If nobody knew I judged one of those contests, I would be willing to volunteer as a judge.

Julie: Thank you! I've been waiting to read the results, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. The only thing I might comment on is the relative unfairness of the situation with respect to you guys pooping vs. Jason pooping (i.e. you get to see everything, but he gets to see nothing). However, if he was okay with it, I don't have anything else to say about it. I'm wondering what you scored the texture category based on, though.

Nu: Great story. And hey, if Carmalita's not around, and you need some help, you know who to call...

Chris: What a lucky guy you are! Please do tell about the pooping experience too.

I've noticed that there seem to be a lot of accident stories around. Those are cool, but let's not forget the regular, sit-on-the-toilet-and-go-"ahhhh I finally made it" stories, much like the one by...

Annette: Don't you just love it when, after fighting with a huge dump to keep it in, you can finally release it and then feel like you lost five pounds? Have you ever watched either of your friends going? If so, please do tell about it!

That's all for now. Sorry about the lack of posts (and the lack of story in this post, especially after encouraging people to post stories) but I don't have very interesting poops, and I don't get to see others on the toilet either. Maybe something good will come along in the next few days.

~Fantabulous Voltaire~

Hi, everyone,

I was in court last Thursday. It was a case that dragged on a bit and when it finally finished it was near to lunchtime, and I wanted a shit. As I was picking up my papers and putting them in my briefcase one of the probation officers who had been involved in the case came up to, there was quite a lot of paperwork involved and I explained that I need to use the toilet before we could get started.

"Oh, I gotta have a shit too," she exclaimed.

I tend to use 'refined' words in court until someone intimates to me that the use of proper words, shit and piss, etc., are okay. As we headed for the Ladies Room she told me that following a late night there had been no time to have a shit and that for the last hour she'd been holding it in.

Entering the Ladies, Susan, that was her name, went into the first of two stalls. As I went into the other stall I could hear the urgent rustling of her clothes and a long fart. As I slid my panties down I heard her shitting, a rapid plop, plop, plop, plopping.

"Oh. God, I needed that," she exclaimed.

I couldn't say anything because I was shitting then, I was soft, almost diarrhoea, my stomach was aching a little too.

"Oh, gosh Sheila, I hope I . . .I . . .I'm not freaking you out," Susan gasped.

"Nooohh," I gasped as I shit again, coating the pan.

Susan was willing to keep talking as we shit together. Her voice raised and lowered as she strained and shit. We were in there for a good twenty minutes before I was finished (I had had a good shit in the morning). After wiping my arse three times I flushed and left the toilet. I washed my hands and fixed my make-up before Susan had finished. She thanked me for conversing with her, she said it heped her to go.

Well, that's all for now, but I'll be writng again real soo,

All my love and best wishes,

Sheila (South Wales).

Often Plugged Up
To melvin,

I am also often constipated as you are. I lead a pretty active life exercising and what not and am on a healthy diet that my doctor put me on several years ago when I was a high school athlete. the thing is though I still suffer chronic and painful constipation, in fact I am severely constipated now.

I usually take two Fleet enemas a week (it's not as bad as it sounds) or I will use Fleet suppositories. it took years to find a brand of laxative that I was comfortable with, but Fleet is it.

when I get really badly constipated and can't stand. I get on my hands and knees and use my finger to get things out. I wonder if these are Jordans tricks too

Betsey - wetsey
HI! I found this pee survey from page #1117 I think it was from Fil. I thought it looked fun to try so here it goes:

1. Who has the larger bladders, women or men?

Women do by far!

2. Can the bladder's size be increased?

I personally believe it can be, yet recently I read an artical in Cosmopolitan (June or July 2003 issue)that says this can not be done.

3. How much does your bladder hold (maximum in liters)?

I never had my pee measured in liters, however years ago when I was a in freshman high school during a bladder holding contest I came in at around 2972 militres. There have been many times where it seems like I've peed past that amount but since I did not measure it out I can't really say for sure.

4. What is the longest time you have ever held?
My longest hold time was 34 hours.

5. After a long holding time, did you find it difficult to start pissing?

No way, I was dying to go!

