Hey everyone!
Wetguy- I'm a 15 year old female

Anyways, I have several pee stories for you since I just got home from Long Beach Island as a short vacation.

The first story has to do with my first wetting on the beach. It was really hot on the 4th and I had been drinking a lot of water and Coke. Around lunch time, I felt a really strong urge to pee. My family had gone back up to the house, and I was left alone to finish carrying up a chair and the umbrella. I didn't think that I could make it back up to the house without squirting a little, so I went to the end of our beach, by the jettys and pulled my bathing suit to one side and let out a forceful stream. Thank god no one walked past me while I was pissing because I don't think that I would have been able to stop myself.

The next day, I went mini golfing with my friend. She also isn't pee shy and can pee standing up. We were golfing behind this extremley slow family, when we were approaching the hole under the waterfall. AS we got closer I felt my need for a leak increasing, and she held herslef quickly while walking to the next hole. The falling water was making us very desperate. We decided instead of stopping our game, we would go on the course since no one was behind us. When we got to the hole enclosed under the waterfall, she lifted up her skirt and spilt her legs and whizzed on the rock wall. I was holding myself keeping a look out. When she finished, I waddled over, but becasue I had jeans on, had to unzip them and pull them down slightly. I spread my legsand stuck my hand down there to direct the stream so I wouldn't get wet. Of course, as soon as I begin my piss, a family slowly makes there way up to our hole. I stopped abruptly and pulled up my jeans. We ran to the next hole, ! where I squated with my pants partly down and finished my leak.

I have to go, but I will post the rest of my pee stories tomorrow


Holly age 13
For punk rock girl.. Hi I saw your post about having trouble going poop and stuff, and it happened to me alot when I was younger, and I had to get enemas for it cuz those stupid laxatives made me get cramps that were majorly bad! The enemas were'nt too bad cuz they were given with a little squeeze bulb, and they really did the trick! Sometimes I had trouble holding them in for 5 or 10 minutes! But it made my poop gush out of me though! Did you have to get more enemas too for your trouble? Holly

why me
guys i know this is gross but to all women out there.... do you get diarreah just before and during your "time of the month". if you do, does anyone know why. my butt is on fire like 5 days a month!!!!

Krista, I am glad you liked my story. After 3 & 1/2 years with your boyfriend don't be shy. It took me about six months to feel comfortable pooping in front of Betty, but it sure was exciting when I finally got the nerve. I think It actually makes a couple closer. Pooping in front of each other is the final frontier in a relationship. You know you are close when one of you just pulls your pants down in front of the other and just lets loose.

saying to coach “Coach, I have to go bathroom real bad”. I tried to squeeze my hole shut as I walked but by now my poo was pushing soooo hard to get out I could feel it gradually growing in my underpants. After another eternity I made the bathroom stall and just ripped my unders down, plunked hard down on the toilet and mercifully stopped squeezing. As my poo started to come out I could feel it sort of push the big lump that was sticking between my cheeks out of the way. At last I relaxed a little as my poo slowly came out and I looked down at my unders to see just how bad I had pooped myself. There was a long thick sticky brown gooey patch and I took a big wad of tp and started wiping it as best I could. It took several wads before I just couldn’t get any more poop off my unders and by this time all my poo had come out of my butt as well. I looked at the o! utside of my unders hoping that the stain wouldn’t be too big because I would just die if anyone saw it. I was so happy to see there was barely a mark. Now I had to wipe my self. The first wipe was soooo messy it covered the tp completely and I remember looking at my fingers to see if I had any poop on my hand. I kept wiping and wiping and the toilet bowl was getting real full but I still felt so messy I decided I had to wash myself somehow. Luckily no one else was in the bathroom so I pulled up my pants, raced out of my stall, grabbed a handful of paper towels, wetted them and raced back to my stall. It felt soooooo good to use a wet towel and at last I started to feel clean again. I wiped until no more poop came off and I dumped all the paper towels in the toilet. I tore off a longish piece of tp and folded it into a pad and carefully placed it inside my unders over the poop stain. I pulled them up and made sure the pad was where I wanted it, straightened my skirt ! and flushed the toilet. I didn’t even wait to see if it flushed properly, (I later discovered it hadn’t), I just washed my hands and ran back out to the practice as if nothing had happened.

