Hi all, wondering if anyone remembers the Real World (I think it was this show..I'm pretty sure it was something on MTV) episode where one of the guys was in the shower and one of the girls went in the bathroom and pooped at the same time. Does anyone remember character names, which season it was, etc?

oops i peed on it
there was this one time when i really badly had to pee when we were camping. it was nighttime and there was no toilets close enough to get to. i went over to the bushes and pulled down my pants. i squatted low and let it flow. little did i know that i let it flow on a creature of the forest. i had accidentally peed on a skunk!!! i could tell that the creature was not happy at all. before i could run he had turned around and peed on me!!! i smelt like pee for the rest of the trip!!!

it was a hot day in july and i was taking a hike in the woods with my boyfriend. suddenly I got the urge to take a crap. I told my boyfriend i had to go to the bathroom and walked down a hill behind some rocks. I told him to wathc out for people and not to peek. as soon as I found a good spot I pulled myy shorts and panties down to my knees and squatted. I let out a good pee and started to push. I heard crackling and a big log started to come out of my butt hole. It took me a couple min to get it pushed out. After that after that I let out some small poops, mixed with some diarehha. Suddenly I realized I didnt have any TP so I told my boyfriend to bring me some from his back pack. He walked down the hill and saw my glorius ass sticking out and poop all over the ground. I wasnt embarresed because he had seen me naked and on a toilet before. I wiped my ass 3 or 4 times and continued on with the hike.

Staci: That was cruel of your teacher. I saw that in my fourth grade class. The girl ran out of the room. She would not wait. See my earlier posts. I am glad that you did not spike her coffee. She was not worth your going to jail.

My niece, Jan had diarreah when she was nine. Her mother let her go to school with note to the teacher, telling her that Jan had diarreah and to excuse her, if needed. Jan was afraid to tell the teacher and she messed herself. Her mother had to go and get her at school.

Rac hel: When I was cheerleader in high school, I always went to the toilet before an event.

Micheal: I had the same experiences with my boy and girl friends when I was in grammar school and high school.

Does anyone have any thoughts on foods that make someone do smelly poops? I noticed that the day after I have macaroni and cheese, I have poop that is dangerously smelly.

I am a college-aged female who is still single, but I already have a long-term relationship with my boyfriend.

Last month, I went camping with my boyfriend, and we had a good time together for the first part. Then, when we finished a portion of chatting, I felt like I needed a big bowel movement - I haven't found time to go for the past week. So when he went to get supplies from the vehicle, I gathered up my bathroom equipment (portable toilet seat, toilet paper, etc., since that campsite had no public bathrooms) and headed into the wild. I immediately started digging and within minutes, I had made an 8" hole on the ground. I then put the seat over the hole, undid my pants, and sat down. I started out by releasing urine for about 10 secs, and then I started to push. The first turd that came out was about 2 feet long and I breathed a sigh of relief. At about the same time, my boyfriend realized that I had disappeared and started calling my name. About 5 seconds later, I saw him coming towards me, asking, "Are you kiddin' me here?" I replied, "This is long overdue. I really needed ! to take this shit." I then pushed out more turds, some as big as 20", and some as small as 2cm. He just said "wow" whenever a huge piece came out. By the time I finished, I went down and looked. The hugh turd pile almost looked like a bee colony! Both my boyfriend and I were shocked. He said, "You're right, this WAS long overdue. Actually, this is the first time I saw a female take a dump, so this will always be remembered in my mind." I then started to wipe and it did take up a lot of toilet paper! When I finished, I put the soil back into the hole, redid my pants, closed my seat, and went back.

I think one of my first poop memories was in preschool, I remember being three or four and it being my first day, there were 3 or 4 women that watched us and one was a young burnett, very young and attractive I think, my memory isn't that great since I was so little. But I remember going to the bathroom after lunch and accidently walking in the girls room, a teacher said this is the girls room here is where you go and she showed me to the boys room, when I left the room I saw the burnette lady enter. In the boys room I remember all three of us kids all peing in one urnal and we were all laughing at that. When I left all the girls came out of the girls room but the lady was still in there, everyone was leaving the eating area but I decided to wait, that lady came out and left real fast looking embarresed. I decided to go into the girls room and in one of the toilets I saw that it was clogged and there was a big thick coil of poop in there, and it smelled really bad. Then ! another lady came in and said ewwww, someone clogged the toilet. Then the lady that clogged it said that it was probably a little kid.

I was with my girl friend and had to take a huge poo. I was driving in the car and told her i had to pull over. So i did and i ran up to the woods and dropped my pants. She ran up to and saw everything. So i squat down and my hole opens up as wide as it can as a an incredibly fat log made its way out. Slowly but surely the log moved out. After 3 minutes the log just stopped while in my hole. I asked my girlfriend what she was seeing and she said my hole was getting wider and i could fell it. I let some gas with the turd hanging out and suddenly the log got at least an inch thicker and made its way out. I was in alot of pain. I sat there for 5 minutes with the log making it out barely. Finally, it came out and made a small thud when it hit the ground. My g/f got up to leave but i told her there was more. She stood there in astonishment as i tell her this. After half a minute i push out another fat log and then immediately following that i groan as a rush of creamy poo squ! iggles out of my hole. Finally, i moan and give a little wet fart as a thick log comes out and another soft log does too. This was my best poo of my life.

