hi, i don't have much 2 say but, once, I had some really spicy food when i was finishing being sick with the stomach flu and i had really bad diarreah. i was in the car stuck in traffic and heading to work (an hour away) I didn't have any money on me to buy a new outfit or to drive back in threat of running out of gas. i knew, i was gonna bust. i was wearing a hot pink short dress and a black thong. not a good combo! i began to drive, but the car in front stopped so suddenly,that it came rushing out. it was runny, wet and mushy. when it stopped, it would start again. my dress went from pink to green. when I got to work, i sat down at my desk and luckily no one else was there. I felt it coming again. i didn't wan't to screw my dressso i umm, sat so my butt wasn't on the floor and went. it looked like barf. i decided to not wear underwear just in case. through my hours it happened 2 more times and got firmer as I went. the hallway was crowded so i didn't want to leave untill a! fter hours. when i got home, i washed my thong and dress. i st in the bathtub incase of another accident. i figued they had stopped so i went to bed. i woke up in the middle of the night and realized in my dream, i had crapped my self and i really did. so i went to the bathroom and sat on the floor. the one thing i forgot to do was take off my pajama bottoms. I fell asleep and woke up in a big puddle of crap. wow, that was crazy...


Hi. My name is Madison, and I'm a fifteen year old female. I was told about this site by a friend, who said I should tell a story about my only shitting accident, at least since I was a little kid. My parents, my brother, my little sister and I were driving to Six Flags for the day. I kind of had to poop, but I wanted to get to the park, and figured I could go when we got there, because it is only an hour drive. Well, we got on the highway and we were speeding along, when there was this HUGE accident right in front of us. A car tried to cut off a truck and hit it, and the truck jacknifed and hit two or three other cars. We would have been one of the cars if my Dad wasn't such a great driver. He swerved in and out of cars that were skidding everywhere, and we barely--BARELY--missed getting smashed by the truck. Our car ended up making it past the pile up, then we skidded to a stop. My throat hurt from screming! I really thought we were all dead. After catching his! breath, my Dad asked if we were all okay. We all said yeah. He pulled to the side of the road and told us to get out so he could make sure we were all okay. It wasn't until I moved my butt up off the seat that I felt something funny down there. I had shit in my pants!!! My panties were filled with poop! Luckily, it was solid poop, so it didn't go down my legs, but still... After my Dad helped out with the people who were in the crash (amazingly, no one got killed or even too badly hurt), he told us to get back in the car, and we'd head to Six Flags. I whispered to my Mom that I needed to go home and change, I had an accident. She told my Dad. We turned around at an exit and went back home. I ran inside, took off my clothes, emptied my panties into the toilet and jumped in the shower. I got dressed again and ran back outside. We had to take the long way, but we still got to the park before noon. It was fun. I was still shaken by the accident, but for some reas! on, I didn't feel too embarrassed about pooping in my pants. I guess I was so happy to not be splattered all over the road, it made me realize that shitting my pants wasn't such a big deal. I've had a very different outlook on my life since then. I guess surviving an accident and having underpants full of your own shit kind of put things in perspective!!! Bye, for now!


Dale's friend Dave was telling us about kids he played with and their peeing games when he was around 13. There were these guys Len and 2 others about the same age. Len's sister Angie was 11.

Len's people didn’t have a lotta cash so Len's sister got to wear his clothes after he grew out of them. They were not allowed to wear school clothes at home so almost all the time in summer Angie hung out in an old shirt of Len's that reached to her knees because he was around a foot taller. She tied a bit of red ribbon around her waist but the interesting part was she wore nothing underneath. I guess she drew the line at Len's old underpants.

Angie was the most unshy kid Dave said he ever knew, when she had to go pee when they were playing outside she pulled the shirt to her waist, spread her legs and let go.

