Potty Pooper
Well, I've been off the site for awhile (too busy to keep up) but now I'm trying to catch up from where I left off
reading. BTW, page 1124 seems to be corrupted: only the first part of the thing is there, and it seems to end in

Incidentally, I at one point had wanted to be a writer (and still dabble in it a bit), and so tended to keep 3X5
cards of anecdotes, things I'd seen happen that might be interesting to drop into a story or something, or that
might make a character more interesting. Things like someone's wacky antics, or a strange situation, or a freak
accident with a bowl of fruit, or whatever. I also wrote down a few interesting poop-events that I'd seen, which
is why I'm able to describe these sorts of incidents to this forum today, years after the fact.

Anyway, on with my post....

At one point, I worked for three years as a cashier at a major discount department store, and I've seen some pretty
interesting poop and pee incidents involving kids that were waiting in the line at checkout.

One time, for instance, a lady had a boy of perhaps three sitting up in that little compartment at the top back of
the cart that can either be used to place items into, or that one can place their child into with their legs through
the openings. Well, this child was squatting in the seat, rather than sitting with his legs through the holes.

Anyway, right as they got to the head of the line, and she was ready to start ringing things up, the little boy said
he had to go pee. She said to hold it. He said again that he had to go pee, and again she said hold it. And then
he said it again, and she said it again. And then suddenly the boy peed himself, squatting there. The pee ran down
*from* his pants and actually dropped down *through* the front of the cart to the floor and had to be mopped up
afterwards. ("Cleanup at lane 3! Cleanup at lane 3!" :-) He only peed for maybe five or ten seconds, though, but
alot musta come out in those few seconds, because his pants were now wet all the way from the front, down through
the space between his legs, and (as I'd see a moment later) up onto the seat of his pants.

"I thought I told you to hold it!"

Afterwards, the two walked happily on out of the store, like all was okay again, and then I could see the full
extent of where he'd wet himself, going all the way from the front of his pants, down between his legs and into
the inner, top part of his pants-leg -- where it had run down into the cart -- and up onto the seat of his pants,
from his having been stooped down.

Another time, a mom and her young son, this time perhaps seven or eight, came up to checkout. (Or maybe he was
younger, like five or six. I'm not sure. My memory suggests older, but my notes say younger. I gather I tended
to guesstimate *downward* when judging kids' ages back then.) He was sitting -- laying, actually -- in the larger
section of the shopping cart, propped up on one arm. Right as they got to the head of the line and where about to
check out, the child said, "Mom, I gotta go pee."

She said, "Hold it."

"I'm trying."

This was repeated a coupla times.

"I gotta pee!"

"Hold it."

"I'm trying!"

"I gotta *pee*!"

"*Hold* it!"

"I'm *trying*!"

And then... "I *gotta* *pee*!"

"*Hold* it!"

"But, it's *trying* to *come*!" And, by this point, he'd grabbed, and was desperately holding, his dinky through
the front of his pants.

"Well, don't *let* it."

"I'm *not*!"

And it continued.

"I *gotta* go *pee*!"

"Well, *HOLD* it!"

"I *AM*!!"

In fact, you could clearly see the little bulge made by his dinky, there in his hand, where he was squeezing as
tight as he could manage.

She finished her purchase, and quickly hurried them off, probably right to the bathroom. I don't think he wet
himself, much, at least not at the checkout, since he was holding himself pretty tightly. Dunno what happened
when they got to the bathroom, though, where presumably he had to let go of the front of his pants in order to

Yet another time, a mother with two small children in her cart got into the line. There was a girl of perhaps
two or three sitting in the child-perch part at the back, and there was a boy of perhaps six or seven in the
frontward part of the cart. (He may have been younger than that, though. Say, four or five, because that's
what I had in my original notes, but then I'd added the notation, "Probably more like seven," to it.)

Right as they got to the register, the boy said, "Mom, I gotta go to the potty."

(WHY is it ALWAYS right when they get to the register?!?!? :-D ) (Okay, a few years later, when I worked there
again, this sorta thing didn't seem to happen any more... which is a pity, because I kinda missed it! :-)

She told him, "Just wait a minute," and started putting her stuff up to be rung up.

A moment later, "Mom, I gotta go to the potty!"

"Just a moment." Kept placing her things up on the counter.

The boy continued, variously, "I gotta go to the potty!" "Hurry, Mom!" "Come *on*, Mom!" "Come *ON*!" "*Hurry*,
Mom, *HURRY*!"

And during all this, he actually went from seated in the cart, to squatting, with his backside a little above his
feet, to stooping, with his behind a little more up, then with his behind further up, and further, until it was just
slightly below the top edge of the cart. And then he stopped saying anything, stopped moving, and just *stood* there
like that, as his mother finally got done and wheeled him away in the cart, heading towards the restrooms.

I watched them go, and he didn't change his position the whole way over to the bathroom door, just stood there calmly
with his behind held up.

As it happens, when he suddenly went silent like that, and stayed at a half-squat like he was... I'm not sure if
that was a good sign, or a bad sign.

