Hi everyone! This is my first posting I'm a 14 year old girl w/ a nice body and I was really popular until this. I have a story about a bad accident I had in class about a month ago. I was sitting in class right after lunch. I didn't have a BM since 3 days before this and I drank 2 cokes at lunch. The period was and hour and a half long but about 15 minutes in I felt a sudden strong urge to go number 1 and 2. I held it for about 10 minutes and it was only getting worse. I put my hand up and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom she said no you just had lunch break. I had to pee badly now I was wearing a short skirt so I put my hand under it and held my crotch tightly. Students were walking around a lot so I had to take my hand out of my skirt. I tightened my legs together as tight as I could and now I had to poop really bad too! After another 15 minutes I got up carefully and asked the teacher again she said no! I sat down with my butt clenched and legs tight toget! her. I squirmed around for a couple minutes and crossed my legs as tight as I could. I knew I couldn't make another hour of class I thought what am i gonna do? Everyone is gonna find out. I was almost crying but just then a quick spurt of pee came into the crotch of my cotton panties, then I felt the tip of the poop starting to work its way out I sat there holding on as hard as I could fighting to keep it in. I let another spurt of pee out and soaked through my panties. Whenever I focused on one thing it would cause the other thing to come out more. The poop had now opened up my ring and was coming out very slowly, millimeter by millimeter. I could stop it for a second but then a bit more pee would come out. The pee was soaking my butt and through my skirt. I felt the poop touch the seat of my panties but it was slightly soft like peanut butter so it didn't stop. The poop slowly filled my panties, and now there was a stream of pee coming out of my crotch and my panties and s! kirt were soaked. Finally after what seemed like hours I gave up and released my sore muscles. The pee came out fast for a long time and a stream ran off my chair onto the carpet floor. The poop kept slowly filling my panties and they were completely full before it finally stopped. I sat there for about 2 minutes in shock, I couldn't do anything but look down at the lake around my desk but there was not much smell but It didn't matter everyone would find out, just then the teacher saw the puddle and yelled at me I started crying and ran out of the classroom and into the bathroom where I dumped out the poop and ran out of the school back to my house. My parents were a bit mad but more mad at the teacher. She got in trouble for not letting me leave the classroom. Some people still make fun of me
but the embarassment is fading now. So anyway thanx for letting me share my story!


To MELVIN – I get constipated too and my mom makes me and my sis eat lots of fiber. Like bran for breakfast and brown bread for sandwiches. Real hard exercise makes me poop too. I play soccer and I used to be a cheerleader and that would make my poo want to come out if I hadn’t been for a while.

To CHELLYBELLY – Loved your story. Did you feel kinda weird typing and pooping at the same time? I sure did. And you took about 12 mins for your poops to come out and wipe. That’s about the same as me, sometimes a little faster and sometimes a little slower.

To ROBERTA – I still prefer to sit and pee. It’s OK for the guys, they don’t’ have to take their pants down, but we still do so it’s not really any better. I’ve peed in the shower standing up and I tried it outside once but I ended up peeing over my panties, so now I squat outside. If I'm wearing a skirt I can pee standing up but I take my panties off to do it.

To MYSTERIOUS MAN – Thanks for the idea but I don’t think I can bribe my sis to do it too. I will probably do it in the woods behind our house.

To ALTHEA – Doesn’t that way work just great, I can easily hold my poo all day if I have to. And guess what – I do the stretching thing too – especially when I’m lying down, say on the beach. Still have to be careful though because sometimes I have to squeeze so hard and soooo long to force it back in that my face turns red and I know it looks like I’m actually doing a poo.

Lots of love to all my friends – from Ash XXXX

To Ali - Great stories gurl, keep them coming. I'm looking so much forward to reading some more of yours. Thanx. Hugz and kissez.

To Ash - I tried your method earlier today. I got the feeling to crap in the morning, and I didn't want to go, so I used your method, and the urge actually went away. It came back about 10 minutes ago, and I think I better go sit on the toilet before I take a crap in my brand new panties. Thanx for the suggestion, It really really does work. Hugs and kissez.

Dave in Michigan: That girl on the news was many years ago. Either she was sick, I believe or she was caught short.

jamie & ash: There is no difference with me. It depends on what I eat. Tonight, I ate broccoli rabe. I might get a smell. Plums do it with me.

melvin: Eat lots of leafy green vegs and take lots of Vitamin C.

answer to mike
1. Ladies do you look between your legs while pissing or pooping. yes
2. Men do you always flush after pissing in urinal or toilet. n/a
3. Ladies and Men do you wipe from the front or back after pooping. sometimes front, sometimes back
4. Ladies and Men what color of opened-end seat would like to use (a) white (b) black (c) both both, though white is elegant.
5. Ladies do you flush after pissing. mostly.
6. " " " " " pooping. mostly.
7. Men do you flush after pooping. n/a.

Hey ppl. I haven't posted on here in the longest time but I still read the posts. Just to remind u all, I'm 14 male about 5'8 and I weigh 130. I live in new jersey. There have been some great stories lately, especially from some of u girls. Not much new with me as far as toilet stories go. I did take a nice dump this afternoon - 2 soft, thick turds like 8" long.

Julie: I love that idea of having a pooping contest. I can't wait to hear the results. Good luck. ;) lol

Melvin: Hey man, u sound cool. Where u from? If u get constapated a lot and don't want laxitives, try eating foods with more fiber like bran cereal, fruit, stuff like that. I used to get constipated often and that's what I did and it helped. If it's realllly bad, I know some "tricks" to help u take a dump.

