Wow Ė lots and lots of interesting things to answer this time.

To PUNK ROCK GIRL Ė Liked your ďjust-in-timeĒ story. Iíve also had my butt get REAL sore, especially after diarrhea. Iíve never understood what makes it sore, does anyone have any ideas?. Iíve had my ring hurt real bad when Iíve had to do a poo that was too big and I can understand that.

To MELISSA Ė I donít know how to approach anyone and just ask, I would be too embarrassed. But my best friend and me pee and poo together at our homes and in public restrooms Ė like at the mall. We just sort of started doing it more by accident, no one really asked. I think your best friends would be easiest to get to share with.

To CUTE LINDA Ė Hey I liked ďWhisperĒ for pee. Never heard that before. I think you might be right though, ďPuppyĒ was probably a nice word her mom gave her so she didnít have to say poop.

To RYAN Ė Hey, Iím 15. But Iím sooo busy in summer vac, I donít get much time to post here. But I do try and read everything.

To ANONYMOUS Ė I was never afraid to poop but my mom did give me and my sis laxatives. In fact she still does.

To BETHANY Ė I liked your story about your poop not flushing away properly. I feel sort of embarrassed as well when mine doesnít go away. Especially at home, because I really donít want my dad to see my huge poops I do sometimes. At school Iíve had some really big ones that wouldnít flush away and Iíve just left them because I donít think anyone can say it was me that left it there. At home my mom says Ė if you leave skid marks in the bowl Ė clean it with the brush. Also, Iím like you, I get grossed out a bit seeing other peoples poop in the toilet.

To STARSTRUCK Ė Our mom gives my sis and me plenty of fiber for breakfast cereal and sometimes she gives us prunes. The other thing I have noticed is that a lot of exercise helps. I used to a cheerleader and than a soccer player and both those made me go on many occasions. I will try and post some of that here as soon as I can.

To MISS BELINDA Ė I liked your reply to Chelsea. Iím only 15 and kinda skinny (I weigh about 100 pounds), but like you, I do really big poops. Also I only do a poo about twice or three times a week. And yes, I Iove the feeling as a really big firm poo eases its way out. I especially like the feeling I get as my butt opens real slowly to let it come out. I donít force it or push either. My favorites are the ones that come out real slow all on their own while I just relax and enjoy it.

To JW Ė I think the last time my mom actually helped me while I was doing a poo was when I was 5 or 6. But my mom my sis and me walk in and out of our bathrooms at home while someone is pooping. My best friend and me sometimes go together and sometimes if one of us is having a real difficult time, we will rub each otherís ???? or back and just give encouragement.

To ARTHUR Ė Liked your survey. Tried to answer most questions.

1.Has anyone here ever wondered what it would be like to go to the bathroom as the opposite sex?
Iíve had to go to a shared restroom and I was soooo embarrassed. I just didnít want guys listening to me or knowing I was pooping.

2.I've heard that lines to the women's bathroom can sometimes be 20 minutes or longer while men have no lines.
Iíve had to wait lots of times in lines while my dad has been in and out with no problem. I hate it because Iíve had so many near accidents and even actual accidents. Itís not fair at all. Boo Hoo!!!!

3.What's the longest line you've ever had to wait in line to use the bathroom?
Donít know, I think about 20 or 30 minutes. It seemed forever because I needed to poo kinda bad and I had to hold it in standing in line. It was embarrassing because everyone could see I needed to poo.

4.How long do you have to wait in line on average, if at all?
Donít usually have to wait long at the malls I got to. Even when I do itís usually only a minute or two.

5.How many women here squat or hover over the seat to go to the bathroom?
I only squat over the seat if itís dirty and I need to pee because I donít like cleaning someone elseís mess of the seat. If I need to poo I like to sit so I will hold it as long as it takes to find a clean seat.

6.Have you ever wet yourself because someone tickled you?
Yes and because I just laughed so hard. I recently posted about peeing myself at school because I was laughing so hard.

7.How many here would use a unisex restroom (with stalls etc.)? Also do you think it'd lessen bathroom lines?
Iíve used a unisex bathroom but I didnít like it much. Donít know if it would make lines shorter. I donít think menís rooms have many stalls so it wouldnít help much.

9. Did you ever sit down to pee but then had to poop?
Iím almost never have a ďsurprise poopĒ because I hold my poo in until I decide to let it out. So I always know whether Iím going to do a poo or just a pee. I always start to pee straight away and quite often the nose of my poo will start poking out while Iím peeing. Usually my poo is long and firm and I donít like pushing it out. I mean I like to let it come out how it wants to come out which is usually nice and slow. It feels much more enjoyable that way. So I almost always finish peeing well before much of my poo is sticking out. And yes I can hold a poo in while I pee provided I donít want to go too bad. I just squeeze and stop peeing and force my poo to go back in then I start peeing again.

10. Do you make a woman who is taking a long time to poop get up?
No Ė you canít ask someone to get up while their poo is coming out. If there is a long line and Iím in one of the stalls doing a poo, I might push a little bit so I donít take too long because I know what itís like to wait desperately.

11.Have you ever been on a line to the bathroom and someone torments you because they know you have to go?
Yes Ė my best friend did that to me once and she made me wait until my turtlehead was sticking out.