6. After starting to pee how long did it take to empty your bladder?

My pee time clocked it at 8 minutes 35 seconds for that peeing contest. I had since been able to bet that time.

7. Do you gush, have a slow stream, or dribble?

I gush for the first 6 minutes or so then my pee slows down to just a thick stream that can last around 2 minutes or even more (depending on how bad I have to go) before abruptly coming to a halt.

8. Did you ever have the experience of not being able to go (know as shy or bashful bladder, stage fright, paruresis [the medical term])?

No, whenever I really had to go I would find a place. Now there were occasions where I put off taking a piss in order to get a little privacy. My family and friends were ALWAYS into my business when it came to my peeing.

9. Did you ever deliberately not go at school, work, on a date, etc.?

Yes, a lot actually. My public (and private)peeing incidences always seemed to cause a lot commotion and embarrasment for me because I would ALWAYS pee way beyond even the silly, humorous remarks 'stage' where people just giggle and make a few jokes to the outrageous OH MY GOD!!! stage.

10.Do you find holding a pleasure or a pain?

At times simply the holding part can be pleasurable, however it's hissing out my endless torrent of pee that drives me over the top most of the time.

11.Did you ever wait so long that you wet your pants?

Yes, but only during my pregnancy! The only time peed my pants was at my ultrasound. I was at the examining table and I had been hanging on for 10 minutes while I watched the ultrasound. During the time the ultrasound was on I had to say to tell the doctor that I had to pee REALLY bad. My baby shifted or something and I totally started peeing. I jammed myself sort of hard and managed to stop but when my baby kicked again it all came flooding out. After 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I jumped off the table to make a run for the toilet, but the minute I got up I gushed a voilent torrent of pee all over the place. The worst part is I stood there for about three minutes peeing, covering the entire floor, before the doctor ran to fetch me a big jug to finish peeing in. I was no where near being done so when I got the jug I almost dropped it due to the sheer force of the pee that was gushing out of me. I filled the jug over 3/4 full.

12.How many times do you usually pee in a day?

Normally only two times a day, maybe three (rarely), unless I have a rare occasion to hit the clubs or have a night of boozing it up then I'll pee an extra time or two.

13.Are you a man or woman? How old are you?

I'm a woman and I just turned 29yrs old last month.

Hope this helps!


Annette. I enjoyed your story about needing to go at the Arts and Crafts fair. However, I would counsel against trying to forcibly hold a motion in like that as I don't think it's particularly good for your health. When you need a good poo, "better out than in" is a wise maxim. Those portaloos probably weren't ideal but in a desperate situation I think it would have been wise. Furthermore, as you've already found out, having an accident isn't the end of the world either. I'm sure your friends, if they were good friends, would have understood in the event of an accident.

Robbie & Annie. Hi! Enjoyed your post. Keep them coming.

