Hi guys and girls, I'm new here. To describe myself, I am female, as my name might suggest, 20 years old, 5'5" have very long brown hair down to my waist, hazel green eyes and a very big chest (I wear a size 34 D) six other girl friends over at my house a week ago, named Sara, Laura, Renee, Emily, Tamara(Tami), and Julie. I also have a brother who is planning a life as a businessman named Paul. he is three years older than me. Emily decided to play a nasty prank on him. He would be away in Italy for two weeks starting last Friday. Emily decided we should all hold our poop in until Saturday (it was a Sunday), and then when Paul wouldn't be there, we would poop so much we would clog his toilet. I thought everyone would be disgusted with this idea at first, except for me, who liked the idea of playing a prank on Paul, who was always playing tricks on me. Everyone loved the idea and said they would do it. All of the six other girls came to my house in a pack last Satu! rday, and the first thing Julie said was how much she had to poop. She said she had been waiting the whole week to do it and she couldn't wait any longer. I led the six girls into Paul's bathroom, and Julie immediately lifted the seat up, pulled her skirt up, and sat down. She started with this long thunderclap of a fart, which really stunk. Then she leaned forward on the seat, and pushed out three really long logs, about a foot for each in rapid succession. She said she felt so much better, but we told her not to wipe, as we didn't want our soon to be enormous pile to be clouded with toilet paper. Laura then shouted, "I have to go next! I took Senokot this morning!" She pulled her skirt down to her knees, and sat on the toilet. She immediately started shitting this very liquidy poop, that lasted for about 5 minutes, and then she let out one long log about 11". It really stunk in there, but we were all bearing it. I went next. Instead of sitting down. I squatted! over the seat. I usually am better at making extra long logs if I don't sit. All of the other girls stood behind the toilet to watch me from close up. First, I made this gigantic fart that lasted for about 10 seconds. Tami, who was behind me, said, "It stinks, Michelle!" I started working this very long log out methodically and slowly, for about 30 seconds. When it finally fell, it was about 2 feet. Emily then shouted, "I really have to go! Can I go now!" I said, wait Em, there's more to come." I sure meant what I said. I then ripped another really juicy fart, and let out some very slimy and smelly diarrhea for a really long time - about 3 minutes, in which Emily could bear it no longer, and sat down on the toilet. Somehow she avoided my stream of diarrhea, which finally stopped. Emily actually didn't start shitting for a while after she sat down, but she made a lot of long, loud, and very smelly farts. She definitely pooped the most out of the seven of us. A! fter what seemed like an eternity, a 15" long log dropped, followed by four other really long logs at least a foot for each. Then she made this really huge pile of semi-soft poop covering the whole surface of the toilet and about 4 inches high. She then said, "I feel at least ten pounds lighter." Sara then plopped onto the toilet without even announcing it. She pooped out first a 10 incher, and then a series of spastic farts and diarrhea for about a minute and a half. She topped it off with another foot long log. Renee then shrieked out, "I'm going to go in my panties if I don't go now!" She quickly pulled down her pants and panties. Although Renee probably pooped the least of us, she pooped by far the longest log, maybe even three feet long. It was well past the roof of the toilet seat. Only Tami was left. She then sat down on the toilet and released about four 10" to foot long logs, before being hit with a cramp and letting go some really loose and liquidy poop.! She topped the session off with a super long 16" log. THe place sure stunk like a sewer. The toilet was covered with poop, with several logs poking out of the liquidy poop, and then Renee's huge one reaching past the toiletbowl. When we were done, we all high-fived each other, and hurried off to my bathroom to wipe ourselves. Sara needed the most toilet paper, and Renee needed the least. This sure was a blast. We hope to maybe do this again. I wonder what Paul will think when he comes back. Luckily, I won't be there when he sees his bathroom and says, "Michelle, I can't believe you did this."

I'll see you all later!

To Ali - I really enjoyed reading your story. Actually while I was reading it, I got the urge to pee so hold on I’ll be right back-------okay, that feels much better. I also have peed in my pajama bottoms before, however, I wasn’t squatting outside like you were. I woke up one morning, and I had to pee like you would not believe it. I had to go sooo bad!! I had know idea how I even made it to the bathroom, but once I did, I lifted the seat up, and sat down. Immediately, I started peeing right through my panties and my pajama bottoms. It was a long pee too. It took forever, and it was really sticky inside them when I was done. Can’t wait to hear more stories from you. Hugz and kissez.