Brad and Dan H: Hey guys. It's good to see more kids posting here again. What states are u guys from? Got any stories?

wetguy: I like your stories too. Could you tell me a little bit more about the time you took a crap outside? Where did u do it? I want to do it but I'm scared of getting caught.

Well that's all for now.

peace out,

Hyper girl
I was wondering if anyone knew some good accident stories. Does anyone have a favorite one or something? So far my favs have been Sara on pg 645 and Zoe on pg 450. If someone knows where more goodies are I'd appreciate it! thx!

Betsey - wetsey
I have a crazy story I wanted to share with you about my brother-in-law which took place about 10 years ago during his wild stage. Just heard about it today and thought if anything it might make you think twice before tossing your son the car keys for a night of drunken debauchery. After one night of partying he comes home to his parent’s house where he proceeds to throw-up all over their kitchen floor. He then went to use the bathroom. He wound up spewing in there too, while taking major dump in the bathtub! At that point, he reverted back to his earliest childhood sensibilities and went looking for “mommy and daddy.” Dressed only in his boxers he climbs into bed with his parents and proceeds to flood their bed with a gallon of pee before waking them up. His dad had to carry his grown son back to his own bedroom, and decided to stop by the kitchen for a midnight snack where he wound up slipping on the messy floor. In the bathroom went to clean himself up, and found the lit! tle “souvenir” waiting in the bathtub. I don’t know which is more unbelievable – that he actually climbed into be with his parents or that my husband had the balls to tell us (my family) what really happened.


Miss Belinda
ASH & ALICIA: Hello girls, I love hearing from somone who enjoys a good poo as much as I, sounds like we are alike in many ways. My husband can't understand why I take so long to poopoo, when he comes into the bathroom, if I'm not looking at a magazine or newspaper, I'm usually sitting there with my eyes closed and chin propped upon my fist enjoying the feel of a large turd hanging. At certain times I can control the movement of my poopoo if I'm relaxed.

The other day I was enjoying my afternoon poopoo when My sixteen year old daughter barged into the bathroom to use my make-up kit. Instead of just taking it into the other bathroom, she remained at my vanity to apply it. I didn't really mind except for the fact that she had a friend with her. Both of them just made themselves comfortable like I wasn't even sitting in there. I just picked up a magazine and carried on like they weren't there also. I started pushing out my poopoo and instead of my usual long, soft turd, I had the kind that comes out a little bit and falls apart into little round turds. I love this kind too but it is kinda noisy. It sounded like "Crackle,Crackle, sssssssssss,ploop,ploop,ploop,plip,plip,sssssssss,floop, and then the largest part dropped out with a "CAFLOOOOOP". By this time both girls were looking at me with their jaws open, they couldn't believe I was sitting there making all that noise and being nonchalant about the whole thing. My daughter! looked at me and exclaimed "MOTHER!!" like I may have embarrased her a bit, but her friend was very open about it and was talking about how that kind of poop felt soooo good. It did'nt take them long to leave because the light smell kinda got to them.LOL.

I finally have something to post after not posting for a
The other night on Showtime I saw the begining of a movie called
"Hell House". It opened real similer to "The Excorist". A group
of adults were singing and a little girl comes down from bed and
tells them that their singing sucks and with her short cotton
nightgown on you can see a stream a pee that falls between her
feet and makes a good puddle. Her face even looks like the Blair
girl. Her mom then smiles and the other people and then starts
beating her.
I have a question for the other women that wear real short skirts.
The ones that barely cover the buttocks. With a skirt like that
on are you able to sit on the toilet with pulling your skirt up,
if your're not wearing panties?
Well, keep up the good stories as I read everyone of them.
BTW, my new lesbian girlfriend still lets me see her on the toilet,
which I love to do. And she sees me. Talk to everyone later.

Aussierod asks do any of you ladies ever poop standing up, I do from time to time, especially when the public toilet seats are covered in shit. I pull my panys down to my ankles, put a foot either side of the bowl & stand over the pot. Once I'm in position I take a piss, then drop my turds into the water, from that height they make a very loud splash. The only problem isd doing it that way I'm quite often left with a very messy bum which reqires alot of wiping & sometimes shit gets on my hands. But I figure it is better than sitting in someone"s poop......

I just ran into the most unusual public restroom. I had stalls, with doors, but the walls were so low that when you sat down, while your private parts were not visible, your face was! I was surprise to find how embarrassed I was. I am not usually shy about using a public toilet, but I was with a friend who I do not know that well and she didn't have to go, but just stood outside the stall talking to me. I tend to grunt and sigh a lot, and my facial expressions are a bit strained, so I started blushing! It took me a long time, too. Has any one else had this type of experience?

shy pooper
TO TOO SHY TO POOP: I am the same way, I would be in agony needing to go. And wouldnt do it because I was to shy. I did the same thing on a camtpng trip, didnt go for the whole weekend, I was freaking out comming home i had to go so bad.

TO Pantypoopin girl:

I'll poop in my undies once in a blue moon... Usually when I'm feeling especially naughty.

TO Dave in Michigan:

A good while ago ('88 or '89 I think), I remember a lady newscaster for a local TV station here in Toronto who did just that.
It turns out she was ill at the time but the station fired her just the same. (To this day, I never thought that was particularly fair...)


If you've got a bout of constipation, are you the determined type who will wait and try... and try... and try to pass something no matter how long it takes or do you put in the obligatory 5 or 10 minutes of effort before attempting again at a later time.