Best wishes


this happened to me when i was about 17 or 18. not too long ago. im 3 now. for those who care, im 6'1", blonde and blue eyes. i now regard this as one of the worst experiences of my life. i had just moved out of my parents' house and was probably a little stressed about being on my own now. it started out with your regular run of the mill constipation. i was able to squeeze one out maybe once every three days. well this went on for quite a few weeks. then two weeks went by and i couldnt pinck a single one. i tried laxatives, but they werent working. by maybe the second week i noticed that my urinary cycle was a little off as well. i was taking a piss only once a day by now, even though i felt like i had to piss all the time. then one day everything stopped. i couldnt take a shit. i couldnt take a piss. it was the worst possibe feeling. it felt like there was probably a gallon of piss and shit inside me, but no exits. so i bought some of that stuff thats supposed to make you! puke. but it wasnt working either. it only succeeded in making me extremely nauseated as well. after a day of this i went to my doctor who suggested an enema. i was disgusted by this idea, but was so desparate that i agreed. it did no good. 2 days went by and i seriously thought i was going to explode. all i could to was lie in bed. i couldnt eat or drink anything. sometimes i would rush to the bathroom expecting it all to come out, false alarms. 3 days past and i was visibly bloated. my stomach swelled before me like a great hot air balloon. i lay in bed naked with the fan on full blast. i forced myself to drink a little water, for fear of dehydration. in the early morning of the fifth day, around 4 a.m., i felt something stirring deep in my gut. a nausea unlike any i had ever experienced came over me. i waddled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. nothing. so i went down into the kitchen to get myself a ginger ale. after two sips the nausea worsened. i had to sit down. ! suddenly, almost invoulentarely i stood up again. my stomach jolted violently. i fell to the floor and lay on my stomach as my back and neck arched and my mouth opened wide and i began to dry heave. it was those cough-belch-heaves. i looked like a fish out of water, gasping and contracting. at first nothing came out. i lay on the kitchen floor curled into a little ball, my arms wrapped around my stomach, belch heave contract cough breath. then a little clear liquid started to come out with each heave. then a little more, until i was gushing what looked like regular water all over the kitchen floor. then it was chunkier. then it started coming out of my ass. the same stuff. i was like a double ended hose. this stuff poured steadily out of me at such a rate that i could barely breathe. then i lost control of my bladder. i lay there for 1 hour. gushing a waterfall of chunks and piss and shit. at one point it subsided and i had the sense to grab two buckets and a kitchen towel, ! since i knew there was no way i was going to make it upstairs to the bathroom. one bucket i placed beneath my ass. i put the other one between my legs and hung my head over it. the towel i clamped onto my privates to soak up the urine that flowed constantly. i stayed in that position for 3 hours and continued to gush all the while. then it was over.

I am a pretty good-looking dark-haired 18 year-old male, for description purposes...

To Kansas Kristi - Loved your story about the babysitting trip to the park. I am always weary of going to the bathroom in porto-potties. I would NEVER, EVER take a crap in one, and the only reason I would have for pissing in one is if I'm real desperate and there is absolutely nowhere else to go except my pants.

To Lindsey - Loved your story. I could probably deal with pissing my pants in class, but I would be mortified if I crapped in them.

To too shy to poop - I am also wicked shy to crap in public. Since I can remember, I have only taken two craps outside of my house, and both were recently at my grandparents' house when I had no choice. I'm just not comfortable doing it in public, which could pose a problem in college in the fall.

To Jordan - I crapped outside when I was probably 11 or 12 years old. I was playing whiffle ball in the backyard with my friend Brian and I desperately needed to crap! I was clenching by butt together, but the poop was starting to come out when I ran. I couldn't hold it anymore but I didnt want to take the time to go inside, so when the ball went in the woods, I told Brian that I was going to get it and also that I really needed to crap and was going to do it in the woods. He was surprised, but waited in the yard. I squatted down behind a big boulder, pulled my pants down and just started crapping. It was only one piece, and I luckily didnt really need to wipe because I hadnt even thought of that. The strangest part of the whole thing was exposing my entire bare butt outside, albeit in the woods. I emerged to find Brian holding his dick through his shorts. He said that he now really had to piss but didnt want to walk in on me in the woods. I laughed as he unzipped and pi! ssed in the woods. Anyway, I would be extremely reluctant to crap outside again, like you for fear of getting caught. I'd probably rather crap my pants, how about you?


i just bought a brand new Maserati Spyder GT and it was without a doubt the best thing i have ever done. Well, two days ago, i was driving it home from the outlets at the beach and i really had to shit. i tried my hardest to try to hold it in until i got home because i didnt want to get off the highway and shit in one of those nasty roadside bathrooms.this was the worst mistake i have ever made. Thirty minutes away from my house i could hold it anylonger and it started comin out. i couldnt hold it in. it was one of the biggest wettest shits ever. my pants filled and it leaked through my pants and covered the bottom of my seat. now i cant get the smell out of my seats. i am so pissed. and now my heated seat will not work. my car value had decreased a ton. and that is so shitty considering that the car cost me over $216,000. what a waste. i will never forgive myself.

