Betsey-wetsey: welcome to the site. I've been a lurker here for a while now but never posted anything before. I loved those stories you told about the hazards of peeing during pregnancy on page 1149. Please tell us more if you can. By the way I have a couple stories of my own when I was pregnant with my son a couple of years back.

I do a lot of gardening and was getting tired of running into the house every time I had to pee. I started wearing bike shorts (black, with nothing underneath). When I crouch to work the flowers, I can just let pee until my hearts content. It pours through the material and I don't miss a beat of my work. Then I improved on this method. I purchased a long leg shaper panty made by Weight Watchers. It is black, very plain and looks just like a bike short, but it holds less moisture and dries very quickly. Make sure you do not wear a long tee shirt (which can itself get wet and be a giveaway). It really does pass for a bike short. I've even worn it out walking and shopping.

One time my girlfriend and I who are both pregnant had an embarrassing accident the other week. We both had a reaction to some food while at the mall. We went to use the rest rooms but they were closed. We did not know what to do and were running out of time.
My friend's husband gave us the idea to go in the flower garden outside since we both had skirts on. We ran to our car, took off our underwear and then went to the flower garden and peed and pooped in it while people were walking by. Luckily no one noticed except our husbands were really turned on by it all.


Elizabeth: Our public school toilets were like you described.

too shy to poo: At certain phases in life, I had to move my bowels regularly in public toilets. It started in 7th grade and then it was daily in 10th grade through 12th grade and college.

Gabe: Welcome to our neighborhood. You are among friends in cyberspace. This is the only forum of its kind where you can lower your inhibitions. I once on a Saturday morning was lying in bed. I was in eighth grade. I got the urge to move my bowels. I used to spend a lot of time on the toilet. So, I grabbed my comic book and went to the toiletin the hallway. I pulled down my pj pants and light blue panties to my thighs. It was cold. Loose chunks of brown diarreah evacuated as I read my comics. There was silence, but I knew there was more to follow. I broke wind and more chunks released and I urinated. As I read in the next period of silence, I broke wind as I a released a soft creamy stool. I read some more. Then, I put down the comic, reached for toilet paper and wiped through the front of my legs. I used three wads, one for my vagina and two for my rectum before I flushed. Then, I went back to bed and explored my developing body. I was 13. See about my nightime episode ! in Barbados while on vacation in an earlier post.

Traveling Guy: Female urinals were designed for quick and expedient use, unlike a toilet which requires more slower use. Women take a long time, what with layers of garments. However, women are not wearing that much anyway these days. I am not one of those women. I am quick and expedient. I used to hate going on church outings when the bus had to stop at a highway rest area. Women would line up out on to the parking lot for the toilet. I thought it was ridiculous.

when i was in fourth grade we went backpacking. the place were we camped had no bathrooms so the adults dug a long skiny hole in the ground called a trench. all the boys in my grade set up our sleeping bags right next to a fallen tree it a bushes all around. there was a little opening so that is where we would change and pee if we had to. ut if we had to shit then we would have to go to the trench. we had to take a buddy to watch to make sure no one came up the trial. there was this one kid that wouldn't use and get constipated. the trench was long enough for two kids to squat and shit. so i had to go shit so i went and a friend and he said he had to shit too. so we went up to the trench. when we got there we took off our pants and he went in front of me i went behind him and we let loose. when you were done you wiped and covered the shit and tp with dirt.

one time when i was 11 i had went to bed needing to pee during the night i had a dream about trying to get to a bathroom without peeing my pants i finaly found a bathroom in my dream so i started to go after about 20 sec i woke and realised that i was peeing the bed i was still going my hand shot down i my dick and grabed it then i ran to the bathroom and finished there after i was done i looked down to see the damage the spot was about 8" in diameter since then i haven't wet the bed again

Pregnant Crapper
Hi Posters! Im new here if u havent already noticed. I've had some problems crapping while ive been pregant. Im 7 months pregnant and my crap has been kinda wierd. One day ive got dirrerha and the next im constipated. I have no problems peeing and stuff. Hell, i can stand up and get it into the toilet. I sit when i crap i dont think that has anything to do with it though. Please help

Punk Rock Girl
I had some explosive diarrhea over the weekend (no doubt due to three hot dogs smothered in sauerkraut on Friday). It was so gross, though, because it blew out of my ass so forcefully, it splashed back up all over my buns. I literally had liquid shit dripping from my butt cheeks when I stood up (thank God I was home!), though that was nothing compared to what was squished between them!

That took a LOT of wiping, and then finally a hop in the shower. Yuck. It's bad enough squished between your buns, but all over your buns is worse. If I had been out someplace with no paper... Eeeeck, it's too nasty to think about.

Hope everyone had a shitty bottom-free 4th of July!



little miss modest
Hey young teens my age keep the posts coming.Love ya stories I don't wanna feel like the only one here who's young!

Mile high pee-boy
Hey all you toiletyers!

