I know what you mean about the sound of a female peeing! I remember a long time ago I was playing guitar in a band when one of the other members (our female drummer) went off to take a pee. I hid beside the door to listen.She went real hard and real fast startiing off with a loud fart then continued to pee for like maybe 2 minutes non stop! She then let out another juicy fart and dropped 5 or 6 big sounding logs! Finally she wiped, stopped and let out 2 more logs, then finished off! Wen she left she did not flush the toilet and after having a look I can see why. Her turds had filled half the bowl and what was left was filled with yellow piss! The smell was not too bad though! She had also left her undies in there which had a yellow stain in the front so I guess she needed to go pretty bad! Anyway, I shut the door and took a quick dump on top of hers then spent the next ten minutes trying to get it all down!

New Guy
I had a colonic today. That was certainly bizarre. I was expecting more of a high afterwards. I felt pretty much the same. I didn't feel any lighter. I did feel a little better, more so that I had someone doing me a service (much like getting my hair washed before a haircut) than actually relieving myself of crusty fecal matter. There was a big rumble in my ???? and a lot of stuff came out. But I guess I must need another cleasing to feel the full effect. It is weird seeing your waste going out a clear tube like that. Also there were two women who were working on me. One was the actual therapist the other one was a trainee. It was a pleasant experience overall except for the insertion of the speculum. It was about as big as my penis when its erect. She told me to take a deep breath and say, and then she just firmly pushed it in. It hurt my prostate a little because of the angle, but I was okay. I've never had anything that big up my butt before. The abdomen massage was a little rough, but I have to admit, it feels good when a blockage is cleared and you can see it coming out. It was a trippy experience over all. It was very surreal having two women massaging my stomach while I had this immense tube up my ass. Actually I think I would have enjoyed a regular massage more.

To Rhodha P. What is a Fleet? I am not converstant with this piece of American terminology. Is it a suppository?
Moira and I liked Young's post about her friend Patsy dropping a real whopper. Nice one Patsy!!
I notice from the "sitting on the toilet survey" a question on having a BM in the sea. Both Moira and I did this last summer . We were at a naturist beach in England and had waded out into the sea. Both of us felt the need to do a motion but didnt wish to get out of the water and get dressed in order to use the Public Toilets about half a mile away. We both decided to go in the sea. The water was up to our chests so we just stood there and Moira was first to go. As I watched some bubbles of fart came up then I heard her go "OO! OO!" OO!" suddenly a long fat jobbie floated to the surface behind her and from up between her legs. I then did mine with a similar result. We watched the two big turds float away and another swimmer commented " I wouldn't swim here if I was you, look there must be a sewer pipe discharging nearby" We laughed to ourselves knowing where the turds had come from.
Another incident from my teens which may interest readers. Once when I was about 14 one of the girls was standing before me at assembly in the school hall. She started to fidget then I heard and smelt her fart. Next thing a long fat solid turd dropped from under her skirt onto the floor. It wasnt squashed up in any way and looked perfect and was really big. This caused a minor uproar and she was soon led away by one of the teachers. I subsequently found out that she hadn't been wearing any knickers (panties to US readers) under her skirt in violation of the school's strict dress code that girls' had to wear either navy blue or white cotton knickers under their skirts when in school uniform. As a result she both got into trouble for not wearing underpants and for dropping a jobbie on the school assembly hall floor. If she had done it in her pants she would no doubt have been treated with sympathy as had happened to a girl who had had such an accident the previous week. I wond! er if any other female readers have either had such an accident or witnessed same?

Tuesday, February 03, 1998

Hey all, nice picture on top,eh? Well, my girlfriend has been kind of constipated lately so I think I'll have her try the Soap Method, tell y'all about the results, but Kelly, please do tell about the x-ray experience, It sounds like a real eye opener. -J

Well, I've kinda been "lurking" here for awhile and finally decided to post. I also love hearing the groaning and straining part of taking a dump. Keep those stories coming! I also like the stories about being with someone while they're taking a dump. I haven't really witnessed anything exciting with people taking dumps. (Although I wouldn't mind being with my boyfriend) We talk about dumping a lot, but have never witnessed each other's because we're still in school and when we're at eachother's houses our parents are home. Oh well, I know we'll get the chance someday. Keep the stories coming! :)
Oh yeah, I just remembered some more stuff I wanted to write. How old is everyone on this forum. (Is there anyone my age??) And are you male or female. I am a 17 year old female.

the Big Kahuna
Man oh man.... that sure is a little cutie-pie sittin up there on that toilet...Quite a fine girl...I hope she's not strainin' too hard up there...Hey, did she just cut one?

