Hi, Im 13years old this past year and was in the 6th grade.
I had orange juice and pancakes for breakfast one morning near the of the school year.
That day before noon I felt I had to pee pretty good and my stomach was cramping up like I had to poop. The teacher was always strict about going to the bathroom during class and I was afraid she would say no if I asked to be excused. I felt this big poop trying to come out, I squeezed my butt and sat on it real hard, but I sill had to pee too and it was getting bad.
I finally put up my hand and asked to go and she said no as usual. I put my hand up again and just spoke out, "Its an emergency, please". Teacher said, its 10 minutes to lunch and then you can go. You have to wait"
I put down my hand and put it in my crotch, just then I felt the first trickle of pee go into my pink panties. I felt it run up my butt crack and then started to wet my leg. I was wearing a gray skirt and white sox .
I couldnt hold it at all, my pool was pushing so hard that it made me pee. More pee came out and then it dripped off my chair making a puddle under my desk. It was making a lould dripping sound as it made the puddle bigger and bigger.
Teacher heard the pee and the puddle and turned and said, "ok, you might as well go". "Too late I said, I just had an accident" With that I felt my poop escape too, like a pretty big one that worked its way thru to the front of my panties as well as the back.
I got up and gingerly tip toed to the door just as the last of my pee splashed on the floor at the door. All the kids laughed, the teacher was not amused. I went to the girls room and dumped out my panties and then went home. ( I live about 2 blocks from the school)
I told my mom what happened and she helped me clean up. I put on new panties and a skirt and went back after lunch taking a different seat cause mine was still wet from when the janitor mopped it up.
The next day the teacher apologized to me as she should have let me go. My mom had called the principal and raised hell about letting a 13 yr old pee and poop in their pants.

The teachers reason was that a lot of times where some kid was let go just before lunch they never came back and was loafing outside, some were smoking.
So then after that I felt better, the classmates really didnt tease me much at all. That year two boys and peed their pants and one other girl. So I guess it can happen to anyone at the wrong time.

Hey everyone! I just have a quick story for you all today. Its from when I went grocery shopping with my mom the other day.

We were in Shop Rite, buying food for a barbeque when I felt a small urge to take a leak. I figured that I could hold it until I got home, so I wasn't very worried. About a half an hour later, we were still shopping, and I was becoming desperate. I told my mom I was gonna go get the chips and sodas, while she picked out the meats and other things and that I would meet her in the front in about a half an hour. I ran through the chip aisle grabbing what we needed frantically. By the time I was in the soda aisle, I was absolutely bursting for a whiz. I couldn't even hold myself though because there were 2 other people in the aisle. As I began getting the sodas and juices, the two people left, but one of them accidently knocked over a gatorade. They hadn't even realized and it slowly began leaking on to the floor. This spill made my need even worse, and I didn't know what I was going to do it I didn't piss soon. I then thought that maybe I could relieve myself ontop of the g! atorade spill, and before I had time to even see if anyone was coming, I dragged my cart over for protection, unzipped my fly and stuck my fingers in my crotch and spread my legs. I pissed a mighty stream for about 30 seconds right onto the gatorade, until I heard someone coming. I zipped up, and realized it was my mom. She said she was done, and we headed out. I still had to pee badly, since I had stopped so abruptly. I gave my cart to my mom and said that I'd meet her by the car in 10 minutes. I ran outside to the side of Shop Rite, unzipping myself while I ran and stood about 4 feet away from the dumpster. I spread my legs again and directed my stream directly at the dumpster and whizzed for probably another 45-50 seconds. I was so relieved, and also glad no one had spotted me.
I met my mom back at the car, and she never knew what I was up to.

Thats all for today.
Keep up the good pee stories

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I just got back from Virginia and I was on a small vacation. I spent last Saturday boating on the Potomac river with family. We went sight seeing and swimming. One spot is popular to go is right of a beach. The spot was quite crowded with boats and people swimming. The water was warm and a enjoyed a good swim.

I got out of the water and was enjoying the sunshine and everyone else was still in the water so I grabed the binoculars and started looking around. I spoted a boat just off the shore about 1000 feet away with three girls (early 20s?) squating down off the platform at the back of the boat they were on. All three were pulling thier bikini bottoms down.

The back of the boat was facing in my direction so I had a good view. All three had thier bottoms down and all three started peeing. The blond in the yellow bikini finished first and pulled her bottom up and steped back into the boat. The brunett and the black hared girl were still peeing hard. The brunett put her hands on her butt cheeks and spread them apart and her pee slowed down and a poop started to emerge from her rear.

This one was hudge looking. The black haired girl turned towards her and said something and she shook her head as in saying yes. The black haired girl then shifted position and she started to poop. Hers was not as thick as the brunetts and it was a long fast moving one. She was done in about 20 seconds and it fell with a good splash into the water. There was arollof tp and she wiped and then pulled up her bottom and stood there watching the brunett still going.