All for now – love Ash XX

Good morning,all-Took a wonderful dump this a.m.out in the woods.Got up and went out biking and after about 20 mins,I had to go-found a spot and even at 8am,here in the N.E,it's 80 degrees,so i got undressed and found this bucket and sat on it and right away i let out a long tight fart that sounded cool inside the bucket and then decided not to push and just let nature take it's course and I felt my anus strt to dome out and it was hard to to push,but i resisted as i could feel the turd start to slowly push out my domed asshole and it felt a little harder-lately i've been taking loose dumps that came out like soft ice cream,but this felt a bit firmer as it moved out,i let out some gas around the moving turd and then i felt a cramp and then the turd sped up and my anus exploded with the 1st part being a firm turd about 4 in long followed by a real long soft rope of poop and then a hissing fart followed by a bunch of really soft stuff and then it was just clocolate milk with! some chunks ending with a long wet fart.The whole thing took about 10 second to come out.Then i sat there pushing and pushing,but I was done!Boy that was quick,but man did it feel great.Then i peed a bunch as i let out 2 farts at the same time and then wiped-it was a messy wipe too.I looked at my pile and it looked like a potpourri of poop-all kinds of I really had to go too!I'm really enjoying this summer dumping all over the woods,I just wish i could have a poo buddy to share this with!Hey,ladies,come on and join me!btw,cool pic on the masthaed of what looks like a spanish lady standing over a filled toilet of a good load of poop-boy she really has a bunch in there!(could that B-U,CARMALITA?) nice shot!Great stories,all!More woods dump stories!! BYE

Hello, I just stumbled on this site and after reading a few of the stories and experiances I figured you guys could answer a question I have. Do big breasted girls poop? I know this may sound really dumb and immature but I honestly wonder. I have had a few experiances with skinny, flatchested girls pooping and I thought it was pretty sexy. But for some reason I cant imagine a more "well endowed" girl taking a dump. I suppose you can respond to this however you would know how but I am really interested in feedback and examples.
Thank you,

To Miss Belinda - Hello there, I loved your story about your daughter walking in on you while you pooped. Did you feel embarrassed at all, going in front of your daughter and her friend? Also, my sister took a HUGE crap today lol. We were home by ourselves, and she left the door wide open, and I heard her moaning the whole time. When she was finally done, she said that she loved the pleasure of it. I also took a crap earilier this afternoon, but I was in and out of there in 2 minutes. That's about how long it takes me to go. Can't wait to enjoy and hear more of your stories. Before I go though, I have a question, have you ever seen her (your 16 year old daughter) pooping or peeing before? Thanks, hugz and kissez.

To Kansas Kristi - I really liked your story. Yeah, if I was there baby sitter, I probably wouldn't have let them go in the porta potties either, it's just too nasty and I wouldn't want them to suffer. I'm also glad that the parents understood the whole situation, or else maybe you would have lost your job. I don't know, but maybe. Anyway, I can't wait to hear your 4th of July story. Hugz and kissez.

To Julie - Congradulations on your pooping victory. Are you planning on doing any other pooping contests like that in the near future?

I don't really have any stories to share with you, except that my family drove up to Northern New Jersey for a friends 4th of July party, and while we were driving along the highway, I saw a parked car on the side of the road, and two girls in their 20's about walking back from the woods. Hmm, I wonder what they did lol. That's about it. Hugz and kissez everyone.


the "HOLD IT" man
Bryan, it was a bit embarassing having to hand the police officer my licence while taking a crap. To make matters worse, it got quite loud and quite stinky.