Hey guys, it sure has been a long time since I have posted, here and for that I apologize! I have been reading though! I'm going to try and post with in the next few days so if anyone has any questions for me, please post them! Thanx, bye guys!

To Bridget: I have been reading the posts on this site for a long time. Because of your post I think I have to tell you, that I have the same fetish. I'm not primarily interested in the shit of a women too, but in her behaviour, while she is having a bm. I would like to see a women having a bm and being strained. Because that isn't possible, I enjoy hearing them, while sitting in the next stall. The imagination, how she feels, how strained she is and how embarressed she is, because of having a bm in public is really fascinating me. It really turns me on and I'm glad to know that you and a lot of other people like the same thing.

I tried a new trick today, worth posting here I think :) Driving down a long stretch of highway, I found I had to pee very badly. There was enough traffic on the road to guarantee being caught in the act, and I was thinking about this and trying to hold it until it became dark, when at dusk I just had to "stop-and-go". I was wearing baggy pants and a shirt, and a baseball cap over my (short) hair, and I suddenly realized that unless I assumed the position, nobody could tell I was a girl. (A guy peeing along the roadside is no big deal in my part of the country, though *I* sure enjoy seeing it!) I've been practicing since Char's post on peeing while standing last month, first in the shower, then aiming into my toilet at home, so I stood there with my back to the traffic, pulled the front part of the waistband on my pants way down and having no special target in mind, I just let 'er rip, full force and max range. It felt wonderful to let it fly, I had lots of pressure on my bladder and the stream shot way out there. It was just a beatiful, hot, heavy, and perfectly clear yellow arc that splattered on the roadside. It seemed to go on forever. Nice! Only problem is that it landed too near the car, and some splashed up onto it. I guess lofting one's pee into the air is only part of the battle, next you gotta aim it somewhere safe! Now, I can't wait to get a chance to try it again and improve my technique.
Later all, Luv, Lorie.
PS: WHEW, I've had some ripe gas today, too. I'm leaving this room as soon as I post this... gotta ... reach ... the ... mouse ... button ... cough-cough ... giggle!

I visit other pooping forums and I like this one the best. I post on the others as well howoever. I have no new poopimg experiences to report. I poop regularly, usually everyday. The reason I am posting today is to express my main desire to watch a girl while pooping. I have wanted to watch my girlfriend, but thats next to impossible. My desire involves a girl like Pooping Girl or Bridgette to sit backwards on the toilet so I can see when it starts to come out when they poop. I find this highly erotic. This as far as it goes. Maybe a little touching and kissing during and after. And maybe some good lovemaking afterward. Thank you.

Monday, February 02, 1998

All this recent talk about grunting and groaning and straining. I rarely do any of these things. I think it has to do with the way you grew up. In my house going to the bathroom was a very private thing and never talked about. There are four boys in my family and I never heard any of the others making noises in the bathroom. I think that people who were made to think going to the bathroom was something everyone did, would talk about it more freely. They are the same people who will talk to others,while they are dumping,because they think of as a normal function and something you can do and talk to someone at the same time.