When they played astronauts in the big tree that grew in the backyard at Dave's place and Angie was told to wear the regulation spacesuit tee-shirt and jeans, she objected because she could not use the spacecraft plumbing system which was a piece of garden hose with a plastic funnel stuck in the top. So she was allowed a special space deputys exemption and went on wearing Len's old shirts even when she climbed the tree. Because the funnel was tied to a high branch, it still wasnt very easy for her to get in the right position to pee specially when the wind was blowing and the spacecraft buffeted around a bit. The other astronauts had to be careful not to be underneath because Angie sometimes didn’t get a direct hit into the funnel and somebody could get wet, so nobody tried peeking under the shirt when she was in the tree.

Once they were riding bikes on the sidewalk and Angie said she had to go so she got off the old bike of Dave's and sat on a bench at the bus stop, leaned back, hiked the shirt, pulled her legs to her chest and fired an arc that shot out over the sidewalk into the street drain. No other kid would do something like that without a dare, Dave said (the boys couldn’t do it like that anyway) and the other kids waited till they were away from the street before going. Boys who pee in the street are in trouble if somebody catches them and Dave guessed Angie would have been in trouble too only it seemed like she never got caught.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Punk Rock Chic! Are we soul sisters??? Nice to have you aboard.

I had a close call last night on the way home. I stopped at the market to buy some ???? and fruit. I already had to take a dump, but figured I could wait til I got home. I left the market, rushed to the subway and took the train to my stop and rushed up to the street. By now, a load was poking out of mey ass!

With my cheeks firmly clenched and one hand pressed against my bottom, I hurried to my apartment, not caring that I was announcing to the world, "Get out of my way, I have to take a shit!" I reached my building, made it up to my apartment and got inside. I dropped my groceries on the floor and ran to the bathroom.

Colin was at my place starting dinner. He said, "Hey!" I said, "Hey, yourself! I'm about to shit my pants!"

I yanked my pants and underpants to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I let out a really loud fart, then dropped several chunks of semi-solid shit in the toilet. It was such a relief, I slumped back and leaned against the tank as more crap oozed out from between my buns.

Colin came to the door and asked if I was okay. I said yeah, just a little case of the shits. I must have farted and crapped for another five minutes or so before my bowels were empty. I stood up, wiped my ass and flushed my massive load down the crapper.

I was gassy the rest of the night, farting a few times every hour, and I took another wet dump before bed. This morning, my BM was a little firmer, but really sticky and sludgy, and just as gassy. Bleach. My poor bottom! No thong today, regular underpants. My asshole is a tad sore!



shameeka had something like that happen to me. i was at a club outside.getting ready to leave when i had to go. i had on a black nano skirt(shorter then a micro)it came to 2 inches below my panties thay were started to come out as we were talking to someone in the band that played that night,i tryed to hold it in but it just keept comming i backed up to the wall spred my leggs and was hard and streched may panties down passed the bottom of my skirt 4 inches.i just started to walk away,i had to walk all the way home with this big log of shit in my undrewear.wich every one on the way home could home mom saw and called me over and asked what happen,i was mad and yelled "i shit my panties ok".that was a bad night.

Sry, i 4got 2 post this 1 i did just last moth...

I was swimming and i had to crap so i crapped my bikini, no big deal, done it b4. when i finished swimming, i decided, to be daring to do something exciting 4 1ce. well, i stayed in my swimsuit bottoms and put on the tightest jeans I owned(just in cae). then i went to taco bell and ate 2 big spicy tacos w/ lots of hot sauce. i waited about 2 days when i felt like i was going to burst. then i went to wal*mart and shopped 4 a while when i was ready to pop. then, i went to the pool. when i did a dive, i popped. and solid crap flowen into my swimsuit. it wasn't runny, just large and sticky. it acctually felt kind of good 2 tell u the truth. my swimsut a bit large so nothing fell out but it was exciting. i also decided to wear a skirt w/ no panties a while back and crap in public. I went to this gas station and bent down in an empty ilse and bent down. i crouched just right so the wouldn't be much sound. it was firm and long. the only prob was that i farted loudly but no 1 sa! w. Tee hee hee! ^__^ i also decided to try something else. im crouching on the floor over a garbage bag right now. i just farted and let some smelly green crap out that coiled neatly. a big fat one is halfway it's out. this really smelles. here comes piss... and some runny mushy stuff.more pee and a long crap. okay, all done...umm well, that was strange! bye! :/

