something. ;)

Ash-- Thanks for responding to my question. I'd really like to hear any stories about you, your sister, and your mother pooping together.
Tell us the story about watching you sister do a huge poo. You said you're constipated a was I when I was a young kid. What kinds of things has you Mother done for you when you were constipated? Has she ever had to give you an enema? I got several when I was in my teens...I guess I didn't mine because I knew I needed them-- JW

king of the throne
hey long time no post. Ive just been kinda busy, oh well. Anyway last night i was sitting in my room wathcing tv with nothing on but a pair of whitey tighties, when i felt the urge to crap. I decided to just stay there and mess myself because i was watching Joe Dirt on HBO, and i didnt wanta get up. So i just relaxe my anus and let a nice big load in my undies. it felt really good at first but then the piss and the shit got a little clammy so i got up and cleaned myself off. I still missed some of the movie but ive seen it many times before and enjoyed myself more than i would have had i just sat on the pot. From now on ill try to post at least once a week about wutever happened that week. Anyway my new found pasttime will surely bring on some good posts.

Aonther thing that happened was I went to Kansas city on Vacation and someone was really nasty and took a dump on the seat in the handicapped stall in the mens room. This stall had a sink and averything in it and since none of the other stalls were empty and i had to go really really bad i ended up taking a crap in the trash can. IF this grossed you out, my other options, sitting in my own shit all days because i crapped myself and sittingin someone elses shit for the 20 minutes it took me to lay one were even worse. IF anyone remebers I went of a camping trip last month and had to crap in the urinal in the pit toilet urinal because of the same reason. I wonder if the god of dookey just hates me or whether im cursed. anyway if this keeps up ill have some really interesting stories.

Peace love and farting rules,

some guy
boys and girls: Do you wash your hands after using the restroom facilities?

One time me and my family went on a snowmobile trip. We got to the hotel and unloaded and the first thing that my brother did was use the bathroom. And i dont know what is with him but he blocks up almost evry toilet he uses. so now we couldnt use the toilet so if we had to pee we had to use the shower luckly that is all we had to do. in the morning my father called the manegment and had some one come up and fix it . When the guy came in he walked into the bathroom and gave out a loud "WOW" it was the funnyiest thing ever and right after that i tood a huge crap and flushed it down no problems.

well, this happened while i was walking home from a mexican restaraunt with some of my girlfriends. we had just gone out for a night on the town and finished up dinner. so we're walking back to our neighborhood when my frind Lexi is like, "oh man i really gotta take a crap".
well we all gave her a really funny look and replied, me too.
the funny thing is, i did have to crap, bad. and i was starting to get nervous because i didn't think i could hold it. lexi was starting to look pretty bad soi told her about my situation. she kind of smiled and then buckled over on the ground and let this huge fart go. i could tell she had just messed herself pretty bad. well i, being her best friend, din't want her to face the humiliation alone. so i decided to simply let go as well. unfortunately, i had underestimated the power of the mexican food. i cramped up, and this huge log smushed into my felt really good and really gross at the same time.
lexi started lauging, as she obviously was feeling better. i on the other hand was not, another cramp, and i couldn't hold it in, i let go and filled my panties with about two minutes of nearly nonstop diahreah. bad night to wear my minishorts. i had crap running all down my legs and a huge mushy log in my pants to top it off. when i showed the others they all started laughing for awhile and then started feeling bad for me. i was glad that they didn't think i was a total loser. so we all walked on, me beind of course cuz i smelled rancid. i was almost home when i was hit with the third wave, i stopped, took a deep breathe, and squish. a second huge log smushed into my undies.
i was really loaded now. i couldn't even beleive i had that much panties expanded like a ballon they were so full of crap.
i figured it was useless to try to prevent anything more, so i decided to have some fun. i stopped, squatted down, and plooped my butt onto the sidewalk. instantly, the warm, mushy poop squished up my crack and around my crotch. it felt really good and really naughty, and it made a juicy mush noise. well, i wasn't abou to walk the rest of the way with a two full course meals in my pants, so i took them off, and disposed of the mess in a garbage can. good thing it was dark, i dont think anybody, besides my friends saw me walking the rest of the way barebottom. that was one of the best experiences i have ever had. i highly recomend crapping yourself to anyone who wants an enjoyable thrill.

You guys! Just today I did something naughty! I was just sitting around the house and I was really bored because most of my friends are working or on holidays so I went alone to the theatre thats near my house. I went to Italian Job and it was empty except for 2 people way at the front, I sat around the middle. I had a huge Mountain Dew so half way through I had to pee. I suddenly had this really naughty feeling wash over me and I flipped up my skirt and sat on my panties. I tried to go but I couldn't force it out so I sat there for about 10 minutes and then I couldn't hold it anymore. It slowly ran out of me into my panties then the seat, I could feel warmth spreading over my croth and butt and it started to come out really fast. I sat there for almost another hour squirting pee into my panties, I didn't hear it run off the seat but when I got up there was a big puddle under my seat. I got up and walked out once the show was over like nothing happened!