to Joe: I read magazines while I'm sitting on the toilet doing my BM, usually fashion magazine or automotive magazine that my boy friend left. If there are no magazine I took the phone and phoning anyone else. My cellphone often ring when I'm shitting and it MUST be from my boyfriend (He seem to know my schedule). If you read the old post, I'm reporting live (my BM) from my boyfriend's laptop. Or watching TV, cause there's straight view from the toilet, if the door wasn't closed. to Brian L (aged 22): Well, I have a serious competitor right now. to Silent Spice: try to enjoy your BM, and you have story to tell us here and today he left me a white rose again. to Jay: thank you. I have pleasant BM that day.
It's been few days since I don't post here. I read Lynn's story that good atmosphere bathroom is giving you diffrent feeling. Well, two days ago my boyfriend got a VVIP invitation from his boss, so we do our best to go there. I dressed in my black Armani dress and my boyfriend in new black tie suit. We even drive his Mercedes S600 (which he always garage kept and use it only for special ocassion like this). We arrive at his boss house on time. To be honest, this is my first VVIP invitation so I forget to do my BM in the afternoon. We meet his boss at and he introduce her to me. She's about early sixty and her past beauty still seen. Suddenly I feel my urge to do my BM. I ask her where the bathroom is and she suggested to use her private lavatory. My boyfriend's boss and I go to the destined lavatory. I got in and closed the door. Her private bathroom is big, and very luxurious. It refelect the high taste of the owner.It has first class sanitary ware and gold plated fitting every ware. It even has private jacuzzi. The toilet is equipped with comfortable wooden seat. Next to the toilet is a bidet which also have gold plated fittings. I open the toilet seat cover, lift my Armani dress up, pull my silk undies down, and sit down. From where I sit, I can see the night ocean view (her house is a beach house) and the backyard. I lean forward a little, farting a little and my turds slightly coming out. The smell is a little bit rotten but the bathroom have a good extractor fan so the bad smell went out quickly. I passed couple more turds. God! I like this bathroom. I don't know why, but I guess the good atmosphere made my BM more enjoyable. I finished my BM, take the toilet shower to clean my self and flush the turds away. I don't even hear the water flushing. All i know is the toilet pan already clean!. I pulled up my undies and fixing my dress, then went away. By the time I met my boyfriend, he still talking to his boss. She asked me how my trip to the bathroom was. I said it's pleasing. I asked her why she let me use her private bathroom instead the guest one, she answered that my boyfriend told her that I like to try different kind of bathroom, and if I try hers, I would love it. God! She's damn right, and she told me that's her hobby too.
Another Story. Today after my modelling session I went to the loo to take a dump. Along with me is my best friend Patsy. She's about two years younger than me, an inch taller than me, a little bit muscular, and have average normal body size. Fortunately, the ladies room is not crowded, so I went to one stall quickly. I slide my jeans and undies down enough to let it go, sit down and take a dump. I slide couple normal size turds. I always slide it slowly, because if I force it to move quickly my butt become sore and I don't like it. " Young! I have to go!" suddenly Patsy shout at me. I can hear her entered stall next to me. Then she's farting so loud before the KERPLOOONK sound. Then she farted again. this time not so loud but the smell is more like rotten egg. Then I can't hear any sound, except she's grunting and moaning. "AAaaahhhs!" then hear from her stall. When she doing her BM it's more loud than any theme park I ever been to. I finished mine, cleaned my self, fulsh the toilet and pulled my jeans. I got out from the stall and knocked Patsy's. " Are you finished yet? I have to go now." said me "Come in, I never locked the door." I opened the stall door and there she is, sitting on the toilet with her hair pony tailed, her jeans and undies down to the knees and her face is turning red. "I'll be finished soon" she answered. She grab the toilet paper and clean her butt. It takes several wipes before she feel clean. She pulled bac kher jeans and show me he jobbies are. There are two 4 inch long and 1.5 inch wide and one a massive 14 inch and 2.5 wide. The smell is rotten! It takes five flush to take whole jobbies down (include the toilet paper). I'm glad my jobbies is always single flush no matter how big it is. " I'm sorry I've been constipated since yesterday." said her. Then we go out togather.

Man dont all u other guys love the sssss sound of female pee?? Its so loud at times......and they pee forever and sigh loudly, Ive noticed. Comments please!!

woever was looking for movies/commercialswhatever with people going o the bahtroom puff daddy's video 'been around the world' has him on the toilet

New Guy
to: Bridget, I'm glad you noticed my post. Tomorrow I'm going in for colon hydrotherapy. I just thought I'd give that a shot since I'm kind of getting bored with massages. I'm only doing to treat myself. I think my bowels are in fairly good shape other than my small turds. I've been trying to eat fruits and vegetables like they told me to before my appointment. They don't want to be full when they do this. Its gonna cost me $60. to: Larry, how much did yours cost? And how big was the speculum? I'm still kind of nervous about this. I'm not sure if I should tip. You don't tip the doctor when he holds your balls and says, "Turn your head and cough". From what I understand, I'll be having my ???? rubbed while the water goes in and out. I'm concerned about getting an erection or even maybe having an orgasm during the treatment. That would be way way embarrassing. Speaking for myself, I'd like to see for myself some of these massive logs your girls claim to pass. My last girlfriend was very private about her bathroom activities. So private in fact that she would use other bathrooms in the house so I couldn't hear her pee.