Ash - I’ve been thinking, and maybe for your “dare” poop you can dig a hole somewhere in your woods and squat over it, and take a poop in there. And when you’re done, you can cover the hole back up. Just a suggestion. Hugz and kissez.

I can’t really remember any recent interesting stories about pooping, so I guess this is it for now. I am still really excited about taking my first outdoor crap, that I might even try it again later this week!!! But I pooped 2 times on Saturday, and 2 times on Sunday, so if I even have to go this week, it won’t be until Thursday or maybe even Friday. And Friday we’re going to a party. Oh well! Later everyone.


Hola mis amigos,

Well, it seems that me and Jake have worked out our differences and he wants me to move back home. This hot, tiny apartment was only good for a month! So many things have been changing so fast. As for me, it'll be good to be back with Renee and Patsy and my little Malita again. Great stories as usual! Keep up the action everybody.
LAUREN: Great outdoor poop story!
ALICIA: Also a great story! Wish I could've been there to keep you company. I've noticed that my poop always smells worse when I go outside. I guess there's no water to submerge the turds in. Whenever I'm with somebody, they always smell it and go "Eeeewwww Carmalita!" I do love the excitement of getting caught though, and if I know guys are around, or coming along the trail, I'll let them catch me pooing.

Nu's taking a really long shit right now. I can smell it seeping into my room here. It's really wierd, it smells like a combo of meat and pineapple. I heard her plop a giant turd a few seconds ago and she grunted really hard after. It must've been a big one. Yesterday, Jo was over here, and she took quite a healthy dump (man did it stink!) and the door was partially open. I could hear her turds coming out then splashing as she grunted. I teased her by going "Rrrrrnnnnn!" and from the half open door, I saw her round, naked ass shift slightly, then she stuck her arm outside the door long enough to flip me the middle finger!
Also, Nu came in to brush her teeth while I was doing one of my biggest, and most raunchy smelling poos of all time. It was funny because she was brushing away, then reached up with her other hand to plug her nose. I also clogged the toilet with a really fat and long turd. It hurt my little bumhole coming out. Owwy!
Oh well, gotta run and pack! I hope my honey Jake remembers how to use a plunger LOL! My landlord's going to refund my deposits. Cool, huh!
Everyone says hi!

To Alicia - I am an 18-year-old male, and I honestly cant remember ever having to take a crap outside. When I was younger, I'd do it on purpose just to do it, but it has never been necessary. I guess I'm just good at holding it.

To Peeboy - Loved your story about being desperate to pee on the road. It's happened to me several times. By the way, how old are you?

To Gotta go potty! - Liked your story from school. Have you had any more accidents either in or out of school since you were 12? Please post!


Oh WOW again – too many good postings I want to reply to, so I keep running out of time to post a story of my own.

To CHELLYBELLY – Hey, thanks for the suggestion on a place for a dare poop. How about, if you do your lap top thing, I will do the floor thing. Then we can both tell how it all turned out.

To ANNETTE – Glad to hear my crossed legs position worked for you. I find it’s a good way to hold my pee as well. Like you, I have had to hold it in at school many many times and I find it best if I lean back in my seat with my legs crossed and stretched out in front. This way I can really hold it in even when it’s pushing very very hard to come out. Problem is I have also been told off by the teacher for slouching and if my poo hasn’t gone back inside and stopped pushing to come out, I have found myself in real trouble. PS glad you had a nice poo afterwards. PPS – I have to wear a skirt to school because we have a uniform.

To MARY JO – Glad to see I’m not the only one who appreciates skirts and dresses. They are fantastic for keeping modesty and they don’t get messed up either with poop or pee. The first time I had to use a doorless stall at another school I just had soccer shorts on and they offer no protection one they are pulled down. And yes, I have peed and pooped in my panties and there’s no poop bulge and no damp pee stain showing with a skirt. At least provided you are not sitting when it comes out.

To DAN – Thanks for your suggestions about where I could do a dare poop. I’m not sure I want to do a poo where someone else has to clean it up. But I will do a dare poop, I promise, and I will post it.

To PEEBOY – Liked your story. It’s OK for you guys when you take a pee, you can just sort of take it out and shoot and nobody really sees anything. If we are wearing pants we have to take them down just to pee so we can’t do it almost anyplace like you can. Even if we are wearing a skirt or dress its still a big problem.

To BRYIAN – Glad you liked my story about helping Mel (my sister) in the woods. BTW, we are both blonde and we both go to the same private school in Georgia. And NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY does Mel know I wrote about her. She would have a major major S**t fit. But like I said before, we see each other all the time pooping at home. And yes I will do a dare poop – I like the idea of squatting behind something and I promise I will let you know all about it when I do it.

