Hi everybody,

To CHANTELLE – Liked your poo story – seems a lot like my sis below. Specially the bit where the first part is hard and once that is out it’s easier for all the other poo to follow.

To TYNEE – No it wasn’t a bad ending at all – it was real cute. Did you feel embarrassed at some boy looking at you with your panties down – I would have died !!!!

To PUNK ROCK GIRL – Liked your story – that’s what scares me most with porta-potties. I’m scared someone will try the door and the lock won’t work and when they open the door all the world can see me sitting there pooping.

To RACHEL – I know how you must have felt and I know exactly how doing something physical can stop you holding your poo in. I used to be a cheerleader and I had the same happen to me in the middle of my routine – Oh G*d it was awful, and sooooooo embarrassing.

Now I have a post about my sister. We went camping in New England last week and we were driving from Rhode Island to Connecticut with our trailer. My sis Melanie (she’s 13) said she needed a bathroom. I did too, at least a little bit, I could feel I needed to pee sometime. Dad saw a rest stop but when we pulled in, there was a sign that said “no rest rooms”. Mel kinda moaned and said “Oh no”. Mom said “just go in the woods – make sure you go a long way in so no one sees you” Mel moaned again and just said “No”. Mom turned to me and said “Ash – just take her, will you – and don’t get lost”. We got out of the truck and mom handed me a bunch of Kleenex. Mel followed me into the woods and we were soon surrounded by bushes and complete quiet, except for some birds. “I gotta pee too” I told her, “We can go together”. She kind of looked at me and said “I gotta go poo – real bad”. I was surprised, I had just figured she wanted to pee. So I found a bush and we bot! h looked around and listened, and it looked like no one else was around. We both hiked up our skirts and pulled our panties down. Neither of us squatted right down because we were afraid of creepy-crawlies, so we did it kinda like when you hover over a toilet you don’t want to sit on. My pee started real quick and so did Mel’s. She must have needed to pee quite bad because I could see it coming out real strong and it made a kind of hissing sound. Mine was more like a gentle tinkle and didn’t take long to finish. I wiped and pulled up my panties and Mel was still going. She finished and squeezed out the last drops with a soft grunt just as I was smoothing down my skirt. Stupid question I guess but I asked her if she still needed to poo. She looked up at me and I could see the strained look on her face. “It won’t come out” she mumbled. I don’t know why but I went around back of her to see what the trouble was. I could see her rear was kinda bulging out and her ! little ring was sort of open and like it was pouting. Actually it was open enough I could see the tip of her poo just poking out a tiny bit but it wasn’t moving. “Give it a little push” I told her. Her rear relaxed and her ring closed up a bit pushing her poo back in and the bulge went away. Then I heard her grunt and the bulge came back again. This time her ring opened some more and the tip came out further. I could see it was huge and hard. She groaned and this time her ring kept opening further and further. I watched open mouthed as an enormous dark brown log with a short pointy nose began to ease out of her hole. Mel groaned again – “It Huuuuuuurts” she whimpered. But still it kept coming, really really slowly and it wasn’t going to stop. “Ooooohhh!!!” she cried at least twice I remember. I could see her ring stretched ever so tight and I really felt for her. I know when I have had really big poos like that, it’s hurt real bad. Then after about 6 inches ! was hanging out it seemed to come a bit faster and suddenly it fell with a loud swish into the grass. It was dark brown and very knobby with some cracks in it. I’m not very good as guessing sizes but it must have been more than 2 inches thick. Mel groaned with relief but before her ring could close another lighter brown nose peeked out and a long softer turd started to ease out almost effortlessly. It came out much faster than the first one and was about a foot long and real smooth with a blunt nose and a pointy tail. Another long sigh from my sis and I could tell she had finished. I handed her some tissue and she wiped between her legs then her rear. After the second wipe I told her she was nice and clean. She pulled up her panties and smiled at me and I could tell she felt a lot lot better than 10 minutes before.

We got back to the truck and mom asked, “What took you so long?” We both looked at each other and giggled and said “Nothing”. Mel and me often go to the bathroom together and we poop together, but I’ve never actually watched every little detail of it coming out before, it was kinda weird.

Love to all from Ash XXX

I'm so glad that there was lots of interest in my and Cindy's competition, and sorry for missing a few days in updating. Well a few things happened, and I need to fill you all in. As I said on Thursday night I had had lots to eat, and wasn't planning on the competition, so lasting I knew was going to be a BIG issue. Everything went fine until Friday morning, and my usual (very regular) morning poo became due. I felt the usual urge, when I woke up, but didn't even dare pass any wind for fear that it would lead to a poop as you might guess. I skipped my usual fruit and all bran breakfast for the same reason, but UNFORTUNATELY had coffee. About 10 minutes after the coffee, I was on the way to classes my ???? started to churn... the coffee was making me REALLY want to go. When this happens it feels like I need to really fart, but I can feel that there's not any air, and its a little (or in this case BIG) poop just waiting to pop out. Luckily I made it to school and rushed into ! the toilets, and took a HUGE poo. It was really gassy, and one of the biggest I have ever had. It was quite soft, but there was loads and loads and it really smelt pretty bad. If it had been my competition poo it would have been a winner I was sure, but unfortunately there was no judge or Cindy to make the award, and only me to witness it. This was a very big problem. It left me with only a day and a half to prepare, and surely at a disadvantage to Cindy who I was sure would have made sure that she didn't go before Saturday's judging. After lots of wiping (it was a really sticky poo as well) which left my bottom feeling a little raw, I went to class and bumped into Cindy, who asked how I was doing (with a little grin)... I said fine - I wasn't going to let on, and she said that so was she. That afternoon was swimming, and as I said Cindy's a great swimmer. We had a really good work-out, and as usual Cindy did better than everyone else. Cindy left the pool straight after we f! inished very quickly. when I got into the change rooms she wasn't anywhere to be seen, but what I heard was like music to my ears... someone was in one of the stalls and the noises coming from the stall left me in no doubt that they were having a HUGE poo... it went on and on for about 20 minutes. In fact most of the girls had left when Cindy appeared looking pretty embarrassed. The smell had left the whole change room smelling pretty rich, and I guess that's why it had cleared so fast. We just giggled when we looked at each other, and agreed to a postponement of a week. So that's where we stand - we'll have the competition this Saturday. Thanks to the suggestions you've made, and please keep them coming. We've agreed that we'll list the different attributes and award points for them. We'll use the swimming room change rooms - they'll be deserted, and each poop in a potty, and then Cindy's brother will score each poop. Cindy will poo first, and then I will poo an hour later ! to let the air clear so that he can judge each smell. We've agreed he needs to be in the room while we each poo, but both agree we don't want him to watch - so that's a problem we still need to solve - any suggestions on that one are welcome - he of course thinks watching us each poo will help him judge better, but you cab guess why he wants to do that. I will keep you updated...

Movie Fan
Does anyone have any information on a bathroom-related scene in the movie "Bar Hopping", featuring Kelly Preston? I have never seen the movie, but someone told me there is some kind of interesting bathroom scene. Anyone know?