Incidently, if nothing comes out, I'm curious to know how many of you wipe yourself just the same?

Hope everyone had a nice July 4th-Weather here in the N.E. has been great although a bit hot!some responses
TO CHELLYBELLY-Cool laptop dump-i've done it a few times myself-it's fun!TO UPSTATE DAVE- That must have been a great view of those 3 ladies dumping in the water-i guess i have to go upstate to see that kind of action-lucky dag,you!
TO JANET P-Well,if you want my opinion,yes most men dump in the a.m.Myself included and yes most men are noisy dumpers too-more than most women although i've seem some women really do some really big loads with a lot of audio to go along with it-it must be fun to dump along with those other folks @ that canoe marathon!I would have enjoyed dumping along with everyone else!I enjoy pooing along with both women and men and sometimes it's interesting to poop along with another guy cause most of the time ,he's pretty open about letting it all hang out-maybe that's why i enjoy buddy pooping along with them!
TO DAVE FROM UPSTATE NY-Glad you enjoy my woods dumps-With all this hot weather,i've pretty much have been dumping every A.m.out int eh woods,but i've noticed i've have a lot of really loose dumps and by the time i get out to a spot i can hardly hold it and when i go it comes out fast and soft,but it still feels great-the hot weather really make me go more-sometimes 2-3 times a day!been doing solo dumps-no poo buddies lately,but it's still fun-let's hear some of your stories!
Nothing else to report on the poop front-just been going everyday dumping all over the woods-i'm getting a sore asshole!!!BYE

Ali and Ash...I Love your pee stories, please keep them coming. It's cool to hear that people my age (15) have these experiences. I'm interested in all this stuff, but my parents are pretty strict, so i dont know how I would be able to get away with any of it. I do have a few stories, so let me know if you want to hear them. In the mean time, yours are the best I've read on this site, please write more.

Thanks a million,

Eric in Chicago
Too shy to poo: You just have to come to the realization that most (in fact almost all) people don't think about us as much as we imagine they do. If you go into a washroom, take a massive dump, and really stink up the place, almost everyone else in there will have forgotten about it within five minutes. And when I say "almost” everyone, I mean that the very few of them who still remember will be thinking “I wish I could have done that!” I know it isn’t easy, but part of maturity is realizing that other people’s lives don’t revolve around yourself. When we put ourselves at the center of the world, we usually wind up coming up rather badly in our own estimations. Stop to think about how much attention you pay to other people pooping. Either you ignore it, or you get a kick out of it. Are you disgusted by the fact that other people have to poop? If so, you need a reality check (can you accept that other people are human?). If not, why do you think other people are?

Guys may kid around with each other about pooping, but that’s not something to take all that seriously. Once again, “dude that reeks” really means “you beat me.”

To Ali - Liked your stories, especially the pee ones.

To Tynee - LOVED your story about being desperate to pee in the mall. How old are you? I am 18 and male.


When I was in the 5th grade about 10 years ago, something embarrassing had happened to me. We were taking a math test and I had to piss really bad. I hurried up and finished and asked if I could use the restroom. As I was going down the hallway I could feel little bits of piss creep out. So I walked a little faster. I finally reached the restroom. Before I tell what happened, at this school, the staff used the same restroom as the students. I bursted through the door and dashed towards the closest and empty urinal. As I was dashing towards it, I un-zipped. I reached the urinal and flipped it out and let it go. It felt so good. It was if I was almost in heaven. I didn't really realize that the principal was at the urinal next to me. I also didn't realize i wasn't aiming. I don't even think I cared or was holding on to my dick. But at that moment I really didn't care. I had finished. I was there for 3 minutes!! non-stop pissing. It felt great. i was so relieved. I stood there ! for a few seconds and let the last bit dribble out. I zipped up and got ready to leave when I looked at the urinal next to me where the principal stood. His pants were soaked! Then I realized I had let a gallon of piss out on his pants instead of in the urinal! Man was I scared and also embarrassed because my best friend had seen it all 2 urinals down! But luckily I didn't get much punishment for my piss accident. I had to clean all 5 bathroom's for a week and scrub the urinals down good. This taught me to make sure next time I aim and watch.

Mile high pee - boy
am a very tall man (6'10").

I was once on a flight from Auckland, New Zealand to a small town way down on the extreme souther tip of the South Island called Invercargill.

The plane I was flying in was very old propellar driven thing, I think it was a C47 Goonie Bird.

The toilet was certainly not designed for a guy my size because the bowl was against the far wall, but the ceiling curved backwards. I found myself leaning way back like I was doing the limbo and trying to urinate at the same time.

Being a propellar driven plane, we hit a bit of turbulance. Because I was leaning backwards so much, put my left hand behind me to brace myself against the door and continued to urinate.

My left hand accidentally hit the door latch and I fell backwards into the aisle and every passenger turned around to see me laying in the aisle with my penis in my hand and I could not stop urinating for the life of me.

I got back into the toilet and composed myself. After another 10 minutes, i returned to my seat and everyone started to applaud.

One old man thanked me for the funiest sight he had seen in all of his life.

I have never returned to New Zealand since.

Ali: I absolutely LOVE your stories. Keep them coming. I, for one, would really like to hear about some of your poop accidents.

Right now, my mom is out of town for a few days and I've been saving up for a grand finale "accident". I'm shy so I'm going to do it at home, but hopefully some day, I'll have kayla's courage (btw, kayla, you're AWESOME!!! Keep pooping, keep posting).

