My last story isn't posted yet :( Oh well I'll tell a poop story now.

I was staying at my grandparents for a week out on an acreage. I hadn't pooped for 6 days. When noone was home I got bored so I decided to walk outside and check out the country, so I put on some old jeans and set off. I went to this fallen tree that had like 1000 branches all flattened like a bed that my cousin showed me a long time ago. I layed down on it and went to sleep. I woke up about half an hour later. When I tried to get up there was a sharp pain in my stomach. It hurt really bad I started walking to the house. I only got 100 feet when a HUGE amount of pressure pushed a GIANT poop right up against my ring. I easily gave in and sat down on a rock with my bum over the edge. Another wave of unbelievable force pushed on the turd. I just sat there going UUUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! So loud it echoed across the field! But the poop was so big and solid it still didn't get very far. I was too sore to even care about taking off my pants. One more wave and finally the h! uge part passed and the poo got a bit softer. I hardly noticed that I was peeing my pants too. My ???? was pushing so hard and the poo wasn't letting up I just sat there going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. It was 10 times better than an orgasm but the poo was still coming easily filling and over flowing my panties, I had to undo my jeans because it was too tight. My panties were stretched to about double their size when I finally finished and I dumped it out on the ground because I couldn't walk with that much in my pants and there is no way that it could be flushed. I looked back at it and couldn't believe it. It was the size of a football! I'm a petite girl and I couldn't figure out how that much could fit inside me! I went back and got cleaned up and felt much better after that.

So I have tons more poo and pee stories. You guys think I should post both?

Oh yeah and whenever I have a cold and sneeze I pee my panties a little. Has that happened to anyone else? Well I got to go byebye!

What's the meanest practical joke you ever had played on you? I can tell you mine! When I was in college, my rommates (three of 'em) thought it would be funny to spike my beer with laxative. If that wasn't bad enough, I fell asleep on the couch, and they decided to get more cruel by crazy gluing my zipper shut. I woke up with a feeling of intense pressure in my guts. I had to take a dump, and NOW! I raced to the men's room down the hall. The stalls had no doors, but that didn't bother me before, and it sure as hell didn't matter to me now! I ran into a stall, undid my belt and then was horrified to discover my zipper was "stuck". I tried, but they had (unbeknownst to me) saturated the whole thing with krazy glue. I yelled "F*** IT!!!" I guess that must have been my roommates cue to come in and enjoy the show. They ran in, laughing at my dilemma. I finally managed to force my pants and underwear down just barely below my ass, sat on the toilet and shit my guts ou! t. It was like a volcano of diarrhea, it came out with such force, I felt like the space shuttle taking off. The whole time the three jokers stood there, nearly pissing themselves laughing, while I emptied every last ounce of waste matter in my intestines into the toilet. I caught my breath and gave them all a very evil look and said, "I'm going to get you guys for this." I had diarrhea for a few days, they must have used some super-lax or something. But I did get back at each one of them. Nothing as nasty as what they did to me, but enough so we were even. If I had shit my pants, then I might have been more vindictive! I'll tell you my revenge in another post, I have to go now, bye!

Hyper Girl
Last night me and my friend were really hyper. She comes up to me and she says take this! and farted really loud. I tackled her on the bed and squatted by her head and said oh yeah and filled my panties with a big solid poop. She got up and said eww! She liked it though, we both have kind of a fetish I guess. Let me know if you want to hear more!

Michelle, in all the time I read this messageboard, I never read such a funny story!


To Carmelita: I love reading about your big, big B.M.'s. It thrills me every time you describe your smelly, raunchy, noisy poos. I know I'll never get the chance but I would love to watch you take a shit. I'd like to watch Nu doing her duty as well. Anyway, hold a good thought for me the next time you're grunting out some big ones while seated on the pot. Love and hasta manana.

To Michelle: I really loved your post about you and your friends taking huge dumps in Paul's bathroom. I'll bet he was really mad when he got back;) I'm amazed that you girls were able to hold in your poo for 6 days. I'm even more amazed at how big you said your poos all were. It must have felt extremely good getting all those big logs out!
I only wished I could have been there to see that wonderful sight with all 6 of you when you were doing it.

To Carmalita: It sounds like you had a really major poo the other day. I'll bet Jake had fun plunging that one;). I still wonder how that petite body of yours can produce such big poos-especailly ones big enough to clog the toilet. Keep the good posts coming!