The brunett had pushed about a foot length out and was still pushing more of this big one out. Now she had a foot and a half hanging and pushing hard. With her hard pushing she was peeing again which was running down and off the big poop that was hanging in the air. She took a breather and tried again. She pushed out several more inches and it fell into the water with hardly a splash with her pee stream again splashing hard into the water. She peed for another 30seconds and then stoped. She turned her butt towards the black haired girl. The black haired girl nodded yes and the brunett pulled her bikini bottom up and They joined the blond in the boat and they took off. Upstate Dave

Tim -
Looks like I was too hasty. Sorry if I spoke out of turn. You wrote you would be interested to know if I encountered situations as a child or adult, where I was made to feel insecure about "the matter". I guess you mean standing to pee. My brother and I shared a bathroom and we always went together as far back as I can remember, in the house or outdoor. I guess there might have been people who would object at school for instance but I always shut the door of the stall so who would know? I asked my friend Tara but she has this problem and couldnít do standing pees because her clit got in the way until she got the travelling mate thing last year and now she doesnít go any other way. She says she has catching up to do, and says squats are for the beetles. What about others on this site. Katrina - how about you? Did you have problems with this? And how about the P Girls, and Tynee, Bubba and Ladybug? Are you guys in this category or what? Tell us about it!

- Roberta

Ash-- Thanks for answering my post. Can you tell us the story? What did your Mom do the last time she helped you with a poo?--JW

Mysterious Man
To Ash: You do it in your backyard, but wait till your parents are out, and how about this, when your done, try and find a way into making your sister poop too, don't take me wrong, but you could dare her to poop if she doesn't want others to know about her 'tough' poop. Just a thought.

To Julie: Can't wait for the results.

To Alicia: Nice story, do you have any of comstipation? I'd love to hear one of those.

To every girl here: I thought, how about if you all try and see who can hold their poop in the longest and then post the aftermath when they're unable to hold it, and I'm sure we don't have to worry about liars, since all of you like to talk about your poops.

See ya all later!

Ash, Annette and all the girls: In grammar school, I used to contract my anal sphincter muscles to hold my bowels until I got home. I used to cross my legs, stretch myself and perform all kinds of contortions. When I got home, I would have good release.

the "HOLD IT" man: Having go to the bathroom is no excuse for speeding. My cousin used that excuse while driving a bus. The judge did not buy it.

Traveling Guy: Female urinals were used on intercity trains and in Flushing Meadow Park for the World's Fair. They have been since rendered obsolete.

Raging Urophile: In camp, I urinated in the woods. My older female cousins taught me to do it standing, sqautting and bending.

Though I was a tomboy, I liked dresses and skirts and still do. However, jeans are easy for me.

The 15y/o boy: In high school, in my junior year, I was sitting in class when my classmate Mitchell quietly broke wind. Then the next day I did the same thing. We smiled at each other. We knew what each other did.

Lauren: See my earlier posts about ladies room stories.

The Metropolitan Museum in New York City has just moved their cafeteria to a basement location. I discovered to my immense surprise that the men's room next to the cafeteria contains about a half-dozen stalls and ... zero urinals. Is this some kind of Political Correctness gone bonkers?
Discuss amongst yourselves.


I have visited this site regularly every week, but I havenít post any stories for a long time. But here is one. This happened about a month ago. Usually my husband takes me to the work, but this morning was different. Hubby took our car in for an overhaul and I had to go to work by bus. There was also 20-25 minutes walk from bus station to work. I was walked over halfway as I felt urge poop. It is unsually for me to poop at morning, but any kind of exercise makes my bowels in motion and this short walk from bus station to my work was not exception. I must stop for a while and I managed hold it. Worst urge was gone and I was able to walk rest of my way without any bigger problems. I went in my office and tought that urge has faded away, but I was not. Actually it hit back stronger. I let out some silent farts and I knew I had to go. I walked to entrance hall and went in ladies room. Only one of five was occupied. Someone was peeing in middle stall. I walked past and took ! the next cubicle. Lady who was there peed only. She wiped quickly and left. As I pulled down my jeans I let out two farts. They sounded quite wet. I sat on pan just at the right time. Immediately after my butt hit the seat some more gas came out and I heard a crackling sound as my butt hole started widening. Tip of turd emerged out. It felt soft, almost loose. It started sliding out on itself. I didnít need to struggle at all, I just leaned forward and let it come out. Head of it was average thickness, but it started tapering off very soon. Turd was hanging 6-7 inches out of my butt and was about to break off any time as I heard oncoming steps. Turd broke off and splashed into water just at the same time as door opened. There was two comers. Lady who came first went directly in second stall. Other lady went first in front of mirrors but then she moved and I noticed she stepped in farthest stall on my right side. Woman who went in second stall peed shortly. She let out a boo! ming fart as she peed. Rest of my load was not anymore so easy, I must struggle a bit. I moaned silently and listened what other ladies will do. Woman in first stall flushed, I even didnít hear her wiping. She went washing her hands. My neighbour has sat for a while but she seemed quite silent. Then suddenly she tinkled some drops of pee and right after pee I heard audible sizzling sound. It lasted only a few seconds. Turd came out fast but it must be enormous because splash was huge! My turd was end of itís way. Long but narrow poop dropped into water with nice splash. Before I started wiping I raised my bottom and looked my turds. First turd was about 6 inches long, shaped like carrott and second turd was 8 inch thinnish stick. My butt hole was quite smudgy and I needed to wipe several times. Meanwhile I was wiping my neighbour grunted quietly and dropped 4-5 pieces of poop into bowl, all witihn 10-15 seconds of each other. She was ready before me because she needed wipe j! ust three times. Woman was washing her hands as I finally got my butt hole enough clean. She was already gone as I came out of stall.