To RAGING UROPHILE – I’m not sure most of us really would like to use a unisex bathroom. Anyway, I know I would feel uncomfortable and I don’t know whether I would be able to get used to it. I think a lot of guys would try and take advantage and would try and spy, or even use it as an excuse to show things they shouldn’t.

Love to all – from Ash xxx

Traveling Guy
I ate lunch in one of the campus dining commons the other day so I could get back to work quickly. These places are busier now that the big summer session has started. I couldn't help overhearing the energetic conversation of four female students at the next table who had recently moved into a once male-only dorm. (It's split by floors now.) They were so engrossed in their topic that they didn't notice me. They were talking about the urinals in the toilet rooms and how some girls thought it was cool to use them. There was a little debate among them about "facing or backing up," and it seems that users did both. Yes, I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but I couldn't help overhearing. I'd been told by friends on housing staff that these are wall-mounted urinals that project out at the bottom in a U shape (not the flat, against the wall type) and I'd wondered if the females who live there now ever use them. Seems they do. Maybe in the long term this is an important part o! f these students' education, in terms of Arthur's recent survey.

The family went to a drive-in movie this weekend. What a beautiful, starlit night it was! The first film of the double feature was "Rug Rats Go Wild" - way too juvenile for our gang, but we had some good laughs at the social commentary. What interested me, though, was the number of poop/pee/fart jokes in the film, which is basically aimed at ages 5-11, or so. Nothing new about that in recent films, but it seems that bodily functions are really coming out into the open in the media. Sure, it's not the most sophisticated humor, but I think we're really on the way to treating the topic more openly, and that's a good thing.

The drive-in's men's room had two stalls and two urinals crammed into a small space. As I was peeing, to my left I could see a pair of tiny shoes dangling down behind the stall door, and I heard some straining. When I entered, I noticed what I thought to be a waiting mom just outside, so when I left I said to her - this is a very family-friendly place - "He's on the job, but it may take him a while yet." She laughed and thanked me for the report.

Scared Shitless - I hope that others here have convinced you by now to see a doctor. I add my encouragement to theirs. Please update us.

the "HOLD IT" man - Sorry, I was feeling a little whimsical the day I replied to your post. You were right to be upset at the employee who walked in on you. I might not have been as upset as you were, but in truth I wouldn't have been as laid-back about it as I wrote. It was a nasty intrusion on your privacy for her to knowlingly violate the "occupied" sign.

Welcome to our "newbies" and keep your stories coming! - TG

Dan H
Ash-what makes you hole sore is all that wipping espicially with low quility tp.

Traveling Guy-i think the reason that female urinals didn't catch on was because you had to undress just as much to use them and many women thought them to be un sanatary because of the same cup thing sharred by all the useres but not sure

Adam-have you seen a doctor about your problem that might be the best thing you can do about it.

Dan H
Ash-what makes you hole sore is all that wipping espicially with low quility tp.

Traveling Guy-i think the reason that female urinals didn't catch on was because you had to undress just as much to use them and many women thought them to be un sanatary because of the same cup thing sharred by all the useres but not sure

Adam-have you seen a doctor about your problem that might be the best thing you can do about it.

hey ive been lurking around this sight for about a year now and... wait let me describe myself im 12 years old male and im posting because of tina's post

tina hey i just read your post and i feel sorry for you i think that is mean and cruel that the 2 hour thing and i was wandering what state do you live in see ya bye


Miss Belinda
ASH: I knew I wasn't alone, I think either noone admits it or they just take it for granted, but a good poo feels good. I like a turd that is firm, smooth and long. I weigh about 120 and my husband can't understand why my poo poo is so big and long, although he doesn't complain about it, I think it turns him on a bit because he sure loves hanging around while I'm on the commode. There is another thing I like to do also while I'm reading, I like to let a turd get about halfway out and just leave it hanging for a while. I find this very pleasurable because when I do get ready to push it the rest of the way out, it gives my ring a nice throb afterwards. I think this is one of the main reasons why I stink the bathroom up sometimes is because of the slow moving poo poo is suspended and left to air out for however long I let it hang.

the "HOLD IT" man
I have to tell you a funny story that happened to me last Saturday. I was cruising on my bike. I was on Interstate 80, just a couple of miles east of Morris Illinios and I realy had to take a dump. It was so bad, in fact, that I was about to shit my pants. I travel that road often, and I knew there was a rest area near by, so I twisted my throttle and took it up to about 90 mph to save my jeans.