Mommy to-be
I'm a new poster here. I can understand where your coming from with peeing issues related to pregnancy Betsey-wetsey and I love all of your stories. I know what it's like to take these REALLY long pisses. As a rule outside of being pregnant I would say my average pee time is only around 2 min. long if even that, so it's nothing to write home about. Yet I've met four women throughout my long life who could pee anywhere from 6 - 9 and a half minutes regularly and one of them even claims that she heard of another young lady who could pee over the 10 minute mark. I have witnessed those peeing marathons from these women first hand over the years and it suprised the hell out of me because unless I could see it for myself there would have been no way I would have believed anyone could ever hold that much pee!! So keep your great stories coming and thank you for posting! I've had a couple of instances I can tell you all about.

My husband and I were invited by my sister to a plane circuit from our local airport. It was a small plane for 1 pilot and 3 passengers, without a toilet. I made sure I visited the toilet before the flight, but it was rather hot outside so I drank a considerable amount of water. After a few minutes already I was feeling the urge to pee, and to
make things worse, the plane was terribly shaking. And I was considerably nervous about flying in such a small plane. My bladder was aching and I couldn't do anything. I whispered to my husband that I had to piss terribly and would go into my panties if we didn't find a toilet for me. He mentioned my problem to the pilot, but he told us that he understood my problem but there would be no way but to land but on schedule. We were flying and flying - the whole flight was to take 2 hours! - Over a beautiful mountain scenery but I couldn't enjoy anything as I was holding my abdomen to relieve the pressure. I was feeling like tons of liquid were waiting for their way out. I started crying when I felt that in the next few moments the pee would find its way out and I would mess myself. It was just horrible to be struck in a place without a toilet, having to pee more terrible than ever in before in my life.
Then my sister had an idea and gave me an empty water bottle which she had just found under her seat. First I didn't want to do this because my husband and the pilot could watch. But finally I had no other choice, I undid my seat belt, lifted my skirt and lowered my panties.
But it was very difficult to put the bottle into position. I sighed when I started to pee into the bottle, but it was just a small bottle which I filled in about 10 seconds. There was no way to empty the contents of the bottle, so I had no choice but to wait until our landing although my bladder was still aching. And I felt my bladder to fill up again. Finally we descended and landed. I still had to pee horribly, about as strong as before, and I told my husband that I would rush off to the toilet. This I did, and I even forget to lock the door behind me. I cried "Oh my God" I let out a huge amount of pee. It was the longest pee of my life which lasted exactly five minutes. I couldn't still believe how so much water could be inside me and how could hold it without peeing myself earlier on the plane.

Another time I had my most embarrassing (yet funny) moment come in my third month of pregnancy. I was attending class with my friend Gloria, who was also pregnant. The professor droned on and on (since it was the last period of the day, he added an impromptu review session for the upcoming final). By the time he finished, we had all been cooped up in the room for almost 3 hours! The moment he dismissed us, Gloria and I were both the first to bolt out the door and around the corner to the closest ladies room (which we knew was tiny with just one stall). I was taller than Gloria, so I inched ahead of her with my longer legs as we raced to the ladies room. Just before I reached the bathroom door, however, she desperately lunged forward and grabbed my wrist, causing me to momentarily halt. She then "slingshot" her shorter body passed me, using her hold on my wrist as leverage! I was stunned for a second, and by the time I recovered and chased her into the bathroom, she had a! lready dashed into the stall and locked the stall door. We were both crying AND laughing, at the same time, until she hoisted her skirt and slapped her ass onto the seat, at which point her urine began to cascade like Niagara Falls into the toilet bowl! That sound of her peeing was the final straw for me, and I stood their completely soaking the jumpsuit I was wearing. Now we were both crying, as she could hear my hysteria as she remained seated. Gloria rushed out of the stall the moment she finished peeing (without even drying herself or even covering herself). It was too late, though: by the time I rushed into the stall myself, I was completely soaked. I couldn't even understand how there was so much pee inside me. I only forgave her because she was my best friend (even so that forgiveness took almost 2 weeks). In subsequent years, we can now look back and laugh (although I have jokingly told her SOMEDAY I will pay her back!)