Althea, the cop did not give me a ticket, so apperantly he did buy my excuse. Of course, since he actualy followed me into the rest room, he probablyh knew why I was speeding. Escuse or not, this was a huge case of diraeah, and I did not want it all over my motorcycle. I would have gladly taken the ticket and asked for 'court supervision' if he had sighted me.

Ash, I passed right by an unmarked cop car, which is why I was stopped. Police officers, fortunatley, are somewhat leniant with motorcyclists here in Illinois, but judges and insurance companies are not. This guy gave me a break, and I have to agree with Althea onher point, because I was driving very fast, and if I had to choose between shitting my pants and being involved in a major automobile accident, the cop is right. Toilet accidents can be cleaned up, and are only embarassing. Traffic accidents can mean permadent injury or death. So when you do get your licence, think about that if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation. If all else fails, go find a clump of trees, and do your business like the bears do in the woods.

Eric in Chicago
Kitty: the B vitamin riboflavin, which is bright yellow, comes out in your pee and can make it very bright yellow. Boys have been known to use it as "ink" for writing their names in the snow.

By the way, the common belief that your pee should be nearly colorless if you're adequately hydrated is what I call a "mutant fact." People who are involved in activities that will make them sweat *really* heavily, like hiking or running in very hot weather, are commonly advised to drink enough fluids that their pee will turn clear. That's a precaution to ensure that they have more than enough water in them to handle heavy losses. But if you *aren't* experiencing heavy water losses, you don't need to over-hydrate and it doesn't really matter what color your pee is.

CArmalita and Nu, how do you all take such big smelly dumps what's your secret.

Hello again all,

I've been lurking for nearly a month now. Some of you may remember my posts from like April through mid-May. Hello to all the newbies and all the oldies, too. Life has been kinda slow lately, and I've missed conversing here with some of you. The latest news here is that they are tearing down part of the woods area where I liked to venture off into when I was taking my walks. They're building a row of new homes on that street, including on the hill I liked to go to and do my #2's that I had been saving for most of the day! Across the street there is still woods, but it won't be the same once those houses get put up there. Talk about killing habitats for animals...folks like me won't have private places to dump in the woods anymore, at least on the walk route :(

To a minor outdoors story, I'm afraid my latest visit outdoors was over a MONTH ago (yes, I'm having withdrawals!). Me and my girlfriend went camping on an island beach in early June and the only bathrooms on the island were outhouse-like things. They were private, but nasty. She and I still used them when they were convenient, though. We pitched our tent up in the dunes about a half mile from the main "beach entrance" (where the outhouses were), and we agreed that if we had to go in the night that we would go behind the dune behind our tent. Well, she never went all night long, though she could have on more than one occasion. She probably also decided to hold it and stay in the tent because it was so cold outside. Anyway, we went to bed and played around a bit and I got the big urge to pee. I held it for a couple of hours till I couldn't hold it anymore, and I slipped out of our airbed and out of the tent to inspect the dunes. There was driftwood everywhere, an! d since it was a moonless night, a flashlight was necessary. It was a pure obstacle course getting behind that dune. There was a huge piece of driftwood with sharp branches/protrusions right on a path that many others had carved before my trip back there. I only saw a single piece of toilet paper beside the driftwood, so it was obviously the spot a female peed a night or two before us. Anyway, I kept trekking farther behind the dune until I got to a nice opening right next to the dune. I was wearing my swim trunks, so I just whipped my dick out and took probably one of the greatest dune pisses in my life. It took a good two minutes to empty all of my piss onto the sand. I farted a few times as I was finishing up, but it wasn't a strong enough urge for a dump, so I made my way back to the tent, into bed, and to sleep. I woke up with my girlfriend in the morning and I had to piss bad AGAIN! I asked her if she had to go, and she said she could hold it. I told her I co! uldn't wait, so I ventured behind the dune again, finding a different spot. It was light out so it was easier to move around. But I didn't walk as far this time and I ended up pissing into some sea oat plants. It was quite a nice piss, too. It felt a bit more wicked, since folks were beginning to mill about on the beach once it was daylight. Didn't feel any poo in me so I walked back to the tent. I begged my girlfriend to go after I got back, but she still decided to hold it. So a bit later, we packed up and started to head home.