I was passing everything on the road, passed an unmarked police car right at the enterence to the rest area, went into the rest area, parked the bike, ran to the mens room, took down my pants, and proceeded to do my business. I heard foot steps and then some one came into the washroom, walked over to my rest room stall and knocked. "Occupied" I said. "Police officer" came the answer. "Is there anything wrong, Officer?" I asked. "Are you the one who ownes the Valkyrie?" he asked. "Yes I am?" I answered. "Do you know how fast you were going? And don't tell me 70 or 80." Knowing that it was useless to lie, I said: "Officer, I know I was doing close to 90, but I realy had to take a crap." then he asked for my license. "I'll meet you out by your motorcycle when you are finished." he said. I'll maya be here for a little while" I said. "That's okay. I'll be waiting outside when you finish."

It did end up taking me about 10 more minutes before I was done. When I got out, the officer was waiting by the bike. He asked "What do think would happen if something went wrong at 90?" I gave the obvious answer; "I would be dead." "That's stating it mildly. It would most assuredly be your last motorcycle ride. Do you have an insurance card?" I produced my insurance card, he checked it out, then handed me back the card and my licence. "You are getting a real break this time, but the next time, you are getting the ticket, no arguments. Oh, and keep in mind, toilet accidents are safer then traffic accidents." he said. I answered with an imediate "Yes sir" and we were on our way.

Scared Shitless:

If you were my boyfriend or anyone I cared about, I would SPANK YOUR BUTT!! <lol> But, on a serious note, blood in the urine can mean Cancer, Bladdr injury, Kidney injury, Kidney stones, and a whole host of very serious medical problems. I realize your fear. I encounter it all the time, especialy in older people who haven't been to a hospital since the 50's or 60's and have suffered traumaticly. It may also be something minor. Sometimes when you over exert yourself, you irritate the inner lining of the bladder. IN ANY CASE, SEE A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! If you don't the results can be disasterous.


your story reminds me of something I read on this forum, I can't remember who posted it, about a guy who rode a motorcycle through the desert during the summer time. In hot weather, the body will often use the skin as a 3rd Kidney. GROSS OUT TIME. Piss and swear are CHEMICALY IDENTICLE. That means, that when you sweat, the waste liquids are comming out your pours instead of ending up in your bladder. That's how sweating causes you to stink. That could be a big part of the reason why your Aunt didn't need to use the toilet. Back in my school days, the school I attended were among the very last to get air conditioning, and when the weather was very hot like in September or May, alot of people who are usualy running to the rest room every 2 or 3 hours seem to have better control. Then the cold weather hits, and they are back to their normal routine.

Hold it Man:

My sentiments exactly. There is a huge difference between going to a "pee party or contest" held in a private club or home, and some careless teenager opening you up for all to see and gape at. If I were the manager of that KFC, I would have fired that girl.

Raging Uraphile:

That's pretty high praise for us. Thanks you. I allways knew that I had superb abilities with bladder control, but I never thought of it as the 8th wonder of the world. As for standing or sitting, it is more common for women to take a squating position, even though their butts do rest on the toilet seat, they are actualy squatting, not sitting in the usual sense. I have peed from alot of different positions, including standing. (Remember my camp fire story) but the best way for me is to squat, either over the ground, container, or on the toilet. If you ever do see a woman peeing while "sitting" down, you will notice that she is leaning forward. Alot of guys think it's 'cute' but it is also t he best way for alot of women to pee. Just check out the pics on this forum. Not all those girls are crapping.


I could not find the story I posted about my very first peeing contest, but it's wrather lengthy. Let me know if you saw it or not. If not, I will try to re post it.