12.Has anyone ever purposely caused you to lose your place in line at the bathroom?
Not really, canít remember any time that mattered.

13.Would you sit on a toilet to pee or poo even if it wouldn't flush and other people had pooped in it?
Only if the alternate was to poo in my panties. Other peoples poo in the bowl kinda grosses me out.

15.Have you ever been spied on in a public bathroom?
Yes I have had to use doorless stalls and Iíve seen people come up to the door and look through the gap.

16.When your sitting on the toilet has anyone ever taken advantage of the situation knowing you can't get up to stop them from doing whatever?
Yes Ė my sister is real good at that. She will wait until Iím sitting on the toilet and my poo is coming out and then go do something she knows I donít want her to do.

17.If you really have to pee does hearing other people going make you more desperate to go?
Donít think so. The nurse at school will turn the faucet on to help us give a sample for drug testing if we canít pee. I think that sort of works a little bit.

18.What is harder to hold in-Pee or poop? Which would you rather have to hold? Which can you hold longest?
Not sure which is hardest. Iím more afraid of holding pee because if I laugh or sneeze or cough then itís so easy to lose control. I can hold my poo in all day if I want but I canít hold pee for more than an hour.

19.girls-If you have to wait several minutes on line to use the bathroom what do you do at school if you have only a few minutes to get to class? Do you just go and hope for the best?
I always try to do a pee before morning class starts then I donít usually need to go until lunch when we have plenty of time. That also lets me get through the afternoon. In any case I donít take long to pee so I can do it during short breaks. If I need to poo I can usually hold it until lunchtime or after school when thereís plenty of time and I can find a stall. My poo can take anywhere from a minute to twenty minutes to come out but itís hard to know before I start, so I have to let it come out only when thereís plenty of time.

To JULIE Ė Glad you liked my idea of the loose dresses or skirts. I discovered that idea when our soccer team visited some other schools that had doorless stalls. I was actually glad we have a school uniform that requires us to wear a loose skirt because I found it gave me at least some privacy when everyone could see exactly what I was doing. PS Ė did you include skid marks left in the bowl after flushing as a score?

Love to everyone from Ash xxxx

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been busy. Here's a story that happened almost a month ago. My best buddy Dave and I decided to take a drive to visit a mutual friend and spend a few days with him. It was a 3 hr. drive and with about 45 minutes left to go, I started feeling the need for a pee. I didn't see this as a problem because I've been known to hold it for an hour or more. I casually mentioned to Dave that it was a good thing we were almost there because I had to go to the bathroom. He asked me if wanted him to stop some place bit I told him, "No, it's okay. I don't have to go that bad. I'll just wait til we get to Mike's" About 30 minutes later, the unexpected happened....we got a flat tire!! Dave had some trouble getting the old tire off and in the meantime, I was getting more desperate! While he was struggling with the tire, I was squeezing my dick and doing the pee dance. I told him, "Hurry up!! I gotta get out of here and find a BATHROOM somep! lace!!" He told me that he thought I could wait til we got to Mike's and I said, "I THOUGHT I could but I really have to go now!" Dave said he try to hurry as fast as he could but by now, I could feel a squirt escape into my jeans. I was able to clamp it off only to lose another squirt...this time a much bigger one. I knew I wouldn't be able t hold on much longer and told Dave, "Hurry up before I piss my pants!!!" A few more minutes passed and by this time there was a small wet spot on the front of my jeans. I had to go so bad at that point that I was sorely tempted to whip it out and piss right there but there were no trees or anything to use for cover and I was afraid passing motorists might see me. Also, even thought we were in a somewhat remote area, there was always a chance that somebody (a jogger, etc.)
would happen to come by so I didn't want to risk it. Soon, my bladder felt like it would explode in seconds and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it. I certainly didn't want to risk a full blown accident. I forgot to mention earlier that Mike had told us he wanted us to meet his 2 female cousins and they would be at his place when we arrived. Well, meeting those girls in pissed soaked jeans did not sound like a good idea to me. Suddenly I didn't care who saw me....I had to piss and I had to piss NOW!!! I hastily unzipped and barely got my willy out in time before I let loose a strong steady stream. Dave looked at me like he couldn't believe his eyes and said, "Are you CRAZY? Taking a leak in broad daylight!" I just said, "Sorry, but I just couldn't hold it." Luckily, nobody happened to come by and I was able to finish the longest what was probably the longest pee of my life. I quickly tucked my willy back in and zipped up. I've peed outside countless of t! imes but this was the first time I didn't have anything to use for cover!

Scared Shitless: I do remember peeing blood in 3rd ot 4th grade and it never happened again (I am 19 now) If it doesn't happen again, it may not be a problem. If this happens again, however, you may have a kidney stone and that REQUIRES real medical attention. Wheather or not it happens again, drink enough water for the health of your kidneys!

OK I have another story to post! I've had a lot of accidents lately! This one is like it's right out of a movie. Last week was exam week at my school and I was writing my last test...Math. In the morning without thinking I downed at least 3/4 a liter of OJ. Before I left for school I took a pee and a poo but I completely forgot about the OJ I drank.