When I was a little kid, my Grandmother once gave me a bare bottom spanking. She always gave me bare bottom spankings when I was being punished, but this one time she spanked me so hard and for such a long time that my butt was so sore I couldn't sit down for a few days. So I had to squat over the toilet seat to pee and poop. I was very very mad at her. I told my Mom and I heard my Mom yelling at her over the phone to never touch me again. My Mom also gave me bare bottom spankings, but never so bad that I couldn't sit, just enough to make by butt sting for a few hours. My Gandmother really resented me for not being allowed to hit me anymore. She was a really mean lady, my Dad's mom. My Dad died a few years ago, and I really miss him, but I don't miss my Grandmother at all, and she died last year. She was mean even before my Dad died. I' was used to getting spankings, but my Mom and Dad were always careful not to really hurt me. I never had a problem sitting on the! toilet after a spanking by them!

Hey Everyone got a embarrassing poop story for u all.

About 5-6 years ago i was in a big maze walking around trying to find my way out coz it was huge and hard to get out of. Anyway i suddenly got the urge to take a dump, so i was walking around like mad trying to find one of those emergency exits which took forever and still no sign of it. So after a while i couldnt hold on anymore and out came my poop all into my underpants. So when i eventually got out i went to the toilets and dump my poop into the toilet and changed into my spare pair of underpants. Got a embarrassing pee story too but thats another time.

Poopy-guy Mike
Hey, I feel sad for the guys with poopy interests (like watching their women poop, etc.) who've married women who are too shy to be watched or otherwise participate, and I feel sorry for the women whose men are too shy for those interests, too.

It's too bad that not everybody with these interests has married someone with these interests. I think everybody with these interests should marry someone who also has them. This is very strong for me, so I will only marry a woman who will let me watch her poop and participate otherwise.

To all those here who are still single (or who are getting divorced, sadly to say): THEY ARE OUT THERE! Maybe they're a bit harder to find, but THEY'RE THERE! I may now have even found myself a poopy woman to marry in the somewhat near future! (Crossing my fingers for good luck.)

Best wishes to all,
Poopy-guy Mike

Hey all. Whats happening? I read through the posts on this site all the time, but this is my first time to post. Well I am a 17 year old male. Im 5'8 pretty fit with brown hair and green eyes. Im from Houston(Big H-town). I am gonna be a senior in high school. It is summer now and I have been drinking more than usual because of all the free nights. I dont know about anyone else, but when I drink, the next morning I will often have a major case of the shits after I wake up. I have noticed that I will wake up and fell like I have to take a big crap so I will go into the bathroom and sit down. I will usually start like a normal crap with one medium firm and thick lock. And lately it seems that the first log acts as like a plug on my ass. Because once that is out, this torrent of liquid diareaha (sorry I cant spell that word), but anyway i will have no controll of the crap. Its weird because before I start, I feel like I can hold it in for a while if I want, but wants it starts,! I have no control and cant stop untill Im done. This usually happens when I have to wake up early the next morning and dont have enough time to sleep off the hangover. I dont know if anyone else experiences this but Im interested to know.

wetguy: Hey! I enjoyed hearing about the time you crapped outside. I think it would be cool to do it just for fun, but Iím reluctant cause I donít think itís worth the risk... I don't have woods in my backyard either. But if I really needed to crap like you did that time, and if there were woods nearby, I think Iíd do it outside. I haven't had a poop accident since I was a young child, but Iíve been desperate and I came close to it several times. In that situation Iíd rather crap outside than crap my pants. Iíd even rather use a porto-potty. Have you ever crapped your pants?

Gabe: Welcome to the forum. Iím a 14 year old male too, and I liked your story a lot. I had diahrrea like that, one morning not long ago. I woke up with that kind of feeling in my stomach. I ran to the toilet but before I even got my undies pulled down all the way, I let out a fart and chunks of crap started coming out and some of it got on the toilet seat. That was quite a mess to clean up. Hope to hear more from you soon. What state are you from?

Lone star boy: Welcome to the forum to you too. I liked your story. Taking a crap in public bathrooms with my pants and underwear down to the ankles is a turn on for me too. Do you ever take a dump at school?

Julie: I really loved your description of the contest results. Congrats on winning. ;)

peace out,

One time me and my family went on a snowmobile trip. We got to the hotel and unloaded and the first thing that my brother did was use the bathroom. And i dont know what is with him but he blocks up almost evry toilet he uses. so now we couldnt use the toilet so if we had to pee we had to use the shower luckly that is all we had to do. in the morning my father called the manegment and had some one come up and fix it . When the guy came in he walked into the bathroom and gave out a loud "WOW" it was the funnyiest thing ever and right after that i tood a huge crap and flushed it down no problems.

I am 18 and male.

Last night I went to a Little League All-Star game in the city right next to the town I live in. It was at a field right off a main road, and there was a huge crowd (mainly kids) and no bathrooms. So since I'm interested in this stuff, I spent the breaks in the game watching for people who looked like they needed to pee. Naturally, it was all kids that I saw.

At seperate times, two boys who both looked to be about 12 were doing some blatant dick-grabbing. One was wearing yellow athletic shorts and a t-shirt. He was eating a hot dog and was pinching at his dick every few sections and shifting from foot to foot. No one else seemed to notice, but he was squeezing pretty good most of the time.