I haven't attempted to poop my pants for quite some time (i'm 18 now, I think my last time was when I was about 11). Do any of the intentional accident specialist have any pointers? My plan right now is to use a pair of ratty old "tighty-whiteys" that i can dispose of without any regrets and probably take a few chocolate ex-lax's a few hours before showtime. I'll print out a few of my favorite stories and take them with me into the bathroom (my favorite staging area) to get me into the mood, and use some newspaper to catch any excess. I used to do this all the time, but i guess I stopped because I was afraid that my mom would find a pair of my soiled underwear sooner or later...

Anyway, I'm going to try for today or tomorrow and I'll make sure to give you guys a full account right after.

Wish me luck,

Traveling Guy
melvin - For your constipation, try drinking more liquids, including a big glass of water first thing in the morning. Bran cereal for breakfast plus more fruit should help, too. Good luck.

too shy to poo - Try this: sometime when you have to take a dump, go to a public restroom with several stalls, go in one, relax and do your business. Nevermind if anyone else is in there. They won't know you. Then when you're able to do that, try using a restroom at work or somewhere where people do know you. At first, use it when no one else is there. It doesn't matter if someone walks in. Then start using it whether there are others there or not. Little by little, you should get more relaxed about going in front of others. I know I did. Good luck, and keep us posted, OK?

Upstate Dave - Nice sighting! Thanks for the report. In general, I'm a supporter of the Clean Water Act, but for that I'd make a huge exception!

Althea - Thanks for the info on female urinals. Why do you say they've been "rendered obsolete"? Please clarify for me. Thanks.

Fluidity - Haven't visited the Met for a while, but I'm betting it's a temporary conversion of a women's into a men's room in the basement. I can't imagine a permanent men's without urinals.

Shannon - I, too, have held it to be able to go on board planes, trains, and boats. There's just something cool about knowing that you're going while speeding, swaying, or bobbing along.

Greetings to all! TG

Movie Fan
Does anyone know if the movie "Bar Hopping" has a bathroom scene, possibly involving Kelly Preston?

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We are finally back from the UK. The sailing was tremendous and windy! We have a story to tell. Annie will proceed. (Annie) Robby and I had my daughter Ellie and her boyfriend along on one of the day trips. We were out on the water and enjoying the breeze when Ellie came up to me and said;"Mum, I have to poop". I told her to use the loo in the cabin. She said that it was stopped up which it was. Given that fact I told her to go over the side. She was so desperate to go that she did. She told her boyfriend who looked stunned and then slowly lowered her shorts and knickers. She hung her bum over the side and started grunting. I'm sure people could hear her. She was scarlet red and so was her boyfriend. I looked over the side and could see a long brown log inch out. Robby was at the wheel and couldn't see the "show". One log plopped into the water and then another thick one followed. She waited a bit and then some soft poo came running out. She peed and wiped herself. She l! et out this big sigh, pulled up her shorts and said;"I can't believe I just did that". Robby and I started to laugh. She did, too! On the way back we stopped in New Jersey to visit my Mum and my twin boys, who are in college. That is another story, though!
TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear ones. We have really enjoyed your posts. We are glad your loo visits are regular. How are you feeling, Tim? How are Josie and Loewie? Take care! Lots of Love from Robby and Annie
PV: Hi gal! Those jokes put Robby and I on the floor! I am looking for a teaching job and I want one near the water. I could practice the standup weeing in the natural surroudings of the sea,LOL. Glad you are fine,dear! Take care! Lots of Love from Annie and Robby
CARMALITA: HOLA!!! my love! Glad to hear that you and Jake have patched things up and are getting back together! We always love your adventures in the toidy! Nu must have had a time getting that poo out. Take care, dear! We are here to stay, I hope! Lots of Love from Robby and Annie
RIZZO: Hello Mate! We have other stories from the boat in the future. By-the-way, Sari and Megs say hello. They have been so busy!! We hope your wife is tip-top! Robby says that weeing off a boat and shaking the ole willie gives him freedom. You know, he must be going bonkers! Take care! Lots of Love from Annie and Robby
To our missing friends; Hope you come back!
Hi to: Adrian, Bryian-loved the story!, Jane and Gary-that was a marvelous post you had!, Ephermal-where are you?, Michelle, Upstate Dave, Too shy to poo-don't be!, The Hold it Guy-have enjoyed the posts,
and all of the other wonderful posters here!


Hi, I thought you might like to hear what happened to me a few weeks ago.
I went round to my girlfreinds house so I would be there when she came home from work. She lives with her mum as her dad left home years ago. After I had arrived, her mum made some tea and we sat in the kitchen having a chat. Her mum then said she was going to take a shower and disappeared upstairs. About ten minutes later I heard her get out of the shower then it went quiet. She called down asking me to take up a loo roll from the kitchen cupboard as the bathroom had run out. I took the roll upstairs and as i walked into the bathroom, there was her mum sitting on the loo wearing only a bathrobe. She took the roll off me and said you look embarrased, surely you've seen a lady on the toilet before. I had to admit that I hadn't as her daughter would never let me be around her when she went. Her mum gave me a wicked smile and said well you have now. She beckoned me closer and as I approached her, she opened her legs just as she started to wee. I just stared with amazement a! s the pee came rushing from her vagina and splashing into the water below. After she had finished she stood up and started walking over to the sink. I aksed her why she needed the loo roll so urgently. She replied, oh yes i nearly forgot, and tearing a piece off she stood there with her legs apart and wiped her vagina. That was my first pee experience with a female, and fortunately wasn't my last. There is a poo story attached to this..but maybe next time