Monday, June 30, 2003

Final Update before pooing competition.
Its on – its in the swimming change rooms, and its tomorrow afternoon at 17h00. We both will be wearing long dresses so that Jason (Cindy’s brother) can be there to judge, and can’t see anything that we don’t want him too. We’ve said that he must poo as well, so that he hasn’t got anything on us that we don’t have on him, but he’s definitely NOT part of the competition between Cindy and me. Cindy goes first of us two (after Jason) into a potty (we’ve bought 3, one for each of us), and then Jason scores the poo based on the scoresheet. Once he’s finished I poo, and Jason scores it. Then he will go through the scores with us, and we can ‘appeal’. Each potty will be kept until the final scores are agreed, and then we’ll flush them. I poo’ed this morning but will skip tomorrow morning, and avoid all heavy exercise tomorrow until after we’ve poo’ed – I DON”T want any accidents. I will let you know the results. The final scorecard Jason is going to use and give us marks from 0! – 10 is below:
1. Length of longest single piece of poo
2. Thickness of poo
3. Weight of (Jason will bring his mom’s kitchen scale)
4. Smell during and after pooing
5. Best noises while pooing (includes straining, noise the poo makes coming out, but not farting)
6. Best facial expressions while pooing
7. Best farts while pooing.
8. Dirtiest bum after pooing (he will have to judge this from the toilet paper which we will show him after each wipe)
9. Longest time taken from start to finish - just sitting after the poo DEFINITELY doesn't count has to actually be pooing. (Cindy and I will watch each other’s bum to make sure that we are each still pooing)
10. Most pieces of poo
11. Colour of poo
12. Texture of poo
Wish me luck, I really want to out-poo Cindy… giggle…

Ash - Hmmm, maybe you can do a dare poop on the floor somewhere in your house or maybe even your bathroom. How bout the floor in your bathtub? If you do, remember to put a newspaper or some kinda paper under there lol, or things could get a little messy. About my laptop idea, well I already pooped yesterday, and my dad left his laptop at work by mistake. So if I do, it won't be until Monday. I'm still playing with the idea if I should or not. This is all i'm gunna reallly say for now, hope everything works out with that "dare" place. Peace......


I'm a 25 years old female with blond hair and a quite nice body. Once I was camping with a few friends in the woods at a warm summerday. We had a nice barbecue and lots of beer. After the barbecue a got a funky feeling in my guts. It was for sure, I need a toilet soon. A friend of mine was looking at me and ask if I had to go to the toilet. She had to go too. So we went together in the deeper woods and i hoped that she had to shit, too. If she only had to pee it would be very disgusting if I take a massiv dump. So we found a spot an got our pants down. I waited would would happend. My friend sudenly farted loudly and my shiness was gone. I let it loose and a big turd left my butt. It was an amazing feeling out in the woods. We both took a good dump and went back to our friends.

I work in a office and like to hear storys about the Ladies room in other offices. If you want i have more of these storys. Maybe some have also nice office storys.

hi, me again

I often have to use toilets in mals and stations. Has anyone storys about Ladies in public toilets.


Scared Shitless: There are many reasons. You might have had a previous kidney or bladder injury. Get medical help immediately.


Out of curiousity I tried your preferred method of holding poop in. I was at home and had the urge to go while I was fixing my hair and putting on my makeup. I was kind of flustrated because I had already had a shower and would have preferred to poop before I took a shower so I could have been real clean back there. Anyway, as the urge grew stronger I crossed my legs and tightened my butt cheeks. I was in no real danger of having an accident because my toilet was right beside of me. I had to go fairly bad but after a while my poop receded back inside of me. It worked. I went ahead and sat on my toilet and pushed out a medium sized poop. I had to be at work in a few hours and didn't want to have to go again there.

As for my preferred method: At school I used to lean forward in my seat with my legs together and stretched all the way out. I would arch my back with my shoulders touching the back of my chair. I could really tighten my buns in this position and the chair seat offered additional resistance. I looked like I was being lazy or really relaxing but in reality I was holding back a poop. I would go at school, especially pee, but sometimes I was forced to hold it in.


I was wearing navy dress pants and they didn't stain or anything.

To the nameless poster who made the comment about using pictures of President Bush to wipe's funny but I had the same feeling when Clinton and Carter occupied the White House. Of course, they both left such a stench behind when they left office that NO amount of wiping could clean up their mess.