I.e., did he manage to hold it, and then the push let up... or had he actually *gone* in his pants by that point,
or had he kinda *started* to go in his pants, but then held it *just* before it reached his underpants?

I didn't *smell* something, though, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Another time there, I got off for lunch-break and went to the little restuarant there to the front of the store.
It had to be a thirty-minute lunch break, because otherwise I'd have driven to one of the other places nearby for
it. Anyway, I went into the adjoining bathroom to wash my hands, and as I went in, it got the attention of a boy
of perhaps five, who was sitting in the toilet stall. (The bathroom was otherwise completely empty.)

I should point out, for completeness, that this was a handicapped-accessable stall, but was also the only stall in
this particular mens room. Being a handicapped stall, it meant the stall was fairly large and had its own sink
inside. The mens room at the BACK of the store had two or more stalls, none of which were handicapped-accessible,
but most people headed to the bathroom up front because it was the one more clearly visable to everyone. Of course,
the fact that this was the only stall in the mens room meant it wasn't reserved *only* for the handicapped, just
that it was devised such that the handicapped actually *could* use it.

Anyway, to continue my story, I'd gone in there to wash my hands, and then I heard, from inside the stall, this
little boy, who sounded about five, ask, "Are you a *friend*?"

I wasn't sure how to answer that. I can't recall if I said anything (like, "Uhhhhh...") or just remained quiet.
Probably remained quiet. I kept on doing what I was doing, though. He asked that a couple more times before I
got done washing and left. I didn't think anything of it, but then, I tend to be rather literal-minded sometimes,
and not read between the lines.

After I sat down at a table, I saw someone else (another employee?) go into the mens room, and then come back out
a moment later and go directly to the help/return desk, right up there past it and to the front, and say something
to the person behind the counter, which I couldn't quite hear.

At that point, it dawned on me: The kid was probably out of toilet paper! I'd guess his mom and dad had instilled
in him, "Don't talk to strangers!" Otherwise, he'd have simply said, to whoever walked in, that he was outta toilet
paper. Instead, he was trying to determine if I was stranger or non-stranger before he asked for help, or told me
anything at all.

Then again, maybe he'd crapped his pants, and needed someone to help him get cleaned up, or for someone to go and
tell his folks. For that matter, maybe he figured he'd get lucky and it actually WAS someone he knew out there,
perhaps one of his little playmates, who could then come inside and help him clean up his messed underpants.

But, nah... he was probably just out of toilet paper, otherwise they'd have called over the PA system for his folks
to come to the front.

I rember once my sister and I were alone in are parents

One time my sister and I were in the back seet of our parents car
we were parked in front of a little country store in our home town.
she and I were alone while thay were shopping.
This was a long time ago she was about twelve or thirteen.
she told me she had to pee real bad".
she said this about four times.
I giss she could not hold it any longer
she pould down her pants and panties and went pee right there on the flor. it was loud and long
we never told any one that was the first time I got to watch her pee.
years later I ask her if she could rember that time.
I asked her if she ever peed her pants befor she said no but her dauther my nease pooped her pants at work more than once.
she is vary good looking and I think she likes to mess her pants.
Dave in Michigan

To Shameeka: Liked your story
To Mal: Enjoyed your story
To Kristy: Liked your story..I don't eat McDonalds cause of that
To Chellybelly a.k.a ~Chelsea: liked your story
To Annette: Liked your big was your poop?
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story..your pretty brave to use the mens room
To Smart Feller: Thats cool about the real world.
To matt: Loved your story..liked that line..matt your aren't we all weird when it comes to this you like watching some guys poop too or just girls?
To Ash: Liked your story..did you go back and check that stall out?
To Ben: liked your story
To KT: Enjoyed your story
To Potty Pooper: Loved your story
To Punk Rock Chic: Liked your story
To park visit: Loved your story about your kids messing them selfs
To Zip: Loved your stories..sounds like some cool experiences
To Julie: I can't wait to hear the results

Michael M

I sorta laughed when I read your post about the problem with some marks on your panties.
I know at one time or another Ive had that problem with some streaks on my BYD's. When its unexpected and you see them its a pain alright so you want to change underwear.
But the way to get around this is the first place is to just take some TP and dampen it some. Then give that ole glory hole a nice buffing
You can take 2 handfulls, one to knock off the rough, and th second to polish it up.
Hey, if I get a real messy poo sometimes and its really bad, Ive been known to back up to the sink and wash my butt with water and or a washcloth.
I guess the solution is to take the time to shine it up right and the problem is gone.
Sometimes though a "pile" or two might be lurkin and will hang onto some poo. In that cause you must go and wash it off pretty good as I mentioned.
You could always plant some nice sweet smelling drawers for your BF with a little bit of that female odor..Lol

The other night i had a dream i was in a public bathroom and i saw a guy in a stall and i went over to him and i peeked in there. Then i started doing some stuff to was weird