Of course when I got to my class there was a sign on the blackboard saying NOONE LEAVES THE ROOM but I wasn't worried because I hadn't thought of the OJ I drank. The first half hour was fine but then very quickly at about 10:30 i felt my bladder get heavy. I was wearing just white cotton panties under light blue cotton pajama bottoms. At about 11 I had that feeling that a few of you have talked about where you can feel every drop filling your bladder. I was squeezing my legs tight together, then I pressed my hand on my crotch really tight. So then the teacher comes around so I had to put my hand on the desk. The teacher decides shes tired of walking around and stands behind me so I could no longer use my hand to help me hold the pee. It was going to come out very soon and I had managed through a couple years of high school not to have an accident in class (not a total accident anyway) so only a few of my friends knew about my problem. But soon everyone would know! I was ! fairly popular and I kept thinking everyone will hear about this. I crossed my legs as tight as I could and meanwhile I'm hardly getting anything done on my test. So I asked Mrs. Hodgson (teacher and a big ugly mean one) if I could leave. She said not unless you're done. I sat for about 5 minutes and I was numb holding on. Just then I felt a powerful spurt go into my panties and I felt a little warmth spreading around my crotch. (graphic I know but you have to understand the feeling) I was almost done the test so I just said OK good enough. When I stood up another little jet of pee shot out. I quickly turned in the test and left the school. I didn't go to the bathroom because my PJs now had a very visible wet spot on them and I wanted to take the opportunity to get out of the school while the coast was clear. After I got out of school I could get home without being seen because there is just a couple of parks between there and my house. So I started walking quickly and a gus! h of pee came out. The wet spot was about 4 inches down my legs now. I walked for about another minute but I couldn't make it. My muscles started convulsing and finally let go. I drenched my Pajamas but oh did it ever feel good I just squatted and let it flow. I got home without being seen and my parents were at work so nobody ever knew!!! Well I was gonna post another story but this is pretty long. Maybe next time.


Hey, all are there any stories about men that really had to pee? I really like those!

I know this is not exactly poop related, but I just remember a story I could tell, from when I was 19 and in Disney World with my parents. I was in line waiting for the Monorail to get back to the hotel. I saw that one of my boat shoes was untied so I stooped down to tie it. I was kneeling on on knee, tieing my shoe when a girl that was about 8 years old, farted right in front of me. She was wearing what I remember as yellow terry cloth shorts and a similar top. Her back side was about 6 inches from my nose, and I heard a cute sounding "raspberry" sound. The smell wasnt cute though, as it smelled like Hard boiled eggs! I grimmaced and stood up as fast as I could and looked at her as she walked away, in disbelief that a person that young did that to me. I got over it, but it was strange that it happend to begin with.

To shameeka: Liked your stories
To Madison: Loved your story..what a shame to go all the way back home and go back.
To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story...i know how your ass must feel..i've had the same thing over the last few weeks where i gotta keep pooping at wiping.
To sara: Liked your story
To melissa: Liked your story..when your shit was white was it hard or soft? and did you have big logs or just chunks etc?
To Ali: Liked your story
To Ryan: Theres still a few kids around...i consider kids 25 and under
To Bethany: Loved your story
To Emily of NYC: Loved your story.Why didn't you aske his parents for some TP.....that reminds me not to long ago my little nephew asked me if i poop alot...i didn;'t respond..i was embarrsed, i wasn't alone so.
To Gin: Liked your story
To Scared Shitless: Go get it checked out
To Dave in Michigan: Liked your story about your sister
To sam: liked your story..thats cool you wanna share your poop intrests w/ your g/ should try brave and do it!
To Ash: Thanks for replying...i just wanted to picture you and your sister better cause i really liked your story where you took her into the woods to poop. Oh btw..does your sister know you post here? well if you wanna do an outdoor poop you could go ahead and squat behind something or even hover over a tree branch etc. Good luck
To Arthur: 1. No i haven't 2. N/A 3. Never really had to wait long...unless it was a stall cause i had to poop(Im a male). 4. Never 5. N/A 6. No 7. I would 8. N/A 9. N/A 10. N/A 11.No 12. No 13. Yes i would 14. I never belived that or even really thought about at that, its funny 15. Yes 16. No 17. No 18. Poop is harder to hold...i rather hold poop...I can hold pee longest. 19. N/A
To Julie: I liked your story..really wanna hear the results of the contest.
To Buccaneers Fan: Liked your story about your cousin..would love to hear more
To Buzzy: Thanks for replying...yea i bet that was so cool.

To Potty Pooper: liked your stories...thats funny about the kid being out of toilet paper.
To Traveling Guy: There have been a few days reciently when i've had to poop several times too.
To Adrian: Its been really hot'd think the hot weather would make me constipated, but it hasn't its been kinda soft latly
To Penny: Liked your story
To Ken: Liked your story