Mommy to-be

poopants guy
?i am a guy who has always liked pooing in my pants.I have had this fetish for as long as I can remember. I can remember asking my mom what it was like when I pooped my pants as a baby, but she couldn't tell me. So around age 5, I deliberately did it in my pants while I was playing. I kind of liked it that time, but my mom caught me doing it and spanked me , so it was several years before I did it again. After that, I messed my pants at least once a week. That start was a long time ago, but I still do it today

Gohan the Offspringer
Hi, this is my first time posting although ive been reading the posts here for, I dunno... 1-2 years? I remember reading posts on how long people can hold there pee and I was wondering... Has anyone managed a week? *GRINS* I seem to never need to pee and when I do it isnt for very long (15 odd seconds, drink a lot). as far as volumes go its rarely more than 1200 ml. Its usually about litre, expelled within 5-10 seconds with more seconds allowed for dripping so i dont get my underwear wet.

I like a lot of the posts I read here and I find it all fascinating and quite a turn on at times. I hear tales of these mammoth size poos and wonder how you folks manage it. With me its never longer than 8 inches really... it usually breaks off. Although i poo quite a lot, a good poo session will have about 1 6-7 incher, 5 5 inchers and 3-4 3 inchers to start with. Then I usually wait for a couple of minutes and blow some airy farts, which has always beena big fetish of mine, then out comes what is usually much softer poo... about 4 or 5 soft pastey 3 incher poos. Its all lots of fun.

Oh one thing... i hear how people need to sometimes flush 5 or 6 times or whatever to get it all down. Seems a bit odd to me that... one time I was eating dinner, loads of sandwiches. Well... i didnt want my mum to know id wasted her food and I wasn't hungry so I put a HUGE mass of sandwiches down the toilet, and it all flushed fine... umm... yeah so the toilet later was blocked because bread expands *chuckles* but it still went down. So either my toilet is really good at flushing (which it isnt) or some of you folks have crap cheap frankly pathetic flushing toilets.

I might post sometime in the future, depends whether i will be bothered or not.

Peace from Gohan to all...

To Annette: Loved your story about having to poop at the fair
To Gabe: Loved your story...i'd like to hear more of your your poop normaly like that?
To kitty: If your pee is really yellow it might have to do something with not eating...i thought someone once told me this..i don't know if its true or not..hope it helps
To Nu: Liked your storys..sounds like some good dumps
To Kansas Kristi: Loved the story about those kids you babysit..would do it in the bathroom it makes for easier clean up. I'd like to hear the results
To Robby and Annie: Saying hi back..i enjoyed your story about your daughter..does she know about this site?
To Chris: Liked your story...i'd like to hear that poo story
To Julie: Loved hearing about the results of the pooping contest
Yesterday i pooped 2x i usally only go once or even every few days
I was watching tv last night and i was flipping by and there was something on court tv about some guy in jail and something about human feces..any one see this?
oh btw before i forget after this week i won't be posting for a while, im gonna be out of town

Betsey - wetsey:

Welcome to the board! Tales of extremely large bladders and incredible peeing times have always been my favorite on this board. It definitely sounds like your massive organ rivals that of several other "bladder queens" who occasionally post here. I am really looking forward to more of your stories, particularly if they involve others' disbelief on how much you can go at one time. Your "peeing buddy" sounds like she has an unbelievable bladder as well. Do you have any stories where you were both bursting to go and occupied restroom stalls for far longer than any patrons thought possible? Have you ever measured your output? Was there a moment/experience in your childhood/adolescence that you realized you were able to pee far greater quantities than those of your peers? I apologize for the entourage of questions, but having a smaller than average bladder myself, it amazes me how much some ladies are able to go. I also appreciate the "war & peace" style post, as! attention to detail is the only way to get an accurate picture of a situation on the internet. Again, thank you for contributing, and I greatly look forward to more from you.


Hold It man, I have never had that problem, but I know of alot of guys I know who did get speeding tickets because they were desperate. At the end of my Senior Year, I was on a long trip with my boyfriend at that time. We were comming home from spending a day at the beach, and we stopped at McDonalds for supper. It was a warm day, so we both drank two 20 oz cups of soda. We got back on the road and were driving for an hour and a half when he felt that he had to take a leak, but was too macho to stop.