Last night i was online talking to some of them likes to poop/ and pee his pants. I thought about peeing my pants sitting over the sink. Actully i had on umbro shorts...i pulled them off, took my boxers on and put the shorts on and at the same time i realized i had to poop too. So i sat over the sink and i poooped my shorts then i peed them too, some pee dripped on the floor. Then i got up to clean up and the poop fell out of the leg of my shorts on to the rug. Then i had to clean up by that time it was really late and i flushed the one load down. Then i had to wipe and use toilet paper to clean up my mess on the sink and on the floor. I went to flush all that and the toilet got stopped up. Im like oh no..i don't have a plunger in my bathroom...luckly it went down by its self then i went to bed..gotta run now bye

To Pat - First of all, you didn't give your gender, I was just curious. Anyway, I am 18 and male. In response to your question, I would definitely not wave a magic wand to prevent myself from peeing. I like holding my pee and getting in desperate situations. I'd consider not having to crap, as it really doesn't do anything for me. It's just something I have to do, but I definitely don't get excited by being desperate to crap or on the couple of occasions that I've crapped my pants.

To park visit - Cool story. I know what you mean about kids. When I was younger and even into my early teens, I'd always come in to pee with my hands firmly holding my dick in total desperation. Even now at 18, I usually put off going to the bathroom until I have to hold my crotch to avoid pissing my pants. It's fun to do.


Traveling Guy
PAT - No wave of the magic wand for me, thanks. It may be inconvenient sometimes, but I usually enjoy pooping and peeing - especially a good crap - too much to give them up.

the HOLD IT man - I appreciate your POV, my friend, but I'd really have loved for that girl at the KFC to walk in on me. I'd give her a smile and a casual, "Hi, there!" just to see her reaction.

And you, PRG - You could waltz into the men's when I'm there crapping any time you want. It would be a pleasure to join you in a long one.

ASH - No, I've never heard a poop called a "puppy." I've heard "Time to take the brownies out of the oven," though. Awesome post about you and the mom and daughter. It was cool that you felt so relaxed that you would moan while dumping, even with strangers so near.

ANNETTE - Wow, I've sure been there - having to take a crap so badly but not being able to get to the toilet. It's happened to me while teaching, but I've always managed to hang on until class was over. Even though I'm pretty open about bodily functions, I would be mortified if I farted or crapped or peed myself in front of students.

My body must be in a cleansing cycle or something. I've been crapping two or three times a day now for a couple of days. Not diarrhea, just normal consistency poop, but not as long as usual. Yeah, OK, PRG, I guess I'm "full of it," too. Yesterday morning I took a moaner - no effort needed, just a log that felt sooo good on the way out.

In the afternoon, I had to meet with a student I'd never met before. Right off she said, "Before we start, can I use the bathroom?" I was waiting for two other students to join us, so I told her that I'd show her where the women's is, because it's near the door where the other two students would come in and I'd wait for them there. Well, this really personable student disappeared into the ladies and didn't come out for a good five to six minutes. (Meanwhile, the other two students never showed.)

The girl finally emerged from the women's and, because she had such an open personality, I said, "You know, I was about to send in a rescue team to find you." When she laughed, I continued, "Big lunch, huh?"

"Oh yeah," she agreed. "Boy, am I glad I took care of that before our meeting." End of that discussion, but I wish I could have done some match making on behalf of someone here who's looking for an open g/f.

Hey, ALL - This place is rockin'! Keep up the great posts! See ya when I can - TG BTW, good joke, PV.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Annette. I enjoyed your story enormously. You must wanted to poo really badly! I'd never thought of hotel receptionists ever being taken short before but your experience is proof that it can happen. Do you have a fairly regular bowel habit or does it tend to be unpredictable? I'd be interested to know.

KT. Your church is lucky to have bathrooms. Here in England many CofE churches, especially in rural areas, don't have toilets at all - apart from the yew trees in the churchyard. It sounds as though your experience was certainly a memorable one. I think incense would have got rid of the smell though. It might be worth asking your pastor to get some in.

Audrey. You seem to have had quite a close shave, only just getting to the loo on time. I'd be wary of any burning sensation that occurs though as it could indicate a water infection. If it happens again it might be worth a checkup with your doctor. One evening last week I was out with a lady who needed to pee for over two hours and she managed to hold it without too much difficulty. I had half hoped that she'd need to stop off somewhere and pay a visit but she managed to hold on and avoid an accident.

This evening I went for a motion and getting it wasn't half a struggle! Constipation is rare for me but I think the warm weather we've been having just lately has dried me out and made me constipated. Anyone else been constipated as a result of warm weather?

Sheila. I hope things are working out for you and you're able to post again soon. Remember you have good friends here.

Best wishes to everyone!



Hi all, I am an infrequent poster here but way back I mentioned that when I finish my shower in the morning I always put some cream in my crack and in my annus. As I have often said poop just shoots out hard or soft and the wipe is 99% clean. I have recently been experimenting with my morning poop before I shower and 99% you have no messy bum and do not need to wipe. A thought for those of you that find no paper or shit in the woods and cannot wipe. Your bum is not as dirty as you think it is. Mostly spotless if you put cream on it and this is the first poo after creaming.
Our walking season has started here on the farm. We have guests and they walk in the mountains with me or my husband as a guide. We always issue cream to apply between their cheeks as a sweaty cheek can get rather sore. We also tell them that if they shit on the trail it keeps them clean. They are normally horrified as these are smart city types who supposedly never shit outside but at some point they will have to on the trail as it is all day. Some of them have told me afterwards what an experience it was to sit on a mountain side gazing out for miles at the scenery with a bare but hanging out. They also reckon that the complete bowel movement occurs at that angle. That’s what I have always said. Will post as soon as I have a good one of a walker. Sometimes have to show them how to remove shorts and panties otherwise they drop a load in them.