Thom, thanks for remembering me recently. You and other long time readers will remember the stories I used to write about my friend Nick. He used to dump regularly at my place in the 1995-98 period and I have written about many of those occasions. The last time I mentioned him I was moaning that it had been almost a year since he took a dump at my house. Well, that year stretched to 2, then 3, then 4, then 4 1/2 until last Monday!! He was at my house and was expecting a phone call from his girlfriend. He headed off toward the bathroom and said "I'm just going to hit the washroom. (How many times have I heard that over the years only to have him take a piss) If my cellphone rings, just answer it." This was when it hit me-he planned being in there a while, it wasn't just a piss, he was actually going to take a dump! Unfortunately, he put the fan on so I couldn't hear anything even though I ended up outside the bathroom door. I was in the kitchen anyway and the downstairs bat! hroom is just a few steps away. Soon I heard the toilet paper being torn, this was quite a quick dump by his previous standards and then he flushed. I went back to the kitchen while he washed his hands. I guess he was in a hurry because he was expecting the phone call. He came out and gave a sigh (must have been a good dump!) I asked him what was that for and he said nothing, somewhat embarrassed that I had heard him. Not that he has been shy in the past-he's actually come out saying how much lighter he feels, telling me not to go in because of the smell etc. Anyway, his girlfriend did phone a couple of minutes later and while he was on the phone, I went in the bathroom. The seat was down, the toilet was clean but there was quite a stink. He had turned the fan off probably thinking it had done its job. He did take a major dump when I was with him in his house exactly two years ago, but this was the first time he had gone at my place since October 1998 and the first time in! my present house! I had almost given up hope of him ever going in my presence again. I know he had become more of a morning dumper, but on Monday he had to go late afternoon. I hope I don't have to wait another four years. On Friday afternoon I took a big dump while he sat and waited for me in my living room.

well hi all im back, and wow i have sen me story put on here. well today was an nice but one of those dipicledays that i had, i was walking up too the parks and its about at least no more than 5 or 7 blocks from my house and its across from my old high school so i went in thepublic bathroom it had 3 stalls and doorless, 2 urinal so i took the farest one witch its a handicapped i had too go realbad so i pulled down my light blue jeans and my underwear and sat down it was clean i can tell they do clean them every morning. so i sat down and got confrenty on the toilet with out no pushing it was coming out of it owned and i griped the toilet seat on both side i could tell that this was going too be a quick one it took me about 2-5 minute when i look down and see what i created it look like i did the number 2 shape i said wow i never done that before i was so surprise i did folded so paper and whip myself and did flush so i left for about 10 too 15 minutes later sumone also left ! there present too and whip a little no one new who did it so i walk back in there and flush so everything went down.

prg- i do like ur story u should read my on 1130 or 1129 i wish i could do a buddy dump with ya it would be an honor u got guts girls

dave from mich- im glad too see ya but im from taylor just too let u know dude i do like ur story read my story

hey Authur
u no question 14 well yes i used to think that too

im 14 and i'll have my first entry in like 2days until then see ya

Had a quick woods dump yesterday a.m after i posted ,I took off to the wild and I decided to go out further than normal and boy was it hot out!
after riding for about 45 mins or so,I really had to go pretty bad-now in this warm weather,i end up pooping 2 times a day,sometimes even 3,anyway I had to go bad with a lot of cramps and stuff and I come across this abandoned construction site with these huge composite pipes that were about 7 foot around and i thought,hey i'm going to poop inside one of those,so I went into one after got undressed and man,i had to go so bad that as soon as i bent over my anus opened up and out came this long turd and it came out fast and it went on the side of the pipe and stuck there and then the rest of my BM came out with a lot of farting and then it got really soft as it went all over the side of the pipe.It felt so good I let out a soft moan and I could hear it echo slightly along with all the farting and crackling.It sounded pretty cool.then just like that-it was over .the whole BM lasted about 10-15 seconds,but it was a messy one and it was all over the side of the pipe and I dec! ided to do my wiping outside the pipe cause it was starting to really stink in there!So i had to use my wet-wipes,my butt was pretty messy after that dump!I have to admit it was cool to dump inside that pipe.The sound of me dumping inside was really cool.Then I decided to pee inside and I peed over my load and it all came down to the center of the if anyone sees this,they're going to wonder what the hell is this and I got dressed and thought about that and chuckled to myself-the things we woods poopers do to amuse ourselves!I'll tell you,this hot weather really mskes me poop a lot of soft stuff-anyone else out there have the same kind of dumps in the hot weather?Anyway,it was a fun poop! TO SCARED SHTILESS-GO see a urologist right away,don't mess around!!
TO PUNK ROCK GIRL-nice dinner dump-sounded like a good one,must have felt wonderful letting all the stuff out-cools story!
Lets' hear from some of you outdoor poopers out there
Hola,Carmalita and all the pretty ladies out there!! BYE

Cute Linda RS-- HI Ya, Welcome BACK!!! Why the name change? Tell us some of your GREAT pooping stories...I miss them. Did you help with the potty training? Did you show them how to poop?-- JW

To Ryan - Well, I'm the same age as you, 18 and male. I dont know where everyone went, but I'm sure that there are still some people our age here.

To Buccaneers Fan - Loved your story about your cousin Amanda. When I have to piss and have a bathing suit on, I usually just piss right through the suit wherever I am, even if it's dry. It will get wet eventually, right? I just find it more convenient than squirming.


Bethany. I'm sure you're not the first person to plug a toilet that's not functioning properly and I'm sure you're not the last either. These things happen although we sometimes wish they didn't!