Here is some food for thought:

The longest urination delivered at one continuous scoot was one of 36 mins 24secs by Mr George Wingfield (GB) in the doorway of a newsagent's shop in Knutsford High Street on 22nd December 1986. Mr Wingfield was arrested and charged with a public order offence 17 mins into his record attempt, but arresting officers had to wait a further 19mins 24sec before taking him back to the station, where he reputedly broke the world falling downstairs'record.

Group Toilet Visit:
The record for the largest group of women to visit a toilet simultaneously is held by 147 workers at the dept. of Social Security, Long Benton. At their annual celebration at a nightclub in Newcastle upon Tyne on 12th Oct 1994, Mrs. Beryl Crabtree (GB) got up to go to the toilet and was immediately followed by 146 other female members of the party. Moving en masse, the group entered the toilet at 9:52pm and after waiting for everyone to finish, emerged 2hrs 37mins later.

So here is to all the women who think they can out-pee any man!

Punk Rock Girl

I was in the office extra early today. I had the unisex all to myself. I went in, entered my favorite stall, pulled down my pants and thong and sat my bare buns on the crapper.

My diarrhea finally went away yesterday, but my dump last night was still a little mushy. Not so this morning!

I just gave a little push and this thick, long and firm load slowly creeped from between my cheeks. I cannot tell you how great, how relaxing it felt! It came out quietly, only making the faintest splash as it slipped into the water. No farts, no straining, no odor, and when I wiped, the paper was clean. Twas quite a wonderful, satisfying dump!

I'm now sitting on my very happy bottom typing my bowel experience to you, my buddies at Toiletstool. If only every time I took a crap it was like that. Hmmmm.

If it doesn't rain, I think Colin and I are going hiking this weekend. Hopefully on Monday I'll have an interesting outdoor dump story for you!!! Until then, happy BMs to everyone!



Thanks for your your comments guys!

OK I remembered some more stories, this time I was with my parents and I was watching my little sis playing soccer (I am 16 and she is 11 in case I haven't told you yet she has the same problem as me, more on that later). I just had a big glass of Sprite and I had to pee. The only toilets that were around were porta potties and I thought no frickin way!! I stood there for about 15 more minutes starting to squirm more and more. There was just one row of people on each side of the soccer field so I just stepped back behind everyone so they wouldn't notice me. I put my hand up my jean skirt and held myself and moved around a bit more crossing my legs and trying what I could but then a little bit of pee ran into my panties. I bent over to help hold it but more came out then a big spurt and a bit ran down my legs then it all came out of me there was no stopping it so I relaxed. Warm streams were flowing down my legs, in my shoes and on the ground. My panties were drenched but! my skirt was dry so nobody noticed. I stood there for the rest of the game in wet panties and shoes I. When the game was over we had to drive home so I flipped up my skirt and sat on the seat of my panties so I didn't get my skirt wet, it would soak the car seat but it wouldn't be a first time ;). My parents didn't find out but they don't mind if I do have an accident because of my problem. Thats all for now, byebye!!!

To Lindsey. Don't be embarrassed, you couldn'y help yourself. I had a similar thing happen to me in the 5th grade. In my teacher's defense, however, she had already let me go to the bathroom twice in the last hour. I tried to poop each time, but could only pass gas. The third time I asked, she wouldn't let me go. I figured that since I only passed gas the other two times, that was all it was now. I was at the peccil sharpener, and decided to push the gas out. Instead of gas, I pooped in my pants. I must have turned red from embarrassment, because the teacher asked me what was wrong. When I didn't answer, she came over, diagnosed my problem and took me to the office, where they called my mom to comr and get me. My teacher said she was so sorry she hadn't let me go to the bathroom, and would never do that to me again.

Middle Aged Crapper
My best dump this past week, in a sense, was spread over two days (Sunday/Monday) and was actually diarrhea, a type of dumping I don't ordinarily enjoy but did so this time.
For dinner on Sunday I had had pizza, preceded by a few light snacks but no excessive amount of food by any means. Nonetheless when I went to bed what I ate disagreed with me; and to relieve my stomach discomfort I had to take an 11pm toilet trip. The first turd came out with difficulty, but when it did it enabled the veritable floodgates to open. I just kept crapping and crapping, pouring out lots of "marbles" in at least five separate dumps. (I almost always dump in only two loads, as I have a busy schedule and have to get rid of any remaining turds and then get back to work.) My bottom was crackling as well; and since when I crackle these are among the smelliest dumps I've ever taken, I really wonder if the sound of crackling is indeed a turd passing over rectal skin or just a series of miniature farts barely discernible to the ear?
I went back to bed, feeling better. When I woke up Monday morning I had limited stomach discomfort again. I dumped a single poo pat into the toilet, and the "poison was purged" at last.
Whenever I have a "Montezuma's Revenge" diarrhea attack I'll just sit on the toilet as long as necessary to purge all that poison. The longest dump I've ever had along these lines must have been about 100 minutes. Ordinarily if I voluntarily sit on the toilet longer than it takes for me to actually complete the poo ritual (6 minutes in my case), I can't stay on more than 20 minutes contemplating life with my pants down because the hard seat will make my "butt bones" hurt (as a tall man I have a big butt but only a moderately fleshy one).
I've sat on the toilet for 20 minute stretches during lunch hour at work sometimes. We have a lot of bathrooms in our corporate establishment, so there aren't that many guys in the men's bathroom at any one time. When some guy is occupying my neighboring stall I hear a few grunters (I just breathe heavily if I have to wage all out war against a turd), but the oddest men are the ones who hum or sing little songs while sitting on the toilet. Perhaps these are "poo tunes."
For almost the balance of this month I'll have to leave the forum as I'll be on my annual vacation and won't have any access to computers away from the public view. When I return at the end of this month, I'll endeavor to catch up on the fantastic stories of all our contributors and try my hand at directly responding to a few. Goodbye for three weeks!