Dave From Upstate NY
To Buzzy: Sounds like another great outdoor dump, would loved to have buddy dumped with you for that one. You are probably not far from me. Keep posting.

Dan H
opps looks like i acidently duble posted my last post

I don't think i have told you guys about myself yet. I'm a 13 almost 14 year old white, and 160 pounds

Brad-what state do you live in i'm not sure but i might know you

Julie-can't wait for the results of the poop contest hope you win

thats it gor now bye all

1. Ladies do you look between your legs while pissing or pooping.
2. Men do you always flush after pissing in urinal or toilet.
3. Ladies and Men do you wipe from the front or back after pooping.
4. Ladies and Men what color of opened-end seat would like to use (a) white (b) black (c) both
5. Ladies do you flush after pissing.
6. " " " " " pooping.
7. Men do you flush after pooping.
To: Bryan do you like train restrooms that are shared witha shower and toilet.
My answers to my survey
1. N/A 2. Yes 3. from the back 4. C 5. N/A 6. N/A 7. Yes
thanks a lot Mike

power skaes give me the runs

I've been checkin out this site for quite a while and I finally got myself a story. I was playing cards with some people when this chick let a big fart go. I stank like a hat ful of asshole so she decided to go take a dump. She forgot to flush, So I entered the bathroom when she was gone. There was a monster log there. My guess is about 15 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. I flushed and the log plugged up the shitter. The bathroom stank soooooooo bad after that.

Mr Cheese

I was at the Oakland airport and saw the new remodeled restrooms in the terminal. I liked them because the stalls faced the door as you walked in and you can see the feet of the people on the toilets. It might not sound like much, but I always like checking out how people are seated on the can. When I first entered, the stalls were all occupied. I was at the urinal, took a leak and washed my hands. I knelt down to tie my shoe and pull something out of my bag. At this lower angle, I could see the feet and legs of the guys on the toilets. Everyone had their clothes pulled all the way down to the floor. One guy was in slacks, black shoes and socks, white briefs. Nice contrast. Another guy in khakis, brown shoes, white briefs. A guy with hairy legs, white sneakers, jeans, no underwear. Another guy with blue/grey shorts, sneakers, white boxers. Last guy in blue shorts, black sneakers, and grey briefs. He was actually turned sideways to the door, as he was standing to wipe. Got th! at one leg slightly lifted while he cleaning away. Not really any sightings, but still cool, nonetheless.

Thom: Good to see you. I'm glad to here that you are doing well. I am the same too,still using the glycerin suppositories about once a week here, they are still working well. I am male in northest, and I'm 29, what about you? Let's chat more here in time...have to get to work here.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Traveling Guy
Dan H - The female urinal you're thinking of with a cup attached to a hose is called "She-inal", I think, and I agree that women could be put off by having to press that common cup against their privates. I was thinking more of the other designs that are a little higher than a toilet and let a woman hover easily, or else sit on a sort of half-seat while peeing. I guess you're right that you have to undress about as much as you would to use a regular toilet. I guess the speed and supposed convenience come from being able to hover or half sit.

Could some of you who have experience with these things, or a feminine opinion on the matter, please check in on this, too? Thanks!

ok yesterday at wokr i had to go bad . huge dump i could feel it so bad so as i ran to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and started to do what i had to. the feal of victory was close i was just about to pee but all the sudden my penis rose frome benth my legs and went stright up i had a boner. i couldnt hold my pee and i covered my self. Goin back to wokr i felt like a huge tool this ever happen to anyone


We were very close, with no secrets as children - my best boyhood friend, my younger brother and myself. The bond is still there. We don't meet all together very often now, but after a school reunion recently, we stayed overnight at a travel lodge, so that we could talk into the night (and early morning). I have been the only one of the three of us who has dared to come on this website, and I had done a printout of my 'postings' for both of them. (I was as a boy the shyest of the three of us.) We had a hilarious time, and they reminded me of several other incidents from our childhood/adolescence, which still make us laugh. Here is one of them:

During our first year at the grammar school my best friend and I began to stay at each other's house over night quite often. He had to have a new toilet seat in his bathroom, and his parents got him a wooden one. How I loved my bare-bum sit after breakfast. I asked my parents if my brother and I could have a wooden one in our bathroom. 'No you can't', was the (expected) reply. I argued that it was good hospitality for people staying overnight. They said it was a waste of money, because boys only sat on the toilet once a day, whereas girls and women sat down on every visit.