Scared Shitless. I was very concerned to read your post indeed. Blood passed in or with urine can be a symptom of various medical conditions and should not be ignored. Despite your previous bad experience of doctors and hospitals, I would urge you to take courage and see a doctor without delay. It may well be that the problem isn't a serious one but if it is, the sooner treatment is commenced the better. You'll need to take a fresh sample with you. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

Something that might interest Katrina. Yesterday my Aunt Anne visited, arriving in time for lunch at 1.00pm and staying until 7.30pm. Throughout her whole stay she did not, so far as I'm aware, ask to use the toilet which is most unusual for her. Normally she's tended to go for a wee at least about every 2 to 3 hours. Other than a glass of fruit juice at lunchtime and a couple of cups of tea during the afternoon she didn't really drink anything and I have to admit that it was a very hot day. Even so, I was rather puzzled at her not going - and a little concerned when she didn't go before leaving for home - a good hour and a half's journey. I hope she made it home okay.

My constipation which I reported the other day was fortunately short lived and I'm now back to functioning normally. I had a really massive poo this afternoon and it really felt great!

Regards to all


To Melissa: welcome sweetheart. Your first posting chimed perfectly with my own about six months ago. I too believed that I was almost alone (couldn't believe I was unique!)in being aroused and fascinated by other women shitting and in my case pissing too. At the sxame time I was terrified of being 'outed' When I first went to college I read a novel by John O'Hara I think. Plot completely escapes me. But one of the characters was a movie actress who let the crew on the set realise that she was into bms and farts in a big way and behind her back they blew raspberries, struck poses and held their noses. Anybody read the book? I was scared stiff of getting that reputation, first as a student and later as a teacher where one is surrounded by people looking for one's weak points. I've posted quite a lot about my childhood where the daily bm was a rite and how my babysitter and role model Annie would stand me between her knees (to keep me out of mischief!) when she had a sh! it on a train, plane or in a hotel. It has coloured my whole attitude to life. I've thought a lot about finding a willing participant since I learned from this site how many enthusiasts there are. Shitting and pissing are such taboos, locked away in the "smallest room in the house" doing something disgusting. Once you break them down so that you can perform in front of another person without shame it ushers in a whole new intimacy. At least that's my theory. I haven't yet got there!
I've thought of going on a hike in a remote place with someone I liked. Then when she wanted to pee, going with her and having a shit, apologising and seeing how she reacted. When she needed to shit in the future, the scene would be set.
I've been working on my friend Caroline. She's the reflexologist whose treatment induced the most perfect shit minutes later. Apparently she told her tutor who was most interested in the composition of my bm. We slightly danced around the subject when she came to give me another session last week. In the end I said, 'would you like to see?' She didn't seem too embarrassed. "Do you mind?". Mind? It was as if my birthday had come ten months early! I played it very shy. When the session was over, I had the same sort of urge and went to the bathroom leaving the door ajar this time. I pushed and strained with all my might, but nothing.
I called Caroline in and held her hands while I strained until my face was scarlet. Zero! "Obviously it doesn't work every time," I said. "I'd like to try again next week." Caroline seemed pleased. This doesn't get her on the pot, but it's a start!

Love to you all, and a big hug to Melissa. Post again, sweety.


I shit in my pants at school when I was in the 3rd grade (8 or 9). We were all outside at recess, and I was with my usual group of friends. One of them farted, and we all laughed. That led to each of ue trying to outdo the others. I had let a couple of nice loud ones, as well as one of the silent but deadly variety. I felt another good one coming on and gave a mighty shove. I shit in my pants instead of farting. I just stood there with this huge mushy buldge in the seat of my pants. As soon as the others realized what I'd done, they started teasing me, and calling me Stinky. I had to walk all the way thru the playground and into the nurses office, with lots of kids laughing at me and teasing me, then I had the embarrassment of having to tell the nurse I had messed my pants. She called my mom to come get me and take me home. Then, since my mom didn't drive, I had to walk home beside her with my pants still full of shit

Traveling Guy
Arthur - I've spent lots of time lately begging students to respond to an online survey, so the least I can do is answer some of your Qs. Because I'm a guy, I'll respond only to the both-sex Qs, except #8.

1.Has anyone here ever wondered what it would be like to go to the bathroom as the opposite sex? * I used to think about that sometimes while taking a dump... That girls have these sensations, too, etc.

3.What's the longest line you've ever had to wait in line to use the bathroom? * Maybe 2-3 minutes. Not fair to women, is it?

4.How long do you have to wait in line on average,if at all? * I had to think about the last time I was at a show, concert, stadium, etc. As above, maybe a couple of minutes. Nope, just not fair!

6.Have you ever wet yourself because someone tickled you? * Yep, when I was a kid. I also remember that before going on a trip, shopping, etc, my mom would sit me on the pot and give me a gentle tickle on the lower back, just above the top of the butt crack, to encourage me to pee. It usually worked. Anyone else's mom ever do that?

7.How many here would use a unisex restroom(with stalls etc.)? Also do you think it'd lessen bathroom lines? * I have and would. (See my many earlier posts on this.) I'm not sure if the lines would be shorter, but we'd save a whole lot on building costs, especially facilities built with taxpayers' dollars. I mean, what's the big deal?

8.Have any women here used a female urinal or would if they had the chance? * (I'd like to know the answer, too. I'm trying to figure out why female urinals never catch on in a big way, despite the problem of long lines in women's rooms.)