FINALLY - The Results of Cindy and my pooing competition

I managed to last from my last poo, that was the morning before the morning of the contest. Cindy, Jason (her brother) and I met at the swimming pool change rooms at 5. I was bursting and had just managed to hold out – my stomach was really bloated and felt very very full, and I was at a stage where I didn’t dare to fart, because I was sure I would just end up with a huge poo in my panties – yuck, and I was walking very delicately on my toes and pinching my bum closed! As agreed Jason had brought his mom’s kitchen scale and the 3 new potties we bought. He had to poo first, although he wasn’t part of the competition he had to poo so that he couldn’t tell anyone about the contest (Someone asked why - that's why - also it was fun for us to watch!!!) because if he hadn’t he could have - if you get my meaning. Cindy and I had wore long dresses so that this would keep some of our dignity in front of Jason, but Jason was in jeans, so he immediately protested. We insisted howeve! r that if wanted to be the judge he had to poo. He was VERY embarrassed, but slipped his pants to his knees and squatted over the potty before we could see and with his back towards us – its the first time I have seen a boy poo, and Cindy and I watched him very closely, looking at each other and giggling much to Jason’s embarrassment. Then it was Cindy who squatted, and then me – Jason standing in front so that he couldn’t really see our bums, but each of us behind the other watching closely. It was the BEST Saturday night I have EVER had. Here are our scores (we also ranked Jason’s little effort):

1. Length of longest single piece. Jason’s longest piece was 6 inches, Cindy’s about the same and mine was the longest at a good 7 inches. The scores were Jason 7, Cindy 7 and me 8.
2. Thickness. Jason’s was medium, mine was a little bit thicker, and Cindy’s was all very very thick. Scores Jason 4, Me 5, Cindy 9.
3. Weight. Jason’s was the lightest by far, and mine and Cindy’s almost the same, Cindy’s just a tiny bit heavier. We forgot a scale, so I can’t tell you how much they weighed – next time we must weigh them. Scores Jason 2, Cindy 9, me 7.
4. Smell. Jason and mine smelt the most – and although different in smell, bith did smell lots. Cindy’s didn’t smell much at all (it was a hard poo) – scores Jason 8, Me 8, Cindy 5.
5. Best noises (includes straining, noise the poo makes coming out, but not farting) Turns out that Cindy grunts a lot and had to strain to get her thick hard poo’s out with lots of effort and a very red face. Mine was softer and almost shot out making lots schlupping sounds on the way out, Jason’s was a small poo and popped out easily – scores Jason 2, Cindy 7, Me 5.
6. Best facial expressions while pooing. Cindy struggled to get her poo out it was so hard – her face turned red and her eyes got big. Jason and Cindy both laughed at me as my poo came out – they said I stick my tongue out a little bit – hard and fast with lots of gassy help. We also thought Jason’s face was a picture – he was sooo embarrassed, and kept looking over his shoulder at me and Cindy with a very worried look. – scores Jason 5, Cindy 9, me 7.
7. Best farts while pooing. I took this hands down, I had lots and lots of farts, and some farts helped to shoot pieces of poo out. Cindy’s was almost without a fart, and Jason had a few farts at the start – scores Jason 6, Cindy 4, Me 8.
8. Dirtiest bum after pooing (judged from the toilet paper, and also by Cindy and I from where we stood). Cindy’s poo was hard, so even the first wipe came away without a spot of poo. Mine was VERY VERY sticky so it was lots and lots and lots of wipes – scores Jason 6, Cindy 3, Me 8.
9. Longest time taken from start to finish - just sitting after the poo DEFINITELY doesn't count has to actually be pooing. (Cindy and I watched each other’s bum to make sure that we were each still pooing – its really interesting to see someone’s bum when they poo – especially because Cindy had such thick poo’s!!!) Cindy’s was the longest in time – about 12 minutes, mine although a big poo was quite quick about 5 minutes, and Jason about 4 minutes – scores Jason 5, Cindy 9, Me 6.
10. Most pieces. Cindy won, although I had one long piece there were lots of short ones, while she had all short (but very thick) ones. Jason 2, Cindy 8, Me 6.
11. Colour – Jason’s and Cindy’s were yellowish brown (must be their mom’s cooking, while mine was much darker – scores Jason 6, Cindy 6, Me 8.
12. Texture – Mine was softish and a little bit mushy, and had lots of fibre and a few “things”. Cindy’s was hard with a few “things” in it , and Jason’s was in between – scores Jason 4 (for being unisteresting), Cindy 7, me 9.

Totals therefore Jason (not in the competition) 57, Cindy 83, Me 85. So I’m the winner – the first thing I have ever beaten Cindy at – she wants a rematch, and maybe sometime we’ll do that. If there’s anything you want to ask me about please do, because its difficult to write it all down. Believe me it was the MOST fun I have ever had!!!

jamie & ash
hiya, when you girls use the bathroom durning the day to doodoo does it smell more then going at nites or the same?