hi, my name is mellisa:
this is my first time posting. I came across your site about a month ago but never had the guts to post myself. Anyway needless to say i was quite pleased with what i have read. i am a 27 year old female, who is infatuated with hearing women shitting. Anytime i see or hear a women on the toilet, i immediately get turned on. I dont know why. I thought i was the only one in the world, with this infatuation, and was pretty embarassed about it, until i came across this website. I didn't think something like this even existed. Anyway, since i am writing, i may as well tell you my own experiences. I went for a gastrointestinal series, where i had to drink lots of barrium. For about a week my shit was pure white. Not to mention my shit was very lumpy, and hit the toilet with a big splash. I was quite pleased needless to say. well anyway, thats all for now, i will write again soon. If anyone has any suggestions about approaching somebody and asking them if i could be! there when they shit, please write back thanks

A few days ago I was doing stretches in my basement for my Hapkido class and I had to pee real bad. But I thought "Oh it can wait a bit, I just went" (I have a very weak bladder you see.) So I went down into the full splits and I felt a spurt of pee escape into my panties. I stopped it right away so I thought I'd keep stretching for just a bit. As soon as I was all the way down in the splits I felt a tiny jet of pee shooting out of me but I couldn't stop it this time. As I struggled to get up the stream became stronger. I bent over and put my hands between my legs to stop the pee. It finally stopped but by this time my PJs were soaked down to my knees. So I carefully walked to the bathroom but every step i took a little bit more pee came out. I didn't even take my PJs off I just sat on the toilet and peed the rest in my pants as it didn't really matter. This kind of thing happens all the time so I don't really care. I actually kinda like it so sometimes I do it purposely. An yway I'll tell more stories later if you want.


Cute Linda RS
Formerly GS, hey all how've you been. Here to answer a few things.

I've had that problem many times at school and such but have never had an accident yet, but have come close. My heart goes out to you.

Punk Rock Girl
Tough call but if I had to go bad enough and there was a way to go in private in the men's room then yes I'd go there and I have.. posted one time a LONG while back.

To answer an unnamed poster. yes a few times I have pooped sitting backwards on the toidy. My mom does this when she is constipated i posted a while back as well when I witnessed it a few times.

Heh I've heard funnier terms for such things like "whisper" for pee and I for a while when i was little used to say "kiki" instead of pee. but who knows maybe it was a term given to her by her mom so she wouldn't yell out POOP in public. I did hear something funny along those lines in the cartoon "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" The boy Mandy said he had to "let the dogs out" as a reference to pooping. he'd go "come on boys...come out.. ahh good boys" hee hee.

The little ones are in full swing potty training and go by themselves but I've noticed that they request their daddy be there when they poop. I think it's cute. Well later folks. I promise.


Now that I'm 18 I guess I can't call myself a kid anymore but I have an honest question: Where did all the kids go? I used to read this forum religiously because there were so many people here my age, but lately I can't hardly manage to spend the effort of coming here twice a week.

Why did 'Party Pooper' need to say that the store manager's son was black? It seems a rather unhelpful comment on a site which makes no distinctions between races. The situation described could pertain to ANY ethnic group.

The DoC

I am a lurker since like ..... Page 1
and finally i decide to post
i'm from India and would like to clear some things up
India is not all Squat Toilets u also have
Commodes and stuff
and people in remote parts of india only use the streets to
do their business not the cities

any body else from India here ?>??

Chellybelly a.k.a ~Chelsea: Do not do it. It is dangerous. I used to do it when I was young. It was fun, but it was in retrospect it was dangerous.

Annette: If that were me, I would have excused myself and went for the toilet.

Ash: I used to be afraid to release my bowels when I was little. In fact, I was frequently given enemas and laxatives.

Roberta: My older female cousins taught me how to urinate standing up.

Shameeka: Welcome to the forum. See my earlier posts when I was you age.