11.Have you ever been on a line to the bathroom and someone who has finished just sits there and torments you because they know you have to go? * Don't think so.

12.Has anyone ever purposely caused you to lose your place in line at the bathroom? * Nope.

13.Would you sit on a tiolet to pee or poo even if it wouldn't flush and other people had pooped in it? * Only if I really had to go badly and there was no other place for it.

14.Men-When I was little... I wondered why girls had to sit to pee... I was told they had nothing there(meaning a penis)so I assumed that meant nothing at all.For that reason I used to think women peed out their butts lol. Did anyone else use to believe that or am I the only weird one here? * No, you're not alone. I think all little boys wonder about this at some point. I'm not sure where I thought girls' pee came out, but I used to think that an unborn baby was sitting on a little, three-legged stool inside the expectant mom. lol!

15.Have you ever been spied on in a public bathroom? * Yep, by some kids peeking over the top of the partition, or, another time, under it. I guess it was just childish curiosity, but it was kind of creepy.

16.When your sitting on the tiolet has anyone ever taken advantage of the situation knowing you can't get up to stop them from doing whatever? * Yeah, my little brother once rode off on my bike, after I told him he couldn't borrow it. We still laugh about it.

17.If you really have to pee does hearing other people going make you more desperate to go?How about hearing/seeing running water, lakes, people drinking, faucet dripping,hearing a tiolet flush etc. or can you just block it out and hold it in without problem? * I can usually block it out, but if I really have to go, I can be pretty susceptible to noises or comments about "Niagara Falls," etc.

18.What is harder to hold in-Pee or poop? Which would you rather have to hold? Which can you hold longest? * Pee is harder for me - my bladder has always been on the smaller side - so I'd rather have to hold poop, and I can hold it for much longer than pee.

A few years ago, I was playing golf with my regular foursome, and we had the misfortune to be stuck right behind a foursome of women. Now, I realize, not all women golfers are bad, and not all are slow. this grouo, however was both bad and slow. to make matters worse, they wouldn't let us play thru even though there was at least 2 open holes in front of them. As we were waiting on yet another tee for them, I had to relieve myself, so I walked off the tee box into the nearby woods. As I stood there, peeing, I saw something pink a little further into the woods. So, when I finished, I zipped my fly and walked over to investigate. It was a pair of pink panties, and they were absolutely filled with soft shit, and surrounded with shit covered tissues. It also looked like it was freshly done. My friends called me and said we could hit now, so I left. I played like crap the rest of the day, because I was too interested in trying to figure out which of the ladies in front of us had ! shit in her panties and left them, to concentrate on my game

Sunday, June 29, 2003

the "HOLT IT" man
Traveling Guy, if not for the fact that this girl was 15 maybe 16 years of age, I probably would have done the same thing you did, but what bothered me was the fact that she was about thay young, and if I had reacted in the way you suggested, it would have made me look bad. There was also the fact that she opened the door wide, and there was a whole line of people standing around and could see.

Don't get me wrong, I have urinated infront of women, and even women I don't know alot of times, but it was allways in a situation where I was at a privage home or club where 'water sports' were accepted, and the people there were of legal age. Walking in on some body when they are using a rest room at a restaurant is just not a cool thing to do.

Scared Shtless, you better conquer your fear of doctors and get to one right away. Blood in the urine is no joke. It can mean alot of different things. I asked Katie, my nurse cousen about it, and she said it could indicate injury to the bladder of kidneys, cancer, or something minor. In any case, don't mess around with it. Bite the bullet and get to a doctor before it gets worse.

Buba, your shyness about peeing contests could be an advantage, but a good way to get over it is to find a 'water sports' club in your area. Surfing the web you can usualy find alot of them. Once you do, head over there and check it out. Those girls are proud of their peeing ability, and would love to give you a demonstration. In Chicago there was a girl who is into this sort of thing who was featured on Mancow's Morning Mad House. She calls herself the "Tinkle Queen." I have not been able to find her on the web, however.

Gin, if your Miata had cloth seats, than you may have a problem, but since your car is a convertable, it is likely they upholstered your car with something that was water proof, because alot of people have trouble getting their tops up and very often it rains in the cars. I use to have a Jeep Wrangler that had water proof upholstery. I had a similar experience that I posted about in the old posts. I forget wich page. I was caught in a situation where I could not get a private place to pee. The traffic was crawling and I realy had to take a dump, and I ended up losing it in my pants. Luckily my upholstery was plastic, and easy to wash.

Pee girl, Roberta and Katrina, I would realy love to hear more stories of your adventures. I did post one last Thursday, but I dodn't think it made the cut. I will try again on Monday.

(second posting for surety it reaches griot...)

Hi ROBERTA (nice to meet you) and TIM & SARAH (great to be back in touch!)

It's so good to hear about others who are either life-time female standing pee'rs or those who have very gently fostered an awareness of it in the young -- that it is entirely biologically normal, and despite social issues surrounding it it is a fact of life that can bring great pleasure.