Hola mis amigos,

We had a party over at Tesa's place Friday night and had some good girl fun and a pooping show amongst all us chicas! Nu was there, and Joanne, Angie, and another girl named Ally whom I'd never met, but she's very cute and looks like Avril Lavigne. There were also two other Latina girls that I'd never met who were friends of Tesa named Guadalupe and Isabel. Like Tesa, they don't speak English, so they were sort of hanging back. We were in the basement, and Tess had an incense burner going trying to alleviate the smells. Anyway, all of us arrived fairly early, and according to the rules of the contest, everyone had to wear a skirt and take off their panties. It was funny because we had this big pile of panties lying on top of the table LOL. I was laughing and said "Nu's are the ones with the big skid marks," and she punched me in the arm. Each girl, when the need hit her, had to squat and crap right on the cement floor, then use paper towels and the spray cleaner to clean! up her mess. So, whenever anybody had to go, it became a stage event. It was fun because we had pizza and beer, and other goodies to munch on. It was the most fun party I've ever been to yet. So, I'll describe everybody in the order that they went.

JOANNE went first, lifted her black skirt and squatted down on the floor. She pushed out a fat loaf from her hefty ass that was so big it crackled loud trying to pinch itself out! It was a chunk. It plopped with a soft thud, followed by two more thinner, slippery turds on top. It was hot watching her hovering over her pile, grunting and grimacing. Joanne's a bit heavier than us, with nice shapely thighs and ass. She also has real, pale, alibaster like skin. Her poop was like a symphony! It was full of 'spliff's' and 'crackles'.

NU went right after Jo, dropping a nice soft pile of greenish looking things that just reeked! Ay-yay-yay! Nu has such a great round butt and buttery thighs that it didn't matter. We all enjoyed the view. She reminded me of pics on the internet of girls over squat toilets. She had that beautifully "pained" look when she pooped. I can't describe it any other way. Anyway, the more she grunted and strained, the more turds would come out quicker, then splat and coil on top of each other. She looked like a sexy ice cream machine squirting out flavors.

About an hour later, Isabel started pushing GUADALUPE to go next, and us girls were yelling and prodding her too. I have to admit that this girl was very hot and we'd been exchanging glances at each other all night. I'm proud to say that us Latinas are very passionate, and don't hide our feelings. Guadalupe has big, round eyes like chocolate, a big and wide round nose, and a wide smile complimented by long straight, black and glossy hair. When she lifted her flowered skirt, her pussy was really thick and black like Nu's (However, when Nu's modeling undies, she shaves hers). Squatting down, I heard Guadalupe giggle, then she hid her face in her hands as her shit started crackling. Tesa ordered her to show her face, and she pulled her hands away and smiled. After that, she began to grunt softly, and about six long plops came out, one after the other, that did not smell too good at all! Her brown ass and legs looked great, plus, she had really nice tits. I mean, tits like c! anteloupes pressing against her bright purple T top! A definite stunner. As she wiped, she left quite a mound of blackish poo covered in about 6 wads of stained toilet paper. When she stood up and brushed her skirt back down, then returned, we all took turns swatting her on the fanny for covering her face. However, when I did, she grabbed my hand, laughed, then held onto it tightly. I pulled it back quick and said "Despacio, por favor, chica!" (that means 'go slow girl'). Jo shouted "somebody get a F------ shovel for that pile!" Jo is the trash mouth of our group. Nu leaned over and whispered in my ear about Guadalupe and said "somebody liiiikes youuuuu."

A few beers later, ISABEL had to go next. Likewise lifting her form fitting denim skirt, she squatted down to business, and let out a long rope that splatted down hard and coiled. Isabel looks more like me: short and very dark. Her hair is really long, and trailed down her back in one long rope braid with fluffy bangs in front. Her braid was so long, it nearly touched the crack of her ass. I'd guess Isabel's poo to be about 20" long if it hadn't coiled. It was also pretty fat, with a pointed tip like it came from an ice cream machine. She gave herself 3 good and deep wipes, occassionally glancing up at all of us that were staring and smiling.

ALLY needed a lot of prodding because she tried to chicken out. She has the perfect Avril Lavigne look going, with the hair and makeup, and really looks like her too which helps. It was almost like watching Avril herself take a nice steamy-creamy. Ally's butt was very sweet, round, and petite. Her poo was a bit small, but nice, with a bunch of coilers coming out rather noisily. She farted which embarrassed the hell out of her. After that, she dropped a nice chunk log that flattened her pile. The smell was pretty strong too.