I'm about to go out to where she lives in a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping we can go camping somewhere for more than one night, as I'd really love to watch her go outdoors again (it's been a while!).

Happy goings everyone!


I posted this story on an embarrassing first date site, then found a link to this site and thought it would fit in here too.

The first real date I ever went on was with my current boyfriend. We're in college now, this happened in high school.

He picked me up and was taking me to the movies and out to dinner. We first went to the theater, so he could buy the tickets ahead of time. It was raining, so he told me to wait in the car.

Well, I had to take a dump, really badly, but I figured I could wait until we got to the restaurant. He was getting the tickets, and a sharp cramp hit me. I was really gassy. I tried to hold it, but a loud and wet fart came out. My God! It stunk up the whole car like rotten eggs! Of course, at that moment, he was heading back to the car. I didn't know what to do! I even thought of locking the door so he couldn't get in.

He opened the door and I could tell he smelled it, because he made a face. I was so mortified! I finally said, "I'm so sorry! I couldn't hold it in!" He said, "Huh?" I said, "I farted. I tried to hold it but I couldn't!"

He laughed, and said, "Oh, I wondered what that was. I was afraid it was me." I was almost in tears, I was soooooo embarrassed. But he said, "Hey, I like a girl who can fart. That's cool." I didn't know whether I should be grossed out or relieved by that, so I chose to be relieved.

We went to the restarant, and I made a mad dash for the ladies room, where I dumped about ten pounds of poop in the toilet! Even under the circumstances, it was one of the most satisfying dumps I've ever taken.

I went back to the table. He said, "You feel better?" I said, "Yeah, I was pretty desperate."

He said, "Look, I know girls aren't supposed to crap or fart, but believe it or not, guys aren't fooled. We all know you shit just like we do. So there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

After five years of dating, I can now fart and shit in front of him with no problem, and do so quite often. But that night, was like being in dating hell!

CD and Dave in Michigan: You were right. That newscaster was in Toronto. I am shocked that she was fired. I thought that the Canadians had better sense.

John Roland came clean with us and told us how he was passing huge amounts of blood in his stools. It was so bad that his blood count dropped, making him weak. He left the set in the middle of the broadcast went to the toilet and while on the toilet, he passed out. A colleague found him in a bloody heap and called an ambulance. John was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed and it was caught in time. John admitted to not eating a diet high in fiber.

Lone star boy
Hi, this is my first time posting so i think i'll say a little bit about me. Im 14 years old about 5'2, and very skinny(80 pounds)
I dont like to eat alot, so i dont have to take dumps very often.
However i take big ones when i do.
THat last time i had to take one was yesterday. We had just been to the grocery store, and were on our way to another one. I had had a sample back at the grocery store, that made my hands STICKY, so me and my dad decided to go to the bathroom. After that we went off to go shopping. I was in the soda aisle with my dad, and he said to go get a cart, i just stood there, then said i gotta go to the bathroom then ill get the cart. SO i dashed off to the bathroom, walked into the stall, flushed the toilet, wiped, pulled my jean shorts and my white briefs down to my ankle, and immediately my hole started to widen. I dumped 2 logs, one about 6 inches, the other about 4, but quite wide in diameter, id just like to say when i go into public bathrooms, the pants and underwear down to the ankles, when i look under the stalls turns me on! So after i was done, i wiped, but that was not necessary, i also like my for others to see my poop, so i didnt throw the TP into the toilet! , but instead the trashcan, then walked out, got the cart and met up with my dad, i said i had been looking for him everywhere so thats why i tok a couple of minutes!