Middle Aged Crapper
I had a really neat and precise dump this morning. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my undies (I had just awakened and wasn't fully dressed yet) to take a dump. I had eaten popcorn as my last food the previous night and initially I had a few fluttering and smelly popcorn farts (like the farts the British sometimes also call "flabby woof-woofs"). I then dumped four small logs into the bowl, but their uniformity was remarkable. They were each little four inch turds; and were lined up perfectly in the bowl water just like railroad ties.

ARTHUR: although you primarily want responses from ladies to the incredible survey you've cooked up and I'm a man (thus you'll be a bit disappointed), I do have a response to a few of your fascinating questions:
I've generally been lucky so far as waiting lines to the toilet are concerned. I've never been later than the third person needing to dump.
I'm not surprised that lines to the women's bathroom are so much longer. I understand, although I could be wrong, that women have to pee much more often than men. Women have to do lots of little pees each day, whereas men do just a few pees that seem to last an eternity. Peter Benchley's "Jaws" (the novel, not the movie) has a scene where Chief Brody is just peeing and peeing into the family toilet. His wife Ellen is filled with awe at his strong bladder and how men just seem to pee forever and ever on their toilet trips.
I've never had to dump in a toilet which has earlier unflushed dumps. As I noted in a post which for some reason didn't make it to our archive a week ago, I have noticed in college restrooms where there are a lot of toilets available that I've seen some clogged toilets with three dumps of logs and a whole tub full of pee. Some people apparently like to dump on other dumps.
I was taken advantage of once on a toilet trip in high school. The boys bathroom had doorless toilets and once I had to do some poo. I was always leery of the other guys so back in those days I pulled down my pants only to a prudish minimum (down in the back only to uncover my butt and not pulled down in the front at all). Some guy stood in front of me and struck up a full conversation with me, which I couldn't get away from because I had to dump several turds just then.
Yes, sometimes pre-school girls think pee comes out of their bottom, just like poo. When I was age 3 another girl the same age invited me to the unisex toilet with her. She pulled down her pants and undies and squatted over the toilet standing up just slightly so I could see her pee. She said, "see, the pee pee comes out of my bottom!" Since we would both be in our mid-40s by now, I'm sure she has subsequently learned about vaginas as well. But back then I took her word for it and wondered why boys' bottoms couldn't be multi-purpose as well.
Finally, I've found that holding in pee is harder than holding in poo. I can suck poo back in until I have a convenient time for a dump; and poo pressure for me isn't heavy. On the other hand pee pressure is more immediate; and I have to sprint for a toilet in just a few minutes at best.

Gotta go potty!
I remember this one time at school when I was 12 (im now 15) I was in class and I got a sudden urge to pee really bad. I hadnt been at high school that long and didnt know a lot of people then. anyway, I was sitting in class needing to piss, so I put my hand up and quietly asked if I could go. Luckily the teacher was in a good mood that day and let me. When I stood up to leave, my need to piss became a lot worse than i thought it was. I paused for a second and then made my way towards the door. As i was walking along the corridor I let a little pee out by accident."Oh shit!" I thought to myself. I stopped for a few seconds to get myself together, but no-matter what I did, I couldnt stop myself from letting go. Within a few minutes, I had soacked my trousers(which had turned a nice shade of dark grey around my crotch and down my leg)and had left a great steaming puddle of pee on the floor. I didnt know what to do. Suddenly out of no-where, one of my other teachers came out of! his class. He saw what I had done and told me not to worry and then took me to the school office and told the staff what i had done. I felt so embarrassed but really turned on at the same time. I got given another pair of trousers and panties and them made my way back to class to see the janitor cleaning up my puddle of piss which had spread accross the corridor nicely!

Raging Urophile
A few days ago, I spent about 40 minutes
recounting in detail, five old pee stories from concerts and
sporting events. Unfortunately, it did not make the board. I might try again at a later date if I can decipher what the offending element might have been.
ARTHUR- You are not alone. I also thought women peed from their
butts (Pg 1096)until I was about nine years old. It never occurred to me that girls peed from the vulva since it would seem that the pee would naturally go over the seat and onto the floor while they were sitting. I am still not sure wether or not women must adjust themselves to avoid this phenomenon. Women sitting to pee does not seem natural.
Also, I find it much harder to hold in a dump than a pee. My bladder is very sensitive and can perceive less than 75ml of fullness. I therefore am not desperate until about 90 minutes after my first sense of fullness. Conversely, when I have to dump, there are times when there is less than a two minute gap between my first sensation and desperation.
I also think that over 90% of the population would have no problem adjusting to unisex restrooms with multiple stalls. Back in 1979, my Sociology professor, a man in his 60's, thought it was a ridiculous and unecessary waste of money for men and women to have seperate restrooms. He asked the class of over 30 students, how many would mind unisex restrooms. Only one woman raised her hand. I believe most folks would adjust rather easily within a month or so.
It is also a shame that our culture causes women an unecessary hardship by assuming it is natural for women to pee sitting down. Nearly all women , with a little practice, could pee just as easily and naturally as men can while standing, even without a travelmate. There is no reason urinals should not be installed in womens' or unisex restrooms. It would save women unecessarily long restroom lines. If this board is any indication, proportionately, of the population as a whole; it doesn't seem that modesty should be a deterent. Women seem just as open about their bodily funtions as men. The modest ones would only need some time to adjust, and, like men, the ones who do not adjust will have stalls available. I would estimate that 5-10% of the male population use stalls due to modesty when urinals are available. I imagine that, in time, the same ratio would exist with women.
BUBBA- you are also not alone. I am 45 years old and have never seen a woman pee in person. I doubt you will have to wait that long. From what I have seen on video, it is nature's most beautiful and wonderous achievement. If I had a vote, I would consider the collective phenomena of female urodynamics to be the eighth wonder of the world.