I let the matter drop (as it were!) and it was another year before the subject was raised again - this time by my younger brother. My father had inherited the estate of an old aunt who was his next of kin, who died without making a will. They both had to travel over 200 miles for the funeral and to sort out her affairs. My best friend's parents offered to have us both for the week that they were away. They were fond of both of us, and we found it easier to talk to them than to our own parents in many ways were. Our parents were never relaxed with teenagers.

I was 13 at the time and my brother was 8 - he got on well with them all. He had used our friend's' toilet many times - with the wooden seat lifted up, because he had never stayed overnight before. But while staying there, each morning, he would be sitting on that wooden seat with his short trousers round his shoes before setting out for school. He always remembers the 'shorts' bit: like us when younger, he HATED wearing regulation shorts, which were compulsory for school until about the age of 12. (Though we all agreed that shorts were easier to pull down than longs in the mornings when you were hurrying for school.)

He knew that my request for a wooden seat at home had been turned down. But he wasn't going to take 'No' for an answer - he had more cheek than I had (not literally of course in those days - though now I imagine that both of his sets of cheeks are equal in area to mine.) He said things to my parents that I DAREN'T say, and got away with it. When our parents got home from this funeral, he said 'Can we have a wooden toilet seat, please?' When they said 'No, it's not worth it for boys', he persisted. 'I know boys only sit on the toilet once a day', he argued, 'but I've calculated that the total time spent by TWO BOYS sitting on the toilet is longer than the total time ONE WOMAN spends on the seat for both things all day.' I had never dared to refer to our mother's toilet activities like that. But still it didn't work. But then we thought of another line of attack.

We announced to our parents that for our Christmas present to each other, we would buy each other half a toilet seat. This did the trick.

They couldn't stomach that, and their resistance bottomed out - if anybody asked them what their sons had bought each other for Christmas, what would they say? This led our father to say that we could have one from the proceeds of our great-aunt's estate.

In the post-breakfast rush before school, as one of us cleaned his teeth and the other sat on Great Aunt's legacy (then swapping over), we sometimes wondered if she was looking down on us from Heaven.

I wonder if my own children will one day demand electrically heated seats.

Hi guys I am a new poster here. I have been a faithful reader for a couple years. I am 28 years old strawberry blond hair medium build. I have been interested in girls having bowel movements as long as I can remember. Our family was not open about bowel functions. I can't remember every seeing or hearing my mother or sister having a bm.
When I was nineteen I had a girlfriend named Betty, she was two years older than me. We started dating and about 3 weeks later we went to the ocean for a long weekend. It was in the back of my mind how I was going to take a dump without her hearing. Also I was very interested in hearing or seeing her on the toilet. Betty had a great body with a nice round ass, which I adored. (We broke up after two great years) After our first night which included a lot of drinking we woke up and messed around for a while then Betty said she had to go to the bathroom. She got out of bed in her bikini panties and no bra and went into the bathroom. My heart was pounding- was she going to just pee or take a BM. I was very aroused at this point, and I heard her pee for at
least 30 to 45 seconds, getting rid of all that beer. Was it over, no she stayed seated. I then heard a sucession of steady plops, than nothing, I was going out of my mind with arousal. She than calls to me, woodycould you get me my magazine, I am going #2 an it is going to be a little while. I could not believe this, my dream come true. I casualy said yes, then walked into the bathroom with her magazine, the toilet was on the other end of the bathroom, so I could not just hand it to her. I was suprised how it did not smell very bad in there after all those plops. In the mean time I had put on sweat pants to hide my excitement,I walked in . She talked to me as if nothing was going on, and I tried to act as normal as possible. I did not linger to long because I did not want her to see my hard-on, because I was excited seeing her.Ileftthe room and about 5 minutes later I heard her wipe then flush the toilet. She came back to bed and we had our best lovemaking that we ever ! had. I know our relationship was only a few weeks old. It sure was a viagra for me. I had many more shared pooping expirences with Betty. I don't think she thought anything sexual about going #2 in front of me. She was from a large open family and it was natural.
Talk to you later,

To Michelle: Loved your story..would like to hear the recations from paul..that was cool
To Alicia: Thats soo cool you pooped outside..if i did something like that i'd still be talking and braging about it because its cool.
To Carmalita: liked your story
To Ash: Thanks for replying...thats soo cool about your sister.
To Traveling Guy: Liked your story..thats cool what you overheard...That was cool about the old was that kid on the toilet?
To the "HOLD IT" man: Loved your story about getting a warning from the police while you were in the bathroom...were you embarresed when you saw the officer?
To Julie: Liked your story...why does cindys brother have to poop if hes not part of the contest?