Hey, I just took my first outdoor poop in my entire life (I’m 16)!! Well, actually it was yesterday, but last night I spent the whole night basically trying to find a site where I could tell people about it. This site popped up, so after reading a few posts, I’m ready!! Yesterday afternoon, my best friend Danielle and I planned to go to the mall. The mall is not too far away from where I live, so instead of having one of our parents drive us, we just walked there. We arrived at the mall around 12:30 p.m, and we were both starving, so we had some lunch. Danielle had a slice of pizza and a salad, while I had chicken teriyaki. It was delicious, but also very filling. We both emptied our trays, and then walked around for about an hour. During that time, we had found an ice cream place in the mall, so we both had a small ice cream cone. We were both bored out of our mind, so we then decided to go home. Before, however, Danielle said that she had to pee so she went to t! he girls bathroom. I also had a small urge to pee, but I figured that I would just go once I got back home. Turned out to be a bad idea. After Danielle had came back from the bathroom, we left. I guess it was the walking that made me have to pee more. But now, another problem began to haunt me. I could start to feel my ???? rumbling, and I had to take a crap! We were in the parking lot, and I really didn’t wanna go back inside the mall, so I tried to hold it as long as I could. I could feel the tip of a big piece of poop starting to slowly ease out of me, but I tried as hard as I could to hold it back. I was now walking with my legs sort of shaking, and Danielle noticed that something was wrong. She asked me if I was okay, and I told her that I had to take a major crap! We were walking along the side of a road, and she told me that I could go in the woods and she would stay here. I had never pooped outside before, and I was kinda turned-on by the thought of goin! g outside. So, I ran deep into the woods. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I didn’t care. I finally found a somewhat nice spot, so I very carefully pulled up my white mini-skirt, but it was very uncomfortable. Instead of having to keep holding it up the whole time, I just took off my skirt completely. I then hastily slid my white panties down to my ankles. Oh yeah, the designs on my panties I wore that day were really fancy. They were full white with a few light purple hearts on them, and some dark red hearts. They were very pretty! Anyway, I was now really nervous and beginning to wonder if I really should go outside. But I just had to. I then squatted, and the tips of the grass were tickling my butt. It actually felt kinda neat. There was a small branch next to me, so I grabbed it with my right hand so I wouldn’t tip over. I closed my eyes, and without any pushing, my poop started to fall out of me. The first two pieces fell pretty quickly and landed wit! h a “thuddd” sound onto the ground beneath my ass. They were each about 8” inches long, and sort of soft. I have to admit though, it felt wonderful the way they slid out of me. Damn! lol. I then started to pee a little, and the harder I pushed, the more I peed. My eyes were still closed, and I wasn’t even looking to see if anyone was coming in my direction. I really could care less if anyone saw me, because we all do it so there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. My feet began to hurt a little, so I stood up and squatted again, and I squatted just in time, because a third piece already started falling from me. By the time my butt was just above the grass, that third piece fell on top of the others. I was so excited by now, and I was lucky that I had a pack of tissues in my purse, or else I would have to go home with a dirty butt crack and that’s nasty. I wiped 5 times, and I tossed every piece of toilet paper on top of my pile of poop. Then, I pulled my panties back! up around my waist, and stood up. I was still a little cautious because if anyone came, they would see me with only my panties on, and depending on the type of person you are, you could very easily get embarrassed by that. I started walking back to the road, and once the road was in sight, I went to get some gum from my pocket. Then, it happened. “Oh shit!” I thought to myself. I had realized that I left my skirt back there. Hahahaha!!!! I ran back, eventually to find my skirt, which was leaning on a long log. I picked it up and put it on, then finally returned to Danielle. We then continued walking home together, and that was basically it. Now this leads me to a question for everyone. When you crapped for the first time outside, were you shy or open about doing it? And feel free to share any stories about your first time going outside too. Thanks. P.S - I just wanna say that I love all of the wonderful stories here!!


Has anyone ever played "hold it" with a friend, particularly when desperate to pee? If so, please post it with the ages of the people involved. Here's mine:

Once my friend Brian and I played a version of "hold it." It happened 4 years ago when I was 14 and he was 13, and it was in my basement. A couple of days before the day in question, we were playing ping-pong down there when I had to pee bad. We were having fun and I didnt want to go upstairs, so during a break I just went to a corner, unzipped, and just pissed right on the cellar floor. Brian was pretty surprised both that I did it, and at the puddle that it caused on the floor. From then on, the goal became keeping the ball out of my piss.

Well, a couple days later we were back in the basement playing ping-pong again, and this time Brian had to pee pretty bad. He had previously agreed that he would match me and piss on the cellar floor after I did, if he were to need to go when down there. So he asked me where he should pee when I decided to raise the stakes a little. I told him that I would give him 5 bucks if he could stand perfectly still for 5 minutes and keep his blue jeans dry. Despite the fact that he was doing a lot of fidgeting already, Brian agreed to the challange. I had him put his hands on his sides, and the time started. One minute, two minutes, three minutes, and he was shaking with a pained expression on his face, and his teeth were clenched. After four minutes, I was starting to get worried, but Brian was starting to suck air now. I know he was totally desperate to piss now. With 30 seconds left, Brian's hands went to his dick while he said, "Shit, I can't hold it anymore. I don't want to ! piss my jeans, where should I go?" As a wet spot appeared at his crotch, I told him to go anywhere, so he hobbled over to the wall and just pissed his brains out. I think his puddle was bigger than mine, and since he had started to pee his pants, I won the bet.