The other 12-year old (approximately) was doing a similar routine and in a similar outfit with black athletic shorts. This kid looked like he had to pee worse than the other one. He was leaning against a fence and was constantly holding his dick. During breaks in action he would pace around and do a little dance. A couple times he buried both hands into his crotch. Finally he ran off, presumbaly to find a secluded spot to piss. I found it interesting that both of these kids this age still held their dicks in plain view.

The last guy who looked to have to pee pretty bad was a couple years older, maybe 14 or 15. He looked like the macho type, dressed well in loose tan cargo pants and a baseball jersey and cap. He was hanging out with a friend for the whole game. During the second half of the game, he was frequently crossing one leg completely over the other (wide stance) and then he would switch legs. He also put his hands in his pocket and I could tell that he was squeezing through the pocket a couple times. He didnt really change his facial expression and never mentioned any need to his friend, but I found it to be pretty obvious.

So no wettings, but some pretty fun and innocent desperation to watch!


Punk Rock Girl
A friend of mine is writing a paper about the witch trials in the 1600's. He was telling me about a few of the torture devices that were used to get beople to confess. A lot of them had to do with things shoved up people's ass. Without antibiotics or proper medical care in that age, a lot of major rectal injuries which might even be considered superficial today could kill a person back then.

A couple struck me as really twisted:

1) Boiling oil enemas. They would pump boiling water or oil up a person's ass (sometimes into women's vaginas too), basically cooking them from the inside out.

2) The hot poker. A red hot rod of iron would be inserted into a person's rectum and left in there until their rectum, anus and buttocks suffered severe burns. Usually the person was released after this was done, and usually they eventually died either from infections, or an inability to move their bowels due to the extreme pain and damage done, resulting in toxic shock syndrome.

3) I don't know what this device was called, but it was kind of like a four pronged speculum, which would be shoved up a person's ass. A spring would be triggered causing the prongs to burst apart, thereby stretching, or even ripping a person's anus and rectum wide open. Sometimes the prongs were covered in spikes, making the rectal injuries worse. Again, people were sometimes released, but with this next-to-impossible-to-remove hunk of metal up their ass. They would most likely die, for obvious reasons.

4) For some reason, this one seems the worst to me. It was a piece of metal, about the size of a medium potato. It was thin on one end and thick on another. It would be heated until red hot, then inserted into the rectum. That's not the worst part! It had barbed spikes sticking out of it, so if any attempt to remove it was made, the rectum and anus would be severely ripped open, even inverted! Sick.

I cannot believe that people actually came up with such sickening ways of torturing people, much less that these acts were actually perpetrated. It makes my skin crawl. And all in the name of God. I'm sure Jesus is still rolling over in his grave that these sick people used his name to excuse their vile, evil acts.

And stuff like this still goes on today! Scary.

Peace, please.


This is a story my sister, Jo told me a few weeks ago. She was working in a shopping centre demonstrating bed linen , there was a type of bed room fair on . During the course of the day she had to go for a big shit. We have always been very open about such matters, we never have been shy about pooping in front of each other right from when we were young. So as Jo said she had to go for a shit, as she was wearing a skirt & thong she only ever pulls the thong aside , never pulls it down,reckons its quicker. She said she was on the pot for about for about 2 minutes when she heard the rattle of heels on the tiled floor of the toilets. The door of the next toilet was opened with a bang, the dividing wall only came down to just below the toilet bowl.Jo said she recognized the shoes of the young woman who was working in the exhibition next to her. She heard the girl swear, then heard the rustle of clothing as Jenny quickly tried to pull her dress up & her! panties down. As her panties reached her ankles, which were in full view of my sister it was quite obvious that Jenny had pooped herself on the way in . The crutch of her panties contained a big dark brown poop, while Jenny was on the pot she did 2 more big logs followed by a long piss. Then Jenny started to cry , so Jo stood up & went next door to help her clean up, fortunately she was not all that messy. Jenny asked Jo if she would go into the mall & buy her a pair of panties . As Jo was waliking around the mall she realised that she had forgot to wipe , she had one very sticky bum. She took the panties back to Jenny , who was forever grateful then cleaned herself up. They have become really good friends since, I have yet to meet Jenny but am sworn to secrecy not to mention how they met!!!!!!!!!!!! But knowing Jo it will come out sooner or later, the truth I mean.......

To Jay - I am 18/m, and once in awhile I still dream of having to pee then wake up to be almost pissing myself. It's wicked hard to hold on after just waking up.

To Ali - Even though I'm a guy, I wouldnt want to pee in those porto-potties. I've been in your situation, and I usually try to find a place in the woods to pee. If not, I just do the dance and try to hold on.

To Tynee - You're pretty brave to be openly peeing with the chance of someone seeing you. On the beach, why not just piss through your bathing suit?? That's what I do.

To BeachNut - Liked your story from the camping trip. I've never really been camping, so that represents a big void in my stories.

To Ryan - That must have been a terrible time. I cam imagine it now since I am of the age that you were at the time. Sometimes I go 2 or 3 days without taking a crap, but I never really fluctuate from needing to pee about 4 times a day depending on how much I drink.