Chellybelly a.ka Chelsea
Annette - Hey, i would love to hear more stories about you holding your poop in. I really enjoyed reading the 2 that you posted soo far. If you have any more, please share them with us, I'm sure everyone would love to hear them. Thanks......peace.

today i took a dump in my room. how i did it was got a tupperware thing and lined it with a plastic baggie. i squated over the HT (homemade toilet) and took a shit. i had also brought a roll of tp in to my room. so i wiped and through it in to the HT when i was done i took the the bag out and took it in to the bathroom and dumped it out.
it was almost as good as a woods dump

To ANNETTE Ė Loved your story. Iím so glad Iím not the only one who holds it in for so long until thereís almost a disaster. I also like that great feeling of relief and being empty when all my poo has come out. Hugs from Ash.

To LINDSEY Ė Lindsey, I felt so much for you, I know exactly what you went through, specially when you finally realize your poo is coming out in your panties no matter what you do to try to stop it. Love Ash.

To ALICIA Ė Iím so glad my way of holding my poo in worked for you. Isnít it such a good feeling when the urge goes away and you can get on with whatever you want to do? Itís let me finish classes, or wait until I get home, or until I can find a bathroom. Itís saved me a million times. The really great thing is that if I hold it in all day I usually get rewarded with a really really satisfying poo when I do eventually let it come out. xxx

To MIKE Ė answers to your questions.
Ladies do you look between your legs while pissing or pooping.
Sometimes when I pee. I lean forward when I poo and perch right near the front of the seat so I canít see anyway.

Ladies and Men do you wipe from the front or back after pooping.
I usually wipe my poo from the back and my pee from the front. I usually wipe while Iím still sitting as well because when I poo I get less messy if my cheeks are open like when I sit.

Ladies and Men what color of opened-end seat would like to use (a) white (b) black (c) both.
I donít care.

Ladies do you flush after pissing.

Ladies do you flush after pooping.
Yes always and if thereís poop in the toilet already and I cant find another toilet I flush before I go.

To MISS BELINDA Ė Loved your story about your daughter. My mom, my sis and me see each other on the toilet all the time and we even giggle sometimes when one of us is making lots of noise or straining hard to try and push out a big poo. Think Iíve already said I love to have a big one hang for a while and I know my mom does to, but Iím not quite sure about my sis Ė I think she likes to push hers out. Hugs from Ash

To ELIZABETH Ė Iíve seen the stalls with the very short doors only once and that was at a campsite. I was unlucky and had to take the first stall so every one who came in saw me trying to do my poo. I know everyone who came in looked at me and I just know they all thought, ďSheís taking a pooĒ. I also felt sort of embarrassed walking past the stalls and seeing everyone elseís face when I went to the washbasins Ė but I sort of couldnít help but stare a bit. It was all real weird. Ash

To HERE'S A QUESTION FOR EVERYONE Ė I get constipated quite a bit, specially when my period is here. I only sit on the toilet if Iím sure my poo will come but sometimes I have sat down hoping for a nice satisfying poop and itís decided not to come out at the last minute. If it actually started to open my hole I will wipe but other wise I donít bother. Ash

To JIMBO Ė Glad you like our pee stories and yes I would like to hear your stories too. xx Ash

To JULIE Ė At LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST !! (Giggle). Congrats on being the winner and also congrats to Cindy for being such a close second and a good sport. I really really enjoyed reading your report. In fact I read it several times Ė itís one of the best postings Iíve seen Ė ever. I felt for both you and Cindy. You because you were already dying to poo and you were squeezing your butt to hold it in, but then you had to wait almost another quarter hour while Cindy did her long hard difficult poo. BTW, did any of Cindyís get stuck half way and just hang? And I felt for Cindy because I know how it feels (OUCH !!!) when a really really thick hard poo is coming out. And I agree, its kinda weird the first time watching every detail of someoneís poo come out real close up. I watched my sis do a huge poo a while ago. I even feel a bit sorry for poor Jason, I think he was just terribly embarrassed about it all. Lotís of love and congrats to you and Cindy again Ė xxx Ash.

To JW Ė My mom and sis and me are very open about going to the toilet in front of each other. I promise I will post something as soon as I get some time Ė Ash.

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