Hi, people! I'm new here and such. I'm a girl, about 14 and not very pretty looking to tell the truth, I'm a bit overweight. I'm about 5'7, brown hair, hazel eyes, etc.
But anyway, reading a story on an older page(pg. 450) reminded me of an experience I had when I was 12. My 6th grade class was going on a trip to a nearby camp, with cabins and a bunch of interesting activities. The bathrooms/showers were single sex, but there were a few holes in the wall where boys could watch, or vice versa. We were all kind of paranoid about using the bathroom, but we sucked up and used them anyway. Anyhow, we went on a little expedition into the woods to an obstacle course. I didn't need to pee as we left, but as we walked on the path to the obstacle course I felt a slight tingle. It went away soon enough, but half an hour later we came across an obstacle over a foamy little stream. It brought back my urge, but once again it tapered off after a bit. After even more time passed it came back with a vengeance. This was the real deal, I needed to pee. We had just gotten to the last obstacle, a rope spiderweb we had to get through without touching the sid! es or anything. I was close to last, and we weren't doing very well on this obstacle. It took a long time. Close to my turn, I was squirming and squeezing myself harder and harder, more than I think I've ever done in my life. A few minutes later, it was a guy's turn. A guy I REALLY liked at the time. So, I was busy paying attention to him making his way through the web nice and graceful, when a GIANT spurt rushed out of me and into my panties. At this, I jumped like a frightened deer and bounded off into the woods, a forceful stream of pee coming out all the way. I found a clearing and stopped to catch my breath, still peeing quite a bit the whole time. I was enjoying the relief and warm cozy wetness when it just stopped. Then I looked around, noticing that I didn't know where the heck I was. It was getting dark, and as it was still May it was getting a bit cold. The warm feeling had gone, my pants were now cold and clinging to my itchy legs. I knew as a fact you're better o! ff staying put when you're lost, but panic really blurred my mind. After blundering around this way and that, I eventually found a field with a path that lead to our circle of cabins. My friends were in the field, playing with a kickball. They noticed me and what happened in an instant, and rushed me over to the bathroom where I rinsed out my pants and panties. They were so cold and hard to put on, I just decided to pull my shirt down and run for it to the cabins. I ran as fast as I could to my cabins, and luckily most everyone was at dinner. That was one of the craziest accidents I've ever had.

all i wanna say is I love Carmalita and Nu there stories are awesome..and also Punk Rock Girls are awesome too