Punk Rock Girl: How many women are out there who would rather piss or shit their pants than use a men's room? Not me, sister.

Potty Pooper: 3 y/o boys are a pain. My cousin has one and a 4 y/o. Both of them shit like horses and it stinks. Plus, their father puts on a big thing everytime they use the toilet. Day care is a pain.

I had a pretty embarrassing experience yesterday.

I was on my way to work and I started to feel the need to take a crap. By the time I got to my office building, I was about ready to go in my pants! So I dropped my stuff at my desk and rushed to the bathroom in my area of the office. There are two bathrooms on my floor, and both are single toilet unisex. I went in the one closest to me.

I shut and locked the door, pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. It looked like I was the first one to use it, because the seat was squeaky clean. Anyway, I relaxed and took a big crap, it was really soft and mushy, with a lot of gas, but not really diarrhea. I guess I was crapping for two minutes straight. I peed, then stood to wipe my ass. I noticed that the water level in the bowl was lower than normal, and some of my crap had wound up sticking to the porcelin. Oh, well, who's going to see it?

As it turned out, at least one other person would see it!

I pulled the handle to flush the toilet, but the toilet didn't flush. I tried it again and again. I couldn't open the tank to look in at what the problem was, because it's one of those super fast direct-to-the-pipe toilets like in public bathrooms. Oh shit! Literally!

I opened the door and peeked out, there was no one around. So I rushed to the maintenence guy's office. Of course, he wasn't there. Finally, I left a message on his machine after I went back to my desk. Over the next half hour or so, people kept entering the bathroom, and leaving disgusted to use the other one. I didn't know if anyone knew it was me, but I was still so embarrassed. The maintenence guy finally did show up, but he just put an out of order sign on the door.

I've walked into bathrooms and seen someone else's crap in the toilet. It always grosses me out. Now, other people are getting grossed out because my shit is in the toilet. Ironic.

The toilet is working today. Thank God! But maybe I'll just crap in the cafeteria bathroom from now on.

Emily of NYC
Hi! I'm so sad I have to be leaving you for camp tomorrow. Just have one last story to share with you. I have never told you that my school runs from grades Nursery-12, and that some of the parents of younger children want babysitters for their children. I volunteered for this and I am also a tutor for younger children having difficulty. I babysitted for this 4 year old named Michael last Sunday night. When I arrived at his house, I needed badly to take a dump, and I asked Mike's parents, named Craig and Julie, where the bathroom was. It was down this dingy flight of stairs and in the basement. After sitting on the toilet, which was actually clean, and evacuating a log about 14" long, Mike ran down to my chagrin into the basement. The door was locked, and when he ran back up, he asked his parents, "Who's in the bathroom." They said, "That's Emily." Mike ran down the stairs and spent the rest of the time lying on the ground next to the bathroom and listening to wha! t was going on. I let go of some very liquidy poop, and dropped another log about 11 inches long. There was no toilet paper there, unfortunately, so I had to spend the rest of the time with poop between my cheeks. When I came out, Michael asked me, "Were you pooping?" I told him to mind his own business, and that that was a rude question.

All my hugs and kisses - See you in September
I'll miss you - Em

If you don't want that guy to see you shit, but it is nessacary for the contest, video tape it

Just a short note to tell ya'll a new experience. I drive a Miata and the top is usually down. I got stuck in the amazing weather Kansas has and immediately became drenched. My top wouldn't come up in the wind and i gave up and headed back to my house to get it in the garage. It was about 8 or so and the rain became cold and i discovered a strong urge to pee. I didn't want to stop and park in the rain and I was already soaked, so i just sat there and peed in the car. It was warm and felt weird run back up my but crack in the carseat. I was wearing loose sweats and they did nothing to dampen the flow. I'll find out tomorrow when my seats get dried if it smells. I hope not. My pants don't smell yet.

Scared Shitless
This morning when I was taking a leak, there was a noticable amount of blood in theurine. I hear that can be a sign of a very serious condition. The problem is I am terrified of doctors and hospitals, due to a tramatic childhood experience.