Sunday, February 01, 1998

Hi everybody,
To the nameless person who posted about dreaming of peeing and bowel movements. Yes I use the saop method, often and regular, whenever I get bound or constipated. It works swell for me every time. Small piece of plain saop, cut it to around the size of your little finger about an inch and half long. Get it nice and soft and soapy in some water, then push it as far up as you can get it. Should work within 30 minutes. Or try inserting a piece at bedtime and enjoy a really smooth BM next morning.
Sweet Dreams

pooping girl
To answer some questions,I almost always grunt while I go to the toilet, not always red faced bent over straining but usually some effort involved. Im very gassy and usually I fart before the first jobbie and more during the sitting.I usually pass gas even when I just sit to tinkle. I always give my fanny a wipe even if I just pee just to feel clean. I have had a couple of accidents in my life where Ive pooped my underpants, those werent real fun but I have on occasion done it on purpose. Nothing to musch to report on my toileting pretty standard stuff.

Some of you claims to dump two or three times a day, how much do you people eat? I don't even dump once a day, it's usually every other day. But on the other hand my turds smell quite intense. The smell and when you dumped last time seems to be connected.

Hi everyone, I haven't been here for a long time, but I have a question for all of you. What do you do to pass time while sitting on the toilet? I usually take the paper or a magazine in, just so that I don't get bored.

To Bridget:
That's my fantasy too! I'd love to watch a woman while she dumps in the manner you described. And I'd love you to coach me too. Hope to hear from you!

I will sometimes use the same technique, a tampon after an enema. They seem to help alot, except when you have to take them out, to me, its quite painful! I guess its because they are usually dry at the bottom. I like the idea of using a fleet in a public restroom, except i'd be afraid of it leaking back out, a problem i have anyways. Maybe i'll give it a try some time. Also, has anyone ever gotten a rectal exam? not the ones at a gyn, but much more thorough? I forgot the name of it, but i have to basically poop in front of an x-ray machine in a few days. Kinda embarrasing!!!

Regarding the use of soap suppositories, I did find this in an old book. It does reference the use of Castile soap for this purpose but also mentions "be sure to enemate the rectum with water to completely eliminate all traces of the soap." I recall several people mentioning that they are using this technique or had this used on them as children. It is probably harmless for the majority of people.
I also found a very old enema formula: 8 oz. of milk, 8 oz. of water (recommend warm to warm the milk), 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and 2 tablespoons of molasses.

Larry S.
I had my first colonic hydrotherapy session last week and I recommend it to all. It's effectively a complete flushing out of the bowels which is accomplished while you lay comfortably on your back as the machine fills and empties you with warm and cool water several times over a 45 minute span. You actually get to watch all your fecal material as it goes through a transparent tube on the machine. The only minor discomfort was the rectal exam (primarily because I didn't know she was going to do one) that preceded the insertion of the speculum. I felt revitalized and more energetic following the treatment.

Saturday, January 31, 1998

Anyone disagree with me that it's long past time for the girl in the picture up there to lean forward, rotate to the left on her left buttock, tear off some paper and get a wet wipe, and wipe her vagina, bottom hole and crack sqweeky kleen...and then give someone else like ME a turn!!! I can't hold it much longer...;-)

Hey guys, Ryan from JC Penney's here. I went to use the mens restroom this afternoon, and found two of the guys who are woring on the outside of the building on the first and second toilets. Man, I thought I was going to throw up right there. I don't know what they ate for lunch, but whatever it was it was coming back to haunt them. Plus they were both smoking cigars (a violation right there) my eyes were actually tearing. Fortunatly one of them was wiping his ass so I waited to use his toilet, the third (handicapped) had an older gent, who seemed to be having a hard time of his own. So I made the fastest poop I can remember, wiped, and got back on the sales floor, but I think I brought some of the stench back with me, I felt very self-consious all afternoon. Before I went home, I ran in to take a leak, and one of the guys was back on the first bowl, shitting more. Whew ! glad I am home! Later guys.

I've been stopping by this site for quite some time now. I love reading about people, especially guys, taking a dump. I've always liked seeing a guy sitting on the toilet and just figured I was the only weirdo on the planet with an interest in actually watching someone take a dump.
I decided to write today because I had a nice experience at lunch today. I stopped by the restroom in a local fast food restaraunt before I odrered. There was a guy in the only stall getting ready to sit down. I went to the urinal and began to pee thinking about what I might hear. When I looked to my left, you could actually see into the stall because the urinal was set back just a little further than the toilet. I could see the back of his ass as he sat down and I could actually see his cheeks flexing as he peed and began to shit. If he had leaned a little farther forward, I could have seen his shit as it slid out. I'm not really interested in that but it was exciting knowing he did not know I could see him. I would have liked to stay and watch the whole show but I had been at the urinal too long.
Drew,Carlos. I really like reading your stories. There is a definite advantage to college in that respect. I always took my dumps while I was at school so I could enjoy the company. I have also had the opportunity to use restrooms without doors on the stalls. It's a little uncomfortable at first but I really like being seen and seeing other guys. What Carlos said is true, without the doors, and the addition of a mirror, most guys are very willing to talk while they do their business. Wish every restroom came without doors on the stalls.