I went next because at this point, I had to take a serious dump and fast. As I squatted, one long, fat turd started crackling, then squeezed out quickly followed by two more big ones. It was really quite a pile! My fat turd was incredibly thick and as long as my forearm. While I was pooping, Guadalupe and Isabel smiled at me. They watched me and giggled, prodding me in Spanish yelling "bonita!!" Guadalupe was definitely giving me the eye, dipping her head down to see better and giving me signals by runnng her fingers along her thigh. I was grunting like an animal to push it out. It was definitely the fattest turd yet. Just as it fell, Ally yelled "Owwwwwcchhh, 'bet that one hurt!" I rose up just a bit, and another chunk came sliding out. K-SPLAT! Guadalupe laughed and said "Mucho, mucho!"

Finally, Angie went, lifted her white mini-skirt and squatted her hot body down. If anybody remembers Anj, she's a nude dancer and does quite well for herself. She has the best body, I mean there's not an ounce of fat on her! She's tighter than a guitar string, with a nice, rounded butt firm enough to knead bread on. (Well, Guadalupe is pretty hot too.) Angie's turd was a giant one, coming out slow, and hanging out of her like a brown anaconda! We were all clapping and whistling until finally it fell and broke off. It was definitely the contest winner, man what a huge bomb! It looked like a big, brown sausage with splits and cracks, and pieces of corn in it. It was hard to believe that something that big came out her shapely ass. You all had to have seen it to believe it. It just fell to the concrete floor all stretched out.
After we were finished, we had an outdoor barbeque, and watched a movie later. Leonardo DiCaprio is just too good looking! Most of us crashed upstairs on the couch and on sleeping bags on the floor. It was really fun, Tesa has the best parties.
Besos a todos, (kisses to everybody).


It's me again, I forgot,
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I forgot to comment on your diarhea episode. (I accidentally hit the return button and submitted this half finsihed. Oops.) Anyway, poor thing, got walked in on! I hate outhouses for that very reason because they're nasty, and the doors always can be opened from the outside. Sometimes, especially when a person's got diarhea and is in pain, you want some privacy. I'm glad it went better for you later though! I know about those types of emergencies. I have to admit, I like the "butt-hugging" shorts. Gives me a pleasant picture of you. Nu has a friend named Star who reminds me of how you describe yourself. I think you have an excellent personality and would be mucho fun to hang with. You take care amiga.

Hi Tynee,

I remember a hide and seek game when I was your age. I was very determined to NOT be caught. I squatted in the bushes for what seemed like hours, tho actually it was maybe an hour or so. I was squirt peeing for a few minutes, then just gave in and let go. I dripped steadily and as quiet as I could - my sister was looking just a few feet for me.

She finally went to search the other end of the yard - she was very methodical. I snuck back "home", quietly and dripping, and started the hose near "home".

We were all wearing bathing suits - and we were all hosing each other as part of the game afterwards.

Hey folks...I was just watching a 1971 movie called "Happy Birthday Wanda June" that has some interesting content.

It's about an overly macho man who returns home after being missing in a jungle for seven years. In one scene Harold Ryan imagines how people would react when they saw him. His buddy says that they'd probably wet their pants; Ryan says that he'd rather see men do that than women. A bit later we see a Nazi in Heaven that Ryan supposedly killed with his bare hands. The Nazi admits that he crapped his pants as Ryan choked him. In another bit the Nazi unzips, whips it out, and starts whizzing on Heaven's floor (facing away from the camera - sound effects tell the story). Back on Earth it suddenly starts raining on Harold Ryan!

Unfortunately, this fine film isn't currently available on video, and is almost never shown on U.S. TV (I had to dig up an old Beta tape and VCR to watch it).

Hey Thom, always good to see you on here. My brother and I were often constipated (he's 2 years younger than me) and frequently we were in the bathroom together because we had just one bathroom in the house when we were kids. Often one of us would be having a bath while the other was on the toilet trying to take a shit and we used to joke and talk about how hard it could be pushing out a big one. The bathroom sharing went on til we were in high school, then I guess we each wanted more privacy so it stopped, but we still joked about it, often saying "I just shit a huge one and it hurt!" Cheers, Daniel (UK)

Does anyone have any pooping or farting stories involving female celebrities?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

To Curious. I am curious. You seem not to realize when your bladder is full (suddenly at the movie) and later remember that you had not gone for 18 hours. Do you usually hold your pee all day like that? Or are you really too embarrassed to say you need to pee when you are on a date? Did your girl hold hers for a very long time too? You seem to have a very large bladder. Is that so? Does she?