To Katrina - Loved the story about your boyfriend. Forgive me if this sounds naive, but was this during your senior year of high school or college? Anyway, I find being desperate to pee while driving to be one of the most annoying things. When it gets real bad, I have to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other buried in my crotch. But I like to do major leg-scissoring when needing to pee mad bad and of course this cant be done while driving. Add to this the fact that I have cloth seats, so even if I were to just give up once and pee my pants, it would smell bad.


Did anyone here hear of the story about the guy and his 5-foot long turd?

To little miss modest: Enjoyed your stories
To Brittney: Liked your story
To pop-a-squat: Enjoyed your stories
To Jay: Loved your stories
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your diahreaha story..liked your other story too
To Mile high pee-boy: Thats intresting facts
To Ali: Liked your accident story
To jere: Loved your story..that was nice what the teacher said after you pooped your pants
To Middle Aged Crapper: Liked your story..where did you have pizza at? i find pizza hut gives me really bad stomach discomfort sometimes(cramps and diahraha).
To jay: Loved your story of dumping in your room
To Ash: I agree w/ you that juilies post was the best(about the pooping contest).
To Tynee: Liked your peeing stories
To Ash: Loved your story
To Buzzy: Liked your story about another outdoor
To Jim: LOL..yes, i think so..every one poops
To the "HOLD IT" man: Bet that was embarrising..i liked that story any way.
To BeachNut: Hey, welcome back..i forgot about you..I loved your story
To Kayla: Loved your story
To Lone star boy: Loved your story
To unnamed poster about camp i liked your story
To Freeda: Enjoyed your story

Another cool sighting, and YES, it was at the same doorless stall restroom that I've been to. I didn't find another one out there.

Anyway, I was taking a great dump when I saw someone come in and take the stall next to mine. I was looking down at the time and only caught a glance. I didn't hear anything going on over there, but I was making a few plopping and farting sounds myself. I finished up and started wiping. I did the usual wrap of a few sheets and reach between my legs to clean from the front. I did that a few times, then wiped from behind with a wet paper towel. I then stood and wiped 2 more times with the wet towel. I could see in the mirror across the room that my neighbor was blond. I flushed, pulled up my breifs and shorts and went over to the sink directly in front of his stall. The sink is probably about 2 feet away from the front of his stall and on the wall next to the stall,so I am standing with my side to his stall, not my back. He had his head down and I could also see him in the mirror above the sink. He looked to be about 20, with spiky bleached blond hair, nice tan, wearing a ! white wife-beater and brown shorts and sandals. He wasn't wearing any underwear, though. I was so close that I could literally see down inside his shorts, which he had dropped all the way to the floor. His shirt was tight and rode up a bit. He had his legs spread, but I couldn't see very easily into the bowl. His dick and balls were blocking the view. He looked pretty "well-endowed". His pubes showed him to be a natural blond. He was slim but well-toned. He sat there with his elbows on his knees and his hands dangling between them. He looked up and I saw that he was really attractive. I finished washing my hands and had to leave. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable by waiting to see how he wipes! It's always great to see a good-looking guy sitting on the can, dropping a load. Too bad he wasn't wearing underwear. I find that kinda gross.

I took a dump at the beach bathroom last weekend. Also no doors. They are clean, but you have to go around a floor to ceiling partition to get to the toilet. Since there is only a urinal in there as well. I kept getting alot of guys walking in on me. I don't mind it at all. I was only wearing shorts and briefs and they were dropped all the way down. It must have been surprising to come round the corner to see some naked dude on the can. I had fun, though!

Friday, July 11, 2003

ASH - Glad you enjoyed my post. Ciny's poo was difficult, and at one stage it looked kind of stuck, with a big bit just hanging. As you say its real weird to watch close up.
ALICIA - Cindy wants to do it again soon because she lost, but I want to hold onto my victory. Now if we could persuade Jason and maybe a friend of his, and Cindy and I could judge - now that would be fun!!

Linda D
I just been scanning the posts, they get better and better.

Nu What a great story. I bet you loved it when Carmalita helped you.

Sheila (South Wales) Great story of your shit with Susan.

Althea I always love your stories.

I am curious about others who share my interest in seeing a girl wet her panties or just peeing. Is the act of peeing or wetting her panties a guaranteed turn-on regardless of how unattractive the girl is otherwise?? OR, does the 'sexiness' of the women have to be there already, for her wetting to excite you??

Betsey-wetsey: amazing bladder power you got there!! I sometimes like to linger on in public (ladies) bathrooms after Iím done peeing if I hear someone like you with a very enormous bladder profusely pissing away a few stalls down. What does it feel like to have all that urine gushing out between your legs for such a long period of time?? Me I'm a tee-todeler - I have a small bladder and never pee more than 20 sec. if even that. Unfortunately, I have not come across anyone with your bladder prowess yet - but I would love too!! Now I have talked to people who were in peeing contest before and they claim to have seen a monster bladder or two in their day so your not alone out there. Hope you don't mind the personal question but have you ever been diagnosed with a medical condition to explain why you pee such very LARGE amounts?? I got some advice for ya to try here: my secret to peeing without exposing myself is to press the edges of the fly down and around the labia so that i! n effect the labia protrudes through the fly. Then I'll spread the lips slightly and use my finger to pinch and pull up on the pants opening in order to direct the stream out front. The only problem is that I'll drip a few drops on my jeans when finishing. But it sure beats going the traditional way. Please post many more of your stories!?
Keep up the good work everyone I like your stories also.