Pantypoopin girl
Today I was watching TV and I needed to poop but I didn't feel like getting up so I lifted one cheek up and loaded my panties with semi soft poop. Anyone else ever get a feeling just to do that?

too shy to poo
I am so amazed how open people are here to going in front of others. I can't even poo in a public restroom because I'm afraid someone will say something about the smell or something. When i was in college I wouldn't poop in the bathroom in my residence hall unless I was sure there was no one in there. There were 5 stalls so I usually ended up either going in the middle of the night or going to another building to use a one toilet restroom. I went to a concert last week and it involved camping for 5 days. I didn't poop for 3 days because I kept holding it in because all they had were those portable toilet-trailer things with multiple stalls. I had to go so bad!! When I did go it was in the middle of the night when everyone else had gone to sleep. There was no light so I had to hold a flashlight and do my business at the same time! Someone else from my group dropped a flashlight in the toilet. It was one of those non-flush toilets where you could see everything that everyone! had left. The flashlight stayed on for hours and people kept talking about the toilet with the light in it.

I wish I could relax more easily. I know it's just a bodily function and everyone has to do why should I be so shy about it? LOL

Alicia- Heheh I actually have a big collection of PJs so I wear them a lot when I go to school or wherever. They're so comfy too!

OK I'll tell a story from about a year ago. This time I was wearing navy blue cords and a really nice and expensive red silk thong. Me and my friend (girl) went to see Red Dragon at the theatre. During the show I got up to pee once and then again right after the show was over. We went to chapters next door for a while cause it was open late then we walked home which took about half an hour. When we were almost home I felt the sudden urge and I REALLY needed to piss. We would stop at her house first because its closer and I could get to my house alone because its only a couple of blocks. When we were walking up to her door I felt a slow steady dribble just starting to come out, then my thong got wet and warm which made me want to go more. I said OK bye without asking her if I could use the bathroom. I didn't want to wake up her family and I pissed like 5 times while I was with her and I didn't want here to know about my weak bladder. As soon as she closed the door it came! flooding out down my legs and all over the sidewalk. But I liked the feeling hehe ;). Then I remembered I was wearing the very nice underwear but I managed to save them and have had a couple accidents in them since.

I also have pooping accidents sometimes and I especially when I get constipated (which is a lot). My bowels are so messed up but oh well at least I kinda enjoy accidents. I guess I'll post a poo story next time.

Well anyways byebye!!!

Haha! I just remembered this! I'll tell you now before I forget.

I think this happened a little more than a year ago. I was watching a really good show on TV and I really had to pee and poop. I hadn't pooped in about 3 days so when there was a commercial break I ran to the bathroom while undoing my pants. I knew I would explode as soon as I hit the toilet seat. Well thats what happened. I pulled down my pants just in time and I let out a big gush of pee and the huge poo started coming out fast. It was the best feeling ever but about 2 seconds into the poo I jolted out of my trance and noticed that my panties were still on!!! My thumbs must have slipped when I pulled my pants down! I said oh no! but it wasn't that big of a deal. I crapped so much though since it was 3 days worth but once again enjoyed it. My friend said the same kinda thing happened to her. Has that happened to anyone here?

hey ppl my name is melvin. this is my first time writing here but ive been reading post here for like a year. I'm 13 about 5'6and i weigh about 110 I have been interested in girl pooping for qiute awile.

Carmalita i love ur story about u and your friends having pooing contest. you soud very cute lol.

i have a question i get constipated qiute ofthen does and one have any sudjestions other than laxitives and stuff.

until later. peace out.

To ALICIA – Thanks for the “dare-poop” idea. I like the idea of pooping in the woods because it’s outside so it’s kind of risky, but I honestly don’t think I want to get caught. I would be just too embarrassed. Please tell us about your outdoor poop when you have it. Love, Ash.

To DAN H – Dan you’re right about poor quality tp, that’s why I always have some clean-wipes with me. But when my hole got sore I was at home and we have nice soft tissue and I hardly wiped. It was like something in my diarrhea made it sore and it was like that for over an hour. It was so sore I ended up putting some cream on it which made it a little better. So it wasn’t the tp that time. Thanks for trying to help though xxxx

To MISS BELINDA – I couldn’t believe it – we are sooooooo much alike. I think mine are so big because I only poo about two or three times a week. And just like you, I love it when I get a nice big poop come half way out and it decides to just hang – that feels soooo good because my little ring is stretched wide open for a nice long time. Sometimes I’m disappointed because it comes out too quickly, but sometimes I can sort of force myself to relax and it actually stops coming out when it’s just half way. My sis can always tell when I have a poo hanging for a while and she teases me about it. Big hug from Ash

To HOLD IT MAN – I’m too young to drive but I think I would have died if that had been me trying to explain to a policeman that I needed a desperate poo. Anyway your story reminded me of my mom who has driven like a mad thing several times to avoid having an accident in her panties. Guess we are lucky because she’s never been stopped. xxx

To JULIE – At last you’re going to do it…..Can’t hold my breath any longer. Best of luck. Lots of love from Ash
Also – to everybody but especially to Annette, Alicia and Julie - In case you need to hold in your poo. I had to hold it in really hard yesterday and I had the idea to make a note of the details in case anyone needs it sometime. Julie – you might need it to make sure your poo doesn’t come out before the competition. Anyway, here it is.

Stand up straight and cross your right leg over your left leg.

Cross your right leg over as far as you can and still be able to use it to stand on.

Keep both your legs straight – that’s very important – and kinda lock your knees to keep them straight.

Bring your right foot as far back as possible keeping your legs straight – this is how you get all the pressure to hold it in.

Now squeeze your thigh muscles and your ring muscle as tight as you can.

This has saved me from sooo many poop accidents and it works no matter how hard your poo is pushing to get out. Just a word of caution. It doesn’t work so well with diarrhea but it might give you enough time to get to a toilet. Also if your poo already has its nose peeking out then it will stop the rest coming out but it will leave your butt very messy.