A nice normal day for me: a good bm (3 or 4 moderate turds) before breakfast; a second good bm (2 large turds, 2 small ones) after lunch; and a third good bm (4 moderate turds) just now before supper. The third one was quite urgent: I noticed the need as I was driving home from work, and by the time I got to the bathroom, my first turd was pushing out. As usual when at home, on the last piece of toilet paper I placed a small amount of Noxzema cream, then wiped with that, including pushing the paper up into my anus. It feels really clean after that. I have found it interesting to notice what gets left in toilets, primarily poop of course. Years ago I taught at a small college. The last person to leave the building was to check lights, doors, etc. One day I worked late and was last one there; on my check I heard water running in the ladies' room. I knocked; no one answered, so I went in. The water was running in the sink; I turned it off, then looked in the toil! ets. In one there was a large turd mostly down in the hole. I guessed the donor had tried to flush it, because there was no paper. I used a pencil to bring that monster back out of the hole--it was well over a foot long, hard, and thick. I was very impressed. The discussion of doorless stalls brings back two memories. Back in graduate school I often used the toilets in the library, which had no doors. Across from the stalls was the mirror for primping hair, etc. While washing up after my b.m. one day, I saw a young man go into the stall right behind me. He dropped his pants and sat spraddle-legged on the seat; I watched as he pooped out a long, ropy turd. Another time, in a mall, I had a similar experience: a youngster, maybe 7 or 8 years old, went into a stall and sat down without closing the door. In the mirror I could see his turds drop out--three long ones. I enjoy reading your poop stories. Keep them coming!

Slim Jim Junkie
A few weeks ago, someone talked about some Japanese anime with toilet scenes. I remember a few: Jungle De Ikou a primative cave boy peeked in on some girl by mistake. I heard her say to the boy "What are you doing you big perv?" as she sat on the throne (Conventional type not squatter). And in Excel Saga Episode 26, Excel and Hatchan trade places. Excel(Now Hatchan) wonders what happened to her and nearly dies in a dirty park bathroom.

Concerned Dad
Well it's still pretty much a daily struggle but it's gotten a little easier. We both have been using the suppositories and they've helped some.

I am happy that our relationship is such that we can be so open with each other about this. My son's mother has been out of the picture for most of his life so it's been pretty much just the two of us. I did tell my son that I was constipated too. I didn't want him to think that he was in it alone if that makes sense. Over the years I have used the bathroom in front of my son alot. Since the condo only has the one bathroom, alot of times one of us will be on the toilet while the other one is showering, brushing teeth, etc. I also wanted to make sure he knew that it was a totally natural thing to do and nothing to be embarassed about. I think I've done that since he doesn't seem to have any hangups about it. To this day neither of us has a problem with using the bathroom in front of the other. Since we've both been having problems dumping we've been helping each other out and keeping each other company while using the bathroom so I usually know when he uses a supp! ository. I'm glad that my son and I have had these bonding experiences. I know it's made us closer. I wanted you to know Thom that I've been reading the stories from this forum for awhile now and I've enjoyed your stories as well as the stories from the other guys you mentioned.


Hey Tynee -
I read your great story about going in the woods and want to ask about how you go. You said you put one foot on a log and pee standing up. I have never tried this tho I always pee standing. I do it by spreading with my fingers and lifting up on my clit but I have both feet on the ground. Do you use fingers at all or does having one leg up sorta aim the pee away from the other leg?
You said you pull down your shorts but I think you would have to take them right off or does your pee shoot out forwards naturally because if it goes straight down your shorts would get wet?
Have you tried doing it out the side of the leg of your shorts without taking them down? I guess this needs help from fingers or do you prefer not using fingers perhaps?

Just curious -

To Chantelle: Loved your story about you having to pull over and shit in the woods and your b/f cool

To Dookie girl: Enjoyed your story
To Tynee: Loved your story..sounded like a cool experience
To Punk Rock Girl: Saying hi back...liked your story..what caused the diahreaha?
To Ash: Liked hearing about your little pee accident after laughing
To Emily of NYC: Why do your parents send you to that camp if ppl keep getting sick?
To Curious: Loved your you held your pee along time...what time did you last pee before then and what time was it when you peed?
To Joe: Loved your story
To Staci: liked your story...that reminds me someone once told me i should put exlax in some brownies and give them to someone i don't like..i couldn't do that.
To Rachel: liked your story
To MICHAEL M: Loved your come your buddy had yellow turds?
To Redneck: Liked your story..sounds like a cool balchlor party you went see any hot guys poop there?
To justjack: I wipe do you wipe?
To Buzzy: Loved your story
To Penny: liked your story
To Roberta: liked your story
To Trekkie: I've seen that Imodium commerical
To Jim: Loved your come you don't have toilet paper in your bathroom?
To LL Stool J: Liked your name dude
To CFS: Liked your story..are you a male or female?
To CC: liked your stories
To Thom: Hey Thom..where you been? i liked your story

Mysterious Man
I have a story to tell, when I was in the eigth grade last year, I was 15 (Don't ask, it has to do with when I was born) Me and my fellow class mates went to the bowling ally as a trip. When we left, we went to a Mcdonalds that was near there, after we ate we went back to the school and had about half an hour till school went out. Well, my ninth period class was computer lab that day (It switch on every other day, so the next day would be a study hall). The class was a small one, it me, three other boys and a girl, whom I've had a crush on since seventh grade (though, I didn't quite realize my feelings until eigth grade). Well that class day the teacher let us just do what we wanted. We had rolly chairs in that class (FUN! ^__^). I was rolling around when I noticed the girl (Whose name is Nikki, quite a cute name if I must say). Was leaning forward in her chair and kinda groaning and had her hands on her ????, and since I've had this thing about girl's going to the bathroom! for a fair while, I assumed that she needed to pee. I rolled up to her and asked what was wrong. "I need to poo." She slightly whispered. "Huh?" (My hearing is really sensitive, almost like a dog's so I sometimes don't pick up certain speaking tones). She knew I didn't quite catch that and leaned to my ear and said: "I need to go poo." She whispered again, I heard that time and my eyes nearly bugged out for a second. She giggled (And it's really cute one too ^_^) and said "What's wrong?" I replied that was the first time a girl to ever said that, especialy to me. She giggled and then held her ???? again, I could even hear her ???? grumble. I would of asked if something was trying to poke out, but I was afriad of disgusting her. I suggested that she go now, there was at least six minutes left to class. "No, I'll be fine." She replied and I said ok. The bell rung and we got up to leave. I told her I hope she gets through ok and she smiled and went down her hallway to her lo! cker to get her stuff (the bastards in the middle school appearantly wouldn't let students carry book bags due to concern of crowded hallways, yeah even though it doesn't make much differance when there's about a hundred some kids in the hall at once.)
I smiled back and waved good bye and then headed to my locker, I got my stuff and left out the doors by my locker, and ran to my bus (it's placed by the entrance of the middle school). When I got home, I sat down in my dad's bedroom while watching Yu-Gi-Oh (hey it's better than Pokemon) and thought back on that little conversation with Nikki. Well, months later, about May, I think, I told her my feelings in a letter, the following week I asked her about it, and she said she was surprised that I felt that way for her, even though she had once given me a note asking if I liked her. Well after a dance and so I asked if she already had a boyfriend, and she said yes, I was saddened by this, I had truly hoped to find a relationship with her, I mean, I feel that we have quite a fair bit in common. Though I still feel that she may have something for me. Cause I always noticed that when she talks to me, her voice is almost kinda quite and hard to hear, but when she talks to other! s, it quite normal, also my mother had mentioned that when she had one time complimented my pants (which my mother made herself) That was undoubtably a sign of some kind of affection. Also, I told her of how Nikki would always ask me nicely and commly not to get angry back in the 7th grade, she said it sounded like a kind of affectionate concern for me. I also told her about the note Nikki had given me, she said that it very well possible with no doubt that she may have some feelings for me, this is what got me to my full realization of my feelings for her. Going back to that fateful day of rejection, she asked me not to be angry with her. I commly told her that I could never be angry with her (Bet you never expected a guy to say that, eh ladies?). She smiled. I later asked for her phone number, cause I thought that I had tried rushing into a possible relationship too quicky and if we were to at least maybe go see a movie or two, or even visit eachother's house, we see if th! ere was something. She gave it me and I called her a couple times and once asked her out, but she said she would be busy, I kinda forgot to call her a few more times over the summer and when we came back from vaction, one day in gym, while at the ropes' course by the school, she asked if I still liked her, I said I still do very much and since then we've had some small conversations. Could somebody on this site maybe tell if my guess about is right? Also if she may be ok with talking about her bathroom habits from that short story I mentioned? Also please give me some kind of advice on how I could maybe get her to like me, I truly love her and I'm afriad that if I give up on her, it'd be a mistake. I'm open to what ever you all have to say.