, I resorted to what I used to do when I was about 9 or 10 and had to pee badly in school (I was always too scared to ask to go - in all my days at school, I only ever asked to leave the room twice, at age 7 and age 16, and both times were for REALLY urgent! poos and took a lot of courage.) So, in this exam, I used my childhood trick of spreading my legs as apart as I could without looking too obviously like I was straddling the seat, and kind of leaning forward and arching my back so that my bladder was pressed into the chair. It took some of the pressure off my bladder, but my need was still so urgent that I kept looking at my watch and the clock and becoming distracted. I was not concentrating well on my test and was not progressing as fast as I needed to.
By about 2 hours and 15 minutes elapsed, I was absolutely bursting and could no longer sit still. I had wanted to sit still to avoid alerting anyone to my plight, but my bladder was so full that I was forced to squirm and shift positions every so often. I kept looking around to see if anyone was looking at me, but they all seemed engrossed in the test, unlike me.
I ran out of paper at about 2 1/2 hours. If we needed more, we were supposed to put up our hand and the proctor would come to us. I didn't immediately because I was debating if I should take the opportunity to plead for a trip to the bathroom. I finally decided that I would. I raised my hand and the proctor came to me. "Paper?" she asked. I hesitated, and then suddently grew shy and told myself that I'd been desperate many times before and had managed to hold it, including during exams, so I would continue to wait. "Yes", I said, took the paper, and she left. I felt that I had now committed myself and that I would have to keep my threatening pee in for another half hour.
I tried another childhood trick - I shifted my body right to the edge of my chair, pressing my belly into the wood at the edge of the desk to ease the ache there, stretched my legs out in front of me but squeezed them tightly together at the thighs, pressed my crotch down into the hard wood of my seat, and jiggled subtly. Every few minutes, I alternated this position with crossing my legs tightly and leaning forward so that most of my upper body rested on the desk, while still sitting at the edge of my chair.
When there were 15 minutes left, I was bursting so badly that I was and am convinced that there are few times I have ever been quite that desperate to pee in all my life. It was all I could think about, and at that point, I realized that holding my pee had distracted me so much that I had answered an entire question incorrectly. Worrying about not having time to fix it temporarily distracted me from my problem, but my stomach was starting to hurt more, in sharp cramp-like pains, and my arms and legs were shaking. I had to go so badly that I wanted to cry. I could literally feel my bladder bursting. I didn't know if I could make it for another 15 minutes, and I debated asking the proctor if I could run to the bathroom, come back and finish the test, but uncertainty held me back. I wondered if anyone would notice if I let my pee out, a little at a time, and left the room last so no-one would see I'd wet my pants, but I've never been able to do things like that. However, I ! felt like I would wet my pants any second, voluntarily or involuntarily, so I finally resorted to subtly slipping a hand under the desk, leaning forward to block people's view, and pressing the hand tightly into my crotch. It helped, and I worked like that a little longer, squirming around. Suddenly, about 5 minutes before the end of the test, I felt my bladder spasm - it literally jumped - and a spurt of pee tried to come out, but, still holding myself, I crossed my legs tightly and managed to keep my panties completely dry. I knew, however, that I was going to wet myself any second. I'd been holding it for only about 4 hours, not by any means my longest time, but my body did not want to co-operate with my brain. I knew that with 5 minutes left, there was no point in asking to leave now, so, with some of the test unfinished and the wrong answer only partly fixed, I got up and handed my test in. The minute I stood up, I felt a huge rush of blood to my bladder and it threaten! ed to explode. Somehow, I walked, deliberately and stiff legged though feeling a huge weight between my legs, to the front of the class. I signed the required paperwork fidgeting as much as I dared without doing a full-blown pee dance. Then I left. I had no idea where the ladies' room was, and there was no-one about to ask. I really felt that I was going to wet myself there in the hall, but I forced myself to walk to one end. Nothing. Very carefully, I went down the next hall, stopping once to cross my legs and dance when I felt another trickle threaten, and then I saw the mens' room. I was so tempted to run in there, but I figured the ladies' was just a few steps on, and it was. Once the door closed and I saw that no-one was in there, I held myself and sprinted to the closest stall. I danced furiously and held myself as best I could while fighting with my clothes - I had stupidly worn a bodysuit and tights with my skirt, and the lycra had stuck to my skin - and finally I wa! s sitting on the toilet. Immediately, a huge hissing started. It was amazing relief. My pee was under such pressure that it hurt my crotch while coming out. I sat there sighing in bliss and while I was still peeing, the door opened and I heard voices talking about how the test was so long and they had to go so bad, thought they would wet their pants, etc. and I heard some long, pouring pees, and was tempted to shout "Me, too!" in response to their comments. My pee, however, must have hissed out of me for at least 3 or 4 minutes (I do some long ones.) When I was done, I sat and panted and pulled myself together and enjoyed the relief and feeling of lightness for a bit. Although my clothes had stayed completely dry and I hadn't actually wet myself at all (amazingly), my panties smelled faintly like pee, which must have been from holding myself during those near misses. I gathered from the voices, however, that there was a line-up of desperate people questioning if someone was ! in my stall or not, so I left the stall before I was really ready to. Sure enough, there were a few girls standing there waiting, one of them pretty much dancing, and we exchanged a few words of how the last part of the test was torture, and so on.
Sometimes when I've held it while desperate for a long time and have a long pee like that, I'll get desperate and have to go again shortly after unless I sit on the toilet a long time and let more pee out, and I didn't want to ride the bus like that, so I found another restroom on another floor and sure enough, several other trickles of pee were left. When I finally felt finished, I went home.
When I got my MCAT results, I had only scored a 13.5 instead of my usual 16. It was still an OK score, but not for some of the Ivy League schools I wanted. No one could understand why, and I never told them, so that they suspected me of doing badly on purpose, but the objections to opera school were easier to break down with a score like that to use as an example of why med school might not suit me, and I've never regretted my career choice since. But I wonder, having read Tynee's account of leaving her math test early because of having to pee, how many other people have bagged important exams because of needing to pee (or poo) or, another thing that has happened to me in exams, women with terrible cramps?
I have actually had pee dreams when I really have to go at night of being in that exam and desperate and feeling trapped. I'll never forget how awful that felt.