On wednesday i was online here when i started to feel a small urge to poop come on. It wasn't that bad but eventully i got off and went to get ready for bed and then i pooped and i had this nice 9 inch log and it had corn in it(i ate corn on monday). I didn't wipe too much this time and i flushed..any way...
yesterday i worked and i pigged out at work, i ate too much..i ate 2 big meals there then i came home and went to dinner and i had a big sandwich(i should have stayed I ate almost every'd have thought i hadn't eaten yesterday. After i ate i started feeling gassy so i thought i'd run to the bathroom to pee and relive some gas out of me. Then i was starting to feel like i had to poop i just ignored it cause there was a man in the bathroom and the stall doesn't close all the way so i went out back to my family. Then about 10 min later i really felt like i had to poop so im like i think i gotta go to the bathroom. I went to a different bathroom this time, i walk back there and theres only 1 toilet/1 urinal and some guy tried to go in there w/ me...he said oh ok, you go ahead sir. I went in and i sat on the toilet(i was thinking that guy is still out there...i might be a while). I had a little bit of diahreaha, wasn't pure but a little. It was very sof! t and mushy. I sat for about 10-15 min. I thought that guy might be out there when i came out, but he wasn't..if he was i'd have been embarresed. I wiped alot and went back..then before i left i had to go was more of diahreaha but the chunky kind where you get some mucus in then i was done. I hope im done for a while, i woke up farting a little this morning. gotta go bye

Tim (and Sarah)
Dear Rizzo: Now that sounded like a rather unpleasant experience you had there, while cleaning your sore hole. Did this just happen while you were writing or was it it an old story? In case, I hope you feel better! I have encountered similar situations and it felt awful. It also happened to me with little Loewie a couple of years ago. The kids were sick with runs and puking. Little Loewie had already filled the loo with lots of mash. After a while he seemed finished and I tried to clean the little bum, when another portion of warm and brown filled my hand. A bit disgusting, lol, but at that point I was rather suprised and concerned about our boy. It was a wild night, but as I you will know, being pooped, puked and peed on belongs to the pleasures of parenthood, lol. We are delighted to hear, that your wife seems to see the practicality of your present. Sarah mastered it rather quickly, but a friend of hers couldn't get it right and gave up after a while. Sarah is not too sur! e about using it where she could be seen, like peeing in some bushes. She finds it super practical on public toilets that ain't clean for example. She was always a bit disgusted about port-a-potties, cause you get a good view of the previous users turds. Now she closes the lid when she enters, like I do and pees in the plastic urinal, next to the toilet. Sarah is already thinking about teaching Josie in the near future. We are not 100% sure yet, but both agree it is silly to having to perform acrobatics on dirty loos, when there are easier ways. But we might wait a few more years. Interesting experience: Last winter, Sarah and me where on a shopping trip and had some tea, hot wine, more tea and Chinese take away on the market. The big amounds of tea put big pressure on Sarah's bladder and the Chinese made me need an urgent poop. We finally found on of the little automatic toilet boxes, city toilets, or however they are called. After searching for some change to get in, we co! uldn't decide, who needed the loo more urgent and went both in. I warned Sarah that it might be unpleasant and smelly, but she told me to shut up. I asked her to quickly pee, please, so I could do my buisness. She said I could use the loo, she would be fine. So we ended up using the unisex restroom together, like often described. Only this was the other way round. I sat on the loo and my wife peed into the urinal... Looking forward to the rest of your story! Love from Sarah and me, Tim.

To all:
The one thing everyone seldom gives second thought to or mentions in thier pee/poo stories is the most important element in the pee/poo evolution: The use of toilet paper.
To whom it may concern, particulary those of you who boldly post in exquisit detail stories of logs, snakes, or extravagant expulsions of diarreah erupting from your posteriors, your posts are missing one vital detail. I have once read on a coffee mug in a Spencer's gifts
your pee/poo stories are not complete until you describe the paper work.
I am calling on all poopers to give a full account of your use of toilet paper after crapping. Perhaps you've used a substitute(newspaper,socks,t-shirt etc.). The gory details are most appreciated.
Yes, toilet paper is often taken for granted, but now the time has come in which toilet paper should recieve its due credit(no pun intended). Just remember, walk(or roll) a mile in your toilet paper's shoes the next time you take a seat in your favorite chair.

my girl friend poops in frunt of me all the time . she always lets me see it before she flushes it . she always makes huge poops and clogs the toilet . her avredge poop is 2 tirds about 15 inches and 5 or 6 small ones about 2 or 3 inches all 2 1/2 inches thick she seas she has bin like that sence she was 12 years old .has aneyone ever herd of this hapeing to aneyone ?

JUSTJACK Always sit. Can't get paper in far enough when standing.

DISGUSTED MICHAEL I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I don't want women in men's bathrooms (toilets/loos in UK). Since Wallmart took over Asda, that has happened more. Also, button for flushing often isn't working, and hand driers often don't work. There used to be a notice asking people to complain about faults etc, but now that is gone.