See you all later, and as that cartoon character, Vash (from Trigun) always says: "Love and Peace!"

Punk Rock Girl
Here's a survey. What's your biggest pet peeve regarding public restrooms? Explain.

1. Doorless stalls
In the UK I haven’t seen any, but I don’t think I would have the nerve to use one under any circumstances, I would find it too embarrassing. I have used them with glass panel doors and very low doors, and many without locks so people just walk in unexpectedly, but here there is an attempt for privacy.

2. No toilet paper
Would try and look for another toilet.

3. Low quality TP (thin, scratchy)
Would use more paper and double it over.

4. No soap
Wouldn’t bother me.

5. Clogged toilets
Try and find another toilet.

6. Bad odor
Try and find another toilet.

7. No toilet seat
I would stand up until I was ready to go then hover.

8. Garbage/water on floor
Try and find another toilet.

9. Piss/shit/crud on seat
Try and find another toilet.

10. Not enough toilets for amount of use
Wait in a queue until one was available.

How many of you out there also suffer bouts of hemeroid flair-up? I'm having the worst day... :(

This one has caught me off gaurd because standing or sitting, it still bloody hurts!!

I usually get some 'notice' before flair-up occours. But not this time... Today I woke up with it painfully swollen and I don't think it has subsided since.

If I get lazy and don't wipe properly after a BM, I know there is a good chance my 'roids will swell. What bugs me is that I've been especially fastidious for the longest while - making sure the TP is spotless before I flush.
I've had some very spicey beef patties (the best in a long while actually) over the last few days. Could they have played some roll in this?
Normally I can tell when a poop coming out is the remnants of a 'hot' meal I've previously eaten... but I can't recall a spicey meal ever giving a me hemeroid flair-up before.

All day I've been emptying tubes of Prep-H & Anusol to releave the pain, but with little success. Does anyone have their own 'cure'?

Traveling Guy
Well, you guys are right about the bonding that can happen when you take a dump with a co-worker. I went into one of the restrooms at work today and noticed a faint poop smell. This restroom has two urinals and two crappers. The far stall is arranged in a way that you can't see the feet of whoever's in it, but I could hear that it was occupied. Anyway, I took the near stall, pulled down my pants, situated my butt, and proceded to take a nice but unspectacular dump, with minimum farting and very little straining. Meantime, I noticed that the guy next to me was doing the same thing. After I wiped, flushed, and went out to wash up, I could hear that the other guy was also wiping. He soon emerged and I discovered that it was a colleague with whom I've shared lots of laughs and good conversations, but never before a dump, until now. We started talking, but neither of us made any comments about crapping. But it was a very human moment of shared experience, hard to describe! .

Punk Rock Girl - That scene should be in a movie - you screaming inside the porta potty and that biker dude jumping back startled and apologetic! Yes, indeed... hot fun in the summertime with street fairs, county fairs, open-air flea markets... All good places to observe one's fellow humans with a need to answer the call. But OMG, girl!! How can you have diarrhea one day and then have a more solid dump that same night and then a "big, easy and relaxing" one next morning? You really are full of it, aren't you? Truth be told, so am I, literally at times.

Rachel - Hey, there are some funny posts on here today, and yours is one of them. LOL! Blow your trumpet too hard and you'll poop. It seems to me that a trumpeter could fart pretty creatively and blame it on the trumpet playing.

the "HOLD IT" man - Yeah, I agree that accidents can and do happen to us all. I should have cut the guy in Melissa's story more slack.

Hello everyone,

I just thought I'd ask a few new survey questions for all those who would be interested in anwsering (guys or girls):

1)Who would be your top celebrities you would like to watch taking a dump? (name as many as you like)

2)What type of dump would you like to see them take? (logs, chunks, diahrrea, etc...)

3)Where would you like to see or hear them taking a dump? (outdoors, ladies/men's room, etc.)

To CHANTELLE: I liked your story about your taking that huge dump in the woods. I'll bet your boyfriend really enjoyed that one.

Well, until next time!

Yours truly,


Emily of NYC- was there any boys at the camp if so did any of them get sent home.

Bruce- I'm not a lawer or anyrhing but i think you can sue the places that it has happened to you for invasion of privic.

well all for now

sorry for misspelligs (if any)

Eric in Chicago
Disgusted and others: I'm not really sure what the solution to the restroom-cleaning problem is. Of course the stores don't hire people whose *only* job is to clean the bathrooms; that wouldn't make any economic sense. So that means that they're stuck with the gender mix of whatever people they hire for general cleaning duties, and if it isn't 50-50 and if they only have a few cleaners on duty at any given time, then there are going to be times when the washrooms need to be cleaned (on schedule) and there's only one available cleaner, who will obviously be the wrong gender for one of the washrooms. Short of hiring extra staff or adding multiple washrooms (so that one can be shut down for cleaning while the other one is open), both of which cost money, I don't see a solution. Maybe posting the cleaning schedule outside the washroom would help people avoid it during cleaning periods.

I should point out that in much of the world, this sort of thing simply isn't an issue. There's nothing inherent about humanity that demands single-gender washrooms.