It was a pretty fun time.


mary jo
I was reading a post on the first page of old posts about kids having accidents in a grocery story. If it was from a long time ago, maybe the poster saw me. I did poop my panties once in a similar situation. I must have been 5 or 6, and was shopping with my mom when I had to go. I was always embarrassed about using public bathrooms, so I didn't say anything. Then suddenly, it was too late, I went in my panties. Fortunately it was firm enough that it stayed in the seat of my panties. I tried to hide my accident but my mom soon smelled it and asked if I had done something in my pants. Of course I lied and said no. She said I think you have and felt my bottom, then there was no hiding it. She told me I should have told her I had to go, and then told me I was just going to have to stay poopy until we got home. It was probably only another 10 minutes or so, but it felt like hours walking around the store with my pants full of poop. one lady even had the nerve to tell my mom I sho! uld be in diapers if I still pooped in my pants. Finally we checked out and left, for the walk home. As I walked beside my mom, I had to keep pulling my shorts up because my panties were sagging from the load. I also wet my panties a few times while I was out playingThis happemed most of the time when I was wearing dresses. Then, I could just squat, hold my dress out of the way and pee thru my panties and go back to playing. No one coild tell my panties were wet.


Out of curiousity I tried your preferred method of holding poop in. I was at home and had the urge to go while I was fixing my hair and putting on my makeup. I was kind of flustrated because I had already had a shower and would have preferred to poop before I took a shower so I could have been real clean back there. Anyway, as the urge grew stronger I crossed my legs and tightened my butt cheeks. I was in no real danger of having an accident because my toilet was right beside of me. I had to go fairly bad but after a while my poop receded back inside of me. It worked. I went ahead and sat on my toilet and pushed out a medium sized poop. I had to be at work in a few hours and didn't want to have to go again there.

As for my preferred method: At school I used to lean forward in my seat with my legs together and stretched all the way out. I would arch my back with my shoulders touching the back of my chair. I could really tighten my buns in this position and the chair seat offered additional resistance. I looked like I was being lazy or really relaxing but in reality I was holding back a poop. I would go at school, especially pee, but sometimes I was forced to hold it in.


I was wearing navy dress pants and they didn't stain or anything.

HI i'm a teenage boy i'm 15 actually and i'm interested in gilrs farting. I recently was in class. and i heard the girl in behind me loose out a short pop one. I turned round to look at her and i said was that you, did u just trump. She said yeh and got embarrassed.

I just wondered if any body else had any stories about girls letting off.


Cute Linda RS- just saw your post and wanted to clear something up billy is the boy and mandy is the girl bi\lly is the insanly stupid one and mandy is the smart one. and the shows name is the adventures of grim and evil just wanted to clear that up

Scared Shitless-how old are you are you a boy or a girl i'm not a docter or anything like that but that info might help them

Ash-you could do one at the mall like mentioned in some posts here, at movies or just about anyplace public

Arthur-survy resulats
1. i have wondered what it would be like to go to the bathroom has a girl with the pussy and all.
3.the longest i have ever had to wait in my life was at least 10 min because the was many people in front of me and only one stall.
4. about 5 to 6 min on aravege
7.i would deffintly use unisex bathrooms i thik i might shorten bathroom lines if there was the unisex and then womens and mens on the sides of it.
11. no that has never happened to me but it has to one of my friends that never happened to me.
13.i would sit on a toilet to poo if someone else had pooped in it becaue that stuff dosn'e bug me a bit i mean we're all going there to do the same thing right.
14.i used to think the same thing until i was 6 when i watched my girl cosin pee i haven't been spied on in a public bathroom that i know of but then thats the whole point of spieing right that no one knows about it
16.once at one of my brothers base ball games someone i knew tried to tip the portopottie over when i was in it but i manged to get out in time.
17.yes it makes me have to gome much more some times to where i can't hold it i rember in 6th grad last year there was this girl in my class that had to go but the teacher wouldn't let her and she sat in front of me and i started singing that one song i'm sure that everyone here has heard it you know gota go gota go gota go right now gota go gota go gota go
18.poop is the hardest to hold in for me because when i get the urge i have maby a half hour or less to go

unnamed-poster i hope that your in our country when you said that rember what happend to the dixi chicks

john-they could tape it and have him watch the tape

Buccaneers Fan- good story abput your cosion tell us some more in the near future
looks like theres another dan here so i'll be Dan H from now on
thats all for now bye

Does anyone remember the Beavis and Butthead episode when they are talking on the couch and Beavis says.
"Yeah, I walked up to this girl and told her I had big turds. I was like "hey baby, I have big turds want to see them." but she freaked out and ran away.
Then Butthead says "Beavis, you dumbass, chicks don't care about how big your turds are its how big your weiner is."
Then Beavis says, "Oh really, well I'll be dammed."