Hi! My name is Freeda. Im a 21 yr. old female. Let me tell you a story that happened to me yesterday. I love getting myself into dangerous situations where there are no toilets nearby. I drank 1 cup of water every 5 minutes for an hour. By the time i left my house, my bladder was so full already, i felt like i was gonna burst. Then I started to go on a walk which made me want to pee even more. When I was like 5 blocks from my house, I had a sudden urge & it felt like the pee was gonna come out. I grabbed my crotch so tightly so the pee wouldn't come out. There were a few people staring at me, but I didn't care. Then I felt a little pee come out, wetting me underwear a little. I crossed my legs & was squirming. By this time I had reached the park. I was doing a mad dance trying to hold in my pee, with 1 hand still grabbing my crotch. Then I saw the water fountain, & uh oh, I couldn't hold it in any longer, before I knew it, there was a wet spot on my jeans &! ; I felt the flow of my warm pee rushing down my legs. I moaned in releif cuz it felt so good. This man was staring at me like I was crazy, so I asked him "you never peed in your pants before". He got embarrassed & walked away. Then I walked all the way home in my dripping wet jeans. When I got home I didn't change right away, cuz it felt good with the warm wet panties & jeans. It was such an awesome experience. Can't wait for my next peeing adventure. Also, does anyone elso also feel this way or is it only me, I get so sad when I finish peeing cuz it feels really good, especially when i do it in my jeans. I wish i could pee forever. Can't wait till the next time.

Pee Girl (The Original)
Thank you Betsey-wetsey and Mommy to-be! I feel as though I have some validation, as well as company on the board with regard to women with very large bladders. I want to thank you for seconding my observation that extraordinary peeing does evoke strong emotional responses from both sexes. And most of all, I'd like to thank Betsey-wetsey for shattering the myth of the "ultimate five minute pee." In my previous postings I've either eliminated pee-times or in some cases revised them downward in order to make them more digestable for most people; unless you know a girl or woman like us it's hard to comprehend that, quite simply, we can still be in the middle of a pee as the clock swings past the five minute mark. (I'm like Betsey-westsey in another repect. Once my flying fingers start on the keyboard Tolstoy would be proud.) On to a fun story that happened last fall.

I met a really cute guy in one of my classes and we started dating. For awhile he never was exposed to my bladder capabilities, that is until one late afternoon in October. We picked up my older sister from her part-time job and drove to her apartment. The plan was to go out for dinner, and she being twenty-one can buy drinks (silly U.S. law.) I had gotten up late for my 8 a.m. class and had not peed that day, while she who has a normal sized bladder was just bursting from being on the job since mid-morning. So with that in mind the minute we arrived at her place she and I went into the bathroom leaving my new boyfriend sitting on the couch in the livingroom. It's a small place and sound does carry.

After a lifetime of growing up together we know each other's peeing abilities; if she really has to go there is no way my sister will let me pee first. Not if she wants the toilet anytime soon. She peed first with me standing at the partially open door, just a partition and a room away from male ears, without giving it a second thought. Our conversation about where to eat that night fully occupied our attention. With my sister it's an accomplishment if she pees a minute-and-a half, the vast majority lasting under a minute. At around the ninety second she taperd off to a finish and I took her place on the toilet. Mind you, all the while we were talking about what we in the mood for, Italian, Thai, Seafood...