Raging Urophile
I now present what I call "fantasy public restroom legislation" for your amusement. Here is the fantasy code:
1. All public restrooms must be unisex.
2. Every unisex restroom will consist of three sections with no barriers among them. They will consist of a section against one wall consisting of urinals, a section of toilets for men, and section of toilets for women.
3. The urinal section will be further divided into two subsections. One subsection will consist of open urinals. The other subsection will consist of partitioned urinals for privacy.
4. Women will only be permitted to use the open urinals. Men may use either the open or partitioned urinals in case they want some privacy. Any woman caught using a partitioned urinal would be subjected to a fine and possible arrest for repeated violations.
5. The two sections of toilets shall be divided as follows. In one section will be a set of stalls with doors for privacy. This section will be reserved for men only. The other section will have no doors or stalls, but will consist only of open tiolets. It will be mandated by law that women may only use these open tiolets.Any woman attempting to enter a private mens' stall will once again face a find and possible arrest.
6. Men will not be allowed to use the open female tiolets. If a man chooses to do so, he will be sighted for indecent exposure.
Oh well, it's just a dream.

little miss modest
When I was five I had terrible diarrrea. So when I was sleeping I had soft water #2. When I woke up I felt wet It looked like someone had poured alot coffe on my bed and me. I changed clothes and sheets. Next day I told my mom and we went shopping for some meds for me mom started to talk with her friend in the store and told her that i had diarrrea I was so mad at mom.

Does anyone out there like to keep in the're #2 intil it gets smooth hard and easy to out? Do you like to push your #2 rihgt before it comes out and push it back in for later? Just curious.

little miss modest
One time in gym class i had had to use the bathroom to put in a tam. I asked my teacher he yes. When i was in the stall i was putting in the tam and felt a huge hard #2 coming. I did'nt go to the bathroom for this reason.
this poop came out of nowhere.I tried to hold it in with my anus mussels or whatever call them, but it didn't work for the first time. I hate pooping in pulic brs. It just eased on out it felt really good.This thing was huge like 12in longand mabey 2in thick.That's strange because im 13 5ft 2in black and thin hour glass shape and a girl. Thank goodness i was alone and it didn't smell at all. that was soooo embarrassing plus i took a long time and my teacherwas looking at me weird like he knew or somthing.pooping is soembarrassing for me.that's why i'm little miss modest. type back if you had a story like this or liked my story!

Hey Kate: I'm new here too I liked your story. I just found this site by typing in random words and also out of bordom. I like talking about bodily fuctions also but not fac to face this is fine because no one knows who i am. So how'd you find out adout this site, curiousity?

Sup Annie I'm just trying to friendly.Your story is cool it's good to hear from another 13 year old liked me!

HYPER GIRL- I think your post was great-would luv to hear more of your stories


Talking About It and Doing It Together Part 1

A clever eleven-year old boy with a social conscience committed suicide because he was bullied at school. It might have happened to me. I was a semi-posh boy, growing up in a leafy Tory suburb in the English Midlands. (My father was angry with me for not liking Margaret Thatcher). I was considered a good soprano and a good classical pianist. Peopleís image of me was of a boy in surplice and cassock, sometimes playing Beethoven sonatas, a model pupil at school. I wasnít a boy who ever pulled his trousers down to his ankles. ĎEverybody uses toilet paperí. I didnít! Such an immaculate boy never had to wipe his bottom. He didnít have a bottom at all. He wasnít normal. It was unforgivable not to make it through the service without a wee, so the older choirboys made us youngest ones go before the service. But nobody knew I did anything else but urinate.

Toileting was a taboo subject, shared only with my younger brother. Female relatives had given me fussy toilet training, especially my grandmother and aunt. They died in a car accident soon after my brotherĎs birth, and I started to potty him myself, when I was only about 7. I was left to get on with it. He had a succession of child-minders, and now says that I gave him more affection than our parents did. My mother, to get over her grief, spent a lot more time helping my father build up his business (the other kind). I was devastated (even though they had fussed me, they gave me love), but my mother never sat me on her knee so that we could cry together, which she should have done. I made my new brother the object of my love, and he returned it. I should never have been left to teach my brother unaided without any checking (including teeth-cleaning), but it worked, and made me look forward to children of my own. I (A boy caring for a younger sibling can also be! at risk from bullies.)

In the morning rush for school we went together into our bathroom which we shared. Before breakfast we peed and showered, and after breakfast, we teeth-cleaned and shat. First thing in the morning, a little penis and a middle-sized penis urinated into the same toilet, sometimes at the same time, so that only one flush was necessary. I was from an early age ecology-conscious. Flushing only once for 2 urinations saved water. When the cistern had filled we could take our pyjamas off and get in the shower together, knowing the temperature would be stable. My brother was still too young to shower alone, but even when older we enjoyed it. It helped to establish a bond which is still there. Weeing together, when I reached puberty, wasn't possible. My 'male member' didn't always point in the direction I told it to, especially first thing in the morning. My brother laughed to see me sit down just to wee, like females. I told him it was better than having to wipe it up f! rom the floor, and, worse still, spraying him. He learned later that it comes to us all!