Lots of love to everyone – from Ash

Punk Rock Girl
I don't know if I told this story, but I was thinking that I haven't told too many stories from when I was a kid.

So, when I was seven or eight, I don't quite remember, I had a horrifyingly terrible case of diarrhea. It lasted for over a week. I was in the hospital for a few days. I had to be fed intravenously, and had to drink this nasty, sugary stuff instead of water.

I started feeling sick at school one day, and adjourned to the class bathroom. I remember having a semi-liquidy dump, with some gas. It stank like hell! I had another bout when I got home, then again before bed. I woke up the next morning and pissed out of my asshole for what felt like an hour (I'm sure it was really just a few minutes).

I asked if I could stay home, and my Mom said yes. I sat in the living room watching TV and had to go to the bathroom a couple of times an hour. It was horrible! My Mom made me drink gallons of water. It felt like it went right through. The stuff coming out of my ass was nearly clear. I told my Mom it looked more like pee than poop. She freaked, because that's a sympton of amoebic dysintery (did I spell that right?).

She took me to the emergency room and they determined that yes, I had severe dysintery. I wound up staying in the hospital for two or three days. They gave me an enema (my first) to clean out my bowels. I remember it actually feeling good, soothing. They gave me medecine to try and get it undeer control. But I just kept shitting out liquid every couple of hours. I laid in the bed most of the time wearing only my pajama top and socks, no bottoms or underpants. I had a bedpan next to the bed to go in, because I was hooked to an IV. That was pretty gross. I had to call the nurse over and over again all day and night to come and empty it.

Finally, one morning I didn't go for a while. When I finally did go, it was really mushy, but at least it looked like poop again. After a couple days of that, I finally took a solid dump. I was so relieved. Taking a shit had never been such a pleasure, at least not at that point in my life.

I suffered from diarrhea on and off for a few years after that, until my bowels shifted to an affinity for constipation when I was twelve or thirteen, which is more often my dilemma these days. I have diarrhea every couple of monthe now, but I'm constipated every couple of weeks.

But I'd rather have to crap out a softball sized load than have what feels like battery acid squirting out of my poor little bottom any day!

If I already told that one, sorry, but I don't think I did. Anyone else suffer from major bowel problems as a child?



To Michelle: I really loved your post about you and your friends taking huge dumps in Paul's bathroom. I'll bet he was really mad when he got back;) I'm amazed that you girls were able to hold in your poo for 6 days. I'm even more amazed at how big you said your poos all were. It must have felt extremely good getting all those big logs out!
I only wished I could have been there to see that wonderful sight with all 6 of you when you were doing it.

To Carmalita: It sounds like you had a really major poo the other day. I'll bet Jake had fun plunging that one;). I still wonder how that petite body of yours can produce such big poos-especailly ones big enough to clog the toilet. Keep the good posts coming!


Dave in Michigan)
Did any one here about a Girl who is on the weather channel that pooped Her pants while she was on the air?
I dont know if this is true.
If any one has herd this as well let me know.

To Miss Belinda - You sound alot like my sister!!! She's 18 years old, and she always takes forever to poop. Even when we're at the mall, it takes her a while to go. And when she comes out, I'm always like, "Well what took you so long?" "Nothing, I was just enjoying it," she would reply. She's about a little over 120 lbs, and she does the hugest poops too. At home sometimes, I'll be taking a shower and she'll come in to go to the bathroom, and I'll get out and see like a HUGE piece of crap. It'll be about 13" inches long and thick!! I have no idea how she pulls that off. Once, I remember that she was in a hurry becuz her friend was here, and she didn't even flush. I went in and so like a 17" inch piece of crap!!! It's amazing hahaz. Well I hope you have more enjoyable craps. Hugz and kissez.

Yesterday, me and my friend went to a Bakery to talk with our friend who works there, and I had to pee. I told my friend Danielle, the girl who I went with, and she said that she had to go too so we both went to the girls restroom. When we got there, there was one stall, and the toilet was a mess!! We both refused to use it, but I had to go bad. Danielle layed some toilet paper across the floor and told me to go on that. I took off my pants and my red panties, and squatted over the toilet paper. My pee flowed out of me rapidly, and soaked through the toilet paper. It was a monstrous stream, and I was done in about 20 seconds. I didn't bother wiping, stood up, and Danielle later went at her house. Peace


This happened three years ago. I was in high school. Must have been my sophomore year walking home with my best friend Randy. I was complaining to Randy how I had to use the bathroom. I knew eating a cafateria corn dog probably wasn't a very good idea and I was about to pay for it. Randy being my best friend in the whole world begins to heckle me. "EHHHHHH! PLOOOOP PLLLOOOOOP PLOOOOOP gotta take a shit huh?" I was able to ignore him for awhile but his tawnts were starting to wear away on my endurance. I could feel my sphincter begin to open
uncontrolablly. After about five minutes I was begining to waddle.
By this time we were crossing this field which doubled as the playground
for this elementary school. If it wern't for those damned brats having
recess I would have pulled down my pants and shit right in the middle of
the field. I will never forget the smile on my friends face. He was so
happy to see me uncomfortable.