I luv to take an outside pee. Like, in the woods. Is it possible to sit on a tree and pee on a branch?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

Michael M.
After reading many posts here about public restrooms I thought Id add a bit of my own.
Its been some time now, but some years ago when I was younger, I would go to the mmovies at the big theaters located downtown Pittsburgh near home. There were many movie houses, all big names, Lowes Penn, Warner and others.
So usually I would go and trot down stairs where the toilets were, mens and ladies. You would enter a huge hallway all white marble, mirrors and lounge seats, All very nice. Id go into the mens room and take a pee, and then turn around to wash my hands. Behold! Heres a guy dressed in a uniform much like an usher standing at the sink. Hes holding a towel. Like theres no paper towels, only this guy holding a cloth towel for you. Of course as I mused and thought about this, another guy walks up and wipes his hands on the towel znd then slips the guy a couple bucks.
I thought, hell no, why should I be paying to dry my hands? Whats this guy doing here anyhow? So theres a restroom attendant in there full time! No, Im not paying this guy for wiping my hands.The other thing that puzzled me was how he could just stay there all day with guys coming and going and taking a shit and all. THe place was really strong with poop smell and farts and urine and what not. How anyone could stand there all day is beyond me.
I was sort of embarassed to walk in there and pee with this guy standing there watching everyone and then shoving a towel into their hand.
I would prefer to wait then and just leave the show having to pee and find a bar or other place.
I dont know about this restroom attendant deal, how they are paid or what, why they were there and what not. I noticed after attending some other shows in the last few years they were no longer there, You dried your own hands and had paper towels.
It appeared to be a hold over from the old bygone days where this was a practice of the deluxe movie house.
Anyone every have this at a function they ever went to where there was a full time person in a restroom that mopped and took care of it even when people were coming and going? And of course waiting for a working tips.

Hey Joe: Great story!!! I would have asked him when he ate corn !!!! LOL

D dawg:

Excellent post about you and your potential gf after your visit to the state fair. Sounds like I need to start meeting some of the big-bladdered women that you know. These type of incredible duration pees have always been my favorite, so please keep them coming. Perhaps your friend would be interested in posting of her peeing experiences as well.

Pee girl: Please post more oustanding anecdotes about your ample bladder when you have the chance. I would love to hear more about friends/family/strangers disbelief at how much you can go. I know I am not the only one either! Take care all,



That's a great story, and I would realy like to hear about the contest they had. Let me make a guess as to the out come. I bet the 13-year-ols girl came in 1st, the 10-year-old came in 2nd, and Jamie came in last. Am I right or wrong?

If I'm right, I am not suprised. I also have the ability to put out a camp fire with my pee stream, as I have related to on several occasions through out the various posts here. It's a matter of fact, I've been able to do it since I was a child.

The very first time I put a fire out by peeing on it, I was about 8 years old. I was on a camp-out with the Brownies (Brownies are what yo become before you can get into the Girl Scouts) One of the things we had to do was start a fire by using a magnifieng glass and the sun. My team was the very first to get our fire going, so we won.

Anyway, we all slept in tents, and were required to put our fires out before going to bed. I was holding since we arrived that morning, and was realy in need of a piss. There were two outhouses for our use, and both of them were in use. One of my friends saw my desperation, and dared me to piss on the fire. To her suprise, I was able to pee standing up, which is what I did. It was not a huge fire, but it was going full flame. Looking around for the leaders, and seeing none, I took her up on her dare.

I removed my panties, spred my legs apart, spred my "piss flaps" apart using both of my hands, and proceeded to hose down that fire with a piss stream that felt like the Mississippi River. By the time I was finished, the fire was completely out, and there was not even an ember left glowing.


Raging Urohile
JB- You had asked why some people try to take a dump before they have to. I can answer that.
A few pages back I had mentioned that I am a precautionary pisser. I am also a precautionary crapper. There are numerous times when I feel a heaviness in my bowel that indicates I will need to drop a load in the near future. Unfortunately, however, I am aware that in the near future, I might not have an opportunity to dump, since I usually have to work in an environment where it is not convenient, or even possible, to get to a restroom for two to three hours.Therefore, I will force out a small shitlett or two to decrease the chances of being caught in a difficult situation. The same situation also applies if I am going on a long driving trip.
Many of you have been discussing your pet peeves about public restrooms. I agree with many of them; but my biggest peeve is being in an environment with lots of people, and having only one stall available.If you're desperate while it is occupied for a long spell, it could mean trouble. I also hate having fecal smears on my fingers from wiping, only to find there is only cold water with no soap, or, worse yet, no water at all. There have been a couple times when I have actually had to "clean" my hands with toilet water. I have been fortunate that when there has been no toilet paper, ass gaskets ,that are meant to put on the toilet seat, have been available for wiping.
One of my most desperate situations was at a crowded buffet restaurant. I had just stuffed myself and was desperate for a dump. Although there were three stalls in the mens' room, each one was occupied by a "special needs" child. I had to hold on for twenty minutes. Once a stall became available, there was crap all over the place. I had to hover over the bowl to do my business.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Me and my boyfriend were driving to my friends cottage for the weekend(which is 4 hours away).Anyways when we were just about to go i really needed to take a poop.But since i usually have no trouble holding in my poop i decided to wait until we got there.Anyways about 1 hour into the drive, i had a huge cramp in my gut.I couldn't hold my poop any longer.My boyfriend saw me boucing around and asked me if there was anything wrong.I said i really needed to go for a poop and i couldn't hold it any longer.Since there was nothing for about another 20 miles he suggested that we pull over and i go in a nearby wood.I agreed.WE pulled over and i found a small clearing in the woods and a log.I quickly pulled down my pants and sat on the log(my boyfriend watched from behind....he loves to watch a woman take a poop).This torrent of pee shot out of my vagina at about 80 mph.Then a felt a HUGE log slowly moving closer to my hole.It curled out slowly--->no pushing involved!WHen that one! dropped it looked to be about 9 inches long.But there was more.In a period of about 5 minutes, i had layed another 6 huge logs.My boyfriend got a lot of plesure out of this.just when i thought i was done, i let out a juicy fart and a stream of slimy runny wet diareah shot out of my butt.i started to pour out diareah for about another 7 minutes.I was finally done.My boyfriend went back to the car and got some kleenex and ------>his camera!! he took a picture of my HUGE pile of poop.It was great. we went back to the car, and in another 2 1/2 hours, we were there. i had a great weekend! nice talkin to ya!******* bye


Karissa do you have any pee stories? Iam 19 also and am a male I LOVE THE OUTDOOR PEE POSTS.

Dookie girl
One day when I was off from work, I was just waking up from sleeping in my bed. I haven't pooped in about three weeks, and was feeling a wee bit gassy.
so I laid in my bed with only my panties on, farting and stinking up my bedroom. As my eyes drew to a close, I continued my sleep;
it felt as if I had a big fat fart to let loose.
I pushed, tilting my ass up. The big fat fart turned out to be a big fat turd. As it shot out, I immediately opened my eyes. Only one turd filled my panties. I felt I didn't have anymore to push, so I just continued sleeping as the turd lie snuggled against my ass.

Hello everyone. Thank you for posting comments. Your interest is great. Hi Outdoor Jane. Anyways, my story today is from about four years ago when I was 11 and playing hide and seek.

My team was the team that was hiding and I had found the perfect hiding spot under my porch where I could almost stand completely, see everything in the front yard, yet no one could see me because of the bushes. I was under there a good 15 minutes when I felt a slight urge in my bladder. I figured that I would be found soon, so this didn’t worry me. About another 15 minutes later, I was still under the porch, and the need had increased. I wasn’t as calm, but still not very worried. I watched the game going on in the front yard, of people chasing others, when about 5 minutes had passed and it seemed as if they all moved to the back except my 12 year old neighbor John. He was walking quite slowly, and when he turned I realized he was holding himself. He held himself a bit longer, when he then looked around cautiously and I heard the unzip of his fly quickly and he waddled to the nearest tree. He spread his legs, and let out a mighty stream from about a foot and a half away! . (he was standing sideways so that I could see him) He had a very forceful piss until about 40 seconds later when it dwindled down. At this point, I had been holding my pee for about 45 minutes and was absolutely bursting. I didn’t even to have time to look where John was when I pulled down the front of my shorts and kind of squatted/stood against the lattice by the bush, figuring it would give me cover. I let out a mighty piss for what seemed like such a short time when I heard rustling behind me. John had heard my pee against the bush and found me under the porch peeing and exposing myself. I finished up because once I start; I can’t really stop, and quickly pulled up my pants. John just looked at me and then said I found you, you have to go to jail. I know I’m sorry it was kind of a bad ending, but that’s what happened.