Nice going George about the clogs. Most sewer pipe in the U.S. is 4 inch inside diameter. Newer homes have 3 inch plastic pipe. Supposedly the newer toilets which flush with 1.5 gallons of water function better on the 3 inch pipe. I make use of the plunger on an almost daily basis at the school where I work cleaning the toilets. A bigger than average turd, a little too much paper, a tampon plus a bunch of paper will result in a clog. We have 1.5 gallon wall mounted toilets with the flush valve and 100 PSI water pressure, which is about twice what you find in a home, and 2 inch water supply pipes. (Sorry I haven't converted all this to metric), We still get a lot of clogs even though the toilets flush powerfully. It's much more of a problem with teenagers than it is with the little kids of course. There used to be a problem with smoking in the bathrooms and a little vandalism but that has really changed this year. At least we don't have to clean up cigarette butts and fix stuff. I took this job mainly because I like bathrooms and quite often the girls come in to pee or poop while I'm in there. It's fun.

I've been shitting like every other day lately. I usually shit every morning but my eating habits have changed since the holidays. When I do shit, it is a huge amount. This afternoon I started farting a lot and thought, "Well, do I have to shit, or not?" I couldn't really tell, but I had nothing better to do so I went in and sat on the toilet. "FFFFFTTT!!! FFFFFFTTTT," farting into the bowl, nothing came out. I pissed above the water line in the bowl with a semi-hard on. I felt some rumbling and my bowels made a few sounds. There was a huge load in there, making it's way toward the exit. Yes!~ and it's taking it's sweet time. FFFFFTTTTTT!!! Minutes pass. I picked up a magazine. There it is again. This rumbling and now, PAIN. UUUNNNGGG!!! I feel it emerge. I push. UGH! Feels like about 6 inches are out. Then 12 inches. UGHHH!!! It drops and I anxiously look into the bowl. It's more like 2 feet long, some of it is jammed into the outlet. There's no sense in trying to flush this thing, it will just clog the toilet, so I just leave it.

Some Guy
Bridget: I think that straining *is* the main thing that makes women on the toilet so sexy, too, but going without straining is still erotic. B-Rok: I usually pee about 5 times a day. My brother used to mock me because I had an even smaller bladder when I was much younger.

Hello! Glad to see my last post made it in here since there has been some server problems here a couple of days ago. Anyways, To New Guy, I would gladly hold your hand and do the abdomen maneuver on you even if your turds are small. Just being able to watch you shit would be good enough for me. Who knows? If someone helped you, you would probably end up with better results. Sure wish I also had a polaroid camera to capture a shot of what you have done in the bowl also.

Friday, January 30, 1998

I'm new here. I read a few of your posts about taking a dump. I found them very interesting. Pooping Girl: I tend to grunt a lot myself when I do my business. Do you always grunt because I do? Somehow it's easier to go that way. I usually go three times a day. Once early in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It gets pretty darn irritating sometimes especially if you are somewhere far from an outhouse or a bathroom. And you know what sucks? The days when I am AWAY from the bathrooms is the day I REALLY need to take a dump. Then when a bathroom is CLOSE, thats when I THINK I have to go and I sit there waiting for it to come and nothing comes out!!! I usually almost go on in my pants before I actually find a bathroom. I end up sitting on the toilet for like 20 minutes just to see if I really need to go. SOmetimes I do but most of the time it doesn't help any. I've never gone to the bathroom in the bushes before but maybe next time I will if I am away from the bathroom. How many times do you guys pee a day? I do 3 times as well. Actually it's usually after I piss when I feel my shit trying to escape from my butt.

I was reading a book by an ex Morman named Sonia Johnson. In one passage she compared giving birth to having a bowel movement. "You just grunt it out." For you too bad men can't give birth to baby. Bridget, please describe the sensations you feel when Bridget needs to go to the bathroom?