As time went on, he got very desperate for a pee. We could not just pull over, because the traffic was ver heavy. We saw a sign for a rest area, so he proceeded to weave in and out of traffic and speed like he was in the Indy 500 or something. He did exactly the same thing you did. He passed an unmarked police car, and was pulled over, grabbing his cock. He explained to the officer, and he let it pass, but he stayed behind us all the way. He pulled into the rest area, ran as fast as I ever saw him ran while I waited out in the car. When he got back, we got home without incident.

By the time we were pulling into my drive way, I was feeling alittle 'frisky' about what happened, so I invited him in for a "night cap." I was feeling a bit of pressure on my bladder, so I went into the bathroom, leaving the door opened so he could see and hear. I took down my pants and panties, sat on the toilet, leaned forward, and let loose a mighty torrent that hissed and sizzled as it spewed out of me. It went on for about 2 and a helf minutes non stop. It was very clear, but it did make alot of foam as it hit the toilet water.

He had to pee again after I was done. It wasn't as bad as it was at the rest area, but he was noticably uncomfortable. He let out a normal strength stream for about 20 seconds, not believing what I had done.

He left my house that night, completely awed by my ability.


Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A couple of girlfriends of mine and I went to the state's Arts and Craft fair on the fourth of July. I had worked evening shift at the motel the day before so I had to rush to get ready before they stopped and picked me up. Vannessa and Kate were early so they had to wait on me. I hadn't pooped the day before and in my rush to get ready I didn't even think about it. We left, stopped to eat an early lunch at Wendys and then started our trip to the state's Arts and Craft fair which was an hour away. As we were driving away from Wendy's I felt the urge to take a dump. I slid forward in my seat and tightened my buns to hold it in. I had to go pretty bad but I managed to hold it in until the urge to go faded. By that time we were almost to the fair. The fairgrounds were packed and the only restrooms I saw were porta-potties. I hate those things and I decided I would just wait until I got home to go potty. As we started walking around looking at exhibits, I had to go agai! n. As the tip of my poop would start to emerge from my anus I would have to move around or start walking to keep it from coming out. I sort of had to go bad and I tried to cross my legs in front and tighten my buns as I looked at items in the fair. Finally, I leaned against the top of a park bench for a while pretending to rest. My poop receded back inside of me and stopped pushing out. Now I had to go pee really bad and I did finally break down and visit the porta potty real quick. After my friends ate some dinner at the fair I had to take a dump again. This time it was really pressing hard to come out. I kept having to keep my buns tight and pull my poop back in. As we were watching the fireworks I had to go super bad. We were sitting on folding metal chairs and I satleaning on the top of the metal back support looking like I was putting a chair up my butt, but I didn't care because I had to really go bad. As everyone was oohing and aughing about the fireworks I ! was oohing and aughing because I had to really take a dump. Surprisingly, as I looked over at my friend Kate she was also sitting leaning on her chair like I was. I think she had to go to or was just imitating me. Finally my poop relented and went back inside of me. When the fireworks ended we left for home. When we were getting close to my house Kate told me she really had to use the bathroom and couldn't wait until she got home. I said she could use mine. After she used my bathroom, Vanessa said my turn and she went too. They were both in there for a while so I think they also had to poop. As my friends were leaving I felt a renewed urgency to use the restroom. I knew I didn't have long because it was poking out of my anus and would be in my panties if I didn't hurry. I rushed to my bathroom and sat down. The bathroom already smelled like someone had taken a dump. A big load soon came out of me and really stretched my small anus to come out. I felt so relieved!! !!! I sat back on my toilet and sighed in relief. I am a petite girl and I couldn't believe the size of the turd I had deposited in my toilet. I thought, "Did that come out of me?" I wasn't about to measure it but it was big. It wouldn't even flush down my toilet. Now I have said too much. Take care everyone, Annette.