Adam (FL)
Help me! My name is Adam and I have a problem with no one else to help me but you guys here. I have a serious problem with hemmoroids. They flare up so badly around my hole and all the way down to my scrotum. They get so bad that I can barely walk without wincing in pain. They slow me down when I am at work. It happens every time I take a dump.

I've tried many things to prevent it. I even take showers after I go and wash my anus with a washcloth. Preparation H works some of the time but not always. They hurt so bad. What can I do to stop getting them?


HI i'm a teenage boy i'm 15 actually and i'm interested in gilrs farting. I recently was in class. and i heard the girl in behind me loose out a short pop one. I turned round to look at her and i said was that you, did u just trump. She said yeh and got embarrassed.

I just wondered if any body else had any stories about girls letting off.


Hi, everyone,

an earlier post I sent last week doesn't seem to have got through. I answered JB's questions. I'll repeat my ansers just for him.

1. The girl/women I would most want to see having a shit are:-
Margaret Thatcher (British politician)
Hilary Clinton (American politician).
2. Where would I like to see them shit?
Anywhere, but especiall in a public loo.
3. What type of shit would I like to see?
Any type, but particularly soft to loose ones.

Lauren: Hi. welcome to the forum. I really liked your story of a shit in the woods. I know how nervouse you must have been and how much you felt better when your friend needed a shit too. I look forward to reading some more of your stories in the future.

A few days ago I was in the office in the late afternoon when I felt the need to have a shit. Both Vera and Ruth at court that day so apart from Aisha who was on the phones I was alone. I told Aisha that I had to go to the Ladies and asked her to hold any calls for me and that I would answer them as soon as I could. I went down the corridor to the Ladies and as I expected it was empty. I went my usual cubicle, the first of the two centre ones and discovered that someone had been and forgot to flush the toilet. The pan was very messy and there was paper all over the place. I went into the adjoining cubicle and bolted the door. I had a new outfit on, a dark-blue, tight fitting skirt with a short matching jacket. I knew I was going to be a while so I took the jacket off and hung it behind the door. My skirt was very tight fitting and I toyed with the thought of taking it right but decided against it. I slid it up over my hips and then pulled it right up to my! waist. Squatting on the toilet I slid my panties, also new and cream coloured, right down to my knees. Sitting on the pan I pushed the panties down to my ankles, this allowed me to adopt my favourit position, forward with my thighs fairly wide open. After a second or so I started to piss, a gentle stream at first but as my stomach turned over I increased the pressure and pissed very hard, the stream hissed into the pan. Leaning right forward and clasping my hands I shit with a sudden splatt into the pan, actually the first rush splashed into the back of the pan. I was still pissing, not as hard, but still freely and again I shit with a loud plop, plop, plop, plopping. It was very soft and I could feel it coming out of my arsehole, just sliding from me. Then I sighed as I finished pissing, I was a little strained in my breathing, I guess from pushing although I was not aware that I been pushing very hard. I sat up a little and changed my position on the seat, to ease! the pressure on the cheeks of my arse. After about half a minute or so my stomach turned over again and I bent forward and shit again, softer still and a longer burst. I was smelling a bit now, unusual for me, but I put it down to having just finished my period. I just sat for a while and my mind turned to the person who had messed up the next cubicle I was think what a good shit she had had. I wondered who it had been and how I would have liked to have been there when she was going. I was nearly finished myself now and I leaned to my left and pulled some paper from the dispenser. I leaned forward and squeezed hard and shit again another splash of loose, dark creamy shit and this time I pissed again, just a little tinkle, but now I was empty. I stood up and reaching behind wiped my arse from front to back, the paper came away soggy, it had been a messy shit and my arse really needed wiping. Ripping more paper I wiped a second time, again the paper was dirty and sogg! y. It took me another three times to be satisfied and finally I wiped my vagina lips clean. Reluctantly I pulled my panties up and eased my skirt down over my hips. I really had shit a panful I bent over to examine my shit by moving the paper I could see into the pan. There were no turds just thick clots of brown shit and looser darker shit in the bowl and down the back of the pan. Flushing the toilet (it took three flushes) I went back to the office where Aisha smiled at me and commented that she thought I had fallen down the toilet. It had taken almost twenty-five minutes. I told her how badly I had wanted to go and anyway when you are enjoying yourself you are not aware of time. I told her about the dirty toilet and how I wished I had been there, she smiled at me and told me it was her. Apparently she had to shit badly just after dinner when I was with a client, she had forgotten to flush needing to rush back to work. We've often had a shit together, by that I m! ean we've been in adjoining cubicles and one or other of us has had the runs or needed more paper, now I told her I would be watching her in future for signs that she needed to go and maybe we could togther. She smiled and said that would be okay.

I hope this one is printed, until then I wish all posters best wishes, I'll be writing soon,

Sheila (South Wales).

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