Hopefully you’ll all have some peeing stories for me from the great outdoors.
Until next time….

Punk Rock Girl

I had some nasty diarrhea -- and some unexpected exhibitionism -- yesterday. Colin and I were out at a street fair and I had a very bad mixture of food. After a couple hours of walking around, my guts cramped up with a vengenace and demanded to be emptied. Well, I didn't want that happening in my butt-hugging shorts, so I said to Colin, "I need to find a bathroom or I'm gonna shit myself."

No sooner had I said that than a porta-potty appeared around the corner. I rushed over, it was sitting by itself with dozens of people walking by. I was quite shocked to find that it was not only unoccupied, but quite clean inside. I stepped inside and put the latch on the door.

I pulled my shorts and thong down to my knees, and sat on the seat, which was also amazingly clean. As soon as my ass touched the seat, my bowels erupted and diarrhea gushed loudly into the blue shit underneath me. It was such a relief, I couldn't help but groan. I didn't even care if anyone heard me, it felt so good to release the gallon of liquified crap thaat I was spraying out of my ass.

Anyway, Colin had apparently walked over to a table to look at some stuff a guy was selling, so he was no longer "guarding" the shitter. I hadn't even noticed that the latch had come loose and now said "VACANT" on the door outside. Just as I was peeing and rolling off some TP, the door swung open! Some guy who looked like a Hell's Angel was standing there. More because I was surprised than anything, I let out a shriek, which startled the guy.

"Oh, man, I'm so sorry," he said, then slammed the door shut. I re-latched it and just sat there for a second. Then laughed at the way I had screamed, and the look on the guy's face. I wiped my ass (it took a lot of wiping--thank God I didn't need to flush) and stepped out. The biker dude was standing there and apologized to me. His girlfriend also apologized, and said he had a bad habit of not knocking on bathroom doors.

I said, hey, no big deal and Colin and I kept walking. That was an interesting, and totally unexpected addition to the day's activities! It also apparently cleaned me out, because the dump I took later that night was far more solid. My dump this morning was big, and easy and relaxing. My fave!

Hello to everyone, especially Carmalita, Rizzo, Bryian, Traveling Guy, and Emily of NYC!



To JULIE – can’t wait to hear the results of your pooping competition. Are you both going to let Cindy’s brother actually watch you going? Are you going to use separate toilets so he can compare your two poops?

To MICHAEL – I liked your classroom pee story. Yes, exactly the same happened to me about a year ago (I’m 15 now). Only this was in the school cafeteria with a group of 4 of us sitting together. We were making jokes about some of the teachers and one was sooo funny we all cracked up in hysterics. I new I wanted to pee but I was holding it because I didn’t want to miss the fun. Anyway I started laughing soooo hard I couldn’t stop and suddenly realized I was going to lose control. I squeezed as hard as I could but a little squirt came out and then a bigger squirt. Just like you, I was so shocked I managed to get control and I was able to squeeze hard enough to stop it. When I got to the bathroom I found my panties were soaked between my legs so I made a big pad of tp and put it there so it wouldn’t feel so wet. Luckily we wear school uniforms which include a skirt and that saved me I think because if I had been wearing jeans I’m sure they would have got all d! amp in my crotch and showed everyone I’d had an accident.

To INOMINATE – My sister, my mom and me all pee and poo in front of each other and I cant remember the number of times I’ve heard “There’s no tp left – can somebody get some for me”.

Love to all from Ash XXX

Emily of NYC
Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I just finished my final Exams! I'm free! It is the summer! Unfortunately I'll ahve to leave in about 2 weeks because I'll be going to camp, which brings up a story that happened last year at camp. The food at my camp is really bad, but they sort of force-feed you. I've gotten used to it by now. However, there was one time where everyone in the whole place got sick from it, and there was like an epidemic of food poisoning. We all woke up during the middle of the night complaining of stomachaches, and rushed to the bathroom. Some of us even threw up. The girls were all sent home because they were all so ill for a week. My mother sued the camp she was so angry.

Thanks for your sympathy earlier when I told you about that crazy construction worker yelling at me

P.S. - Manhattan Girl come back! Where have you been?

Whoever is posting about misheard lyrics in songs, the only really funny one I can think of is in the Rolling Stones' Jumpin' Jack Flash. It sounds like they say "With Jumpin' Jack Flash you can just pass gas." I don't know the real words.

All my hugs and kisses - Em

I was at the movies the other day with my gf. about 20 minutes into the movie I realise my bladder was full, but from experience I figured i'd be ok. I shifted positions about halfway through, and this made it somewhat better. But as the movie neared the end, I was using every bit of will power to hold it in. As many times as we've been to that particular theatre, I didn't know where the restrooms were. The movie was over, and it was only about a 15 minute drive to take her home and then off to my house. I figured I had held it this long, I can hang on just a littler longer. When we left the theater I remembered my mom had borrowed the car, and we had to wait for about 5 mintues for her to show up. I was desperate by this point, and wasn't sure I was going to be able to hold it stnading upright. I usually find in this situation that if I squeeze or massage my penis that I will get an erection which will make it somewhat easier to hold it. But there were many other people aro! und, and it would have been akward to do while my other hand was holding hands with my GF. I drove her home, sitting relieved some of the pressure, but I could still feel my bladder absolutely bursting, and I realised I hadn't gone in about 18 hours. I got to her house and walked her to the door, trying not to make it obvious that I had to go (i'm not sure why, it's not that i'm embarrased about it) I drove home, ever little bump pusing a drop of pee closer and closer to my pants. I made it home with dry pants. I climbed the stairs to the door, now challenging myself to stand up straight, my hands in my pockets ready to squeeze off any spurts that might occur. I finally made it up one final flight of stairs. I made it to the bathroom, and whipped it out just in time, with not a drop in my pants.
For the guys out there, do you know any creative ways to hold it.
And also, any other desperate to pee stories by guys would be appreciated. I'm not turned on by it or anything, but would like to hear of others experiences.
BTW i'm 17

Last year, I had the most obnoxious, mean history teacher in the world. He mad me repeat two mini-courses and humiliated me and everybody else in his classes, a well as constant busting guys for smokin inthe boys bathrooms. Since I finally graduated, I wan't concerned about him causing me any more grief. Well, last week, me and another buddy, who he also caused trouble for were at the mall. We both had to hit the john, so we walked tru JC Penney's...Sure enough, the stalls don't have any doors on them. Not a big deal, since we never had any doors through high school. but sitting in the middle stall, was none other than "Mr. Teacher-from-hell" He hada really bad case of diahreah, and we really played it up, by standing in front of his stall, laughing at him, and making fun of his stink. We called him by him FIRST name, and my buddy even made a derogatory remark about the size of his pee-pee. He was REALLY embarrased to be painting the toilet brown, with us just stan! ding there. We kept telling him how badly he was stinking up the bathroom, and laughing, all while he wiped his ass clean, my buddy even made a comment abot him having sjid-marks in his white cotton briefs. We were real brave until he started lifting his trousers. Then we ran out of there like white tornado's laughing....We crapped at Sears, but we told all our friends...It was a real hoot !