Im a 14 year old male new to this site im not really liked in my neighborhood im short black hair brown eyes.. I had a bad bm this morning.. I woke up about 7 ad my stomach felt like it was gunna explode so i went to the bathroom and shut the door then pulled my pajamas and undies down to my ankles and sart on the toilet.. immediatly i let out a fart that echoed in the toilet followed by several chunks of diahrea and more extreamly loud farts.. The bathroom was beginnig to smell awful so i sprayed lysol then aloud jucy fart emerged then 5 or 6 more farts came out echoing into the toilet.. Several chunks of diaharea started oozing out like a fountain.. After going threw more farts and shit i wiped severl and i mean several times.. the crap was greenish brown with food from last night and corn.. well i hope you liked my first post.. hope to hear about from you all soon.. see ya


Woody- I liked your storry a lot. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years and I am still too embarassed to go #2 around him. I need to get over that at some point I guess. He is kind of the same around me, too...but i would love it so much if he wasn't. Did you ever go when you were around her?

What does it mean if your pee is really yellow, but you have been getting enough water?

To Chellybelly: I really enjoyed reading your minute-by-minute post the other day. If you have any more in the future, I'll definitely be reading them.

To Shannon, JaLe, and Katie: I really liked your posts. You all have some interesting poo stories. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


Melvin, I reccomend to take just one laxative pill, or one enema in a bottle, or one glycerin supposotory, and always drink lots of water.

I think I just pooped the longest turd of my life. It was a huge snake, really super long. I t kinad smelled bad too but it felt so good coming out! At first I really had to grunt and push and strain because nothing would happne. Then, i felt it coming, and did it ever feel good. There were lotsw of poop stains all over the bowl. Too bad my little Carmalita was't here to help me when I was grunting. She's such a great little helper when I have problem poops. yesterday for exam]ple, I was really plugged up bad and couldn't go. She came over with her trusty finger, sat on a little footstool next to my toilet, and inserted her finger up inside of me and waiting while I relaxed. I stole lots of peeks up her black mini-skirt and down her bluouse. after about five minutes, she pulled her finger out, creamed it up good with skin cream and reinserted it while rubbing the very top of my buns with her thumb. What a difference, poop started moving good. I said "here it comes!' aqnd she! pulled her finger out and turds started splashing like crazy! Malita goes "Ooooooh! Poopies, smelly poopies." Anyway, I pooped out 15 turds. they werer average size, but it felt good to get them out of me. That was a real decent shit actually. the toilet was full. I sat, stunk and waited for a fw minutes and more soft, wet stuff came out. Malita goes "Ohhh, Nuuuuu..." because it started reeking.
About a week ago, I surprised Carmalita while she was taking one of her biggest shitsof all time, by coming into the bathroom with a digicam. I interviewed her while she was taking a dump. The sound is perfect on it! You can hear every soft little grunt, and every little crackle and squeeze. She was giggling, sitting there with her white panties stretched across her brown thighs. i was asking questions like "describe your turd fo our audience" Seh was also wearing a loose little top with nothing underneath, and when she leaned way forward to push, I got a couple good boob shots. Anyway, she clogged the toilet with a mound of long turds. I cant' belive those thigns came out of her little brown bumhole. You couldnt' even see the hole in teh toilet, just turds! I think she's the proteine queen of all time. When she tried flushing, the water started turning brown, then began rising and she goes "Uh--oh..., clog city". Anyway, she's orderd me to record over this tape. Wahh!
I'm at thier house now because I don't have a computer and Patsy just smelled up the hallway with her morning dump. I'm going to miss having my little Carmalita so close but I'm real happy her and Jake are back togehter!!! There's been some wierd tension in this household ever since she's been gone. Renee adn Patsy haven't really been the same. We've already got a nice camping trip planned next weekend with them all, adn I'm looking forward to it. Jake says there'll be horses, and i've never been on one before. I'm freaked. Gotta go now. Take care!
Peace everybody

Kansas Kristi
Ali - I've enjoyed your stories. Keep 'em coming!

Annie - Some people can be so cruel. I've never understood the "Punish all to punish a few" mentality.