Our euphemism for our after breakfast routine was TTD - 'Teeth and Trousers Down.' One of us sat bare-bummed, and the other cleaned his teeth - then we swapped over. I made him sit first, so that I could be sure he had absolutely finished before he wiped his bottom. He could wipe unaided long before going to school, but still found it easier to pull his trousers down than pull them back up. (He needed help when getting dressed to get his shirt inside his trousers. If he didnít appear at breakfast looking respectable, I was for it.) Often I sat on the toilet, grunting and plopping away, while adjusting his trousers. When I went to the grammar school, and had to set out earlier, I had to have first sitting. By now he could adjust his clothes himself. Often he would still be sitting grunting and plopping when I left the house, and I knew he would be OK.

When I was 9, a new boy from rural East Anglia joined our top class at the Anglican Junior School. His dad had a promotion in our area. Until then, I was rather a loner. I had 2 friends, whose friendship was primarily with each other, and I tagged along. I seized on the chance to make a pal of my own, which he said helped him to settle in. Some pupils mocked his rustic accent but, like me, he was very academically inclined. The other two lads accepted me more, now that I my own special pal. Our vicar called us the Gang of Four, with two pairs of close friends. We were all in the Church Choir.

My new pal had good references from his old church choirmaster and school. He sang very well and was clever, but with his friend at his last school he had been considered Ďa bit naughtyí (earning the slipper and cane) He lost contact with that friend who later resorted to juvenile crime. My pal became well liked, and his naughtiness was really a wicked sense of humour. Our friendship deepened in the remaining two years at junior school. We had selective secondary education, and our ĎGang of Fourí all passed for the boys' grammar school in town. Although aged 11, I wasnít allowed to go on the 'bus without adults, or wander the town either alone or with friends. My pal, having come from a quiet market town, was nervous about urban areas. Our parents now HAD to let us venture out. We had an occasional dayís holiday from school, when we tried this out.

I walked to his house wearing my jeans. We had to wear regulation shorts for school until then end of the first form in the Grammar School, and we hated them and took them off as soon as we got home - the rule was relaxed when my brother was about 10. (The cane hurt more across shorts than across longs for one thing - often it lashed our bare thighs, though we soon found that longs were no advantage: they swished older boys with heavier canes! Corporal punishment was used in Britain until about 1988. At both my schools bullying earned the most severe canings, and it probably saved some of us. There was very little bullying. But few boys escaped the cane. They seem to enjoy caning Ďnice boysĎ for trivial offences.) My pal was excited that we were going out together unsupervised, IN JEANS.

I was gob smacked when he started discussing his toilet routine. Often he didnít get the urge until about 11 oíclock, and waited until he got home in the evening. He said he might be able to do it now. A bit nonplussed, I told him to try, and I would wait for him. He invited me to come and watch him. I didn't like to say 'No', because we had been pals for two years and I didnĎt want to lose him. But we had never admitted to each other before that we used a toilet seat.

We went up to his bathroom. (His parents, like mine, had their own.) I remember it well. I sat on a bath mat on the floor, staring at the toilet into which I had often weed, on visits to the house. I had seen my palís bottom many times in the school shower, but never sitting on the toilet. (At school Iím afraid to say that we ALL looked at each other in the showers, the intimate body parts being the main object of interest.) The drama was about to begin as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

To be continued in part 2

Hi, Everyone,

Ash: I have just read your latest posting where you tell "WHY ME" that you get real bad constipation when you have your period.

Well I can empathise with you. I get chronically bunged up when I have my period. It starts about a day or so before the period and continues into the first two days, then, thank god, it eases off. I've tried everything under the sun, enemas, hot drinks, special diets, you name it, nothing works. I tried laxatives and boy did I shit, but they made so ill I couldn,t work for a week! I think your mother is very wise to advise you not to try laxatives.

In work yesterday I had a Tuna sandwich for break and about an hour afterwards I began to feel unwell. I had pain in the stomach and went to the Ladies Room several times but could not go. Then, late in the afternoon my stomach started to churn really bad and I hurried to the Ladies Room. Two of the four cubicles were engaged, including my favourite inner one. I went into the far end one and hurriedly raised my skirt, I just got my panties down in time and shit as I was squatting on the pan. My shit squirted from me and splatered into the back and sides of the pain, it was pale yellow and very smelly. After the first rush I just sat, wearily on the pan, my stomach ached sooooo much that I actually felt faint, it just churned over and over. I could hear the girls in the two cubicles shitting, the nearest one, the one in the cubicle next to me seemed to be constipated, she was straining really hard but was not doing much, there was just a little plop now and again, ! but the one farthest away was having a good shit, the sort I like, not runny, but just right, nice and soft and plenty of it. They both must have gone in just before me. My stomach ache increased sharply and I bent over and pressed my arms tightly into me as I shit again I groaned as I shit, it felt like I had a bunch of barbed wire up my stomach and someone was pulling it out of me. I was bent over so far my face was almost touching my knees as I tried to ease the pain. It was terrible, I wanted to shit, to empty my stomach, yet the pain was so bad when I did, that I wished I hadn't. The girl next to me was wiping. I don't think she had shit much and must have given up for the time being, perhaps she too was exhausted from straining to go, she wiped just once then pulled up her panties' flushed and left, not bothering to wipe her hands. It seemed as though my stomach felt easier, the pain was still there but not as much. I sat up on the seat, it was a mistake. My s! tomach churned again and I jack-knifed over clutching my stomach as I shit again, it was like water pouring out of me, my arsehole was so sore. I sat hunched over and just shit, it was sort of short to mid-long spasms, very painful. The other girl had finished, I could hear her wiping her arse, maybe six times, she must have been really messy. She flushed and I could hear her washing her hands. Another spasm gripped me and I gasped with pain as it spurted from me. Then I heard a tap on the cubicle door.