Janet P
Hi all, I must be missing out very badly. I read all the posts where the trumpeting and squirting on the potty is tremendous but I have yet to find a shitter where I can sit and have my normal 10 minute crap and listen to the orchestra. I have done a lot of dumping in my time; I am 49 and have shat in a lot of busy malls with stalls open top and bottom. A lot of my best was outside at a canoe marathon that I go to every year. There are no loos and male and female get together in the bushes. No funny stuff just a whole lot of athletes needing that last minute nervous crap before competing. No time for privacy get there pants off shit, wipe and go. We sometimes share paper if you have had a rather runny shit and a tissue is not enough. I remember once a guy passing having finished with loo roll in his hand. I asked for paper as my tissue had been used 3 times and was a mess. He reeled of squares as I needed them and said he could not leave the roll here as his girlfriend was a! round the next bush and needed to wipe. She must have sent him first and told him to bring the roll to her. I will continue to search the busy malls for lots of runny guts traffic. I am normally shopping early and if having coffee notice that the biggest traffic is men to the loo at that time. Half proves my husbands theory that most men shit in the morning. Ladies are different I suppose because we sit anyway to pee so can slip out a log if need be. My husband always says that he has a hang up about going to the gents and having people see him go into a stall. They know now he needs to shit and not only take a pee in the urinal. Ladies however as I have said go into a stall and can do what they want. If you can shit and pee together which very few of us can then your companion male or female will be none the wiser. If like me you can only pee after shitting and also only if I have removed my tampon then if you are being timed you will broadcast the fact that you took a du! mp. As I said earlier I would love to be sitting there pooing and the next stall gets occupied by some one like some of the posters. I have named them as trumpeters, 6 log droppers, wetties ands squirters and the groaners that sit and heave out monsters. My observations/listenings have been the odd lady like squeak of a wind, the odd furious pisser and now and again a 1 logger with no pong. My husband says that the men he has heard or smelt are loud and rotten. Any comments

Yesterday I decided to put Roberta's advice into practice and pee standing up. I had thought about it all the night before and when it was quite early I went to the carpark of the local mall and parked a little way away from any other car. The whole idea of peeing in public was exciting and I had never rehearsed this before. I was wearing a dress with a belt. I took off my panties and tucked the dress into the belt so I was bare from the waist down. I opened the car-doors front and back and stood between them. My lips are quite small and I yanked up my clitoris to raise the aperture. Then, trying to look nonchalant, I started to pee. Yes, Roberta, it was quite a decent jet and it soaked the back car-door. When it subsided, I reverted to type and squatted a bit. In my dreams a woman drove up and parked beside me, saw what I was doing, expressed interest and followed suit. In reality nobody came near me! When I had finished and mopped up, I was trembling so much it w! as all I could do to drive straight home. There was something about the danger that was really thrilling.
love and kisses Anthea

Betsey - wetsey
Iím new to this site. Iíve been visiting here for a couple of weeks now, enjoying a lot of the stories read so I decided to drop in. I also respect the level of friendship Iíve seen come about for some of the people on this site and I thought that was pretty cool. Iím 29 years old with auburn hair / dark blue eyes and 5í8. Iím currently studying for my masterís degree (MBA) while working full-time as an accountant. Yea, Iím a number cruncher! I moved around a lot when I was a child (5 times), always meeting new people.

Seeing some of the other posts from women who have large bladders encouraged me to submit a couple stories of my own. Actually I have a whole lifetime of stories, tragedies, embarrassing and hilarious moments. The running joke in my family while growing up has always been that I have the bladder of a race horse by mistake. Mom had me checked out by a doctor when I was young because of the unusually large amount of urine I would pass, it was normal for me to urinate non-stop for at least 6 minutes if I really, really had to go I could spend up to 7 min. 45 seconds or longer peeing. As far as peeing contests go, Iíve always beat the guys by a land slide and most women too. But I did tie with one of my pee-buddies back in high school on time (6 min. 25 seconds). Her and I have been buddies ever since, kicking butt and taking names in many peeing contests. When I was young my friends and I would challenge each other to pee in as many different and unusual places as possible.!