Hi. When I was in elementary school, in fourth grade, I had really bad diarrhea one day. It didn't hit me until I had gotten to school, so it was too late to stay home. I was in class and my teacher that year was a real bitch. She hated me. Well, my stomach really hurt and I raised my hand to ask to go to the bathroom. She said no, you sit down and be quiet and do your work. I said, I'm going to be sick, please let me go. She said no! I sat there fidgeting in my seat and clenching my butt cheeks, but I finally couldn't hold it. I got up and ran out of the classroom. She yelled at me, then ran after me, she grabbed my shirt and stopped me, and then started dragging me back to class. I couldn't hold it anymore, and I shit my pants. It was a lot too, it filled up my panties and ran down my legs. I had jeans on so no one could see what I had done, but you sure could smell it. But then it started dripping on the floor. It was so disgusting and I was so mortified.! She kept yelling at me about the mess I'd made, and I yelled at her that if she had let me go to the bathroom this wouldn't have happened. She took me to the nurse's office, and I left a trail of diarrhea on the floor behind me. By the time I got to the nurse's office, my panties were completely filled and my legs were totally covered in shit. I was crying my eyes out. The nurse took me into the back where there was a shower. She told me to get cleaned and got a pair of sweatpants for me to wear. When I got home I told my parents what happened. My Dad called the teacher and screamed at her on the phone for about an hour. She got in trouble with the principal, but I think she just got a warning. But at least I got moved to another class. I'm writing this now because I just found out that that bitch just retired. I thought about spiking her coffee with ex-lax a few times, but never did. I should have.

the "HOLD IT" man
Melissa, I certainly feel sorry for that girl, but I can relate to what happened because I got peed on, too. It was probably as much my fault as it was hers. I know I wrote this story a long time ago when I first started posting here.

I was giving a friend of mine a ride home on my motorcycle. She was not given to wetting accidents, but she was not part of the Water Sports fetish as far as I know.

We were on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago when some asshole in a Corvette cut us off. I had to swerve to avoid hitting him, and when I did, I didn't see the big ass 18-wheeler bearing down on us and blasting those air horns. It scared the hell out of both of us, but she lost control of her bladder. I could feel that warm wet feeling comming from right behind me. Come to think of it, I almost SHIT my pants when that happened.

At any rate, I dropped her off, and got home and when I examined the seat, it was all dried up, but I had an almest perfect circle of wet right in the seat of my blue jeans and under wear. I didn't say anything to her about it, but I imagine she felt pretty embarassed about it. It was also not a very nice feeling to be sitting in somebody else's urine. So you can't realy blame the guy for feeling a bit irate, but he didn't have to laugh and poke fun at the girl, either. Accidents can happen to anyone. This boy probably relieved himself shortly befor he got on the bus. I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that if he had as much in his bladder as she had, he probably would have peed his pants, too.

"He who laughs first, laughs last." That's a saying that my father use to say to us if we made fun of some one and laughed at him or her.

Hi everybody – sorry haven’t posted for so long – got too busy with school and summer vac.
To Punk Rock Girl – Hey you found all my pet hates LOL, so I couldn’t resist answering them all in order. Problem is it’s different depending on whether I need to just pee or do a poo. So here’s both in order and the worst is 10.

If I need to pee.

1. Not enough toilets for amount of use – I’ll hold it in and find another one.
2. Clogged toilets – I’ll hold it in and find another one.
3. No soap – OK as long as there is water.
4. Bad odor – Doesn’t bother me unless someone has thrown up.
5. No toilet seat – Don’t care because I can just squat over the toilet to pee.
6. Piss/shit/crud on seat – I lift the seat up, just don’t like touching it much.
7. Low quality toilet paper – Don’t like the rough feeling on my pussy much but I usually have tissue with me.
8. No toilet paper – Usually have enough nice soft tissue with me.
9. Doorless stalls – I’m used to peeing with my friends watching. Don’t even worry too much about strangers seeing me.
10. Garbage/water on floor – don’t like standing in it – might be someone else’s pee. Also if I’m wearing pants the bottoms might get wet when I pull them down.

If need to poo.

1. Not enough toilets for amount of use – same as when I pee. If I’m going to the mall I know there are plenty of toilets and I often hold my poo in if I’m too busy to poo before I go.
2. Clogged toilets – In an emergency I just poo and don’t flush.
3. No soap – same as when I pee. Have to rinse a lot more if my fingers went through the tp.
4. Bad odor – Depends how bad, but it’s not usually too bad and in any case mine sometimes is worse.
5. Low quality toilet paper – Doesn’t feel nice on my pussy and I hate it when my fingers go through if I have to wipe my rear.
6. No toilet paper – Sometimes don’t have enough tissue to wipe properly and I hate having to walk away with a poopy rear.
7. Garbage/water on floor – same as when I pee.
8. Piss/shit/crud on seat – Have to sit to poo and hate to clean someone else’s mess before I can sit – yuk !!!
9. No toilet seat – because I have to sit so I can relax and concentrate on my poo. Sometimes takes a long long time for it to come out and I can’t squat for that long. Just spoils my enjoyment completely.
10. Doorless stalls – because I feel soooo embarrassed at everyone walking by and looking at me perched on the front of the seat, leaning over and my face all red and strained and hearing me grunting. I need my privacy to really enjoy it, least when it’s all strangers around.

– Love to all – promise I will post again soon – Ash XXXXX

Mysterious Man
TO - Julie: I think it should go by size, weight and thickness. Also why not have it that the stench could a plus, or minus, depending on what you prefer. When you and your friend have the competition, put a plate or paper towels on the scale and then drop on that. Hope to hear the cover story on this interesting competition.

Do any girls here have a story of how they had some kind of contest with their friends about pooping?

See ya all later!

D dawg
to michael: Oh i am very sorry about that letter, i misread, ok yes i am offended if there were a cleaning woman barge into the bathroom while i was using it. At least they could yell in and say, anyone in here, im very sorry michael, i just went on a huge schpiel about its ok for women to use the guys b-room, but i misread lol!!! so Post back.
Sry -daniel-

Tim (and Sarah)
Rizzo: So glad to hear all is fine. By the way: Your beetroot poop story a while ago, mad my stomach cramp, until I read the end of it with relieve. I’ll try to answer your interesting post in the next days. You know-limeted space and there are a few hellos, I still like to try to get through. Until then lots of love from us!