On the question of women cleaners, recently I had to drive up to Scotland for a meeting the following day. It was a full day's driving. I stopped for some breakfast at a transport cafe, then made my way to the men's room. Surprise, surprise, no locks on doors, but clean with plenty of paper. I started to unbuckle the belt on my jeans, and a woman came charging in, burst open the door of my cubicle, with mop in hand. 'Sorry luv'. I glared at her, buckling up again, and let her carry on, and then went back in. Not the first time this has happened.

Karissa: It's great that you enjoy taking a dump into your pants while sitting in front of the computer and telling a guy about it over the Internet! I agree with you. It really is a harmless thing to do. The problem with it is that other folks, who are not into poop, might see it as a really gross thing to do. So I think we toileteers have to keep it among ourselves and not tell so-called "normal" folks about how much we enjoy shitting!

Hi! Does anyone have any pee stories? I like them better than poop stories... does anyone love to pee in unusual places?

Only once might a shit have changed the course of my life. I am reminded of this by a request for IBS stories. It happened about two years ago. Friends of my mom asked me to stay a few nights at their home in the wilds of Massachusetts. It's an old house and the plumbing seems to have been installed at its birth. The toilet bowl holds about a gallon of water and the cistern takes an age to refill. When I arrived, it became clear there was an ulterior motive. Daniel, a college professor, was spending a night and they were doing some matchmaking. I'd heard of this Daniel before, what a fabulous guy he was, charming, great cook, bringing up his daughter alone, only a few years older than me, handsome. (As it happens I have a boyfriend though I haven't mentioned him to my mom. Our relationship only occasionally impinges on our joint interests here, but maybe I'll write about him one day.) Anyway Daniel turned out to have a giant opinion of himself, 'rugged good-looks'! (ugh), a really bright daughter Annabel and a talent for sauces. I've taught all ages from six upwards and when it comes to anecdotes of Kute Kids, forget it. He disappeared into the kitchen and there emerged a shrimp sauce. I noticed our host and hostess went extremely easy on it, but Daniel kept plying me with it.
We were left alone after dinner, but I pleaded fatigue and was in bed by 10. At 3 I woke up with a churning feeling. Didn't bother with a wrap or slippers but made a dash across the landing to the bathroom I shared with Daniel. It was a bright light and I didn't turn the light on. I sat on the seat with my nightie round my waist and my eyes still closed. I pressed and pushed and for a moment or two nothing happened. Then a hard turd plopped out. It must have been a sort of cork because it was followed by a rush of light fluffy bits of shit and then a torrent of liquid diarrhea. The smell was atrocious. I had no time for contemplation. Suddenly I was bathed in light and Daniel was standing in the doorway for what seemed like several seconds. No apology, he went out and banged the door. I finished as quick as I could and flushed. When the bowl cleared there were five or six pieces of light shit floating in the water. I wasn't leaving them for prissy Daniel so ! I flushed again and waited. Perhaps Daniel who had heard the flushes thought I was fixing my makeup or something ! He banged on the door and hissed, "hurry up will you." Luckily for him the residue had cleared. I washed my hands, opened the door and pushed part him on the landing without a word. I was so angry when I got back to bed I couldn't sleep. What a creep. It was his blasted sauce! Next day at breakfast nothing was mentioned though the atmosphere between us was glacial. I was all set to give him my telephone number with a digit wrong but he never asked. What a relief in every sense !