Iím not into the pooping aspect, so my experiences are really only about peeing. Though I canít help but tell this one juicy story that took place many years ago when a group of us hit the bars for a girlís night out where we ran into an old ex-boyfriend of mine (real jerk!!). My girlfriend had a small bottle of this liquid laxative that was pretty potent stuff. Well at the club trouble started with the guy so he ended up getting a few drops of this laxative in his drink causing him and his friends to call it a night. I later found out the guy had to pull over several times with terrible diarrhea, ditched his jeans and boxers on the side of the road and had to ride the rest of the way home sitting on a magazine with a towel covering his genitals. I admit that did feel bad afterwards but what remorse I had quickly evaporated two months later during my graduation with all my family and relatives present he stashed a playgirl magazine wrapped around a large dildo and a tube! of K-Y jelly in the front seat of my car while it was in the school parking lot. Both my parents and brothers saw it but luckily no one else. Oh well, I guess what goes around comes around.

Ok now onto some peeing stories of when I was pregnant and had a few accidents for the first time since I was about 2 yrs old. During my 6th month I was held up at a client site for a extra few hours, and was driving back to the hotel late in the evening. Being pregnant doubled, tripled the frequency in which I had to pee. Just as I was at bursting point, I got to a rest stop, only to find a sign "Rest Area Closed for Construction, next rest area 27 miles"! I knew I could not wait. Since it was raining hard and there was a chill in the air I decided to chuck the idea of squatting by the road. I certainly could not pee in my rental car. After two miles I found a convenience store, rushed inside to the back where the restroom was, only to find it locked with a sign saying "For employees only". I rushed to the counter and begged the young clerk for the key, only to be refused: "Company Policy". I even offered him $10, but he must have been scared for his job or something. A! t that point I could wait no longer. The baby was moving which shot my need to pee through the roof! Quickly I hitched the hem of my knee length skirt 3-4 inches above my knees (out of harm's way) spread my legs, and started to pee like Niagara Falls. The clerk just stared at me with his jaw dropped! The huge puddle started going half way down the isle, I gushed for what seemed like an eternity, when I saw another customer drive up I shut my peeing off. I dropped my skirt and ran out to my car and drove off. Back at the hotel I hit the toilet and peed for another 2.5 minutes before my bladder way empty.

Another time earlier in my pregnancy I was in the car with some friends after a baseball game. After about a 1/2 hour's worth of sitting in a grid-lock traffic jam. I really had to go. Time never passes so slowly when you are sitting on a freeway in the middle of a city with nowhere to go, and you have to pee. I donít have a problem peeing roadside but to do so in front of everyone was something I wasnít comfortable with. I was in real pain and realized Iíd have to squat right there and pee in front of all these strangers. And the kicker is, we tried to position the car so people wouldn't see me, but it's almost impossible. I just got out squatted down and let go, rolled my eyes, and tried to ignore the people yelling jokes at me. It felt so good, but in midstream the dam traffic started to take off, and people were honking and yelling (dirty words this time), but I just couldn't stop, I just sat there going and going. People started getting out of their cars to yell abo! ut how we were blocking traffic. I guess the did have a reason to be pissed because I was peeing for well over 6 minutes. My husband did try to shield me with a blanket from the trunk but wound up getting his shoes soaked in my pee.

The last story I have was happened while pregnant when I was sharing a ride into work with a male co-worker when the urge to pee started to build. We were about 20 minutes from our destination and there was just no way to make it, and no gas stations coming up. Suddenly it built up to an enormous level and I shouted to pull over to the side of the road and he stops the car. I jumped out, hoping to make it behind some trees, but I froze a few feet from the car, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties, crouched down and let it go right there gushing one hell of a long thick stream of pee. I didnít time it but I knew it was very long. At this point I didn't care about cars driving by, though for the most part I was hidden from view of the road by the car. I was now aware that my skirt had gotten quite wet, so I jumped back into the car, pulled my skirt off and draped it over the dashboard heater vent to dry it off during the remainder of the ride. My driver had witnes! sed the entire occurrence - said he hadn't meant to stare, but it all happened so fast and that he has never seen anyone pee so much at one time. By this point, there was not much point in worrying about modesty, so I rode the rest of the way to work in my pantyhose, using my purse and laptop to cover my self. Once we pulled into work parking lot, I put my skirt back on and asked my driver to please keep what had happened to himself. I never shared the story with my husband.

I know this is the ďwar and peaceĒ of posts, Iím sorry about the length. To those who celebrated I hope you had a Happy 4th of July!!!