If there are any doctors of medical ppl on the forum, please advise. W could be causing this?

One time my sister and I were in the back seet of our parents car
we were parked in front of a little country store in our home town.
she and I were alone while thay were shopping.
This was a long time ago she was about twelve or thirteen.
she told me she had to pee real bad".
she said this about four times.
I giss she could not hold it any longer
she pould down her pants and panties and went pee right there on the flor. it was loud and long
we never told any one that was the first time I got to watch her pee.
years later I ask her if she could rember that time.
I asked her if she ever peed her pants befor she said no but her dauther my nease pooped her pants at work more than once.
she is vary good looking and I think she likes to mess her pants.
Dave in Michigan

Hi Toiletstoolers

It`s the first time I`m writing here. I`m from Switzerland so I`m sorry if my English isn`t correct. I`m 16m and since I was a little kid I`m interessted in bathroom situations. I never told it to someone because I was ashamed. I really enjoy reading Storys here.Especially from Carmalita and Nu because they share that interest with their friends.
I wish I could share this with my girlfriend cause I would really enjoy wathing her poop. I don` know why but I`m affrait to tell her about it.
I sometimes heard her while she was takin a shit. I sometimes heard some fart noises. I think that`s OK! It`s better if I don`t tell her.

My biggest problem is, that I :
-would never fart in front of my friens
-never use public restrooms for pooping
-never take a shit in my friens houses
-wouldn`t tell a friend, that I have to take dump

I know this is bullshit and I`m about to change my whole fart and shit habits soon

Please help me!! My problem is that I`m so damn ashamed of farting and pooping, that I wouldn`t even fart in front of my best friends. All my friends do but I don`t. Could you give me some tips? I think you are the greatest expert on this planet. You are the best!

That`s it for now



To MAL – Mal, I hate marks in my panties too, they are just soooo embarrassing. I’m scared my mom will see them when she does the laundry. Two things used to make marks in my panties. First was if I held my poo in too long and it was kinda loose. It sort of leaked out a bit no matter how hard I squeezed to hold it. Second was to make sure your rear is really clean after you do a poo. So – go as soon as you can when you feel you need a poo and always have Clean-Wipes or moist towels with you – they clean really well. Hope this helps – Ash.

To CHELLYBELLY – Glad you liked my post. Sure I would love to hear all the details of your poop. Take something to put the laptop on. I know I couldn’t have done it with the comp on my knees. I liked your story too – my poo will stop half way out sometimes but actually I kinda like the feeling in my rear if it’s a big firm poop because it just sits there and stretches my little ring and that feels soooo nice.

To ANNETTE – What a frustration – loved your story, you were lucky it was a nice firm poop. Just have a question – what’s your favorite way of holding it in? I like to stand up and cross my legs and squeeze my buns as tight as I can. Problem is, it’s a bit obvious to anyone watching. I wonder if you know a way that doesn’t look so obvious. Would love to hear your ideas. Love Ash

To BRYIAN – I’m 15, (nearly 16) and my sis is 13.

To JB - Thanks, glad you liked my story. My sis is always getting into trouble; she can be a real pain sometimes. But I did kinda feel sorry for her that time. It was a huge poo she had to do at first and I know it hurt real bad. But I also know how good she felt when she got rid of that first huge hard log and the rest of her poop was able to come out.

To JULIE – Hi Julie. Hey, if you don’t want Cindy’s brother to see your pussies (Yeah I know that’s what he really wants), how is he going to judge the “Dirtiest Bum”? How about the most pieces of toilet paper used. You could just show him each new piece gets dirty. Can’t wait for the results – love Ash xxx

I also have a question for everybody. Mel (my sis) and me were joking about her outdoor poo I posted about recently. I made some fun out of it and she got kinda annoyed and dared me to poo in the back yard. Just for fun – does anybody have any good ideas where I could do a “Dare-Poop”? I promise I will try and do it if I’m not tooo scared and I will post it so everyone can see what happened. Please, please give me some ideas – Love Ash XXXX

hey y'all i just wanted to know if any of you have and ideas for homemade laxatives? because i have a really really hard time pooping and im never regular.. ive tried changing my diet to see if it help and it hasnt helped so please if you have and home remedeies that well get my pooping fast i'd really like it if you put them up, Much Luv StarStruck

Dirty Jim

I would not think the size of your butt would cause the skid marks, you just need to wipe a little better. Do you wear thongs? I woudlthink it would be almost impossible to avoids skids if that was the case.