Tim (and Sarah)
Roberta: First of all, thank you for your thoughts. You shouldn’t worry. We might not be as bad "traditional" thinkers as you maybe think. Well, maybe we are, but, please let me explain: We, or rather my sister (so again an aunty...) did actually teach our daughter the way to urinate, you seem to prefer. We decided on this after our girl, already tried to find her own way, making quite a mess and getting rather frustrated. One time e.g. she completely soaked herself, when I had to take the kids to the men’s (I had diarrhoea and did not want to leave them unattended), when trying to use a low urinal while I was on the toilet. We did and still do however hesitate to teach this as a "normal" form of relieve, e.g. at home, as it’s rather messy and we are worried about our girl getting teased if she "officially" presents these skills. My wife never felt very comfortable with the device free method. She always found it to messy and especially enjoys the freedom to relieve herself ! through the zipper of her jeans rather than having to pull her pants down. This is a very personal decision and matter, I would say. Therefore she would not want to teach her daughter something, she does not feel comfortable with herself. Then I certainly wouldn’t teach her either. My sister lives in Africa. She presented this to my daughter as a thing "women do in Africa, but not so openly over here", until she is old enough to judge the situation better. This is now kind of an open secret between the two: First if all we knew all the time, as this was agreed on by us, and secondly our daughter sometimes forgot it was a "secret" and weed a good arch onto our lawn, while playing naked outside in the summer. We really feel she isn’t frustrated about it anymore, happy with the knowledge that she could if she wanted. By the way, in our home nobody really pees standing, as we all find it messy. I do admit that I sometimes take a quick standing whiz, when in a hurry, but generall! y do feel comfortable to sit down. When outside or on public toilets, I always stand to pee though. It’s a matter of what feels right at the right time. This personal choice and freedom is the same for every member of our family, male or female. I would be very interested though, if you ever encountered any situations as a child or adult, where you were made to feel insecure about the matter. Were you always, even at the age of five, able to judge the situation, not to get intio trouble? I’d appreciate if you would like to share your experience.
I do enjoy your stories, by the way. Hope to see more of them. Best wishes from Tim

Special hello to PV, today! Glad you seem to be fine. Long time no hear.

Looking though posts from past weeks I was wondering why Amanda & people who like peeing outside squat when they pee outside as it is such a sweat as she describes taking off clothes, panties, shoes etc and also I have heard of people who got bitten on backsides by a frog or something when they squatted in the open and it is difficult not to wet your feet. Or overbalance and hurt your back and get spiders ot other crawlies up your legs. And what is that word ladylike supposed to mean - I mean how can you be ladylike in a squat? I have always peed standing since I was small and my aunt showed me how in a public toilet so as not to have to sit on a peed-on seat or worse. Jeans can be a problem although you only really have to pull them down a bit at the top but skirts are real easy because you only have to lift them up and then pull the panty crotch to the side and spread the bits with two fingers and lift things a bit. The restrooms site says girls can even go through th! e fly on jeans but that must take a lotta practise. I hate the idea of undressing outside like in a field or wood. Skindipping at friends pools is somehting else and that I dont mind at all. Boys get to hold their sensitive bits when they pee so why can girls not do it too. Lifting is easy by pulling upwards on your clit and I bet that feels the same for boys when they hold their things and pee. It is like a-hundred-years-old nonsense that girls must not touch themselves. Also Amanda do you people only pee with girls - it is fun to pee with boys and watch them and see who can go furthest. Sometimes one even gets to aim. Dont you get to pee with your friends brother and his friends or arent they into peeing?

And by the way, all the people who keep writing to this site asking for pee stories and saying that they arent into the other thing - why dont they write themselves and tell us what THEY do, what they like, how they do it, some fun things they did as kids and all the things they want US to write about. This site is a 2-way business - I mean it is not fair that only some people write and the others only read. The more who write the more there will be and we will all be happier, especially those who are into peeing more than the other thing. Why be shy about writing when nobody knows your name or where you hang out? It isnt as tho you risk somebody who doesn’t agree with you coming to beat you up.

- Roberta

Hi, I started a new job last year working for a Government Department. It employs about 120 woman and probably less than 20 men, most of those men are late 50’s to early 60’s so it has been quite an experience for me at 26 working with so many woman.

I initially went away for training for 6 weeks with 10 women. We were booked into a good quality hotel, were we stayed from Sunday to Friday then returned home on the train for weekends.

We walked 3 miles each day from the hotel to the training centre. It was one sunny day when I walked outside the building and saw them sitting on the grass outside having their break. One of them asked me “have you been going regular”? I made out I didn’t know what they meant; another girl asked if I had been going to the toilet regular since I was away from home. Apparently 2 girls weren’t able to go for most of the week and put it down to being away from home and in a strange environment. I was a bit embarrasses to answer in front of so many girls so I shrugged the question off.