Then theres another episode where there at a gas station and a lady goes into the bathroom, and they go up and listen and I guess they hear a plop because they start laughing at butthead says "plop".

Well enough about Beavis and Butthead, last night was fun. I took a dump on the 50 yard line of our stadium. Next fall when the football games start, I can be like "Hey I pooped in the middle of that field."

Ali - that would be nice to hear some more stories!!!! Thanx

Hi guys and gals!

Alicia, good account of your first outdoor dump! You want to hear about others? Here is mine:

My first time to poo outdoors without it being an accident was when I was about seven. I was in a park with my sister; our mother had taken us there to play outside. She sat on a bench with a magazine whilst my sis and I played I don’t remember what. Suddenly my sis stopped in her tracks and said to me in her low voice reserved for such occasions, ‘I need to go poop!’ ‘So do I!’ We both started to search for a suitable spot, the excitement of the search alone increasing the urge to go so much, that I remember only to be able to hobble along in tiny steps, butt cheeks clamped tight, when we heard our mother call: ‘Don’t go away too far!’ We promised to stay close. There were some bushes in front of a wall just a few yards aside and behind our mother’s bench. We carefully crawled in between the bushes and the wall and looked at each other grinning. With one flowing movement my sis had her dress up, panties down to her knees, herself lowered to a squat and the first tur! d on the ground before I had even unbuttoned my pants! I found girls’ clothes so much more practical! By the time I had my pants down to my knees, my sis was peeing her little arc which landed in front of her log. Now I had never squatted to shit before. And I was desperate. I just swooped down into a squat, the first log already shooting out of my bottom, when I lost my balance and tipped over backwards. I could only just stretch out my arms behind my back and prop myself up on my hands. It was a good thing that there were no prickles where my hands hit the ground! Now I was on all fours, belly up, a long log sliding speedily out of my bum barely missing my pants, when pee began to squirt out of my willy in a thin fountain out of control to arc up and over to my left side. I quickly shifted my weight on to my left hand to try to free my right and grab my willy. This made my body tilt so that my willy sort of flopped over to my right bringing the pee stream with it and givin! g my midriff a good wetting. I was now squirting over to my right side before I managed to get a hold on things.
We both wiped with leaves from the bushes, but as these were of a shiny kind, the results were - we might just have skipped the wiping business. After we had pulled up our pants and rearranged our clothes – again, it took me longer than my sis to do this - we admired our outputs. My sis had left a ramrod-straight, dark brown and slightly knobbly log with a blunt and a pointy end, and a circular damp spot. Thinking back it looked like a big exclamation mark. Mine was softer looking and lighter brown in colour, but also laid out straight due to my near-fall backwards, but with a damp spot on each side. It looked like a division sign. We both found it great fun, and we soon had our special secret pee and poo places. I do not think that our mother ever knew the extent of what we were up to.

Hi PV, dear, good joke! In the right company of people you know well, and in the right mood after some drinks, it could be less risqué. What happened to your beach wee story 2003? Have I missed it? Hugs from the other side of the planet!

Tim, the second part of my story turned out to be too dull. I’ll leave that until I find the right mood again.
My last post with the surprise dump into my hand happened like I had written it, except that I wrote the part about excusing myself after I came back from the toilet, I was in such a hurry. Papaya has this effect on me. I tried it again, but this time I added some rum as well as the lime juice and not as much chili powder. It was a better tasting and a little ‘tamer’ version, meaning, the shit on the morning after was less expolsive. It is summer, the time of the year when we eat even more vegetables and fruit than usual. The results are superb! And not always runny. Soon I’ll be under way again and I intend to make a detour to see my friends of yore in the pretty lake-side town I mentioned. And yes, parenthood implies being peed at and puked and shat on! It doesn’t matter a bit! Hugs to you and Sarah from Rizzo

Carmalita, hi dear! That was some party you described! How did you all manage only to squeeze out your logs and not to pee a drop? Did you wring yourselves out thoroughly dry before the competition? Good to read that you and Jake are back on closer speaking terms. Besos, Rizzo

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