Cecile: Hi, thanks for your hello! I loved your story. I guess you had good fun there. When I was at school, I often hung around with my friends at a nearby, wasted warehouse and had many pees ( and even some poos there). It was also good fun. Yes, the pee in the shower was special. I am looking forward to more of your stories. Take care, Tim

TML: Hi, I enjoyed your stories and had a good laugh about your son’s peeing adventures. I can very much relate to this, as my kids are four and six years old. I have to say though, that regarding toilet training, in contrast to your kids, our daughter was a little more stubborn than our little boy. She was always jealous about being able to pee standing and it took us quite a bit of diplomacy to let her not fell inequal there. The otherday our boy had a bit of an accident: Unfortunately our son suffers from some allergies and hayfever, which gives him severe sneezing fits sometimes. We went swimming at the lake on a Sunday afternoon, but had to leave after a while, as our little one wouldn’t stop sneezing. On the way to the car our kids had to wee. Our son pulled his pants down by some bushes and started to wee. Suddenly he started sneezing a lot and the wee splashed everywhere, also on his pants and shoes. He looked down on himself and went: "Oh, Shit..." Our daugh! ter, who just pulled her pants up, looked at him with sympathy and said very sweet: " No, luckily it’s only weewee..." Hope to read more of your stories.

Traveling Guy: Thanks for your comments on my story.I was quite glad I did not have an audience on my little slapstick number, like you described with the semi-transparent mirror. LOL. At lea st I hope I did not! My wife told me were the grown up toilets were now. So next time, I will be alright...I simply went in the wrong direction. I do enjoy many of your stories and adventures. Hope to hear more from you!

Rac hel
I played the trumpet in band during high school. I was in a parade one Saturday when I had to take a dump. I was marching with the rest of the band and I couldn't leave the formation. I had to go very bad and as I blew into my trumpet a large, solid log slid out of my butt cheeks and into my panties. I was wearing navy pants with a flap hanging down over them. This helped conceal my accident. However, it did smell a little (or maybe a lot to the people behind me). I just couldn't help it. I went straight home after the parade and got cleaned up. I did learn something that day: if you have to take a dump, don't blow into a trumpet or your poop will come out like it or not.

Reading posts brings back memories of school days and some things that happened to us.
A new kid moved to town and we both had the same first names, same age and all. We became good friends as I went to show him all about our town and how things went on in school. We were both in the 6th grade at the time, and we had a teacher that was a real old maid and awful grouchy most of the time. So it goes without saying no one asked to leave to go to the bathroom during class as the answer was usually always no, unless it was a popular girl that appeared to be in real trouble. It wasnt unusual to have an accident in school by someone who couldnt wait. Mikie and I would just hold our pee and poop until after school. We would walk home together past his house first as it was closest and go in and take a pee. Sometimes Mikey hadda poop too and asked me into the bathroom as he dropped his pants and shorts down and let loose some farts and a long hard yellow turd as I watched in amazement.

This one day in the fall we were walking home in a hurry as Mikey hadda pee bad and felt a poop starting to come out. No one was home at these times as his folks worked until 5:00 everyday so we would stop and do our stuff if we had to. Almost home Mikey stopped in his tracks and was holding his fly and suddenly a dark stain spread down his pant leg. So here we are in sight of his house and he wets his pants.
We then continue walking and go to his house and went upstairs where he kicked off his wet jeans and underpants. He went and sat on the toilet as I sat on the bathtub while he dropped some turds and finished peeing. It was strange seeing my best friend almost naked, all wet from peeing his pants and now shitting wearing only a T-shirt.
"Comeon, he said, you got to take it off too. you saw me and now I have to see you too". So I went and peeled off my jeans and shorts and stood there half butt naked. He then was done, wiped his butt as I watched.I took his place on the toilet and waited a bit and finally a few hard turds dropped with a little splash.
So here we are now laughing about the whole thing and getting excited at the same time. We fooled around some and soon it was getting late and had to get dressed. He put on a fresh pair of underwear and jeans and I got dressed, just as his folks rolled up in the car.
It was one of those times your remember messing around with your good friend doing a few naughty things you both would laugh about and do again later.

Had a very interesting and fun weekend. A group of us got together for a bachelor party up in the Colorado mountains (camping). The age range was from 13 to 43 years old.

First, our bathroom habits. We basically find a tree to take a leak. Most of us who had to take dumps went to the campground bathrooms. One guy in the group went deep into the woods to shit.

Second, we cooked up some good food especially chili with a lot of beans. We did a lot of farting and belching. Since it was an all guys group, at the start of our camp out, I made a declaration that we did not have to say, "excuse me" when we farted/belched. Instead, we were to clap. (background - there was a men's retreat back in Apr and it was emphasized that women weren't aroud, we can be gross and not worry about being politically correct) We all ripped away on Sat nite and Sun.

There were several teens at this party and they did a lot of farting and belching :) I enjoyed the time joking with them.

On Sat nite, we got into a three hour discussion on the topic of taking a shit. Sub-issues were discussed like here on ToiletStool. We talked about doorless stalls at school (grumbled). Advice was given to the groom that taking a dump should be private (honeymoon is over). I disagree, depends on two adults and if I get married again, I want to "share". Doing the discussion, we all laughed our asses off !

I look forward to another bachelor party like this again. Even though I am in my late 30's, it is fun to act like a kid.

To Kayla - I am 18/m and currently in the summer before starting college. I loved your story. I would never be able to crap my pants in public on purpose. However, I like to piss my pants and sometimes do so at malls like you. I've never had the nerve to totally piss myself (except in a parking lot) but I'll get a pretty big wet spot - big enough to get some looks. It's fun!

To Melissa - Liked your story about that girl peeing her pants. She should have spoken up earlier I guess!


To Disgusted Michael: 100% agrement....Happened to me several times recently....VERY VERY humiliating !!!! What can be done, from a legal point of view to end this?


Do u guyz wipe sittin or standin?

TO PUNK ROCK GIRL-To answer your survey about public toilets
Doorless stalls don't really phase me>i'll go in them as long as it fells right and there's no weirdos around,The thing that REALLY bugs me about public bathrooms is filth!I hate when I see poop and pee all over the place-I just run out of there!I also hate whe there's no toilet paper-I don't care about the texture as long as there's paper.Bad odor also gets me sick,too NOW you knwo why I like to go out in the woods.I have none of those problems out there!I'll take a nice quiet place sitting on a log letting out my morning load in the woods anytime over a public toilet!Also,I don't mind being watched as I'm pooing and I've had it happen a few times out in the woods and I have to admit that sometimes it is a bit of a turn on esp if I'm being seen by a pretty lady!!Had a pretty cool poop in the woods yesterday a.m.Got up and almost right away I started to feel the fullness of a dump coming on,so I got on my bike and quickly headed out to the wild and went deep into the woods and as I'm walking,I come across this huge log with all thses holes in it,so I got undressed and went over and squatted over one of thsse holes and my hole opened up with 2 long farts and as I'm squatted,i look between my legs to watch the ropes of poop come out my anus and into the hole in the log.It was pretty cool to fill up this hole with my poop.Then the hole was full of coiled poop as I stood up and waited for another urge and I then moved to another hole and after walking around enjoying the morning air,i felt another cramp and went over and squatted over another hole and let out the rest of my load.It was soft and came out pretty fast and ended with a wet fart as i filled up this hole too!Now these holes wern't real big,about 6 inches across and about 3-4 inches deep,but i filled them up.The 2 nd hole had a lot of soft poop and I missed some of the hole as i let out the last part of my BM and it went on the top of the log as I peed and pushed out some squgglies and some mucus.Then I had to wipe and it was a bit of a messy wipe too as i had to get the wet wipe out and partially put it into my anus to really get clean as i get some tissues and finised up the job and as i was getting dressed i was looking at my loads in those log holes and it was funny to see those holes filled up with my poo-the things I do to entertain myself......I guess i'm a little nutz,but hey aren't we all on this site!I figure i'd give a bit of inspiraion to any other potential woods poopers!Get out threr and poop awy!its so much better than public bathrooms!!BYW the last few days there were no new posts on the forum and the last story i posted didn't make it,but when i read the new post,it seens like a lot of those folks were answering the posts that i was just getting---Is it a MAC va PC thing? (To the moderators-I'd like to know about this!)Thanks and good stories all!!BYE