love you all Anthea

Mornin'everyone-Had my 1st buddy poop of the season yesterday a.m.As usual,i was out biking and felt the need to dump after about 45 mins of biking and headed 9of the paths into the woods to find a spot to do my morning deed and after a few mins of searching,I found a good spot with this fallen tree with a lot of these big branches to sit on,so as I was getting undressed,i heard from the path I came in on,someone coming,so I stopped getting undressed with just my shorts on and out pops this other guy on his bike and he sees me and says "hey there,good morning" I said"good morning,this must be a bike rest stop"he saw that I was standing there with just my shorts on and some tissues in my hand and he says"Hey I hope i'm not intruding on you ,but I stopped here cause I gotta take a pretty good shit and I have no tissue,but I see you have some.May I have some?"I said "sure,i'm here for the same reason you are" and I walked over and gave him some tissues.he said'listen,if you don! 't mind,i've been looking for a spot to go and this looked good,but i didn't expect to see anyone else and if you don't mind i'll have an accident if i don't go soon" then I said "No i don't mind,there's plenty of room for both of us" and he "Oh great,thanks a lot" as he came ove and placed his bike against a tree.I guess this guy was about 30-35,in good shape and about 6' tall and lanky.So i said "well,I gotta go too" and went over to a branch and started to take down my shorts and he stared to get his backpack off and he looked over at me and smiled and said"Must be the bike riding that make us us all have to dump out here cause i've run into a few bikers that do this a lot" I said"I do this a lot and the biking makes me go all the time" and I sat on the branch and just decided to get things going and let out 1 long fart and he looked over as he was pulling down his biking shorts and said"sounds like you gotta go"and smiled and looked down at my butt whish was now letting ! out a long turd.Now he was about 10 feet away and I was sideways to him and he went over to a branch about 5 feet away from me and I must have looked at him apprehensively cause he said to me"hey,don't worry,i'm not one of those kind of guys.i sometimes bring my wife out her,but she's not too into shitting in the woods,but i enjoy it a lot"Then i felt a lot more relaxed when he said that and I said"I really enjoy dumping out in the woods.there's something pretty cool about it"then he went to sit on the branch and my turd fell out and curled on the ground and he looked at it and said "Good one" and he then sat on this branch and leaned foweward with his back to me and he said"Ahhhh finally" and I looked and saw his anus start to open up and this turd started to come out slowly at first and then sped up and grew to about a foot and a half.this guy really had to go and then fell on the ground as he let out a groan of 1st turd was about 14 inches,but his made mine look! small as i said "man,you really did have to go huh"and we both was a pretty cool male bonding moment and there was no weird vibe or anything,but i could tell we were both really enjoying the buddy-poop.he had his back to me and I could see his anus was still domed out and I could feel mine was still domed out too and I let out another fart and started to let out some soft poop and he looked over at me and said"Oh you're not done yet.Huh?"I answered him as i was pushing this stuff out with"Nooooo(uh)I--go in a couple --of parts"i could see he was enjoying watching me poop and i enjoyed it too.Then he turned around and leaned foreward almost like he wanted me to see him poop ( he had a pretty muscular butt and like mine he had no hair back there) and he let out asmall fart and i saw his anus open up and another real long turd came out and curled onto the ground and I looked down and saw my poop still coming out and looked over and we were both dumping at the same t! was i'm just a regular guy and If i have my choice,i'd much rather poop along with a pretty lady,but i was enjoying this moment pooing along with this guy.It was a turn-on in a different way.then he said"whew,i'm done-that felt great.if i waited any longer,i would have had an accident"and he squatted down and started to wipe his butt as I looked over at his big pile and watched him wipe and I was still sitting on the branch and i let out a samll wet fart and started to push out some squgglies and more soft poop and he looked over as he was finishing up wiping and said"Man are you still shitting?'as he looked at me and then looked down at my butthole.i just laughed and he started to put on his biking shorts and we started talking about bikes and stuff and he was just standing there and I was done and got out my wet-wipes and started to wipe and he said"Oh man.i wish I knew you had those wet-wipes,i would have like to have used them.boy you really do come prep! ared!"I said "i was a boy scout when I was a kid" and we both laughed and he said"well it was great having some company to dump with.have a great day.maybe i'll see you again and i'll bring the toilet paper next time.You make sure you have those wet-wipes!see ya" and he took his bike and left and I finished up wiping and got dressed and biked out of there.It was a really fun moment and for some reason,i really enjoyed dumping with this guy and watching him go in front of me and i could tell he felt the same I want to run into a pretty lady and do the same thing!!(dream on,buzzy)hope you all enjoyed the story,I sure did! BYE

One day Me and my friend were walking in the park at midnight we were going to a party. When we got to the party there was a lot of boys outside when We got in we were met by our friend Josh. He told me and Aileen to go up to his room to watch a movie. I asked why we can't just stay down stairs and enjoy the party. he said most of the guys try to get with the hot women and have sex with them oh and also they throw up alot and I know you dont like trow up Amy. So we went up to watch Just Married very funny show. After about an hour I had a gurgiling feeling in my butt. So I got up and went to the bathroom but when I got in there was a guy barfing his guts out I almost threw up. So I went back Josh's room. when I got in and sat on Josh's bed. All of a sudden I felt a surge in my butt and it all came out first a super loud fart then I Sh!t my pants while all so I peed in my pants Josh turned around and saw me p!ss!ng on his bed."Oh my gosh my bed GET OFF! GET OFF! He got up I g! ot off. He said ah man Amy can you control your bodily functions?! I said sorry and he said it was okay. I started crying and Aileen said to Josh "I'm gonna take her home." He said alright do you want to borrow the movie. She said sure Thank You. When we got home I had a load in my pants. it took an hour to get me cleand up. Bye!!!

Hey all... well this past summer me and my boy friend were out in the woods when i got the urge to poop and i fouhgt it for a little bit and then i got realy bad i got all hot and cold and weird feeling so i told him that i wasnt feeling well and he let me over to a hill side and told me to go to the bath room and he would just watch so i sqauted on the hill side and took a might forceless poop it just came all out ...and i had a thong on so i didnt have ne thing to wipe with i rubbed my thong in my ass and got it all clean then i washed it off in the creek so i had a dirty ass and wet underwear

Disgusted Michael: Yeah, there is an increasing trend to employ Mexican women to clean mens' restrooms at places like Wal-Mart. As a jogger, I often need to take a shit in the restrooms at parks on my jogging route. Fortunately, most of the park employees and toilet janitors are guys. They are usually young dudes and are both Mexican and White guys. The stalls there don't have doors so when they come in to clean they see that you're taking a dump. I'd be freaked out if a woman saw me on the shitter, but for me it's not a problem with guys. Many of them just sort of clean around guys who are using the stalls. Also, as one poster wrote, they sometimes come just at the right time when the stalls are out of asswipe. Often these guys put a fresh roll of TP on the dispenser while I'm finishing my dump. Now I've got to know some of them. I always have to shit while jogging for some reason so I guess they see me there often taking a dump and always say "Hi" when they com! e into clean the restroom. I would not feel nearly so comfortable with women doing this. So I agree that only guys should clean mens' restooms.