To make a long story short I shit my pants. And oh was it a shit. I
wanted to cry. My ass cheeks were plastered with chocolate. I could feel the mess inside my ass cheeks. It was terrible. My fruit of the loom briefs where hanging with a full load of fecal matter. I doubt any of those grade school brats knew I just deposited a load in my briefs. I guess that's worth something. What I did next I think helped shut down the almost bankrupt YMCA near my house. It was a delecate operation as I recall. First I had to sneak into a bathroom and hide the evidence. I went to a stall and quietly took off my underwear. It was tricky because of the amount of shit balancing in them. I was trying to be carefull not to get shit all over my pants because I was going to have to wear them home. Once I got my undies off I had to figure out what to do with them. So I stood there in the crapper
with my reaking and heavy pair of underwear, pondering and gaging.
Finally I decided the only thing I could do was leave it in the paper
basket and cover it with brown paper towels. Now I had to clean my ass. I was too frightened that someone would walk in as I washed my ass in the sink so I decided I had to get to the shower to clean up. This was going to be tricky because I was going to have to pass the front dest to the shower room and I was going to have to put my pants back on and somehow not get shit on them either. I was starting to feel like a thief. I put my pants back on and let them hang, holding them up with my hands and making sure the pants didn't rub my ass. I practice walking around and took a deep breath before I made my dash/waddle to the shower. I was home free once I got there. I stripped and used the communal shower clean my rashed ass. I watched in releif as the shit ran down my legs and into the drain. I was almost done. All I had to do now was dry off. I wasn't stupid enough to get my hair wet so I just had to dry my at the time hairless body. Being without a towel I we! nt to the stall and used excessive wads of toilet paper to do the job.
All the while I had my best friend wait outside. My efforts to get clean was only a parcial success because my pants were shitty even though I was so careful not to get them shitty. He walked about four paces in front of me the rest of the way home. I think he was feeling sorry for me. When i got home I cleaned up better. Thank god my mom wasn't home.

Chellybelly a.ka Chelsea
Ash - I didn’t plan on posting today, but when I woke up this morning and logged onto this site, I saw your post. I’ll just use my mom’s laptop, and I would be delighted to poop and tell you all about the experience, especially you Ash.

7:15 p.m - Okay, I have to crap pretty bad, and I’m in the bathroom. I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor, and typing on my mom’s laptop. As my good luck would have it, I’m alone tonight because my parents went to a small early July 4th party. By the way, if I don’t post before July 4th, I wish you all a happy one. Anyway, I haven’t pooped since last Sunday morning, and as I said, I have to go really bad now.

7:20 p.m - Thanks for the idea of using a step stool for my laptop, Ash, because it works like a charm. I wanna poop naked tonight, so hold on while I slip my shirt off.

7:21 p.m - Okay, my shirt is off and I just placed it on the counter of the sink beside me. I’m undoing the lace of my pajama bottoms, and hold on one second……okay, my pajama bottoms and my white panties are both resting cozily (I don’t know if that is a word lol) on my ankles. Before I sit on the toilet, I’m gunna take them off……okay, I’m free. I have a necklace on, but that will stay on.

7:22 p.m - I’m now lowering my butt onto the seat (kinda chilly), and sitting upright. My legs are together, and I’m leaning pretty far forward on the seat.

7:23 p.m - I’m not even pushing, and I can feel a huge piece of crap descending from my butt……oh, I love it sliding past my hole. It feels soo relieving!! It’s still making its way out……I’m now sort of squatting over the toilet, so it comes out longer. I’m leaning forward and typing……now bending my head down and looking at this huge piece of poop dropping from me. It’s not coming out fast, but it’s not coming out like really slow either. Perfect speed! I feel it start to taper off……and……plop!!! What a sound this piece just made, as it thundered into the toilet. The water even came back up and splashed my butt cheeks and the seat a little. Hold on while I grab some toilet paper and wipe off the seat……okay now theres no toilet water on the seat, it’s completely dry.

7:26 p.m - Okay, I can feel pee rushing to come out, so I’ll sit back down so my pee can come out……some clear pee is now shooting out of my front, and making a nice hissing sound to it. Very hard stream……it’s been about only 15 seconds, and my stream is starting to die off……a few last drops, accompanied by a little pushing, are falling out……and……oh, I’m still peeing a little, and another piece is already beginning it’s way out. I just stopped peeing, and this second piece is about to fall out……still coming out just a little……and……ooo, this piece just fell and it didn’t sink like the first piece, this piece is floating.

7:28 p.m - Damn, do I feel alot better. I’m looking underneath my vagina, and into the toilet now……the first piece sank to the bottom, and the front of it is already in the outlet, but the end of it is sticking out, and it doesn’t look too thick. The second piece is about 4” inches long, it’s floating in front of the bowl. Not a soft poop, a firm one.

7:29 p.m - I’m gunna wait a few minutes before I wipe.

7:32 p.m - Okay, I’ll wipe now……tearing a piece of toilet paper off, folding it across twice……placing it behind my right cheek……getting it situated into my hole, and digging up and down, trying to get any mess clean. I just took it out and I’m examinating it now……it’s clean, so I don’t think anymore wiping for my butt is neccessary. Gotta wipe my front now……getting another piece of toilet paper (a smaller piece), and instead of folding it, I’m bunching it up. Okay, it’s ready……lowering my hand to my vagina, and now wiping it. Okay, I just tossed that piece into the toilet now.

7:33 p.m - Standing up now……reaching over to the handle to flush, and I just pulled the handle down, and watched all of my poop swirl away. That felt so good!! I hope that everyone enjoyed hearing the details of it.

7:34 p.m - Now, before I put my clothes back on, I’m gunna hop into the shower. Thanx. Bye everyone.

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