Annette - thanks for sharing your story. It makes me feel better to know other people my age have had similar accidents. What were you wearing when your's happened? I was lucky to be in black pants that didn't show the pee stains very much. Did you wet yourself a lot also?

Trekkie - Yes, I have had a few accidents before. I will be happy to tell you about them, and about my friends accident at work and stuff, but I don't have time right now. I have to leave to go to a friends birthday party tonight. :-)


to KT- that 11 comandant thing was funny lol

Miss Belinda.
CHELSEA: Yes, I would say that one was about 15" and it felt wonderful coming out. I always love the long ones that take a little while to ease out. I think the main reason that mine are so long is because I usually go about two days before the urge hits me to poo poo. I'm not a big woman but a big eater also which may contribute to the size. When I'm at home I always take my time using the commode, I've seen some women that go in for about five minutes and the job is done. I love to relax and sometimes read while I'm in the bathroom. Another one of my favorite things to do is ease my poo poo out a little at a time and pinch it off. I started doing this because we once owned a smaller water saver commode and I would usually stop it up. The only drawback to doing this is it makes wiping a bit messy and makes the bathroom stink but to me it feels really wonderful. I would say that my average turds are bigger than my husband's. I've seen some of his on occasion and they can't ! hold a candle to mine, LOL.

Ash-- I enjoyed you story about the little girl in the next stall. You
> I thought it was all very sweet, especially since the little girl had > her mom to help her.

Ths begs a question: would you like to have a "Mom" help you with a difficult poo?-- JW

I've got a survey.I tried posting it before but the first part got cut off so I don't think anyone realized it was a survey so I'll repost it here.I'm espicially interested in hearing from women.You don't have to answer all the questions.I'm most interested in hearing responses to the questions about bathroom lines.
1.Has anyone here ever wondered what it would be like to go to the bathroom as the opposite sex?I'm a guy and always wanted to know what it felt like to go to the bathroom as a girl.
2.I've heard that lines to the women's bathroom can sometimes be 20 minutes or longer while men have no lines.I've read that women take on average 2-3 times as long to go and have only 1/3 as many places to pee as men(because of urinals).Women generally have to wait 6 times as long as men as a result.That seems pretty unfair.Can any women here confirm this or have experienced problems like this?I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on this.
3.What's the longest line you've ever had to wait in line to use the bathroom?(I've never had to wait more than a minute or two and that is only a few times in my life)
4.How long do you have to wait in line on average,if at all?(I'd like to do a comparison between male and female.Men seem to have a huge advantage)
5.How many women here squat or hover over the seat to go to the bathroom?(I've heard it's like 60% according to several websites)
6.Have you ever wet yourself because someone tickled you?
7.How many here would use a unisex restroom(with stalls etc.)?Also do you think it'd lessen bathroom lines?
8.Have any women here used a female urinal or would if they had the chance?
9.Women-Did you ever sit down to pee but then had to poop?Also if you have to poop and pee but just want to pee quick and not poop can you usually pee and hold in your poop while your sitting to pee or would it be too hard to push out the pee while holding in your poop?How often does this happen to you?
10.Women-What happens if there is a long line in the women's bathroom and one woman takes a long time to poop while there are alot of other women waiting in line just to pee?Do you just sit there and wait politely in agony while she hogs the bathroom or do you make her get up after awhile?I feel this may be why there's long lines for women.In a men's room if someone's pooping and holding up the line those who just need to pee can use the urinals without having to wait for the other guy to finish pooping.
11.Have you ever been on a line to the bathroom and someone who has finished just sits there and torments you because they know you have to go?
12.Has anyone ever purposely caused you to lose your place in line at the bathroom?
13.Would you sit on a tiolet to pee or poo even if it wouldn't flush and other people had pooped in it?
14.Men-When I was little before I learned about the birds and bees and I wondered why girls had to sit to pee.I didn't know women had vaginas.I was told they had nothing there(meaning a penis)so I assumed that meant nothing at all.For that reason I used to think women peed out their butts lol.I also thought women had a baby through them!LOL.I know that sounds stupid but I did believe that.Did anyone else use to believe that or am I the only weird one here?
15.Have you ever been spied on in a public bathroom?
16.When your sitting on the tiolet has anyone ever taken advantage of the situation knowing you can't get up to stop them from doing whatever?
17.If you really have to pee does hearing other people going make you more desperate to go?How about hearing/seeing running water,lakes,people drinking,faucet dripping,hearing a tiolet flush etc. or can you just block it out and hold it in without problem?
18.What is harder to hold in-Pee or poop?Which would you rather have to hold?Which can you hold longest?
19.girls-If you have to wait several minutes on line to use the bathroom what do you do at school if you have only a few minutes to get to class?Do you just go and hope for the best?