"Are you okay?"

"No," I answered, "I must have a cold in my stomach, or something."

"Anything I can do?"

"No, well . . . . unless you could stay with me, I feel so bad," I said.

"Of course I will," she said.

I bent right forward and slid back the bolt on the cubicle door. The girl, woman actually, in her mid-forties I guess, came into the cublicle and bolted the door again. She turned to face me, she was s stranger to me, she must have been visiting one of the solicitors in the office block. She was wearing a dark-blue tailored trouser suit with a pale blue blouse. Her hair, brunette, like mine was done up in a bun, a style which suited her.

I looked up at her and tried to smile, "Are you okay, you sounded like you had a good . . . ."

"A good shit," she interrupted me, "yes, I have. But you don't look so good . . ."

!I don't feel so good." I interrupted her. "Thank you for staying with me, I always like to have someone with me in the toilet, my names Sheila."

"I'm Jennifer," she smiled holding out her hand.

It seemed so incongrous shaking hands in the toilet but we did. Jennifer stayed with me all the time I was shitting, and I was there another good twenty minutes or so. She chatted all the time taking my mind off of my predicament. When I eventually finished and leant to the side to rip off some paper she stopped me and ripped the paper herself. She asked me to stand and turn to the toilet. I did so and felt her gently wipe my arse, I winced because I was so sore, but she was very gentle and she wiped me another four times before I was clean. It took three flushes to clear the bowl and after I washed and wiped my hands we left the Ladies Room together. We agreed to meet for dinner the next day. I am so glad to have found another friend, I really need as many firends as I can now that Greg has left me.

Well, I guess that's all for now. All my best wishes to all the posters and I love you all.

God bless,

Sheila (South Wales).

Betsy-Wetsy. Thanks for taking my pee survey. What was your 34 hour maximum hold like? How much water, etc. did you drink while holding on?How long did you pee afterward? Did you measure your volume? How does your husband react to your long pees? Other boyfriends? Anyone else in the family with your capacity?
Great stories. You and Pee girl (the Original) get A+s for your piss stories so far this year. They are certainly the best I have read on this board. Let's hear more. Pee girl would you take my survey?

Mommy to-be
Betsey-wetsey and Pee girl (the original) you both are highly gifted where unusually large bladders are concerned. I bet it must be quite an even when meeting someone whose urinating abilities equal to or surpass your own. Like being members of a private elite woman's club.

Like I said, under normal circumstances outside of pregnancy my bladder capacity is just average, maybe once in a while I might push it a little over the mark if I REALLY have to urinate. But never (until last week) have my bathroom performances warranted the giggles, stares, jokes and comments that come about when someone with a 'huge bladder' arrives at or surpasses the five minute mark. The 'big bladdered' female friends I have known tend to be pee-shy, not really going into much detail about their peeing prowess, except to mention this one lady who could pee over the ten minute mark, now of course my friend heard this second hand. However I do have a little ditty I'd like to share that happened to me last week.

Between getting my husband off to work and then driving nearly an hour in rush hour traffic I was both late and without a bathroom break by the time I reached school (I teach high school). By the time I reached our mid-morning break I thought my bladder would explode; words cannot adequately describe the feeling. At the bell I dashed for the nearest toilet which was located in the student restroom and one I have avoided like the plague. Entering the girl's restroom confirmed my worst fears about it being noisy and crowded but my condition precluded any other selection. Nearly doubled over in torment, I stood in line before racing into an available stall. And that is where the embarrassing part began. I started to pee and I swear I just could not stop! Around
me students were starting and finishing, stall doors were opening and closing while I obliviously went on urinating. After reading the accounts of Betsey-wetsey, I must conclude that I was in there well over the five minute mark (maybe something like 6 1/2 min.) Even so I don't think I was anywhere near her normal pee time. I wish I had timed it because I have never urinated so much at one sitting in my entire life. So long was I that I began hearing giggles, whispers and comments outside my stall. As the first back-to-class bell rang I was still dripping and dribbling. Nevertheless I hurriedly cleaned up and left-
only to face a congregation of girls outside the stall with startled expressions. I turned beet red! That was probably my one and only moment of fame in the peeing ability department and believe me that was enough for me. I doubt I'll be able to pull that off again.

Pee girl: your story was cute. Good thing the guy you were dating wasn't the macho type who would throw a fit over you leaking onto the floor of his car. Good luck with all your academic pursuits!

Betsey-wetsey: I too would love to read of your experiences when you and your husband (past boyfriens) first met. I'm also interested to see if you have ever come across another woman who was able to give you "a run for your money" in the bladder capacity department? Have you ever participated in an olympic style 'bladder holding' contest where the stakes were really high, in the monetary sense? Wow, this is turning into a novel so I'll wrap it up here.