I wrote not so long ago about the time I had an accident in the gas station and had diarrhea in bed that night. I'm wondering if anyone has developed IBS as they got older. I have never had problems with my bowels but lately it seems whatever I eat gives me the runs. Here's another embarassing moment that happened to me yesterday but not as bad as the first time. I was shopping in a department store with not even a slight urge to go to the bathroom. As I am in the dressing room I let out a tiny fart which made me grab my stomach and need to run to the bathroom. Out of nowhere cramps hit me like a ton a bricks. I was running down racks until I finally got to a bathroom and ran into an empty stall. I yanked down my clothes and made the loudest explosion of diarrhea I ever have that seemed to last forever. I heard some people laugh and others get grossed out but I couldn't even care at that point. The gas was so loud it echoed. Everytime I got up to leave I had to sit back down! and explode. When I finally felt like I was done I left as people stared at me and went to the car. I thought I was done only to find out another wave was coming. Atleast I was alone in my car. This is becoming a problem, should I see a doctor? Or should I get diapers to wear when I go out? I have had diarrhea on and off for a month, I'm getting a little worried....Any advice my fellow accident and diarrhea victims?????

Chellybelly a.k.a~Chelsea
Hello everyone. I started reading the posts here last summer, and I skipped a few months of reading them. I started reading them back in February, and I havenít stopped since then. I am just so blown away that this many people talk freely about this. I think itís really cool! I wanna share with you all my regular pooping habits. I usually go every other day, or sometimes even every two days. I often poop pretty big too. I always sit on the toilet with my legs slightly spread apart, and my hands grasped together in my lap. My panties and pants are at my ankles, and I will lean forward sometimes too. By the way, if anyone cares, Iím currently 15 years old and turning 16 in September. I live near Tampa, Florida, and there are plenty of woods near us. I walk around in them alot, and I just like to explore. My best friend AnnMarie usually comes with me, and if weíre ever out there alone and we have to poop, we are not shy anymore at all. We just quietly go to some b! ushes and do our business. Well Iím running out of time now, so when Iím not so busy, I will share some stories with you guys okay? Okay. Later.

This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking around off and on for months. Anyway, I'm 23 and 5'4" and 110 lbs. I'm rather cute, I think with medium breasts and a tight butt. Enough about that, though.

Since it's summer, more often than not I wear short cotton skirts and speghetti straps as in the case of the following experience. (Also, I only wear undies once a month.) I'm a fan of peeing in public. All I usually do is stand kind of incognito behind something waist high and let rip. (Skirts and no undies are absolutely the greatest!) Yesterday, though, I screwewed up and ate enchiladas and went to town for my errands. At my last stop, Wal-Mart, my bowels gurgled and did two flip flops and tried to spew almost immediately. I knew that 20 people would see the poop fall down, as there was no way to catch it. (Skirts and no undies are no longer the greatest!) I began walking toward the restroom and cutting down empty ailes and wishing I knew exactly where the restroom was at. I walked down the aisle where the desks and stuff were and felt my but hole open and a little poop ooze out, so I stopped and froze. Thank God there was no one on that aisle because I knew the poop ! would not stop. I gave up and backed up between two desks and squatted between them and acted like I was adjusting my shoes. Amazingly enough, there was no farting or anything to give me away. The poop just slid out as soon as I started to squat and kept coming out for what seemed like forever. I peed then before the poop was done. I couldn't help it, though. the pee ran out into the aisle and I was shaking from embarassment. I knew there were camereas somewhere. It's wal-Mart! I gave a few pushes and got a few more pieces to squish out, then stood up to leave. I could feel all kinds of stuff smeared around my butthole and between my hips and knew it was going to take twenty two wipes to clean my butt, but there was a huge pile of really soft bright brown poop on display, so I left. In my car, I just lifted my skirt up and sat on paper till I got home. I don't know if it was the most embarassing experience of my life or th coolest. I'm sure somebody walking past that aisle s! aw me.

love ya'll,

Miss Belinda.
Travelling Guy: Thanks, I felt it was a bit wrong to let him come in the bathroom with me and I don't want to contribute to anything that may frustrate him years down the road. It just seemed like he had a special need that had to be filled. I try to be as open as possible and I feel that if I'm not showing any nudity or being vulgar that it really not that harmful.