Thanks for the great idea Ash - the one about wearing loose dresses - we've agreed that's hat we will do. We've also agreed to pooing one after each other, an hour in between is out of the question, and the FINAL date now is this Saturday. I think I'll try not to poo the whole day Friday AND the whole day Saturday - my worry is the longer I wait the bigger the chance of just HAVING to poo just before the competition, and then not being able to poo at all, so maybe I'll have my usual Friday morning poo and then skip Saturday's. Let us know anything that we can add to the judging list, also any ideas on Food - I was going to make sure that I ate lots of beans, onions and meat on friday, and then fruit and vegetable later on Saturday.

From time to time when reading the paper and I see George W. Bush
in the paper I use it as toilet paper. I make sure his face
gets a good wiping of my butt.

He needs to smell some crap.

Julie if you don't want him to watch how the heck can he judge facial expression? Just curious maybe you should let him watch if that is a characteristic that you want him to judge.

to unnamed poster- i have taken a crap sitting on the toilet backwords and i agree it is corfortable and works well.

Buccaneers Fan
Hey, I just love to watch girls pee and I like to see what their pee looks like when it’s in the toilet. I’d like to start off by telling you all about how my interest in girls peeing really started. First off, I’m 14 years old right now. Last summer, my cousin and I would often hang out together. She’s the same age as me, and her name’s Amanda. One day, we were walking around in the woods together, enjoying the scenery and telling jokes. I was wearing my swimtrunks, and she was wearing her bikini underneath her tangtop. By the way, I have a really nice pool. Anyway, we were walking back to my house so we could jump in the pool and cool off. When we got there, I ran into the pool, and did a huge cannonball. Amanda quickly took off her shirt and short shorts, and jumped in as well. After playing around for like 20 minutes, Amanda got out and started drying off. I asked her why she got out, and she said that she had to go pee. I said okay, and continued swimming.! She tiptoed up the stairs on the deck, and went to open the door. “It’s locked,” she yelled out to me. Being the idiot I am lol, I never even thought to check if my mom was home. I guess she wasn’t. I then got out, dried off, and went to try the door. She was right, it was locked. “Oh crap!” Amanda said. “I gotta go pee bad!!” “Can you wait till my mom gets home?” I asked her. “I don’t know, I’ll try,” she said back to me. We then walked back down, and talked for a little while. About 15 minutes later, she told me that she had not gone since 9 in the morning, and now it was 3 in the afternoon. I felt kinda sorry for her, but was also laughing at the same time. She began moving around alot in her chair, and then she said, “Oh no! I can’t hold it anymore.” Well, we have these reddish colored rocks near my pool, and sometimes I’ll pee there when I don’t feel like drying off. Amanda quickly scurried over to them, pulled her bikini bottoms down, and squatted wit! h her back facing me. I looked over at her, and saw her stream of pee shooting out from underneath her legs. She went on and on and on. She would often moan every few seconds, saying that if she would have waited another second, it would all be in her bikini bottoms now. She finally finished up, and if I had to guess, I’d say that she peed for well over 3 minutes. Maybe around 3 minutes and 45 seconds or something. Not too bad. When she came back, she said she was sorry for going there, but I didn’t care. Well I’m going to the lake now, so I’ll tell some more incidents in the near future for you all. Bye.