John D.
Hey everyone.

I took a big shit the other day that looked like a manitee/sea cow. If was a pretty nasty-looking thing just floating around the bowl. It even matched the color of one of those ugly animals!

I took another dump today that was wider than the average person's wrist. It was rigid and hurt like a biatch coming out. I have the tendency to lift my right foot off of the ground and shake it laterally when I struggle with pushing a huge log like that out.

My favorite shit scene on TV was in Tony Hawk's MTV Biography thing. Towards the beginning of the show, the camera guy looks into the stall while this bmx biker dude Bucky Lasek is taking a dump. He's just sitting there relaxed moving his bowels, sees the camera, and starts laughing his ass off hysterically. Anyone else see that?

John D.

Hi. New to this site. I enjoy talking about my bodily functions. It's one of the things that makes all people equal. Everybody pees, craps, farts and pukes, no matter who he or she is.

I had never gone to the bathroom in front of someone since I was like four or five, in front of my Mom or Dad, for example. Once I was potty trained, I always went alone and kept the bathroom door shut, because even though I was okay talking about it, I was a little bashful about being seen.

On time, though, I went camping with my cousin and some of her friends, both boys and girls. I knew them all, we were all friends. Well, the campsite we were at had no running water or anything. We took baths in the creek. I went skinny dipping for the first time! I think it was the first time a boy had seen me naked (I was twelve) and it was the first time I had seena boy naked. It was pretty cool, kind of weird at first, but I got over it and then it was fun.

The only bathroom (besides the woods) was a porta-potty that was set up a little way from camp. The only thing was, there was no door. It was a regular porta-potty, but the door was missing. I figured, well, there's not much privacy whether I go in the woods, or go in there, so I chose the porta-potty.

I was kind of weirded out the first time I used it to pee, because there were other kids, including a couple of boys, who were watching me. Not staring like voyeurs, but just watching. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and sat. It wound up being no big deal. Luckily we brought TP, so I was able to wipe. I peed, and pulled my pants up.

Then one day, I went to the porta potty to take a crap. There was a boy already in there, sitting on the toilet! I said, oops, sorry. He said, okay, it's not like I can shut the door! So, he and I talked while he crapped, then he wiped and pulled up his pants. I was expecting him to walk away, but he stood there, waiting for me to go.

I stepped insdide, and pulled my pants and panties to my knees and sat. I peed, then I pushed. I farted a couple of times, and then crapped. It made some loud plopping, and I was a little embarrassed, but the boy didn't seem even a little surprised, he just kept talking to me. I remember grunting whiile I talked because I was straining, and he laughed, which made me laugh, which made me fart more!

I finished, wiped, and pulled up my pants, and he and I walked back to camp together.

Even though I still prefer to be in private when I am sitting on the toilet, I am no longer freaked out if someone sees me. Anyone else have a similar experience? See you later!!!

Hi everyone. I'm a long time reader, but this is my first post. I'll say a little about myself: I'm a 27 year old blonde woman, 5'8, 125lbs, short blonde hair, kind of cute I guess. Anyways, I've always loved this site but never posted, I don't know why.

Today I joined the "poop mile high club." I got to the airport in Cleveland this morning knowing that at some point, I was going to have to relieve my bowels, but since I was in a hurry to leave the house, I didn't poop at home ( I like to take my time on the toilet, usually I'll sit down, pee, and sit for a good 15 minutes reading before I even try to poop.) At the airport, after I checked in, I immediately found the nearest ladies room. But, right after I had pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet, I decided it might be fun to go on the plane; I had never pooped on a plane before. I sat there awhile listening to other women relieving themselves (I have a story to tell about that, but I'll tell it some other time), before I got up, washed my hands, and made my way toward my flight.
About 15 minutes after the "seat-belt" sign went off, I stood up and walked to the tiny lavatory in the back of the plane. I sat down, did a little bit of pee, and got down to business. I let go of one juicy fart before I squeezed out about a 6'' rope of dark brown poop. Wow did it smell! There was no water in the bowl, so my poop was just sitting there. I pushed for a few minutes longer, producing three more small chunks of soft crap. I felt immensely better as I wiped my butt, washed my hands, and returned to my seat.

See you soon!

Hello this is a very interesting site!
I am enjoying reading the posts. I to love to poop, as a woman I thought I would be more alone in this. My boyfriend freaks at the idea of me even having to go. One of my fav things to do is eat a great big meal at his place then excuse myself to the bathroom. I can feel the gasy pressure and as soon as I sit and spead out shoots a sticky one! I love it because I know he will come in shortly to do the same thing, maybe he will smell it!
One day I would love for him to watch... or even a little panty soiling!

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