Later that night we were in the hotel bar till late drinking and talking when the subject came up again, I was surprised that girls wanted to talk about toilet habits, especially in front of me. A girl came up with a series of questions where we all gave an answer in turn, such as, when we normally do it, where do we it, how we sit on the toilet, how long we take, all sorts personal questions crept into the conversation. At first I felt uncomfortable in front of all females but started to get use to it. One girl said “I don’t sit on the toilet I just perch on it”; I’m not quite sure what that meant.

Most of the girls gave answers that they took 3-5 minutes; sit with their underwear pulled down to their thighs, all except one said they didn’t need to strain much to go, and all admitted to wiping a lot because they were fussy about their underwear.

From that time onwards we all admitted when we need to ‘poo’ or if we had just been for one. I don’t know if they do this just to be inquisitive and nothing much else to talk about or if they do it because they get a thrill from it.

Hi, my name is shameeka. i'm new here. ummmm, i'm 18 yrs old (almost 19) and I just have a story that happened 2 me recently.

Well, I was constipated so i took a laxative earlier that day. After, a while, i decided it hadn't worked. so i went on a short hike because i live near a forest. I had been walking for and hour and a half when i felt that laxitave working. my stomach hurt REALLY bad. I was wearing a pair of denim shorts but the zipper got stuck. So i ended up crapping my self. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't good. it was just kind of warm.I usually piss while i crap so that came too. I did NOT like that.i ran home. before I made it, the laxitave worked again. when i got home, my panties were really messed up. so I just threw them away.

I have one more that happened to me also.

I was wearing a micro mini w/ no panties and I had to piss. i was at a party.i decided to hold it. BAD IDEA. after half an hour i was bursting.I had alot of bad crap to eat the night b4 so i also had diarreah. i whispered to a friend and she told me the bathroom was around the corner. so I ran to the bathroom, but the toilet was busted, so i crapped in the shower. :)

I have accepted that I get noticeable skidmarks basically every day. I am not sure what to do because I know that my boyfriend sneeks through my dirty panties, and I am wondering if I should bring up the topic. I honestly think the skids are caused by the size of my butt (slightly bigger than J-Lo) and he may understand why I get them if I just told him. I am also worried he thinks my panties are gross. Is this problem weird? what should i do?

Tina- Definitely tell about your friends' accidents! Also, you said you hadn't had anything like that happen to you in a long time. So it's happened before? Would you mind telling about that one too? (Well, not all at once, of course. But eventually?)

I am a new poster and I have a good story for all of you. One day I was at my friend Kim's house and we were talking and having fun when all of the sudden she said she had to have a poo. She asked me to come in and continue talking to her and i did. She peeled down her panties, lifted up her skirt and sat on the pot. As soon as she did waves of diareha and wet farts poured out of her. When all of the sudden I felt the need to poop, I think it was the McDonalds we ate earlier. I had to go bad and she wanted me to stay, i couldnt hold any more, i pullled down my panties and pants and squatted over her tub, I sprayed poop all in the front of it, accompanied by a few farts and a lil pee. I was kind of turned on to poopp in front of her. But we'll save those details for another time.....bye bye, more stories of girls pooping together please,,, PRG I love you.

Chellybelly a.k.a ~Chelsea
Ash - Oh my god! That post was excellent on page 1095. I just found it earlier today, and I must have read it over about 10 times lol!! My dad has a laptop computer too, and he lets me use it from time to time. Here’s what I’m planning on doing. I want to start holding my poop in today (Tuesday), and see how long I can hold it before I can’t possibly hold it another second. Then, I wanna go to the toilet, and take a big crap and do exactly what you did. I wanna give you a play by play description of me going. Now, please tell me if you don’t want me to, because I don’t want to hurt you in anyway. Thanks sweetie.