My stream is naturally much heavier than my sisters. I began to pee and pee and pee all the while she leaned against the doorway and we continued to talk and talk; three, four and past the magic five minute mark. However, the fun was yet to begin. About then she leaned over and remarked that my nerver ending pee was actually making her have to go again! (We two are close and she has said that she wishes she had my bladder.) As I have done before in similiar situations, I laughingly cut-off my flow, rose and gestured toward the toilet saying something like, "I can take a break. It's all yours." Needless to say she took me up on my offer and took another little tinkle lasting ten or fifteen seconds. Then for me it was back to the races. Two-and-a-half minutes later I started to reach my stream and stop stage, which for me can really add to my pee time. We after all that, had settled on a Seafood place, so my sister quipped that she was leaving to phone reservations and jus! t for good measure she would make them late because "I know you, and your're going to be on that toilet for some time yet." To abbreviate this story she went out and made the reservations, and when she came back her face was red and flushed. "Do you have any idea that you're boyfriend has just heard everything?!"

Yes, but it took him another three dates to build the courage to say something. Football game-our University playing a Pac-Ten opponent-long game-a lot of beer. Notice the brevity-I'm kicking my own War and Peace habit. He had left twice during the game to go pee while I had not. Cut to the stadium parking lot filled with cars streaming out. As we got into his nice new red Mustang GT my bladder started to throb, big time. When I told him of my condition he first asked me why I hadn't peed during the game. I playfully answered I didn't want to miss that much of the game. That reply provided him the perfect opening to discuss the taboo topic, the incredible pee he had heard me take back at my sister's place. "It wasen't just long babe, I mean I thought it would never, ever, end. I couldn't believe anyone could hold that much." I did my best demure look and said, "What can I say, I just have an extremely large bladder that's all." The cat was out of the bag now. "How big ! is it anyway?" I nudged him. "You mean have I measured it out. No. But unless I get to the bathroom fast you are going to find out right here." I had to pee.

As if by magic he reached back to the floor of the back seat and produces a plastic 48 ounce container that was once a Monster Giant Big Gulp or whatever. Oh my God! He suggested I pee into the blue plastic thing right there in the parking lot!! Betsey-wetsey I love your guts, but it took a few seconds of throbbing bladdered contemplation before I consented to his wacky idea. After I deftly slid out of my biking shorts, I assumed a legs wide position while holding our two game seat cushions against the right window for modesty. Sir Gallahad chivalously held the container below my strategic area. Out it came, and came. The container filled and hey, I'm sorry, I began to enjoy the situation. People passed by and there I was in the right front seat peeing away. In fact I was looking out the front windshield at an approaching crowd of drunk rowdies when he bolts out, "stop, stop. You're getting piss all over my floor mats!" I looked down to see mu urine flowing down the side! s of the plastic and on to the new black custom Mustang floor mats. Eros prevailed even over the slight breach of automotive couth. Men.

"Geez, what'll I do now? You still got to go some more?"
Oh baby, you have no idea. "Why don't you wait until this crowd passes by and then you can pour it out your door." He carefully balanced the brim full container as the people filed slowly past. "I don't believe this. You still have to go more?" " Well you better start believing it because there is a LOT more where that came from." Eventually the crowd thinned enough for him to pour it out surreptiously permitting me to resume. This time my pee-stop stage kicked it when the vessel was two-thirds full but it only added to his entertainment. Each time I peed some more he would make another remark. He was beside himself and Mr.Happy was Happy. The last 10 ounces probably took three-and-a-half minutes but by the time I finished the 48 ounce container was completely filled. I had peed 3 quarts plus 4 or 5 ounces on the floor. With all the hassle it had taken me 8 or 9 minutes of peeing with a break of 2 to 3 in the middle. When we left the immediate lot had emptied considerabl! y.

Betsey-wetsey, I would love to read of your experiences when you and your husband first met. Did you deliberately take an endless pee in front of him? How did he react to your 8+ minute deluges. My experience tells me men are like little boys, mesmerized. Glad another of us gifted women is writing stories on the board.

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