There's a guy that I work with named Barry, we go to the same health club. He is a big guy, very hairy, and macho. He is always cutting loose long loud farts and asking the guys around him to rate them. And let me tell you he really let's them rip. Barry always has a little lunch at the Club Cafe after working out and then he heads for showers. After showering he goes to the bathroom naked with a newspaper. He usually spends around 20 minutes taking a dump. Today was incredible. I saw him heading to the bathroom and I followed. I went into the stall next to him. Since he was naked he just sat down and he expelled a bowel explosion that could be heard in the showers. One guy commented on it saying something like "Damn, someone is really going for it." Barry always grunts very loudly and will talk to the person in the stall next to him. So he says "Boy that was a real shit bomb" and he laughed. Then he started grunting again and I heard a huge log start to crackle out of his asshole. At one point it stopped like it got stuck and he really grunted and strained and finally it plopped into the water. "WHEW!" Barry exclaimed loudly. He then wiped and left the stall. I did also. He headed straight for the showers and I just looked at his big round hairy ass and pictured what his hole must have looked like when that huge turd was coming out. A guy showering who knew him said laughing, "Everything come out okay Barry?" Barry just said "WHEW!" in a loud falsetto voice. Then he said "I'm tellin' ya, that was a good one." I can tell he really likes guys knowing that he just took a mean dump and sometimes I hear him telling guys he knew how he stunk up the bathroom or made some "serious noise". He's awesome.

Rhonda P
To Pooping Girl: Every once in a while I get a Fleet and either use it at home or I've even used it in restrooms before. After I get it all out that I think that I can get out then I usually put in a tampon so if I fart I don't mess up my panties. Yes, it may quite wild but it does the trick. Any comments ladies?

New Guy
My dumps have gotten smaller since I've started working out. The amount of shit has increased but the thickness has decreased. Like the Bridget mentioned, I'd gladly like a lady to hold my hand when I go, but with such small turds it wouldn't be much of a show. I wonder what it would be like having someone else do the Steph(or pooping girl?) Maneuver on my abdomen while I was shitting. I like passing a really big one as much as the next person. I think there is more of a sense of accomplishment and pride when you can look into the bowl and your say to yourself, "I can't believe that came out of me!" Makes you wish you had a polaroid handy. Next week I have an appointment with a colon hydrotherapist. Its something I've wanted to try for a long time and now someone has recommended me to her. We'll see how it goes.

To Doug. Yes I HAVE actually measured some of my own turds and those passed by my wife Moira and we have every so often done ones that are 3 inches in diameter at the fattest part though these usually only get done if we have been constipated for a few days beforehand otherwise 2 and a half inches is more usual. We have also both seen plenty this fat done by others stuck in Public Toilets and have friends who pass such whoppers. I assume Doug is American and his house pipework is only 3 inches but the common standard for soil pipe in the UK is 4 inch bore saltglaze I believe and some newer houses have 6 inch bore plastic as in our case. Certainly, while we have had turds often stick in the toilet pan we havent had the drains themselves block up once the jobbie has gone away eventually.(The one time they blocked was when a visitor had had an accident in her knickers and flushed them down the pan and they stuck in the back of the pan just round the hidden bend. As she ! was a woman of 30 something she should have known better!). As Moira said in a previous post we bought an old style WC (Toilet Pan) the type used in many Public Toilets which copes rather well with the loads we give it having a long deep and wide sump at the bottom and quite a powerful flush. Even when we do real whoppers as described it will usually go away after 3 or 4 flushes. The reason most modern Toilet Pans cannot cope with turds longer than 8 inches or 1 and a half inches thick is that they are made for style not function. The pretty pastel coloured toilet with low level pan may look great but its little round exit hole cannot handle long fat jobbies.
Bridget's description of what she would do if her boyfriend would let her accompany him when he does a motion is exactly what Moira and I do for each other.
Finally, have any readers done a motion in one of those stainless steel vandal proof Toilet Pans in a Public Toilet? The sound effects are fantastic if its a nice big jobbie a resounding "BUL-LONG!" as well as the usual "KUR-SPLOOSH!". Moira and I would be interested in other user's observations on this especially women.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Hi everyone! I can easily relate to many people here who wish they could watch their partner taking a shit, such as Moira and George so luckily enjoy doing. I, myself, would give anything to accompany my boyfriend to the bathroom when he takes a dump. I would sit beside him, on the edge of the bathtub, while he would be sitting on the toilet, completely naked, getting ready to begin his hard work. I would then hold his hand, as well as rub his stomach and his lower back, just above his butt crack. I would also dab his forehead with a damp, cool washcloth, while coaching him with encouraging words, as a husband would do while assisting his wife through childbirth. I would say," That's good. Push, you're doing great. I know it's difficult but don't give up, you can do it. Ah, I can see it starting to come out. It looks like it's going to be a big one. You're going to have to start straining with everything you've got now. Okay, it's halfway out. Now it's almost completely out. One last push and it will be done. That's it, don't stop."---KERSPLOOOSH! Afterwards, I would continue to rub his back while he would remain seated on the toilet, trying to recuperate from all his efforts, waiting to see if he has anything else to shit out. Realizing there is nothing left to pass, he would let me admire his massive creation at the bottom of the toilet. Having described this, I have come to realize that what turns me on the most about someone shitting, is not so much seeing the person's shit, but rather, watching that person strain. Imagining that, always brings me to an almost instant orgasm. I love reading the posts about people who describe themselves or someone they know, who is having a lot of trouble trying to shit. I would be interested in finding out if other posters from this site have the same strong fetish about straining. I imagine many of you do, otherwise, why else would so many of us be fascinated with the prospect of watching someone taking a shit? Keep in touch and bye for now----Bridget