Miss Belinda - Wow, 15” inches eh? That must have felt really good coming out, right? I am never able to poop that big. I poop alot, but my pieces aren’t that big at all. They range from about 5” inches to 9” inches long. You’re very lucky. Yeah, I really hate having a piece that never drops, always hangs from your butt. Ugh. This actually leads me into a story that I would like to share with everyone here.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in Science class. It was 9th period, and I never asked this teacher to go to the bathroom. I don’t think I asked her once during the whole school year. Anyway, we were watching a video clip on the computer screen, when I felt the need to go poop. I held it for about 5 minutes, and the urge became stronger and stronger. To risk maybe having an accident in my new panties, I just wanted to get it over with and ask her to go to the bathroom. Surprisingly, she let me, and I walked to the girls bathroom. After I was in there, I went into the stall farthest to the wall, and closed the door. I pulled my white pants down to my ankles. Next, I pulled my FAVORITE panties down. They were black with the word “naughty” going across the back in silver letters. Hehe. I then got comfortable, as I plopped my ass onto the chilly toilet seat. I didn’t go for about 3 days, and I knew that there was alot that wanted to come out of me. I just sat th! ere, waiting for my first piece to start moving. And soon enough, I felt it begin to descend from my butt. No sooner than 20 seconds after I felt that first bit of movement, I heard a faint splash. I looked down between my legs and saw one firm piece of poop that was about 6” inches in length. I was pleased with myself, as I then sat more upright, shifted my body around, and began to pee a weak stream. I continued peeing for another 10 seconds, then had to push a little to get the last drops out. I wasn’t finished pooping though, as I farted silently, and another piece began to make its way out of me. This piece came out a little slower, and I actually had to push quite a bit to get it out. Unfortunately, only half of the piece broke off and fell into the water beneath me. So, there I was with about 6 minutes left of school, a piece of shit dangling from my sticky buttcrack. I waited another 2 minutes to see if it would come out. No luck. Being in the pickle I wa! s, I figured that I would just wipe very quickly. Well, my butt was messy as hell! After a total of about 25 wipes lol, I finally stood up, pulled my panties up to my waist, pulled my pants up, fastened the buttons, and flushed the toilet. As I bent down to pick my bracelet up, the bell rang! I rushed out of the girls room and back to class to gather my belongings. In the end, I ended up missing my bus. Since my parents were at work, I had to wait like an hour and a half for them to come pick me up. And the next day at school, everyone had found out who I like because I wrote “I love” that person in my assignment book. They must have peeked at it while I was in the bathroom. Really a humiliating experience for me. Well, I’m gunna go watch a movie, so bye. I’ll post again soon.

Dear Tina, I can relate to the experience you had. I work evening and night shift at the main desk in a motel. I am eighteen and have been working on this job since May. A month ago I was on my own for the first time (two people usually work the counter in the evenings and at night) because my partner called in sick. I had just started my shift when I had to take a serious dump. I couldn't leave the counter because I was the only one working. I could tell it was a big one because it was really pressing to get out. I tried to ignore it and keep on working. I had a lot of guests checking in at the time so I was really busy. I was grunting faintly just as if I were sitting on the toilet and pushing my poop out. Only this time I was trying to push my poop the other way-- back up inside of me. It was a real struggle because the head of my poop kept coming out of my anus and I would have to squeeze it back in. The poop was pretty hard and as I would clench my butt cheek! s tightly together it would retreat back inside of me. As I continued to wait on guests, I had to go so bad I could smell my poop as it would start to poke out of my anus. I was behind the counter so I don't think anyone else noticed. I started to raise off the ground on my tippy-toes while I clenched my butt cheecks tightly together and tried to pull my poop back up inside of me. I would then relax and put my feet back level on the ground and then repeat going on my tippy-toes when my poop would again push to come out. I must have been noticeable rocking, and grunting, but what could I do? The guests kept checking in. I finally sat down in my chair leaning my legs out so I could keep my buns tight. This helped keep my poop from emerging but it was still pushing hard to get out. Again I had to go so bad I thought I could smell it. At last the lobby emptied of guests. The staff bathroom was down the hall and I really needed to go bad. I was afraid to leave my post ! but I didn't think I could keep holding it. I got the key and was preparing to rush to the bathroom when a couple of guys walked into the lobby and up to the desk. They were about my age and they kept asking me questions--I think they were flirting with me. I leaned back up against my chair and fought hard to keep from having an accident. I didn't mind talking to them I just really had to use the bathroom at that moment. I tried to laugh at one of their jokes but I couldn't even do that because I had to catch my breath between grunts. Finally, they left. I grabbed my kee and started down the hall to the bathroom. However, the darn phone rang. I raced back and answered it. A large group wanted several reservations for the following weekend. This took some time. I was really desperate at this point. A few squirts of pee surged out of me in the front as I tried to keep my poop from coming out in the back. As I stood entering information into the computer, a couple m! ore squirts of pee shot out and then my poop started coming out between my clenched buns. I couldn't stop it as a large poop emptied itself out in my panties. It really smelled and I was lucky no one was around. When I finished the reservations I crept to the bathroom and got cleaned up. My poop was hard and solid, thank goodness, but it still took me a while to get cleaned up. It was an embarrassing experience and I was lucky no one saw me.

Punk Rock Girl
Carmalita: You sound like one hip, cool chick yerself. Wouldn't mind hanging with you either!

I took a crap in a men's room over the weekend. The restrooms at the rest area we stopped at were closed, so they had a truck with restrooms set up in the back. The line for the womens room was really long, but there was no line for the mens room. So I leaned in and said, "Hey, do any of you fellas mind if a girl comes in?" The guys in there said, "Sure, feel free," so I went in. I went to the middle stall, dropped my pants and thongs, and had a big, loud dump. After a few minutes of farts and plops, I was finished. I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet, and washed my hands next to some guy who looked like a cowboy. I walked out and told the other women on line that it was actually pretty clean in there. I don't know if anyone else went in.

How many women are out there who would rather piss or shit their pants than use a men's room? I'm not one of them!