I was at a horse show the other day and needed to take my early morning shit in the bushes. No sooner had I got down to bussiness when three young fellows arrive and proceed to get their pants down just in fromt of me. It is before sunup and they could not see me butI could make out these tight little bums spread about ten yards ahead of me. I was dropping my normal semisoft load with no farts and peeing quietly at the same time. The first of these youngsters was in a big hurry as a thin rope and brown water shot out of his arse. The second one next to him was grunting and pushing and had a log about 4 inches long hanging out. It appeared to be stuck. No it wasn't as it now started to move slowly. The third guy was very relaxed and was dropping little balls about the size of my thumb. Each one fell one at a time to the ground.There was this lump at his bum and they broke off slowly. They where sharing papaer as the started to pass from one to the other. Runny bum used a huge! wad and folded it over and over. The second and third just a quick wipe and off they went. I pushed out a little more and wiped and went to inspect. Three guys three very different piles.

Another story from Tara's friend Emma.
After the problems they had on Jamie’s first visit, he told Emma about funny things that happened to him once. It was when he went on a camp with 3 girl cousins. They had one fairly big tent and Jamie had his own small tent which was quite old and when they tried to get it up it tore in 2 places so they had to squeeze Jamie’s sleeping bag in with the other 3. In the morning Jamie woke first and he wanted to pee so he got up as quietly as he could and went outside behind some bushes where he was going to go on a tree. Like with most boys getting up in the morning he was hard and nothing would come at first and when it did it was a thin stream and then to his surprise his one cousin who was about 13 appeared and stood right next to him and peed standing a huge stream that went right past the tree and about 5 feet into the bushes beyond. This made it even worse for Jamie who was now harder than ever and his pee which had been only a very thin stream stopped. The cousin did! nt even seem to look at him in fact she looked over her other shoulder to shout to her sister who was looking foir them. When she turned round and went back Jamie found he could go again and then he felt much better.

They made a fire to cook breakfast and washed things in a nearby stream. After breakfast when they packed up to move on there was still some fire burning and to Jamie’s surprise the cousin who was about 10 pulled her shorts to the side and while standing peed a great stream on the fire which steamed and then went out.

The girls laughed when they saw how surprised he was. They said boys seemed to have no idea what girls could do and Jamie said if he told the boys at school that his girl cousin put the fire out standing, nobody would beleive him.

They made another camp at another place and had a lot more fun and a contest which Jamie said he didnt win but that is another story.

Hello all,

I'm probably going to be a "lurker" for a while, as life is going kinda slow right now. Anyway, to PRG's survey, here goes.

My biggest pet peeve is a bad odor in public restrooms. My girlfriend is rather private, and she won't go in a stall that won't lock, so I guess "doorless" is the closest to her pet peeve.

Happy goings all!

To Jan:

When I saw the Matrix Reloaded, I imagined that that was what was happening, but I'm pretty sure that what happens to her is intended to be an orgasm. You see her getting uncomfortable, then she is rubbing her legs together, and then everything goes "matrix", meaning you see everything in green code, and you see this explosion between her legs...I thought it was an orgasm, but you could definitely say it was diareaha, but considering the character who wrote the program that causes her to have this recaction's affinity for women, it seems more likely that the explosion is kind of a figurative thing rather than a an actual explosion of shit. Besides this fact, when she gets up and walks away from the table, there is no wet spot on the back of her dress that is visible.

Hate to burst any bubbles, but I don't think the Matrix scene was poop-related. You know how, when in the first Matrix, when Neo stops the bullets we see how he sees everything in code? When the woman eats the "special" cake, we saw her in code-vision as the camera zoomed in the area between her legs. The cake produced *some* kind of physical reaction, but I don't think it had to do with waste elimination, if you know what I'm saying, nudge nudge wink wink.

And it was the cake, not any kind of mind-power. He was watching her because he knew what would happen. I forgot what the exact line was but he plainly states that he'd arranged for her to get a dessert with, shall we say, special ingredients. The cake's code looked different to Neo, and the guy was one of those rogue programs the Oracle mentioned, so I'd guess he altered the cake at the data level instead of 'physically' putting something in it.

Just to have said something that *is* bathroom-related so as to get this posted, anybody seen the "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" Imodium commercials? They're sort of a ripoff of the "Where will you be when your laxative starts working?" commercials Fleet was doing a while back. The latest one has a a dad waking up to find that his kids have not only buried him in sand but sculpted it into a fish tail design and put cups on his chest to simulate, erm, the female chest structure. The mom, who has the camera, says "Say mermaid!" and takes a picture... and then Dad's face gets this deer-in-the-headlights look and he hops up out of the sand and takes off running. The announcer says "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" The commercial ends with a shot of the kids and Mom looking at the sand where Dad has been. Three guesses as to what they were seeing. ;-)

Traveling Guy
Punk Rock Girl - It was a toss up between pet peeves #9 and #3, but I went with #3 - Low quality TP (thin, scratchy). Do managers really think they're saving money on TP when everyone has to use 2x or 3x as much of that super thin paper to clean their asses? I dunno - Seems like a false economy to me.

Disgusted Michael - I appreciate your sensitivity to women cleaning the restroom while you're doing your business, but no, it doesn't offend me. That happens a lot in some other countries, including in Europe, and no one thinks twice about it. It had to happen here sooner or later. Once in Germany a 20ish cleaning woman, from eastern Europe I guessed, actually knocked on the stall door while I was crapping and handed me a new roll of TP just so she wouldn't have to come back to fill that stall later. Her timing was perfect, I have to say.

Miss Belinda - It's great that your family has an open mind about bathroom matters. This could lead to a really special bonding.

Middle Aged Camper - I liked your observation about little tykes being seen by adult caretakers, and getting to watch the caretakers, too, when they answer nature's call. So where along the line do urinating and defecating become "shameful" things to do? If only we could keep it on the "natural, normal" level, it would be so much healthier for us all, I think.

Melissa - It was kind of you to comfort that girl on the bus. She may have peed on the floor, but the next thing she dumps should be that uncaring oaf of a b/f!

Punk Rock Girl: Hey cool survey! Being a toilet fan, I've always enjoyed shitting in public restrooms. So I'm pretty used to their downside and have no biggest pet peeves. Doorless stalls don't worry me a bit. I don't like the no TP situation, but I always carry some Kleenex so that's also not too bad. Sure if the crapper is clogged I can't crap there so I don't care for that. I'm used to bad odors. I also manage pretty good without a toilet seat although I have to make my dump quicker because it pinches a nerve in my thigh. Piss on the seat is easily cleaned off, but shit on the seat is a big turn off and I won't use the toilet if I find that, so I guess that's my biggest peeve. My attitude is that these things are part of the territory. so it's like if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

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