Ok, now that I've got my shout outs out of the way, I'll describe myself to you so that you can get a mental picture of me...

I'm 16 years old, I''m about 5'0 tall, I've got shoulder length broqn hair, brown eyes and tan skin.


Rather than sit at home and be bored all summer I decided to get a summer job babysitting. The job hadn't produced many stories worthy of posting here until Friday afternoon. I had to babysit two kids while their parents went to a 4th of July thing. They promised me that they would be back in time for me to go to a big fireworks thing with my parents that night.
The two kids I had to babysit were named Chiara (3) and Mandy (10). Chiara was being potty trained and wore pull-ups. I decided to take them to the park since it was a short walk. About 15 minutes after we got there Chiara came and told me she had to go potty. I called Mandy over and told her that she had to come with me while I took her sister to the port-o-potty on the other side of the park. She whined about not being a baby, saying that she could just stay by the swings until we got back. I refused to leave her because I didn't want her to get kidnapped or something. When we got to the port-o-potty I opened the door and noticed right away that it was really messy. There was used toilet paper and poop all over the place, and I was pretty sure that several people had peed on the floor.

"I don't think you should go in there, it's really yucky." I told Chiara.
"But I really have to go!"
"Just go ahead and pee in your pull-up."
"I don't gotta pee."
"That's okay. Use your pull-up anyway. I'll clean you up."
"Mommy will be mad."
"No she won't. I promise."

She didn't believe me and said she would wait. We went back to the playground and the girls continued playing. About 5 minutes later I noticed that Chiara was squatting down and her face was all scrunched up and red. Soon she came over to me, walking funny all the way, with tears in her eyes.

"I had an accident!" She cried.
"It's okay. I told you earlier that it was. Go play for a few more minutes then we'll go home and get you cleaned up."

As I watched Chiara run backk over to where she was before I noticed that Mandy gept switching positions every couple of minutes. I called her over to me.

"Mandy, do you need to go potty?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. And I don't 'go potty', I go to the bathroom. I'm not a baby."
"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarass you."

I was pretty sure that she had to pee, but I knew she was less than thrilled about having a babysitter, and that even if she did admit to needing to go there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it since the port-o-potty was out of question. A short time later we headed home. By the time we got to the street that they girls lived on Mandy could no longer deny her need to use the toilet. She stopped every so often to cross her legs. We reached their front door and Mandy rushed inside. She took about two steps inside the door and jumped back out.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, knowing the answer.
"I can't make it. I didn't want to pee on the carpet."

She ran out onto the grass and squatted down. Soon I heard a hissing sound as well as dripping onto the grass. She peed for about half a minute. When she was finished her jean shorts were soaked in the front and the back.

Chiara shouted to her "Maybe you should wear a pull-up Mandy."

It was all I could do not to bust out laughing when I heard that.

When their parents got home I explained what had happened and they were very understanding. They were even understanfing of Mandy's accident even though she's way past potty training age. They agreed with my decision to not let the girls use the nasty port-o-potty.


Later that night I had my own little accident during the fireworks show but that story will have to wait until next time.

Lots of Love,


hi i'm shawn. i am new here.i love the stories.keep them coming.

big d
This is stupid, but here goes. Guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He's sitting there having a beer when the monkey suddenly runs over to the pool table, swipes the cueball right off the table, and swallows it. The guys playing pool are pissed off, so the bartender tells the guy to take his monkey and get the hell out. Same guy and his monkey come in the next week. The monkey looks at the pool table, but stays away. Instead he takes a peanut out of a bowl on the bar, sticks it up his ass, then eats it. The bartender is disgusted, says, "What the hell did your monkey do that for?" Owner says "He's checking it for size".

Punk Rock Girl: I had a case of amoebic dysentey when I was about six. It caught me in an airport. Luckily, I had sense to go to the women's toilet and not mess myself. See my earliest posts.

Recently, I was listening to a radio doctor. He said that he did not believe in colonics, unlike you who had an enema. He said the rectum is for expelling not for injecting.

what are some good movies of showing women using the toilet

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