Smart Feller
This is for Boot. You're talking about the Real World, season one. There is an episode where Julie is sitting on the toilet when Eric showers. You can hear her say to the camera man "I'm sitting on the toilet, get out." Or something like that. You don't actually see her on the toilet, but I've heard there is an outakes video which shows people on the toi.It's implied that she was pooping. The black girl talks about it, and it seems she may have even been caught doing the wipe on tape. I'd love to see it. Julie is hot. For pooping , the real world is pretty good. Last season, I think ( I have a life now and don't watch too much tv anymore)one girl was kinda a nudist and pissed off the other people for being so open about her bodily functions, including pooping. It's really cool, they showed her sitting on the toilet pooping and wiping. One girl, a blonde, who was hot, talks about her problem with the nudist, telling that she doesn't want to see her sitting on the toilet wippi! ng her ass again. Of course that was cool.

This is an interesting site. I found this site by accident, I was recently wondering if I was the only one who had this bodily function - which is to hold a full bladder just to get little jolts of good feelings. I never really knew why this happened and I've never discussed it with anyone but I definitely like the way it feels. So when I have to pee I like to wait as long as I can, and I find an enjoyment from finally letting it flow. I real glad others women are getting 'good' feelings too. Thanks Bladder Girl, it really was a relief to hear your story.

im 22 years old and my girlfriend always lets me watch her poop if she can. She is hot, and I mean it...and I always get so aroused whenever I watch her do it. I don't know what it is that makes me love it so much, I mean I wouldn't want to see some people take dumps, but others it would be cool. In high school I had a friend that would love to fart. He would just left up a bit and let one go and I always thought it was hilarious. It was cool. Anyway, whenever my girlfriend wears thongs, she usually shows them to me after she takes them off, because usually there is a bit of brown stuff on them cause it goes right up her crack and it's so cool. I was just reading through some of the other posts and I just wanted to live life on the edge, so I got a pair of old boxers and got in the tub and let it go, I peed for a few seconds and then I just pushed really hard and some soft poop came out in my boxers (I had some coffee this morning.) and then after I did it, I kinda was like "Matt, your so wierd." Cause then I had to throw the boxers away and wash by skinny white butt off in the shower. So I wasted a pair of boxers and relaized that I am really only turned on when other people do it...oh well...

D dawg
Hey Bubba...whats up...i appreciate your liking to my story. I have a suggestion if you want to hear some extremely long pees...i allways use this one if i just want to hear a nice long one! If you have any friends that are girls in your life this is what you do. You casually bring up the topic of peeing, and start talkin about it...and share stories about times where you have had to pee and they were really long ones....well then that gives you a lead to ask her if she wants to have a contest... Trust works...and then You set the rules and regulations. that is really the only one i can think of...if i have more...ill let you know!!!

To – JULIA. Hope I haven’t missed the results of your competition, something went wrong with my posts and I didn’t see any new ones except on the old pages since you first mentioned it. I can understand why you don’t want Cindy’s brother to watch but I agree he needs to be with you so he can judge all the effort and noise and see how hard you have to try. My tip is wear a loose fitting dress. It’s easy to take your panties down and poo without showing anything you don’t want him to see. If you need extra security then drape a large beach towel over your legs so it covers your thighs as well. Of course he’s not allowed to stand behind you. Can’t wait for the results – love Ash
To - THE BILIRUBIN KNIGHT. I usually take at least five or six sheets and make a nice pad out of the tp. But I also take my own tissues with me including Clean-Wipes in case I do an extra messy poo.
To – PETEY I’m 15 and my usual poop is about 15 inches as well, but it can be longer, and about 2 inches thick. I think the most turds that have come out of me at one time is about 10 or 11. I’m not sure whether anything changed when I got to be 12 years old.

Don’t have much to post this time except something that was kinda cute that happened Saturday in the mall. I needed to poo so I told my two friends I was with I had to go and I would meet them back at the foodcourt in about 15 minutes. I reached the ladies room and only the last two stalls were free so I took the end one, pulled my pants down, sat down and started my pee. As I was peeing I heard footsteps outside and the door to the next stall opened. I could tell by the voices that it was a woman and a little girl. They locked the door and I heard the woman say “You’ve got to try and go, I know it hurts, but you have to try” The little girl replied “Mommy, I don’t want it to hurt”, and she sounded sort of upset. There was a rustle of clothes and I caught a glimpse of the mom’s hand pulling the little girls panties to the floor. “There, sit down”, said mom, and I could still just see the little girls sneakers with her panties resting on top of them, her feet b! arely touching the floor. I squeezed the last few drops of my pee and they plopped noisily into the water. Just as I was finishing, I heard a tinkling sound from the next stall. I could also feel my poop getting ready to come out so I leaned forward as I always do and tried to relax. The little girl finished her pee and I heard her say, “Mommy, I think the puppy wants to come out”. I had never ever heard that expression before but I thought it was kinda sweet. “Good girl”, I heard the mom say, “Just let it come out, it’ll be OK”. By now the nose of my poo was opening my ring wider and wider and I could already feel the nice sensations I always get when my poo is big and firm. I heard a little groan from the next stall and the girl saying, “I think puppy’s coming out”. My own poo was now hanging out quite a way and the sensations were giving me so much pleasure I moaned loudly enough for others to hear. I was really disappointed when I felt my poo coming to an ! end, but end it did, with a huge splash in the waiting bowl. Straight away I heard, “Mommy, that must have been a huge puppy!” “Ssshhh !!!, said the mom and I heard her trying to stifle a giggle. I was so intrigued I couldn’t help but sit and listen. I heard another groan then a strained little voice saying, “Mommy, it’s coming out”. “Good Girrrrrl”, replied mom, “I know it hurts, just be my brave little girl”. There was another louder moan followed by a splash. “Mommy I did it, the puppy came out”. There was another sort of phutting sound and I could tell a second load of poop was coming out only much softer. “Mommy it’s all out” she said excitedly. “There’s a clever girl, I’m so proud of you, now you have to wipe, and we can go back and find daddy”. I figured it was time for me to wipe as well, I flushed, pulled up my pants, opened my stall door and went to the washbasins. Immediately the little girl and her mom came out and stood next to me. The mom ! looked at me with a sort of embarrassed look and smiled but said nothing. I smiled back, finished washing my hands, wiped them and left. I thought it was all very sweet, especially since the little girl had her mom to help her.