ZIP Your comments about seeing the feet and legs of guys on the toilet at the airport has jogged my memory about something my best school pal reminded me of when he, my brother and I met recently and when I told them about this website. I am writing this all up as a story in instalments, but I hadn't put in the following:

In the 4th form at our grammar school, we went on a geography field trip and were based at a public school where the boys had begun their summer holiday. (In Britain, 'public schools' are really private, usually boarding schools, for children of the wealthy.) We assumed that everything would be 'posh'. It was clean, but not very private. The showers (which were efficient) were not in separate cubicles, but neither were ours at school, and this didn't bother us.

But the toilets were the talking point of the holiday. They were clean, with toilet paper, and flushed OK. But the doors were very small, as were the petitions between them. There were two rows opposite each other, and you could see everybody's face and also what underpants they were wearing for the day. Some made notes of the colour of the knickers of individual boys. I'm afraid we used to look over the petitions at each other also. I was regarded as the most fastidious of all the group - choirboy classical pianist - though my best pal and our other 2 friends knew I wasn't with them. When not using the toilet ourselves, we would walk up and down to see who WAS. This made me more popular than I had ever been before. I actually became a ring leader in the humour.

We wondered if any famous bottoms had sat where we were sitting.

SCOTT: I agree - that was a mean practical joke, and in no way funny. Being given laxatives without knowing it has never happened to me, but I have heard of people who have experienced it. The 'glue' bit was disgusting. Mild toilet humour is OK by me, but not this. No surer way to lose friends.

TOMMY: The question of erections I nearly included in my last posting about a wooden toilet seat. My best pal and I found that the sensation of a wooden toilet seat pressed against our bare bottoms gave us an erection when we reached puberty. Having a crap had always been pleasurable, and somehow a wooden seat excited us. We trapped our penises behind the seat, to allow them to pee if they wanted to. But now they had a mind of their own, like a stroppy child. Everybody needs to develop their own strategy on this, I am afraid, sometimes, through trial and error.

My parents never told me anything about these changes in my body. My best pal, however, was able to talk to his dad about it, and he passed on information to me. My younger brother noticed the changes, and I had to tell him when he was about 8. He was glad I did when he was older. By the time he reached puberty, I was away at university.

TOO SHY TO POO: I had that problem until I was 11. I was a semi-posh boy. The one person I was NOT embarrassed with, was my younger brother, whom I virtually toilet-trained. I was always able to 'go' before I went to school. Then my best pal and I started to be open with each other on this matter. But I would say that holding it in is dangerous, and might lead to bowel problems in later life.

MELVIN: Thankfully I have never had the problem of constipation. My morning sit-down takes five minutes, including wiping and hand-washing. (I actually left off this Email to do that. I checked on my watch that the precise time between sitting down and starting to wipe my bottom, was 90 seconds.) Avoid laxatives if you can. At your age, you might not want to talk to your parents. You may have a close male friend, or older brother, whom you trust to talk about it. Perhaps even someone who will come in with you and relax you. I developed a routine early in life so that I could 'go' after breakfast before going to school. (I have never lost it.) We had a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit in our diet, and wholemeal bread, and high fibre cereal. My best pal found he was ready to go about 11 o'clock, but didn't like using the school toilets - if you had seen (and smelt) them, you would have known why. He used to 'hold on' until getting home in the afternoon. When he! stayed overnight at our house, or ate our food, it made a difference in the mornings. Are you in a house where there are a lot of people and you cannot always have the toilet to yourself when you want it? I assume you have school homework. If you are very busy with that, can you take a book into the toilet with you, perhaps several times a day? Is there enough room in the toilet for you to fidget about and move your legs? The topic has come up often on this site regarding the position of your trousers - thighs, knees or ankles. In our family we are anklers. You have more freedom of movement then. Another idea worth trying - when you've pulled your trousers down, squat down for a few minutes. It may open up the the muscles in your bottom more than sitting down. If you feel things are beginning to stir, sit on the toilet quickly. Have you lost the routine you used to have, because of other things, eg school? Is there any blood on your toilet-paper? Do you have an! y soreness or itchiness? Maybe you should see a doctor. These are only suggestions, and they may not work for everyone. But they may help you.

Some of the issues I have answered in this posting will come up in an account I have written of my own childhood experiences, after talking about them with my 2 'buddies' from that era - my younger brother and my best pal (they have always been close to each other, too). That pal and I are now 34, and my brother is nearly 29. We two older ones have, we believe, successfully toilet trained our own sons (our wives having seen to the girls). My brother is married and hopes to become a father New Year. He has loads of experience to help him.

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