Pee girl:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for recalling your Girl Scout experience with us. It was an incredible story, and I very much enjoy the style in which you relate your peeing adventures. I can almost imagine the bewildered look on your chauffeur's face as she waits forever, hearing only your pee stream resonating throughout the bathroom, wondering how someone can actually go that much. After an indeterminable amount of time, she concludes that you couldn't possibly be peeing, accuses you of wasting your troop's time, and almost drops to the floor when she sees you sitting there peeing nonchalantly. I don't mean to summarize the certainly did a great job of telling it, but I've always been interested in other people's reactions to incredible peeing, and clearly this woman had never met anyone with such a prodigious bladder, especially not a 13-year-old girl. Needless to say, I loved it, and I'm very appreciative that you posted it and "dedicated" it to me.! :) I hope you will stick around and post more great anecdotes, but if not, good luck to you, and happy peeing :)

D dawg:

Thanks for the advice on witnessing women peeing large amounts around me. Unfortunately, I myself am probably a bit too shy/conservative to engage in such peeing contests, as are most of my female friends I believe. I am pretty content on listening outside the door when possible, and have been treated to a few hard streams, but nothing of any significant duration. This is perhaps why I love reading of these big-bladder tales on this board, because I know there are people out there capable of delivering some seriously long pees, but I've not had the opportunity to listen to any first-hand. I have tried to bring up the topic on one occasion with a friend, who had once made the claim to me that she seemed to visit the bathroom far less often than her female friends. We were talking about having to give a urine sample at the doctor's, and she was saying she hated when she didn't have to go and couldn't produce, but it was also bad when she really needed to go because it! was so messy for girls. Wanting to continue this conversation, I played innocent, stating that it had been a while since I had been to the doctor, and how large were the vials they give you to pee in? "Oh, they're not hard to fill up, especially with my high volume..." came the response. I immediately became excited, and questioned "so you have a high volume?" She kind of shied away at this point. "Yeah...if I drink a lot and hold it for a while..." I sensed that she wasn't too comfortable discussing this, but I related the story my mother told me about her bathroom encounter with a Pee-girlesque character who simply flooded the toilet and amazed my mother (old posts pg 1088), hoping the effort would spark similar stories from her. Instead, she simply said "I don't pay attention to others when I'm in the bathroom" and the conversation ended. *sigh* Still, for her to state that she had a "high-volume", she must have compared her capabilities to others around her, an! d determined that she either peed on average longer or in greater quantities than most. I remain hopeful that one day she will be desperate to go when I am around, and I will have a chance to listen to whatever flood ensues.

Guess that's all for now...let's keep those pee stories coming. Thanks,


Morning,poopers! some responses-
TO PUNK ROCK GIRL-boy,i'd like to be in that mens room when you did your deed-always enjoy your stuff!
TO BRIAN-Yea,i went over and looked at his load after he left and it was a big load of roapy poop.This guys did some serious pooping!it was cool to see him push his load out-he had to go pretty bad!
TO DAVE FROM UPSTATE NY-Glad you liked my buddy poop-it was fun,i have to admit.sure,you could buddy poop along with me-we could talk about all the stories on this forum as we do our morning loads out in the wild!-we're probably not too far from each other!
It's been hot here in the N.E and i'm having a great time unloading just about every a.m.out in the woods-i'm sure doing a lot of fertilizing!as a matter of fact,i'm feeling the full felling of a dump coming on,so i'm putting on my bike shorts and heading out to do the deed-been doing some nice feeling loads that come out easy and leave a nice pile of sausage and soft turds out in the woods-well...i'm off--gotta go soon!Wish i ahd some of you ladies to poop along with!Great stuf all BYE

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