I had an interesting ordeal this morning. I hadn't been to the commode in about two days. My husband and I were having our morning coffee, and coffee to me is like a natural laxative. I got up to quickly fix my husband another cup and went straight to the bathroom. I pulled my robe up and sat down and immediately burst into pee that sounded like a rainstorm. After my pee dribbled to a close, My poopoo started making it's way out, it was a long one and felt so good coming out. It started out very solid and as it tapered off got softer and broke off leaving a little turd that an earthquake couldn't shake off LOL. I sat there for about another five minutes hoping it would drop into the commode when I decided to start wiping. I went through almost half a roll of toilet paper before I decided to just sit on the edge of the tub and wash the remainder off. After washing, I looked into the commode at My poopoo and I really have to say that it was a work of art. One long poo that! went down into the hole of the commode and came up and kinda curled around the edge of the water and tapered into a fine point. Overall it was probably 15" in length and maybe 2" in diameter. I flushed and it didn't budge, almost like it was stuck to the commode. I grabbed the plunger and smooshed it down into the hole and flushed again this time the water carried it on down leaving my famous light brown skid marks all over the bottom of the bowl.

Sharon Dreamsicle
Wow, I read this site all the time and it certainly rocks. I definatley dig those fun childhood stories about playing weird games with friends involving seeing how much more one could pee/poo then the other and what not. Or really just any sort of silly little kiddie games with that. I use to sometimes do weird things, like my friend and I would just pee on the floor in her old basement while watching Life Goes On. For some reason this memory sticks with me. Oh, and for Emily of NYC im pretty sure the line is, "jumping jack flash its a gas,gas,gas".

Hello. my name is Tina and i'm a 16 yr old girl from the US. This is my first time posting anywhere like this. I found these because of something that happened to me last week. I work at a movie theater in the box office part-time. Our manager is really strict and we're only allowed out of the box once every two hours. So you work two hours, get a bathroom break, work two hours, get 30 minutes for lunch/dinner, work two hours, then a bathroom break, then two more hours and your shift is over. It is really tough. I've had two friends have accidents from not being able to leave the box. Well, last week it happened to me.

I had already worked 4 hours and been to dinner at around 600 and had a big coke with my dinner. I got back and it was only a few minutes until my last break at 830, but about 825 one of my friends from school showed up at the window. She had just seen a movie. So she waited until my break. I already had to pee and poo, but I spent my break talking to her instead cause i didn't have to go bad. I went back inside my box and she left, but now i had two more hours until i could leave again. It was Thursday night, so i was by myself in the box since thursdays aren't normally busy. Well, after an hour I was in serious trouble. I could hardly hold it any more. I was crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs and butt to keep from peeing and pooping. And it kept getting busier for some reason, so even if the manager would let me out i couldn't leave. Well, about 30 more minutes, around 1000, I felt a spurt of pee come out into my panties. I held myself with one hand a! nd tried to help people with the other. i got some funny looks even though they couldn't see my hand in my crotch cause of the counter, i guess htey just knew i was holding myself. Oh, we have to wear black pants and a company shirt, which is red and green. Anyway, a few minutes later, i'm moving back and forth and bouncing, holding myself between customers, and another bigger squirt came out into my panties. i could tell the crotch of my panties was soaked. I could also feel a damp spot on my pants with my hands. I couldn't hold it much longer. I only had 30 minutes to go, but i couldn't make it.

I was helping a few people in my line when i lost it and started flooding my pants. pee just poured out of me and soaked my crotch and butt and down my legs. I tried not to act funny, but its hard to talk to people and handle money like a normal person while you are completely peeing your pants! luckily the black pants didn't really show the pee stain except for being shinier than the normal fabric.

anyway, i still had to poop but i could feel it right on the edge. at about 1015 i was helping a customer when my printer jammed and to fix them you have to squat down and mess with the stuff under the counter and stuff. well, i had to bend over to fix it and when i did i lost control of my poop too. i felt my butt open while i squatted behind the counter and the poop started to come out. i knew i couldn't stop, so i pushed and filled my panties with a huge poo. it was solid and squished out in a huge ball in the seat of my wet panties and spread out over my butt and crotch. i pushed poop into my pants for over a minute before it stopped, then the woman i was helping tapped on the window and i remembered where i was. i fixed my printer and got her tickets, standing there with peed and pooped pants. i was so humiliated. after she left and there were no more people in line, i grabbed my stuff and left the box even though i still had 10 or 15 minutes. i walked car! efully to a bathroom, half waddling my panties were so full . i got into a stall and took down my soaked pants and panties and dumped the giant ball of poop into the toilet and wiped a little, then decided i was too messy and just pulled everyhting back on and left. i told one of my friends what happened and to tell the manager i was sick so i was leaving a little early. she is one of the friends who has also had an accident in the box before. i can tell about those if anyone cares.

anyway, i got to my car with a wet, sticky butt and drove home and took a shower and went to bed. i am still embarrased. i've never had that bad an accident in public in a long time.

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