Silent Spice
I dont really know why I am here but I ended up here and was looking at your messages and saw some messages about guys on the toilet? I know a few. On the movie a Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Warriors Rick is on the toilet before he dies. On one of the Friday the 13th movies this black guy is on the toilet and he sighs and sings on the toilet and ends up getting killed!..ummmmmmm...on Police Academy 4(i think its 4) that Dingleberry(sorry if it sounds dumb but I cant remember how to say it)guy is in the outhouse...remember when Zed and everyone pick up the outhouse with the crane and put the outhouse in the middle of a football game or something and everybody sees him and he stands up when the music comes on? Oh! And if you girls want to see a fine young guy on the toilet watch the movie Airborne!! Shane McDermott is on the can in that movie! Well thats all. Oh! Young:your boyfriend BMG DOES sound really nice for leaving that card on the toilet seat for you! But! none of you are going to be hearing about MY trip to the bathroom because nothing interesting happens when I do number 2. OKay. Im off now. Oh! Some of your accidents(like Stephs)must of been EMBARASSING huh??! Bye!

Brian L
It is now 4:14pm where I live. I am sitting in front of my computer while I'm on the can about to take a dump. My dad installed a computer in the bathroom so if we don't have time to find a magazine we can just run in, drop our pants, sit and start up the computer. OH it feels goooood right now!! I haven't been able to take a dump for like 3 hours and I'm in the mood to and now I am enjoying the feel of it!! Ooops there's a fart and a log is approaching! *OUCH!!* theres a REALLY thick one!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I had to say that! Bye!

My daily BMs have developed a new pattern over the last few months, mainly due to a slight change in diet. I now shit regularly twice per day. The first time is first thing in the morning, having made a cup of tea after getting out of bed. The turds are all quite soft and just fall out of my poop chute. Usually there are about 30 or so (counted from the splashes as they hit the water). Then after a short interval usually four or five more. I then wipe and carefully wash my anus. Unfortunately the washing is rather a waste of time, because within a half hour of leaving the house I get the message again. This seems to happen every day. So my second number two is usually done at or on the way to work. It is soft but gassy, there are a lot of noises and it takes much more effort to push the second lot out. The tiresome thing is, that even though I finish wiping with moistened TP, and then with dry TP, I always end up with skidmarks in my pants.

pooping girl
Well I was constipated yesterday and took one of those disposible enemas in the afternoon. I took off my pants and underpants (yellow with flowers) and layed on my side and put the nozzle up my fanny and gave the bottle a squeeze until all the liquid was inside me. then I waited about 10 minutes for the urge to become great then ran to the toilet. I sat down and the enema started to come out and I took a deep breath and pushed hard as a thick hard jobbie started out of me I strained and grunted some more as I pushed it out of me followed by more enema and lots of gas. I went alot without to much effort after that,but my fanny was a little sore when I finished. I used wet wipes to clean myself. I also tinkled twice while on the toilet. I also went to the toilet to do jobbies twice more yesterday, got the Sunday paper read while sitting there.