Girls keep the stories coming when you get the chance!

Marc Toilet
What is everyone's greatest personal pee-holding capacity? My personal best is 18 Ounces (US, fluid) which equals 532.324 Milliliters. But of course I was DYING and way uncomfortable.

So what is everyone else's?

Hi there. Thank you for the warm welcome from pop-a-squat, mommy to-be and Bubba!

You know what pop-a-squat your story about your peeing activities in the garden brought back memories of a time when my friend's and I partied down in Times Square over the holidays. Anyway being that it was New Years Eve and we were among all the crazies out in downtown N.Y.C a friend of mine who was notorious for having a small bladder came up with a solution to her problems. Knowing how hitting the bathrooms frequently would be impractical, she dressed for the occasion, wearing a long dark colored skirt with a long crinoline material half slip underneath. In the cover of darkness and the density of the crowd, no one was the wiser as she would just let it go and peed as often as she liked. And from the smell of the crowd, I do not think she was the only one peeing amongst the crowd that night. It turned out to be a good idea seeing as how she could easily need a bathroom once every hour and a half when she drinks. You can imagine how the inconvenience of accompanying a! friend to the toilet that often would drive someone like me crazy.

mommy-to-be that was one hell of an accident you guys had together. Luckily most people are willing to over-look those kinds of things when a women is pregnant. I remember one time being on a train overseas while the stupid thing broke down. Before I even got on the train I had to pee but I've always been able to hold it for long periods of time in the past and thought I'd just go when I got back to the hotel. So here we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the hot afternoon day. After three hours passed two other women on board were getting desperate needing to pee. Well one poor woman couldn't take it any longer and peed her pants flooding the seat and making a small puddle on the floor as the tears ran down her face. Her friend seeing what happened to her friend went to a corner of the train and dropped her pants and let it flow. Good thing the train wasn't crowded and everyone was pretty understanding of the whole situation. Well an hour and 45 min. ! later I had to really pee and didn't want to go right there like the other two did but the train conductor said he couldn't do anything about it, until they pushed us from the tracks, and I couldn't exit the train, as it was prohibited by law for them to let us leave the train and enter onto unsafe tracks. People started offering me cups, saying they would all turn around....ect. At that piont I ran to the middle of the car, where the door was, squatted half out the door, and let go. Not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. I let out what seemed like the most forceful pee of my life, saying OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, as I tried to cover my vagina with my shirt, so people wouldn't see. The ultimate humiliation was when I could NOT stop peeing, the thick stream just kept gushing out of me, going on and on and on with no end in sight. At first eveyone was polite enough not to stare at me, but after a resonable amount of time past I started hearing some giggle! s then looking up I noticed all eyes were on me and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die! Finally when I has done two young guys started clapping and offered me tissues from their briefcase to wipe saying in broken English "they never seen, heard no one go like that before" with these huge smiles on their faces. They continued the conversation in their own language so I don't know what else was said. But I sat alone and away from everyone else for the rest of the trip.

Bubba: Got a question for you seeing as how your really into us "big bladder queens" Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman who had enormous bladder capacity?

Take it easy,

I am 18 years old and male.

To Robert - If you count peeing on the cellar floor, then yes. I have told that story before.

To Rebecca - That probably would have been one of the only situations where I would choose to crap my pants, of course if I couldn't hang on any longer.

To Crystal - I liked your story.

To Kaitlyn - I would have been mortified to do that. I guess I just dont like crapping my pants.

To Ali - Cool story!

To Buttman - That really doesn't happen to me too often unless I eat something that doesn't agree with me. I'd love to hear some pee stories if you have any.

To Jordan - I have crapped my pants twice that I remember. The first time was when I was 11 and on the way back from soccer practice. During the practice, I had to both pee and crap wicked bad but was too shy to tell the coach, particularly because of the latter. I also didnt want to admit it to my friends. At the end, my dad picked me up and we started the 5-minute drive home. I was so desperate to crap and the need to pee was not as great. I didn't even tell him how bad it was, just that I had to go to the bathroom. So we talked about other things as I battled to hang on. On the street next to ours, I just lost it and crap exploded into my shorts, spoiling my hopes to conceal the entire predicament from my dad. He felt sorry for me and wasn't mad, luckily. I also peed my pants a little, but that was definitely the lesser problem. It took forever to clean up the crap, and it sucked.

The second time was just last summer when I was 17. My family was on vacation and at a mall after dinner. Evidently, something I ate wasnt that great because I started getting MAJOR cramps in the mall. As my parents poked around, I had to find secluded spots to strain and hold my butt. Usually I deal with this problem by letting the crap out a little then pulling it back in until te urge subsided, and this was working this time too. However, we stayed longer than I could handle, and once again I didnt want to admit my need (noticing a pattern here?). So all of a sudden I got a huge cramp, WICKED painful, and a small piece of crap came out into my boxers. Luckily, we then left and I was able to finish the dump back at the hotel, but even though no one found out, I was downright ashamed to have crapped my pants even a little bit at age 17.

So there you go. I definitely dont enjoy crapping my pants as much as I do pissing them!


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