I’ve never heard a poo called a puppy before, has anyone else heard that. I think it’s sort of cute.

Lots of love from Ash xxxx

have any of you women tried peeing or pooping backwards on the toilet, with your legs around the flush-tank? it really works quite well, and its very comfortable and makes it much easier and more comfortable to use the bathroom. just take of your pants and panties (you can just do one leg if you wish) and straddle the toilet.

I have a one-question survey that I would really love to get everyone's opinion on. If you could waive a magic wand or something and make it so that you no longer had to pee or poop, would you do it?

I'm not sure what my own answer would be. On one hand, it would be nice to make a long car trip and not have to worry about finding a bathroom, or sit through a long movie and not have to miss part of the film because you had to pee. It would be great to avoid the embarrassing situation when you are at someone else's house for the first time and you have to use the bathroom. It avoids the painfully embarrassing situation many have talked about here where you work at a very small company, and when you use the toilet, everyone knows about it. And does anyone posting here really enjoy it when you get sick and have awful diarrhea? There are so many situations and embarrassments in life that you could avoid if you no longer had to use the bathroom.

But on the other hand, why do a lot of us post here? It's because we LIKE going to the bathroom. It's one of the few things in life where we can can get pleasure from our bodies without having sex. And to be honest, if I had to choose between routine sex or taking a long and satisfying shit, I'm not sure what I would choose. Just today, I got excited because I took a really big shit and the consistency was perfect enough that I didn't have to wipe. So I'm not sure what I would choose. How about everyone else? If you could make it so you no longer needed to pee or poop - would you do it?


Loved your story about the date. I am 18 and male. As far as your question about ideas on how to hold pee...When I have to piss real bad in public, I always fidget and cross my legs. If people aren't looking at me, I try to squeeze my dick through my pockets. But sometimes I've had to whiz so bad that just letting out a squirt or two actually helps. An erection helps, but I get wicked embarrased to have one in public. In addition, it's MUCH easier for me to avoid pissing my pants when I'm sitting than when I'm standing. Sitting down, I can scissor my legs and sneak more crotch-squeezes than when I'm standing. Of course, if I do end up whizzing in my pants, I'd rather not be sitting because it results in a soaked butt. I've pissed myself both ways, however.

I'd love to hear more of your stores.


the "HOLD IT" man
I have to agree about women using the men's room and vice versa. Unless it's a major emergency, it realy is inconsiderate for a woman to walk into the men's room, or for a man to walk into t he women's room. Pshcyologicaly, I heard that can be even worse for men then for women. I say that because of a personal experience I had at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Georga while on my way to Florida. This was about 3 years ago. I was on the bike, and I realy had to take a crap badly. Since it was also close to lunch time, I decided to stop in to that KFC, do my 'business' then order lunch.

I walked in, locked the door and proceeded to do my 'business.' While seated on the toilet, farting, squirting and stinking the place up to high heaven, this girl, couldn't have been much more then a teenager, used a key and walked right in on me. I got REALLY pissed (pardon the pun) about that. I still had to finish my business, but when I was done, I was ready to kill some one. She was waiting outside the door, and before she could get a word in edge-wise, I started giving her absolute. "Go home and do that to your father!!" I yelled. The manager came out and asked "Is there a problem?" And I started yelling about what she did. Not only did she walk in on me, but there was a HUGE "Occupied" sign that is automaticaly displayed, just like the airline toilets, when the door is locked from the inside. There was NO EXCUSE for what that bimbo did, and I think she was fired on the head of it, though I couldn't swear to it. I did not hang around for lunch. I just got ! on my bike and took off in a huff, seriously considering sueing KFC.

Peed on it, I had a similar experience while visiting out in the country. We were out walking in the woods when we all decided to take a leak. My buddy went first, then I went 2nd, and his dog also peed in the same spot. After we were done, a skunk came and sprayed where we all peed. By the way, that is not pee the skunk sprayed you with. Skunks have a special gland at the base of their tails that produces that substance that stinks you up. In some cases, it can actualy make you sick to your stomach. Cat piss smells very similar to skunk spray, which is why many people confuse it with piss.

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