To Mike (UK) I prefer to use the toilet at home especially with George with me at the time. If I have however to use the toilet at work or a Ladies' Public Toilet I will do so as it is both uncomfortable and difficult to hold such big turds in and I certainly DONT want a big accident in my panties! Yes such big jobbies do often get stuck in the toilet pan and sometimes we have to throw a few buckets of water down the pan to shift the load but usually we just leave it there and eventually after several flushes and having softened up from lying in the water it will break up and go away. We havent yet had to call out a plumber! We did however buy an old fashioned plain white type of toilet pan when we moved to the house as the pretty modern type toilets cannot cope with anything bigger than 10 inches long in our experience. This toilet also has the bonus of having a long deep water filled sump at the bottom and a long drop so the "Kur-sploosh!" sound effects when doing a jobbie are first class! I must say to Mike (UK) that the 16 incher and two 8 inchers I did that time were an exception even for me as I had been constipated for a few ofdays previously and it was my period too. My normal size of turd is between 12 and 14 inches by 2 and half to 3 inches fat if it all comes out in a oner otherwise say a 10 inch one followed by 6 inch and perhaps a couple of hard balls passed at the start before the big jobbie. George's motions are very similar to mine in size, shape colour etc. Luckily if we ever have to use a friend's toilet in their house most of our friends dont seem to mind if we leave something behind for them. Im also glad that Jay finds our letters of interest.

Some of you report your turds to be 3 inches in diameter. Are they really? Look at a house under construction. In the house, look at where the toilet will be placed. The connector for the toilet is not much more than 3 inches in diameter. Such a huge turd would not fit through the opening very well. You people who make these claims take a ruler then report back to me.

I aremember when I turned 8 years old, I got a Bat Masterson suit for my birthday. I stoped wearing it but could not remember why. When I out grew the suit, it was passed on to another relative. My older brother said that he told me that Bat Masterson's initials were BM; from there after I stoped wearing the suit. There is another folk hero who's initials are BM; it's Bat Man! Do super heros like to have their initials to be BM?TO STEPH:
If you talk to a person who has not messed their pants with a warming fart, they are a liar! I do that about once every year or two.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

STEPH SHIT HER PANTS! I knew that headline would catch your attention :) This isn't something I'm proud of, but since I've shared my other bathroom experiences with you, here goes... I was out jogging last week (prior to us returning to school) with my friend Jodi (yes, the Jodi who posts on here) when I felt the urge to fart. Since we were outside I figured there would be no problem; the *fart* ended up being liquidy. I told Jodi that I thought I just dumped in my pants and she laughed. Jodi thought I was kidding her; I told her I wasn't, and wanted to go back to the house. We got back to the house about 15 minutes later; I was panting out-of-breath, not being nearly as athletic as Jodi. I sat down on the toilet; there was some brownish liquid on my panties, but not as serious as I thought. I peed a little bit and then let out a couple of waves of diahrrea. This was strange, I thought, since I didn't have anything unusual to eat, nor was it my "time of the month" (not that the latter makes much of a difference, as I've mentioned before). I didn't even have to get into my position [Paige, loved your comment about the "Steph" position :) ]- everything came right out of my butt with little straining. I only had to wipe twice since the diahrrea was so liquidy; you wouldn't have wanted to go into the bathroom after me that day, though- the smell was rippin'! This leads me into my final paragraph for today. I went on a New Age retreat for a couple of nights just about two weeks ago. I have no on-the-toilet stories to report from there, but would just like to note that the bathrooms (along with some of the other rooms) had constantly-burning incense candles, presumably to cover up any nasty dumps; sure beats Lysol :) I'm back to school this week and hope to report on any interesting experiences. Peace, Steph

To Moira:
I loved your descriptions of the huge turds you produce, and the satisfaction it gives you. I am totally jealous as I have never achieved anything remotely like that. Mine are usually no more than about half an inch thick, and quite soft. My wife however, can produce shits that block the toilet (a bit like the story from "HUBBY"). I have found turds of about two inches thick, unflushed in the toilet several times.This leads to a question. Since you regularly produce very large turds (I read recently that your biggest movement was a 16inch followed by two 8inch turds, and really thick, all in one sitting), do you have a toilet that can cope with this, or does it block up, or do you prefer to use the toilet somewhere away from home? Yours in admiration, Mike.

Watching Guy
My room-mate, who is slightly overweight and short (female) gave me some interesting sounds to listen to last night! She jumped from her chair watching televison ran to the toilet and shut the door. We live alone so I snuck up to listen. She let a huge fart out followed closely by a wet sounding burst of diarrhea. Next up was 9 or 10 largish logs which landed with a nice "plop" sound then another burst of diarrhea which lasted quite a while! I love listening to, or watching, girls take a dump. I only wish I could meet Pooping Girl, she sounds awesome!

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